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07-23-2012, 12:43 PM
Ok so I've decided to keep myself and anybody else who finds this fed diary interesting entertained. This is a WWF diary, and it contains superstars from the past and present. Hope you enjoy.

Commissioner - Sergeant Slaughter
General Manager - Vince McMahon
General Manager - Mick Foley

Bret Hart
Shawn Michaels
Billy Gunn
Bob Holly
Henry O. Godwinn
Triple H
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Phineous I. Godwinn
Terry Funk
Mark Henry
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
The Road Dogg
The Rock
Tiger Ali Singh
Road Warrior Animal
Ken Shamrock
D-Lo Brown
Taka Michinoku
Jim Neidhart
Jeff Jarrett
Steve Blackman
Hulk Hogan
Booker T
Diamond Dallas Page
Billy Kidman
Ric Flair
Randy Orton
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Kurt Angle
AJ Styles
Robert Roode
James Storm
Alex Riley
Darren Young
Ezekiel Jackson
Titus O'Neil
Kofi Kingston
Giant Silva
John Cena
Evan Bourne
Scott Steiner
Tyler Reks
Curt Hawkins
Drew McIntyre
Road Warrior Droz
Val Venis
Chris Jericho
Daniel Bryan
Big Show
The Undertaker
William Regal
Cody Rhodes
Ted Dibiase
Perry Saturn
Chavo Guerrero
Mike Knox
Rey Mysterio
Ultimo Dragon
The Miz
Al Snow
2 Cold Scorpio
Duane Gill
Stevie Richards
The Godfather
Shelton Benjamin
Tyson Kidd
David Hart Smith
Brodus Clay
CM Punk
John Morrison
Jim Duggan
The Big Blue Meanie
Jimmy Hart
Shane McMahon
Paul Bearer
Rosa Mendes
The Jackyl
Hillbilly Jim

Esse Brotherhood - Epico, Primo, Hunico, Camacho and Rosa Mendes
The Godwinns - Phineous I. Godwinn, Henry O. Godwinn, Sunny and Hillbilly Jim
Tai En Kai - Taka Minichou and Funaki
Latin American XChange - Homicide and Hernandez
Road Warriors - Droz and Animal
Headbangers - Mosh and Thrasher
D-Generation X - Shawn Michaels, Triple H, X-Pac, The Road Dogg and Chyna
The Gatecrashers - Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins
South Side Connection - R-Truth and Kofi Kingston
JOB Squad - Al Snow, Gillberg, Blue Meanie, 2 Cold Scorpio and Bob Holly
Hart Dynasty - Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith
Fortune Four - AJ Styles, Kazarian, Robert Roode and James Storm




- Rey Mysterio (24/07/12 - Present)


07-24-2012, 06:37 PM

Vince McMahons theme song hit, and he gained a standing ovation from the sold out crowd at Raw! He welcomed and thanked the fans for making this night possible. He listed all the championships, and stated that a Intercontinental Champion would be discovered tonight! All of the other belts will first find a number one contender. Outcomes Bradshaw! Bradshaw approached Vince and yelled into his microphone to "Shut the hell up!" Bradshaw went onto challenge any 'phony' backstage.

Out came Ken Shamrock, running down the ramp towards the ring! As soon as Shamrock had slided underneath the bottom rope, he was met with stomps! The bell had rung, and the match was on! Shamrock made it to his knees, only to be clubbed back down. After a great back and forth action packed match Shamrock defeated Bradshaw after locking the Ankle Lock after receiving a Clothesline from Hell!

After the commercials Sergeant Slaughter was in the ring, and he introduced himself to the fans as Commissioner. He said that Bradshaw is a coward and that he'd deal with Bradshaw next week. He then said that the main event would be a tag team turmoil match. It would involve four teams, and that to qualify you must win a match, then you will get to pick your partner for the main event of tonight. The award of the main event would be that the partners would face each other for the WWF Championship. Then all of a sudden Sting's theme music hit! The fans were in shock that Sting was in the WWF! Sting's music stopped as he was finally in the squared circled, and held onto a microphone. He said that it was true that he jumped board from TNA to the WWF. Sting then called out Slaughter on saying that one vacant tag team spot in the main event was given freely! The fans broke out in sound, boo'ing the Sergeant. Sting then requested that him and a partner of his choice also get a tag team spot freely aswell if the Commissioner was going to play like that. Sergeant then said that the two men he offered a spot to worked their asses of to earn it. Sting claimed so did he and the partner that he wanted to tag with, which he then invited out. Shawn Michaels entered and hugged Sting, but then he faked a Sweet Chin Music! The Sergeant fell over! Sting walked up and was about to apply the Scorpion Death Lock. He asked the Commissioner "WHAT'S IT GONNA BE SARGE'?!" Sergeant Slaughter screamed that they could be in the Main Event. Then out came Sheamus. He ran down to the ring only to get jumped by the two and chucked out of the ring! Sheamus angrily staggered back up the rampway to Slaughter. Slaughter then announced Sheamus would be tagging with Scott Steiner in the main event!

This match was for the Intercontinental Championship. After back and forth action, Rey Mysterio picked up the win with the 619!

This match would determine who would be the number one contender for the vacant title. Raven and Evan Bourne started off things in the ring. The bell rung and Raven beated the hell out of Bourne. Prior to the match Evan Bourne missed three high flying moves, and lost when Raven hit the Raven Effect.

Next comes Kane! Kane slides in and gets up onto his feet. He hits multiple punches ontop of Raven, and takes him down with a big boot! Kane follows up with a sideslam. Kane advances to beating the crap out of Raven! Raven eventually rolls out the ring and beats down on Evan Bourne attempting to walk backstage! Kane flys down into Raven with a flying clothesline from the top turnbuckle! The ref stays by Evan Bourne waiting for other officials to come down. Kane throws Raven back into the ring, and clutches onto Raven's neck, and throws his arm over his shoulder. THE CHOKESLAM IS COMING! But all of a sudden Raven cheekily lowblows Kane via his boot! Raven exits the ring, taking a trash can into the ring. Raven raises the trash can above Kane! Kane all of a sudden returns the favour with a lowblow himself! Kane lifts up the trash can and smacks Raven over the head! Kane the new favourite to win is spot in the crime by the referee, causing a disqualification! Kane argues with the referee, but CHOKESLAMS RAVEN DOWN!

Daniel Bryan runs down to the ring and locks in the Lebel Lock! Raven taps out, meaning Daniel Bryan is now the number one
contender for the United States Championship.

The camera panels towards a cave, and inside you would see five shadows..

Primo defeated Chavo Guerrero in a squash match to qualify for the Tag Team Turmoil Main Event. He picked Epico to be his partner to represent the Esse Brotherhood.

Mike Knox awaited in the squared circled, then all of a sudden Medal hit the sound system! Kurt Angle walked down the ramp with his Olympic Gold Medal. The fans handed a standing ovation for Kurt. Kurt Angle dominated Mike Knox, taking Mike Knox out of the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex and he'd ended up hitting nearnly all of his signatures! Kurt won after reversing the bicycle kick into the Ankle Lock! Kurt Angle announced The Road Dogg as his tag team partner!

Cody Rhodes came out with his protective mask, entering the ring quickly. Cody Rhodes explained to the fans that he's so good looking that no one will ever accomplish the attributes that Cody Rhodes has. He got his assistants to hand out paperbags to the fans, but he claimed that they were not only to hide their hideous faces, but to also cover the bag over their faces as he unleashes his wrath througout WWF to satisify the Cody Rhodes era.

