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08-12-2010, 12:23 PM
so i thought we should have a thread to honor the great & hard working women wrestlers of SHIMMER.. in this thread you can discuss the following:

- SHIMMER Taping Spoilers (Invalid until September Tapings)
- News from SHIMMER
- Greatest SHIMMER Wrestlers
- Greatest SHIMMER Matches (you can post YouTube links as well)
& discuss anything else associated with SHIMMER

08-12-2010, 03:35 PM
Oh yeah, I love Shimmer!;)

09-07-2010, 12:02 AM
Heard of it but never seen any of its matches.

09-11-2010, 05:52 PM
SHIMMER Volume 33 Tapings
1. Jessica James & Rachel Summerlyn def. Athena & Bonesaw Jessie Brooks. Rachel and Jessica win with a gory bomb/stunner combo on Athena.

2. Cat Power def. Jamilia Craft. Cat Power wins via uranage slam.

Amber interviews Jessie McKay but Madison Eagles interferes and takes over the interview. Amber announces Melissa vs Madison for the title. Madison says, “It’s all about ME!”

3. Allison Danger def. Leva Bates. Danger wins via shimmering warlock. After the match Danger puts over Leva and Veronika Vice tries to run in and attack her. Danger asks why she’s here and Veronika says she wants her shot against Danger and challenges her for the next volume.

4. Melanie Cruise def. Taylor Made. Cruise wins via Cruise Control. Melanie completely dominated Made in a total squash match.

Melissa appears on screen and calls out Eagles. Says she’s tired of getting screwed out of the title. Says she going home with gold tonight.

5. Misaki Ohata def. Ariel. Ohata wins by submission. Surprisingly good match.

Kellie Skater comes out and challenges anyone in the locker room. Her challenge is answered by Serena!!!

6. Serena def. Kellie Skater. Serena via spear. Skater dominated after Serena misses a spear in the corner, but makes the comeback in the end. The crowd goes wild and chants ‘Welcome back!’ Serena celebrates with the fans and looks very emotional. Very touching moment.

7. Sara Del Rey def. Nevaeh. Del Rey wins via LaBell Lock. Shocker… but Neveah put up a good fight and almost got the win with a Sliced Bread #2.

Amber Gertner is in the ring and introduced Nikki Roxx (who looks great!). Nikki says she’s been in the company for years and wants to get some gold around her waist.

8. Jessie McKay def. Nicole Matthews. McKay via Boyfriend Stealer. Brutal match that spilled to ringside. Best match up so far. Didn’t know these two had it in them.

9. Daizee Haze vs Ayumi Kurihara in a rematch from Vol. 32. It’s announced that the match is no countout. Daizee Haze got crazy heat. Kurihara wins via exploder suplex. Best match of the day so far!

10. Ayako Hamada def. Tomoka Nakagawa with the Hamada Driver. Best match so far. Crowd very into both. Lots of hard hitting outside the ring action. Chairs and even water bottles were used in the offense.