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09-13-2012, 12:00 PM
In the weeks coming up to and on Wrestlemania it feels like a completely different feeling is in the air. And that feeling is a very "festive" one. And even going into other WWE ppv you can feel a different vibe or feeling, even if the ppv isn't going to be a big ppv. But when ever it is time for Bound for Glory I don't get that feeling that makes me want to watch it, like with Wrestlemania I make sure I set time aside to watch it on the day of the event. And before people say it is because I don't like TNA I actually do like it.
But Bound for Glory is TNA's Wrestlemania and I know it is bad to compare TNA to WWE but they should make it feel more like it is the PREMIERE ppv. Also I think that another problem with TNA's Bound For Glory is that there venue for there biggest ppv equals that of a Smackdown show on a bad night and in my mind venue and attendance adds or takes away from the watching experience. And there smaller ppv's are held in the same venue as a normal TNA show which is small so it really just takes away from the ppv. Even with the conclusion of the 3 month Bound for Glory Series that still did not make me really want to watch the ppv more, the only thing that makes me want to see BFG is Aces & Eights(if they are going to be there) and if that is all I want to see I'm just going to wait until the following day to watch it.
But basically what I'm asking is am I the only one that feels that Bound for Glory TNA's biggest PPV does not even feel like a big ppv at all, or is it just me?

Lets talk about that.

09-13-2012, 12:20 PM
they are a very small company that mostly stays in one arena. Did you expect it to have a huge event just like wrestlemania? While it IS the big PPV of the year, I think the fact that wwe's wrestlemania is overhyped, in a massive arena, has singers etc makes a huge difference. Take that away and what is it? a normal ppv. I think it is just because tna is a very small company compared to wwe and you can't expect the same big event from them. As for storylines I hope they have good enough buildup in the next month and then we shall see.

Darkside Ron Garvin
09-13-2012, 12:48 PM
Most fans I have spoke with actually say the opposite. This PPV feels more special that the past several years because it is in Pheonix (if you consider it to be a small town, B show worth venue, that is fine. However, people said the same thing about Dallas for Slammi X and look how that turned out) and not anywhere near Florida/East Coast. Second, the BFG series has been excellent this year which adds to the PPV as a whole. Even if you don't like Hardy, the series has made the Aries/Hardy build before ever knowing Hardy was winning. Third, the potential of making key players of A&8s known to the public has a buzz going that involves the PPV. Fourth, the fact that we have had such solid wrestling on a week to week basis means that we can expect everyone to bring their tops to the "Wrestlemania of TNA" (man I hate that comparison). Fifth, the Storm/Roode angle gets it's conclusion (minus the belt) at the PPV and though it has lost a lot of steam, the way Roode cost Storm the belt definately got a LOT of fans attention (most people expected either Storm to win or Roode to interfere in the finals... Not for Storm to lose in the Semi's and let Bully advance).

The hooplah isn't going to be there for BFG like Wrestlemania. It never has, nor will it ever. It's more like the "Starrcade of TNA" in which there will be lots of solid wrestling, conclusions to angles, and the begining of angles. It's not about press coverage, how many stars from old you bring back, or how many times you can get on TV/trend on Twitter about the event. But people commonly compare the two, regardless that they are nothing alike, simply because they only know of WWE and TNA these days.

09-14-2012, 12:01 PM
Well it is the biggest PPV of the year for TNA so die hard fans will say that there is a lot of excitement about it. Being from Ireland i wouldn't know so I only go by what i see on the main page!!

Going from that it seems very quite possibly overshadowed by Jerry Lawler's health.

09-14-2012, 12:34 PM
Yes, Bound For Glory Is The BIGGEST PPV of the year for TNA. and YES I DO GET THAT BIG anticipated feeling of the ppv and especially when the ppv draws near. its what all of tna's ppv of the year build up to...and that is to BOUND FOR GLORY. I agree with the other poster, that wrestlemania is very well over hyped and obviously a bigger company (WWE) produces it. but TNA (the 2nd biggest wrestling company IN THE WORLD) is doing pretty ok for themeselves on building thier company BIGGEST STAGE, and it is a good feeling, especially the last 2 weeks leading up to BFG!...AWESOME STUFF!

09-14-2012, 04:11 PM
Being from the UK we don't get the shows or PPV live, so that removes the "festive" feeling. However if they keep Impact live up until the PPV it may help with the viewers on home soil.

These days though the only 2 or so PPVs I look forward to are the Rumble, Mania and MITB, and that last MITB sucked lol

09-15-2012, 10:31 AM
For me in India there will not be a festive season for any wrestling promotion n since, TNA got lil to no fans in India...we cannot feel it here...

But, personally, I'm waiting for the PPV....there r so many things which are exciting to me...Aces n 8s, Hardy vs Aeries, Storm vs Roode...n Zema Ion is a very exciting X-Div Champion...

09-15-2012, 03:44 PM
If you would have told me this a few years ago, I would have agreed but now, I disagree. They have built Bound For Glory very well and it's held in small arenas, it's still something special to watch and be apart of as a viewer of TNA. I wish I could have went to last year's Bound For Glory just to see Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle and Hogan vs Sting go at it one last time.

09-15-2012, 05:37 PM
I can understand why you're comparing the Bound for Glory hype to the Wrestlemania hype, given that they are the two promotions top shows. But is it really justified? As you're well aware, WWE have been the top dog for years upon years upon years!! Wrestlemania has been their top show for almost three decades! They've had plenty of practice. And money :rolleyes: Whereas TNA have only been a promotion for 10 years. And as such are still learning their craft in comparison to the WWE. I'd say they're doing it pretty well though. The Bound For Glory series is an excellent addition to build up hype for the show. Story angles and feuds will also (i'd assume) be coming to head at the show, to make it more memorable. As well as the promos during Impact broadcasts with the roster reminiscing past Bound For Glory memories.