The Road Dogg and Kurt Angle defeated The Esse Brotherhood who were accompanied by Rosa Mendes. Road Dogg won via the Pumphandle Falling Powerslam.

Kurt Angle was stretched out backstage, out came Sheamus and Scott Steiner! Road Dogg would put up a great fight against both men, only for the numbers game to creep up on him. Sheamus and Scott Steiner both got some of The Road Dogg and ended up picking the victory after Scott Steiner hit the Steiner Screwdriver.

Last but not least Sting and Shawn Michaels. They both get paired up with one another, Sting with Sheamus and Shawn with Scott. Shawn and Sting manage to clear up the ring of both men. Shawn's family were at the event. Sting Scorpion Death Dropped Sheamus and hooked his legs up only for the count of 2 as Steiner pulled the referee out and clotheslined the ref down. Shawn followed up beating him down. Scott then mingled with Shawn's family, Shawn attempted to attack Steiner only to be kicked in the groin. Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Drop, Sheamus taps out yet their is no referee in site. Steiner enters the ring only to be beat down by Sting after releasing the hold. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick only to hit Steiner! Sting turns and sets Sheamus up for the Scorpion Death Drop, but he's laid out cold from a chairshot by Sergeant Slaughter! The referee awakes and Sheamus picks up the win for him and Steiner.


07-25-2012, 08:24 PM

Commissioner Slaughter came out to a sold out crowd and welcomed them to Smackdown! Slaughter said that there were talents you weren't able to see on RAW so you'll be able to see them tonight! Slaughter also mentioned that Vince McMahon has been injured and will not return for a while, thus there will be a replacement General Manager until he returns! He also said that he would take on Bradshaw at RAW! The fans laughed at Sergeant Slaughter. Slaughter told the fans to shut up and show some respect. The fans still tauned Sergeant Slaughter, until he threatended to cancel the event and send all fans out of the venue! After he proceeded to announce that the tag team division would pick up tonight!

Alex Riley and Brodus Clay faced off to open Smackdown. Alex Riley simply struck Brodus Clay with huge punches and stomped him down. After he hit a spinebuster. Alex Riley lifted Brodus Clay to his feet and attempted to Irish whip him towards the ropes, only to be reversed. Alex Riley rebounds off of the ropes and Brodus Clay hoists A-Ry onto his shoulders. Luckily Alex Riley wriggles past and hits the Game Changer! Riley measured Brodus Clay up as he staggered to his feet only for Riley to connect the Final Score! The match was over and Alex Riley picks up a massive win.

After returning from commercials the ring had Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, The Godwinns with Hillbilly Jim and Sunny, The Headbangers, The Road Warriors, The Latin American XChange, Tai En Kai and all members of the Esse Brotherhood with Rosa Mendes. Sergeant Slaughter said that the tag team action will start tonight with two classic teams. He announced the Godwinns would take on the Headbangers! He warned the other teams to prepare for tonight.

As the Godwinns got into a 2v1 situation with Mosh on the outside. They both hit the Double Slop Drop on Thrasher, only to get a 2 count! Thrasher right handed Phineas to the ground, and shoved Henry into the turnbuckle. Thrasher hits a butt bump into Henry! Thrasher stomps Phineas's gut, and climbs up onto the top turnbuckle and somersaults down, extending his legs into Phineas's neck! THE STAGE DIVE, ONE, TWO, THRE- Sunny pulls the referee out of the ring! Thrasher argues with Sunny as does the referee, only to be low blowed by Hillbilly Jim and struck with the running leg drop. The Godwinns pick up the victory!

The camera panels back into the cave seen on RAW, and one of the five members turns around and shows himself to be Christian!

In a great match-up Kai En Tai come out victorious!

The Big Valbowski defeated Chavo Guerrero in a squash match, mounting more offense than Primo did and winning the match quicker than Primo won on RAW!

Sting and Shawn Michaels came out to an amazing fan reaction! The two Icons entered the ring and both received massive pop. They both went onto directing insults towards the coward Commissioner, Sergeant Slaughter. Shawn Michaels called Sergeant Slaughter, Sheamus and Scott Steiner pathetic as they had the match won on more than one occasion, but were screwed out each time. Then all of a sudden The Miz's theme song hit! The Miz entered out with the Commissioner by his side. Shawn Michaels and Sting confronted Sergeant Slaughter, but he didn't respond to them and walked backstage. The Miz silenced both of them, saying that it was rude of them to act like this on The Miz's show. Shawn Michaels decided to go over the line by insulting The Miz for not even winning Tough Enough, his girlfriend Maryse, him being left-handed and went onto insult his personal life. The Miz screamed at Shawn Michaels, challenging him to a match in tonights main event! Shawn Michaels accepted aslong as it'd be on Shawn's conditions, and The Miz confirmed. HBK announced Sting would be the special guest referee!

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston picked up a victory by disqualification against Primo and Epico after Camacho and Hunico participated in a four on two beatdown!

Argubaly the greatest match of the show, many tag team manuevers hit. Doomsday Device on part of Road Warriors Droz and Animal and the 5150 on LAX's behalf. The match ended in a double countout after both teams brawled outside of the ring!

This match was one sided on Shawn Michaels behalf. Michaels dominated for the majority of the match, even being eligble to use foreign weapons! The Miz was struck with steel chair shots, backhand chops to the chest, receiving an Inverted Atomic Drop, the almighty diving elbow from the top turnbuckle aswell, including many high fly moves. However during the course Sergeant Slaughter ran to the aid of The Miz, mumbling a tactic. Slaughter was Sweet Chin Music'd by Shawn Michaels! From here The Miz took advantage for the remaining five minutes, going all out on Shawn. He ended up bring a chair to the ring, about to hit Shawn until Sting takes the chair away! The Miz smirks towards Sting, and SPITS IN HIS FACE! Sting swings the chair towards The Miz, only for The Miz to duck and for Sting to strike Shawn Michaels in the head! Sting dropped the chair ashamed, only to be SKULL CRUSHING FINALE'D INTO THE STEEL CHAIR! The Miz hooked up Shawn Michaels leg, and Sergeant Slaughter took Sting's referee shirt off and wore the shirt himself, and counted the three count!


07-26-2012, 02:05 PM

Sergeant Slaughter welcomes the fans to the one hour episode of WWF heat and claimed that he'd have to make his little introduction to Heat quick due to him having to attend a business meeting. He said that the rest of the show after he left would be ran by the new Intern General Manager! The fans were excited but he said that the replacement for Vince McMahon would stay anonymous for tonight and would reveal himself on RAW. The fans were disappointed but Slaughter silenced them all. The fans boo'ed the Commissioner and he told them to shut up. Eventually the tweener Bradshaw came out, receiving a mixed reaction of boo's and woo's. Bradshaw headed straight towards the ring, leading up to a big confronation between Sergeant Slaughter. Bradshaw questioned the Sergeant why they couldn't go at it tonight? Bradshaw lead to shoving Slaughter around the ring, until Slaughter said wait till RAW, and announced his opponent as Al Snow! Slaughter walked up the ramp and tried to make friends with Al Snow, only to be threatended to be smacked with head! The fans cheered for Al Snow. Al Snow was attacked on the ramp by Bradshaw, and the match begun.

