View Full Version : Looking Back At The 10 Weird Years Of Professional Wrestling/Sports Entertainment

01-03-2011, 03:14 AM
Everyone looks back on "The Attitude Era" with such great fondness. I can agree and disagree to a certain extent. See, the main thing people seem to complain about now a days is the lack of blood and the violence. In all honesty, those 10 years were an anomaly.

Seriously, when you look back on Professional Wrestling or as it were now, Sports Entertainment, it goes through cycles. They're currently where they were in the early 80's before Hogan popped on the scene. No greatly HUGE media giants in their Superstars, they get some attention but not without being scoffed at and, they're PG.

Even when Hogan hit, THE E' was PG. A lot of people seem to forget that ALL of THE E's product was PG until the late 90's. So for literally 10 years Professional Wrestling/Sports Entertainment took a turn and went vulgar and balls out. That's 10 years compared to the 80 or so that its been around in it's "current" form. [Guys in a ring, throwing each other off ropes and what not.]

Wrestling is what it always has been. When you take away the extreme amounts of violence from the late 90's, you're left with WCW having a storyline that went on for FAR too long, And a Cruiserweight division that at that time, no one got. No one cared for it, it took up all rounded up, about 30 minutes from WCW programming.

Then we have ECW, they centered their ways around the violence and hardcore. Now granted, they had many storylines going on and many things all at once. For that time period, to have everyone in a legitimate program was unheard of.

And then there was THE E'. In their desperate struggle to stay in the radar, and threw caution in the wind. Was their gamble worth it? Hell yeah. Is it worth it to a generation that hasn't grown up on South Park and ECW? No. It really makes you wonder about those 10 years in Pro Wrestling/Sports Entertainment. In the long run, it looks like it's done more damage to THE E' than it did good.