Just because you feel the WWE do it better, don't discredit TNA for trying. Cos' they are trying their damndest!! :)

09-17-2012, 08:40 AM
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09-18-2012, 09:41 PM
Too early if you ask me. When they begin adding matches to the event. You start to get pumped for it. I'v gotten pumped for a BFG ppv like who's going to win and who is facing who. Example: Joe vs Sting young gun wanting take the spotlight away from the vets while vet wants more respect than that. You have also on the card Angle vs Jarrett 1 when they never battled before. I don't see him as main event talent, but the shots he took at Angle during his promos made you want to see who won that match.

I was wanting a bigger main event. Hardy vs Aries wasn't the main event I wanted. I didn't want Storm vs Aries either because he had like 4 or so shots for the title this year. I was wanting Angle, Joe, or even AJ Styles vs Aries. I can see why they chose Hardy because the merch sales top guy and most popular right now drawing. Jeff to me, I still look at him as a WWE guy. The other guys I mentioned provide more meaning to TNA in my opinion. At least, in my heart. LOL! AJ and Joe dominated the X-Division while Aries brought it back to the top just recently. That along with AJ being the original TNA guy. Joe wanting to get back to the top after being dumped to the midcard 3 years ago. Angle is still the top guy in the company in my eyes. He put TNA to the next level. Be nice to give Aries a rub on the biggest ppv of the year. Beating 1 of those 3 particularly AJ or Angle would make him the man!! Jeff just been riding the midcard w/exception of losing matches to Roode. Last meaningful fued he had that intrigued me was vs Jarrett which I was glad it ended. Jeff losing doesn't say to me he is the man. If Aries loses, I'll be very upset. Not intrigued by another Storm/Roode match either. Card hasn't been solid the past 2-3 years. However, I believe the best moment in the history of the ppv happened in 2009 when AJ retired Sting. Wish he would have stayed retired because he isn't providing much at all to TNA. Isn' wrestling like Hogan. Just hogging up air time. Since he came back, I havnt been interested in Sting. The more he stays around, the more I think he is hurting his legacy. Sting was my favorite wrestler when I watched WCW. No WCW moment topped him beating Hogan at Starrcade. Time to hang up the boots unless he provides a match w/Taker....I could really care less about seeing him on TNA.

Darkside Ron Garvin
09-18-2012, 10:10 PM
I was wanting a bigger main event. Hardy vs Aries wasn't the main event I wanted...

Jeff losing doesn't say to me he is the man. If Aries loses, I'll be very upset. Not intrigued by another Storm/Roode match either. Card hasn't been solid the past 2-3 years.

Okay, I see what you're saying with Hardy vs Aries, but the thing that I do like about this is that Hardy hasn't really been given WHC shots. He has been hanging in the midcard and doing what Hardy does best. The reason I wasn't upset with Hardy winning is that it was his only way to get back to another shot. The doghouse that he was in (rightfully so) was dug so deep that the most popular guy on the roster wasn't in the Main Event scene since his return. He put in the hard work, time, and dedication to not fucking up. This alone helps to build a storyline, but I am wondering how they will tie it in with Aries. Aries didn't have a thing to do with this, so basically if we go off this story alone there are 2 results possible.

(1) Jeff loses and turns heel after all the hard work he put in didn't get him anywhere. Similar to Bobby Roode's turn, but it would be a more out assault on the roster (A&8's does need a big name to head up the group after all) rather than just taking the belt and holding it by any means necessary.

(2) Jeff wins after the storied comeback from fuck up to top dog. Fans love him and have stuck by him no matter what problems he has faced in life. It might not be the most popular for the IWC, but Jeff would bring in more casual fans who love him on his name alone. Plus, with his contract coming up for negotiations soon, what better way to keep him happy than to give him the belt. Would I want this; no... But from a TNA business stand, it makes sense to do it.

Since he came back, I havnt been interested in Sting. The more he stays around, the more I think he is hurting his legacy. Sting was my favorite wrestler when I watched WCW. No WCW moment topped him beating Hogan at Starrcade. Time to hang up the boots unless he provides a match w/Taker....I could really care less about seeing him on TNA.

First, I don't see Sting as hogging the spotlight. When he was GM, he was on camera a lot but I was never annoyed with him. Sting has that ability to keep my attention and fits the GM role perfectly because he gives a credible sense to the role, while still playing his character. Hogan became better after his return, but he still is involved in far too many segments of the show, whereas Sting was only involved in the major angle, or if someone was back stage and approached him.

To your point of Stings greatest match, yes Starrcade will probably be the highlight of his career. However, HBK had his highlight years ago but would you prefer to never see him again? The Rock will never out do the highlighted matches he has had, but do you not want to see him back from time to time? Austin will never have a more memorable angle than what he's known for, but would you not mark out to see him as GM? My point is this; these guys are past their prime for sure, but they still serve purpose on the shows. I hope that one day, when AJ chooses to retire, that he fills in that GM position. I think Sting still brings a sense of entertainment with his Joker character and he is one of those people that can cue the crowd to give a reaction when needed. As for the Taker/Sting match... In all honesty, I hope it never happens. 20-0 is perfect for UT to bow out on and Sting would ruin the legacy he has by appearing on a live WWE program. He is infamous in the wrestling world for having become a wrestling star without the backing of WWE and to do it at this stage in his career makes no sense. I'd rather Sting go into the WWE HOF for having never been in WWE, rather than for a one-off that happened a decade after when it should have taken place. My opinion of course.