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Former member of WWE's creative team's blog, allegedly. It's taken down now, but used to be at http://wrestlingrecall.blogspot.com/.

Some guy saved everything though.... Download HTML files here (http://www.mediafire.com/?nab2d45ibc6bd08) .... I'll post them below as well for archive purposes

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Fan Recall: COMING SOON!
Once a week I will write a blog entitled "Fan Recall." Here you will be able to ask me any questions you might have regarding the world of WWE. I will answer EVERY question I receive, even if the answer is "I don't know"

Please be aware that I will NOT answer any questions regarding future storylines. The fun is watching a story unfold and I do not want to that that away from the fans.

Send your questions to wrestlingrecall@hotmail.com

The first Fan Recall will be posted next Wednesday!

01-23-2011, 05:53 AM
What is RAW Recall?
Each week I will review RAW and give my thoughts and insight on stories and characters as well as tell you how I would book certain segments on the show. This is the only place on the internet to get a former creative team members thoughts and insight on RAW.

Segment One: John Cena –The Miz – CM Punk Promo

* The Miz interruption seems to be the prelude to the inevitable John Cena vs. The Miz WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania. Miz is right though, John Cena is played out. That was one reason I was very big on pushing Miz to win Money in the Bank and the WWE Title. (I will get into the original story as to who was supposed to win Money in the Bank in a later “TV and Pay Per View Recall”)
* WWE recognized they had limited star power in this years Rumble. Their way to make it seem as big as possible? Add 10 Superstars and call it the biggest Royal Rumble in history.
* The Rock was funny when he made fun of wrestlers, its not funny when Cena does it. Cena’s jokes are elementary and far from clever. Irritable bowl syndrome? Come on!
* Did Cena really call out Miz for not being in a match since winning the WWE Title? Does Cena watch RAW? Miz has defended his Title in a TLC match, competed in a Tag Team Match, a Six-Man Tag Team Match and again defended his Title in a Falls Count Anywhere Match since winning the WWE Title in November.
* Miz’s comment to Cena, “You are so corny” is spot on!
* The whole “I am the best wrestler in history” character works for Miz. It’s been put on a lot of guys but it works with Miz because everyone has held his in ring ability against him.
* The new look NEXUS is much better without Slater and Gabriel and fit CM Punk’s image a lot better.
* I don’t see the logic behind Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov coming to the aid of Cena

How I’d Book It: Well they accomplished three things: Everyone in NEXUS not named CM Punk is still not a threat to John Cena. They pointed out how Miz is not a WrestleMania Main Event level Superstar and of course NEXUS got their ass handed to them by a comedic wrestler who acts surprised when his offense actually works. Where do I begin on how to book this? We haven’t heard from Cena since the formation of the new NEXUS. Have Cena respond to the reformation of the group and send a warning to Punk that tonight he will destroy the group. Have Punk come out and try to get a word out but Cena says Punk has talked for the past two weeks. No more talking, tonight they fight. Finally, have the GM chime in with his announcement that NEXUS is banned from ringside get reactions and get on with the show.

Segment Two: WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Usos – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

* Usos need some character development. I wrote their debut promo and feel they had momentum after that night. Unfortunately Vince didn’t understand the hip-hop culture and cut their balls off before anything could get going with them.

How I’d Book It: I’m okay with this. I hope they do it more often. Build up potential challengers for champions and have anticipated Title matches. BUT… I would eliminate the formulaic challengers beat champions to earn a Title opportunity theory that is used far far too often.

Segment Three and Four: United States Champion Daniel Bryan (w/ Bella Twins) vs. John Morrison – Non-Title Match

* Don’t get very many babyface vs. babyface or heel vs. heel matches in WWE. Which means you miss out on great matches like this.
* Vince’s philosophy on Bryan is he isn’t an ass kicker but he can beat you because he can capitalize on your mistakes. In this instance, it works. On the other hand Vince thinks John Morrison can’t kick anyone’s ass in a real fight therefore he can’t be a top babyface. Morrison has the chance to take the ball and run with it, but he is running uphill.
* What WWE doesn’t understand (even when I tried to point it out) is that Morrison was constantly the highest rated segment on Smackdown each week when he had a series of matches against Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. In other words people want to see him, so put your personal feelings aside and do what your paying audience asks for and apparently people tune in when Morrison is on TV.
* WWE 101: Challenger defeats Champion in a Non-Title Match. This sets up a United States Championship Match at Royal Rumble but something doesn’t seem right, no heel…
* As I type that here comes Sheamus…
* Sheamus made Morrison. That is true, beating Sheamus gave Morrison the credibility he needed to get to the next level.
* Why exactly does Sheamus care about eliminating Daniel Bryan? And the sarcastic Morrison should have been given the opportunity to respond. Why would two babyfaces let a heel come out and talk about them and have nothing to say?
* So this promo didn’t set up a Triple Threat Match at Royal Rumble

How I’d Book It: I liked the match and if you wanted a Sheamus promo I would have had him challenge both Bryan and Morrison to a match at Rumble to show his dominance by winning the United States Title and the Rumble in one night. Sheamus can then go into Rumble proclaiming to be the first Superstar to win the King of the Ring, win the Royal Rumble and hold both the United States and WWE Championship then headline WrestleMania.

01-23-2011, 05:55 AM
Segment Five: SHORT #1

* BACKSTAGE: Bella Twins talk about how sexy Morrison is yet they want to sleep with Daniel Bryan? Hmm... I had originally pitched a virgin storyline for Evan Bourne. Bellas pitched this love triangle with Bryan to me on my final week on the road. It can work if done right but will be hard to pull this off in their PG environment. Hard to do a story about sex when you can’t say the word sex on the show.
* At this point Dolph Ziggler is a regular on RAW. I think your also seeing hints on who may be coming over to RAW in this years draft (Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler)

How I’d Book It: I think a nice swerve here would be to reveal that Bryan has been so awkward around Bellas because he has a girlfriend. The kicker is in what his type really is and it’s not skinny Hispanic girls but Awesome Kong.

