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~The Heel Turn~

John Cena, the face of the WWE and the most poloarising WWE Superstar in history has always been about captivating the odds, doing what's right and last but not least, HLR as in Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. He is a multiple time WWE Champion and hast main-evented countless Wrestlemanias. Fans hate him but others can't get enough of him. But at Wrestlemania 29, John Cena did the unthinkable....

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-WsGxbwDZQD8/T20CwjM9ZQI/AAAAAAAAEbM/6XQAA5cAzJM/s1600/John%252BCena%252Bvs%252BThe%252BRock%252BWrestlem ania%252B29%252BXXIX.png
After defeating CM Punk for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, The Rock would go on to defend his WWE title against John Cena who won an Elimination Chamber #1 contenders match to compete for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 29. At Wrestlemania 29, the whole world was buzzing about who will win between the two yet again. This time, it was for the most prestigious title in the wrestling industry today, the WWE title. The Rock and John Cena beat the tar out of each other, both not showing any ounce of quit in them but once John Cena locked in the STF, The Rock had no choice but to tap out. After the match was finished, John Cena would celebrate with the WWE title after finally defeating The Rock. A beaten down Rock went over to shake Cena's hand after an epic battle but John Cena shockingly gives The Rock an Attitude Ajustment. John Cena then gives The Rock another STF as the WWE staff and referees try to get Cena off of The Rock. The fans were truly beyond disbelief.

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSTT_RWpZE03dVMT5Ckd_bUEy_cLIvwg _vFdAi6XnTEjKGQpuRr&t=1
John Cena has spent 7 years trying to Rise Above Hate but it looks like he has finally embraced the hate. What will transpire on Raw?

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~On Raw, it's the end of the show and The Rock makes his way to the ring to make an announcement~


Jerry Lawler: It's The Rock! Like good ol JR used to say, business is about to pick up right now!

William Regal: You have wonder what's going through the mind of The Rock right now. He not only lost the WWE Championship to John Cena but was ripped apart by John Cena after a dog's bollocks match. The Rock was simply humiliated at the grandest stage of them all.

Jerry Lawler: Well we'll see what he has to say about it right now!

~The Rock grabs a mic and speaks~

Rock: Finally! The Rock has come back to New Jersey!!! ~Crowd cheers~ Last night, was one of the best nights in The Rock's career. The Rock once again headlined Wrestlemania 29 in the Metlife stadium with the WWE Championship around The People's waist. The Rock went into Wrestlemania wanting to give no doubt, one of the best performances in his career in front of the millions ~crowd says "And millions!"~ and he did not disappoint. The Rock has never been lazy in the ring unlike some roody poo ~Crowd laughs~ and you can always expect The Rock to give 100% in his matches! ~Crowd cheers~ Speaking of a roody poo, that brings The Rock to a man with bright-colored rainbow shirts who goes by the name of John Cena! ~Crowd boos~ Earlier before the show, people were asking The Rock how will The Rock react to John Cena's post-match attack. Well right here tonight, The Rock is going to call John Cena out here right now and check him directly into the Smackdown hotel! ~Crowd cheers~ The Rock guaran-damn-tees that he will whip John Cena's monkey ass all over this arena! So John Cena, get your candy ass out here!

~As The Rock waits for John Cena, suddendly, John Cena pops on the titantron where is at a parking lot~

Cena: Hey movie star, look up here! ~Crowd massively boos~ I think it's pretty funny how you are calling me out knowing what I did to you at Wrestlemania last night. I made you tap out in our match at Wrestlemania and took back what's rightfully mine which was the WWE Championship! Someone like you who only returns part-time shouldn't even touch any title in the WWE let alone be in the WWE. You see, I thought about confronting you and telling you exactly why I ripped you apart after our Wrestlemania match but quite frankly, I have other things to do like having a flight to catch. I have a party to tend to with the WWE Championship right around my shoulders. So Rock, I'll see you for a very long time because I'm sure you'll will leave yet again for a crappy movie only to return via satellite. Take care of yourself, Dwayne!

~The Crowd boos as The Rock speaks~

Rock: So, it looks like John Cena doesn't have the balls to face The Rock like a man. Well it looks like The Rock is just gonna have to track Cena's ass down! ~Crowd cheers~

~The Rock gets out of the ring and heads to the parking lot. He looks everywhere for Cena but doesn't find him~

Rock: Get out here right now Cena, you punk bitch!

