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11-02-2012, 06:58 AM
Well it's been a couple of months of the new NXT, so which of the new blood wrestlers has impressed you? I think I've listed all the guys they've invested any time in, apart from Bronson as he's only just coming through. Oh and I haven't done the divas either, as there wasn't space on the poll. For the record though, I've been impressed with both Paige and Audrey Marie.

Here are my thoughts on the listed 10:

Big E Langston - Very impressive look, crazy strong, can move around the ring really well for a guy his size, and has really got the crowd behind him. He's got a great entrance and presence too. I think he'll go far in the 'E, a future main eventer possibly. However, he doesn't seem to have great mic skills, but they can be nurtured.

Bo Dallas - I really haven't been impressed with this guy. He seems so generic. He hasn't shown any great charisma or mic skills, and he's been decent at best in his in ring skills. For me he's just there, it's a thumbs down from me.

Bray Wyatt - This guy’s character and promo skills are absolutely fantastic. I was a fan of this guy even in his Husky Harris days, but with Wyatt I think he's really found his niche. It's a shame he got injured, but when he returns I see him really going far.

The Ascension - I've got mixed feeling about these two. They've got very good characters, presences and entrances, and they've cut a couple of fairly good promos, so that's all good. The only thing I see holding them back then is there in ring work, and so far I haven't been overly impressed. They've had tag matches with the Usos and International Airforce, both teams who are very good in the ring, and I haven't really enjoyed those matches too much. I'd still say I'm a fan of Ascension, but I'd want to see them put on a couple of good matches before getting moved up to the main roster.

Jake Carter - So far, I haven't really got behind Carter. Similar feelings about him as Bo Dallas. At the moment I don't see mini Vader going too far unless he changes things up.

Kassius Ohno - Now I may be a bit biased over the ex-Chris Hero due to me being a huge fan of his from his ROH days, but I think Kassius Ohno has been a highlight of NXT so far. He's got it all: mic skills, in ring skills, character, and charisma. I've loved his feud with Steamboat, and his main event match up with him a few weeks ago has been one of the best matches on the new NXT so far in my opinion. Big thumbs up from me.

Leo Kruger - I wasn't a fan of Kruger at first during his South African Aristotle run, but since he's changed his gimmick up to the "Big Game Hunter" I've become a fan of his. His promos have been great with his demented hunter role, really creepy, and he's been solid in the ring. I'm really a fan of his now.

Richie Steamboat - This guys a really good babyface, he's just so easy to get behind. Couple that with above average ring skills and decent promo ability, and you're onto a winner. As I've said, I'm a big fan of his fued with Ohno, and it's made me a fan of him.

Rick Victor - We haven't really seen too much from Rick Victor yet, apart from his two week mini fued with Seth Rollins he hasn't made an appearance apart from to job on the first show to Dallas. I guess it's hardly suprising then that I'm still undecided about him. From what I've seen he's good on the mic, but his match against Rollins really wasn't that good, and when you consider that all of Rollins' other matches have been pretty good to great, that isn't a good sign. I'll withhold judgement though until I see a little more.

Seth Rollins - And finally the champion. Now again, I'm probably a little bias due to his ROH days, but I think Rollins has been a fantastic champion. He isn't the best on the mic, but he's decent, and in the ring he's put on some brilliant matches against the likes of Drew McIntyre (twice), Jinder Mahal, Michael McGillicutty (twice) and Heath Slater. I really think this guy is destined to be a future multiple time world champion.

So what do you think?

11-02-2012, 08:15 AM
Seth Rollins & Kassius Ohno should be on the main roster

I'm not yet impressed by the others in this list.

11-02-2012, 09:48 AM
I would add Xavier Woods to the possible call ups. Dude has a ton of charisma and is pretty damn solid in the ring. Although I could easily see him getting lost in the mix due to his small size.

11-02-2012, 09:50 AM
I would add Xavier Woods to the possible call ups. Dude has a ton of charisma and is pretty damn solid in the ring. Although I could easily see him getting lost in the mix due to his small size.

He's only had one match so far, so hasn't really been featured to the same level as the others yet. But I agree, he's very good. I used to really like Consequences Creed

11-02-2012, 09:52 AM
Bray Wyatt is my favorite in NXT, next to Ambrose.

Ohno is doing good and I want to see more of Big E.

I like Ascension, so they can probably go places - maybe in a stable with Wyatt, Luke Harper, and hopefully TAC

11-02-2012, 10:05 AM
Big E Langston - Good look and will eventually become the next monster in WWE.
Bo Dallas - I don't see him in WWE just yet.
Bray Wyatt- Absolutely fantastic character great in-ring as well.
Ascension - One organic team that came together themselves great gimmick.
Jake Carter - Is just not good enough right now.
Kassius Ohno - Is going to be sued for gimmick infringement by Ziggler cause he is stealing the show by a country mile right now.
(Yeah i was a big Chris Hero fan :D)
Leo Kruger - Loving the new gimmick.
Richie Steamboat - About as bland as you get.
Rick Victor - Loved his work as APOC in OVW get wrestler, promos were always a little meh.
Seth Rollins - Great wrestler, promos are so-so being overshadowed atm.