After Al Snow defeated Bradshaw, he celebrated on the second turnbuckle, Bradshaw grabbed onto the mannequin Head, and once Al Snow had stepped down from the turnbuckle and turned around, he got smacked by Bradshaw with head! Bradshaw then kicked Head down the ramp, only for it to be caught by Bob Holly! Whilst holding Head, Bob Holly stepped to the side for Scorpio, Duane Gill and Blue Meanie to run out down to the ring, followed by Bob Holly! Bradshaw was ready for the fight. Scorpio bounced to his feet only to be clobbered down by Bradshaw. Duane Gill attempted to help out Scorpio, but Bradshaw clubbed both of them at the same time. Then came the Blue Meanie charging towards Bradshaw with right hands, Bradshaw would be the equivalent to Blue Meanie, Scorpio and Duane Gill. Bob Holly joined the four, and by this time Bradshaw had lost the brawl, up against the ropes, Bob passed Al Snow his Head, and Al Snow slammed Head into Bradshaw, and Bradshaw fell out of the ring. Bradshaw ran backstage with the JOB squad celebrating in the ring!

Scott Steiner before his match was interviewed by Michael Cole on why he took the 'easy way out', Scott Steiner replied "Shut up and get on with it. Now I'm going to win my match tonight, like I'm going to win the WWF Championship soon.. HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!" The fans boo'ed Steiner as he made his entrance.

After X-Pac's match, he grabbed a mic and told the fans that the band was back! He told the fans to stay tuned for RAW's next episode. WILL IT BE AN NWO REUNION?!

Match Results
- Al Snow defeated Bradshaw.
- Kane defeated Ezekiel Jackson and John Cena.
- Daniel Bryan defeated Kurrgan.
- Darren Young defeated Rey Mysterio in a ladder match.
- Scott Steiner defeated Tiger Ali Singh in a tables match.
- Christian defeated David Hart Smith.
- X-Pac defeated Finlay.


07-27-2012, 05:20 AM
Ok, bud so here are my thoughts...

first off your roster looks great, a real intense blend of guys from the attitude era and guys from present, WWE and TNA. Its a really deep Roster too which should lead to plenty of interesting storylines.


Good McMahon promo to start exactly the kind of thing you'd expect McMahon to say, but he is inturpted by the brash Bradshaw who throws down an open challenge, out rushes Ken Shamrock, but Bradshaw gets the win with the Clothesline from Hell, This was a good strong win for Bradshaw, he looks like he's going to play a major heel role.

Great Promo with Sting's surprise arrival in WWF, he demands that Sargent Slaughter put him in the hunt for the WWF Title, Shawn Michaels agree's he comes down hugs Sting, to show their alignment, Michaels is up to his old tricks of bullying Sarge, as he fakes a Superkick, and Slaughter goes down, Sheamus runs down but is sent flying over the top rope. Slaughter reveals that Sheamus and Scott Steiner will also be in the Main Event. like I said great stuff here, Michaels and Sting are set up as the faces that aren't afraid to push the authority and Scott Steiner and Sheamus are the typical "Heavies" that Slaughter is going to put in their way.

Perhaps the Intercontinental Championship match could have done with a little more build up, maybe CM Punk and Rey Mysterio have a promo or an interview, just to express what their intentions would be after winning the title. The match itself Good win for Mysterio, The new Intercontinental Champion.

Now this is nit picking but it wasn't really clear what type of Match the US Contenders Match was, and altough I really like the captions maybe an Idea would be to have...

Gauntlet Match for No.1 Contendership to the United States Title: Raven vs Evan Bourne vs Kane vs Daniel Bryan

having said that this was a candidate for match of the night for sure, some great action, Evan Bourne takes a few too many high risk chances and Raven capitalizes with the Raven Effect. Next out is Kane who rampages through Raven, but only for Kane to be caught with a trash can in his hands and disqualified, a great sneaky heel move from Raven, but Kane won't take it lightly and he nails Raven with the CHOKESLAM!!!, Daniel Bryan comes down and sneaks the win with the LeBelle Lock making him the new No.1 Contender. YES! YES! YES! nuff said.

5 men in a cave- intriguing new faction here, I wonder who's in this faction and what it means for WWF.

A good win for Primo, to take the Esse Brotherhood to the main event, smart move having him against Chavo GUerrero, you know in real life these two would have a good match

Dominating Win for Kurt Angle, hitting nearly all his signature moves on Mike Knox and finishing him off with the ankle lock, again a really good match. Angle/Road Dogg is an interesting team, a blend of pure wrestling genius and showmanship.

Good promo from Cody Rhodes, I quite liked the paperbag gimmick, so its good to see it in use here, says its going to be "his era".

Main Event
Good win for Road Dog/Angle over Primo/Epico,
Perhaps you could have told us why Kurt was taken to the back, but I liked it because it was smart
as it allowed Sheamus and Steiner to get a cheap two on one victory over a valiant Road Dogg, this builds effective heat as we don't feel they deserve to be one win away from a WWF Title match.
Sting and Michaels are up next, they come down and lay it all out there, only to be screwed over by Sarge!, now we have Sarge, Sheamus and Steiner even more.

I was a little unsure about Slaughter as the commisioner but with your very first episode you convinced me he works as heel commish.

Overall a really good debut show, very enjoyable some great shoots of interesting characters and storylines.

07-27-2012, 04:33 PM
Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the tips.

Just to let you know Ken Shamrock picked up the victory, but I'll be sure to present the information more clearer.

07-27-2012, 07:35 PM

Raw was live and the fans were wild after the fireworks sparked off. Howard Finkel requested for the fans to listen whilst he announced the replacement that Commissioner Slaughter and General Manager Vince McMahon agreed to. The fans awaited. IT WAS NONE OTHER THAN MICK FOLEY! Mick Foley quickly got to work confirming the monthly PPV would be Unforgiven and that Sheamus would face Scott Steiner in the main event for the WWF Championship!

Kane faced Evan Bourne and Daniel Bryan at ringside to determine who would face Daniel Bryan at Unforgiven. Name all of Kane's signatures because Kane connected all of them! Evan Bourne got dominated by Kane. However, Bourne near the end managed to hit a few kicks, only to be CHOKESLAMMED DOWN! The referee told Kane to wait because Kane might win for not being able to even compete! As the referee checked Evan, Raven snuck into the ring and rammed a chair shot into Kane! Evan was able to compete, and the referee turned around only to see Kane out cold. Evan unaware of what happened crawled over to Kane and pinned him for the three count! Evan Bourne didn't really have a celebration as he was unaware of how he won and because Raven took out the No.2 contender to the United States title. Raven called out Daniel Bryan, asking him to fight him like a man! Mick Foley came out to make another Unforgiven announcement. Foley made a triple threat match-up for the US title (Evan Bourne vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Raven) - Unforgiven. Ravens celebration was short lived aswell due to being Chokeslammed by Kane!

Sting came out and said that after Smackdown HBK told him not to talk to him. HBK appeared on the titantron at the venues bar. Sting confronted Shawn about why he was depressed. Shawn responded with that he missed out on the WWF Championship shot because of Sting being pinned, and that he lost to The Miz on Smackdown because of Sting nailing Shawn with a steel chair! Sting then responded that Slaughter screwed them out on the main event on RAW and that on Smackdown the chair shot was aimed at The Miz after he had spat at Sting. Sting also said that Sergeant Slaughter came out during the match and told The Miz to do that, so really it's the Commissioner's fault. HBK told Sting to leave him alone, but Sting zipwired from the ring across the audience towards the bar! Sting appeared on the titantron and got into a confronation with HBK. Sergeant Slaughter and Mick Foley ran to the scene. Sting threatened Slaughter, until the Commissioner announced that both men would compete in the main event, and that the winner would go on to face Scott Steiner and Sheamus in the main event of Unforgiven!

