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01-22-2011, 11:21 AM
everything i have posted to on ewrestling news be the booker section has been relativly well recived so i am going give my ideas on how to book tna.weekly iwil post impact and ppvs

please dicuss & rate out of ten

01-22-2011, 11:55 AM
(sidenote- for the sake of story last weekbully ray attacted shannan moore last week as both brother devon and bully ray pick partners for a tag match at aao and i will use the scott steiner angle+ coming up at against all odds kurt angle chance to"regain a contract" as he chooses an opponent to face jeff jarretts opponant at (AAO) and basicly currant storylines to start with

febuary 3rd impact
open credits
brief video package hyping what happened last week including steiners return

match 1: robbie E vs Brother devon- devon has all the momentum when cookie gets involved tocost him the match at 6.00 min. after the match both robbie E & bully ray beat down devon but jesse neal makes the save

backstage immortal are still dicrediting the whole they're coming thing despite steiners return and they say crimson i just trying to make a name for himself and tonight abyss is taking crimson out plus kazarian will retain his tna x-division championship tonight against Jay lethal, Beer Money Inc will retain the tag titles in a fatal four way and Jeff hardy will regain theworld title, Hulk willreturn and all will be well

match 2- No.1 contenders match for knockouts title- Mickie James def sarita at 10.00 min


abyss tells gunner and murphy to go and patrol the impact zone looking for steiner

TNA X-division championship- kazarian def Jay Lethal after a flux capacitator for the pin at 14.00min

Jeff Jarrett reveals his opponant for kurt angles opponant to be monty brown

Samoa Joe def d'angelo dinero via choke submission at 15 min

TNA tag team championship- beer money inc def generation me, Eric young & Orlando Jordon and doug williams & magnas to retain the belts at 18 min

now we see gunner and murphy laid out with the lead pipe steiner was holding next to them

AJ Styles gives Abyss a pep talk

Crimson def Abyss after scott steiner came out and distracted abyss grimson got the chokeslam for the win crimson & steiner walk off together

TNA world heavywieght championship- Mr anderson def Jeff Hardy Matt hardy tried to get involved but anderson saw him off then reversed the twist of fate into mic check 1,2,3 at 22 min in a match where anderson added several new moves to his offence
after the match rvd & matt morgan came out wearing frontline t-shirts then crimson & amazing red then kurt angle then scott steiner. scott steiner says "you all thought this was mafia ur ur its frontline