Segment Six: Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

* Dolph looks good in this match. Dolph is there!
* They can’t have a finish here, Dolph is looking like a real threat and it will all be taken away if Orton beats him.
* On the other hand I don’t think your hurting Orton by having him lose.
* With the popularity of MMA you would think they would try to legitimize their moves. Perfect example, the sleeper hold. They need to learn how to apply a rear naked choke. This is why people laugh at wrestling. If you want your product to be reality based, it starts inside the ring.
* With Orton going over you just showed that Dolph can get close but can’t win the big one. You just told your audience Dolph is not a huge threat to Edge at Rumble. Remember when Dolph couldn’t win the IC Title after 15 opportunities?
* Perfect fit for Miz’s character here. Weaken your opponent before the match and do it when his back is turned. Miz needs to find clever ways to get heat because no one wants to see him be a tough guy Champion, he needs to speak like he has some balls but when it comes down to it the only fight you'll get with him is when your back is turned.
* Enough Lawler already... PLEASE. Your announcer should not be able to knockout your current Superstars with one shot. Come on!
* By the way what good is having Riley as your apprentice if he is just a punching bag? What incentive does Miz have for keeping him employed?

How I’d Book It: Simple. Dolph over Orton. You’ve put Edge in jeopardy at the Rumble and have a legitimate heel that can brag about this victory for years. Orton has a dominant performance at Rumble when…. NOT YET! I am going to make you wait for my Royal Rumble predictions before revealing that! Orton needs to do something more than have heelish tendencies to become the star WWE is banking on. Stone Cold was cool because Stone Cold did things the audience wished they could do. Orton hasn’t provided that. They need to find creative things for Orton to do backstage and in the arena. I will reveal some of my pitches for Orton that were ignored in a later article.

Segment Seven: WWE Divas Champion Natalya vs. Maryse – Non-Title Match

* Miz – Orton Replays – OVER KILL! This just happened moments ago, let people feel like they missed something if they weren’t watching. You give the audience zero incentive to tune in if they feel like anything worth seeing will be shoved down your throat for two hours.
* CM Punk – NEXUS BACKSTAGE - I love the transformation of NEXUS under the control of Punk. Very cult like. This is perfect for Punk.
* Why is Eve on commentary? I love Eve, but just because she isn’t on TV doesn’t mean you put her on in situations that are meaningless and will expose her weakness.
* Here is the match that was supposed to happen last week but the show was running long.
* These Divas probably got zero prep for commentary. I say that because they never have in the past. They are lost out there!
* Maryse wrestles how Divas should wrestle. She is a hot girl who fights like a hot girl. The money in the Divas division is with Maryse, Michelle McCool, Natalya and Eve.
* These girls need coaching before going on commentary, it does no one any good for them to be completely clueless on what to do out there. This is BAD!
* To me this is the money match for the Divas division on RAW.
* Really, what was the point of Melina on commentary?
* Here comes an embarrassing segment for Ted Dibiase.
* Ted DiBiase doing his best Jack Swagger circa 2009. An Over the Top Rope Challenge? Ugh. Cue Mark Henry…
* Ted DiBiase has turned into a complete joke. Vince McMahon may find Dibiase “boring” but they are wasting a good talent. I worked really close with DiBiase when I was there because I saw a ton of potential in him, instead WWE continues to want to showcase certain Superstars weakness as opposed to finding what their strengths are. I am the first person to blame because being the Fortunate Son was not best suited for him. But that doesn’t mean they should give up on him. You deserve better Ted!

How I’d Book It: I wouldn’t!

Segment Eight: Mark Henry vs. Ted DiBiase - Over the Top Rope Challenge

* The Brian Gewirtz special. The Over the Top Rope Challenge. At one point there was a running joke within the RAW writing team that Gewirtz would pitch some sort of Battle Royal each week and he did for about a month. Looks like he couldn’t resist and they are back.
* And the go to guy, Mark Henry. No one called that!
* I give Dibiase less than a minute.
* There you go, that might have been 30 seconds.
* Here is the “show the fans what a Royal Rumble Match is” segment of the night.
* What upside is there in Mark Henry? Why do they constantly make Henry look strong at the expense of younger talent with upside? Especially at the expense of hurting Sheamus.
* Here comes another RAW, er Smackdown Superstar. Alberto Del Rio with the “you need to think he is winning Rumble push”

How I’d Book It: See how I would book the last segment

Segment Nine: SHORT #2

* Derrick Bateman vignette was pointless and a waste of time. What was the point of this?
* Champion vs. Champion next week. There goes any speculation they are unifying the Titles at Wrestlemania.
* They are really stacking RAW with big matches. This is Vince’s response to the lackluster ratings and is in panic mode. Although these matches are great you need a good show, not a good segment. More compelling stories and characters as well as must see matches is the way to get viewers back and find new viewers to catch on.

How I’d Book It: I would have scrapped that Derrick Bateman vignette the second I saw it.

Segment Ten and Eleven: John Cena vs. CM Punk – New NEXUS is Banned from Ringside

* Early public service announcement by Jerry Lawler obviously fed to him by Vince, “if your asked to be initiated into a group say no.”
* B:Roll of last weeks initiation. Enough!!!
* One of two things will happen here. A new member of NEXUS will be revealed exposing the loophole in the stipulation or NEXUS gets involved when Cena has Punk up for the AA causing a DQ and next week NEXUS members earn their way back into the Rumble match.
* This new CM Punk is great!
* This forehead-to-forehead stand off really pisses Vince off. Thinks its trite 1980s wrasslin’ bullsh*t.
* If you wanted to rid the WWE of John Cena wouldn’t you much rather keep the Anaconda Vice locked in and take the DQ loss resulting in an injury to Cena? That finish would have also made Punk a bigger threat to Cena.
* Mason Ryan, the FCW Champion, looking like Batista. A guy who in October Vince wouldn’t let work dark matches because he wasn’t ready and he didn’t want to expose him because Mason was supposed to draw money for them in the future. He didn’t look much improved. Good look though.
* Interesting note here, when Skip Sheffield went down with his injury last year I pitched Mason Ryan to take his spot in NEXUS. It was rejected.
* Because if you’re a heel stable you need to have a powerhouse to be legitimate right Vince?
* This means Skip Sheffield returns as a babyface. Vince actually sees Skip as a potential #2 babyface in the company.

