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Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 06:32 AM

EWNCW PPV's (from August 2012) can be viewed here

Next PPV:


Updated Card:

EWNCW Championship
Fatal Fourway
Mike Hawk(c) vs Mr Smyth vs Grind Bastard vs Arthur Lansdale

EWNCW Title Shot On the Line
DJ Williams vs KJ Punk

International Championship
Handicap Match
Ano Doom & Andy Cannon vs AJ Dixon(c)

EWNCW Tag Team Championships
Triple Threat Tag Team Match
The Zodiac Brothers(c) vs Wrecking Crew vs Touch of Class

Rage Ignition Championship match
Daymian Bloodstone vs Darren Bull

Inferno Ignition Championship
Triple Threat Elimination Match
Kyojin vs Matthew Black vs ????

Last PPV and results (winners bolded and underlined):



World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ronaldo Romulus (C) vs William Carlin

EWNCW Championship Match
Tommy Thunder (C) vs Mike Hawk

#1 Contenders Match for the EWNCW Championship
Arthur Lansdale vs Mr Smyth

Evolution Championship Match
The Beard of Zeus (C) vs Shaz vs Ryan Wells

International Championship Match
Luke Jameson (C) vs AJ Dixon

Tag Team Gauntlet Match for the EWNCW Tag Team Championships
Hot Wasabi (C) vs The New Assault Program vs The Sexiest Alpha Males vs The Wrecking Crew vs The Zodiac Brothers vs The Sons of Holy Divinity

World Tag Team Championships Match
Mixed Emotions (C) vs J-Jammin

2013 Undisputed Ignition Champion Match
Van Hooligan X vs KJ Punk vs DJ Williams

#1 Contenders Ladder Match for the Rage Ignition Championship
Darren Bull vs Reiko (with Ric Flair)

#1 Contenders Ladder Match for the Rage Ignition Championship
Daymian Bloodstone v The Blue Flash

Hardcore Match
Malcolm Cage vs Matt Elder

Last Man Standing Match
Orion Slayde vs Abel

Grudge match
Ano Doom (with Sasha Panzer) vs Andy Cannon

Singles match
Seraphim vs Mark Dimension

Open Challenge
Eddie Juarez vs Van Darius


PPV Calender:

In Violence we Trust - (Hardcore ppv)
Glory to the Brave
Threat of the Net - (Cyber Sunday-esque fan voting ppv)
Pain for Treasure
Rise from the Ashes
No Guts, No Glory - (Finale to the War Games series)
Raging Inferno - (Rage vs Inferno ppv)
Bred for Combat
Day of Reckoning - (Features two King of the Cage matches)
Destiny’s Calling

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 05:41 PM

Bob Daniels: Hello everyone and welcome to EWNCW's latest ppv event; Rise from the Ashes!! Tonight, we're going to see some incredible matches taking place that will leave you in awe, no doubt!! Chicago, Illinois is our host town tonight, and we thank them for the excellent reception that we've received from them!!
Alongside me tonight are my Inferno colleague Pierce Kingmaker, and making his return to the commentary table after injury; EWNCW legend Bodom from Rage!! Good evening guys, and tell me, what matches are you looking forward to most tonight?

Pierce Kingmaker: Well I have to say that I can't wait to see who goes home with the International Championship tonight. King Strem is amassing a very solid reign with the title, but he's going to be pushed hard by Billy McCoy tonight as he bids to become the first ever 2 time champion in EWNCW history!!

Bodom: Well I can't wait for the World Heavyweight Championship match between K-Jammin and The Beard of Zeus. That asshole K-Jammin took me out on Rage the other week, and I had a word with TBOZ earlier asking him to really stick it to him tonight. I had to take a week off because of that while that idiot Dick Thompson killed the art of commentating out here!! An absolute farce!!

Daniels: I for one guys am really looking forward to the Gates of Hell match for the Blacklist Championships between The Shadows of Madness and the Jesting Madness!! That match is going to be brutal!! Both teams have been locked inside coffins for 24 hours, starved of anything apart from oxygen!! The cage that encloses the ring for the match, well, it's hard to put into words really, I'll leave it until later for the experts, our colleagues from Brutality who are out here with us to explain!! But that match is going to be something else no doubt!!
I should also thank Alter Bridge for the theme for this ppv; Rise Today!! But now, let's get the show on the road!!


JMcM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Rage Ignition Championship, introducing first from Brixton, London, The reigning and defending champion, “The Rapid King” SHAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniels: And we're starting things off here with some Ignition action from Rage!!

Bod: Here he comes, the outspoken, self proclaimed best in the world and the reigning and defending Rage Ignition Champion “The Rapid King” Shaz.

Daniels: Shaz is arguably one of the greatest Ignition Champions of all time, certainly the most dominant Ignition Champion you’ve had on Rage having held that title for a long time now. I believe he's the longest reigning champion in EWNCW right now.

Bod: Indeed, he’s running the division thin, there are very few whom he is yet to beat.

PK: Well he’s got The Blue Flash on deck here tonight, let’s not forget Hanz Gruber could have been involved also but for Shaz causing a No Contest finish on the last edition of Rage.


JMcM: And his opponent, from The Justice League, this is THE BLUE FLASH!!!!!!

Daniels: The Blue Flash, a fan favourite, he has had some serious momentum in the build up to this PPV.

Bod: Well it all started when he came through a 10 man gauntlet match to earn the No.1 Contenders spot, he also holds recent victories over, Hanz Gruber, TJ Rage and in Tag Team action, his opponent for this evening Shaz.

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qau6JU_wOgI&feature=fvwrel)#John Cleverly (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qau6JU_wOgI&feature=fvwrel)#

JC: Ladies and Gentleman, I have announcement to make regarding this past week on Rage, Shaz your actions were unfair and unjust and hence I look to enforce sufficient repercussions, causing a no contest completely robbed Hanz Gruber of an opportunity at your title, therefore I’d like you to all welcome Hanz Gruber...

#Hanz Gruber (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VATb8PwzbDk)#

*Gruber comes onto the stage in a referee shirt!*
JC: No he’s not going to compete, he is going to be the special guest referee, just to keep an eye on you Shaz best of luck gentleman...

*Gruber charges down the ramp, and gets into the ring, both men are slightly shocked, but as Hanz takes the title from Shaz and displays it, we are good to go*
Kingmaker: Well a late addition of Hanz Gruber not as a competitor as you might of expected, but as an official to make sure there are no shenanigans here tonight.

Daniels: Well rest assured folks any bonds, or wish to work together between Shaz and Gruber was completely desolved when the two got pretty heated on Rage.

Bod: Let’s just hope Shaz can keep his focus.

Shaz/The Rock vs The Blue Flash/Hurricane
w/ Hanz Gruber as the Special guest referee.

stop at 8:40

*Flash whips Shaz across the ring and on his way back hits him with a spinning wheel kick, Flash rolls into the cover, Gruber counts*



Daniels: Gruber can only count to 2 because Shaz kicks out!

*The Blue Flash pulls Shaz back to his feet and hits a dropkick, laying Shaz down in the middle of the ring, Flash springs of the second rope with the Lionsault*

Kingmaker: and now he goes for the cover.




*Shaz kicks out, The Blue Flash can’t believe it, but as the crowd cheers him on, he summoned the energy to go for the kill, Flash holds Shaz in a Belly to Back suplex position, Shaz pulls Gruber close by his referee shirt and with him distracted flicks the foot up for the low blow on Flash, Shaz then quickly hits the stunner on Flash!!*

Kingmaker: A smart, smart move.

Bod: Taking some shortcuts their Shaz but you can’t blame Gruber for being distracted.

*Shaz and Gruber stare each other down, they exchange words and Gruber can be seen saying “Don’t you put your hands on me!” Shaz turns around lifts Flash up and hits a Death Valley Driver!*

BD: Shaz goes for the cover.

Bod: count him Gruber!




PK: The count was good from Gruber, but The Blue Flash kicks out.

*Shaz hits taunts Flash telling him to get back to his feet, but as soon as he makes an effort, the champion knocks him down with a stern right hand. Shaz then places Flash in powerbomb position takes him up, but Flash fights back with shots the head, then Flash counters into a hurricanrana taking Shaz over the top rope and down to the floor*

PK: Hear the thud of the champion’s body on the mat!

BD: Sure did sound brutal, but hang on, watch The Flash!

*The Blue Flash hits the opposite ropes and sprints across the ring and hits a suicide dive through the bottom rope taking both himself and Shaz out.*
BD: Both men are down, and it looks like Gruber is going to start the count.

PK: Now they have till the count of ten to return to the ring

*Neither man is moving*

BD: It’s going to be down to The Blue Flash to get Shaz back in the ring, remember if Shaz gets counted out, he’ll still retain his title.


PK: Is Hanz Gruber willing to count both men out here?


Bod: Well he’s called it by the book thus far

*Hanz looks a little frustrated this might end in a count-out*



*still no movement from champion or challenger*


Bod: Call it Gruber!

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 05:41 PM
*Gruber stops counting and slides out of the ring*

Bod: What? What the hell are you doing?

*Gruber picks up The Blue Flash and shoves him into the ring, then does the same to Shaz, Gruber slides back in himself and shouts “C’mon fight!”*

BD: I like it! Let’s get a winner, no confusion, no shortcuts, who is the better man?

*Gruber’s actions have energised the crowd but Shaz, who would have been content taking the count-out win and hitting the showers, argues with Gruber. Shaz turns around and The Blue Flash hits a huge superkick!!*

PK: And that might have dimmed the lights right there.

Bod: No not this way!

*The Blue Flash waits for Shaz to get up, locks him in the belly to back position flips him up, and brings the knee up into the face!*

BD: Blue Moon Knee connects!

PK: The leg is hooked, this is it!




BD: That is the sound of an entire crowd shocked and in disbelief I was sure it was over there, but no Shaz kicks out!

*Both men struggle back to their feet and start exchanging rights and lefts, The Blue Flash gets the upper hand or so it seems but Shaz fights back getting the upper hand for himself, in an attempt to get back into the fight Flash throws a clothesline, Shaz ducks and hits a rolling fireman’s carry slam!*

Bod: classic Shaz, he is back in control and now it’s The Blue Flash who is in trouble.

*Shaz motions to Gruber that this one is over, he picks up Shaz, places him in powerbomb position and connects with a Canadian destroyer!*
BD: The move known as the Canadian destroyer, Shaz calls it “Best in the World”.

Bod: got to be it!



BD: He kicked out, he kicked out, has anyone kicked out of the B.I.T.W before?

Bod: No, I don’t think so, damn how did that happen!

PK: Shaz is tearing his hair out, how does he beat this man?

*Shaz waits for Flash to get back to his feet, then hits a kick to the gut, before springing off the second rope, and using the momentum to drive through with a devastating second B.I.T.W!!!*

BD: Oh my god!!!

PK: The Flash is DONE!

*Gruber counts*




JMcM: Winner and STILL EWNCW Rage Ignition Champion: “The Rapid King” Shaz!!!

*Shaz quickly rolls out of the ring and grabs his title belt, heading up the ramp he takes a look back to see Flash laying in a heap, and Gruber stood leaning against the ropes looking on, Shaz raises his title to the crowed and leaves*
BD: A truly classic Rage Ignition Championship Match, and at least some of that has to come down to Hanz Gruber not letting them get counted out, but also the one hell of a fight from The Blue Flash.

Bod: I’ll admit at times tonight The Blue Flash had me worried I thought for about 2 seconds that he could defeat Shaz, but NO! At the end of the day Shaz is still the champion and still the best in the world.

PK: At least that’s what he’ll tell you!

*Hanz Gruber slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp and to the back, another referee comes out and the two officials help The Blue Flash back to his feet and offer to carry him out, but Flash refuses and walks out under his own steam much to the admiration of the crowd*

BD: That there is a proud competitor.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 06:08 PM

JMcM: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Greensboro, North Carolina, Andy Cannon!

BD: It’s time for a grudge match that’s been building for a whole month now, after Andy Cannon was betrayed by Mike Hawk in their tag match against Lansdale and Richards at Pain for Treasure.

PK: Yeah, this idiot has been harassing Hawk ever since he took the clever choice of joining Arthur Lansdale, which makes complete sense and this guy even calls him a child for it!

Bod: Let’s be honest, Hawk’s actions were disgraceful, and Cannon was well in his rights to say that and want a match against him this evening.

PK: Tit for tat, this kind of thing happens all the time, he should just let it go.


JMcM: And his opponent, from Tokyo, Japan, “Mr Mayhem” Mike Hawk!

Bod: He has a serious look on his face tonight, it looks like he’s up for a fight with Andy Cannon tonight.

PK: So would I if someone called me a child! That’s undermining a man’s integrity right there, and you can’t do that!

BD: Isn’t that exactly what Hawk did at the last PPV?

PK: You are getting your wires crossed, Cannon is in the wrong, and Hawk will end his nonsense tonight.

Bod: I think this one is too close to call, should be a good match right here.

(Hawk = Orton / Cannon = Benoit)

(Stop at 18:00)

BD: What a set of German’s from Cannon, it’s got Hawk on the edge!

*Cannon lifts Hawk up, only for Hawk to reverse him into a DDT, planting Cannon on the ground. Hawk realises his chance, lifts him up and hits a wonderful Mayhem Driver (Canadian Destroyer)!*

Bod: What a display of athletic skill from Hawk!

PK: The pin! Get the pin!




BD: That was 2 and 99/100ths there!

PK: Milliseconds away!

*Hawk can’t quite believe it, but stays focused on the task at hand. He keeps Cannon on the ground, heads for the top rope, looking for the Phoenix Splash, when Cannon lifts his knees, springs into action and hits the Cradle Shock!*

BD: Cradle Shock! Cradle Shock!

Bod: Here we go!




JMcM: Here is your winner, Andy Cannon!

BD: What a big victory for Cannon, he looks delighted that he got revenge on Hawk for what happened at Pain for Treasure!

PK: Luck, pure luck got him that win!

Bod: I suppose it shows being mentored by a superior man doesn’t always win you matches, unless your name is TBOZ!

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 06:34 PM

JMcM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from, the sandy banks of The River Nile, “The Great Pharaoh” Seth Farrell!!!!

BD: And now we are going to kick off the night of action from your brand Bodom, starting off with Seth Farrell taking on Rain.

Bod: Well Bob, this sure has been an interesting feud, it was at our last PPV that Rain debuted and since then he has been a thorne in the side of Seth Farrell.

PK: There has been a lot of talk regarding Seth Farrell and the fact he is devious, the fact that he is dangerous, but sometimes the most dangerous thing is a rookie who doesn’t know his own strength.

Bod: I would never deny Rain’s physical presence but over the last two weeks, I think Seth has succeed in getting inside the head of Rain, in my view “The Great Pharaoh” Seth Farrell has this one in the bag.


JMcM: And his opponent from Springfield, Massachusetts, the man they call...RAIN!!!!!

Bod: Well...Here comes the Rain!

BD: Just look at the size of this crazed, crazed individual.

PK: Rain is a scary dude that is for sure, what about his promo on this week’s Rage, I still have no idea how he produced the thunder.

BD: That’s right, I think we are underestimating the mind games that Rain himself can play, let it also be noted that Farrell’s beatdown did not exactly go to plan, Rain fended him off proving that he is going to be tough to beat here tonight.

Seth Farrell/Toshiaki Kawada vs Rain/Vader

stop at 12:40

BD: This has been an epic brawl to kick off the show, and Farrell has Rain on the ropes after that series of kicks.

*Seth whips Rain across the ring, when Rain comes back off the ropes Farrell drops to give Rain a backbody drop but Rain comes back with a kick to the chest, Farrell shoots up and Rain hits him with a superkick!!!*

PK: The leg is hooked here.




*Rain had him too close to the ropes and all Farrell had to do was place a foot on the bottom rope*
Bod: Great ring awareness allows Farrell to survive.

*Rain motions that this one is over, he picks up Farrell, locks the double underhooks...*
Bod: The Devill’s Lock! Can he get it?

*Seth Farrell counters out and hits a quick DDT of his own, Rain is quickly back to his feet and Farrell connects with a huge enziguri!*



PK: Close but Rain kicks out as well.

Bod: Both men have stood toe to toe and have shown the world just how we do things on Monday Night Rage.

*Farrell is the one closing in now, he goes up top and goes for his pattened to moonsault, but Rain rolls out of the way and Farrell gets nothing but canvas, Rain charges at Farrell, who is back on his feet, but Farrell flips over into a sunset flip pinfall predicament.

BD: Watch out, the shoulders are down.




*Farrell quickly wraps up Rains arm and rolls him in to “La Casita” pinfall cover*



*Rain reverses it and puts the pressure on Farrell*


*reversed again*


*The two finally break up the pin and get back to their feet, Rain runs right through Farrell with a huge clothesline!!!*

PK: The end may be near for “The Great Pharaoh” Seth Farrell!

*Farrell gets back up, Rain measures and hits a big boot right to the jaw!*
Bod: Rain, has to finish him now.

*Rain goes for the double underhooks, but takes just a second too long and Farrell hits a low blow!*
Bod: Ohh, we all felt that one.

*Rain goes down, Farrell scurries quickly to the top rope and hits a picture perfect moonsault this time landing it.*

BD: The leg is hooked.




Winner: Seth Farrell

Bod: Farrell has done it, he has picked up the win, in an heated match up, Well done Farrell you have silenced the demons, you have weathered the storm and you have beaten Rain!

BD: Well that is a textbook way to win a contest might not have been the most popular way, but it was effective and that is all that matters.

PK: Rain certainly pushed Farrell tonight, Rain should be proud, but knowing that guy he’ll probably be angry!

BD: Well that is a textbook way to win a contest might not have been the most popular way, but it was effective and that is all that matters.

PK: Rain certainly pushed Farrell tonight, Rain should be proud, but knowing that guy he’ll probably be angry!

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 06:39 PM
Lily Morgan: This match is an Iron Man Tag Team with a 25 Minute Time Limit. On there way to the ring at this time Samuel and Benjamin, they are Bloodstone Empire!!!


*The Bloodstone Empire come to the ring as the fans cheer and take photos of this young up coming stars.*

Terry Murdock: The relatives of former CNK member Daymian Bloodstone look to finally they are the better team against Mixed Emotions.

Nick Newman: Been a lot speculations as to whether one team is on fact better than the other but I an tell you this: It's not The Bloodstone Empire.

Lily Morgan: and their opponents, the team of Sorrow and Pride, they are Mixed Emotions.


*Mixed Emotions come out to a very mixed set of emotions that is slightly overshadowed by boos from the crowd in attendance as they enter set to finish things with The Bloodstone Empire.*

Nick Newman: This is the better team and they need to win here tonight to move on to bigger and better things. Perhaps even winning gold in the near future.

Terry Murdock: If they can overcome The Bloodstone Empire here tonight, they just might.

*Craig Stevens is the ref for this match and calls for the bell (ding, ding, ding)*


Start at 3:28/Stop at 14:10

*Samuel goes for the pin on Sorrow after the top rope hurricanrana from Benjamin......1..........2.....Pride interrupts the count. Now all four men battle it out in the ring until Pride drives his thumb towards Samuel's eyes causing him to stumble back towards the ropes where Pride charges and clotheslines him out of the ring before joining Sorrow in a beat down of Benjamin Bloodstone that leads to him being on the receiving end of The Night at the Opera (Ghetto Stomp/ Gringo Killa) and Sorrow covers.....1........2..........3. *

Mixed Emotions Lead 1-0 at 11:47

Nick Newman: Yes, take that you leprechaun.

*Mixed Emotion celebrate but fail to notice Samuel Bloodstone up on the top rope and soon they find themselves on the receiving end of a corkscrew cross body drop that sends both men down with force and Samuel wastes no time locking in a guillotine choke on Sorrow who quickly taps out.*

Bloodstone Empire Tie things up 1-1 at 13:04

Terry Murdock: And just like that, things have tied up.

*Pride is up and looks to clothesline Samuel one again to the outside but Samuel executes a backboy drop that send Pride over the ropes but Pride lands on the ring apron.....*


Start at 3:07/Stop at 9:48

*Pride misses the charging knee on Benjamin and both men are down and exhausted as the clock reads 19:49. Samuel is asking for the tag but so is Sorrow as the refs begins his 10 count and as he reaches 4 it's Pride who reaches his partner but at 5 Benjamin reaches his corner and Samuel enters the ring igniting with his intense energy and charges towards Sorrow and a big shoulder block on Sorrow before gaining momentum off the ropes to surprise Sorrow with an inside cradle pin and the ref counts.........1............2............3. *

Bloodstone Empire leads 2-1 at 22:23

Terry Murdock: This has been turned in The Bloodstone Empire's favor.

*But Sorrow holds on and reverses the maneuver as the ref counts........1.........2.......3.*

Mixed Emotions ties things up 2-2 at 22:27

Nick Newman: Smart thinking from Sorrow and they have tied it up again.

*Pride now enters the ring and stomps away at Samuel before Benjamin comes in and brawls it out with Pride as Samuel and Sorrow soon get to their at start brawling it out one more time as the clock reads 23:11.*

Nick Newman: Time is nearly running out and neither wants to give an inch. This match has to have a decisive winner.

Terry Murdock: That it has, these teams need to know who is better.

*The clock is winding down, neither wanting this match to end in a draw. Pride is pushed out of the ring by Benjamin, and now The Bloodstone Empire look to end with a Double Superkick to Sorrow while he is kneeling but Sorrow wisely ducks under and rolls through hitting a Superkick of his own on Benjamin before Pride quickly enters the ring and hits the Curtain Call (RKO) out of nowhere and Sorrow goes for the cover...1..........2...........3 at 24:56.*

Mixed Emotions lead 3-2

Nick Newman: YES!!! The end is here.

Terry Murdock: There's not much The Bloodstone Empire can do now.


Lily Morgan: Here are the winners of this match......Mixed Emotions!!!!

Terry Murdock: Mixed Emotions has won and earned the right to call themselves the better team against The Bloodstone Empire once and for all, can you believe it?

Nick Newman: Of course I can, now the future looks bright these guys and I can see them being champions in Brutality very soon.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 06:46 PM
Jason McManus: This contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Inferno Ignition championship. Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Sweet Jones!


Bob Daniels: Ignition time! Right now we have Sweet Jones taking on Gunnar Freyr for the Inferno Ignition Championship! This match could go either way!

Pierce Kingmaker: I highly doubt it! Sweet Jones has got a much better advantage than
Gunnar Freyr, I'm rooting for Jones!

Bodom: Kingmaker is absolutely spot on!


JMcM: And his opponent, from Stockholm, Sweden, Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr!

BD: Let's see if Gunnar Freyr can pull this off! He has the ability, and I'm pretty sure that his ability is enough to defeat Sweet Jones!

PK: Sweet Jones has the better ability. I don't think Mikkel's ability will be enough to defeat Jones!

Bod: Well, we'll find out as this match is underway!

(Stop at 9:05, Jones = McIntyre and GF = Christian)


*Sweet Jones stops Gunnar Freyr from hitting him with the Big Boot. Jones crashes Gunnar's leg onto the canvas! Jones kicks Gunnar in the gut, and he goes for the SKO! But Gunnar pushes him, Jones turns around and Gunnar hits a Big Boot, but Jones ducks. Gunnar turns around and Jones nails him with a Dropkick! He goes for the cover!*




BD: Gunnar uses his strength to kick out of the pin! That shows how strong he is!

PK: Jones still has the upper hand!

Bod: I agree with Kingmaker, Jones has the upper hand! And I'm rooting for him to win! Gunnar has nothing on him!

*Both wrestlers get up and Jones ducks a Clothesline from Freyr! Freyr turns around and he moves out of the way as Jones tries to hit him with an Enzuigiri! Jones gets up but Freyr immediately strikes with a Spear followed by a Leg Drop! He goes for the cover!*




BD: From what I am seeing! Gunnar definitely is on top!

PK: I disagree, Gunnar is on his game, but Jones is avoiding him from winning. If I had to
figure out who is on top, then Jones is the one on top!


*Freyr gets frustrated as he picks Jones up. He goes for the Clothesline but Jones ducks, Freyr turns around and Jones gives him a blow. They both start exchanging huge blows!


Jones goes for another blow but Freyr quickly grabs his hand, and sets him up for the Chokeslam but Jones rapidly counters it into a Sweet Knockout! Jones goes for the cover!*




BD: It appears to me as if Jones has now got the upper hand!

PK: I can't believe it! That chokeslam reversal into a Sweet Knockout was just incredible!

Bod: Jones is definitely on top! That reversal was probably the most craziest thing that Jones has ever done!

*Jones gets up as does Gunnar! Gunnar kicks Jones in the gut! And he goes for the Valhalla Slammer! But Jones quickly reverses it into a Monkey Flip! Jones gets on the ropes! And he hits the Springboard Senton Bomb! Gunnar is wincing in pain as the crowd boo Jones! Jones gets up on the turnbuckle for the 630 Splash! He taunts Gunnar, and HE HITS THE 630 SPLASH! He goes for the cover!




JMCM: And your winner is and STILL the EWNCW Inferno Ignition Champion! Sweet Jones!

BD: What a match that was! But I'm disappointed to see Jones win!

PK: That match was absolutely brutal! This match proved exactly why Sweet Jones is the
EWNCW Inferno Ignition Champion!

Bod: YES! Jones absolutely deserved that! No way in hell was Gunner going to defeat him!

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 06:53 PM
Lily Morgan: This match is an elimination Tag Team Match and it is for the EWNCW Intercontinental Championships. On there way to the ring at this time, the challengers Cirque de Freak's Slither and Twisted!!!!!


*The fans erupt and chant "red juice" as Twisted and Slither head to the ring looking ready to reclaim their gold.*

Terry Murdock: Do these really know what Red Juice means? Slither and Twisted do and they look to make sure they drink some from the champions as they look to reclaim the gold.

Nick Newman: So you're on the freak bandwagon as well? Figures.... There is no way The Sexiest Alpha Males will lose to these freaks here tonight.

Lily Morgan: and their opponents, the current reigning and defending EWNCW Intercontinental Champions; Big Chief Long Schlong and Miguel Tenorio........The Sexiest Alpha Males!!!!

#The Sexiest Alpha Males# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynfk7izWNE8)

*The EWNCW Intercontinental Champions head out to the ring to a mass of boos that is overshadows by cheers and squeals of the women in the crowd.*

Nick Newman: They do have their ways with the ladies and they are fierce competitors in the ring hence they are the EWNCW Intercontinental Champions.

Terry Murdock: You cannot deny The Sexiest Alpha Males can duke it out with the best of them, now let's see how they defend the gold here tonight.

*Referee David Johnson calls for the bell (ring, ring, ring) and the match begins.*


(part 1) Start at 7:05


(part 2) Watch completely


(part 3) Stop at 2:55

Nick Newman: What a match between these teams, they are willing to go through hell and to walk out if here tonight with the gold.

Terry Murdock: Indeed they are Nick.

*Miguel Tenorio and Big Chief along with Twisted and Slither are exhausted an on the edge of breaking down in the ring but both teams continue to exchange lefts and rights before the big Big Chief Long Schlong gets the edge over Slither while Tenorio and Twisted brawl now on the outside of the ring. The Big Chief is able to finally hit The Wild Ride (Rough Ryder) and makes the cover.......1.......2.......3.*

Lily Morgan: The winners of this match and......still the EWNCW Intercontinental Champions!!!!.....The Sexiest Alpha Males!!!!

Terry Murdock: The champs retain and will probably look to see who steps up and will want to challenge them for the gold next.

Nick Newman: Fools. Only fools would dare take on The Sexiest Alpha Males and think they can win. Now let's continue with the intense action of Rise from the Ashes.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 06:59 PM
BD: Welcome back to Rise from the Ashes, what a show it has been so far!


JMcM: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Manchester, England, Arthur Lansdale!

Bod: It’s a strange sight not to see his accomplices with him tonight, but as ordered by Inferno GM Nathan Staples, if there is any outside interference tonight, Lansdale still loses his group.

PK: That’s insanity! It’s simply not fair! He’s worked hard for them and does everything for Ravensdell, Richards and Hawk, you can’t strip his family away from him!

BD: He agreed to the stipulation! Anyway, Pierce, do you think he’s going to lose?

PK: No! He’s going to kick Rob Rage to the curb just like his independent wrestling background ass should be!


JMcM: And his opponent, “The Best of British” Rob Rage!

BD: It’s an all English affair tonight, and RR has finally revealed himself to be the excellent Rob Rage! In his first match, can he dispose of Lansdale?

PK: NO!!!

Bod: I think he can, he’s a great competitor, and I’ve seen the success he’s had elsewhere, I think that can translate here in EWNCW and get him the W tonight.

PK: You know, after all this secrecy, I’d love for him to fall flat on his face!

(Rage = Williams / Lansdale = Styles)

(Stop at 16:54)

PK: What a shot by Lansdale, stay down Rage you bum!

*Lansdale lifts Rage off of the floor, holding him and hitting a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex. He lifts him again, which Rage cunningly reverses into a tiger suplex!*

BD: Wonderful reversal!

Bod: Hey guys, we have a pin!




BD: Close!

*Rob keeps up the momentum, looking for a DDT but Lansdale stops him, swings him into the ropes before a gut kick leads to the Million Dollar Dream!*






*Lansdale looks furious, he berates the referee before lifting up Rage and raining down punches. Rob managers to reverse one, somehow, and hits the Rage Bomb! (Fisherman’s Powerbomb)*


Bod: Call his mom, he’s going to need picking up!




BD: It’s all over!

JMcM: Here is your winner, Rob Rage!

Bod: What a big win in his debut in EWNCW, RR has pulled out the biggest of wins.

PK: But, what of Lansdales group? What of Ravensdell? Of Richards? Of Hawk? What has he done!?!

BD: He’s done us all a favour, none of us wanted to see them together for much longer, not only because of how talented they are, but how dangerous they were to every title, Rob might have saved Inferno.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 07:17 PM
Bob Daniels: Rise from theAshes continues with the Battle of the Beasts!

Pierce Kingmaker: Truly,Bob, the G.O.D. Mark Dimension faces the newcomer Raden Blain,. A manwho calls himself The Unholy Saviour.

Bodom: I want to see howthings go. Mark has been on a bad streak lately, but the guy's a monster and can bounce back with ease. We have not watched much ofthis Blain, but he looks like he can beat whoever he pleases.

PK: I'm rooting for Blain, he seems to be a crazy bastard, and let's not forget how hegot the win against Mark two weeks ago.

BD: I can't make up mymind. Both are able to destroy anyone in their paths.

Bod: This one will be goodto watch.


Jason McManus: This matchis set for one fall!! Approaching to the ring first, from Jerusalem,Israel, he is the Unholy Saviour, Radeeeeeen Blainnnnn!!!!!

BD: That guy is definitelyscary.

Bod: And a truly behemoth,7'1” tall and nearly 400 pounds, he looks like coming straight fromhell, not Jerusalem.

PK: And that's why he'sgoing to make it tonight!

*The crowd hates the guts of Blain, but the Unholy Saviour seems justpreoccupied for the match*


JMcM: And his opponent,from the future, the G.O.D Mark Diiimensionnnn!!!

BD: The formerInternational champion looks focused, he probably wants to return tothe winning path he left at the hands of King Strem.

Bod: And he has thecapacity to do it,. A win tonight against Blain will be a huge boostfor Mark's confidence, no doubt about it.

PK: However, I don't thinkMark has ever faced an obstacle such as Raden Blain here.

Bod: He has, two weeksago! In the show you call every week!!

*People are clearly backing the G.O.D in this one, receiving dimension withlots of cheering*

(Taker = Blain / Batista =Mark)

(Stop at 27:33)

BD: Cover for Blain!



2,8764646478 Mark kicksout!

PK: He had him! How can itbe!

BD: Mark is prettyresilient, Pierce!

Bod: Indeed, I thoughtBlain had this one won, even I don't like agreeing with Pierce.

*Blain is furious for not being able to get the pin. He punches Mark, who isstill motionless, and positions him near a turnbuckle, beforeproceeding to climb it*

BD: Seems like Blain is going for the moonsault!

Bod: Yeah? I thought he was trying to superkick Mark!

*Blain performs the moonsault, but Mark is able to move in the last splitsecond, so Blain eats canvas*

Bod: Not this time, sir!

*Both men are down for some time. Dimension starts to get to his feetearlier. He manages to do it before Blain, so he helps the Israelibeast to stand. Mark proceeds to deliver an uppercut, and thenexecutes the Next Dimension (Stone Cold Stunner)*

BD: He's got it!

PK: Will he be able to pin Blain?




Bod: Wasn't that three???

PK: It doesn't seem so, but it was a really close one!

*Markcan't believe this. He is looking stunned (no pun intended) becausehe was so close. Meanwhile, Blain has rolled out of the ring. Markimmediately follows, so the ref proceeds to start the 10 count *


*Blainis standing next to the ring post. Mark charges and Blain moves outof the way. Mark eats the post shoulder first*

BD: That was nasty!

PK: The tide turns in favor of Blain, will he able to get the win?


*Blaingoes to the announce table and starts dismantling it*

BD: Watch out, folks!


*Blain catches Mark, forces him to go near the table and hits a thunderouschokebomb, destroying the table *


BD: Oh my goodness, he may be dead!

PK: What a chokebomb! Goodbye Mark!



*Blain enters the ring andMark seems to be stirring*

Bod: He's alive, but Idon't think he can make it back.


*Mark is able to startcrawling towards the ring*


*He gets next to the ring and tries to get in*


*In a titanic effort, Mark gets in!*

BD:He did it! Somehow,some way, Mark Dimension is still in this match!

PK: I'm amazed that he'sable to stand after that!

*Blain is amazed too, buthis amazement doesn't last long. He proceeds to position Mark foranother chokebomb, and he ruthlessly nails it *

PK: This is it.



2,9999999999999!! NO!!


BD: That was truly amazing!! Dimension has survived a couple of chokebombs, the firstone through the announce table, and he's still alive in the match!

Bod: That was pure heart there.

*Blain looks mad, yellingand cursing Dimension. He starts to scream “Get up!” to hisfallen opponent. As if it was an order, Mark uses Blain to startclimbing. Mark is halfway up when he smiles and says, “You can'tbeat me, bitch”. Raden gets mad, sets up Dimension for the thirdchokebomb, and he makes it even more huge than the previous two. *

BD: Cover for Blain!



3! Ding, ding, ding!

JMcM: The winner of thismatch, the Unholy Saviour, Raden Blain!!!!

*Crowd boos Blain, whosmirks at the fallen Dimension and goes to the back.*

BD: What a match!

PK: Absolutely amazing,folks, a huge effort by those two, but Blain gets the victory!

Bod: He had to use threechokebombs to get Dimension out, one of them has destroyed the table,but still not enough to get Mark down for three, but it was too muchin the end.

PK: Not many would have resisted three chokebombs, but Mark Dimension has. That was defintely outstanding! You've gotta love this one.

BD: And still more to comeat Rise from the Ashes!

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 07:38 PM
Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, Gillz!
Gillz, first of all, welcome back to EWNCW! How has it been since returning from your suspension?

Gillz: Its been nice, but of course with my attitude previous to my suspension obviously means some of the guys in the back are less than thrilled, intact they were thrilled that i wasnt here but im back and peoples opinions of me dont matter at the moment, if i need to tag or something then i will be inclined to make more friends but untill then ill focus on my match.

JS: Now since returning, you've set your sights on a rather large target in the form of Nightmare! You gave us some insight on Inferno, but tell us more as to why you're going after him?

Gillz: I dont know what else there is to say, i made my feeling towards Nightmare very clear, he is one of the things i have began to hate, because before my suspension i has became a horrible person, and in a way Nightmare embodies what i once was, a hateful man, although back then i didnt quite have the size he has now and he has used it to shorten mens career and well im going to make special case tonight and make sure i shorten his.

JS: Tonight, you're going to be facing him one on one. Many aren't really giving you a chance, so what is your mindset going into this match? Nightmare's really re-focused and revitalized since returning. Do you have a game-plan going into this?

Gillz: Well as you should know, every opponent i ever face i have a gameplan for, even the big man himself Nightmare, see every man has a weakness, big or small they all do, and i do my best to see what it is and exploit it as best i can, Nightmare could be the run of his life, if i see something i can make advantage of i will do it and make him pay.

JS: You also seem to have come back refreshed following your suspension. Was the break good for you in your opinion?

Gillz: My time away let me evaluate myself and where i was going in the company, when i lost the title i lost sight of myself and no man should not know what to do or what they are doing and this enforced break helped me figure out what do and ill leave it up to the fans to decide whether to take me back into this company with open arms or make it difficult but either way ill give it back to them and be a champion once more, but first ill deal with Nightmare

JS: Finally, with a major announcement that's been reported about recently scheduled for later in the week, an announcement that will affect all singles talents on the Rage and Inferno roster, what are your thoughts on what that announcement could be?

Gillz: Its definatly interesting, i mean something that affects all the talents has to big, i mean it could change how i go about things tonight it could make no difference to tonights events and be geared towards Inferno and Rage so honestly i cant say what it is but if i know EWNCW management then its sure to be big and exciting

JS: Thanks for your time Gillz.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 07:46 PM
Bob Daniels: I'm now told folks that we're going to hear from an EWNCW superstar that isn't scheduled to compete here tonight, but one that's been granted some time to address the audience here!


*An unfamiliar tune plays as the crowds reaction is calmed at best. Various colorful lights are flashing around the arena before a man donning an entirely black attire with a red dragon on the back of it along with a hood steps out from behind the curtain. The crowd goes wild as it is revealed to be Bam. Making his way to the ring Bam slid into it and removed his hood to reveal a new hairstyle. Revealing his eyes they were an odd purple color that gave them a very mesmerizing appearance. Bam began walking around the ring allowing the fans reaction to sink in before reaching for a microphone and hold it near his mouth to speak.*

Bam: "I have let you guys down long enough! It is time for the Japanese Dragon to rise up from the ashes and to be the best that I know I can be. Spending so much time in Japan I became a very decorated athlete while performing with my THEN tag team partner IPITS. After coming back I have been lacking so much. I lost my aggression along the way. Well starting tonight and going forward I will be a better man.. I will pounce on any opportunity I can get my hands on and I will train until the sun goes down. There is no buts about it! I have arrived at the arena tonight as a changed man. Completely anew with my entire being in every shape and form!"

*Pauses to listen to the fans chant his name before continuing.*

Bam: "I may have had a weak start, but I have grown stronger over time! I guess you can call me a Virus of sorts. A Virus defines my whole evolution in EWNCW. Once I am in your system I will just keep getting bigger and bigger until I pose a serious threat to all parties involved. I will have that special moment that has been escaping me for so long. I will make Ric Flair proud by picking myself up and brushing off the dust that had begun to gather upon me. All challengers! ... Prepare yourselves for the dawn of a new era.. One that all will be proud of and remember for every year that passes us by as the greatest era in ALL of professional wrestling.

I am the eager hand on a clock that just keeps on ticking while the other hands have become obsolete. I am the Eagle soaring through the air on a rainy day. I am the gleam in the eye of a prideful man.. I AM THE FUTURE OF THIS COMPANY!! All of these people go around speaking about nightmares and gruesome experiences.. I offer something so much different.. I will offer you all a DREAM. One with excellence included at every twist and turn imaginable. Just remember the name... "The Japanese Dragon", Bam Virus!"

*Drops microphone*

BD: Wow, 'The Japanese Dragon' Bam there with a striking message!!

Bodom: It's Bam VIRUS now Bob! Get it right!! Didn't you listen to a word that man just said? Do you know who he is even?! That man is the former protege of 'The Nature boy Ric Flair!! The greatest of all time!! The....

Pierce Kingmaker: Oh boy, here we go...

Bod: The wrestling GAWD!! The MAN!! NAITCH!!!
Bam Virus beat Tommy Thunder, yes THE Tommy Thunder at last year's Destiny's Calling!! This man is and always has been destined for great things here in EWNCW, and we're going to see that in the coming weeks as he just promised us!!

BD: Well, I agree that I'm impressed with his confidence here tonight. I look forward to seeing more of Bam Virus here in EWNCW!!

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 08:10 PM
Bob Daniels: Time for Gillz vs Nightmare!

Pierce Kingmaker: I marked like hell when Gillz returned two weeks ago on Inferno! It's great to have him back!

Bodom: No doubt that Gillz is an amazing competitor, the only wrestler to have hold the EWNCW championship and the World Heavyweight championship, an amazing feat, but still, he has to face a brutal enemy in the form of Nightmare.

PK: Indeed, Bodom, Nightmare has been destroying his way up into EWNCW ranks, and he's a force to be reckoned with.

BD: Will Gillz be able to defeat the monstrous Nightmare? Or will the Mongolian superstar be too much for the former champion? We are going to find out right now!


Jason McManus: This match is set for one fall!!! Introducing first, from the misty mountains of Mongolia, and accompanied to the ring by Sir Gunther Wigbert, he is Nightmareeeeeeeeeeee!!!

*The pair gets a torrent of boos*

BD: He's a dangerous individual, we have witnessed him destroying two opponents at the same time on Inferno without breaking a sweat.

PK: Let me tell you something: he has been impressive, no doubt about that, but he has never faced a guy the caliber of Gillz before.

Bod: Much to my dismay, I have to agree with Pierce here. It's very impressive to defeat two unknown Jimmys at the same time, yeah, but we are not talking about a common idiot looking for his chance in the big ones, he's facing one of the most decorated stars in the business, and even though you can say Gillz has never faced a guy like Nightmare, the opposite is true too.

BD: Indeed those are some true words!

Bod: Because if Bodom says it, then it's the truth!

BD: That's Dick Thompson's phrase, Bod!

Bod: Like I care about that mustached prick. And that's the Bodom line!


JMcM: And his opponent, from Glasgow, Scotland, Giiiiillzzzzzzz!!!!!

*Big pop for the former champ*

PK: Here's the winner of the match!

Bod: Maybe, but I would not underestimate Nightmare. I told you, when I was talking about Nightmare. But Gillz is a seasoned competitor and that plays in his favor.

BD: I'm with Pierce here, Gillz will have to suffer a lot, but he will overcome the odds and get the win tonight!

*Before the match starts, the referee makes signal to Sir Gunther to go to the back *

BD: Good call by the ref!

PK: Yeah, no shenanigans needed for this one. They are both capable of managing on their own!

*There's a lot of protest, but in the end, sir Gunther leaves *

(Punk = Gillz / Henry = Nightmare)

(Stop at 13:08)

*The referee has counted to seven. Gillz makes a huge jump and manages to get next to the ring*


*Gillz steps up and looks ready to enter*


*Gillz rolls in!*

BD: He's done it!

PK: The match is still on!

*Nightmare helps Gillz to his feet, then Irish whips him into the ropes, when Gillz bounces back he gets a clothesline. Nightmare then picks up Gillz and DDT's him*

BD: Here's the cover!



2,76883938938 No!

Bod: Not enough to keep Gillz down. Nightmare has to try harder if he wants the win.

*As Gillz gets up, Nightmare signals for the WMD punch *

PK: The end is near!

*When Gillz gets up, Nightmare goes for the WMD, but Gillz ducks, and when Nightmare turns, he eats an enzuigiri*

BD: That one turns the momentum and Gillz now is in control!

*Gillz follows with a series of punches to grant nightmare is down. He then goes to the top turnbuckle and hits an amazing 450 corkscrew splash!*

BD: Excellent move by Gillz!

Bod: Will he do it?



2,91228282 No!

PK: Not enough!

BD: It was close!!

*Gillz laments not getting the pin. However, he recovers from shock soon and goes for the Crippler's Crossface*

Bod: It will be a huge win for Gillz if he manages to make Nightmare tap!

*Gillz has it locked tight. Still, Nightmare's a mountain of a man and he's able to, inch by inch, get to the ropes*

PK: Still not enough!

*The ref starts the count and Gillz releases the hold when it gets to 4. He then tries to lift up Nightmare to put him in the torture rack. However, that was too much for him and the both crash into the canvas*

BD: Gillz ate more than he could chew there, let's see what happens now.

*Both men manage to get to their feet, but this situation does not last long as Nightmare clotheslines Gillz. He then calls for the WMD and when Gillz gets up, he nails it.*

PK: Bye, bye Gillz!



2,9999999999! NO!

PK: That was three!!!

BD: According to the ref, it wasn't!

Bod: Gillz is showing some heart here!

*Nightmare goes crazy. He lifts Gillz, who's barely able to stand and goes to the corner. When Gillz manages to get to vertical position, Nightmare tries to spear him, but Gillz moves and the giant meets the ring post*

Bod: Bad move from Nightmare, this is Gillz's chance!

*Gillz immediately goes to the Crossface, pressuring the arm that collided with the post. Nightmare yells in pain, but he's able to hold on. Finally, the Mongolian behemoth gets to the ropes*

BD: Both men showing loads of resiliency here!

*Gillz continues the attack kicking Nightmare hard on the head, once, twice, three times!! The giant looks stunned, but he's still able to get to his feet, only to get another enzuigiri that knocks Nightmare down *

BD: This may be the opening Gillz needs to get the win.

*Gillz goes to the top of the turnbuckle again, and hits a second 450 corkscrew splash *

BD: Cover!




JMcM: Here's your winner, Gillz!!!

*Crowd pops for the Glasgow gladiator Gillz!!*

BD: He did it, in the end!

Bod: He's a seasoned veteran, and used his experience to overcome Nightmare!

PK: Great job from the former champion! I hope he goes to higher targets from now on!

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 08:15 PM
Lily Morgan: This match is set one one fall and it is for the EWNCW Grand Championships!!!!!. On there way to the ring at this time, the challengers representing Cirque de Freak; Payne and Torcher!!!


*Cirque de Freak head to the ring to the ring to a great reception from the crowd and they enter the ring and bash each other's head against the turnbuckles.*

Nick Newman: These freaks get weirder every time I see them.

Terry Murdock: That's why they are in Cirque de Freak and show they can be very unpredictable.

Lily Morgan: and their opponents, they are the current reigning and defending EWNCW Grand Champions the team of Prince Chamberlain and Prince Alex Foyt.......The Blacklist Royalty.


*The EWNCW Grand Champion head to the ring wearing light silk blue robes and flaunt the gold for the crowd who give them a mixed reaction as they enter the ring.*

Terry Murdock: It seems the crowd has come like The Blacklist Royalty even if some of their actions have made the fans hate them from time to time.

Nick Newman: These people don't know what they want, but I do and that's to see The Blacklist Royalty kick the crap out of these freaks.

*Referee Mitch Sanders raises the gold and calls for the bell.*

Start at 2:22/End at 7:11

Terry Murdock: Foyt just saved the match from being over right there as Torcher pinned Chamberlain.

Nick Newman: Good thing too, I do not want to see the gold on those abominations.

*Payne now looks to attack Foyt but Foyt is one step ahead and kicks Payne squarely in the gut before planting down hard to the mat with a big DDT before signaling to Chamberlain to end things with The Royal Treatment. Chamberlain picks up Torcher in a Belly-to-back inverted mat slam aka Styles Clash Position as Foyt has climbed to the top turnbuckle of his nearest corners hits Torcher a huge dropkick. Chamberlain makes the cover and Mitch Sanders counts....1.......2.........3!!!!!!*

Lily Morgan: The winners of this match and still EWNCW Grand Champions..........The Blacklist Royalty!!!

Nick Newman: Yes, now that is why I think no matter who they face these guys will champions for a very long time.

Terry Murdock: That we'll see now let's continue the action here tonight on EWNCW's Rise from the Ashes.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 08:29 PM

JMcM: The following contest is for the EWNCW Evolution Championship and is a two out of 3 falls Match introducing firs the reigning and defending Evolution Champion, from Boston, Massachussets, Ryan “The Freak” Wells!!!

BD: One month ago, EWNCW Pain for Treasure, Ryan Wells beats Ronaldo Romulus to capture his first ever EWNCW championship belt, but he’d barely come down of that cloud, when Istvan Gretzky got in his face, and command himself a title shot.

PK: got to ask yourself, has Wells been put under such pressure before, he’s always been the hunter, now he’s the hunted, and nobody wants to be hunted by “Red Hot” Isty baby!

Bod: Will he thieve or die under that pressure, we are about to find out.

BD: The proving time is now for Ryan Wells!

*The fans in attendance wait with anticipation for Istvan Gretzky's entrance, when suddenly the lights in the arena go out. After the initial screams and gasps, a few lighters can be seen flashing up amongst the fans. All attention then turns to the TitanTron, as an image of a star is shown, and a smothly spoken narators voice can be heard.*


It was the brightest star in the sky, yet it was the most lonely.

For a millennia it was surrounded by the lushest planets in the entire universe, and as such, it had no need to comunicate with the other stars--to the brightest star in the sky, they were beneath it, and to them, it was almost considered royalty, and as such, they dared not to speak with it. Unfortunately for the brightest star in the sky, a catastrophe occured that was so devastating, it caused all of its the planets that surrounded it to die out, leaving it without his beloved companions.

The star could still lay claim to being the brightest, though, and for another millennia it shone as bright as it had on the day it was born to life. It continued to shun the other stars out of pride--it was the brightest star in the sky, and, although it longed for companionship once again, it was still beneath it to lower itself to allow itself to be seen approaching them. It was, however, all too keenly aware of the other stars awareness of its lonely predicament, and, even though it was too proud to admit it to itself, it began to get too much for it to take.

Another millennia passed, and throughout that whole time, it remained vigilant in its efforts to avoid conceding to the grief that was eating away inside of it.

The day finally came when it all became too much for it, and the brightest star in the sky decided a change of scenery was not only desired, but necessary. It reached out with its omnipresent mind. Far across the universe its mind traveled in search of a new start--a new life. It finally came across a solar system that housed ten planets, and a star of its own, and began to scour the planets for life. It didn't take long for it to find a planet that was very much to his liking. As its scanned the planet named Terra Firma, though, a force entirely as powerful in its own right became aware of the probing stars mind. Ignorant of this fact, and entirely dead set on replacing the star that this Terra Firma orbited.

A God felt a rip in space, and knew that its planet, and all of its population were in trouble.
The brightest star in the sky took in the sights, sounds, and smell of its surroundings for one last time, and then... Let go.

The brightest star in the sky fell.

It was on the path to a new salvation, and it had never been as elated. It was going home... A new home. A place where there would be no mocking, a place where the other stars had only seen it in all of its glory from a distance.

A man lay on the cold hard floor of an abandoned warehouse in downtown Warsaw, Poland in a sickening pool of blood. Both of his arms were missing, leaving only a barrel of a chest that was seemingly taking its last few breaths.

A God began to plan.

The star travelled at what could only be described at lightspeed, and in no time at all it was upon the solar system it was dead set on calling home. It intended on colliding with the other star and destroying it. As it neared, it could begin to feel the heat that this star generated, and it made his elation intensify, for if it could feel this weaker, duller, and smaller, stars heat, then the heat that itself generated must have been roasting it alive.

Its target became almost within touching distance.

Collision was imminent.

At the last split second, its trajectory was altered, and it felt as if somehow it had been enveloped in a firm, yet somehow completely and utterly soothing cocoon.

It felt as if it had been wronged, yet at the same time.. Righted.

Its destiny had been changed.

Or was it, as the star pondered, his destiny from the moment it was born.

It soon realised that his new path now ran directly towards the planet that drew him to this solar system in the first place--it was on the path to Terra Firma.

It entered the planets atmosphere, and the excitement of the uncertain future it was feeling suddenly doubled. Literally.

It had become two separate entities, and it was now a pair of stars, equally as bright as each other. Though one had become two, the two stars still shared one mind, and the brightest star in the sky had never felt so... Alive.

A man whos arms had been not so long ago forcibly removed took his last breath. The man had been a great champion who had been wronged, and prematurely robbed of a promising life.

A God was unhappy about this, and with the force only a God could muster, it drove the two stars it had in the palm of its hand down onto the ground where the armless man lay.


An old warehouse exploded, its wreckage creating wreckage of its own as it woke up a whole town with start.

Within minutes, the explosion site was surrounded by a huge crowd of onlookers. The medics, and authorities claiming that anyone inside would definitely not have survived the blast. Many began to grieve for the potential loss of life, when all of a sudden, a rock moved, apparently of its own violation. Another mover, and then tumbled into the wreckage. Then another, and another, and it became clear that the rocks were moving, because a huge part of a wall was being somehow lifted into the air. The huge piece of the wall then took flight in a cloud of dust, and a few seconds later it had landed a hundred metres south from where it started.

The dust began to settle.

A man walked into plain sight, and the crowd of onlookers gasped in unision, before letting out a huge roar of appreciation at the sight of their beloved hometown hero.

They began chanting his name, as he looks down at his new arms made from a fallen star.


*The lights in the arena come back on and "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky is standing in the middle of the ring ready for a fight.*


BD: My God!! What an entrance!!

Bod: So THAT'S the story of Istvan Gretzky!! What a hero!! What a national treasure!!

BD: That was quite inspiring you have to admit!

Bod: Inspiring?! Are you kidding me?! That was amazing!! The story of how the vascular arms made from fallen stars were born!! The story of how 'Red Hot' Istvan Gretzky was born!!

PK: Here comes perhaps the scariest man you have over on Rage, “Red Hot” Istvan Gretzky, I am glad he’s not on Inferno because Bob would probably say something stupid and get himself pummelled by those vascular arms of his.

Bod: I laugh, I laugh, Istvan is a big a physical competitor, but he's also a technical genius, and he is out to prove that he is better that “Rodney” Wells has he refers to him.

BD: Of course the reason this match is two out of three falls match is because of the time limit draw these two men fought to, Ryan Wells who had Gretzky beaten claimed he was robbed, Gretzky claimed he was going to kick out, both are valid arguements.

PK: No need to worry about time limits tonight, its time to find out who is the better man who will walk out as EWNCW Evolution Champion!?

2 out of 3 falls match
Ryan Wells/Chris Jericho vs Istvan Gretzky/Chris Beniot
Stop at 4:35

PK: Istvan gets the knees up and the Evolution Champion has taken a big fall in the early goings.

*Ryan Wells gets back to his feet, grabbing at his ribs a little, he charges at Istvan who catches Wells and locks him in a bearhug!*

BD: That is locked in tight, and imagine the pressure on the ribs and back of Ryan Wells.

Bod: Let me tell you Bob when your in that position the hardest thing is breathing, Ryan Wells has got to try and relieve the pressure of escape the hold, or otherwise considering giving away the first fall as a tactical move, in order to save himself.

PK: Relieving pressure isn’t going to be easy when your locked up by Vascular Arms made from fallen star, ha ha.

*Well is trying to fight out, he tries to punch Gretzky but he can’t bring his arms back for any kind of real force, meanwhile the polish grappler tightens the grip and stenches in the hold, Wells cries with agony.*

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 08:34 PM
*the crowd starts to come into the match, willing on Ryan Wells.*

*Wells starts firing elbows into the head of Istvan, finally Gretzky is getting rocked, Wells hits stiff elbow shots to the head of Gretzky over and over before finally Gretzky breaks the hold. Wells must capitalize he hits the ropes and comes back with a clothesline, that rocks Istvan but doesn’t send him down, Wells goes for a second clothesline, again it rocks Gretzky but doesn’t send him down, Wells goes for a third clothesline, Gretzky ducks and drives Wells back into the corner, driving the shoulder into the ribs, Gretzky hits 3 painful shoulder blocks to Wells, then pulls him back to the middle of the ring and locks on the bear hug once more.*

BD: Oh god, Gretzky has got it again, and Wells is back at square one.

Bod: Istvan, baby, squeezing the life out of this crowd pandering muppet.

*Wells is reviving in agony, he has no way to break this move the second time round, the elbow shots are weaker and ineffective, Wells has no choice he taps out giving Gretzky the first fall*

Winner of fall No.1: Istvan Gretzky (1)

Bod: Well that’s the smartest thing Wells has ever done, that move not only could’ve ended the whole match, it could have ended Wells career.

BD: Wells certainly won’t be the same after tonight, can he fight back and win the next two falls, he’ll have to, if he is going to hang on to that Evolution Championship.

PK: I don’t think he can, he’s hurt and now Gretzky has the advantage he can slow down the pace, take his time, and pick apart Ryan Wells, strategy wise, this is going perfectly for the challenger.

*Wells is using the ropes to slowly pull himself back to his feet, but with his back turned, Gretzky hits a cheap shot, punch to the back of the head, sending Wells out between the ropes and down to the floor*
BD: Now was there any need for the cheap shot?

Bod: Look Bob, shut your mouth, there are no breaks between the falls here, Gretzky was being kind letting Wells recover at all.

*Gretzky gets out of the ring and stalks Wells...*

stop again at 10:16

*...and Gretzky grabs the ropes*
Bod: And Gretzky forces the break.

BD: Wells has done a good job of fighting back into this match

*Wells waits for Gretzky to get back to his feet, then hits him with a huge right hand, then a left, then another right and so on, with Gretzky dazed and confused, Wells whips him across the ring, Wells hits a kick to the guy then a swinging neckbreaker*

PK: The leg is hooked here.




BD: Gretzky survives here.

Bod: If Wells is going to succeed he is going to have to keep this pace quick.

*Wells picks up Gretzky and goes for a right hand shot, but Gretzky blocks and goes for a shot of his own, but Wells ducks out, Gretzky turns around and his hit with the sitout FREAKBUSTAHHHH!!!!!*

PK: He nails it! Will this level the score?




Winner of the 2nd Fall Ryan Wells

BD: Ryan Wells draws level here, it’s all square, it’s time to find out once and for all who the better man is!

Bod: C’mon Gretzky!

stop at 3:40

PK: Great ring awareness from Gretzky, he breaks the pinfall without exerting energy, which because all the more important as we head towards the 20 mineut mark in this match.

*Wells picks up Gretzky, but Gretzky stuns him with some huge right hand shots to the mid-section*
Bod: Clubbing blows must be taking the wind away from the champion.

*Gretzky grabs the double underhooks and hits a Tiger Driver!!!*
BD: The catch-as-catch-can-grapples bomb connects, we have a new champion!

PK: New champion?




PK: NO! Somehow, someway, Ryan Wells manages to kick out.

*Wells and Gretzky get back to their feet, Gretzky fires off a sick chop!, but Wells fires one right back, Gretzky tenses up and dares Wells to chop him, Wells makes a sickening noise of the chest of Gretzky. Wells then tenses up and invites Gretzky to chop him, but as Gretzky pulls back Wells tricks him and hits another huge chop on Gretzky.*

*The crowd loves that.*

*Wells hits the ropes and comes back at Gretzky, Gretzky counters with a backbreaker, Wells remains on his feet, Gretzky comes off the ropes and hits Greetings from Warsaw!!!, a brutal clothesline from hell.*
Bod: People do say the closest place to hell is Warsaw, and Gretzky just took Wells there, now this one HAS to be over!





PK: Oh so close, but no cigar there!

Bod: Do they smoke cigars in Poland?

PK: How the hell would I know.

BD: Well actually Cigars became a regular export to Polan...

Bod: Nobody cares bob!.

*Wells and Gretzky, once again back to their feet. Gretzky goes for a second clothesline but Wells ducks and hits a clothesline of his own, knocking Gretzky down.*

BD: We are in the 3rd and deciding fall in this EWNCW Evolution Championship match.

PK: Who wants it more?

*Wells focuses in on Gretzky, he stalks him, preparing to strike, as Gretzky reaches his feet Wells spins him round and hits another FREAKBUSTAHHHH!!!!!!!!*
BD: cover him Ryan!

*Wells doesn’t go for the cover instead he waits for Gretzky to get back to his feet and hits a second FREAKBUSTAHHHHH!!!!!!*

PK: Now he goes for the cover.




Winner and STILL EWNCW Evolution Champion: Ryan “The Freak” Wells!!!!

BD: Ryan Wells cements his place as Evolution Champion and proved that he is better than Istvan Gretzky.

PK: A great exchange between two warriors carrying on from their time limit draw on Rage, they left it all in the ring here tonight.

Bod: I’ll admit that Ryan Wells beat Gretzky here tonight...

BD: You don’t need to admit it, it’s a fact we all just saw it, this is Ryan Wells moment, two PPV’s in a row, this man has had a spectacular moment, one month ago he stands tall as the new champion tonight he stands tall still the champion!

*Wells stands with the title above his head atop of the ramp, Istvan looks on from the ring.*

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 08:43 PM

JMcM: The following contest is a Triple Threat Match, scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Ider Alabama, The Archangel...Kayden James!!!!!!

Bod: Here comes “The Archangel” Kayden James, ever since he touched down in EWNCW and on Rage, he has set about living in the fast lane, quickly making enemies and not a lot of friends, he had that amazing match with William Carlin on EWNCW Warzone, and on Rage he has become embrollied in a dispute with Seraphim and Ronaldo Romulus over beliefs and ability.

PK: Well a man named the Archangel was always going to clash with Ronaldo Romulus, but Seraphim is also involved a wild card perhaps, he’s also been outspoken.

BD: And you both saw it, but let’s say it now, Kayden had a great showing against William Carlin, picking up a win over an EWNCW World Champion, albeit a tag team champion, is almost unheard off.

Bod: Indeed such a huge win, ever since, Kayden James’ confidence must have gone through the roof, but tonight it’s about more, James is not content winning he wants to crush Ronaldo and Seraphim and henceforth their views as well.


JMcM: And his opponent, coming...Straight down from heaven, this is Seraphim!!!!!

BD: Seraphim is a top, top level competitor, fresh off a run at TBOZ and his World Heavyweight Championship, unfortunately, Serpahim unable to win the title, but he has made it clear its time to refocus and head back for that title, but standing in his way is Kayden James and Ronaldo Romulus.

Bod: Look there is a reason Seraphim didn’t win the World Heavyweight Championship because he is a LOSER! Get it, LOSER!

BD: Nothing to do with some of TBOZ’s dirty tricks I am sure, but just as TBOZ is slowly turning away from his underhand tactics Seraphim too hopes to get out of this losing streak and pick up a huge win here tonight.


JMcM: And their opponent from Sao Paulo, Brazil, This is Ronaldo Romulus!!!!!

PK: Now here is a man destined for the Main Event.

Bod: His style and his manner befitting of a champion, Ronaldo was on the losing end at the last PPV as well, dropping is Evolution Championship to Ryan Wells, in what many touted as the moment of the night. He looks to turn that round tonight and get a victory over his two worthy opponents.

BD: A tremendous competitor with all the tools but can he assemble the furniture as it were here tonight.

Bod: What the hell are you talking about Bob? What a God awful metaphor!

Seraphim/Rey Mysterio vs Ronaldo Romulus/Alberto Del Rio vs Kayden James/The Miz

Stop at 11:00

*With James on the outside Seraphim gets up, and springs off the top rope and hits a senton onto James. Seraphim might have tweaked something there because he is having trouble getting up, Kayden James comes up form behind and shoves Seraphim straight into the steel ring steps!*

BD: Seraphim was getting up gingerly there, he may have tweaked something, but no doubt he’s hurt after Kayden James sends him full force into the steps.
PK: Well I am starting to like Kayden James, he takes no shit!

*Kayden picks up Ronaldo and rolls him back into the ring, Kayden follows him in and lifts him up for a tombstone he goes for it, but Ronaldo grabs the heel, rolls through into a heel lock, but quickly transitions into a knee bar!*

Bod: Tremendous counter, from Ronaldo, that is awesome!

*Ronaldo cranks up the pressure, as Kayden considers tapping!*
BD: Will he force the archangel to tap out here?

Bod: Oh I am torn, I am just glad that loser Seraphim hurt himself.

BD: from a man that’s just come out of hospital that’s a little insensitive.

Bod: I will punch you straight in the ovum Bob!

BD: I don’t have a...

PK: Leave it Bob!

*Kayden is in trouble, however he manages to roll through, and kick off Ronaldo, Ronaldo comes straight back, but Kayden manages to hit several punches to the head, giving him enough time to get back to his feet and deliver a clothesline to Ronaldo, Kayden goes for a powerbomb, putting Ronaldo in position...*

PK: Well we have seen this before from Kayden James, he can hit 3 powerbombs in a row and he calls it The Alpha and Omega drop!

*Kayden goes for the first powerbomb and nails it, he lifts Ronaldo up to deliver the second crushing impact, when Ronaldo counters out, jumping off Kayden’s shoulders, he runs the ropes and goes for a clothesline on Kayden, but James ducks and hits a T-Bone suplex!!!*

BD: And Kayden rolls into the cover!




*Seraphim back in to break things up with a dropkick to the head of James. Seraphim picks up James and drives him head first into the turnbuckle, he whips James across the ring to the opposite corner, Seraphim charges and hits a roundhouse kick connecting to the Jaw of James, Seraphim grabs at his knee a little, Seraphim turns his attention back to James lifts him to the top of the turnbuckle and follow him up he is going for a top rope german suplex but James holts him but delivering two elbows to the temple, Seraphim regains composure with two clubs to the back, just as Seraphim is ready to hit the German suplex, Ronaldo is back up he slides in under and powerbombs Seraphim who German suplexes Kayden James!*
BD: A tower of doom!

PK: Bodies scattered everywhere.

*Ronaldo is first back to his feet, he puts the boots to James, kicking him under the ropes and onto the apron, he then turns his attention back to Seraphim who still lay prone, Ronaldo waits for him to get up to his knee’s then delivers a running enziguri!*
Bod: Ronaldo has him here.




BD: No! Somehow Seraphim kicks out.

*Romulus and Seraphim back to their feet, Seraphim hits a huge kick to the side of Ronaldo’s head sending him down, Seraphim turns into a kick to the mid-section from James, then a powerbomb, but James keeps the grip lifts Sera up and hits a second powerbomb, the grip remains and James picks him up again, and this time hits a sit-out Powerbomb!*

BD: Shoulders are down!




*The pinfall is broken up by a Ronaldo coming in with a Randy Orton type Punt to the head off James, James falls to the mat and rolls to the outside, Ronaldo wastes no time in lifting up Seraphim and connecting with The Wrath of Remus!!!*

Bod: Romulus has got him, he’s going to win it.




Winner: Ronaldo Romulus

Bod: Ronaldo has one the battle!, Ronaldo has proven that he is indeed better than Seraphim, Better than James, he was able to take his chances and that is why he is the man!

BD: Indeed it was very impressive stuff from Ronaldo Romulus, Seraphim took a risk with that high flying move, perhaps he tweaked his knee or something, because he just didn’t seem the same after that, and as for Kayden James he will be waking up with a headache tomorrow.

PK: Hey Ronaldo won and he’ll feel the effects tomorrow that was an intense match-up and a big win for Ronaldo.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 08:47 PM
JMcM: This match is set for one fall, and is for the International Championship!


JMcM: Introducing first, from Devon, England, Billy McCoy!

BD: Here’s McCoy! You just have to feel that, in this arena, on this night, it’s his time to shine!

PK: Well, I think that King is simply too difficult to beat. Yeah, McCoy’s on a roll, he’s beat and competed with some true stars in the past few weeks, but King is a step too far.

Bod: I have to agree, althought Billy really brought it to the likes of Krysys, he didn’t win and I think King takes the title back tonight.


JMcM: And his opponent, from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, the current EWNCW International Champion, King Strem!

PK: Here is a real superstar, a spectacle for us all to behold. I mean, this guy, is someone who will really take it to the top!

Bod: He’s a hell of an athlete, Pierce, a real talker on the mike, and I think he could handle anyone on his day. His day could be again tonight, I just can’t see Billy doing enough.

BD: It’s going to be one hell of a match, here we go!

(King = Barrett / McCoy = Orton)

(Stop at 12:10)

BD: Oh my! What a reversal by McCoy

*McCoy lifts up King, shoves him into the corner and starts teeing off with lefts and rights, before lifting up to the top and hitting a wonderful superplex!*

BD: Pin!




Bod: He was close!

PK: Not enough to put King away though, haha!

*Billy looks at the ground as he sets up for The Real McCoy, and spots the chair on the ground. He throws the chair out of the ring, turning round into King Strem, who hits him with a perfect Powerbomb into a facebuster*

BD: Oh my.


Bod: He never saw it coming!




JMcM: Here is your winner, and still EWNCW International Champion, King Strem!

PK: He did it! You didn’t believe me Bob, but King went out there and got the victory he deserved!

BD: McCoy was getting a chair out of the ring, one that King had put in himself, the referee should have dealt with it earlier!

Bod: It’s an old saying that has come true tonight gentleman, keep your eyes on the prize. Billy didn’t and in the end he payed heavily for that mistake.

PK: Long live the King! What a sensational championship victory!

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 08:58 PM
Jason McManus: The following is a one on one match scheduled for one fall!!


JMcM: Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, ‘The Amazing One’, Andy Amazing!!

Bob Daniels: You join us back here as we get ready to hopefully see a match between Andy Amazing and Daymian Bloodstone get under way, with the hometown hero Andy Amazing coming to the ring!! But Bodom, tell us more about what’s been going on with these 2 on Rage recently.

Bodom: Well both Amazing and Bloodstone have shown admiration and respect for each other’s skills in recent weeks, and they’ve been trying to put on a great match for the EWNCW fans, but each week they kept getting interrupted by a mysterious individual. The mystery man was eventually revealed to be none other then The Prophecy. However, Amazing and Bloodstone are here tonight to try and give the fans the match they want. Let’s see if they actually manage to get it done!


JMcM: And his opponent, from Boulder, Nevada, ‘The Pint Sized Rocker’, Daymian Bloodstone!!

Daniels: And here’s Bloodstone, he’s not really had the rub of things since dropping the Rage Ignition Championship, is he finding stepping up hard you think?

Pierce Kingmaker: I don’t think it’s that. I just think that this business with The Prophecy has rocked him, and indeed Amazing. You have to say that Prophecy seems to be in both guy’s heads.

Daniels: Well, we’re ready to go here, so let’s get the match under way!!

(Mysterio = Bloodstone vs Christian = Amazing)
Start at 2:50)

(stop at 5:05)

Daniels: this has been a good start to the match thus far, Amazing is firmly in control of the smaller Bloodstone tough!!

Bod: Both guys are quality superstars looking to break the glass ceiling, the outcome of this match will make or break one of these guys.

Kingmaker: I have to agree. I..... what the....

Bod: God damn it, again already?!?!

*the lights go out, and the audience let out a mixture of groans and cheers. After a few seconds, the following music hits*


*after a few lightning flashes and strobe lighting, both Amazing and Bloodstone are standing up and looking towards the ramp, expecting The Prophecy*

Daniels: Where is he?!?! Where is The Prophecy!! He’s here tonight!!

*The lights suddenly come back up and The Prophecy is seen standing in the ring behind both Amaxing and Bloodstone!*

Kingmaker: where the hell did he come from?!?! I didn’t see him enter!!

*Both Bloodstone and Amazing bail the ring, and circle round to the commentary table side of the ring, and they then enter a discussion with each other befor ebloodston grabs a mic.*

Bloodsotne: Prophecy! Before you try and ruin yet another match between Amazing and I, and although we both said that we’d be ready to take you out if you showed up tonight, we have a proposition for you.
How about you officially participate in the match. Let’s make this a triple threat. If you really want to get involved, then how about you try and prove to these fans how good you really are and try and beat us 2!!

*after a brief moment, Prophecy slowly nods in agreement as the crowd cheer.
Bloodstone and Amazing re-enter the ring along with the referee, and they get ready to re-commence the match*

Daniels: So we’re now going to get a triple threat match here!! Bloodstone vs Amazing vs The Prophecy!! His first match in EWNCW!! This should be a great watch!!

Bodom: We’ve never seen him in action before, who knows how good he really is. Perhaps that Bloodsotne and amazing have walked into a trap here!!

(Kane = Prophecy vs Punk = Amazing vs Bryan = Bloodstone)
(Start at 4:37)
(stop at 10:50)

Daniels: What a matchup we’ve had here so far, as we see The Prophecy stalking Andy Amazing here!!

Bod: I’ve been very impressed by the Prophecy here tonight, and he’s surely got this one in the bag here!!

*Amazing slowly gets up, as The Prophecy lifts him upside-down and onto his shoulder, before shifting him into a belly to back piledriver position and dropping him on his head!*

Daniels: TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!! This one’s over!!!

Kingmaker: An Infamous move!! The Prophecy surely has it won!! With Bloodstone down on the outside, there’s nobody to stop him!!!

*Prophecy drops to the cover and the referee counts...*




Daniels: No!! Amazing kicks out!!

*Prophecy gets up and protests with the referee, who reinterates that it was only 2. He then looks at Amazing still lying prone in the ring, and looks to the turnbuckle, before making his way towards it with intent, goes out onto the apron and starts climbing to the top*

Bod: What the hell is this man doing now?!

Kingmaker: This could either be really smart or really stupid!! The match could be won or lost right here!!

*The Prophecy is at the top turnbuckle as he steadies himself, but before he can go on to do anything, Daymian Bloodstone re-appears on the apron with lightnight quick pace, and goes to hit The Prophecy*

Daniels: Bloodstone!! Where did he come from!!

Kingmaker: He’s back up and he’s not going to let Prophecy win this one!!

*Bloodstone clibs up to join The Prophecy on the top rope. He then hits him with a frankensteiner, sending The Prophecy crashing on top of Andy Amazing!!*

Bod: What a move!! Bloodstone just crashed Prophecy on top of Amazing there!! He’s out for the count for sure!!

*Bloodstone instead of going for the pin, points to the sky and then to the turnbuckle before climbing back up to the top rope!!*

Kingmaker: Why isn’t he going for the pin!! Both men are down!!

Daniels: He wants to finish this one off in style!!

*Bloodstone is on the top rope facing away from the ring, and he then stands up before hitting a reverse 450 splash on The Prophecy!!*

Daniels: OH MY GOD!! WHAT A MOVE!!

Bod: That’s surely it now!!





JMcM: The winner of this match, ‘The Pint Sized Rocker’, Daymian Bloodstone!!

Daniels: Bloodstone did it!! What a match from all 3 participants though!! Incredible stuff!!

Kingmaker: You have to hand it to them, Amazing and Bloodstone wanted to put on a match, and that’s exactly what they did!! The Prophecy added that third wheel to things, but it only added to the occasion in my opinion!!

Bod: Bloodstone’s finally won a match that could prove to be a breakthrough moment for him. He’s been looking for that moment since dropping the Rage Ignition Championship, and he might now have got it. I want to see if he can use this as a springboard going forward.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 09:04 PM
Dick Thompson: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time; World Heavyweight Champion, K-Jammin.
So, K-Jam, you've been in EWNCW for a fair time now, how would you assess your time here thus far?

K-Jammin: If I had to pick one word to describe my time here in EWNCW, it would be domination. I've dominated the entire roster and I did it all with ease. I've ended careers and won championships, what more could a guy want? Well those and the three hookers I have in my hotel room.

DT: Tonight you're facing off against The Beard of Zeus in your first defense of the World Heavyweight Championship. How do you rate your chances?

K-Jammin: I think It's more fun to rate TBOZ's chances of ever having kids after I repeatedly kick him the nuts tonight. Listen to me, tonight I will be leaving still World Heavyweight Champion. Is TBOZ tough? Sure, of course he is. But tough isn't enough to prepare for what I have in store for him tonight. I'll let you in on a little secret here Dick. You, the fans, the rest of the roster, and everyone else hasn't even seen me perform at half of my full potential. Why you ask? Because there is simply no need, I'm just that fucking good.

DT: A man that you know all too well, or so you thought, is officiating the match; Jman. What are your thoughts on him and the attitude that he's shown towards you and others since he appeared here?

K-Jammin: Jman's been waiting to hit puberty for fucking years now, the poor boy has more important things to worry about, such as trying to figure out whether his first pube is actually just his dick. Jman has been going around like he's some sort of badman for the past few weeks, when anyone who has followed his career knows he's just a scared little boy. Try to be bad all you want Jman, but don't fuck with the original badman! As for him refereeing tonight, it's quite simple, if he gets in my way, I'll break his fucking neck.

DT: Finally, a huge announcement is expected later in the week. An announcement that will affect all singles stars of Rage and Inferno. Any thoughts on what this announcement could be?

K-Jammin: I don't care, now fuck off.

DT: ..... Ok..... Thank you K-Jammin.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 09:16 PM
Bob Daniels: It is time for the Rage main event!!! The World Heavyweight Champion, K-Jammin, puts the belt on the line against former champion The Beard of Zeus!

Bodom: I don’t think I have to say who’s my pick here, right? My good old buddy TBOZ is getting the win here, and get what is rightfully his!!

Pierce Kingmaker: Yeah, TBOZ is good, but K-Jam has been dominant since his debut, and I think he’ll retain in the end.

Bod: You obviously don’t have a clue about Rage don’t you?

BD: Let’s keep this quiet, gentleman. There’s a factor to be considered here, guys, as Jman is the special guest referee tonight. Remember that in the last episode of Rage, Jman left TBOZ and Seraphim in their bout against Ronaldo, K-Jammin and Kayden James, and the week before he refused to tag in when his partner K-Jammin was in the God’s Complex choke, and that cost them the match against TBOZ and you, Bodom. What do you think about his attitude?

Bod: Well, he’s trying to make a name for himself, and that I like, but he’d better control that madman we have as champion, no one is safe when he’s around.

PK: He’s claiming that he’s his own man, and I think he’ll cut it down the middle.


Jason McManus: This match is set for one fall, and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship!! Introducing first, the special guest referee, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jman!!!!

*The crowd gives Jman a huge split reaction when Jman goes down the ramp with the black and white straps T-Shirt*

BD: Here comes the referee, and the fans are clearly divided.

Bod: Thanks, Captain Obvious. It is clear that our fans are the opposite as he should be: neutral. I do not fully trust this guy.

PK: He has stayed true to is word though, not helping any of the participants in the match.

BD: That’s true, but the moment to keep with his word is now. He has a job to do, and that includes not being in favor of either K-Jammin or TBOZ.

*Jman seems indifferent to the fans reaction, he enters the ring and stands next to Jason McManus with a dead serious face*


*The fans receive The Beard of Zeus with a huge positive reaction, and the former champion and GodMoney member replies back saluting fans and smiling*

Bod: Here comes the Man! Go TBOZ, kick that bastard’s sorry ass!! *He stands and applauds*

BD: Would you calm down a little Bodom, please?

Bod: No, I’m not!

PK: He’s worse when Rick Flair comes out.

*Before entering the ring, TBOZ goes to the announce table, checking on Bodom’s state after the attack he suffered two weeks ago. He asks “You OK, Bods?”. “Yeah boy, go there and get him!”

PK: He looks good, but still he will not get the job done tonight.

BD: I’m siding with Bodom here, I think TBOZ will recapture the belt.


*The chorus of boos that welcome the World Heavyweight Champion are definitely deafening, it reminds of the reception Cena got at MITB last year. However, the champion does not care, as he walks down the ramp with a smirk.*

PK: Well, unlike you, I think K-Jammin retains. He’s truly unstoppable since he came to EWNCW.

Bod: But he’s been decimating other superstars without real motive, and he’s got the back of that GM we have, Cleverly.

BD: Still, he’s a force to reckon, no one can deny that.

*K-Jam also comes to the announce table and sarcastically asks Bodom: “How are you, Bodom?”. He gets a killing look from Bodom before entering the ring. He stares to Jman before reluctantly handing him the belt*

BD: Here’s Jason McManus with the official introductions!

JMcM: This is the World Heavyweight Championship match, set for one fall!!. Introducing first the challenger, from Nottingham, England, he’s The Beard of Zeeeeeeeeussssssssss!!!

*Huge pop again for TBOZ as he climbs the turnbuckle to salute the crowd*

JMcM: And his opponent, from London, England, he’s the current World Heavyweight Champion, K-Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaminnnnn!!!

*A boo storm ensues, and the champion does not seem to care. As Jason leaves, Jman presents the belt to TBOZ and to the fans. He then proceeds to check that neither competitor has a hidden weapon in their clothes. Once he’s done that, he signals for the belt calling: Ring the bell!*

BD: And this one is on the way!!!

(Cena = K-Jam/ CM Punk = TBOZ / Triple H = Jman)

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xkju46_summerslam-2011-john-cena-vs-cm-punk-full-match-hd_sport?search_algo=2 (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xkju46_summerslam-2011-john-cena-vs-cm-punk-full-match-hd_sport?search_algo=2)
*Stop at 36:32*

*Jman makes the count but realizes that K-Jammin has the foot on the ropes, so he interrupts the count. TBOZ cannot believe it. He faces Jman, demanding that the three count should have been counted. Jman explains that the foot was on the ropes. Clearly disappointed, TBOZ turns around only to eat the Head Jam*

PK: He’s got him!

BD: Will K-Jam retain?




Bod: Well done, TBOZ! Hang there, fella!!!

PK: He had him! That Jman made a slow count because he’s jealous!!

BD: I think he made his job well, Pierce.

*Now it’s time for K-Jam to complain, while TBOZ goes to the ropes to catch his breath. K-Jammin is calling the ref stupid and making the same claim as Pierce. Jman grabs his ref shirt and threatens K-Jam with a disqualification. The champion leaves to faces TBOZ, he charges but TBOZ grabs the ropes and goes to the floor*

Bod: That’s a good strategy there, folks. You have to be aware of where you are in the ring and use it for your advantage.

*As both men are down, Jman initiates the count*




*TBOZ goes under the ropes and starts punching K-Jam*



*TBOZ stops and tries to lift K-Jam and rolls him under the bottom rope and into the ring*



*TBOZ rolls in, stopping the count. He then puts K-Jammin in suplex position, ready to hit the Fisherman Suplex he calls Divine Intervention*

Bod: Divine intervention coming! Go TBOZ!

*TBOZ hits the Divine intervention and goes for the vintage cradle pin*



2,9999999999!! NO!

Bod: That’s outrageous!!

PK: No, that was great!!

*TBOZ can’t believe it, and faces Jman claiming it was three. However, he does not complain much, because K-Jam rolls him up*

BD: Cover for the champ!



Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 09:16 PM

*TBOZ kicks out clearly. The champ wastes no time and locks in the Sharpshooter*

PK: This is gonna make it!

Bod: No way! Come on Zeus! Hang on!

*TBOZ is in a torrent of pain. He yells and screams, trying to reach for the ropes to no avail. K-Jamming even pulls him to the center of the ring. TBOZ manages to pull himself up, trying to relief the pressure, and in an epic effort, he manages to throw K-Jammin away!

Bod: That’s the spirit, my friend! Go and get him!!

*Both men are down. However, TBOZ starts moving first and crawls towards his opponent. He finally manages to grab K-Jam and lock into the God Complex*

Bod: That’s it!! Tap out, K-Jam, tap out!!

*Despite Bodom’s desire, they are close to the ropes, so the champion manages to grab the lower rope. Jman starts the count, and when he reaches four, he forces TBOZ to release the hold. When they both confront again, the ref superkicks the challenger*

Bod: WHAT??

PK: You don’t mess with the ref!

BD: It seems that Jman is not keeping to his word.

*K-Jam is still on the ropes, catching his breath, and he starts laughing, as he has caught everything. He tries to stand up, and Jman helps him to his feet.*

BD: That seals the deal! Jman is helping his partner!

*Both men are laughing, specially the champ. He even bends over. When he gets up, he eats another superkick*

Bod: That’s the equalizer!

BD: Well, he seems to be neutral, as both champ and challenger have taken Jman’s finisher, Good match, Let’s go Eat!

*Jman looks disdainful. As both men are down, he starts the count*






*Both men start stirring*



*They have grabbed the ropes and start to get to their feet*


*Almost there!*

*Both are on their feet, so Jman stops the count. K-Jam manages to give two steps forward, an occasion that TBOZ uses to charge trying to clothesline his opponent. K-Jammin manages to duck. TBOZ turns around and eats the Head Jam*

PK: That has to be it!!!

Bod: No! No! No!

BD: Cover for the champ!

3! Ding, ding ding!
Winner: K-Jammin

*The crowd boos like mad*

PK: I told you fellas, he’s done it!

Bod: *clearly mad* NO! NO! NO! NO!


Bod: NO!


Bod: NO!


Bod: NO!

BD: Would you please stop?

*Meanwhile, in the ring, Jman has received the belt, and after raising K-Jam’s hand and hands him the belt before leaving without taking a look at the champion. Meanwhile, TBOZ is laying motionless after the finish. K-Jam is celebrating and the crowd boos like mad. The champion leaves the ring and goes to face Bodom. Bodom stands, and there is an intense staredown. K-Jam rises the belt, laughs and leaves. TBOZ is left in the ring lamenting for the loss*

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 09:19 PM
Nick Newman: Now before the highly anticipated Gates of Hell takes place we need to dig the coffins in which both teams but first here is some of disturbing footage from their time spent in the coffins:

-Footage from Slayde's coffin camera is displayed-

*Camera static*

Slayde: So dry...-takes in oxygen from his provided tank-...must not let this get the better of me. Tonight, we end this, one way or another...-coughs heavily-

*Camera static*

From Grind's camera:

*Static. Barely an image and we hear growling, roaring, scratching and punhcing. Back to static*

From Carlin's camera:

*Static. Carlin's face is contracted in a rictus of pain.

Carlin: Time for blood. Revenge. Burn and tear. And the win. And a big fucking blue whale for dinner afterwards!

Static again*

From the camera of Grind:

*Static. When image turns on, a black shadow comes and we are back to static*

From the camera of Carlin:

*Static. Carlin: The urge to go out increasing. Inconnected thoughts. Only rage. Only get out and wrestle, maim, burn, tear. Static.*

*Footage from Abel's coffin is shown. He is shown to be rather calm. Faint sounds are heard as it appears that he is talking to himself*

Abel: I am fine.. The Children will protect me, they will keep me sane... *Laughs* The Children, they are all I need.. No!! No!! You can't leave! I need you! Please Children, you are my sanity!

*Abel claws furiously at the coffin*

You can't leave! Come back! I do this for you! Why would you leave me!? How could this be for my own good!? Children you will answer me! I do this for you! I lose my sanity to please you! Children!? Children!?

*Abel is still clawing at his coffin, but it looks as though his fingers are bloody. With a sudden realization he is alone, Abel drops his hands back to the coffin*

Nooooooooooooooooo!! Let me out!!! I need to see The Children!!! Noooooo!!

*Slayde's camera shows him twisting and holding on to his ribcage*

Slayde: Fuck!!! I feel like my insides are gonna burst!!!

-kicks the coffin repeatedly-

Slayde: I have to hold on, the hunger for those belts is greater than anything right now. The Madness is soon going manifest itself in ways never seen before.

-Slayde hears whispers but no one is in the coffin but him-

Slayde: I hear The Children...Abel...I hope you are faring well, my brother

-Groans as he holds his stomach-

*Camera cuts off*

No signal from Grind's camera.

From Carlin's:

*Static. We then see Carlin with his fingers clawing his own face, like his own nails are clawing in his own flesh. He then proceeds to punch the lid.*

Carlin: When the hell is the moment!? When the hell is the moment!? When the danmed hell is the freaking momeeeeeeeeeent!!!!!!!


*Camera footage of Slayde*

Slayde: Soon. -laughs maniacally-

-Slayde stares directly into his camera, his eyes are dilated before shrinking down in a flash-


Slayde: Can you see? See the end??? I DO!!!!

-Slayde punches the camera repeatedly till his fists are bleeding-

Slayde: LET ME OUT!!!

*Camera fades out as Slayde blares out a deafening scream*

*Hours have passed, but for Abel it feels like an eternity, it seems he has lost what sanity he had left as he is seen banging his head against the coffin. Blood has started to spill from a wound on his head, yet he continues. Cameras can barely make out the mangled mess that are his fingers, as he attempts to claw at his stomach. Abel can be heard crying out in agony, pleading for The Children to help, but no one comes... He is all alone..*

From the camera of Carlin:

*Static. Then we see Carlin's forehead is a mess, and he as really clawed his face with his nails. He keeps hammering on the lid*

Carlin: it is time!!! let me out!!!


No signal from Grind's... but if Carlin is on that state, go figure it out.

*Final camera footage through a cracked camera lens show Slayde simply calm*

Slayde: I know, what must be done. The Children....the madness it will all end. The demon from within will be unleashed.

-Somehow the lens restores its clarity and this is seen-


*Camera fades to black*

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 09:27 PM
Lily Morgan: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your highly anticipated Gates of Hell Match. This match can only be won by pinfall submission and by a daring means of being burned by escaping over the cage. Now being released from their coffins at this time, the challengers they are the team of Abel and Orion Slayde........The Shadows of Madness!!!!!!

*The Shadows of Madness walk to the ring disoriented, showing the scars and blood of their attempt to overcome the dementia suffered inside the coffin with a deranged look in their twitching eyes and screaming for food and water but they are told to simply enter the ring and get ready for action.*

Nick Newman: The horrors these men are going through right now is nothing compared to what awaits them in The Gates of Hell.

Terry Murdock: The Gates of Hell is a match unlike any I've ever seen before. This match will able make or break once of these teams tonight. That's why The Shadows of Madness will go for it all in order to become the EWNCW Blacklist Champions tonight.

Lily Morgan: And their opponents, now being releases from their coffins they current reigning and defending EWNCW Blacklist Champions!!! Grind Bastard and William Carlin.....The Jesting Madness!!!

*The Jesting Madness come to the ring with a tormented look on their faces filled with agony and angst as well the bruises and signs scarring and digging into their skin for not having been provided without food nor water as they are guided to the ring to begin the match. *

Terry Murdock: The champions look like hell and they are going through it to retain the gold here tonight.

Nick Newman: Believe me, they can and they will. The Jesting Madness is the best tag team in the world right now, there is no way they are going to lose tonight.

*Referee David Johnson commands for the cage be lowered, the cage is now locked and just as swiftly the top of the cage is lit on the fire igniting the crowd's excitement to see human flesh burn. The ref calls for the bell and both teams look dazed and deranged from the ringing in their ears but ready for the intense action to come.*

Nick Newman: This is it, let the Madness begin. The Gates of Hell is officially underway.

*William Carlin starts things off with a big forearm shot to side of Slayde's face while Abel kick Grind in the gut, sets him up and nail a sick powerbomb on the lower left corner turnbuckle. Grind id down and out for now and as Slayde begins to come back trading fists left and right with Carlin it's Abel who joins in and strike Carlin with a devastating clothesline to the back of Carlin's skull. Slayde covers Carlin as the ref covers.....1..........2.....but Carlin kicks out.*

Terry Murdock: This match has gone off with a violent start, gotta love that.

*William Carlin rolls out of the ring and Abel chases after as Slayde picks up Grind and slings him over the top rope in to the outside floor and follows soon after him and the metal walls are glowing red and the heat radiating off them is enough the fans at ringside sweat and say: Damn, that's hot. Abel in now in control of Carlin and grabs him by the neck, lifting and pressing his bare back against th cage and Carlin cry of pain sends chills down everyone's spine.*

Terry Murdock: What a cruel and vicious act.

Nick Newman: Did you not expect to use the wall to their advantage, they'd be stupid not to.

*Orion Slayde sees Abel's actions and grins but in doing so allows Grind to recover and strike a low blow on Slayde that forces to kneel down and Grind stands up and now presses Slayde face right into scorching walls of this demonic structure and Slayde's right side is now being sizzled as he screams out in horror and the crowd can almost bear not look but do so. Abel looks over to see his partner screaming and Carlin now gouges Abel's eyes forcing Abel to let him go but the damage to his back is enough to fall to the floor and wince in great pain. *

Nick Newman: The Jesting Madness is making a comeback, fuck yeah!!!

*Grind Bastard now releases his hold on Slayde's face and as Slayde falls rolling over in pain, Grind joins Carlin and soon together are to take the beast of a man that is Abel by nailing The Beheading as Abel is struck with a simultaneous Enzuigiri by Grind and Superkick from Carlin on the outside floor and the crowd is going nuts.*

Terry Murdock: Abel is pretty much out of this, how will The Shadows of Madness recover?

*Grind Bastard now signals towards Carlin to grab Slayde off the canvas but Slayde is now somewhat recovered and kicks Carlin in the gut and plants him down to the floor with The Dark Veil (Double Underhook Piledriver) and the crowd is in awe as it to how Slayde is still even in this. *

Terry Murdock: Carlin must knocked out, Slayde planted him down to concrete floor with such force that Carlin might have some serious neck injuries after tonight.

Nick Newman: Indeed, don't you just love when 2 psychotic teams just wanna beat the crap out one another? I sure do and that's what where seeing right now.

*Abel is forced into to the ring by Grind who waits for Abel to stand and somehow manage to completely dominate the giant by effectively locking his arms, lifting him and planting him down in the ring with The Skullkrusher (Package Piledriver) and goes for the cover........1.............2........Slayde comes in to break the cover. Slayde waste no time of hos own and manges to lift a dazed Grind Bastard and connect with Shroud of Darkness (Head and arm suplex flipped and dropped into a side slam backbreaker) and quickly tells the referee to make the count.......one............two.......thre- Grind somehow kicks out. The crowd is on their feet for both teams and the action being put in display.*

Nick Newman: Both had the match won right there and yet both teams stand, this truly is a match for the ages.

*Abel is seen standing slowly by Slayde, who soon to go check on his partner and ask if he is okay but Abel simply replies: "Yes, The Children must be content at all cost." and Slayde nods knowing what he means so he goes to pick up Grind and now Abel grabs Grind in position for the Abelslam and holds him in place as Slayde jumps and completes The Nightmare in the Shadows (Abel Slam to World of Shadows) but they don't go for the cover and Slayde only tells Abel: "Do it"*

Nick Newman: What the hell is gonna happen? I have a bad feeling about this.

Terry Murdock: This could be very good or very bad for both champions and challengers. Don't you dare tune away from this exciting action.

*Abel is now outside of the ring and look at the steel cage wall in front of him and though it does burns his hand he is seen trying actually pull the steel cage wall of its sockets and in one final burst as he yells out: For The Children!!!!! he literally has ripped the steel cage wall of it's hinges and now has his signature mad look in his eye but Carlin comes in out of nowhere and shoulder tackles the back of Abel's right knee and Abel has to succumb to the reality of the moment when the weight of the cage is too much for him to handle and thus the steel cage wall falls on top of this mammoth of a man burning his flesh. The crowd is livid chanting: "Holy Shit" like there is no tomorrow.*

Terry Murdock: Oh my Abel is down and I don't think he's going to be a part of this match. The Steel cage which he himself ripped off with his immeasurable power has fallen on top of him. What will Slayde do now?

*Slayde screams: "Abel!!!!!!" and quickly exits the ring and is seen trying to lift the cage of his partner but the wall is too hot to grab so he calls out to the back to send some medics out to help his fallen partner and referee David Johnson does not know what do. His ruling could be to declare this a no contest or give The Jesting Madness the win by default since Slayde is effectively without a partner but Slayde answers the question for him as he enters the ring upon the medics arrival towards his partner's aid and tells the referee he will go it alone if he has to but this match cannot end this way.*

Nick Newman: Slayde is either stupid or brave, we'll see in just a few moments.

*The crowd applauds Slayde courage and chant: "Let him fight" repeatedly and the ref abides this as he makes Slayde is sure with his decision and so the match continues. *

Nick Newman: This is it folks, one man vs two. The best tag teams in the world fight for the best tag team gold, who will win this unholy match known at The Gates of Hell?

Terry Murdock: We are about to find out.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 09:27 PM
*Slayde begins his assault on Grind Bastard and looks to have him ready for World of Shadows (Elevated Backstabber where the knees actually strike the back of the neck) but Carlin interrupts Slayde mid move with a big boot that leaves Slayde very dazed and Carlin signals Carlin to end this as he head to the top rope and Grind lifts Slayde on his shoulders but when Carlin go to clothesline him from the top turnbuckle, Slayde is able to duck and force Carlin to miss before rolling up Grind.......1............2..........No!!! Grind kicks out. Carlin reaches his feet mad about having missed his move so he picks up Slayde and grabs him by the waist looking to connect The Chaos Theory Suplex but Slayde rolls through and leaves Carlin wide open to receive a sick Superkick that make everyone go: Ooohhhh!!! and covers Carlin............1.............2.........No!!! again Carlin kicks and Slayde has to wonder what else can he do to win.*

Nick Newman: This has been a sight to see Slayde take on The Jesting Madness alone and almost but but the champs are sure to finish things very soon. I know it.

*Grind is up and Slayde sees a chance to connect The Dark Veil but it's his mistake as Grind too sees an opening towards Slayde injured leg and makes the most of it by attacking it with a kick that forces Slayde to kneel be kicked in the head by Grind Bastard who grabs a fallen Slayde and goes up top, locking in Slayde arms, lifting him and nailing the Ultrakrusher (Package Piledriver from the top rope!!!) and covers.......1.......2.......but somehow Slayde kicks out and the crowd is speechless for a few seconds for bursting out cheering at what they have just witnessed.*

Terry Murdock: How is Slayde still doing this? He has to know he doesn't much left in him and so do the champions.

*Grind is in awe but knows hat must be done as he secures Slayde in the Sharpshooter before soon Carlin joins in and lock in the Cattle Mutilation to complete The World Demise and give Slayde no choice but to tap and give the champions the victory here tonight.*

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners of this match and still your EWNCW Blacklist Champions......The Jesting Madness!!!!!!!

*EMT's are still trying to lift the cage off Abel on the outside as The Jesting Madness are handed the gold and in a show of good faith lift Slayde to his feet and ask him if he wants help to get the wall off Abel to which he agrees and finally the cage wall is taken off Abel whose skin is charred and forever scarred from tonight. Slayde helps Abel to his feet and soon both teams can only stand in front of each other and smile a bit knowing they literally just through Hell for the gold.*

*Slayde extends his hand to Carlin as Abel does the same Grind but neither man want to shake hands and instead embrace their rivals in knowing that this feud is over at least for the time being and the crowd cannot help but be emotional as well as they cry, take pictures, chant: "Match of the Year" once more before The Shadows of Madness slowly but surely head to the back leaving The Jesting Madness to celebrate in the ring.*

Nick Newman: I knew they would retain but this act of respect from both champions and challengers after such a rivalry only shows tha- wait, what the?

