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06-02-2012, 11:40 AM
Hello guys, I go by TKO. I am a wrestling fan and I read a lot of these types of forums. There are a lot of people who talk of how wrestling could improve and while I'll add to that, I'm going to explain why I think wrestling won't.

The Peak
Many have said wrestling has peaked and its true. I remember the NWO, Austin, Rock, DX and the overall Monday Night Wars/Attitude era. One problem with the Attitude Era is that personalities from that era hold themselves so high that they destroy the idea of THIS era. Triple H is the future of WWE's direction. He himself said "we are the last 2 of an era who laid it all on the line, night in night out." That comment made it seem as though todays era are a bunch of pussies. Besides Austin, Rock, DX, Mankind, Kane and Taker...there were a lot of stupid segments and bad gimmicks as well. The Attitude Era wasn't flawless. The Monday Night Wars were in fact the reason why wrestling became popular. Austin and DX were forced because of the NWO. There would be no NWO if WWE wasn't the top dog, forcing WCW to be different. Wrestling is an odd commodity and it needed an Eric Bishoff to change the typical landscape. Without the NWO, WWE might not have allowed an Austin. There would be no need for a DX. The direction they were going before their ratings started to drop wasn't good, just like today. That peak, that desperate attempt to shock people is gone.

The Opportunity
A recent comment made by Paul Heyman regarding talent having to step up is great but there lies the 2nd issue. I remember a Stone Cold DVD I had where one of the producers of RAW said "we just let him go out there and be himself and thats all it took." I believe it was Jim Cornette talking about Steve Austin. Look at WWE's talent pool. Say what you will but todays roster is IMO one of the best rosters they have ever had. So why is the product struggling? The opportunity is gone. All that "talent needs to step up" rap is just that, CRAP! How do you step up when you are given a script? Do you wrestle better? No they all pretty much are great wrestlers and athletes. Do you cut a better promo? No, because going off script is like asking to be unemployed, right. So...how do you step it up? Ask for some promo time to get it turned down? I don't know the backstage rules and regulations but the last time someone was just given a mic to give the impression of shock was CM Punk, July 2011. These guys aren't given anything to say. Maybe thats all it takes is a guy saying "you know what? I have an idea for my character than can help the company." Most of these guys are still fans of the product so if they aren't contributing then there lies a problem. Think of Orton walking out not just hitting an RKO on Miz. What if he came out and talked about the Miz in a discouraging way? What if he challenged Miz to a match because he wants to test out Miz's accusations of being awesome. What if he said "you never should have been in the main event, you aren't awesome and I'll prove it." I'm a fan like any fan who can come up with scenarios, so why don't they ever go our way? Why aren't there any "fans" writing the show. Vince and HHH are business men who know the wrestling script. They aren't the fans the pay to see what they rarely get to.

The Spot
To be the top dog is every mans goal. In the Rocks DVD, he talked about sharing the spotlight with Austin and how they had a personal rivalry called competition. It's the nature of the beast in every aspect of life. The problem is, WWE is scripted. You think Mike Tyson was gonna help Lennox Lewis get to the top? You think Kobe Bryant was excited about Lebron James being called the new face of basketball? You think any old quarterback is excited about a hot new rookie taking his spot? NO! But in WWE it should be different, especially when the COO is still a wrestler. To put over a star is much more valuable than wrestling the same established star 3 times at Wrestlemania. Granted, Triple H and Undertaker III was great, but the next night is an after thought. The Rock comes back to take on already established John Cena but the next night is an afterthought. The top spot is only good when you are surrounded with hungry challengers for that spot but when you remove the opportunity, you remove the chance to make a star. Thats what this part of the piece is about. Rock, Cena, Undertaker and Triple H all have the opportunity to share the spotlight with a new guy. But they refuse to acknowledge anyone but themselves and it has been the curse of the WWE for years. Look at the 3 top matches of Wrestlemania 28. 6 guys and only 2 are full time and only 1 is a new(ish) star. CM Punk is the right guy to push but he doesnt yet have that spot. But why only have one new spot at the top? How come Sheamus isnt marketed better to be the Batista to CM Punks John Cena, similar to the Rock to Stone Cold. Why isn't a heel given a chance to repeatedly get the better of a major star over and over again until he is being taken seriously. That top spot doesnt need to be protected. I've heard it before on this site. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes a CM Punk can beat John Cena on consecutive ppv's. Same with Mark Henry going over Orton twice. It happens. But look at today regarding those 2 superstars. Henry is back down the card. And Punk, while WWE Champion, is in the 2nd priority feud. Cena and Orton are still those guys and Triple H will face Brock soon. Triple H vs Brock benefits neither man. It opens up the door for new money which is understandable and gives fans a new rivalry between two marketable names but the next night is an afterthought, again. The top spot remains in the hands of pre-existing stars while they make comments like "you need to step up and deliver."