My pick was Kassius Ohno hes stealing the show with his OBE (One Behind the Ear ;))

11-03-2012, 04:55 PM
I'll give my take on these guys listed.

Big E Langston- Size and power like no other. Vince loves these types of guys. He can't cut a promo to save his life though. Needs a ton of work on that. Ring skills have come along since I started watching him a year and a half ago down here in FL.

Bo Dallas- Kid has a ton of talent and potential. He still lacks the mic skills and needs a little bit more charisma. John Cena is said to be high on him so we'll see if that helps him.

Bray Wyatt- One of the best gimmicks in NXT right now. Fantastic on the mic, in ring skills are pretty good and he's lost quite a bit of weight since returning. I would like to see him get called up next year with this gimmick.

The Ascension- These guys kick ass. Connor is a beast and Kenneth knows his way around the wrestling ring. One of my favorite gimmicks in NXT along with Bray's. These two will do nothing but help the tag team division. I wouldn't mind seeing them paired up with a valet like Paige. She already has the look to go along with them.

Jake Carter- Not happening. His wrestling skills are so-so but this guy is just simply boring to me.

Kassius Ohno- He's ready for the big time. Nothing more to say. Put him in there and feud him with Cessaro.

Leo Kruger- His current gimmick is better then his last gimmick. His mic skills are actually pretty good although it's hard to understand him at times because of the accent. Pretty good right skills as well. Still awhile away before being called up.

Richie Steamboat- His in ring skills are there, but the guy doesn't have that spunk/charisma to me. If he works on that then he'll be ready.

Rick Victor- Another one with great in ring skills but no charisma. I doubt he gets called up anytime soon.

Seth Rollins- Yes, Yes, Yes! This guy knows how to bring it night after night on the NXT scene. Fantastic in ring skills, great on the mic and does a great job of getting the crowd involved in his matches. I can't wait to see him on Raw/Smackdown.

11-03-2012, 10:06 PM
Rollins and Ohno by a country mile. Very similar styles, but both relishing their face and heel personas. The future of the WWE :D

Mr Punk
11-04-2012, 08:07 PM
Out of all them Ohno has impressed me greatly. I see him going in far in the WWE. Roman Reigns(Leakee?) debuted on NXT this week and I like him so far judging on his look and I think he is pretty good in the ring. I want to see more out of him and the finisher he did on CJ Parker looked sick. I don't know what to call it but it was a back suplex transition to some sort of rock-bottom/book-end.

11-10-2012, 09:54 PM
Paige and Audrey Marie are impressive, but once they will be on WWE Diva Roster they will be used as well....(We know)

Here are my thoughts on the listed 10:

Big E Langston - I see him being and taking Mark Henry's Spot.

Bo Dallas - I don't see anything in this guy to be honest but if Vince likes him what can I say??

Bray Wyatt - I like the new gimmick, and his style. Should be teamed up with Dean Ambrose if you ask me.

The Ascension - This is by far the No.1 Tag Team in my eyes that should be part of WWE right now, Hell even WWE Tag Team Champions after Hell No! thing ends.

Jake Carter - Haven't seen enough what he can do in but teaming with Corey Graves is great Tag Team work. Great Tag Team work. Singles needs to work on it.

Kassius Ohno - Impressive. Top 5 for sure.

Leo Kruger - Needs more work.

Richie Steamboat - He's good but I would like to see him as a heel and see how it would work.

Rick Victor - I dont like this guy for some odd reason he just throws me off some how.

Seth Rollins - He is NXT for a reason and he is one of two guys who should be on WWETV already either on RAW or SD. Seth & Dean!

11-15-2012, 08:37 AM
Here are my thoughts on the 10:

Big E Langston - next monster, good ring work for a big guy and the promo he did on NXT about the number 5 when he clapped weight lifting dust at vickie I thought was genius i was laughing all the way through it if they tweak his character to like a hulk smash type thing where he is a bit retarded but a beast i think he would get over big time

Bo Dallas - not impressed only there because of his name but he's only like 23 so time to improve

Bray Wyatt - just awesome promo's and good ring work big future imo

The Ascension - best tag team in wwe should be on the main roster fueding with hell no

Jake Carter - generic if they split him from graves i think he is done

Kassius Ohno - just greatness love the OBE finisher i think they should have him fued with barrett then the fued could finish in a cage ala shamrock owen hart lions den

Leo Kruger -hated him with his rich african gimmick, but i can't see this hunter gimmick getting over

Richie Steamboat - good babyface but lacking charisma

Rick Victor - so so ring work for me and not good on the mic

Seth Rollins - excellent ring work meh mic work would like to see a heel turn before him being sent up

and on a side note

cory graves - i think you should of had him on the list if you have carter, great look, ok promo, and i love the fuller leg lock finish

04-12-2013, 08:33 AM
Bray Wyatt is a character that is ready for the WWE so what are they waiting for! I think Paige would also be perfect shot in the arm to the non-existent Diva division and who is gonna say Ohno is not long ready to be called up?