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11-25-2010, 12:23 PM
the show opens with joey styles and taz opeing up the welcome all the fans and then big shows theme hits as the fans cheer

big show walks down to the ring with a mic
show:tonight i have a shot at the whc as i take on kane
show-kane beat jack swagger to win that title 4 months ago but tonight
i can promise you theres gonna be a new chamion
*big show stops as the fans cheer for him and then kanes theme hits*
big show looks around for kane but he turns around and kane gives him a chokeslam
the fans boo as kane laughs but teddy longs theme hits
teddy-kane i promised these fans a whc match and as the gm i promise its gonna be something good
teddy-a casket match teddys theme hits as the fans look shocked
*kane turns around and gets a big boot by big show as he rolls out the ring with the whc the fans cheer as big show taunts

commercial break

joey-what a main event kane takes on show tonight in a no dq
taz-its one we wont forget taras theme hits

tara vs layla number if tara wins she will face layla for the womens title

layla comes down to the ramp and goes in the ring and taunts

the bell rings and tara locks up with layla and throws her down to the mat she goes for a quick pin 1 2 layla kicks as tara go to give layla a superplex but layla lands on her feet and drop kicks tara she pins 1 2 layla picks tara up and throws her into the tb and hits a running bull dog and she runs the ropes but tara caradles her 1 2 layla kicks out and looks kinda shocked layla give tara a drop kick to the back of her head and pins 1 2 tara kicks out layla hits her fist on the mat but as she turns around tara hits a running closethline as layla rolls out the ring and grabs a mic layla-tara you can have your shot but its gonna be on my terms a bra and panties match layla begins to walk down the ramp but tara grabs her by the hear and throws her in the ring tara gives her a widows peek *she gravs a mic tara-ok buts it gonna happen NEXT WEEK she drops the mic and walks off backstage

match 2 cm punk vs daniel bryan vs dolph ziggler vs ic champion kofi kingston

cm punk comes down to the ramp first but he gets attacked by mvp.mvp throws cm punk off the stage and the ref says he will not compete tonight kofi kingston runs down to the ring and and holds up the title
dolph ziggler comes down and so does daniel bryan

ding ding dolph ziggler goes after daniel bryan and throws him head first into the tb he then throws him out of the ring as he goes to his kofi but kofi ducks and goes for a trouble and pardise he pins 1 2 daniel pulls the ref out of the ring and attacks kofi he kicks kofi and the face and trys to lock in the cross face but kofi gets the ropes quickly and dolph gets up and he gives kofi a face buster and a pin 1 but daniel breaks it up daniel and dolph agree to team up on kofi daniel grabs kofi and ziggler runs the ropes and hits a drop kick as daniel hits a leg drop on kofi but then ziggler hits the zig zag on daniel 1 2 omg cm punk stops the count and hits a gts on dolph and pins 1 2 3 WINNER AND THE NEW IC CM PUNK but mvp attacks him with the title as cm punk is busted open and mvp says in 2 weeks a tlc i want you in a ladder match for that title


big show is shown getting ready for his match and

priceless vs local

ted and cody come out

ding ding ted takes down the local wrestler
and attacks him he throws him and to the tb and tags in cody cody takes down the local and hits his fin pins 1 2 3 ted cody celbrate and they will be facing aj styles and evan bourne for the tag team titles

*joey and taz talk about the main event *
main event casket match whc
kane comes down to the ring with a casket he gets alot of boos
big show comes down and gets cheers

ding ding big show hits a big boot and keeps hitting kane big show throws kane into the tb and hits some chops as the fans cheer he taunts but kane hits a low blow as kane grabs a steel and hits big show hard in the face with hit so hard the who arena can here it *big show is busted open* kane grabs another chair and slides it in the ring but he goes to hit kane and kane punches the chair into kanes face as kane is knocked out big show opens up the casket and goes to put kane in it but kane rolls out in walks around the ring he grabs the whc and trys to walk off but big show runs and stops and chokeslams him on the ramp he trys to drag kane down to the ring and he does but kanes has that chair and he hits big show with it in the head and big show keeps bleeding and kane puts the chair around big shows foot and he gets on the tb and goes to jump on it but big show moves it and takes the chair off big show grabs the ring bell and he hits kane in the head with it and kane is knocked out as he throws kane in the casket but kane puts his foot up so the door dosent close as kane grabs big show by the throat and hits the chokeslam and he throws big show in the casket and shuts the door HERES YOUR WINNER AND STILL THE WHC KANE kane falls on the floor knocked out as john morrison comes out with his mitb breif case kane is shocked.LADIES AND GENTLEMAN JOHN MORRISON IS CASHING IN HIS MITB BREIF CASE'

11-27-2010, 08:06 AM
A lot of effort must've gone into that. Too bad I didn't read further than one line.. it would be better if you didn't call you show WWE Smackdown.. not sure if you're aware, but that name is taken ;) :p

11-30-2010, 10:22 AM
lol thanks ive been iim gonna call the company nwf and the shows slogan and war