*God's Grace soon rush to the ring with Azrael wielding a steel chair and HolyJose carrying a contract in his and proceed to attack The Jesting Madness as Azrael strike Carlin's head so hard it busts him wide open and blood is pouring out one half of the EWNCW Blacklist Champions before delivering a clubbing blow to Grind and HolyJose has a mic in hand. *

HolyJose: Carlin, Grind. I mean really did you expect us to NOT be here tonight to witness such a brutal and intense match I mean look at you two burned and bruised. And you two certainly look beaten for just retaining your titles. You two certainly look ripe for the picking.

*HolyJose steps on Carlin's burnt back and Carlin let's out an agonizing scream*

HolyJose: Ah yeah that's what I love to hear. That pain you feel yeah I can taste that gold already. Whoa whoa whoa why is the referee running down here? I told everyone when we cash in these contracts it would be on our terms and you two would be at 100% but it looks to me as if both of you aren't. No Azrael and I are above this. No see we want you two at 100% ready to battle hence why this contract isn't for tonight but instead it's for next month at No Guts, No Glory. Just to make sure you two don't chicken out let's sign this in blood. Your blood to be exact!

*HolyJose rubs the contract in Carlin's face as the blood smears it*

HolyJose: There you have it the Brutality main event has been decided. God's Grace vs Jesting Madness at No Guts, No Glory. You might need some Aloe Vera for those burns by the way.

*Azrael and HolyJose pick up the EWNCW Blacklists Championships and pose with them on top of the turnbuckles as the crowd gives a mixed reaction.*

Terry Murdock: What have we just seen. God's Grace vs. The Jesting Madness for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships at our next EWNCW PPV? My god, that will a match you do not want to miss.

Tommy Thunder
08-28-2012, 09:36 PM
JMcM: Ladies and gentleman, this is your main event of the evening, and it is for the EWNCW Championship!


JMcM: Introducing first, the challenger, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tommy Thunder!

BD: Here we go, it’s EWNCW Title match time, and my god has this feud been brewing. Ever since Thunder helped Krysys win the title two months ago, we have seen Krysys go through a dramatic change, of which he blames Thunder!

PK: He has every right to! The egotistical S.O.B decided upon himself to gift Krysys the title, when Thunder could have won it himself, and all Krysys could do was doubt himself!

Bod: But remember, Krysys picked up the W at Pain for Treasure against Tommy, and that doesn’t count for nothing. Thunder, as we know, is a top competitor in this company, and could easily walk out with the championship tonight.


JMcM: And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, he is the reigning, defending EWNCW Champion, “King Zero” Krystian Krysys!

Bod: However, this is Krysys’ time to really put a marker down. Yeah, it’s a decent title reign to beat Thunder once, but to beat him again? This could be astronomical!

BD: I don’t know about Krysys’ chances though, Thunder has really been impressive, whilst Krysys has tried to avoid as much fighting as possible, so he could either come in here fresh or out of shape.

PK: Bob, Krysys has snapped. He hates Thunder, he hates the fact that he put so much pressure on him, he hates the preferential treatment he gets, and he hates the fact that Thunder wants his title. Tonight, Krysys will end him, end his hopes, and show himself to be a true champion.

BD: Okay, you’ve been waiting for this, Tommy Thunder vs Krystian Krysys, here we go!

(Thunder = Eddie / Krysys = Angle)

(Stop at 19:45)

BD: Thunder on top, can he beat Krysys?

*Thunder lifts Krysys off the floor, hitting him with a few more punches, before attempting a huracarana, which Krysys moves away from, stands away from him and hits the Zero Driver!*

PK: Oh there we go!

Bod: That’s his big move, pin Krysys pin!




PK: Oh my god!

BD: That was one hell of a close call, Krysys can’t believe it!

*Krysys is absolutely verbally assaulting the referee, convinced it was a three count and he had won, to the point where Thunder recovers. He turns Krysys around and hits a side effect, which he links expertly into his patented Anaconda Vice!*

BD: Anaconda Vice locked in!

Bod: Oh no, he’s in danger now!

PK: Don’t tap Krysys!

*Krysys is struggling towards the ropes, as he tries hitting Thunder over the head, then just manages to extend a foot to the ropes. Thunder lets go, regains his composure, whilst Krysys runs at him looking for a spear, which Thunder quickly dodges, kicks him down, SHINING WIZARD!*

PK: Oh…





JMcM: Here is your winner and the NEW EWNCW Champion, Tommy Thunder!

BD: He’s done it! He’s done it! Tommy Thunder is EWNCW Champion!

PK: I can’t believe it, I thought Krysys had the three count, infact I think he was almost certain, I’m in utter shock, how can he be our champion!?

Bod: Krysys had thought he won, and that’s a dangerous place to be at any time, you have to keep going even if you think you are robbed, much like Tommy did, that’s why he’s the champion.

BD: Wow, what a pay-per view! We all hope you enjoyed it, please join us in two weeks for Rage, Inferno and Brutality, but until then, goodnight everybody!

*Tommy is seen almost in tears, holding the EWNCW Title high above his head as the screen slowly fades to black*

Tommy Thunder
08-30-2012, 06:49 PM

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQQvB94Cnvb4yuLSomjoJ7TnKX6VQKUK ZKLgbwV_sFiRSWIomcVYw&t=1

***Exclusive Breaking News***

Dick Thompson: Good evening folks, EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson here with some exclusive breaking news!!

As we've been reporting for the past couple of weeks, EWNCW management have been busy working on a major announcement that would have implications on the entire EWNCW singles rosters of both Monday night Rage and Thursday night Inferno. Well folks, the time has come, we have all the details, and here it is.

Both GM's John cleverly and Nathan Staples were told by EWNCW management approximately 2 months ago to come up with an unique new concept that would challenge the superstars both mentally and physically, while also garnering some much needed interest back in the waning EWNCW product.
So to tell you a little more about what they've come up with, my colleague; EWNCW reporter Jonathan Sanchez is standing by with both John Cleverly and Nathan Staples to bring you the announcement!:

Jonathan Sanchez: Thanks Dick! Mr Cleverly, Mr Staples, thanks for your time. so tell us, what have you come up with for EWNCW?

Nathan Staples: Well it's very simple. There has been a lot of speculation as to what this announcement would be. I've heard speculation that we're going to war with another wrestling company. But that's not it. I've heard others suggest that we've actually bought another wrestling company, but it isn't that. Some have even suggested that we're cutting down and merging into one big brand! But that's just ridiculous. In fact, all the theories I've heard are way out of the ball park.

John Cleverly: That's right. We were told to come up with a concept. Something to draw in the fans. And we think, we hope, that we've got it with this.
As we've been saying, it's something that has a bearing on both the Rage and Inferno singles rosters. The Brutality roster won't be affected by this.

Sanchez: Right, but what exactly have you come up with? The fans are dying to know!

Staples: The first thing I can announce is that there will be no Rage or Inferno shows between now and our next ppv; 'No guts, No Glory'. The next ppv will happen 5 weeks from this Sunday. But instead of Rage and Inferno, we're going to have 5 Supershows.

Cleverly: But these won't just be your average Supershows. Oh no, we've branded this series of Supershows; 'EWNCW: War Games'.

Sanchez: 'War Games'? And what is 'War Games' pray tell?!

Staples: Well I'm glad you asked Sanchez. You see what we've done, is we've jumbled up the entire main EWNCW singles roster, and we've divided the talent into 3 classes, or divisions; Ignition division, mid card division, and main event division.

Cleverly: Each division will compete with each other in a league fashion over the 5 weeks. At the end of the 5th War Games supershow, we will have a winner to each division. The winner of each division will get to choose which title he wishes to challenge for in the following manner; the winner of the Ignition division will get to chose to challenge for the Rage Ignition championship, or the Inferno Ignition Championship. The winner of the mid card divisin will et to choose between the International Championship or the Evolution championship. And the winner of the main event division will get to choose between challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship or the EWNCW championship.

Staples: A runner up will also be determined via a play off between the second and third placed superstar in each division. They will get to challenge for the title that wasn't picked by the winner of their division. And all these title shots will occur at 'No guts, No Glory'.

Sanchez: Wow, well that's certainly interesting and innovative!

Staples: Ah, but we're not done! You see this concept as you say is all good, but we've devised a way to make it even more interesting. You see, each week, there will be a roulette wheel at the show, and on the roulette wheel there will be a selection of 8 match stipulations. The superstars will compete against each other in War Games style matches each week determined by the spin of the wheel, as they aim to become the top superstar of their division by the time of the ppv.

Sanchez: Goodness! So a pretty intense concept!!
What about the classes or divisions as you called them? Any indication on who's going to be in what division? And what about the stipulations? What kind of matches could we expect to see?

Cleverly: I'm sorry, but we're out of time here. We've submitted all vital information to the news team, I'm sure they'll report the necessary details. Good day Jonathan.

Sanchez: Ok, thank you for your time gentlemen. Well a huge announcement there. I hope you got all that Dick, and I hope that those additional details have made their way to you!

Dick Thompson: Thanks Johnathan! And yes they have. I have here in front of me those details that weren't disclosed in that interview.So to recap, the Rage and Inferno roster has been combined and then split into 3 divisions for these War Games, and they'll then compete against each other in a league fashion to become the league winner in order to choose which title to fight for at No Guts, No Glory. On top of that, in keeping with the War Games name, the matches in which the superstars will compete in will all be stipulation matches!!
I have here with me EWNCW legend Bodom *cough*who'sacrapcommentator*cough* who's going to discuss this announcement with me.

Bodom: You ok there, DICK? You seem to have a nasty cough there?

Thompson: Not at all, I'm fine, I'm a professional!! So the announcement?

Bodom: Well it's brand new unique concept that's for sure. I can't imagine how tough it's going to be going through 5 weeks of stipulation matches though. That's going to be hell on the bodies of these superstars.

Thompson: Indeed. We can actually announce to you exclusively some of the superstars that will participate in each division as I have the listings in front of me here, so here's who we know is competing thus far, and which division they will be in:

Main event class:

Krystian Krysys
The Beard of Zeus

Mid card class:

Mark Dimension
Seth Ferrell

Ignition class:

The Blue Flash
Hanz Gruber
Bam Virus

Bodom: Wow Dick, you've really outdone yourself there. That's about 2.4% of the roster down. Only 97.6% left to be revealed. Great reporting right there.

Thompson: Hey, I'm only putting out there what I know, ok! Very interesting, some new names in there with the new superstar initiative that's in place. It'll be very interesting to see these talents competing against each other in this fashion.

Bodom: Well the one name that sticks out is the newcomer; Kyojin in the Ignition divsion. An unknown quantity to many perhaps, but if you've done your research you'd know that he's a rising star that's going to do great in this company.

Thompson: The rest of the guys announced there in the class you'd expect them to be in?

Bodom: Mark Dimension perhaps could feel that he should be in the main event class, but he's coming off a loss at Rise from the Ashes, but the rest I think will feel they're in the class they should be in.

Thompson: Ok, well thanks for your insight Bodom, I understand that you have to go now as you're working some EWNCW live events, so we'll see you next week on the first EWNCW War Games Supershow!

Now I hear you all asking folks how the league system for each division will work. Well, never fear, because I have that information in front of me here!
It's actually very simple. If a superstar wins a match, he receives 3 points. A draw, and all participants receive 1 point, and a loss gets you absolutely nothing. Since a draw cannot be achieved in stipulation matches (due to there being no rules in may of them), a time limit of 20 minutes has been put on every match, making it so that the only way you are able to get a draw is through the time limit exceeding.

And to confirm, the league leader at the end of the War Games gets to choose which title he goes for. Then a runner up is decided via a play off between the second and third placed superstar and the winner of that match gets to fight for the title that wasn't chosen by their division winner.

At this point in time, we do not have any information on the stipulations that will be on the roulette wheel at the shows. All we know is that the wheel will have a set of 8 different match stipulations each weeks, and the stipulations will change completely from week to week.
We hope to have more information on the stipulations themselves, as well as more talent reveals for the classes as we get closer to the first War Games supershow!

This is exciting news indeed folks!! The first supershow is scheduled to happen a week tonight, and a series of 5 War Games supershows will lead us all the way to 'No Guts, No Glory'!!
Stay tuned for the latest on this huge announcement folks!

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 04:14 PM
Filler one.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 04:15 PM
Another filler.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 04:16 PM
And a final one.
Transferring stuff now.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 04:17 PM

*Pyro blast etc*

Bob Daniels: Good evening everyone and welcome to EWNCW: 'No Guts, No Glory', LIVE from the Georgia dome in Atlanta!! As I have been for the past few weeks, I'm alongside Pierce Kingmaker and EWNCW legend Bodom, as we've arrived finally at the point that all members of the EWNCW singles roster have been working towards. They've put themselves through weeks of brutal War Games, and we've now got our final winners who will compete for the titles here tonight!

Kingmaker: That’s right folks, we have a super line up for you all tonight. We’ll see Jesting Madness take on God’s Grace in our main event. Tommy Thunder takes on the ever crafty Ronaldo Romulus for the EWNCW Championship, and the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship being contested between K-Jammin and Jman!

Bodom: As well as several other ‘must-see’ matches, like Gillz vs. Nightmare in a steel cage, and King Strem vs. Gretzky for the EWNCW International Championship! And besides that, we have a Five Man-Draw match to kick off the show! Daniels, do you want to explain how our first match is going to work?

Daniels: Gladly. Five men are going to enter that ring and fight for four briefcases which shall be hanging high above the corners of the ring. One case contains a number one contender’s contract for an ignition title shot, which one is completely up to the carrier of the case. two of the cases contain brand switch contracts, which means, whoever grabs them is officially going to be one another brand, and the final is dire. It’s a suspension slip, which can derail any momentum you currently have and sit you on the bench for an unknown amount of days!

Bodom: Well, that can be a major boost or detriment depending on how lucky you are. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with your career! If you get suspended then all the momentum you’ve had heading into this match can go away and you may never recover it again! On the other hand, however, it can really give a career a much needed make over, or elevate it to the next level!

Kingmaker: Yes it can, and that’s what these men are fighting for. It’s a shame one of them may be put out to pasture like a crippled horse, but at the end of the day, that’s the nature of the beast! These men are going to not only count on skill, but hope that Lady Luck is on their side! The only sure fired way to maintain your position is to not go for a belt, but that can be as bad as a suspension! Lack of motivation, simply standing by while nature takes its course. Anyone who does that should not be in this business!

Daniels: Well boys lets get to the match and see who shall truly reign supreme in this Five-Man Draw! Shall it be DJ Williams, with his lovely Rosita, shall it be KJ Punk, who fell victim to a monumental Moonsault, shall it be Rain, or Bam, or maybe even the fifth man himself, Mike Muir!

*The camera heads to the crowd that has packed the house at Sunlife Stadium, before settling on Jason who is standing in the middle of the ring.*

Jason McManus: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to No Guts, No Glory. Our first match is a Five-Man Draw match, where five men enter the ring and four walk out with a briefcase!

*He motions towards each turnbuckle, each of which has either a green, blue, red, or purple briefcase above it.*

McManus: Introducing first, from the Woods of Mississippi, KJ PUNK!


*KJ rushes from the gorilla position onto the stage, and then heads down towards the ring. He slides into the ring and poses for the crowd for a moment before looking up, at each one of the cases, mentally deciding which one may be better for him.*

Jason: Introducing next, from Springfield, Massachusetts, RAIN!

#Rain# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oasnbzEMV08&feature=player_embedded)

*Rain steps out onto the ramp and looks down at KJ Punk, mocking him going through a table. He nonchalantly walks down to the ring and uses the steps to enter. For a moment, he does the same thing Punk did, but his focus soon turns to Punk and partly towards the stage.*

Jason: Coming out next from Osaka, Japan, BAM Virus!

#Bam Virus# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z36HKHlHnn4&feature=player_embedded)

*Bam walks out onto the stage quietly and looks at the fans for a long moment before making a bee-line towards the ring. He slides in and sizes up his current two opponents, and then the cases. Moving to the far left corner, he stares towards Jason, and then the ramp.*

Jason: Following him, from Harlem, New York, ‘The Ladies Man’ DJ WILLIAMS!


*Dj comes out, accompanied by the ever-lovely Rosita. She holds his arm tight as he stands at the top of the ramp. Turning towards her, he places a kiss on her lips and motions for her to go to the back and get ready for him. As she leaves, he heads down the ramp, stopping outside for just a long enough period to stare at each case. Once he enters, he stands next to one of the turnbuckles.*

Jason: And finally, from Mississippi! It’s MIKE! MUIR!


*Mike comes out and heads straight towards the ring. Paying little to no attention to the crowd, all business. As he enters, he looks at each of his opponent and then the cases. When his gaze returns, he makes the cuttthroat signs and points to each of the briefcases.*

Daniels: All five of these men mean business it seems. This match is dangerous, not only physically, but on a career level as well!

*The match starts with all five men eyeing each other, waiting on one of them to make the first move, the first mistake. As it so happens, that mistake is made by all five. Instead of going for the briefcases, they attack each other to thwart an attempted obstacle in their path. Bam manages to break free from the herd and makes a dash for the nearest turn buckle. Once he gets there he begins to climb. Seeing this, Williams dashes after him and uses the ropes to send him aloft. At the peak of his rise, he catches Bam flush with a Enzuigiri, knocking him over the ropes and down to the hard mats below.*

Bodom: That was uncalled for! He could have seriously injured Bam with that deadly maneuver, what was he thinking?!

Daniels: He was thinking about securing a victory and potentially a number one contender’s shot! No telling what was in that case!

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 04:19 PM
*The four reset themselves in the middle of the ring, trash talking each other*

Hardy(Williams) vs. Bradshaw(Rain) vs. Billy(Punk) vs. Bubba(Mike)

(Stop at 5:35)

*As Rain tosses Williams back, he begins to head towards the far left corner for one of the cases, but he is met by Mike with a head butt. When he doubles over, Mike hits him with a knee to the sternum and gives him a strong toss into the turnbuckle. Rain yelps in pain as his flesh and bone connect the hard metal of the pole. He looks around and sees his opponents down; Williams from a strong slam, Bam barely conscious from the Enzuigiri kick he received, and Punk from being suckered into rushing him[Mike], who abruptly dropped and used the ropes to send him over. Using the time wisely, he grabs the ropes and slingshots himself onto Rain’s back, and then steps up a rung on the turnbuckles, removing the briefcase, effortlessly from the clasp. With it in hand, he motions towards the crowd, who cheer him on. The referees get him out of the ring and usher him back up the ramp, all the while, he waves the briefcase in the air*

Kingmaker: Well, that’s one of the four briefcases down, grabbed by Mike! Who shall be the next to tempt their fate and go for a briefcase?!

*On the outside the ring, Bam gets up and looks into the ring, seeing the majority of his opponents in the ring, starting to stir themselves up as well. He snakes his way into the ring and immediately goes up the turnbuckle close to Williams. As he reaches the second rung, he feels someone grabbing his leg. When he turns back to look, he sees Williams pulling himself up. He attempts to kick him off, but finds that it’s futile. Therefore, he jumps from the rung and stomps down hard on the hand of Williams. As Williams let’s go, Bam turns back towards the turnbuckle and attempts to ascend it again. However, as he does so, Punk rushes up behind him and catches him with a Rolling Elbow to the back of the head, causing him to slump over the rope, his face pressed against the pole. He looks down and sees Williams laying below him. Punk positions Williams under Bam, setting him up for some type of move. Punk turns around and reaches back, pulling the head of Bam onto his shoulders. He motions towards the crowd and drops Bam down with a killer neck breaker from Bam’s position on the second rope. The move was meant to hurt both Williams and Bam, but, Williams gets his knees up just in time to protect himself from the body of Bam, who takes both a neck breaker and two knees to the back.*

Daniels: Look at that inadvertent team-work! I don’t know what Bam did, but he sure is taking a beating in this match! First a Enzuigiri when he went for the briefcase earlier, and now a combination neck breaker/double knee!

*Punk leaps over the bodies of Williams and Bam, and retrieves the briefcase from the top of the pole. He climbs down the opposite side of the turnbuckle and clutches the briefcase close to his chest, walking backwards up the ramp.*

Bodom: That’s two down! Two more to go with three men left!

*Rain pulls himself up and rotates his shoulder a little bit. Across the ring he sees Bam down and Williams attempting to pick himself up. When Mike reaches his knees, Rain runs across the ring, and bounds up one of the ropes, using his balance to keep him steady. He retrieves the third briefcase without much obstacle. At the top of the turnbuckles, he poses for the crowd. After a moment or two, he hops down and exit’s the ring, staring intently at the object, as though it will give him some kind of clue as to what it holds.*

Bodom: Rain has grabbed the third one! There is only one briefcase now and two guys! Who is going to make it out of here with a briefcase? Will it be the Ladies Man? Or will it be Bam? Can Bam come back off his streak of getting knocked silly in this match and get the win?

*Williams leans back against the ropes, trying to catch his breath. He looks up and see that case gone, as well as the one to his left and across from him. Down the line, on his right, is the last case - situated above the far right turnbuckle. Bam sees this too and looks at Williams. Williams and Bam move at the same time, Bam from a weakened position on knees and Williams from a sitting position against the ropes. Williams gets there first and starts to climb the buckles, but is caught with a solid punch to his side. Williams pauses for a moment, and is caught with another, dropping him from the ropes. Bam takes his position and makes it to the second rung, attempting to stretch himself up to the clasp holding the briefcase aloft. Williams slams a forearm into his back knocking him forward and then repeats the action several more times. He grabs the tights of Bam, and pulls him backwards, causing Bam to fall back. Bam rolls through this and springs back up. Williams is leaning against the ropes, attempting to catch his breath. He turns and looks back at Bam who is walking forward. The two men meet in the middle and start exchanging blows, each one thundering against the side of the head of the opponent.*

Daniels: These men are giving it all they got! Bam vs. Williams! They are going to fight it out for that last briefcase if it’s the last thing they do!

*Bam ducks one of Williams shots and starts unloading on him, after the fifth consecutive punch he pushes Williams towards the ropes and goes for a clothesline that is avoided by Williams, who ducks under and runs the ropes. On the rebound, he jumps over Bam who had started chasing after him, and immediately heads back towards the ropes. As he gets there he pounces up, and starts attempting to undo the clasp holding his prize! Bam quickly finds him and punches, stunning Williams for a moment. He hops through the ropes and climbs up on the opposite side, starting to blast Williams again with rights. Williams drops down and shakes his head, trying to rid himself of the pain. Upon seeing Bam fiddling with the clasp, he moves forward and gives him a hard right to the gut. With Bam doubled over, he pulls him over the ropes and moves him to a sitting position on top of the ropes. He leans the man forward and hits him with a sickening elbow. Williams motions towards the crowd, and sees Rosita standing at the top of the ramp. He blows her a kiss and hits Bam with another elbow. With the man sufficiently out of it, he climbs the ropes and starts sending Bam higher. With Bam up high enough, he puts his opponent’s head under his arm and uses his strength and balance to lift the man up in a vertical suplex position. He yells towards the crowd “RESPECT LADIES!” And drops back, using a small leap to send him back far enough for him to execute the ‘Respect Ladies’ maneuver, a Vertical Suplex Stunner on Bam.*

Kingmaker: That was his ’Respect Ladies’ move! That was his finisher! Bam is out of it! Not many people get up from that move and Bam has taken abuse since the start of this match! Williams has a clear shot for the briefcase now!

*Williams gets up and looks down at Bam who is dazed on the mat. He waves off Bam with a quick swipe, and climbs the ropes. When he comes down, he brings the case with him and the bell rings! He celebrates in the ring as Rosita makes her way down; when she enters the ring, she steps over Bam and directly into William’s arms, who gives her a big kiss. Both of them leave the ring, while Bam continues to lay there, breathing heavily and contemplating his loss.*

Daniels: That was a great opening match for No Guts, No Glory! One of those four men has just won an Ignition Title shot of their choosing! Two of them are switching brands and one of them is fired. I hate to say it, but Bam there may be the only safe one in this match! Who knows who got what case!

Bodom: We’ll find out later! Bam put up a valiant effort at the beginning.

*A video package shows some of the highlights of the match, including Bam taking the initial Springboard Enzuigiri, Rain being tossed into the corner, Punk going over the ropes, the Neckbreaker/Double knee combination, and the Vertical Suplex stunner, as well as the winners grabbing the briefcases!*

Kingmaker: They really set the bar here and now the rest of the card is going to have to follow it!

Daniels: Yes they are, but I’m confident with the talent we have competing tonight, they can all do it!

Bodom: Now, let’s get to our next match!

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 04:20 PM
Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the EWNCW Grand Championships, Introducing fits the challenger, they are the team of Pride and Sorrow, they are.............Mixed Emotions!!!!!!.


*Pride and Sorrow come out wearing their theatrical happiness/sadness masks as they enter the ring while the the crowd boos relentlessly at them.*

Nick Newman: This is the team to look out for. They have been amazing since their debut and now they are in line to win their first EWNCW Championship gold tonight.

Terry Murdock: Don't get your hopes up too high, The Blacklist Royalty have been champions for a long time, for a good reason. They are not going to lose those Championships without a fight.

Lily Morgan: and their opponents, they are the current reigning and defending EWNCW Grand Champions, they are team of Prince Alex Foyt and Prince Chamberlain.............The Blacklist Royalty.


*The Blacklist Royalty are received by a warm welcome from the crowd as they head to the ring wearing their red robes with white and gold accents, they soon enter the ring and raise their championships high and lock eyes with the opposing team.*

Terry Murdock: The time for talk is over and these teams are gonna for it all to walk out here as the EWNCW Grand Champions.

Nick Newman: Mixed Emotions has got this in the bag.

*Referee Craig Stevens raises the championship in the air signaling this will be a championship defense and calls for bell.*

(Dark City Fight Club = Mixed Emotions/Kings of Wrestling = The Blacklist Royalty - Start 3:10/Stop at 8:28

*Chamberlain is frustrated at his last failed pin at looks to end this with the Chambermaid (Kick to the knee followed by a DDT) but Sorrow avoids the kick to the knee and propels himself towards the ropes to gain speed and connect with a solid big boot to the face on Chamberlain before collapsing to the floor and both men are down.*

Terry Murdock: Now both men may look to make the tag.

*Sorrow is the first to reach his feet. He stomps in the chest of Chamberlain with force before making the tag to Pride, who lift Chamberlain up and signals for the Curtain Call (RKO) but Chamberlain reacts pushing Pride away and Chamberlain makes the much needed tag to Foyt who wastes no time and immediately springboards off the ropes to connect a variation of the Glorious Prince (Shining Wizard) that knocks Pride out and Foyt goes for the cover.......1...................2...............-Pride barely, barely kicks out.*

Nick Newman: That's right, I knew Pride would not fall to Foyt. They need to something quickly though or else they might lose this match.

*Foyt calls for Chamberlain to enter the ring and signal for the Enslavement (Superkick into Running Clothesline) but as Foyt connects the Superkick on Pride, Sorrow is successful in preventing the move from completion as he entered and chokeslams Chamberlain with tremendous force. Foyt tries to attack Sorrow only to receive a kick in the gut. Sorrow slaps Pride into consciousness before putting Foyt into position for the Imbroglio (Vertabreaker) while Pride quickly makes his way to the top rope of the nearest turnbuckle to execute the Cadenza (Warrior's way) and complete Night at the Opera before the ref asks Sorrow to exit the ring and Pride covers Foyt..............1...................2........... .........................3!!!!!!!!!*

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners....and NEW.....EWNCW Grand Champions!!!! Mixed Emotions!!!!!!!!!!.

Nick Newman: Fuck yeah!!!! This is the greatest of my broadcasting career. YES!!!! Wait it's about to get better.

*Pride and Sorrow cut their celebration short to pick up Foyt once more and to the boos and clear disapproval of the crowd once again connect the Night at the Opera on Foyt leaving him lifeless in the ring. Sorrow soon grab Chamberlain and heads to the outside where he secures Chamberlain in the Imbroglio (Vertabreaker) while Pride is already on the top rope of the nearest turnbuckle and connects the Cadenza (Warrior's way) and complete Night at the Opera to Chamberlain onto the bare concrete floor on the outside before picking up their newly won championships and celebrating with evil grins as they head to the back while the crowds is irate at their action and concerned for the well being of The Blacklist Royalty, who've not moved in and near the ring.*

Terry Murdock: Holy....They did not have to do that, they had already won the match. This is a sickening way to send a message but that they did. One can only what they will do now to retain the EWNCW Grand Championships. Let's continue on with No Guts, No Glory.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 04:22 PM
Lily Morgan: The following contest is a Loser Leaves Brutality Ultimate X Match here the only way to win is to retrieve the X high above the ring. Introducing first they are the team of Bazooka and Toxic, they are The Sky High Bastards.


*The Sky High Bastards head to the ring the a big disapproval from the crowd as they head to the ring and stare at the X with great ferocity.*

Nick Newman: They know what's on the line, whoever loses this match must abandon the Brutality locker room for good. These guys should win, cause they have a part of EWNCW for ages and are certainly better than those chinese idiots.

Terry Murdock: They're japanese, you prick. Just because you're clearly biased towards The Sky High Bastards doesn't mean they will win, The Crimson Samurais have just as much to lose and they'll do whatever it takes to win.

Lily Morgan: and their opponents, they are the team Takashi Ito and Yuji Otani, they are The Crimson Samurais.


*The Crimson Samurais explode onto the stage in their usual entrance hyping up the crowd in attendance but soon as they head to and enter their focus lies on the X hovering over them and across the ring where they lock yes with The Sky High Bastards and things are intense.*

Terry Murdock: Wow, the air is palpable with hatred these teams have for each others since they first crossed paths.

Nick Newman: You damn right they hate each other and enough has been enough these teams have to end things since they cannot be in the same locker room together without wanting to rip each others heads off. This is as far as one team goes because this match starts next.

*Referee David Johnson calls for the bell*

(XXX = Crimson Samurais/LAX = Sky High Batards - Start 1:50/Stop at 11:50)

*Ito is down after nailing the Diving Double Foot Stomp to a tree of woe hung Bazooka. Otani and Toxic are exhausted in the ring but both teams are eager to get the X. Otani and Toxic both to climb the beams to reach the ropes to reach for the X.*

Terry Murdock: Both teams desperate this match at all costs. What will happen next?

*Otani is quicker than Toxic and is already halfway to the X but Toxic climbs the higher than expected reaching the very top to the surprise of the crowd leap off it and land smack dab in the middle of the X and tries to unhook it but Otani swings across the ropes, landing a series of brutal kicks to head of Toxic but he still wont go down. Ito is recovering in the ring as Bazooka is still lying lifeless in the ring seeing the scene above him where Toxic is close to unhooking the X but Ito looks onto to Otani and both nod as we see Ito, pull a bag from his ring trunks and show a green capsule, inserting it in his mouth and we see Otani take cover as Ito sprays a green mist directly in Toxic's eyes blinding him and forcing him to stumble back and fall off from a height of over 20 feet leaving the crowd stunned.*

Nick Newman: Sons of bitches!!! I knew those chinese were up to no good.

*Otani is now able to slide across the ropes and unhook the X before dropping down to the ring and celebrating as the crowd boos incessantly because of their actions.*

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners....The Crimson Samurais.

Nick Newman: I knew it. These guys were trouble and had to resort to cheating to win. Damn them for taking the Sky High Bastards out of Brutality.

Terry Murdock: They did what they had to do Nick, it something many of us don't like including myself but when your career is on the line you do whatever it takes to win and they did just that

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 04:51 PM
'Cowboy' Bill Buxley: Please join me in welcoming my guests at this time, EWNCW's newest tag team acquisition, Black Blooded.
Guys, the question on everyone's minds is why? Why did you agree to interfere on behalf of Seth Ferrell in the match between Mark Dimension and Raden Blain?

Mr. Blood: Well boy it goes like this, we were paid, quite well I might add, to do a job, see when you grow up in the poorest section of the most desperate town in the world you learn real fucking quick that there is only one real rule in this sorry sack of shit world.

Mr. Black: Cash Is King

Mr. Blood: Damn right, Cash is King. See, there are two types of people in this world, on one hand you have those who get shit on, those who spend their entire lives living in fear of the world around them, acting by some set of arbitrary rules handed to them from a faceless authority figure. On the other hand you have Men like Black and myself, We are the ones who understand how this world works, the ones willing to do whatever it takes to get on top and stay there. We live by our rules, and fear nothing.

Buxley: You made a big impact in doing what you did. Is this a sign of things to come? Can we expect more of the same? More hit and runs in return for payoffs?

Mr. Blood: If the money is right, then we'll see, now won't we. Professionals like us don't come cheap.

Mr. Black: No matter how much we like it.

Mr. Blood: Let me be clear, we have no problem with what's his name, Blade or whatever, and neither of us can stand that Freak Dimension. It all comes down to the bottom line, and what is best for business. If there are more people interested in the services we offer, then you can be damn sure that you will see our asses again, taking out the trash, doing what needs to be done.

Buxley: What are your intentions here in EWNCW? You'll be on the Brutality roster, so what are your aspirations?

Mr. Blood: What do you get a bonus if you ask something a fucking child could answer? Our intentions are clear, we left the wreckage known as HWA as the Tag Team Champions. We were the last ones in the deserted halls of ICW, holding the Insanity Tag Titles. We have come to Brutality to show all of these pathetic whiners, babies, and nameless, penniless dirtbags what a real team looks like.

Mr. Black: And break as many bodies as possible

Mr. Blood: We will bleed the tag division dry and rise to the top of it. Consider us the new check for each and every pair of jackasses that wants to try and pretend they know what tag team wrestling is. We are the best fucking tag team in this, or any other company, and by God we will get the Gold to prove it, no matter what it takes.

Mr. Black: And there ain't a damn thing anyone can do about it.

Mr. Blood: Now, you got any more stupid fucking questions, or are we done here?

Buxley: Of course, thanks for your time.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 05:21 PM

Daniels: Just in case you hadn't heard. Andy Cannon will be going one on one against Mike Hawk tonight, for the vacant Inferno Ignition Champion!

Kingmaker: The reason this is happening, is because Sweet Jones has been released, and stripped of the title belt, after being involved in a fan altercation this past week in War Games Finale!

Bodom: I'll miss the guy, but that bastard got what he deserved!


Daniels: Hawk, is a massive favorite to win this one!

Kingmaker: He's been world champion before, which gives him experience. Hawk and Cannon will have to expose each others weaknesses clearly, and carefully!


(Hawk/KENTA, Cannon/Danielson)

*Hawk goes for a Running Dropkick, but Cannon quickly moves out of the way as Hawk crashes onto the turnbuckle! Hawk gets himself out fast, and turns around only for Cannon to nail him with a Missile Dropkick! Cannon jumps off the top rope and strikes with a Springboard Moonsault but Hawk moves out of the way and jumps off the turnbuckle to strike with a 450 Splash! He goes for the cover but Cannon quickly pushes him off as he gets up. He waits for Hawk to get up, and SPEAR! But no! Hawk jumps high up in the air and jumps off the top rope to nail Cannon with a Disaster Kick! Hawk taunts Cannon as the crowd immediately start booing, but Cannon does a fantastic kip up as the crowd start exploding with cheers! Hawk turns around and Cannon hits a big Spinebuster! Cannon gets up the top rope to possibly hit a dropkick, but Hawk quickly runs up to him and grabs his leg as Cannon crashes onto the canvas! Hawk goes for a Spear but Cannon moves out of the way, and goes for a Big Boot but Hawk ducks, and nails him with a Roundhouse Kick, and goes for the cover*




Kingmaker: Brilliant action from the Ignition Division!

Bodom: Damn right chief! I love it!

*Hawk picks Cannon up as he looks pissed. Hawk kicks Cannon in the gut, and does it again three times as Cannon winces in pain! Hawk jumps up the top rope and goes for a Missile Dropkick, but Cannon moves out of the way and jumps up the top rope to hit a much better, and vicious looking dropkick! But Hawk counters it into a slick Huricanrana! He motions Cannon to get up, and nails him with a Superkick! He goes for a cover, but Cannon quickly rolls him up! But Hawk's feet touch the ropes before anything can happen! Cannon goes for a Superkick but Hawk ducks and goes for a Spear but Cannon moves out of the way as Hawk turns around! Cannon hits a Spinebuster which Hawk reverses into a Future Shock DDT! Hawk hits a Springboard 450 Splash and goes for the cover*




Daniels: This could possibly be THE show stealer!

*Hawk and Cannon both get up, looking tired as hell as they start to exchange blows!


*Cannon goes for a blow, but Hawk ducks, Cannon turns around and Hawk hits him with a Double Knee Facebreaker! Hawk gets up the turnbuckle but Cannon quickly gets up and hits a Spinebuster as Hawk winces in pain! Cannon waits for Hawk to get up as he sets him up for the Spear, Hawk gets up and jumps as Cannon rapidly goes to hit a Spear! Cannon turns around and Hawk hits a Head Stomp as Cannon falls to the ground! Hawk goes for a Leg Drop but Cannon grabs his leg and crashes it onto the canvas, and he gets up hitting Hawk with a vicious boot! Hawk slowly gets up as Cannon kicks him in the gut! And he sets him up for the Cradle Lock! But Hawk grabs the ropes as he sends Cannon outside the ring! Hawk jumps off the turnbuckle to hit a Missile Dropkick but Cannon moves out of the way! Hawk turns around as Hawk goes for a Running Clothesline but Cannon grabs his arm and kicks him in the gut! Cannon locks him in a Kimura Lock! Hawk crawls to touch the ropes but Cannon increases the pressure as Hawk winces in pain! Hawk is screaming as Cannon's is increasing the pressure each time, and Mike Hawk has no option but to tap out!*

Mcmanus: And your winner is, and the NEW Inferno Ignition Champion....ANDY....CANNOOOOOON!

Bodom: Oh god.

Daniels: CANNON HAS DONE IT! Congratulations to Andy Cannon!

Kingmaker: This was well deserved, he'll be a great Inferno Ignition Champion!

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 05:47 PM

Jason McManus: Introducing, from Charlotte, North Carolina- “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair


Kingmaker: damn it! must you always be like this?! Thank GOD that Inferno's back next week so that I don't have to suffer this any more!!

Daniels: You and me both! But I digress, Arius last week viciously attacked Flair backstage after discovering, or rather confirming, that Flair and Alice have had something going between them recently. And it's led us to tonight where Flair was challenged to a match here tonight1

Kingmaker: It’s Flair’s fault he got stuck in this match. You don’t mess with other guys women

Bodom: You do when they are as hot as Alice! That Arius is nothing but a swine! He's going to get his ass handed to him good and proper here tonight!!

Kingmaker: Bodom, Arius is about 50 years Flair's junior!

Bob Daniels: Flair, in my opinion, could teach Arius a lesson tonight. Like how to win a match. Flair has at least 30 years more experience in the ring

kingmaker: More like 50 or 60. Flair’s what 80?

Bodom: DAMNIT! Why don't you get in that ring with him?!


Jason McManus: And his opponent from Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia- “The Prodigy” Arius. Winner of this match gets Alice’s services

Bodom: I wouldn’t mind Alice’s services

Bob Daniels: That’s not what they mean by services Bodom

*As Arius enters the ring, Alice walks down the ramp, to a mixed reaction, and stands right outside of the ring*

Pierce Kingmaker: And the prize for winning the match- Alice

Kingmaker: Flair tricked Arius into letting him help guide him when all Flair really wanted was to get closer to Alice

Bob Daniels: Flair really was trying to help Arius

Ric Flair vs Arius
Chris Jericho/Arius


*Arius just hit a flying elbow off the top rope and has covered Flair for the pin*



Kickout by Flair

Kingmaker: Come on Arius, you had this won

Bob Daniels: Flair is a veteran, he can get out of pretty much any predicament

Kingmaker: Flair is a sad old man who should have retired 20 years ago

Bodom: Flair's living the dream!! He's what every young wrestler looks up to!! He's still got it with the women!!

Kingmaker: Don’t tell me you seen his junk?!

Bodom: What?!?!

*Arius pulls Flair up but Flair pokes him in the eye, yet again. Arius backs off and Flair kicks him in his calf five times in a row which brings Arius down to one knee. Flair follows up with a running knee lift which finally brings Arius down to the mat*

Bob Daniels: Shades of Mr Wrestling II there from Flair and that knee lift

Kingmaker: Flair should join Mr II in the retirement home

*Flair struts his stuff in the ring for about a minute before finally grasping Arius legs and getting him into the figure four leg lock. Arius is in pain and tries his best to work his way out of it to no avail. Arius is about to tap out when he realizes that the bottom rope is barely within his grasp. He goes to reach for it but Alice, unseen by the ref, pulls the rope away*

Kingmaker: That bitch, she needs to be helping Arius

*Arius, writhing in pain, then tries to reverse the figure four leg lock, but is still unsuccessful. Flair keeps yelling at Arius to give up, but Arius won’t tap out. The ref seess that both of Arius’s shoulders are on the mat now and starts to count*



*Arius gets a second wind, lifts his shoulders up breaking the count. He also, somehow gains the strength to pull himself a little closer to the ropes- finally able to reach them, thus breaking the hold. Alice tried pulling the ropes back again but it was not enough. Flair breaks the hold and Arius slides out the ring and drops to the arena floor*

Bob Daniels: Flair may be old, but he still has it. He almost won with his signature finish. I will give credit to Arius too- he was aware of his surroundings and was finally able to reach the ropes- at least on his second attempt. Not sure why Alice felt the need to try to pull the rope from his reach

Kingmaker: She probably likes Flair’s shriveled penis better

Bodom: Maybe so. Maybe so

Kingmaker: I was kidding you idiot. Get your head out the gutter

*Arius tries to get to his feet, but falls back down due to the pain. Flair tries to leave the ring but the ref pulls him back. While the ref starts counting Arius out, Flair starts strutting in the ring again*



*Flair lets out a few WOOOOOS!, then hits a elbow to the middle of the ring*



*Flair gets up again, then starts back to his strutting*


*Arius finally gets to his feet, then makes his way to the ring steps and starts climbing up them*


*Flair, again, hits an elbow to the middle of the ring. While Flair is doing this, Arius has climbed on the top turnbuckle. Flair gets back up yet again, lets out yet another WOOOOOOOO! And looks like is is about to strut his stuff again but Arius dives off the corner and takes Flair down with a beautiful flying drop kick. Arius immediately goes for the pin, hooking both legs for good measure*



Thr…… Kickout by Flair

Bodom: How the hell did he kick out of that?

Bob Daniels: I’m telling you, Flair may be old, but he still has it

*Arius is pissed as he thought he just had it won. He pulls Flair back up, whips him into the ropes, hitting Flair with a flying clothesline that sends Flair to the corner. Arius follows up with a running knee to Flair’s gut. Arius then starts pounding on Flairs head, opening him up, drawing blood. Flair, again, pokes Arius in the eye. Flair, groggy, grabs Arius by the head and starts slamming it into the top turnbuckle. Arius fights back with a quick Karate chop to Flair’s neck. Flair starts chocking and the ref pulls Flair away to check on him. With Flair being looked at after the ref- Arius takes advantage by hitting Flair with a high kick to his back that knocks Flair into the ref and knocks them both to the mat*

Bob Daniels: Arius takes out both Flair and the ref

Kingmaker: Really?

*Alice climbs up on the ring apron with a steel chair in hand. Arius’s back is turned so he doesn’t see her right away. Alice enters the ring, Arius turns around, sees her and they start to argue. Alice then tries to leave, with chair in hand, but Arius grabs it and now both Arius and Alice are playing Tug-O-War with the chair*

Bodom: Just let him have the chair

*Flair gets to his knees just as Arius wrestles the steel chair from Alice. In doing so, Arius accidentally hits Flair in the face with it knocking him out cold. Alice jumps out the ring all upset, Arius throws the steel chair out the ring and tries to revive the ref. After about 30 seconds the ref finally awakes and Arius covers Flair for the pin yet again*



Thre…Kickout by Flair at the very last second

Kingmaker: Come on. A steel chair in the face would take anyone out

Bob Daniels: But this is Flair we are talking about

*Arius, surprised that Flair had it in him to break the pin, immediately gets Flair in the Crossface . Flair taps out after about 5 seconds in the hold.*

Jason McManus: And the winner of this match and of Alice, Arius

*Arius still has Flair in the hold and the ref threatens to reverse his decision. Finally Arius lets Flair go and gets to his feet and the ref raises his arm in victory*

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 06:45 PM

Jason McManus: Introducing first from Nagasaki, Japan but fighting out of Chicago, Illinois- ''The Master of True Wrestling' Kyojin

Bodom: Now I like this guy. HWA, ICW, everywhere he goes he excels- but EWNCW is where he truly belongs. Talent like him doesn’t grow on trees.

Bob Daniels: No doubt. But his opponent is no slouch either. He is a former World champion from Alpha Revolution, HWA and ICW.


Jason McManus: And introducing his opponent- from Leeds, England Van Hooligan X

Kingmaker: Van Hooligan X is going to make it big here. Former World champ in other feds. He got his start in EWA where all the other feds took notice of him and signed him up too

Kyojin vs VanHooligan X
Kyojin/Kassius Ohno……VHX/Seth Rolllins
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qogNeVjCigwIgnore entrances stop watching @ 7:25

Bob Daniels: Van Hooligan has Kyojin in a pinning postion


kingmaker: Looks like Van Hooligan has this won. Up to this point there has been a lot of back and forth action between these guys. But Van has it wrapped up early


Bodom: Don’t count Kyojin out just yet

Thre…. Kickout by Kyojin

Bodom: See, I told you

Kingmaker: He just got lucky- that’s all

*Van Hooligan pulls Kyojin up and tries to whip him into the ropes, but Kyojin reverse it to send Van Hooligan into the ropes, then hitting him with a hard clothesline that sends Van into the ropes. Kyojin hits Van Hooligan with a few Enzigueri kicks to the chest. Van Hooligan, clutching his chest, gets to his feet and shoves Kyojin down to the mat, then slides out the ring to regroup*

Kingmaker: Very smart move by Van Hooligan. He knows how to break up the pace of a match

Bob Daniels: Yeah I guess so. Kyojin had this match turned around again

*While Van Hooligan is regrouping, a fan starts arguing with him so Van walks up to him a tells him off. While that is going on, Kyojin has climbed to the top turnbuckle and flies off towards Van Hooligan. Van Hooligan turns around and is hit by Kyojin’s suicide dive. Van Hooligan is out. Kyojin gets to his feet, pulls Van Hooligan up and shoves him back into the ring.*

Bob Daniels: Kyojin wants to win this the honourable way- by pinning his oppenent

Kingmaker: A count out win would have been easier.

*Kyojin rolls in the ring too, covers Van Hooligans, hooks his legs*



Kickout By Van Hooligan

Kingmaker: You see. Kyojin wasted time. He should have taken a chance on Van Hooligan getting counted out

*Kyojin pulls Van Hooligan up and knees him in the gut. Van Hooligan responds with a low blow to the nuts- unseen by the ref. He follows that up with a very stiff elbow to Kyojin’s face causing Kyojin to fall back onto the mat. Van Hooligan immediately starts stomping on the down Kyojin, much like Randy Orton. Stomping on one hand, then the other, then an ankle, then the other. Finally he stomps on Kyojin’s throat, then chest. The ref tries to pulls Van Hooligan away but gets shoved out the way for his troubles. The ref tries once again, but again is shoved out the way*

Bob Daniels: He better watch out or else he will get DQ’d

*Van Hooligan then climbs onto of Kyojin and starts pounding the crap out of him with closed fist. The ref threatens to DQ- but Van Hooligan doesn’t stop so the ref starts a DQ count*





*Van Hooligan stops but then pulls Kyojin’s head up and head butts him. The ref again tries to pull Van away- but Van argues with him for a few seconds before turning his attention back to Kyojin. Somehow, Kyojin manages to punch Van squarely in the nose and Vans eyes tear up and he slips off of Kyojins chest holding his nose in agony. Kyojin gets to his feet but is still pretty groggy, as in Van. Somehow Van musters up the power to Irish Whip Kyojin into the corner but amazingly Kyojin stops his forward motion, hops on the middle turnbuckle, hops off just as fast and hits a surprised Van with a knee to the head*

Kingmaker: Van Hooligan had it won, but somehow Kyojin found it in him to fight back. And how he was able to pull off that last move I don’t know

Bob Daniels: Well he is The Master of True Wrestling

*Kyojin crawls over to a downed Van Hooligan and rolls him up for the pin*



Thre…Kickout by Van Hooligan.

*Kyojin looks a bit pissed now thinking he just got the win. Kyojin goes to pull Van up again but Van hits him yet again with another low blow, again not seen by the ref. Van Hooligan quickly gets to his feet, kicks Kyojin in the back of the head, sending him down to the mat. Van quickly grabs Kyojin’s legs and clamps his Vantastic Clutch on Kyojin*


Bodom: Van Hooligan has this won now

*Just like Bodom said, Kyojin taps out*

Jason McManus: And the winner of this match- Van Hooligan x

*Van Hooligan gets to his feet and yells at the ref to come over and raise his arm in victory- the ref obliges. Van Hooligan looks down at Kyojin in disgust, then slides out the ring and heads to the back to boos.*

Bob Daniels: What a match by both guys

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 07:04 PM

JMcM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Rage Ignition Championship. Introducing the challenger, from Germany, Hanz Gruber

PK: Up next we have the Rage Ignition Championship on the line as Hanz Gruber takes on Shaz. I gotta tell you I like Hanz in this match. He is coming off winning war games so he has to have a head full of steam.


JMcM: And his opponent, from Brixton, London, England, he is the EWNCW Rage Ignition Champion, Shaz

BD: I like Shaz, but he hasn't competed for a while. Not only has Hanz been competeting, but he has been winning too.

Bodom: I know he hasn't been around, but Shaz is such a young, strong, talented kid. I don't think he'll have ring rust on him at all.

(Truth-Shaz,Cena-Gruber) (Stop at 8:57)

*Shaz leaves the ring and goes to grab his belt*

PK: What is shaz doing? where is he going with the belt?

*Shaz starts to go up the ramp as Gruber begins to get up to his feet*

Bodom: Shaz is high tailing out of here, how about that.

BD: I guess he thinks his work is done here

PK: He can't just leave, WE HAVE A MATCH GOING ON!!

*Shaz turns and runs towards Hanz to hit him with the belt, Hanz flips him over his shoulder and drops him*

PK: What a reversal, serves him right

Bodom: Did he have to drop him so hard?

*Hanz throws Shaz back into the ring, as Hanz goes to answer the ring, Shaz catches him and suplexs Hanz into the ring*

BD: What a comeback, thunderous suplex

*Shaz sizes up Hanz and slaps on a rear naked choke

Bodom: Shaz-mition, this one has got to be over

*Hanz slowly starts to fade away*

BD: He is just sucking the life out of him.

*ref goes to check if Hanz is conscious*




*Hanz lifts his hand up*

PK: He is still fighting

*Hanz fights around a little more until he hits a back body drop on Shaz*

PK: Big momentum swing if Hanz can seize this

*Hanz puts a sharpshooter on Shaz*

Bodom: Get to the rope Shaz!!!

BD: He is in the middle of the ring, this doesn't look good

*Shaz pounds the mat, submitting to Hanz*

JMcM: Here is your winner and NEW Rage Ignition Champion, Hanz Gruber

PK: What a back and forth match, Hanz went throught hell in war games, came out here for one last battle and proved himself dominant. Congrats to him.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 07:20 PM

Bob Daniels: This guy looks like an absolute beast, and he backs it up each week in that ring over there.

Kingmaker: I agree, Prophecy comes out here and I hear that he's issued an open challenge to anyone on the roster to face him!

Bodom: I hope he gets Ano Doom or someone. Anyone to beat the crap out of him!!

The crowd goes dead for at least 15 seconds as they await Prophecy's challenger...



Kingmaker: Well nobody that's on the singles roster officially as far as I know, but iIS on the EWNCW roster as part of Brutality!!

Daniels: And it seems that we have yet another tag team member who wants to try his hand at singles competition here, following in the footsteps of William Carlin!

The crowd go absolutely extreme with deafening cheers as HolyJose makes his way to the ring! The Prophecy goes to shake his hand, as HolyJose shakes. But The Prophecy immediately drops him with a Dropkick as the bell rings!

(HolyJose/Batista, The Prophecy/Undertaker, skip at 7:52)

*The Prophecy gives HolyJose a quick knee to the face, before throwing him back in the ring as HolyJose winces in pain. The Prophecy slides back into the ring and goes to pick Jose up, but Jose crawls between his legs and quickly gets up. The Prophecy turns around as HolyJose strikes with a Big Boot! HolyJose goes for the cover




Kingmaker: And The Prophecy kicks out!

*HolyJose motions The Prophecy to get up, and HolyJose goes for a running clothesline, but The Prophecy ducks and counters it into a Pele Kick! He jumps up the top rope, to hit a Springboard Moonsault and gives HolyJose a kick to the head! He gets up on the turnbuckle, as HolyJose slowly gets up, he goes to hit a Missile Dropkick but HolyJose ducks, as Prophecy lands on his feet. HolyJose turns around and Prophecy nails him with a Superkick and goes for the cover




Bodom: HOLY CRAP. HOLY CRAP. Prophecy is absolutely immense!

*Prophecy and HolyJose slowly get up, as both men seem to be out of fatigue. Prophecy uses this as an advantage to give HolyJose a blow to the head, as HolyJose does the same.


Prophecy goes for a blow, but HolyJose ducks! Prophecy turns around, and HolyJose nails him with a Spinebuster! HolyJose hypes up the crowd as he goes for a Brainbuster but Prophecy reverses it into a Flipping Piledriver! They both slowly get up, but Prophecy nails HolyJose with a Spear! And he jumps up the turnbuckle to hit the...


Prophecy goes for the cover!..




Kingmaker: A closely contested match, but The Prophecy just about managing to edge out Jose here tonight!

Bodom: Well the ring rust was obvious. He hasn't been in singles competition for a while, and just like Carlin, I'd say it's going to take him a while to get back into the groove.

Daniels: Well I doubt we've seen the last of these two, they don't seem to like each other all that much, we'll look out for them next week when Rage and Inferno return!

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 07:21 PM
Jonathan Sanchez: I have managed to catch up with Holy Jose here who's just faced The Prophecy after answering his open challenge! Jose, first of all, what are you doing here?

HolyJose: Jonathan what I'm doing in EWNCW is to put on the best damn match I can have. I also along with my brother Azrael we'll be competing for the EWNCW Blacklists Championships. But I've been singles competition everywhere I've been. Made a name for myself and well along with Prophecy we are two big names that have one yet to win the world title and two have that mutual respect for each other and the business. So I decided to have a singles match tonight as well.

Sanchez: You came up short after answering the open challenge from The Prophecy, but it was far from a convincing win. Why chose to come out to face him?

HolyJose: I chose to face Prophecy because, well he and I have a history dating back to the other fed we work for. We rose through the ranks and feel like we've made it so far but can't just grasp that World Title picture. I came out because Prophecy and I have always wanted to have a match against each other and well it was the opportunity I wasn't going to let go.

Sanchez: Finally, is this a one night only appearance? Or is this the beginning of a singles run for HolyJose in EWNCW?!

HolyJose: After I beat Carlin and Grind tonight. You can expect to see your future EWNCW Blacklist Champion competing in singles competition in EWNCW. I mean I think it would be a great accomplishment to win both tag team championships in JBW and EWNCW as well as win some singles championships in EWNCW. This isn't the last you'll see of me in a singles match. Count on it!

Sanchez: Thanks for your time Jose.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 07:24 PM
Free From Poision (Hardy/HBK) vs.New Assault Program (Jericho/Christian)(End 5:55)


Knight is fire up after dropping Sean with a huge back drop! He picks Sean up from the ground and whips him into the ropes, and then charges at Sean and goes for the big boot, but Criz jumps on the apron and pushes Sean out of the way, making Knight hit the ropes and fall over top of them!

Criz starts to stomp away at Knight, but then Cayne comes running across the barricade and dives right on top of Criz! Knight stands to his feet and sees Sean charging at him from the ring, but Knight jumps up onto the apron and hits Sean with a hard elbow, but Sean blocks it! Sean hits Knight a few times, and then suplexs him from the apron and into the ring! Sean stands and runs to the turnbuckle and scales it to the top and signils for the N.A.P Drop!

Terry Murdock: This is it! This will be the end!

Nick Newman: I don't know about that! Cayne is back up!

Cayne slides into the ring with a steel chair in hand, and swings it harrd at Sean, cracking him in the head hard! Sean dangles over the turnbuckle, and then Criz slides into the ring with a kendo stick and cracks Cayne over the head, busting him wide open! Knight is back to his feet, and he knocks the cane from Criz, and then lifts him into the air!

Gory Bomb to the outside!! Knight throws Criz right over the top rope to the outside!! Sean is lively again, and prepares to jump onto Knight, but Cayne struggles to his feet and charges Sean, grabbing his throat on the top turnbuckle!

Tornado Chokeslam!! Cayne brings Sean down onto the mat hard, and then he slides out of the ring and keeps Criz down while Knight covers Sean!

One! Two! Three!

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners and ...

Lily is cut off by the sound of motorcycles ... And then two men ride down the ramp on motorcycles and circle the ring!! They park their bikes and take off the helmets ...

Terry Murdock: BLACK BLOODED!!

Nick Newman: What are they doing here?!

Black Blooded slides into the ring with chains in their hands, and they start to whip Free From Poison with the chains! Mr. Black wraps the chain around Knights throat while Mr. Blood keeps whipping Cayne hard. After a minute of a brutal beat down, Black Blooded stand tall over the champions, then exit the ring and leave on their motorcycles.

Terry Murdock: That was totally uncalled for!!

Nick Newman: Hey, they left a mark and a message for the champs! Black Blooded is here in EWNCW and they will be noticed!

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 07:27 PM

JMcM: This contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Jerusalem, Israel, The Unholy Savior, Raden Blain.

BD: And we have a one on one match next that will pit Raden Blain against Seth Ferrell.

PK: It seems to be a huge match, these two did very well in War Games, it's tough to pick a winner.

Bodom: You kidding? Ferrell all the way. The so called Unholy Savior is gonna need saved tonight.


JMcM: And his opponent, from the Banks of the Nile, He is the Great Pharaoh, Seth Ferrell.

Bodom: The Pharaoh!! What a true warrior, he was cheated of winning war games if you asked me.

PK: I will admit he is a great warrior, but I think he lost fair and square at War Games

BD: Regardless, this match will be epic!!

(Rhodes-Ferrell,Christian-Blain) (Stop at 9:55)

*Ferrell goes to pick Blain up who begins to rain punches on Ferrell*

BD: And Blain begins to fight back, fist being traded back and forth.

PK:This is a hell of a war, they are just beating the piss out of each other now

*Ferrell goes for a running clothes line, which Blain ducks and hits a huge spear*

Bodom: Oh god NO!!


BD: He broke the reciter scale with that! Ferrell is in some massive pain.

*Blain sets up for a superkick*

PK: Blood in the water, this one is soon over

*Blain goes for the superkick, Ferrell ducks it and goes for a clothesline again, which Blain reverses and hits a chokebomb*

BD: What a chokebomb!! He tried to end it with a superkick but he'll take a chokebomb if it's there

PK: This isn't good for Ferrell, he looks out cold

*Blain goes for a cover*



3..NO! Near 3

Bodom: I am about to pass out the suspense is killing me!!

BD: I have no idea how he kicked out of that, but he must have used all his energy to do so.

*Blain is foaming at the mouth, sets up for a superkick once again*

PK: He is going to kick his head off

*Ferrell stands up and turns to Blain, Blain goes for the superkick, Ferrell ducks it and pulls a roll and grabs the tights*




JMcM: Here is your winner, Seth Ferrell!

Bodom: Hooray!!! Ferrell Won!!!

BD: How do you call that a win? he cheated to win! he grabbed Blain's tights

PK: Hey Bob, if the ref doesn't see it, it never happens.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 07:31 PM
Bodom: And here we are folks, gearing up for our next match - Ryan “The Freak” Wells going up against “The G.O.D” Mark Dimension!

Kingmaker: Oh yes folks, this one is going to before for the Evolution Championship, where The Freak is the champion and Dimension is the challenger.

Bodom: Both men are hard hitting, no nonsense type of athletes and that’s what this match is going to be all about. There won’t be any fancy high flying moves, or any particularly special chain wrestling type of deals. This match is going to be all about power and who can inflict the most pain and punishment on their opponent.

Daniels: I don’t know who I like more for this match, the champion or the challenger. Both men are going to go in there prepared for war, but the question is, whose going to come out on top in it? On one hand you have Ryan, a pure Freak, with strength that we’ve rarely seen here in EWNCW, and he’s fought his way up to being the defending champion at this moment.

Kingmaker: But on the other, we have Mark Dimension, who is a specimen of pure killer instinct. He is G.O.D. and he has had plenty of memorable feuds here in EWNCW. All of which hhave led him here to this particular dance. Can anyone stop Ryan’s rise? If so, it’ll definitely be the man he faces tonight, Mark Dimension. How? By being the better physical specimen here and showing Ryan Wells, who the real powerhouse of EWNCW is.

Bodom: Are you two serious? Mark is going to fight his hear tout here and walk away with the title, and we all know it. How? Because he is G.O.D., and that’s what he does. Tonight, here at No Guts, No Glory, he is going to have to prove that he has all the guts and the glory, tonight, will all belong to him!

Daniels: You seem no confident about this, but we’re going to find out. Tonight we’ve seen some top quality matches and this match will prove to be no different from where I’m sitting. The Freak vs. G.O.D, a match months in the making.

*With that, the camera moves out to show the crowd and then head towards Jason who is getting ready to make the introductions.*

Jason: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall and is for the EWNCW EVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, from the Future, THE G.O.D., MARK DIMENSION!


*Dimension walks out onto the stage to a mixture of boos and cheers, something in which he thrives. As he heads down the ramp, he looks out over the sea of people motioning for them to continue cheering and booing him throughout his entry into the ring. Using the steps to get into the ring, he taunts part of the crowd, to which, he gets another rambunctious mixed reaction. He pats his chest several times, and looks towards the front - right up at the stage where Ryan will be coming down from*

Bodom: There is he, G.O.D., Mark Dimension! Quite possibly the next EWNCW Evolution Champion. He has all the skills to be the man and tonight, he's going to use them to BEAT the man.

Daniels: Can he do it? I certainly think he can, but the question is, is he going to have to go to the edges of Hell to do it?

Jason: Introducing next, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. Your EWNCW EVOLUTION CHAMPION! RYAN! THE! FREAK! WELLS!

*Jason points repeatedly towards the stage as the champion walks out, the belt secured around his waist. The crowd roars its approval of their champion as he heads down the ramp. Focused on the man in the ring. He knows he’s in for a battle and he’s ready to dish back whatever he gets three fold. Before he jumps in the ring, he takes off the belt and hands it to a ring side attendant, before using the ropes to aid his entry into the ring. He and Dimension get face to face, already starting the trash talk about who is the most physically dominant. The ref fights to keep them apart, but is finding it physically impossible to do so. Soon more refs run down the ramp to keep the men apart. When they leave, the ref begins the match.*

Daniels: There he is, your champion! The FREAK! Dimension has to get through that to get his hands on the title! Kingmaker? Do you think that the Freak is going to keep his title tonight?

Kingmaker: Honestly, I can't tell! We're about to see two monsters collide in the middle of this ring. And neither of them are going to go down easily.

Sheamus(Ryan) vs. Tensei(Dimension)

(Stop at 6:00)

Bodom: Already! Dimension is pulling out the big moves to end this match in a quick fashion! Can we see more moves like this? It’s amazing that Ryan even thought about kicking out of that move! He’s just going to prolong the inevitable.

*When Ryan kicks out, Dimension doesn’t look surprised. He gets a smile on his face, as he reaches around and slaps Ryan’s face a couple of times - an almost playful gesture. Pushing himself up, he drags Ryan over towards one of the turnbuckles and stretches him out. Using the ropes as an aid, he begins jumping up and stomping down on Ryan’s prone body. Several stomps and some taunting later, he sits Ryan up against the turnbuckle and slaps him twice, beckoning for him to stand up. As Ryan does, he gets hit with a powerful clothesline and then several shoulder blocks. As the ref gets to four, he pulls him off the ropes and into a quick Spinebuster against the turnbuckle. Using his hand to push Ryan off the ropes, he goes for another pin.*



*Ryan kicks out again, this time with a little force. The anger is slowly starting to well up inside Dimension, evident by the look on his face as he faces a prone Ryan. The crowd is starting to chant for Ryan to get up, to show their support for the champion, but Dimension is out to put those chants to rest. He gives Ryan several strong forearm shots before getting to his feet and teasing the crowd. “I’M THE MOST DOMINANT MAN IN THIS RING!” He yells for Ryan to get up so he can prove he is the best, setting up in the corner for his dominating Clothesline from the Future. As Ryan struggles to his feet, he catches a glimpse of Dimension coming towards him with his big arm, and he ducks, letting Dimension run into one set of ropes while, he hit’s the opposite set. On the return trip, they meet each other with their own version of the very same clothesline. Both men are down in the middle of the ring - the ref starts the count.*








*Both men start stirring, Ryan pulling himself to his feet first and stumbling back against the ropes. Dimension rolls out of the ring, gathering himself - both men catching a breather. The referee starts counting Dimension out, but Ryan goes out quickly and starts to attack him. They trade blows, but Dimension gets the better of Ryan, knocking him back against the barricade. He goes in the ring to break the count and then rolls back out to continue his assault. He drives his knees into the chest of Ryan, before sending him head first into the ring apron. As the ref reaches three, Dimension rolls him in and then follows close behind, stalking around the ring. As Ryan gets up, he irish whips him into the ropes, catching him with the kitchen sink. The crowd boos as this transaction, to which Dimension begins to showboat. He reaches down to pick him up, catching him with a knee to the stomach to weaken him some more before lifting him in a Military Press. He walks around the ring, lifting him up and down for show, during the crowd. However, Ryan fights out of the move, and turns Dimension around into a wicked Spinebuster, much to the approval of the crowd. Taking a moment to catch his breath, he goes back on the offensive soon after. With Dimension down, he begins to stomp down on his chest, and back, the latter because Dimension starts to move around, trying to exit the ring.*

Kingmaker: Dimension is on the run now. He had suck a strong start against Ryan but now it’s coming back to haunt him. Ryan is pumped up and shows no sign of slowing down again. Can Dimension get back into this, or is Ryan going to retain his belt?

Daniels: I don’t know but this match is going to be close!

*Ryan exit’s the ring before Dimension can and catches him with a strong kick to the chest. He picks Dimension up and slams him down hard with a scoop slam before rolling the man back in the ring for a pin.*



Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 07:32 PM

*Dimension kicks out, and Ryan looks to be in disbelief. He stands up and motions for the Freak Attack - the crowd beginning to chant his name as he does so. When he reaches down for Dimension, Dimension catches him with a unexpected shot to the chest, pushing him back. Ryan, however, remains on his feet, but is somewhat stunned. Dimension quickly pulls himself up, head butting Ryan in his midsection. Making it to his feet, he pulls Ryan between his legs, and hits him with a power bomb, but doesn’t let go. The crowd boos as Dimension pulls him back up, and then destroys him with a Turnbuckle power bomb. With the end in sight, he grabs him up and kicks him in the midsection, the dazed man quickly moving into position by the masterful hands of Dimension, as he executes the ‘ Next Dimension’, a Stone Cold Stunner. He falls down on top of Ryan for the pin*




*The Ref raises Dimension’s hand, the new EWNCW Evolution Champion! Dimension holds the title close to his chest, sweat dripping off his brow. Ryan lays motionless in the ring, his eyes closed as the crowd is torn between cheers and boos, mostly the latter. Dimension exit’s the ring, breathing heavy and hoisting the title high into the air.*

Daniels: G.O.D has done it, he’s captured the EWNCW Evolution Championship! The crowd is split right down the middle, they have a new champion, and some of them don’t like him! These next few weeks are going to be interesting for all parties involved!

Bodom: Look at the new champion! He looks good holding that title in the air, proud to be a champion! What’s next for these behemoths?! Ryan is going to want his title back, and Dimension is going to have to be ready to fight everyone now that he has a target on his back.

Kingmaker: That was a great match between two powerhouses and the strongest of the two is now walking out of No Guts, No Glory as the Evolution Champion!

Bodom: G.O.D did it! These men are going to be hard to follow and it’s going to be hard for anyone to take that belt off of him.

Kingmaker: Yes it will be, Bodom.

Daniels: Tonight, already, has been a doozy and now we’re ready to head off into another match of hopefully epic proportions! Tonight has got to rank up there as one of the best nights in EWNCW history!

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 07:46 PM
Dick Thompson: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, War Games main event class runner up Jman.
Jman, first of all, congratulations on earning yourself the runner up spot in the War Games main event class. How tough was the past 4 weeks and in particularly, the final play off match against Billy McCoy?

Jman: Honestly, this past month has been exhausting. Physically, of course, your body is beat down from the amount of punishment it’s taken but the mental side of it is even tougher. Every night is a must win match and that kind of pressure wears on you more than any physical pain.

The match with McCoy made it all worth it, though. Like I said before the match, we were hell bent on stealing the show. And, y’know, we delivered on that.

Thompson: I couldn't agree more! Of course, you did have some help in winning the match from one Krystian Krysys. Your reaction to that.

Jman: Yeah, I really don’t know what got into Krysys there and I’m not the least bit happy he did what he did. Beating McCoy was my marquee win here in EWNCW but Krysys interference puts a big, black cloud over it. If Krystian wants to pull that shit during another one of my matches, he’ll have my right foot to answer to.

Thompson: Indeed.Now it's no secret that you wanted to face EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder, but of course Ronaldo Romulus beat you to the punch in that respect. What was your reaction to Ronaldo choosing to face Thunder?

Jman: It actually gives me just a touch of respect for Romulus. To volunteer yourself to face the best wrestler in the history of the company is, even for a shitstain like Ronaldo, kind of admirable. Shame for the fans, though, Thunder-Jman would’ve been far more fun to watch than that slaughter is going to be.

Thompson: Sure, and after you heard that news, you knew that you were fighting to face World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin, a longtime rival of yours. I'm sure you're relishing the chance to face him one on one.

Jman: Absolutely. I followed K-Jamm here, if you remember, and once he won the strap, I started thinking how great it would be to take it from him. And, yes, the idea of a one on one match with him, title or not, is enough to get my blood pumping. The gold being on the line is just added incentive.

Thompson: Naturally. How does it feel to be in a match for EWNCW's most coveted prize having only been in the company for a relatively short period of time?

Jman: Incredible. Especially because, unlike some of my wormy coworkers, I haven’t had to play an ounce of backstage politics to get it.

Thompson: Finally, how do you rate your chances at the ppv? You know K-Jammin better than most if not all on the roster, and the same can be said about K-Jammin knowing you. It makes for a cagey affair don't you think?

Jman: It'll be one of those matches, y’know. Two guys with the same style, same kind of background, same finisher, and a ton of in-ring experience with one another. Thing is, I’ve been wrestling lately while he’s been, well, let’s face it, inside of some questionable specimen of the opposite sex. Edge to the kid from Philly, I’d say.

Thompson: Thanks for your thought Jman, and good luck tonight!

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 07:50 PM
Bob Daniels: This next match will hopefully continue is the same vein as the others tonight and bring us top quality entertainment. The Beard of Zeus takes on EWNCWs biggest underdog, Daymian Bloodstone in an impromptu exhibition match!

Bodom: I disagree with you calling Bloodstone an underdog, Bob. For one simple reason, this guy's been around forever now, sooner or later that tag just doesn't fit anymore.

Pierce Kingmaker: Bodom makes a good point there, Daymian is a big name here in EWNCW, maybe he has over achieved due to his size and stature, but he's a main event name these days!

Bob Daniels: However, tonight he comes up against a former world champion in The Beard of Zeus, most of the roster would be considered an underdog when faced with him.

Jason: The following match is scheduled for one fall.


Jason: Introducing first, from Nottingham, England, he is a former World Champion! 'The Machiavellian' The Beard of Zeus!!!

Bob Daniels: Big reception for TBOZ! The fans are in for a real treat tonight with two fan favourites going at it.

Bodom: Where's the attitude? Where's the meat in this contest? Sportsmanship's all fine and good but there's nothing better than watching two people who hate each other tear it up.

Pierce Kingmaker: The fans are gonna be split on this one that's for sure, but I anticipate a hotly contested match from both men.


Jason: And his opponent, from Boulder, Nevada, 'The Pint Size Rocker' Daymian Bloodstone!!!

Bob Daniels: Say what you want about Bloodstone, but a man his size has so many road blocks in the way of a successful career. I think he's proven a lot of people wrong by reaching this stage in his career.

Bodom: Admittedly i'm one of the people who never used to rate him.

Pierce Kingmaker: So you rate him quite highly now Bodom?

Bodom: Oh hell no, I still think this little punk is overrated. There's no way someone so stunted should ever be near a match of this calibre, he's only going to bring the tone down.

Bob Daniels: Bring the roof down more like Bodom, this one's gonna be a classic!

*The two opponents face off in the centre of the ring and shake hands prior to the bell before retreating to their corners as the crowd remains split on who to chant for.*

TBOZ vs Daymian Bloodstone


(Stop at 12:50)

Bob Daniels: Beautiful spinning heel kick there from Bloodstone in the corner, both men down!

Bodom: He's got nothing left, TBOZ has taken the wind out of his sails, he can't capitalise!

Bob Daniels: I'm not so sure about that, Bloodstone slides under the bottom rope and he's heading to the corner!

TBOZ lies prone in the corner, knocked senseless from that brutal spinning heel kick. Bloodstone heads up top and lines TBOZ up but his opponent scrambles to his knees and pushes the top rope, knocking Bloodstone into a seat position up top! TBOZ slowly gets to his feet and lays into Daymian with a right, and another before climbing to the middle rope and hooking the arm, looking for a Superplex. Bloodstone blocks the first attempt, and the second by wrapping his leg around the ropes before digging TBOZ in the ribs three times and pushing him back down to the mat! He reacts quickly and climbs back to his feet, leaping off and landing a huge Frogsplash! He hooks the leg!




Bob Daniels: TBOZ kicks out! TBOZ kicks out! We're not done yet!

Pierce Kingmaker: Bloodstone looks like he's winded himself in the process, that Frogsplash was massive!

Bloodstone struggles to his feet, staggering a little with the after effects of his own move before kicking TBOZ square in the back as he attempts to stand as well. Bloodstone lashes out with another kick, and another! Grabbing TBOZ by the head he pulls him up, pushing him into the corner and slicing a knife-edge chop across his torso. He goes to whip him across to the other corner but TBOZ reverses, Bloodstone hits the turnbuckle and ducks the following clothesline attempt, looking for a roll up victory!




TBOZ gets the shoulder up again and the pair jump to their feet, Bloodstone aims a kick at TBOZ's legs but he's caught and flattened by a clothesline. TBOZ weighs the situation up and stomps on Bloodstone before pulling him to his feet, he whips him to the ropes, rebounding Bloodstone into a Samoan Drop! Cover!



Bob Daniels: Bloodstone still fighting!!

TBOZ looks down at his opponent and gets to his feet, again pulling Bloodstone up with him but Bloodstone aims a few short arm jabs at his gut, breaking away from him. He runs at the ropes, cannoning back but right into the boot of TBOZ who plants it in his opponents face knocking him flat on his back!! TBOZ drops an elbow, followed by another before running the drops and dropping a third elbow, this time with momentum! Bloodstone staggers to his feet and walks into a scoop slam, he bounces up again and is met with a DDT! TBOZ contemplates the cover but changes his mind, rising to his feet again, this time waiting, stalking Bloodstone. Bloodstone refuses to give in, battling to his feet slowly with the aid of the ropes, he turns around into a boot to the gut! TBOZ hooks the arm and then the leg, going for the Divine Intervention! He lifts Bloodstone but can't hold on, Bloodstone breaks loose and flips over TBOZ and lands on his feet!! He runs towards the ropes, leaping onto the middle and springboards back towards TBOZ looking for a flying cross body!!

Bob Daniels: Cross Body.. NO! TBOZ catches him in mid air with another kick to the gut!!

Bodom: No escape this time!

TBOZ follows up by hooking the arm and leg again, this time following three with the Divine Intervention and cradling into a pin!!!



Jason: Here is your winner, The Beard of Zeus!!!

TBOZ sits up, exhausted and relieved to have put this one away. Bloodstone rolls away towards the ropes and TBOZ pulls himself to his feet, climbing a turnbuckle in celebration as the fans applaud both men for their efforts.

Bob Daniels: What a match! The fans really appreciative of both of these men who put on a great show for them!

Bodom: Bloodstone comes up SHORT again! Ahahaha! You can't write this stuff!

Pierce Kingmaker: But you just read that off a napkin!

Bodom: Shut up Pierce! That was gold and you know it!

Bob Daniels: Girls, Girls! Lets get back to the point, Daymian Bloodstone may not have won this match, but he's done himself a great service here tonight!

Pierce Kingmaker: It wasn't as one sided as I thought it may I been, maybe Bloodstone is almost ready for the big time?

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 08:00 PM
Jonathan Sanchez: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, International Champion King Strem.

King Strem: Get right to the point John...The King does not wait.

Sanchez: Alright, King, first of all, let's go back to the last War Games show. On that show you found out that 'Red Hot' Istvan Gretzky had chosen to face you for your title at this ppv after he won the mid card class War Games. Your initial reaction to that if you please.

King Strem: So what? That was my reaction. Listen it truly doesn't matter to me who won. It does not matter at all who I face. I am just too god damn great to lose. I am a true ruler of this company. However people like Istvan don't seem to understand that. I showed my accolades before, International Champion for 8 months, Ignition Champion, defeated practically everyone in this company. I just can't be stopped. So you put anyone in front of me, they will learn soon that I am the best in this company and that I am King.

Sanchez: How impressed have you been with the way that Gretzky fought his way to the top of the mid card class after 4 weeks of grueling War Games?

King Strem: What do you want me to say? That he is a hell of a wrestler? I would go to say he is good. But impressed? No, now way. You faced a group of guys, most who I have defeated already. I am not amused. Face me, show me you are a challenge, then maybe I will be impressed. That is a long shot however, everyone I have faced have not amused me. That's a tall order to fill.

Sanchez: Gretzky hasn't won any gold thus far in EWNCW which will make him even hungrier to win this match tonight. How will you counter that?

King Strem: I'll win...Are you that fucking stupid? Have you heard what I have been saying? I can not, and will not lose. So how will I counter? I'll bash his fucking face in, I'll break his arm with the little lucky charms stars in it, I will laugh at him while he is writhing in pain. And finally, when Thy Kingdom Come, he will be done. Simple as that.

Sanchez: You're currently on a pretty lengthy reign as International Champion, how much longer do you project that you'll keep that title? Is it all coming to an end tonight?

King Strem: I should slap the shit out of you cocky little fuck. Do I think it will end tonight? Look I am going to be straight honest. I WILL beat Istvan at No Guts No Glory. I WILL retain the International title. I WILL hold on to it for a very long time. But I am not finish. I WILL see whoever wins the EWNCW championship at No Guts No Glory. I WILL defeat them for said title. And I WILL BE THE FIRST EVER DUAL CHAMPION IN EWNCW. That is my dream, and I will make it real. And then, maybe just then, the little disrespectful pricks like you John will show me some god damn respect.


*King walks off*

Sanchez: Thanks for your time.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 08:06 PM
Bob Daniels: Next up folks we've got a clash of the titans, a real slobber knocker in the making!

Bodom: Poor imitations aside, i've got to agree with you Bob. Gillz, Nightmare, Steel Cage.. brutality isn't just an EWNCW brand name.

Pierce Kingmaker: You're not kidding, i'm not a betting man.. anymore.. but i'd stake my house on this one being nasty.

Bob Daniels:Gillz was brutally attacked by Nightmare backstage recently and it's led us to this match here. And if this match wasn't big enough already, it's going to be contested inside a steel cage! and with that in mind, lets delay no longer and get our gladiators out here!

Jason: The following match is scheduled for one fall and will be contested inside a Steel Cage!


Jason: Introducing first, from Glasgow, Scotland, he is a former EWNCW and World Heavyweight Champion, Gillz!

Bob Daniels: Gillz has looked rejuvenated since he returned guys, but has he bitten off more than he can chew with Nightmare?

Pierce Kingmaker: He's not a former champion for nothing, moments like these are what Gillz really thrives in.

Bodom: Common sense says you back the monster inside a monster playground, can't see Gillz coming out of this one lookin' like a winner.


Jason: And his opponent, from the misty mountains of Mongolia! Nightmare!

Bob Daniels: And here he comes, the mere sight of this man enough to make the faint of heart quiver in terror!

Bodom: So it's not your Parkinsons acting up then Bob?

Bob Daniels: Bodom! How could you say something like that!?

Pierce Kingmaker: Because you're shaking like a leaf Bob.. and you're pretty old too.

Bob Daniels: Thanks.. Pierce, thanks.

Bodom: How about we get back to calling this thing instead of chattering on like a bunch of Alzheimers patients?

Both men stand in the ring as the cage is lowered and bolted into place. The referee makes sure the cage door is secure and calls for the bell!

Gillz vs Nightmare


(Ignore Henry, stop at 7:38)

Nightmare staggers to his feet stalks his prey, like a cat toying with a mouse. He stands in place, looking down at Gillz as the former champion slow rises to his knees, crawling towards a turnbuckle for help getting up. Gillz claws his way to his feet, resting against the turnbuckle but turns around into a fierce right hand from Nightmare, followed by a left and a right elbow to the temple. Gillz flops down under the rain of blows and takes a knee to the face as he sits there defenceless, Nightmare steps back to admire his work before thrusting himself forward again and jarring his knee right into Gillz once more. Gillz slumps to the mat face first, unresponsive as Nightmare prowls around the ring like a caged animal.

Bob Daniels: I don't know how much more of this Gillz is going to be able to take! Nightmare is absolutely in control here.

Bodom: Look at this monster! Of course he's in control Bob! This is like watching a Gorilla take on a Zookeeper inside a cage!

Bob Daniels: Nightmare is just revelling in the destruction, he's not done by a long shot folks. Younger viewers might want to turn away now!

Nightmare rounds on Gillz once more and yanks him to his feet, backing him to the ropes and whipping him across the ring. Gillz clings onto the ropes for dear life instead of cannoning back, Nightmare charges and launches himself but eats the steel cage as Gillz drops down to the mat. The monster staggers back but shake it off, going back on the attack but Gillz fells him with a drop toe hold, sending him face first into the mesh once again! Nightmare slowly begins to get to his feet but Gillz beats him, bouncing off the opposite ropes and driving a knee into Nightmares spine as he reaches a vertical position and crashes him back into the steel! Gillz goes again, repeating the procedure twice more before slamming Nightmare down to the mat with a reverse DDT, he covers.




Bob Daniels: Kick out at two! Gillz needs to put this away quickly before Nightmare is able to get back into this!

Gillz gets to his feet as Nightmare lays prone, he lashes out with a couple of boots to the face and then heads for the corner. He claws his way to the top turnbuckle and turns to face the big man before leaping off and hitting the 450 Corkscrew Splash into a cover!




Gillz pulls at his hair in frustration, wondering what it's going to take to put this guy down. Suddenly, as Gillz glances over at the cage door, the realisation washes over him that there's more than one way to win a cage match. He stumbles to his feet, looking down at Nightmare and waves dismissively before turning towards the exit. He makes it one step before Nightmare reaches up and catches his trailing foot, dragging him back down to the mat as Gillz desperately tries to claw his way out. Gillz wriggles free when his boot comes off and scrambles towards the cage door, the referee on the outside opens it up and Gillz makes it out to freedo.. wait a minute Nightmare's got him again!! The monster catches Gillz by the foot again and drags him back inside kicking and screaming. Grabbing his opponent by the throat, Nightmare pulls Gillz to his feet and lifts him up for a chokeslam, sending Gillz back down to the mat!

Bodom: I thought this was over, but it looks like this freak of nature ain't quite done yet!

Nightmare starts toying with Gillz again, nudging him with his boots and almost laughing as he admire his handywork. He pulls him to his feet again, not content with the damage already done and throws Gillz, back first, against the cage! He rounds on him again, dragging him to his feet before throwing Gillz at the cage again, this time face first! But this time Gillz catches the cage with his hands and desperately begins climbing! Nightmare is quick to react however and yanks Gillz from the mesh and down hard to the mat with a thud! Nightmare, angry at Gillz attempt to steal a win, stomps down upon him hard before signalling the end, calling for the WMD Punch! He waits for Gillz, beckoning for him to get up, Gillz slowly rises to his knees, using the ropes to drag himself to his feet and propping himself up against the cage support beam.

Pierce Kingmaker: Gillz.. you might not want to turn around..

Gillz turns around groggily, the WMD Punch comes at him fast from Nightmare but he still somehow manages to sidestep. Nightmare's fist connects with the support beam with so much force that the side of the cage buckles and bends! Gillz goes on the attack immediately with Nightmare clutching his damaged hand, hitting a sitout jawbreaker followed by an enzuiguri to drop the big man. Gillz measures his opponent who slowly rises to his feet, Gillz jumps up onto the middle rope looking for a springboard forearm smash but is caught by Nightmare in mid-air!! Nightmare turns towards the cage with Gillz in his hands and throws the former world champion at the steel mesh!! Gillz crashes hard into the cage with such force that the already buckled support snaps, sending him flying to the outside through the mesh!!

Jason: Here is your winner, Gillz!!!

Bob Daniels: I don't believe it! Nightmare can't believe it! Gillz wins the match through sheer dumb luck!!

Bodom: Haha! That is absolutely ridiculous! How in the hell has Gillz won this match!?

Pierce Kingmaker: Nightmare cost himself the match by throwing Gillz at the already broken side of the cage! What was he thinking!?

Gillz looks around confused, unsure of how he actually got out of the cage before spotting Nightmare clambering through the ropes towards him. Climbing to his feet quickly, Gillz staggers as quickly as he can towards the back with Nightmare in hot pursuit, crazed with anger due to the loss.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 08:10 PM
Bob Daniels: And up next, it’s time for our International Championship match!

Bodom: Istvan Gretzky won this spot by winning the mid card division War Games!

Pierce Kingsmaker: Gretzky has been locked in a feud with Ryan Wells but instead of refacing Wells, he’s going to face King Strem!

BD: King Strem has been the International Champion since way back at Glory to the Brave! He’s proven time and time again he can handle a challenge, but can he do it tonight?

Bod: You’re completely right Bob, this could be very difficult for Gretzky.

PK: I think Gretzky made the wrong decision going for King Strem, I’ve gotta say that he would have been better off against Wells.


Jason McManus: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the EWNCW International Championship! Introducing first, from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, he is the current EWNCW International Champion...King Strem!

BD: Here comes the King!

Bod: This could be a hell of a match!

PK: King Strem has got to be the favourite.


JMcM: And the challenger, from Warsaw, Poland, Istvan Gretzky!

BD: Here comes the winner of the mid card division War Games!

Bod: And quite possibly the next International Champion!

PK: It’s going to be tough against the King!

Istvan Gretzky (JBL) vs. King Strem (Cena) for the International Championship

(stop at 17:38)

BD: And the champ kicks out at 2!

Bod: What a match this has been!

PK: Istvan in control right now!

*Istvan grabs Strem by the hair and drags him to his feet. He whips Strem into the corner and runs at him, looking for a clothesline into the corner but Strem ducks underneath and goes for a neckbreaker, but Istvan grabs the ropes and Strem hits the canvas. Istvan uses the ropes to elevate himself and comes down hard with a stomp onto Strem’s chest. He drops down and makes a cover.



King Strem kicks out as Istvan can’t believe it. He looks at the referee in desperation as Strem begins to move around on the canvas. Istvan looks down at Strem and grabs him by the hair but Strem rakes the eyes and Istvan backs up in agony as the referee warns Strem. Strem is quickly to his feet and grabs Istvan, hitting a German Suplex.

Strem looks down at Istvan and bounces off the ropes, hitting a big splash on the fallen challenger. He covers Gretzky.



Gretzky throws the shoulder up as Strem backs up to the corner. He looks down at Gretzky, who is beginning to climb to his feet, before running forward and hitting Gretzky with a vicious kick to the side. Strem backs up and waits as Gretzky begins to get up once again, holding his side. Strem runs forwards and connects with a huge Spear! He covers immediately.




Gretzky just kicks out as Strem can’t believe it. He gets up and begins to argue with the referee as Istvan is moving. Strem is still arguing as Istvan rolls Strem up from behind!




Strem manages to kick out and is quicker to his feet, where he lands a swift kick to Istvan’s chest before he gets up. Strem grabs Istvan, lifts him up and connects with a Powerbomb into a Facebuster! He covers Istvan.





Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 08:21 PM
Dick Thompson: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, War games main event class winner; Ronaldo Romulus.
Ronaldo, first of all congratulations on winning the main event class of the War Games series. You must be very proud of your efforts?

::Ronaldo Romulus::
“Does the owl not scour the landscape under the luminous veil of resplendent stars and the radiant moon? Are the sepulchers, corroborated by the dynasty of royalty, not embellished with stockpiles of treasure and adorned with redolence? Am I not the EWNCW Championship’s number one contender? Save for interference in the match that should have concluded in Kayden James’ subjugation, was my War Games chronicle not superlative and flawless?

Such exorbitant prying, Thompson! Pride is the preeminent antecedent of my current elation! However, more importantly, the Father of all creation, is proud of me for faithfully serving as the beacon of His promise of eternity for humanity. The hour of His reformation is at hand and I, Ronaldo Romulus, along with the chosen brethren, humbly and proudly advocate that cause.”

Thompson: We saw you compete in and beat many of the top stars this company has to offer over the past 4 weeks. Which match was the toughest for you, and which superstar have you beaten during this series do you see as your biggest accomplishment?

:Ronaldo Romulus::
“As if anyone of those meager vexations were of any trouble! Hahahahahaha! Mere blights, Thompson. Mere blights! Though, I must consent this much; the Wrath of Remus was rather arduous to execute onto Gillz. What a portly fellow that one was! A mother of swine would have exhausted last effort than that gelatinous mass of adipose! Hahahahahaha!”

Thompson: Now let's hear from you why made the decision to face EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder? You're a member of the Rage brand so many thought you'd go for World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin, since he is all in all your polar opposite. So why chose to go the other way?

::Ronaldo Romulus::
“The grip on morality and apotheosis for the Lord in EWNCW is rather…flaccid. In the instant that my constitution first merged with the debauchery emitted from these abominable confines, I knew that the rebellion and reckless indulgence, associated with everything polar to the will of the Father, was as common as the askew vilifications of politicians amongst the pious hypocrites that surround me and stain the otherwise impeccable canvas of our global accommodation.

Such vanity and blasphemous bravado cannot manifest from the empty vacuum of incorporeal space or the convenience of sheer coincidence. No. A breeder, a heinous farmer with a green thumb and a corrupt docket that wished for the deprecation of the chaste and good-willed was the cause. But my own tunnel vision ironically precluded me from fathoming this reality. In my career thus far, instead of laying waste to the chief proponents of sin, as I originally envisaged, I merely tore weeds from their tainted soil, dancing around the genesis of this company’s moral plight.

But now, with a year elapsed, the truth has now come to me. I could dutifully eviscerate one crony after the next but it would be a lost cause as my failure to elucidate their wickedness would allow their legacies to be erected in monuments and statues in place of my Lord as pity for my ruthlessness. K-Jammin, was suspected to be such a reaper but as the serf aphorism states “the grass is always greener on the other side”; the “other side” being the other brand! Inferno, out of all the crannies and havens, was the one outside of my sphere of influence, where haughtiness could be permitted without a vengeful eye. And who better to advocate such haughtiness than the two-faced, apocryphal bastard, Tommy Thunder, the EWNCW Champion? It is him that is responsible for EWNCW’s downhill spiral. Why? Many of EWNCW’s fanatics have hailed him as keystone entity in which this company was constructed upon, the “heart and soul” so to speak. Without such subsistence residing in us, we are nothing but hallow carcasses without aim or reason. The same holds true for the EWNCW. It’s ideals, it’s beliefs, it’s structure and most imperative, it’s morals, are all molded from that man.

On the surface, Thunder resembles a kempt, well-mannered and articulate gentleman, champion of virtue and defender of the enervated. But it’s his dedication to altruism, to tolerance, that makes him dangerous, that makes him responsible. As EWNCW’s ultimate emissary, his influence spreads like wildfire and his messages of concession for the unrighteous must…be…stopped. At once. I would be fatuous to surrender any conviction for the sake of exacting pitiful revenge on that lout, K-Jammin, for his public abasement at my expense. Once Thunder has been annihilated, swallowed by the gaping, pitch black of oblivion, then salvation can be distributed at last.”

Thompson: Finally, what can we expect from you if you win the EWNCW Championship? What kind of champion will Ronaldo Romulus be?

::Ronaldo Romulus::
“Tch! I care not about representing the EWNCW Championship or for acting as an “admirable” champion! Servitude to the chosen race and to God is all I regard highly for and it shall commence as the new EWNCW Champion. However, I will promise that I will bulwark the title with the stamina of a Roman centurion and the wit of a wolf. Until every entity in the EWNCW realizes the will of the Father, the EWNCW Champion shall be a permanent appendage. Then, I can lose it with gladness…or even die in peace.”

Thompson: Thank you for your time Ronaldo.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 08:33 PM
Bob Daniels: And now ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the World Heavyweight Championship match!

Bodom: Oh it’s time for K-Jammin to get what’s coming to him!

Pierce Kingsmaker: Well K-Jammin will be facing old foe Jman, and with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, both of these men will give everything here.

BD: I have to agree Pierce. K-Jammin will be hoping to hold onto his championship, but Jman would love to take it from him.

Bod: Well I would have preferred my boy TBOZ to get his title back, but when it comes down to it, I’d rather see anybody that K-Jam with the title.

PK: Well he subjected you to a horrific attack, and you’re not the first guy he’s done it to either.

BD: That’s right, ever since Vendetta when K-Jam debuted, he’s been destroying everybody in his path!

Bod: Well he got lucky against me, but tonight, the reign ends.


Jason McManus: Ladies & Gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall, and it is for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...Jman!

PK: And here comes the guy hoping to end that reign!

BD: Jman has been a great addition to the EWNCW roster, but where do his loyalties lie?

Bod: With himself Bob, Jman wants the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship.

PK: Well, he’s going to find it tough tonight to take it from K-Jam, that’s for sure.


JMcM: And his opponent…he is the World Heavyweight Champion! From London, England, K-Jammin!

BD: And here comes the World Heavyweight Champion!

Bod: That will be the last time you say that Bob. Tonight, Jman takes that title.

PK: K-Jam is looking as confident as ever.

BD: This is going to be a hell of a match!

K-Jammin (Jericho) vs. Jman (Michaels) for the World Heavyweight Championship


BD: And K-Jam reaches the ropes, but you have to wonder, how much did that take out of him?

Bod: Jman looks in full control!

PK: What a match between two guys who know each other so well!

*Jman walks forwards and grabs K-Jam by the hair, dragging him to a standing position against the ropes. Jman steps back and chops the chest of K-Jam, causing K-Jam to nearly double up in pain. Jman immediately places K-Jam up again and smashes him once more in the chest. He whips K-Jam across the ring and connects with a huge elbow to K-Jam’s face as he comes back off the ropes, sending the champion to the canvas.

Jman grabs K-Jam by the leg and drags him into the centre of the ring, turning him onto his front, and using the leg to lift K-Jam into the air, smashing him into the canvas with force, causing K-Jam to pull up in agony, grabbing at his own leg.*

BD: This is brilliant strategy by Jman, take out the leg and take out the Head Jam Superkick!

*Jman looks down with a serious look on his face, before he places his boot onto K-Jam’s chest and steps across, placing his entire weight onto K-Jam’s chest. K-Jam comes up coughing, but is met by a kick to the chest as Jman quickly twists around. He drops down and covers K-Jam.*



*K-Jam kicks out as Jman backs up to the ropes. He looks up to the top and climbs to the apron. He climbs up to the top rope and points to the sky, going for the elbow drop, but K-Jam moves at the last second and Jman hits the canvas with force!

K-Jam climbs to his feet, limping slightly as Jman himself begins to get up. K-Jam runs forwards as Jman is on all fours, hitting a dropkick to Jman’s side, sending Jman under the ropes to the floor below. K-Jam climbs through the ropes and drops down, grabbing Jman’s head and slamming it into the apron.

K-Jam rolls Jman into the ring and follows him in. Jman begins to get up as K-Jam lines up ready for the Head Jam but halfway through, his knee gives out, sending him to one knee. Jman turns around to see K-Jam climbing back up, and connects with Good Match Let’s Go Eat! He collapses onto the champion with a cover.*




Bod: NO! That was three!

PK: What a match!

*Jman can’t believe it as he argues it was a three count. He turns around and grabs K-Jam by the head, dragging him up to his feet. He twists around K-Jam and goes for a T-Bone Suplex but K-Jam elbows Jman in the head and follows up with a quick armdrag as Jman runs at him.

K-Jam turns the armdrag into an armbar, but Jman manages to twist out and hits a hiptoss. Jman bounces off the ropes and goes for an elbow to K-Jam’s chest. He connects and stays for a cover.*



*K-Jam turns it over into a crucifix pin!*




*Jman manages to throw K-Jam off. Both men begin to climb up in the ring and Jman goes for another Good Match Let’s Go Eat, but K-Jam ducks under and as Jman turns, hits the Head Jam! He drops down and covers Jman.*





Bodom: That lucky SOB!!

Kingmaker: What a match we've just seen here!! Another classic!!

Daniels: Love him or hate him, you can't fault K-Jammin's tenacity since arriving in EWNCW. He's on a roll and he's continuing his reign as champion here.

Bodom: This isn't right, Jman would have b=made a much better champion. At least that guy doesn't randomly attack people. K-Jammin is a vile bastard!!

Daniels: That may be, but he won here tonight and come Rage next week, he'll still be champion.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 08:43 PM
Daniels: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, if wars make you squeamish, then you should leave right now. Our next bout is for the EWNCW Championship.

