View Full Version : nwf war (raw)

11-30-2010, 02:24 PM
the show opens with screaming fans
jim ross and Jerry Lawler do the show opeings

match 1 layla vs eve

layla comes down to the ramp as the fans boo and she makes fun of eve
eve runs down and the bell rings

layla rolls out the ring and makes fun of eve and eve runs out and hits a drop kick and throws layla in the ring she goes for a pin 1 2 but layla kicks ou eve then hits a closthline and she goes for her fin but layla rev it into the lay-out she gets ready to go for a pin but the pa system cuts on for the 4 th time in a month it says you will never stop the orignal as eve gets th pin 1 2 3 HERES YOUR WINNER EVEEEEEEE LAYLA GETS UP AND IT CUTS ON AGIAN BUT LAYLA TURNS AROUND AND ITS MADISON RAYNE and she attacks layla and sends her into the cade she says shes coming for that title


shemus comes down to the ring with the mic

shemus;as we all no that wwe title is vacant and i think i should be get the title tonight shanes music hits

shane;tonight is a night of suprises fella and you will get a shot at the title in a fatal fourway it will be shemus vs randy orton vs j vs a mystery person you will find out who he is tonight

shemus listen fella i didnt say make a match i said hand it over to me now

shane;this is the wwe we dont just hand anything over *his music hits and he leaves and shemus leaves the ring *

match 2 the kane vs regal us title

winner 1405 KANE its annoced they will face off agian at the ppv warfare

match 3 the hart dynasty vs the usos

winner 7 36 the usos

match 4 main event

triple hs shemus and randy come down to the ring and they wait

AT the end of the match everyones fighting and jeff jarrett runs out from the crowd and kurt angle and sting are follwing him as they take out everyone except joe as he pins triple h 1 2 3 WINENER AND THE NEW WWE CHAMPION SOMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNJOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE HE GRABS THE TITLE AND CELBRATES AND HE SAYS ONE WORD TNA