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08-05-2012, 06:33 PM
Basically, my friends and I started a booking contest and I just thought I'd Post my shows here.


World - Vacant

Tag Team - Vacant

TV - Vacant


Davey Richards (T)
Matt Jackson (H)
Nick Jackson (H)
Chris Jericho (F)
Paul London (F)
Brian Kendrick (F)
TJ Perkins (F)
Johnny Gargano (T)
Mr Anderson (T)
Christopher Daniels (F)
Kazarian (F)
Ricochet (T)
The Rock (F)
James Gibson (F)
Chris Bosh (H)
Scott Lost (H)
Joey Ryan (T)
Scorpio Sky (H)
Jimmy Rave (F)
Tyson Kidd (H)
Jack Swagger (H)
Dolph Ziggler (H)
The Miz (H)
Zack Ryder (F)
Curt Hawkins (F)

08-05-2012, 06:35 PM
-Week 1:-

-The show opens up with Don West and Mike Tenay on Commentary.-

Don West: Hello Everyone, Welcome to None other, than, The Brand NEW Pro Wrestling Guerrilla!!

Mike Tenay: That’s right, I’m Mike Tenay, along with my partner Don West, and basically, we have a huge few weeks of amazement in store for you all!! As the first NEW PWG World Champion will be crowned after a 9-man tournament tonight takes place with the first round matches and final match triple threats!!

Don West: That’s right, and we’re being told under contract, that we are to mention the owner and founder of this new PWG as anonymous. But we can say, he is a changed man!!

Mike Tenay: That’s right don, and its so secret, that not even the wrestlers themselves know!!

Don West: Yup!! And Let’s go ahead and get our first match underway!! For the first round of the World Title Tournament!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flF7TR5Anjk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flF7TR5Anjk)

Excalibur: Making his way to the ring, as a part of our first round PWG Title Tournemant, he is…Jimmy Rave!!

-Rave makes his way down to the ring to cheers.-

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1xXYeNrW9k">
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1xXYeNrW9k (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1xXYeNrW9k)

Ex: The next man in this triangle bout…Scott…Lost!!

-Scott Lost makes his way to the ring poses and smirking, with the crowd booing.-

-The Crowd goes insane as Davey Makes his way down to the ring, with crowd clapping and cheering to his music.-

Jimmy Rave vs. Scott Lost vs. Davey Richards (R1M1) Ending:

Jimmy Rave has Lost set up for a Suplex, Davey comes by and roundhouse kicks Rave into the leg, causing Rave to bend over, Lost hits a DDT, Davey Quickly takes Lost as gets up and hits the German Suplex. Davey sits Lost up, Runs off the ropes and kicks him right in the face, Rave gets up and goes for a clothesline, it hits, he covers Lost, Lost kicks out at 2, Davey gets up, Hits a swinging DDT onto Rave off of the turnbuckle, Covers.. 1…2…3!!

-Davey’s music hits and the crowd goes insane as Davey Celebrates his victory.-

08-05-2012, 06:37 PM
-We see Jeremy Borash in the back, he is standing with Dolph Ziggler.-

Jeremy: Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I am J.B. Jeremy Borash here with Dolph Ziggler, a man, who seems a BIT upset tha…

-Dolph Snatches he mic. Out of Borash’s hand and begins to speak.-

Dolph: OF COURSE IM UPSET!! I’m not even in the world Title Tournament!! And all they could say was, “Well, Dolph, you don’t seem ready.” . . . Ready?! Are you serious right now? I am A former World Heavyweight Champion, and I deserve Better than this!! So basically, I’m making an open challenge, to ANYONE here to face me, Dolph Ziggler, One on One, so I can just prove, How much I am better than these chumps that are getting matches!!


-Dolph Makes his way down to the ring, not even smirking or taunting or posing he makes his way straight to the ring and begins to stretch waiting for his opponent.-


-The crowd goes INSANE as Mr. Anderson walks down to beginning of the ramp, does the pose as the lights dim and reaches for the Microphone from avove.-

Mr. Anderson: Heheheh, Hey Buddy, I hear you’re um, Looking for a challenge? Because, that’s ironic, Because theres a guy not only looking for a challenge here in PWG, but I hear the other guy is here to also shut people up like you who don’t respect that most of these guys in the world title tournemant helped build PWG, My Friend. And that mans Name is…


-The Crowd goes dead quiet waiting for hit.-


-Anderson Lets the mic. Up and makes his way to the ring, taking his shirt off.-

Dolph Ziggler vs. Mr. Anderson ending:

Mr. Anderson sets Ziggler up for the Mic. Check, Ziggler is able to get out of the position, he goes for the sleeper, trying to drag Anderson down, Anderson holds onto the ropes, the ref. begins counting, 1…2…3.. Ziggler lets go, Ziggler seems very aggravated, he goes to head outside of the ring to get a chair, Anderson rolls up Ziggler, 1…2…3!!

-Anderson runs out of the ring quickly laughing, Ziggler begin banging on the mat aggravated.-

08-05-2012, 06:38 PM
Excal: The Following Contest, is another 3-way tournament matchup


-The Crowd goes pretty wild for TJ Perkins as he makes his way to the ring, striking a few poses and high fiving the fans.


-The crowd gives a mixed reaction, as the 2nd longest reigning PWG Champion in history makes his way down to the ring.-


-The crowd goes insane, as a lot of PWG Veteran fans go insane for the first ever Champion in PWG History, Frankie Kazarian.-

TJP vs. Joey Ryan vs. Kazarian (R1M2):
TJP and Kazarian are locked up, Joey Ryan has been laid out after Kazarian hit a moonsault, TJP Goes from behind Kazarian, hits a super kick, TJP Covers, 1…2.. Kickout by Kazarian, Ryan begins to make his way up, he goes and kicks TJP in gut, TJP is bent over, Ryan goes off the ropes and hits a massive bulldog onto TJP to cover, 1…2…3!!