The Product
The product is rated PG and theres nothing wrong with PG, until its compared to the almighty Attitude Era. The show doesnt need the word "ass" to be successful. The blood adds drama and the idea of brutality to a scripted show and that has hurt the product. The lighthearted segments, the horrible attemps at comedy and the same old shit week in and week out have hurt the product. Thanksgiving and Halloween backstage segments are hard to watch. Hall of Famers dancing backstage. Santino's hand puppet, Brodus Clay squashes, Tensai spitting in his hand, Teddy Long being treated like a second hand citizen and the Three Stooges on screen in 2012 are channel changers. Plus the NBA and NFL, not to mention other high demand programs dominate monday nights. You really have to do something special every Monday to regain the viewership and I'm sorry but that's not happening. I could sit here all day and draw out 52 weeks of nail biting shows like you because I'm a wrestling fan and I know my characters. I'd love to see Ziggler break out and do something special. I'd love for an established group of guys to band together against WWE in the form of a faction. I hate to say it but why hasnt John Cena turned on the fans and turned the wrestling world upside down? The product is set up for failure. For every Wrestlemania theres a poor ppv that no one will care about, PLUS the price has gone up for a product that is half of what it used to be. Thats like charging more for lower grade meat, or cracking the price up of a bad movie just because its in 3D now.

This is my first real piece of wrestling related writing. The structure wasnt perfect but the point remains the same. I don't think the WWE will get better. We all have ideas of where to start but we are the only ones listening to ourselves. The WWE will keep moving and when the rating get lower they will do a gimmick show or throw money in the air or promise something and not deliver. On top of the fact we all expect more than we are given for free. But to dig deeper into that last comment, during the Attitude Era, they gave us gold for nothing so...thats my point. Thank you for reading

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you lost me at whoring your song.

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I took it out, I actually wanted to write that since I've been losing interest in wrestling. The song is NOT important

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This should be a blog or something ....

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You should had seriously stuck to what is wrong today... From the lack of building certain stars, to the build up of certain ones then turning them into jobbers, to the wellness policy, to even Cena not paying contractors remodeling his house....

But overall very interesting post... But actually I felt the peak of wrestling started in early 90s with PPV expansion, and Hogan jumping to WCW.... Which lead to the nWo and the Attitude Era of the WWE and Steve Austin go against the boss, and DX and etc... and the reason why Live TV became a essential at least for the top show of a company...

06-02-2012, 12:23 PM
You are right, there is so much to cover. Watching a few WE programs on Netflix just gave me that urge to touch on the past and little things here and there. I'll get better

06-02-2012, 01:43 PM
Great entry from you TKO but as you have said yourself there is certainly to much to cover.

06-02-2012, 01:44 PM
This should definitely have been put on your blog. The forum is for discussion and opinions on topics, but this is you feeding us your opinions, which is the purpose of a blog.

06-02-2012, 04:54 PM
Hello guys, I go by TKO.

Some stuff.....

Thank you for reading

Whilst you have put a lot of effort into telling us all why you, essentially, think wrestling now sucks. Where is the bit about why you are still watching it? Why you are still a fan? Why you have enough passion about it to script such a mega-OP? Or are you just a glass half empty kind of guy?

Tommy Thunder
06-02-2012, 04:58 PM
Ever heard of blogging? I suggest you try it, I sense you'd be good at it.

06-02-2012, 05:08 PM
Ever heard of blogging? I suggest you try it, I sense you'd be good at it.

Someone said the same to me about becoming an assassin. 27 kills in and I think they were right.

Tommy Thunder
06-02-2012, 05:24 PM
Someone said the same to me about becoming an assassin. 27 kills in and I think they were right.

Hey, you see! With a little push you can become whatever you want to be!

06-02-2012, 05:32 PM
Whilst you have put a lot of effort into telling us all why you, essentially, think wrestling now sucks. Where is the bit about why you are still watching it? Why you are still a fan? Why you have enough passion about it to script such a mega-OP? Or are you just a glass half empty kind of guy?

No, no. Maybe I have a lot to learn about where to put material and how to navigate and I apologize. This is the first site I go to for wrestling news so I def don't want a bad rep if I'm going to be posting. It was experimental and ran on longer than expected. I didn't say it sucks. I said there are reasons why a lot of people don't tune in. I grew up watching it and have become accustomed to the product. Time has been invested in the growth of these characters. As a fan of wrestling, I haven't stopped watching because what if I quit and something entertaining happens and I didn't see it live like those who do watch it.

06-02-2012, 08:09 PM
It's a blog! Look out!

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I'm still piss at myself for looking up the video tikayoh made.