How I’d Book It: I would have liked to see a one segment match where Punk just takes a beating, never attempting offense. At the end of the beating Punk keeps asking for more eventually leading to a few AA’s by Cena. On the third attempt at an AA Mason Ryan does his run in and drops Cena. Ryan carries Punk out of the ring mimicking Jesus carrying a cross, in this case Punk would be the cross.

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NXT Recall - January 18, 2011

Segment One: How Well Do You Know Your Pro Challenge

* Forgive me but this is the first episode of NXT I have watched since leaving the creative team so I may be behind, if that’s possible, but I will do my best to give the best analysis.
* I’ll start with talking about each NXT Rookie as they are introduced…
o Johnny Curtis – Curtis is ready to be a WWE Superstar. Curtis could/should have been on NXT Season 1. He was at a point where he was not going to improve in FCW and needed to be brought up to the main roster. Granted he needs to find a character but he is ready. My guess is he will finish 3rd on NXT.
o Byron Saxton – Another guy who is ready to be on the main roster. I didn’t get a chance to see much of Saxton in the ring as most of the FCW shows we got to watch, well for those of us (two) that actually watched them, Saxton spent most of his time on commentary. I got to know Saxton when he was called up to be an announcer on ECW and I think he is really talented and can be an asset to WWE in some form. Saxton would be a GREAT manager if WWE would decide to bring them back. I don’t buy that every Superstar on the roster can talk for themselves… they cant! Saxton has the ability to get guys over. My guess is he will finish 5th on NXT.
o Derrick Bateman – You have to love these new NXT guys all having old school jobber ring names. If I were an NXT rookie I would do EVERYTHING in my power to stand out and be a character among a ring of regular guys. I don’t know much about Bateman; I hear he is doing well on NXT. From what I know he didn’t stand out while in FCW and his vignette on RAW was one of the worst 2 minutes of television I may have ever seen. I may disagree but based off what I have heard I will guess he will be the runner up on NXT.
o Conor O’Brian – I remember going down to FCW and Conor O’Brian tried out for an FCW contract. From what I understand Conor O’Brian reminded a certain “someone” of a rat and wanted Conor to play that character on TV. Conor refused and was released. Well I guess he decided playing a rat was worth having a job with WWE. This is NOT what I meant by standing out!! I will guess he is the next to go.
o Brodus Clay – Snoop Dogg’s former bodyguard. Brodus has lost a ton of weight since he signed with WWE. I think Brodus can be a star in the WWE. Funny he is paired with DiBiase as Brodus was considered as a possible replacement for Virgil. Fun fact: My original choice as Ted DiBiase’s bodyguard… Kimbo Slice. Brodus is my choice to win NXT.

* Wow, this is the first I have heard about the winning rookie winning a WWE Tag Team Championship Match with his Pro. Blah! This must be the Kaval rule.
* Now if I were writing NXT, I would have planned out the show so that the season finale lands on the go home week of Royal Rumble and the winning rookie wins an entry into the Royal Rumble Match.
* How well do you know your pro? ZZZZZZZZZ. This show has gone real downhill since the debut episode of Season 1.
* Is this the Newlywed Show? My gosh, I would have turned it off right here if I wasn’t writing this column.
* Wait, so during the cold open they showed Dolph saying he wanted to trade his Pro for Saxton right? Then he insults him? I don’t get it.
* If you’re going to roll with the “Rat” thing you need more than a Ratitude shirt. Talk like a rat, slither like a rat, hang out with rats. Wearing a shirt and saying you look like a rat just won’t do it. It’s an inside joke that people in the back will get but no one else finds entertaining. Bad News Brown did rats better than O’Brian and he didn’t even call himself a rat.
* Ted DiBiase: “Out of Shape” haha
* How do I even comment on this show? It’s bad! People actually sit in front of their computer and watch this?
* This is dragging on way waay too long with zero entertainment value!
* See even Maryse is texting, she can’t even stand this
* I don’t know how Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman are getting these answers correct. Seems like someone got a hold of the cue cards backstage!
* The fact that the commentators have zero clue what is going on or who has how many immunity points is alarming.
* REMINDER: I will have my Royal Rumble predictions coming soon! Some of what I say may surprise you.
* Did WWE Magazine really consider Dolph Ziggler a newcomer? Wow.

Segment Two: Chris Masters vs. Bryan Saxton (w/ Dolph Ziggler)

* The NXT Pros stand on the ring apron because Kevin Dunn feels like no one wants to see two guys they don’t know. Trust me guys, if they stuck around after segment one I don’t think they will change the channel… or I guess change website pages.
* So wait, Pros can just swap rookies? And if so, why wouldn’t every Pro who hates their rookie just say they wanted another one?
* Wait, wait wait… So Ted DiBiase has lost to Byron Saxton AND Johnny Curtis? I don’t get it. Sorry Teddy!
* Saxton looks pretty good in there.
* This match is NOT entertaining!
* DiBiase – Brodus Backstage: I like the dynamic between these two. Brodus is a better talker than most guys already on the roster. This is where DiBiase is the best, he needs someone to play off and since you are not allowed to talk down to women Maryse isn’t the right person… Again, my fault! I’d like to see these two as Tag Team Champions. The silver spoon and the streets. Speaking of better than most Superstars on the roster, Maryse is better than most of the male Superstars.

Segment Three: United States Champion Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman vs. Ted DiBiase and Brodus Clay (w/ Maryse)

* Maryse still texting. She is about as uninterested as I am in this show.
* Wait Josh, Ted DiBiase winning the Royal Rumble Match is laughable?
* If I were DiBiase I would slap the HELL out of Josh next week on NXT.
* A Bryan – DiBiase program would be really good if given the chance to play out with a good story.
* As you know I am a fan of Brodus Clay but he needs to keep his shirt on in the ring. Brodus Clay brings me back to the glory days of Akeem and Earthquake. Love this guy!
* Is primal screaming a course taught in FCW? Geez.
* This losing streak for DiBiase is ridiculous. Why would any Rookie walk away from their Pro?
* How do you not break up with Maryse after watching her laugh at you and walk off? Cut her off from your credit cards DiBiase and watch her beg for you back!

