View Full Version : switching No Surrender 2012 matches around

Charlie Austin
09-10-2012, 10:28 AM
The first 2 matches were a good idea to start out with. The matches were exciting and versatile. That is a good way to open the show.

the austin aries being the 4th match was a great choice too (technically does not count as a match no ref :p)

The TNA tag team match slot 6 I wouldnt change. AJ needs to be atleast before the main event.

Keeping the bound for glory finals as the main event I agree with
( the changes)

The third match I would of scheduled the magnus RVD match. It was a lesser match but not that bad.

Then I would of had the knockouts match. This match was a good match. You saw a lot of counters. Tara and Brooke actually wrestled and made this championship match enjoyable. Liked this match a lot. Because it was such a good match I would of bumped it up to 5th slot.