-Joey Ryan celebrates in the ring, doing the belt around the waist pose.-

08-05-2012, 06:39 PM
Jeremy Borash is Backstage with Rob Van Dam.

Jeremy: I am here at this time, with a man in Main event, Rob..Van..Dam!!

RVD: Thanks Jeremy, Tonight is a big night for PWG, They have to crown a new champion, and what better champion for PWG, than the Whole F’N show, Rob Van Dam? Aha, tonight, my 2 opponents better watch out.

Excal: The following, is a one on one bout!!


-The Brian Kendrick struts down to the ring to a huge pop from the fans.


-Tyson Kidd geats heat from the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring to boos.-

THE Brian Kendrick vs. Tyson Kidd Ending:
Tyson Kidd has Kendrick locked in a sharpshooter, Kendrick is crawling towards the ropes. Kidd lets go, beats him down, Kendrick crawls out of the ring. Kidd goes off the ropes, going for a suicide dive, Kendrick ducks. Kidd hits his way towards the barricade. Kendrick pulls Kidd into the ring, he goes to the top rope, hit a leg drop from the top rope, covers…1…2…3.

-Kendrick jumps up with joy, his them is playing but all of a sudden a new theme plays.-


-Paul London runs down to the ring, to a huge pop, Kendrick and London stare eachother down, then eventually hug and London raises the arm of Kendrick.-

08-05-2012, 06:39 PM
-Don West and Mike Tenay are show at commentary.-

Don West: what a Night we’ve had!

Mike Tenay: Agreed, Don! And its not over yet. We still have three more matches!!

Don West: I’ve been looking forward to this match all-night, it’s going to be HUGE, Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels vs. a Mystery Opponent..

Excal: The following, is your main event match up, and it is the final match in the


-The crow is going insane, Chanting “R-V-D! R-V-D!”-


-Christopher Daniels makes his way down to the ring in his robe, smirking as the crowd cheers for him.-

-the lights dem out. As the song plays.-


-Everyone in the arena explodes with excitement. The Rock makes his way down to the rock, pumped up and ready to go at it.-

Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniel vs. The Rock Ending:
Rock hits a Rock Bottom on RVD, Daniels Rolls rock up afterwards, the Rock kicks out at two, Daniels hits a super kick onto the rock, rock rolls out of the ring, Daniels sets RVD up into the middle of the ring. He goes for BME, hits it, Covers. 1…2.. Rock breaks it up, the crowd is going insane of excitement, Rock crouches down for daniels, setting him up, he goes for the rock bottom, but Daniels is able to turn it into a DDT, Daniels thinks for a few seconds, then Picks Rock up, goes off the ropes, goes for a hurricarana, but rock reverses into a powerbomb, cover…1…2…3!!

-The fans electrify themselves while screaming with cheers.-

-The Rock Grabs a Mic.-

The Rock: FINALLY!! THE ROCK. HAS COME …**He glares around the arena.- into, PWG!! The Rock is here because one reason, and one reason only, and that’s to win the gold, and prove that good ol’ Rocky still has a thing or two up his sleeve, and with that being said, I know there’s suppost to be a tag match, but, Forget that, The Rock is ready right now, to kick some candy @**! So with that being said, that tag match will have to wait till next week.

-The crowd goes insane, ready to see the Main event earlier than expected.-


-The Rock gets cut off.-


-Davey Smirks, Making his way down to the ring. With barely any cheers compared to the Rock-

Don West: Well, I guess its official. The Tag Match will be here next week!!

Mike Tenay: I don’t think anyone will have a problem with that, this is to crown a new champion of a new era!!


-Joey Ryan comes down with even LESS Cheers than Davey, more than anything boos!!

PWG World Heavyweight Championship:
The Rock vs. Davey Richards vs. Joey Ryan Ending:
The Rock has been dominating the match, Davey begins to try and show some offense, he hits a roundhouse to the side of Rock, It affects Rock, as this being his 2nd match in a row, Joey Ryan comes up from behind the Rock, he locks in a sleeper Hold, Davey waits for a second before breaking the cover up, he begins to stomp down Ryan, He throws Ryan out of the Ring, The Rock Slowly makes his way back up, Davey Begins chopping the chest of Rock, Rock gives him “the Hogan” Look like “NO YOU DIDN’T!!” He begins giving rights to rights to Davey, he raises the hand up in the air and goes to punch davey again, it connects, he kicks Davey out of the Ring, Rock begins taunting, Ryan comes up from behind and goes for a roll up, Rock reverses that roll up, Ryan kicks out, they both get up smirking eagerly at eachother, Rock and Ryan lock up again, Rock Throws Ryan into the rope, Throws Ryan over his shoulders, Ryan is able to land on his feet, Turns around, Rock goes for a rock bottom, Davey takes Rock out from his legs, locks him in an ankle lock, RYAN TAKES ADVANTAGE, Clotheslines Davey over the ropes, Sets the Rock up, Rock reverses whatever set up was doing, Rock is about to hit the Rock Bottom, when all of a sudden, Ryan elbows Rocks head, Ryan goes from behind hits a HUGE Backbreaker, Covers…1…2…3!!

The crowd starts throwing trash in the ring as Joey Ryan rolls quickly out of the ring, grabbing the title, raising it above his head, celebrating, but quickly makes his way out of the arena as Rock is getting up.-

-The show ends with Rock expressing a ticked off look.-