Segment Four: SHORT

* O’Brian – Del Rio Backstage: Really? A cheese trail?
* Curtis – Truth Backstage: What was the point of that pretape? There was NOTHING else you could do besides having Curtis do a “white boy” dance?
* NXT is coming real close to being cut from my weekly columns.

Segment Five: Conor O’Brian vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

* Once Alberto Del Rio becomes World Heavyweight Champion Ricardo being in the ring will become a weekly segment
* HAHA Ricardo Rodriguez introducing himself is great!
* Ricardo Rodriguez is amazing! It’s a problem when he is more entertaining than potential WWE Superstar he is in the ring with.
* Upsets stop becoming upsets when they happen every single week on NXT.

Segment Six: NXT Rookie Elimination

* I am going to go with Conor O’Brian here.
* I am waiting for someone to be entertaining when handed the mic and asked who should be eliminated.
* Conor O’Brian is lost. Ricardo Rodriguez is gold!
* For those asking the NXT eliminations are a complete shoot.
* It’s over!!!

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What is Story Recall?
Each week I will write a column recalling either an episode of RAW, Smackdown, ECW, NXT, a Pay-Per-View or storyline while giving running commentary and a never before seen behind the scene account of the event or storyline. Did the show or story play out the way it was originally planned? It’s all revealed here.

Money in the Bank - July 18, 2010

I will go on record and say that this is ONE themed Pay-Per-View that I actually think works. As much as I enjoy Hell in a Cell matches or TLC matches I prefer them as blow off stipulations to stories as opposed to a stipulation to a match simply because that is the theme of the PPV that month.

Segment One: Big Show vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Christian vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Cody Rhodes – Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match·

We start off the show with the three-man booth. Jerry Lawler is not a big fan of Matt Striker and it shows at certain times during these three man booths.

· Kofi Kingston was originally set to defend his Intercontinental Title at the PPV against Cody Rhodes but both were added to the match so that it had the biggest star power possible from Smackdown. If my memory serves me right the two Superstars they replaced were Luke Gallows and… hmm well the other escapes me at the moment.

· As much as it seems Christian turns into the fan favorite choice to win Money in the Bank Match each year it’s not going to happen. Christian is seen as a good hand that can help some of the younger talent and does not have a lot of support from higher ups to be a Main Event guy. Edge vs. Christian as a Main Event program has been pitched to death and rejected every time.

· Cody Rhodes was actually a heavy favorite amongst the Smackdown writers to win the briefcase.

· Before Christian was injured a story was being developed to turn Christian heel and work a program with Matt Hardy. The seeds were being dropped on Smackdown at the time Christian was injured.

· Drew McIntyre. Walking into the arena that day Drew McIntyre was set to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. But Drew wasn’t the Superstar who was originally set to win. That was Kane, but was changed later after Kevin Dunn agreed with my philosophy that it would benefit a younger guy to carry that briefcase for a while. So it was set one week before the Pay-Per-View, Drew was to win Money in the Bank. While in the production meeting hours before the show a case was made to have Kane win the briefcase and cash in that night. The thought process? Sheamus was retaining the WWE Title; Miz was winning the RAW Money in the Bank (more on this later) and certain people felt like the average fan would have the feeling too many heels won. Keep in mind Kane would turn heel by defeating one of the most popular WWE Superstars in WWE by cashing in. None to less, the feeling was that this was the first ever Money in the Bank PPV and something needed to happen to brand this PPV as “anything can happen.” I gave the argument that the current storyline had Kane wanting to capture the holy grail for his brother and by doing so tonight took away any future story you had with Kane trying to take it off a someone who may have “took out” Undertaker. I added Kane should challenge Mysterio at Summerslam and go over there.

· Michael Cole, “For the first time Kane enters into the Money in the Ladder Match arena.”

· I pitched Drew McIntyre a story that would kick off after Money in the Bank in which he would be the Superstar to have taken out Undertaker… with some help. I will write a column on this in a future “Story Recall: Who Took Out the Undertaker?”

· Big Show breaking the ladder with his foot and chopping another step off was a great spot for Big Show and needs to be done more often to help establish Big Show as a GIANT.

· I will get into this more during the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match but I was in the minority, let me take that back, I was the only one opposed to the original Money in the Bank winners during our creative team meetings. Others may have agreed with me but no one spoke up.

· Michael Hayes, Pat Patterson and Jamie noble did an amazing job putting this match together!

· Cody Rhodes needs his own iPhone app: “How to be Dashing” giving tips, motivating sound bites by Cody and include a virtual mirror. I will enjoy Cody Rhodes success as I was told multiple times when writing Cody Rhodes promos, that I just need to say what I would say because I was “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. I don’t think it was meant as a compliment but I made it one!

· Kofi Kingston’s Boom Drop off the top of the ladder will live forever!

· The giant ladder was a legitimate giant pain. It was hard to get in the ring and had to be rehearsed before the show to ensure Big Show wouldn’t cut the ring apron when bringing it in.

· Mike Rotunda, the producer of the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match was upset that producers utilized the mini ladder in this match as he had a spot for it in the RAW match.

· Kofi Kingston had a star making performance in this match, and for the second time in his career it was not capitalized on.

· Big Show being buried in a pile of ladders was great!

· I am watching this for the very first time in its entirety and Dolph Ziggler narrowly escaped injury when Kane threw him over the top rope and Dolph got his ankle stuck in the ropes. Wow.

· I know Kane winning was unexpected but Kane didn’t need to win the briefcase. Kane is bigger than the briefcase and when you have opportunities like this to “make someone” by simply having them win a match (Money in the Bank, Royal Rumble, etc) I think you need to capitalize on it. It’s tough getting guys over these days and these are free passes that need to be utilized.

· Who were you hoping would win the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase? Let everyone know in the comments section.

· Sheamus Backstage Interview: “The great white shark” line is a perfect example of trying to appease Vince McMahon who enjoys animal kingdom references. We have all been guilty of it.

Segment Two: Eve vs. Divas Champion Alicia Fox – Divas Championship Match
It’s small, but I HAAAATE when the Divas do their pose at the top of the ramp. Ok wait maybe I don’t but I hate when there is more than one girl on stage and they both do it. LayCool’s routine doesn’t count.

