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Tha Crows Nest
08-31-2010, 12:20 PM
As Posted on the Main Board.....

Creative plans as of Monday night was for WWE to unify all of its championships within the next year. There would be one World Championship, one Tag Team Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and one Women's title. It is said that a WWE/World Title Unification Match will take place at next year's WrestleMania.

So my question is who would you like to see in the main event at Wrestlemania to unify the WWE and the World heavyweight title. I personally think it would have to be a triple threat match with the WWE champ, The WHW Champ, and the Royal Rumble Winner. So who would you like to see in the match that could be the biggest main event since the brand split?

08-31-2010, 12:58 PM
World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs WWE Champion John Cena

Cena vs Taker at Mania has to happen anyway. Wether you like Cena or hate Cena, this match sparks a lot of interest. Its is a must-see. Especially at Mania with Takers streak on the line and especially in a WWE/World Championship Unification Match. Its really the only true dream match left to do.

Deadman vs Superman - WreslteMania. You might hate it, but I guaruntee you'd pay to see it.

Tha Crows Nest
08-31-2010, 01:36 PM
I wouldnt mind seeing that. My only issue is like I stated the Royal Rumble winner always gets his shot at Wrestlemania so it would almost have to be a Triple Threat Match. Maybe Cena vs. Orton vs. Taker. You almost have to assume Cena will be involved. I hope not because unless taker is in it then Cena will come out on top. Lol I know alot of people would hate this but what better heel move than to have Miz cash in MITB after the Unification match lol I would mark the fuck out.

08-31-2010, 01:50 PM
World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs WWE Champion John Cena

Cena vs Taker at Mania has to happen anyway. Wether you like Cena or hate Cena, this match sparks a lot of interest. Its is a must-see. Especially at Mania with Takers streak on the line and especially in a WWE/World Championship Unification Match. Its really the only true dream match left to do.

Deadman vs Superman - WreslteMania. You might hate it, but I guaruntee you'd pay to see it.

First of all, no, I wouldn't pay to see it, because WWE ppv's are outrageously expensive.

Second of all, I agree with you. I have no love for Cena or Taker, but if I were a booker, would I set that match up? You better believe I would. It would be one of the most hyped up matches in history and bring in a lot of money.

My concern, however, is that with only one World Championship, you'd be a few main events short of a Wrestlemania. It may be better to just have Cena vs. Taker as a normal match and have two other superstars face off for the title.

On that note, the question is who. RAW has Trips, Orton, Sheamus, Jericho, Edge and the Miz (I expect him to get the title before Wrestlemania). Smackdown has Kane, Big Show, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, and Jack Swagger.

With those options, I'd have to say I'd like to see Randy Orton vs. CM Punk. If Orton wins, the WWE can try to put him over as the new Stone Cold. If CM Punk wins, it would really solidify him as a main eventer, which is something it feels like WWE tries against.

Tommy Thunder
08-31-2010, 01:59 PM
Before this story broke, I predicted that Kane would return with the mask (after losing to taker at HITC, and using the mask to hide his shame or whatever) win the Rumble and challenge Taker at Mania (either: winning the title, ending the streak and then Taker retiring, or Taker winning, and Kane retiring). But obviously this won't happen if they push this idea.
I have to say, I think Taker will have the WH title at Mania this year, and I also think there is a good chance Cena will have the WWE title. And as stated it would have to be a triple threat if the Rumble winner is involved. Cena vs Taker at Mania has to happen, and let's face it, Taker hasn't got many Manias left in the tank! This year would be a perfect oppertunity to do it, especialy with the streak on the line and the unification!! But i feel that Taker vs Cena would have to be a 1 on 1 encounter, so I think WWE might give the Rumble winner some other prize this year (like, a title shot at a ppv of his choice).

08-31-2010, 02:27 PM
I think it will be a Triple Threat Match. WWE Champ vs. WHC Champ vs. Royal Rumble Winner. I do NOT think Taker or Cena will be involved in this match. I think if WWE wants to push towards its future this match would have to feature the stars of the future, guys who will be pushed to that moment. With that said, I believe Miz will cash in this MITB contract before Wrestlemania and go into the event as WWE Champion.

