View Full Version : Favorite PPV Of All Time???

Rebel Lion
01-19-2011, 09:12 PM
I don't mean one specific PPV, I mean the actual PPV itslef. Mine is undoubtedly Fall Brawl: War Games. I would mark out every year when War Games came around. It always seemed like the heel faction would get the one-man advantage and work it. One all 10 competitors were in the ring, all hell would break loose. It was just a slick concept to me: the side-by-side rings, with the double-closed off cage all around it. Someone would get press slammed into the top of the cage every year!! That was my favorite PPv, whats yours??

01-20-2011, 12:40 PM
Royal Rumble, nothing beats the excitement of waiting for the buzzer to see whos next lol seriously the Rumble has had a lot of good singles and tag matches over the year, and the Rumble rarely fails.

01-20-2011, 03:38 PM
Wrestlemania. Without a doubt the Grandaddy of them all because you know that everyone is going to give 110% in their matches.

01-20-2011, 07:38 PM
I'd go with Mania, because they usually save their best stuff for then and it always has an epic feel to it, but Royal Rumble is a close second because of the actual RR match itself. Btw Rebel Lion, this was a great idea, do you mind if I steal it and make one of my tournaments out of it? I would actually do the specific ppv (i.e WrestleMania 17, SummerSlam 2002, etc).

The Brown One
01-20-2011, 08:30 PM
Without a doubt, for me its Wrestlemania! Like xStraightxEdgexSaviorx said, they always put their best guys on then, and their stars perform at their best. They never drop the ball on WM, most of the matches are good. Theres always something good to look forward to, on the road to WM, and at WM itself.

*The Royal Rumble- The anticipation of the buzzer, waiting to see whos coming out next, and the surprise returns keep me on the edge of my seat!!
*Elimination Chamber- I love the Chamber match, because its better, and more entertaining than HIAC. Your'e pretty much guaranteed a new champion, so its awesome to watch the carnage(well whats left of it), and see who will come out as champ at the end of it.
*Every year, the matches on Raw/Smackdown are at their best before WM, and we get to see several cross-brand matches that we wouldn't normally get to see.
*And now to WM itself! I love the WWE and WHC matches, the MITB, and the Undertaker's Streak matches. They have become cornerstones of WM.
The title matches showcase the WWE's best stars, and those who have worked hard to win the Rumble, or Chamber.
The MITB crowns new stars, and makes new champions, and is one hell of a match, with all the amazing spots that are done by several superstars, all of which have different styles.
The Streak matches are what I look forward to the most, because I know that Taker doesn't wrestle much anymore, and when he does, its a treat to watch. Especially at WM, Taker puts on the best performance he can, and his matches are always the best on the card. I know he wiill never lose, but my heart pounds everytime someone hits their finisher on him, and goes for a pin.

I also like xStraightxEdgexSaviorx's idea, to make a thread on this, using specific PPVs instead of just favorite PPVs. If its possible, I would enjoy a thread like that too.