· I would have enjoyed a lengthy Title reign by Eve as Divas Champion because I think Eve could have brought a lot of legitimacy to the division because of her Jiu-Jitsu background. Unfortunately Eve lost the Title because we wanted to brand Fatal Four Way by having fans feel the Title is at jeopardy in a Fatal Four Way Match. I believe we proved that by having every single Title change hands in a Fatal Four Way Match that night.

· Eve looks like a super hero. Its rare you can find a Diva that can seem larger than life and WWE has that in Eve but fails to capitalize on that. I enjoyed sitting with Eve and hearing her ideas for stories. I wish more of them were used.

Segment Three: Hart Dynasty (w/ Natalya) vs. The Usos (w/ Tamina)
Usos fell victim to bad timing. Usos seemed to be on a roll when we debuted them. I was proud of the promo The Usos and I wrote for their debut. Unfortunately two things happened. Nexus debuted shortly after and Vince didn’t understand the hip-hop culture thus didn’t get the appeal of the Usos. I think he was wrong. My wife doesn’t watch wrestling, but she found the Usos entertaining. That should say something.

· I’d like to see the Usos get a little personality. There is nothing wrong with adding a little “Rikishi” to their characters.

· When the Usos debuted they almost became babyfaces. The idea was to debut Usos as heels but slowly show Hart Dynasty with heelish tendencies slowly swapping what team played what role. The idea was scrapped shortly after.

· The original idea behind the Usos was to present them as the opposite of what you would expect out of a Samoan Superstar. Educated, Intelligent and actual wear boots. Usos would essentially have been the Russell Simmons of the WWE. That preppy hip-hop style. I think the characters had some real legs.

· One thing I don’t get, and it’s still used with Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov is why the smaller wrestlers are used for the hot tag? I always felt like the smaller guy on the team should be the one working majority of the match and letting the heels dominant finally making the hot tag to the much bigger much fresher partner. I could be in the minority with that though.

· There was a quick conversation about having Usos go over and win the Tag Team Titles here. When writing the rough draft of the show, I actually pitched having Usos go over. The talks went nowhere and Hart Dynasty retained.

01-23-2011, 05:58 AM
Segment Four: World Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger – World Championship Match

It was made very clear that while Rey Mysterio was Champion he was not to be referred to as the World HEAVYWEIGHT Champion. Simply just the World Champion.

One request I had and asked of Brian Gewirtz was to let me take over the Jack Swagger character as I felt I could make him a Main Event character. So while he spent a lot of time on RAW losing to guys like Santino Marella and Primo I wanted to present Swagger as an entertaining heel who you could make fun of but you knew when he was in the ring he was legitimate. One thing I felt proud of when I started working with Swagger was hearing Vince McMahon over head set saying we were watching Swagger become a star before our eyes during one of my Swagger promos. I can only take so much credit though because Swagger really made this character his own. Once Swagger won the World Title and was on his way I wanted to do the same with Ted Dibiase. It’s really sad what they having DiBiase doing now.

Fun Fact: My original pitch for Jack Swagger as World Heavyweight Champion was to have a series of matches with Undertaker beginning at Summerslam and have Swagger defeat Undertaker clean twice in a row. Undertaker can make someone a star and I think WWE is missing out on that.

WWE really missed out on not capitalizing on the All American American, playing the heel none to less vs. the Mexican Hero. There was so much we could have done. This was one of the many issues why I left. The fact that we don’t make the most with our stories and create the most compelling and entertaining stories possible.

I don’t think the whole “Eddie Guerrero boot” trick came off as well as they hoped. When you have to convince your audience that it happened it doesn’t work.

Kane coming out and attacking Swagger was a brilliant swerve because no one could guess what was coming next.

As much as I respect Kane and enjoyed working with him I still feel like this was not the best thing to do with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Kane really turned his career around and added new life into the character as Champion but he didn’t need the briefcase to do it.

Edge – Jericho Backstage: Do I think Chris Jericho is returning at the Royal Rumble? Next week I will post my Royal Rumble predictions and you can see if I think Jericho returns.

Segment Five: WWE Women’s Champion Layla (w/ Michelle McCool) vs. Kelly Kelly (w/ Tiffany) – WWE Women’s Championship Match

· Fun Fact #2: Vince McMahon appointed me the exclusive writer for LayCool. Not because she got that special privilege but because we asked for it. Let me take this time to say Michelle McCool gets zero favors because she is married to Undertaker. Michelle McCool accomplished everything she got because she was the best. If you need to blame someone you need to blame me because I was the one who would push hard for anything Michelle got on TV. Michelle could wrestle and Michelle could talk, a lot of MALE Superstars can’t do that and Michelle would have been successful with or without Undertaker. There were a lot of people who wanted to see Michelle fail and she fought that the entire time I was there.

· There were a ton of entertaining ideas we had for LayCool and other Divas on the roster that never saw the light of day.

· Kelly Kelly can help bring a lot of viewers to WWE. She needs to be presented in a way to accomplish that. Gina Carano brought a ton of fans to female MMA and Kelly Kelly can do the same. It’s a shame they don’t focus more on her.

Segment Six: Randy Orton vs. John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne vs. Mark Henry vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. United States Champion The Miz vs. Ted DiBiase – RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match

· Randy Orton was originally set to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. I spent many creative team meetings trying to change Brian Gewirtz mind and give the briefcase to Miz.

· I’ve said my piece on giving the briefcase to an unestablished Superstar but I also felt like the original plan for the briefcase was completely absurd. Orton was to win the briefcase and cash it in the following night on RAW losing to Sheamus thanks to interference by NEXUS. The big problem, was Orton wasn’t even set to have a story with NEXUS after that so essentially we were wasting what the briefcase does for someone.

· I told everyone who would listen. We won’t see another Rock anytime soon but Miz will come the closest. I really believed Miz has what it takes to be a huge star. For a while I was laughed at for that, and some may still laugh now but Miz is slowly proving me right.

· Fun Fact #3: I was hired based on a writing sample involving Ted Dibiase winning Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 25 and cashing it in on Randy Orton later that night. The story involved DiBiase never forgetting Orton punting him in the skull. If I can find that story I will post it in a future article.