Now on the Smackdown side, I do not see the Undertaker in a Triple Threat match at WM. I think he is almost past title runs, though he may have one more in the conclusion of his feud with Kane. So the WHC could be Punk, Rey, Kofi, even Del Rio (unlikely though). I say Punk wins the WHC Championship.

Now it's all about the Royal Rumble. It'd be a perfect chance to push someone like Kofi Kingston to the Main Event. Or maybe they could go with Orton to be safe. As long as it's a face winning, it'll work.

So, since I'm from Atlanta and most likely going to the event. I'd love to see:

Miz(c) vs. Punk(c) vs. Kofi/Orton

08-31-2010, 02:57 PM
Cena vs Undertaker should happen at WM but should not be a title match. It should be the wwe champion the world champion and royal rumble winner in a triple threat match. Maybe a combo of Punk, Kofi, Miz, Christian, Orton, Edge or Jericho since he was the first undisputed champion but he probably won't be here by that time. There you go 2 main events right there.

08-31-2010, 03:27 PM
The day the Miz main events Wrestlemania is the day I stop watching WWE Swear to god

08-31-2010, 03:39 PM
I must admit, I'm in two minds about this. Initially I was against it outright - things are thin enough on the ground for mid to lower carders as it is. But then I had a rethink. I posted up here the other day that I thought the Divas and Womens belts should be unified and have floating talent across brands. Since Tag Teams are few and far between in WWE, it makes sense to only have one title there.

So I figured, even though the unification news surprised me, why not? It would place more emphasis on the titles they do have left without the pool getting "contender muddy", to the point that you don't know who's in line for what. If done correctly, you don't even necessarily need a guy thats being pushed to win a belt if you can create a situation where the champ constantly screwed them with countouts and dq's. They did it in NWA for years with Flair, keeping him at the top while keeping their top contenders over this way, while having him occasionally drop the belt every now and then, sometimes inexplicably like with Ronnie Garvin (although I think that was to placate him to stay with the company).

IMO, if Undertaker is involved in the Wrestlemania unification bout, he will win it as I don't believe they will ever end the streak. But I don't see him being there with the belt - I think it's much more likely his feud with Kane will culminate there without belts involved. More likely candidates are Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Miz, Barrett, Mysterio, Big Show, McIntyre, Morrison and Swagger. In fact, now that MITB is probably off the WMania agenda, could we see a repeat of Wrestlemania 4 with a tournament? That would be interesting - lots of matches interspersed with defenses of already unified belts - Womens/IC/Tags and then have maybe a Kane vs Undertaker buried alive co-main event? Yes, I'd book that.

My overall feeling is they will probably go with either Barrett, McIntyre but most likely Miz - with Miz cashing in his briefcase BEFORE Wrestlemania to win it outright again AT Wrestlemania.

08-31-2010, 04:59 PM
Edge wins the rumble and have Edge v Taker v Cena. Thats THE biggest star power wwe could manage for a main event (baring in mind Orton wouldnt really work, you need a heel).

Also on a very unrelated note idea for the biggest heat in the history of wrestling: Bound for Glory: Angle vs AJ standing in for Pope (who instead fights Anderson who turned heel and cost him his spot in the main event). Angle and AJ go for an hour in a wrestling clinic for the ages...Angle wins...then Micheal Cole comes down, pins him clean and goes on a Bruno Samartino like run with the TNA world title

08-31-2010, 05:08 PM
Are you on something mwinfie?

08-31-2010, 05:21 PM
having all the titles unified sounds like a horror able idea, not unless they are gonna do another brand split like when smackdown came, that was the only reason for making an undisputed title. but if they do combine all the titles what about other stars who desrve title runs, and how is there gonna b a champion for each brand, and there cant be one champ for both because he didnt beat everyone on both rosters. and if they do go through with this they should bring back more titles; i.e. a television and/or cruiser weight title. this would mostly hold most deserving wrestles a less chance at getting a title shot.

but if they did do a unification match, idk who should be in it , but the winner of the royal rumble should get a shot for the title after the match. just like y2j at Vengence 2001

Im Just Sayin!!!