View Full Version : 6 Man Hell in a Cell (Armageddon)

08-15-2012, 06:44 AM
Back in 2000 one of the greatest hell in a cell matches took place with 5 of the greatest wrestlers (and Rikishi) all fought for the WWE title, it was chaos with memorable moments (Rikishi getting tossed off the cell) had me thinking if this concept was brought back who would be the 6 competitors in such a match.

If this match was brought back which 6 competitors would you put in the match, why, and who would you have win

CM Punk Vs John Cena Vs Kane Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Big Show Vs Dolph Ziggler..

These 6 I feel have had a lot of problems in the last year in a match like this will be a great end to a bunch of these rivalries with one coming out champion. (I have Daniel Bryan win)

Lots here your guys ideas.