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11-12-2012, 10:55 AM

Hello, everybody, and welcome to the eWN's newest and most exciting eFed. Yep, that's right, you can't keep a good man down.

I, along with my partner in crime, Rated_R(ob)KO, have decided to start something very special. The format of this new eFed is something that has been planned for a very long time, so it's not something that has ben hastily thrown together. It will be a place that highlights the best that the eWN has to offer, and will have an open door policy, on top of a fantastic home roster that if you scroll down, you will be able take in, and realize that I have a hell of a lot of supporters around here that want to see me and R(ob) do what we do best. Over the last two days, a roster has been built that I am extremely proud of, and I would personally like to thank each and every single person that has signed up for this. It's going to be a blast, no doubt. Anyone doubting my passion, and commitment, to this eFed, I understand, but if you just sit back and enjoy the ride, whether it be from afar, or as part of the team, I'm sure that you'll be pleasantly surprised. Kash and R(ob) are back, and things are about to get very entertaining around here. As I said, this has been a long time coming.. So... Without any further fuss, let me lay down some of the juicy details that will help you fully understand what it is we have planned.


The name of the new eFed will be simply, BEST IN THE WORLD.


There will only be one show called BITW, and it will be numbered in roman numerals, with each show having a sub-title, to give it a distinct feel. No PPV's, as even though after the first show each show will have between five to six matches each one will have a very special feel to them. As stated already, EVERY match will be important, and every card will be booked and announced in advance, to ensure maximum anticipation, and hopefully get people speculating on each match--this will also be a plus for ICing, which is what eFedding is all about when there aren't any shows happenening. The shows will be weekly or there abouts, and there is a team of extremely talented mutha fuckas ready to type out the best matches they possibly can.


Each match that happens will be extremely important, as there will be a points and ranking system in place, that will determine who the top contenders are and such. The points system will only be in effect for single's matches, whether they are one on one's, triple threats, four way dances, six way scrambles, or any other multi person matches where a wrestler represents his or herself.

Win by pinfall or submission = 10 points

Win by DQ or countout = 5 points

Draw = 2 ponts

There will be a strong tag team division, but there won't be a points system for it, as team's often split, or are only makeshift tag teams, so the league table would be too hard to manage, and, would really only consist of about six or so real teams at best. If there is more interest, and more users join with their tag teams, then a league will be set up with its own points system.


Now, we can't have a show without a roster, but before I type it out, I would like to say that I am humbled and amazed by you all. A lack of faith has led some dismiss what I can bring to the table. Thank you to those that know those doubters about to be proven wrong.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ladies and gentlemen of the BITW roster, and the ladies and gentlemen behind these wild and wonderful characters.

In no particular order.

Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander (Zapphoman--This guy owns)

K-Jammin (K-Jammin--back with Kash again. Get ready folks!)

Ma$$Dinero (Kashdinero--The Bossman is back!)

Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra (SilverGhost--blame him)

Depri$e (Chunkkynutzzz--star signing : ) )

NightWolf (NightWolf--arrrwooooo!!)

Mike Muir and April Snow (eyehatecena--so do I!)

Lenny Ray Beauregard (68WPayne--eRednecks FTW)

The Sandman (Rated_R(ob)KO--baws)

The Sleeper (SLEEPY LOCO 1--yep, welcome back to the boards, bruva man! You're welcome lol)

Shaz (Shaz11--yes, fam!))

Elliott Bonebreak (Poot-Hair--and you all thought this old marine was done for!)

Athena (Glamour Girl--Blog queen in da house!!)

Snair (Snair--BABA SNAIR!!!)

"Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky and Nicole Belzova (Kashdinero and PandaMassacre--Ciao, KURWA!!)

RedruM and Al Qaeda Rashida (Rated_R(ob)KO--Blog baws)

Deshawn Johnson (D.J.--The new guy!)

Ano Doom (Southern Blood--Sick. Dude)

Artemis Eclipse (Rated_R(ob)KO--comic nerd)

Seth Thirteen (Silverghost--Still blame him)

Black Tear (Zapphoman--is god)

The Butcher (Rated_R(ob)KO--baws with issues)

Samson (Kashdinero--no one knows Straights like him)

Tad Locust (NightWolf--ARRRWOOOOO!!!!)

Chainsaw (Rated_R(ob)KO--Horrorcore baws)

Macabre (Rated_R(ob)KO--busy baws)


The Panzer Division [Oli, Karl, Sasha, and Barbie Panzer] (eyehatecena--I still hate him too!)

Bricarus [Brick "The Bastard" Godslayer and Damian Icarus] (Kashdinero--Fook the haters)

WAR-LOCK [WAR and LOCK] (Poot-Hair and Rated_R(ob)KO--long time coming)

SKARE DEM KREW [Lucifer Diablo and Naik Reven] (Kashdinero and K-Jammin--match made in hell)

Iconography [Ben Reilly Kent and Jason Todd Kent] (Rated_R(ob)KO--told you he was a comic nerd)


Chuck and Rock Marvel


Straights (who else?)


Bobby Morris


Gregory Samuels


Collin Hobert and Justin Mann


William. A. Hill (BITW spokesperson), Dutch Ross, Deborah Jackson, Samuel Kent, Zap Alderman, Robert Wayne, and Iron Ape)


The Chinese Theatre, The Electric Factory, Hammerstein Ballroom.


BITW Championships

eWN World Heavyweight Championship, eWN Horrorcore Championship


And there you have it. Wow, we was busy over the weekend, huh?? Lol, there's more to the roster, but they're surprises, so expect them to show up at the first show or thereabouts. Speaking of the first show... Here's the card and poster. Enjoy, peeps.

BITW I: Kingdom Come (yep, no way we was letting that one slip away into limbo)

Main Event: To become the first ever eWN World Heavyweight Champion

K-Jammin vs The Sleeper vs Snair vs Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander


Semi main event: For the eWN Horrorcore Championship

NightWolf (C) vs The Sandman


RedruM and Al Qaeda Rashida vs "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky and Nicole Belzova


Bricarus vs Iconography vs SKARE DEM KREW


Two on one handicapped match

Athena vs Sasha and Barbie Panzer


WAR-LOCK vs The Panzer Divison (Oli and Karl)


Shoot grudge match

Artemis Eclipse vs Shaz


Six way massacre for the number one contendership to the eWN Horrorcore Championship

Samson vs Tad Locust vs Macabre vs The Butcher vs Samson vs Chainsaw


Depri$e vs Mike Muir with April Snow


Ano Doom vs Seth Thirteen vs LRB vs Elliott Bonebreak


First time ever

Ma$$Dinero vs Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra


There you have it, folks... POW!

Check out the BITW discussion page, and get in character, and above all else.... HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

11-12-2012, 11:07 AM
Indeed we are most definitely fucking back! Great job Ka$h and we definitely put a ton of work into this. I'll be starting the discussion page very shortly and tomorrow Ka$h will be posting the bio page and doing a couple more things. This has definitely been a long time coming and in all honesty, its best to start fresh and anew. So please, everyone take everything in and be prepared!!