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11-24-2012, 01:20 AM
OK. Here's my other Thread, the Official Roster Thread. Where you can ask for your Wrestler to manage. Call dibs and what not. Just ask for the Wrestler and I will post them on here.

I'll post the official roster. I won't be here tomorrow until later in the evening. But I will accept people and give them their wrestlers, but the thing about this is, you cannot be an existing manager, you play yourself, as the manager of a wrestler. Choose whoever you want.

So go all out and choose whoever you want. But here are the guidelines of choosing.

Choose any Wrestler or Tag Team to manage.

-One Wrestler, can be anyone from now ONLY. ROH, WWE, TNA, INDY. No dead people or Created Stars.

- Tag Team, but they cannot be main eventers combined. they must be any established Tag Team(Prime Time Playas, Usos, MCMG, New Age Outlaws, Rhodes Scholars, even Team 3D) Anyone from the past, but they must be alive or able bodied. If someone has say, Beer Money, no one else can have them, nor can either Storm or Rhoode go for singles titles, just Tag Team Gold.

- Once your wrestler(s) win enough matches and their titles, after success, than you could be ready for another
client, only I will determine if you are ready to take on another wrestler.
Say once your Tag Team's been dominant,:
Only than you can choose take ONE to a Singles Title picture, but you must drop the other,
You can keep both and treat them as occasional singles competitors, but they can no longer be tag team champions.

- And you can give yourself a nick name as a manager. Make Alliances with other people.

Good Luck and start choosing.
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11-24-2012, 01:22 AM
OK, This window is designated for the ROSTER:

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