Rhyno defeated Mike Knox in his WWF debut in a squash match.

Over into the intense part of the match with Styles having Chavo Guerrero on his shoulders, Chavo slipped onto the top turnbuckle only to be met with a pele kick! Chavo dropped off, AJ climbed up the turnbuckle and hit a Spiral tap! the referee counted, one, two, thre- Hunico pulled the referee out of the ring! He was there with the whole Esse Brotherhood. Eventually the referee would be backstabbered by Primo! The Esse Brotherhood entered inside the ring with Camacho taking AJ Styles out with a DDT! Hunico spoke on the the Esse Brotherhoods part, saying that If you can't beat them, join them! Chavo took this offensively, ending up attacking Hunico! Epico, Primo and Camacho beat down Chavo, with Hunico. All of a sudden R-Truth and Kofi Kingston engaged in a battle with Epico and Primo! Kofi Kingston connected the Trouble in Paradise on Epico, following up with the What's up? After Primo goes for R-Truth, only for R-Truth to hit the Lie Detector! Primo staggers into Kofi Kingston to get hit with the SOS. Camacho attempted to take out R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, but they both out punched him and hit a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINED! This sent Camacho over the ropes. Chavo managed to fight back against Hunico. R-Truth plancha'd ontop of Camacho, Epico and Primo! Kofi Kingston turned around and saw Hunico staggering his way, Kofi Kingston goes for the Trouble in Paradise! HUNICO DUCKS AND HITS THE TROUBLE IN PARADISE ON CHAVO GUERRERO! Hunico beats down Kofi and lobs him out of the ring, embarressing Kofi Kingston infront of the fans. As the referee awoke, so had Chavo and AJ Styles. AJ Styles managed to easily hit the Styles Clash, and pick up the win.

Sergeant Slaughter was in the ring with his in-ring attire. Sergeant Slaughter and the fans waited for Bradshaw, until Slaughter spoke about how Bradshaw was full of bullsh*t. The fans agreed with Slaughter, turning Slaughter into a bit of a tweener from a heel, where Bradshaw would still stay a tweener. The next match would then be announced.

Darren Young picked up a victory on heat against Rey Mysterio, so they faced of in this match for the IC title. Rey Mysterio connected the 619 and pinned Darren Young. Darren had one leg was on the rope, but the referee was unaware and counted the three. Darren Young told the referee after the match that his leg was on the rope, with Rey Mysterio confirming and asking if they could do something as it was unfair on Darren, the referee said he couldn't. Darren Young hit the Gut Check on Rey Mysterio and left the ring! Then came CM Punk and stole the Intercontinental Championship! Rey Mysterio saw CM Punk with the belt and chased him down. But he was Clotheslined From Hell by Bradshaw!

The stipulation for this match was that if Steve Blackman would win, one of the five mysterious men alongside Christian on the vignettes would not be revealed tonight, if Sheamus won, then one more would be discovered. Despite the fans preferring Steve Blackman to Sheamus, they wanted Sheamus to win rather than Steve Blackman. The bell was rung, Sheamus dropped down, allowing Steve to pick up the 3 count. Sheamus taunted at the fans, having annoyed them majorly! He left the arena after.

After the match Cody Rhodes came into the ring and interviewed Steve Blackman on what he thought of his debut. Steve Blackman said that he wanted to actually wrestle instead of take the easy way out. Cody Rhodes then said it's sometimes fine to take the easy way out, and offered him a paper bag. Steve Blackman was under the impression that Cody Rhodes was insulting Blackman for being hideous, in Cody Rhodes opinion. Steve Blackman told him to grow up. Cody Rhodes told him to take the bag, Steve shouted NO and shoved Cody Rhodes. He exited backstage. Cody Rhodes shook his head, ending the segment.

X-Pac walked out onto the ramp, with a jacket covering his shirt. He had a microphone and refrenced back on what he said on Heat. X-Pac said "THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER, SO WITHOUT FURTHER A DUE, HERE WE ARE!" He took his jacket off and revealed his nWo shirt! The fans were in shock! All of a sudden X-Pac said that he was kidding, ripped his shirt off and revealed his identity to be none other than D-GENERATION X! The theme song hit, out came Triple H, The Road Dogg and Chyna! The fans were amazed, but you could tell they weren't pleased with The New Age Outlaws not being together, never the less they received pop.

Before the main event, DX said that they'd sit at commentary to support HBK in the main event! Shawn Michaels made his entrance, showing his companionship to DX. Sting made his entrance and the whole crowd were bowing down to the Icon. D-Generation X boo'ed Sting. Sting grabbed a microphone and requested for the music to be cut. Sting went on to say that he's got a gift, and brang out five dogs! The dogs were named Chyna, Road Dogg, X-Pac, Triple H and Shawn Michaels! The whole crowd started laughing whilst DX were angry. Shawn Michaels grabbed onto a microphone and said that this match would be a Falls Count Anywhere match, Shawn Michaels then went onto say that his new good friend SERGEANT SLAUGHTER made the call final! The whole fans boo'ed the hell out of Shawn. Sting charged at Shawn and it went on from there. Prior to this match, Sting catapaulted Shawn Michaels into the steel pole and also launched Shawn Michaels into his DX buddies! The referee was out cold after mistakenly being struck with the Sweet Chin Music! Sting had Shawn Michaels in the Scorpion Death Lock and dropped down to his back, both shoulders down talking trash. The first referee knocked out a second referee ran down. Finally the first referee crawled back. Shawn tapped out and at the same time the second referee counted a three count as both of Sting's shoulders were down! The first referee raised Sting's arm in the air, whilst the second referee raised Shawn's arm in the air. The refeeres made a decision, informing the announcers. Sting and Shawn Michaels both stood up listened. THE MATCH WOULD BE RESTARTED! Shawn Michaels cheekily rolled up Sting for the three count! Shawn Michaels ran with the rest of DX.


07-28-2012, 07:45 PM

This week Triple H, Road Dogg, X-Pac and Chyna came out to represent D-Generation X and start things off, making jokes about The Stinger. Triple H went on to say that all Sting can do is lose, lose and lose. Triple H stated that the reason why Shawn Michaels lost to The Miz was because Sting is jealous of the fact that Shawn is better than him, so he hit him in the head with a steel chair. Road Dogg took the mic and summed it up by introducing all DX members and dubbing Sting the biggest loser in the WWF. The fan's we're angry at DX, but were happy for the arrival of Sting. The fans were bowing down towards the ramp, then out came HBK dressed as Sting! HBK took the mic and thanked the fans for respecting him. The fans boo'ed the roof down. HBK responded saying he saw the fans bow down to him. Slaugther then came out and congratulated HBK. Sergeant Slaughter said that DX, Scott Steiner and Sheamus would all have the night off! Mick Foley then appeared on the titantron, and shaked his head. The fans were relieved on the arrival of Foley! Mick went on to say that Sheamus would be competing in a match against Tyson Kidd after Sheamus's little stint letting Steve Blackman pick up the victory. The fans chanted for Tyson Kidd. Mick Foley also announced that D-Generation X would take on the team of Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins! Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks dubbed themselves as "The Gatecrashers." Triple H told them to get the hell out of this business as they are a joke. Tyler Reks said the only joke around the WWF is D-Generation X! He also said the biggest clown in DX was Triple H! Triple H stepped up on the bottom rope and pointed towards the titantron, saying that he wanted Tyler's ass! Curt Hawkins then said to pick who would team up with Triple H. Triple H pointed towards The Road Dogg. The match was booked! Triple H and Road Dogg vs. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins, DX vs. The Gatecrashers!