Bodom: That’s right, this is our EWNCW Championship match and it shall feature the reigning Champion, Tommy Thunder, going up against the shooting star of EWNCW, Ronaldo Romulus! His rise to the top has been nothing short of spectacular, his matches nothing short of masterpieces, and tonight he plans on taking Tommy’s title and making it his crowning achievement.

Daniels: The question is can this shooting star do it? Tommy has proven to be resilient, has proven to be the top dog of EWNCW, and will want to continue to exert his dominance over any and all comers.

Kingmaker: Both men have everything to lose, but Tommy has just something more. What Tommy is going to fight his heart out to keep, Ronaldo is going to fight his heart out to earn. We promise you folks, that this match is going to be nothing short of World War III in terms of how brutal this match is going to be.

Bodom: We don’t know what to expect here, aside from that when all is said and done, when the dust settles it will really prove who had the Guts, to get achieve Glory.

Daniels: We might as well get to our main event, the folks didn’t come here to hear us talking, no they came to see a battle, a war - they came to see the action of No Guts, No Glory, and by god, by the matches we’ve witnessed tonight, this one is going to deliver!

Kingmaker: I agree, now let’s get this underway!

*The camera pans from the commentary team and heads towards Jason, who is in the ring with the microphone.*

Jason: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall and is for the EWNCW Championship!


*Ronaldo steps out onto the ramp, surveying the crowd as their boos. He gives them a boastful smirk and mouths, “Your next EWNCW Champion!” The crowd blows a gasket for this claim and start chanting for Tommy. Ronaldo makes hand motions to quiet them, but it doesn’t help, it only makes them louder. He heads towards the ring, mouthing that he has taken out Seraphim, and during War Games, that he only lost one match. He climbs into the ring and stands on one of the turnbuckles. “I AM GOING TO BE VICTORIOUS!” The crowd continues to boo and chant for Tommy, which allows for Ronaldo to soak it up.*

Bodom: This man has proven he belongs here, in this match, and is going to do everything he can to gain that title. He’s taken out men who’ve fought for the title, and now he’s going for the one that Tommy proudly displays. What is it going to take to deter this man from his path?

Daniels: Who knows, but he is going to have to fight Tommy, who is known for his determination. He’s going to try and keep that title by any means necessary, and Ronaldo is going to be hard pressed to take it away from him, even with his crafty tricks.

Kingmaker: I guess we’re going to have to find out if Ronaldo’s ability is worth it’s weight in gold!


*The crowd is on their feet as Tommy’s music hits, which brings out the Champion himself - holding the title over his head, letting the entire Arena see it. Chants for Thunder erupt in a loud chorus, as he walks down the ramp, holding the title high and looking at Ronaldo who is beckoning him on. Tommy starts hopping up and down outside the ring, He shoots into the ring as the referee backs Ronaldo up, and marches around the ring displaying the title. He tosses it on his shoulder and moves back towards one of the corners, his eyes now intently focused on Romulus, his opponent for the evening.*

Daniels: There he is, the champion himself. You can see how focused he is and how much trouble Ronaldo is going to be in facing this man. Tommy is the perfect champion!

Bodom: Tonight we’re going to find if ‘perfect’ truly is the pinnacle of greatness. If not, Ronaldo is going to find something that is better than it, pull it out and become the new EWNCW champion!

Jason: Introducing first, fighting out of Sao Paulo, Brazil - the challenger - weighing in at 238 pounds - Ronaldo Romulus!

*Ronaldo doesn't acknowledge the crowd as the boo him again. His entire focus being on the EWNCW Title. He looks across the ring at Tommy, and gets ready for a fight.*

Jason: And introducing the champion, fighting out of Colorado Springs, Colorado - TOMMY! THUNDER!

*The crowd erupts once more in a chorus of cheers, as he hoists the title up one more time, keeping his eyes on Ronaldo. As he soaks in the roar of the crowd, he hands the title over to the ref, who hands it to a ringside attendant.*

Punk(Tommy) vs. Hardy(Ronaldo)

(Stop at 17:15)

*Ronaldo rolls out of the ring as Tommy kicks him; the crowd singing a chorus of cheers at the turn of events. Tommy poses in the ring before sliding out and Irish whipping Ronaldo towards the barricade. As Ronaldo crashes, Tommy is on him instantly, landing a brutal looking knee to his sternum. He slaps a five with one of the people in the crowd, who’ll probably go home and mark this as the best day of his life - right next to the time he had sex in the back of his dad’s F-250. Tommy leans down to retrieve the crumpled Ronaldo, and tosses him back in the ring, following closely behind him. As he climbs in, he stomps way at Ronaldo. With each stomp, the crowd cheers. Going for another stomp, Tommy finds his effort in vain, as Romulus grabs him and tosses him back via his foot. Tommy rolls through, and as he comes forward, he is met with a sudden spear from out of nowhere. Tommy crashes back, his head and upper body sliding beneath the ropes. Ronaldo grabs the top rope and slingshots himself over, landing with one foot on the apron and the other in a stomping fashion on Tommy’s chest. As the crowd boos, he jumps back in the ring and then shoot back out with another stomp. On the third attempt, he switched it up and went for a leg drop which connected beautifully; effectively sliding Tommy mostly out of the ring.

Tommy attempts to pick himself up on the apron, using the ropes to pull himself up to a standing position. However, this seemed to be a mistake. As Tommy rose, Ronaldo hopped on the apron and moved forward - attempting a running Enzuigiri, but Tommy ducks, causing Ronaldo to fly back into the ring. Tommy crawls in and drops to a knee, trying to regain his composure before going back on the attack. He stalks towards Ronaldo, and they begin to exchange blows in the middle of the ring, with Ronaldo getting the best of the blows. Tommy gets pushed back and as he comes forward, Ronaldo catches him with the Enzuigiri, flush on the back of the head. Tommy drops to one knee, then two, and then falls. Ronaldo senses the end is near, and picks him back up - unaware of his positioning in the ring and hit’s a powerful Wrath of Ramus. The crowd goes quiet, as Ronaldo goes in for the pin.*





*Tommy’s foot lands on the rope, and Ronaldo looks visibly upset. He argues with the ref, but goes back on the attack soon thereafter. He pushes Tommy off the ropes and catches him with a midsection kick, and jumped over him, catching him in a sunset flip power bomb off the ground. Instead of going for the pin, he watches as Tommy lays there, near motionless except for the breaths that lift his chest.*


*The crowd boos and starts to chant. THUN! DER! THUN! DER! THUN! DER! Ronaldo starts dropping elbows on him, timing it with the DER chants. Upon the third one, he meets all canvas. Tommy rolled out of the way and began to lift himself up as Ronaldo nursed his hurt elbow. Seeing Tommy, he rushes forward, only to meet a boot, and once more for two boots. Just as Ronaldo moves to come in a third time, Tommy runs forward and catches a drop kick for his trouble. He rolls to the opposite side of the ring and climbs up using the ropes; only to find Tommy on him, who begins to give him knife-edge chops. Each one beckons a WOOOOO from the crowd. He pulls him out of the corner and executes what he calls the Eye of the Storm, a Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop. He falls down on him, and starts with a pin.*




Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 08:44 PM
*Ronaldo kicks out, causing Tommy to sit up, with his knees pointed towards the ceiling, his arms draped over them. He looks at the ref, sweat dripping off his face, motioning for a three count. Turning around, he kicks Ronaldo and thinks about what he needs to do to put the man down for good. As Romulus sits up, Tommy catches him with a shoot kick to the back, and then a low drop kick, forcing the man forward towards the turnbuckles. He backs up and urges Ronaldo to stand up, positioning himself for a running dropkick. When he goes to execute it, Ronaldo moves, causing Tommy to hit all air, injuring his lower body. Seizing the chance, he pulls Tommy into a kneebar, Tommy attempts to fight through the pain, doing everything in his power to keep from tapping out. Ronaldo applies more pressure, causing Tommy to scream out in pain - intensifying his efforts to get to the ropes and break the hold. He eventually does.*

Bodom: There it goes! Ronaldo has done the damage, Tommy will be hard pressed to execute his famous Shining Wizard.

Kingmaker: I have to agree with Bodom there, it looks like Ronaldo did what he needed to do and now Tommy is basically a crippled horse being prepared to be put down.

*Ronaldo begins attacking the knee of Tommy, dragging it over the bottom rope. He slides out and begins pulling on the knee, only breaking when the ref gets to four. Tommy writhes in pain in the middle of the ring and Ronaldo motions for the end. He attempts to stand Tommy up, for another Wrath of Ramus, Suddenly, Tommy pushes Ronaldo’s hands off, surprising him - before he finds himself hit by Tommy’s Sitout Facebuster. Tommy finds it hard to stand up but manages. Seeing Ronaldo in the middle of the ring, he beckons the crowd to get loud, and when they do, he motions for the end of the match. When Ronaldo gets up to one knee, Tommy catches him with a killer Shining Wizard, knocking Ronaldo, and without wasting any time, immediately moves into applying the Anaconda Vice on Ronaldo. With nowhere to go, Ronaldo attempts to fight his way out of it, frantically looking for the ropes with his feet, but is unable to find it. Eventually he does, and the ref calls for the break. Tommy obliges at the count of three and waits for just a moment as Ronaldo gets his bearings. As soon as he is in position, catches him with a big boot to the face, knocking him down in the middle of the ring. The crowd chants THUNDER, and he falls to the mat, and reapplies the Anaconda Vice, this time holding it until Ronaldo taps out in the middle of the ring.*


*Tommy stands up in the middle of the ring, favoring his strong leg; as to not apply unneeded pressure to his knee. As they hand him the belt, he hoists it up for the crowd to see, while the referee holds his other hand in the air. He makes his way out of the ring, walking backwards as he looks on at Ronaldo.*

Daniels: Tommy truly is the perfect wrestler. Who else could have went through a battle like that and walked out as champion - especially one who walked in as champion? Ronaldo was crafty, but Tommy was the better man in this bout. Ronaldo is going to have to regroup, and try again later. But tonight, both men had Guts, but Tommy took the Glory!

Kingmaker: Tommy walked in as champ and walked out as champ. Nothing more can sum it up better than those ten words.

Bodom: He got lucky and that’s all there is to it. If Ronaldo is granted another shot, he is definitely going to be the victor.

*As Bodom stops talking, the lights go dim, a mumbling sound filling the arena. The crowd is in a loud murmur, but the voices just get louder and louder..........

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 08:45 PM
For anyone familiar, the voices are very similar to the ones that Seraphim would talk about when he spoke abut a match or what was going on in his head. As the voices reach their peak, the lights come on and the voices immediately stop. Ronaldo is still in the middle of the ring, though now a black feather lays on his chest. Just outside the ring, back turned to Ronaldo, Seraphim can be seen walking slowly up the ramp. His mouth moving as though he is talking to another entity. His movements were deliberate and his message obvious. Ronaldo had taken him out and now, the Seraphim, and his eerie voices, were out for revenge.*


Daniels: It’s obvious isn’t he? The voices, the message? He’s back and he wants to exact his revenge on the man who dared attempt to take his livelihood, Romulus.

Kingmaker: This is what people do not want. Seraphim is an amazing athlete, but he is not the one you want pissed off at you. Another man, maybe, but a man who hears ‘voices’?

Daniels: I agree with you there.

Bodom: It doesn’t matter, Ronaldo is going to have to make another example out of him if he has too.

Daniels: If you think that, then so be it. We are now ready to move on to the main event of the evening.

Bodom: That we are, Jesting Madness versus God’s Grace.

Kingmaker: Two of the best tag teams today, and probably in history, are going to square off in this evenings main event!

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 09:17 PM
Bob Daniels: No Guts, No Glory continues with a blockbuster singles match when The British Excellence Billy McCoy faces former EWNCW champion King Zero Krystian Krysys.

Pierce Kingmaker: Indeed two top class athletes here, both have held gold during their stint in EWNCW and both are looking to be back into title contention in the near future.

Bodom: While I agree with you two here, I have to remind you that none of them were able to make it during the War Games series, and therefore they aren't competing for the major gold around. However, I expect and A match right here, and anything less than that will be absolutely disappointing.

Daniels: I've got the feeling that neither McCoy or Krysys will let you down.

Bodom: I hope so.


Jason McManus: The following contest is a singles match set for one fall! Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada, he is King Zero Krystian Krysys!

Daniels: The former EWNCW Champion finished War Games with only 4 points, and he's looking to regain his momentum here against Billy McCoy.

Bodom: Don't forget that McCoy was in the playoff to challenge K-Jammin for the World Heavyweight Championship after Romulus announced he'll face Tommy Thunder, and Krysys cost him the match against Jman. Krysys looked focused on that moment, and he looks focused tonight.

PK: No doubt about Krysys has got under McCoy's skin with that thunderous One Last Breath, now he has to keep on with the momentum he got on War Games.

*Krysys is received with a chorus of boos that only make him smirk. When he is about to hit the ring, he spots a guy with a sign that says: “S.E.S. Straight Edge Sucks”. Krysys heads to the guy, takes the sign off his hands, and rips it off. This increases the level of boos, and Krysys and the fan have a heated exchange of words that King Zero ends by saying: “I'll prove you wrong, drunkard”. He then enters the ring, climbs to the top of one of the turnbuckles and gives the fans the X, only to increase the wind music he's receiving. *


McManus: And his opponent, from Devon, England, he is The British Excellence, Billy McCoy!

Daniels: After defeating James and Bloodstone in a Hardcore Submissions Count Anywhere match, McCoy was in a match with Jman to get the second world title match tonight, when Krysys interfered, depriving Billy of a title shot here at No Guts, No Glory.

Bodom: That's the main issue I have with this chap here, as the Brits would say, is that he has all the tools to be a champion, both in ring and on the mic, but he can't get the job done.

PK: I wonder how this has affected McCoy. No doubt he's pissed off at the missed chance, but will he be focused enough tonight, or has Krysys got under under his skin so much that his performance won't be top notch tonight?

*The first notes of Madina Lake's Hey Superstar sound and the atmosphere is electric, but there crowd is still silent. When the main riff enters, the crowd unleashes a torrent of cheers for The British Excellence, who takes a few more seconds to emerge for the delight of his unconditional fans, making them scream louder. McCoy looks serious, but can't help cracking a smile when he sees a fan with a “We Want McCoy Crisps” sign. He poses with the fan, much to the guy's pleasure, before heading on to the ring. The moment he steps foot in the squared circle, Krysys goes nose to nose with him, but before the hostilities go further, the referee manages to separate them. McCoy goes to the closest turnbuckle, climbs it and raises his fist for a lot of love from the fans. Krysys imitates him, giving the audience the X, and only receives massive boos. When they are done and ready, the ref calls for the bell. *

BD: This one is underway!

(Punk = Billy / Ambrose = Krysys. Start at 3:05 of first video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsdCkFpsnyE&list=PLEF685E34FE6E51B8&index= 2&feature=plpp_video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR0jnuzHmaU&feature=bf_next&list=PLEF685E3 4FE6E51B8
(Stop at 10:10 of second video)

Bodom: Great strategy by McCoy here to get rid of Krysys for a moment.

Daniels: But he gave Krysys a low blow!

Bodom: If the referee didn't see it, it's legal.

PK: Yeah, Bob, you should have already got used to it.

Daniels: It's not ethical.

Bodom: Look, this isn't Plato's Symposium, if you want ethics, go to college, this is about winning matches.

*The low blow buys McCoy some valuable time to regroup and catch his breath. When he gathers his strength back, he lifts Krysys and hits The Real McCoy. He pins Krysys, but the referee is still recovering, so there is a lapse of time until the official starts the slow cover. *


(Seconds pass)



Bodom: The referee was still dazed and confused, therefore the slow count. McCoy has to keep fighting.

*Billy goes to check on the ref, and tries to help him to his feet, but Krysys, who is still on his knees, catches him with a punch in the mid section. McCoy falls to his knees too, but he's able to retaliate with a punch to the face of his opponent. This leads to an exchange of punches:










McCoy changes to a forearm shot, and he gets the advantage, hitting a second, and a third, a fourth and a fifth that finally takes Krysys down. He then locks Krysys left arm into a crossface position, but instead of grabbing the head of his opponent and lifting it up, he goes for the right arm and wrenches it back like in an abdominal stretch, what he calls the Suicide Stretch. *

Daniels: Suicide Stretch applied.

PK: McCoy does not use this submission maneuver as a finisher, but rather as a way to wear down his opponent.

Bodom: ands still, he can then go to the Cross Arm Breaker, in a sort of modified Double Bill Thrill.

*As if he had heard Bodom's words, Billy releases the left arm, only to use wrap his legs around Krystyan's right arm and, turning his opponent into his back, locks into the Cross Arm Breaker. *

Bodom: I told you so.

Daniels: Then you should go and become an astrologer, shouldn't you, Bodom?

Bodom: Nah, I'm above those frauds.

*Krysys is suffering, yelling loud, but that only makes McCoy to increase the pressure. However, Krysys manages to plant his feet on the map and elevate the lower part of the body. He uses the free arm to push himself up. *

Daniels: Will he lift McCoy in that position?

PK: I doubt it, but let's see.

*Krysys flexes the free arm a bit, impulsing himself towards his right side. Putting the weight of his body on his trapped arm, he barely manages to roll his body over McCoy's in a pinfall attempt: *




*Billy escapes without releasing the hold, but now Krysys is all over him and connects with several punches to the head until Billy lets him go. Both are left down on the mat. The ref starts to count. *






*Billy is up after recovering some breath. He lifts up a motionless Krysys for another dose of Real McCoy, but King Zero uses the momentum to grab Billy's head, and using his body weight, combined with gravity, manages to slam Billy's head into the mat. Without wasting any time, Krysys stands up, and waits for Billy, who is trying to get up to his feet with his back turned to his opponent. Just when Billy gets to a vertical position, Krysys hits a huge standing dropkick that sends his opponent face first into a turnbuckle. *

Daniels: That hurt!

Bodom: With McCoy dazed, this the opening Krysys needs to get the win.

PK: Can he capitalize?

Bodom: He will!

*Krysys is in McCoy's opposite corner, waiting for him to get up and turn around, and when McCoy does, Krysys runs and hits One Last Breath like a freight train! *

Bodom: This is it, pin him!

*But Krysys refuses to do so. Instead, with an elegant, fluid motion, he locks into the Zero Stretch. *

Bodom: Come on, McCoy, just tap! Don't jeopardize your own career!

*Billy is fighting desperately to release the hold, and as he is close to the ropes, due to the position he was in when One Last Breath hit, he grabs the ropes. The ref starts the count and Krysys releases at 4. *

Daniels: Don't count out McCoy so soon, Bodom.

*But Billy seems to be still dazed, and Krysys is ready to end the match, so he grabs McCoy to hit the Zero Driver, and nails it, then goes for the pin. *

Bodom: The leg is hooked!



Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 09:17 PM

*Ding, ding, ding!. *

McManus: The winner of this match, King Zero Krystian Krysys!

Bob Daniels: Amazing comeback by Krysys after a hard fought match.

Bodom: Well, they are top notch wrestlers and they didn't disappoint, great match up, but Krysys proved why he is a former EWNCW champion, and secures the win.

PK: McCoy had the match controlled, but he didn't get the job done, so he paid for it.

Bodom: That's why I don't like this guy so much, talented, but lacks the killer instinct.

Daniels: But still, it takes two to dance and give Krysys a hell of fight.

Bodom: Absolutely.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 09:25 PM

Bob Daniels: Well, this is strange. James has not a match scheduled for tonight, but here's his music.

Pierce Kingmaker: He'll probably has something to say, let's see what happens.

Bodom: He's had his issues with William Carlin, so I guess this has to do with him.

*The lights go out in the arena. When they come back on, the 'Archangel' Kayden James is shown at the top of the ramp. Before his music can even start, he heads down to the ring with an intent and highly angry look on his face.

He grabs a mic from a stagehand at ringside, and slides into the ring. He paces back and forth in the the middle of the ring, his face turning red from the anger boiling inside him. He then raises the mic to his mouth.*


*He drops the mic from his lip, grabs a handful of hair and pulls it, then paces a few more times in the ring before raising the mic back to his mouth*

Kayden: You seem to want my attention, you've now got it. I've tried to pass you off as the annoying little fly that you are but yet you've come back again and again. If not for you, I have little doubt that right now I would be wrestling for a Heavyweight Championship. This.Ends.Now.

You wanted my attention......now you've got my everything. My mind, body, spirit, and most importantly my rage are now all focused on you. You. Me. In a match to end this all. If you are even half a man, you'll come out here and accept this challenge.


Daniels: Wish granted, James. You wanted Carlin out, you got him.

Kingmaker: I'm wondering if it'll be wise by Carlin to accept this challenge.

Bodom: Not at all. But Carlin doesn't duck a fight when the opportunity pops up. Let's hear the witty Techinician.

*Purple Haze explodes and, paradoxically, such a great theme obtain a chorus of boos, because of the man that is about to come out from the gorilla position. However, seconds pass, an no one comes out. The boos increase, James is getting increasingly anxious, but still no one out. Hendrix starts to sing, and after the first three lines,a familiar voice joins in the fourth: *

Carlin: 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky!

*James starts to look around but can't see Carlin. The Superior Technician then calls: *

Carlin: hey, up here!

*Camera then zooms to Carlin, who is on top of the stairs that lead to the ring area, same position where CM Punk showed his WWE title before heading home after Money in the Bank. Carlin is holding the EWNCW Blacklist title and the mic. He starts to proceed downstairs. *

Carlin: I was up there all time, but nobody was looking. By the way, I hate when people boo Jimi Hendrix. Such an amazing song should be either celebrated or heard in awe. You should not boo it, it is rock 'n roll at his best!

*Fans show their disagreement. *

Carlin: I don't mind you booing me, but Jimi? Come on! Are you going to tell me you are all brainless Justin Bieber fans?

*Massive boos for Carlin. Somebody hits Carlin in the back of the head. Carlin turns around and says: *

Carlin: What a display of bravery! If you were man enough you would have faced me, but as the best of your dad's DNA got dry between your mother's legs, you're just stupid enough to attack me from behind, you human reject!

*This obtains a massive chorus of boos. Carlin finally reaches the ringside area, and climbs the steel steps. However, he stays there.*

Carlin: Finally, I've got your full attention. I want you, and all of them, to know exactly why I wanted that attention. I already told you that I hated how you disrespect people here the first time you came here. But my main issue is that you want to impose your own theocratic dictatorship around here, and I won't accept that, no matter what!

*Carlin gets booed again. *

Carlin: But despite what you think, this is not a matter of atheism vs. religious beliefs. It is a matter of freedom. Our Founding Fathers created the legal basis of this country in order to avoid the predominance of one single religion. Therefore, people came here because they could profess the faith they had freely, contrary to what happened in their countries. And I will fight for that, so anyone can follow their cult, or not to follow any if that's their will,and not depend on the whims of a megalomaniac who claims to have direct line with God, but no physical proof of it. And if you think I've forgotten other religious fellas around, rest assured, they are on my list too.

*Crowd is uneasy and don't give much of a reaction, as they value their freedom but hate the religious attacks. Still, there are boos and no cheers, but not as loud as previous ones. *

Carlin: However, we have a little problem. You want a match but I still have to defend this precious thing *lifts the belt * against God's Grace tonight, two religious fellas too. And not in a regular match, but on a Falls Count Anywhere match. I want to be 100% for that one, so, the answer to your proposal is no.

*Carlin proceeds to leave the same way he entered. *

Kayden: Hahahaha! This has nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with my idealisms, and moreover nothing to do with you poor taste in music. As a man of God I've been used to people calling me out on my beliefs due to their lack of overall intelligence and inability to grasp the simple concept of a higher power. You, Mr. Carlin, appear to be no different. I don't fault you really for being too dumb to comprehend.

*The crowd begins to boo James at his insult to their intelligence*

Kayden: However, Mr. Carlin, what does make you different is the fact you use your religion or lack thereof as an excuse. You're AFRAID to face me again because you know what I'll do to you. You know how badly you'd be beaten. What's more, you're using the fact you have another match as an excuse. Awwww is the poor baby afraid to wrestle twice in one night? I wrestled two matches the Wargames before last and did so without fear.

*Crowd has grown eerily quiet, and you can see what James is saying is beginning to get under the skin of Carlin*

Kayden: But what I find amazing is the fact that you're too coward to realize your cowardice is what's keeping you from facing me. You see William, I don't like you. You know I don't like you. I've not hidden this from the beginning. Over the past couple of months this dislike has grown into rage. It's grown into hate.

Kayden: I hate you William Carlin, and if you think that tonight is the last you see my face you are sorely mistaken. You'll see me in the arena, you'll see me on the bus ride home. You'll see me every minute of everyday from here on out if you do not accept this challenge. For lack of better words, grow a set of balls Mr. Carlin.

*Carlin looks inside his pants, then at James, then inside his pants again: *

Carlin: Well, I've got to admit one thing: my balls are not as big as Nacho Vidal's or Rocco Siffredi's, but they are more than the average size for an adult man!

*That brings some laughter. *

Carlin: But I know that you are implying metaphorical balls, those that a brave man is supposed to have. well, despite you thinking otherwise, I've got a full grown set. Big enough to prove everybody tonight that anything you did opr do, I can do better. As far as I recall, you lost those two matches. Tonight, I'm going to fight two matches, and win both! So, if you want a match, you have it!! right here, right now!!

*Fans may hate Carlin, but they love the fact they are going to see Carlin vs James, so cheers all around the arena explode. *

Kayden: Good....good.

*James smirks briefly before returning to a serious demeanor*

Kayden: What I failed to mention to you Mr. Carlin, is the type of match you've agreed to be in. I've been in talks with our general manager and he agrees. There's only one type of match that can put an end to this, to where there will be no more talking, where one man will be beaten until they can no longer function and that match is......A STREET FIGHT MATCH!

*The crowd erupts in cheers at the sound that this match will take place*

Kayden: So bring your snarky humor, and I'll bring my fists. Bring your best, and I'll have better. Bring your smiles and I'll bring my hate. Prepare to be beaten within an inch of your life. The Archangel has spoken. Let's end this. The match is NOW! Bring a ref!

*A referee sprints down the ramp *


Daniels: Good God almighty!! Get ready for a great match!

Bodom: A silly move by Carlin here, he has a grueling match against God's Grace, this can cost Jesting Madness the belts!

Kingmaker: Maybe, but this guy is really talented, he can recover for the tag team match.

*Ref calls for the bell, ding, ding, ding! *

Daniels:This one is underway!

(Punk = James / Jericho = Carlin. Start at 11:11)

Stop at 35:01

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 09:26 PM
Daniels: Great resiliency by James!

Bodom: No doubt about it, he ate a chair right in the face and still survived.

*Carlin is visibly frustrated after nit getting the win there. He leaves the ring and gets into the barrier, throwing a couple of punches on top of it. He takes a moment to catch his breath, then he starts to rip the EWNCW sign of the barrier. *

Daniels: What the hell is he doing?

Kingmaker: Isn't it obvious? He's ripping the metal sign to use it as a weapon!

Bodom: He has loads of more powerful weapons surrounding him, why use that?
Kingmaker: Beats me. He's just mad.

*Carlin rips the sign and tries to throw him over the top rope to no avail. He tries a second time, and the sign refuses to pass over the rope. Carlin then places the metal sheet on the floor, and starts to make some theatrical gestures before dropping the Elbow of Disdain! *

Daniels: He's lost his mind!

Bodom: You've got to love Carlin when he loses his mind! You don't know what is he going to do next! Although he should be focusing on James!

Kingmaker: Carlin vs EWNCW sign, book that one now!

*Carlin proceeds to stomp on the sign a bit more before yelling: “You don't mess with me, you fucker!”. He then slides the sign into the ring. *

Daniels: a simple answer for the riddle.

*Carlin follows the sign, and picks it up to hit James, who's barely able to get to his feet. Carlin awaits until the Archangel gets to a vertical base, he then lifts the sign, ready to strike, but James is faster and hits a standing dropkick into the sign, that crashes into Carlin's face, bringing the EWNCW Blacklist champion into the mat. *

Bodom: that took too long, and James has the advantage right now, will he capitalize?

*James wastes no time and goes for the pin. *

Daniels: Right leg hooked.



2,7989898989464683299 NO!

Bodom: James did good on trying to pin Carlin, but it will take more to bring the Superior Technician down.

*Carlin rolls out of the way into the ropes. James is frustrated, and starts to look around for a weapon. All of a sudden, his glance turns malevolent, and a huge grin comes across his face. *

Kingmaker: This is going to get nasty!

Bodom: Wasn't it nasty before?

Kingmaker: Nastier!

*James takes the EWNCW sign and puts it in the center of the ring. He then looks for the chair he ate minutes before, and places it exactly in the middle of the sign. He then goes to grab Carlin. James manages to carry him into the sign, and puts his opponent into a powerbomb position. *

Daniels: Oh my god! He's going for the Alpa and Omega drop on top of the steel chair!

Bodom: if he hits it, he wins the match. Carlin should better get pinned here and not prolong the suffering in order to get to his title match later on!.

*James lifts Carlin up and drops the first powerbomb. He grabs his opponent again, but he's also suffering the effects of the brutal match, and it's talking longer than usual. However, the second powerbomb is nailed. Carlin has been motionless all the time, so it makes more difficult for James to lift him up, as Carlin is almost dead weight. James has to struggle to get the Superior Technician up, but the Archangel gathers all his strength to hit the third powerbomb and follow with the sitout pin. *

Bodom: This is over, folks.



Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 09:27 PM
2,9999999999999999! NO!

Kingmaker: What?

Daniels: Carlin refuses to die!!

Bodom: Great heart, but unintelligent decision.

*James can't believe he didn't get the win. He has no problem in venting his frustrations with the referee, arguing loudly about how that should have been three. The ref is not intimidated and defends his call, but he can't do anything else as no DQ rules apply. James' attention is still focused on the official, so he doesn't notice Carlin crawling his way towards him,and managing to hit a low blow on the Archangel. *

Bodom: Excellent strategy there! Your opponent makes a mistake, you capitalize.

Daniels: It was a low blow!

Kingmaker: This is a street fight, Bob, no matter if it is underhanded, it is legal! Good manners and sportsmanship are out of the picture in this kind of matches.

Bodom: Well said, Pierce!

Kingmaker: Thanks.

*Carlin gets to his feet and starts punching James' head to wear him down. He hits 10 rights before stopping. He makes sure the Archangel is stays prone on the mat with a couple of kicks in the ribs and a club on the back. The Superior Technician turns around and grabs the chair that has weakened his back moments ago. But he is not using him against his opponent. Instead, he goes to the opposite corner and places it on the canvas. He then returns where James is. *

Kingmaker: I think Carlin has something in mind here, and if I'm right, things do not look good for James.

*Carlin helps James to his feet, holding him in a belly-to-back position. James fights his way out with elbows, but Carlin retaliates with forearm shots to the head. James yields, Carlin grabs him by the waist, and goes forwards, making James crash into the corner. Then Carlin takes two steps back before rolling James and then hit a German suplex on top of the chair. *

Kingmaker: Chaos Theory connected, this one can be over!

Daniels: Here's the pin!



2,9999999999999999 NO!

Bodom: Amazing resiliency here!

Daniels: What else these two need to do to get the win?

Kingmaker: Something really nasty and impactful, Bob. Big shit to make this one end.

*However, it seems that the Chaos Theory has taken anything Carlin have in the tank, as neither wrestler is moving. Seconds pass, and the referee can't count them out,so he is checking on the condition of both of them. He seems to be pondering if he should stop the match, but Carlin is beginning to stir. The man from Toledo, Ohio, manages to lift himself up a bit, enough to roll out of the ring, same side as the commentary table. He then starts to search for a weapon under the ring. He seems to be unable to find what he wants,so he disappears under the ring. *

Daniels: What the hell is he doing?

Bodom: No idea, but he'd better hurry, James is starting to move.

*James moves a slowly, and grabs the ropes for leverage. Meanwhile, Carlin emerges on the other side, and shows the object he was looking for with a proud smile on his face. *

Daniels: Oh, my goodness!

Kingmaker: The barb wire baseball bat!! The trademark weapon of his tag team partner Grind Bastard!

Bodom: This can be the difference maker, and as Pierce said, a nasty one.

*Carlin rolls into the ring, gets up and charges towards James, with the bat ready to strike, but he has not counted on James, who is waiting with the chair, and before Carlin lowers his weapon, he eats the steel chair in the ribs. Carlin bends over, and James hits two more strikes in the back of his opponent. Carlin drops the bat, and James throws the chair away. The Archangel makes sure the bat is right behind his opponent, and when he does, he lifts Carlin up and hits the Angels Among Us. Carlin's mid back lands exactly in the middle of the barb wire attached to the bat! *

Daniels: Dear Lord!


Bodom: Shoulders down, this is over!



Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 09:27 PM

*Ding, ding, ding! *

Jason McManus: The winner of this match, “The Archangel” Kayden James!

Daniels: Wow.

Kingmaker: What a match!

Bodom: amazing. But I think this means a 2 on 1 handicap match for the EWNCW Blacklist belts later on.

*EMT's run out to check on Carlin. The 'Archangel' Kayden James stands in the middle of ring after his win over William Carlin. He looks genuinely broken up and emotional for some unknown reason. He asks for a mic from a stagehand at ringside and receives one. He goes to the middle of the ring and sits down cross-legged. He then raises the mic to his mouth to speak.*

Kayden: It's finished....

*James puts his head in his hands for a good minute, and the crowd is eerily silent. Even they have no idea as to what is going on and have never saw James so emotional*

Kayden: As a man of God, I've always tried to keep my composure. I've had adversaries come and go, and I've always handled them with the same poise, the same control, the same calculation that has made me who I am. Led by and empowered by my God, nothing could stop me. But....this time is different.

*Kayden drops the mic from his mouth and takes a look around the arena. The crowd there is still confused, but slowly begins to cheer as they realize that this isn't part of the show, but a man who is bearing his heart to them.*

Kayden: I.....let my rage consume me. This man, this William Carlin, got to me above all others. I ate, slept, breathed, even lived revenge. I seethed hate for him from my every pore. Hate?! As a man of God I don't hate.....It corrupted me, consumed me, changed me.....made me less of a man of God. This is the main fuel for my decision...

*The crowd in the arena grow silent, eagerly anticipating what James is about to say. James has tears in his eyes as he looks around the crowd in the arena.*

Kayden: I have decided to retire from in-ring competition

*The crowd gasps*

Kayden: If I can't do this job as a man of God, if I can't do this job and not be impartial, not be the rock that my God demands me to be then I do not need to be here. I have fallen out of grace with my God, and I do not even deserve to be alive....

*James stands up and looks around the arena one last time*

Kayden: Goodbye EWNCW....I love you all

*James drops the mic and slowly exits the ring. The crowd is cheering loudly for James.*

"THANK YOU KAYDEN! *clap clap clapclapclap*
THANK YOU KAYDEN! *clap clap clapclapclap*"

*James stops at the top of the ramp, and turns around one last time to look at the crowd who is cheering his name. He waves one last time before going to the back to never be seen again.*

Daniels: Unexpected turn of events after the match.

Bodom: Well, what better way to say goodbye than this? He won an epic encounter and defeated a long time rival.

Kingmaker: yeah, but it's a pity we won't be seeing more of the Archangel.

*Meanwhile, EMT's have tended Carlin. He is able to stand up, but not to walk on his own, so medics help him out of the arena while the crowd applauds the valiant effort. *

Daniels: What is this gut made off? He should be leaving in an ambulance!

Bodom: The same as champions are made of. Either you kill them or they'll go on.

Kingmaker: Love him or hate him, but you have to respect that guy.

Daniels: Indeed. Now, let's move on to the next match.

Tommy Thunder
11-12-2012, 09:31 PM
God's Grace (DX) vs. Jesting Madness (Legacy)

(End 4:25)

Jose and Carlin are trading blows, and Jose starts to slip. Carlin takes advantage and backs up then charges at Jose! Spearing him right down the stairs!!! Both men roll down the staircase, bouncing off the stairs hard and then crashing hard on the floor below!!


Nick Newman: They can't! No rules! Haha!

Grind and Azrael are stunned, standing in a skybox high above watching as Jose and Carlin lay motionless, and then Grind starts throwing punches at Azrael, then he throws him into the glass window, shattering it! Azrael is bleeding profusely, and then Grind grabs him again and throws him over the side of the glass, sending him down right through a concession table!!

Terry Murdock: This is madness!

Nick Newman: No! This! Is! EWNCW!!

Holy shit chants break out as Grind climbs a ladder that leads to the top of the skybox, and then he jumps!! SWANTON BOMB!!

Terry Murdock: IS HE CRAZY?! That is a 20 foot drop!!

Nick Newman: This is amazing!!

Grind lands on Azrael and both men are out cold!! Medics rush down and check on both of the men, and then the camera focuses on Carlin and Jose who are battling in the middle of the ring!

Carlin is throwing hard punches into Jose who seems completely out of it, blood is pouring down his forehead and his eyes are glazed over. Carlin grabs Jose and signils for the end ...

Chaos Theroy Suplex! Carlin drops Jose hard, and then he falls on top of him for the cover!

One! Two! Three!

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners and STILL the EWNCW Blacklist Champions ... Jesting Madness!!

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 05:31 AM
Here is a filler.

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 05:31 AM
And another one.

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 05:32 AM
And a third.

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 05:32 AM
I'll post the card in the final filler.

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 05:33 AM
It won't be in order though, I lie to keep people on their toes :p

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 05:33 AM
Nearly there.

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 05:33 AM
I'll make an announcement after the ppv's posted, so look out for that.

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 05:42 AM
Rage matches:

Singles match
Chris Divine vs Daymian Bloodstone

Singles match
Shaz vs The Beard of Zeus

Singles match
The Prophecy vs Holy Jose

Singles match
Darren Bull vs ?????

Evolution Championship match
Mark Dimension (C) vs Ryan Wells

Single match
Kyiojin vs Van Hooligan X

Rage Ignition Championship match
Hanz Gruber (C) vs The Blue Flash

World Heavyweight Championship match
K-Jammin vs Ronaldo Romulus

#1 Contender riple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jman vs Seraphim vs William Carlin

Inferno matches:

EWNCW Championship match
Tommy Thunder (C) vs Krystian Krysys

International Championship match
King Strem (C) vs Istvan Gretzky

Inferno Ignition Championship match
Andy Cannon (C) vs Mike Hawk vs Johnny Rose

No Disqualification match
Gillz vs Nightmare

Singles match
Mr Arthur Lansdale vs Billy McCoy

Inferno Ignition Champinship match contract on the line
DJ Williams vs Bam

Singles match
Luke Jameson vs Seth Ferrell

Singles match
Michael Archangel vs Rain

Singles match
KJ Punk vs Antonyo Angelo

Punjabi Prison Match
Grind Bastard vs Raden Blain

Brutality matches:

TLC Match for the Blacklist Championships
Jesting Madness vs God's Grace

Grand and Intercontinental Championships; Both titles on the line
Mixed Emotions vs Sexiest Alpha Males

Hardcore Championships match
Black Blooded vs Free From Poison

Tag team match
Mexican Nightmare vs Fuegos Artificiales vs Bloodstone Empire

#1 contenders for Blacklist Championships
Cirque de Freak vs New Assault Program

Grudge match
Hot Wasabi vs Force of Greatness

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 07:56 PM


*Pyro blast, fans go wild etc*

Bob Daniels: Good evening everyone and welcome to Bred for Combat!! Our first ppv of 2013 is here and we have a stellar show to kick start the year off for you! We are live here from Tallahassee, Florida, and I'm joined at the table tonight as always by Pierce Kingmaker and EWNCW legend Bodom!

Pierce Kingmaker: It's a big show indeed Bob, we have some great Championship matches coming up, some bitter feuds to settle, and I can't wait to see it all unfold in front of us here tonight!!

Bodom: I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to see how the champions perform tonight. Can K-Jammin retain the World Heavyweight Championship again? Ronaldo Romulus attempts to beat the odds!! Mark Dimension beat Ryan Wells at No Guts No Glory, but can he keep it as he faces former champion Ryan Wells tonight? Those two have torn their friendship apart in recent weeks! And can Hanz Gruber continue to build his legacy as he battles the masked luchador The Blue Flash with the Rage Ignition Championship on the line!

Kingmaker: And from Inferno we'll find out if Tommy Thunder can retain the EWNCW Championship against long time rival Krystian Krysys! King Strem is the longest reigning of our current champions, can he keep that streak going by retaining his International Championship against Istvan Gretzky? And in the Ignition Division it's a triple threat for Inferno, as we see Andy Cannon defending his Championship against Mike Hawk and Johnny Rose!!

Daniels: Some excellent Championship matches indeed! But we've also got so many other matches to come, including EWNCW veteran The Beard of Zeus battling against young upstart Shaz, newcomer Chris Divine against Daymian Bloodstone, Arthur Lansdale vs Billy McCoy Grind Bastard against Raden Blain and many, many more!!

Bodom: And don't forget about Brutality Bob!

Daniels: Of course not! On the table to our right here is the Brutality commentary team; Terry Murdock and Nick Newman, and I'll let them tell you what to expect from the best tag teams in the business right now! Take it away guys!

Terry Murdock: Thank you Bob! And yes we have an excellent lineup being served to you red hot tonight folks! Brutality is where tag teams matter, and tonight, we're going to see some great matches no doubt!

Nick Newman: That's right Terry! Tonight, we're going to see The Hardcore Championships on the line as we see Free from Poison defending against Black Blooded! WE'll also see a unification match as Mixed Emotions out their Grand Championships on the line against the Sexiest Alpha Males with their Intercontinental Championships on the line!! And for our final title match, we'll see TLC match as The Jesting Madness attempt to regain the Blacklist Championships from God's Grace!!

Murdock: And if that wasn't enough, we're also going to see a triple threat tag team match between Mexican Nightmare, Fuegos Artificiales and The Bloodstone Empire, The Force of Greatness taking on Hot Wasabi, and a number one contenders match which will pit Crique de Freak against the New Assault Program! The winners will be the number one contenders for the Blacklist Championships!

Newman: But that's all to look forward to, for now, back to Bob and co!

Daniels: Thanks guys! A lot of exciting matches to look forward to there! So without any more delay, let's get things going!


McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Inferno Ignition Championship Contract. Introducing first, from Harlem, New York, DJ Williams!

Daniels: So to start things off here tongiht we have a match pitting DJ Williams against Bam. The winner gets that contract that guarantees the holder a Inferno Ignition title match.

Kingmaker: It all came about when DJ found out he won the contract, Bam decided that he didn't deserve it and wanted to take it himself. After a couple run in through the weeks we are here and I must say this will be quite a match.

Bodom: I would have to agree with you. both men are on the come up and can break through at any time.


McManus: And his opponent, from Osaka, Japan. Bam Virus!

Daniels: And really if you think about it Bam shouldn't even be here. DJ won that contract fair and square.

Kingmaker: Yeah but Bam showed that he really wants that contract and that is what put him here tonight.

Bodom: and that's why I think he will get the upper hand tonight. He seems more hungry for that contract than DJ which will help him win.

(Benjamin-Williams, Daniels-Bam) (Stop at 17:02)

Daniels: Williams saving himself with a boot to the face.

Bodom: Solid back and forth action bob.

*Williams runs at Bam with a clothesline, Bam ducks it turns around and connects with a buzz saw kick*

Kingmaker: BOOM buzz saw kick for the kill!!!

Daniels: This might be all




*Williams faintly kicks out*

Bodom: Impressive that he kicked out, but his head has to be ringing.

Daniels: What does Bam have to do to end this

*Bam goes to the top rope and sets himself for a moonsault*

Kingmaker: This could very well do DJ in

*Bam takes off and connects with the moonsault*

Bodom: has to be it for him




Kingmaker: Unbelievable....

Daniels: I'd say. Kicking out of the buzzsaw kick is one thing, but kicking of that and then the moonsault is remarkable

*Bam is pulling his hair in anger, he begins to breath heavy as he looks around at what he can do to stop DJ. Bam gets up and sets himself up to deliver another buzzsaw kick*

Kingmaker: He is looking to knock his block off

*DJ groggy like gets to his feet, just as Bam goes for the kick, DJ ducks it and goes for a roll up*




*Bam kicks out of it. and goes to charge DJ, who hits a gut punch on Bam which sets DJ up to do a vertical suplex stunner on Bam, it connects*

Daniels: What a monsterous move by DJ!!!

Bodom: He calls that the respect females

Kingmaker: He's going for the cover!




McManus: You're winner, DJ Williams!!!

Kingmaker: It looked as if DJ wouldn't make it out of this but he kept fighting and pulled out an impressive win.

Daniels: And now the contract stays rightly to him, congrats on your win DJ

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 08:04 PM
McManus: The following contests is a Punjabi Prison Match. The only way to win is by escaping both bamboo cages, and touching the arena floor with both feet.


McManus: Introducing first, from Jerusalem, Israel, he is The Unholy Savior, Raaaaadeeeeeenn Blaiiiiiiineeeee!!!

Daniels: This is going to be a brutal match, a demonic structure and two crazed monsters with no love for each other.

Kingmaker: I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this!

Bodom: No doubt about it, there is no love between Blaine and Grind, and this is going to be a one to remember.

Daniels: I think Blaine comes with a bit of edge here, Grind has two matches to think about, while The Unholy Savior has only the monster from the Arkham Asylum in his mind.

Kingmaker:Never count Grind out!

*Raden Blaine emerges from the gorilla position and fans boo the hell out of him, but The Unholy Savior doesn't seem to notice. He goes down the ramp in a majestic fashion, slowly and with a military firmness. Blaine enters the structure and looks above, seemingly unimpressed. He climbs into the ring and passes over the ropes, ready to await for Grind's arrival.*

*The lights go out and the vintage Toccata and Fugue in D Minor explodes in the arena.*


*At the 1:10 mark, Bach music stops and Benediction takes its place.*


McManus: And his opponent, from the Arkham Asylum, Grind Baaaaaasssstaaaaaaard!!!

Bodom: And down the ramp comes my pick for the match. See, Grind Bastard has honed his skills in this kind of matches during 2012, and he seems focused on the task at hand.

Kingmaker: But Blaine is bigger and vicious!

Bodom: Like Abel wasn't, and Grind already defeated him.

*The fans seem split with the masked monster, there are boos but some cheers too. Grind stands on top of the ramp in a trance like state, eyes closed and face lifted upwards, as if looking for some inspiration. He then opens the eyes and runs down the ramp, and when he is about to enter the ring, Blaine gives him a warm welcome going straight into the attack.*

Kingmaker:Here we go!!!

(Grind= Taker/ Blaine = Show. Start at 14:51, stop at 35:59)


Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 08:05 PM
*Grind kicks Blaine again, and starts looking for something under the ring.*

Bodom: Don't waste your time like that, go and get the win!

*Grind finally gets up with the object he was looking for: The barb wired baseball bat.*

Kingmaker: This is going to get nastier!!!

Daniels: Exactly what you want, ain't it?

*Grind is ready to strike but Blaine manages to grab the bat and avoid getting hit. Both monsters use their two hands to gain the weapon. Blaine uses Grind as leverage to get up to his feet, and immediately kicks Grind in the mid section. Grind bends, but refuses to let go, and kicks Blaine too. But Blaine seems to be less tired by the whole match, as he starts kicking Grind repeatedly, until the masked man falls. Raden takes the bat with one hand and with the other, he grabs Grind's throat, and smashes him into the inner cage. Then, Blaine starts to castigate Grind's head with several shots of the barb wired bat, and finally rubs the wire in Grind's face, so the mask is partially teared.*

Daniels: He is going to disfigure Grind forever.

Bodom: It won't matter much if he is masked.

*Blaine raises his arms in victory while yelling. He then takes Grind, lays him down on the floor, as if arranging a dead man, places the bat in his chest and yells: “You won't rest in peace!”. He then goes to climb the outside wall and get the victory.*

Bodom: Not a wise move. Never, ever leave the bat near Grind.

Daniels: He seems to be out cold.

Bodom: He is a deceiving man.

*Blaine proceeds to climb up, but the match is taking its toll and he is going up slow. Grind is stirring but doesn't seem to be up in time. Blaine keeps on on his climbing, and when he seems to be out of Grind's reach, the masked man is up and manages to swing the bat. Blaine was trying to climb, therefore his legs were separated, and the bat hits Blaine in the nuts.*


Daniels: Right in the manhood!

Bodom: See what I told you? Jesus, I've punched many a lawyer in the dick, but that has to hurt a billion times more!!

Kingmaker:*After an awkward moment of silence.* Tell me... you just didn't say that.

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 08:05 PM
*Grind is trying to make Blaine go down, but the Unholy Savior refuses to do so. He goes one step down, but that's enough for Grind to put him in powerbomb position and slam Raden against the floor. Grind also falls next to his opponent.*

Bodom: These two have given us a hell of a match, they can't have much more in the tank. But this can't end in a draw, so let's hope one gets up and wins this.

*Grind is beginning to move. He is able to get on four legs, and as he sees Blaine starting to react, he goes to find the bat, which is not far away. Grind gets up, and Raden is in a sitting position. Grind turns around and smashes the bat in Blaine's forehead.*

Bodom: This is over. Blaine won't move after that shot of the bat. Grind just has to climb up and get the win.

*However, Grind is moving Blaine in a way that his opponent's body is laying parallel with the side of the ring. He then begins to climb the inner cage.*

Kingmaker: What the hell is he doing?

Daniels: No idea, Pierce. You win the match by climbing the other cage.

Bodom: Trying to follow the train of thought of a madman is like trying to persuade a banned member of a forum not to create a fake lawyer and threat legal actions against that forum: pointless.

*Silence now falls upon the commentary table after those strange words, while Grind is getting inch by inch closer to the top of the cage. Fans are yelling him to go to the other cage, but the man from the Arkham Asylum keeps climbing, his intentions obscure to everybody as he reaches the top and puts a foot on top of the cage. When he has both feet on top, he precariously manages to turn around.*

Daniels: No way he is gonna do this. The wall will collapse!

Kingmaker: It's not worthy, he is going to kill himself!

Bodom: He has done worse and survived!!!

*Grind stands up on top of the cage and immediately lets himself go down, going into a fetal position while grabbing his knees, and spinning forward, crashing on his back on top of Blaine's body.*


Daniels: Grind has killed himself and Blaine in the process, no chance they can move after this impact!

Bodom: I have faith in Grind, he has already performed bizarre stunts before. Let's wait and see.

*None of them have moved since the collision. Seconds pass and officials outside the cage are debating to stop the match. Grind starts to shake like he is having an attack. He roars, and tries to grab the inner cage to get leverage. He fails in the first two attempts, but on the third he grasps the cloth that covers what's under the ring. He uses that to impulse himself up, then grabs the cage, and with a superhuman effort, the beast is back to his feet. However, he is confused and seems not to know where he is. He starts looking around to gain focus. He looks outside, to where the officials are, and that produces a twisted smile on Grind's face, who points out to the officials. He leaves the cage and stumbles to the other side, collapsing into the side of the outer cage. However, that's where the Prison doors are, so his weight opens them. Grind's own momentum impulses him forward and out, and he manages to tread on the arena floor before finally falling. Refs call for the bell.*

McManus: The winner of this match, Grind Baaaaaassstaaaaard!!

Bodom: He made it! I told you so and as always, you chose to ignore me!!

Daniels: Congratulations Bodom. And congratulations to Grind, who has won this carnage of a match.

Kingmaker: I wonder if he'll make it to the EWNCW Blacklist Championship match.

Bodom: He will!

*Doctors and EMT's are out to check on Grind and Blaine. They seem to be out cold, so they take them out on stretchers, while fans applaud in recognition for their valiant effort.*

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 08:12 PM

*Mikkel Gunnar Freyr music hits and the Scandinavian wrestler emerges on top of the ramp, but he is not coming alone. The Great Cobra, Captain Amazing, Mint Berry Crunch and the Surgeon General accompany him down the ramp. The fans barely give them a reaction, except some “You are losers” chants here and there.*

Bodom: What the hell are this bunch of nobodies doing here?

Kingmaker: Beats me. They are probably masochists that like to be humiliated in public.

Daniels: Maybe they are trying to catch Ano Doom's attention.

Bodom: Fools. He erased them already in a ring, why should he care?

*Freyr demands a mic.*

Freyr: For weeks, that freakish creature named Ano Doom has been running amok Inferno, demanding for some competition. We answered his call, and even though he defeated us, he did it one on one. This time it will be different. You'll have to face the five of us at the same time, and pin us all if you want to get the win. What do you say, huh?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rwMQcF2ZOS s

Bodom: He obviously says yes, you idiotic thing. Why shouldn't he accept?

Daniels: He has no reason to refuse the challenge, really.

*Doom enters the arena in his usual slow fashion, all intensity and determination. The lights seem to have an immediate effect on him, as he is sweating. His stare is cold and directed towards the man standing in the ring. He slowly climbs up the steps, and steps in, all in the same slow motion. He stands there, looking at the five opponents he has already taken down. All of a sudden, Doom lets out a roar, and charges on, using a double clothesline to take down Amazing and Cobra.*

Kingmaker: Here we go! Destruction time!

*The bell rings (ding, ding, ding) signaling the beginning of the match, but Doom has already started his carnage. He uses the ropes to bounce off and uses a flying forearm shot that almost decapitates MBC. He then turns his attention to the Surgeon General. He grabs the former tag champion and Irish whips him into a corner. Doom leaves him no time to react, as he comes crushing into the corner with a splash. Freyr sees his chance and attacks Doom from behind, raining lefts and rights to the upper section of Doom's back and a couple of them to the head. Doom tries to get Freyr away from him with an elbow, but Freyr refuses to leave the assault. Doom nails two more elbows before turning around and hitting a headbutt that drives Freyr into the mat. Mikkel rolls out of the ring and after checking that Surgeon is still dazed after the splash, he goes to grab MBC. Doom lifts him into a military press position and starts to gorilla press Crunch, before throwing him out of the ring. Crunch crashes hard into the outside of the squared circle.*

Bodom: BOOM! Bye, bye Crunchy. You got BERRIED!

*Doom focuses his attention to Amazing and Cobra, who have recovered from the initial clothesline. Both charge at the same time, but Doom raises his arms and easily stops them putting his hands on their heads. They desperately throw punches to the monster from the Netherworld to no avail: they do not reach the body of Doom.*

Daniels: It seems that a machine like Doom has also a comedic side.

Bodom: I doubt he thinks that's funny, he's just toying with his preys to humiliate both of them before the Cold Blooded Murder.

*Doom keeps them in that position for a bit longer, before yelling: “Your arms are too shot to box with God!, and smash their heads together. Amazing and Cobra fall like a ton of bricks. Doom grabs Amazing by the head, forces him up to his feet, puts Amazing's head under his left arm and grabs Amazing's left arm and puts it around his colossal neck. He does the same operation with The Great Cobra, and when both are in the same position, Doom lifts them to his shoulders and hits the Cold Blooded Murder.*

Kingmaker: *singing* Good-bye, Amazing Cobra, who could hang a name on you, when Doom destroyed it every new day, no one's gonna miss you!

*Daniels and Bodom stare at Pierce with a look equivalent to the Cold Blooded Murder. Meanwhile in the ring, Doom has put together his two victims laying on their backs and has a hand on each chest. The referee who was standing next to the ring when all the action started, starts the count.*




McManus: Captain Amazing and The Great Cobra have been eliminated!

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 08:13 PM
*To add insult to injury, Doom starts to make push ups his his hands still on top of his opponents, while the two scream in agony. The referee demands Doom to stop and the big man obliges, but stares coldly at the official, who is damned scared. This is the moment Mint Berry Crunch uses to go back on the attack, yelling as he charges, but Doom turns around and hits Devil's Flame (KO Punch)*

Bodom: Absolutely moronic. You charge against a man's back and you yell to announce your presence? Crunch got what he deserved.

Kingmaker: That makes it 2-1, let's see how longer Freyr and Surgeon last.

*Ref counts:*




McManus: Mint Berry Crunch has been eliminated!

*Doom grabs MBC and throws him away from the ring over the top rope. Crunch hasn't moved since getting the punch, so EMT's and paramedics runt op tend him. Doom is relentless, and has picked up the Surgeon. Doom stands at the back of his opponent, grabs his neck and throws himself backwards, locking into Blood Spiller (rear naked choke), closing the legs to add pressure with the bodyscissors. Surgeon yell in pain, and when he is about to tap, Freyr comes in and kicks Doom in the head to force him to release the hold.*

Daniels: This is the first offense that any of Doom's opponents are able to connect on the beast from the Netherworld.

Bodom: It won't last long.

*Freyr keeps on the assault, kicking the Demon Cyborg in the head, and Surgeon joins with kicks in the ribs.- They are stopped by the referee, as the official has started the count and it has reached four. They resume the attack as the manage to lift Doom up, and while Surgeon grabs Doom's arms, Freyr connects with several punches to the ribs, using the enormous man as a a punching bag. Again the referee is forced to stop the onslaught, but Freyr wastes no time and kicks Doom in the mid section, forcing him to bend down. Freyr puts Doom in position for the Alabama Slammer (sit out powerbomb), but he is unable to lift his opponent up.*

Bodom: As God is my witness, this guy's a moron!!

Kingmaker: It requires to be another beast to try and lift Doom up. No chance Freyr is going to make it.

*Freyr is not strong enough to do it, so the Surgeon helps him. Both try their best to elevate Doom, and with a titanic effort, they put their foe into position, and Freyr connects with the Slammer. Both men cover Doom and the referee counts.*




*Doom kicks out with violence and Freyr and Surgeon go flying across the ring.*

Bodom: I think Doom let those guys hit that move on him on purpose, just to give them the false hope of victory.

Daniels: Come on, Bodom, give some credit to them.

Bodom: NEVER!

*Doom is on a rampage. He grabs Freyr, who is closer, and hits a northern lights suplex. He then goes to the Surgeon, lifts him up into a military press position and drops him into a World Strongest Slam.*

Kingmaker: He calls that move The Annihilator!

Bodom: Wise name choice.

*The Demon Cyborg chooses not to go for the pin, but turns the surgeon around, makes a leg scissors into his opponent's left arm, surrounds SG's head with his arms, joins both hands in front of the opponent's face, and lifts Surgeon's torso.*


Daniels: This is about to be over for Surgeon General.

*The Surgeon manages to resist 10 seconds before tapping out.*

McManus: Surgeon General has been eliminated.

*Doom wastes no time and goes for Freyr, hitting some monstrous right hands to the head, before hitting the Devil's Trick (Discus Elbow Strike). Not happy with that, Doom lifts Freyr into the Cold Blooded Murder position and nails it.*




Ding, ding, ding!

McManus: The winner of this match, Ano Doom!

Bodom: I don't understand why those guys tried again to vanquish the Demon Cyborg. He smashed them into pulp, and he did it again. Five opponents at the same time.

Kingmaker: Think it's time to give Doom some real competition, isn't it?

Daniels: No doubt.

*The ref raises Doom's arm in victory and the Demon Cyborg starts to leave. The official is helping Freyr to his feet, and when the Scandinavian wrestler is on four legs, Doom returns to the ring, throws the official away and goes to the corner opposite to Freyr.*

Bodom: Oh, oh, if he does what I think he's going to do, this is the last time we'll see Freyr in a bit of time.

Kingmaker: He calls this the Kick of the Ancient Curse!

Daniels: Come on, this is unnecessary!

*Doom runs towards Freyr and hits the Kick of the Ancient Curse (Orton's punt kick)*

Daniels: God! That was nasty and uncalled for.

Bodom: No, it wasn't! It was a perfectly delivered message to his future opponents!

Kingmaker: Yeah, you mess with Ano Doom and he'll send you to the Netherworld!

Bodom: Exactly.

Tommy Thunder
01-15-2013, 08:24 PM
Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall; Introducing the team Matt Elder and Tai Nights!!!! They are The Force of Greatness!!!!!


*The crowd pops for The Force of Greatness as they swag their way to the ring looking set to face Hot Wasabi.*

Nick Newman: Here come a bunch of over hyped deadbeats who think they're hot shit.

Terry Murdock: They are trying to prove they can still make in Brutalilty, you may not like them but these fans do and that will lead to to big things happening for them soon.

Lily Morgan: And their opponents the team of Malcolm Adonis and Kyojin........they are......Hottttttt Wasaaaaabbbbiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!


*The crowd give Hot Wasabi a standing ovation as Adonis as per usual is dripping head to toe in body oil wearing his kamikaze headband as Kyojin follows him out to the ramp smacking him upside the head telling him to take off that stupid headband but Adonis states it looks good on him befor Kyo shakes his head in accepting he won't take it off and they head to the ring as the fans cheers and laugh a bit at what they just saw. Hot Wasabi enter the ring and decide among themselves who will start the match.*

Terry Murdock: Hot Wasabi...quite possibly the hottest thing going for Brutality aside from our champions.

Nick Newman: Bunch of no good fools, trying to make it in Brutality. I'll laugh my ass off when they fail.


Hot Wasabi (Kyojin/RVD Adonis/Anderson) vs. Force of Greatness (Elder/Matt Nights/Jeff)
(Start 2:22 End 10:20)

*Elder and Kyojin are down, but Kyojin begins to crawl over to Adonis, reaching for the tag. Elder starts to roll his way to Kyojin and grabs him by the ankle, but Kyojin manages to just kick him away! Adonis is just a finger tip away from Kyojin, but Elder grabs Kyojin's ankle once more and drags him away from Adonis! Elder starts bringing hard elbow shots down into Kyojin's jaw and head, and then slams his head down to the mat. Elder gets to his feet and stomps onto Kyojin's leg a few times, and then drags him to his corner and tags in Nights.*

Murdock: Looks like they are going to start focusing Kyojin's leg! They'll take the Truth Hurts right out of his arsenal that way!

Newman: You've got that right, and at this rate he may not even be able to stand.

*Elder holds Kyojin down while Nights scales to the second rope, and then jumps down and brings his knee down onto Kyojin's now injured leg! Nights gets back up to his feet and stomps onto Kyojin's leg again. Nights reaches down and grabs Kyojin's leg, and locks in a half boston crab! Nights applies massive amounts of pressure and pulls the leg back far, making Kyojin prop himself up onto his forearms and screaming "No!" as the referee asks if he wants to end the match!

Adonis starts to stomp his foot on the steel steps on the outside of the ring, firing up the crowd to give Kyojin some support! Kyojin looks to Adonis, whose hand is extended into the ring as far as it can legaly be! Kyojin reaches for his hand but Nights just drags him away! Kyojin pushes himself up with his hands slowly, and then slowly starts to shift his body til he manages to roll onto his back and kicks Nights away! Kyojin crawls for Adonis and reaches for the tag ... And he gets it!*

Murdock: Adonis got the tag!

Newman: And Nights is in the middle of the ring!

*Adonis jumps into the ring and charges Nights and brings him down with a heavy forearm! Adonis keeps the charge going and he shoulder blocks Elder, knocking him off of the apron and to the outside! Adonis stomps to the middle of the ring and picks up Nights and tosses him to the ropes, and then plants him with a spinebuster. Adonis gets riled up and stands over the downed Nights and looks all around the crowd. Adonis flexes his biceps and kisses each one, and then runs to the ropes, rebounds off of them and hits The Adonis Elbow! Adonis goes for the pin!*

One! Two! Elder breaks it up last second!

*Elder dives onto Elder from the top rope! Elder starts pounding down onto Adonis, ignoring the referees count, but then Kyojin scales to the top turnbuckle and dives down onto Elder with the Rising Sun!!*

Murdock: Oh my god! What air!!

Newman: That was insane!

*Kyojin rolls out of the ring and drags Elder with him. Adonis gets back to his feet and grabs Nights by the hair and picks him back up to his feet. Adonis kicks Nights in the gut, and lifts him high into the air with the Malcolm XXX, and then plants him down hard onto his back! Adonis looks to his side of the apron and sees Kyojin getting back onto the apron, so Adonis drags Nights into the middle of the ring, and then tags in Kyojin. Kyojin scales to the top, and launches from it with the Rising Sun and connects to Nights! Kyojin covers Nights!*

One! Two! Three!

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners!!!!! Hot Wasabi!!!!!

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 07:19 PM

Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, 'The Destruction', Darren Bull!!

Bob Daniels: We're back here on Bred for Combat, and we've got off to a great start here so far!

Bodom: And it's about to get even better because we've got a man coming out here that's been on a roll as of late! Darren Bull has blown away the competition on Rage since returning with a real drive that's brought him to Bred for Combat!

Pierce Kingmaker: Well I've been watching Bull and I have to say I am impressed on how he's focused his talents, but he's also I think let all of this get to his head, because in my opinion, issuing an open challenge on a ppv like this isn't a wise move. He's left the door open here for him to be embarrassed by, well, anybody that comes out really!

Daniels: That's right. And we can confirm that earlier in the week EWNCW managment and Rage GM John Cleverly were approached by a superstar who offered to accept the open challenge, and the match has been made! We don't know who it is, Bull doesn't know who it is, but we're all about to find out!!

*Darren Bull is in the ring and he's grabbed a mic from ringside. The crowd are booing him profusely but he doesn't seem to care. He's about to start speaking when.....*


Bodom: What?! Who the hell is that?!

McManus: And his opponent, making his EWNCW debut, from Oakland, California, Malcom Cage!!!

Kingmaker: Ohhhh boy! Now this guy right here is a great talent folks! For those of you who don't know Malcom Cage is young, but well seasoned superstar that has wrestled at many a promotion! I can guarantee you that Darren Bull has definitely bitten off more than he can chew here!!

Bodom: For those of us who know?! You mean for those of us who only follow the independent circuit like you do Pierce?!

Daniels: If you're in wrestling you should know the name Malcom Cage at least Bodom! What an exciting superstar to have on the roster! And it looks like he might have something to say to Bull!!

*Malcolm Cage comes out and the crowd pops in cheers. The crowd recognizes the JBW start as Cage stands at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand.*

Cage: Well well well. If it isn’t EWNCW! If you have no idea who I am, I am Malcolm Cage. I have spent most of my time in the 'other' company...

*There is a mixed reaction from the crowd*

Cage: Now now, I know that I might not have the best reputation here thanks to my association to them, but I don’t plan on keeping that reputation. While I have spent time in other companies, I have noticed that many of the most well done, well talked about, well respected matches have come out of EWNCW. Some of the best wrestlers, some of the most legendary people have wrestled here and have been a part of this company. And so know I am here. I want to be a part of those matches, I want to be a part of those feuds. I want to be a part of that company. And so here I am, standing on this stage. I am here to take EWNCW by storm.

I have been in this profession for far to long and have gotten nothing for it. I have fought tooth and nail and gotten no honor, no glory. And so I am here in EWNCW to win your respect to win the honor that the likes of Tommy Thunder, TBOZ and all the greats have gained here in EWNCW. I have been doing this as long as they have and now I will become the great wrestler that I was destined to be!

Bull, you talk a lot of shit, and I was listening when you sent out that open challenge. So I am here to shut you up and I accept your challenge. I plan on knocking you off your little high horse and put you back on the dusty shelf where you belong. This roll that you have been on ends tonight, and it shall end at the hands of Malcolm Cage!

Bodom: What an ignorant guy! He speaks as if we all should know who this guy is!!

Kingmaker: Come on Bodom! This man is a well known guy!!

Daniels: Regardless of if you know Cage or not, he's now in EWNCW and he's going to begin his journey here tonight!!

(stop at 10:35)

Kingmaker: Did he get him?! Was that 3?!

Daniels: I think that was just 2 for Bull, but what agility!! But look at how Cage is pushing him all the way here!!

*Bull looks like he's had enough and he's signaling for the end as he goads Cage to get to his feet. As Cage is struggling up, Bull runs past him and springboards off the ropes looking for the springboard roundhouse*

Daniels: Here comes the Awesome Punishment!!!! NO!!! Cage ducks!! SUPERKICK!!

Bodom: Good scouting there, can he get the three?

Ref: ONE!!



Daniels: Bull kicks out at 2!! But the momentum has slightly shifted here no doubt!

*Cage looks at the referee with a pleading look on his face, but he nonetheless gets up and fires up the crowd. He sees Bull making his way to his feet and runs past him, spring-boarding off the second rope and hitting a crossbody, before getting up and continuing to bounce off the opposite ropes. With Bull back up, Cage ducks a swinging fist from Bull and floats over hitting a float-over DDT, planting Bull again. He doesn't stop there, after he instantly heads to the top rope. After firing u the crowd again, he lets Bull get to his feet before hitting a high crossbody on him, and holding o for the pin*

Ref: ONE!!


*Bull is able to flip Cage into a pinning predicament, and applies more pressure by grabbing the tights, out of the view of the referee!!*

Ref: ONE!!




McManus: The winner of this match, 'The Destruction', Darren Bull!!

Kingmaker: Sneaky tactics there from Bull, the referee didn't see the tights being pulled!!

Bodom: What are you talking about? That was an excellent counter form Bull, just as he was looking down and out there!!

Daniels: Cage had just hit Bull with some good quick offense there, ending with that high crossbody, but it didn't put bull fully down, and he reversed it into a pin of his own! But he had a handful of tights there as he did so!!

Bodom: Come on Bob, let's not take away the shine from a fine win here!! Darren Bull remains undefeated for weeks now!!

Daniels: Well that's true, but he had to play dirty here tonight, and I can't imagine that Cage will be too happy about loosing on his debut in that fashion!

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 07:21 PM
Bob Daniels: We’re on to our next event of Bred for Combat, the match between Michael Archangel vs. Rain!

Pierce Kingmaker: Yes we are, and these boys have been embroiled in a heated feud on Inferno!

Bodom: Yes they have! Rain and Michael came to Inferno around the same time, Michael debuted, and Rain had his brand switched thanks to winning a briefcase at No Guts, No Glory.

Daniels: Indeed, they both claimed that hey would be winning titles and not the other. It escalated as Michael cost Rain a match against Mikkel, who was then destroyed afterwards. Staples put them in a tag-team match, in which Landsale left Rain, getting a loss!

Kingmaker: And then the following week, he lost to McCoy via DQ when Lansdale interfered in their match. He and Michael then had a verbal confrontation in the middle of the ring.

Bodom: This match was a long time coming, Rain is going to be looking for some retribution, so let’s get right to the action!

Jason: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Springfield, Massachusetts, RAIN!


*Rain heads towards the ring, anger in his eyes, the crowd booing loudly. He does nothing fancy and simply slides into the ring and gets ready for his match with Michael Archangel.*

Jason: and his opponent, from Washington, D.C, MICHAEL ARCHANGEL!


*Michael comes out to the adoration of the fans; he rushes down to the ring and immediately gets in the face of Rain. The two get into a shoving match, before the referee sends them to their proper corners.*

Kingmaker: Already this match is getting heated up!

Archangel (JoMo) vs. Rain(Boogeyman)

(Stop at 8:17)

*As Archangel argues with the referee, Rain manages to pull himself to his feet. Archangel corners the referee in the corner, arguing with him. Before the referee can call for the bell, however, Rain hits Archangel in the back of the head with a superkick. The referee saw it coming and ducked down, but Archangel took that as a sign that the referee feared him. Michael Archangel crumbled to the ground, and Rain pulled him out away from the turnbuckles. He waved away the referee, and climbed to the top, executing a moonsault right down on the prone Archangel. The crowd boos loudly, but Archangel kicks out of the pin at two! Rain leans down over his knees before hitting the mat with the side of his fist. He comes back up and backs up, waiting for Archangel to get up. Rain goes to rush him, but Michael pulls down the ropes and Rain is sent outside! Michael holds on to the ropes and looks across the crowd, a proud, cocky look on his face. He drops to his back and rolls out of the ring after Rain, stomping him against the Announce table. The referee begins his count while Michael looks back towards him.*



Daniels: Michael better start thinking about getting Rain back into the ring, unless he wants to win by count out!

*Michael picks up Rain and hoists him into the air, dropping him face and chest first on the table.*


Bodom: Wow, Michael is giving Rain the beating off a lifetime! How can Rain recuperate from this?

*Michael grabs Rain, who is holding his chest and rolls him into the ring, following him to beat the count at 9. He immediately pushes Rain over for a pin, but only gets a one count. He grabs Rain’s head, and picks him up. The way his hands are positioned, allows him to keep Rain’s head down towards the ground. He walks Rain around the ring, letting the crowd get a good look at him. Suddenly, Rain knocks Michael’s hands up, leaving him open for a flurry of blows. Rain punches Michael with rights and lefts, Michael tries to answer back with his own, but Rain quickly blocks them and sends big rights to the side of Michael’s head. Michael falls back against the ropes, and Rain grabs his arm and whips him towards the opposite side of the ring; he follows him closely, and hits him with a running bulldog, as he bounces off the ropes, less than a second after Michael does. The crowd boos, and Rain goes for the pin.*



*Michael kicks out with force, letting the crowd deflate, as he is still in this match! Rain pounds the mat, and then gets up, calling for the Devil’s Lock. As Michael gets to his feet, Rain grabs him up for the move, but Michael forces him off. Michael swings around with a big left, but Rain dodges and goes for the Devil’s Lock DDT again, but Michael avoids it once more. Rain clips him at the knee, and kicks him in the chest. He backs up and goes for the Shining Wizard, but Michael drops his knee causing Rain to stumble in the move. Michael rushes forward, bum rushing Rain’s midsection! He picks Rain up and holds him in the air for more than 10 seconds, the official total would be a whooping fifteen! The crowd is loud throughout! He drops Rain down with authority, but can only get a 2 count before Rain kicks out. Michael quickly picks him up and attempts the Savior’s Way DDT, but Rain holds on to the ropes, preventing the move! Rain answers by throwing Michael back against the ropes, and hitting him with a clothesline. Both men are down! Rain starts to move, dragging the body of Michael into position for another moonsault. He takes a moment to rest against the ropes. The crowd starts to hype him up and he slaps the turnbuckle padding. He starts his climb, taking his time. As he gets to the top rope, Michael leaps up, and twists, facing towards the ring, why Rain faces away from it!*

Kingmaker: What is this? What is Michael doing up there?!

*The answer soon becomes clear! Michael gets his balance quickly and wraps his arm around the chest and neck of a surprised Rain! Michael moves his foot out behind Rain, and drills him with a quick, fast, and in a hurry, Savior’s Way from the top rope! The crash is brutal, Rain’s legs bend back over his head, allowing Michael to move into a well placed pin! The referee counts!*




*Michael lays there breathing deeply, the crowd cheering loudly before he gets up and steps on the chest of his fallen opponent. He looks downa t Rain, and then rolls out of the ring, the referee runs after him to raise his hand in victory. Rain manages to get up soon after, holding the back of his head.*

Kingmaker: Wow, that was a huge win for Michael, that move was as devastating as one I’ve ever seen. Could he have been playing possum there? Giving Rain some false hope?

Daniels: I don’t know, but whatever he was doing worked; he picked up the win in convincing fashion!

Bodom: Wow, look at the replay of that.

*A replay of the top rope STO is shown from multiple angles.*

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 07:27 PM

McManus: This contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Inferno Ignition championship. Introducing first, from Dallas, Texas. Johnny Rose!!

Daniels: Great Ignition division match coming up next. Three of the top Ignition guys will face off in a triple threat match.

Kingmaker: I have to put money on JoRo. He was riding high a while ago, then was gone for some but is back and hungry.

Bodom: yeah and he looks better than ever too. He is ready to claim that title here tonight.


McManus: On his way to the ring, from Tokyo, Japan, Mike Hawk!

Daniels: If any of these guys wants that title more I would say it is Mike Hawk.

Kingmaker: I'd have to agree a little, after losing to Andy Cannon for the title, Hawk believed he was deserved a rematch.

Bodom: Yeah but after Rose got in the picture, he decided that if wasn't going to win the title, then rose won't win the title either.


McManus: And their opponent, from Greensboro, North Carolina, he is the Inferno Ignition champion, Andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Cannnonnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

Daniels: And out comes the champion to cheers that flood the arena.

Kingmaker: he is a "People's" champion if you will Bob. Ever since winning that title he has being respected by so many.

Bodom: and if you think of how far he has came it is a great story and I feel as though he will retain here tonight.

(Jericho-Rose, Edge-Cannon, Swagger-Hawk) (Stop at 7:12)

*Rose is laid out as Hawk slides back into the ring and beats Cannon down. he pushes cannon out of the ring and goes to attack Rose, who is on his feet and meets Hawk with a clothesline. Hawk back up and met with another clothes line. And a third one to keep Hawk down*

Daniels: Rose has the momentum, and having only Hawk in the ring, he could end this.

*Hawk goes to get back up and is met by a superkick by Rose*

Kingmaker: Rose hits a super kick and goes for the cover




*Just before 3, Cannon dives in and saves Hawk from getting pinned. Hawk slides to the outside and now it is one on one between Cannon and Rose, who go blow for blow in the middle of the ring*

Bodom: Two fighting warriors not wanting to give up. I love it!

*Cannon gets the upper hand, he runs off the ropes to hit a clothesline, but Rose ducks it and runs and hits a spear that flattens Cannon*

Kingmaker: hard hitting spear, this has to be it.

*As Rose goes for the pin, Hawk jumps back in and hit a canadian destroyer*

Bodom: Mayhem Driver out of nowhere!!!! He has the win




*Just before three cannon jumps on top of hawk and breaks up the pin. Rose and Cannon lay on the canvas as Hawk sits up and is laughing. He gets up and kicks Rose out to the floor, he grabs Cannon and sets up and signals for a Mayhem Driver*

Daniels: He's going for a second Mayhem Driver!

Bodom: If he hits it this is over

*Hawk takes off for the Mayhem Drive but halfway through the flip, Cannon keeps his feet and has Hawk slung over his shoulder, he flips him around and hits a cradle shock*

Daniels: Oh my god how did he do that!??

Kingmaker: I....I don't know





McManus: Your winner AND STILL Inferno Ignition Champion, Andy Cannon!

Bodom: That was a cray set of moves that we just saw Cannon use to pick up the win.

Kingmaker: While Hawk was flipping through the Mayhem Drive, Cannon caught him over his shoulder and delivered a hell of a Cradle Shock

Daniels: That was truly crazy, congrats on the title retain Andy Cannon

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 07:32 PM
Lily Morgan: The following contest is a triple threat tag team match set for one fall. Introducing first the team Paco and Taco Torres!!! They are Fueggooooosssss Artificiallllleeeeeessssss!!!!!


*Taco and Paco Torres appear on stage on their donkeys before stepping down from them and headin ot the ring a great reception form the crowd before they enter the ring and await their opponents.*

Nick Newman: Where are their parents? What kind of parents let their "special needs" children run lose in EWNCW?

Terry Murdock: What the hell is wrong with you? Fuegos Artificales is beloved by the fans, thy are unique. Just cause you were a kid with "special needs" doesn't everyone else is, Nick.

Lily Morgan: And their opponents the team of Samuel and Benjamin Bloodstone......they are......The Bloodstooonnnneeeee Empiiiiirrrreeeeee!!!!!


*Benjamin and Samuel head to the ring with great speed and enter it before climbing their turnbuckles and posing for the fans.*

Terry Murdock: Bloodstones are here and ready to win this match.

Nick Newman: The only thing those midgets will win is another loss, they've sucked from day one and will continue to suck because they're stupid Bloodstones.

Lily Morgan: and finally being accompanied to the ring by Alexis De La Rosa, they are the team Julio Montoya and Esteban Rodriguez.......The Mexican Nightmares!!!!!!!!


*The 3 comes out together, and slowly makes their way down to the ring, soaking in the crowd reaction. They get on the apron, and the males flip over the ropes, pulling down the second rope at the same time, which allows Alexis to enter before they stare down with both team already in the ring.*

Nick Newman: Finally, a real team with real potential of winning this match.

Terry Murdock: It's anyone's game in this match, let's begin right now.

MN (Purists) vs FA (Lockstarz) vs BE (Starr and ???)
(Start at 7:27 - Stop at 15:04)

Terry Murdock: Ben Bloodstone breaks up the pin saving the match.

Nick Newman: That pipsqueak just made the biggest mistake of the match, that match should've been over right there.

*Ben picks up Paco Torres and connects with a neckbreaker before Montoya grabs Ben by surprise and connects the Julio-Plex (Regal-Plex) and covers....1.....2......Ben kicks out.*

Terry Murdock: What a match we've seen thus far.

*Montoya makes the tag to Rodriguez and the two connect Double Missile Dropkicks to Ben and Rodriguez covers....one....two....thr-

Taco Torres is the one to break up the pin, Rodriguez getting up and pushing him for his trouble but Taco comes right back with a big Enziguri kick that leaves Rodriguez out of it but before Taco can continue his attack on Rodriguez it's Ben Bloodstone who surprises Taco with a big time dropkick before covering Rodriguez..........1...............2......Rodrigue z barely kicks out. *

Nick Newman: Whew, I was scared for a moment that short stack was going to win there.

*Ben picks up Rodriguez but in doing so leaves his arm open and Rodriguez locks in the South of the Border-Lock (Kimura Lock) and wrenches away at the arm of Ben as he screams in pain but another twist of the arm is enough to make the pain be too much to stand and Benjamin Bloodstone submits.....*

Lily Morgan: Here are your winner via submission....The Mexican Nightmares!!!

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 07:34 PM
Bob Daniels: You guys want to talk about something that has been brewing? Let’s talk about Angelo and KJ.

Bodom: You and Kingmaker here have gotten to see first hand how this has come to fruition, so give me some background.

Pierce Kingmaker: Well, as you know, at NGNG KJ Punk won a briefcase, though he did not have a proper brand. He chose to go to Inferno, and there, he was given the chance to win a match and be on the roster. His opponent? A debuting Angelo! So, the match goes forward and what a match it was! Back and forth all the way through and Punk comes out on top, officially accepted onto the roster.

Daniels: Mhm, but after the match, Angelo flipped out, and destroyed KJ with a chair. The next week, he attacked KJ and said he did it to hurt the American fans who loved KJ Punk. He then went on to challenge KJ to another match, and that is what we’re going to see here tonight.

Bodom: Wow, sounds physical, I can see where Angelo is coming from though. This match is going to be hard hitting and I like my matches to be just like that!

Kingmaker: Then let’s get to the match!

Jason: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Italy, the ‘Italian Stallion’ Antonyo Angelo!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZ9lhoo8fZo&feature=player_detailpage# t=51

*Angelo comes out to a deafening eruption of boos, but he is unfazed. He heads to the ring and leans in the corner, crouching and waiting for his opponent.*

Jason: And his opponent, from The Woods of Mississippi, KJ PUNK!


*KJ comes out to a rather loud moment of cheering, but he wastes no time. He runs towards the ring and slides in, immediately coming to blows with Angelo. This carries on for a minute before the referee can get them apart to start the match!*

KJ(Punk) vs Angelo(Hardy)


(stop at 7:10)

Bodom: Oh man that was so close! Both men seemed to be trapped in that pin!

*KJ and Angelo both look to the referee to make sure they were the ones who kicked out, upon getting confirmation, in the form of a head nod, that the match was still going, KJ and Angelo immediately rushed each other and fell - blasting each other with rights and lefts as they rolled all over the ring! They rolled beneath the ropes and finally broke away from each other. Upon making it to their feet, at the count of six, both men looked at each other until the count of eight and then immediately slid back into the ring and went towards each other, the action of the foe preventing them from going far. The stare down last another couple of seconds before KJ and Angelo get in the face of the other, trash talking. Angelo pushes KJ and KJ pushes back, Angelo pushes him again and KJ gets in his face. The trash talk starts and Angelo points to the far ropes, telling KJ to run off them and try and knock him down. They trash talk for another moment before KJ nods and begins to run towards the ropes. The moment he cannot see Angelo anymore, Angelo rushes behind him and damn near beheads him with a vicious European Uppercut. He looks down at KJ and points at him, trash talking him and then talking junk to the crowd.*

Daniels: Wow, Angelo really is low! He set KJ up for that!

Kingmaker: KJ should have known better, last time he turned his back on Angelo, Angelo destroyed him!

​*The crowd boos loudly towards Angelo as he steps on KJ and holds the ropes yelling out towards them. The referee gets to five and Angelo has to let go of the ropes. Angelo stalks around the ring, much to the dismay of the crowd, stomping KJ every so often. He drags KJ into position and then begins to climb the ropes, taking a moment to mock the crowd at every step. As he sets up on the top rope, KJ hits him with a big blow to the back. Angelo stumbles, before catching another shot to the back. KJ turns him around and sets him up for a top rope superplex. The crowd is going crazy! KJ hit’s the move, but doesn’t let go, instead he rolls through, maintaining the hold on Angelo’s head. He drags Angelo to his feet and attempts to hit another suplex, but it’s blocked! Angelo still has some wind left in him, but not much! Angelo quickly reverses the suplex attempt into a vertical suplex of his own! Both men are down! Such an excellent sequence has taken the air out of both men! The referee begins his count.*



*Both men begin to stir, arms lifting and falling, bodies moving left and right.*



*KJ struggles to get to his feet, using the ropes to aid him. Angelo rolls to his hands and knees.*


*KJ makes it up to a vertical base, breaking the count; he goes to attack Angelo, but Angelo intercepts him with a modified spear, drilling him into the turnbuckles! Angelo falls down to catch his breath, while KJ’s head rolls back. Angelo gets back up and hits KJ with an elbow smash, and then follows up with a Big Boot in the corner. KJ falls and Angelo goes for the pin, but can only secure a two count. Angelo looks up at the referee in disdain, but doesn’t go far in the arguments. KJ rolls out of the ring to get a breather, an Angelo hit’s the ropes; he comes off quickly the ropes and dives through, for a suicide dive, but is caught by KJ! Oh God, KJ hit’s a massive desperation Belly to Belly suplex, slamming him against the barricade! Both out of the ring, the referee starting to count. KJ makes it to the ring at the count of five and goes for a breather. Angelo is out on the floor! Can he make it back in the ring. Angelo starts to move, the referee gets to 8 and Angelo is back in the ring! He barely made it! As soon as the count is broken, he rolls right back out of the ring, and falls to the ground. While the referee is busy making KJ stay back, Angelo fishes under the ring for something and pulls it out.*

Daniels: I wonder what he’s going for under there!

*Angelo hops back on the apron and begins taunting KJ. KJ comes to the ropes and Angelo smacks him in the face, causing him to stagger. Angelo drops back down and turns his back, mocking the crowd. KJ fights with the referee and slightly pushes him off. He leans through the second rope and Angelo quickly turns around. He grabs him by the neck and DDT’s him right onto the steel chair. The referee looks stunned and comes over to survey the damage. Angelo quickly kicks the chair under the ropes and rolls KJ back into the ring. KJ is out of it, and Angelo pins him.*



*The crowd boos loudly as Angelo’s hand is raised in victory! KJ is still out, that DDT to the chair having taken a lot out of him. Angelo kicks him and then gets out of the ring.*

Bodom: Wow, Angelo was very smart there, KJ fell for that ploy hook line and sinker.

Daniels: Angelo cheated and got away with it! Things are going to be hellish on the next installment of Inferno!

Bodom: Cheated? He didn’t get caught! He DDT’d KJ right to the floor!

Kingmaker: I applaud Angelo for his actions, he is a crafty guy.

Daniels: Minecraft Angelo!

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 07:45 PM

McManus: This contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Oakland, California, Luke Jameson!!!

Daniels: And get ready for what I believe is going to be a real barn burner of a match

Kingmaker: Damn right these two have been chopping at the bits to get their hands on each other.

Bodom: That's right it all started when Jameson made his debut. He made a big impact and backed it up in his matches to follow. He is a young, strong, knowledgeable kid who regardless of win or loss tonight, has a bright future.


McManus: And his opponent, from the Banks of the Nile, The Great Pharaoh, Seth Ferrell

Daniels: And out comes Seth and what do you guys think about his chances here tonight.

Bodom: If you ask me, he needs to win this match. He is a seasoned vet who hasn't had the best of luck lately. He is only getting older and continues to lose. If he wants another great run and possible shot at a title, now is the time to get a win.

Kingmaker: Hate to disagree Bods, but I will. Ferrell is a talented vet who shouldn't be here right now. He should be trying to capture the International title. But he was screwed of that chance when Luke Jameson debuted and caused Seth to lose the match. Seth is mad, and he wants vengeance. I feel he will get it here tonight.

(Regal-Ferrell, Benoit-Jameson) (stop at 12:55)

Daniels: Both men are just beating the snot out of each other, they are laying flat knocked out on the canvas right now.

Bodom: These are the kind of matches you pay top dollar to see

*the ref starts the ten count for someone to get to their feet
2! slowly, both men start to stagger themselves up 3!*

Kingmaker: The first guy up will get the momentum


*Both men are to a knee, ferrell starts to punch Jameson in the head*


Daniels: These two just want to kick the crap out of each other regardless of how tired they are.


*Both throwing equal amount of punches*


*Jameson starts to get the momentum now and starts to get up on his feet*



*Right before ten ferrell pokes Jameson in the eyes and gets back up*

Daniels: A little dirty tactics by Ferrell

Bodom: You have to do what you must if you want to win.

*Ferrell takes off for a clothesline but is met by a kitchen sink by Jameson*

Daniels: What a knee to the gut by Jameson

Kingmaker: Looks like he knocked the wind out of Ferrell

*Jameson posts in the corner, signaling for a big boot*

Daniels: Looks like it's going to be the end for Ferrell

*Ferrell gets up, groggy, and turns and walks right into a big boot from Jameson*

Bodom: Wham! what a boot. Here's the cover




*Ferrell kicks out and jameson looks in shock as the ref puts two fingers in Jameson's face*

Kingmaker: Ho...ly....Shit

Bodom: You can say that again

Daniels: Somehow the Pharaoh just kicked out of a monstrous boot but what good is it, he doesn't seem to be moving

*Jameson goes back to the corner, and begins to stomp the canvas insinuating another boot. Stomping harder and harder each time*

Kingmaker: If that last boot didn't kill him, this one will...

*The arena is engulfed in wild cheers as Ferrell rises up, turns towards Jameson and dodges his boot, Jameson turns back around and gets snatched up and hit with a capture suplex by Ferrell*

Kingmaker: Wow! What a hell of a momentum swing, now Jameson is out on the canvas.

*Ferrell goes for the cover*




*Jameson kicks out at the last second, both man laying collapsed on the ground, the ref point "2" in Seth's face. The arena is losing it*

Daniels: The arena is so loud right now from excitement

Bodom: I can't even hear you and you're sitting next to me.

*Seth is to his feet, he looks at Jameson then looks at the tope rope, he begins to accend to the top*

Daniels: Looking for the moonsault maybe?

Bodom: I tell you what, if he hits it, he will win

*As Ferrell gets ready to take off, Jameson rises to his feet. Ferrell takes off as Jameson runs underneath him. Ferrell lands on his feet and runs at Jameson, who turns and connects with a big boot. Ferrell hits the canvas hard.*






Mcmanus: Here is your winner, Luke Jameson!

Daniels: That was an hellish match that took both men to the end.

Kingmaker: Solid back and forth momentum swings and it ends with that deadly boot from Jameson

Bodom: There should be no shame for Ferrell. That match could have been won by either man. But congrats to Luke Jameson

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 07:52 PM
Lily Morgan: The following contest is a Hardcore Match set for one fall and it is for the EWNCW Hardcore Championships!!!! Introducing first the team of Mr. Black and Mr. Blood, they are Blacccckkkkkkk Bloooddddeeeddddddd!!!!


*Boos begin immediately as the revving of the motorcycles Black Blooded arrive in are heard. The two head to the ring absent Vivica, circle it and park their motorcycles outside the ring. Entering the ring soon after and await to destroy Free From Poison.*

Nick Newman: They look to put on a dominant display as to why they should be the perfect Hardcore Champions.

Terry Murdock: They'll have a hard doing that against Free From Poison, they're as hardcore as they come.

Lily Morgan: and their opponents, the team of Jayden Knight and Aiden Cayne, they are the current reigning and defending EWNCW Hardcore Champions!!! Freee Froooommmmm Poisssooooonnnnnn!!!!!!


*Knight and Cayne head to the ring to a fantastic welcome from the crowd as the hold up their arm like so....X....in salute of their Straight Edge lifestyle as they soon enter the ring pose for the fans before handing the ref the gold who raises the belts high in th air signaling a title defense as both teams stare down.*

Terry Murdock: The Straight Edge Heroes are here and ready to defend the gold with all they have.

Nick Newman: That's not going to going to very much against Black Blooded, tonight they destroy Free From Poison.

Black Blooded (Kane & Taker) vs. Free From Poison (E&C)
(Start 1:53, End 7:45; Ignore Rhyno)

*Knight charges Black, who is getting to his feet, and then Knight takes Black down with a standing dropkick, making Black stumble back a few feet. Knight charges him again and goes for a big boot, but Black catches the boot and shoves Knight down to the ground with force. Black grabs Knight by the wrist and drags him to the corner and tags in Blood. Both Black and Blood start to stomp down onto Knight without remorse. Blood picks Knight up and tosses him over the top rope, and then goes to the outside and reaches under the ring.*

Newman: Yes! Time for some weapons!

Murdock: You're a sick man, Nick.

*Blood pulls out a trash can that has a black bag inside of it. Blood looks inside of the bag and smiles. Blood pulls the bag out and slides it into the ring, and then he lifts the trash can over his head and brings it down onto Knight's back with a nasty impact, folding the metal around Knight's back! Blood throws the trash can into the ring, but then Cayne dives down from the apron and takes Blood down with a crossbody!

Knight is getting back to his feet and helps Cayne up as well, and the two start to stomp down onto Blood hard. Black comes running around the slide of the ring and tries to clothesline the two men, but they catch him and drop him with a suplex onto the steps!*

Murdock: Oh my! Did you heard that!? It sounded like bones snapping!

Newman: Hahaha hear it?! I loved it! That was sick!

*Black falls to the ground, and then Free From Poison lift Blood up from the ground and roll him into the ring. Cayne gets back on the apron while Knight slides in the ring and opens the trash bag and dumps it in the center of the ring. The ring becomes covered with broken glass, light bulbs, thumbtacks, razors and jagged pieces of steel. Knight lifts Blood up from the mat and lifts him into the air and puts him onto his back for the Gory Bomb!*

Murdock: Oh my god, no! Don't do this!

Newman: He won't! Here comes Mr. Black!

*Knight turns around so he can plant Blood into the debris, but he is greeted by a hand around the throat from Mr. Black! Knight lets go of Blood, and then Black lifts Knight high into the air and chokeslams him hard onto the debris in the ring! Knight screams with pain and rolls around in the ring with his back covered in blood. Blood gets to his feet and walks to Knight, but Knight backs into his corner and tags Cayne in! Cayne climbs into the ring and starts to punch Blood hard, hitting lefts and rights, but then Blood starts to take shots!

Cayne! Blood! Cayne! Blood! Cayne! Blood! Cayne! Cayne! Low blow!

Cayne hits a low blow on Blood, and then Cayne reaches down, and lifts Blood up and drops him with the Vertabreaker onto the debris! Blood lays motionless in the ring and Cayne goes for the cover!*

One! Two! Three!

Lily Morgan: Here are ...

*Black pushes Lily to the side and grabs the referee and pulls him to his face. Black can be heard screaming "This match isn't over!!" Black pushes the ref to the side and picks up Cayne. Black grabs Cayne by the throat, and he chokeslams him down onto the debris! Black then slides out of the ring and searches under the ring. He pulls out a red gas can and a table! He slides the table and can into the ring, and then Black sets the table up and then pours the gasoline all over the table! He reaches down and pulls a lighter from his boot and sets the table on fire!*

Murdock: He can't do this! No no no no! You lost!

Newman: Oh yes he can!

*Black helps Blood to his feet, and then Black picks up Cayne while Blood picks up Knight! Black grabs Cayne by the throat, and Blood sets Knight up for the Black Death! Black slams Cayne back down to the mat hard, and then Blood sends Knight through the flaming table with the Black Death! Black drags Cayne onto Knight, and then Blood covers both me! The referee won't count! Black grabs the ref by the throat and says "Count or you'll join them!!" The referee is scared into doing it, so he goes down for the count!*

One ... Two ... THREE!

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners and.....NEW!!!! EWNCW Hardcore Champions......Blacccckkkkkk Bloodeeeeddddddd!!!!!

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 07:55 PM
Jason McManus: The following match is for the Rage Ignition Championship!!


McManus: Introducing first, the challenger, from the Justice League, The Blue Flash!!

Bodom: I still can't believe that this guy seriously has another shot at this championship. I mean how many tries has he had now?

Daniels: But he keeps earning them Bodom, you can't knock the guy for his perseverance!

Kingmaker: The Blue Flash is an exciting, high flying, high octane superstar that gets the crowd off their feet!! They love the guy!!

Bodom: It's a man in a costume!! In fact, not just any man, a well know social icon; Ke.....

Daniels: And he's not going to become the Ignition Champion for the Rage brand!!


McManus: And his opponent, from Germany, he is the Rage Ignition Champion, Hanz Gruber!!!

Bodom: See this man has survived John freaking McClane and is still here today to tell the tale of the Nakatomi Plaza!

Kingmaker: Ummm, Bodom, haven't you seen Die Hard? Gruber dies in that film. He was thrown off the 30th floor of the Nakatomi building!!

Bodom: But he's right there in the flesh in front of me!! Or are you suggesting that this match well and truly is some stupid science fiction tale with a Superhero battling a ghost?!?!

Daniels: While you two sort that out, Gruber is in the midst of his first title reign here in EWNCW, and is looking to carry that championship for a long time, and given his talents, you can't doubt him!

(stop at 8:18)

Daniels: Big German suplex from Gruber there and he's turned the tables on Flash here!!

*Gruber follows up by playing to the crowd some as they proceed to jeer him some more. He then stomps at Flash a few times before methodically picks him up. He then irish whips him into the corner before going to follow up with a stinger splash...*

Kingmaker: Missed!! Flash moved!! And what a pendulum kick!!

