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08-09-2012, 12:51 PM
2Going to go ahead and expect that Bully Ray will get resigned by TNA before their biggest show of the year. Book him on the ppv. Trying to book the best matches possible for the event. I for one prefer that they end some of the terrible storylines they have currently especially AJ/Daniels/Kaz. Some believe it should end at Bound For Glory. I think it has gone on far too long. Start off fresh with guys who havn't really fueded before to face at the biggest stage of them all in TNA....Bound For Glory!! I'll state reasons/storyline I'd use for the match.

TNA World title: Aries vs AJ Styles-Who hasn't AJ fueded with? Which is why I give him the nod here. Most respected original TNA star vs a new star trying to get respect from those fans. Winner:Aries
Best in the biz: Roode vs Angle-Who has Roode not faced while being the world champion? Very few top guys which is why I picked the top dog in Angle. Let us see if Angle will be passing the torch. That is the kind of fued I'd have where Roode is disrespecting Angle claiming he is the future of the biz. Winner:Roode
#1 contender's match for TNA world title: Storm vs Bully Ray-Storm is probably one of the top babyfaces in the company. I think we all can agree with that. We can also agree that Bully Ray is probably the best heel in TNA right now. That is why these two should face. Especially since they really havn't had a fued before except for when they were on tag teams on several occassions including AMW & Beer Money. Both of them especially Bully Ray deserves a shot at the TNA world title. It should be a #1 contenders match to see who faces the winner of Aries vs Styles. I know some people want Roode vs Storm again, but I don't....certainly didn't want it for the TNA world title because Storm had so many shots. I believe he had like 4 and lost all of them. Winner:Bully Ray
TV title: RVD vs Magnus-TV title is a joke with Devon holding it. Havn't been thrilled since he won it which is surprisingly since back in March. Don't see the point in having a TV title, but if you have to have 1....give it to in my opinion a future world champion....Magnus!! Why RVD?A vet loss would give him a bit of a boost especially on the big stage of BFG! Winner:Magnus
Full Metal Mayhem: Joe vs Jeff Hardy-Joe tired of being held back and is ready to take it to the extreme. His path back to the top starts by defeating probably the biggest drawer in TNA in Jeff Hardy. Again, Jeff and Joe has basically faced everyone including themselves. Just havn't had a fued yet. Joe claims he has been held back ever since Jeff arrived which is pretty much true. What ruined Joe in my opinion was having him join the MEM. I don't believe he ever recovered from that, but he and Magnus made one helluva tag team.Winner:Joe
Monster's ball: Abyss vs Mr.Anderson-Abyss has been tired of loud mouths coming in to TNA. Who is the biggest loudmouth? I'd probably say it is Mr.Anderson who has got to learn a lesson in respect. Who better to teach that lesson other than the Monster Abyss!Winner:Abyss
Knockouts title: Tess vs ODB-I was going to go with Tara, but I figure she will face her at some point before BFG because of that controversy over Earl Hebner. Why not book her against a Knockout who is basically the complete opposite? Who isn't just another pretty face! Old school vs new school type of matchup here.Winner:Tess
X-Division title: Zema Ion vs D'angelo Dinero-No strong babyfaces out there to really face. Top candidates are likely going to be out: Sabin(injured), Chavo(new team), and Sorrenson(injured). When you look at the roster...you ask who is left. Came down to Dinero and Eric Young. I chose Dinero, but either would have been good. Probably got more heel heat with Young. Who knows? Winner:Zema Ion
Fatal 4 way for tag titles: Daniels/Kaz vs Chavo/Hernandez vs Robbie E+T vs Kash/Gunner-Sick of seeing AJ's coattails rode by Daniels/Kaz. I keep forgetting who the tag champs are. It is probably because they hardly defend the championships. Winners:Chavo/Hernandez-I'd be cool w/Chavo/Hernandez winning the tag titles because they could actually fued on with Kash/Gunner, Robbie E+T, and so forth for a while.

That is how I'd book it. Don't know whether King Mo will be ready for BFG or who Aces + Eights is. Just left that stuff out and booked the best matches I could with what I had. I think this is a solid show of fresh matches, fueds, and so forth.