· Back to Orton winning the briefcase… So I tried my hardest in creative team meetings to get Miz over but it just was going nowhere. Finally a week before the PPV the subject was brought up that there was a pitch to have Miz go over and surprisingly Kevin Dunn agreed and when Kevin Dunn likes something so does Vince so my fight wasn’t in vein and now Miz is your current WWE Champion. I am sure some of you hate me for it. Your welcome!

· Maryse climbing the ladder and DiBiase running up the ladder due to her distraction was a very entertaining spot.

· The things Morrison is capable of doing is unreal. Why he has not ascended to the top of the WWE ranks is beyond me. I’d like to think I had a hand in kick starting his current push before I left FINALLY incorporating his parkour style into his character and getting him more involved in the show. I hope Morrison does the most with his opportunity.

· There comes a point when people will realize Mark Henry’s role and it will soon become ineffective, if it hasn’t already.

· Mark Henry’s strength is UNREAL and has a place in the WWE and can really be utilized it’s just not in the way they are doing it.

· Once again great job by Mike Rotunda and Dave Finlay putting this match together.

· The RKO on Morrison into the Evan Bourne splash on Orton was awesome.

· The reaction Orton got when climbing the ladder only makes Miz winning that much more effective.

· What are your thoughts on Miz winning the RAW Money in the Bank briefcase? Leave your comments.

· Vince absolutely hated the promo I wrote for Miz after winning Money in the Bank. I stuck to my guns and told Vince it would work and felt confident about it because Miz felt confident about it. Vince reluctantly agreed to keep the promo as is and after Miz cut his promo he looked at me and gave me a thumbs up. I felt like Miz needed to give a promo 6 years in the making and felt this one was it. Miz executed this promo PERFECTLY. I couldn’t find a video of it anywhere otherwise I would put it up for you (anyone have it?).

· I am extremely proud of Miz and how he proved everyone wrong, including myself, and I am glad I could play a small hand it helping he do that.

· I had a story mapped out all the way to WrestleMania for Miz that I will post on the website as we get closer to WrestleMania.

Segment Seven: John Cena vs. WWE Champion Sheamus – WWE Championship Match

· There is a lot to talk about when it comes to the NEXUS story, which I will get to at a later time. I do not want to reveal any future plans.

· During the John Cena – Sheamus - NEXUS package that aired before the match they showed Cena and Sheamus holding the ring with steel chairs. I made it pretty clear in the production meeting that I was opposed to them working as a unit so close to their Steel Cage Match. Vince liked the visual of the both of them running off NEXUS and I suggested doing that but having Sheamus then clock Cena with the chair helping to build some anticipation for this match. Instead I felt like we had two allies going to war against each other with the enemy not even involved in the match.

· WWE needs a new cage. At one point we had one being made and I believe it got too expensive. The cage doesn’t fit the rest of the high production value of the WWE. TNA’s cage is cooler than WWE’s.
· Sheamus winning the WWE Title is a whole other column to itself. Interesting story there.

· There was a feeling that Sheamus wasn’t getting over as a heel as much as he should have. I would argue that the reason behind that was that he never beat anyone. When he won the WWE Title it was promoted as a fluke, even during this match commentators were saying it was a fluke. At Fatal Four Way Sheamus slithered into the ring and pinned John Cena who was attacked by NEXUS. So essentially Sheamus never beat Cena convincingly and probably was not viewed by the audiences an actual threat to the top babyfaces. I think Sheamus needed to beat Triple H at WrestleMania and take Triple H out there. Really sends a message that you can destroy an icon at WrestleMania then take him out just because you wanted to.

anThat’s making an impact and that is something that sticks in the minds of the fans.

· Michael Tarver is a badass. He looks the part, which is hard to find these days.

· Very good finish to the match.

01-23-2011, 05:59 AM
TV Recall: WWE Superstars - January 20, 2011

It's funny the show opening is filled with Superstars who will never appear on Superstars.

I will not incorporate "How It Would Book..."during Superstars Recall's because they don't run any stories on the show. I'll drop as many news worthy bites as I can while watching the show.

Segment One: JTG vs. Chavo Guerrero

* It's really sad what Superstars has turned into. Essentially it's filled with talent who aren't working RAW or Smackdown. There isn't much more thought put into it other than that.
* I never pitched it but I wanted to take over Superstars and write stories specific to Superstars. That way you can give these guys a chance who don't get much time on RAW or Smackdown and see what they are capable of. Again if you have a show, make the most of it.
* I think there is something there with JTG. I just don't know what it is. What do you think?

Segment Two: Chris Masters vs. Curt Hawkins

* We had to come up with a story and character ideas for Curt Hawkins when Smackdown wanted to bring him up. I pitched having Curt Hawkins come back and instead of being an Edge Head he would pretend to be Edge. Not in a comedic way, he really thinks he is Edge. I can't remember the timing, maybe Edge was injured or maybe he was the GM. I don't remember. They're not all winners, but I sure would have been entertained!
* Matt Striker just created a very compelling story for Curt Hawkins. That's something very interesting to run with.

Segment Three: David Hart Smith and Darren Young vs. Zack Ryder and Primo

* For the first time ever on WWE a Superstar wore their basic tee.
* Zack Ryder and Primo the kings of Superstars.
* One idea for Darren Young was to have him rejoin NEXUS.
* David Hart Smith is under utilized. Very skilled and a legit tough guy. I just think there is more you can do with him and would have loved the opportunity to try and do so.
* "Call Me" by Zack Ryder. Awesome.
* Zack Ryder needs to bring his Zack Pack into the WWE. Needs a Slater, Screech and a Kelly. Then they walk around like they are the cool kids backstage.
* Poor David Hart Smith.

Segment Four: SHORT

* Don't forget to read my RAW Recall from earlier this week. How would I have booked the John Cena vs. CM Punk match? Who is the newest member of NEXUS and what happened when he was initially called up?

