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06-07-2012, 07:55 AM
You ever say "I could book a show better than that." and then someone replies "Doubt it, its not easy." Well, sometimes I truely feel I can book better than the WWE bookers. Honestly, and I'm going to prove it. I will pick up from This past Monday, and Book Smackdown(Yes I know its already happened) and every raw SD, No Way Out, MITB, and up til Summer Slam. Not all in one post, just if the feedback is good and I can book better than the WWE. And if people want me to go further, I will. So Here's Smackdown. (By the way I'm going to be realistic, no Goldberg suddenly appears, or blood, ect. I'm using what WWE has right now and following PG. Plus changes will happen over time, I'm trying to book it as WWE is taking step by step in the right direction. It may look the same the first couple weeks, but I will try my best to make it good.)

Friday Night Smackdown: June 8th, 2012

Ring Segment 1: Sheamus comes out and cuts a promo and calls ADR a coward for attacking him from behind on RAW, and shows the footage, ect ect. Ricardo comes out to distract Sheamus, and from behind Del Rio comes in and smacks Sheamus in the back with a chair. He puts Sheamus's arm in the chair and stomps on it and applies the armbar. Del Rio has a smirk look on his face, and declares at No Way Out, he will be the New World Heavyweight Champion....because...you guessed it, its his Destiny!

Match 1: Sin Cara(Winner by pinfall) vs. Heath Slater
This match is a rematch from last week's. There are comments shown from one of WWE's Youtube shows, Slater complaing about it being dark ect ect, so in this match the lights are normal. In the End Cara still wins fairly easily. Aftert he match, Hunico and Camicho come out and attck Cara. Hunico gets on the mic and says beating a redneck ginger with no talent wasn't a fluke, but beating him on RAW was. He declares a rematch on RAW.

Backstage Segment 1: Sheamus is backstage with Eve, he is demanding Johnny Ace to put him up against Del Rio. Eve says Johnny Ace isn't here and has recived word he'll be in tonights main event against the number 1 contender to the WWE Championship Kane. Sheamus walks off and Del Rio comes on camera and smirks liking the match. Eve says not to get too cocky because tonight he is in a match next. Del Rio demands to know against who, Christian walks on screen, cracks a joke or 2 and says Del Rio is going against him.

Match 2: Christian vs. Del Rio(Winner by Pinfall)
Lengthy match (TV wise) , not a long match but just enough, Christian is about to pull off the win when Cody Rhodes makes a distraction and Del Rio gets a cheap roll up. Del Rio and Rhodes beat on Christian til Sheamus makes the save. Del Rio storms off, Rhodes eats a Brouge Kick.

Backstage Segment 2: Josh Mattews looks scared as he is interviewing Kane. He asks Kane about his match with Sheamus tonight. Kane says nothing. AJ is shown kinda stalkish. Kane glances at her, and just walks off.

Match 3: Decent length match. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth(Winners by DQ) vs. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil
Epico and Primo come out and attack Truth and Kingston in the middle of the match. AW is with them. Suddenly O'Neil and Young attack Epico and Primo and walk off with AW. Epico and Primo look confused.

Segment 2: Daniel Bryan is in the ring. He calls AJ out to the ring. He basically ask what she's thinking with all these looks she's giving Punk, and Kane. He's calls insults her over and over. Punk comes out. Punk asks Bryan if he has anything better to do than insult a woman. Punk tells AJ to slap Bryan. Bryan says no one wants to see that. Punk says He wants to see it, Punk asks if the crowd wants to see it, "YES YES YES" chants. Bryan then asks the same question "Oh, you really want to see her smack me?" "YES YES YES" chants. Bryan says too bad, she doesn't have the guts, she's hopeless human being who has to cling onto someone to survive. Bryan Mocks her and puts his face out, AJ slaps the shit out of him. Bryan almost looks like he's gonna slap her back then Punk goes on the attack, Bryan quickly weasles outta the ring and runs away.

Back Stage Segement 3: Zack Ryder and Santino are shown back stage glancing around every corner scared about the Big Show from the attack last week. They see a large shadow around the corner and freeze, Kalhi walks around the corner and says "Boo". Ryder says thats not funny, and walks away with Santino. Kahli turns around into the Big Show, Show knocks him out cold with a single punch.

Match 4: Damien Sandow vs. Ryback. (Win by DQ)
Quic match. This match happens when Sandow comes to the Ring. He says he's been matched up with unworthy after unworthy competition. He demands someone that is worthy. Cue Ryback. Sandow is getting is bummed kick, but has gotten in some offense, not a complete sqush, but close to one. He slids outta the ring Ryback follows, Sandow grabs the bell and slams it into Rybacks's face. Sandow taunts, and gets on the mic. "You're Welcome". is all he says.

Backstage Segment 4: AW, Darren Young, and O'neil are seen talking to Dolph Ziggler. Vickie comes up and says EXCUSE ME. She asks what that was all about? He replies nothing. She asks if he isn't planning on replacing her. Ziggler just walks away. Swagger walks up and says "He'll go talk to him."

Match 5: Zack Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro (Winner by pinfall)
Decent length match . Cesaro gets a win making him look crediable. He walks 'celebrates with Akasana'.

Backstage Segment 5: Drew MCINTYRE is backstage complaing to Eve that he is not being used right. Eve brushes him off. AW then approaches him, and the camera cuts off.

Match 6: Sheamus(Winner by countout) vs. Kane.
Decent length Main event, not the longest ever. However, Bryan comes out and taunts Kane with a chair like before in the past and Kane just chooses to follow him backstage. Punk Blocks Bryan out, Bryan eats a choke slam, Punk grabs the chair Bryan dropped and starts hammering Kane with it. Sheamus is still in the ring, Del Rio tris the same old thing of sneaking up behind him again, but Sheamus saw it coming and hits a Brouge Kick. Sheamus celebrats in the ring.

I know this seemed like even a show WWE would do now, but I need to book more shows obviously to continue storylines, and it will get better. Let me know if I should continue.