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12-14-2012, 09:57 PM
Imagine that there is a draft between WWE and TNA. Where you could send any 5 TNA Superstars to WWE and any 5 WWE superstars to TNA. Who would you send and why.

To WWE from TNA

Magnus- I see him and Wade Barrett having a great feud. There both young and I can see Magnus being a great Intercontinental Champion.

Rob Van Dam- Goes back to WWE, starts wrecking havoc and feuding with the likes of Dolph Ziggler, and Cody Rhodes trying to prove he is still Mr. Monday Night.

Sting- Just so he could feud with The Undertaker.

Matt Morgan- A future star, come back to WWE with a vengeance after being treated like a joke in his last tenure. Immediately goes for the World Title.

Samoa Joe- Trying to prove that Size doesn't matter and goes undefeated in his hunt for Gold.

From WWE to TNA

Jack Swagger- Felt underused came back and shows he is the greatest American who ever lived. Feuds with Kurt Angle.

Ted Dibase- Claims to be the future, and wants to prove that he could be a world champion. Goes after TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Alberto Del Rio- Comes to TNA, saying how he has beaten everyone in the WWE, goes undefeated making people submit to his armbar. Goes after Television Title.

Tyson Kidd- Came to TNA to win the X-Division Title. Wants to prove that even though he's small that he can compete with anyone.

Santino Marella- Tired of being a joke in WWE, comes to TNA with a more serious gimmick.