Segment Five: Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyson Kidd

* I like Tyson Kidd. TOOOOOONS of talent. Had I stuck around I would have really liked to work with Tyson Kidd. Tyson had a lot of good ideas for the Hart Dynasty break up.
* I was talking to a buddy of mine on the phone a few weeks back when Mark Henry embarrassed Tyson Kidd's bodyguard, Jackson Andrews. I explained Jackson was not ready to be brought up and it looks like other people found that out and we wouldn't be seeing him again.
* The Hart Dynasty break up was not executed the way it was supposed to. Certain people felt that no one cared about the break up so it was postponed then just sort of happened. Ok so your going to break them up anyways and I guarantee no one will care if you "just break them up" so why not TRY and give a story for it and see if maybe, just maybe we get the audience to care? I just always felt there was a story to tell with Tyson Kidd not actually being a Hart but using them to get him to the WWE. Once he got there and used the Harts to make a name for himself he didn't need them anymore.
* So two weeks ago or so you have Tyson Kidd walk into Daniel Bryan's locker room and say he wants a US Title opportunity and now he is losing to Yoshi Tatsu on Superstars?
* I was looking forward to a Daniel Bryan vs. Tyson Kidd US Title story.
* Here is a thought to the commentators question, Where does it leave Tyson Kidd on his quest to win the US Title? Nowhere! He lost! He lost to Mark Henry a few weeks ago. He is nowhere near a shot. Is that really a question?
* I mean you've seen what you have in Yoshi Tatsu. You have potential in Tyson Kidd. Why do you have this finish?

01-23-2011, 06:00 AM
I have received a good amount of e-mail asking me to do a Recall of Impact. I usually fast forward through the show but I will do my best to write an entertaining and insightful article on this week's episode. Also, I need to watch TNA more closely before I add the "How I Would Book It" section to TNA Recalls.

Segment One: Kurt Angle Promo

* So crazy how different the backstage atmosphere is in TNA compared to WWE. It's like comparing a mansion to a one bedroom apartment. Not that there is anything wrong with it.
* If you are ever THAT upset would you really demand your music get played?
* Kurt Angle coming back to WWE was always a hot topic amongst the creative team. We all wished he could come back but knew we wouldn't do it. Kurt Angle could have been one of the greatest of all-time if he had stayed in WWE.
* I may be missing someone here but Angle is the last great Superstar to come into the business. Maybe Brock? But Brock didn't stay long enough to really make that mark.
* TNA got a freebie at the expense of Kurt and Karen's relationship. Shame.
* Wrestling security teams always look weak. And NEVER work. One time I'd like to see a guy send out a mass of people out that never ends! You may be able to knock down the first 10 but fighting off 40 guys won't be so easy!
* Only in wrestling. Send police officers to escort/arrest someone for not leaving the ring but when they run over a guy in a car they are given a promo segment and in some instances a future Title opportunity.
* Why do some wrestlers arrive early? Some show up right when the show starts and some come halfway through the show? How does that make sense? How does Jeff Jarrett know he isn't involved in the first segment?

Segment Two: Mickie James vs. Sarita vs. Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky - Four Way Knockout Match

* Yeah because watching Kurt Angle knock around Jeff Jarrett's "security" is replay worthy.
* I will admit I like the way TNA shoots their backstage pretapes and how they shot ReAction.
* By the way remember when it was entertaining to watch someone get escorted out of the building in handcuffs? (Stone Cold Steve Austin)
* Beautiful People have a great entrance theme! Lacey Von Erich was so bad she was good.
* Velvet Sky has the best ring entrance ever!!
* WWE Divas look like they belong in Playboy. TNA Knockouts look like they belong in a strip club in Riverside (for those who live in CA you'll get it)
* ... Except Mickie James.
* Is Sarita a jobber? She looks like it. Here are 3 Knockouts and since we ran out of girls we hired a local to make it four.
* I miss lesbian stalker Mickie James.
* Mickie was always a fun person to be around backstage.
* So if Mike Tenay is so sure Madison's glove is loaded why doesn't anyone who is in charge at TNA notice?
* Would have loved to have Beer Money in WWE. I think Robert Roode could be a star in either promotion.
* Your not going to have another Road Warriors, maybe ever. But Beer Money is the closest thing to a Main Event tag team.
* Oh Kurt Angle is back! That plan worked!

Segment Three: Matt Morgan vs. "The Freak" Rob Terry (w/ Ric Flair)

* "He would take all three of you and hurt you at the same time" HAHA great line but how would Ric Flair know that?
* Hmm, not a fan of putting their finisher under the name. Why do you need it?
* Wow they are really getting behind Matt Morgan huh?
* I don't know how I feel about Abyss.
* So Matt Morgan can take down Abyss, Ric Flair and Rob Terry but he can't defeat Ken Anderson?
* Surprised Ric Flair didn't bleed.
* This is going on entirely too long, I have to fast forward.
* Seeing Taz just makes me miss getting up at 3 am to watch ECW.
* Why lead us to believe wrestlers have locker rooms but we always find them standing behind cages having conversations?
* "They" again? Really? Who is they? Sting and Kevin Nash? Yawn. "They" should turn out to be Fortune or Spike TV executives.

Segment Four: Jay Lethal vs. X Division Champion Kazarian - X Division Championship Match

* What is the X Division? Seriously.
* If Jay Lethal is still going to use some of Macho Man's mannerisms why not keep him in full Black Machismo form?
* Remember when you would watch Nitro and if you weren't into nWo you had the cruiserweight division and if you weren't into cruiserweights or nWo you still had Goldberg? Now a days with both TNA and WWE if you don't like the main story your not really provided much else.
* Rookie referee misses a lot of calls I see? Could be an interesting story.
* Is the World Champion's locker room a kitchen? Is RVD really getting dressed by a sink?

Segment Five: Jeff Jarrett - Karen Jarrett Promo

* Maybe it's just me but it really looks like Karen Jarrett has been waiting a long time to be playing a role on TV.
* Dang, Jeff Jarrett just got punked by a kid at ringside.
* WCW.
* How many owners/people in charge does TNA have? Jarrett, Dixie, Bischoff, Hogan... am I missing anyone?
* So Karen Jarrett didn't have anything to say? You hype some big reveal by Karen Jarrett for a week and nothing? Gimme something. Maybe she was never faithful. Maybe she was sleeping with Jarrett before Kurt even came to TNA and only convinced Angle to come to TNA so she could be closer to Jarrett. Something.

