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06-29-2012, 01:01 PM
Well, after what I think was a very sucessful PPV in Best of the World 2012, Ring of Honor have a fairly big wait until their next PPV, which will be Death Before Dishonor X airing on September 15th. I thought I may as well start up some discussion on an event that I have high expectations for, what with the technical difficulties seemingly behind us and some interesting storylines leading up to it.

So here's a thread to discuss anything and everything DBD-X related. I'll get the ball rolling with a couple of points of discussion:

The big gap between PPVs

Anyone else feel that after having a PPV event a month since March (more if you count SitS as two) that having a break of nearly three months is a bit weird. Especially as they have finally fixed all the technical issues, one would think that they'd want to capitalise on the positive feeling for the product at the moment. Do you think they'll do a Ten Year Anniversary and announce a show that was previously booked as a house show has been upgraded to PPV at a later date, but not have many TV events building for it? Maybe the Spartanburg event where Steen defends against Homicide, or the Rhode Island card? Would you be for or against this, and do you think this long build will be good for DBD-X, or will the gap be too large?

Who will challenge for the Championships?

There don't seem to be any definate challengers set up yet, but I guess that's to be expected what with a three month build coming up.

World Championship

Looking first at the World title picture, who will Steen be facing for the World championship, assuming he still has the title at that time after facing Homicide and Roderick Strong and another mystery opponent before that along with probably one or two more (though I fully expect he will). With Davey having his last shot at Steen at BitW, and Richards, Strong and Homicide all already having shots at him at the point DBD-X will come around, the picture is wide open. I don't expect either of Strong, Edwards or Homicide to receive another shot so soon after their first, especially not on PPV, so that leaves the door open for somebody else who is yet to win the prestigious belt have a shot.

At the moment, IMHO, I'd say the front runner is Michael Elgin. He already has a world title shot in his back pocket after winnig Survival of the Fittest, and we know that he can put on great PPV main events after SitS. The only thing I see holding himback would possibly be his current program with a House of Truth break that is being teased, although I could see a championship match being a good stage for the eventual break up of the break out star of 2012.

The other person I could see taking on the Antichrist of professional wrestling, would be a certain Jay Leathal. The ROH bookers seem constantly hot on him, although I'm not overly sure why, evident by his impressive win loss record since returning to ROH, with him very rarely losing cleanly. I'm not his biggest fan, as his character just annoys me, and his promos are just boring in my eyes. He does put on consistantly good to great matches though, and behind Eddie and Davey he seems to be the next top face, so I could well see him getting the shot.

TV Championship

Who is Roddy going to be facing at DBD-X? That is, like Steen, assuming he holds onto the belt until then. I see Leathal moving away from the TV title for a bit now, so who does that leave? For me there are two guys in the running.

My first choice would be Adam Cole. He's actually got a shot at the belt today (as I write this) at the TV taping. I see him getting screwed out of the shot, probably by Truth Martini getting the messiah of the backbreaker DQ'd and consequently him holding onto the title. This would lead to a rematch at Death Before Dishonor. Cole's got so much momentum after that fantastic match with O'Reilly, and I think these two could put on a great showing and possible show stealer at DBD.

The other guy who's clearly in the picture is a certain Sicilian Psychopath named Tommaso Ciampa. There's a definate storyline between the two stables, and this could well lead to a title match at the next PPV. For me it's just a matter of when they pull the trigger. I see the Embassy and House of Truth merging, and Ciampa leaving and fueding off with Roderick for the TV Championship, teaming with Elgin who will also split against Strong and Rhino. This could result in a match at the PPV, or the PPV match could be the catalyst. I'm just wondering if ROH want to drag it out a little longer, as ROH so often does.

Tag Team Championships

Last one, I promise ;) Who will ANX, after finally winning the belts, be taking on in their first PPV defence? I, again, see it going one of two ways. The first is the most likely, and that's to have WGTT cash in their rematch. It's going to happen at sometime right, so why not at DBD?

The second route to go would be to have livE challenge for the belts. Play off the livE takeover of ROH and have Jacobs and Corino team up to try and take the belts, and take the hostage crisis of Ring of Honor up to the next level.

So that's quite enough typing for me. Responces, comments, more questions. All are welcome, as long as they're DBD related. Also, please no spoilers :)

06-29-2012, 03:10 PM
I am commenting on the length between PPvs which as you are i am bewildered that they are waiting so long now that things seem to be sorted!

I think they should run a PPV if financial do-able every two months.

07-01-2012, 11:35 AM
I am commenting on the length between PPvs which as you are i am bewildered that they are waiting so long now that things seem to be sorted!

I think they should run a PPV if financial do-able every two months.

It does give them chance to get a really good build for DBD though. So I guess that's a plus