View Full Version : Okay just going out on a limb.....Macho Man and/or Ultimate Warrior at Royal Rumble..

01-30-2011, 11:03 AM
Okay okay Ultimate Warrior is a reaaaallllly big stretch, but I think Macho Man has a better chance at being there than we think.

I mean think about it.

They recently released a "defining moments" action figure of him, which he promoted. He will be in the WWE All-Stars video game, which he proudly promoted in a trailer of the game.

So obviously there must be at least a civil communication standpoint with WWE and the Macho Man.

Also he was just as big of a WCW star as he was a WWF back in the day. So it would go with the rumor that they want to get some old WCW stars for Wrestlemania, as Booker T and Nash are already confirmed and Sting is a rumor.


01-30-2011, 12:07 PM
not at the rumble, but in the hof

01-30-2011, 12:28 PM
Yeah, but no. Macho Man isn't even capable of wrestling anymore and Ultimate Warrior should not even touch a ring in his life so I wouldn't like the idea. They should be put in the HOF but you have to be butt budies with Vince so its gonna take a while before they go in the HOF.

Tommy Thunder
01-30-2011, 01:19 PM
Sorry, but there is 'No chance in Hell' thai either guy will be in the Rumble. A HOF induction is possible, but I'd rather have Macho Man as a headliner for the HOF. HBK is the headliner this year, but anything is possible I guess.

01-30-2011, 02:25 PM
Keep Warrior away, maybe use Macho Man as a commentator again, nothing more unless it is a HOF induction.