View Full Version : If you could book RAW 6/4/2012

06-02-2012, 12:13 PM
Though none of us will ever get to book a RAW and I'm sure there are hundreds of "what would you do" blogs, how would you book this coming Monday to change the landscape with the major matches already booked for No Way Out 2012?

The 3 top matches don't interest me much and I can assume how they'll play out but I'd book the seeds to a physical break up for Ziggler and Swagger. A future match between them could be gold and a tweener/heelish face version of Ziggler could work out? No?

06-02-2012, 12:30 PM
I think if they were gonna turn one of Ziggler/Swagger heel, it should be Swagger. His gimmick would work great as a face. The All American-American? If he did it right, the fans would definitely get behind him.

As for the top three matches. I'd have Cena & Sheamus face Del Rio & Big Show, but have Show go off on one again and KO Punch all 3 men.

I'd have Rhodes-Christian be booked for No Way Out.

I'd also have a handicap match of Kane against Punk & Bryan, but have Bryan turn on Punk, leaving Kane to cleanly pin Punk.

I'd have Primo & Epico cash in their rematch clause on a weakened Kofi & Truth and have Primo & Epico win, before Truth turns on Kofi and turns heel again.

Probably slip in a divas match somewhere too.

06-02-2012, 12:56 PM
Show v. Cena needs a stipulation added to it. (i.e. Show is wrestling for Big Johnny's job). Otherwise, it's a meaningless match that just so happens to be main eventing a Pay-Per-View.

Eddie's got it right with Kane pinning Punk clean. Somehow, someway, that has to happen.

Ryback needs his first RAW match. Not a "Feed! Me! More!" squashfest, a real godamn wrestling match.

Christian v. Cody should get made this week, shouldn't it?

S.E. Zero
06-02-2012, 02:39 PM
Let's see I'd.....

Have a special intergender tag match with Phoenix and Rhodes vs Layla and Christian (Nice pairing of champions, eh? ;) )

Have Punk, Bryan and Kane compete in a 3 way tag match where they each had to find their own partner...maybe see Punk with Santino (again nice meeting of champions, eh? haha), Bryan with Ziggler (he needs to be in the main event, duh) and then Kane says he needs no partner so he competes alone. Kane will win by pinning Ziggler or Marella and keeping Punk and Bryan to himself for NWO.

Show off All World stable and how it's grown but more importantly speak on what their purpose is.

Highlight the HHH vs Lesnar/Heyman lawsuit

Have Big Show and Cena have a face off

Maybe see Big Show in action in a handicap match with Clay and Riley

Finally maybe have Zack Ryder return to WWE TV against Curt Hawkins, which he can win cleanly on lose if Reks helps Hawkins