~John Cena hits The Rock with a steel chain from out of nowhere. He then gives The Rock an Attitude Ajustment on top of a car. John Cena runs to his car and drives off~

09-02-2012, 04:16 PM
~It's another episode of Raw live in Detroit and it's the last segment where John Cena's theme hits as the crowd gives him massive boos. He has on his green Rise Above Hate gear and has a smile on his face with the WWE title wrapped around his shoulders~


Jerry Lawler: It looks like the WWE Champion John Cena is going to explain why he attacked The Rock after their match at Wrestlemania 29 along with his parking lot attack on The Rock.

William Regal: Hopefully, because what he did to The Rock when he gave him an Attitude Ajustment on top of a car really showed his true colors.

~John Cena grabs a mic and speaks~

Cena: Hello Detroit! What a beautiful place this state is despite it having a disgusting crime rate! ~Crowd massively boos~ You gotta love the enegry tonight! Man, with all of the talk ask to why I I attacked The Rock not once but twice, I thought I finally give you guys the answers that you all have been waiting for. You see, The Rock returns to the WWE after 7 years of being away, runs his mouth about me, costs me the WWE title at Wrestlemania 27, challenges me to a match at Wrestlemania 28, gives us these lackluster promos via satellite, beats me at Wrestlemania 28 by fluke, then he gets a WWE title match? I really don't understand how he can just walk into our business and get a WWE title shot without earning it. Is that what the WWE is about? Are we simply going to cater the movie star who turned his back on us to persue a career in Hollywood? If that's the case, than I don't want to be apart of this company. ~Crowd cheers~ What made me even more irate is the fact that he won the WWE Championship and headlined Wrestlemania 29 as the WWE Champion. Him holding the WWE title was painful to see and I'm sure the rest of the WWE Superstars in the back will agree with me. Luckily I was able to capture the WWE title before it turned into a part-time title for The Rock. Me attacking The Rock after our Wrestlemania match was a way of venting my frustration. Besides, last week when I gave The Rock an AA on top of a car, he asked for it when he tried to get physical with me. You fans are even more of a reason as to why I attacked The Rock. You fans cheer The Rock as if hes god's gift to the world but hes simply just a cocky, egotistical Hollywood star. ~Crowd chants Rocky~I bet you fans would rather see me leave but you all want The Rock to come back and promise you that he is never going to leave the WWE only to once again leave. You know what, I'm done. I'm done trying to cater to you guys. I'm done trying to bite my tongue because I have to represent this image of being a role model to kids. I'm going to say whatever the hell I want and I dare WWE to do something about it because if I walk out of this company, it will be the worst mistake this company has ever made. Vince Mcmahon knows this as well. I'm not going to leave the WWE because I'm the WWE Champion and will represent this company the right way but if WWE pushes me, I'll do it. Hulk Hogan has done it, Brock Lesnar has done it, and The Rock himself has done it and I'll do it as well if the WWE doesn't treat me rightfully as the face of the WWE.

~Crowd boos as John Cena continues to speaks~

Cena: You know what else? I'm sick and tired of wearing these bright colored shirts! ~Rips off shirt~ These shirts represents nothing but what the WWE "wants" me to be but from now on, I'm going to be wearing what I want to wear. You are going to be seeing a new John Cena from now on. Not this kiddy image but the REAL John Cena! A John Cena that is ruthless and will do anything to keep his WWE Championship!

~The crowd chants "Cena sucks" and Cena continues to speak~

Cena: Now speaking of my WWE Championship, I'm gonna...

~WWE Raw GM Michael Cole interrupts John Cena and speaks~

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please ~Crowd boos~, I have to make an announcement. Now John Cena, I have been told by The Rock himself that next week, he will be on Raw live to confront you and has said to make a major announcement. What that announcement is, I don't know but he informed me to tell you that you better be all business next week on Raw.

~Michael Cole leaves as John Cena speaks~

Cena: Well, well, well, would you look at that. The Rock is actually going to appear live on Raw. Well Rock, you don't have to worry about me being all business next week, because I'm all business 24/7. I just hope that you behave well and don't cross a line or else you'll get another ass-kicking from me!

~John Cena storms out of the ring with the WWE title as the show ends~

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I am LOVING this Dubs!

Can't wait to see what's next!

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I am LOVING this Dubs!

Can't wait to see what's next!
Thanks bro! :D

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~At the start of Monday Night Raw in Kansas City, Michael Cole makes his way to the ring to make an announcement~


Jerry Lawler: Whelp folks, Mr. Buzz Killington Michael Cole kicks off the start of the show.

William Regal. Michael Cole may be Mr. Buzz Killington and a rubbish Draft Cow but he has been making great decisions as of late but who knows what we can expect from him right now?

Jerry Lawler: We'll have to just watch and see.

