View Full Version : How would you book a heel CM Punk leading into Wrestlemaina 29

07-23-2012, 11:44 PM
Id bullet point for u

Punk/Show(w) vs Cena/tbd cena gets hurt at summerslam
Punk(w) vs Orton by roll up of tights get rematch at NOC
Punk(w) vs Orton Hell in a Cell clean win
Cena returns challenges punk for Survivior series
Cena vs Punk dq when punk hits Cena with belt Survivior series
Cena(w) vs Punk no dq but no interference TLC
Royal Rumble id have Punk and show dominate it til last 3 Punk, Show, Taker(w)
Also at Rumble Cena vs Rock it doesnt matter who wins Taker faces them
Elimation Chamber Punk is in final 2 almost wins elimainates 2 to 3 people
next night Punk says hes best in the world but best ever because he dont do drugs and drink(glass brake) Stone Cold shows up stunners Punk challenges him
Wrestlemania 29 Punk(w) vs Austin but they handshake after words with Punk drinking a pepsi
Also at Wrestlemania Cena vs Taker Brock vs Rock

So what do u think what would u do different. O btw i think Stone Cold is retired but a guy can dream

07-23-2012, 11:49 PM
When he is heel, Punk can deliver better promo's. His ring work is the same but until Rumble, he will keep the WWE title. It will set up his match with Austin at Wrestlemania 29!

08-07-2012, 11:42 AM
I'm not going to give you all the ppvs because I think it would be a bit crazy. I could certainly, but I'd like to see Punk vs Lesnar at Survivor Series. Since he turned heel, that is likely not to happen. Who would I book to face Punk at Wrestlemania? I'd have him face Sheamus. Why Sheamus you may ask? What other top face has he not fueded with? Orton again? No!! Sheamus and Punk really havn't had a fued so I'd book him to face Sheamus.