View Full Version : Wrestlers in movies THE GOOD THE BAD THE UGLY!!!!

09-10-2010, 01:41 PM
The good:
JOHN CENA "12 rounds" This movie actually had some plot although i think they could have gotten anyone to play CENAs role
THE ROCK "tooth fairy"(for what its worth) This is a good non wrestling movie it thought it was pretty good some funny parts
The bad:
BATISTA AND RVD "wrong side of town" this movie was ok but i just didn't understand it was like a bad 24.RVD and BATISTA were ok but one part that bothered me is how they killed JArule lol i thought it was funny
The ugly:
BILL GOLDBERG "Santa's Slay" OMG this movie was horendous i mean aside from fran dresher (The nanny) looking slutty in the begining this movie is not worth even looking at the previous i literally fell asleep thru it it is suppose to be a HORROR movie but at worst its a bad xmas movie...

Let me know about movies where youve seen wrestlers in and what you thought(kevin nash was good in the punisher didnt know it was him until i read it somewhere....saw the movie again and recognised him)