*Gruber is sent reeling back after the kick as Flash steadies himself, ready to slingshot. He does so and springboards off the top rope, hitting a crossbody on Gruber. He then quickly gets up and runs off the ropes as Gruber gets up, swings at him, but Flash ducks and bounces off the opposite side and hits a wheelbarrow bulldog on Gruber, planting him face first!!*

Daniels: Flash needs a cover here!! Gruber is down and out!!

*Flash covers*

Ref: ONE......



Bodom: He's out at 2 there, and the Champion still has this!!

*Flash points to the top an as the crowd sheer he makes his way to the top rope, before jumping and coming down on Gruber with a top rope splash!*

Kingmaker: SUPERKICK!! Gruber drills him from out of nowhere!!!!

Bodom: That's the sign of a true champion!! Playing possum there and then catches him when Flash thought he had this in the bag!!!

*Gruber scrambles to make the cover....*

Ref: ONE.......


THR.... NO!!!!!!

Bodom: WHAT?!?!

Daniels: Flash kicks out at 2 and three tenths!!!!!!!!!

Kingmaker: Look at Gruber's face!! He can't believe it, and neither can I!!!!

*Gruber is in shock and instantly goes to argue with the referee. Then, with a furious look of great anger on his face, he goes to pick up Flash, who's on his way to his feet before delivering a hard irish whip to the corner, and instantly follows it up with a stinger splash to his back. Flash backpedals out of the corner and Gruber grabs his head and tilts him back under his arm*

Kingmaker: He's looking for the Scorpion Death Drop!! Can Gruber finish this here?!?!

*Gruber looks out in anger to the crowd and is about to drop Flash, but Flash manages to grab and arm and twists out of it!! He then twists Gruber's arm further before running at the ropes and hits an Arabian Press Armdrag, sending Gruber sprawling, and he follows it up with an Arabian press moonsault into the cover!!*

Ref: ONE!!


Th... NO!!

Daniels: So close to a new Champion there!! What a match this is!!!

*Flash once again ascends to the top rope, this time with his back to the ring as he's looking for a moonsault. However, Gruber again gets up and is running towards the corner, but Flash sees him between his legs and flips back behind him, as Gruber goes into the turnbuckle! Flash then quickly grabs Gruber from behind and lifts him in a belly to back suplex lift before flipping and dropping him face first onto his knee!!*

Kingmaker: The Blue Moon Knee!! Gruber must be out cold!!!

Ref: ONE!!!



Jason McManus: Here is your winner, and NEW Rage Ignition Champion, The Blue Flash!!!!!

Daniels: Blue Flash did it!!! He beat Hanz Gruber!!! This is a major upset!!

Bodom: That's an understatement!! What the hell happened there?!?!

Kingmaker: Flash has tried so many times, and he's finally got his reward!! He's the new Rage Ignition Champion!!

​*The Blue Flash is seen going up the ramp, clutching the Ignition Championship, as Gruber looks on from the ring, still reeling from the knee to the face.

Blue Flash the waves to the crowd once more before exiting, leaving Hanz Gruber alone, in the middle of the ring, still laying on his back with the fans booing him. The ref walks over to him, kneels down and ask if he is alright. Hanz nods yes and the ref helps him up, then gives him a pat on the back and tells him everything will be ok. Hanz nods at him and they shake hands- but Hanz wont let go- instead he knees the ref in the balls, then kicks him out the ring- the crowd is booing the hell out of him now hanz then leaves the ring and starts to walk towards the ramp when a fan throws Coke on him and calls him a LOSER, hitting him right in the face. Hanz snaps- he grabs the fan and pulls him over the guardrail and shoves him into the ring, grabs a chair and jumps in the ring himself. 3 members of the security team rush into the ring, but Hanz nails them all with the chair, knocking them all out cold. He then kicks the fan in the nuts, then hits a Scorpion Death Drop onto the chair with the fan.

The crowd is livid now and they are all calling him a loser now

Hanz then demands a mic and is given one from a stage hand who gets a punch in the face from Hanz for his troubles*

Hanz: Oh the whole lot of you can go fuck yourselves if you don't shut the hell up- unless of course you want to end up like this punk ass


Hanz: You know what? Fuck this shit! I worked my ass off here, I did everything management asked of me- and I beat that damn fucktard Shaz for the Ignition title- and I still got no respect from my peers. And I was still stuck wrestling inferior wrestlers like Blue Flash


Hanz: Well you can all kiss my ass you fat fucks

*Hanz sees that the 3 security members are trying to get the fan out the ring so Hanz drops the mic then picks the chair up again and backs them away. Hanz also sees the fan starting to come to so he punts him in the head, knocking him out cold yet again. With the chair still in hand, Hanz picks the mic back up*

Hanz: Ficken Sie Alles! I quit!

*Hanz drops the mic, then leaves the ring with the chair still in hand. The 3 security members get out his way, then rush in the ring and help the injured fan. Hanz walks over to the announcers table then spits on everyone but Bodom- then he finally makes his way up the stage to heckling fans- when he gets on the stage he tosses the chair into the crowd- takes a bow- then flips everyone off- then finally goes backstage*

Bodom: See!! That's what you get for disrespecting greatness!! And look what's happened now!! EWNCW has just lost a gem, a real keeper in the form of Hanz Gruber!! I hope you're happy now!! I hope you're all happy that that tool Flash won!!!

Daniels: Well a dramatic exit for Gruber there, but it seems that he's quit EWNCW here!!

Kingmaker: Well I think it's fair to say that he'd have been fired if he hadn't quit Bob!

Bodom: Shut up Pierce!! Don't you realize that we've just lost a true great of the squared circle in the making there?!?!

Daniels: Well The Blue Flash is the new Rage Ignition Champion and Hanz Gruber has quit folks! What an eventful night it's been already here!!

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 08:01 PM

McManus: This contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from the mountains of Mongolia, Nightmare!

Daniels: Ladies and gentlemen this will not be a wrestling match, this will be a brawl.

Kingmaker: A downright war Bob, these two have been at each others throats the last few weeks

Bodom: I have been watching from Rage and I have to say I have never seen two people who hate each other so much than these two.

Daniels: Hopefully it doesn't get too violent

Kingmaker: You kidding? the more violence the better


McManus: And His oppone....

*Before McManus can finish, Gillz comes storming down the ramp at Nightmare, he slides into the ring and tackles Nightmare and starts throwing punches and this one is underway.*

Kingmaker: See bob? This is great!

(RVD-Gillz, Tajiri-Nightmare)(Stop at 5:07)

Daniels: what a moonsault by Gillz, the man is on fire

Kingmaker: he is all over the place, he's picking nightmare up

*Gillz sets Nightmare up to perform a spinning powerbomb, as he gets ready to lift him up, Sir Gunther Wigbert jumps on the apron and distracts the ref*

Daniels: What the hell is that fat slimeball doing

Bodom: He is obviously protecting nightmare, any right manager would do that

*Gillz drops nightmare and walks over and grabs Wigbert by his collar, after exchanging words he throws Wigbert down to the floor. As the ref is yelling at Wigbert, Gillz turns around and gets struck in the face by a steel chair from nightmare.*

Daniels: Damn that Nightmare, the ref never saw it.

Kingmaker: You have to do what you have to do, even if it is dirty.

Bodom: Nightmare has the upperhand now on Gillz, he goes for the cover




Daniels: Somehow, after that thunderous chair shot, Gillz kicked out

*Nightmare just sits there and laughs at his failed attempt for a pin. He gets up to his feet and starts slapping his knee*

Bodom: Nightmare is looking to slam that knee right into Gillz's breadbasket.

Kingmaker: Well if he does it's night night for Gillz

*Gillz to his feet, nightmare charges at him and throws the knee, but gillz dodges it, Nightmare turns and comes right back with a WMD punch, Gillz catches the arm and throws a crossface on in the middle of the ring*


Bodom: Nightmare has nowhere to go he is stuck

Kingmaker: Gillz smells blood in the water, will Nightmare tap

*Nightmare reaches his hand out, trying to grab any rope. But, to no avail, Nightmare begins to slam the mat violently with his hand and this one is over*

McManus: Here is your winner, Gillz!!

Daniels: Gillz had this match in the bag earlier, but with the help of Wigbert, Nightmare got the upper hand, but only for a little

Kingmaker: right until Gillz threw that crossface in, and since they were in the middle of the ring and Nightmare had nowhere to go, he couldn't do anything but tap. Congrats to Gillz on the win.

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 08:05 PM
Bob Daniels: HolyJose asked Prophecy for one thing, a few weeks ago, and that was a match here tonight. Now, Prophecy avoided answering the question, for several weeks, but was prompted to do so after a brawl that took place between himself and Holy.

Bodom: HolyJose happened to be out that night, but he showed up the following week only to be attacked from behind by Prophecy. One could call it revenge for the aforementioned brawl, but some see it as a cowardly attack. I am not a part of that latter grouping.

Daniels: I don’t know, I think the attack was uncalled for, especially during Holy’s match with Van Hooligan. Holy had been through a long, grueling match up and that’s when Prophecy decided to make his move.

Kingmaker: You know what they say! Sometimes you just can’t wait until the match to get the rumble started! Prophecy sent the first official shot towards HolyJose in the form of a good ol’ fashioned beat down! Now whether or not that will come back to bite him in the ass has yet to be seen, but you can bet your bottom dollar that, at the end of it all, no matter who wins, this match is going to go down in the history books!

Bodom: I wouldn’t doubt that, these men are going to have a knockdown, drag’em out war. No matter what, they are going to be changed after this match; either more respect for each other, or a possible career end!

Daniels: I can definitely see one of those two happening!

Kingmaker: Well, there is really only one way to find out how this saga ends and that’s in the middle of that ring, when one of these two men have their hands up in victory!

*The camera heads towards Jason, who has the microphone in his hands.*

Jason: Our next match is scheduled for one fall; introducing first, from Washington, D.C, HOLY JOSE!


*Jose walks out onto the stage, arms raised in the air as though he’s already won. Dressed in an elaborate white wrestling gear, different from the normal, the crowd cheers him on loudly as he heads towards the ring. Once inside it, his demeanor changes, he gets focused on his match with Prophecy. He crouches down and waits.*

Jason: And his opponent, from the DARKEST Reaches of England, PROPHECY!


*Prophecy comes out, holding a type of tome in his hands. It is open to what appears to be the middle. Dressed in a dark robe, he begins to read. “One a day of Combat, those Bred for the ultimate battle will stand in victory, while those who fear it’s very name will lay in defeat. One scribe, a reader of Prophecy’s shall stand above his opposite, both in victory, and in life.” He climbs into the ring and wraps his robe around the book, laying it off to the side. An attendant picks it up as Prophecy and HolyJose stare each other down.*

Bodom: These two men are ready for a war that may never end! Can one of these men overcome the other and put them behind them on their rise to the top, or will this truly prove to be a match that will never end?

Prophecy(Kane) vs Holy(Undertaker)

(Stop: 20:25)


*Prophecy looks up at HolyJose who remains in the ring! HolyJose backs up, per the referee’s orders, and waits for Prophecy to get back into the ring. As soon as Prophecy does, the slugfest begins, a multitude of lefts and rights, taking the men down to one knee a piece, but the blows keep coming. HolyJose starts reeling, using his hand to keep him up; the same happens with Prophecy. Strike after strike, the men continue. HolyJose takes a big right hand to the face, blood starting to appear on his forehead. Prophecy is hit with a retaliatory shot, knocking him down. HolyJose sways but manages to stay up. His hand presses into the ring and pushes him back to his feet. The crowd cheers loudly as he feels his head and sees blood on his hand.*

Kingmaker: HolyJose is quite literally seeing red! That shot by Prophecy drew blood!

Daniels: Just goes to show you what this match means to these two men! Hit hard and put the other down!

*HolyJose leans down to pick up Prophecy, but is caught in a roll up! With the referee out of optimal position, Prophecy grabs the tights, but can only get two! Holy kicks out with force, sending Prophecy part ways across the ring. Prophecy stays afoot, Holy pulls himself up using the ropes. The crowd goes crazy; and Prophecy attempts to hush them! It doesn’t work, so he changes tactics and goes after HolyJose, but he is caught with a double leg takedown! HolyJose mounts and begins raining down blow after blow, rocking his opponent with vicious shots. Prophecy tries to cover up, but the blows keep coming. The referee has to tell HolyJose to get up, and when he does, he seems to be in a frenzy. The crowd responds with loud cheers. HolyJose calls for the spinning Spinebuster. He sets up in the corner and waits for Prophecy to get up and come towards him. Prophecy obliges, but quickly changes course and makes a bee-line out of the ring! He waves off the match and heads up the ramp, but HolyJose isn’t having any of that. He quickly ducks out of the ring and hunts Prophecy down! He grabs Prophecy’s shoulder, but Prophecy surprises him! As Prophecy turns around, he drills him with a powerful superkick! HolyJose reels on his feet, giving Prophecy room to grab him up, and take him off the ground, bum rushing him back into the ring apron with terrifying force!*

Daniels: WOW! Just WOW!

Bodom: Looks like Prophecy is trying to prove a point here! Be careful what you wish for, because it may just be the last thing you get!

*Prophecy tosses HolyJose into the ring and quickly follows him back in. He goes for the pin, but HolyJose kicks out at a close three count. The crowd boos loudly towards Prophecy as he argues with the referee for a moment. He looks towards the ropes and then decides to quickly scale them. He calls for the Depths of Despair. Holy rolls over unto his back, and Prophecy goes for the frogsplash, but HolyJose moves out of the way! Prophjecy crashes and burns, popping up slightly and holding his middle. HolyJose struggles to make it to his feet, aware that he won’t be able to capitalize with a quick pin here! He holds his back slightly, gasping in pain. Blood still pours from above his eye, possibly hindering his sight. As Prophecy makes it to his feet, HolyJose gives him a toe kick and pulls his arm over his neck, hitting him with a vertical suplex! He keeps the hold and twists his hips, giving him the momentum to make it back up, hitting him with another big suplex! He still refuses to release the hold, and picks him up for the third. He holds him in the air for a moment before dropping him right down! He releases the hold and points to the stars, the three amigos in tribute to Eddie. He looks down at Prophecy and begins to bend low to pick him up for the Spinning Spinebuster! As he lifts him in the air, Prophecy starts to fight, hitting him with elbow after elbow!*

Daniels: He knows that move will put him down for good! Holy has went for it twice now and Prophecy has stopped both attempts! The first time by exiting the ring and now by elbows!

*Prophecy is dropped and Holy backs off, holding his neck and not paying attention to Prophecy. Big Mistake. Prophecy aims to hit a spear, but Holy moves out of the way at the last minute and sends Holy into the turnbuckles, his arm crashing right into the steel pole. HolyJose quickly pulls Prophecy into a ‘The Final Judgment’, a spinning reverse DDT. The move connects with thunderous force. He maneuvers into a pin.*



*Prophecy puts his leg on the ropes! The count is broken! Prophecy stays in it! HolyJose beats the ground and looks towards the referee, arguing that it was three. Blood drips from the tip of his nose! He starts slapping his head with both hands at the same time, pissed off. He gets up and sets up for the spinning Spinebuster. He stomps on the ground, and then again. He prepares himself for the move, physically and mentally. He ignores the blood on his face and gets ready. The referee moves, and Prophecy rises. He turns around towards HolyJose who is coming towards him. He pushes Holy towards the referee, forcing Holy to stop, while having the referee cornered! Prophecy drops down, and hits Holy with a big low blow, out of the eye range of the referee! In the same move, he pulls Holy down into a roll up pin, gripping the tights for extra measure. The referee doesn’t see it!*




Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 08:05 PM

*Prophecy quickly rolls out of the ring, the referee with him, attempting to raise his hand in victory. Prophecy looks on at HolyJose who is in the ring trying to explain what happened, while holding his boys. Prophecy has a cocky grin on his face, the winner of the match! He rubs some of the stray blood from HolyJose across his chest. HolyJose looks on in anger, running his hand through his hair and he stares a hole through Prophecy!*

Bodom: Wow, I did not expect that ending! But you have to do what you have to do! The name of the game is to win and not be the loser and that was what Prophecy did right there.

Daniels: He blatantly cheated, we all saw it and Holy felt it!

Bodom: Ain’t nothing ‘legal ‘til you get caw-ought!

Kingmaker; That was one helluva match right up until the end! We haven’t seen the last of these two! HolyJose is going to be out for blood! Prophecy is going to have a lot of momentum, but will have to keep a sharp eye out and grow eyes in the back of his head!

Bodom: Why? He won, and that’s all that matters! If HolyJose can’t accept the fact he lost then that is his problem and he doesn’t deserve to be here!

Daniels: How can you sit here and really advocate that?!

Bodom: Easy. *Sits there and advocates for it.* See, just that easy!

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 08:14 PM
Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for both the EWNCW Grand and Intercontinental Championships with the winners becoming the first ever dual championships in Brutality history!!!!! Introducing first the team of T-Thunda and Miguel Tenorio...they are the EWNCW Intercontinental Champions.....The Sexiest Alpha Males!!!!


*A wild mess of cheers from the women and surprisingly the men are heard for Tenorio and T-Thunda as they head to the ring raising the championships for the crowd to see before they enter the ring and await their opponents.*

Nick Newman: Mixed Emotions is gonna destroy these guys and wear more gold than any team even in Brutality history!

Terry Murdock: If that happens it wont come easy as The Sexiest Alpha Males look to do the same. So each team is going for it all in this one.

Lily Morgan: And their opponents the team of Pride and Sorrow....they are the EWNCW Grand Champions.....Mixed Emotions!!!!!


*A red curtain drops down on the stage close to 20 seconds pass by before the curtain is raised revealing Pride and Sorrow wearing their signature happiness and sadness masks as the boos rain down upon them as they flaunt the gold around their waists before entering the ring taking of their masks and handing the gold to the ref. Both set of titles are raised in the air as a sign of the defense and this match is underway.*

Terry Murdock: Here we go, history in the making!!!

Nick Newman: Indeed, now let's get this going.

SAM (FDS) vs ME (MS)
Stop 10:46

Nick Newman: Come on Pride, dont the frustration set in. You got this.

*Pride struggling to reach his feet first as Tenorio does the same. *

Terry Murdock: Both men are up and it looks they are going at it.

*A brawl takes place both men not backing down.*


Terry Murdock: Who's gonna win this brawl?

Nick Newman: We're about to find out.

*This is going to be a close one. Pride get the upper hand and bounces Tenorio off the ropes. He prepares for a back body drop but receives a kick to the face from Tenorio and goes stumbling back to his corner where Sorrow makes the blind tag. Tenorio looks to continue the attack but Sorrow prevent him by springboarding off the ropes and connects with a cross body going for the cover....*


*Tenorio kicks out.*

Terry Murdock: How did Tenorio kick out?

*Tenorio is picked up by Sorrow who goes for a Chokeslam but Tenorio sidesteps the move and hits Sorrow with a big left punch before he goes to his corner and makes the tag to T-Thunda.*

Nick Newman: Damn it, this is not good for Mixed Emotions.

*T-Thunda hits the ring to a great pop from the crowd as he hits Sorrow with clothsline ater clothesline after clothesline and then delivers a scoop slam before signaling he's going to the top rope. He climbs the turnbuckle and drops the elbow on Sorrow and goes for the cover......*


*Pride breaks up the pin.*

Nick Newman: Yes!!!

Terry Murdock: Watch where you spit your YES! A-Hole.

*Pride picks up T-Thunda and goes for a powerbomb but Tenorio swoops into the ring and chops the leg of Pride, forcing him to drop T-Thunda and now Pride stands up only to be on the receiving end of The Little Jimmy Finale (Full nelson legsweep facebuster into a Jumping reverse STO) *

Terry Murdock: Pride is down!!!! Courtesy of The Little Jimmy Finale!!!

*The ref now tells Tenorio to exit the ring as Sorrow reaches his feet and blinsides T-Thunda and rushes him to the corner with a series of powerful shoulder blocks that knock the air out of T-Thunda before Sorrow steps back, gains speed and connects a Big Boot on an unsuspecting Tenorio in the corner that leaves him completely out of it.*

Nick Newman: Smart move by Sorrow, now no one can stop what happens next.

*Sorrow gains the momentum he needs to grab T-Thunda kick him in th gut and sets him up for the Vertebreaker (Back to back double underhook piledriver)....

It connects....Sorrow covers*


Lily Morgan: Here are you winners and now the first ever dual champions in Brutality history.....still your EWNCW Grand Champions and now the....NEWWW!!!!.....EWNCW Intercontinental Champions..............Mixed Emotions!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 08:20 PM
Bob Daniels: This match has been in the making for several weeks. Kyojin vs. Van Hooligan!

Bodom: Yes it has! Van wants to prove to Kyojin that he[Kyojin] doesn’t belong up here with the big boys, and Kyojin wants to prove Van Hooligan X wrong here tonight.

Daniels: Yes he does, and what better way to do that than defeating him at Bred for Combat! If he can pull off the victory here, do you think that Van Hooligan will accept Kyojin as part of the EWNCW Rage Roster, or will Van Hooligan have other thoughts?

Kingmaker: I don’t think Van will accept it, but the crowd will, and I think to Kyojin, that would be all that matters to him. But he does have to get past some grade A competition in Van Hooligan X, who is sure to not hold anything back against Kyojin.

Bodom: No he won’t, and I firmly believe that Van Hooligan is going to prove to be too much for the accomplished Kyojin. He has a chip on his shoulder, and wants to be the big dog on campus!

Daniels: On the flip side, Kyojin also has a lot to prove and he’s going to defeat Van Hooligan X tonight, or at the very least, go out fighting!

Kingmaker: There is only one way to find out who is going to emerge victorious, and that… is with the following match!

*Jason stands in the ring and motions towards the stage.*

Jason: The next match is scheduled for one fall; welcome to the stage ONE OK ROCK! Performing the stage music for the man fighting out of Nagasaki! ‘The Master of True Wrestling!‘ KYOJIN!


*The fans explode as One Ok Rock begin to blast out Re:make live, a walkway consisting of katanas is lowered before the curtain and the camera rushes up it to see Kyojin walk out of the curtain. Another massive cheer echoes out of the arena as Kyojin runs out of the walkway and across to the band’s stage. He begins to take the energy from the band and jumps on the spot for a few seconds before running to the side of the stage and beginning to take in the fans’ excitement.

He runs to the opposite side of the stage and takes in the energy from the fans on that side too, before walking back to the centre of the stage, and down the ramp. He slaps a few hands of fans who are outstretched from the crowd, before running and sliding into the ring. He immediately jumps up and climbs onto a turnbuckle, posing for the fans who immediately begin to take pictures. Kyojin drops down and climbs onto the opposite turnbuckle, posing for fans there. Kyojin jumps down to the ring and as his feet touch the ground, pyro explodes from the stage. The band finally stops as Kyojin stands in a corner, ready for the match.*

*The band starts to clear off as Jason gets ready to introduce to Kyojin’s opponent.*

Jason: Introducing his opponent, from Leeds, England! VAN HOOLIGAN X!

*Van enters quickly, and tosses some of the band members off to the back. He grabs up a pair of drumsticks and starts rocking against the drums, before kicking them over, along with some of the other equipment. The crowd boos loudly as he tosses one of the drumsticks to the back and rushes down the ring. He climbs into it, and gets in Kyojin’s face. The referee pushes them apart.*

Bodom: These two men came out ready for a battle and I would not be shocked if they put on one helluva of a show for the crowd here tonight, even if they dislike each other!

Pearce(Kyojin) vs Ricker(Van Hooligan)

(Stop at 7:00)

*Van finishes arguing with the referee about the two count and goes back to focusing on Kyojin, he picks him up by his head and Irish whips him to the far side of the ropes, and waits for his return, by bending over. Kyojin hangs on to the ropes and quickly moves forward to kick Van in the chest and face. Van pops back up holding his face, ignoring his chest pain - Kyojin grabs him and whips him into the ropes, hitting him with a dropkick on Van’s return! The crowd goes wild as Kyojin hops up and poses for the crowd! Van attempts to get up, but Kyojin catches him midway, bringing him to a vertical position and pushing him into the corner. Kyojin backs away and poses, before running to catch Van Hooligan with a big high knee to the corner. Part of the way through the air, however, Van regains his attention and catches him, quickly turning and forcing him into the corner! Van begins to unload on him with rights and lefts, but Kyojin tries to fight back, reversing the position and hitting Hooligan with his own rights and lefts. They go back and forth with Van getting the upper hand, hitting Kyojin with enough rights to knock him down to the ground.*

Bodom: Wow, Van Hooligan is really putting on a clinic here, every time Kyojin gets started, Hooligan takes him down a peg, slowing the pace and making it his own instead of letting Kyojin dictate the match!

*Van kicks Kyojin in the chest again and again, until the referee gets to the count of four and tells Van to stop or be disqualified! Van backs up but immediately goes back on the attack! He pulls Kyojin from the corner and hits him with a scoop slam, before dropping a knee on his sternum. He drives the knee down and then demands the referee to count the pin. Van gets a cocky look on his face before Kyojin kicks out at the count of two! Van shakes his head and stomps Kyojin, lifting him back up with a headlock! He shows off his captured opponent to the crowd, garnering a lot of boos in the process! Kyojin hits him in the stomach with a big right, but Van locks the hold on tighter! Kyojin this him again and the crowd starts chanting for him!*


*Kyojin fights out of the headlock, using a belly to back suplex, forcing Van to release the hold! The referee begins to count, and manages to get to five before either men start to try and rise! Kyojin makes it to his feet, Van soon after. Kyojin decides to try and end it early, and makes a run towards the ropes; he bounds up them and leaps off them, attempting the ‘Truth Hurts’, a Disaster kick. Van ducks under it and is quickly on Kyojin, lifting him up for the VanHammer! He spins Kyojin around, showing him to the crowd. As he gets ready to hit his finisher, Kyojin slips out and hit’s a low dropkick to his knees! Van goes down and Kyojin quickly makes it back to his feet. He scales the closest ropes and waits for his prey to rise! When he does, he hits him with a big missile dropkick! Van goes flying back and out of the ring, landing on his left shoulder. Kyojin rises up and the crowd goes bonkers for him. He goes to the ropes while the referee counts. Van makes it to his feet at five, and starts pacing back and forth. Kyojin hops over the ropes, like he is going to cross body him, but Van moves out of the way. Kyojin is able to catch himself and land on the apron, Kyojin goes to kick Van, but Van catches his foot, and prevents the kick. He throws the kick the other way, putting Kyojin’s back against the ropes. Van slides into the ring, and attempts to attack Kyojin, who turns around. Kyojin prevents a over the rope suplex, and drops, causing Van’s neck to hit the ropes. He quickly goes to scale the turnbuckles, and when he does, Van this the ropes, causing Kyojin to drop on down his genitals! Van quickly pulls Kyojin from the ropes and hits ‘The Vanguard’, one of his finishers! He quickly goes into a pin!*



*The referee stops as he sees Kyojin’s foot on the ropes. Van thinks he’s won, he gets up and starts celebrating, but the referee quickly turns the smile into a angry scowl. He argues with the referee, backing the man into a corner. Kyojin struggles to his feet, dazed from the finisher just applied to him. He leans back against turnbuckles, catching his breath. Van Hooligan turns back towards him, and attempts an attack, but Kyojin drops him on the lower buckle! He picks Van up and sets him against the turnbuckle, and hits him with a big high Knee to the face. He backs up and follows with a Yakuza kick. As Van is reeling, Kyojin hits him with a Enzuigiri, knocking him to the ground. Kyojin wastes little time as he heads to the top rope . He faces away and the crowd knows what’s coming! He flips backwards for the ‘Rising Sun’ a Double Rotation Moonsault. He comes down, but Van gets his knees up! Kyojin crashes hard, but it’s difficult for Van to capitalize! Both men are down and the referee begins his count.*



*Both men start to stir at this point, Kyojin holding his stomach.*


*Van makes it to his feet, Kyojin follows suit soon after. The referee stops the counting and the two men exchange wicked blows. Van Hooligan starts to take control and whips Kyojin towards the ropes, stopping his momentum with a big boot to the gut. He pulls him out to the middle of the ring and picks him up for the ‘Van Hammer’ a gut wrench neck breaker! Kyojin struggles, but Van hangs on. Kyojin continues to struggle, harder and harder, managing to break free! Kyojin quickly hit’s the ropes and bounces off, drilling Van with a Truth Hurts! He quickly moves into the pin!*




Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 08:20 PM

*Kyojin picks up the victory! A long hard fought match and Kyojin is the victor! He can barely make it to his feet, the referee has to support his weight as he lifts his hand! Once able to stand up, he scales the ropes and holds his hand aloof!*

Daniels: Kyojin came out here and proved everyone wrong! He proved he belongs on this stage, on the main roster of EWNCW, on RAGE’S ROSTER!

Bodom: Indeed he did, but it was close! Van threw everything at him but the Vantastic, and Kyojin was able to fight it off and win! But boy, was it close! Kyojin is going to have to thank the stars tonight for pulling out that win!

Kingmaker: Bodom is right! He came close to losing, but he managed to pull it out in the end! Could this be a glimpse at what’s to come now that Kyojin has earned the respect of the people and proved his worth?

Bodom: We will certainly find out during his career here, but from what I can tell, he’s going to be a top name in this company, if he continues to play his cards right.

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 08:31 PM

Jason McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the EWNCW Evolution Championship, introducing first, from The Future...the current defending champion....MARRRRRRK DIMENSIOOOOOOOOOOON!

Bodom: This match, has had amazing build up to it. Dimension defeated Ryan Wells to win the Evolution Championship at No Guts, No Glory. They have gone from best friends, to former friends, to bitter enemies!

Bob Daniels: Indeed Bodom! This match has had a massive build up to it, and it can go either way.


McManus: And his challenger, all the way from Boston, Massachussets, he is the Freak, he is a beast..RYAAAAAAAAAAAN WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLS!

Kingmaker: Ryan wells has all the characteristics of a real company man. And for that I like him.

Bodom: And week after week, Ryan Wells has been proving to the world how much of an
untalented fool he really is. He's even worse than Mason Ryan in WWE!

Daniels: You are so ignorant Bodom. Wells is an up and coming star, and Mark Dimension is trying to stop his path to the top.

Bodom: No he isn't.

Daniels: Just shut up, the match is now underway.

(Batista/Wells, Lashley/Dimension, stop at 5:19)


*Ryan Wells is heavily breathing, as Dimension doesn't take his time to pick Wells up. He goes for a Clothesline, however Wells ducks, Wells turns around and as does Dimension, and they both start exchanging blows. But Wells grabs Dimension's hand and kicks him in the gut before laying him out with a DDT! Wells motions for Freak Attack as Dimension get's up, however Dimension counters a kick into a gut, and smashes Wells' foot onto the canvas and lays Wells out with a Spinebuster! Dimension goes for the cover, but Wells has his foot on the ropes! Dimension get's up in rage, and goes face to face with the referee, pissed off as he feels that the ref counted slow, however he get's rolled up by Wells!*

Ref: 1



Bodom: Holy crap, that was so close! Wells has to be the pussy and roll him up though doesn't he?

Daniels: Don't forget Bodom, this is a grudge match. Wells, and Dimension will do anything, to win this match and at this rate, no man has the upper hand!

*Dimension and Wells both get up, wasting no time as Dimension goes for a Big Boot, but Wells ducks, as Dimension's foot is stuck on the top rope, Wells grabs Dimension's head and locks him in a standing-Rear Naked Choke as Dimension is wincing in pain! Wells is yelling tap out now as Dimension doesn't give in. The ref asks him if he wants to give in, Dimension spits at the ref, Wells has enough and goes down to the floor as Dimension is literally screaming as his leg is in massive pain. Wells increases the pressure as Dimension is suddenly shaking! Wells won't let go but the ref orders Wells to let go as Wells does. However Wells goes face to face with the ref, pissed off as he nearly put Dimension is his place!*

Bodom: Look at Wells, he is nothing but a rip-off of Mark Dimension!

Daniels: Wow, Bodom, you seriously are delusional. Wells is angry at the ref, after he nearly had Dimension tap out.

Kingmaker: Can we please just clal this match guys?

*Wells turns around and picks Dimension up, as he goes for a Big Boot but Dimension moves out of the way and strikes with a Headbutt but Wells doesn't down! Dimension jumps on top of Wells, and performs the Lou Thesz press as Wells' head is split open!*

Bodom: Holy crap! Ryan Wells is split open! Holy shit! Dimension is really going on a rampage isn't he?

Daniels: Well, I can't deny that, but I'm desperate to see Wells' comeback as I know for a fact he'll deliver a hellacious beating to Dimension!

*The blood from Wells' head is pouring as his face suddenly goes red. Wells' starts shaking rapidly and he get's up, and he smacks his chest with his hands in a full gorilla mode! Wells goes mental and strikes with a Shoulder block, followed by a vicious Leg Drop! Wells grabs hold of the ropes and starts jumping before turning around. Dimension is slowly getting up, but Wells strikes with a rapid Spear! Wells goes for the cover.*

Ref: 1




Daniels: Calm down Bodom! Geez.

Kingmaker: A BIG spear from Wells, but it[s not enough to put the man from the future down!!

*Wells can't believe it as he holds his head high in shock! Wells shakes his head as the ref goes to calm him down. But little does Wells know that Dimension has gotten up, Dimension slides outside of the ring and grabs a chair, and slides back into the ring. However the ref sees, and chucks the chair back out as Dimension get's pissed! Dimension turns around, PUNC- but Dimension ducks, as Wells turns back around and Dimension pokes him in the eye, followed by a massive Spinebuster before going for the cover!*

Ref: 1



*Dimension and Wells both slowly get up and goes go face to face. Dimension and Wells both start to exchange insults to each other, before Dimension spits in Wells' face. Wells retaliates by hitting Dimension on the head. Dimension does the same, and it's not long before they both start exchange VICIOUS blows*


Bodom: Those blows were outta this world!

Daniels: So vicious, and none of them are going down!

*Wells goes for another blow, but Dimension grabs Wells hand and stares at him with a cold eye! He headbutts Wells, and goes for a Spear! Wells is down, as Dimension motions Punt Kick! Wells slowly get's up, and Dimension runs, but Wells moves out of the way as Dimension's head collides with the turnbuckle! Dimension turns around and ducks a Clothesline from Wells and...*


Kingmaker: And I think that Wells has been sent to the next dimension with that one!!

Daniels: I think Dimension has got it!

*Dimension looks down at Wells, and chant's IT'S OVER! before going for the cover*


Bodom: Come on Dimension! Come on!

Daniels: Kick out Wells, kick out!


Bodom: He's one second closer!

Daniels: Wells, you can do it my boy!



McManus: Here's your winner..and STILL, the EWNCW Evolution Champion......MAAAAAAAAAAAARK DIMENSIOOOOOOOOON!!

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 08:35 PM
Bob Daniels: We press on here tonight with a battle that's been brewing on Inferno over the past few weeks. It features 2 of EWNCW's top talents and 2 of EWNCW's British talents; Mr Arthur Lansdale and Billy McCoy!

Pierce Kingmaker: Well LAnsdale and McCoy have been jousting over who they think is the better representation of The UK, or Great Britain if you will.

Bodom: And let's be honest about things here, Arthur Lansdale is the man that you want in your company right now. I mean you only have to look at the slippery slope that McCoy's been on since dropping the International Championship to see that he's just not the same guy.

Kingmaker: I agree with you Bodom, but on the other hand you have to take into account that Arthur Lansdale is STILL searching for his first piece of gold here in EWNCW. Don't you think that's playing on his mind?

Daniels: I think it must be, but right now, you have to give the edge to Lansdale since he does seem hungrier than McCoy is.


Jason McManus: The following match is scheduled for ONE fall!! Introducing first, from Manchester England, 'The Mouth of Manchester', Mr Arthur Lansdale!!

Bodom: You see, although this man hasn't won a championship yet here in EWNCW, he has everything going for him. And Lansdale has even showed a vicious streak to his game in recent weeks. And you just have to look out for this guy's submission finisher; the Lansdale Lockdown!

Kingmaker: A submission that you do not want to get caught up in that's for sure! And McCoy will do well to stay clear of it tonight!


McManus: And his opponent, from Devon, England, ;The British Excellence', Billy McCoy!!!

Bodom: How arrogant of this man to cal himself the excellence of his country. He has the audacity to call himself that when there's clearly other people that are better than him from England!!

Kingmaker: Well let's be honest, he's got more of a claim that Lansdale, since he's actually won gold here in EWNCW!

Bodom: But is McCoy suggesting that he's better than The Beard of Zeus? Is he suggesting that he's better than our very own World Heavyweight Champion, K-Jammin?!

Daniels: Well we don't know that for sure since we've not seen McCoy taking on K-Jammin, or indeed TBOZ in a situation where it matters! But right now we're about to find out which one of these guys is the top British star on Inferno!!

Lansdale vs McCoy: Lansdale = Benoit, Billy = Randy.

(start at 3.28 stop at 23:19. ignore title and face/heel)

*Billy McCoy turns around, as Lansdale goes for a Clothesline, however McCoy ducks and goes for a Brogue Kick, but Lansdale avoids getting hit- by grabbing McCoy leg with his right arm, and a massive blow to the jaw with the other. Lansdale goes for the European Uppercut but McCoy moves out of the way, and McCoy motions The Real McCoy, as Lansdale turns around to a kick to the gut, as McCoy sets him up for his finisher, but Lansdale manages to push McCoy to the corner and Lansdale nails him with a Big Boot! Before going for the cover

But McCoy manages to grab onto the ropes, as that really pisses Lansdale off. Lansdale goes to pick McCoy up, and he lays McCoy out with a vicious Single Arm Straight Jacket, into a Short Arm Elbow Smash! Lansdale starts doing a money taunt- motioning his finisher as McCoy is up, but McCoy pushes Lansdale before replying with an Atomic Drop! McCoy runs from a side to another side and goes for a Spear, but Lansdale moves out of the way to reply with a massive Clothesline!

McCoy is down, as Lansdale goes for an STF! McCoy is shouting as he is in massive pain, but Lansdale increases the pressure and begins to smirk to the crowd's displeasure- as he couldn't care less about McCoy, McCoy however crawls to go the ropes, and one leap equals a touch to the ropes as the ref orders Lansdale to break the hold! Lansdale immediately breaks the hold, before going face to face with the ref, and pushing him to the corner

Lansdale turns around as McCoy goes for a Spear however Lansdale moves out of the way as McCoy's head collides into the turnbuckle. Lansdale finds some brass knuckles in the ring, and he picks it up- before looking at McCoy. He looks unsure to use it or not, McCoy turns around but Lansdale decides against using the brass knuckles but as he does that, McCoy goes for a Facebreaker! He goes for the cover, however the ref is down. He picks the ref up, and tells him that he's going for the cover.

But Lansdale from behind, nails McCoy with a Spinebuster! He picks McCoy back up, and goes for a Fisherman Suplex, which he executes perfectly! The crowd boo as Lansdale goes for the Lansdale Lockdown, however McCoy crawls under Lansdale legs, and strikes with a Superkick, but Lansdale ducks before kicking his adversary in the gut as he turns and hitting McCoy with a Powerbomb! He goes for the cover..*

Ref: 1..


Thr-Kick out!

Bodom: That was three!!! Who is this referee?! Brad Mddox?!?!

*McCoy get's up, as Lansdale is pissed off as he thinks the ref made a wrong decision, McCoy pulls himself up via the ropes and motions to the crowd for his finisher as Lansdale turns around, McCoy goes to kick him in the gut, but Landsale grabs his leg, spins McCoy before nailling him with a Clothesline! McCoy slowly gets up, and Lansdale motions for the Lansdale Lockdown Cobra Clutch, much to the displeasure of the crowd. However, he stops, and a crafty smile comes over his face and he makes a different motion.*

Kingmaker: What the.... isn't that McCoy's sign for the 'Real McCoy?!?! Is Lansdale going to try it here?!?!

*As McCoy turns, Lansdale kicks him in the gut again and grabs him in the gutwrench position before lifting him on his shoulders. He then slams him down hard face first into the mat.*

Daniels: THE REAL MCCOY!!! Lansdale hit McCoy with his own finisher!!!!

Bodom: The ultimate insult!! Cover him!!!

Ref: 1



McManus: And your winner is.....ARTHUR LANSDAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!

*After the match, Lansdale sits in the ring, watching McCoy suffer, before slowly getting up and measuring him.*

Kingmaker: I don't like the look of this, Lansdale doesn't seem finished here!!

*McCoy is slowly getting to his feet, but just as he's up, Lansdale nails him with a Clothesline! Lansdale slides out of the ring, and grabs a chair, before sliding back into the ring! He starts destroying McCoy's head with the chair, as his head is eventually split open. Lansdale then put's the chair, on McCoy's leg, before dropping to his knees and punching McCoy repeatedly, opening the wound further.*

Daniels: Somebody stop this mad man!! Lansdale's lost the plot here!!

Bodom: He's making a clear statement here!1 He won the match!! He's the top British star and he's ending McCoy here!!

*Lansdale eventually stops and gets up. His hands are covered in McCoy's blood and some has even splashed onto his chest. He takes a look around the arena with a crazed look on his face as the crowd jeer him loudly. He then makes his way up the top rope as McCoy is screaming in pain. After taking one last look out to the arena, he screams "BRITISH EXCELLENCE" Before coming crashing down with a top rope leg drop onto McCoys leg that's wrapped in the steel chair.*

Bob Daniels: MY GOD!! His leg!!! McCoy's leg must have snapped in half!!

*Lansdale is on one knee and is simply looking at McCoy withering and rolling in pain. Finally some officials rush into the ring, as Lansdale rolls out. After a few seconds, the officials immediately throw up the X sign and some EMT's rush out with a stretcher. Nathan Staples comes out, giving Lansdale a cold look as he passes him at the bottom of the ramp before rushing into the ring to check on McCoy himself.*

Kingmaker: this doesn't look one bit good for McCoy at all. He was just savagely beaten by that chair before having his leg twisted in angles I've never seen as Lansdale dropped that leg onto him.

*After a while, Staples demands a mic from ringside, and goes to address Lansdale, who's now at the top of the ramp.*

Staples: Lansdale, look at me..I SAID LOOK AT ME! I really do hope you're happy now, because you may have just flat out taken out one of my top stars on Inferno. I'm being told that he has a broken leg, has lost a ton of blood, and is on the verge of passing out from the pain here! Lansdale, I know you'd be like this. But never once, did I think you'd go to such a deep level. So without further ado, and don't think about bitching...YOU'RE SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY!!! You hear me?!?! I don't want to see you on Inferno, not on Rage, not anywhere until further notice!!!

*The crowd pop, as the crazed look on Lansdale changes to an expression of horror, and realization. He drops to his knees on the top of the ramp and looks at his blood stained hands and chest. As the camera zooms in, we catch him muttering "What have I done?" as the camera pans behind Lansdale so that we see McCoy in the ring being helped onto the stretcher. We then fade out.*

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 08:45 PM
Bob Daniels: And Bred For Combat rolls on with the International Championship match up next!

Bodom: It has been 10 months since The King was crowned Champion, and he’s taken down every single challenge on the way to this moment.

Pierce Kingsmaker: But the real question is, is Strem ready for Istvan?

Bob Daniels: Strem came out on top when these two faced off last month at No Guts, No Glory- but Istvan has been very determined to get that title, and we’re going to see if he can do it right now!

Bodom: I’ve gotta back Strem here, I can’t look past The King.

Pierce Kingsmaker: I’m gonna back Strem too, he doesn’t get to 10 months of a title reign for no reason.


Jason McManus: The following contest is set for one fall, and is for the International Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. From Warsaw, Poland, Red Hot Istvan Gretzky!

Bob Daniels: Istvan has been very impressive since he won the Midcard Wargames!

Bodom: But he bitched out of facing Ryan Wells, and he faced Strem instead.

Pierce Kingsmaker: I’ve gotta say, Strem is more of a challenge, maybe Istvan was challenging himself.

Bob Daniels: I think that’s very honourable if I’m honest Pierce.

Bodom: But he lost though!

Pierce Kingsmaker: Well he has a second chance tonight.


Jason McManus: And his opponent, from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. He is the current International Champion. King Strem!

Bob Daniels: Could tonight be the night where Strem’s record breaking title reign comes to an end?

Bodom: I have to say no. I think he’ll overcome Istvan tonight.

Pierce Kingsmaker: I think it’s gonna be a hell of a battle.

Bob Daniels: I think Istvan has what it takes, I mean he has the backing of Tommy Thunder as proven on Inferno, so I’m backing him.

Bodom: But Strem has proven time and time again that he’s good enough.

Pierce Kingsmaker: Time to get it on!

Istvan Gretzky (Orton) vs. King Strem(c) (Trips) for the International Championship

Bob Daniels: Istvan using his legs to escape there, something we don’t see that often.

Bodom: Strem showed his class though by knowing he had to take out his challenger’s legs.

Pierce Kingsmaker: What a match this has been so far!

*Istvan backs up to the ropes and uses them to reach his feet. Strem himself rolls to the opposite corner and begins to get up. Istvan reaches his feet first and approaches Strem, fists ready to fight. He throws a right hand but Strem ducks under, and kicks Istvan in the gut. He grabs Istvan’s head in a headlock and throws him over his body to the ground. Strem begins to unload right hands to Istvan’s head, before going for a quick pin.*



*Istvan kicks out and powers out by headbutting Strem. Strem falls backwards towards the ropes as Istvan gets to his feet and grabs Strem, tossing him across the ring into the corner. He follows Strem and unleashes a vicious clothesline to Strem, who remains leaning against the corner. Istvan begins to unleash right and left hands to Strem’s gut as the fans begin to come alive for the challenger.

Istvan backs up before running forward once again and slamming his shoulder into Strem’s gut. He lifts Strem up and backs up to the centre of the ring, smashing him back down to the canvas with a spinebuster. He drops down and covers Strem.*




*Strem throws the shoulder up as Istvan knows that was the closest either man has got to the victory so far. He grabs Strem by the hair and drags him up to a standing position once again. He turns Strem around and lifts him up.*

Bob Daniels: Istvan going for the Burnski Hammer here!

*Istvan shouts loudly but just as he goes to deliver the move, Strem manages to drop down and delivers a neckbreaker! He backs up to the ropes as Istvan begins to get up again, but Strem rushes forwards and hits a sick knee to the side of Istvan’s head!*

Bodom: What a move! Istvan could be out!

*Strem looks down at his challenger for a couple of seconds, before delivering an elbow drop to Istvan’s heart. He goes for a cover.*




*Istvan powers out and turns onto his back as Strem can’t believe it. Istvan begins to get up as Strem backs up to the corner and lines him up. Istvan turns around and Strem runs at him but just as he looks to go for a Spear, Istvan catches him and quickly positions himself into the bearhug!*

Pierce Kingsmaker: Bearhug! This could be it right now! Where does Strem go from here?

*Strem begins to scream loudly as Istvan does the same back. Strem begins to fade as Istvan shakes him. Strem looks set to tap out on Istvan’s shoulder but he manages to grab hold of Istvan’s face, and hits an eye rake, causing Istvan to loosen the hold slightly. Strem manages to deliver a knee to Istvan’s gut and that breaks the hold. Strem backs up and hits a Spear! He drops down and covers his challenger.*




*Istvan kicks out again as the fans explode with cheers, trying to get their favourite some adrenaline. Istvan begins to feel it as Strem begins to line him up. He goes to kick Istvan in the gut but Istvan catches the kick and punches Strem clean in the face. Strem backs up as Istvan rushes forwards, going for the Clothesline From Hell, but Strem ducks and Istvan nearly hits the referee, stopping just in time.

Strem dropkicks Istvan from behind, and that causes Istvan to hit the ref, who falls through the ropes. Strem runs at Istvan again but Istvan delivers a huge elbow shot and bounces off the ropes, running past Strem and bouncing off the other ropes as a groggy Strem turns around. Istvan delivers the Clothesline From Hell! He drops down and covers Strem.*

Bob Daniels: There’s no ref Istvan!

Bodom: He would be the new champion if it wasn’t for himself.

Pierce Kingsmaker: Well he’s not.

*Istvan groans in anger and rolls under the bottom rope. He grabs the referee and attempts to wake him, but the ref is barely moving. Istvan looks up and see Strem beginning to stir. Istvan picks the referee up and in one swift movement, places him on the apron. He pushes the ref into the ring, but he’s still down. Istvan slides in just as Strem begins to use the ropes to climb to his feet. Istvan shakes the referee one more time and turns around to run at Strem but Strem kicks Istvan below the belt!

The referee has begun to stir from the last shake and Strem realises it. He grabs Istvan and delivers a huge Powerbomb into the Dominator! He drops down and covers Istvan just as the referee begins to crawl.*




Jason McManus: Here is your winner...and STILL International Champion..KING STREM!

Tommy Thunder
01-16-2013, 08:58 PM
Pierce Kingmaker: Now, we’ve talked about matches being right down to the bone intense, but this one cuts right into the soul, wouldn’t you say, Bodom?

Bodom: Indeed it does, it involves my old GodMoney teammate, TBOZ, and someone who is quickly rising through the ranks, even if he is a whiny, pathetic little welp, in ‘The Rapid King’ Shaz.

Bob Daniels: Well, while I may not like what he’s been saying, he’s been good at getting under the skin of TBOZ these past few weeks; in matches and other areas of the business. Shaz is looking to take TBOZ down, so if TBOZ isn’t on his absolute A-Game, we may just see that here tonight.

Bodom: TBOZ won’t be taken out by the likes of Shaz, a former EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, he’s going to show Shaz just what it means to be at the top of Rage, and Shaz won’t be able to handle it.

Kingmaker: Do you really think that Shaz is going to go down like that? The man is a virtual genius in the ring, and should have no problem keeping up with the likes of TBOZ. Not taking away from TBOZ, but Shaz has been great in that ring of late.

Bodom: Don’t be silly, Shaz is going down and TBOZ is going to reign supreme!

*The camera slides out towards the ring.*

Jason: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Brixton, London, ‘The Rapid King!’ SHAZ!


*The camera hit’s the stage as Shaz walks out, imitating TBOZ’s usual entrance, complete with the mannerisms of his foe. The crowd boos him loudly, but he just eggs them on. “TONIGHT A GOD FALLS, AND A TITAN RISES, BABY!” The crowd boos him louder while he slips into the ring and stands tall in the center of it. He looks towards the crowd and gives them a sign, and then rolls his wrists around, getting ready for the match ahead.*

Kingmaker: I talked to Shaz earlier and he told me this. For one night only, his finihers, the Best in the World, and the Shaz-Mission, will be named ‘Rise of a Titan’ and ‘Zeus Slayer’ respectively.

Bodom: That cocky little shit, TBOZ will not take kindly to that!

Jason: And his opponent, from Nottingham, England, ‘The Machiavellian’ The Beard of Zeus!


*Zeus comes out to his music, smirking down towards Shaz. The crowd cheers him on as he walks down towards the ring. For a moment he stands on the outside of it, letting the referee move Shaz back into position. TBOZ moves into the ring and winks at Shaz; before taking off his elaborate overcoat and tossing it into the crowd.*

Bodom: The man himself. He will put Shaz down like the dog he is!

Kingmaker: You really hate Shaz, don’t you?

Bodom: Almost as much as you hate being with a woman, Pierce.

TBOZ(Rey) vs Shaz(Eddie)

(Stop at 6:15)

*Shaz shakes his head an d looks on at TBOZ, licking his lips and immediately pouncing on him. He drills with him shot after shot, both men rolling around blasting each other about the body, mainly TBOZ, and the head, mainly Shaz. They roll out of the ring, crashing hard to the ground below. Shaz kicks TBOZ off and rolls him towards the barricade. The referee can be heard counting, but neither man cares. Shaz drills TBOZ with a tackle into the barricades. TBOZ yelps in pain and slumps over, Shaz barely managing to pick himself up. He rolls into the ring to break the count, and then slides right back out. He stomps TBOZ’s chest hard, earning boos from the crowd. He argues with a fan while stepping on TBOZ’s face, the referee getting to a count of five before Shaz stops. He looks back at the referee and sneers, before throwing TBOZ into the ring and following close behind. He stomps on the man, before holding the ropes to help drive his foot into the face of TBOZ. The referee gets to the count of four and Shaz let’s go, backing away with his hands in the air.*

Bodom: The referee needs to do something about him! He’s blatantly breaking the rules! Why is he allowed to get away with this, that many times?

Kingmaker: Ain’t nothing ‘legal ‘til you get caught.

Bodom: But the referee is looking directly at him!

*TBOZ manages to pick himself up, leaning back against the turnbuckles. Shaz runs towards him but catches a big boot to the face! Shaz stumbles back holding his jaw, but comes back to try again! TBOZ kicks him in the face again, prompting Shaz to move away once more. Shaz goes for it a third time, but is met with a dropkick to the knee; and then a DDT to the bottom turnbuckle!*


*TBOZ grabs Shaz’s leg, pulling him to the middle of the ring for a pin attempt. Shaz kicks out at the count of two and a half, much to the chagrin of TBOZ. For a moment, the man in control catches his breath, but soon gets up and connects with a elbow drop to the chest of Shaz. He gets up and hits another, and then a third for good measure. He pulls Shaz to his feet and slings him over his back, setting up for a Samoan Drop. Shaz gets a second wind and starts driving elbows into the side of TBOZ’s face, struggling all the while. He finally drops down and quickly scoops up TBOZ in a similar position and starts spinning around, counter clockwise. He stops and hit’s a Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam; the crowd beginning to boo loudly. Shaz stands up and looks down towards TBOZ, yelling ‘TITAN!’ He climbs up to the top rope, and goes to hit a moonsault! He flies beautifully through the air and connects with the big move. He hooks TBOZ’s leg.*



*TBOZ kicks out at the last minute. Shaz looks outraged! He gets up and grabs the referee by the collar, arguing with him. TBOZ breathes deeply, trying to get his breath back. He climbs to his feet, and as Shaz turns around, hits him with the Divine Intervention! A Fisherman’s Suplex with a Cradle Pin. With the hold locked in, the referee starts to count, but suddenly stops after two! TBOZ lets go and wonders why, the referee frantically points towards Shaz’s foot on the ropes. TBOZ angrily turns Shaz over, and picks him up. He yells towards the crowd, calling for the God Complex. As he sets up the first part of the move, Shaz rushes him across the ring into the turnbuckles! Shaz backs up and runs towards him, though TBOZ grabs his arm, and turns around a good but, Irish whipping Shaz back from where he came. TBOZ follows behind him, Shaz wisely pops himself up on the ropes, letting TBOZ go under him. As Shaz comes down, he locks in the Rear Naked Choke, which he normally calls the Shaz-Mission, but for the purposes of this match, he has renamed the Zeus Slayer. The hold is locked in tight! Middle of the ring, the move locked in tight. Shaz screaming “FALL ZEUS! FALL!” Zeus tries to fight out of it, but ultimately falls to the move. The referee calls for the bell.*

Jason: Your winner via knockout… THE RAPID KING! SHAZ!


Kingmaker: Shaz made him pass out. Shaz has knocked a God down from Olympus.

*Shaz releases the hold and stands up, his foot on the unconscious body of Zeus. He looks out towards Bodom and makes the cutthroat sign. He rolls out of the ring and starts looking beneath it for something the ring. He pulls out a steel chair, and throws it in the ring. He then pulls out a wooden table and slides it in the ring. He crawls in and grabs the referee, sending him out of the ring. He sets the table up, and picks up TBOZ, and whips him into the ropes, catching him just after he comes off with a Monkey Flip. TBOZ falls onto the table, but not with enough force to break it. The table starts to sag, a deep crack in it.*


​*The crowd is dead silent, watching in horror as the move plays out before their eyes. Shaz picks up the steel chair and hits TBOZ with it several times before positioning it on the cracked table. He climbs out of the ring and goes to get another table, setting it up right in front of the first. TBOZ is thrown on the table, prompting Shaz to climb up on the new one. He looks about the crowd, all the shocked faces. AN evil smile crosses his lips as he calls for the Best in the World, or in this case, the Rise of a Titan. He picks TBOZ up, and pulls him between his legs. With one more look towards the crowd, and back towards Bodom, Shaz drills TBOZ with the BITW/RoaT, sending him head first, not only into a steel chair, but through the cracked table. Shaz stays there for a moment, the referee throwing up the X sign. Shaz kicks himself off and rolls out of the ring as medical staff rushes towards it to tend to TBOZ. TBOZ is taken off on a stretcher.*

Kingmaker: That was absolutely disgusting! I hope Cleverly has something to say about this!

Bodom: *Stunned silence, just looking at the broken remains of his friend.*

Daniels: It is going to be a long night.

Tommy Thunder
01-17-2013, 02:21 PM
Bob Daniels: We move on now with a conflict that's been brewing over the past few weeks since Chris Divine joined EWNCW's ranks.

Bodom: That so fine Chris Divine!! Haha!! I love him! He's been a real breath of fresh air since joining this company and I think he has everything it takes to make it to the top of the top here at EWNCW!

Pierce Kingmaker: I too have been impressed by Chris Divine. It has to be said that he's a very confident individual who's been able to fully back up his brashness in the ring.

Daniels: But of course there's one man that hasn't been so impressed, and that's Daymian Bloodstone. He doesn't like Divine's attitude and his suggestive manner in which he seems to think he's better than everyone else!

Bodom: But he is! And tonight, Bloodstone and his stupid little videos that he's been using to put off Divine are going to be nothing but dust as Chris Divine stamps all over him in this ring in front of us here!!


Jason McManus: The following match is scheduled for ONE fall!! Making his way to the ring, from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, He's 'So Fine', Chris Divine!!

*Chris Divine walks out from the back, to a chorus of boos. None of it seems to faze him though, as he seems set on a mission. He is in his wrestling gear, as he heads down the ramp and around the ring. He goes to the timekeepers area, grabbing a mic.*

Divine: Cut it, cut the damn music! Cut it now!

*The music is cut, as Divine climbs the steel steps and into the ring.*

Divine: I'm done. I'm simply done! I'm not going to come out here, going "Divine says this, Divine says that" No...right now you are going to hear from Christopher Divine, the man. This little cat and mouse game is over. For weeks now, I've been telling whoever was behind it, to bring their ass to ring so it could be settled man to man, and still, no one has shown their face. Now, while no one has shown their face, there has been one man, who has been nagging at me since day 1 of stepping into this company. Bloodstone....

*The fans cheer.*

Divine: Oh will you all just shut the hell up?! I could care less of your opinion right now. This is my time to speak, so you will do what your state is best known for. Stuffing your face and sitting on your ass. Anyways, Bloodstone, that guy has been coming at my since day 1. He claims to not behind the videos, but let's be honest. Who gets the most out of messing with me? Bloodstone. This is his way of trying to set me off of my A game, and hope he can capitalize on it. The fact remains....

*The titantron lights up with text appearing upon it saying "He is coming". After a brief few moments the deep voice of the mystery man rings out for all to hear.*

Time is not on your side my friend.. It is solely on mine and when I unveil myself you of all people will learn to understand this..

*The titantron shut down before the camera display from the ring side cameras took control of it. Those very words spoken by the Mystery Man left many within the audience confused.

Divine pauses after what he just heard.*

Divine: Divine has had enough! Bloodstone, get your ass out here right now! Divine is going to beat you down so bad, that they have to cart you off to the hospital. Then, when you are laying in bed, being bandaged up, you won't be able to play mind games with Divine anymore, and instead, Divine can focus on what truly matters....anything other than you!

Bodom: How dare that Bloodstone again play one of those stupid videos!! He's in for an ass whoopin' tonight, I guarantee you that!!


Jason McManus: And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, 'The Pint Sized Rocker', Daymian Bloodstone!!

Daniels: Well Bloodstone has been in EWNCW for a while now. He's a former Ignition Champion and is really on the cusp of achieving something great here.

Kingmaker: On the cusp are the key words though Bob. Bloodstone has been trying to get over the hill for a few months now, but as of yet, he hasn't managed it. And there's increasing pressure now from the mass of extremely talented superstars that are coming through the EWNCW door!

Bodom: This guy's days are numbered. He can't hang with the new blood of Shaz, Van Hooligan X, and tonight, Divine will show him that he can't hang with him either!

Daniels: Well Bloodstone does seemingly need to step up his game if he is to keep up with the influx of new talent that are coming in. But this match right here should be one to watch no doubt!

(stop at 12:55)

Daniels: He's calling for it!! Bloodstone wants to hit that reverse 450 splash!!

Kingmaker: What a match we've had here so far, but Bloodstone is on the cusp of putting this one to bed here!!

*Bloodstone Goes for the springboard and comes off the ropes, spinning in the air, but as he does so, Divine Gets the knees up!! Bloodstone doubles over but Divine is able to slip him into a crossface!!*

Daniels: Divine got the knees up!! And now Bloodstone is in a world of trouble, locked into that crossface!!

Kingmaker: Can he get to the ropes?! He needs to get there or tap here!!

*Divine also has the arm trapped as he cinches in the hold on Bloodstone, who is in obvious pain. Luckily, they aren't too far from the ropes and Bloodstone is scratching and clawing his way towards the nearest one.*

Kingmaker: He's nearly there!! Bloodstone just needs to stretch a little more!!

Bodom: A shame he's not an inch or two taller eh?!

*Bloodstone is nearly at the bottom rope, but Divine does a Benoit-esque roll to get the two men back towards the middle, keeping the hold locked in!!*

Tommy Thunder
01-17-2013, 02:21 PM
Bodom: You see that?! That's why Divine is the talent he says he is!! That's what separates him from Bloodstone, that extra class to help him when it matters and take him that extra mile!!

*Divine wreches back again as he demands that Bloodstone taps. But the 'Pint Sized Brawler' refuses to give in. Bloodstone manages to get his am free and Divine shifts the hold so that he has his knee in Bloodstone's back and pulls his head back. Bloodstone screams in pain but seems to use it as a booster, as he manages to get a leg around and he's onto one knee. He then grabs Divines head and nails him with a jaw breaker, sending him sprawling back!*
Daniels: Great fighting spirit show here by Bloodstone, he's still in this as both men are down!!

*Bloodstone gets to his feet and runs to get off the ropes as Divine's getting up. Bloodstone jumps onto Divine's shoulders and sends him sprawling again with a huricanrana! Divine's instantly getting back up but Bloodstone's waiting for him and he goes to hit a roundhouse, but Divine has it scouted and grabs the leg only for Bloodstone to flip and hit a mule kick! Divine's again back to his feet, but not as quick as Bloodstone who's ready for him and hits Divine with a big enziguri, which finally sends Divine crashing to the mat!*

Kingmaker: This could be it! Bloodstone can finish it here!!

*Bloodstone heads to the top again and signals once more for the reverse 450. He turns his back to the ring and jumps, but as he does so, Divine rolls towards the turnbuckle and gets up underneath Bloodstone as he's rotating, before grabbing him by the neck as he's coming down and hitting him with an RKO!!*

Bodom: And there it is!!! Divine Intervention!!! Out of NOWHERE!!!!!!

Daniels: My GOD!! Bloodstone is down and he is out!!!!!

Ref: ONE!!




Jason McManus: The winner of this match, Chris Divine!!

Daniels: My God what a match and what a way to win for Divine, that was incredible, almost as if in slow motion!!!

Bodom: That's why this man is 'So Fine' gentlemen!! That Divine Intervention can come out of NOWHERE!! And now that Bloodsotne's been disposed of, he can move on to bigger and better things!

*Bloodstone has rolled out of the ring and is regrouping at ringside. Meanwhile Divine is celebrating in the ring as the crowd boo and jeer him*

Kingmaker: Congratulations to Chris Divine! I can't wait to see where he goes from here, he's got so much.... Woah, wait a minute, who the hell is this?!

*As the celebration went under way the fans seem to be gathering around in a collective gasp. A tall figure wearing a cloak and a hood to conceal his face steps over the barricade and slides into the ring without Chris Divine even suspecting a thing. As soon as Chris Divine turns around the Mystery Man is holding a small black bag and at that exact moment in time he bashes Chris Divine over the forehead with it which sends Chris Divine to the ground.

With Chris Divine now on the ground the Mystery Man pulls off his cloak to reveal that he is wearing some unfamiliar wrestling gear. The Mystery Man took his sweet time raising his hands up to the hood that concealed his face but once the hands were gripping on to the very fabric of the hood he slowly yanked it off to reveal....*

Tommy Thunder
01-17-2013, 02:22 PM
Daniels: It's TDA! It's TDA!

Bodom: What in the hell is he doing here?! That is a wrestler from the other side of the fence!!!!!

Kingmaker: A former EWNCw Superstar!! And EWNCW original!! A Man that we haven't seen in these realms for a very long time!!!

*The crowd pops massively as TDA drops the hood on to the ground near his feet. He reaches into the little bag and pulls out a microphone that he brought with him to the arena here tonight. He simply stands over the laid out Chris Divine, allowing a smile to consume his face as the crowd in attendance is going crazy. TDA then brings the microphone near his mouth and begins to speak.*

TDA: YES! I am the mystery man that has been making all of these signs. The point I am trying to get across to all of you is that there are many threats out there in this world and to Chris Divine I am his biggest threat. I came here for one thing and one thing only... And that was to have challenge. I have been hearing about all of these rumblings coming from Chris Divine supporters and I knew that he would be the perfect opponent for me. I am not just here for Chris Divine but I am here to change the face of EWNCW for many decades to come.

I can stand here all day giving each and all of you reasons for why I am here but that would take forever. You all came here to see a show and I plan on giving you one. Now Chris Divine.. I hit you over the head pretty roughly with that little black bag, eh? I bet it is aching at your bones to figure out what is inside of that bag that knocked you flat on your back in the center of this ring. Even though you are not awake and are incapable of answering me I shall just assume that you are... I bet all of you are anxious to figure out what it is as well!

*TDA reaches into the little black bag and pulls out his JBW World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd provides this move with a mixed reaction from the crowd from the TDA fans and EWNCW die-hards. TDA tosses the heavy belt over his shoulder before speaking into the microphone yet again*

TDA: It is my Championship! I represent it the best way I know how and I showed you exactly what I meant when I said to watch your surroundings. Like the howl of a wolf in the middle of the night I WILL stretch far and wide within this company. I will give all of you a taste of the cure to the venom.. All of you will see... Oh and Chris Divine.. I got something else for ya...

*TDA reaches into the little black bag once again and pulls out a little bottle of advil. He tosses it over on to Chris Divines body. Afterwards he raises his JBW world heavyweight championship into the air as his theme song began to play in the background.*


Daniels: So it was TDA!! TDA was the man behind all those videos that have been haunting Divine as of late!! What a moment this is!!

Bodom: This is an outrage!! What the hell is that man doing here?! And why the hell is he taking out Divine?!

Kingmaker: TDA has built an almost mythical legacy since leaving EWNCW, but here he is, he's back and he wants a piece of one of the hottest new stars going; Chris Divine!! Divine's going to be a marked man with TDA on his tails!

Daniels: A historical moment indeed here folks!! TDA back in EWNCW!!! I can't wait to see what this man does now that he's back!!

Tommy Thunder
01-18-2013, 12:23 PM
Pierce Kingmaker: Well, here we are gentlemen! It’s the Triple Threat match for the Number One Contender spot to the winner of the World Heavyweight Title match, which will be contested later on.

Bodom: This match will be between William Carlin, Seraphim, and Jman, the latter of which recently LOST a World Heavyweight Title match against K-Jammin, last month at No Guts, No Glory.

Bob Daniels: All three of these men are great competitors, full to the brim with talent and potential. I don’t agree with what Seraphim said about Jman being a non-factor in this match, because Jman clearly has the largest advantage of any of these men here.

Kingmaker: Care to explain what that is?

Daniels: Of course. Seraphim and Carlin are too embroiled with this religious crusade that Carlin has launched here of late. He started with James, and James is no longer here! Neither of those two men will be able to make it to the top without ending this spat they have with each other. Seraphim is going to need to watch his back, and Carlin is going to be too focused on taking Seraphim out. Jman can essentially play it safe and let these men go at it, and sneak in to get the quick win.

Bodom: But do you think that is Jman’s plan? Jman seems like the top to want to be in the action, so to speak, as opposed to be sitting out there and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Kingmaker: Who knows, we’re going to find out here in a minute!

*The camera pans out towards the top of the ramp.*

Jason: Our next match is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall. Where the winner will be the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Chamoionship! Introducing first, from Toledo, Ohio, ‘The Superior Technician’ WILLIAM CARLIN!


*Purple Haze rolls on a little bit before Carlin enters the arena as the fans boo the hell out of him, especially as he looks like Chris Benoit in his outfits, no shirt, same style of pants and boots, but the black pants have a motto: “Follow the light of reason”. However, the most outstanding thing is he doesn't come alone, as two black suited men follow him with a pile of books. Carlin himself has one in his hands, and shows him to the camera: the cover reads: Christopher Hitchens – The Poratble Atheist. Essential readings for the non-believer. Carlin says: “It is time to spread both light and culture”. He goes down the ramp and the suited men start to deliver the books to the fans. Most of the fans throw them away, some of them with a disgusted face. One seems to be intrigued and keeps it, and another fella shows it to the camera and says: “I'm burning this shit as soon as I get outta here.”

Carlin climbs the steps and enters the ring, before going up a turnbuckle and salute the fans, the book up in the air, for a torrent of boos. He goes down and hands his copy to the ref and says “read it, I think it'll do you good”. Ref looks at it and hands it to Jason McManus saying: “keep it while I'm on the match”.*

Kingmaker: Just like Carlin, he’s out here to show the world that Seraphim is a fraud and that he deserves to be in the World Championship picture!

Jason: Introducing next, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, JMAN!


*The first few chords of Back in Black get the crowd on their feet, but confusion strikes when two men with an uncanny resemblance to Carlin and Seraphim shove each other to the top of the ramp. The two men keep their choreographed shoving match going as the crowd begins to boo the amateurish scene before them. They pop big, though, when Jman walks through the curtain. J has a chuckle at what he’s put together here before slipping back into kayfabe and, with as serious a look on his face as he can muster, walks up to the Carlin and Seraphim look alikes. Neither actor pays any attention to Jman as he looks from one, to the other, to the other, to the other, takes a deep breath, steps back…..and fires off two “Good Match, Let’s Go Eat” superkicks, first to “Carlin”, then to “Seraphim”, in rapid succession. The crowd pops at that and Jman signals for them to get louder as he starts walking down the ramp.

They oblige with a big “Jman!” chant. Halfway down the ramp, J turns around and looks at the two unconscious men he just laid out. He grins, gives a shrug, turns back around, and runs the rest of the way down the ramp. After sliding into the ring, Jman poses on one turnbuckle before jumping down and turning to face the ramp.*

Bodom: Jman, even though I don’t think he belongs here - he should be at the back of the line - is here to try and prove me wrong! Can he do it? I don’t know, but we’re going to have to find out.

Jason: And last, Straight down from Heaven! The Voice of the Voices! Seraphim!

*No music plays, the lights simply fade out. A loud murmur can be heard steadily building up in the arena, overtaking the crowd before the crowd grows hushed. The lights start coming back on, one by one over the ramp, illuminating pairs of men kneeling down. Ten pairs in total, their cloaks alternating, with matching masks, white for white, black for black; so it was black and white to start; then the second row being white and black, so on and forth for ten pairs. Those in white have their head raised towards the heavens, while those in black have their head bowed towards Hell. All have their hands clasped together, words pouring from their mouths in troves. The sound of the PA assisted murmuring slowly fade away, so only the voices of those stationed on the ramp can be heard. Slowly, those two fade out - completely stopping at first, then each row, front to back saying the words ‘These Voices’, the one on the right saying These and Those on the left saying Voices, if you were facing in the direction they were. As it gets to the last one, as the last syllable is spoken, all heads snap forward, as though they are possessed. The lights overhead begin switching between illuminating those in white and those in black, each time, revealing those kneeling to be mumbling.*

(Just the beat and chorus)

*As the lights flicker back and forth, a dim light illuminates from the stage down the center of the row. A figure walks out, where a black and white cloak, complete with a black and white mask to cover his face. His hands are clasped together, as though he is praying, his eyes straight forward - showing no deference to Heaven or Hell, it’s almost as though he is speaking directly into his soul. The crowd remains hushed, barely speaking above a whisper. Flashes from cameras can be heard seen all around the Arena. At the bottom of the ramp, the figure stops and begins to lift his hand to his face. The lights stop moving back and forth, now illuminating all the figures situated on the ramp. Seraphim’s music stops playing, as he begins to reach towards his face, to remove the mask. As he does so, all those behind him immediately rise to their feet; one probably slipping. With the mask high in the air, they can be heard murmuring from behind their mask. Suddenly, ‘The Voices’ is heard over the PA system. The lights completely come on and the druid-like people file out towards the backstage area. Seraphim climbs into the ring, and removes his cloak, revealing a half white, half black pair of wrestling pants. On the left side, where the white part of the pants is, he has a black arm sleeve; vice-versa for the other side. His hair is halved as well; one part black and the other snow white.*

Daniels: Neither of these men have come out to mess around. Seraphim just showed that he is ready for the big time, his entrance was superb. This match is going to go down as an instant classic, I can tell that right now!

Tommy Thunder
01-18-2013, 12:24 PM
Seraphim(AJ) vs Jman(Joe) vs Carlin(Daniels)

(Stop at 15:00)

*Jman looks at both of his downed opponents, the crows firmly behind the man as he stands up and thinks of what to do next to put either of the man down for a firm three count. He goes after Seraphim, lifting him into the sky and planting him against one of the turnbuckles, he then lifts him and sets him on top of the turnbuckles. He crawls up to the second rope and hits him with a big shot to the head. Paying no attention to Carlin, Jman pulls Seraphim up to the top rope, and gets ready to superplex him off. As he does so, he feels a big shot to his back, Carlin has gotten himself back in the match! Carlin positions himself under Jman, in a Electric Chair type of fashion. Carlin holds on to Jman’s legs, and Jman holds on to Seraphim’s head. All three men go flying backwards; Carlin taking less of the force and Seraphim, at the top of the falling tower of wrestlers, takes the brunt of it. He roars in pain and rolls out of the ring - possibly injured from the fall. Carlin, after a moment, rolls over Jman and attempts the pin, but only manages to get a solid two count before Jman kicks out.*

Bodom: WOW! Did you see that? Carlin made his presence felt! He took both of those men down!

Daniels: Seraphim might be hurt after that move; he may love to fly, but coming down like that has to be painful!

*Jman tries to roll away but Carlin follows him. He pulls him to his feet and Irish whips him across the ring, letting him ricochet off the ropes and back towards him. As he gets near Carlin, Jman finds himself launched up and over the ropes, landing on Seraphim, who has returned to a vertical base, in a awkward looking Cross-Body. Both of them go to the ground immediately. Carlin remains in the ring, taunting the crowd. Carlin starts to go out of the ring, but sees Jman getting to his feet. He hastens himself and grabs him throwing Jman into the apron. He grabs Seraphim and does the same thing; both Jman and Seraphim lay against the apron. Carlin backs up and gets a running start, aiming to put both men down with a big double clothesline. As he gets close enough, Jman and Seraphim act in unison, elevating Carlin and bringing him down face first into the apron. Both then slide into the ring. The crowd starts going wild, Jman and Seraphim looking around and then towards each other. Seraphim leads off with a right, Jman answers with one of his own. The crowd reacts with each punch, progressing getting louder and louder as the punches are passed. Jman gets the upper hand and goes for a clothesline, but Seraphim ducks it. Jman bounces off the ropes and comes back, Seraphim hitting him with a Half-Powered Superkick!*

Bodom: Seraphim is going for the City of Angels!

*He grabs Jman and Irish Whips him towards the side of the ring that Carlin is on. Carlin looks on, and rushes into the ring after Jman. As Seraphim goes for the second half of City of Angels, Jman ducks under it and Carlin is drilled with the kick.*

Kingmaker: WOW! Talk about wrong place, wrong time!

*Jman bounces off the ropes a second time and nearly takes off Seraphim’s head with a clothesline! He drops down to pin Carlin, but he kicks out at two and a half. He rolls over Seraphim, but only manages to get a two count. He tries on Carlin again, and then on Seraphim, both kicking out at the count of two. Carlin starts to roll over to his feet. Seraphim rolls over and grabs the ropes to pull himself to a vertical base. Jman throws him into the turnbuckles, and then follows up by throwing Carlin against him. Jman backs up and calls for the ‘Good Match, Let’s Go Eat’, super kick, but Carlin ducks and Seraphim is drilled with it. Jman pulls Seraphim out of the corner and tosses him down. He goes for the pin, but Carlin breaks it up with a double axe handle to the back. He rolls Jman off and goes for the pin himself, but Seraphim manages to kick out just before three. Carlin looks towards the referee, and then picks Seraphim up. He taps his chin, knocking it up to measure him for a drop kick. He executes a standing dropkick, knocking Seraphim to the ground. He turns around in time to duck a big forearm from Jman, hitting him with a standing drop kick as well. He rolls Jman and Seraphim into the center of the ring. He stands between them and waves his arms around in the air, before dropping down for a double Cubito Aequet. The crowd boos loudly!*

Daniels: Will you look at this? Carlin is taking over this match. Has he been right all along?

*Carlin moves off to the far side of Seraphim, and jumps backwards for a standing moonsault, aiming to hit both men, but both get their knees up. Carlin bounces up in pain, while Jman and Seraphim get to their feet. They hoisted Carlin and hit him with a double snap suplex, dropping him unto the ring. Carlin rolls out of the ring, leaving Jman and Seraphim in the middle of the ring. Jman hits Seraphim with a kick to the gut, and then whips him towards the ring ropes. As he gets there, Carlin grabs his legs and trips him. He climbs to the apron and Jman towards him, but Carlin hits him with a shoulder block and then jumps into the ring over him. He clotheslines Jman out of the ring and picks up Seraphim, locking him into the Kokina Clutch! Seraphim struggles against the move, trying to get himself free, but can’t. He continues to fight - neither aware that Jman managed to land on his feet. Jman looks on for a moment, risking Seraphim tapping out, just to see more damage afflicted to his opponent. Soon, he climbs the rope and raises his hands, the crowd going wild! Jman hit’s the Macho Man Elbow Drop, driving it right into Seraphim, forcing Carlin to release the hold. Seraphim writhes in pain! *

Kingmaker: These men are taking punishment on top of punishment. They are out there, right now, proving that the World Heavyweight championship is theirs and they are going to get to that mountain!

​*Jman goes to hit Carlin, but Carlin avoids it and hits him with a arm drag. Jman comes back and Carlin hits him with another. Seraphim pulls himself up to the turnbuckles and nurses his back. Carlin pulls off an Inverted Atomic Drop on Jman and wraps him up for a Crossface Chickenwing. The move is locked in, Jman has no way of escape, Seraphim is down in the corner! Carlin is going to win the match. Jman struggles, fighting to hold on, fighting to not give into the pressure! Carlin switches the move, effortlessly, setting Jman up for a Chaos Theory Suplex! Seraphim manages to make it to his feet, he maneuvers his way behind Carlin and grabs him, hitting a Belly to Back Suplex! Jman is taken for the ride! Carlin takes the brunt of the move, and releases Jman, but Seraphim doesn’t let go. As Jman rolls off to the side, Seraphim powers Carlin up for a German Suplex and drills him! Carlin is out, but Seraphim isn’t done. He rolls through the German and leaps into the air, bringing down his feet together in a double foot stomp! Seraphim has hit ‘Welcome to Heaven’ on Carlin! The irony! Before Seraphim can get himself back together a Superkick sends him tumbling out of the ring, almost unconscious on the floor. Jman had recuperated! He drops down on Carlin for the pin.*

Referee and Crowd:


*Jman rolls off Carlin and just lays there - breathing heavy. Carlin lays there as well, eyes closed. Seraphim is on the outside of the ring trying to get his wits about him. The bell tells him someone in the ring has won. Jman is finally brought to his feet and the referee raises his hand in victory. Seraphim leans against the apron of the ring and looks on at him. Jman, tired and sweaty, rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp, the new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.*

Bodom: Jman proved me, and Seraphim, both wrong. We said he didn’t belong here, we said he was only there because of Seraphim. Seraphim went so far as to call him a non-factor. But Jman went into that ring and proved us wrong, like only Jman could!

Tommy Thunder
01-18-2013, 12:40 PM
Daniels: Ladies and gentleman, it its time for one of the most expected matches tonight, confrontation between Tommy Thunder and Krystian Krysys for the EWNCW championship.

Bodom: I expect this to become a classic, anything less than that would be a disappointment.

Kingmaker: A classic rivalry between two of the best wrestlers in EWNCW, two former allies turned into bitter rivals battle today for the coveted EWNCW championship.


Daniels: The challenger looks focused in the task at hand. Will he be able to re-capture the EWNCW belt?

Kingmaker: I hope so, I like Krysys both as a wrestler and as a champion. He is my pick to win this one.

Bodom: But he'd better bring his A+ game to defeat Tommy Thunder. Either that or look for an alternative way to win the match.

Daniels: Interesting euphemism for cheating, Bodom.

Bodom: Thanks, I'm damned fine with the English language.

*The fans receive Krysys with a ton of boos but King Zero doesn't seem to notice as he walks down the ramp without looking anywhere else but the ring. When he gets inside the squared circle, he climbs a turnbuckle and throws the Straight Edge X to increase the heat.*


Bodom: We all know Tommy is a fine wrestler and a veteran competitor, but tonight he may leave this building empty handed, and I believe he will.

Kingmaker: I'm with you on this one, Bods. Time for a change on Inferno.

Daniels: Unlike you, I'm rooting for Thunder in this one.

*The fans give Tommy a thunderous (no pun intended) ovation as the EWNCW champion enters the arena. He stands on top of the ramp, soaking in the cheers, before heading to the ring, interacting with the fans, who appreciate the gesture by cheering even more. He also climbs a turnbuckle to salute the fans, and when he comes down, has an intense stare off with Krysys. The referee separates them before hostilities escalate.*

Daniels: Here is Jason McManus with the introductions.

McManus: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the EWNCW title!

*Fans roar in approval.*

McManus: Introducing first the challenger, he comes to us from Las Vegas, Nevada, he is “King Zero” Kryyyyyyyyyyystiaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Kryyyyyyyyyyyyyysyyyyyyyyyssss!!!

*Krysys does the X again as the fans boo the hell out of him.*

McManus: And now, the champion. He comes from Colorado Springs, Colorado, “The Storm” Tommmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy Thuuuuuuuuuuuundeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!!

*Tommy lifts the belt for the fans to see as they cheer on. He then presents the title to the official, who shows it up again as it is traditional. The ref checks both competitors in search of hidden weapons, and when he is satisfied, calls for the bell. Ding, ding, ding!*

Bodom: Here we go, gentleman!!!

(Tommy = Aries / Krysys = Roode. Ignore who's the champ. Start at 8.00, stop at 30:14)


Kingmaker: HE GOT OUT!!!

Bodom: I have to give credit where credit's due, and Tommy Thunder was amazing here. We all thought this one was over, but he still resists.

Daniels: The heart of a true champion, ladies and gentleman!

*Krysys is shocked that he didn't make it, but soon reacts and sees himself perfectly positioned for One Last Breath, so he waits for Tommy to get up, and when the champion does, King Zero dashes forward to strike. However, at the last moment, Tommy ducks and Krysys eats the ring post.*

Kingmaker: Nasty spot there, that shoulder has to hurt like hell.

Bodom: Human flesh meets steel, how that wouldn't hurt? Thanks, Captain Obvious.

*Thunder tries to catch his breath while Krysys twists in pain. Tommy recovers faster and sees the chance to lock Krysys into the Dragon Sleeper, putting pressure on both Krysys head and shoulder, the one that hit the post. Krysys is yelling in pain, but he refuses to submit. He uses his free arm to hit punches to the head of Thunder, and the champ finally releases the hold. However, Tommy is faster to get up and hits a roundhouse kick to the head of Krysys. He then grabs the challenger, and places him into a crucifix position, ready to lift him up and hit the Eye of the Storm, but when he is about to start spinning his opponent, Krysys slips off the hold and hits a standing dropkick on Thunder, who stumbles but doesn't fall. Tommy bounces off the ropes and he eats an Orton style backbreaker.*

Kingmaker: Nice comeback by Krysys, this may be the opening he needs to gain the belt.

*Tommy rolls in the mat and ends laying on his back. Krysys uses this to his advantage, and tries to lock on the cloverleaf. Thunder is fighting back with everything he has, trying to avoid being turned around, but in the end Krystian imposes his will and locks the cloverleaf. He nearly sits on Tommy's back to increase the pressure, while Tommy yells. Krysys says “Ask him, ref!”, and the official obliges, but Tommy refuses to tap. Krysys keeps the pressure on during twenty seconds, then decides to release it. With a twisted smile on his face, he grabs Thunder's right leg and places it behind his head. He then joins his hands together, adding pressure to the leg, and slowly, begins to sit down again on Thunder's back, completing the Zero Stretcher (Brock Lock)*

Bodom: This one has to be over. Krysys has punished Thunder with the Cloverleaf, and no way the champion can escape the Zero Stretcher.

Daniels: Never count Tommy out until the match is over.

*Krysys is ordering Tommy to tap out, but the champion still resists. Little by little, Tommy manages to push himself up, and when he does, starts to move towards the ropes. It is costing him ages, the face contorted in agony, all the body about to explode. He is inches away from the ropes, but Krysys is increasing the pressure. Tommy seems about to tap out, but tries again to save himself. It takes five, ten fifteen seconds and the miracle doesn't happen. Krysys screams again urging Tommy to submit. It seems that the champ is about to comply, but in the last moment, with a superhuman effort, Tommy grabs the ropes. The ref starts the 5 count, when he reaches 4 Krysys releases the hold. Tommy is defenseless, therefore Krysys wasted no time in lifting Tommy into the Zero Driver position(Cross-legged sitout scoop slam driver) and nail it. He covers Thunder. *

Kingmaker: The champ is dead, all hail the new champ!



Tommy Thunder
01-18-2013, 12:41 PM
2,99999999! NO!!

Kingmaker: What?

Daniels: How in the name of Heaven did Tommy kick out???

Bodom: It is called a slow count!

*Krysys probably agrees with Bodom, because he starts to argue with the referee, showing him how he should have counted, but it is obvious that he wants a fast count. The referee tries to explain that to the challenger, but Krysys refuses to listen, threatening to push the ref, who reminds him that he is in charge of the match and can disqualify him if he keeps with this attitude. King Zero seems ready to continue the argument, but Tommy grabs him by the legs and rolls him up.*




*The challenger kicks out with authoritah! Tommy wastes no time and takes three steps back while a shocked Krysys takes a bit longer than usual to get up. When the challenger is on his knees, Tommy strikes with a Shining Wizard that almost takes Krysys' head off. But instead of going for the cover, Thunder locks into the Anaconda Vice. It is time again for Krysys to scream under the pressure of Tommy's arms on his neck, which was probably hurting for the previous Dragon Sleeper. However, King Zero refuses to quit, trying to reach the ropes with his feet, but the champion realizes what his opponent is trying to to, so he gets up without releasing the hold and walks to the center of the ring, and sits down there, increasing the pressure of the hold.*

Bodom: A wise strategy there by Thunder, position yourself in the ring where your opponent can't reach the ropes. No chance for hope or glory for the one you are fighting.

*Krysys keeps fighting to get out of the hold, first with all the might he has, but as the seconds turn into minutes, his attempts grow weaker. At the two minute mark, the challenger is not moving anymore. The referee grabs the free arm, and it falls, limp and lifeless...*


*The referee repeats the operation with identical result.*


*A third time the arm goes up, a third time falls down, but at the last milisecond, Krysys finds the energy to keep it lifted half an inch above the match.*

Kingmaker: This one is not over yet! Krysys refuses to die!!

*Krysys starts to get back to a vertical base, with Thunder still grabbing his head. Krystian finally gets up and gives a step forward towards the ropes, his free hand outstretched to reach salvation earlier. He manages to give a second step, and a third, and finally his hand clutches the rope. The ref initiates the count and Thunder releases the hold at three, and immediately clotheslines Krysys over the ropes. The challenger falls with a sickening thud.*

Daniels: Will Krysys be able to come back to the ring, or this means Thunder retains by count-out?

Bodom: He'll be back. He has resisted the Anaconda Vice, no chance he stays down there for the 10 count.

*The ref starts the count. Krysys is motionless.*





*King Zero starts to stir.*



*The challenger is slowly making it to his feet.*




*Krysys is finally in the ring. He rolls in and lands next to Tommy's feet. He uses the champion's body to get back to his feet, while Thunder says “Stay down”. King Zero ignores the order and goes nose to nose with the champion. Krysys grins before hitting Tommy with a right hand. Tommy returns the courtesy and they trade blows in the center of the ring:*




*Tommy gets the upper hand, but Krysys stays on his knees, still smiling. Tommy makes some space between himself and his opponent, runs towards Krystian and hits an enormous Shining Wizard. He hooks the leg and the ref does his job.*




Ding, ding, ding!

McManus: The winner of the match, and still EWNCW champion, “The Storm” Tommyyyyyyyyyyy Thuuuuuuuuuuuuuundeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

Daniels: What a match!

Bodom: Outstanding performance by the two competitors, as I expected. A pity Thunder retained, but Krysys showed why he was champion once, and how he will be champion twice.

Kingmaker: No doubt about it Bods, but Thunder earned the right to be congratulated for retaining after this hard fought, back and forth battle.

Daniels: Yeah, congratulations to Tommy, and kudos to Krysys for such a display of effort.

Bodom: Agreed. Congratulations!

Tommy Thunder
01-18-2013, 12:46 PM
Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one and it is a Tables, Ladder and Chairs Match for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships!!!!! Introducing first the challengers.....they are the former EWNCW Blacklist Champions......Grind Bastard and William Carlin!!!! The Jestinnnnnggggggg Madneeeeesssssss!!!!!


*The challengers head to the ring to a mass of boos with some cheers scattered across the thousands of fans in attendance as Grind Bastard and Carlin look focused and ready to win back the world tonight.*

Nick Newman: They look to regain the gold here tonight and put a hurting on God's Grace with some tables, ladders and chairs.

Terry Murdock: That they do and you know this is gonna be a classic.

Lily Morgan: And introducing their opponents, they are the current reigning and defending EWNCW Blacklist Champions, the team of HolyJose and Azrael!!!! They are Godddddd'ssssss Graaaacccccceeeeeeeee!!!!!!


*As the the champions appear on stage, cheers are evident for HolyJose and Azrael who signal to the gold around their waist and arm respectively as they enter the ring immediately locking eyes with their challengers and rivals The Jesting Madness before handing the gold to the ref who places in the hook lowered down by a stage hand before they are up high, both teams not taking their eyes off the prize.*

Terry Murdock: Titles are raised, now it's time for the match to begni.

Nick Newman: I can't wait to these 2 go at it right now.

GG (D-X) vs JM (Jerishow)
Start at 4:23 - Stop at 12:45

Terry Murdock: God's Grace delivering some serious damage to Carlin using the to hurt his ribcage as Grind Bastard is on outside.

Nick Newman: Finally acting like champions, having to do whatever it takes to retain.

*Azrael picks up Carlin and signals to HolyJose it's time to end this and set up Carlin for The Gates of Hell but Grind Bastard is quick to enter the ring and break up the hold and let Carlin loose as Grind grabs both members of God's Grace by the throat but they kick his midsection and connect with a double suplex on Grind Bastard.*

Nick Newman: Grind Bastard looks to be in but I'm sure he'll recover from this. He has to if Jesting Madness want the gold back.

*HolyJose goes to the outside grabbing a table from the outside and places it in the ring as Carlin and Azrael fight it out in the ring. HolyJose sets up the table near the turnbuckle and goes to help his partner as Carlin takes control of the fight with Azrael but Grind is up as well and stops HolyJose from reaching Azrael as they begin to trade shots as well as the crowd chants:*


Terry Murdock: HolyJose with the flurry of punches overcomes Grind and he's rebounding Grind off the ropes, what does he have in mind?

*Grind comes in off the ropes into a spinning spine buster from HolyJose as Azrael is on the receiving end of the Chaos Theory Suplex from Carlin. Now Carlin and HolyJose meeting face in the center of the ring. Both talk smack and are nose to nose.*

Nick Newman: The tension is in the air with these two, what will they do next?

*Rather than trade punches both men have the same train of thought and go to the ladder in the ring which Carlin grabs first but Jose has a firm grip on it and a tug of war ensues. Neither letting go, the crowd is riled up waiting to see who will control, set up and climb the ladder. The wait is not long as HolyJose releases the hold forcing Carlin to step back and have the ladder fall on him, his ribcage to be exact to be exact leaving him breathless for a moment which HolyJose uses to set up the to begin to climb it. *

Terry Murdock: HolyJose can win this match right here and now, if he can climb the ladder fast enough.

Nick Newman: Not with Grind after him on the other side of the ladder.

*Grind is limbing the opposite side of the ladder at a quicker pace than most would expect, catching up to HolyJose and begins t hit him with some hard lefts, one of which have HolyJose reeling and struggling to stay on the ladder but Grind makes sure he does as he holds on to him climbing the ladder a bit more to set up HolyJose for.....*

Terry Murdock: Oh my, this is not good....I think I know what's coming....

Nick Newman: Ultrakrusher!!!! (Package Piledriver from the top of the ladder!!!)

*HolyJose is out as is Grind but Azrael is quick to climb the ladder in the ring with Carlin doing the same both grabbing the title and locking eyes. They begin to exchange punches Azrael with rights and Carlin with lefts, neither man backing down and letting of the titles.*

Nick Newman: Who will truly be the one to possess the titles?

*Azrael headbutts Carlin hard and this forces Carlin to stumble but Carlin will not be denied as he returns a headbutt in kind that leaves Azrael dazed but both men still latch on to the gold. *

Terry Murdock: This is gonna be close folks.

*Azrael finds it in him to with fore grab Carlin's head and begin to strike it with the ladder connecting numerous times as Carlin is now a mess holding on for dear life on top of the ladder but Azrael seals the deal shoving Carlin of the ladder and grabbing the tag team titles and wins the match!!!*

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners....and STILL!!!!.....your EWNCW Blacklist Champions......God's Grace!!!!!

Tommy Thunder
01-18-2013, 12:50 PM
Bob Daniels: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, here we are at one of our top championship matches of the evening. It’s match for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship! K-Jammin will attempt to successfully defend his title against the outspoken, extremely intelligently, and deviously cunning Ronaldo Romulus!

Bodom: The question on everyone’s mind tonight is, ‘IS K-Jammin’s head in the game?’ We’ve seen over the past few weeks, K-Jammin have run in’s with one of TWE’s ladies, and their Vixxen Champion, Eden Sky. Now, Eden is a beautiful, talented, ambitious young woman, but is she getting into the mind of K-Jammin in a way that the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion can’t afford to be in right now? He has a huge target on his back and as well all know, Ronaldo Romulus is just the man you don’t want gunning for you if you have a target on your back.

Pierce Kingmaker: Look, we all know that Eden Sky has certainly become a factor in K-Jammin’s head, but the question isn’t even relevant! K-Jammin became the EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion for a reason and he isn’t going to let an attractive woman mess that up for him! What we’ve all failed to mention, until now, of course, is that K-Jammin has ignored the woman’s advances on every occasion that she has shown herself before him. If that isn’t any indication of what’s to come then I don’t know what is!

Bodom: Pierce may be on to something, perhaps the question is wrong, but that is yet to be seen. Soon though, we will find out if K-Jammin can prevail and walk out of Bred for Combat with his World Heavyweight Title securely around his waist, just as he walked in this evening!

Daniels: The match is up next, as I stated before, and we are sure to see something that could easily be considered for match of the year, if these boys do indeed come in on all cylinders and make this match one for the ages, which I have no doubt in them doing.

Kingmaker: Let’s not also forget to mention that the winner of this match is going to face the winner of the triple threat number one contender’s match! That man was none other than Jman, who won a hard-fought battle against not one, but two of EWNCW’s top talents, William Carlin and Seraphim.

Daniels: Indeed, the end of that match came about when Seraphim and Carlin focused a little too much on each other and not on the one, Seraphim of all people, considered the third wheel!

Bodom: Seraphim knew better and Carlin told him, but in the end Jman was able to ultimately prove that - but I cannot take anything away from those three men. Seraphim and Carlin are not going to progress until they get past whatever issues they have with each other. Jman, on the other hand, is proving that he deserves to be in the top positions of this company - even if I think he is getting too many chances. One company had a man like that, his name was John Cena - but at least he was the face of the company!

Kingmaker: Who knows, one day, Jman may very well be the face of EWNCW - the face we see plastered everywhere - all over the posters and promotional tools!

Daniels: Right you are, Kingmaker, now let’s get on to the match at hand!

*The camera goes into a wide shot of the whole arena, switching between many different angles to show the entirety of the crowd. Hyped from such an amazing show so far, the fans have no problem showing their enthusiasm to the camera as they see themselves on the titantron. The camera ends up on Jason, the ring announcer standing in the middle of the ring!*

Jason: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one-fall and is for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, RONALDO! ROMULUS!

*Out of nowhere, the lights fade away until there is little light left but just enough to see regardless. The veil of sudden darkness hushes the audience and stirs internal anticipation for the promise of astoundment that this abrupt black out advertises. The shroud of black is quickly agitated as a beam of blinding light illuminates the aisle. Following the swift glow of radiance, two rows of hooded men, in black cloaks, walk down the sides of the ramp, equal length apart from each other. Once the leading man of each row gets to the very bottom of the ramp, they stop, signaling for the men behind them to immediately halt. With feet planted and arms at their sides, their image of symmetry and balance is interrupted when the music of someone's theme song plays on the PA system.*


*The instant that Ronaldo Romulus' theme song hits, the hooded men simultaneously all turns towards the middle of the ramp and stand perfectly still. Soon, another hooded figure appears, adorned in a silvery cloak and casting a shadow over every part of his face except for his chin. The crowd is easily able to discern that the man is none other than Ronaldo Romulus and begin to boo him. As the figure walks slowly down the ramp, each of the men, that he passes, quickly bow down to him. This act of servitude only angers the crowd even more and a small "Fuck you, Ronnie!" chant starts but does nothing to deter Romulus from his solemn walk down the aisle. After he passes by each of the men, Romulus stops, just a few feet away from the ring. The black hooded men all walk to Romulus' side, passing by them as they walk to ringside. Four of them stay behind and walk in front of Romulus. All four get on their hands and knees and look down at the ground. Romulus lifts a leg and stands on front of the first man. Using the four men beneath him as a walkway, Romulus walks across the men's backs and stands on the top of the apron. Romulus enters the ring and makes his way to the middle of the ring. He grabs the tip of the top of his hood and slightly pushes it back, letting gravity pull it down over his head. With no emotion etched on his face, Romulus removes his cloak and hands it down to one of the men outside of the ring. With the lights still off, a booming voice, accompanied by the sound of a crack of lightning, sounds off and in the instant a word cries out, the lights are back on.*


Bodom: We have never seen Ronaldo come on in that fashion before! Tonight must be very special for him to come up with an entrance like that for his World Title match up.

