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11-05-2012, 12:30 PM
-- Yahoo.com is reporting that the British reality TV version of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is rumored to feature Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as one of the celebrities taking part in the show.UPDATE: The Rock addressed the rumor on Twitter, posting the following... Garbage rumor #BS-- The Man with the Iron Fists opened at #4 at the box office this weekend, with $8.2 million. The film features former WWE star Dave Bautista.-- Former WWE Divas The Bella Twins filmed another Celeb...

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Tommy Thunder
11-06-2012, 09:37 AM
LOL! The Rock has no need to do anything like that at this point in his career!! Only washed up celebrities goon that show!!
Hulk Hogan for example would fit the bill perfectly to do the show.