Ken Shamrock defeated Stevie Richards after hitting his complete moveset apart from the Cradle Suplex.

Alex Riley easily defeated Kurrgan after hitting the Final Score!

This week the Esse Brotherhood were out and Hunico said that his 'boys' Epico and Primo weren't finished with R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, so they said that next week Primo and Epico would take them on RAW. Rosa Mendes took the microphone and said that both of them have no 'homeboys', whilst Epico and Primo have the Esse Brotherhood.

This week The Big Show faced Daniel Bryan and John Morrison in a handicap match. Sergeant Slaughter announced Big Show out as apparently he is the Commissioner's newest agent. Daniel Bryan started the match for his team. Daniel Bryan went straight to work, delivering roundhouse kicks into the legs of The Big Show, which he no-sold. He just smirked. Daniel Bryan hit a European uppercut, finally effecting Big Show a little bit. Then he ran towards the ropes, rebounding back and connecting a Flying Forearm Smash! Big Show remaned on his feet, Daniel Bryan jumped onto the back of Big Show, applying a sleeperhold! Big Show managed to throw Bryan over him, hitting a headbutt, and two open hand chops! Daniel managed to turn the tables, ducking under his arm, hitting a Corner Elbow Smash, then a CORNER DROPKICK! Big Show staggered off-balanced on the spot. Daniel Bryan climbed up the turnbuckle to the top, and flew off! Big Show caught him, hitting a Sidewalk Slam! The leg was covered for a 2 count. Big Show whipped Daniel Bryan to the ropes following up with a big boot! The pinfall was broken, this time by John Morrison after a Slingshot Elbow Drop! Big Show got up to his feet whilst DB and JoMo both hit a European Uppercut each against the big man! JoMo then hit a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT! JoMo exited back onto the apron, from where DB hit a DIVING HEADBUTT FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! DB hooked the leg, only to get a two count! DB then hit repeated roundhouse kicks into the chest of Big Show, striking him around the head with a harsh roundhouse kick! The Big Show wouldn't stay down, so John Morrison was tagged in! John Morrison hit a running knee lift! JoMo went for a Handstand Kick, but Big Show caught his boot! Morrison managed to connect a Enzuigiri! Morrison awaited for Big Show to get to his feet, Morrison set Show up for the Russian Legsweep, only for JoMo to fall down! It would be to hard to take Big Show down! Big Show then SPEAR'D JOMO DOWN! Jomo crawled towards his corner, DB was tagged in! DB was hoisted on Big Show's shoulders, but JoMo came in and springboarded from the second rope, hitting the FLYING CHUCK! DB managed to Frankensteiner Big Show over the ropes! DB climbed onto the apron and ran across jumping towards Big Show, taking him down with a Jumping Knee Drop! JoMo launched himself over the ropes, going for the Shooting Star Press Plancha! BIG SHOW CAUGHT HIM, AND MILITARY PRESS SLAMMED HIM THROUGH THE BARRICADE! D-Bry entered the ring, as did Big Show. D-Bry locked in the Lebel Lock, waiting for the big man to tap out! Big Show amazingly moved to his feet whilst the lock was applied, escaped and hit the CHOKESLAM! The match was over, with Big Show getting the victory!

In a great and entertaining tag team match which involved throughout the start Road Dogg being destroyed in-ring by both Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins managed to mount some offence in, only to be destroyed. Triple H illegaly entered the ring only to get his ass handed to him multiple times aswell! Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks cleared house in the ring, and took the fight to the outside. Here saw The Road Dogg on the announce table, Curt Hawkins on the top turnbuckle, MISSED THE HEAT SEEKING ELBOW AND CRASHED THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Road Dogg rolled Curt Hawkins in and DX began to get the upper-hand in the match. Road Dogg and Triple H made frequent tags, beating Curt Hawkins like Curt and Tyler did to Road Dogg. Curt Hawkins managed to enziguri Triple H, and make a tag to Tyler Reks! Tyler Reks and Triple H went head to head, both delivering hard punches to one another until Tyler Reks got the advantage. Road Dogg climbs in to suffer the same that Triple H did. The ref controlling the match in-ring, X-Pac hit the X-Factor to the already injured Curt Hawkins! Road Dogg and Triple H manage to gain some momentum, Road Dogg has Tyler Reks in the position, fake humping him! The fans laughed, but Road Dogg was unable to hit the Pumphandle falling powerslam and instead was thrown out of the ring. X-Pac is up on the apron, telling the referee that Curt Hawkins can no longer compete, distracting the ref. Triple H sets Tyler Reks up for the Pedigree! Tyler Reks hoists Triple H onto his shoulders, ready to hit the Killjoy, Until Chyna rolls in and lowblows Tyler Reks, slides out and Triple H hits the Pedigree! X-Pac finally stops distracting the referee, Triple H picks up the win for DX! DX end up getting a major heel reaction after drawing with the handicap match to determine the match of the night!

This week Vader came out, making his debut! The fans were wild for the Legend, however he had a paperbag over his head. Vader took the mic and promoted Cody Rhodes, receiving alot of heat!

The Road Warriors Droz and Animal were set to take on Latin American Xchanges Homicide and Hernandez! It would be a falls count anywhere match, meaning their must be a winner! The Miz and Sergeant Slaughter came out, The Miz telling them to get out. Slaughter told them to do so before he'd fire them! Each team were angry thus security took both teams backstage. The Miz told the fans the only reason The Miz isn't competing for any title is because he is to good. Mick Foley came onto the rampway, telling The Miz to shut his mouth! Slaughter requested Mick Foley not talk to The Miz that way. Mick Foley responded saying that "The fans hate you, I can't hate you because we work together Slaughter, but sometimes you're a real suck up!" The fans cheered for Foley! "THAT'S RIGHT, HE'S A SUCK UP." Out walked Bradshaw! The fans gave him a mixed reaction! Bradshaw pointed towards the ring, Mick Foley tried to stop him but Bradshaw managed to get past Foley. Bradshaw smirked at Slaughter, saying he could smell the fear of Slaughter before he even entered the arena! The Miz exited the ring to confront Bradshaw. Sheamus ran down the ramp just in the same time! Slaughter smirked towards Bradshaw, saying that he was outnumbered! Bradshaw turned around to Sheamus, Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Bradshaw ducks and Sheamus hits The Miz instead! Security broke up Sheamus and Bradshaw, ending the segment.

Tyson Kidd pulled an upset victory over Sheamus he tapped out to the Sharpshooter!


07-29-2012, 03:04 PM

After the opening tag team bout when Ezekiel Jackson was pinned by Darren Young and then rolled out with CM Punk, Cena entered the ring to aid Big Zeke', but Cena hit the FU out of nowhere! The fans were in shock of the heel turn and outraged. Cena did his "You can't see me!" hand gesture and raised up his arms, poking up his little finger and thumb, smirking to the crowd.