Jason: And his opponent, the reigning, defending EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘K-Jam’ K-JAMMIN!!!!!!!!


*K-Jammin comes out in a black and white attire coat, similar to one worn during the entrance of Hiroshi Tanahashi. The title can be seen clearly through the open part of the coat. Jammin slaps at the title, moving all attention towards it as he saunters down the ramp towards the ring. Each step causes pyro to go off, until he’s just about to enter the ring, where he lifts his title up and a large pyro display goes off behind him. K-Jammin looks down towards Ronaldo, a naughty smirk on his face. The crowd boos him loudly as he enters the ring. Jason takes the title, and the referee keeps Ronaldo and Jammin away from each other. Jammin takes off his coat and tosses it over the ring.*

Kingmaker: Jammin’ is as cocky as ever! Will we see him retain his world heavyweight title and once again face off against Jman, the man he defeated at No Guts, No Glory?

Ronaldo(HHH) vs Jammin(HBK)

(Stop at: 17:55)

*Ronaldo pulls himself up by the ropes, looking across the ring at the prone K-Jammin! A devious look takes over the eyes of Ronaldo as he comes to a complete vertical base and stalks towards the current EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion. As Jammin attempts to bring himself to a vertical base, Ronaldo kicks him in the mid-section, knocking him against the ring ropes. The crowd boos towards Ronaldo, as his assault continues for the next few long moments. Brutal shots keep Jammin in the place that Ronaldo wants him in, on the crowd and quickly running out of energy. Ronaldo brings him to his feet and grabs his chin, slapping him across the face. Jammin responds with a smack that seems to be more out of reflex than anything. Ronaldo responds with a knee to the gut, and then a big Vertical Suplex. The crowd boos loudly as Ronaldo quickly maneuvers into a pin.*



Tommy Thunder
01-18-2013, 12:50 PM
*Jammin kicks out with force just before the hand can come down for a third count. Ronaldo pulls back and looks at the referee shouting “TWO?! He shakes his head and turns back to K-Jammin, who has made it out of the ring for a moment to regroup. Ronaldo quickly follows him out but he is met with a big punch to the side of the head. Ronaldo staggers, but comes back only to catch another one to the side of the head. Ronaldo staggers again, but comes back - the third shot putting him down on the ground. Falls back against the barricade, and notices the referee has gotten to the count of six. He picks Ronaldo up and tosses him headlong into the ring and then follows him in, beating the ten count by a second. K-Jammin goes for a pin, but only manages to get a two count before Ronaldo kicks out. Jammin pays no attention to the referee as sweat drips down his brow. He pulls Ronaldo up and pushes him against the turnbuckles. Jammin grabs his arms and whips him off towards the other side of the ring, quickly following behind him to catch him with a clothesline. He repeats the process, or attempts to, but Ronaldo reverse it with an Irish whip of his own. Jammin lands back first against the turnbuckles, but gets a boot up as Ronaldo rushes forward.*

Daniels: These two men are giving it all they have in order to either retain, or gain, that EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Bodom: Yes they are, and I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying this match!

*Jammin takes firm control of the match, pounding Ronaldo back across the ring with right after right after right. Ronaldo drops down from the strikes but Jammin doesn’t let up. Ronaldo makes it outside the ropes, but Jammin tries to get to him even there. The referee pushes Jammin back, but he keeps coming forward. Ronaldo shoulder blocks him in the midsection, causing Jammin to double over! Ronaldo slingshots himself over K-Jammin’s back for a sunset flip power bomb! The move would be a success, had K-Jammin not had it scouted. As he lands, he rolls back, minimizing the damage. The crowd is off their feet at this point in the action! Ronaldo and Jammin pop up at the same time, and Jammin goes for his ‘Head Jam’ finisher, a super kick! Jammin wasn’t the only one who had his opponent scouted, as Ronaldo ducks under the Superkick, and rolls behind K-Jammin. Ronaldo goes for a running Enzuigiri, but Jammin pushes him off causing him to land on his back. Jammin calls for the moonsault. He climbs to the top rope and pushes back, flipping through the air! As he comes down, Ronaldo lifts his knees and catches K-Jammin right in the gut. Jammin pops back into the air and Ronaldo gets to his feet, quickly grabbing up K-Jammin and hitting the Wrath of Remus - a Hangman’s Facebuster! Ronaldo quickly rolls K-Jammin over for the pin, hooking the far leg.*



*Ronaldo tosses K-Jammin’s leg away and comes to his feet, the referee holding his arm up in victory! The referee lets him go and goes to retrieve the EWNCW World Heavyweight Title, handing it to the celebrating champion.*


*K-Jammin lays dejectedly in the ring as Ronaldo puts his foot on his chest, holding high the title he just went through war to earn.*

Bodom: I never thought we’d see this! I thought Jammin had this match in the bad! Ronaldo is the new champion, the Age of Remus has begun!

Daniels: Indeed it has and everyone in the back better be on notice, taking that belt from Ronaldo won’t be easy. He was single handedly responsible for putting Seraphim out of War Games, and we didn’t see him again until No Guts, No Glory. If he can take out someone like Seraphim that easily, everyone better be on their A-Game when facing him.

Kingmaker: Ronaldo certainly showed who the better man was here tonight, and that was himself! Look at how he treats the man who arguably brought out the best in him! I can’t wait until Rage! Maybe we’ll get to see what he has to say for himself, our new World Heavyweight Champion!

*Daniels writes something down and hands it to Bodom, who read sit and nods somberly. K-Jammin and Ronaldo are gone.*

Bodom: We’ve received an update on our very own TBOZ. As a result of the very vicious assault he suffered earlier in the evening against Shaz, we have now learned that TBOZ is suffering from a severe concussion and a possible broken neck. We look to have another update for you all soon, perhaps on the next installment of Rage, everyone.

*Bodom can be seen clearly distraught, Kingmaker and Daniels comforting him as the show fades to black, the end of the Pay Per View.*

04-04-2013, 02:14 PM
Welcome to In Violence We Trust Axxess! Straight for the streets of Dallas, TX, and surrounding towns we’ll be following some of EWNCW’s very well known and loved reporters as they cover the events of this historic event! What do we have planned for the lead in to In Violence We Trust? Well, I’ll tell you! A Pie Eating Contest to be covered by Dick Thompson, several meet and greets, Q and A’s, TV and Radio Interviews, as well as wrestling matches involving Titan Wrestling Entertainment Talent and EWNCW Talent themselves! We’ll even be venturing into Mexico with Darren Bull and Buxley, as they promote In Violence We Trust!


1) Ignition Champions Media Q and A

Inferno and Rage Ignition Champions Andy Cannon, and Blue Flash did a small sitdown with some of the local fans and media outlets.

Flash was cited as saying that he will retain his title come IVWT, no matter how many citizens are in that ladder match. He says Citizen Cannon will have a hard time dealing with Primetime AJ Dixon, but he is confident that the Inferno Ignition Champion can handle it.

Cannon replied one of the matches he was looking forward to the most was Rage Ignition Ladder Match. He said it’s sure to be full of good spots, and give each man a chance to shine. He also said that, he will beat AJ Dixon and continue his long reign as Inferno Ignition Champion.

Flash was said to chuckle, and take some fan questions - about what it’s like to be a superhero. Cannon answered some as well, about how he has managed to stay relevant in this day and age.

After the Q and A; Cannon and Flash did a autograph and picture segment. There was some friendly banter between the two, but everything was said to be on the up and up. People seemed excited to see the two champions!

2) Meet And Greet Breakfast(Chris Divine, DJ Williams, Michael Archangel, Seth Ferrell, AJ Dixon, Van Hooligan X)

At the Dallas Museum of Art, a similar Meet and Greet Breakfast was had about an hour. Some of the wrestlers included Chris Divine, DJ Williams(w/ Rosita), Michael Archangel, Seth Ferrell, AJ Dixon, and Van Hooligan. There was said to be a lot fans in attendance, lucky for them because it was buffet style.

The wrestlers spent time talking to each of the fan, putting over their matches at the event. Here are some quotes from each man:

Chris Divine: At the end of IVWT, they won’t be talking about anything except TDA getting buried. A feat only I can accomplish.

DJ Williams: I may not have a match, but *lifts briefcase* Cannon knows he needs to watch out. My lovely lady, Rosita, knows what’s up. *Rosita starts speaking Spanglish*

Michael: Me and Grind’s match got interrupted, but I promise you - this time it won’t be. A monster’s ball match personifies In Violence We Trust, and I, like Dingo, am going to rid EWNCW of a monster!

Seth: Unlike these welps, a real prince will reign supreme. Luke Jameson will fall and as he does, I’ll drive off - the victor.

AJ Dixon: What is there to say? I know, these fools know it, and Andy Cannon knows it - It’s Primetime’s Time, and there ain’t nothing he can do about it.

VHX: One way or another, I will make my presence known at In Violence We Trust All six men left shortly after doing some autographs for the fans.

3) TWE Competitors Live Event, with some special guests

Around three o’clock, a ring was set up at one of the bigger gyms of Dallas, TX. It was here there were some feature matches being put on in a standing room.

First was the No Limits Champion Scott Cage facing off against ‘The Jack Man’ Jack Jackson. The match was a standard affair to start off, before the crowd really got into the match. They were behind Jack for the most part, though Cage did have his fans. The finish came when Jack went for his finisher ‘The JackHammer’, but, Cage was able to escape and hit the Dead Drop.

Second came a Vixxen’s Match Berth Ray took on Pisces Pink. The match was described as very good between the two women. The Finish came when Bertha went for the KO Punch, but Pink dodged and bounced off the ropes, returning with her signature Harpoon, a Goldberg-esque spear. Sag. Blue was said to be there, and came in to celebrate with Pink.

Before the celebrations could get done, however, a surprise appearance from Antonyo Angelo broke it up. Shawn Azenia attacked Sag from behind however, leading to a two on one beat down. This brought out The Devil’s Advocate to a large pop. The match was stated to be stellar! The finish came when Angelo was clothelined out of the ring by TDA, and Sag hit Shawn with the Sign of the Archer - A Modified Inverted Half Nelson Lift into a lift knee strike.

After the match, TDA brought Jack Man back out, and all four(TDA, Sag, Pink, and Jack) celebrated in the ring. TDA put them all over as the future of the business. They then signed autographs for the fans.

4) TWE Champion Van Darius Interview

TWE champion Van Darius was spotted taking pictures with fans and signing autographs around the concessions area of the Axxess event while answering some questions that the media was asking.

Van Darius was cited saying while he is not an official member of the EWNCW roster, he will win the TWE Proving Grounds tournament and he will make his presence known once he makes his way onto EWNCW grounds permanently.

Van Darius was also asked about his current position within EWNCW and he replied with one quick, sarcastic like answer ... "Punching bag". The champ's sense of humor produced a positive environment and everybody seemed to enjoy his presence.

Van Darius was then seen posing with his championship with some fans and then taking some fries from Dick Thompson's plate to the crowd's delight. Thompson noticed the robbery and confronted Darius, but was then given a wet willy by Darius.

Once the shenanigans finished, Van Darius answered more questions about his reign as champion and his past and future opponents. Despite being jobbed out constantly to EWNCW starts, Van Darius enjoys himself while interacting with the fans!

5) Blacklist Champions God's Grace and Hot Wasabi at Hospital.

Brutality Tag-Team Champions God’s Grace made a surprise stop at a local hospital to meet with some of the patients, old and young. Lots of pictures were said to have been taken with different pairings. Each one included the Blacklist Championship belts. The hospital was said to be graceful in accommodating the champions, and were reported as saying that the champions brought up the morale of the hospital for the time they were there.

They were soon joined by Hot Wasabi, who also brought in ten replica championship belts. There was a ten question series, five for the adults and five for the children. Some of the questions included ‘Who were the first BWA/Brutality Champions,” and “Who were the previous Grand Champions“. Soon all the belts were gone.

God’s Grace and Hot Wasabi sat down for a quick interview with the children, as well as read them parts from some of the books. They ate lunch with the children, and had a generally all around good time. The kids were described as excited to see them, and glad to have a chance to meet the wrestlers - however, GG and HW both said it was an honor for them to meet the children instead.

6) Random

There were other, smaller events, such as a Reading Challenge, and a Video Game tournament. Some of the games were Battlefield, Super Smash Brawls Brawl, Soul Calibur, and Need for Speed. In the end, it came down to DJ Williams, and a fan named Rick Samson. Rick won, and was rewarded with two tickets to IVWT.

04-04-2013, 07:41 PM
Day 2 of Axxess


1) Wells Interview

Guy: Hello, I'm Guy Smith, and I'm standing by with Ryan Wells! Mr. Wells, last time we saw you, you were at the very beginning of an injury. How are you doing?

Wells: I am doing much better, the time off has helped my body, my neck was acting up and needed some time-off, especially with a metal place in there. But I'm near, if not already at 100% and ready to get back and kick some ass, like I always have.

Guy: Well, that's the Wells we know and love. Can you describe your injury for us?

Wells: Well, about 5 years ago, I broke my neck, and had cervical fusion done to put my neck back together and had a metal plate put in there to hold the fusion together and protect it. What's happened is the muscles and tissues in my neck and surrounding the plate became severely inflamed, and it would cause any movement in my neck to inflame the tissue and muscles more, so basically rest and ice was needed, followed by physical therapy, and just working out on my own to strengthen my neck and my rest of my body back to where it was.

Guy: Can you tell me about the rehab you've been doing to get back in fighting shape?

Wells: Oh, well, it's been mostly strengthening my neck, along with my upper and lower body of course. I usually do about 50 crunches to start, followed by 50 push-ups, and 50 pull-ups. I usually then go on to do squatting, working on my lower body, usually doing about 500 lbs on that, and then over to bench-press, and I do 225 at a steady 50 reps now, back to my usual. And then I usually run five to ten miles for cardio, and then I work on the elliptical for about an hour, mostly incline, to strengthen my legs and also doing some lifting exercises for my legs. Lastly what I do is work on strengthening my neck, by doing this new technique where I attach a weight to my head while lying on my stomach, and then sort of doing reps for my neck, lifting my head up with the weight on it, and it's really gotten me back to where I was before. And then I finish off by doing some deadlifts, usually 10 reps with 700 lbs and then I'm done. And this goes on every other day now.

Guy: Now, what are your plans for when you return to an EWNCW ring?

Wells: Hmmm, well, I have been given the greenlight by medical staff, I am 100% medically cleared to come back, just waiting on management. I mean, I wouldn't mind going after the International Championship, KingStrem needs to be knocked down a few pegs, maybe Darren Bull, he has a big mouth with a small brain, or maybe get involved for the Ignition Championship with Blue Flash, though I respect him, I feel I would give him good competition, or heck, maybe even face Rumulus again, I did beat him last time, and I wouldn't mind being World Heavyweight Champion, I feel like I'm top level here, been here for a long time now and I think I deserve that shot. Me and Rumulus are like Cena and Punk, we have this off-and-on again feud, and I wouldn't mind it picking up again. There's always Mark Dimension, but Eddie has him now and I don't want to waste my time with him again really unless he is asking for it.

Guy: Well thank you, Mr. Wells. Is there anything you'd like to add?

Wells: *Looks right into the camera* When I come back, I will walk in the best, and leave with a path of destruction behind me, nothing or no one can stop me. But thank you Erica!

Guy: It's been a pleasure, Ryan Wells!

2) Mr. Smyth Meet and Greet

Guy Smith runs down what’s happened during Axxess so far. As he does, he can hear the fans behind him going crazy over the chance to be on TV, as well as the chance to meet Mr. Smyth, the Iron Fist Champion. Mr. Smyth, however, took his sweet time while dealing with things in the office. Some of the crowd began to disperse by the time Mr. Smyth exited. However, the meet and greet wasn’t what it appeared to be. As Smyth came out of the doors, he went straight to a Perspex box, keeping him AWAY from the fans.

Guy Smith: Mr. Smyth, what are you doing?

Mr. Smyth smiles and waves to Guy.

Guy Smith: Do you realise how long your fans have been waiting out here for you?

Mr. Smyth points to his ear to suggest that he can’t hear a word that is being said.

Guy Smith: The hell? Are you trying to tell me this is your idea of a meet and greet?

Mr. Smyth then has Guy shooed away by his security detail, as fans are allowed to come by and atake a picture of the Iron fist Champion, and his belt. He has a smile on his face as he watches the obviously disgruntled fans hurl insults at him, from their body language, to actual food products. Some fans were cordial, but Mr. Smyth did little to encourage them to continue being that way.

One of the notable items at the event was a photocopied autographed picture of Mr. Smyth, for 20 dollars; 12% of which would be going to a worthy cause. Full Story Here (http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/community/showthread.php?11563-TWE-Official-Discussion-Thread&p=785392&viewfull=1#post785392)

3) A wrestling ring was set up at the Dallas World Aquarium. Some of the matches included:

KJ Punk vs. Arius: The match was described as a very good match, by both men. The ending came when Arius went for his finisher, but was bliocked when KJ grabbed the ropes. Arius tried to tug him off, but was unsuccessful. He broke the hold at four, but went right back on the attack. Punk was able to make a comeback after dodging a clothesline, and hitting a Bulldog Bash - Rolling Elbow. Punk was said to have stayed behind and signed some autographs before heading to the back.

Faith LeFlur vs. Sasha Panzer. The crowd was said to be very into this match after the action really picked up. Faith played to the crowd a lot, getting them to chant for her, while Sasha tried her best to get them to hate her - which they did. The finish came when Sasha Panzer smacked the Lil Boot(Big Boot) to the side and whipped Faith hard into the corner, before hitting the stink face, and then a pin. Mysteriously, Sasha held up the number 4.

Kaige Chamberlain vs. Mike Hawk- This match is said to have been a rematch from EWNGP II. The match was said to be hard hitting, and high flying, a mix of two worlds. Both men were fairly familiar with each other, however, and the crowd was really into the match. It was very back and forth, with the men countering each other left and right. The finish came when Mike Hawk went for the Mayhem Driver, but Kaige blocked it. As Kaige turned around, he was met with a tornado DDT and then a big Phoenix Splash. Mike Hawk took the victory.

Kaige got up a few minutes later and cut a promo about In Violence We Trust and said, “Soon, I’ll be up there and things will be different - come In Violence We Trust next year, I’ll have a title on my waist and the asshole shall reign supreme!” The crowd cheered for him, and then he went on to sign some autographs and tell everyone he hopes to see them at In Violence We Trust. He also put over tomorrow’s Axxess as a TWE Day, where the fans will really be able to get to the TWE talent as they talk about IVWT.

The fourth, and final, match saw the team of Seraphim and HolyJose, mockingly going as ’The Holy Voices’ Take on The New Assault Program. The crowd was said to be very excited for the match. The match went a clean twenty minutes, not counting entrances. The end came when The New Assault Program set up for the ‘This Dimension’. As Seraphim was in the Electric Chair drop position, HolyJose went up and pushed Criz from the top rope. Seraphim dropped, and hit Sean with the City of Angels(Half powered superkick into an Irish Whip into a Full on Superkick). Right before the pin, he heard the crowd and tagged in HolyJose, who hit Sean with the Final Judgement(Spinning Reverse DDT).

After the match, HolyJose and Seraphim went around the ring signing autographs and hyping IVWT!

4) Extra Notes:

Some of the other events included another set of matches across town; Quick Results: Hot Wasabi over the team of Leavitt and Rob Turne. Luke Turne over the Reaper. Carlin over Dingo Mac. Afterwards there was a meet and greet and Q and A. Carlin vowed to wow the fans with his stipulation choice, Dingo Mac said he’d defeat Ano Doom, and then take out Grind. Hot Wasabi talked about their hospital visit, and both Turne’s said they were excited for IVWT.

04-05-2013, 05:01 PM
Day 3


1) Meet and Greet with Nathan St. John and Jay Cracko.

Jay and Nathan met with people in Fair Park to talk about IVWT and bring attention to TWE.

Both men were said to play up their heel characters, with Nathan continuing to be cocky, and Jay toying with his baseball bat. Jay Cracko talked about losing the Ironfist Title to Mr. Smyth, and vowed that he would one day get it back - even if it meant taking Mr. Smyth out for good , even with a Baseball bat to the head. He mentioned IVWT fitting with those plans.

Nathan talked about his winning streak, and how if he is ever beaten, it’ll be a cold day in hell. He says he’s a perfect fit for IVWT, and that next year, he plans to be in one of the matches, particularly one of the title matches. He looked over at Jay Cracko, and teased him about losing the title, which prompted Cracko to point the bat at him. The situation was cooled down by a small break. Both signed material

2) Carter Krysys Radio Interview

Gordon Keith: Hello, and welcome to KTKC SportsRadio 1310 AM "The Ticket", and we're your hoists. Gordon Keith, Craig Miller, and George Dunham. We're here with Titan Wrestling Enterprise's very own Carter Krysys! How are you doing, man?

CK: Doing well, thanks for asking Keith. Just enjoying TWE Day here at EWNCW Axxess!

Craig Miller: What do you think about Dallas and all the TWE festivities?

CK: It's good, lets the fans see that TWE is more than just a Developmental Facility for EWNCW. TWE has some of the most talented wrestlers alive, and that is no doubt! I mean look at Van Darius, the TWE World Champion. This guy oozes charisma and talent. Than you got guys like Kaige Chamberlin, Ryku O'Ryan, and Mr. Smyth, guys who you just know will be EWNCW World Champions one day.

George Dunham: Wow, that's very exciting. I've had the pleasure to check out some of the stuff going on and it's been great. However, can you tell us your whereabouts? I don't think I've seen you in a while.

CK: I've been around, but not as much as I would like to be. I think it is due to the new Board of Directors and me not fitting their mold. I have also noticed I seem to get a bit of heat due to my brother being on the main roster. I have high hopes for 2013 though and plan on making a massive impact in TWE.

Gordon: Well, that is all the time we have. We hope to see our friend here, Carter Krysys, one day in EWNCW and maybe as a world champion the next time he comes back here! Krysys, it's been a pleasure! Is there anything you'd like to say before you go?

CK: Yeah, this is a notice to The Board and to all the members of TWE. My name is Carter Krysys, and I am officially putting you on notice and I promise that you will not forget my name!

3) AshAttack Interview

Johnathon Sanchez: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, we're out here in Dallas, Texas, at the Cowboys Stadium. We're here with TWE Vixxen, Ash Attack. How are you doing, sweetheart?

AshAttack: I am doing amazing, my first time in Dallas, my first TWE PPV Axxess and my first interview with yourself.. It is just such an amazing, enthralling and welcoming atmosphere...

Sanchez: Well, I'm sure the folks of this town are glad to hear you are enjoying it! Are you excited for the In Violence We Trust PPV?

AshAttack: Hell Yeah! I am a wrestling fan through and through, i enjoy watching brawling and i enjoy watching real talent take to the stage and showcase just how wonderful this company is...Also it is a stepping stone for legacies to be cemented...

Sanchez: It very well may be. Now, we know, EWNCW Rage and Inferno don't have a place for women to wrestle, outside of TWE. Do you think, one day, you and the other Vixxen's can change that?

AA: Yes, i really do, see some wrestling companies see men as more dominant, more talented and more worthy of the time in the ring, when really women are just as tough, determined and personally more dominant in the ring. Women are not just arm candy, there to look a man look good or do as he commands, women are better than that, they can step into a ring and set it alight, blow the minds of the fans and carry championships 10 times better than that of any man... One day the boundary will be broken and the Vixxens will be seen on the card for an Inferno or a Rage show...That i can guarantee

Sanchez: Well, for one, I am excited for that day to come! Well, thank you, AshAttack. We look forward to the day when you grace Inferno or Rage!

AA: You are very welcome and that is a day I look forward too also

4) Victory Park, Live Event

The Show kicked off with No Limits Champion, Scott Cage, came to the ring and cut a promo about IVWT. He mentioned being interested in that particular PPV, playing up that the No Limits Title had some interesting stipulations on it, that would fit with the No Limits Title. He hoisted the title and said since there is no cage here, he is issuing an open challenge in terms of a Falls Count Anywhere match. The challenge was answered by Sag. Blue - who came out to a surprising pop. The match was said to be good, with the finish coming went for the Sign of the Archer, but Cage escaped, and hit the Dead Drop for the win.

The second match was Sasha Panzer vs. Faith LeFlur. The match went to a double Countout when Eden and Sasha didn’t answer a ten count. Pisces Pink, Bertha Ray, and other TWE Vixxen’s had to come in and break the women up.

King Strem made an appearance and talked up his match at IVWT - citing that it was one fall, and the only way to ensure you don’t lose your title, is to be the one that isn’t put through a table.

The third match saw Keith Andrews take on Ryku O’Ryan. Ryku won the match following a Superkick and then a pedigree. After the match, as he celebrated, he was blindsided by Xavier Hightower, until Leavitt came and chased them off.

The fourth match was one of the main events. At the start of the show, Mr. Smyth’s statue was brought out. When Kaige was introduced, he put his signature fedora on the head of the statue before going into the ring. Mr. Smyth was announced next, however, he didn’t enter the same route Kaige did - instead, he was escorted to the ring while still inside his Perspex box, through the crowd. The crowd slapped at the box, but Mr. Smyth didn’t seem fazed, instead he smiled. The match was said to go thirty minutes and featured some of the best wrestling that Axxess has offered. The finish came when Kaige hit Flattery on Mr. Smyth, and then went for Ballad of an Asshole. Smyth was able to avoid, it and then went for ‘The Rule’ . Kaige kicked out, but Mr. Smyth, having planned for this, effortlessly, moved into a Texas Cloverleaf, forcing Kaige to tap out. After the match, Mr. Smyth got back in his box and was pushed out.

The Main Event saw the TWE Champion Van Darius go head to head with EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder. The match was said to be a very spectacular one with Van Darius being able to hang with Tommy Thunder throughout the duration. Before the end could come, Tommy had Van in position for the shining wizard, but before he could hit it, Adameus Frewin and King Strem came in and attacked both champions, leading to a No Contest. Tommy and Van were able to fight them off, after which, Tommy challenged them to a tag team match. The heels accepted. The finish to the impromptu tag-team match came when Tommy tagged in Van Darius, and then clotheslined King out of the ring. Frewin turned to watch it unfold, but as he turned back, Van Darius destroyed him with a spear. After the match, Tommy congratulated Van Darius and put him over, before both went to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans.

5) Interview with the Frewin’s

TWE's World Heavyweight Number One Contender, Amadeus Frewin, sat at a somewhat isolated table, with his wife closely seated next to him. Frewin sat in the constant three piece black pinstriped suit, having changed after losing to Tommy Thunder and Van Darius in tag action along with EWNCW star King Strem. Him and Elfreida kept constant eyes on everyone around them, from fellow stars to fans to media, until one such reporter finally decided to ask him a few things for a short period of time.

The local news station journalist talked to Frewin over a few subjects, such as his past, including the all too common rumoured life of dirty deeds and jail times, to which he responded: "Not true, no idea what you're referring to. I've never done anything wrong in my life." The reporter tried to conceal a look that showed doubt, but wasn't quite fully successful. This drew a sharp look from Mrs. Frewin.

Frewin was then interviewed about Van Darius, and the loss from earlier. He replied by saying he would "Hit him like a Mack 11, the previous loss meant nothing," and would "Succeed when the chips are down, just like I have my entire life." The reporter seemed to be somewhat taken a bit back by the automatic weapon reference from a man who's supposedly been on the straight and narrow his whole life.

Frewin kept a watchful eye on the aforementioned Darius for a long duration of the talk, looking more at him then the man speaking with him. At one point, Mrs Frewin leaned closer and whispered in his ear, then she began to quietly laugh and show a huge smile. Frewin responded with simple nods, the emotion in his eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses. This inspired the press to attempt to ask Elfreida something, but that quickly stopped as Frewin instantly said: No, you don't talk to her, you speak to me. She wants you to know something she will say it. You know what, that said, we're done here. I have other more important things on my mind." The reporter thanked them for the time and begin to leave, before Frewin said after him: "And remember, I AM NOT A CROOK."

04-05-2013, 09:05 PM
The Bull and Cowboy
Do Mexico!

*Where are live in a dusty part of Mexico. We can see EWNCW's resident redneck broadcaster "Cowboy" Bill Buxley. He seems to be coughing up a lot.*

Cameraman: Are you okay Bill?

Bill Buxley: *Cough* *Cough* Yeah. *Cough* Just this dam folk here have never heard of fans. They need to get rid of this dust. I'll blow a lung or something.

*Just then Darren Bull comes in to the shot.*

Bill Buxley: You aren't a patient fella, huh?

Darren Bull: And you do like to complaint a lot, huh?

Bill Buxley: I rather be doing a pie eating contest than be with some this Mexican'ts.

Darren Bull: Tell me about it. I'm just doing this for the paycheck.

Bill Buxley: Wait what? We're getting paid? I thought Dick said it was for some charity.

Darren Bull: Hahaha..... You actually believed him. How about we finished this up fast and we can go get some food.

Bill Buxley: Fine, but nothing too spicy.

Darren Bull: Sure.:rolleyes:

Bill Buxley: Okay. Welcome everyone to an international event were one of our EWNCW superstars and I go to a foreign country and get their views on our upcoming PPV; In Violence We Trust. Joining me here today is EWNCW superstar Darren Bull!

Darren Bull: It would be great to be here, but really it's not. It smells likes donkey shit around here. I mean what part of Mexico are we at anyways?

Bill Buxley: Like I care. I just want some crub I'm dying of hunger.

Darren Bull: Well how about we grab ourselves a local and get their thoughts on the PPV.

*Bill quickly grabs a person and pulls them in front of the camera.*

Bill Buxley: Shit! I just remembered I don't speak Spanish.

Darren Bull: Good thing I knew one day I would be taken to Mexico and would need to learn Spanish. Don't ask how I knew about that.

*The poor Mexican is still frightened.*

Darren Bull: Nombre? Que es?

???: Juan.

Bill Buxley: Of course it would be. Ask him if he knows about EWNCW's upcoming PPV.

Darren Bull: Uste save de la PPV de EWNCW?

Juan: Si.

Darren Bull: He said yes.

Bill Buxley: Ask him who he is rooting for.

Darren: A quien le vas?

Juan:........ MATT HARDY!!!!

Darren Bull: Vede ala chincada!

Bill Buxley: The fuck is a Matt Hardy???

Darren Bull: I don't care, but I'm hungry. Wanna get some enchiladas?

Bill Buxley: Sure. They ain't spicy right?

Darren Bull: Nope.

Bill Buxley: Let's go!

*Both Darren Bull and Bill Buxley leave in a hurry in the truck.*

Cameraman: What about me? Forever alone.

04-05-2013, 09:11 PM
The Bull and Cowboy
Do Mexico!

*Just then the van returns to the cameraman guy's position.*

Cameraman: You remembered me.

Darren Bull: No. Fuck you! You can stay in Mexico. We just need the camera.

*Darren Bull grabs the camera and both drive away.*

20 minutes later......

*Bill Buxley and Darren Bull both get off from the van with Bill holding the camera.*

Bill: So, where the blue hell are we at?

Darren: I have no idea what this place is called. All I know it has a great enchiladas recipe.

*The camera turns over to show the sign off the place, "Enchiladas Para Todos".*

Darren: Let's go in.

Bill: This food better not be spicy.

Darren: It won't be.;)

Bill: Well, were is the freakin' waiter.

Darren: I'll call them. Hey, wey quireo dos ordens de enchiladas con todo. La de el extra chile.

*The Mexican waiter writes it down and goes to the cook.*

30 minutes later.........

*We can hear someone in the restroom who appears to have diarrhea.*

Darren: I guess you got the extra spicy ones. Oh well, that is what you get for getting me to come to Mexico.

Bill: FACK the Mexico!

04-06-2013, 01:32 PM
Day 4 of Axxess
Champion's Challengers
Press Conference


Welcome to the Champion's Challenger Press Conference! The main event of Day 4 of Axxess! Here will we hear from the wrestlers that have their sight set on Gold, and will, indeed, be having a title shot at In Violence We Trust. Now, here to commerate this event, we have the Legend of TBOZ - The Machiavellian - The Beard of Zeus!


*TBOZ, dressed in a fine Joseph A. Bank's suit makes his way to the crowd, much to the delight of the crowd. He walks down the row, and begins shaking the hands of the wrestlers.*

TBOZ: No need to waste any time, so how about we get right to it? We all know who I am, a Champion's Champion, but I have been on the side that these people here tonight are on. A challenger.

*TBOZ down each side, and nods.*

TBOZ: How do you feel about your opponent(s) going into In Violence We Trust?

Krysys: Really? Thats the damn question you wanna ask me? Everyone knows damn well how I feel about my opponents. Tommy is a ego driven moron who panders to the idiotic drunks and potheads, claiming to be a Champion that represents the people, when in reality his only goal is to hold on to his title.

King on the other hand, well he has to be the most arrogant piece of crap I have ever met. He walks around here like he is the 2nd coming of professional wrestling. Truth is King Strem hit his peak already. He will never be "The Man" in EWNCW, he will never be the face of the company. No, he will be remembered as the guy who was in the title match between Tommy Thunder and Krystian Krysys, when King Zero wins his 2nd Championship!

Esteban: Well hombre, it's not exactly a secret that we don't like any of our opposition in a few days, and that will make taking the titles away from Mixed Emotions, and denying the Alpha Males the victory so sweet for us. We've already defeated the Males on Brutality, and it was illegal double-teaming that stopped us defeating the Opera bitches. We are confident we can get the job done.

Kyojin: Well there's four guys, and I said it all a long time ago. The Blue Flash is the current champion, we all know how good he is. He's a deserving champion and it's going to take anybody's A game to dethrone him at In Violence We Trust. Unluckily for Flash, I'm bringing my A game. And I'm leaving with the Rage Ignition Championship.

Now there's also Darren Bull- somebody who's undefeated in a long time. A man who beat Seraphim on Rage- which is a very good win for him. Unfortunately, Bull- you're going to have do a LOT better than that to beat me on Sunday.

And of course, Malcolm Cage. Cage is the most all around athlete in this match, up there with me at least. We fought on Rage and he pushed me all the way but I won. Just like this Sunday, I won. And I'm going to do it again.

And then Reiko, with Ric Flair. To be the man, you've gotta beat the man huh, Flair? Reiko can bring it all he wants but he's not going to become the man or anything like that. You've gotta know that he's gotta do something special. And he doesn't have it in him to do that.

Darren: How do I feel about my opponents? I don't know. I can stay here and speak about how much better I am than all of them, which I am. I mean look at me. I'm the next shinning star of EWNCW. I do something that none of this fools do and that's handle all my stuff in the ring. I'm not some loud mouth asshole who would purposely put down his opponents, before their big match. I'll just simply beat all of them at IVWT and win my first title here in EWNCW. And that will begin a new era; an era of awesomeness. You can for sure take that to the bank.

Dixon: My opponent? What is dere to say about dat fool. He ain't got da talent that Primetime's got! Cannon has found some way to get that title around his waist, but he has never come up against a man like me. Cannon may have had his chance in the spotlight, but this spotlight is mine. Andy Cannon is no where near my Primetime spotlight, he will never be. I am pure talent, while Cannon is a dud.

HAHA get it, Cannon... dud. He can't execute and he can't make the shot. It is really that simple playa!

Cage: Oh man there are a lot of us aren't there. Well there are few and far between as good as Kyojin, that man is a machine. He is all over the place and you know he is going to be going 100%. Blue Flash is a man of the people, he was a great friend when I entered, but on Sunday he is will be an opponent. No friends in the ring. I don't know much about Reiko, but I no he is good and that he has someone in his corner. That throws a wrench in the system. Finally there is Darren Bull, the cheat, that's all you can really say about him.

They are all good, but I'm better. It doesn't matter who they are come In Violence We Trust. I will be climbing that ladder and grabbing that Ignition Title.

T-Thunda: I feel angry! I feel that they feel like they feel cold and sad inside. And after I Violence We Trust, they're going to embrace that coldness, and sadness, because they're gonna be title-less!!

At In Violence We Trust, the Sexiest Alpha Males are gonna let dem Mixed confused Emotions feel our anger. And we gonna win dem titles!!

The Sexiest Alpha Males ain't afraid of no little Jimmies!! We ain't afraid of nobody!!

Tenorio: Those fancy Opera Jimmys believe they are the best thing since the wheel invention, and they are nothing but a pair of posers that can't sing, and of course, can't wrestle. At In Violence We Trust, mych for the pleasure of the ladies we're gonna prove that you don't mess with the SAM. Like my partner T-Thunda says, Mixed Emotions are gonna get got!!!

04-06-2013, 01:34 PM
*TBOZ chuckles at the answers and then speaks with the crowd some more, before asking the second, and final question.*

TBOZ: What do you think your chances are of walking out of IVWT with the championship around your waist(s), or over your shoulder(s)?

Krysys: What are my chances? Look, I have to win, if I don't than I am done, I am gone. There is no losing for me, it's not an option. So, with that said I will beat Thunder, I will beat Strem, and I will become a 2 time Straight Edge EWNCW Champion, because I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Juilo: Esse, we're not going to be ridiculous. We know there is a chance someone could get a roll-up on us, or we're distracted, so we can't be involved in the fall. However, we're prepared for this, we're prepared for the opposition. We're starting a new journey on Rage or Inferno soon, and what a better way to come in, then with championship gold on our shoulders. What a better way to gain respect, then to carry the belts around. So, well there may be a chance we won't win, we are confident we can, and we are determined to.

Kyojin: This Sunday, I'm leaving with the Ignition Championship because quite frankly, I have to win. Nobody wants to see the title around the waist of Darren Bull or Reiko. That would cause the destruction of this division. As for Cage, well he's not experienced enough here. This is only his second PPV in EWNCW and he lost his first PPV match. I won two matches at Bred For Combat alone. The Blue Flash is the only guy I consider an actual threat to me. But outside of EWNCW, what has he done? I'm going to use all of my experience all over the world to win this Ladder Match and become the NEW Rage Ignition Champion.

Darren: Simple. 10000000000% I'm better than all of this parasites siding along side me today. None of them have the skills to beat me. I was born for winning ladder matches while the rest of them were born to be spot monkeys in ladder matches. Is that a simple answer for you assholes?

Dixon: My chance are great homie! Have you seen Cannon in da ring. He couldn't wrestle if his life depended on it, but they decided to give me a title. Now you got some non-wrestling imbecile representing a whole Ignition Division with his horrible style and dismal wrestling. I'm not having it! Not on my watch, I don't play dat shit.

Just ask anyone here. I am destined to wear that belt and represent the Ignition title, the Ignition Division. That's why I came here to EWNCW, to take this Division to the next level, I am the only one able to take Inferno into Primetime status. Primetime is here and you can all join the fun at In Violence We Trust when I final take that title from Andy Cannon.

Cage: I have a great chance. I Don't know about any of these other guys, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to win tonight. I will jump off of any height at any moment on to any of these guys if it means that I am that one step closer to winning.. I will take any shot at pushing myself through out this match and I will win that Rage Ignition Title. Take it or leave, Cage will come out of In Violence We Trust with a new chine belt to add to his collection.

Tenorio: We're 100% ready to beat their asses and they also have to endure the onslaught of the Mexican Nightmares, so I'll say our chances are around 90% of leaving IVWT as champions! Mark my words!

T-Thunda: The Sexiest Alpha Males are da best tag team ever, so say all the little Jennys!! At In Violence We Trust, we gonna rustle a few Jimmies by beating Mixed Emotions and walking out with the titles!! And DAT, is da TROOF!!

TBOZ: ANd that is the end of it. Tonight folks, you are looking at the future of EWNCW, and perhaps, future champions!

*The crowd stands up and gives an applause, before pictures are snapped and TBOZ makes his leave.*

04-06-2013, 04:38 PM
Day 5 of Axxess
Press Conference


Welcome to the Champion's Press Conference! The main event of Day 4 of Axxess! Here will we hear from the wrestlers that have their sight set on Gold, and will, indeed, be having a title shot at In Violence We Trust. Now, here to commerate this event, we have the Legendary Commentator, himself, BODOM!

*Bodom makes his way out to the stage and shakes hands with the champions, similar to what TBOZ did the day prior. Instead of a suit, he wears a sports jacket and a very subtle suit.

Down the line, one can see Tommy and Ronaldo in the middle, with either of the Blacklist Champions on either side of them. The rest of the champions are put on the side of their respective top champions brand, except the tag champions, who are split up one for each side. At the end of the table TWE champions are present.*

Bodom: Hello, I am here to moderate this here shindig, but what we all want to know... is how bad I'm going to kick Shaz's ass come In Violence We Trust. That boy is going to find out just how good Godmoney is in the ring, even if it's just one of us! Now let's get started!

Bodom: How do you feel about your opponent(s) going into In Violence We Trust?

Tommy Thunder: Very simply put, I fell sorry for them.

I feel very sorry for Krystian Krysys because he's going to be going into his umpteenth title rematch against me here. He's going to go up against me and that wooden table and he's once again going to be disappointed, as he fails to regain that title. I'm going to break Krystian Krysys, physically and mentally, and at In violence We Trust, we're going to see the last time he ever gets a shot at the EWNCW Championship while it's my title to defend.

As for King Strem, I feel sorry for him because he's going to have his ego checked. I feel sorry for him because when he wakes up the next day after the ppv, splinters in his back, he's going to realize when he looks in the mirror that he's not half the man he thinks he is. He's going to realize that he's not as good as he thinks he is, and he's going to wake up with a big ass headache, courtesy of the best in the world.

Andy Cannon: AJ Dixon is a formidable opponent, no doubt. He went through hell & highwater to get his shot so I know he's got the desire to whatever it takes. Don't mistake my respect for fear though. I don't fear anybody walking God's green earth! With the falls count anywhere stipulation, it's gonna get ugly & I just don't know if AJ's ready for that. If you've followed my career here in EWNCW, you know I had my mind messed with for quite sometime. If Solla & his sickos couldn't break me, I don't see Dixon doing it! In the end though I think we could have the match that steals the show.

Mr. Blood: Anyone stupid enough to actually step into that ring with us is gonna get two things

Mr. Black: Beaten and Broken

Mr. Blood: See, when you are the Dominant Predators, everything else is just prey, it doesn't matter who they are, because in the end? We're better. We could be facing the second coming of the LOD and we would still be the favorites by at least a 5:1 margin. It's just the price you pay for being this damn good.

Ronaldo Romulus: We must never omit the words of the Apostle Paul from our memories. He declares boldly in the verse of Romans 8:31, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" I have willed my body, soul and mind through the most testing of tribulations, never permanently stumbling nor faltering from seeing the objective of the glorification of the Lord through. No one on Rage can claim my spirit amongst their trove of spoils accumulated in their EWNCW tenures because I have risen above all opposition with the essence of Jehovah guiding my steps through every corridor.

Jman will observe this unification, this holy collaboration first hand when he realizes the odds of victory are not in his favor. Just as the Lord Jesus' life could not be taken away but laid down on his own accord, this title will be relinquished under my own preferences and that is when my mission of salvation has been completed. Not a minute sooner.

Blue Flash: I feel respect for my fellow EWNCW citizens. But I also feel driven to beat them. I am the Ignition Champion and I feel that with me as Champion I can usher back in the grass roots of this Ignition division. There has not been enough emphasis on what this division is about and I want to bring that back. Hence why I campaigned to have this match be a ladder match.

I have no respect whatsoever for Citizen Bull, but as far as the rest of the citizens in this match goes, I have nothing but good words for them, since they are fantastic ambassadors, and should I drop the title to any of them, I know that they can continue to carry the good name of this Championship and what it stands for.

HolyJose: We feel they will be a challenge. I mean they're not the number contenders without reason but we aren't the champions without reason. We know we are gonna beat them at In Violence We Trust. It's a fact. We are not underestimating them but we know we're better than them and we will prove when we walk in as champions and walk out still champions.

King Strem: "Worthless...completely and utterly worthless. You see it's these people I face that give you a bad idea of me. They talk me up as the bad guy. What you don't understand is they are the bad guys. The name calling, the bashing, the beatings. For what? They beat down a man who is the brave one, who has the courage to stand up and speak the truth. I do all that but because these two have brain washed you, because you are simple, you shun the truth. Well that's fine. Krysys, to me, is not even important in this match. Krysys is weak. He is senseless. He had chance after to chance and has blown it and for that, you will not make it out of this Krysys. Now, on to the other. The *Shudders* so called hero, the face of this company, Tommy Thunder. Thomas wants to get all big and tough with me? He is full of nothing but piss and vinegar. The difference between Tommy and I is this, I am hungry....STARVING. I have been here for almost 2 years, not once have I tasted that gold. I want it, and what makes it better is that I can have both my International title AND the EWNCW title. So, how do I feel about my opponents? Well let's look at the stats. Both of these guys are going into a pay per view title match with the man with the longest pay per view AND International title streak in this company....They don't stand a chance.

Pride: Our opponents are nothing but fancy, low class pimps and flee ridden wetbacks trying to ruin one of the most memorable reigns in Brutality history. We have already dethroned the Alpha Males after we accepted their challenge and took their belts, so as far as we are concerned, they posed no threat then, they pose none now and they will never have us shaking in our boots in the future. The Mexican Nightmares on the other hand worry me.

Sorrow: You see, ever since we got here and hit the high road to success, we have used our patrons to fund our next works so we don't have to out of pocket. Now they want us to take on the Nightmares which is a travesty because not only our they defilers of the arts, who go as far as to robbing great men of their works only to trash them afterwards, but they come from the filthiest parts of Mexico.

Pride: Now for those of you that don't understand, they could and probably are carrying disease ridden fleas and lice all over them. That little courtesan with beautiful hair they take out to the ring every match probably has lice waiting to jump and leech off of the blood of thorough breed champions like us. But do not worry about us fellow patrons of the arts, for we plan to let the Alpha Males fight first until there aren't enough bugs to go around to us and then we will pick up the win, once we play our cadenza.

04-06-2013, 04:41 PM
Bodom: What do you think your chances are of walking out of IVWT with the championship around your waist(s), or over your shoulder(s)?

Thunder: I'm not going to lie, I'm not underestimating my competition here. I'm going up against a former EWNCW Champion and a guy who's held his championship for over a year. That doesn't make this match an easy one, not by a long shot. But I'm the best in the world. I know that I can beat King Strem and I know damn well that I can beat Krystian Krysys. And after it's all said and done at In violence We Trust, I know for a fact that I'm going to be walking out of there, still the EWNCW champion.

Cannon: 100% plain & simple. If there was any doubt in my mind, what kind of champion would I be? I don't doubt the ability of anybody I wrestle, but more importantly I don't doubt MY ability! I've held the Inferno Ignition Championship for going on 5 months & I don't see my reign ending anytime soon. Quite frankly, the only way I see me losing this title is if I'm forced to relinquish it for a world title. Sorry if that sounds cocky; it's not my intention. I just feel like my fans deserve to know that there's a reason they should have faith in me.

Mr. Blood: One Hundred fucking percent. I'll go even further, I garun-damn-tee you that Black Blooded will be rolling out of In Violence we Trust with our heads held high, and our belts even higher.

Mr. Black: Headed to grab a juicy steak and a cold beer.

Mr. Blood: Damn right. Our winnin is a foregone conclusion and I can promise you that by the end of the night, every single damn one of you will know without a doubt who the best Tag Team in all of Professional Wrestling is. Of course, that's assuming that the so called "Head Office" actually found a few boys willing to dry the piss off their tights and face us.

Romulus: Why should I waste my energy on offering you a distinction amongst the swine? He is simply a caricature, the personification of all uncleanliness and wickedness. That effigy of "hardcore" will be reduced to a smoldering pile of demoralized ashes. Nothign more and nothign less.

Blue Flash: Statistically, I have a one in five chance of retaining my title. Throw in the added risk of the fact that it's a ladder match, and my chances go down again.

However. Nobody flies around that ring like The Blue Flash. And when I fly off the top of that ladder, I'll be flying towards my opponents on the floor, and I will vanquish them I have respect for those guys in that match with me, but I want to retain my title even more. And that's why i'll use that drive to get me over that finish line, climb that ladder, and grab that title to win the match.

Azrael: As high as we want them to be. We are gonna have a reign people will remember for the ages and beating The New Assault Program will mean they are just another notch in our belt. They stand no chance against us and they know it, we know it and come In Violence We Trust so will everyone else. That's a promise.

Kingstrem: Again, I am on one of the biggest win streaks ever. Those chance seem to work for me. I like those chances. I am the better athlete than those two. I am smarter than both of them. Hell, I am just all around better than them. Tommy and Krysys do not stand a chance come In Violence We Trust. Thy Kingdom will come, they will be done. And when it's over, everyone will bow down to the new Dual Champion and ALLLLLLL HAILLLLLLLL THEEEEEEE KINGGGGGGGG

Sorrow: As much of pain as defending two titles at against two different teams at once is, we have the advantage. You see we are guaranteed to walk out with one of these title, so the chances of us having nothing after this is 0. But what kind of artists would we be if we were only satisfied with partial success?

Pride: Horrible ones that's what. So during the match, the only way we can lose is if one of us gets pinned. We can walk out or they could pin each other all they like and we wouldn't lose are either titles. But what that means is, they may not be able to beat each other, but they have to stop each other from pinning us.

Sorrow: On the other hand, we can pin either team, get dq'ed and even walk out and we would still be champs while both of them sit back and complain. So not only do we have more targets to pin, but we have rainchecks to ensure our victory.

Pride: Not that we need to do it since we are the most distinguished team in EWNCW today. But even if the odds were against us, we would come back with both of our titles, because we are true masters of the theatre and know how to put on the greatest show on Earth and not even be in the lead act because we are show stealers. In Violence we Trust, the only words you are going to hear from us are Venimus, Vidimus, Vincemus!

Sorrow: We came, We saw, We conqured!

*As the answers come to an end, and Bodom makes his final speech - a figure bolts from left stage and tackles Bodom to the ground.The figure starts raining down blows, until his hood comes off - revealing himself to be Shaz! Shaz is beating the hell out of Bodom! Before the champions can get over the table to help him, and pull Shaz off him, Shaz throws Bodom through one of the tables in the front - the crash is sickening! The champions pull Shaz back as the cameras are ordered off!*

04-06-2013, 04:47 PM
The Bull and Cowboy
Do Mexico!

During their stay at the Mexican place, the Bull and the Cowboy, found themselves in a Mexican Pie eating contest!

Bull: Son of a bitch! How did we even get involved in this shit?!

Cowboy: Your fault, not mine! We shoulda brought the cameraman.

Bull: Shut up.

Bull ended up winning the Mexican Pie eating contest, using some form of eating technique he learned when he was a little nino.

Don't ask.

Just don't.

04-06-2013, 04:51 PM
The Bull and Cowboy
Do Mexico!
From Jail!

An hour or so after winning the contest, and emptying themselves in the nearest bathroom - Bull and the Cowboy are arrested.

Apparently, the Cowboy has some standing warrants in Mexico, that he forgot about.

Cowboy: Shit. Shit. Shit.


Cowboy: Drugs. Don't ask.

Bull: Man, we're in a bad place! It smells like tacos and not the kind you want to eat.

Bull and Cowboy look around at their fellow cell mates, before they are attacked. Bull, using a combination of his wrestling ability and smarts manages to fight off the inmates, before the guard comes down and tells them they are released. Case of mistaken identity.

04-06-2013, 04:55 PM
The Bull and Cowboy
Do Mexico!
Screw the Promotional Shit!

Bull: Cowboy, were you serious?!

Cowboy: Long time ago, man! Just forget it!

Bull: Well, we certainly can't get to the interview now! I've gorged myself on Mexican Pie, been to Mexican jail, stole a damn camera!

Cowboy and Bill look at each other and then head north - towards the states, in a effort to get the hell out of dodge! Bags on their back, and heat on their brow, they make the long journey towards the border. As they do, a truck passes them with some familiar faces on the back!

Bull: Cameraman! Cameraman!

The truck stops and the Cameraman greets them, getting them a ride towards the border. However, about an hour away - walking, he pushes them both out of the truck and keeps the camera.

Cameraman: I only wanted the camera, ese!

04-06-2013, 05:03 PM
The Bull and Cowboy
Do Mexico!
Back in the states

Cowboy: I am never going back to Mexico again. Fuck that. Stayin' right here in 'Merika country!

Bull: yeah, I agree with you there, but fuck that camera man. We could have been back!

Cowboy: We ain't outta the woods yet! It's Day 4 and we gotta get you to that Press Conference!

The Cowboy and Bull take off, heading towards Dallas, hopping on a transfer truck as it passes by. Clinging for dear life, they make it to Dallas, roughly two hours before the Press Conference was stated to begin.


Cowboy: Go get'em, Tiger!

04-06-2013, 05:04 PM
And we're at the end of Axxess.

Hope you enjoyed.

04-06-2013, 05:05 PM
Except you.

You are mean.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 06:09 AM


*a big pyro blast goes off around the stage and the camera pans across the crowded Dallas Cowboys stadium*

Bob Daniels: EWNCW fans, welcome to In Violence We Trust, the one night that the entire EWNCW roster can and WILL get extreme!! We are LIVE from the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas!! I'm Bob Daniels, alongside my Inferno colleague Pierce Kingmaker and a new face to most of you perhaps, Josh King! Joash you're filling in for Bodom here tonight since he's backstage preparing for his match with Shaz later, welcome!

Josh King: Thanks bob, it's great to be here! I've been commentating on Warzone until the show was put on hold recently, but it's great that EWNCW management have deemed my skills sufficient to do this great task here tonight!

Pierce Kingmaker: I'd count yourself lucky if I were you Josh.

Daniels: Don't listen to him! so before we kick things off, let's run down the card for the benefit of those watching:

Stretcher Match
Dingo Mac vs Ano Doom


EWNCW Grand and Intercontinental Championships match
The Mexican Nightmares vs The Sexiest Alpha Males vs Mixed Emotions (C)


First Blood match
Mike Hawk vs Johnny Rose


Monster's Ball match
Grind Bastard vs Michael Archangel


Steel Cage match
KJ Punk vs Antonyo Angelo


Rage Ignition Championship 6 man ladder match
The Blue Flash (C) vs Kyojin vs Darren Bull vs Malcom Cage vs Reiko


Inferno Ignition championship falls count anywhere match
Andy Cannon vs AJ Dixon


Parking Lot Brawl
Luke Jameson vs Seth Ferrell


Jesting Madness vs Hot Wasabi


Evolution Championship Texas Bull Rope match
Mark Dimension (C) vs Eddie Juarez


Buried alive match
Chris Divine vs The Devil's Advocate


No Disqualification match
Seraphim vs William Carlin


Last Man Standing match
Gillz vs Shuriken Blade


Black Blooded Open Challenge


Last man standing match
Shaz vs Bodom


World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules/Hardcore match
Ronaldo Romulus (C) vs Jman


EWNCW Title & International Title - 3 Way Dual Championship Tables Match
Tommy vs Krysys vs Strem


EWNCW Blacklist Championships match
The New Assault Program vs God's Grace (C)

Kingmaker: That is some card!! Some excellent matches to look forward to there!!

Daniels: Some great matches to look forward to tonight, some big matches too!!

King: And remember, this is the last time that we'll have Brutality as it's own brand on our ppv's. The brand is closing after this show, so this is their last hurrah so to speak.

Daniels: Indeed. All the tag teams on the Brutality roster will then be dispersed between Rage and Inferno and will feature on either of those brands going forward. We'll hear from our Brutality colleagues later in the night, but for now, let' take the action to the ring!!

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 06:27 AM
Daniels: It is not often that we see someone challenge a monster, be it Ano Doom or Grind Bastard. Yet over the past month, we’ve seen two people rise up to challenge Inferno’s resident beasts. Michael Archangel challenged the Bastard, Grind Bastard, and Dingo Mac, a newcomer to EWNCW and Inferno, challenge the Machine, Ano Doom.

Kingmaker: Dingo didn’t so much as challenge Ano Doom, as attack him backstage while Staples was talking about the matches the show was dedicated too. Fitting, however, because the ambulance or rather it’s contents.

Josh: Right you are, this next match is a Stretcher match -winner is determined by pushing your opponent, who should be incapacitated on top of a stretcher, over the line at the top of the ramp.

Daniels: They run-ins have been some of the most violent. Whereas Gillz and Shuriken did not touch each other, Ano and Dingo have not wasted any moment they had when it came to laying hands on each other. Ano Doom has been the aggressor since the attack involving the ambulance, where he forced him inside it and had it drive off.

Kingmaker: But Ano Doom came back strong from that, for in the same night, he came back with the ambulance driver and tossed him off the side of the ramp - before attacking Dingo Mac. Dingo, however, has been able to escape most of the attacks with his life, and koala.

Josh: Well, let me tell you one person who was not so lucky. Istvan Gretzky. Mr. Red Hot. Following certain events, Istvan was walking backstage to come out here, but he came across Ano Doom. He tried to give the angry Machine some words of advice, but Ano Doom was having none of it! He attacked the Polish Grappler, brought him out here and then proceeded to break BOTH of his arms with some new move he debuted. Officially, it’s a Kimura Lock, as I understand it, but Ano Doom has taken to calling it the ‘Machine Snapper’. Aptly named, I might add.

Kingmaker: There is something to say about the devastating abilities of Ano Doom. I often ask myself, at this point in time, who is the more destructive force? Ano Doom or Grind Bastard?

Daniels: If they keep going like they are, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a run in sometime soon!

Jason: Our next match is a Stretcher Match! The only way to win is by putting your opponent on a stretcher and pushing them over the line at the top of the ramp. Introducing first, from the Land Down Under, Dingo Mac!


*Dingo Mac - he doesn’t enter from the stage as the rest of the wrestlers, no - instead he comes down through the crowd. As he hops over the barricade, he deposits Bazza in the lap of his favorite bell ringer - Isabella Ringing. He winks down at the woman and then heads towards the ring. The crowd cheers him a bit, as he gets into the ring.*

Jason: And his opponent, from the Netherworld - THE DEMON CYBORG! ANO DOOM!

*The lights begin to go out, one by one until there is total darkness*


*After a long moment, the lights come back on and the Demon Cyborg is standing at the top of the ramp.*


*He huffs loudly and looks down towards the ring where his crazy ‘Monster Hunter’ opponent is waiting for him. The crowd boos loudly, and Ano Doom makes for the ring. His steps are not one of speed, but one of methodical planning. As he reaches the ring, he slips in, and looks right at his Dingo Mac - who is smiling back at him. The crowd dies down as the two men stare at each other from across the ring - anticipation rising.*

Ano Doom(Katsuhiko Nakajima) vs Dingo Mac(Taiji Ishimori)

(Stop at: 18:20)

Daniels: The big man is down! Dingo Mac has taken the big man down with a beautiful dropkick from the top rope! But will it be enough?!

Kingmaker: I would not count on it! I’ve seen what Ano Doom can do! That dropkick won’t keep him down for long, so Dingo better make the most of it!

Josh: That Down Under guy better take the Demon out and do it quickly. Anytime Ano is down, he is at his weakest.

*Dingo Mac rolls on to his stomach and pulls himself through the ropes and out of the ring. He grabs the large carcass that is Ano Doom and attempts to pull him from the ring and towards the edge of it. He positions the stretcher beside the ring and rolls Ano Doom on top of it. He begins the grueling push towards the top of the ramp. The crowd cheers loudly, and Dingo looks off to the side for a moment to acknowledge the cheers. As he turns back around, Ano Doom is sitting up, with a look of unbridled anger in his eyes. Dingo freezes and starts to push the stretcher quickly, but Ano Doom grabs his head. The crowd starts to boo loudly, as Ano Doom looks left and right at them. He tosses him off to the side, and climbs off the stretcher - slinging it behind him as he goes after Dingo Mac. Dingo is helpless as the behemoth of a man begins stomping him into the barricade. Dingo attempts to make a run for it, but is grabbed from the back. Ano lifts him into the air and slams him back first against the barricade, head out towards the ramp. Dingo screams out in pain as he falls back and clutches his lower back. The crowd boos again as Ano Doom turns away and goes for the stretcher.*

Josh: That monster is not only trying to win the match, but also ruin this man’s career. That’s the monster of EWNCW, that’s the monster of Inferno - can anyone stop him?

Daniels: If Dingo can get back in this match, he is definitely going to try and outlast the man beast that’s dominating him right now!

Kingmaker: Has anyone in recent history been able to match this man in terms of strength? Or even go as long in a match with him, as Dingo has tonight?

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 06:27 AM
*As Ano retrieves the stretcher, Dingo Mac manages to bring himself to his feet and stumble back towards the ring, putting as much space between him, Dingo, the Stretcher, and the line as possible. Ano comes back ‘round and sees Dingo down in the ring, trying to catch his breath, a cocky smile on his lips. Ano angrily launches the stretcher down the ramp, causing it to hit the ring with tremendous force. Dingo Mac looks on as Ano Doom stalks down the ramp and towards the in ring man, but as he climbs in Dingo Mac is on his tail. Beating him about the head with punches and kicks in an effort to keep the big beast down. He quickly retreats and launches forward just as the man gets up. Oh God! The aussie is going for the damned Bite! His patented spear! He gets closer, but wait! Ano Doom drops down, and oh. My. God! He lifts the incoming Dingo Mac into the air with frightening strength, speed, and timing, launching him skyward in a release military press type fashion! As Dingo Mac comes down, Ano Doom seemingly murders him with a capture High Angle release power slam! Ano Doom viciously tosses Dingo Mac towards the edge of the ring and onto the stretcher, but Dingo is smart enough to roll off! Ano Doom starts to step out of the ring, but Dingo Mac has a plan for that! He pushes the stretcher right into the leg of the Machine! Oh my God! The Machine is thriving in pain! His leg! His leg! What in God’s green earth?!*

Josh: Dingo Mac is a vicious man! Even in a stretcher match, this man is a psychotic monster! When I look at them, I can’t tell whose the monster and whose not!

Kingmaker: It’s been said before. Dingo Mac is from Australia, and down there you have to be a monster, or you get eaten by monsters. Dingo Mac adapted that to his wrestling style and that is what we have here!

​*Ano Doom writhes in pain, clutching his leg while Dingo Mac catches his breath. As Ano Doom makes it to his feet, putting pressure on his strong leg, he is drilled with a drop kick, the Kangaroo Dropkick, to be exact - knocking the Machine into the steel steps. The crowd cheers loudly as Dingo Mac keeps Ano Doom off his feet! Dingo Mac plays to the crowd and points to Isabella Ringing and Bazza! Ano Doom starts to make it back to his feet, prompting Dingo Mac to try for another Kangaroo Dropkick! Ano Doom, however, has it scouted this time and evades it - using his hand to push Dingo Mac. Dingo Mac’s legs fly over the steel steps, but his rear end isn’t so lucky! He crashes hard into the unforgiving metal, much to the crowd’s dismay. Ano Doom picks the dazed Australian up, and lays him on the apron. Using the steps, he climbs back into the ring and stalks straight towards the man. He looks at his prey and immediately moves into position to lock on his Machine Snapper, a Kimura Lock, this time, however, using the ropes as an aid! Dingo Mac screams in pain, tapping and struggling to get free. Ano Doom has a crazed look in his eyes, holding the lock on tight for a good twenty seconds. When he finally lets go Dingo mac falls to the ground and grips his arm. Ano Doom rolls out of the ring and picks Dingo up - for Cold Blooded Murder, a horizontal muscle buster on the hard pads on the outside. Dingo Mac is done! DONE! Ano picks him up and rolls him on the stretcher - before beginning the long stroll up the ramp.

Halfway up the ramp, a figure walks out - long legged and sultry. The beautiful woman, known to fans around the wrestling world as Sasha Panzer! Ano Doom stops, and looks at the woman - tilting his head to the side. The crowd is in stunned silence as the tension starts to build. Suddenly, the woman’s hand raises and the Machine is beckoned towards her. He pushes the stretcher up the ramp and past the line, effectively winning the match. The woman turns and heads backstage, Ano Doom following after pushing the stretcher, and Dingo Mac over the edge of it. The referee doesn’t get a chance to raise his hand in victory, as the Machine, The Demon Cyborg, has disappeared in pursuit of the woman.*

Daniels: What was that?! What was Sasha Panzer doing out here and why did she beckon Ano Doom? Why did he follow?

Kingmaker: I have no idea, but she seems to hold some type of power over the Machine.

Josh: What is more important here, is that the bigger monster won here. Ano Doom beat the Mad Man from down under, so what is next for the Demon? What is next for Bazza and Dingo Mac?

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 06:39 AM

Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the EWNCW Grand and Intercontinental Championship where if the Sexiest Alpha Males pin Mixed Emotions they win the Intercontinental Championships gold, if the Mexican Nightmares pin Mixed Emotions then they'll win the Grand Championships but if Mixed Emotions pin either team they'll retain both set of titles. Introducing first being accompanied to the ring by Alexis De La Rosa, team of Julio Montoya and Esteban Rodriguez, they are The Mexican Nightmares.

*The 3 comes out together, and slowly makes their way down to the ring, soaking in the crowd reaction. They get on the apron, and the males flip over the ropes, pulling down the second rope at the same time, which allows Alexis to enter before they stand in their corner awaiting their opponents.*

Nick Newman: Hello everyone and welcome to the first of our Brutality matches here tonight, in what will be the last batch of ppv tag team matches here in EWNCW under the Brutality banner!! We've had a hell of a run but tonight, it comes to an end.

Terry Murdock: We've had a blast but tag teaming in EWNCw is about to enter a new era, or rather, go back to a previous era when the teams will go back to being featured on Rage and Inferno!
But back to tonight, and what about The Mexican Nightmares here?

Newman: They could win this, but I don't know if they will. The Sexiest Alpha Males will be on them to make sure they don't end too soon and they fail to recapture the Intercontinental gold.

Murdock: Just like they will be on them to ensure they win the Grand titles.

#The Sexiest Alpha Males# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynfk7izWNE8)

Lily Morgan: and their opponents the team of T-Thunda and Miguel Tenorio, they are The Sexiest Alpha Males.

*Tenorio and Thunda head to the ring, to the squeals and whistles of the women in the crowd, while the males boo them as they enter th ring and take to their corner ready for action.*

Newman: Mixed Emotions will beat these clowns for sure.

Murdock: Those "clowns" happen to have been champions for a reason. They look to be champions again after tonight.


Lily Morgan: and their opponents they are The current reigning and defending EWNCW Grand and Intercontinental Champions, the team of Pride and Sorrow....Mixed Emotions!!!!

*Pride and Sorrow head to the ring, taking their time along the way the fans giving a very mixed reactions as they enter the ring, removing their happy and sad masks before they hand over the titles to the ref, who the Intercontinental titles to Thunda and Tenorio, the Grand titles to Rodriguez and Montoya before the champions look at the titles raised in the air and the match made official.*

Newman: Mixed Emotions is gonna show everyone why they are the future of tag team wrestling the world over.

Murdock: That they do and we're gonna see it, right now.


Mexican Nightmares (Colons; Rodriguez (Carlito) and Montoya (Primo)) vs Sexiest Alpha Males (Legacy; Thunda (DiBiase) and Tenorio (Rhodes)) vs Mixed Emotions (Sorrow (Edge) and Pride (Jericho)
Start at 3:42

Stop at 3:54

*Sorrow makes the blind tag. Rodriguez connects with a Backstabber and tries to cover Thunda but the ref tells him he's not legal. Rodriguez tells the ref to cover but he does, so Rodriguez grabs the ref by the shirt and tells him to make the pin or else. Pride however sees his chance and comes charging with a Big Boot that connects with Rodriguez and almost hits the ref who make the count as Sorrow covers.....1..........2.........- it's Tenorio who breaks up the pin.*

Murdock: Tenorio ensures this match continues. He and Thunda really want those Intercontinental championships back.

*Tenorio helps Thunda to his feet and as he does Montoya enters the ring looking to surprise them with a clothesline but instead gets surprised himself when Tenorio ducks under, puts Montoya in a full nelson position before Thunda comes in to complete the Lil' Jimmy Finale. Sorrow back on his feet. He quickly grabs both members of The Sexiest Alpha Males by the throats and delivers a double Chokeslam. His attention lessened to see Rodriguez also on his feet and he grabs his left arm locks in The South of the Border-Lock from out of nowhere driving Sorrow hard into the mat and Rodriguez tries twisting the arm into a deeper contortion than he has now. Rodriguez is trying to put Sorrow away with ferocity but Sorrow remains strong.*

Newman: That's right. Sorrow will not quit. He knows what's at stake.

*Pride is the one to break Rodriguez's hold by drilling Rodriguez with the Cadenza (Warrior's Way). Sorrow holds him arm in pain before Pride helps him up. They see their challengers. Hurt and groaning in pain, they find the sight before them unbefitting of them so they exit the ring pick up their tag team titles and head up the ramp, the crowd showing their disapproval by booing them as they to the back. The ref unsure of what to do. He looks at the competitors still in the ring begin to stir but are not yet to their feet and be fit to continue. Mixed Emotions are now on the stage, they look towards the ring once more seeing neither The Sexiest Alpha Males or The Mexican Nightmares are still worthy of their in ring work to continue in it and complete their march to the back. The ref having no choice but to declare this match a no contest.*

Lily Morgan: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been declared a No Contest. Therefore still your EWNCW Intercontinental and Grand Champions...Mixed Emotions!!!!!

Newman: I can't believe they did this. I expected more of them.

Murdock: We knew they were full of themselves for sure but this is outrageous. Surely there is a reason for them doing this and I' sure we'll find out later tonight.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 06:44 AM

McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a first blood match. Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan. "Mr. Mayhem" Mike Hawk.

Daniels: We have a first blood match up next between Mike Hawk and Johnny Rose.

Kingmaker: Things are going to get real ugly in this match, blood and gore.

King: Well it has gotten pretty ugly over the last few weeks. Rose and Hawk both took liberties with each other during matches, brass knuckles included. With blood being spilled it was only right that the Hawk choose a brutal match for the two to partake in. He chose a First Blood match, and vowed to make Rose pay.


McManus: And his opponent, from Dallas, Texas. "Jo Ro" Johnny Rose.

Daniels: And out comes rose who kinda got backed into this match.

Kingmaker: I wouldn't say backed into this match, true Hawk made the stipulation, but Rose wants to get his hands on Hawk.

King: And Rose would have went through any match to get to Hawk, now he is out for blood, literally.

(Cena-Rose,Angle-Hawk) Stop at 8:43

Daniels: Hawk hits an impressive side slam but that won't help him draw blood from Rose

Kingmaker: he's gotta get violent

*Hawk out of the ring. He moves the time keeper and steals his chair as he heads back into the ring*

King: He's gotta chair, he must have heard you Pierce.

*Hawk lines up and hits Rose right in the head and knocks him on the ground. The ref checks but Rose is not bleeding*

Daniels: I am surprised that didn't bust him open.

*Hawk lines up and hits Rose again, rose gets his hands up and blocks the chair from hitting him in the head as he goes down. Hawk is getting fustrated now and goes to hit Rose again as he gets up. Rose ducks and Hawk blasts the ref in the face and knocks him out cold.*

King: The ref is down, what's going to happen now?

*Hawk stands over top of the ref in distraught. He turns and eats a rockstar powerbomb from Rose.*

Kingmaker: Rose has the upper hand but he needs to find something to cut Hawk open.

*Rose picks up the chair, stands Hawk up, and blasts hawk in the face with the chair. A trickle of blood can be seen coming out of the side of Hawk's head*

Daniels: This match should be over if the ref wasn't out. GET UP REF!!

*Rose picks up Hawk who thumbs Rose in the eyes. Hawk hits a DDT on Rose on top of the chair. Hawk checks and Rose still hasn't bled. Hawk runs his hands through his hair and notices the blood. He looks around and then suddenly starts to wipe his blood on Rose's forehead. he wipes the rest of the blood off him and he shakes the ref to get him up. The ref notices the blood on Rose and calls for the bell and this one is over*

McManus: Here is your winner, Mike Hawk

Daniels: That's bullshit!!! how the hell can you let him get away with that?

Kingmaker: The ref was out, he didn't see Hawk bleed first therefore Rose lost.

Daniels: But Rose didn't even bleed, that was Hawk's blood that cheat.

King: Although dirty, the ref didn't see Hawk's cut and that means he wins.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 06:51 AM
Josh King: Ladies and Gentlemen, let us bring you to our next match! This match was made rather recently, after a run in with Michael Archangel and Grind Bastard. They put on a stellar match that was interrupted. Grind took offense to that and went on to destroy both Raden and Rain, after the former decided to interfere with Grind’s attack on Rain.

Daniels: Right you are, and what a brutal attack it was. Both men were officially taken off the roster after that attack - their injuries to grievous for the powers that be to confirm a possible return!

Kingmaker: But, let us not forget, that attack came on the heels of Michael coming out to this ring and challenging Grind Bastard to a match here tonight. Now, not only was it a match he challenged Grind Bastard to, it was a Monster’s Ball match!

Daniels: You have to think, that was a very idiotic mistake for Michael to make. I mean, you don’t challenge a high flyer to a jumping contest, you don’t challenge Ronaldo, the World Heavyweight Champion, to a word off- and you certainly don’t challenge a silent monster like Grind Bastard to a damn Monster’s Ball match!

King: You have to give the angel credit though! He is manning up to take on a monster that can be absolutely brutal in his own right!

Kingmaker: Well, there is that.

Jason McManus: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall, and is a MONSTER’S BALL match! Introducing first, from Washington, D.C., Michael Archangel!


*As the music for Michael Archangel plays, the man makes his way out to the stage. The crowd cheers loudly as he stands there for a moment, looking down at the ring. Bits from other matches still lay out there, but he sees none of it. He’s headed into battle with a certified monster, capable of taking out two men down alone. He points to the crowd and makes his way down towards the ring, shaking off the doubt as he slides in.*

Jason McManus: And his opponent, from the Arkham Asylum, GRIND! BASTARD!


*The crowd starts booing immediately as the music hits. The silent man, Grind Bastard, makes his way out to the stage. The crowd is insanely loud; but the monster doesn’t care. The silent creature makes his way down towards the ring, looking directly at Michael Archangel, imagining what is going to happen in this match to his opponent. As he nears the ring, he begins to walk around it - still looking at Michael. He finally makes his way into the ring, looking across at his opponent.*

Daniels: This is going to be tough to watch.

Kingmaker: Yes it will be. The Monster and the Angel. An Epic if I ever saw one.

Grind Bastard(Abyss) vs Michael Archangel(Desmond Wolfe)


(Stop at 4:40 of second video)

*Michael can’t believe it, and neither can the crowd! Grind won’t stay down! Michael won’t stay down! Both men are going through war with each other right now with neither man wanting to lose! If you thought their last match up was one for the ages, this one is blowing it out of the water! Michael gets up and runs the ropes, hitting Grind with a running leg drop, keeping the beast down! He goes for another pin, but Grind kicks out at one! The ring is littered with broken wood, ladders, glass and tacks! Both men show signs of bleeding, but no sign of slowing down! Grind rolls over and gets to his feet, but Michael is there first. Michael immediately goes on the offensive once more, prompting Grind to push him away. Michael stops himself from going through one of the tables set up in the corner, however, as he turns around - Grind blasts him with a big clothesline. The crowd boos loudly as the silent monster looks down at the fallen angel, and then around the ring. Another table is set up in the corner on the other side of the ring, a ladder is standing outside of it. Tacks pepper the mat. The monster turns back to Michael, who is outside of the ring at this point, gasping for air and trying to get to his feet. *

Daniels: Wow, Grind is going all out here! This match is brutal!

Kingmaker: What do you think Josh King? Does Michael stand a chance against the Bastard?

Josh: I do not think so. This match was designed for people like Grind, and he is thriving in it. Michael had the advantage, but Grind was able to easily take it away from him. Michael is fighting an uphill battle, but I do not see how he can overcome a monster like Grind.

*Michael is seen trying to make his way around the ring, as Grind is hot in pursuit. As they get to the side of the ring with the ladder, Grind makes a charge, but Michael sidesteps - pushing the large monster dead into the steel ladder! The object and Grind both fall over, a crumpled heap of steel and man. Michael clambers back into the ring as Grind lays there, almost lifeless. The announcers are in shocked silence as the crowd roars it’s approval. After a long couple of moments, the referee peers out of the ring and see Grind Bastard, face against the floor, pushing himself up with his arms. Ragged breaths escape the monster as he comes to his hands and knees, and then just his knees. Michael is on the far ropes, leaning against them, clutching his chest and catching his breath. As Grind climbs back in the ring, Michael looks at him and then goes on the attack, pummeling him with blows and going for quick pins. Though slow, Grind manages to kick out each time. Michael gets up, but Grind pushes him away, forcing him towards one of the tables. Grind gets up, and attacks Michael with a clothesline, but Michael ducks. Grind turns and tries against, but Michael ducks it and slides his arm around the chest of Grind! Oh God! Michael lands the Savior’s Way STO! Grind crashes through the table, nothing but broken bits of wood between him and the ring! Michael goes for the pin!*



​*The referee stops the count! But why! My God way! The cameras close in and it is revealed, Grind’s hand has grabbed the ropes! Perhaps it was out of desperation! Perhaps it was out of ring awareness! Whatever the case may be, Grind has broken the pin! Michael is visibly upset! The monster won’t stay down! Michael pounds the mat and gets up, blood pouring down his face, pulling Grind to the middle of the ring. He screams get up, almost begging him to get up - waiting, snarling even. The Archangel crouches down and waits, the crowd chanting his name. Grind is beat. He gets to his feet, unaware that Michael is behind him - unaware his end could be near. As he turns around, Michael goes for the Savior’s Way STO again, but Grind blocks it and tosses Michael behind him. Michael comes back for another attempt, but Grind grabs him and elevates him tossing him into the air and behind him. The agile Michael lands on the top rope, legs spread further than normal due to the table in the way. Grind quickly turns around and drills him in the back. Grind exit’s the ring and climbs on the apron. He hits Michael once more, putting the man in a precarious position. Grind makes his way to the top rope, pulling Michael between his legs, and lifts him up! No. It can’t be! THE ULTRAKRUSHER! Grind gets a sick look in his eyes, as he hit’s the Package piledriver off the top rope and through the table!*


Kingmaker: My God! The monster just put Michael through the table with the Ultrakrusher! Michael is out! Michael it out!

Daniels: ….

*Grind goes for the pin, the referee in a state of stunned shock as he falls to the ground and begins the count.*



*Grind stands up, staggering just a bit as the referee lifts his arm in victory. He points to all the carnage around the ring, and then to his crushed opponent. His back is riddled with tacks, and the like but he ignores them. He points to the titantron as he begins to leave; the titantron becoming alight with - “Welcome to the Age of Grind Bastard.”*

Daniels: What did we just witness? This carnage… all the blood.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 06:54 AM
*The camera shows that we're in Cleverlys office and he seems to be on the phone. After a few seconds of hearing only 1 side of the call, Van HX walks into the office without even knocking and the audience in attendance can be heard boo'ing. Cleverly looks up at him and pretty much realises why he is in his office.*

Cleverly: Let me call you back in a bit. *He puts the phone down* So what can I d--

Van: I'm going to get straight down to business here. That ladder match, you need me in it. So I'm here to politely ask you to put the 6th man into this match.

Cleverly: Now why would I do that though? Van, I have given you more opportunities then probably this whole roster combined. I literally couldn't put you in this match even if I wanted too...

*Van looks like he's close to losing it as he can see his even tiny hopes of being Ignition champion going up in flames.*

Cleverly: Look, I don't really see what you honestly expect me to say here. You had your fair shot against Kyojin and you lost. I gave you a second chance against Cage and you were to focused on Kyojin and then I gave you a 3rd chance and you were woo'ing with Ric Flair! Why in gods name such I give you automatic entrance to a ladder match you don't seemed focused for!?

Van: Listen, I'll admit compared to everywhere else I've ever entered that I'm struggle here more than anywhere else. I'll even admit I've lost my drive thanks to running into Kyojin and someone as successful as Flair. But I am Van Hooligan X! The Vanity himself! Since that loss I have found my drive that I have used everywhere else and I am going to show you that a reason I am so damn successful is because I find a way, regardless of difficulty and become successful in EWNCW as well! My fortune will change tonight!

If you do put me in that match tonight, I will show you just how insane I can really be and lets face it. 6 wrestlers are better than 5, especially someone like me who is universally hated by the wrestlers and the audience.

I'll make you a deal Clev. Put me in this match and I will happily sacrifice something of equivalent exchange. Regardless of what it is, I'll let you decide. Then everyone is happy and the rest of the roster can't bitch about special treatment either.

Cleverly: Never call me Clev please... But you want me to make a with the devil?

Van: Aww shucks you'll make me blush Clevy, you get the jist though.

Cleverly: Anything of equivalent exchange, hmm? I could hold you to a couple of favours in the future, or maybe trade you if you fail and get someone amazing from the other shows.

No, how about this? Van, in exchange for you being in this. If you fail to get the job done again...You don't get another shot at the Ignition championship until after Destiny's Calling and I don't see you in here complaining if you do fail. Sound good?

*Van has a massive arrogant smirk painted on his face and shakes Cleverlys hand*

Van: Pleasure doing business with you. Time to make history!

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 07:02 AM

McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Cage match. Introducing first, from The Woods of Mississippi, KJ Punk.

Daniels: Up next is a steel cage match between KJ Punk and Antonyo Angelo.

King: KJ and Angelo have been going at each other's throats for weeks! Angelo revealed his intentions, and they weren't on the Ignition title! It was taking KJ out for good. KJ responded in the weeks following, ultimately demanding a cage match!

Kingmaker: I hope he is ready because he will be locked in with Angelo and no place to go.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZ9lhoo8fZo&amp;amp;feature=player_detailpage# t=51

McManus: And his opponent, from Italy, "The Italian Stallion" Antonyo Angelo.

Daniels: Out comes Angelo who has been on a tear here in EWNCW. Mainly coming after KJ

Kingmaker: He has been a thorn in KJ's side but I think KJ will get the upper hand here tonight.

(Cena-Punk,Riley-Angelo) stop at 10:14

*Punk and Angelo go back and forth on the ropes. Angelo gets the upper hand but Punk counters and trips Angelo's feet, causing him to fall on the top rope. Punk is almost at the top but Angelo regains his step and grabs his foot and pulls KJ back down. Angelo gets ahold of Punk and hits a Caesar Slam. Both men are laying on the ground. Angelo slowly crawls to the door. Punk right on him. Angelo is half way out but Punk grabs his foot. He starts to pull him back in and shuts the door. Angelo gets up as Punk hits a rolling elbow. Punk falls to his knee, regains composure and starts to climb in the corner. Punk gets up and trips Punk's feet. Punk is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Angelo grabs Punk and hits an emperors cutter on him that lays him out cold. Angelo gets up and crawls out of the door and this one is over.*

McManus: Here is your winner, Antonyo Angelo

Daniels: That match could have went either way but Angelo had Punk's number in the end.

King: Makes you think if Punk can come back from that.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 11:13 AM
*The ring is set up with several ladders surrounding it, and the Rage Ignition Championship hanging high above it.*

Bod Daniels: So here next we have the Rage Ignition Championship ladder match!! The Blue Flash enters as champ, but there's no telling who exits with that title!

Josh King: I think Flash's made a bad call in making this match a ladder match, esspecially since there's 5 other contenders going to be in it too.

Pierce Kingmaker: That's right, originally a 5 man match, I'm very glad that Cleverly accepted Van Hooligan X's final plea to let him into this match, he deserves it!

King: Deserves it? He's lost 3 weeks on the bounce on Rage trying to qualify for the damn match!!

Daniels: And Cleverly's given him an ultimatum here; if Van doesn't win, he's not getting another shot at that title until after our biggest ppv event of the year: Destiny's Calling. And that would be a long time for Van to have to wait. So a lot rising on this match for him.

Jason McManus: The following is a 6 man ladder match, and will be contested for the Rage Ignition Championship!!

#Reiko# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1xXYeNrW9k)

McManus: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Ric Flair, Reiko!!

Kingmaker: This clown has no chance. I agree with Bodom's thoughts; why does Flair waste his time with this buffoon?

#Malcom Cage# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&amp;v=1dbREJbr_Bw[/video])

McMnaus: And his opponent, from Okland California, Malcom Cage!!

King: Now Malcom Cage is a tough cookie. He has a good balance in his move set, and he's a focused individual. All the traits you need to win a match like this.

#Kyojin# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67m9E6uDgxs&feature=player_embedded)

McManus: And their opponent, from Nagasaki, but fighting out of Chicago, 'The Master of True Wrestling', Kyojin!!

Daniels: Kyojin qualified for this match nearly as soon as it was announced. He also pushed Flash and cage hard in a triple threat match and beat Cage last week. I think he's got to be the favorite to perhaps win this match!

#Van Hooligan X# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2eHh4GcJMQ&feature=player_embedded)

McManus: And their opponent, from Leeds England, Van Hooligan X!!

Kingmaker: I'm so glad that this man is in here tonight!! What a story if he wins it!! What a triumph that would be for the sport of wrestling!!

Daniels: He's damn lucky to be here, but he's here. And he has an equal chance at that title.


McManus: And their opponent, from the Justice League, he is the Rage Ignition Champion, 'Protector of the EWNCW Universe', The Blue Flash!!

King: And here's my favorite in this match!! Flash is used to beating the odds, he's used to defeating adversaries!! This is perfect for him!! Flash knows how to fly around that ring better than anybody, and coming off those ladders, he'll win this!!

Daniels: Well, time to find out who wins! Time to take things to the ring!!

The Blue Flash (Christian) vs Kyojin(Jericho) vs Van Hooligan X(Edge) vs Darren Bull(Benoit) vs Malcom Cage(Benjamin) vs Reiko(Kane)
(Start 3:30 End 18:10 , Ignore Tomko)


Daniels: My god!! Bull is one crazy son of a bitch!! He busted himself wide open on that impact!!

Kingmaker: Just imagine the pain Reiko must be feeling right now! My god that was amazing!

King: All men are down right now, but the champ is finally getting back to his feet right by us here at ring side and Kyojin is as well.

Flash pulls himself to his feet while Kyojin gets to his. The two men look into the ring to see the bloodied Bull and Reiko lying motionless in the ring, and then look back to each other. Both men slide into the ring at the same time and each go for the same ladder and a tug-o-war type challenge begins between the two men. Flash pulls for all he is worth but Kyojin holds his ground and tugs back with his side of the ladder. Flash then pushes the ladder at Kyojin, trapping Kyojin between the ladder and the turnbuckle!

Flash then quickly drops his side of the ladder, making a sort of ramp between him and Kyojin with the aid of the turnbuckle, and then he runs up the ladder and dives at Kyojin, connecting with a swift knee to the side of Kyojin's head! The ladder falls to the mat and Flash sets Kyojin up for a bulldog, looking right at the ladder. Flash runs towards the ladder and is about to plant Kyojin onto it, but Kyojin lifts Flash into the air and slams him back first down onto the ladder hard!!

Daniels: The champ is down! That impact did NOT sound good! That could break your back!

Kingmaker: Well that is one of the risks of being in this business! If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!

King: Kyojin now needs to set that ladder up, climb the steel and retrieve the championship in order to win!

Kyojin stalks Flash as he slowly gets up to a single knee, and then Kyojin bounces off of the middle rope...

King: Truth Hurts!

Kyojin nails Flash hard with a nasty kick to the head! Kyojin then rolls Flash out of the ring, and then picks up the ladder and sets it up in the center of the ring. Kyojin begins to ascend the ladder slowly, his eyes on the prize the whole way up. About half way up the ladder, Malcolm Cage climbs on to one of the turnbuckles from the outside and perches at the top waiting for Kyojin to get higher up. Once Kyojin gets higher and reaches for the belt, Cage dives from the top rope, lands on the other side of the ladder where Kyojin is and the two men start to hit each other with hard blows!

Cage then grabs Kyojin by the hair and bashes his face down onto the ladder. Once Kyojin is dazed, Cage uses his foot and kicks Kyojin from the top of the ladder, sending him down onto the ropes hard. Cage reaches up for the championship, but Bull slides into the ring behind Cage with a chair in hand and smashes the chair across Cage's back!

Daniels: Bull is back in this match and he brought some help!

Kingmaker: In the form of a chair! Why does he need it?!

King: It’s all legal in this match ... And now Reiko and Van are going at it on the outside!

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 11:14 AM
Van has a small ladder in his hands and he swings it at Reiko but Reiko avoids the shot and kicks Van in the gut. Reiko then hits an uppercut to the ladder, knocking it into Van's face! Van stumbles back a bit, but then charges Reiko with the ladder and knocks him down with it! Van leans the ladder against the ring and watches as Bull pulls Cage down from the ladder and nails him with a swift super kick and then the Caged Aggression!

Daniels: Van Hooligan is only in the match because he begged his way in!

Kingmaker: He earned his shot, Daniels! He has more on the line than anyone else!

King: I wouldn't say that but if Van doesn't win here tonight, he doesn't get another shot at the title until after Destiny's Calling!

Flash is back in the ring and climbs the ladder while Bull makes his way to the top as well. The two men reach the top and Flash kicks Bull in the head, nearly knocking him down. Flash then slowly climbs onto Bull's side of the ladder and jumps onto Bull and throws himself and Bull down to the mat with a HUGE Blue Moon Knee from the top of the ladder!!

Van takes advantage and sprints up his ladder leaning against the ropes and dives onto the ladder in the center of the ring! Van grabs the championship but Kyojin is back up and starts to climb up the ladder with Van!

Van hits Kyojin with a few hard right hands, but Kyojin hits a stiff elbow to Van's chin. Van then pokes Kyojin in the eyes and reaches for the championship, but Reiko is in the ring and starts to push the ladder down! Van grabs the championship and pulls himself up the rope holding the championship as Kyojin falls towards Reiko who catches Kyojin with a Final Twist!!!!

Daniels: I've never seen anything like that!! Reiko caught Kyojin with his signature neck breaker ... Wait, what the hell!! Van Hooligan CLIMBED the rope and is just barely holding himself ABOVE the championship!

Van uses his foot to pull the championship up to him and he starts to laugh as he begins to unhook the championship! Van gets the title from the hook and wins the match!

Daniels: By god he has done it!! Van Hooligan X has just become the new Rage Ignition Champion!! He had his back against the wall with that stipulation and he's done it!!

Kingmaker: I told you!! This is the start of the VHX era of EWNCW!! That Ignition title is going to mean something now!!

King: You have to hand it to him for pulling it off, but what sort of champion do we now have? Flash was a champion of the goodness of the people, I have doubts whether Van will be that same symbol.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 11:22 AM
Daniels: Josh, Pierce, it is time for the Inferno Ignition match. Kingmaker, care to set it up for us?

Kingmaker: Indeed. Following Bred for Combat, Andy Cannon was still the Ignition champion of Inferno. At the top of the show, Staples made several announcements, one of which was there would be a tournament to determine the number one contender for Cannon’s title. This included people like Dingo Mac, AJ Dixon, DJ Williams, KJ Punk, and others.

Josh: Throughout the tournament, we saw DJ Williams and AJ Dixon fight tooth and nail through each competitor they were pitted against under they were the final two, ultimately, however, AJ Dixon was able to walk away with the W, and the chance to face Andy Cannon here tonight.

Daniels: Not only that, but it will be a Falls Count anywhere match! It could literally end in the ring, on the announce table, out in the streets, hell - if they can manage it, they can fight all the way to Mexico!

Josh: Yes they can, Daniels! Yes they can.

Kingmaker: Well, while you two talk about impossibilities, I’ll continue. All throughout, whenever AJ Dixon had a chance, he would send shots at everyone, especially the Champion, but now he is going to have to put up, or shut up, because Andy Cannon is not going to take him lightly, and nor should he! AJ Dixon has proven to be a great competitor in ring and he is going to want to prove that tonight.

Daniels: Well, if that is the case, let us get straight into this match!

Jason: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is a Falls Count Anywhere match scheduled for one fall, and is for the Inferno Ignition Championship. Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia, Primetime, AJ DIXON!


Natural Born Killaz starts playing through the loud speakers and all the lights go out. A spotlight shines on the ramp entrance and as the music intro turns into words, into the spotlight jumps Primetime AJ Dixon with an explosion, literally. Pyrotechnics go off on the stage and AJ enters his spotlight with a bang.

Doning his usual wrestling attire, he is also wearing a large, long fur coat and some nice, fresh Armani sunglasses. Dixon starts walking down the ramp, yelling at all the booing fans in the crowd...

Dixon: Don't hate the PLAYA! Hate the game!

Dixon proceeds down the ramp in Primetime fashion where he approaches the ring. He swags on over to the stairs where he removes his coat in one swift pop and roll of his shoulders. He climbs the stairs and high steps along the apron before reaching the ring post on the opposite side. He ascends the ring post.

At the top he takes a deep breath, exhales, and smiles as he removes his glasses, nodding in acceptance of the heat he is racking in. He opens his arms, embracing the crowds rain of boos. He takes one last look around before he jumps into the ring and starts to hand his before deciding not to and places them down on the ground himself.

Jason: And his opponent, from Greensboro, North Carolina, the Inferno Ignition Champion, ANDY! CANNON!


As Andy Cannon's music hits he emerges on the stage to a chorus of cheers with his Inferno Ignition Championship strapped proudly around his waist. He's wearing his new "I'm a wrestler. It's what I do." t-shirt & blue jeans instead of his typical wrestling tights. He stands at the top of the ramp soaking in the love from the crowd as he smiles. He makes his way to the ring, removing his t-shirt & handing it to a young man at ringside who is clearly mentally challenged. He grabs a mic & makes his way into the ring. Cannon unstraps the title & hoists it over his head as he stands on the second rope in a corner. He turns & sits on turnbuckle and prepares to speak.

Cannon: Alright "Primetime", I've heard it ever since the Number 1 Contender tournament began & now you've got your shot. You & me 1-on-1; may the best man win. Enjoy your last few minutes of freedom because when that bell rings, your ass is mine! (He tosses the mic & hands the ref the belt)

Cannon(Cena) vs. Dixon(Del Rio)

(Stop at 10:25)

*Dixon looks down at Cannon, and starts to trash talk him; letting him know exactly who was going to be taking his title from him. He begins stomping and kicking them, sending him up the ramp. The crowd boos loudly at these events while AJ Dixon eggs them on. At the top of the ramp, AJ turns around, and spreads his arm, soaking in the boos. A smirk comes across his face as he turns around to continue his vicious assault on the Inferno Ignition champion. He leans down and grabs the head of Cannon, dragging him around the stage. He pulls him to his feet and hits him with a scoop slam on the hard steel of the stage. An audible yelp can be heard from Cannon as he grimaces in pain. AJ goes for the cover, but can only get a two count. He slides off the stage, and pulls Cannon so only half of his upper body is hanging off the steel stage. He looks at the crowd and mocks them before turning back to the man his true focus is on. He lines Cannon up and hits him with a elbow to the chest. He lines him up once more and hits him with another one. Cannon can be seen sliding off, but AJ catches his head, lifting him up and cradling it. He can be lip read as saying, “No, no, no. No, you do not get to go down that easy, champ.” He smirks and rakes Cannon across the eyes, catching Cannon to twist in pain, though he is unable to go anywhere. AJ moves back and kneels down, ready for a strike.*

Josh: What is he queuing up to do?

Daniels: I have no idea!

*Aj rushes forward, aiming to drill Cannon with a running knee! Cannon moves away at the last second, causing Dixon to ram his knee, full momentum into the ramp. Dixon falls to the ground, holding his leg and writhing in pain. Cannon rolls over and sees Dixon down, holding his knee. He makes it to his feet and slightly stumbles towards him, hopping off the ramp and driving his foot into the chest and stomach of Dixon. He changes targets and begins stomping away at the knee, forcing Dixon to back into a corner to try and minimize the target area! The crowd cheers Cannon on during his attack on Dixon’s knee. He stops and looks back at them, soaking in their approval. He starts to get pumped, and pulls Dixon to his feet, hitting him with a big spinning Spinebuster, a three hundred sixty degree rotation. Cannon falls back and Dixon lays there visibly hurt! The crowd starts to chant for them, and Cannon goes for the pin.....

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 11:23 AM
.....It doesn’t fly, and Dixon kicks out at the count of two and a half. Cannon slaps the steel stage. He picks Dixon up and begins rolling him up on the stage. Before Cannon can get up there, Dixon makes a beeline for the backstage area, hobbling along the way. The crowd boos loudly, but Cannon gives them a gesture, assuring them he’s going to win the match. He goes to the back, and is attacked with a heavy metal box. Cannon is thrust into one of the walls, pinned there by AJ Dixon’s new weapon! Dixon looks on at Cannon as he struggles to get free but can’t push the box and Dixon away. Dixon climbs on top of the box, and hobbles towards Cannon, hitting him with a weaker running knee. Cannon’s head ricochets off the wall and he slumps over.*

Kingmaker: wow, that was a brutal shot! Can Cannon recover?