Segment Six: Tommy Dreamer vs. Jeff Hardy

* Jeff Hardy was a hot topic in long car roads from city to city. I never got him. Entertaining matches but never thought he could talk and never saw him as a Main Event guy. I know Hardy said he made CM Punk, I really think CM Punk made Jeff Hardy.
* Got some cool camera angles in this match.
* So earlier tonight Kurt Angle was escorted out of the building. Now he is walking around with a freakin bat and no one is doing or saying anything?

Segment Seven: SHORT

* How does Pope not see whoever is recording him? He is standing right in the door way!
* Hold on. What is happening in this Flair-Styles pretape? He found a bottle so he has to drink? Is this a game? Flair has been waiting 6 months to get AJ Styles to pound a beer? Is it even beer? It's clear.
* Haha Flair was great in this interaction with Angle until he got choked and then went way over the top with it.

Segment Eight: TNA Champion Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam vs. TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money

* Why is Mr. Anderson still holding on to the Jeff Hardy TNA Title?
* That is THE ugliest Title in the history of wrestling. US Title is a far second.
* I don't think Mr. Anderson is playing an asshole. More so a complete dick.
* Beer Money and Mr. Anderson are a few of the reasons I TiVo TNA.
* At one point The Pope pitched his current character in WWE but from what I understand certain members of creative didn't think it would work. WWE lost out on Pope.
* Commentators NEVER know who the guy who gets in the ring is, yet everyone else in the arena and at home always knows. "Wait who is that? Is that?" as everyone at home is saying "Matt Hardy guys come on."
* What is Brian Kendrick doing?
* I know there were a few rumors regarding Dudley Boyz, er Team 3D returning to WWE a few months back. I can tell you a few creative team members wanted them back but WWE had no interest in bringing them back.

Segment Nine: Brother Devon - Bully Ray In Ring Segment

* Brother Devon should join The Pope's congregation.
* Wouldn't Brother Devon, as a babyface looking for a fight, actually go take the fight to Ray when Ray said "I'm standing right here." He asked for a fight, what the heck was Devon waiting for when Ray told him to come get him?
* Is there really interest in this story?
* Now wouldn't the only thing hitting a steel chair over someones head do is bust an ear drum?

Segment Ten: Kurt Angle - Jeff Jarrett In Ring Segment

* It may just be me but I don't think Angle vs. Jarrett is hot enough or generating enough interest to take up three different segments on the show.
* Wait so what exactly is this segment? When was this set up earlier to meet in the ring? How did Flair know Angle wanted Jarrett in the ring? Did I miss something?
* Ok so Angle ran through 4 or 5 of your security team at the beginning of the show, why send down 2 of them and expect them to accomplish anything?
* Love you Taz but that's not a rear naked choke. That's a headlock. Again if wrestling wants to jump on the MMA bandwagon you have to actually execute the moves right. That's like a guy wearing a Tapout shirt saying he is a fighter and when you ask him to show you a rear naked choke and you slip right out of it. Or calls George St. Pierre John St. Paul. In other words it makes you look foolish.
* Wow Immortal is huge. Do they even have enough talent in TNA to have a group this big?
* Cool spot with Abyss.
* I don't know, I'm sure I didn't give you much reason to read this article. If you want more TV Recall's with TNA let me know but this is tough to watch all the way through.
* Is there a loyal TNA fan base?

01-23-2011, 06:02 AM

I know I have been posted a lot of recaps. This is going to change when I can figure out exactly what I want to do on the blog. I will keep all the Recalls but want to add something more than just recapping shows and PPV's. Next Wednesday I will answer all your questions you've sent, and if you haven't sent any questions in yet send them to wrestlingrecall@hotmail.com. I will answer every question that I receive. Might also start a weekly podcast and will have my Royal Rumble predictions next week. Just know I will be adding more features soon!

Have any suggestions for the blog? Let me know. Thanks for reading.

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01-23-2011, 06:35 AM
No joke, this stuff is awesome to read and gives great insides of the WWE creative views.
I like this stuff if youu keep getting more please post it :)

01-23-2011, 09:09 AM
i actually enjoyed reading everything of it especially of the christian and the usos stuff

01-23-2011, 10:08 AM
this is good, but you should put this in the blog section instead of the forum...this way it won't keep getting bumped down with the other chatter.

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01-23-2011, 11:59 AM
Wow this is really good stuff, I hope we can see more of it!

Rich Cranium
01-23-2011, 12:04 PM
Good work!

01-23-2011, 12:09 PM
Wow. Which creative team member was it? Bookmarked because i am really looking forward to the Royal Rumble predictions. It's nice to see exactly WHY the wrong people are being pushed and who exactly pitches people like Cena being corny. They could probably do a lot more with Cena than childish jokes.

01-23-2011, 12:34 PM
pretty cool man!!! agree with near enough all he has to say in regards to how things shoulda been booked!! except the daniel bryan awesome kong chubby chasing thing, it still makes bryan look like a fukin goof, which he shouldnt be!!!!

01-23-2011, 02:22 PM
Wow. Which creative team member was it?
John Piermarini

01-23-2011, 04:40 PM
It's thread's like this that are making you become one of my favourite posters on this site Necro. Great work man!

01-23-2011, 07:15 PM
cool so when do you think your next blog will be ready to be read?
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01-23-2011, 07:27 PM
I'm not John Piermarini so I couldn't say. Considering he deleted all of those posts, there's a good chance we'll never see another one :(

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Just saw that Ryan used your posts for the newsboard...I agree with Kash on this one. Necro>Ryan. Lol.

AWESOME read btw. Thanks for posting!

The Brown One
01-24-2011, 06:08 AM
Wow I swear the former creative writer's blogs that Necroyeti put up could make like 20 news items.

Obviously hes a smart writer, and had alot of good ideas that Kevin Dunn, and the other members turned down a many of them.

He won't be doing anymore? The site says that it is temporarily down, so I don't know if he will be doing anymore awesome blogs like these. I spent 45 minutes reading through them, and enjoyed every second of it. If he is going to write more blogs in the future, I look forward to reading them.

Thanks for posting the blogs here Necro.

01-24-2011, 04:44 PM
Probably threatened by WWE and their super lawyers to take them down although i doubt there's much he could do - Nothing came of bischoff spoiling the Mankind title win after all, besides a huge surge in viewers to watch it happen.

If there isn't a blog post (RR predictions) in the next week there will probably be no more.