Backstage after the fatal fourway match Mick Foley watched a bit disappointed that after Christian hit the Killswitch on Tiger Ali Singh, Homicide threw him out of the ring and stole the victory. John Cena barged in and asked Foley why he wasn't used on RAW. Foley responded because Cena himself requested to tag with Ezekiel Jackson and he asked to remain on Heat for abit. John Cena shoved Foley and demanded that he is booked for either Smackdown or RAW. Foley shoved him back telling him to get his attitude sorted. Cena grabbed onto Foley's shirt and shoved him back into the wall. Foley then tackled Cena over the desk! Security broke the two apart. Mick Foley said he'd remain on Heat for being an ass, Foley also said he wish he could call him an egotistical slut but he has no followers! The fans laughed and Cena got even more angry. Cena ended up trashing the locker room.

Funaki with Taka Minichou were waiting to see who's Funakis opponent would be. The Miz's theme song hit, and the fans started chanting "KICK HIS BUTT FUNAKI!" Taka chanted it aswell, "Indeed," Funaki chanted back. Out came the Commissioner, he announced that from the accidental Brogue Kick Sheamus nailed The Miz with on Smackdown, The Miz wasn't able to compete, so he called out X-Pac along with the whole of DX and Scott Steiner!

Concluding the X-Pac and Funaki match Chyna jumped up onto the apron to distract the referee. Whilst Taka and the referee were arguing with Chyna, Shawn Michaels climbed into the ring, connected the SWEET CHIN MUSIC against Funaki leading to X-Pac hitting the X-Factor and picking up the victory! Taka realised that X-Pac had got assistance after Shawn Michaels winked to Taka. Taka informed the referee after the match, but the referee could do nothing about it. X-Pac continued the assault on Funaki after the match. Taka came to the aid of Funaki and tackled X-Pac down in the turnbuckle, pummeling him with right and left hands. Road Dogg and Triple H came to the aid of X-Pac, stomping Taka off of Pac. Slaughter laughed at Tai En Kai getting beaten down. Chyna started to stomp on Funaki whilst Road Dogg, Triple H, X-Pac and Shawn Michaels did a number on Taka. Road Dogg and Triple H continued to beat down the helpless Taka whilst X-Pac and Chyna started attacking Funaki. Scott Steiner, Sergeant Slaughter and HBK shared some laughs. Bradshaw ran down the ramp after Sergeant Slaughter! Bradshaw rolled into the ring only to be met with stomps by Scott Steiner. Bradshaw was unable to get any offence in at-all. Sergeant Slaughter and Scott Steiner began to beat down Bradshaw. Shawn Michaels, X-Pac and Chyna continued to beat down Funaki whilst Road Dogg and Triple H worked on Taka. Mick Foley ordered around about twelve referees to run down and break up the mess! The referee's were unable to conquer the situation as they got beat down aswell! Mick Foley was depressed, Al Snow came out and Mick asked him if he could sort it out, with Al Snow nodding. Al Snow ran down the ring to seperate DX from Tai En Kai, only to get striked down to the floor by Triple H! Al Snow started to get stomped down by the likes of X-Pac and Triple H. The rest of the JOB Squad ran down to the rescue of Al Snow! Blue Meanie was stomped down and met with right hands by Road Dogg, Road Dogg followed up with the Shake, Rattle and- Gillberg and 2 Cold Scorpio jump The Road Dogg! Road Dogg managed to stomp Blue Meanie into the corner whilst getting pummeled with fists by Gillberg and 2 Cold Scorpio. X-Pac hit the BRONCO BUSTER ON BLUE MEANIE! Blue Meanie rolled out of the ring out unconscious. Bob Holly entered and went at it with X-Pac! Bob Holly, 2 Cold Scorpio and Gillberg exit the ring with X-Pac and Road Dogg. More officials and EMT's are sent down to help stretch out Kai En Tai and Bradshaw. Outside of the ring, 2 Cold Scorpio was getting ready to powerbomb Road Dogg, only to get Back Body Dropped into the concrete flooring! Blue Meanie awakens and mounts in some offence and attempts to whip Road Dogg into the steel steps, Road Dogg circles around and Irish whips Blue Meanie into them instead! Road Dogg turns around to get SPEARED BY THE ALMIGHTY GILLBERG! Gillberg is spun around by Shawn Michaels to be hit with the SWEET CHIN MUSIC! X-Pac brawls with Bob Holly whilst Al Snow brawls with Triple H. Bob Holly beats X-Pac down to his knees, where as Triple H manages to take advantage of Al Snow being beat down previously. Al Snow manages to gain some offence and hits HEAD OVER TRIPLE H'S SKULL! Triple H drops down. Al Snow walks to X-Pac and Bob Holly, Bob Holly holds X-Pac up, where Al Snow smacks head into X-Pacs temple! Chyna spins Al Snow around to her, only for Al Snow to smack her with head also! AL SNOW IS ON A HEADSHOT SPREE! Al Snow turns around to HBK, HBK GOES FOR THE SUPERKICK ONLY FOR AL SNOW TO SMACK HIM WITH HEAD! AL SNOW HAS GONE MAD AND SHAKES HEAD ABOVE HIS OWN HEAD! Triple H sneaks towards the canvas and takes out a sledgehammer... Triple H stalks Al Snow.. Al Snow turns around and TRIPLE H SWINGS THE SLEDGEHAMMER TOWARDS AL SNOW, ONLY TO DUCK AND INSTEAD HIT BOB HOLLY! Triple H smirks and turns around to Al Snow, Al Snow clubs the mannequin head over Triple H's temple! Scott Steiner takes head out of Al Snow's grasp, Al Snow turns around and hits Scott Steiner with a few right hands. TRIPLE H LOW BLOWS AL SNOW! Al Snow holds onto his groin whilst kneeling, he raises up to his feet only to be blasted in the head with a SLEDGEHAMMER. Al Snow bleeds, laying out with the whole JOB Squad. All of DX rises and enters the ring, raising up each others arms.

Match Results
- Darren Young and CM Punk defeated John Cena and Ezekiel Jackson
- Finlay defeated Drew McIntyre
- Homicide defeated Tiger Ali Singh, Henry O. Godwinn and Christian
- Bob Holly defeated Mike Knox
- David Hart Smith defeated Brodus Clay
- X-Pac defeated Funaki


07-30-2012, 09:00 PM

This week Mick Foley came to the ring to start of RAW and said that lately that most the talent hasn't had a chance to perform. Mick said that would change tonight as he starts the "Have A Nice Day" Tournament. Foley said he hand picked men from the back that gives him a smile everyday he arrives in this business. Foley also said the award for the winner would be granted anything that he wished for. Mick said matches will be posted on WWF.com.

Near the end of the match Epico and Primo were illegaly double teaming Kofi, so R-Truth ran towards Primo and took him off of the apron and punched him down! The ref concentrated back on the in-ring madness whilst Hunico and Camacho attacked R-Truth! R-Truth furiously fought back where the referee told R-Truth to get off of them. Primo exposed a turnbuckle pad. Kofi Kingston hit Epico with the TROUBLE OF PARADISE! Primo grabbed aholf of Kingston and slammed his head into the exposed turnbuckle, following up with a backstabber. The referee turned back to the action and counted the pin, during the pin R-Truth slid into the ring, only for Camacho and Hunico to hold his legs! The Esse Brotherhood got the victory.