*AJ hops off the perch and pushes the box away, letting it roll as Cannon falls to the ground. Dixon goes for the pin.*



*Cannon kicks out and AJ immediately hits him with forearms. He picks him up and forces him further back. Dixon still hobbles, giving Cannon time to grab things and push them in Dixon’s way. This also has the effect of slowing down the cameramen. The audience can see the scene of Cannon and Dixon going around a corner. The cameras struggle to keep up.*


*The cameras look around for them, before hearing some skirmishes. The cameras hustle around the corner to see Dixon being charged over a concession stand. Cannon and AJ fall behind it, the cameramen hustling to get close. As he gets closer he can see Cannon coming up and slamming AJ with a utensil holder. AJ comes up next and goes back down hitting Cannon with a cool fry basket. Fries fly in the air, so do spoons and forks. The crowd of people in the concession stands and around it start chanting for the two men. Cannon comes from over the counter with a visible pattern on his cheek. He pushes the camera man out of the way as he comes down. The crowd claps loudly, but sees Dixon climb up on the counter. He immediately jumps off and attempts a bulldog, but Cannon moves out of the way and pushes him. Dixon comes down, and grips his leg. Cannon grabs him and pulls him back by his arm, scooping him onto his shoulder. He turns around and the crowd chants for the Cradle Shock. Cannon hoists Dixon up, and drills him with the Cradle Shock, right on the counter itself. He pulls Dixon to the ground and pins him.*




Daniels: A huge Cradle Shock to pick up the Falls Count Anywhere victory! That’s huge for Cannon, and Dixon, who is new here to Inferno, proved his mettle!

Kingmaker: Andy Cannon is proving to be a dominant champion, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has his eyes set on the International Title to hold add on to his already impressive Inferno Ignition Title reign.

*Cannon can barely stand up, Dixon is moving around on the ground. As Cannon celebrates, he doesn’t realize DJ Williams is stalking through the halls looking for them, after watching the match on TV. Rosita can be heard egging him on. Cannon drops to a knee, as he clutches his title. DJ Williams pushes through the crowd and kneels beside Cannon, telling him to get ready because he’s about to cash in. Dixon uses someone in the crowd to pull himself up and sees what’s going on! DJ pulls himself to an erect position to and looks for a referee. As he is handing the referee the briefcase, Dixon slaps it out of DJ and the Referee’s hand. DJ and AJ start to have a back and forth shouting match, ending when Dixon hit’s a big Mug Shot, a jumping reverse STO, on DJ causing his head to crash into the briefcase. Cannon pushes AJ, and AJ walks off; Rosita kneels down, talking in Spanglish to DJ, and shouting pure Spanish at AJ. Cannon kneels down to check on him.*

Josh: Woah, I wonder what that was all about? Why didn’t AJ let DJ cash it in?

Kingmaker: I don’t know, but AJ seemed pissed about it. Doing all the work like a work horse, and DJ trying to take the credit.

Daniels: We’ll have to find out!

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 11:28 AM
Daniels: Ladies and Gentlemen are next match is a parking lot brawl between Seth Ferrell and Luke Jameson.

Kingmaker: This Feud has gone on for so long.

Daniels: You're telling me

King: Indeed. They had a match at Bred For Combat that saw Luke Jameson pull out a win against Seth Ferrell. During a match between the two that following Inferno, Seth low blowed Jameson to get the win. Luke returned the favor by distracting Seth the next week, leading his soon to be opponent to a loss. As Luke was headed to his car, Seth Ferrell attacked him from behind, prompting Luke to challenge for, and get granted, a Parking Lot Brawl match with Ferrell. To cap it off, he attacked Ferrell in the parking lot when Seth was attempting to leave.

Daniels: A very heated feud. Well I am told both men are in the parking lot, let's go back there.

(Cena-Jameson,JBL-Ferrell) stop at 9:09


Kingmaker: his shoulder may be seperated. This is not good for Luke

King: If Ferrell is smart, he'd get his ass down there and pin him and end this.

Kingmaker: You kidding? Jameson is hurt, Ferrell will have his way with him.

*Ferrell grabs a chair and begins slamming Jameson's should with it. Jameson screams in pain after each shot. Ferrell throws the chair down and goes for a pin*




*Jameson kicks out but writhes in pain because of his shoulder. Ferrell grabs his arm and starts cranking Jameson's bad arm. You can see the pain in Jameson's eyes. Ferrell goes for another cover.*




*Jameson kicks out again and Ferrell has a disgust face. He grabs Jameson by the arm and picks him off the car. He turns Jameson and sets him up for a capture suplex. Jameson throws headbutts and breaks free, he begins to punch Ferrell until Ferrell smacks Jameson in the shoulder. He slams into the passenger door writhing in pain. Ferrell goes to clothesline Jameson against the car. Jameson ducks and moves away from the door, Ferrell turns around and Jameson hits a size 13(Big Boot) that smashes Ferrell's head through the window. Ferrell falls to ground and is out. Jameson goes for the cover.*




McManus: Here is your winner, Luke Jameson.

Daniels: Although he looks badly beaten, Luke comes out of this the winner.

Kingmaker: He got his ass kicked, make no mistake about it, but he thrived and survived and came out on top.

King: He was down and out for a while, his shoulder being slammed into the windshield and then wretched by Ferrell. However, one quick counter and he sent Ferrell's head through the window. Impressive win by Jameson.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 11:39 AM

*Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first the team of Grind Bastard and William Carlin, they are....The Jesting Madness!!!*

*Carlin and Grind appear in stage to a mass of boos. They dismiss the crowd as they enter the ring intent of hurting Hot Wasabi*

Newman: I have no doubt they are put Hot Wasabi in the hospital after tonight.

Murdock: Hot Wasabi will looking to do the same, so let's not get ahead of ourselves


Lily Morgan: and their opponents the team of Malcolm Adonis and Kyojin, they are Hot Wasabi!!!

*Adonis is out first and is rubbing oil on his chest while Kyojin, who is out shortly after Adonis, simply facepalms before heading to the ring. They are now in the ring and look set to face Jesting Madness.*

Newman: They got no chance, can't you see they even stand each other?

Murdock: They get the job done. That's all that matters.

Jesting Madness (Kane and Taker) vs Hot Wasabi (Edge and Christian) (Ignore Dudleyz)

Start at 3:58 - Stop at 7:30

*Adonis (Edge) breaks up pinfall by Grind (Kane) on Kyojin (Edge) saving the match.*

Newman: This match should've been over right then and there.

Murdock: Adonis disagrees and has allowed this match to continue.[/b]

*Adonis forces Grind Bastard to his feet and begins to hit Grind with hard rights and lefts before Carlin comes in and start to punch Adonis while a recovered Kyojin now begins to mount a comeback as he starts punching away at Carlin. All four trade shots simultaneously....*


Murdock: What a tradeoff, not one of these refuse to back down.

*The ref tries to intervene and fails miserably before giving a warning that should they not stop, the match will be declared a no contest and with neither team wanting that. They case momentarily before Adonis beheads Carlin and Grind does the same to Kyojin now meeting face to face in the center of the ring.*

Newman: This ought to be good.

*Grind shoves Adonis back before wiping his hands against his attire since Adonis' oil has rubbed off on them, Adonis looks down at his oilless chest and looks towards the crowd, the women in awe of what has happened before Adonis delivers a low dropkick that forces Grind to his knees and we see the travel size bottle of oil Adonis carries come out as he stands up to face Grind. Grind looks up and swats the bottle away from Adonis and Adonis is irate.*

Newman: Uh oh, I think that might've been a mistake.

Murdock: I think so too.

*Adonis steps over Grind and plants him with a Reverse DDT. He picks up Grind with a lot of strength and out of sheer power and determination lifts Grind and delivers big spinebuster before he signals for the Adonis Elbow, only to be caught off guard by Carlin who lock in and completes the Chaos Theory Rolling Suplex and bridges his back to start the pinfall......1................2..........- Kyojin breaks the count by falling right on via The Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault) hooking the leg and he goes for the pinfall......1..........2.............- Grind breaks up the pin.*

Newman: Whew, that might've been over right there if not for Grind Bastard.

*Grind is up and has Kyojin in his grasp. He has a look in his eyes, bewildered one might say, as he sets up Kyojin for and plants him with a Skullkrusher (Package Piledriver) maintaining the hold and goes for the win........1.............2..........- Adonis now saves the match. Adonis and Grind now square off once again, Adonis poking Grind's chest yelling about his oil but Grind shrugs it off and punts him in the gut before going for the Widowmaker. Adonis tries to fight out of it but Grind has it in tight and toys with Adonis walking around with him on his back.*

Murdock: He wants to savor this moment and may pay the price for it.

*Kyojin is up and sees his partner in need of help but sees Carlin is getting on his feet as well. He chooses to save Adonis by leaping off the ropes and connects with The Truth Hurts (Beautiful Disaster) solidly on Grind's jaw forcing his grip on Adonis to break and Adonis is free but only momentarily as Carlin once catches him off guard with Chaos Theory Rolling Suplex but does not bridge this time instead he picks himself up and now receives a Yakuza Kick by Kyojin, Carlin falls as Kyojin goes up top. He signals for The Rising Sun but it would seem Carlin was playing possum and leaps towards the top rope in a single bound before he delivers a huge exploder belly to belly suplex off the top rope!!!!*

Murdock: Holy shit!!!

Newman: I know!!! Jesting Madness has this in the bag, now go for the kill Carlin![/b]

*Kyojin's fall was bad but Carlin shows no mercy and now has the Cattle Mutilation locked in. Kyojin has nowhere to go and his partner is down. Kyojin fights as long as he can but the pain is too much after about 27 seconds and he taps.*

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners......The Jesting Madness.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 11:49 AM
*The camera cuts backstage where Eddie Juarez is shown in the locker room. Jonathan Sanchez walks in and approaches him.*

Jonathan Sanchez: Eddie! Eddie, just wondering if we could have a few words?

Eddie Juarez: Of course esse, shoot.

Jonathan Sanchez: Well we heard moments ago that you will go one-on-one with Mark Dimension tonight for the EWNCW Evolution Championship in a Texas Bull Rope Match. What’s going through your mind preparing for this match?

Eddie Juarez: What are my thoughts? My thoughts are this- Mark Dimension is going to lose that Evolution Championship homes! You see Jonathan, for far too long, the G.O.D has been making this company quake in their boots. He’s rampaged through every single person he’s come against. But tonight, all of that changes when he goes one-on-one with The Most Dangerous Man in the World.

And I’m not here to go lightly. I’m here to do what I do best, I’m here to kick ass. Tonight, Mark Dimension is stepping into my territory, and I’m going to use everything and anything I can to make sure he knows it. Tonight, I start by kicking Mark Dimension’s ass and taking that Evolution Championship.

*The fans in the arena cheer loudly as Juarez smiles.*

Jonathan Sanchez: What is it against Dimension that you have Eddie?

Eddie Juarez: It’s not so much Dimension. But I see a lot of people like him. The big man who thinks he can take on anybody and stop them. The big dog. But something Dimension has to learn is that there is ALWAYS a bigger dog. Tonight esse, live at In Violence We Trust. We’ll see whose bite matches their bark.

But no, it’s more about one thing. It’s about that Evolution Championship. It signifies change, a new entity. Evolving is something that everybody must do at some point in their career or they get boring. I’m the prime example of that. I stand here before you showing respect to you, showing respect to those people.

Two months ago, I would have threatened you and tried to intimidate you. I evolved into a better person, into a better competitor. That title is all I need to signify it.

*The fans cheer once again.*

Jonathan Sanchez: This is your first EWNCW PPV Eddie, what’s it feel like being here?

Eddie Juarez: It’s great homes! I mean, throughout your career, you can go to different places. A lot of guys are in a lot of places. If you make it in IWA and are considered a legend there, some people might find that to be content. If you make it in IWA and JBW, you may be very happy with that. If you make it in IWA, JBW and TWE, a lot of guys would be proud of that career.

All of those guys shouldn’t be.

*The fans cheer loudly once again.*

Eddie Juarez: This is the original fed. These are the big leagues. Everybody who is anybody knows they have to come here to make a legacy a legacy. Look at Jman, he’s a two time world champion in JBW & HWA, but he knew he had to come here to do better. The list continues, K-Jammin, TDA, Chris Divine, Van Hooligan X, Kyojin, Antonyo Angelo, Luke Jameson, KJ Punk, Kayden James. The list goes on and on and on.

If you make it here, you know you have made it. That’s why I’m here esse. I’m here to cement a legacy and prove that I can walk the walk with the biggest names in this business.

*Another loud cheer.*

Jonathan Sanchez: Just one final question, there is rumour of an impending return from Ryan ‘The Freak’ Wells- if he were to return, you have to admit he’d have a shot at the Evolution Championship, a title you could very well win tonight. Do you have a message for him?

Eddie Juarez: Do a have a message for Wells? Bring it on. He’s a good competitor, and I meant it when I said on Rage that he has all the credentials to make it at the top. When he returns, I plan on being the Evolution Champion. Juarez vs. Wells will bring down any arena. That’s when Dimension is out of the way.

And speaking of Dimension.

*Juarez grabs the microphone from Sanchez and pulls the camera so he’s the only man in shot.*

Eddie Juarez: Listen hombre, what happened on Rage, that’s NOTHING as to what you can expect tonight. Enjoy your time with that title esse, because later on tonight, I’m taking it from you. You’ll be another step on my way to greatness.


*The fans in the arena chant ‘Remember The Name!’ but Eddie stops and smiles, before whispering into the camera.*

Juarez: Remember the name.

*Juarez walks off screen to a massive cheer as we return to ringside.*

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 11:58 AM
The lights go off section by section in the arena. The crowd is losing minds in the anticipation of what’s to come next. Finally,


(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E-MtJBAZvw)As the static fades, a bunch of highlights begin playing with this music in the background as the arena lights begin flashing all over with the video montage…
(Dropkick Murphys “Shipping Up To Boston (http://http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-64CaD8GXw)”)

The crowd begins chanting the name of the man in the video. The highlights show serious moves, signature moves and his finishing move a few times to different people as it fades into static again…

Daniels: My God! It's him! He's here!


The static ends again as more video highlights begin playing with another song this time…

(Blink 182 “Natives (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWDkIjdHuQg)”)

The video shows a bunch of highflying moves, the man in the video smiling and having fun in the ring and around various arenas. Slowly the static comes back…


Now another video begins, with a third song…

(Protest The Hero “Sequoia Throne (http://http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVWsiz65au0)”)

This video shows a more sinister take of the same man. Vicious matches and blood abound. The crowd is eating this up as lights flash still everywhere in the arena. The static comes back…

Kingmaker: The man - the legend - he's coming! He's coming!


As the static fades, yet another song begins playing in the background to a new set of videos…

(A Day To Remember “2nd Sucks (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSPsrvnYbMg)”)

Gestures, villainous acts, and various other mean things are being shown in this video montage. Including the man in the video knocking various cups out of people’s hands. Including kids. People begin booing loudly as a smaller minority are cheering. Finally, static hits as the arena goes dark again…


(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E-MtJBAZvw)As another video begins playing to a new montage…


(Asking Alexandria “Welcome (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V32Q2n7TUfg)”)

This one shows the downfalls. Losing Championship chances, losing friends, losing fans, turning on everyone close. This video is about a man torn. At the end of the video these four images flash together before…





The arena goes pitch black after the last image is shown. The crowd chants are now at a fever pitch from the career retrospective we just saw of…


The lights begin flashing wildly as a new song is being blasted through the arena speakers…

(Protest The Hero “Palms Read (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzDWP-0o3nA)”)

The crowd chants louder than before when a spotlight appears on stage. Finally, a man comes from the back. He holds his arms up and he puts his left arm behind his back and pulls out his kendo stick from his hoodie. The trademark sleeveless purple hoodie is up and Artemis’s head is down. He leans against the kendo stick and throws his head back and arms up into the air again. His arms held high as he motions towards the crowd to keep showing support.

He looks around the arena and starts walking to the ring. He gets onto the ringside barricade and walks it from beginning, around the ring and announce booth, around the other side of the ring and then to the ring steps. He throws his arms up again and jumps from barricade to steps. He goes through the middle rope and stands in the center of the ring for a while before moving. The cheers astound even him.

He pulls out a mic and goes to sit on the top turnbuckle. He taps the kendo stick onto the head to see if it works as it reverbs throughout the arena.

Artemis begins laughing and bangs his head. He puts the mic to his mouth…

​Artemis: Heh, sorry about that. I really wanted my first words to be profound and amazing but I’m apologizing for almost ruining everyone’s eardrums. Way to go, me. But, on another note… I noticed all the cheers happening for me. I wonder, do you know who I am? Do you know what I am capable of? I know you have to know so that makes me wonder something else…

Are you THAT starved for new talent here in EWNCW? I mean… everyone must be wondering why I’m here. I know I’ve been asked by a couple close and personal friends why I decided to come here. Truth is, I’m a competitor. I need this. I need to be in a ring. I don’t fucking care which one. The only loyalty I have is to people. NOT entities. I represent myself at the end of the day and I want what I want.

I will say something though… you have a lot of guys here I want to go against. I mean, I’ll beat them all of course. But, I still want to face them. And I plan on something else… I will become the EWNCW Champion. Sooner rather than later of course… truth be told, I want a Championship sooner than that. I know I’ll have to go through the ringers and all that stupid nonsensical motivational shit.

But, Inferno is where my home will be here in EWNCW and I want you all to tune in this week because my debut match will be on that show. No, I don’t have an opponent yet but that’s also because I was allowed to pick them and I just haven’t yet….

Artemis stops and looks around.

Artemis: What? You act as if I’m supposed to be wrestling now or something. Well, I’m not. I was basically told that my services weren’t needed tonight in the ring. Staring off on a great foot here, right? I guess they wanted to give me a mic first to see what I do here before they decide on a push or lack thereof so to say. Basically to recap… me being out here tonight accomplishes just a few things but the things that it does accomplish are this:

1.) I have established myself to the over bearing alpha mutts in the back. Not to be confused with Gabriel Xander of course. Start pounding your chests now ape kings. Claim your spots if you can because you never know when they’ll be mine.

2.) You all know my agenda. I’m not here to make friends. I’m not here to be the most liked. Cheer me, boo me… do whatever the hell you feel like doing. I’ll be in this ring doing what I do. Winning matches, winning Championships and just winning in general because I’m just that damn great!

3.) Making your lives compelling. We all know you need it while watching these guys out here.

On that note, I believe I’ll take my leave. I have a couple feisty ladies that want to have fun tonight. And considering I’m not in a match, I need to have a good stretch in before my first actual match on Inferno this week. Enjoy the rest of this PPV. Hope you got your money’s worth of it so far. I know I’m not. But, that’s just because I’m not wrestling on it. So, watch Inferno for my first EWNCW win. Bank on it! Because Artemis Eclipse is! And the Eclipse Challenge is COMING!

He drops the mic and jumps into the crowd. They swarm him as we fade from the arena and into the back.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 12:22 PM
Bob Daniels: So before that short break there, we saw Artemis Eclipse finally revealing himself here. His intentions crystal clear.

Kingmaker: He's going to be a welcome addition to the roster, no doubt about that.

Jason McManus: The following is a Texas Bull Rope match for the Evolution Championship!!


McManus: Introducing first, the challenger, from Juarez Mexico, 'The Most Dangerous Man in the World', Eddie Juarez!!

King: And with a moniker like that, who's going to argue against his chances to take that title form Dimension tonight!!


McManus: And his opponent, from the future, he is the Evolution Champion, the 'God Of Destruction', Mark Dimension!!

Kingmaker: Nobody can beat this guy. Especially he's in such a pissed off mood. And unfortunately for Juarez, he's in a worse mood than usual!!

Daniels: True, Juarez put a halt to proceedings as Dimension was trying to retire the Evolution Championship. But that wasn't going to fly with him. And here we are at this match tonight!!

King: Well, both are tied up via that bull rope, let's see how this one plays out!!

Mark Dimension (HHH) vs. Eddie Juarez (Rock)
(Start 3:20 End 6:15, Ignore Pinfall attempts, Bulldog, & Chyna)


Daniels: This match has been absolutely brutal so far but it is only a matter of time before someone uses that rope or cowbell as a weapon!

Kingmaker: You call this brutal? Dimension hasn't even broken a sweat against this Juarez guy! My money is on Dimension retaining here tonight, boys.

King: It is way too early for me to choose sides at this point, but Dimension is back on the attack once again and he has the cowbell in hand!!

Dimension has the bronze cowbell in his grasp, nearly foaming at the mouth with a look of evil in his eyes. Juarez gets to his feet and Dimension swings the bell at Juarez's face ...

Juarez drops to the mat, avoiding the shot, then uses the rope to trip up Dimension! Dimension falls down to the mat and hits his head off of the bell! Juarez jumps back to his feet and slaps the first turnbuckle, turning the green light on!

Daniels: There is the first one! Three to go and he wins this match!

Juarez makes his way to the next turnbuckle and hits it, turning the second green light on!

King: That's two!

Juarez goes for the third, but Dimension swings his leg and knocks Juarez down to the mat, making all of the lights turn off!

Kingmaker: And just like that Juarez is back to square one! If your opponent stops your momentum while turning the on the lights, your lights will be shut down and you must start over!

Dimension mounts onto Juarez and wraps some of the rope around his fist and begins to lay hard right hands into Juarez's face! After a few punches, Dimension grabs part of Juarez's end of the rope and starts to tie Juarez to the bottom rope!! Once the knot is tied, Dimension gets to his feet and hits the first turnbuckle, turning on the red light!

Kingmaker: Haha! There is no way Juarez is getting up now!

Dimension struts slowly over to the next turnbuckle and slaps it with a cocky grin! Dimension then makes his way to the third turnbuckle and smacks that as well, turning the third light on!

Daniels: One to go and he wins ... Come on, not this way!

Dimension heads to the final turnbuckle, the one on the opposite side of the ring from Juarez ... But he can't reach it!

King: Well, it looks like Dimension just royally screwed himself! With Juarez tied up like that, Dimension doesn't have enough rope to make it to the last turnbuckle!

Dimension reaches with all of his effort but he just can't reach the turnbuckle. While he is distracted, Juarez unties the knot and then quickly yanks the rope his way, pulling Dimension away from the turnbuckle! Juarez gets to his feet and Dimension charges at him, but Juarez hits Dimension with a hard right hand! Dimension stumbles back a bit but then hits a shot of his own! Juarez and Dimension begin to trade blows!

Juarez! Dimension! Juarez! Juarez! Dimension! Dimension! Dimension!

Dimension jabs Juarez in the eye with his thumb! Juarez is temporarily blinded so Dimension runs to the first turnbuckle and slaps it, then quickly runs to the second and hits that one as well, but Juarez quickly pulls him back and clocks him over the head with the cowbell!

Daniels: Oh my god! That shot could have knocked the champ out cold! This could be over!

Kingmaker: No way! One shot with that piece of rust won't do Dimension in! That is why he is the champ!

King: Uhm guys ... Who the hell!?

A masked man hops over the barrier next to the three commentators and slides into the ring with Juarez and Dimension. The man turns Juarez around and sucker punches him hard and then takes the bell from Juarez's hands! The man then smashes Juarez over the head with the bell hard and drops him to the mat! The man then leans down and takes a bit of rope and wraps it around Juarez's throat and begins to choke Juarez with the rope!!

Daniels: What the hell!! What is this!! Referee stop him!!

Kingmaker: Shut your mouth, Bob! This is ALL LEGAL! No disqualifications here!

King: This guy could kill Juarez if he doesn't stop soon!!

After a brief moment, the masked man releases the rope and stands to his feet to a massive chorus of boos. The man keeps his eyes on Juarez as he slowly starts to lift his mask off with Dimension watching while leaning on the ropes ...

​Daniels: Mike Hawk!!

Hawk drops his mask onto Juarez and just laughs as he rolls out of the ring and slowly walks up the ramp. Dimension looks at Juarez's cold body and then he turns around and slaps the first turnbuckle. Dimension makes his way to the second and hits that one, turning the second light on, his eyes still on Juarez.

Daniels: Not this way! Come on, Mark! Have some decency!

A smile slowly creeps across Dimension's face as he struts very cockily to the third turnbuckle and smacks it with force, turning the third light on!

Kingmaker: Its over! Dimension has done it!

King: It isn't over yet, don't get your hopes up.

Dimension then practically skips over to the final turnbuckle, and slowly brings his palm down onto it, turning the final light on and ending the match as Juarez still lays knocked out on the mat.

King: Mark Dimension retains ... Sadly in a horrific way.

Daniels: What the hell does Mike Hawk have to do with this match?! He had no right!!

Kingmaker: Oh shut up! No disqualifications so Dimension won fair and square! Don't take this victory from him!! Congratulations, champ!

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 01:04 PM
*The lights go down one by one in the arena, and the fans cheer in excitement of what will come next. There's still several matches coming and they can't keep wondering. When darkness is total, the voices start to fade, until there is is utter and complete silence. Had a fly crossed the arena, the buzz would have been thunderous. Seconds pass and all is still. Not even the need to release anxiety makes the fans utter a single sound, neither positive, nor negative. One would have said that the Dallas building had become a tombstone. The fans watching at home know it is not a technical problem, as the lights went out slowly and not all of them at once. All of a sudden, this music hits the arena:*


*The Tron comes alive and starts showing unmistakable images: The Executioner receiving a pile of dirt, Stone Cold in the bulldozer, an explosion knocking the Undertaker. The fans start to cheer like mad as the images go on: Vinnie Mac bleeding, The Nexus attacking the Undertaker, Kane hitting the Undertaker with the urn, Paul Bearer attacking Taker so he can eat a chairshot from Mankind, McMahon operating the front loader and winning the match, Taker chokeslamming Mankind into the grave... The fans keep on cheering until the lights go out again. This time, it doesn't take so long to break darkness, as a spotlight illuminates the right side of the ramp (from the camera's point of view), where a burial mound is ready, with the tombstone, the empty grave, a pile of soil and a shovel driven into the the pile. Fans cheer again and Jason McManus makes his presence felt explaining the rules:*

Jason McManus: The following contest is the Buried Alive match! The only way to win is by putting your opponent inside the grave and fully cover his body with soil, thus effectively burying him alive. It is contested under No Holds Barred rules.

McManus: Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he is Chris “So Fine” Diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeee!!!

Daniels: Let me tell you something, guys, there are many matches I wanted to see tonight, but maybe this is the one I anticipated most.

Kingmaker: Weeks before Bred for Combat TDA played mind games with Divine, then, at our previous PPV he re-debuted, and has been a thorn in the side of Divine, and finally these two are clashing tonight, it what it seems to be a classic for the ages.

King: No doubt about it, this has been a bitter rivalry between TDA and Divine, and what a stipulation TDA chose, a buried alive match. Who do you think will make it?

Daniels: I'm rooting for TDA.

Kingmaker: I'm going against the grain: divine has been impressive in his EWNCW run and he'll get the victory tonight. I like his attitude and skills, he's going to go far her.

King: I'll go with the legend and EWNCW original and legend TDA!

*Fans are less than pleased to see Divine and they let him now with a torrent of boos, a couple of “You suck” chants and some more “TDA!” ones. Divine doesn't seem to care as he comes with his usual cocky smile, looking to camera and bragging about what he's going to do to win the match. As he goes down the ramp he spots a girl with a TDA sign and t-shirt, so he goes up to her, grabs the sign and tears it into pieces. The girl starts crying and Divine yells “Shut up, chumpette!” before going into the ring, climbing a turnbuckle an salute the fans, who keep booing him. He goes down and awaits the arrival of TDA.*


McManus: And his opponent, from Hell, he is The Deeeeeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil'ssssssssss Advocaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeee!!

Daniels: An EWNCW original, he changed to our neighbor company for a while, and made a surprise return at Bred for Combat, ready to fight Chris Divine.

King: This will be regarded as a classic in the future: a legend in the making as Divine vs. a true legend like TDA. One of them will be buried alive.

Kingmaker: It won't be a single bit easy, but in the end, Divine will make it.

*Monstrous pop for TDA, who takes his time in appearing up the ramp, but when he does, the decibels increase with positive reaction for the masked powerhouse. He proceeds down the ramp, all seriousness and business. He climbs the steps much like Undertaker, but instead of entering the ring, he climbs to the top turnbuckle to salute the fans, and again cheers and big “TDA” chants are all over the arena. That's the moment Divine uses to strike, crotching TDA.*

Kingmaker: Here we go!

Ding, ding, ding!

*Divine climbs to the second turnbuckle and starts raining rights to the head of TDA. Then he goes down to the ring and manages to throw his opponent to the mat. Divine picks TDA up and Irish whips him into the opposite corner. He then runs towards TDA and hits a Sting Splash. Divine then proceeds to repeat the treatment: Irish whip to the corner where everything started and another splash, but TDA moves and Divine eats the buckles. Time for the masked legend to throw rights to the head of Chris. He then grabs Divine and hits a huge belly to belly suplex. TDA leaves the ring and goes to the timekeeper area and grabs a vintage steel chair.*

Daniels: TDA means business tonight, and he's already going for a chair and the match has barely started.

Kingmaker: None of the two will give each other any kind of mercy tonight, and since no holds barred rules apply, the chair is legal.

*TDA enters the ring, chair in hand and he has already lifted it, ready to strike when he eats a big boot from Divine and the chair rebounds on TDA's face, who looks stunned, but refuses to fall. Divine grabs the chair and starts hitting shot after shot to TDA's head and torso, until the big man is down. Then Divine plants the chair in the center of the ring, grabs his opponent and positions him in place for a Reverse DDT, in a way that TDA's head will collide with the steel chair and nails it to perfection.*

King: Rough treatment for TDA's head. Will Divine go to bury TDA?

*Divine turns his opponent around and puts the chair under his face. Then Chris grabs TDA's arm and scissors it with the legs, lifts TDA's face to place the chair in front of it and crosses his hands to lift TDA's upper torso in a modified crossface.*

Kingmaker: CROSSFACE!!!!

King: That extra pressure of the chair will make TDA pay it later on in the match.

Daniels: And now it doesn't hurt?

King: Yes, but the effects will keep going on during the match.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 01:05 PM
*Divine stays at least one minute with the crossface locked in, as the referee can just look on. Then Divine releases the hold, and starts kicking TDA's ribs until he rolls out of the ring. Divine then goes to the announce table and cleans it up of monitors, while Daniels, King and Kingmaker get out of the way. When the table is ready for destruction, Divine goes for TDA. He helps him to his feet, and smashes his head against the barrier. Then Divine holds TDA and forces him to go to the steel steps, where there's another impact of TDA's head. Both competitors then go to the announce table. Divine puts TDA's limp body on it, then climbs himself to the table. Divine helps TDA to get to a vertical base, and gets ready to hit the Divine Intervention (RKO) but TDA grabs him and hits an Inverted Atomic Drop, Divine is in pain and stumbles to the edge of the table, a moment TDA uses to grab Divine's waist and hit a huge German Suplex that reduces the table to splinters.*

Daniels: Oh, my God! That was sick!

Kingmaker: I bet there are more sickening moves on the way.

*Both competitors are down, suffering the effects of the crash, but TDA gets to his feet faster that his opponent, so he grabs Divine and positions him for a vertical suplex on the floor, and it connects. But the hold is not released and slowly TDA is up to his feet, ready to hit a second vertical suplex, nailed to perfection. This time it takes more time to recover, but finally TDA manages to get up, and hit a third vertical suplex, completing the Three Amigos. TDA rolls Divine into the ring and follows suit, going for a thunderous sidewalk slam. He then lifts Divine up to his shoulders, in a fireman's carry position, ready to nail Divine with the Cyclone Slam (F5), but Divine escapes the hold, grabbing TDA's head at the same time. Divine runs towards the ropes, and with a great display of agility jumps to the top rope and uses the motion to rotate in the air, and as his back falls down towards the mat, he forces his nemesis head into the mat, planting him with a springboard tornado DDT. Divine takes some instants to regroup, then grabs the chair and gives TDA some steel treatment, but TDA rolls of of the way into the ringside area to grasp some breath. Divine follows, and as TDA turns, Divine hits him in the head, knocking the masked wrestler and busting him open. Divine laughs like mad and throws the chair into the ring. Immediately he goes under the apron in search for an object, and retrieves a ladder.*

Daniels: What the hell?

King: If he's going to do what I'm thinking, this is going to be the beginning of the end.

*Divine introduces the ladder in the ring, and sets it up into the corner, ready to fly to the outside where his enemy is laying. Divine smiles and starts climbing, taking his time as the fans boo the hell out of him. But TDA was feigning, and recovers fast. He climbs the ropes and jumps towards the ladder, landing almost on top of it in a way even AJ Styles would envy. Divine is also on top, so they start trading punches:*


*The masked warrior from hell gets the upper hand. Divine is about to fall, but he hangs on. TDA climbs a little bit higher and puts Divine's head between his legs, much like Triple H when he hits the Pedigree. TDA then impulses himself into the air, with a bit of help of Divine, who's trying to shake him off. TDA flips into the air, and the momentum puts Divine in a piledriver position, and Divine's head crashes against the steel chair as the Devil's Fate (Canadian Destroyer) is completed.*
Daniels: That was goddamn insane!!

Kingmaker: Josh, you ain't Jim Ross by a country mile, so don't disgrace his commentary!

King: But did you see that?

Kingmaker: Who do you think I am? Stevie Wonder? I saw that, it was amazing and it seems to me that TDA has this one in his pocket.

*The camera focused on Divine's head and he's bleeding. TDA is holding the ropes, regaining some breath and gathering some strength to finish the match. When he is ready, he grabs Divine by the hair and forces him out of the ring, and up the ramp towards the burial mound. Then they are on the edge of the grave, Divine starts fighting back, hitting TDA in the ribs. TDA counters with a big right to the head, and an left uppercut that sends Divine stumbling towards the barrier. TDA uses the momentum in his favor, by running towards his rival and almost decapitating him with a Clothesline from Hell that sends Divine upside down to the first row. TDA jumps the barrier and starts raining punches to Divine's head, who tries to escape upstairs, while TDA follows.*

Kingmaker: Hey guys, the grave is is this way!

*But none of them can hear Pierce, so they keep the ascension, Divine first, trying to escape the fury of TDA, with the masked legend following close, punching his opponent as soon as Divine's body is within reach. When they get on top of the stairs, Divine turns around and mounts some offensive, and manages to Irish whip TDA into a wall. He then grabs him by the hair and they both disappear into a hallway. The cameraman manages to follow. But the shot changes to a sort of VIP area, all full of black leather sofas and a table, where we can see Dick Thompson sipping some whiskey on the rocks, and a bottle of Lagavulin, a 16 year old Scotch. Thompson is heard muttering:*

Dick Thompson: That gelatinous tapeworm of Josh King, he gets to comment tonight, who does he think he is?

*All of a sudden, Divine and TDA arrive to the area trading punches, and Divine manages to throw TDA head first into Dick Thompson, knocking his glass of Lagavulin to the ground.*

Thompson: My Scotch!

*He struggles to get TDA off him, and as TDA rolls, Dick finds out that TDA's bloody head has ruined his suit*

Thompson: MY SUIT!!!!

*Meanwhile, Divine has grabbed the bottle and has taken a small sip. He savors it and says:*
Divine: Mmm, damned fine. Almost as fine as me.

*Divine takes a longer sip, swallows and takes a monstrous third, but this one goes straight into TDA's face.*

Divine: Do you like it, huh? So fine, ain't it? Want some more? Have some more, chumperino!

*Divine smashes the bottle on TDA's head, much for the chagrin of Dick Thompson*

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 01:06 PM

*Divine grabs TDA by the hair and they leave the VIP area, where Dick Thompson is in a fetal position, sobbing. Divine is giving the same treatment TDA gave him back in the stairs, but he's also throwing all kind of objects he finds in his way. They finally reach some stairs and Divine pushes TDA down them. TDA crashes hard, and Divine laughs maniacally before descending. There's another flight of stairs and Divine intends to push TDA down them, but TDA has regrouped and hits a hard right to Divine's stomach, followed by a left, and this time is Chris who falls down the stairs victim of a push. TDA wastes no time and goes down the stairs and rains punches to Divine, who tries to escape up a corridor, not being able to stop the onslaught. Divine manages to distance himself some meters from TDA and tries to catch his breath next to a curtain. TDA sees this and charges, aiming to hit a spear into Divine, but in the last second, Divine moves and TDA crashes against the curtain and some object behind it. Camera focuses on TDA, who has fallen onto the curtain and the object. The masked contender manages to roll out of the way, taking the curtain from the object, who is another human being. Camera focuses on the face:

Kingmaker: Isn't that... Darius?

King: Indeed he is, the TWE Heavyweight champion, and he has eaten a spear from TDA.

*TDA is getting up to his feet, and at the same time, he helps Darius to incorporate himself. Just when they are back on their feet, Divine comes charging, steel chair in hand. TDA moves and Darius eats the chairshot right in the head. TDA then low blows Divine and gets control of the chair.*

King: Poor fella, he got speared and chairshot in the head.

Kingmaker: Wrong place to be.

*Camera shot leaves a bloody Darius to be tended and follows the match, with TDA hitting repeatedly Divine's back. The Divine One is stumbling and they finally re-enter the arena. Thanks to the downward slope of the ramp, Divine manages to semi run towards the ring, where he stops to catch his breath. However, he is not lucky, as TDA storms chair in hand and nails a shot in the head that leaves Divine down. TDA also catches his breath, as his opponent is laying still and motionless. The masked legend then goes underneath the ring, and while he is searching, Divine is stirring. Finally, TDA emerges with his weapon of choice:*

Daniels: A sledgehammer!!!

Kingmaker: This isn't looking good for Divine, the end is here!

*TDA helps his opponent to his feet, then drives the sledgehammer into Divine's gut, who bends over. A shot to the back brings the Divine One to his knees, and a final shot to the head puts him back on the floor, face first. TDA smiles and throws away the hammer. Then he helps Divine up to his feet, and they slowly go up the ramp towards the burial mound. On the edge of the grave they stop, and TDA positions Divine with the head between the legs, much like the position that starts the Devil's Fate. He then lifts Divine up, into a Border Toss position. However, Divine escapes before the move hits, landing next to TDA's right arm. The man from Pittsburgh grabs his hellish opponent head and hits Divine Intervention (RKO) into the grave.*

Daniels: Oh my God in Heaven!!! Those two have to be dead!!!

Kingmaker: What a Divine Intervention! This changes the whole complexion of the match! Divine may win!

King: But they have suffered a grueling impact, whoever gets up to his feet first has a good chance to end this.

*Both men are down and none are moving. The ref goes inside the grave, and checks on their condition. More officials have arrived and they are debating if they should end a buried alive match in a draw. However, both men have started to move and they are slowly getting to their feet. The ref in charge motions to his partners and indicates the show must go on. Meanwhile, both men are up, and trading blows inside the grave:*


*This time, none of them get the advantage, and both are barely standing. Finally, TDA hits an European uppercut that rocks Divine, who falls to his knees. TDA wastes no time and starts climbing to the outside, right where the pile of soil is, but it takes his time, as he's battered, bloodied and bruised. Divine has seen his opponent and tries to escape too, going towards the side closer to the fans. TDA gets out first, and goes to fetch the shovel. Divine sees him and tries to fly to the ramp, but the masked man follows and manages to hit a shot to the ribs, and a second in the spine, that leaves Divine stumbling. TDA throws the shovel and gets ready to deliver a Clothesline from Hell to Divine, who is close to to edge. TDA charges, but Divine ducks under his arm, and manages to dropkick TDA into the grave.*

Kingmaker: Come on, Chris!!! End this!!!

*Divine grabs the shovel and starts throwing soil into the grave. However, the dropkick has been not enough as TDA is climbing. When half of his body is outside the grave, Divine hits him in the forehead with the shovel. Blood starts to flow more profusely, but TDA does not give up, so Divine hits him a second time. And a third. And a fourth. Finally, TDA goes into the grave again, his face a 10 out of 10 in the Muta's scale. Divine yells, throws the shovel and hits a Frog Splash into the grave, crashing hard on TDA's body!*

Kingmaker: This has to be it!!!

Daniels: Why the Splash? He just had to bury TDA!

Kingmaker: He had to be sure TDA won't move!

King: How in the name of hell would TDA move after 4 shots in the head with that shovel???

*TDA is totally motionless, blood creating a second mask on his face. Divine is starting to stir after the violent impact and the grueling match he has endured. Little by little, he climbs to his feet and starts to move outside the grave. When he is finally out, he goes to the soil pile, and starts using his hands to throw dirt into the grave, the soil passing under his legs. He then realizes the shovel would be more useful, and grabs it. He yells and goes on a rampage, throwing dirt at an amazing speed. When it seems it's not enough, he leaves the shovel aside, and goes to the other side of the pile, pushing the soil with his own hands and into the grave. After some pushes, he grabs the shovel and keeps burying TDA, till the ref calls for the bell.*

Ding, ding, ding!

McManus: The winner of this match, Chris, “So Fine”, Diviiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Daniels: What a match!!!

King: There was going to be no mercy, no mercy was given. Both contenders gave their best to bury the other, but in the end Divine gets the win.

Kingmaker: I told you fellas, Divine was going to make it, and in the end, he did! He is so damned fine!!

Daniels: Props have to be given to TDA, he gave us a hell of a match. What will happen to him after this?

Kingmaker: He'll be gone!

King: Don't be so sure.

*Divine has collapsed after the bell rang, and officials are tending to him. He is able to stand up and he is escorted out of the arena. Camera offers a shot of his face and he's smiling.*

Divine: I told you. TDA's a chumperino, and now he's gone!!

*Camera shows divine and the refs go up the ramp and disappear into the backstage area.*

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 01:43 PM

Jason McManus: The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, coming straight down from heaven, Seraphim!!

Bob Daniels: Here comes Seraphim!! But what he doesn't know is what stipulation he's going to be competing in tonight!!

Pierce Kingmaker: It's a tough situation, but it was Carlins right here to not tell him. He earned the right to pick the stipulation so why not keep your opponent guessing!!

Josh King: What, right up until right before the match?!

Kingmaker: Like I said, why not! Take every advantage you can get!!


Jason McManus: and his opponent, from Toledo Ohio, 'The Superior Technician, William Carlin!!

Bob Daniels: And here comes the man that's on a mission to rid Seraphim from EWNCW. William Carlin.

Kingmaker: And right here tonight, he's going to succeed!! I can't wait to find out what stipulation he's picked for their match!!

*Vintage reception for the Superior Technician, who comes out with a mic in hand and a big smile on his face. He air guitars a bit, following the chords Jimi Hendrix made legendary in the 60's, but this time he won't join the lyrics as he takes the mic up to his lips:*

Carlin: Well, well, well. Time has come. I've been aware of all the rumors and comments in person and in the social media. Everybody was wondering what trick I was going to pull on Seraphim. What kind of stipulation was I going to choose. Last Man Standing? Submissions Count Anywhere? How about if I choose a real extreme type of match, like an Inferno match? Or Hell in a Cell? There were fellas out there claiming for a Gates of Hell match. But I'm sorry, that one is out of question, because the build up will be missing, and it also counts in a match like this. So, what is my choice?

*People remain eager and silent.*

Carlin: Well, I decided to choose a deceiving one. I chose a No Disqualification stipulation.

*Crowd boos*

Carlin: I know, it doesn't sound as awesome as those I told you before. But think about it: No DQ means “anything goes”. Some of you may think that a couple of chairshots and a low blow will do the trick. But you are wrong. When I'm in the game, like tonight, anything goes is not just an expression. It is reality. Knowing the kind of wrestler I am, the kind of bouts I've been in, the kind of weapons I like to use, you should be ready for a real dangerous match. Barb wire, thumbtacks, broken glass, tables, chairs, kendo sticks, hell, even a 2x4 on fire can appear if I'm wrestling. And that's what I'm doing right now, wrestling and kicking Sera's ass into oblivion!!

Kingmaker: Oh yes!! Perfect!! No disqualifications!! A perfect way for Carlin to carry out what he needs to do here!!

Daniels: Well it's hard enough preparing for a normal match, to prepare for a match you know who your opponent is, but a No DQ match? This is going to be tough for Seraphim.

(Carlin/Y2J / Seraphim/HBK / Start 7:15 End 22:45)


Daniels: Textbook suplex perfectly executed by Seraphim! That could very well be the end of the match right there!

Kingmaker: It could have been, Bob ... COULD have been! But Seraphim needs to get Carlin into the ring first and by then Carlin will be back to full speed!

King: I don't know about that, Pierce. Carlin is screaming quite a bit down there, we can hear it from the other side of the arena!

*Seraphim slowly manages to get back to his feet and leans against the barricade holding the thousands of fans back. Seraphim looks at one of the fans who has a bottle of beer and he asks him if he can take it. The fan hands the bottle to Seraphim then Seraphim slowly limps his way to Carlin, who is on his hands and knees now, and pours the bottle that is half way filled with beer all over Carlin's head, and then Seraphim smashes the bottle over the back of Carlin's head, breaking the bottom of the bottle from the next of it and dropping Carlin down to the floor once again.

Seraphim takes Carlin by the legs and starts to drag him down the ramp but he is too spent. He drops Carlin's legs and thinks to himself for a moment and then he grins and makes his way to the ring but walks around it and heads to the announcers booth ...*

Kingmaker: Hey! What the hell are ...

*Seraphim pulls the chair out from under Kingmaker, making him fall to the floor and then pushes it away back around the ring and to the ramp!*

Daniels: Well I'll be damned! He is going to wheel Carlin down to the ring!

Kingmaker: That son of a bitch took my chair!!

King: Hahaha this is priceless! But if Seraphim can get Carlin in that chair and into the ring soon, he could win!

*Seraphim wheels the chair up to where Carlin lays and then parks the chair next to Carlin. Seraphim leans down to pick Carlin up to his feet but Carlin smashes the neck of the broken beer bottle into Seraphim's face! Seraphim falls back into the chair covering his face as his forehead begins to bleed profusely. Carlin struggles back to his feet with a sick grin on his face, and then he walks behind the chair and clutches onto the back of it.

Carlin starts to roll the chair down the ramp a bit and then he pushes it as hard as he can, sending the chair flying down the ramp and then crashing into the ring, sending Seraphim into the ring! Carlin hobbles down the ramp and then looks under the ring for some hardware.*

Daniels: What more could Carlin do? There is no way he is at 100% right now!

Kingmaker: Carlin is a beast of a man and he can easily outlast Seraphim! He is proving me right at this very second!

King: Well in all fairness, I was impressed with the fact that Carlin got back to his feet, but both men have given it their all so far.

*Carlin searches around under the ring for a bit and then pulls out a table. Carlin slides the table into the ring then slides into the ring with Seraphim and the table. Carlin pulls himself to his feet with the ropes and then lifts the table from the mat and leans it against the turnbuckle. Carlin then turns around to pick up Seraphim but Seraphim is already to his feet and his hits Carlin with a hard right hand! Carlin hits Seraphim with a shot of his own! Seraphim gets another shot! Now Carlin!

Carlin! Seraphim! Carlin! Carlin! Seraphim! Seraphim! Seraphim!

Seraphim gets the upper hand and then Irish whips Carlin into the table, making him lean against it. Seraphim backs up to the middle of the ring and soaks in the chants from the crowd, and then charges at Carlin full speed but Carlin steps away from the table and catches Seraphim with a belly to belly suplex and puts Seraphim through the table!!*

Daniels: Bah gawd!! He killed'em!! HE KILLED'EM!!

Kingmaker: That table split clean in half and I'm pretty damn sure Seraphim wound up the same way after that!

King: Carlin just needs to pull Seraphim from the rubble and he can get the pin once and for all!

*Carlin gets to his feet smiling as the crowd boos, and then he rolls out of the ring and makes his way to the timekeeper's booth and steals two steel chairs from the men sitting there. Carlin slides back into the ring with the chairs and drops them in the center of the ring and then he takes the belt laying in the ring and looks at Seraphim with a sick, twisted, and evil grin. Carlin makes his way to Seraphim and pushes his legs together, then loops the belt around his ankles and tightens it as tight as it can go, then drags Seraphim to the center of the ring with the chairs.

Carlin takes a chair and slides it under Seraphim's head and then takes the other chair with the same sick grin and raises it into the air slowly ...*

Daniels: Oh my god ... Don't do this. Just pin him!!

*Carlin holds the chair in the air to a chorus of boos ...*

Kingmaker: Do it! End the match now!

*Carlin lets out a war cry like yell and then slams the chair down onto Seraphim's skull, nearly crushing it between the two chairs!*

King: This match is over ... It's over.

*Carlin drops to his knees with a smile, and then just falls onto Seraphim. The referee begins the count.*


McManus: Here is your winner, William Carlin!!

Daniels: And William Carlin has won! Carlin takes the victory, he's beaten Seraphim!

Kingmaker: HA! I knew it!! no more hocus pocus from Seraphim now!! William Carlin is indeed superior!!

Daniels: A great win for Carlin that really boosts his stick here in EWNCW.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 01:49 PM

McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a last man standing match. Introducing first, from Glasgow, Scotland. Gillz.

Daniels: Up next is argueably one of my most anticipated matches of the evening, Gillz vs. Shuriken in a last man standing match

Kingmaker: A nice little match for these two, go in beat the crap out of each other, first person to put their opponent down for the 10 count wins. I like it.

King: Shuriken Blade made his long awaited return to EWNCW, and said he would go on to win the title once more. Gillz, however, had other plans. He said he would be the one to win the titles here.


McManus: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, Shuriken.

Daniels: And here comes the legendary Shuriken. Making his pay per view return here tonight.

Kingmaker: You think he got the rust off of him for this?

Daniels: I think so. Although both men were absent one week, and it was said they were off training for their match. When Shuriken returned he participated in a match of his own, but it wasn't the traditional match. While it was a single's match, Shuriken counted to ten using big moves, and then, exited the ring to start the count. Back and forth Gillz and Shuriken went,counting to ten.

King: I think they just needed this match.

(Edge-Gillz,Cena-Shuri) stop at 30:50

Daniels: These two guys are kicking the shit out of each other.

Kingmaker: Isn't it great!!! I mean that chair shot was nuts

*The ref starts counting Shuri





Gillz is on his knees, catching his breath while Shuri starts to stir and tries to get up




Shuri is up to one knee, wobbling



Gillz walks towards Shuri, who jumps to his feet and hits a buzzsaw kick on Gillz, who collapses to one knee, Shuri turns and hits a Boma Ye knee that knocks Gillz fully down*

King: A monster Boma Ye!! Shuri also connected with a buzzsaw kick, this may put Gillz to sleep.

*Gillz is out on his back, but Shuri has collapsed and is face down out too. The ref starts a double count



Daniels: What happens if neither man gets up? a draw!?





Shuri is up to a knee now, Gillz is stirring as well



*Gillz to a knee now as well. Both men are now going back and forth hitting punches. Shuri steps back tries to hit a buzzsaw kick, Gillz ducks it, he counters with a double underhook DDT. the ref starts counting but Gillz slides out of the ring and grabs a chair. The ref is at 6 when Gillz slides back in the ring, Gillz waits for Shuri to get up and turn. As shuri does, Gillz goes for a headshot with the chair. Shuri kicks gillz in the gut which makes Gillz fall to one knee. Shuri steps back and goes for a Boma Ye, but Gillz catches his knee and picks him up and hits a G crusher (Spinning Powerbomb) onto the chair. Shuri lays in the ring lifeless. The ref begins to count.








Shuri turns over and tries to pick himself up. Gillz looks on in disappointment.


Shuri collapses back to the ground



Gillz falls to the ground in relief

McManus: Here is your winner,Gillz

Daniels: That was a down right war

Kingmaker: Like I said earlier, these two needed to kick the crap out of each other, and that is what they did.

King: And Shuri's first Pay Per View match back in EWNCW is a lost in a close match to Gillz

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 01:57 PM
*The camera cuts backstage, as we see Dick Thompson.*

Dick Thompson: Hello, yes I'm EWNCW anchorman Dick Thompson, who should tonight be out there commentat.... what? Oh, right. Well, I am joined by my guest at this time, the Baddest MOFO in EWNCW, whatever that means; Shaz.

*Crowd immediately start booing as Shaz puts his middle finger up at them, before turning the finger to point it at Thompson.*

Thompson: Charming, as always. But I digress, Shaz, you're in a last man standing match tonight against Bodom, what are your thoughts on the choice of stipulation here? You missed out on the chance to pick the stipulation yourself, so Bodom has really backed you into a corner here hasn't he?

Shaz: No he hasn't. You see Dick, I've been in a Last Man Standing match before- don't believe me, check out IWA: Destined for Immortality. Bodom doesn't realize that he's back himself into a corner, he's chose a match that I've already been triumphant in- but I don't think Bodom even knows the meaning of this damn match.

It means being the final man standing in the ring, announcers table, anywhere. But regardless of if he does beat me, which he definitely won't, or not- he'll be back sitting on that announcers table and I'll still be busting my ass in that ring either way. So if you think about it from two points of view: Mine and Bodom. This is a lose-lose situation for him.

Thompson: You've already beaten The Beard of Zeus, what are your thoughts on having
the chance to beat a second member of the legendary God Money?

Shaz: Well, I've already ruined TBOZ' career. And I'm about to do the same thing to Bodom. Bodom has reached a boiling point with me, where I have to make sure I finish him off. I've got two options though. Injure him enough, to sideline him from his job for about 6-7 months, or stop him from breathing, from walking, from touching. That's right, my second option is death- because I'm a cold motherfucker.

And after I am finished with Bodom, that is two GodMoney members that I've demolished. Hell, they can give me Splattered Dreams- and I'll finish him off. And to make life even more sweeter for me, they can also put me up against Rich Cranium as well. Maybe I'll kick his cranium so hard, that he'll forget his own name- and I'll threaten the EWNCW management into telling him that his name is Poor Cranium.

Thompson: Finally, how significant is this match for your career?

Shaz: This is the match that will make my career, it will cement my status as a legend in EWNCW. I want this win...no! I NEED this win. I've already defeated a legend in TBOZ, and how do you think I will feel if Bodom kicks my ass? I'll be left humiliated, and embarrassed on national TV- as the whole world will have witnessed me losing to someone who should be retired, as he shouldn't even fucking be wrestling at all!

And I WILL win this. What, do you wankers really think that I came into this building to job to someone who calls me fat boy?! I'M NOT FAT BOY BY THE WAY!! I'M 215 POUNDS!! But that's not the case, I've come into this building to win. And that's just one of the many things I plan to do when I go face to face with Bodom.

Bodom, I hope you realize that this is our final showdown, right? This is our final match. I've defeated you before, and I'm going to do it again. You want vengeance for what I done to your “best friend” at Bred for Combat? Go ahead. But your consequences of “vengeance” will be you going from that announcers table, to the ring, to intensive care. Just watch Bodom, I may have created a beast in you...

But you've created a monster in me. Your time is up Bodom.

*Shaz walks off as Dick looks on*

Thompson: Yeah, well thanks, Shaz.
Damn, I should be out there calling that match. Wait...... I WILL be out there calling that match!!

*Thompson slams down the microphone and adjusts his tie and hair before marching off down the corridor*

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 02:04 PM

*Black Blooded ride out to a chorus of boos, the EWNCW Hardcore Team Championship titles around the handlebars of each bike as they circle the ring, parking next to the Commentary Desks, where Mr. Blood grabs a couple of microphones as they head into the ring.*

Mr. Blood: We've been here week after week. Since the day we took out those straightedge morons there hasn't been a single team with the balls to face us, and with good reason. See every fucking day we wake up knowing that we are the epitome of Hardcore, the Dominant Predators of this industry. There is not a single one of those assholes back there with the strength to face us

Mr. Black: Damn right

Mr. Blood: We are Living Legends, and none of you measure...


Newman: What the hell? Mixed Emotions? They surely can't be thinking of taking on Black Blooded tonight, could they? Could this be why they walked away from their match earlier?

*Pride and Sorrow head to the ring to the surprising roar of the crowd having both sets of tag team titles in hand. They signal towards Black Blooded and gesture they are looking to add a 3rd tonight. Th challenge accepted the ref asks Black Blooded for their championship belts and raises them in the air signaling a title defense.*

Murdock: Oh, they are. They look to make even more history in their young careers by becoming the first team to hoist 3 sets of tag team titles here in EWNCW. This could be huge and these fans know it.

Black Blooded (Kane and Show) vs Mixed Emotions (Batista and Rey)

Start at 3:56 - Stop 10:56

*Mr. Blood and Pride are down and looking for the tag. Pride is first to reach his partner and Sorrow comes in going after Mr. Blood with a Leg Drop, preventing him from completing the tag. Sorrow lifts Blood up and goes for a Chokeslam but Blood sidesteps him and drives a knee into his gut leaving him in position for Blood to connect his signature Double Arm DDT and does so before finally tagging in Mr. Black.*

Murdock: Mr. Black's power alone is felt as he gets the tag. He's gonna put Sorrow in a world of hurt by the look of things.

*Mr. Black enters the ring. He now stomps away viciously at Sorrow. He now places Sorrow head first on the bottom rope and drives his on the back of it, choking the air out of Sorrow. The ref cannot stop this via Hardcore rules but tells Black to not go to far and to step so he can check on Sorrow. Black dismisses the ref and continues to choke Sorrow, before planting a big kick to back of Sorrow's skull feeling contempt with his actions he backs away. The ref rushing to Sorrow's side to check on him, Sorrow coughing loudly trying to catch his breath but nods as the ref asks if he's ok and can continue.*

Newman: Why continue to torture yourselves? I like Mixed Emotions but they stand no chance against the brutal team that is Black Blooded.

*Sorrow is able to get to his feet before Mr. Black comes in with hard punches and drives Sorrow towards the ropes and rebounds off them before Mr. Black goes for a Black Hole slam. Sorrow however latches in to Black's head and turns the Black Hole Slam into a Tornado DDT. Black's head is driven hard to the mat and Sorrow finally catches a break and tags in Pride, who before getting in the ring drops down from the apron and lifts the tarp surrounding the ring and begins to throw kendo sticks, steel chairs, trash cans and a black bag. He enters the ring grabbing a kendo stick and begins to strike Mr. Black repeatedly across the back and head with it. Blood enters the ring but gets whacked in the head via kendo stick courtesy of Pride.*

Newman: Whoa, he can't do that. That's illegal.

Murdock: Hardcore rules, dumbass. Everything is legal.

*Pride now drops the kendo stick and picks up a trash can smashing across Black back. The crowd loving the hardcore action. Pride looks to strike Black again but a low blow from Blood stops him, Pride falls to his knees. Agony spread across his face. Sorrow comes in to help hi partner but Blood is quick to pick up and immediately strike Sorrow with a steel chair. Sorrow falls hard. Blood now places the steel chair in his hand on the mat, drags Sorrow's head to it and picks another chair, delivering a one man con-chair-to.*

Murdock: Oh my God! How could do that to another human being? That's just sick

*The back bag now comes into play a Blood picks it up reveals the thousands of thumbtacks in it. He spread them acros the center of the ring befor helping his partner stand up and it looks like things are going their way before the crowd comes alive seeing William Hastings and Anthony Bennet jump the barrier and enter the ring before going toe to toe with Black Blooded.*

Newman: No! What the hell are they doing here? They got no business in this match. I know they're feuding with Black Blooded on JBW but dammit all to hell, The Elite Bloodline has no need to interfere in this match.

*Hastings gets the better of Blood, while Black overpowers Bennett, all the while Pride is recovering and sees Sorrow out, and checks on his partner. Hastings kicks Blood's midsection and follows with The Act of Nobility (Corkscrew Neckbreaker) onto the tacks, Hastings' back filled with them as is the head of Mr.Blood. Black is is finishing the Black Death Drop (Implant Buster) on Bennett. Sorrow still down, Hastings up, Black in destruction mode and a pissed off Pride are the scene before the crowd. Hastings is wise and delivers a low dropkick that forces Mr. Black to drop to one knee. Pride comes in out with a Curtain Call (RKO) like Hastings his back full of tacks. They now see their partners down and out. They contemplate what to do, before Hastings tells Pride to trust and go up top. Pride is a bit doubtful but does as told while Hastings lifts up Mr. Black and with great force maneuvers Mr. Black into a Vertebreaker position. Pride knows to follow and flies off the ropes to complete the Cadenza (Warrior's Way) and complete the impromptu Night at the Opera alongside Hastings dead center of the ring and Black's entire face, neck and back are covered completely in tacks. Pride covers as Hastings backs away making it clear he's not out to win the gold......1....................2................3! !!!*

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners and new......EWNCW Hardcore Tag Team Champions........Mixed Emotions!!!!

*Hastings helps Bennett to his feet, while Pride struggles a bit to help Sorrow to his feet but does so as Mr. Blood drags Mr. Black on to the outside of the ring. Hastings looks towards Pride and now simply nod before the ref hands the titles to Mixed Emotions. The Grand Championships around their waists and in each hand they hold their respective Intercontinental and newly won Hardcore titles. They take to their nearest corners and celebrate flaunting the gold they carry to the world while Bennett and Hasting exit the ring locking eyes with Black Blooded and signal that they are gonna win their JBW World Tag Team Championships. Blood is the only one to reply and yells out a bunch of profanities before he aids his partner to the back.*

Murdock: We have no doubt seen one of the greatest moments in tag team history. Mixed Emotions have won the EWNCW Hardcore Championships.

Newman: Thanks to The fucking Elite Bloodline. Black Blooded are gonna murder them soon. I have no doubt about that.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 02:31 PM
Bob Daniels: Well we're having a great night here so far and.....


Daniels: What the?!... Thompson?!?!

Josh King: What's he doing here?!

*The crowd are cheering for Thompson, as security people flood out to block his path down the ramp. Thompson though has his trademark conch shell with him, and he proceeds put it to his mouth and blows, before shouting out loud...*

Dick Thompson: NEWS TEAM!! ASSEMBLE!!!!!!

*Right on cue, out come Jonathan Sanchez, 'Cowboy' bill Buxley, and Guy Smith*

Kingmaker: It's the EWNCW news team!! Although I don't see Erica Generica..... That's the only one I care about!

Daniels: Looks like they're ready to fight!!!!


Thompson: ONWARDS!!

*The EWNCW news team proceed to beat their way through the security men who drop to the floor like flies. Smith however is merely standing there screaming very loudly on the spot, while the rest do the damage*

Daniels: What are they doing?!

*Eventually all the security men are down and Sanchez and Buxley signal Thompson to continue down the ramp. Thompson marches down and makes his way around the ring and towards the commentary table. He then points to Josh King and shouts*

Thompson: GET OUT OF MY SEAT!!

Kingmaker: Ohhh, you're dead now Josh!!

King: Now wait just a minute there Dick.....

*Thompson leans over the table at King*


King: Know what?! I'm not intimidated by you, Dick!! I deserve to be here!! I earned this chance!!

*King gets up out of his seat but isn't allowed any more words as Thompson lets fly with a big right hook that floors King unconscious, as the crowd let out an almighty cheer.
Thompson then takes the headset off King and sits in his chair, takes his water glass and empties the contents over King, pulls out a bottle of scotch from his jacket and pours himself a glass*

Thompson: Sorry that I'm late gentlemen!!

Daniels: I'm... I don't know what to say, words escape me.

Kingmaker: Well you can't be worse than King was here!!

Thompson: Hey, I'm Dick Thompson, and I'm kind of a big deal ya know. Now, let's get on with the show!

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 02:48 PM
Bob Daniels: Right, well I'm being told to do just that; continue with the show, so as Josh gets helped off there, let's get on with things!!

Jason McManus: Your following contest is a last man standing match! Now in this match there are no pinfalls, no disqualifications and no submissions, the only way to win is to incapacitate your opponent to a point that they cannot answer the referees’ count of 10.


Jason McManus: Introducing first, from Frederick, Maryland…Bodom!

Bob Daniels: We are going to see one of the most grueling match stipulations, you get beaten, you get battered and you get bruised but, unless you can get your opponent beaten to the point that they cannot even hold their own weight, then you have a long match ahead of you…
Jason McManus: And his opponent, from Brixton, London, The Rapid King, Shaz!


Peirce Kingmake: YES! This is the winner of this match, he will dominate, he will destroy and he will be the last man standing!

John Cena (Shaz) Vs. Edge (Bodom)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLeKDGw5kBIStart at 05:15 and End at 18:01

Bob Daniels: Both of these stars are taking each other to the mat, they are in a grueling fight to the finish…

*As both men are still unsteady on their feet, Bodom seizes the opportunity and takes Shaz out with a big boot to the jaw, landing on mat in a heap…*

Thompson: WOW! What a big boot..

The referee begins the count;
4.. Shaz is slowly raising to his feet but, the ref still continues the count…

Shaz has gotten back to his feet and is met by an eye poke from Bodom, distracted by this Bodom takes Shaz down with a swinging neckbreaker… Bodom lands multiple elbow drops to the chest of Shaz… standing up and waiting for the count Shaz pulls himself up with the ring ropes before the count can begin… Bodom is clearly agitated by this and he looks at Shaz… Shaz is gives Bodom a little wink and sadistic smile to show he is ready and he is ready for a fight…

Squaring off in the centre of the ring, they start to trade blows…

Out of nowhere Shaz lands a dropkick to face of Bodom…

Peirce Kingmake: Did you see that! What a dropkick from Shaz!

Shaz head to the top rope, landing the springboard elbow shot to the chest of Bodom... smiling he calls for the count…


Bodom is slowly raising to his feet…Shaz seeing this, rolls out of the ring; he lifts a chair from under the ring… Skulking around the outside of the ring like he is stalking prey, he enters the ring… as Bodom turns to face him, chair shot to the head of Bodom, taking him to the mat…

Thompson: Resorting to weapons now Shaz… clearly feels this is his only way to win…

Shaz continues his multiple chair shots to the weakening Bodom, shots to the shoulders, chest, to midsection and lowering to the knees of Bodom… This assignation with chair shots continues… Climbing to the top rope, Shaz lands a moonsault on Bodom…


Bob Daniels: Bodom had better get up or he will lose this all-out war, Shaz has places a brutal assault on Bodom and he will not give up…


Bodom has risen to his feet, unsteady and weary, the top of his head is cut from the original chair shot.... falling against the corner of the ring ropes…
Shaz launches, monkey flip on Bodom… Throwing him across the ring, unsteady on his feet, Toronto DDT!

The ref starts another count…
3… Bodom has risen to his feet and Shaz is clearly getting irritated…

He lifts the chair again, he is ready for a faceoff… landing another chair shot to the head he throws down the chair, followed by a missile dropkick and sets him up, …. BEST IN THE WORLD! Landing his finisher he calls for the count…

8…Bodom is stirring but, has not risen….

Jason McManus: Here is your winner, Shaz!!!

Thompson: And like the Berlin wall, another one bites the dust.

Kingmaker: Indeed Dick!! TBOZ; DOWN!!! And now Bodom is down!! Shaz has beaten the best that God Money has to offer here and he's cementing himself as a legitimate threat here in EWNCW!!

Daniels: I hate to agree, but you're right. This is a big step for Shaz and he's really going places here.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 02:56 PM
The Tron cuts to the interview set where we see Jonathan Sanchez with a dopey smile on his face. Jonathan begins to speak into the mic in his right hand.

Sanchez: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, the number one contender for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship; Jman!

To a huge pop, Jman walks into frame wearing a T-Shirt with the In Violence We Trust logo on it, and with the Singapore cane from Rage slung over his shoulder.

Sanchez: First off all Jman, can you update us on the condition of Tommy Dreamer?

Jman: Heh, Dream’s fine. He was looking a little like he does on this logo after Rage, he’s got a mild concussion, but he’s fine. All’s Ronaldo did with that little stunt was make tonight even more painful for himself.

Sanchez: Is that your main motivation for tonight? The fact that Ronaldo Romulus attacked your friend?

Jman: Ahhh, it’s that, it’s the desire to be a World Champion in such a storied company, it’s my need to carry the banner for hardcore wrestling…Mostly, though, it’s about shutting Ronaldo Romulus up for good. Without being able to use the World Heavyweight Championship as his soapbox, Ronnie’s powerless and the pro wrestling business, struggling though we are, is far better off.

Sanchez: What about making this, as you call it, an ECW rules match?

Jman: Look, I know I could beat Romulus in a straight up professional wrestling match, but, you know what, he brought ECW rules on himself. With all his self-righteousness, with all his holier-than-thou bullshit and with his constant attacks on the merits of hardcore wrestling, he was begging for me to do this.

Sanchez: How do you see this night ending, Jman?

J gets a wild look in his eyes before answering.

Jman: Me, bloodied, the ropes holding me up, looking down at an unconscious and even bloodier Ronaldo Romulus lying on the canvas, the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship around my waist.

To an even bigger pop than he walked in to, Jman walks out of frame before Sanchez can say another word.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 03:01 PM
Bob Daniels: Well we're back here live and we're gearing up for our World Heavyweight Championship match here!! Now this is usually the point where I'd ask Bodom for the run down on the backstory of this feud, but...

Dick Thompson: He's not here, so you're all relying on me, EWNCW anchorman: Dick Thompson for the low down!! Hahaaaa!!
So yeah, these two guys here have been tussling over that title for the past 4 weeks. Jman won that number one contender triple threat match back at Bred for Combat, beating William Carlin and Seraphim in the process there. From there, we've seen him getting down and EXTREEEEEME!! As Paul Heyman would say, as he gears up for tonight! And at the last episode of Rage, we saw him teaming with the 'ECW Original', the 'Innovator of Violence'; Tommy Dreamer in a tag team match!! And not just any tag team match, an ECW rules tag team match!!

Daniels: And then...

Thompson: Their task? To set a time that the later pairing of Ronaldo and Divine would fail to beat!! And low and behold, they did it!! Jman got to pick the stipulation tonight, and what's he chosen I hear you ask? Well, you should have been watching Rage you idiots!! But in case you weren't watching, then this match tonight is an ECW Rules match!! A Hardcore match!! An EXTREEEEEME Rules match!!
Now I bet that was a little more informative than the usual drivel that you get from Bodom at this table!! HA!!

Daniels: Yes, well, thanks for that Dick....

Thompson: And remember, if Dick Thompson says it, it's the TRUTH!!

Pierce Kingmaker: Jeez, are you for real Dick?

Daniels: Let's just get on with things please?

Jason McManus: The following match is an ECW Rules match for the World Heavyweight Championship!! In this match, there will be no disqualifications, no countouts, and anything goes!!


McManus: Introducing first, the challenger, from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Jman!!

Daniels: Here comes the challenger and without sounding biased, the favorite I think!! He drew inspiration from his hero Tommy Dreamer on last week's Rage, and he's now looking to channel those extreme intentions and use the weapons that we have scattered here tonight to his advantage in the same way that we've seen Dreamer and the rest of the ECW wrestlers do in the past!!

Kingmaker: Christ Daniels, could you sound anymore biased?! You may as well say outright that you've bet your mortgage on the guy to win!!

Thompson: Now now gentlemen, let's keep things professional here now!!

Kingmaker: Professional?! You?!

Thompson: Thank you Pierce! I'm glad you agree!!

Kingmaker: You really are unbelievable!

*What appears to be a 1st century sepulcher now perches atop of the entrance ramp with a small tunnel, leading to the backstage area, tunneling from the back of the archaic structure. The lights dim down slowly until the veil of pitch black darkness covers the entire arena. Suddenly, the titantron turns on and a video package plays. The scene slowly begins to fade into focus as the violent shouting of a large crowd of people becomes clearer and clearer. Standing on top of a balcony, looking on at the shouting crowd, a man adorned in Roman-style robes. On the side of him is a shady looking man in chains and a beaten, battered and bloodied man in a purple robe. Silently, a basin of water to be brought to the man in splendor. He washes his hands in it and lifts them up for the now cheering crowd to see. Suddenly, two Roman soldiers come up and grab the beaten man and lead him away…*

*...as the scene fades to black, the sharp sound of a hammer striking a metallic object plays over and over again. With the last bang, the titantron turns on again to reveal the same man nailed to a cross overlooking his tormentors and a small band of grieving women. He gazes up in the dark sky as tears and blood run down his face and trickle down onto the stony ground beneath him. Inhaling a large amount of air, he declares that it’s finished and for His father to receive his spirit. The video stops playing but the sounds of a might earthquake blares from the PA system. As this happens, the rock in front of the sepulcher slowly rolls away and a glorious beam of white light shines through the gaping hole.*


*The theme song of Ronaldo Romulus soon begins to play but instead of its usual musical arrangement, it’s played on a violin and harp combination instead. From out of the sepulcher comes a man dressed in a dazzling white robe, hands folded in a prayer position. A spotlight shines down on him and follows him wherever he goes. It’s none other than Ronaldo Romulus. His concentration isn’t interrupted by the now loud chorus of booing as he walks down the ramp. As the music continues, an angelic chorus of Hallelujah’s gets dropped in at specific points of the song. When Romulus finally gets into the ring, he stands in the middle of the ring and lifts his head. He reaches his arms up in the air and slowly, the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championsip descends from the ceiling until it floats down into Ronaldo’s awaiting hands. He keeps the championship belt lifted into the air until a loud, booming voice commands the audience…*


*The booing gets even louder but Ronaldo pays them no heed. He simply takes off the robe and leans it across the top rope for a referee, outside of the ring, to pick up and hands the championship belt to the referee already in the ring. The lights turn back on to normal, allowing Romulus to look upon the crowd that disdains him. In mockery of his show, the audience begins a “Crucify him!” chant, coaching Jman on in the few moments before the bell rings.*

McManus: And his opponent, from Sao Paulo Brazil, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Ronaldo Romulus!!!

Daniels: Good Lord, literally!! What an entrance!! Have we ever seen anything that grand in EWNCW?! That was impressive!

Kingmaker: That is how a champion enters the fray!! And that man isn't just walking into this match as champion, he's walking out of it as champion.

Thompson: Now wait just a minute, what were you preaching about biased earlier?

Kingmaker: Biased? Come on!! Ronaldo has been the Champion since he won it following the War Games series!! He went through hell to earn that opportunity, he then won the title at Bred for Combat!! And did you see how he beat down Dreamer last week on Rage?! That shows you that he's ready for this match, he's not intimidated by all these weapons, he's not intimidated by Jman's lust for this hardcore atmosphere. He's got God on his side and he's going to win!!

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 03:04 PM
(Dreamer = Jman vs Swagger = Romulus)


(stop at 3:00)

Daniels: A DDT!! Jman reverses it into a DDT!!

Thompson: Here's the cover!!

Ref: 1.........



*Ronaldo kicks out as Jman has a look of astonishment and shock on his face. He can't believe it.*

Thompson: Look at him! Jman can't believe that the signature move of his mentor, his hero isn't enough here!!

Kingmaker: It'll take more than a simple DDT to take down the Champion!! What more have these two got to give here?!

*Jman gets up and prepares goes to the outside. He lifts the ring apron and instantly finds what he's looking for: a ladder. He brings it out, much to the delight of the fans, and slides it into the ring. He then climbs the apron to get back into the ring, but he's met by Ronaldo who hits him with a running enziguri, which takes him down and to the floor below.*

Kingmaker: Ohhhhh and there it is, the cunning guile of the Champion once again comes into play!!

*Ronaldo looks down upon Jman's body on the floor before he follows him out. He brings him to his feet before hoisting him up on his shoulder, before tossing and dropping Jman across the security barrier. Ronaldo then lifts Jman up again before driving him back first into the side of the ring, and then slides him into the ring.*

Thompson: That's got to hurt!

Daniels: Ronaldo's taken control here and he must be thinking how he can finish the job here!!

*Ronaldo brings forth the chair that's set up in the corner and brings it closer to the middle, he then lifts Jman and grabs his head so that he's primed and ready to hit a hangman's facebuster into the chair*

Daniels: Here comes the Wrath of Remeus...... But no!! What a reversal!!

*Jman slips out and drops Ronaldo with an inverted DDT before covering him*

Ref: 1......



King: What's it going to take here?!?!

*Jman then gets back up and has a vicious look in his eyes, he picks up Ronaldo and hoists him up across his shoulder, he then maneuvers so that the set up chair is behind themhe then hoists Ronaldo up in an inverted crucifix position before grabbing Ronaldo's head dropping him with a stunner across the chair!*

Kingmaker: Now that's a move I haven't seen in a long time!! Another one of Tommy Dreamer's signature moves!! The Tommy Hawk!! Across the chair no less!!

Daniels: Oh my look, Ronaldo's busted open after that one!!

Thompson: But he's not going for the cover!! What's he doing?!

*Jman then struggles to get Ronaldo to his feet, but he eventually manages it and he slides the body of the near unconscious champion onto the table, he then grabs the ladder before setting it up opposite the table with the fallen Ronaldo, bloodied, near unconscious defending champion on it. He then sees Ronaldo stirring a bit, so he grabs a singapore cane and delivers a few shots to him for good measure, each shot echoed by the the cheers of the fans*

Daniels: Jman is on a rampage here!! He has the champion right where he wants him!!

*Jman then ascends the ladder right to the very top. He then stands up high and points both arms to the sky before leaping down towards the table, pointed elbow first*

Daniels: That flying elbow!!

Kingmaker: The Champ!! He moves!!!

*Ronaldo rolls off the table with one almighty effort, letting Jman crash through the table with a tremendous crash*

Kingmaker: Crash and burn!! Just as so many who taken that same risk in the past!! High risk doesn't always turn to high reward, and right now, Jman is paying the ultimate price!!

*Ronaldo's head creeps up from behind the wreck of the table, a sadistic smile beaming from behind the crimson mask donning his face

http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/slides/photos/001/998/719/91mcmahon_display_image_display_image_original_dis play_image.jpg?1331057612

He then crawls to Jman and drapes an arm across his chest, as the referee counts*

Ref: 1......




Jason McManus: Here is your winner, and still the World Heavyweight Champion, Ronaldo Romulus!!!!!

Daniels: What a match, some brutal action there, but somehow, Ronaldo manages to win, he's still the Champion!!

Kingmaker: You see? Even in this extreme environment, the power of faith can't be broken!! Ronaldo Romulus still the Champion!!

Thompson: That was a hell of a match, and you have to hand it to Ronaldo for sticking in there. Because that's what the tru champions do. I'll be sure to get an exclusive interview from that man as soon as I can!!

Daniels: True that, but this was a hard fought match that both men will be feeling the effects of for a while I feel.

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 03:16 PM
Kingmaker: This is one of our main events, coming up, and boy is it a big one. Tommy Thunder, Krysys, and King Strem, in a Dual Championship Tables match! There is a chance that either Tommy Thunder or King Strem will leave here with not only their titles, but they could leave with another title at that.

Daniels: Krysys, on the other hand, could leave here with either the EWNCW Championship or the International Championship! All depends on who he puts through the table!

Dick: But you have to think of their history! We know what title King and Krysys want, but they have their own issues as well! Krysys, during the Press Conference, over the In Violence We Trust week-long take over of Dallas, TX, said that King Strem was crap! Crap! Could this change King Strem’s intentions and go in there solely to take Krysys out for his comments? Or will King stay the course and stack the odds against Tommy Thunder?

Kingmaker: You want to talk about history? Let’s talk about history. Let’s talk about the time, King and Krysys teamed up to get Tommy Thunder trapped in a cage, and give Krysys a chance to beat Tommy about the back with his belt? Let’s talk about Istvan, who was supposed to be in this match, but was taking out by the victor of the stretcher match earlier in the night, Ano Doom? History! Let’s do it! This match is nothing but bad blood from all involved, none of them like each other, and they have made that known!

Dick: Kingmaker, you are right as usual! These men have made it clear that once they get into that ring, the gloves are off and they are going to go all out to prove, once and for all, they are the best that Inferno has to offer. We heard Krysys say he MUST win, we’ve seen Tommy come out and tell the world Krysys doesn’t deserve this, and we’ve seen King vow to walk out with both championships! What do you think they are going to do in this ring? I’ll tell you - Win. At. All. Costs.

Daniels: Can you blame them? This match is one of the most brutal we’re going to see here tonight! Three Men. Tables Galore.Two Titles on the line and one of them might change hands! Who knows! Krysys and Tommy have a long feud going and Tommy is going to want to end that here tonight - King Strem was slated to fight Istvan in a tables match but plans were derailed, giving him the chance of a lifetime. Walk into In Violence We Trust as International Champion, walk out as International Champion AND EWNCW Champion. If he can do that, it will solidify AND justify his year long plus International Title reign!

Dick: But what would it do for someone like Krysys to win the EWNCW Title, or the International Title?

Daniels: It will propel him further than he has ever been. He is a man on a mission, a psychopath and I think we’ll see that in this match tonight.

Jason: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you to one of our main events, it is a dual championship tables match! The only way to win is to put one of your opponents through a table. If you put a champion through the table, then you win their title. This is a ONE fall match. Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada - ‘KING ZERO’ KRYSTIAN KRYSYS!


*Krysys makes his way out to a chorus of boos. King Zero looks on completely unphased by it. He seems more focused than ever as he heads down to the ring.*

Fan: You suck!

Fan 2: I hope you lose and we never see you again!

*Krysys stops and looks at the two fans in the audience. There is no smirk, no grin of arrogance. Only a look of determination and annoyance. He shakes of the fans and heads into the ring, He pauses and looks around the ring for what might be a final time before he poses and does his signature taunts*

Krysys: Next EWNCW Champion!

*As Krysys does the "X" the pyros go off and than Krysys finally smirks as he shows his confidence for tonight's match*

Jason: Introducing next, from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, the International Champion - KING STREM!


*King slowly, almost cautiously, walks out onto the stage. He is wearing black shorts with green siding with a green crown on the left thigh. He just stands and stares down the ring.*

Daniels: It is almost like he is possesed with that look.

Kingmaker: I would say he is, the man has been trying and trying to obtain the EWNCW championship. he has the chance to do that tonight.

*The King snaps out of his stare, cracks a grinning, devilish smile as he puts his hands up as if he is putting a crown on is head, just then pyro explodes throughout the arena as you can hear the king scream "ALL HAIL THE KING!" The king begins to strut to the ring.*

Daniels: I think he is ready for this moment. He is so determined looking that it seems nothing, not even death itself perhaps, could stop the king from claiming gold tonight.

Dick: Well this all came about after Bred for Combat, when Istvan won the chance to get a rematch against the king for the international title. Throughout the weeks, tensions rose between the three combatants here tonight and Istvan. The match scheduled for tonight was meant to be a four way match, until Ano Doom took Istvan out and this match became the match you see set for tonight.

Kingmaker: Not to forget, but both titles are on the line and King has been talking about being a dual champion for quite some time now. Is tonight the night for this to happen?

Daniels: I think the main thing King wants is to beat Tommy Thunder and get the so called respect he deserves

King enters the ring, he backs up and sits in a corner opposite of Krysys. He gives another devilish grin to Krysys and stares down the ramp. Krysys gets in King's face and starts yelling at him. King just continues to stare down the entrance until looking straight into the eyes of Krysys with a grin on his face. the ref has to separate the men before they start to fight each other.

Jason: And introducing last, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, the EWNCW Champion, ‘The Storm’, TOMMY THUNDER!And please welcome at this time, One of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers; AC/DC!!!!

*The crowd go wild as AC/DC make their second EWNCW appearance*

Bob Daniels: AC/DC are here!! We saw them performing Jman's theme; Back to Black live back at Glory to the Brave!!

*AC/DC wave to the crowd before composing themselves before starting to play*


*At 2:42, a big pyro blast goes off, and onto the stage comes the EWNCW Champion; Tommy Thunder!! As the band continue to play, Thunder plays to the crowd for a while on the stage before shouting "TIME TO STEAL THE SHOW!! WHY?! BECAUSE I'M THE BEST IN THE WOOOORLD!!" before continuing down to the ring. He climbs the steel steps and climbs to the top of the turnbuckle before unhooking the EWNCW Championship and holds it aloft, shouting "BEST IN THE WOOOOOORLD!!!". He then drops down to the ring, and takes the time to point to AC/DC in acknowledgment of the group. Thunder then side-skips around the ring amping the crowd up as the camera goes to pan around the arena, showing the electric fans, before going back to focus on AC/DC as they see out the song. He hands off his title and slides into the ring*

Tommy Thunder(CM Punk) vs Krysys(Ryback) vs King Strem(John Cena)

(Stop at: 17:05)

Daniels: Krysys is on a roll here! The EWNCW Champion is in trouble!

Dick: Indeed he is, but Tommy can pull out of this mess if no one else can. He is the EWNCW Champion for God’s Sake!

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 03:17 PM
*Krysys leans down to pick up the fallen champion, yelling at him, damn near spitting in his face. Tommy seems to be standing on spaghetti legs, as Krysys brings him to his feet. He pulls Tommy into a headlock, and looks around the ring for the nearest table. Determined to win the EWNCW Championship from his longtime rival, Krysys begins to drag the man across the ring, towards a table set up on the outside. King Strem is laying out there, using the table to pick himself up and catch his breath. Krysys hits Tommy with a big knee to the gut, before reaching behind his legs and lifting him into the air. He’s going to try and dump Tommy right over the ropes and into the table! As he positions Tommy over the ropes and above the table, King Strem suddenly starts pushing Tommy up! He’s stopping Krysys from taking Tommy Thunder out! King Strem has scaled the table and began the over the top rope push! Krysys has a shocked look in his eyes! He two can be hear audibly screaming at one another. King Strem eventually gets the upper hand, however, and Tommy and Krysys are sent tumbling back into the ring! Tommy rolls off to the side, and Krysys tries to bring himself to his feet before King Strem can make it back into the ring. As Krysys turns around, King Strem leaps off the top rope and hits him with a body splash! But wait! Krysys rolls through with it, holding Strem horizontally as he stands up.*

Dick: Wow! Look at that power! King Zero is really going all out here!

Daniels: Indeed he is! Could he, in fact, go after the International Title?! He seems to be in the dominant position right now!

*Krysys tosses King Strem across his left shoulder, and drives him to the turnbuckle back first. King is then placed in the tree of woe position, following the turnbuckle shot. Tommy Thunder is on the other side of the ring, bringing himself to his feet via the other turnbuckle. Krysy grabs him from the back, and hit’s an Orton Backbreaker, chopping Tommy down to size. He drags the EWNCW champion across the ring, and whips him across into the corner. He reaches down, and grabs Strem’s hands, and wraps them around the waist of Tommy Thunder. He looks up at Tommy and slaps him hard across the face, after grabbing his chin. Krysys backs up, and the crowd loudly boos him! He gets in position for the One Last Breath, his patented spear. The crowd is off their feet, booing feverishly! Krysys rushes forward! Aiming to hit the One Last Breath. As if working in unison, King and Tommy use their core strength to lift, causing Krysys to shoot beneath them and crash shoulder first into the steel ring post! The crowd is in awe at the pair working together! They cannot believe it! King releases Tommy and they both slide down the backs of Krysys to the mat. Krysys is visibly in pain! He slumps over in the corner, as Tommy rolls out of the ring. He attempts to catch his breath, while King Strem does the same thing in the ring! All three men are visibly hurt! This is definitely a main event caliber match! All three men are putting it all on the line!

Tommy Thunder attempts to climb back in the ring, but a dropkick from King Strem sends him back out to the barricade! King quickly exits the ring, and stomps on the EWNCW Champion! King Strem wants to be a dual champion! He wants to beat Tommy, and Krysys and prove he is the top bad guy in EWNCW Inferno! As Tommy is seemingly down, King Strem looks around the ring and sees a table. He grabs it, and flings it at Tommy Thunder, who, at the last second, moves out of the way! The table hit’s the barricade hard, and cracks, but doesn’t break fully. King Strem rushes at Tommy, but as King gets close - Tommy grabs him and hit’s a brutal looking Spinebuster on the barricade! King Strem screams out in pain as he slumps down against the barrier. Tommy moves back towards the ring, and climbs in, but is met by Krysys who has one arm dangling. Krysys wails on Tommy, but Tommy stops it by shoving Krysys shoulder first into the turnbuckle, but hitting a follow up Enzuigiri. Krysys is down, the EWNCW Champion is standing tall! But the match isn’t over, oh no! He needs to put one of his opponents through a table! He searches around the ring and finds out, prompting him to go out and grab it. He doesn’t see King Strem getting up.*

Kingmaker: Wow, these men are going all out with this match! There is no love lost between either of these three men. Can you imagine what it would have been like if Istvan Gretzky were involved?

Dick: The Polish Grappler could have either extended this match or ended it very quickly! A fourth man is always a wild card, and could change the very ebb and flow of a match of this proportion!

Daniels: Dick is right, King. Who knows how this match would be going if Istvan were still in it.

*Tommy Thunder goes to grab the table on the outside of the ring, as he is fiddling with it, and sliding it in the ring, a bit clothesline knocks him down to the mat! King Strem has regained himself and is now getting back in the ring! He is determined to end this match! My God! King gets in the ring, holding his ribs, but looking on at a wounded King Zero! The Battle of the Kings! King Strem immediately goes on the attack to keep Krysys down, but Krysys attempts to fight back! King overpowers him, and beats him down! He quickly escapes the ring and grabs the cracked table he threw at Tommy and brings it in the ring, setting it back up against one of the turnbuckles. He starts stomping Krystian Krysys, He pulls Krysys’ head between his legs and shouts at the crowd “ALL HAIL THE KING!” He picks Krysys up in a power bomb position, clearly setting up for Thy Kingdom Come, King’s finishing maneuver. He sets himself right before the table, unaware of the EWNCW Champion behind him. As King Strem screams, a big roundhouse hits him right in the head, knocking him damn near cold. Krysys drops to the ground, and Strem timbers out of the ring, falling between the top rope and the second. The crowd is hyped up, as Tommy poses towards the crowd. Krysys, loopy, leans back against the table - too tired to move. Tommy looks at him, and reushes forward - driving a knee right in the face of Krysys - sending his head through the already heavily damaged table! The bell rings as Tommy brings himself up, holding on to the ropes!”


Daniels: What a match! What a damn match! Tommy Thunder just got retribution for damn near a whole month of torment! But a damn shining wizard through a damn table was picture perfect!

Kingmaker: …

Daniels: Kingmaker is silent! Speechless! That’s how you know a match is good, how an ending is the impact!

Dick: Indeed it is, Kingmaker is speechless at this point, and the crowd is shouting their support for the EWNCW Champion!

*Tommy Thunder celebrates in the ring with his title, as officials check on the state of Krysys, who is unresponsive at this point. King Strem is holding his title close to his chest and crawling up the ramp, attempting to get away. Tommy leans over the officials and smacks his hand against the title, shouting at Krysys, “ONE MONTH! ONE MONTH, AND NOW YOU ARE OUT OF MY LIFE FOR GOOD, YOU SORRY PIECE OF SHIT!” The officials push him back, and he begins to exit the ring. He slaps hands with the people in the crowd on his way out, as a replay of some of the biggest action in the match; including, Tommy ripping a table from beneath King Strem and Krysys, as King threatened the Thy Kingdom Come, and a spot where a diving elbow through a table was thwarted by slinging the table to the right.*

Tommy Thunder
04-07-2013, 03:33 PM

Lily Morgan: The following contest is your Brutality Main Event of the evening and it is set for one fall and it is for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships, introducing first the challengers the team of Sean and Criz Dimension, they The New Assault Program!!!

*The Dimensions head to the ring, a look of proving to the world that they are the best team in the world firmly in their eyes as they await God's Grace.*

Newman: they are the best. They just the need to show the world they are.

Murdock: That they do, God's Grace may very well lose tonight. The Dimensions are looking to gain the respect they feel they deserve by winning the gold tonight.


Lily Morgan: and their opponents they are The current reigning and defending EWNCW Blacklist Champions, HolyJose and Azrael...God's Grace.

*God's Grace appear on stage, titles raised in the air as they head to and enter the ring before they give them to the ref, who presents to the challengers and once more to the champions. He raises them himself and the title match is official.*

Newman: That's what this is all about. The Blacklist Championships. The creme de la creme of tag team championships. Sean and Criz will be taking those with them tonight.

Murdock: Let's see if they can. This match starts now.

God's Grace (Los Guerreros; Azrael (Eddie) and HolyJose (Chavo)) vs New Assault Program (World's Greatest Tag Team; Sean (Haas) and Criz (Benjamin))

Start at 0:25 - Stop at 9:10

*Azrael (Eddie) tosses Sean (Haas) head first into ring post. Azrael follows it immediately with The Gates of Hell (Tigerbomb) and covers.........1........2..........- Sean somehow kicks out and Azrael cannot believe it. He is a bit exhausted as is Sean. Azrael is first to his feet, Sean follows shortly after and as Azrael tries to go for a clothesline, Sean sees it coming and ducks under grabbing Azrael along the way and hits a neckbreaker before going for the cover.....1.....-Azrael powers out at one.*

Newman: Come on, Sean. Don't let up.

*Sean sees Criz motioning for the tag in their corner and obliges in tagging him. Immediately Criz goes for a sleeper hold on Azrael. Criz puts great pressure on the hold. Azrael fights it but after a while he begins to fade and fades fast. Criz wraps his legs around Azrael midsection to really make the hold be as tight as can be as the ref raises Azrael's arm once.....does it twice......but Azrael shows signs of life and avoids the third fall.*

Murdock: Azrael is still in this.

*Criz frustrated releases the hold and Azrael is breathing hard before he is picked up by Criz. Criz gets right in Azrael's face and says, it's their time now and goes for a Criz Cutter but Azrael pushes him off into the ropes and connects a big Spinebuster. Both men are now down. Azrael struggling to reach his corner where HolyJose is reaching out to make the tag. HolyJose gets the tag and leaps into the ring with great fire and delivers a picture perfect missile dropkick to Criz, this forces him to stumble into his corner where Sean tags himself in and enters the ring with great intensity.*

Murdock: Here we go. This should be a good clash.

Newman: Sean will win it of course.

*Sean comes immediately connecting with a kick to the sternum of HolyJose. Sean picks up HolyJose as if he were to take him down in wrestling fashion but instead perches him up on the top rope before grabbing his throat and connecting the Gamma Ray Blast Slam (Top Rope Chokeslam). Sean covers......1...........2...........-Azrael breaks up the pin. Criz now enters the ring himself and after catches Azrael completely off guard, grabbing his head as he leaps and plants him down with The Defaced (X-factor) before kicking him out of the ring. Sean and Criz look toward one another and nod knowing they gotta go for the kill right here and now.*

Newman: Finish them!!!

*Criz is now possession of HolyJose's legs and looks at Sean, who runs towards the ropes and they connect The Assaulted 1 (Criz slingshots HolyJose into Sean for a Clothesline from Hell). HolyJose receives the hellacious impact and his eyes have a glazed look on them before Sean, tells Criz to ensure Azrael won't interfere as he covers.....1..................2................- HolyJose amazingly kicks out and the crowd, the ref and both Sean and Criz are flabbergasted at this. They believed they had the match right then and there. Sean argues with the ref.*

Murdock: They better get their head in the match. They're close to winning but God's Grace can still will themselves back into this.

*HolyJose jerks about as he tries to stand but Sean shows his ruthlessness by hammering HolyJose with kicks to the ribcage before motioning to Criz who stomping the hell out of Azrael on the outside to come into the ring and help finish off HolyJose. Criz enters the ring and the two now go for The Mission Completed (3D; Flapjack/Cutter combination) but off the rebound HolyJose is able to mount a comeback and kicks Sean in the side of the head with a huge roundhouse kick, this causes Sean to turn and have his back towards HolyJose who quickly connects The Final Judgment (Rolling Cutter) failing to notice a stalking Criz who upon HolyJose reaching his feet delivers The Criz Cutter (Ace Cutter) and lays Sean on top of HolyJose and covers.....1........2.................3!!!*

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners and NEW!!!!......EWNCW Blacklist Champions,....The New Assault Program!!!

Murdock: What a match and what a win for the New Assault Program!! They've disslodged God's Grace!!

Newman: I don't know how they did it!! Amazing!! Unbelievable even!!

Murdock: Indeed Nick. And what an amazing way to sign off Brutality. We've had a great run, but this is the end of the road, and the beginning of a new one!
From us here in Dallas Texas, and from Brutality, goodbye EWNCW fans!

05-21-2013, 07:52 PM
The Wichita Business Journal

Interviewer Harold Goosemaur: Hello Ewncw Superstar and welcome the former international champion and current Evolution champion "THE ONLY","G.O.D." , EWNCW ORIGINAL...MARK DIMENSION!!

MD: Thank you for the introduction

HG: You Deserve it , you have been a main stay in Ewncw from the very beginning and your accomplishments are very well known. to be the only man to go undefeated for almost a full year,its something that definately is marked in history.

MD: Well you know it took drive,true hard work,and love for what i do for me to be blessed and here today Harold Goosemaur.
Harold Goosemaur, what a horrible name.

HG: *Avoids addressing the last part* So Mark, with Threat of The Net Finally here we now know that Tboz is your opponent for the Evolution championship, Do you think you can win?

MD: Your trying to piss me off arent you. how are you going to ask if you think im going to win. Goose ,i know i will win. dont you know about the pain and punishment i bring every single time i step into the squared circle and the bell rings.
well... do you?

HG: i................

MD: YOU...
Harold im going to give you an opportunity to steer this interview towards the right direction.

HG: Mark Dimension i apologize for my outlandish remarks, ...sorry... Mark what is the differencve between you and TBOZ? *covers up with mic pointing up*

MD: Let me Tell you the Difference between us , this man is a marketing genius. he knows how to make himself look good and he sounds even better backstage with his lips attached to the brass in the back Asses. I cant do that, i have to do what i want ,whenever i want.

That makes me different from him and everybody else.Tboz has had his time in the spotlight, he has been to the top but never conquered it. a weak champion at best is all we remember, oh yeah and that stupid beard too.

But MD, well Md has conquered in every way possible. ive beaten up everybody that has been put in front of me and not one person can say that they didnt feel my power.

HG: True Power!

MD: want to feel the power?
HG: * md gives him an open hand slap then has the mic taken from him*

MD:All Tboz is Great at, is Tag Team wrestling just like the Matt Elder's and Grind Bastard's of todays wrestling. meanwhile i carry the load and destruct the expendables in a form of distraction because "THEY" know i can take over the company if i wanted to. its a cycle that happens but all of that will stop soon enough.

