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07-23-2012, 05:52 PM
The Invasion 2.0:

Starting Teams:

Team ROH:
CM Punk,
Kevin Steen,
Jimmy Jacobs,
Steve Corino,
Roderick Strong,
Michael Elgin,

Team WWE:
John Cena,
Randy Orton,
Triple H,
Rey Mysterio,
Daniel Bryan,

Summerslam 2012:

WWE Championship 30-Minute NO DQ, NO COUNTOUTS, NO ROPE BREAKS, Iron Man Match:
CM Punk© DEF. John Cena with a 5-4 score after a GTS, with 2 seconds left on the clock.

Afterwards, CM Punk celebrates and pretends hes going to leave the ring, but he just stands there. All of a sudden, this music hits.


CM Punk smirks as MOST of the crowd is confused, as 4 Masked men run out and begin to help Punk with a 5 on 1 assuault. The crowd is as shocked as they were with the Nexus, they are booing this group as Punk goes around ripping fans’ signs with WWE logos on them as the others continue the assault.


Triple H and Brock Lesnar fought to a no contest @ around 25 Minutes after the Masked men and Punk run down and begin to assault them, they throw HHH out of the ring, and 5 on 1 Lesnar.

Rey Meysterio, Orton, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan come down and start attacking, helping, but Here comes a larger star in a mask, he clotheslines Orton, then Sheamus, then Mysterio now Bryan is the only one standing, with the others sort of limping around, trying to get up, the 5 masked men reveal themselves as, ROH’s, Kevin Steen, Steve Corino, Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin, most of the crowd is confused who they even are. But finally, Daniel Bryan Smirks as the crowd boos again but much louder, the 5 Men (Steen, Strong, Corino, Jacobs, Elgin.) All do the New Nexus Salute to Bryan and Punk as Summerslam goes off air.

Opinions are VERY appreciated, this is just something I was brain storming, this is more of a rough draft before I actually try and start doing the booking (if its liked) Ill continue, Im gonna try and book it to WM 29. and finish it by November or so. kus thats alot of writing and thought processing for just fun... Thanks.

07-23-2012, 05:53 PM
THERE WILL BE MORE TWISTS TO THIS. Just Like I said, a rough draft.