Rey Mysterio appeared through the smoke and received a great reaction from his old theme. He walked over to the ring without his belt. Rey Mysterio held onto a microphone and said that last week he won a match against Darren Young, maybe not fairly, but he still won. He also said that not only did Darren Young's punk ass attack him after the match, CM Punk stole his belt. "Not only did CM Punk steal my belt, but I also got Clotheslined From Hell by Bradshaw," He said. Mysterio said that firstly he wanted the IC title back in his hands, so he called out CM Punk. CM Punk came out with the belt and told Rey to give him a title shot at Unforgiven. Rey Mysterio said that CM Punk hadn't shown he was worthy and lessened his chance. CM Punk then said that he'd go and pay to get his name on the title. CM Punk was stopped in his tracks by Mick Foley and Ken Shamrock! CM Punk was demanded to give the belt back to Rey. CM Punk approached the ring, at this time Darren Young rolled in and assaulted Rey. Darren Young had Rey Mysterio ready for the Gut Check, but Rey Mysterio reversed this and hit the 619! After Rey hit the seated senton onto Darren Youngs shoulders. CM Punk nailed the IC belt into the head of Rey! CM Punk hoisted Rey onto his shoulders to hit the GO TO SLEEP! Ken Shamrock ran down to the ring and chased CM Punk around. CM Punk slid in and decided to be cheeky by stomping on Shamrock, but Shamrock applied the Ankle Lock! Darren Young crawled to Ken, only to suffer an Ankle Lock! CM Punk staggered to his feet and clubbed Shamrock off of him. BRADSHAW RAN DOWN TO THE RING AND HIT CM PUNK WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! After Rey dropkicked Bradshaw between the ropes and hit the 619 and followed up with the ANGEL SPLASH! Rey's theme hit and took his belt with him.

The second member to be discovered with Christian would be Edge!

Tyson Kidd beat Mike Knox in a squash match making him tap to the Sharpshooter.

This week Raven hosted his own talk show with his Unforgiven rivals Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne. Security was around. Raven said that out of the 3 men he was the only one who deserved to get where they're all at. Bryan went onto say that he made Raven tap out, Raven replied that he had just won 2 matches and was attacked after the match by Kane. Bourne went onto comment that Kane deserves this place more than Raven does! Raven went onto say that Evan is the least worthy candidate to win the title after losing to Raven and beating Kane following interference from Raven. Evan Bourne went onto say he didn't know what happened and didn't want to win it that way. Evan Bourne also said that Kane would of defeated him, however Raven had to cheat. Raven told Bourne to shut up and said Kane was a soreloser after getting himself DQ'ed and chokeslamming Raven after, leaving for 'nerdy' Daniel Bryan to pick up the
scraps. Daniel Bryan stood up from his seat and got into the face of Raven, telling him to shut the hell up before he made him tap out again! Raven got up of his seat but security held them two apart. Evan Bourne said that they both have taken the 'easy way out.' Daniel Bryan told Evan to shut up as he shouldn't even be here. Raven and DB continued to argue where Bourne helped Security get them apart. DB ended up slapping Bourne, where Raven would hit DB in the head with a chair! Raven would then assault Bourne! Kane walked down to the ring and ended up eventually clotheslining him out of the ring! DB smacked Raven with a chair from behind! Kane exited the ring and chased DB out of the arena for assaulting Bourne from earlier.

Christian was accompanied by Edge to face AJ Styles. As AJ Styles went for the Pele Kick, Edge grabbed onto Christians foot and tripped him down, so AJ Styles hit the referee with the Pele Kick! Later AJ Styles set Christian up for the Styles Clash, only for Edge to SPEAR AJ STYLES DOWN! The referee awoke and Christian pinned AJ for the victory! After the two attacked AJ Styles, only for Roode, Kazarian and Storm run out! Christian and Edge ran away! FORTUNE FOUR IS BACK!

Sting comes out annoyed asking for one more shot to get to the main event, only this time that there will be no interference nor screwing. Sergeant said that Sting would face Steiner, but none of Stings friends would be able to interfere. Sting said neither would Steiner's as one of Sting's baseball bats were through the door handles so DX couldn't get out! The main event match was on. STING vs. STEINER!
Steiner locked in the Steiner Recliner only to be escaped. Sting went for the Scorpion Deathlock but was countered. Steiner hits the Steiner Screwdriver only for a 2 count! Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock only for Steiner to poke the referee's eyes and tap, making Sting think he won. Steiner lowblowed Sting as he celebrated on the turnbuckle. Steiner hits the Steiner Flatliner, yet there is no referee to count the three count. Sheamus interferes and goes for a Brogue Kick, Sting ducks, then Steiner ducks, but the referee doesn't. Sting hits Sheamus with the Scorpion Death Drop! But Steiner hits the Steiner Screwdriver and hooks the legs up, for no referee to be present. Steiner sets Sting up for the Frankensteiner, but is lowblowed and SCORPION DEATH DROPPED FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE TO THE OUTSIDE! Both men enter the ring, Sheamus swings a chair at Sting, Sting moves and takes the chair away, Steiner then takes the chair away from Sting, Sheamus goes for another Brogue Kick but Sting ducks and Steiner is hit instead! Sting hits Sheamus with the steel chair. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Drop, Steiner counters into the Samoan Drop, but Sting wriggles off and hits Steiner with his baseball bat for the win!


07-30-2012, 09:24 PM

The 32 superstars that will start the tournament off come Sunday at Heat and who they will be scheduled to face are listed as followed:
RVD vs. Chavo Guerrero
Jeff Hardy vs. Titus O'Neil
William Regal vs. John Morrison
Val Venis vs. Ted Dibiase
A-Train vs. Perry Saturn
Kazarian vs. Matt Hardy
Mosh vs. Vader
Road Warrior Animal vs. Kofi Kingston
Giant Silva vs. Billy Kidman
Tajiri vs. Drew McIntyre
Steve Blackman vs. Stevie Richards
Chris Jericho vs. Brodus Clay
Hernandez vs. Rhyno
Mark Henry vs. Phineous I. Godwinn
Jeff Jarrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson
Shelton Benjamin vs. Tiger Ali Singh

The first pay-per-view to kick start the WWF!


07-31-2012, 01:06 PM

Sting came out and received alot of pop. He HOWLED at his fans and raised his bat up in the air. Sting then said that he would like to personally thank Sergeant Slaughter for making the match offical, and for Sheamus screwing up things! D-Generation X, Slaughter, Steiner and Sheamus walked out. Sting then waved at the men he would meet at Unforgiven (HBK, Steiner and Sheamus). Steiner then held onto a mic and said that he wouldn't be meeting Sheamus in the main event as he's a jackass and screws everything up! Sheamus then shoved Steiner but DX and Sergeant broke it up. Steiner said that he wanted Sheamus to be out of the main event, Sheamus said he wanted Steiner to be out of the main event aswell. Sting then went onto say he wanted Steiner out aswell! Steiner then pulled out a letter saying The Miz wanted Sheamus out also! Mick Foley appeared on the titantron and said that Shawn Michaels, Sheamus and Scott Steiner would have a match tonight, and if they won they'd stay in the main event, if they didn't they would not go to Unforgiven! Sting had the night off! Sergeant Slaughter frustrated said that if Mick Foley was gonna play that game, so was Sergeant. Foley then said Slaughter was playing the game at first!

Alex Riley defeated Chavo Guerrero in a squash match with the Final Score!

This week the two gothic men faced Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. As Kofi Kingston and Edge were in the match Edge had Kofi in the Sharpshooter. R-Truth ran to break it up and pointed to the ramp to see the ESSE BROTHERHOOD! Kingston and R-Truth ran down the ramp and battled with the Esse Brotherhood. They went past the 10 count for Edge and Christian to get a countout victory. Eventually the Esse Brotherhood got the better of the South Side Connection in the 4v2 advantage. Christian and Edge angrily ran up the ramp and fended the Esse Brotherhood off! WOW A FACE TURN!