When i Bury Tboz, Trust me ..... there wont be anyone willing to dare to dig him back up.

HG: Where do you see yourself in the next year?

i see myself being the Evolution Champion, the International champion, the World Heavyweight Champion and the EWNCW Champion at the same damn time. its possible for me to do it,if im given the opportunity to become a #1 Contender for all those titles. But that is what they are scared to do. they are scared of me ruling All of Wrestling.

HG: *has huge swelling now on his face from the slap* with a distorted voice says*

Mark ,i have to go see a medical doctor ...i cant feel my face.. Good Luck in your Match vs TheBeardOfZeus

MD: There you GO again , i try to be humble with you this whole time, and now you want to wish me luck. *slaps him again.*

Footage of the slap has made it on the popular video site: Youtube.


Skip to :30 and :37

05-22-2013, 07:15 PM
The KSNW sports theme hits and Leon Leibl is sitting behind a desk in front of a huge monitor filled with recent EWNCW clips.

Leible: Ladies and gentleman we have a treat for you tonight on KSNW Sports Talk, recently EWNCW has picked up our calls about getting us interviewing some of their talent down here in Wichita, Kansas and boy did they deliver because we have none other than the EWNCW's Japanese Warrior, Mike Hawk here with us tonight. Now despite being one of the most hard hitting guys in the ring, Hawk is also one of the most acrobatic and agile men in wrestling today. Earlier today, Mike did an impromptu appearance at a juvenile correction facility and even donated the kimono he wore when he won the EWN Grand Prix 2 to be auctioned off to benefit the facility, which we will hear about later. So here he is, the man who in a few days will meet Lansdale at Threat of the Net, Mike Hawk!

Hawk's theme hits and he comes out in a nice suit with the JBW Television title and the IWA Blackout title on his shoulders. Hawk bows to Leible and takes a seat across from him.

Leible: So Hawk, first off welcome to the show, now what made you want to visit those kids and what did you say to them?

Hawk: Thanks Leible glad to be here, now in Japan I got to where I am through training and hard work, but I didn't come from a good neighborhood or a warm family. I was to take over the family business but I knew all that would do is repeat the cycle and I didn't want to stay in the rough part of town so I picked up MMA and acrobatics, both of which helped me survive the early part of my life and find a career in wrestling.

So I visited kids that have had a rough life in hopes that I could inspire them to want to do more with their lives. Its guys like Lansdale who put them there in the first place after all because think about it, most of these kids don't have much or don't know much, then someone like Lansdale comes along and offers them the world in exchange for their services, but when push comes to shove, they get abandoned first because they are disposable. That isn't what happened with me, I knew what he wanted me for when I joined and I played ball until I learned his style of wrestling. But what happened to Bill Richardson, Rob Rage, and Billy McCoy? Everyone associated with Lansdale has met disaster in way or another and those kids could follow that same road unless someone tells them otherwise.

Leible: Speaking of that, you have been so vocal over Lansdale the last few weeks and have been gunning hard for those votes. Why do you want to face Lansdale so badly?

Hawk: All three of us wanted to face him for our own reasons and while my record might indicate that I am only doing it move up, that is not the case this time. He comes back and tells everyone he has turned over a new leaf and wants a match to prove it. Do you not think it was a coincidence I was the first person announced for the poll? He wants to face me just as much as I want to face him. To him, I am nothing more but an ugly face from the past he never wants to see again. I am a living nightmare to him about what he used to be and he wants me gone.

But unlike those everyone else I mentioned earlier, he is going to have to try even harder to get rid of me because I will not quit doing what I love. He wants every trace of his past self gone so he can sleep better, yet he doesn't care about the people he hurt along the way. Have you seen him trying to get Richardson a job anywhere or helping McCoy out after he massacred him? I may come in and want to beat a guy down, but I am honest about my intents from the start, I don't need forgiveness because this is who I am.

Leible: Alright Mike, so what can the fans expect this Sunday?

Hawk: A brutal match that won't be for the faint of heart. Even though we fight with different styles, both of our offense comes from taking our opponents to the threshold of pain and then breaking past it to finish them off. Both of us have a lot on the line, Lansdale needs to prove that who he truly is and show everyone what the new him can do in a ring and I just picked up my first PPV win last month after a series of loses to Andy Cannon. I need to win to be taken seriously by everyone else and Lansdale needs to win to redeem himself, either way someone is going home a broken man.

Leible: What are your plans for the future after this?

Hawk: Obviously, I want to win a world title because if you aren't in this business to be the best, why are you even here. But if I couldn't get the job done against Cannon when I had a chance at the vacant Ignition title, then I am not ready for that yet. Right now if I get past Lansdale, I hope to continue moving up and regain the momentum I lost last year and get back on the winning track.

Leible: It has been great having you on Mike and I am sure we will all be looking forward to your match Sunday after that interview. So until next time folks, I am Leon Leible and this is KSNW Sports Talk, now here is Sara Knight with the weather.

The cameras start to zoom out and the lights fade as Hawk and Leible continue to talk as the weather forecast comes on.

05-23-2013, 08:52 AM
*A voice of the local Radio DJ is heard as the theme for EWNCW's TOTN begins playing lowly in the background as the man talks over it.*

Radio DJ: Hello out there to all of you folks today, and I sincerely hope you're having as good of a Thursday morning as I am! What a great, sunny, peaceful day to alive, and we're here this morning to give you everything you need to know about all things Wrestling! This...Is.....K71 88.1 FM! And....My name is David Van Hammer and we are live right now, with The No DQ Hour! That's right, for the next sixty minutes, We are going to talk your favorite stuff, concerning all things wrestling!

David Van Hammer: That's right, the name of the show has no DQ in it, because, we are not editing anything! If you can think it, you can say it! We don't care how nasty, how rude, or how biased! Just flat out, call and say what you wish! Anything goes, just like we will see in so many of EWNCW's matches this Sunday!

David Van Hammer: Now, as you can tell from what's been said, We are also taking an inside, in depth, and up close and personal look, at the next EWNCW PPV! This one was chosen in many ways by you fans at home, you made the votes and now we are almost three days away from this blood spiller of a show! That said, I've got a very special guest about to stop in, or...guests, maybe? Are they both considered "On-air guests", if only one of them will say anything? Either way, Allow me to introduce my guest(s) at this time...EWNCW's own Manager, She hails from Germany...Sasha! Panzer!

*Somehow, boos are heard echoing off every wall and speaker in the room...Even though there is no one else there. Got to love sound effects. Sasha then walks through the door, as it is damn near knocked into the wall behind it, by Ano Doom's hellish, taped, and inked up hand. One extremely forceful shove is all it all takes to damn near break it and send it flying, and as the door's massive and intense momentum causes it to come hurtling back towards him, The Demon Cyborg merely throws his masked face forward, catching it with a deadly headbutt that stops it from smacking him, ironically. He then walks in right behind Sasha, who looks into his fiendish eyes and whispers something in his ear.*

*He then nods, with the coldest intent, as the door now slams shut behind them both. Sasha sits in a movie director type of chair, with Ano Doom behind her, his monstrously large hands engulfing her shoulders as he places them on her. She keeps the same, constant, angry, furious, and 110 meaning business look on her face but all the while, She remains calm and at peace. David Van Hammer isn't exactly thrilled about his presence within the studio, and its obviously evident. Sasha does not like this fear he shows at all.*

Sasha: Ugh, come on already, I'm going to tell you one thing right now, and it needs to get through your head properly. The Killer behind me, The Man Beast, The Wrecking Machine...The FALL...OF HUMANITY, will NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT, even come close (http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/community/#) to touching you, and/or physically cause you any pain, if I do not instruct him to do so. I know that to people like you, he has this look that says "Get the F*!* back from near me, or I will make you swallow your heart" , (Can I say that on air? I just did, so much for "No DQ") , but that is just the way he looks. He nearly tore the door in half because violence is all he knows and breathes. Now, Enough, Van Hammer, is this "Interview with Sasha Panzer", or "Sit here like I'm about to jump through the roof because my guest's Cyborg gives me ice water for blood?"

David Van Hammer: ( After intently listening to the rhetoric she just dropped on him, Van Hammer, taking her word for it, lets out a few deep breaths, has a sip of coffee, then a cold glass of water, and appears calm once more.) Alright now folks, sorry about damn near losin' my voice there, but if you were in the same room with somone that looks like he could literally be the Devil, Satan himself...you could relate! Now I'm here with my special guest for the morning, Sasha Panzer, from Thursday Night Inferno, along with the damn near criminal (http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/community/#) producer of massacres, The Demon Cyborg, Ano Doom! Now you two, did NOT win the TOTN polls to face Arthur Lansdale, is this a good or a bad thing going into Sunday?

Sasha: If more people would shut their F-BEEEEEPPP-in mouths and listen to me for once, I wouldn't have to appear so "Horrible and Disrespectful".

Alas, we lost, due to the age old "Student V Teacher" cliche that oh so many are so wrapped up in. Who needs stories when every time My Ano Doom steps in the ring, he creates another tale of dying men getting stomped out like fire? I digress, stories can go to hell, because even though we lost...Why take out one man, and send him riding straight into the Earth's core, when we can just crush the windpipes of twelve other men instead?

David Van Hammer: Knowing the two of you's motives and objectives the way I do, I can see your point. So that being said, tell me more about how you feel being in this Royal Rumble match? You get thrown over the top, you're out.

Sasha: Well, first things first, take one look at The Fall Of Humanity that stands behind and over me. Just really get a good glimpse of the masked titan that is My Devil Warrior. He has muscles, bigger than your head...How does anyone toss him anywhere? Therefore, even though the competitors needed no other obstacles, they're just chanceless now. He will be too busy turning their bones to dust anyway for them to try to eliminate him, for that matter.

David Van Hammer: Hmmm, so He's more ready to maim others than usual? Not good at all for the competition. Tell me one more thing, Where are the two of you going in the future?

Sasha: Now that's a very interesting question. We are going to the zenith of the entire damn company in the near future. I've said it before and I will reiterate, Every single bastard that is signed to EWNCW Wrestling, is a guaranteed, broken body. No games, no fighting, only annihilation. I tell them what they're getting themselves into, And My Ano Doom will beat them senseless and lifeless. We stand at the top in the future. For Eternity. Für die Ewigkeit. Ewigkeit

05-23-2013, 05:37 PM
Max One: Hey every one this is Max One here from KFH-FM (98.7) here in Wichita, Kansas and that was the latest Backstreet Boys single you all heard “Permanent Stain” and joining me in the studio now is probably one of the biggest Backstreet Boys fans and EWNCW Superstar HolyJose. How are you doing Jose?

HolyJose: I’m doing well thanks for asking Max.

Max: Well let’s get on here. You are competing at Threat of the Net alongside your brother Azrael to reclaim the EWNCW World Tag Team Championships correct?

HolyJose: Correction the EWNCW Tag Team Championship. But yes Azrael and I are competing against the New Assault Program.

Max: Tell us more about that.

HolyJose: Well Max, The New Assault Program took the belts off of us and honestly after than Azrael and I have not been the same since. You can bet we will give it our best shot but it seems like we are not who we once were.

Max: Well I’m sure after Threat of the Net they will.

HolyJose: That’s the thing. Forget about winning back the championship. Those come and go and well right now I have a much nicer one in another company. Right now I want to show EWNCW that we are a threat of a tag team and we are one of the best.

Max: Well Jose I wish you and your brother the best of luck in your match and thank you for joining us.

HolyJose: Thank you Max! Everyone listening tune in this Sunday for EWNCW’s Threat of the Net you can expect some of the best wrestling around!

05-24-2013, 05:38 PM
The Wichita Eagle Presents: Between the Ropes with Justin James

James: Welcome to another edition of Between the Ropes. I'm Justin James and this weekend is none other than Threat of the Net, EWNCW's take on allowing the fans to have a say in what they see in the company. This week we have a special interview with a EWNCW star. Joining me now is The Primetime Superstar himself, Primetime AJ Dixon.

AJ Dixon: What's up Justin?

James: Not much. It seems the city of Wichita is getting ready for the spectacle that is Threat of the Net. What is EWNCW doing to get the word out about the upcoming PPV.

Dixon: Many superstars are making their way around the city doing all kinds of promotional work. Many of us are doing interviews like this one. And so here I am, talking to the man between the ropes, Justin James.

James: Well it's great to have you and all the superstars here in Wichita this week. EWNCW had a polls up all month on their website determining many things for the PPV, from stipulations for matches to who fought who. You were up for one of the polls yourself. You were out voted by KJ Punk for a chance at Andy Cannon's Ignition title. How do you feel about losing the poll?

Dixon: Well, it's not the best feeling. You know that each of the guys has a chance of being voted in. Sometimes it is hard being the villain when it comes to a popularity vote. Primetime realized he wasn't going to be gaining many of the fans votes, but he knows on good authority that creative was very high on him. He may have gotten a vote or to from the top dogs, so that kinda dulls the pain a little bit.

James: While you may have lost the poll, you were placed in to a Royal Rumble match in the night. How do you feel about being in the Royal Rumble match?

Dixon: I actually feel very good about the match. There are a lot of big names in the match and I am just honored to be a part of it. There are many things to look out for in the match. The biggest challenges are going to be the tag teams in the Rumble. It will be tough to beat two guys teaming up to take you on. We will see what happens.

James: Last but not least AJ, you recently joined EWNCW and are already in the Ignition Title picture. What are your future goals now that you are looked well upon in the company?

Dixon: Well what is everyone's dream going into a wrestling company. I want to win the Big One. I want to have that world title for myself. I want to reach heights in EWNCW that are only reserved for the best of the best, and I plan on making that the Primetime spot for AJ Dixon.

James: Well we hope to see you on top one day very soon. Thank you for coming in and sitting down with me AJ.

Dixon: It was a pleasure being here. And do

James: Don't forget to check out Threat of the Net this weekend on Pay-Per-View brought to you by EWNCW. Call your local cable provider for more information. Thank you all this week for checking out the segment. Until next time, this is Justin James telling you to get between the ropes.

05-27-2013, 03:34 PM
TWE Takes Over Wichita House Show Results:

Matt Ryder was victorious over Patrick Michaels. The match was said to be a solid opener with Ryder getting the crowd behind him. Ryder was able to win, after reversing a Pele Kick into a Rough Ryder.

Eden Sky was able to overcome AshAttack in the second match of the evening. Ash and Eden both played to the crowd, face and heel respectively, with Eden teasing the crowd, and Ash making up for it. Eden won the match with a Sky High DDT.

The One Man Dynasty, Israel Pamich was able to defeat Aidan "The Weapon" Black, after avoiding the Knockout Kick. The ending came when Black went for the kick, but Israel blocked it, grabbed Black's leg and tossed him up in the air, hitting a suprising European Uppercut, for the win.

Kaige Chamberlain defeated Adaemus Frewin, after a lengthy match described to be a close second of the night. The finish came when Frewin reversed the Ballad of an Asshole, TKO, into a Triple Felony, Ankle Lock. He was poised to win, when Kaige rolled through the hold. Frewin hit the turnbuckles, and turned around into a Good Will Stunting, Inverted Running Powerslam.

The main event of the evening was Mr. Smyth, the Ironfist Champion, vs the TWE Champion, Van Darius. A funny moment happened at the beginning of the show, when Smyth was introducing his Ironfist Statue. he went to reveal it, and sitting on top of it was the TWE Champion, Van Darius. He came down and the match started. It went long, almost thirty minutes of pure action. Van kicked out of a 'The Rule', Fireman's carry into a sitout facebuster; and Smyth kicked out of a spear. The finish came when Van reversed a second The Rule, into a spinebuster against the turnbuckle. As Smyth stumbled away from the turnbuckle, he was hit with a spear buster for his troubles. Van picked up the one two three.

After the show, Frewin attacked Van Darius, and he and Smyth beat him down. Kaige and Sag. Blue ran out, and hit a Flattery, on Frewin, a superkick - Sag hit a Sign of the Archer, Modified Invery Half Nelson Lift into a lifted knee strike, on Mr. Smyth. Van Darius, still dazed, demolished Kaige with a spear not knowing what was going on, and then hit a spinebuster on Sag. Blue when he tried to calm him down.. AshAttack came out to shame Van Darius, and drug him out of the ring and arena by his ear. Frew, Smyth, Kaige, and Sag. sold the attack for five or ten minutes before getting up. The crowd got a good chuckle out of it.

05-27-2013, 05:39 PM
I like po-tate-toes

05-27-2013, 05:40 PM
Let's start the show.

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 06:27 PM

*the pyro goes off and the crowd go wild*

Bob Daniels: Welcome everyone to the Intrust Bank Arena here in the great city of Wichita, Kansas! We are live and this is Threat of the Net, the one night where YOU, the EWNCW fans have a say on what happens, and that's exactly what you've been doing over the past couple of weeks! We have an incredible lineup of matches to bring you and so without any further delay, let's take it to the ring where we're ready to get things under way!

McManus: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Threat of the Net Pay-Per-View hailing from Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas! This is our opening contest and IS a Threat of the Net, Royal Rumble match. The participants in this match have been randomized. To win this match, you must dump your opponents OVER the top rope and BOTH feet must touch the floor! The winner of this match will receive a special prize to be announced on either Rage or Inferno in the coming weeks. This match was made by Mr. Staples, and Mr. Cleverly, and has Raging Inferno implications!

Daniels: Wow, this could be a important match up heading into Raging Inferno!

Kingmaker: Perhaps the winner here gets to fight for a belt from the opposing roster and potentially bring it back to their home roster! Can you imagine?! The EWNCW and the World Heavyweight Championship both on one brand for an entire year!

Bodom: Well then, looks like Rage might be getting two titles if one of our boys wins tonight! Then go to Raging Inferno and relieve Tommy Thunder, or whoever holds the belt there, of the EWNCW Championship.

Daniels: Fat chance, Bodom.

McManus: Introducing first, from Washington D.C, Michael Archangel!

Michael (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B58OBfM-8A4)

*Michael comes down the ramp, fire in his eyes. His music plays him to the ring where he slips in and prepares for his first opponent of the evening!*

McManus: And his opponent, from the Netherworld - Ano Doom!

Ano (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHAqT-8CIlE&feature=player_embedded) Doom (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILHXcQ8Ka4E&feature=player_embedded)

*Ano Doom heads from the gorilla position and stands on the stage. Sasha Panzer has her hand on his shoulder as he stands there, staring at Michael Archangel. She whispers to him, and heads to the back - while Ano Doom makes his way down towards the ring. He slides in and the bell rings.*

Daniels: Oh man, these two are facing off once more! What a draw!

*Ano Doom and Michael Archangel ti up, but Ano quickly overpowers him! Ano attempts to take him to the corner, but Michael quickly escapes, causing Ano to pound the turnbuckle. Ano turns around and they tie up again. Once more, Michael is overpowered, but slips out before Ano can drive him into the buckle. Doom is getting angry, as he turns around, Michael peppers him with kicks to the legs, causing the big man to buckle. Michael hits him with a forearm, and backs up. He rushes towards Ano, but Ano catches him and tosses him up - supposedly out of the ring. He walks around the ring without looking back. "SEND OUT THE NEXT ONE!' As he turns around, Michael is positioned on the turnbuckle! DROPKICK! DROPKICK! Ano Doom stumbles back and is nearly sent toppling over the top rope! He saves himself, but man was that close!*

Kingmaker: Wow, Michael is out here on a mission. His plan seems to be working. He is smaller and more nimble than the man beast and certainly faster, and he is using that to his advantage!

Bodom: Fast and nimble do not matter, what matters is getting him over the top rope!

*Michael starts hitting Ano in the chest, and kicking him in the gut. before trying to lift the man over the ropes. Ano Doom pushes him back, and the crowd starts counting.*


Ryan Wells (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zESU59L8bEo&feature=player_embedded)!

*The third entrant into this match comes into the match. He rushes down the ramp and hops on the rope. Ano Doom pushes Michael towards him, but Wells sidesteps and Michael bounces off the ropes and into Ano. Ano moves and Michael lands face first on the mat! Wells quickly gets into the ring, and starts exchanging blows with Ano Doom, neither man giving an inch as the blows continue to come. Wells ducks under a large right from Ano Doom, quite possibly the Devil's Flame! Wells comes back up and grabs Ano Doom, power slamming him. The crowd gets pumped as Wells poses for them. He picks up Michael Archangel, who immediately punches him in the stomach. Another punch. A third. A fourth. Fifth. Sixth.Wells stops it with a clubbing blow to the back. Ano Doom is attempting to get to his feet. Ryan grabs Michael and lifts him into the air, slamming him down on Ano Doom's back. The crowd pops loudly as Ryan puts his foot on them both, and poses for the crowd.*

Kingmaker: While Ryan may not have been voted into the match with Mark Dimension, he is proving that he should have been voted into the Evolution Championship match!

*Ryan Wells picks Michael up, and begins attempting to put him over the top rope. Michael fights it by holding on to the ropes, rolling through the bottom rope and apron. Wells begins stomping on him, when a big body block sends him crashing into the turnbuckle. Ano Doom begins slamming his shoulder into Ryan's gut, as Michael takes a breather on the mat. Ano lifts Ryan up and sets him on the top rope.*

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 06:29 PM
Shuriken (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HNrF4uwZNBY)

Bodom: Shuriken Blade?! How was this man not voted in to face Tommy Thunder? The answer? Fans.

*Shuriken rushes down towards the ring, making a beeline for Ano Doom. He slips through the second and top rope, grabbing at Ano doom's thigh and pulling him over. Traditionally, this would be a pinning attempt, but at the moment, Shuriken uses it to disorientate Ano Doom! Ano rolls back and as he comes up, a big kick right in the jaw stuns him. Shuriken yells and backs up, before drilling Ano Doom, the Demon Cyborg, with a big Boma Ye Knee! The crowd is alive. They are on their feet as Shuriken attempts to lift Ano Doom's carcass. He is grabbed from behind and hit with a German Suplex from Michael Archangel. He then sidesteps a charge from Ryan Wells and sends him straight into the turnbuckle. He quickly scales over him, and pounds him with clubbing blows, before pulling him from the corner and starting the Delayed Vertical Suplex. The crowd counts with him! He makes it up to twelve when he drops Ryan down with thunderous power. Shuriken is back up, and coming to attack, but Michael quickly pulls him into a Delayed Vertical Suplex as well. The crowd is electric as they watch Michael Archangel hold Shuriken in the air!*

Daniels: Michael has really turned this battle Royal around in his favor! Ano is down from a Boma Ya Knee, and Ryan, now Shuriken, have both been victim to his Delayed Vertical Suplex!

Mexican Nightmare (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjZ2Qmfb_yY)

*Esteban rushes in from the stage and immediately slides into the ring. No sooner than he is able, he grabs Michael by the shoulders and drills him with a Backstabber! Shuriken is sent crashing down from such heights in the transaction! Doom is finally starting to get up. Esteban tries to revive him, and direct traffic. He points towards Ryan Wells who is getting to his feet. Both men go after the powerhouse and whip him towards the ropes. He ducks under a double clothesline, and comes back with one of his own. Esteban and Ano Doom are down. The crowd is chanting for Ryan Wells! He starts stomping both men before picking up Esteban, and tossing him around the ring. He attempts to toss Esteban out, but the member of Mexican Nightmare skins the cat, showing impressive agility. He twists back into the ring, and under a clubbing forearm. Ryan comes around and is speared by Ano Doom, knocking him clear through the second and top rope. Esteban is still alive!*

Kingmaker: Tough Break there for Ano Doom. He wasn't able to eliminate Esteban!

*Shuriken is back on his feet and begins blasting Esteban with numerous blows with his forearm. He kicks Ano Doom in the gut and runs towards the opposite side of the ring, aiming to hit him with some high momentum move. However, as he does so, Ano elevates him and sends him clear over the top rope. However, his elimination wasn't meant to be, as he lands on Esteban!*

Bodom: Not going to lie, that was an impressive feat by Shuriken!

*Shuriken hops back in the ring, and ducks a clothesline from Ryan and Ano Doom.*

AJ Dixon (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-V6Xm9nsm8)

*Dixon nonchalantly walks down towards the ring, and smiles. He yells Primetime towards the crowd and teases getting into the ring, instead, hopping down from the apron and walking around. He sees Esteban and stomps him, before getting a steel chair. He walks back towards the ramp and sits down, watching the action. Everyone in the ring stops and watches him for a moment, before Doom starts hitting people about the back with clubbing forearms and shots. He targets Michael, but Michael manages to fight him off. Ryan Wells soon joins Michael in combating Ano Doom, both hitting him with a tandem snap suplex. The crowd cheers their approval, and both men look out towards AJ Dixon, who applauds them and winks. Shuriken soon joins them in watching AJ Dixon as the man sits on the outside of the ring, instead of getting involved with the fray. As they confer and start to head of the ring, careful to use the bottom ropes instead of the top - the tandem of Ano Doom and a revived Esteban attack them, keeping them all in the ring.*

Kingmaker: Dumb move turning their backs on Esteban and Ano Doom. They are now going to have to pay for that.

*Ano Doom and Esteban continue to stomp Michael, Shuriken, and Esteban.*

Splattered Dreams (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dITyYoa3xU4)

*The man rushes out and grabs AJ Dixon by the collar, rolling him in the ring! AJ is quick to his feet, and by the time Splattered Dreams hops into the ring, AJ Dixon is already blasting a super kick off towards him. Splattered Dreams touches the mat and is met with the kick, instantly, being knocked right back out of the ring and out of the match.*

Bodom: Our first elimination and a rightful one! Who is Splattered Dreams to come in and force AJ Dixon into the match?! What is wrong with that picture?!

*AJ Dixon joins in with Ano Doom and Esteban, stomping away at the faces. Each man pick one - Ano Doom has Shuriken, Esteban has Michael, and AJ Dixon has Ryan Wells. The heels are teeing off on the faces, making sure to keep them weak. Each man tries to dump their chosen target over the top rope, but the faces begin to fight it. AJ Dixon is knocked back by Ryan Wells. Michael tosses Esteban into the ropes and begins peppering him with blows of his own, while Shuriken, ducks under a big right from Ano Doom. Ryan tosses Dixon into the corner and hits him with a shoulder tackle, before grabbing him and sending him towards the center of the ring. At the same time, Ano and Esteban are sent towards the middle of the ring as well - Esteban and Dixon falling, while Ano Doom staggers around. At once, all three men hit him with a triple dropkick that drops him down to the mat as well.*

Bloodstone (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKRKO-y6wlo)

*The faces are in the middle of the ring recuperating when Bloodstone's music hits. He comes to the ring like a bat out of hell and is immediately attacked by the faces! He fights them off, sending Michael and Shuriken crashing into the turnbuckle, one after the other. He comes face to face with Wells, the man who was also vying for the Evolution Title match! They start exchanging blows, one after the other, lefts and rights. Neither man falling down or giving up. Wells fatigue starts to catch up to him, his blows become slower, noticeably so! Bloodstone takes advantage and sends him flying into Shuriken and Michael, shoulder first.Wells falls down and rolls out of the ring, when Bloodstone rushes forward and hits a Hurricarana on Shuriken, followed up by a mule kick and enziguri on Michael Archangel. The crowd boos the Pint Sized Rocker, as they realize his speed has earned him the advantage! He taunts the crowd and then starts stomping on the downed faces. Four heels and three faces in the ring and the faces are on the bad end of a ass whipping!*

Bodom: Those three are finally getting their comeuppance!

*The heels begin methodically beating on the faces, before Shuriken and Ano square off in the ring. Shuriken tries to fight Ano Doom off, but the revitalized monster isn't having it. He begins attempting to manhandle the legendary Shuriken, tossing him about the ring, but the wily veteran won't go down without a fight. Shuriken starts peppering Ano Doom with kicks! Dixon attempts to help, but Ano Doom pushes him off, yelling he can handle this! Ano pushes Shuriken but Shuriken answers with kicks! Dixon is back in the fray once more, and kicks Shuriken from his blindside, knocking him right out of the ring. Ano Doom sees this, and grabs Dixon by the throat, and chucks him out of the ring in pure anger!*

Daniels: Wow, who knew helping the Demon Cyborg would piss him off that much!

*A replay on the titantron shows Shuriken getting eliminated, followed by AJ Dixon - shuriken at the feet of Dixon, and Dixon at the hand of Ano Doom. The action continues in the ring, as the crowd counts the next man in the ring.*

Mexican Nightmare
*Julio rushes into the ring, and starts decking everyone in there, except Esteban! Julio helps Esteban to his feet, and they begin attacking the others in the ring! The target Wells, and lift him up, both hitting him with rights and lefts in the middle of the ring! Julio hits him with a corner clothesline and runs back. Esteban goes to dot he same thing, but Julio stops him and hits him with another. Esteban tries again, but Julio stops him and hits Ryan with a third corner clothesline. This repeats for two more rounds, before Esteban gets mad and tosses Julio off Ryan and into the center of the ring. They start arguing and circling each other like they are about to fight and then.... they hug! Michael and Bloodstone scale the ropes as Mexican Nightmare hugs in the middle of the ring. As they turn in opposite directions, simultaneous dropkicks puts them on the ground- Julio from Michael, and Esteban from Bloodstone.*

Bodom: What the hell was that? Hugging in the middle of the ring? Is this Team Hell No? Or this is the Mexican Nightmares?!

Daniels: Well, they are the latter, Bodom, you should know that!

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 06:31 PM
*Ano Doom is on his feet and floors Michael with a clothesline and then grabs Bloodstone and chucks him into a corner. He begins piling the bodies up in the corner, until all the other men are in the corner. Ano Doom, much to the crowd's dismay, gets a head full of steam and rushes forward. With each step, men begin peeling off and going left and right until only Bloodstone is left. Ano Doom crashes into him and is suddenly hit with multiple pairs of feet, and hands, eventually taking him to the ground behind their numerous, combined power.*

Gillz (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-0U1RFLFq0)

*Gillz enters from the crowd, as has become the norm for him. He is visibly upset that he didn't get voted into the match, so he takes his time getting there. Ano Doom is still getting punched and kicked, but is attempting to fight his way out of the dog pile of wrestlers and get to his feet. Gillz makes it into the ring and starts punching men as they come towards him, knocking them to different sides of the ring. Michael attempts a clothesline, but Gillz powers him over the top rope and onto the floor for an elimination. Bloodstone attacks Gillz from behind and hits him with a belly to back suplex. He then springboards off the ropes and hits him with a big Enziguiri that slows down the man's momentum significantly. The crowd boos as Bloodstone mocks Gillz and stomps away at him. Ano Doom joins in and grabs Bloodstone, power slamming him on top of Gillz. Quickly as the alliance is formed it is broken, as Doom stomps on Bloodstone's chest and sternum. Julio runs up but Ano Doom pushes him into the air and he lands on Bloodstone. Esteban stats teeing off on Ano Doom, but the monster fights back and kicks Esteban in the gut! He pulls Esteban into a Swiss Death - a Powerbomb, dropping him right on the rest of the fallen foes.*

Kingmaker: Ano Doom is having a massively impressive showing here tonight! No matter what they do to the monster he always manages to make it back and dominate! Is there anyone here who can sto---

Abel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTVm2H5JXck).

*"The Burned"Abel, makes his way out to the stage as Ano Doom puts his foot on the pile of bodies. Abel smirks and heads down towards the ring. He slides in and gets in the face of Ano Doom, before suddenly hitting him with a big right that sends the giant of a man staggering.*


*Ano Doom gets a wild look in his eyes as he watches Abel, before swinging with a right of his own, but it's telegraphed! Abel sees it coming, and ducks out of the way. Both men start swinging at each other at this point. Two behemoths, two bulls charging and fighting in the center of the ring. The men on the mat scramble out of the way, as the fight threatens to spill on top of them. Abel starts to pick up momentum and take advantage of Ano Doom! His hand is over Ano Doom's face, thee Breathe The Smoke, a Mandible Claw has been applied. Ano Doom struggles to break free, even grabbing Abel's wrist to try and power out of it! Abel is too fresh, too strong, and eventually Ano Doom starts to fall to a knee. Abel has a crazy look in his eyes as the man goes down. He follows him down and presses him into the mat. Ordinarily, this may have resulted in a pin attempt, but there are no pins! Abel lets go and the demon cyborg starts hacking and coughing, trying to catch his breath. The crowd is in a state of shock, but starts to clap for Abel! Ano Doom is down, and this time, it may be for good!*

Daniels: Wow. Just. Wow. Abel, in his first match since returning has potentially taken out the most dominant force in this Royal Rumble. Now if he can only get the big man up and over the top rope, he may be the new favorite to win this match!

*All the guys start watching Abel before springing to action. They bum rush him and attempt to take him over the rope, but it's to ill effect. Abel holds on and starts fighting back, but the numbers game is too much for him. They beat him down and start making sure he, and Ano Doom, stay down for the count.*

MBC (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoTs-M4_RqI)

*The infamous music of the Berry Man himself starts as he rushes down towards the ring, throwing berries at people. He slips into the ring, and immediately jumps on the crowd trying to fight them, but fails miserably, as they each take turns knocking him around the ring. MBC continues to fight on though, valiantly not giving up, even though he is faced with pressing odds that would have a lesser man fall to its whim. MBC manages to score a knockdown on Bloodstone, but the rest of them hit him and he goes down. They take turns hitting him, picking him up, and slamming him around the ring. They show little to no interest in sending the man packing just yet. They turn and see Ano and Abel trying to make it to their feet and rest. They turn their attention from MBC and go to the bigger threats, Ano Doom and Abel. As they beat on the two men, MBC manages to make it to his feet. He rushes forward and grabs Bloodstone, sending him over the top rope towards the stage. Bloodstone is eliminated! The crowd turns around towards MBC who is celebrating, taking their attention of Doom and Abel. They head towards MBC, but quickly turn around. The crowd manages to duck dual clothesline, leaving them both to hit the unsuspecting MBC who is henceforth eliminated from the match from the force of the attack sending him over the top rope. *

Bodom: A two on one? I love it! That's what these people need to do! Work together to wean out the crowd, and

Hanz (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvZqWq0ZNjk)


*Hanz stands on the ramp for a moment before heading towards the ring. He gets to MBC, and immediately attacks him with Red Mist into his face, and then a DDT to the stage! The crowd boos him as he laughs and then gets in the ring, attacking the group across from him, Ano, and Abel. Abel joins in and it's an all out war! They start stomping the remaining men, but the men begin fighting back. Julio and Esteban take Hanz down, and all three men exchange vicious blows with the other, albiet somewhat inadvertantly. Ano Doom and Gillz go at it on the far side of the ring, while Abel, and Wellz fight each other in the middle of the ring! Gillz goes down, and Wells follows soon after. Ano Doom and Abel bump into each other, and immediately begin beating each other senseless. They fight towards the ropes, aiming to be the dominant one in the ring. As they fight on by the ring ropes, Ano Doom's is facing Abel, his back towards the ring. Wells Gets up, and grabs Abel's legs, flipping him over the ring and eliminating him from the match. Ano Doom manages to hang on, though he is on thewrong side of the ring now. Wells goes for a Big Boot, but Ano slaps it aside, and Wells is caught up on the top rope!*

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 06:32 PM
Kingmaker: This is one great Royal Rumble! So much action packed into this match, that it could go - believably, in any direction!

*Hanz is down, and the Mexican Nightmares sees Wells hung on up the rope. They run across the ring and spring off the rope and hit a double dropkick, eliminating Wells from the match!*

Sexiest Alpha Males (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynfk7izWNE8)

*Tenerio runs down towards the ring, shooting past Ryan Wells, as he leaves and immediately picks a fight with the Mexican Nightmares. He begins sending blows towards Esteban and Julio. He knocks them each down, and then picks them up, irish whipping them towards different sides of the ring. He eggs Esteban out of the corner first, and hits him with a Belly to Belly Suplex, and then hits an incoming Julio with a Russian Leg Sweep. He is feeling on fire at this point in time. He picks Julio up and begins the Three Amigos! At the second one, Julio blocks the attempt, in time for Esteban to get back up and into the action. The double teaming begins, they hit him with a double suplex, and follow it up with a double elbow drop. Julio picks Tenerio up in a side slam position and Esteban drives him down with a running diving elbow. The Mexican Nightmares are on fire, but it's quickly put out by a revived Hanz Gruber, who smacks them both. The three men start exchanging blows, two on one. They grab Hanz and throws him over the ropes, but he hangs on. They go to knock him off, but he moves back and avoids the blow, before trying to slingshot in over the second rope, and between them. This earns him a double elbow drop to the back of the head. They pick him up and toss him out over the ropes, eliminating him. As they taunt him, they are knocked out of the ring by Abel, with a clothesline for each man. Abel is not long for the match when a sudden dropkick by Gillz.*

Bodom: A four person elimination stretch! Just like that. There are now two more men to enter the fray before a winner can ultimately be decided!

Jman (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwIvBNsSywQ)

*Jman runs into the ring and ducks under a clothesline from Gillz and drills Ano Doom with a Big 'Good Game, Let's Go Eat', a superkick right to the face. ANo Doom stumbles back into the turnbuckle, dazed. He turns around to Gillz and hits him with a T-Bone Suplex, throwing him across the ring! Tenerio is up next, and he fares just a little better to start. He manages to hit Jman with a kick to the gut, but Jman reverses it into a double leg takedown and then a big elbow drop to follow up. Jman quickly scales the ropes and leaps off, hitting Tenerio with a Macho Man Elbow drop. The crowd is electric as the sense the end coming near. Jman picks up Tenerio and attempts to send him over the top rope, but Tenerio fights on! Jman backs up and goes for his superkick, but Tenerio ducks it, and grabs Jman's leg. With Jman off balance, Tenerio slips back through the second rope an d ties up Jman's leg. He then peppers Jman's lower body with kicks and shoulder blocks until Jman is on the ground writhing in pain. Tenerio turns to the remaining men, but is met with a KO Punch, and then is pulled into a powerbomb by Gillz - dumping him over the ropes with tremendous force. Gillz turns and ducks under a terrifying blow from Ano Doom, and kicks the big man in the knees, knocking him down to size! *

Daniels: Looks like this could be the end for old Ano Doom here. It's amazing how he's lasted so long in this match, despite all the odds against him!

*Gillz pulls Ano Doom in for a powerbomb, but Ano Doom tries to fight it. Gillz pulls with all his might, calling on some crazy strength to help him lift the Demon Cyborg into the air. He manages to get him up there, but the demon begins sending blows down on the man's head, causing Gillz to stumble around the ring. Finally, Gillz just drills him with the powerbomb in the middle of the ring with force and falls backwards. Jman is down. Gillz is down. and Ano is down. One man left to enter the fray!*

Sexiest Alpha Males. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynfk7izWNE8)

*T-THunda runs down towards the ring and slides in immediately. He begins stompign the downed men and then picks Jman up, setting him in the corner, with his leg slung over the middle rope. He then goes to grab Gillz, and swings him around, driving him head and shoulder first into Jman's injured leg. Jman grabs at his leg and screams in pain, before T-Thunda grabs him and tosses him over the top rope. Jman, luckily, lands on his good leg. T-Thunda's attention turns to Gillz who he estimates to be the next weakest one in the match, as far as physical power. He begins hitting him with punches and kicks to the gut and back, whichever way Gillz decides to turn after each strike. He leans down to pick Gillz up, but Gillz strikes him in the stomach, keeping the man bent over. They start hitting each other, with Gillz slowly getting to his feet. T-Thunda ducks under a blow, but can't avoid a boot to the stomach. Gillz picks him up and attempts to dump him over the ropes with a powerbomb, but T-Thunda reverses it and uses his leg power to send Gillz out of the ring instead. T-THunda skins the cat and flips back into the ring, but it caught by Ano Doom with a big Devil's Flame, a KO punch right to the jaw. T-Thunda is stunned cold! Ano Doom picks him up, and unceremoniously ejects him from the ring for the win!*

Kingmaker: Ano Doom has done it. He outlasted fifteen other men, several of them top stars in EWNCW! He took home the win and the prize that comes with winning this spectacle!

Bodom: He won because those other people didn't have any sense of intelligence. You want to win? You take out the big man! Don't give him a chance to breathe, you take him out first and focus on everyone that's left later! Ano could and should have been gone!

Kingmaker: You are right there, Bodom. couldn't agree more!

Daniels: It doesn't matter now! Ano Doom is the winner and that can only mean bad things going forward with Inferno and heading towards Raging Inferno!

Ano Doom stands in the ring until Sasha Panzer beckons him up the ramp. The crowd boos him loudly but he doesn't seem to care at all. She places her hand on his shoulder and they both exit, a huge smile on the face of Sasha Panzer.*

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 06:41 PM
Daniels: Up next is an exciting tag team match pitting the Coke Boys against Hostile take over.

Kingmaker: What makes it even better is that it's a no disqulifacation match. Anything goes Bob!

Bodom: Anything does go, especially when these two teams are just completely pist off at each other, it's gonna be a hell of a match


Morgan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a no disqulifacation match. Introducing first, the team of Mr. Smyth and Antonyo Angelo, Hostile Takeover!

Daniels: This feud has gone on for a few weeks now. Both at each others throats the whole time.

Bodom: I like Hostile Takeover in this match over Coke Boyz, they seem to work just a little better together.

Kingmaker: Coke Boys stuck there drug filled noses where they didn't belong and they will pay for it tonight Bob. Simple as that.


Morgan: And there opponents, the team of Demonic and Diamondz, the Coke Boys!

Bob: Now see Pierce, I think they deserved to stick their noses into Hostile Takeover's business, Hostile Takeover was helping New Assault Program beat down on God's Grace and the Coke Boys came out and helped God's Grace. After a few exchange over words and a beat down here and there, we arrive here tonight and the no disqualification match. Things are about to go underway

Bodom: We will see both teams completely tear each other apart.

(Dudley Boyz-CB, RVD&Sabu-HT) stop at 17:05

Daniels: These four men are just laying waste to each other, using anything in the arena they can find

*Diamondz comes sliding into the ring with chair in hand, he looks to hit smyth in the face, but smyth ducks the chair shot and runs and spring boards off the ropes into a cross body splash, he covers*




*Diamondz kicks out as Smyth just looks in anger. He goes and sits on the top rope to hit a spear on Diamondz who is standing up, Diamondz turns and Smyth dives, but is blasted by demonic with a steel chair. Demonic throws the chair on the ground and both men taunt the crowd. While busy taunting, angelo comes back into the ring and throws Diamondz over the top rope. Demonic turns and begins trading blows with Angelo, Angelo hits Demonic with a European uppercut that causes him to bounce off the ropes and sends him back into Angelo who hits him with a Big Boot. He covers*




*Diamondz dives in and makes the save, Diamonds and Demonic both take Angelo and go for a double punt, But Smyth gets back into the ring and blasts Demonic with a chair knocking him out. Diamondz kicks Smyth in the groin causing him to drop the chair. Diamondz goes to DDT Smyth into the chair, but Angelo is back in and hits a roundhouse kick to Diamondz, both men pick Diamondz up and hit The Rule of the Emperor and Angelo covers*




Morgan: here are your winners, Hostile Takeover!

Daniels: Talk about a ruthless beatdown!

Kingmaker: Yes it was and it all could have been avoided if The Coke Boyz would have kept to themselves.

Daniels: They did the right thing, they just couldn't get the upperhand on Hostile Takeover here tonight.

Bodom: You know regardless of who won both teams gave a very impressive effort and both were violent as hell, the fans like that ya know?

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 06:50 PM
Bill Buxley: Ladies and Gentlemen we're gearing up here for Threat of the Net! A pay Per view Event that is shaping up to be out of this world, my guests at this time, facing one of the most highly decorated tag teams in EWNCW, Mixed Emotions, Mr. Black, Mr. Blood, Black Blooded.

*Black Blooded walk into view, Vivica skipping next to Mr. Black.*

Bill Buxley: You guys are going into this match with a lot of momentum, having won several matches lately, but you have never been able to beat Mixed Emotions team on team, what makes you think this will be different?

Mr. Blood: Well first, if you would fucking pay attention you would notice that every time we face those opera-mask wearin freaks, someone else always has to get right in the damn way.

Mr. Black: Everyone wants a piece of us.

Mr. Blood: But come threat of the net? Well let's just say that we've planned for that. When you come down to it, those boys can't take us on and win without help, help we'll make damn sure ain't comin.

Bill Buxley: You boys do make a lot of enemies, is there anyone here that you get along with?

Mr. Blood: We get along with everyone. So long as they stay the fuck out of our way, and don't fuck with our money.

Vivica: Daddy and Unca are the nicest men in the whole wide world, just sometimes, people don't understand that they are helping them, so they end up screaming, and bleeding.

Mr. Black: That's right princess.

Mr. Blood: Look, what all those fucks in the locker room, and all those morons in the crowds need to get through their thick fucking heads is that we don't give a flying fuck about any of you, one way or the other. We don't like you, we don't hate you, we don't fucking care. All we are here for, all that fucking matters in this business, is kicking ass and getting paid. Winning gold and getting laid. As far as the rest of you?

Mr. Black: We wouldn't notice if you all caught on fire.

Bill Buxley: Well that's a cold attitude to have, but I can't argue with your successes. You've won gold in every federation that you have been part of. Why are you involved in so many companies? What drives Black Blooded?

Mr. Blood: Simple. We're gonna show each and every so called "wrestling fan" out there what real tag team wrestling is all about. We are living Fucking Legends. And don't you fucking forget it. We will not be satisfied until the world knows what we've known for over a fucking decade.

Mr. Black: Nobody can take us out.

Mr. Blood: In the end, when Black Blooded finally rides off into the sunset, we will ride happily knowing that we took out every fucking one of your heroes, and taught a whole new generation the true meaning of Dominance.

Mr. Black: We're done here.

Bill Buxley: But I still have-

Mr. Black: Done.

*Black Blooded walk off, leaving a flustered Bill Buxley behind.*

Bill Buxley: Well, there you have it, Black Blooded, possibly the next EWNCW Tag Team Champions.

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:03 PM
*The lights go out in the arena. Silence falls and nobody dares to breathe heavier than normal. The tension increases as seconds come and go and nothing happens. All of a sudden this music blasts through the PA system.*


*The Titantron is illuminated with images of the Gates of Hell match: the entrances of both teams, Carlin's back burning, Abel ripping the side of the steel cage, then fallen under it, Slayde's final resistance, almost winning the match on his own, Grind hitting the Ultrakrusher, the World Demise, the final celebration, God's Grace attack, Carlin and grind busted open, the contract sign with blood. The fans love it from the beginning to the end. Lights go out again as the music goes on, then the only illumination is focusing on the steel cage, that starts to be lowered, but not completely, allowing some space for the wrestlers, ref and Jason McManus to enter.*

Daniels: The most grueling match I've ever witnessed is taking place again, this time I have the honor to be calling it.

Bodom: This match is absolute madness. My eyes were almost out of my sockets back when Lucas Grant announced it for the Rise from the Ashes PPV, and what a goddamn hellacious bout that one was, and I expect no less from this one tonight.

Kingmaker: A bitter rivalry between The Superior Technician William Carlin and Seraphim, it will be contested in a territory that benefits Carlin, as he is already been there last year, but Seraphim is also ruthless and relentless, so Carlin should not be overconfident.

Bodom: Objection, Pierce, this is not a bitter rivalry, it is a grim, bitter war that is going to end in the most gruesome environment.

Daniels: According to Carlin, after 24 hours inside a coffin there's no space for being overconfident, there's only the will to inflict pain and overcome your opponent. He may have entered with confidencebut everything goes down the drain during that imprisonment.

Kingmaker: The question is, who will be the most relentless and brutal of the two? That one will be the winner tonight.

Bodom: We're about to find out.

McManus: This match is the Gates of Hell match! It will be contested inside a steel cage, whose top will be on fire, therefore the side will be red hot. Anything goes rule applies, it is won by pinfall or submission, and this time, falls are allowed outside the ring.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6hcD70syF0McManus: Introducing first, coming to us straight down from Heaven, Seraphim!

Bodom: I'm sure this guy will give an outstanding performance, but he's coming short against Carlin's experience and thrill for hardcore battles.

Daniels: There's no denying Carlin has the advantage of having competed in this kind of match, but Seraphim has proven he can go toe to toe with the best in this business. Besides, in the last episode of Rage, he played mind games with Carlin and won the upper hand.

Kingmaker: So did Shawn Michaels with the Undertaker at WrestleMania 25, and guess who won that. Aside of that, Carlin's odds are better, but I'm rooting for an upset here and Seraphim will get that pinfall.

Bodom: The Superior Technician will prove both of you wrong!

*Seraphim comes out clearly dazed and confused, he covers his eyes with his hands as the lights are clearly blinding him. After a few seconds, he is ready to stop covering his eyes and we can see the effects of self mutilation in his face and his arms. He goes down the ramp slowly, trying not to take a misstep as he is still disoriented. The fans are showing his support with cheers and “Finish Carlin” chants. He finally reaches the ring and enters. He salutes the fans in the center of the ring and the cheers increase. He then goes to lean on a corner, trying to gain some focus before the match starts.*

*The lights go out again. Fans make some noise of disapproval, before they remain silent. Ten seconds pass, and this music hits*


*The mixture of Carmina Burana's O Fortuna with the dialogue of The Greatest Story Ever Told puts a chill down the spine of the audience, while the Tron shows images in hardcore matches he's had in EWNCW, both singles and tag team, including some footage from the Gates of Hell the previous video didn't show. From his Three Stages of Hell match with Krysys back in 2011 to the latest No DQ match with Seraphim, passing through his wins and losses with Jesting Madness. When Glen Benton roars “Let the Killing Begin!”, this music hits:*

McManus: And his opponent, from Toledo, Ohio, he is the Superior Technician, William! Carlin!

Bodom: This is the winner of the match. The song he requested speaks volumes of his state of mind, I mean, that is called Demented Aggression, do I need to say more?
Daniels: No, you don't. Carlin knows the stakes are high and is on full brutal mode. Still, blind fury may lead him to make a mistake that costs him the match.

Kingmaker: I love this, Carlin is enraged, and he will go to destroy Seraphim. Speaking of mind games, using such a strong song as Carlin is doing may affect the opponent too. It is much like “here I come with everything I have, attacking you without entering the ring.

Bodom: If you think Carlin is going to destroy Seraphim, why you think Sera's winning?

Kingmaker: They are going to destroy each other, Bodom. Picking Seraphim is a matter of having a surprise winner.

*Fans boo the shit out of The Superior Technician, who emerges with his forehead almost flayed, and marks of nails all over his face and chest. When he opens his eyes, the eyeballs are almost fully red with veins. Carlin does not waste much time and goes down the ramp as fast as he can, which is not much, as he's as dazed and confused as much as Seraphim was. When he makes it to the ring, he immediately tries to go on the attack, but the referee stops him, pushing him out of the way while saying “wait for the bell!”. The official doesn't waste time and orders to totally lower the cage to allow the hostilities begin as soon as possible. Fortunately, the cage was half lowered, so it doesn't take much to be properly placed, and the fires swoosh with a roar, accompanied by the cheers of the impatient fans and the sound of the bell *

*Ding, ding, ding!*

Bodom: Finally, this one is underway!

*Carlin wastes no time and goes right to the attack, throwing a flurry of punches that send Seraphim back to the turnbuckle he was resting in. Carlin closes the distance and starts headbutting Seraphim repeatedly while the referee looks on, unable to stop the action. Seraphim falls sitting and Carlin switches to stiff kicks before grabbing his opponent by the hand and sending him to the opposite corner with an Irish whip. Carlin follows quick and hits a Stinger Splash, and again we go to the previous corner with a second Irish Whip. Carlin has in mind repeating the Stinger Splash, so he jumps ready to nail it, but Seraphim has recovered and ducks, making Carlin go face first into the top turnbuckle. Seraphim wastes no time and attacks with furious rights and lefts to the face of Carlin. Seraphim helps his enemy to his feet only to take him down with a huge roundhouse kick to the temple. Once again Seraphim lifts Carlin and Irish Whips him to the ropes, but Carlin grabs them to avoid bouncing back, to no avail, as Seraphim comes running and hits a dropkick that sends Carlin to the floor.*

Bodom: Nice initial exchange, but thing are going to get better now that we are in the outside and the cage can enter the play.

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:05 PM
*Seraphim grabs Carlin's waist and hits a belly to back suplex. He doesn't release the hold and follows with a German suplex. He then lets Carlin go and slides back into the ring. He humps into the top rope and flies towards the fallen opponent, landing with his two feet on Carlin's chest, completing the move he calls Welcome to Heaven. However, his landing is far from perfect, and he stumbles towards the cage, butin the last split second he manages to stay an inch away from the burning steel, which sends him a wave of heat towards the face. Seraphim takes a step back and sees the falling Carlin. The man from Ohio seems to be ready to get pinned, but Seraphim has other plans, as one can imagine from the twisted smile he produces. Once again, he helps Carlin to his feet and grabs him by the waist, ready to hit either a belly to back or a German suplex. But this time, Seraphim comes closer to the cage wall, and hits a big German suplex that makes Carlin's upper back to land in the burning steel. Carlin yells like there's no tomorrow.*

Daniels: God, that was nasty!

Bodom: Nasty is what this is about, and it can get even nastier.

*Seraphim does not release the hold and Carlin's back is still burning. Ten seconds pas until Seraphim decides to let go and allows the yelling Carlin to roll out of the way and alleviate the pain in his back, but he soon is tasting how it feels when your recently burned skin is pressed against the floor as Seraphim goes for a quick win here*




Kingmaker: Great strategy by Seraphim here, he may not get the win but adds more pain to Carlin's back, and forces him to waste valuable energy in kicking out.

Bodom: I don't say this much, but that was spot on, Pierce.

*Carlin is still yelling after the torture he has suffered at the hands of Seraphim, who is ready to keep the assault going for the steel steps. He lifts them with a bit of a struggle and when he has them, he goes straight into Carlin, driving them to his face. The Superior Technician falls like a ton of bricks, exposing his back, a chance Seraphim does not miss and smashes Carlin's burnt back with the unforgiving steel. Carlin again roars in agony. Seraphim then places the steps on the floor, nearly trapping Carlin between them and the cage. Seraphim steps back to the other side, ready to take a run-up to catapult himself into Carlin with the help of the steel steps. Carlin uses those steps to help himself back into a vertical base, little by little. Seraphim is motioning him to get up, much in Edge's fashion when he was ready to hit the spear. Carlin finally stands on his feet, but barely can stand, taking a step back that puts him dangerously close to the side of the burning cage. This is the signal Seraphim has been waiting for, therefore he starts running towards the steps, jumps to take impulse and flies with the momentum, seeking to crash onto Carlin, who will fall against the red hot steel.*

Kingmaker: Incoming!

Daniels: What the hell???

*Carlin has moved out of the way in the last split second, and Seraphim crashes into the steel wall with a scream of agony, even though the contact does not last long. Carlin uses this opening to grab the steel chair and retaliate, hitting Seraphim right in the head, once, twice, and with a great effort, a third time. Carlin throws the steps away, then grabs Seraphim by the hair to lift him a bit. Carlin positions himself near the side of the cage, with the back turned to the steel, Seraphim's head between the legs. Carlin proceeds to elevate his foe up to his shoulders, in a powerbomb position, but instead of slamming Sera against the concrete, he places his hands round Seraphim's neck, flexes his legs, and falls backwards while throwing Seraphim over his head, face first into the steel cage, that lovely, caringly and flesh-searingly receives Sera's forehead.*


Daniels: Good God Almighty, he may have concussed Seraphim for good!!

Kingmaker: Right leg hooked, will Carlin make it?



2,5! NO!

Bodom: Spectacular, but still not good enough to keep Seraphim down.

*Carlin has a sick smile on his face as he gets up. He wastes no time to grab Seraphim by the neck to help him up to recover a standing position. Once he has his rival where he wants to, Carlin drives Sera's head into the steel cage, first once, then twice, then he screams and starts to repeat the move again and again, Seraphim's head bouncing back into the steel cage again and again, while the referee merely looks on, unable to stop the bout as anything goes. But it is not only the repeated impacts, the steel is red hot, and adds the skin searing to the impacts the skull is getting. Finally, Carlin decides it's time to burn, so he drives Seraphim's left side of the face into the steel and keeps the pressure, charring the flesh while his opponent screams on top of his lings as the face nearly melts. Carlin is also screaming, but he is producing intelligible sounds:*

Carlin: Burn City of Angels! Burn Seraphim! How do you like that, fucker?

*The Superior Technician decides it is time to release his opponent and so he does, forcing Seraphim to roll into the ring under the bottom rope. Carlin laughs like a maniac, then he climbs into the apron first, then into the top turnbuckle, where he salutes the fans and poses to allow them yell abuse at him. He goes on top and stands still, before making a serious face, his chin lifter up in an arrogant position, the right arm outstretched. He rotates his head, then the arm with a theatrical move, finally jumps off the turnbuckle ready to strike the Cubito Aequet, but Seraphim moves and all that Carlin finds is the mat, landing hard on it.*

Daniels: Big mistake here by William Carlin, who has given an opening for Seraphim to get back into the driver's seat again.

*Seraphim gets back to his feet, wasting no time to start stomping Carlin on the head, delivering several shots before giving the same treatment to Carlin's wrists and ankles in the correspondent order, When he seems satisfied, he rolls out of the ring and starts searching for something under the ring. He then finds a steel chair to bring into the play. He first slides the chair under the bottom rope, following it immediately. Sera grabs the chair, places his left foot onto Carlin's kidney area, lifts the chair and drops it down to the back area that has suffered the effects of the burning steel. Carlin howls like a wounded wolf, but won't stop Seraphim, who hits shot after shot with the chair, making Carlin's charred skin to bleed. Seraphim even uses the top of the back of the chair, almost stabbing it into his fallen enemy. When he seems happy with the damage done, he throws the chair away, , rolls Carlin to his back and covers.*



2,8798 NO!

Bodom: Carlin still has some life in him.

Daniels: I thought this was it.

Kingmaker: Never count out Carlin, Bob. He has proven time and time again that he has an incredible amount of resiliency, and he's showing it again tonight.

*Seraphim decides to go out of the ring again to retrieve another weapon hidden under the ring. He searches for a while until he yells Eureka!, before producing a ladder. Once again, the weapon is slid down the bottom rope, the followed by the wrestler. Before setting up the ladder, Seraphim places Carlin back first into the center of the ring. Then he proceeds to grab the ladder, open it, placing it in a standing position, finally measuring to position it so the top makes a perfect perpendicular with the fallen opponent's body, exactly aligned with Carlin's belly. Time to climb up the ladder, slowly as the effects of such a grueling match are taking their toll on Seraphim. The fans cheer like mad during the ascension. Seraphim dares to place a foot on top of the ladder, then the other right behind it. From this unorthodox position Sera manages to get straight and take off, rotating in mid air to hit the Shooting Star Press. The motion is fluid and elegant, the landing perfect, with a small inconvenience: Carlin has somehow managed to roll out of the way and the impact is not flesh against flesh, it is flesh against canvas.*

Bodom: The wheel of fortune turns, and it favors Carlin again.

Kingmaker: Karma has this things, or so they say. Carlin missed the Cubito Aequet first, Seraphim fails to nail the Shooting Star Press afterwards.

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:07 PM
*Both men stay down for a while. The ref can't count them out, but he can check if they are still capable of continuing the gruesome battle. He checks Sera first, who seems to be out, then moves to Carlin, but the Superior Technician is stirring, and slowly getting back to his feet. Finally, after lots of struggle, Carlin is ready to strike. He sees Seraphim belly first into the mat, and wastes no time. Carlin bends his foe's legs at the knees, places one ankle between them, he crosses them, placing one of Sera's ankles under Carlin's knee pit. The man from Ohio bridges backwards to reach over the head of Seraphim, and locks his arms around the head, lifting it and part of the upper torso in a Muta Lock executed to perfection*

Kingmaker: Were this a regular match, Carlin could win it here with the Muta Lock.

Daniels: What a way to hurt your opponent's back.

Bodom: Even better, if Seraphim gets to the ropes, the referee can do nothing. The only choice is to tap out.

*The lock is tight, the suffering Seraphim is experiencing is great. He struggles not to tap out, but he seems close to do it on several occasions. Both man scream, one in pain, the other out of rage and adrenaline. None of them refuse to give up, Carlin maintains the hold, Seraphim doesn't signal for his surrender. However, little by little, Seraphim's life seems to be leaving his beaten body. His resistance is decreasing at a steady pace, until he no longer moves. The referee sees and proceeds to lift the arm up, to check if he can follow the match. One lift, arm falls, ref counts:*


*The same operation is repeated, same result*


Bodom: This could be it!

*Final chance for Seraphim. If he manages to maintain the arm on the air the match continues. If it falls for a third and final time, he will be done and the ref will raise Carlin's arm in victory. The ref grabs the arm by the wrist, lifts it up, lets go...*

Daniels: The match goes on! Seraphim doesn't surrender!

*Seraphim uses the arm the ref has pulled to elevate himself a bit, and using it as an anchor to sustain his weight while using the elbow next to Carlin to hit the man from Toledo in the face. Once. Twice. Three, four, five, times before Carlin lets go. Seraphim rolls to his back, seeking to alleviate the pain by remaining flat on the mat, as it helps the spine to regain its original state. Carlin is up, goes to the ropes, bounces back, runs towards Sera, jumps and rotates forwards in the air and hits a huge somersault leg drop on Seraphim's chest. Carlin hooks the leg and attempts the pin.*



2,95! NO!

*Seraphim gathers the remains of his strength to avoid losing the match. Carlin then slides out of the ring, all smiles and he reaches under the apron in search if the weapon he has decided to use now. Seconds pass until Carlin slides a table under the bottom rope, but he is not done as he goes under the ring again. He emerges with a black, velvet bag. He grabs Seraphim and smashes him into the corner before hitting him repeatedly in the head with the bag, which seems pretty heavy, as it is adding more damage to what Sera has received. After he seems ready, Carlin places the table as the hypotenuse of the two legs that are the ring sides, with the turnbuckle acting as the vertex of this particular triangle that encloses both wrestlers. Carlin then proceeds to open the bag and empty it on the table. Hundreds of thumbtacks pour into the table, and Carlin extends them to cover all the surface of the table. Once he is satisfied, he climbs to the top rope, and maneuvers to position himself in the top turnbuckle. Seraphim is leaning against the corner, face first to the buckle, so Carlin grabs him by the hair and forces his rival to the first rope, then to the second. Carlin clubs Seraphim's head twice, so his opponent bends over. Carlin places Sera's head under his crotch, then grabs Sera's tights, trying to elevate him into a package piledriver from the top rope, a move used by his tag team partner Grind calls the Ultrakrusher.*

Bodom: Oh my, if he hits the Ultrakrusher Seraphim is done for good!

Kingmaker: He is trying to homage his tag team partner Grind Bastard with this move! Devastating!

Daniels: He is going to kill Seraphim! Somebody stop that!

Bodom: Goddamn it, Bob! Anything Goes rules apply here! The ref is there just to count the pin or certificate the tap out.

*Carlin is using all the strength left to no avail, he can't elevate his long time foe. In one of the pauses between attempts, Seraphim realized where he is, so he lowers his head only to rise it up with force, hitting Carlin's balls with the back of the head. He repeats the operation and Carlin bends forward in pain. Sera then impulses him up in a rotating motion, so he manages to grab Carlin's head with the legs. Then, by the laws of Physics, everything falls due to gravity, and this case is no different. Sera goes on from a handstand to the normal vertical position, managing to throw Carlin into the table with tacks. The Superior Technician lands back first into the table that can't resist the impact and breaks, as the tacks are piercing Carlin's flesh.*

Daniels: What a hurricanrana! This could be it, folks! Seraphim is going to make it here!

*But Seraphim is also suffering the effects of the whole match and also lays on the mat seemingly unable to move, but after several seconds he manages to crawl onto Carlin and make the cover:*



2,99999! NO!

Daniels: No chance!

Kingmaker: You'll practically have to kill Carlin if you want to lay him out for the one, two, three.

Bodom: I'm telling you, Carlin is going to win this match, he has proven tons of resiliency here, escaping the pin after that brutal move from Seraphim.

*Seraphim is trying to get up after the cover, not wasting any time in lamentations. When he does, his face is contorted in anger, the eyes are red. He looks furious. Then, he gives the camera a twisted smile, outstretches the arms and proclaims:*

Seraphim: The Black Angel is back!

*Sera places Carlin limp body nearer to the corner, in the same hypotenuse position the table was. He goes to the corner and starts climbing to the top turnbuckle. It takes him time, as the match has been gruesome, and he is probably moving due to the hatred he feels for Carlin and the gnawing will to inflict pain. He finally reaches the top and stands still, facing the fans instead of the ring. He then jumps while leaning forward, his hands almost touching the feet, while he rotates o hit the imploding 450 splash, a maneuver barely seen since the Black Angel was replaced by Seraphim. He nails it, landing perfectly onto Carlin, but instead of finding the softer torso, the collision is against Carlin's knees, who in the last second has protected himself. Sera rolls out in pain, Carlin stays in the same position. The official can't count them out, but still can check if they can go on. Both seem to be in an awful state and barely moving. The ref is undecided, so he motions to the ramp and some more referees go down to council. None of them is too close to the burning steel, so they have to speak loudly enough as for the camera to catch what they are saying. The crowd explodes into a chant*

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:08 PM
Fans: Let them fight, let them fight, let them fight!

*One of the referees in the outside points at the ring. The designated official turns around and sees Carlin back on his feet with the help of the ropes. Therefore he returns to the ring after telling his partners the match is still on. Carlin has managed to leave the ropes to go towards Seraphim. The Superior Technician manages to help Sera to his feet, then elevate him and place his opponent's feet on the top rope, a position that reminds that of Orton about to hit the rope assisted DDT, but one rope higher than the Viper. Carlin places his left arm around Sera's head, placing it under the armpit. He completes the lock with his right hand grabbing his own arm. He then falls to the mat, forcing Seraphim to turn around and land neck first into the canvas.*

Bodom: Once again, shades of Keiji Mutoh with a magnificent Dragon Screw Neck Whip, this may be it!

Kingmaker: The leg is hooked!



2,999999! NO!

Daniels: My goodness! How did Sera kick out after than nasty landing?

Bodom: The hate drives you even more crazy after the imprisonment, and gives you force when you're out of it!

Kingmaker: Don't forget the will to defeat an opponent you despise!

Bodom: True that.

*Carlin slides out of the ring to catch his breath, and by the expression on his face, for something more. As soon as he judges himself ready, he slides under the ring once again. Seconds pass and Carlin does not emerge. Finally, his feet are seen, then his legs and his body. Then the left hand, fist closed, helps him to get out his head by placing it on the apron to impulse himself out. He has a big grin on his face. His right hand is still under the ring. Carlin starts laughing like mad and finally shows what he has in hand.*

Kingmaker: There it is!

Bodom: Barb wire baseball bat time!!

Daniels: This can be the difference maker Carlin was waiting for.

*The man from Toledo, Ohio, slides into the ring. Seraphim is using the ladder he brought into the ring to hit the Shooting Star Press to return to a standing position. Carlin wastes no time and produces what he has in hand: a Zippo lighter. We can see the bat has some sort of candle wick. Carlin has trouble lighting the Zippo, but after a few attempts he does it. He closes the Zippo's lead, throws it away and lifts the flaming barb wire bat into the air as the fans boo the hell (pun intended) out of him. But all this has given time to Seraphim to regroup, and he's back on the attack with a standing dropkick. Carlin barely ducks, Sera falls to the mat, tries to get up and as soon as he does, Carlin strikes with the flaming bat, hitting Sera right in the face!*

​Kingmaker: That was insane!!

Bodom: And Carlin is not done yet!

*Carlin keeps castigating Seraphim with repeated shots to the body. The flame has extinguished due to the violent motion, up and down as Carlin roars in anger and Seraphim in pain. When he is done, Carlin throws the bat to the outside, grabs his enemy by the hair, dragging him towards the ropes and kicking him out to the outside. Carlin follows, but first he retrieves the bat, makes some calculations and positions it on the floor. He then goes to Sera, lifts him up, positions himself behind Sera, puts his arms around Seraphim's waist, and starts running towards the burning cage. Carlin smashes Sera against the wall, drops himself backwards, both wrestlers rolling, the advantage is for Carlin, who nails a German Suplex. Sera's back lands exactly on top of the bat. That makes Carlin not go for the bridging pin, as he wants to be sure that Sera's shoulders are down in the mat. He grabs the bat and rips it off from Sera's flesh. This time the shoulders are down and Carlin hooks both legs.*




*Ding, ding, ding!*

McManus: The winner of this match, the Superior Technician, William! Carlin!

Daniels: What a win for Carlin.

Kingmaker: A hell of a battle, but in the end, the favorite makes the predictions good and gets the match.

Bodom: I told you so at the beginning, but you never listened to me.

*The fans boo Carlin's win as the fire is extinguished and the cage returns to the ceiling. As soon as it starts to go up, a familiar figure emerges running down the ramp. Grind Bastard goes to check on Carlin as soon as there's enough space to slid under the cage. Carlin is still laying on the ground, so is Seraphim. Grind kneels next to Carlin, trying to gently wake him up. Carlin opens the eyes and smiles. Grind helps his tag team partner to his feet, then points at the fallen opponent and gives him the Undertaker cut throat. Carlin laughs like mad and enters the ring again.*

Kingmaker: Now what?

Daniels: This is ridiculous. The match has ended. Why do they need to do this?

*Carlin has grabbed the ladder and placed it near the corner. He uses the ropes to help himself into it and keeps climbing. Grind has thrown Seraphim into the ring and has slid himself into the ring. Carlin is on top, and sits down there, with the feet on the opposite side he has used to climb, facing the ring. Grind lifts Sera with ease, placing him right under Carlin, who has to take a step down to properly position Seraphim's head between his legs, then grabs the tights, and this time elevates him into the package piledriver position. Grind moves out of the way*

Daniels: Come on, don't do it, please, don't do it!

Bodom: He shouldn't, but he will!

Kingmaker: There he goes!

*ULTRAKRUSHER FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!!! The mat has not resisted the impact and both wrestlers disappear under the ring. Grind goes to the hole in the mat and takes a look. Seconds pass and nothing happens, until a hand makes its presence. Grind smiles and pulls out his tag team partner, who raises his arms and drops them down with energy. A burst of flames emerges from the hole, and keeps burning for a while while Carlin yells:*

Carlin: Burn! In! Hell!

Daniels: I can't believe this.

Kingmaker: Neither do I, Bob, neither do I.

Bodom: Hope Seraphim is well after the match and that heinous impact from the Ultrakrusher.

*Grind helps Carlin out of the ring and up the ramp. Medics surround them, trying to evaluate the condition Carlin is in, while some others go to check if they can do anything for Seraphim. Carlin waves the doctors off, saying “Later. In the back”, as him and Grind go up the ramp as the fans yell abuse to them.*

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:34 PM
Jason McManus: The following match is a Scramble number one contenders match for the RAGE Ignition Championship! The rules are simple.. After every 5 minutes a new wrestler will come out from behind the curtain, and approach this very ring. The first number one contender will be judged by who scores the first pin. Over the course of the night you will only win that award by being the number 1 contender when the time clock hits zero.

Bob Daniels: BAH GAWD! This is going to be one hell of a match!

Bodom: I usually only like my Eggs scrambled, but this match might be enough to quench my hunger for more!

Pierce Kingmaker: Tonight all of the participants are in for a real treat! All of them will go head-to-head for a number 1 contender spot for the coveted RAGE Ignition Championship.

Bob Daniels: Yes, indeed! There is quite a long history behind this Championship! You could only imagine how hard these guys will all fight to have their names included on that list.

Bodom: You two are like a walking and talking Encyclopedia! You are like the intelligent versions of Bill and Ted from "Bill and Ted's most excellent adventure". No words can truly des- *Cut off by music*



*Matt Elder comes out on to the stage as the fans acknowledge him by giving him a loud reaction. Matt Elder struts to the ring like a boss with something to prove. Upon approaching the ring he rolls into it and immediately begins to anticipate the second entrant of the night. 5 minutes pass and the second entrants theme hits.*

Bodom: He is waiting for his chance to kick some heads in! MATT ELDER! MATT ELDER! MATT ELDER!

Pierce Kingmaker and Bob Daniels: *Stares*

Bodom: WHAT?! I just love this guy. He is like the Bonnie to my Clyde.



*Reiko comes out to the delight of the crowd. He races to the ring and immediately gets into Matt Elder's face. Before the bell can even ring Matt Elder pushes Reiko hard into his chest, but before anything could get further out of the hand the Referee for the match quickly intervenes and backs both men back into their corners, and then orders for the bell to be rung.*

Bob Daniels: This Reiko guy is a mystery!

Pierce Kingmaker: That has to be the shortest introduction in this match by far.

Bodom: Maybe he is just out here to kick some ass? It is not the length of the introduction that helps you perform better in the ring. It is all about how you use it... ya know... The moves in his arsenal!

Pierce Kingmaker: You know Bodom.. I really worry about you sometimes.

*Reiko and Elder measure eachother up and down before meeting in the center of the ring to lock hands. The two men quickly grasp their hands tightly together as a test of strength goes under way. While the two appear to be evenly matched Elder knees Reiko in the chest several times before Reiko lets go. Elder follows this opening up with a European uppercut to the jaw of Reiko which sends him stumbling backwards.*

Bodom: Oh damn! What a twisted uppercut that was.

Bob Daniels: That's for sure! Reiko was sent stumbling backwards from the sheer blunt force of Elder's knuckles.

Pierce Kingmaker: This is not looking too good for Reiko!

Bodom: Stop being such a negative Nancy, Chris!

*Upon causing Reiko to stumble backwards, Elder thrusts his massive brute force forward and seemingly tackles Reiko. However, Elder holds on to Reiko and seems to elevate him up into the air before bringing him back down on to the mat hard with what many would call a devastating spinebuster.*

All of them: OHHH!

Bodom: What a spinebuster!

Pierce Kingmaker: Matt Elder is just ravaging Reiko.. Oh look! The clock is at 5... 4...3...2..1...

Bob Daniels: Who is it going to be?!??!?!


Bodom: Muthafuckin' Kyojin!

Pierce Kingmaker: Ohohohoh! Things are really picking up here tonight with these three phenomenal talents going against eachother right here tonight.


*Kyojin wastes no time and jolts straight to the ring. Elder, who was previously staring at the knocked down Reiko, was met by Kyojin with an almost instant fury of fists. Kyojin and Elder begin trading punches like two fat kids fighting over the last pudding cup on a hot Summers day.*


Bodom: They are going crazy!

*Before the other commentators could even chime in Reiko is on his feet and tackles Elder and Kyojin to the ground. Both Elder and Kyojin roll over in pain as Reiko celebrates this accomplishment with a taunt that ends up radiating a response from the crowd.*

Bob Daniels: Reiko is taking advantage here. He knows that he needs to keep one of them down long enough to secure the number one contenders spot!

Pierce Kingmaker: He most certainly does! Look at that man go!

*Reiko ascends to the top rope and leaps off of it with a double moonsault. He connects with Elder. The crowd gasps and before Reiko could even hook the leg Kyojin wisely rises to his feet and kicks Reiko in the face, knocking him over. Kyojin then takes over and pins Elder for the...*





Bodom: Kyojin is the first contender here. He now has a target on his head and he must survive without being pinned until' the time on the clock runs out.

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:36 PM
Pierce Kingmaker: Kyojin must be very proud of himself for kicking Reiko in the face after it was Reiko who weakened and flattened Matt Elder.

Bob Daniels: I have a strong feeling that Elder and Reiko will recover this moment sometime later on in the match.

Clock starts for next entrant:







Bodom: Darren Bull!

Pierce Kingmaker: He is here! He is here!


*Darren races down to the ring*

Bodom: There are now four men inside of this ring.

Bob Daniels: Stating the obvious as always Bodom!

*Kyojin is standing tall as Darren enters the ring. Kyojin immediately gets the upper hand in the fist fight which leaves Darren leaning against the ropes. Before Kyojin could even do anymore damage to Darren - he is surprised by a slowly recovering Elder who gets a roll up on Kyojin.*


*Kyojin kicks out but there is no time to rest. Darren Bull recovers and stomps down heavily on Kyojin's head and neck. Elder stands up and bashes his forearm into Darren, but before Elder could even get a move in Reiko is back on his feet as well and executes a vicious sleeper hold. Elder backs away and seems to be losing control for a little bit, but Elder eventually counters with a judo throw that sends Reiko over his head and on to the mat.*


Pierce Kingmaker: You have no idea!

*Despite being briefly assaulted by Matt Elder, Darren continues his fury of stomps upon Kyojins head and neck. After awhile of doing this Kyojin finally has enough of it and grabs Darren by the leg and twists it. Darren topples over, and Kyojin then adds more force to the awkward ankle lock he has now freshly applied on to Darren.

Darren is screaming out and biting his lip as he endures the painful submission move. After keeping the hold in tight for 5 minutes he finally lets go and turns his attention to Reiko and Elder. Kyojin goes to attack Elder, but is side blinded by a drop kick from Reiko. Elder sees that Kyojin is down and immediately goes for the pin. However, Reiko delivers a bulldog on Elder and then covers Kyojin for the pin.*




*Oh no! Kyojin reversed. After reversing the maneuver and flops Reiko over where he begins to dominate Reiko with some punches to the face. While this is happening the crowd starts to count down the clock. Kyojin would freeze only momentarily to look at the clock when it hit the 7 mark.*










Bob Daniels: Oh my gawd! Malcolm Cage is on his way out to the ring.

Bodom: He is in the right position to take over here tonight. He is officially the most rested person in this match.

*Malcolm Cage slowly approached the ring. Kyojin stands up over the flattened out Reiko. Malcolm rolls in the ring. Malcolm is met by Kyojin's foot, but Malcolm retaliates by shoving Kyojin backwards. Kyojin trips over Reiko. Malcolm gathers himself to his feet and holds on to the ropes. Reiko begins to slowly rise to his knees, same with Kyojin. With Reiko still on his knees and Kyojin being completely on his feet again, Cage runs and jumps off of Reiko's back and performs a cross body on Kyojin that sends both of them to the ground. Upon crashing to the ground Malcolm hooks the leg for a pin.*



Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:37 PM

Pierce Kingmaker: YESS!!!


*Malcolm jumps to his feet and does a mid-match celebration. This turns sour for him just as quickly as Darren Bull comes out of nowhere and drop kicks Malcolm in the back. Malcolm stumbles a few inches forward but is not knocked down by it. He quickly twirls around and knees Darren in the gut. He then slaps his arm over his shoulder and performs a T-bone suplex. The crowd gasps upon impact.*

Bodom: That was brutal!

Bob Daniels: Sure was.. Cage might have this one in the bag!

*While Malcolm is distracted, Matt Elder rises to his feet in the background and comes up behind Malcolm, slinking his arms around his waste. He delivers a nasty german suplex which he immediately follows up with a pin by lifting the leg of Malcolm*





*Matt Elder is all smiles as he gazed over at the clock. Only 10 minutes remain before all of this is over. Darren has returned to his former composure and begins wailing on Elder with a wild fury of lefts and rights. This causes Elder to back up into a corner, throwing his hands up to defend himself against Darren's fists.*

Bob Daniels: Oh man! Oh man!

Bodom: Get on top of this Elder.. You can do this..

Pierce Kingmaker: WOW! The two men are ascending the turn buckle. This might get nasty!

*Elder and Darren ascend the turn buckle while still trading shots at eachother. Reiko makes it back up to his feet and runs over to the ring post where Elder and Darren are located at. He ascends the turn buckle as well and wraps his arm around Elders neck. Kyojin seeks the opportunity of a life time and also goes over to the turn buckle. He grabs Darren by the legs and sends all of the other participants flying over his head and smacking the mat. Elder and Reiko taking the most damaging blows from this and appear to be knocked out.*

Bob Daniels: What a move! All of them are down! What the hell just happened?! Somebody needs to get EMT's out here to check on Elder and Reiko.

Pierce Kingmaker: I agree with you Bob! I do not think either individual can move. Do you think that Kyojin and Darren and...WAIT A SECOND! Malcolm is on his feet!

Bodom: That is because Malcolm played it smart and did not go over to the turn buckle with the other guys.

*Malcolm goes for the pin again, but Kyojin wisely builds up enough energy to break the pin. Malcolm is angered by this and tries to grab Kyojin. Kyojin senses that Darren is coming up behind him to deliver a super kick, but Kyojin ducks and strikes Malcolm in the face. Malcolm falls over and seems out of it. Kyojin then delivers a chop to Darren's chest before tossing him out of the ring. He walks over to Elder and pins him.*





*The clock begins to count down to zero*









*Kyojin jumps to his feet and runs around the ring. The crowd is going crazy as Kyojin takes in the win he just received. The fans are all on their feet giving all over the participants in this match a standing ovation.*

Bodom: It was a crazy match, but Kyojin pulled out the victory here.

Pierce Kingmaker: Oh yes he did.. Kyojin will be telling his kids about this match when he gets older.

Bob Daniels: This one will most certainly go down in the books as an instant classic. Kyojin deserves this victory!

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:40 PM
Daniels: Up next is a triple threat match for the number contender to the Inferno Ignition Championship


Morgan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat match. Introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts, Artemis Eclipse!

Daniels: I will tell you now, this man does not deserve to be number one contender.

Kingmaker: Why do you say that?

Daniels: He has no heart, these two guys wanted to challenge him and he attacked both men from behind.

Kingmaker: It is survival of the fittest here Bob, he is just trying to survive.


Morgan: And his opponent, from The Land Down Under, Dingo Mac

Daniels: Mac is a man who will fight anyone and he wanted to prove that two weeks ago when he tried to answer Artemis' Challenge.

Kingmaker: He wanted a fight and that is the only reason he is in this match, to fight.


Morgan: And their challenger, from Harlem, New York, DJ Williams

Daniels: Another man who deserves the Number one contender spot. DJ has been fighting day in and day out.

Kingmaker: He doesn't need this, he's got the briefcase. He is just going to slow Artemis down

(Seamus- Artemis, Christian-Dingo, Henry-DJ) stop at 10:22

Kingmaker: Artemis is running away with this right now. Go baby Go!

Daniels: It isn't over until it's over Pierce.

*Artemis stomps down on Dingo Mac, he then picks Dingo up, dingo pokes him in the eyes and grabs Artemis and hits a Koalahug on him. Artemis is in the middle of the ring screaming in agony by the death grip by Dingo. DJ is back in the ring and hit Dingo in the back of the head to break up the submission. Artemis rolls out of the ring as DJ begins to stomp feet into the face and sternum of Dingo mac. DJ lets Dingo up as he runs off the ropes and hits a spinning leg kick. he goes to cover.*




*DJ gets back up and catches his breath. He goes to grab Dingo who rolls DJ up for a pin*




*DJ kicks out, but is taken down before he can fully stand back up. Dingo is now on the offense as he goes after DJ. He throws DJ off the ropes and connects with a spine buster. he looks at the downed DJ and taunts an Emu drop. Dingo starts taking of the ropes, as he goes to bounce off the one side, Artemis meets him and kicks him in the gut. He follows up, by drilling Dingo with a Rubix Cube!*




*Dingo Mac is eliminated! Artemis turns his attention to the still downed. Artemis climbs to the top rope and waits for Dj to get up. Once up, Artemis goes for the Dragon Rana, but DJ catches him and adjust him for a respect females. He covers*




*Artemis Barely kicks out, DJ slams the mat in anger, he gets up to climb to the top rope. He gets to the top but Artemis is right behind him and sweeps his legs out from underneath him. Artemis picks DJ up from the top rope and hits a Rubix Cube and goes for the cover*




Morgan: Here is your winner, Artemis Eclipse


Daniels: Shut it Pierce, a hard fought battle from each man but it was indeed Artemis at the end who got the upper hand. He now is in line for an ignition championship match.

Kingmaker: Next stop, Ignition Champion

Daniels: Just shut it Pierce

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:42 PM
Backstage and Cowboy Bill Buxley stands by to interview one of EWNCWs top stars, Arthur Lansdale.

Cowboy Bill Buxley: Welcome, A. Lansdale, mind if I call you A. Lansdale? 'Course you do! How are you feeling heading into your match tonight against Mike Hawk?

Lansdale: Truth be told i've never been called "A" before, but fine.. to sum it up, i'm feeling confident. This is the calm before the storm, a time for reflection and quiet contemplation, the talking is all but over now. Two men will walk into that ring, one will walk out, the other.. well that depends on how far Mike Hawk is willing to push me. This match will not right any wrongs I may have committed, but it will serve as a launch pad from where I might begin to reclaim a little of my lost honour. It seems fitting that that this journey truly begins by erasing one of my biggest mistakes.

CBB: Wow, you seem confident! How would you rate his progression since that one time alliance you two forged?

Lansdale: Mike Hawk is a twisted shadow of the man I corrupted.. molded into this poor misguided and deluded wreck of existence. When I look at him I see a man deprived of the leadership he craved when I toom him under my wing, he's a lost dog without a master, still holding close to his heart the old lessons that have served him well enough thus far. But tonight those very lessons become his down fall, I know his mind and I know his capabilities, once a weak reprobate.. always a weak reprobate. I won't deny he has a few more tricks up his sleeve, but they're all derived from the same place.. the mind of Arthur Lansdale.

CBB: He says he can, and will, beat you - do you think, under your new leaf, that you can defeat someone who you helped create?

Lansdale: I probably know him better than most, I know his strengths and weaknesses. He may claim to know mine and that may well be true, but the fact is this.. he knew me at a time when I was at my worst, nowhere near my best. Some may see my new start as a means to shackle myself, to close doors that were once open but I disagree. True strength comes from the refusal to use any means to gain victory, honour is strength, deception is weakness. If I am destined to lose tonight then so be it, but I will do so knowing that I did not sell my soul in the pursuit of a hollow victory. I can defeat Hawk, this is not up for debate, it is fact, set in stone, Hawk knows this, I know this, and before the end the whole world will know it.

CBB: What is next for you after this match? Win, Lose, or Draw?

Lansdale: This match will not end in a tie, I guarantee you that. It doesn't end until one of us is wracked with pain in the middle of this ring, unable to continue and unable to fight. Neither of us will be satisfied with anything less. If I win, then we move onto Inferno better and stronger for the experience, a new challenge will be sought and found, it may just be about time for Arthur Lansdale to capture his first title here in EWNCW.. and I pray for his sake that King Strem isn't still in possession of one when I come looking. And if I lose? I don't plan on losing, Bill.

CBB: Do you have anything you want to add?

Lansdale: The time for talking is done, now is the time for Hawk and I to practice what we preach and find out once and for all who really is the better warrior. To the victor the spoils, to the loser a reality check, one way or another tonight we find out what the future holds for EWNCW.

Lansdale pats Buxley on the back and walks off screen as Bill looks on, the camera fades back to the arena.

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:48 PM
Lily Morgan: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a....

Lily stops mid sentence as she listens into her headset before continuing.

Lily Morgan: Ladies and gentleman, there's been a change and due to the tie in the EWNCW Threat of the Net polls, Inferno GM Nathan Staples has declared this will now be a very first Tuxedo/Tables, Ladders and Chairs where to be eligible to climb the the ladder you must first remove your opponents Tuxedo and the only way to win is to climb the ladder and retrieve the contract that guarantees the winning team the #1 contendership to the EWNCW Tag Team Championships!!!!

Introducing first from Hiroshima, Japan, "The Noble Warrior"....Kyojin and from Los Angeles, California, he is "The Sexual Sensation" Malcolm Adonis! They are.......Hot Wasaaabbbbbiiiii!!!!!!


Adonis comes out first in a stylish white pant/shirt and jacket tuxedo with a red bow tie clearly honoring his partner's japanese heritage while Kyojin steps out in a dark gray (almost black) tuxedo with a purple bow tie to which Adonis looks on and says: I approve! delivering a Naruto thumbs up leading to the abysmal head shaking of Kyojin before they head to the ring and see the many tables, chairs and ladders they can use against Jesting Madness.

Daniels: The young and talented combination of Malcolm Adonis and Kyojin, they've been on the rise since their and with this win they could be next in line to face the champs and become the next EWNCW Tag Team Champions

Kingmaker: That they could, though Jesting Madness have been champions before and hunger to champions again and they may the chance to be one step closer to that goal with a win tonight.

Bodom: You know they will. Jesting is gonna be amazing but I expect nothing less from Hot Wasabi.

Lily Morgan: and their opponents, from Toledo, Ohio, William Carlin and from the Arkham Asylum....Grind Bastard....they are The Jesting Madness!!!!


Carlin appears in a classic black and white tuxedo though he is seen fidgeting a bit in it. One can assume its because th fabric is hurting his skin after The Gates of HEll Match he had earlier that night before he is joined by Grind Bastard, who is wearing a red tuxedo with a black shirt and tie before they head to the ring analyzing the different ways to use the Tables, Ladders and chairs to their advantage and win the #1 contendership for the EWNCW Tag Team Championships.

Daniels:This is it folks. In the very first ever Tuxedo/TLC, two teams battle it out to decide who will challenge the champs or the gold come Raging Inferno.

Kingmaker: Raging Inferno is already an intense PPV seeing either Jesting Madness or Hot Wasabi have a shot at the champs is gonna be insane.

Bodom:Hell yeah. Now let's get this underway.


Jesting Madness (Jerishow; Carlin (Jericho) and Grind Bastard (Big Show)) vs Hot Wasabi (D-X; Adonis (HHH) and Kyojin (HBK)) (Titles are contract)

Very important you view the match and stop at the designated intervals as they are in order to the action in the match; Don't just read the finish otherwise this match won't make sense (TRUST ME!!!); Read below in order according to the intervals, please

Start at 4:25; 10:09 (1st Tuxedo Removal) resume at 10:18; 13:06 (2nd Tuxedo Removal) resume at 13:19; 14:55 (3rd Tuxedo Removal) resume at 15:03; 17:58 (Final Tuxedo Removal) resume at 18:19; All participants are now eligible to climb the ladder; Stop at 21:54

Grind takes a fallen Kyojin off the huge headbutt and with force removes not only the jacket but the dress shirt and leaves Kyojin half undressed, before reaching over to the fallen nearby and smacking it across the back of Kyo, leaving weakened enough to finish the job of undressing Kyojin down to just his shoes and custom made Hot Wasabi boxers. The crowd cannot help but laugh at the sight of Kyojin practically naked before Grind Bastard check on and signals to Carlin that he can now climb the ladder. Grind leads the way with Carlin not far behind as they head to the ring.

Daniels: Now Grind, can climb the ladder is he chooses to.

Bodom: With his height advantage he may the one thing Jesting Madness need to win tonight.


Now with Grind hurting on the outside and Carlin having taken the damage off the Ladder Suplex, Hot Wasabi gave him not moments ago it's Adonis who grabs hold of Carlin and takes off the tuxedo Carlin is wearing with ease like an expert clothing (mostly female clothing) removal expert can revealing Carlin's old and fresh Gates of Hell scars along with some I ? Gates of Hell underwear, Carlin now sports making Adonis eligible to climb. After pushing Carlin out of the ring, Hot Wasabi work together to set up the ladder to climb.

Kingmaker: Fantastic teamwork from Hot Wasabi and now Adonis can be the man to lead Hot Wasabi to victory.

Bodom: Please, that muscle head will be the death of Hot Wasabi.

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:49 PM
Carlin now exact revenge on Adonis by having Grind hold him down and removing his tuxedo to reveal Adonis is wearing a Japanese flag inspired undergarment with slutty japanese high school girls all around it. Carlin simply shakes his head before having Grind lift Adonis and he lifts the ladder to use as a weapon. Carlin is now eligible to climb the ladder.

Daniels: Now The Jesting Madness look to hurt Adonis before either man climbs to reach the contract.

Kingmaker: That might be a good idea to ensure victory for them.


Kyojin off the elbow to Grind Bastard and the crowd goes wild chanting Hot Wasabi!!! To which Kyojin yells: WE ARE NOT - Oh, who am I kidding? HOT WASABI, BITCHES!!! Kyojin now returns the favor of ripping the tux of Grind Bastard to reveal some very interesting Twittah Machine boxers! and now all men are eligible to climb the ladder. Kyojin poses for the fans but gets tossed out of the ring onto a table by Carlin before Adonis plants him with a Spinebuster.

Daniels: Adonis avenging his partner being put through a table by almost Carlin through the irng with that Spinebuster, what power he has.

Kingmaker: He's ertainly not to be underestimated.

Bodom: Neither are The Jesting Madness. Remember that.

After 21:54

Daniels: What a powerbomb from Adonis!

Kingmaker: Carlin's back must be pulsating from the pain of not only this match but The Gates of Hell earlier on. How is he still in this?

Bodom: He's just that damn good. As long a Carlin stands Jesting Madness has a chance.

Adonis now sees a chance to begin to climb the ladder and does so to the roar of the crowd, he's about halfway to the contract when Grind Bastard comes in with a steel chair and wacks Adonis clear across the back with it, forcing Adonis to drop holding his back in pain before Grind drops the chair in place and grabs Adonis by the throat and attempts a Chokeslam but Adonis escapes the grasp of Grind before going for a low dropkick to Grind's right knee that forces the big man to kneel before Adonis plants him hard into the steel chair Grind laid in the ring moments ago. Kyojin recovers from the damage received after being tossed through a table a little earlier and enters the ring looking at the scene of both members of Jesting Madness down and out.

He looks at Adonis and how he's handled himself with him out of commission for a bit and congratulates him before stating that he's got it from here and puts his foot on the ladder to climb. Adonis however stops Kyojin and pushes him down before stating he is the one who has this and goes to climb the ladder himself.This leads to an argument between Adonis and Kyojin that leaves them unaware Carlin is recovering nearby.

Daniels: This bickering between Hot Wasabi may lead to Carlin doing something that could turn the tide in Jesting Madness' favor

Bodom: Let's see if he does.

Carlin is now fully on his feet and begins to laugh at the bickering between Adonis and Kyojin, which leads to both turning to face Kyojin and yell in unison: WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?, they turn to each other seeing how in sync they are before nodding and take down Carlin with a double clothesline before the crowd chants Hot Wasabi and the two men now decide to reach for the contract together. They begin to climb and reach the top reaching for and barely touching the contract when they are sent crashing down by a recovered Grind Bastard.

Daniels: The giant has ensured neither memeber of Hot Wasabi grab the contract and is now the only man standing in the ring, so he has to capitalize and go for the contract now!

Kingmaker: It's now or never?

Bodom: Isn't there some pipsqueak out there something who says that? What's his...Cancer Yellow?...hold on I'll get it! Sagittarius Blue! Whew that was was gonna drive me crazy but enough of that now let's see Jesting Madness win.

Grind Bastard now picks up the fallen ladder and sets it up for him to climb, he does so with caution knowing the ladder may not handle his weight and makes about 3/4 of the way to the top before Kyojin, who recovered from the fall begins to climb the opposite ladder and reaches Grind Bastard on top of the ladder in doing so the two men reach for the contract and have their hand on it. The crowd buzzing as they now Kyojin and Grind Bastard trade blows on top of the ladder before surprisingly Grind is overtaken by Kyojin releasing the contract and Grind falls flat on his back, leaving Kyojin free to grab the contract but the crowd erupts as they see Kyojin perch up the very edge of the ladder and lands The Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault) onto Grind.

Kingmaker: Holy....! Wow! Kyojin risking body and limb off the the ladder with The Rising Sun.

Bodom: He's a fool, now Carlin has to get up and win this, he has to!

Kyojin and Grind are down as their partners have now recovered and begin to climb the ladder themselves reaching the top and decide not to reach for the contract an isntead are clubbing one another with vicious shots, Adonis fading away as Carlin hits him hard and goes for one more, which Adonis sees coming and evades before grabbing the back of Carlin's head and hitting it on the ladder a few times, leaving Carlin dazed so Adonis kisses his bicep and plants an elbow on the hed of Carlin. Carlin falls and Adonis reaches for and grabs the contract.

Lily Morgan: Ladies and gentlemen here are your winners and now #1 contenders to the EWNCW Tah Team Championships.....HOT WASSSAAAABBBBBIIIIIII!!!!!

Adonis now climbs down the ladder and helps his partner to his feet and shows him the contract. They celebrate and pose for the fans while Jesting Madness head to the back. Kyojin and Adonis embrace in the ring before Kyojin yells out: HOT WASABI!!!! Adonis shaking his head now, laughing in the process before they exit the ring and had to the back.

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 07:54 PM
Kingmaker: The return of Arthur Lansdale, has brought about some interesting changes concerning him. For a month, we saw Lansdale getting berated by his father for his actions in EWNCW before he left. When he returned, he laid down a challenge for Threat of the Net. An open challenge, anyone in the back.

Daniels: And quickly it was answered by a man that Lansdale has a lot of history with. Mike Hawk. Once allies, over the past month, they have become bitter enemies. Mike Hawk thinks that Arthur Lansdale has become weak with his supposed change of heart. Lansdale thinks differently, and tonight we will see who is correct and who is left staring up at the lights.

Bodom: Staring up at the lights? Have you all forgotten what Lansdale is capable of? This change of heart is a farce, and Mike Hawk is going to prove it tonight, or break Lansdale in the process. Both men have promised to hurt the other, to prove their point, I doubt either of them will be staring up at the lights. Either Lansdale shows that he is really just the same guy who would end your career, just as soon as shake your hand, or Mike Hawk shows him just how dangerous he is, and puts Lansdale on the shelf.

Daniels: We’ll have to find out here next!

Bodom: Mark my words! Lansdale is a liar.

Morgan: Introducing first, from Manchester, England - Arthur Lansdale!


*The crowd cheers and boos, unable to decide whether or not Lansdale is the man to cheer for. He slaps hands with some of the fans as he makes his way into the ring. He looks around at the crowd giving him a mixed reaction and then gets focused.*

Morgan: And his opponent, from Tokyo, Japan - Mr. Mayhem - MIKE HAWK!


*Mike Hawk comes out and looks directly at Lansdale. He marches down towards the ring, and slides in - slapping Lansdale immediately. Lansdale grabs his cheek, but the referee keeps them apart. Mike Hawk laughs as the crowd boos him.*

Kingmaker: This is going to be brutal.

