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02-09-2011, 11:26 PM
ok sorry if this has already been done but i wud like to know everyone wrestlemania line up current wrestlers or wrestlers that have retired in the last 10 years that you think wud still be up to it dont matter what company there in you can have 6 matches but one has to be a divas match.

mine wud be

sumbmission match
1. kurt angle vs jack swagger

intercontinental title
2. kofi kingston vs chavo guererro vs dolph ziggler

divas title
3. natalya hart vs beth pheonix

the streak
4. undertaker vs sting(possibly in a hell in a cell or someother gimmik match)

world heavywieght title
5. edge vs christian vs alberto del rio vs wade barret

wwe title
6. cm punk vs randy orton (personaly wud have orton as champ and have cm punk beat him )

so tell me what you think of this and let me see your ideas

The Brown One
02-10-2011, 12:21 AM
I really like match #1.

Assuming that the retired stars are still in their prime..mine would be like this:

* US title match(submission, or ironman): Bryan Danielson vs Bret Hart

* The Streak(HIAC, or last man standing): Sting vs The Undertaker

* Divas title match, for bragging rights too: Beth Phoenix vs Natalya

* World Heavyweight title match(TLC): Christian vs Edge

* WWE title match: Stone Cold vs the Rock

* Kurt Angle vs CM Punk(in any gimmick match)

02-10-2011, 12:28 AM
Ladder Match for WHC
HBK v. AJ Styles

Tag Team Titles
Motor City Machine Guns v. Beer Money (best series of tag matches I've ever seen)

IC Title - Triple Threat
Chris Jericho v. Christian v. John Morrison

Divas Championship
Mickie James v. Melina

U.S. Title
Daniel Bryan v. Seth Rollins ("Tyler Black")

WWE Championship - Elimination Chamber
CM Punk (c) v. Undertaker v. Sting v. Somoa Joe v. Edge v. Kurt Angle
-Start with Punk and Joe, followed by Edge, Angle, Sting, and Taker
-Final 2: Taker v. Sting - Taker wins, retires w/ WM streak in tact and vacates title setting up a tournament

*I realize it's beyond ridiculous, but I'd enjoy it

02-10-2011, 12:31 AM
yeah looking good guys. sorry bout the lack of tna stars in my post but its only because tna not on tv here so dont really know what they r like so wish tna was on over here

Mr. McMahon
02-10-2011, 02:34 AM
Let's assume all wrestlers in my dream card are in their prime, this is how I'd have mine, in chronological order:

Cruiserweight Championship Scrabble Match: About 15 Minutes
Rey Mysterio vs Ultimo Dragon vs Juventud vs Tajiri vs The Hurricane vs Billy Kidman vs Jamie Noble vs Taka Michinoku vs Evan Bourne vs Paul London vs Brian Kendrick vs Spike Dudley

WWE Tag Team Championship: About 8 Minutes
Booker T/RVD vs La Resistance

Fatal Four Way For the Intercontinental Championship: About 30 Minutes
Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero

Dream Match #1: About 10 Minutes
Batista vs Brock Lesnar

Hardcore Championship: About 15 Minutes
Mick Foley vs Shane McMahon

TLC Match for the World Tag Team Championship: About 25 Minutes
Haas/Benjamin vs Carlito/Primo vs Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz vs Edge/Christian

Women's Championship: About 10 Minutes
Trish vs Chyna

Verbal Battle: About 10 Minutes
Michael Cole, Johnathan Coachman, Kevin Kelly vs Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Josh Matthews

United States Championship Over The Top Rope Battle Royal: About 20 Minutes
Big Show, Rikishi, Luther Reigns, Albert, Matt Morgan, Mark Henry, Steve Blackman, Funaki, Bradshaw, Farooq, Kane, Raven, Rhyno, Tazz, Test, Dean Malenko, Mr. Kennedy, Muhammad Hassan, Scott Steiner, Chris Masters, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Chavo, Big Daddy V, Gangrel, Sabu, Ball Mahoney, The Sandman, Sting, Terry Funk, The Ultimate Warrior, Mr. McMahon, Eric Bishoff, Paul Heyman, Val Venis, Maven.

Dream Match #2: About 15 Minutes
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Goldberg

6 Man Tag Team Elimination Match: About 15 Minutes
Triple H/HBK/Ric Flair vs Kevin Nash/Hogan/Scott Hall

Dream Match #3: About 20 Minutes
3rd Generation Star vs 3rd Generation Star for the WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs The Rock

World HeavyWeight Championship: About 25 Minutes
Undertaker vs John Cena

Thats about 4 hours (with promos, entrances, etc...)

02-10-2011, 05:25 AM
I wanna see:
Streak vs SuperCena - Undertaker vs Cena.
Ironman Match - CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan.
IC Title Match - Chris Jericho vs Shelton Benjamin.
2 out of 3 falls - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Randy Orton.
Normal Match - Booker T vs The Rock.
TLC Match - Edge vs Christian vs Jeff Hardy vs John Morrison vs Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne.
Fatal Four Way Match - Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs Mistico vs Ultimo Dragon.