This week Sergeant announced the next match for one fall and introduced JOHN CENA! The fans were furious at both men. Mick Foley asked why John Cena was at Smackdown. Slaughter said he neeeded his chance as he proved he was to good for Heat. Foley went onto say that he didn't win any matches! Sergeant then said Kane won the triple threat match between Cena and Jackson by pinning Jackson, and Cena and Jackson had a tag team match but lost because of Jackson being pinned! Foley was frustrated and then announced John Cena's opponent as Ken Shamrock! Ken Shamrock dominated Cena within 2 minutes. Cena exited the ring and headed up the ramp only for Ezekiel Jackson to walk out! Ezekiel pointed back to the ring. Cena made his way back into the ring to continue the match. The Doctor Of Thuganomics managed to escape all Ankle Lock attempts. John Cena managed to get some offence in with a Throwback. John Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle and the FU! John Cena locked in the STFU but Shamrock wouldn't tap and ended up grabbing the ropes! Cena wouldn't release the hold after the five count and thus Shamrock won by disqualification! Jackson entered the ring and chased Cena out and back into the ring. John Cena ended up stomping Jackson down as he re-entered the ring and low-blowing him! Cena went for the FU only for Mick Foley to take Jackson off of his shoulders. Cena and Foley got into a heated confronation where Cena slapped Foley! Foley ended up punching Cena to the floor! Sergeant Slaughter then argued with Foley, Bradshaw came and chased after Slaughter! The Big Show entered the ring and helped John Cena out. Bradshaw finally grabbed onto Slaughter but Big Show chokeslammed Bradshaw down! Ken Shamrock smacked Big Show with a chair! Big Show staggered down the ramp and ran with Cena and Slaughter!

This week Vader and Cody Rhodes called out Steve Blackman, but dubbed him as Bagman. Steve Blackman came out angry and locked a Guillotine chokehold on Rhodes! Vader clubbed Blackman off and charged at him! Blackman pulled the top rope down and Vader went flying over! Steve then went to hit Cody with a bicycle kick. Rhodes managed to roll away and out of the ring. Rhodes and Vader walked backstage, Rhodes shouting at Blackman that he's just ended his own career by doing that!

Shawn Michael's Unforgiven Main Event spot was up on the line. As per usual their was involvement as Sergeant Slaughter caused an distraction for Chyna to lowblow Tyler Reks! Tyler Reks staggered to HBK to be hit with the SWEET CHIN MUSIC and then stumble into TRIPLE H for the Pedigree! Shawn Michaels got the victory. After DX and Slaughter escaped through the crowd incase anybody tried to attack them after.

Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick only to miss as usual since Venis ducked and instead Brogue Kicked the referee! Val Venis then locked in the Venis Flytrap! The Miz ran to the ring and broke up the figure four leglock! The Miz hooked both arms of Venis and hits the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! With Venis down Sheamus stands up and thanks The Miz. All of a sudden The Miz SKULL CRUSHING FINALES SHEAMUS AND THROWS VENIS ONTOP OF SHEAMUS AND WAKES THE REF UP. VENIS PICKS UP THE WIN AND SHEAMUS HAS LOST HIS SPOT!

Slaughter is seen talking to The Miz on why he did what he did. Slaughter is then seen talking to Sheamus apologising to him. Slaughter is lastly seen talking to Scott Steiner.

Scott Steiner was waiting to see who his opponent would be. It was none other than Kurt Angle! Later Steiner walked around the ring, Angle following. Steiner swung an arm, Angle ducked and ANGLE SLAMMED HIM INTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Angle rolled in before the ten count! The referee instead of awarding Kurt Angle the win by countout he gave Steiner the win by DQ! Angle went ballistic and started shoving the ref and money dropped out of the referees pocket! SERGEANT HAD PAID THE REF! Angle then Ankle locked the referee! Sergeant Slaughter came out and said that if Angle wanted to keep his job he should get off of the referee! Angle grabbed ahold of a microphone and challenged Slaughter to a match at the next SMACKDOWN! Sergeant accepted the challenge!


08-01-2012, 12:53 PM

Mick Foley came out and introduced the "Have A Nice Sunday Heat!" As all matches that would take place tonight would be based on the tournament he set up where the finalists would face at Unforgiven, the winner making any wish they want happen. Also 16 out of 32 men would advance onto the second round, where as the other 16 men would be eliminated from the tournament. Foley also said that the reason why RAW and Smackdown this week were shorter than usual was so that Heat would be two hours long!

Vader defeated Mosh with assistance after Cody Rhodes interfered to help Vader secure the victory when Mosh kept Vader in the corner and the referee had to check on Vader's condition after taking such a bad beating Cody Rhodes entered the ring and hit the Cross Rhodes for Vader to simply cover Mosh for the victory!

After Steve Blackman's match Cody Rhodes and Vader attacked him after the match-up. After Cody Rhodes hit the Cross Rhodes on Blackman, Vader went up the turnbuckle to hit the moonsault. All of a sudden Headbangers Mosh and Thrasher ran down! Mosh shoved Vader off of the turnbuckle to the concrete floor! Mosh and Thrasher then chased Cody Rhodes and Vader backstage!

Once Rhyno had picked up the victory on Hernandez, Homicide hit the Gringo Cutter! After Hernandez hit the Border Toss. After the commercials both men in an interviewed said "That's the way it goes around here, Rhyno did nothing wrong apart from beat Hernandez." Both men claimed that they have no beef with Rhyno, but that is just how they role.

Mark Henry had Phineous up preparing for the Worlds Strongest Slam! Hillbilly Jim and Henry O. Godwinn each grabbed onto one of Mark Henrys legs and tripped him down with Phineous ontop for the pin! The referee was unaware of this. Henry and Jim held both of Marks legs down so that he couldn't kick out.

Ezekiel Jackson had Jeff Jarrett in a Torture Rack! John Cena entered the ring through the crowd and delivered a punch with his chain wrapped around his hand! Ezekiel Jackson released Jeff Jarrett and realised John Cena! John Cena booted Ezekiel Jacksons gut and lifte him onto his shoulders, getting prepared for the FU! Ezekiel Jackson climbs off and locks John in the Torture Rack! After Jackson releases Cena and as he is about to throw him out Jarrett hits Ezekiel Jackson over the head with a guitar! Jarrett picked up the win after.

Match Results
RVD defeated Chavo Guerrero in the first round by pinfall.
Jeff Hardy defeated Titus O'Neil in the first round by pinfall.
John Morrison defeated William Regal in the first round by pinfall.
Val Venis defeated Ted Dibiase in the first round by pinfall.
A-Train drew with Perry Saturn in the first round by double countout.
Matt Hardy defeated Kazarian in the first round by pinfall.
Vader defeated Mosh in the first round by pinfall.
Road Warrior Animal defeated Kofi Kingston in the first round by pinfall.
Billy Kidman defeated Giant Silva in the first round by pinfall.
Tajiri defeated Drew McIntyre in the first round by pinfall.
Steve Blackman defeated Stevie Richards in the first round by submission.
Chris Jericho defeated Brodus Clay in the first round by submission.
Rhyno defeated Hernandez in the first round by submission.
Phineous I. Godwinn defeated Mark Herny in the first round by pinfall.
Jeff Jarrett defeated Ezekiel Jackson in the first round by pinfall.
Shelton Benjamin defeated Tiger Ali Singh in the first round by pinfall.