Lansdale(Punk) vs Mike(Bryan)

(Stop at 10:15)

*Mike Hawk slides into a headlock, wrenching back on the head of Arthur Lansdale from the ground. Arthur starts to fight out of it, but Mike holds on. Lansdale is eventually able to make it to his feet. His hands grab Mike Hawk, and lift him - presumably for a back suplex, but Hawk leaps and flips backwards! He attempts a clothesline, but Lansdale ducks it and catches him on the rebound with a big back kick to the gut. He grabs Mike’s arm and slings it over his neck, and adjusts, moving so his back is facing one of the turnbuckles. In an instant, he lifts and hits Mike Hawk with a brutal looking Fisherman’s suplex onto the second turnbuckle. Lansdale pulls Mike Hawk away from the corner, and goes for a pin, shooting the half. Mike Hawk kicks out at two, and Lansdale immediately transitions into a headlock. He pulls Mike Hawk to his feet and out to the middle of the ring, keeping him away from the ropes. Mike Hawk lifts Lansdale, but can’t hold him up long, as eh is forced to drop him back down. He then tries to forces Lansdale off him, by pushing him towards the ropes, but Lansdale drags him down by sliding to a knee. The referee asks if Mike wants to give up, but the Aerial Predator refuses. He lifts Lansdale up, and drops him on his back.*

Bodom: Mike Hawk was smart there. Getting out of that hold that way was especially effective!

Daniels: Yes it was, but it may have taken more out of Mike Hawk than he would have liked. He managed to escape the move, but at what cost?

*Mike Hawk takes the first lead, throwing a vicious martial arts kick towards Lansdale’s left leg, but Lansdale blocks it, and comes back with a strike from his right hand. Mike blocks it and shoots one of his own off, landing the strike on Lansdale’s cheek. Lansdale stumbles for a second, but fires one back and the exchange ensues under rapid fire pace. Lansdale begins getting the better of Hawk, but Hawk ducks under a would be right hand, and lands a quick kick squarely in the gut of Lansdale. Lansdale doubles over, and then catches another kick right on the bridge of the nose! Lansdale falls over and blood can be seen pouring from the head of Lansdale. Hawk goes for the pin, but Lansdale manages to kick out at two. Mike wastes little time in going towards the ropes, and spring boarding off them for a leg drop. He for another pin.*



Kingmaker: And Lansdale kicks out again! I don’t know how he did it, that kick he took to the face was absolutely brutal.

*Mike Hawk picks him up, and starts driving knees into the man’s chest with tremendous force, until one of them is caught. Lansdale quickly grabs the other leg and picks Mike up, dumping him over for a Rugby Tackle! Both men are down, but Lansdale is on his hands and knees, and Mike is rolling over on his stomach to try and get up. Lansdale shakes his head, and grabs Mike Hawk, dead lifting him into the air and hitting him with a German Suplex. He bridges over into the pin, but Hawk kicks out at the count of 2 and a half. The crowd boos loudly, and start getting more and more behind Lansdale as the match continues. Lansdale runs his hands down his face and breaths heavily as he sees the blood coating his hand. He drags Mike Hawk to his feet and throws him against the turnbuckle. He gets up close and begins throwing Short Arm Closed Fist Strikes in the corner. One after the other, right into the stomach of Mike Hawk. The referee pulls Lansdale off, and for a moment, Lansdale backs up, but soon attempts to get back at Mike. His opponent pushes him off, and then goes for a big desperation superkick! Lansdale ducks under it, but the referee isn’t so lucky. Having been trying to keep Lansdale off Mike Hawk, he was in the line of fire. The referee is out cold. Mike quickly turns around and blasts Lansdale with a super kick out of nowhere.*

Daniels: The referee is down! The referee is down!

*Mike Hawk grabs Lansdale and turns him around, going for, and nailing, the Mayhem Driver - a Chaos Theory Suplex. He goes for the pin and for the longest time, he hears nothing. He remembers then that the referee is out! He rolls out of the ring and goes to the timekeeper area. He pushes one of the ringside attendants off his steel chair and then takes it, getting back in the ring. He sets it up on Lansdale’s chest, and pulls Lansdale’s arms into the air. He looks at the crowd, and then down at the bleeding Lansdale! “YOU ARE A DEFEATED MAN!” He begins stomping outrageously on the steel chair, driving it into Lansdale’s chest with each thunderous blow. He stops, and grabs the chair, throwing it out of the ring. He scales the top rope, and looks to hit the Phoenix Splash on the downed Lansdale. All of a sudden, a figure scales the ropes and pushes Mike off. Mike lands hard on his back, while the figure slips between the ropes and removes his hood.*


Daniels: How are you just going to out and out accuse Lansdale? Don’t you remember? Hawk cost Lansdale his shot at the title a bit ago! This is just revenge!

Bodom: All too damn convenient. Lansdale comes in and wants to turn over a new leaf, and then this happens? I don’t fucking buy it!

Kingmaker: Let’s get back to the action!

​*Eddie picks Mike Hawk up, and shows him off to the crowd. He makes the slashing motion at his throat, and then lifts Mike Hawk, drilling him with the Most Dangerous Move in the World - the Omega Driver! Mike Hawk is out! Hawk is out! Eddie grabs Lansdale, and lays him on his back. He pulls Mike Hawk over him, and drapes Lansdale’s arm around, and over the neck of Hawk. He then goes to shake the referee too. Lansdale slowly regains consciousness as the referee wakes up. Almost out of instinct, he locks in the Lansdale Lockdown! Unaware of what went on, the referee goes to check on Mike Hawk - who, instead of tapping out, seems to be passed out. The referee, groggily, calls for the bell. Eddie is on the other side of the barricade, hiding as the bell rings.*

Morgan: and the winner, as a result of submission - Arthur…. Lansdale!

*The crowd cheers loudly as Arthur gets to his feet. He sees Eddie in the crowd, winking at him. He goes tot ell the referee to change the decision, pointing towards Eddie. As the referee looks over there, he doesn’t see Eddie, and thus, doesn’t change the result of the match. Lansdale has his hand raised in victory.*

Daniels: What a excellent match up, and a great win for Arthur Lansdale on his return to PPV form. The question remains though - did Eddie simply come back for revenge, or was this all a set up from the beginning?

Bodom: It was a god damn set up!

Kingmaker: This is something Staples is going to have to deal with come Inferno. Right now, what we need, is to continue on with the event!

Tommy Thunder
05-27-2013, 08:23 PM
Bodom: We have one hell of a match set up for you guys next.

Pierce Kingmaker: Do you know something that we are not aware of, Bodom?

Bodom: It is just a gut feeling! Trust me.. I am never wrong about these sorta thing.

Bob Daniels: We will just have to see about that! Jason McManus is climbing into the ring right now.




*The Blue flash comes out to a loud reaction. He strolls down to the ring and rolls into from beneath the ropes. Upon standing up on his own two feet he stared back up at the entrance area for his opponent to come out.*

Bob Daniels: The Blue Flash is ready for his match to start already.

Pierce Kingmaker: He has confidence that this match will probably play out in his favor.

Bodom: You are too optimistic Chris!



*Van comes out with a very cool approach. Walking to the ring he glared over at blue Flash before climbing into it without even being phased by the Blue Flashes presence inside of the ring, dropping the championship off to one of the officials near by.*

Bob Daniels: Now here is a man who will get the job done.

Pierce Kingmaker: Are you so sure?

Bodom: Knowing Bob is being serious! Van is a champion and he did not get that championship by sitting around on his ass and letting people pin him.

*The Ref backs both men away to their respective corners. After awhile when they appear to be ready the referee calls for the bell and then the two men lock up in the center of the ring. Van takes over early with a suplex. Upon hitting the mat, Blue Flash arches his back and the crowd lets out a loud deafening 'OHHH!'.*

Bodom: What a suplex that was!

Pierce Kingmaker: That was perfectly executed.

Bodom: For once I actually agree with you, Chris. Somebody take a picture!

Bob Daniels: *Pulls out a camera and takes a picture*

*After their brief tango in the center of the ring, Van bounces Flash off of the ropes. On his way back around he prepares to clothesline Flash, but just as Flash approached Van he ends up leaping into the air, wrapping his legs around the neck of Van before sending him into a twirl due to a vicious huricanrana which causes a few fans to jump out of their seats in complete enjoyment.*

Bodom: Oh damn! What a move. Flash got 'em with that one.

Bob Daniels: Van needs to recover because at this point it seems like Van has the advantage here.

*Van recovers, and eventually walks over to Flash. Flash delivers a round house kick to Van's head which sends him to the mat. Van lays down and covers Flash for the pin but, before a pin could even be met, Van kicks out and rolls away to regain his composure. Flash can be seen make humorous nods of his head in response to this.*

Bodom: Crazy!

Pierce Kingmaker: Flash has Van where he wants him.

*Flash charges Van but walks straight into a clothesline. Being slightly out of it Van grabs flash and sets him up for a powerbomb. Flash appears to be out after his head snapped off of the mat. Van pins Flash as the fans watch on with excitement for the sport just bleeding out of their eyes.*





*Van pops up and picks Flash up with him. Flash counters and delivers an enziguri. Van is staggered a good deal, but doesn’t fall. That sends Flash quickly to the top rope where he sets his feet, jumps with his back to Van, flips vertically and connects with a picture perfect Moonsault.*

Bob Daniels: What a move! And there’s a bridge into a pin attempt!




Bodom: Wow! Van powers out.

*He does, but Flash is still in control. Van gets to a knee and Flash uses that as an opportunity to bounce off the ropes and try for a baseball slide to The Vanity’s chest. Van, though, catches Flash’s legs and bridges that into a pin.*




*Flash reverses it into a cradle attempt of his own.*




*No! Van pops out of it and rolls quickly to his feet. Flash is up too and the fans pop their combined efforts in this title matchup. Van, though, ruins the moment with a right cross to Flash’s face. Flash responds with a stinging left jab of his own and, from there, a momentary boxing match breaks out.*











*In control now, Flash snaps off a lightning quick DDT that sends Van through a loop. Instead of going for the cover, though, Flash heads out to the apron and, with that crazy athletic ability of his, looks for a springboard elbow drop. At the last second, Van rolls out of the way and pops to his feet, confident as he’s been all match. The champ takes a moment to gather himself before dragging Flash to his feet and looking for the….*

Bodom: Vanhammer!

Bob Daniels: No! Flash slips out the back door and lands on his feet!

Pierce Kingmaker: He spins Van around! Blue Moon Knee! Blue Moon Knee! Cover!





*Flash gets up and celebrates as the crowd pops. The noise in the building only gets louder when the audience, along with the challenger, all realize at once that The Vanity is still out cold. Doing his due diligence, Flash makes sure Van isn’t playing possum by digging the heel of his boot into the champ’s ribs a few times. Satisfied, Flash eases into a cover and hooks the leg. As he does, though, Van turns it into a small package.*





Bodom: Hahaha! Brilliance! Absolute brilliance from Van!

*It was brilliant, but, as Van knows, it was also cheap, which is why he’s already halfway up the ramp, clutching his title. Flash is left stewing in the ring as we move on.*

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:21 PM
Daniels: Coming up next is Inferno Ignition championship match.

Kingmaker: I can't wait, Andy Cannon vs. KJ Punk! Let's get into it!


Morgan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Inferno Ignition Championship. Introducing first, from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is the Inferno Ignition Champion, Andy Cannon!

Daniels: Cannon and Punk has been weeks in the making. The two started by helping each other out against angelo and AJ Dixon.

Kingmaker: But Cannon made it clear that come tonight, they weren't friends, they were opponents.


Morgan: And his opponent, from the back woods of Mississippi, KJ Punk

Daniels: I have never seen someone more hungry for a title match than KJ Punk.

Kingmaker: I agree. He has came out each week and not only told everyone he deserved this match, but proved it by his work in the ring. As hungry as he is though, I just don't see him getting past Andy tonight.


(Punk-Punk, Cannon-Regal) Stop at :14 of the second video

Daniels: Holy cow what a crazy back suplex

Kingmaker: Cannon pulling everything out against a fighting KJ Punk

*Cannon pulls KJ up and Irish whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Cannon takes his time, catching his breath as he walks over to a downed Punk. he picks punk up and tosses him off the ropes, he sets up to throw a Samoan drop, Punk stops and kicks Cannon in the chest. Cannon stands straight up as Punk is going for a rolling elbow, Cannon ducks it and hits a spinbuster on KJ punk, he covers*




*Punk gets a shoulder up right before 3*

Daniels: these guys are throwing practically everything at each other without quit.

Kingmaker: Sooner or later though, one of these guys will slip and the other one will take the advantage

*KJ is up, he tries again for the rolling elbow. but Cannon ducks it and picks KJ up and hits a Cradle Shock*

Kingmaker: And there it is Bob




Daniels: Not so fast Pierce. KJ is still fighting, still giving everything he's got.

*Cannon looks on in disbelief. He just laughs as he stands back up. Cannon picks KJ back up, he cuts his throat and screams "DONE", He picks KJ up who wiggles out of it, KJ pushes Cannon up against the ropes and pulls back for a school boy roll up, Cannon hangs on the ropes as KJ goes flying back. Cannon comes flying across going for a clothesline, Punk ducks it as Cannon bounces off the ropes, as Cannon comes back, KJ hits a rolling Elbow that looks like it dislodges a tooth out of Cannon's mouth as he hits the canvas, Punk goes for the cover*




Morgan: Here is your winner and NEW Inferno Ignition Champion, KJ Punk!

Daniels: He did it! My god he gave everything and it paid off for him.

Kingmaker: Punk took a beating and didn't quit. He just kept taking the abuse and pulled out and mega rolling elbow that knocked cannon out.

Daniels: A huge win for Punk here tonight.

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:27 PM
Daniels: Time for some tag team action!

Kingmaker: Yeah, this one will be good as the World Tag Team Champions Mixed Emotions face Black Blooded with the belts on the line.

Daniels: Bodom, you've been following this one closer on Rage, so you care to fill us in?

Bodom: Indeed. At In Violence we Trust Mixed Emotions retained their Grand and Intercontinental Championships against Mexican Nightmares and the Sexiest Alpha Males in a three way match. Then they answered the challenge of Black Blooded for the Hardcore belts and also won them. With the closure of Brutality those four teams where drafted to Rage, and Mixed Emotions were awarded the new World Tag Team championship. For weeks the other three teams were vying to enter the fans vote, finally the three managed their purpose, and the fans chose Black Blooded as the number one contenders for the belts.

Daniels: I know you have a preference, here, Bodom.

Bodom: Of course. Mixed Emotions are deserving champs, but I like Black Blooded best. They are ruthless, they are in your face, and they back their words with actions. I hope they gain the belt tonight.

Kingmaker: I won't count out the champs.

Bodom: Neither do I, Pierce, I won't deny they are excellent champs, I just fancy BB more.

Daniels: From what I saw these weeks, this one is pretty open, I like both teams chances.

Bodom: Always playing the safe card when two heels are facing each other, Bob. Come on, give us a prediction.

Daniels: I really think both teams can win.

Bodom: *facepalms* You're hopeless.

McManus: Ladies and gentleman, this is a tag team match set for one fall, and it is for the World Tag Team Championship!


McManus: Introducing first, the challengers, accompanied to the ring by Vivica, from Las Vegas, Nevada, the team of Mr. Black and Mr. Blood, Black! Blooded!

Bodom: Despite the fact they lost the Hardcore belts, these two have been dominant since becoming part of EWNCW, and the previous weeks they have proven that.

Daniels: I don't like their attitude.

Bodom: As always, Daniels. Whenever you're presented a wrestler or a team that has a set of balls you pussy out saying you don't like them, and prefer the bland good guys.

Kingmaker: I do like them, they're no phonies, they mean what they say and back it up with their actions.

*Black Blooded enter to the sound of Avenged Sevenfold riding their motorbikes, Vivica with her Daddy Mr. Black. They stop next to the ring while the fans boo the shit out of them, but there are barely audible cheers here and there. The three enter the ring, Mr. Black and Mr. Blood climbing to the top turnbuckles to hail the fans while Vivica stands in the middle of the ring posing sexy. As the hate goes on, Black Blooded climb down and Mr. Black and Vivica have some sexy domination interaction in the middle of the ring.*

*Seconds pass and instead of music, we get the presence of a choir coming out from the gorilla position. The males are on the right side of the screen, the females on the left. After a small pause, an elderly couple emerges, their arms locked together in a friendly embrace.*

Bodom: WHAT THE HELL??????

Kingmaker: Could it be???!!!

Daniels: Yes, they are! Directly from Spain, soprano Monserrat Caballé, tenor Plácido Domingo, the legendary singers are here in EWNCW!!!!

*Both Monserrat and Plácido stand in the middle of the choir, and a music blasts from the Titantron, as both singers produce a mic before they sing...*


*Crowd gives the performance a standing ovation before this music hits*


McManus: And their opponents, from Rome, Italy, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Pride and Sorrow, Mixed! Emotions!

Bodom: This is awesome, look at them!

*Mixed Emotions come out with champagne cups in their hands, the tag belts on their waists and Sorrow has a bottle of Dom Perignon. They offer a glass to Monserrat and Plácido, saying Libiamo `ne lieti calici (Drink from the joyful cup) Pride keeps his cups while Sorrow opens the bottle and fills the four cups. Then they toast in Italian: Salute!, and Sorrow adds: for tonight's victory. They empty the cups, Monserrat offers to carry Pride and Sorrow's to the back and they part ways as the World Tag Team champions go down the ramp, receiving the boos from the audience.*

Bodom: Come on, don't boo the fellas, this entrance was fantastic!

Daniels: Well, the audience loved the performance from Monserrat Caballé and Plácido Domingo and gave them a huge ovation, but that doesn't mean they have to like Mixed Emotions.

Kingmaker: That's right, Bob. That was a great entrance, shows the confidence of the champs in this match, but now they have to face the threat of Black Blooded.

*Before entering the ring, Sorrow gives the bottle to Lily Morgan, who is not on duty in this match and tells her “Keep it until the end of the match. And don't drink a sip!” He then enters the ring and poses with his partner as the crowd boos. The ref checks the two teams for weapons and calls for the bell.*

*Ding, ding, ding!*

Bodom: Here we go!!!


(Hawk = Mr. Blood / Animal = Mr. Black / Arn Anderson = Sorrow / Tully Blanchard = Pride. Start at 1:28, stop at 22:06)

Daniels: Sorrow saves the day for his team avoiding Mr, Black getting the win!

Kingmaker: What a battle this is been, none of the teams are giving an inch of extra space to t other!

Bodom: Quality action from Monday Night Rage!

*Mr. Black decides this is a good moment to let his tag team partner enter the match, so he goes to get the tag from Mr. Blood, who enters like a house on fire, first knocking Sorrow off the apron, then turning his attention to Pride. The World Tag Team champion is getting up to his feet but he's rocked by a huge European uppercut by the challenger. Mr. Blood goes on with rights and lefts, one, two, three, four, five until he makes Pride's back smash into the turnbuckles. Mr. Blood decides that a double dose of the same treatment is required, thus he Irish whips his rival into the opposite corner, running at the same time so Pride has no time to react and counter before Mr. Blood hits a huge Stinger Splash into the corner. Mr. Blood steps aside and the motion of the impact sends Pride a step forward, a circumstance his opponent uses to hit a quick running bulldog. Mr. Blood yells while raising his arms, demanding Pride to get up to his feet. The champ is half way of doing this before the challenger grabs his arms from underneath the armpits and drives Pride's face into the canvas in an double arm DDT!*

Daniels: Shades of Mick Foley and Kenta Kobashi with that double arm DDT, will this be it?

*Ref goes to count three if Pride stays down*



2,5! NO!

Bodom: Not enough this time, but the damage has been done.

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:28 PM
*Mr. Blood wastes no time in lamentations and goes on to the attack. He lifts Pride back to his feet and nails a German suplex. Then he goes again to grab Pride's arms in order to hit a second double arm DDT, and nails it to perfection. However, this time Mr. Blood refuses to go for the cover. Instead he places the fallen Pride near Black Blooded's corner, far from the reach of an angered Sorrow. Mr. Blood climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps, rotating in the air for a Shooting Star Press. The motion is fluid and and the landing perfect, but no human flesh is met as the champion has moved out of the way, so Mr. Blood is welcomed back to the ring by the canvas. The huge impact is felt, and Mr. Blood rolls on the mat in pain, while his opponent is using the ropes to return to a vertical base. This is a good moment for Vivica to climb the apron with one of the tag team belts in hand. The ref tries to stop her, so he turns his back from the action, giving Mr. Black the chance to choke Pride. Sorrow will not allow this, so he enters the ring to try and stop Mr. Black, but the ref gets in the middle, trying to force the Italian wrestler back to his own corner. Vivica hands the belt to Mr. Black, who hits Pride in the head with it, before handing it back to Vivica, who flies away and hides the strap.*

Daniels: Come on, ref! Disqualify Black Blooded! That's a foreign object!

Bodom: Legal if the referee does not see it.

Kingmaker: How can you disqualify a wrestler when you are not looking to his actions?

Daniels: Don't we have replays?

Bodom: That's WWE, Bob, and it is a Mr. Black sized piece of shit.

*All the shenanigans have allowed Mr. Blood to recover and tag in Mr. Black. This time the ref is paying attention where he should and allows the tag. Mr. Black wastes no time and throws a flurry of punches to Pride's head. The ref starts the count and Mr. Black stops at four, stepping back with his hands in the air like meaning he has done nothing. Still, the official threatens to disqualify him. When the lecture is off, Mr. Black grabs Pride, helps him to a vertical base and Irish whips him to the ropes, without realizing that is Mixed Emotion's side, allowing Sorrow to make the blind tag, allowed by the referee. Mr. Black grabs Pride by the neck, ready to hit a chokeslam, but Sorrow cuts him off with a big boot.*

Daniels: Sorrow saves the day again for the champions, will this change the momentum in the match?

*Sorrow goes to work on Black's head with rights and lefts before the referee pulls him off. Sorrow smiles at the ref, then pulls Mr. Black up, hid body bent forward. Sorrow grabs his opponent's left hand under Mr. Black's crotch, then uses his free hand to place Mr. Black's right arm under Sorrow's left armpit. Sorrow elevates Mr. Black and drives his opponent back first into the mat, completing the pumphandle slam. Sorrow runs to the ropes, bounces back, avoids Mr. Black's body, runs to the opposite ropes, bounces back and hits a vintage leg drop on Mr. Black. Cover is made, count started.*




Bodom: That worked for Hulk Hogan, but Sorrow better try harder if he wants to put down Mr. Black.

*As if he heard Bodom, Sorrow grabs his opponent, places him in position for a powerbomb and nails it. He then tags in Pride, who climbs to the top rope, jumping to hit a diving leg drop, but much for everybody's surprise he doesn't achieve his purpose, as coming from the side Mr. Blood catches him in mid air with a huge spear!*

Kingmaker: Holy shit!

Daniels: He broke him in half!

*Good news for Black Blooded don't last long, though, as Sorrow enters the ring and catches Mr. Blood with the claw to the neck, passes his opponent's arm round the head, grabs the tights to elevate Mr. Blood and plants him down to the mat with a thunderous chokeslam. He goes to get the one, two, three, but the referee refuses to count, saying he's not the legal man. Sorrow goes where his partner is laying, and slaps him, turning to the referee saying: “See? I tagged, let me in”. The referee insists: Sorrow has to be out out the ring, to make the tag legal. Sorrow is mad, but obliges, but first he carries his partner to the corner. Pride lands in a sitting position, so when Sorrow goes back to the legal position he manages to slap Pride on the shoulder, and now Sorrow's legal again. He disposes of Mr. Black by lifting him into a military press and throwing him to the outside. But when he turns around to face the legal man, Mr. Black is up and nails a right. Sorrow replies with a right of his own, and there's an exchange.*

​Mr. Black!
Mr. Black!
Mr. Black!
Mr. Black!
Mr. Black!
Mr. Black!

*The champ gains the upper hand by using forearm shots to the head. Mr. Black is barely standing, therefore Sorrow gets impulse from the ropes and tries a big boot, but Mr. Black ducks underneath it and catches Sorrow with a hand on the throat, ready for a chokeslam. Sorrow counters with a knee to the gut, Mr the grip is still on, so the knee strikes back once, twice, three times before getting free. Sorrow then goes to hit the pumphandle slam, but when he elevates Mr. Black, the man from Las Vegas escapes, landing on his feet and taking a step or two back towards the ropes. Sorrow charges and eats an elbow to the head. Mr. Black grabs Sorrow's arms in an underhook position, ready to hit the Black Death Drop (Implant Buster), but can't elevate Sorrow. Mr. Black then releases one arm only to club Sorrow's back until he's down. Pride enters the ring, ready to help his partner, but the ref gets in the middle. That distraction is used by Sorrow to nail a low blow that leaves Mr. Black yelling in pain, bent forward. Sorrow then positions himself in front of his rival, back turned on him, and grabs the arms in an underhook position, while Mr. Black's head remains at the same level of Sorrow's ass. With a rotation move, Sorrow manages to load Mr. Black on his back. Sorrow is bent forward, and struggles to get back into a vertical base, but he does. He then drops down into a sitting position, so, Mr. Black's upper back is driven down to the canvas. The Imbroglio (Vertebreaker) has been hit to perfection. Sorrow covers and the ref counts.*


*Sorrow uses the ropes to gain leverage. Vivica tries to take them down, but Pride grabs her and drives her back towards the announce table as she struggles.*


Daniels: That's illegal, stop it, ref!


*Ding, ding ding!*

McManus: The winners of this match, and still World Tag Team champions, Mixed! Emotions!

*Pride releases Vivica, grabs the belts and hands one to Sorrow, who has immediately rolled out of the ring. Sorrow picks the Dom Perignon bottle and they escape through the fans. Vivica is fuming and argues with the ref.*

Daniels: Totally illegal win by Mixed Emotions, the match should be going on!

Bodom: Can't you stop whining, Daniels? These two teams have given us a hell of a match, and you just worry about the ending. Don't be a negative party pooper, for fuck's sake!

Kingmaker: A very even match, that final sequence with Mr. Black and Sorrow proves it, but in the end, the champs prevail.

Bodom: This is not over yet, Black Blooded will be furious for the cheap win Sorrow got, sure they'll retaliate on Monday Night Rage!

*Vivica is still yelling at the ref, while Mr. Black helps mr. Blood to his feet. Meanwhile, on top of the arena stairs, Mixed Emotions have risen their belts and they are sharing sips from the Dom Perignon bottle.*

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:30 PM
*The camera cuts backstage to show Jonathan Sanchez once more stood backstage. He smiles at the camera before speaking.*

Jonathan Sanchez: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome, my guest at this time...The Most Dangerous Man in the World...EDDIE JUAREZ!

*The fans pop loudly for Juarez as he walks onto the screen. He smiles at the reaction from the crowd, as Sanchez continues talking with his first question.*

Jonathan Sanchez: Eddie, you returned to EWNCW tonight by costing Mike Hawk his match against Arthur Lansdale. Why was that?

Eddie Juarez: Esse, with all due respect, do you realise what you just asked me? I’d’ve thought the answer to that question is pretty damn obvious. I made my debut in EWNCW just days before In Violence We Trust as the challenger to Mark Dimension’s Evolution Championship, a match I lost at In Violence We Trust, thanks to Mike Hawk.

A man who I have no prior connection to homes, he made his way out there during his busy schedule and attacked me. He used my name to try and get himself on a higher level. So that’s why I returned to do what I did. I live by a code esse, an eye for an eye. If somebody wrongs me, I get them back. I did it with Darius, I did it with Jason Alexander and tonight, I did it with Mike Hawk. He attacked me and took a month of my career from me. So I’m going to take the rest of him from him.

*The fans in the arena cheer loudly as Juarez smiles again.*

Jonathan Sanchez: Last time you were here, you were on Rage but with Mike Hawk on Inferno, what does that mean for you going forward? Are you here to be a part of this company for a long time?

Eddie Juarez: Definitely. I spoke to John Cleverly and Nathan Staples and the simple fact of the matter was, I did what I did to get to Hawk. I’m now an official Inferno superstar. From the very first time I was here in EWNCW, I had a guest stint. That’s no longer the case. This is now permanent. I am now a permanent fixture of the EWNCW roster.

*The fans cheer loudly.*

Eddie Juarez: And the fact is, I’m not here to make up the numbers. I’m here to be the very best of the best. I’ve been doing a lot of talking in the past year and a half, but I’ve never really stepped it up. I’ve never got to the level where people actually believe I’m a potential World Champion. Tommy Thunder is the top man on Inferno, providing he can get past Grind Bastard, and obviously he’s the guy everybody will be aiming for.

I’ve got Mike Hawk to take care of but once that’s done- I’m going for the top spot on Inferno, and nobody will stop me from getting what I want. I am the Most Dangerous Man in the World and you only have to listen to those fans as my music hits to know that I am serious when I talk about becoming one of the greatest of all time- to emulate the greatest of all time, Eddie Guerrero, that’s all I want to do.

And taking out Mike Hawk tonight was the first step towards that.

*The fans in the arena explode with cheers as Juarez walks off screen.*

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:32 PM
Lily Morgan: The following contest is a tag team match set for one fall, where the losing will not be allowed to challenge for the championships again while the winners remain champions and it is for the EWNCW Tag Team Championships, introducing first the challengers, from Washington, D.C. HolyJose and Azrael.......they are God's Grace!!!


The challengers and former EWNCW Blacklist Champions look to become champions tonight as they head to the ring and get set for action awaiting the arrival of The New Assault Program.

Daniels: They look regain the gold they lost just over a month ago and show themselves to be the greatest team in Inferno.

Kingmaker: The way The New Assault Program have handled them since winning the gold, that may be impossible.

Lily Morgan: And their opponent, the current reigning and defending EWNCW Tag Team Champions, Sean and Criz Dimension......The New Assault Program!!!


The champs are booed mercilessly as they head and enter the ring and taunt God's Grace with the belts before they are given to the ref who raises them in the air marking that the belts are on the line. The two teams clash before being separated by the ref knowing that for one team the chance to challenge for the belts will be over after tonight.

Daniels: this is it for one of these teams as fans have requested that whoever loses cannot challenge for the gold as long as the other team remain champions.

Kingmaker: It's just fuel to the fire for either to be on their A game and walk out with the gold here tonight.


Start at 0:07 - Stop at 8:13

NAP (WGTT) vs GG (GuerreroS)

Kingmaker: Azrael kicks out of pin attempt from Criz. He had to use a lot of energy to do that.

Daniels: He already came in like a mad man of the hot tag from HolyJose so he has to be feeling low on energy after Criz stopped his momentum.

Criz slaps the mat a bit after he felt he had the match won but gets to his feet quickly and follows by raising Azrael to his feet as well and hits him with a hard right hand , to which Azrael answers with a left, Criz with another right, Azrael with another left but Criz this time pokes Azrael in the eyes leading to a warning from the ref. Criz dismisses it and goes for The Defaced (X-factor) but Azrael uses his power to push Criz back, Criz now launches himself to Azrael and gets a Spinebuster for his troubles.

Daniels: Huge move by azrael, his power is also something that can turn things in God's Grace's favor.

Azrael now crawls to make the tag to his partner as Criz looks to do the same, reaching Sean first. Sean enters the ring and tries to prevent Azrael from making the tag but fails in doing so allowing HolyJose to show off some athleticism by entering the off a springboard and delivers a beautiful hurricanrana before using the momentum to grab Sean and begin the first of The Three Amigos, he connects. He goes for the second and that connects finally looking for the third and it connects as well completing the hat trick before he rallies to crowd and signals for the end as he anticipates the rise of Sean, stalking him waiting for the right moment to strike but Criz Dimension is doing exactly the same.

As Sean rises to his feet HolyJose has him lined for The Final Judgment (Rolling Cutter) grabbing the head of Sean in his arms and turns to get better positioning for the hold but in doing so fails to see Criz Dimension enter the ring and Criz proceeds to deliver a devastating roundhouse kick to the side of HolyJose's head that forces him to let Sean go as he stumbles to one knee.

Kingmaker: That kick shouldn't have been allowed, he has evil intentions behind it. HolyJose seems to be out of it and now the champs look to capitalize.

The champs now brutally kick and punch HolyJose who is holding his own but is beginning to lower his defenses as the number game get the best of him only to be saved by Azrael who storms into the ring and takes on Sean Dimension while Criz still kicks the shit out of HolyJose. Azrael takes out of the ring with a clothesline while Criz forces HolyJose out of the ring under the ropes after the least of a few hard kicks. Criz and Azrael now charge towards one another and take each other out with clotheslines.

Daniels: Big moment in this match, both teams down. Anything can happen now.

Kingmaker: Especially with both legal men down and on the outside floor.

​Both men reach their slowly but surely. Azrael is first to his feet and looks to use that to his advantage by charging towards Criz but Criz being more agile actually catches Azrael by surprise with The Criz Cutter. He goes for the cover, the ref says no as they not the legal men but he doesn't the chance to fight the ref on his decision as HolyJose grabs Criz from behind and plants him down with The Final Judgment and he tries to cover, the ref again saying as Sean is the legal man not Criz.

HolyJose is frustrated but soon sees Sean recovering and entering the ring and signals for the end but instead gets surprised with a drop toe hold from a fallen Criz, who smiles seeing his partner charge at HolyJose and connect with a Running Big Boot to complete the move known as The Introduction before covering.....1................2.................3! !!!!

Lily Morgan: Here are your winners and still the EWNCW Tag Team Champions.....The New Assault Program!!!!

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:35 PM
Jonathan Sanchez: Please welcome my guest at this time, Evolution Champion, Mark Dimension.
Mark, first of all, let me ask you how you feel about the EWNCW fans choosing The Beard of Zeus to face you tonight at Threat of the Net?

MD: * Quickly Looks at Sanchez* gives him a serious 3 seconds Stare*
I Dont Feel ANYTHING. The Fans didnt choose my opponent to see him face me in a match. The People chose a sacrifice, a lamb for me to feast on. Tboz is what tboz has always been and thats below expectation's. I Will look at Tboz in his face , in the ring, at threat of the Net and not feel sorry for what im going to do to him. He was voted on by the people , and will be carried out by people. *cracks his neck to his left*

Sanchez: You won that title at No Guts No Glory, beating Ryan Wells, and you've successfully defended it against Wells at Bred for Combat and against Eddie Juarez at In violence we Trust. Can you retain it again tonight? The Beard of Zeus is arguably your toughest challenge to date.

MD: *Starts to laugh*
No He isnt, Tboz is not my toughest opponent. He gets glorified for reaching the Top ,but Succeeded because i wasnt in that Title Picture. If you want to prove a case ... then you should be saying I. AM.TBOZ Toughest Opponent. I have dominated everyone in my path. As in a Matter of Fact , The Hit List has had every name damn near scratched off and few are left. Tboz is included in the few left category.

Sanchez: Finally, with Raging Inferno coming up next after Threat of the Net, what can we expect from Mark Dimension? Do you have anyone from Inferno in your sights as someone you can see yourself pitting yourself against?

Dimension: YOU Can expect for Mark Dimension to keep being the driven unstoppable force of Ewncw as he has always been. you can expect the impossible being made possible if THE G.O.D. wants it to be.AND,... Expect for MD THE ONLY to be The Reigning Evolution Champion.

*now in a very intense manner ,that even the aura of md makes jonathan sanchez tremble he says*

Dimension: Im Aiming for the Top! Tommy Thunder vs Mark Dimension. What a Headline.... you have fought the best of the best in the past, in the present and i should be in your future. Now is the upcoming chance to do it for Raging Inferno. But not just him *calmly now tells sanchez* Actually you see sanchez...Allll Champions should be on Notice..because i have no problem taking my International Title back.

If you dont get the hint , then sanchez what im trying to say is ... I want More Gold, for the Evolution is Already Mines.

*gets up and holds his title towards the camera*

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:38 PM
Lily Morgan: The following is a Ladder Match to decide the fate of the EWNCW International Championship!!!!!! Introducing first the challenger, from Oakland, California.....Luuukkkkkkeeeeee Jaaammmeeesssooonnnn!!!!


The crowd cheers seeing Jameson head to the ring, determination in his eyes to dethrone The King here tonight.

Daniels: He's been through a lot to get here and have the hance to possibly dethrone The King. Jameson is a man of the people and th people wanted to see a Ladder Match, this is gonna be one hell of a match.

Kingmaker: Indeed it is.

Lily Morgan: And his opponent, the current reigning and defending EWNCW International Champion, from Spring Grove, Pennsylvania......Kinnnnngggggggssssssttttttrrrrrr reeeeeeeemmmmmm!!!


The crowd boos the presence of Kingstrem walks out with out his championship as it already seen hanging above the ring. King and Luke now square off in the center of the ring.

Daniels: Now here comes our year long champ, who's reign he looks to continue tonight. He'll have one hell of a fight.

Kingmaker: That's right, now let's get to it.


Start at 8:40


Stop at 9:52

Kingstrem (Jericho) vs Jameson (Michaels)

Daniels: Dear Lord, Kingstrem just smashed Jameson's head in with the ladder as he went for the Big Boot. Jameson could be done.

Kingmaker: I think he may still be in this, have you seen what Kingstrem has put him through tonight and yet Jameson still finds a way to stay in this? He's hungry for the gold.

Kingstrem pants heavily and holds his ribs as he looks up to his championship belt and then down at a fallen Jameson. Kingstrem decides where he needs to go and exits the ring and lifts the tarp surrounding the ring in search of more ladders bringing not 1, not 2 but 3 more ladders into the equation as he inserts them in the ring while Jameson still stirring in the ring. Kingstrem takes a moment to place each ladder, even the one used to hurt Jameson moments ago in each of the four corners.

As he finishes setting up the last ladder, Jameson has made it to his feet. The two lock eyes but it's Jameson who by taunting Kingstrem to come at him is able to get a rise from the crowd as they cheer insanely seeing the fight in Jameson is still strong. Kingstrem cannot believe his eyes seeing Jameson taunting him. The crowd cheering him on, drives him mad and he goes for Jameson like a bull seeing red. Jameson is ready and delivers a knife edge backhand chop that not only lights Kingstrem's chest but also drives the air out of him.

The pain is visibly clear on The King's face before he's raised to his feet by Jameson, who irish whips the champ towards one of the ladders but Kingstrem reverses the throw and sends Jameson with vicious force to the ladder only to realize his wrist is still held by Jameson and Jameson at the last second sends Kingstrem back first into the ladder bending the ladder but cannot avoid crashing into the ladder himself, though not to the degree that Kingstrem did. The crowd is on their feet seeing the impact and now see Jameson down but moving while Kingstrem is rolling around in the ring from the intense pain.

Kingmaker: Wow, Jameson was ready for the turnaround Kingstrem had for him tough could not avoid taking a hit himself hand now King and Jameson, both look to be in trouble.

​Kingstrem stops rolling in pain after 10 seconds or so before using the ring ropes to push himself up while holding his back, only to stumble a bit into the center of the ring. H is taken down with a clothesline from Jameson, who uses a surge of adrenaline flowing through him to rapidly follow up the clothesline with a leg drop and then takes place on top of Kingstrem and begins beating him with hard punches before looking to the crowd and asking if they want more?

A huge YES! chant erupts but soon dies down seeing Kingstrem club a distracted Jameson with an elbow to the side of his head forces Jameson to get off The King and he wastes no time picking up Jameson and plants him with The Instant Killquick (Torture Rack Pickup with an F-5 spin into a Backwards DDT) right into a nearby ladder that Kingstrem had set up earlier before, destroying it in the process.

The crash makes Jameson's back of the head bust open and blood begin to pour.

Daniels: Jameson was already making a good comeback but the champ comes back and now Jameson bleeding heavily, this will be a deciding in this match since Jaeson was already showing signs of fatigue, with this blood loss, he has to try and pull off a miracle to end this soon.

Kingstrem gets up and sees the blood flowing from Jameson. He wears a sick smile on his face. He now picks up a bloody Jameson and tells the crowd that they made this happen when they chose this match, the crowd immediately boos as they Kingstrem irish whips Jameson into the ropes looking for a back body into one of the remaining two ladders left unused so far but Jameson somehow stops before reaching Kingstrem and kicks him hard in the face, driving the champ backwards before Jameson sidesteps The King, grabs his waist and with all his might lifts and drives Kingstrem into the unused ladder near him rendering it useless as the others have so far with a huge German Suplex.

Kingmaker: This practically isn't a ladder to these men, as for quite some time they've yet to climb to retrieve the gold hanging up high above the ring. They've been out to hurt each other badly. This onslaught of damage is gonna take it's toll when either of these men actually go for the gold.

Daniels: That's right, they have to have in mind that winning this match means climbing a ladder and grabbing the gold. They have to have enough left in the tank to actually do that and with the way they are mauling each other, I don't know if they will be able to.

Jameson is on his feet breathing heavily and the blood now all over his face, he sees the championship up high and feels The King will be out enough for him to climb so he reaches for the last usable ladder in the ring holding it horizontally, a move he lives to regret as out of nowhere Kingstrem delivers a Spear that almost cuts Jameson in half forcing him to drop the ladder and roll out of the ring in pain. We see a bleeding Kingstrem, who busted himself open of hitting the ladder mid Spear raise to his feet muttering nonsense before wiping some blood of his eyes and sees Jameson is out of the ring, the ladder is still in the ring and he has a clear window to go and reach for the gold and continue his dominant reign. He grabs and sets up the ladder, the crowd hating every minute of it. The King begins to climb as the crowd boos him, midway through he stops to wipe the blood of his face.

He continues and reaches the top of the ladder, reaching and touching the belt. The crowd is livid at the sight but cheers soon cascade the arena as we see Jameson on the apron, staring at King. King still has not seen Jameson and pays for it as Jameson springboards off the ropes gaining crazy air that propels him towards the ladder where an unsuspecting Kingstrem has fallen victim to That Size 13! (Big Boot) that forces Kingstrem off the ladder with force sending him flying over the ropes and all the way to the outside floor near the announcing table. The crowd chanting: "HOLY SHIT!!! KING IS DEAD!!!"

Daniels: Holy shit! I think King really is dead, he hasn't reacted since impacting the floor. It's now or never for Jameson!

EMT's rush from the back to check on The King while Jameson recovers in the ring and though bleeding and breathing heavily makes his way to the top of the ladder and unbuckles the championship belt to the roar of the crowd who see him celebrate up high, bloody face and all as we hear....

Lily Morgan: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner......AND NEWWWWW!!!!!! EWNCW International Champion!!!!! LUUUUKKKKKEEEEE JJJJJJAAAAAMMMMEEEESSSOOONNNNN!!!!!!!

King is still being tended to as Jameson now drops from the ladder and exits the ring, walking up th ramp celebrating with newly won championship belt raising it high for the crowd to admire once he's on the stage.

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:40 PM
*The cameras are roaming around backstage, looking to get a word with the legendary Gillz, who participated in the royal rumble earlier in the evening. As they come to his door, they hear an odd commotion going on around on the inside, with the door slightly ajar. The cameraman pushes the door open, and find something horrifying. A masked man is brutally trading blows with Gillz, the wily former champion fighting back, but is quickly overcome by the masked hooligan! Though Gillz still fights back, his blows are few and far between, the masked man tossing him about the room with terrifyingly tragic force. Gillz is tossed against the lockers, and mercilessly beaten by fists and feet as the man yells uproariously at him. Agents, and staff attempt to part the man from Gillz, who is now a bloody mess, but he pushes them off and picks Gillz up -dragging him through the backstage area. He carries him out towards the cars, but Gillz gets a second wind and slips behind the man. He makes it to his feet, and rushes the man back against a tin door, nearly breaking through it. Objects fall on top of them, but they trade blows anyway - uncaring about the electrical hazard going on around them.*



*The masked man goes back on the attack, pulling Gillz up from the rubble and tossing him into a crowd of onlookers! He reaches down and pulls up his face*


*The masked ‘addict fixer’ drops Gillz and stomps on his back before staring into the crowd and opening his arms.*

???: I am not here to cause pain and harm to those of you who suffer from addictions. I am here to help you all who suffered from addictions. To titles, to beating someone, to drinking, to a God, to anything. All I ask if that you be honest with me, and come to me - I will free you. See, Gillz *Stomps on Gillz’ back* did not believe! He did not BELIEVE I could fix him! How wrong he was! Look at him now!

*The masked man is ushered away while medical personnel take a look at Gillz.*

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:44 PM
McManus: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Evolution Championship. Introducing first, he comes to us from Nottingham, London. This is "The Machiavellian' The Beard of Zeus!!!


*TBOZ comes out to a huge pop from the fans. He smiles back at the fans and greets some of the fans while he makes his way to the ring. He then gets inside the ring and stands in the middle of the ring while the fans chant "TBOZ! TBOZ! TBOZ!" over and over again.*

Kingmaker: Who would have thought we ever see this man back in a EWNCW ring?

Daniels: Like they say never say never.

Bodom: Please Bob don't ever go full retarded on us ever.

McManus: And his opponent. He is the current and reigning defending Evolution Champion. He comes from The Future. This man is none other than "The G.O.D." Mark Dimension!!!


*Mark comes from the back to many jeers and boos from the fans in attendance. He simply dusts all of that off and smiles very proudly while holding his title up above from his head. Mark gets in the ring and looks upon TBOZ. He then hands the title over to the ref and shake his head in disapproval towards to TBOZ.*

Bodom: Mark looks very confident tonight. However, he shouldn't take TBOZ lightly in any way or form.

Kingmaker: That's very true. However, Mark knows what it takes to keep his title no matter.

Daniels: I might like TBOZ and all, but I see this match going to Mark. I meanTBOZ has been gone for quite some time and Dimension has been here day in an night out defending his prestigious title.

Bodom: That's very good point, but we'll see what happens.

(Start 5:47, End 11:15, HHH= Mark Dimension, Undertaker= TBOZ)

* TBOZ grabs Dimension by the leg and slides him in. TBOZ then goes for a pin cover, but only gets a 2. TBOZ picks him up slowly and irishwhips him to the opposite corner of the ring. TBOZ quickly runs over and makes sure Dimension doesn't move. He begins to deliver various punches to the midsection of Mark. TBOZ goes for an uppercut, but Mark slides his way out of trouble. Mark then begins to hit some hard shoulder block attacks on TBOZ. He then irishwhips him all the way to the other corner and immediately runs over to him and hits TBOZ with a knee shot to the ribs. TBOZ slowly falls to the ground and Mark goes for a cover.*




Bodom: TBOZ will not give up tonight.

Daniels: Well, TBOZ does indeed know what is on the line.

Kingmaker: I still think Mark has this match going his way.

*Mark slowly gets TBOZ up to his and hits him with a DDT. He then goes for another pin attempt. However, he stops the pin himself at two by picking up TBOZ.*

Daniels: Has he lost!?!?! He could have won right there and then.

Bodom: I can understand Mark wants to send a message by beating a legend. However, I disagree with this decision just oh so slightly.

Kingmaker: Mark doesn't just want to win here anymore. He wants to hurt him and finallt put TBOZ out of action for good.

*Mark gets TBOZ up on his feet, but he decides to toss him over to the outside. He then follows him out there. However, TBOZ grabs hold of Dimension's tights and throws him into the barricade. Meanwhile, the ref is at a count of 3. TBOZ very slowly grabs hold of Dimension and tries to throw him into the ring post. However, Mark reverses it and causes TBOZ to go back first to the steel ring post.*

Daniels: This men are out to destroy each other.

Kingmaker:​ Well they are obviously fighting for a very prestiges title.

*Mark makes his way back into the ring at the count of 6. Meanwhile TBOZ is still on the outside holding onto his back and trying to make his way back up. Mark is shouting at the ref to hurry up on the count. TBOZ makes it back in the ring at the count of 9. TBOZ gets on his knees, but is hit with a devastating facebuster from Dimension. He drags TBOZ to the middle of the ring for a cover, but TBOZ out of nowhere gets Mark in small package pin.*



3!!!!! NO!!!!!

*Mark was able to kickout!*

Bodom: I thought that was it for Mark. I was bit worry.

Daniels: He can't get frustrated now cause of that little move.

*TBOZ and Dimension both get up at the same time. Mark quickly goes for a clothesline, but TBOZ gets him and hits a samoan drop. He follows it up with an elbow drop to the chest. TBOZ goes to the turnbuckles and gets up to the second one. He waits for to get and goes for a double axe hammer to the back. But, Mark is able to kick him in the gut and hits Next Dimension(Stone Cold Stunner).*

Kingmaker: Dimension has this for sure now. All he has to do is pin TBOZ.

Bodom: Come on Mark you can do it. This is your chance.

*Mark slowly gets up and goes over to where TBOZ is at and picks up TBOZ calmly saying he is going to do it nail him twice. But, TBOZ is able to hit Divine Intervention(Fisherman Suplex with Cradle Pin).*




McManus: Here is your winner and the NEW Evolution Champion, THE BEARD OF ZEUS!!!!

*The fans are out of their seats and are cheering for TBOZ. They once more start to chant his name while he is given the Evolution Title. TBOZ exits the ring and decides to jump over the barricade to celebrate with the fans. He begins to slap some of the fans' hands or high five them. He even hugs some of them while he leaves in tears and sweat. Meanwhile in the ring, Mark Dimension is in utter confusion as to what happened. He begins to slam the mat and yell at the ref that he was biased and unfair.*

Daniels: I told you that Mark was over confident and was losing focus.

Bodom: Who cares what you said. I feel bad for Mark, but at the same time I feel a little bit happy that TBOZ won here tonight. Just a little.

Kingmaker: Dimension had this match under his control, but sadly he couldn't beat the new champion.

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:49 PM
Daniels: This is one of our main events! Grind Bastard vs. the EWNCW Champion, Tommy Thunder! This match here goes back a couple of weeks, perhaps even longer, depending on the eyes you’re looking through.

Kingmaker: On one side, we have the monster of EWNCW - the monster of Inferno! He, without words, claims that we are in the Age of Grind Bastard. Some time ago, he started showing that we had entered a new era - an era that would see him at the top of the mountain. One of his claims was that he was going to take the EWNCW Championship, and he has one such a chance now.

Bodom: On the other side of that coin, we have the EWNCW Champion, Tommy Thunder, who is in danger of losing his title. Staples gave Tommy the chance to pick three competitors for his title, and Tommy did. First, he picked Gillz, and then he picked Shuriken - lastly, he picked Grind Bastard. It was then that things began to change for the champion. He turned his back on Grind Bastard, and Grind made him pay for it. At the end of that night, two weeks ago, Grind Bastard held up the EWNCW Championship.

Kingmaker: Tommy, in turn, wanted to get his hands on Grind Bastard, but Staples would not allow one of the main events to be potentially given away early. Therefore, he allowed Tommy to pick an opponent for Grind Bastard, just a few nights ago! Tommy picked Shuriken, but Shuriken was unable to put Grind away, and Grind walked away with the victory. Tommy tried to exact his revenge on Grind, and Gillz joined the fray - neither man was able to successfully one up the other, and all four wrestlers ended up on separate sides of the ring, staring t the EWNCW Title.

Daniels: But tonight, Tommy Thunder gets his wish. Grind Bastard, shockingly, won over crowd favorites Gillz, and Shuriken, for the right to face Tommy Thunder here tonight. I am not sure who is more amped up for this match! Tommy Thunder or Grind Bastard!

Bodom: Let’s take it to the ring.

Morgan: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our co-main event. It is a singles match, scheduled for one fall - introducing first.


*The Age of Grind Bastard appears in blood red on the titantron as Grind comes out. He spreads his arms and walks down towards the ring, slipping into it and looking up at the lettering, as it begins to run like actual blood.*

Morgan: And his opponent.


*Tommy Thunder comes out on stage, and holds up the title. His eyes don’t leave Grind Bastard’s. He heads towards the ring, and gets in, but the referee keeps him away from Grind.*

Daniels: Man oh Man!

Morgan: Introducing first, in the corner to my right, standing at six foot eight inches and weighing in this morning at two hundred and ninety pounds, hailing from the Arkham Asylum, GRIND! BASTARD!

*The crowd boos loudly as Grind Bastard steps to the middle of the ring and spreads his arms. Age of Grind Bastard appears in blood on the titantron once more.*

Morgan: And to my left, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, standing at six feet and one inch, and weighing in this morning at two hundred and twenty pounds, the EWNCW Champion - Tommy Thunder!

*Tommy grabs the belt and holds it up, getting in Grind’s face. He starts trash talking Grind, but Grind doesn’t say anything, as usual. He looks at the title, and pushes Tommy back, making the motion for the belt around his waist. The referee has to push Tommy back, and take the belt.*

Kingmaker: And now, it is time.

Tommy(Punk) vs Grind(Undertaker)

(Stop at 13:20)

*Both men are down, and attempting to make it back to their feet. Grind Bastard crawls away to put distance between himself and the EWNCW Champion, Tommy Thunder. Both make it to their feet and look across the ring at each other, before meeting in the middle of the ring to strike each other with punches, from Grind, and kicks from Tommy Thunder. The bigger of the two begins getting the advantage of the smaller Champion. Tommy uses his obvious speed advantage to slwo Grind down and circle him, peppering him with kicks to the leg to chop down the oak wood tree that is Grind Bastard's left leg. Grind Bastard begins to stumble, and fall to one knee. Tommy kicks him in the head with a big boot to knock the man back, but Grind sits back up, arms down and obviously woozy. Tommy Thunder senses the end is near, Tommy charges towards Grind Bastard and nails him with a big Shining Wizard! Grind Bastard is down! Tommy Thunder falls into the pin and hooks his far leg to prevent him from reaching the ropes with it.*



*Grind Bastard kicks out just before the referee can get the three count! Tommy Thunder begins pounding down on Grind Bastard viciously and going for another pin. Grind kicks out once more, and rolls out of the ring. Tommy attempts to follow him out, but the referee stops him. Tommy argues with the referee, and eventually settles on going out of the ring another way. He climbs to the top rope and goes for a dive, but he is caught by the monstrous Grind Bastard, who hooks him in with his big arms and rams him into the ring apron. Tommy screams in pain, but Grind Bastard doesn't let go! He pulls back and looks at the referee who is counting! The referee is at the count of four. five. Grind Bastard rams Tommy into the steel pole of the turnbuckles and drops him, before rolling into the ring. He rolls right back out and begins stomping on the fallen EWNCW Champion. The referee had been forced to restart his count. He yells for Grind Bastard to put the Tommy Thunder in the ring. Grind ignores him and stomps him against the barricade. At the count of seven, Gring pulls Tommy to his feet and rolls him in the ring, before climbing in himself. He goes in to pin Tommy, but only gets a two count.*

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:50 PM
Daniels: The Champion fights on! Grind cannot put him away that easily!

Bodom: Yes, but those shots he took on the outside of the ring were just brutal. The apron, and then the steel pole? Tommy's back must be in all sorts of pain!

Kingmaker: If we've learned anything about Tommy Thunder over his reign as champion, is that he can endure a lot of punishment!

*Grind Bastard stands up, and pulls Tommy Thunder to his feet. He looks out towards the crowd, listening to their boos, and smiling. He looks at Tommy Thunder, holding him by his neck and walking around the ring. Tommy's limp body is basically being dragged and shown to the crowd. Their faces tell the whole story! Their champion is defeated, lifeless, in the hands of a monster with no limits. Grind picks Tommy up to hit him with the chokeslam, but mid-air Tommy reverses it and slaps on a dragon sleeper! Tommy Thunder yells loudly as he locks in the move! The crowd cheers loudly as Tommy wrenches back with the move! Grind Bastard starts to fade and fall back, Both men drop to the ground, but Tommy refuses to release the hold! Grind Bastard begins fighting, but Tommy shakes his head and wrenches back even more! The referee checks Grind Bastard, and the monster still has some fight in him! He reaches out and frantically grabs at the ropes. He finally grabs it, but Tommy still refuses to release the hold he has on Grind Bastard! The referee gets to four, and Tommy breaks the hold. He stands up and gets in the referees fce, before turning his attention to Grind Bastard. He sees Grind getting up to one knee, and he moves back. He points to Grind and rushes Grind in hopes of landing another devastating Shining Wizard. As Tommy reaches Grind Bastard, Grind lifts up and pulls Tommy unto his shoulders, flipping him through and hitting a skullkrusher, package piledriver, out of nowhere! He falls into a pin*


*Tommy kicks out!*


Daniels: Kingmaker told you, Tommy Thunder is not the type of guy to go down without a fight! Grind may have nailed that move there, but make no mistake, Tommy Thunder is one tough S.O.B

*Grind and Tommy are laid out on the ground, both men breathing heavy and neither moving. The referee leans down to check them both, placing a head on each chest before starting the count.*



*Neither man is moving.*


*Grind starts stirring, but makes no significant movement. Tommy's arm starts lifting and dropping. The crowd chants. Tommy. Tommy. Tommy. Tommy. Tommy. Tommy.*


*Grind begins making good strides towards getting to his feet. Tommy is just now rolling over on his stomach. The referee checks them.*



*Grind pulls himself up and breaks the count. Tommy Thunder is on his hands and knees. Grind moves towards him and kicks him in the stomach, but Tommy grabs his leg, and jerks! Grind falls backwards, and Tommy quickly moves to slap on the Anaconda Vice! Tommy is still groggy from the Skullkrusher, so he is unable to lock in the move completely. Grind manages to fight his way out of it, and create space. Tommy makes it to his feet, and rushes towards Grind, but Grind throws him over the ropes. Tommy hangs on while Grind turns around. The EWNCW Champion quickly scales the ropes, but is still a bit out of it. Grind turns around and nails him with a big right hand and then a left. His eyes widen as he gets an idea. He quickly moves under Tommy, and turns, scaling the ropes backwards.*

Kingmaker: OH NO! Tommy is in trouble here! Grind Bastard is going for the Ultrakrusher. Tommy may have kicked out of the Skullkrusher, but I don't know if he can make it out of the Ultrakrusher, a top rope package piledriver. I don't know many, if any, people who have successfully kicked out of that move!

*Grind pushes Tommy up and attempts to latch in the grip for the Ultrakrusher. Tommy senses it and begins fighting out, loosening what grip Grind Bastard has! Tommy flips down, and nails a Enziguri to the back of Grind's head. Grind is out! Tommy pulls him from the top rope and into the ring. He quickly scales the ropes, and poses for the crowd, hitting Grind with a diving Elbow Drop! Knowing it's not yet enough for a pin, Tommy backs up. Grind attempts to make it to his feet, but is suddenly massacred with a big Shining Wizard to the face! Tommy falls beside him and drapes his arm over Grind after a few moments.*



*The bell rings and Tommy Thunder doesn't move. It's not until half a minute later that Tommy begins to stir. Lily had already announced him as the winner. He reaches up and grabs the title belt, holding it close to his chest. Sweat is dripping down his face, Tommy looks as though he only just now found out he won. He looks over at Grind, laid out but stirring just a tad bit. He slaps the title on his[Tommy's] chest, and stands - the crowd cheering for him.*

Daniels: What a match. What a match. And I'll say it once more. What a match!

Kingmaker: Both men laid it all on the line here for the fans that voted this match in!

Bodom: I don't know how Tommy Thunder did it, but he managed to retain his titlee against the man beast, Grind Bastard. One could say that Grind came into this match in a weakened state due to his earlier match.

Kingmaker: No excuses, but - not for nothing - Grind Bastard did go through a match and then toughed this one out the bitter end. He really showed that the Age of Grind Bastard is in full effect, and even the EWNCW Champion barely escaped with the championship.

Daniels: Barely, or not - Tommy Thunder is walking out of here with the EWNCW championship held high.

Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:54 PM
Jason McManus: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is your main event for the night!


McManus: Introducing first, the special guest referee for this match, EWNCW legend, Bodom!

*Bodom makes his from ringside and into the ring. He's taken off his suit jacket, tie and shirt and swapped them for a referee shirt.*

Bob Daniels: What a match we have coming up next here, Ronaldo Romulus defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Shaz!

Pierce Kingmaker: And our broadcast colleague Bodom was of course voted in by you to be the special guest referee for this match, so he's left us, but we are being joined in his place by EWNCW anchorman; Dick Thompson! Dick, welcome to the table?

*Thompson is busy pouring himself a measure of vintage whiskey*

Thompson: What? Oh yes, this is the 1951 Macallan. Distilled for 50 years no less before bottling in 2001! A very good year, would you like some? Well you're not getting any, this stuff isn't cheap you know!

Kingmaker: ..... right.


Daniels: Well moving away from the whiskey and back to the match, Here we have the number one contender making his way out. He's had his differences with Bodom as of late, and even beat him in a last man standing match at In Violence we Trust.

Kingmaker: Shaz has shown that he has fire for sure. But there's always been a question mark over his ability to channel that potential and converting it towards a push towards becoming a world champion here.

Thompson: Well he's proven that he can win championships here in EWNCW having won the Rage Ignition Championship of course, and after beating someone of Bodom's calibre, I don't think people should be underestimating him.


Kingmaker: Now here comes the champion, he's held onto that title for several months now, and he's amassing a pretty impressive reign.

Thompson: You can't deny it! Ronaldo Romulus has proven to be a great champion thus far! The crowd might not think so but the fact are there on the wall for all to see!

Daniels: And tonight he's looking to make Shaz the latest to succumb to his will. It's a good match brewing for sure! But first, formal introductions from Jason McManus!

Jason McManus: The following match is set for one fall and is for the World Heavyweight Championship! introducing first, the challenger, from Brixton, London, 'The Rapid King', SHAZ!!

*the crowd boo*

Jason McManus: And his opponent, he is the current reigning World Heavyweight Champion, RONALDO ROMULUS!!

*the crowd once again boo as Ronaldo hoists his title high before handing it to Bodom. Shaz demands that Bodom brings the title to him so that he can have a look at it, but Bodom simply gives Shaz the finger before hoisting the title high. Shaz starts to go to Bodom to hit him, but Bodom reminds him that he's referee and that he will DQ him if he tries something. Shaz reluctantly backs down as Bodom hands the belt to McManus who takes it to the ringside area. Bodom then signals for the bell to be rung.*

Bob Daniels: So here we go! The bell has ring and the match is upon us!

(start at 6:15, end at 20:50)

Daniels: Big miss there from Ronaldo in the corner, and Shaz is poised here!

*Shaz steps up onto the top turnbuckle and turns around before standing up and launching himself, backflipping onto Romulus below*

Kingmaker: Picture perfect moonsault from the top from Shaz, straight into the cover here!!





Thompson: Oh come on!!! How slow do you want your 3 count?!?! Bodom's obviously being biased against Shaz here!! Just because he's bitter about loosing at In Violence we Trust!!

*Shaz is on his knees and is angry with the slow count. He gets up and gets in Bodom's face as the EWNCW legend smiles and puts his hands up in protest, saying "I'm just doing my job!".
Shaz continues to mouth off and starts pocking Bodom in the chest, backing him up into the corner. Bodom looks to be getting pissed off, as he shoves Shaz away and starts barking back at him "Get on with the match!!". Shaz gives Bodom a scathing look before turning around to a running enziguri from Ronaldo!!*

Thompson: Oh! By the Beard of Zeus!! Did you see Bodom get involved there?! He can't do that!!

Daniels: He's the official here Dick, Shaz puts his hands on him, so I think Shaz can count himself lucky that he isn't disqualified!

*Ronaldo picks Shaz up via a cravat hold and sets ready to hit him with the Wrath of Remus*

Kingmaker: Here it comes, the Wrath of Remus!!

*Romulus spins Shaz back, but as he flips forward, Shaz slips out of the cravat, he then spins Romulus who's stunned by this move. Shaz grips Ronaldo's head and screams before launching himself up in an attempt at a standing Shiranui, Ronaldo though it close enough to the ropes so that he is able to hang on. Shaz is able to land on his feet though. Shaz grabs Ronaldo's head back in an inverted DDT position and lifts him up before crashing him back down in a sitout inverted suplex slam!*

Kingmaker: That could well be it there!! No, wait, he's not going for the pin!

*Shaz gets up and goes to the top turnbuckle. He then jumps and bounces off the ropes to the side of the turnbuckle, launching himself in an arabian press onto Ronaldo! He goes for the pin*





Daniels: Ronaldo gets his shoulder up there!! The champ isn't giving in that easy!!

*Shaz gets up and starts mouthing off to Bodom again*

Kingmaker: Shaz needs to focus here instead of complaining to the referee all the time, he needs to stay on Romulus here!

Thompson: He's being screwed around!! If that tomfoolery stopped maybe he wouldn't be complaining!!

*Shaz is still complaining to Bodom but as he does, he's dragged to the floor in a roll-up attempt by Ronaldo!!*





*Shaz grabs Ronaldo's arm and manages to twist his body and the body of his opponent and lock in an armbar!!*

Kingmaker: ARMBAR!!

Daniels: Ronaldo may have to tap here, he needs to drag himself to the ropes!!

*Ronaldo scratches and claws his way towards the ropes, which he's luckily not far away from, and manages to grip the bottom rope before screaming at Bodom to get Shaz to release!*

Thompson: The champ fights out!! What a match this is turning out to be!!

*Both men are recovering and trying to make it to their feet, Ronaldo needs the aid of the ropes to do this, but he eventually makes it. They then start slugging it out in the middle of the ring;


They trade tired blow after tired blow


The challenger gets the upper hand before delivering a kick to the gut and shoving Ronaldo between his legs*

Daniels: Oh no. It looks like it's Canadian Destroyer time!!

*Shaz quickly jumps and flips Ronaldo around, hitting him with the Canadian Destroyer!!! He quickly scrambles into the cover!!*

Thompson: He hit him!!! New Champion coming!!!




Tommy Thunder
05-28-2013, 06:54 PM
*Bodom suddenly grabs his wrist as if he has a pain in it*

Thompson: What?!?! What the hell is he doing?!?!?!

*Shaz gets up with a livid look on his face, and he grabs Bodom by his shirt and shouts a load of swear words directly in his face. Bodom eventually manages to get him off and shoves him away, before pointing a finger at him and again pointing out to him that he's the referee. Shaz takes a step back before slapping the taste off of Bodom's face before spitting into his face.*

Daniels: Oh my God!! He can't do that!!

*Bodom wipes the spit off his face before pocking Shaz right in his eye and then falling to his knees to drill him with a low blow!!*

Thompson: And HE can't do that!!!!!!!

*Ronaldo, still lying on his back, sticks his arm between Shaz' legs and drags him down in another pining attempt*






McManus: Ladies and gentlement, here is your winner, and STILL the World Heavyweight Champion...... Ronaldo Romulus!!!!!!!

Thompson: WHAT?!?!?! That can't stand!!!!! Shaz was low blowed!!!! And Shaz had the match won!!! Bodom faked a wrist injury instead of counting the pin!!!!

Kingmaker: Well he's lucky that he wasn't DQ'ed before that Dick, I mean he put his hands on Bodom more than once in that match, and he even spit in the man's face!!

Daniels: And for that, hee didn't deserve to win that match, simple as that. Ronaldo Romulus is still our World Heavyweight Champion.

*Ronaldo has rolled out of the ring and grabbed his title from ringside and is on his way up the ramp, celebrating. Bodom is at ringside arguing with Dick Thompson, who's taken his headset off as Shaz is still left in the ring, withering in pain*

Daniels: Well as you can see, Dick is still trying to reason with Bodom here, good luck with that Dick!!
That brings us to the end of our broadcast here in Whichita, Kansas. Thank you all for joining us ladies and gentlemen, and be sure to tune in for Rage and Inferno as we head towards out next ppv event; Raging Inferno!
But from me and Pierce here at least, it's good night EWNCW!

07-11-2013, 06:35 PM
Chicago Tribune
Meet the Man behind the Jman
Article by David Haugh

David Haugh: Jman, welcome! So, let's jump right into it shall we? What is it like working in EWNCW, on a day to day basis?

Jman: Man, it’s fun. I’ll tell you, I was hesitant to join EWNCW. I felt like the guys who have been there forever would still see me as a “JBW guy”. Funny enough, it was seeing the early success that K-Jamm, another JBW lifer, had in EWNCW that convinced me to come aboard. And the boys have been great. It makes it easier, too, being in a company where drama simply isn’t tolerated. That kind of structured environment can be tough for a guy like me who likes to color outside the lines a little bit, but that’s a fair trade off to work in a place where people aren’t going batshit every day.

David Haugh: What is it like working with all those personalities?

Jman: It’s second nature, really. The key, though, is hanging out with the personalities you mesh with and avoiding the people you want to punch in the dick. It’s like high school, without the cliquey teenage girls.

David Haugh: What is it like working on a pay-per-view, for all us peons that would never get a chance to work on a big event?

Jman: Man, it’s the most exhilarating thing we do as pro wrestlers, especially in a city like Chicago. Crowds here, crowds at The Garden, crowds at Hammerstein, and crowds at Wells Fargo Center back home…they make it fun. That’s the thing about Pay-Per-Views, man. You don’t need to be the guy in the ring to feel the electricity in the building. Like, JBW had a weekend off from house shows the weekend of Punk-Cena Money in the Bank 2011, so I came, sat in the upper bowl and, my god, what a feeling. The next month, I got to see it from Punk’s side when Serra and I worked that title match in Philly. To me, that kind of moment where everything comes together perfectly is what Pay-Per-Views are all about.

David Haugh: So, tell us a story from the road, if you have any?

Jman: Heh, I have a book full. Alright, here’s a K-Jamm one. I decided to screw with him at a Rage house show one night. He’s in the ring, waiting for me, right? So I find some stagehand, some kid, and give him a hundred bucks to go out there and act like he’s me. Back in Black hits and here comes this kid toward the ring, hoodie covering his face. He gets in the ring, takes his hood off and, boom, K-Jamm HeadJam’s him. Kid breaks his nose. K-Jamm and I work a good match, go to the back afterward and find out the kid doesn’t want to sue. Phew.

David Haugh: How do you think you and K-Jam are going to make it through Raging Inferno?

Jman: I dunno, I might spike his drink before we come out. I’ll have him doing some Jeff Hardy, tripping over the ring steps shit and just win the match myself. No, one way or another, that whole thing will come to a head on Sunday. And if you know anything about either of us, you know it’ll be explosive.

S.E. Zero
07-15-2013, 08:09 PM
Pitch black. Nothing but darkness is seen. A laugh is heard, almost maniacal in nature but the source of this laughter is unknown.

???: Scared, are we?

Footsteps are heard before the booming voice continues....

???: You should be. EWNCW is.

Finally it seems that night vision technology is turned on and we see Orion Slayde directly in front of the camera...

Slayde: EWNCW refused to place me in a match at Raging Inferno. They fear the rage and the inferno in my soul. The fear the monster inside me. They fear change. They fear the darkness. Yet it is in the darkness where we see the light. The light of madness that pushes us to do unspeakable things in order to survive, to dominate, to be the one people fear. It's like a raging fire within us all that most choose to neglect but not me. I made it a part of me and it's made me so much better than even I ever imagined.

Raging Inferno is meant to showcase the best Inferno has to offer against the weaklings of Rage, yet here I am. On the outside looking in. Why? Why does EWNCW deny me my chance? Why do they delay the fall?

Slayde is sweating and his right eye is twitching a bit

Slayde: Because they fear me. I say it's wise they do because even I fear myself. The unknown is my ecstasy. My pleasure. Never knowing when I'll snap, when I'll give in to the embrace of the shadows, when I'll tear limb from limb everyone and everything in my path is intoxicating.....it can literally happen in any place and time, against anyone. It's that fear that makes me see, EWNCW is not ready for what I have to offer but it will be soon. Soon it will be my time and soon....

Slayde grabs the camera and smashes against a wall before laughing with great ferocity that drives the insanity behind the laughter to be felt with more intensity then usual as the room becomes enveloped in darkness again...

Slayde: The shadows will fall.

Retreating footsteps are heard for more seconds before silence takes over the room seemingly indicating Slayde is no longer in the room.

Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 05:12 PM
Poor turnout for Filler interviews this time round.

Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 05:14 PM
Like, really poor. Just the one?

Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 05:15 PM
Thanks to SEZ for providing something too, nice work!

Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 05:16 PM
Thanks to Vand for lending a hand with writing this ppv too, good work from him!

Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 05:17 PM
So without further delay.....

Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 05:17 PM
Raging Inferno comes up next!

Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 06:04 PM


*A big pyro blast engulfs the stage as the sold out crowd at the All State Arena in Chicago. The camera pans across the arena showing electric crowd*

Bob Daniels: Welcome one and all to EWNCW's next ppv event; Raging Inferno!! The night where titles don't matter, it's all about bragging rights! It's Rage vs Inferno all the way here tonight, and we have some exciting matches coming up for you all!! I'm alongside our resident wrestling nerd Pierce Kingmaker and EWNCW legend Bodom who will be here with me for all the action!

Pierce Kingmaker: You got that right Bob, and what a good way to start off! Through the Fire and Flames is one of my favorite songs! A big thank you to Dragon Force for providing us with our theme for this ppv!

Bodom: And what about the action tonight? That's what I'm here for. I can't wait to see Team Rage getting wins across the boards here tonight! Especially in our main event! Ronaldo Romulus, William Carlin and Shaz against Tommy Thunder, Shuriken Blade and Gillz!

Kingmaker: Hey, one match that Inferno's got a sure fire win is the tag match between Jman and K-Jammin taking on Andy Cannon and Michael Archangel! You've seen how K-Jam has been in recent weeks, can Jman trust him tonight?!

Bodom: Don't get me started on that jackass.

Daniels: Well there's plenty of action to look forward to, so let's get things under way here!!

McManus: The following contest is here as the Elimination Fatal Four Way Battle of the Newcomers Match.


McManus: Introducing first, he is a part of Thursday Night Inferno. He is know to us from coming from The Broken Sanity of His Mind. This is 'The Burned' Abel!!!

*Abel comes out to a mix reaction from the Chicago crowd. He doesn't seem to be bothered by them at all. He walks down slowly towards the ring and throws his hands up in the air signaling that he is the number one. He enters the ring and goes over to the middle of the ring awaiting the next contester.*

Daniels: so we're getting things under way tonight with our annual Battle of the Newcomers! 2 superstars from Inferno, 2 superstars from Rage, elimination fatal 4 way rules! Seraphim was the winner of this match last year, who will win it tonight?! Can it be Abel perhaps?

Bodom: I will admit that Abel seems rather focused tonight. If I had to pick someone that didn't represent Rage then I would go with him.
Daniels: It doesn't matter if you are rooting for him or not. He has come to show all of us that he is indeed a dominant beast.

Kingmaker: Then I just got to say that other competitors better focus their attention in trying to eliminate himquickly.

McManus: And the next competent is representing Monday Night Rage. He hails from Doncaster, England and weighs-in at 308 lbs. He is 'The Legend of Legends' Matt Elder!!!

Bodom: I guess I'm going to have to say what we are all thinking here. Why must someone like Matt Elder be in a Newcomer Battle Royal?

Kingmaker: It shall remain a mystery.

#Matt Elder# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytzZLMHmDqE)

*Matt comes out to many boos from almost everybody. He doesn't seem quite pleased at all. He walks down the ramp with a very angry attitude type of way. He as well enters the ring and goes over to a corner while Abel still stands in the corner.*


McManus: The next man in this battle royal represents Inferno for this bout. He comes all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. He is none other than AJ Dixon!!!

*AJ is received by mix reaction only with the cheers coming out a bit more. Dixon stands on the stage with a smile across his face. He then moves into the ring and meets up with the other two wrestlers. He tells them he is the one that will win the match.*

Daniels: I got to say that this guy has the fast movement which can help him from being tossed out.

Kingmaker: However, there is one downside to all of that fast movement with him. He feels the excitement in that fast pace and which cause him to do any risky move.

Bodom: So, basically what you said is like John Morrison. A spot monkey in this match.

McManus: And the final participant in this bout. He will represent Rage for this match. He can be billed out of anywhere. This man is a mystery to some. He is none other than Reiko!!!


*Reiko comes out by himself actually. He seems a little bit sad that Ric ain't with him, but he still looks focused. He quickly runs into the ring and slides in to meet up with all the other men in the ring already.*

Bodom: Where the hell is Ric Flair? Reiko needs all the help he can possibly get from Ric.

Kingmaker: I wouldn't say that. Maybe Ric is trying to see how much Reiko can do all by himself in this type of match.

Daniels: Well, he better hope for himself as we get this match underway.

*The bell rings as we get this match started. Everyone besides Abel is standing one of the corners. The other three men notice that Abel ain't moving from there. Abel even yells at them to go right after him. They all do go right for him. Abel grabs hold of Reiko while they are pounding at him and takes him all the way to the corner. He hits a couple of shoulder block tackles into Reiko's rib area. Meanwhile, Dixon and Elder are in the corner hitting each other with a couple of rights and left strikes. Matt quickly gives a hard kick to AJ's stomach and then irishwips him to the ropes. Matt puts his body down trying to go for something, but AJ counters it with a float over DDT. While Abel gives Reiko a suplex.*

Kingmaker: Both Inferno gentlemen are somewhat teaming up together.

Daniels: Not to be mean or anything, but that's not going to last long.

Bodom: I actually got to agree with that. I just hope they rip each others' heads off.

*Abel and AJ both meet up with one another. They quickly start to strike with strong right hand across their heads. Dixon is able duck one of Abel's shots and he hits him with a roundhouse kick, but it only causes him to go down to one knee. Dixon hits him a few times in the back. He then runs over to the ropes and goes for a flying crossbody, but Abel catches him mid-air and hits AJ with a spinebuster. Abel tries to pick up AJ, but both Matt and Reiko come up from behind and jump on him. Reiko gets on Abel's back and applies a sleeperhold on him. Meanwhile, Matt throws strong punches to any body part of Abel.*

Bodom: And it looks like both of Rage guys are going to work together. I'm just thinkin inside that Flair is proud of Reiko.

Kingmaker: Both have seen that it is better to work together than separately.

Daniels: However, this little team up can only last for a little bit.

*Reiko lets go of the sleeperhold and Mat stops with the punches as they see that Abel might be out of it. They then move onto AJ and pick him up. Both of them hit Dixon with an knife edge chop to the chest. That backs up Dixon to the ropes and they irishwip him. Elder quickly grabs hold of Reiko in the air and that causes Dixon to be hit a double leg kick to the chin. Matt doesn't let go of Reiko and decides to hit him with a strong powerbomb and pin him at the same time.*



Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 06:04 PM

McManus: Reiko has been eliminated!

Daniels: And we can call the end to the alliance between Reiko and Elder over.

Kingmaker: I think the partnership was a smart idea, but they need to try eliminate the other two. Then they focus on each other.

Bodom: That's what not went wrong. What wrong is simple. Ric Flair wasn't here. He needed to be here, so he can give knowledge to Reiko. Hey Reiko, bring the Nature Boy out here!!!

​*Abel takes Elder to the corner and he strikes him with some forearm shots to his forehead. AJ comes on in and moves Abel out of the way while he kicks Elder in the gut. Abel doesn't seem very happy with those actions made by Matt, so he gets the head of AJ and slams it into the mat. Abel stomps the torso of Dixon, but he is then hit by a clothesline from Matt. Even Matt falls down to the ground after the clothesline.*

Kingmaker: This men are not letting one another hold any momentum.

Bodom: Elder just needs to recover a bit and let the other two fight it out.

Daniels: I'm glad I'm not the only one playing favoritism.:rolleyes:

Bodom: I'm not playing favoritism. I'm just simply applying a very smart idea out there that can help out Matt. Man, you are such an idiot.

*Matt and Dixon both get up slowly on their knees and both see Abel in the ground. They both agree to coexist with one another and focus on to hurt Abel. They pick him up and give him a double suplex. Matt crawls over to Abel and locks him in a headlock. He then proceeds to hit his head with many punches. Dixon gets on the closest ring apron and jumps on the top rope to hit a 450 splash. Matt gets off Abel and slowly picks him up. Elder tosses him over the ropes, but Abel is able to stay on the ring apron. Elder sees that Abel is not gone yet and rushes over to him. Abel gets hold of Elder's throat and picks him up into the air and hits a chokeslam. Abel believes he is safe now, so he gets back in the ring slowly. However, he is caught by a fast moving AJ with a superkick. AJ quickly goes for the cover on Abel.*




McManus: And Abel has been eliminated.
Daniels: At least this sort of teamwork worked out.

Bodom: AJ got lucky on that, but now he has to deal with Matt. That doesn't seem pretty for him.

Kingmaker: Wait guys! What is coming out of the bottom of the ring?

*Malcolm Cage comes out of the bottom of the ring to everyone's shock. Especially, Matt is pissed at the preference of Cage. Elder uses all of his power to get up and he leans on the ropes to yell at Cage to get lost. Dixon comes from behind and gets Elder in upside down position. Elder uses his hands to hold the ropes to maintain himself from falling. Malcolm quickly goes to grab a steel chair from McManus. Cage uses the chair to hit the back of the head of Elder and that makes him to let go off the ropes which causes him lay on the ring apron like a dead body. AJ sees Elder there and drags him back into the ring. He goes for the pin.*




Bodom: What the hell has happened here?

Daniels: How about we let McManus answer that for us.

McManus: Matt Elder has been eliminated. Which means the winner of this match is none other than AJ Dixon!!! Thous crowning him the Newcomer of the Year!!!

*Cage runs into the ring and tells AJ they both need to leave. Cage leaves the chair behind. Both Dixon and Cage celebrate in the stage while Matt gets some mind back into him. He sees the chair and is mad over all that. He tosses it out of the ring with anger while Malcolm smiles on a bit.*

Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 06:11 PM
McManus: The following contest is the Six Team Gauntlet Match! The rules are simple; Two teams will start. When one team is beaten, the next team will come out. This will continue until two teams remain, and the last team standing will be declared the winner! Introducing first from Washington, D.C ... God's Grace! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOM4WWCh7GQ)

*God's Grace make their way onto the stage and pose for the crowd before making their way down the ramp. The two can be seen talking with each other as they slide into the ring and then face the ramp waiting for their first set of opponents.

McManus: And their opponents from Las Vegas, Nevada ... Black Blooded! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1cJrI1mSK4&amp;feature=fvst)

*The sound of motorcycle engines revving fill the arena when Black Blooded's music hits. Black Blooded then come riding down the ramp on their bikes and circle the ring three times before stopping then climbing off their bikes and getting into the ring. Mr. Black and HolyJose will be the first two men to start for their teams. The referee calls for the bell and the match begins!*

Daniels: This will be an interesting match up for sure, boys. Five teams of two ... And one team with one! What do you think of Adonis's chances here tonight?

Kingmaker: His chances don't look so good to be honest, Daniels. But he could also rely on the other teams to beat the hell out of each other before he even needs to lift a finger!

Bodom: That is exactly what he needs to do here tonight. Sit back and let them do the work for him. All though, I think Black Blooded will catch onto Adonis quickly and they will make sure that they come out on top tonight.

*Black and Jose pace around each other for a bit until Jose kicks at Black's shins, striking him hard a few times. Jose then goes for an elbow shot to Black's jaw, but Black catches the elbow and grabs Jose by the throat! Black hoists Jose into the air for a chokeslam, but Jose manages to slide from Black's grasp and falls behind him! Jose stomps the back of Black's knee, then hits a running bulldog from behind, planting Black's face down to the mat! Jose rolls Black onto his back and goes for the cover!*


*No! Black manages to kick out before the two count! Jose rolls off from Black and gets back to his feet. Black raises to his feet as well then tags in Mr. Blood. Blood climbs into the ring and Jose goes on the attack, hitting hard lefts and rights into Blood's midsection, but Blood shoves him away. Jose then kicks Blood in the gut and whips him into Azrael's corner! Jose charges Blood and drives his knee into Blood's stomach, then tags in Azrael! Jose exits the ring as Azrael climbs into the ring, then stomps mudholes into Blood as he sinks into the corner. Azrael then backs away from Blood, then charges him and goes for a baseball slide into the corner, but Blood manages to roll out of the way, causing Azrael to slide into his turnbuckle and making his crotch crash into the steel post!*

Daniels: Ooohh! That could not have felt good at all!

Kingmaker: I don't think we'll be seeing any Azrael Jr.s in the near future! Blood needs to take this chance while he can get it!

Bodom: What Mr. Blood needs to do is work on Azrael's midsection more, make it hard for him to breath. If Black Blooded can knock God's Grace off, they still have four teams left to face!

*Blood pulls Azrael away from the corner and drops the point of his elbow onto Azrael's abdomen hard, knocking the wind out of him! Blood then pulls Azrael closer to Black's corner, then rolls Azrael onto his side and then Blood presses his knee into Azrael's back and pulls back on Azrael's arm and leg, stretching the midsection out! Black reaches down and tags himself in as Blood keeps the hold locked in, then Black gets into the ring and kicks Azrael in the gut hard! Blood exits the ring as Black picks Azrael to his feet, but Azrael stomps Black's toe then charges at the ropes! Azrael bounces from the ropes and flies at Black with a flying forearm ...

But Black catches Azrael with the Black Hole Slam!! Black dives down onto Azrael and goes for the cover!*




Daniels: God's Grace has been eliminated!!

Kingmaker: That is one team down! Now Black Blooded just needs to take out the other four teams, but will they be able to?

Bodom: It may be a challenge for Mr. Black and Mr. Blood, but I do believe they can pull it off. And it looks like the next team to enter will be..

Coke Boyz! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FrCN1KemZA)

*Black gets to his feet once more as the Coke Boyz run down the ramp and then Demonic gets into the ring and charges Black, hitting a stiff elbow to Black's jaw! Demonic keeps up the attack, focusing on Black's jaw, then tosses him into the turnbuckle. Demonic hops up onto the middle rope and starts to bring hard right hands down onto Black in the corner!

One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Se-

Black catches Demonic's fist and tosses him down to the mat hard, but Demonic manages to recover by rolling backwards and up to his feet again! Black starts to move away from the turnbuckle but then Demonic charges him again and hops up into the air and smashes his knee into Black's chin, nearly knocking Black out! Black falls back into the turnbuckle, then Demonic grabs him by the head and drags him over to Diamondz and tags Diamondz in!*

Daniels: I think the match has finally taken its toll on Mr. Black. He needs to make his way over to ...

Kingmaker: How is he going to get to his partner when the Coke Boyz have him trapped in the corner?!

Bodom: I agree, things are not looking good for Black Blooded. If Mr. Black isn't able to get to Mr. Blood soon, they could be done.

*The Coke Boyz keep Mr. Black trapped in the corner and stomp away at his midsection until the referee counts to four. Demonic exits the ring as Diamondz gets Black onto all fours, then backs away from him. Diamondz charges Black and punts him in the skull hard, knocking Black down to the mat! Diamondz covers Black ... But his leg is draped over the side of the ring so he can not be pinned! Diamondz finally realizes that he can not get the pin, so he tags Demonic back in then drags Black away from the ropes and gets him back onto all fours!

Diamondz then turns around and hits Blood in the face with an elbow shot, knocking Blood from the ring! Diamondz then focuses back onto Black, nods at Demonic, then the two charge Black ... Demonic punts Black in the skull as Diamond's punts him in the rib cage!! Diamondz rolls out of the ring and kicks Blood on the ground as Demonic covers Black!*




Daniels: The numbers game finally caught up to Mr. Black! Black Blooded has been eliminated!!

Kingmaker: And the Coke Boyz are still quite fresh! They kept switching out, so whoever is next will have a fight on their hands!

Bodom: The next team to enter will be none other than ... The Mexican Nightmares!

The Mexican Nightmares! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjZ2Qmfb_yY)

*Demonic paces around in the ring, waiting for The Mexican Nightmares to make their way down the ramp but no one shows up. Demonic looks to Diamondz, who shrugs his shoulders, but then is pulled down to the mat and bounces his face off of the floor! Demonic looks on confused but then Montoya slides in behind Demonic, grabs him then plants him with the Juilo-Plex!! Montoya has Demonic's shoulders to the mat but the referee is distracted by the battle on the outside! Montoya screams at the referee, telling him to count, then the referee finally gets down to the mat and starts to count!*




*Demonic manages to get his shoulders off from the mat!! Montoya quickly grabs Demonic's arm and locks in Rodriguez's South of the Boarder Lock!! Demonic screams out in pain, trying to get his leg onto the rope, but then Diamondz slides into the ring and charges at Montoya!! Diamondz goes for a punt, but Montoya moves out of the way, making Diamondz punt Demonic!! Diamondz realizes what he has done, but before he can react, Rodriguez hops up onto the apron and grabs Diamondz and throws him over the top rope and down to the floor! Rodriguez hops up onto the top rope, then dives down onto Diamondz on the outside with the Magical Mexican Maneuver!! A huge "Holy Shit!" chant breaks out!! Montoya smiles at his partners work, then covers Demonic!*




Daniels: That all just happened so fast!! Why would they attack them from behind like that!?

Kingmaker: You have to do anything to win, but I think Rodriguez may have hurt himself with that jump from the top! He doesn't seem to be moving on the outside.

Bodom: Well, the next team coming out may consider that an advantage Kingmaker ... Because the next MAN out is Malcolm Adonis, representing Hot Wasabi!

Daniels: Adonis is competing alone in this match because Kyojin has already been in a match tonight against KJ Punk ... Lets see if Adonis can pull this off!

Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 06:11 PM
Malcolm Adonis! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&amp;v=gh2EDD_kdfo)

*Adonis makes his way down the ramp, his focus never leaving Montoya.Adonis gets to the apron as Montoya beckons him to get into the ring. Adonis then hops onto the apron, Montoya charges him but Adonis drives his shoulder into Montoya, then hits him in the jaw with an uppercut! Adonis gets into the ring as Montoya recovers, then Montoya hits Adonis with a forearm to the temple! Adonis shakes off the blow, then returns the favor by hitting a forearm of his own to Montoya! He stumbles back a bit ... But then the two men begin to trade blows!

Adonis! Montoya!
Adonis! Adonis!
Montoya! Montoya!
Adonis! Adonis! ADONIS!

Adonis hits Montoya just right, dazing him and bringing him down to a knee. Montoya slowly gets back to his feet but is quickly hoisted into the air and planted with a spinebuster! Adonis stands over Montoya and flexes his muscles hard, kisses them, then runs to the rope ... But Rodriguez hops up onto the apron and tries to take out Adonis, but Adonis grabs him by the hair and throws him into the ring and onto Montoya!! Adonis kisses his bicep once more then brings his elbow down onto the two men!!*

Daniels: Adonis is feeling confident tonight!

Kingmaker: A little too confident, he still needs to get Rodriguez out of the ring before he can cover Montoya!

Bodom: Not only that, he still has one more team to deal with IF he can beat the Mexican Nightmares! He needs to cut the showboating and get back to the action!

*Adonis pulls Rodriguez off from Montoya and starts to push him out of the ring. Once Rodriguez hits the floor, Adonis turns and covers Montoya, but Montoya grabs the bottom rope, breaking the cover before the referee even begins! Adonis gets back to his feet and picks up Montoya, but Montoya punches him in the gut and throws him into the turnbuckle! Montoya climbs out onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle from the outside above Adonis and tries to put Adonis in a DDT hold but Adonis fights him off for a bit before finally punching Montoya in the gut and getting him onto his shoulders, then Adonis ...

PLANTS MONTOYA WITH THE MALCOLM XXX FROM THE TOP ROPE!! Montoya lands in the center of the ring and Adonis goes for the cover! *



Rodriguez tries to grab Adonis's foot from the outside ...


Daniels: Adonis has done it!

Kingmaker: Not quite yet!! He has one more team to deal with!!

Bodom: If Adonis can pull this off I will be forever impressed, but his next team ... Well, this is their debut!! Everyone please welcome ... Kayfabulous!!!

Kayfabulous! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl-O4W2Bp9o)

*The crowd pops loudly for Kayfabulous as they make their way onto the stage. The two men then make their way down the ramp with a quick pace, grinning at Adonis the whole way down. Adonis hops around the ring as Kayfabulous get to the ring and stare him down. Drek gets into the ring as Macoonie goes to his corner. Adonis and Drek lock up in the center of the ring, but Adonis manages to over power Drek and puts him into a headlock. Drek shoves Adonis into the ropes, but then Adonis rebounds with a shoulder block, knocking Drek down to the mat! Drek rolls back up to his feet then goes for a Superkick, but Adonis dodges the kick and catches his leg and slams him down to the mat hard! Drek backs away and tags in Macoonie. Macoonie uses the ropes to springboard into the ring and connects with a spear to Adonis from out of no where! Macoonie goes for the cover!



No! Adonis powers out! Macoonie gets onto one knee and pulls Adonis into him with an abdominal stretch. Macoonie stretches Adonis's body out hard, and then hits multiple elbow shots to Adonis's face before releasing him once again. Macoonie reaches up and tags in Drek. Drek then picks Adonis up and holds him steady for Macooine, then Macoonie drops Adonis with a stiff big boot! Drek covers Adonis!




Daniels: Adonis is fighting for all he is worth! Can he keep it up!?

Kingmaker: I'm not sure, if Drek and Macoonie keep switching out like this, they won't get tired out as quickly!

Bodom: Like I said before ...If Adonis can pull this off I will be forever impressed, but right now the odds are not in his favor. I don't see him winning.

*Drek sits up with his hands on his head while staring at Adonis as he slowly starts to sit up. Drek then reaches over to grab Adonis but Adonis punches him square in the jaw, knocking him down to the mat! Adonis gets up to his feet and forces Drek to his, then Adonis kicks Drek in the gut and attempts to set him up for the Malcolm XXX, but Macoonie manages to tag in Drek without Adonis noticing! Adonis gets Drek into the air and goes to throw him down, but Macoonie comes from behind with a chop block and drops Adonis down to one knee! Drek attempts a DDT but Adonis throws him to the side until Macoonie kicks Adonis on the back of the head!

Adonis holds the back of his head as Macoonie gets in front of him. Adonis stands up, but then Macoonie picks him up with a Bear Hug and starts to squeeze hard! Adonis tries to pull Macoonie's arms away but the grip is too tight! Adonis then drives the point of his elbow on the top of Macoonie's skull until he releases Adonis! Adonis then grabs Macoonie and plants him with a massive spinebuster, but he doesn't let go! Adonis lifts Macoonie again and plants him with a second spinebuster ... Then a third!*

Daniels: Adonis has the momentum! He can do this!!

Kingmaker: If he keeps this up, he can easily win! But he has to make sure he doesn't drain all of his energy!

Bodom: He will tire himself out by lifting Macoonie so many times in a row, Macoonie is a big boy, and Adonis will regret spinebusting him three times. Plus Drek will get back into the match soon enough!

*Adonis beats his chest hard then flexes his muscles as the crowd pops loudly for him. Adonis kisses his biceps and runs for the ropes, but Drek tries to stop him with a swift kick to the head ... Adonis catches his foot and throws him to the outside and to the floor! Adonis then hits the ropes and runs at Macoonie and drops the elbow ... but Macoonie rolls out of the way! Adonis's elbow hits the mat as Macoonie stumbles his way to the turnbuckle and hops to the top, turns around and flies at Adonis with the Blog Splash ...

But Adonis stands and catches Macoonie mid air with a powerslam!! Adonis then drops the elbow down hard onto Macoonie's chest! Adonis gets back to his feet, lists Macoonie up, kicks Macoonie in the gut, hoists him into the air and then plants him with the Malcolm XXX!! Adonis covers Macoonie!!




McManus: Here is your winner ... Malcolm Adonis!!Daniels: He did it!! Malcolm Adonis beat the odds!

Kingmaker: Adonis is one hell of a competitor and he proved it here tonight!! Congratulations, Mr. Adonis!

Bodom: I'm a man of my word ... I will be forever impressed. All thought he had a bit of an advantage against the Mexican Nightmares, he still came into the match alone, and came out as the winner. Well done, Malcolm Adonis.

Tommy Thunder
07-16-2013, 06:24 PM
Bodom: Oh yes it's time for some more action. We might be looking at the Future if you know what I mean.

Kingmaker: Or we might be looking at a Bastard. See we can all make this types of sentences that are supposed to be funny Bodom.

Bodom: You actually make me miss my Rage broadcast partner... ummmm.... What was is that guys name? Daniels?!

Daniels: I am in no way your broadcast partner over at Rage or whatever a partner means to you.


Bodom: And here comes out one of great representatives from Rage... MARK DIMENSION!!!! I like how his entrance music thing is short, to the point, and gets people's attention towards him.

Daniels: I'll say this about Mark. He truly is a man who knows what it takes to win a match. Especially after all those weird promos he has gotten from his competitor tonight.

Kingmaker: You really think those promos were weird? Have you seen Mark make his entrance around here.

*Mark Dimension comes out as soon as everything from his short theme stops. He is received by many boos from many around the arena. He looks around at all of them and shakes his head in disappointment. He yells at everyone that he is better than all of them. Just he reaches the steel steps he sees an old man making fun of him and Mark decides to tell him off. The old man looks vey sad indeed and Mark laughs in front him, before getting into the ring. Once in there he gets into his own corner and awaits his opponent with a disgusted face on him.*

McManus: Introducing first, he is the gentleman standing here in this ring tonight. He is a man who represents the brand of Rage. He comes to all of us from The Future. He is the one and only....... MARK DIMENSION!!!


McManus: And the fellow competitor of this bout. He is a man without any shame comes over to represent the brand were he works at Inferno. This man hails from Glasgow, Scotland. He is none other than.... GRIND BASTARD!!!
Bodom: Is okay if we boo this man? I mean no one cares about him. Am I right or am wrong.

Kingmaker: I don't feel bad about saying this. You are wrong like most of your stuff.

Daniels: I got to agree with Kingmaker here. Sure many people have their views in different ways. However, we can all come to a conclusion were Grind is destine for greatness.

Bodom: Oh, but we all somehow can't come to that same imagination with Mark can we? Maybe cause it's too real for all of you.

*Grind Bastard comes out from the back and is greeted by mixed emotions from everyone in the crowd. Grind doesn't seem too surprised about all of that. He walks down the aisle while he looks on at Dimension without any fear on him. Grind then suddenly stops at the end point of the guardrail and notices a sign that reads "G.B.>J.