~Michael Cole with a microphone in his hands speaks~

Cole: Good even ladies and gentlemen! ~Crowd boos~ As the GM of Raw, it's my duty to run the WWE's flagship show the right way and as unbiased as possible. That's why I told John Cena and The Rock that both men will have the opportunity to adress one another but if they physically confront one another, then there will be some serious repercussions. They will settle their differences in a clean way. Both men will be arriving any time now and we will finally put an end to this Rock and Cena feud. As for tonight, expect a jamm-packed action between CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler! Thank you for your time guys!

~Later on during the show, we see The Rock pull up in the parking lot. Josh Matthews tries to interview him~

Josh Matthews: Rock, I know the last thing you want right now is to be interviewed but I have to ask, what do you have in store for John Cena after he attacked you not once but twice?

Rock: Matthews, The Rock will indeed have something in store for John Cena. You along with the rest of the Millions ~Crowd says "And Millions!"~ will have to wait and see.

~At the end of the show, we don't hear any word in regards to John Cena arriving to the arena but suddenly, The Rock's music hits~


Jerry Lawler: Oh man! This is gonna get VERY interesting folks!

~The Rock grabs a microphone and speaks~

Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to Kansas City!!! ~Crowd pops~ And in Kansas City, you all are going to witness The Rock verbally make John Cena his bitch! ~Crowd cheers~ Speaking of that roody poo, where in the blue hell is he? The Rock knows John Cena is scared to face The Rock like a man but this is an all-time low even for him. The Rock specifically told that goofball to meet The Rock inside this ring to listen to The Rock's announcement. John Cena is trying to get inside The Rock's head. Well The Rock is damn near sick of it! If John Cena won't show up, well it looks like The Rock will make the announcement whether his ass is here or not! ~Crowd cheers~ My announcement was, since The Rock still has his rematch clause for the WWE Title, The Rock will compete at Extreme Rules against John Cena for the WWE Championship once again! ~Crowd massively cheers~ The Rock has beaten John Cena at Wrestlemania 28, John Cena has beaten The Rock at Wrestlemania 29, so this means that at Extreme Rules, everthing ends! If The Rock wins, he will forever be the People's Champion but if John Cena wins, The Rock will not face John Cena again. In fact, Extreme Rules might even be The Rock's last match in the WWE. The Rock is willing to put his body on the line in front of everyone who has been with The Rock think and through! Whether The Rock loses or wins, you guys will always been a big part of The Rock's success! ~Crowd cheers~ The Rock is ready to get payback after what Cena has done to The Rock. He attacked The Rock at Wrestlemania 29 after our match but last Monday, he hit The Rock with his steel chain and gave The Rock an Attitude Ajustment on top of a car! The Rock's body is in brutual pain right now but The Rock will not stop until he get revenge! The Rock is getting goosebumps just thinking of what stipulation The Rock will layeth the Smacketh down on John Cena's candy ass! It will be.....

~As soon as The Rock tries to coninue speaking, the lights go out and the arena is now pitch black. John Cena's music suddenly hits~


~John Cena, who is wearing a suit that looks like this:
~appears behind The Rock and hits The Rock with a steel chain wrapped around his fist. John Cena hits The Rock again with the steel chain which busts The Rock wide open. John Cena drops the steel chain and leaves the ring, laughing at what he had just done. The medical staff runs straight to the ring to help The Rock as John Cena heads to the parking lot to leave the arena~

William Regal: What a bloody fool John Cena is. Attacking The Rock yet again but this time, busting him wide open badly.

Jerry Lawler: I agree Regal. The blood dripping over The Rock's face is hard to watch.

~As John Cena heads to the parking lot, Michael Cole stops by and speaks!

Cole: Cena, you have crossed the line this time!! What you did just now will not go as unpunished! Cena, I will punish you by...

Cena: Punish me by doing what? Suspending me? Stripping me of the WWE Championship? You do that and you lose your big match between me and the Rock at Extreme Rules. Plus, that's going to piss off every single one of these fans who want to see me beat The Rock's ass at Extreme Rules once again. So go ahead chief. Punish the face of the WWE and see what the outcome will be.

Cole: Alright Cena, I won't punish you but that's only because I don't want to risk losing The Rock vs John Cena III at Extreme Rules. I swear, you better hope you retain your WWE Title at Extreme Rules because if you don't, you'll be suspended.

Cena: You will not be suspending me anytime soon, because I will beat The Rock at Extreme Rules and I'll continue to be the face of the WWE. You're wasting my time. I have a club to host.

~John Cena gets inside his limo and leaves while Michael Cole looks irate to end the show~