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05-20-2012, 12:50 PM
What's up EWN! I am beginning my TNA series, as I take over. I'll write shows as much as I can, but unfortunately I won't go into much detail because I'm busy with school and shiz.

I'll update the roster as much as I can!:

Current Roster:

AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
Alex Silva
Austin Aries
Chris Sabin
'The Pope' D'Angelo Dinero
Doug Williams
Garrett Bischoff
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jesse Sorenson
King Mo
Kurt Angle
Mark Haskins
Matt Morgan
Mr. Anderson
Samoa Joe
Shannon Moore

Bobby Roode
Bully Ray
Chris Daniels
Eric Young
Kid Kash
Rob Terry (Robbie T)
Robbie E
Zema Ion

Tag Teams:
Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)
Robbie E and Robbie T
Daniels and Kaz
Samoa Joe and Magnus


Brooke Tessmacher
Mickie James
Velvet Sky

Angelina Love
Gail Kim
Madison Rayne

TNA World Heavyweight: Bobby Roode
X-Division: Austin Aries
Television: Devon
Knockouts: Gail Kim
Tag Team: Kaz and Daniels

05-20-2012, 01:09 PM
Taz: Hello, and welcome to Impact Wrestling!
Mike Tenay: All you Impact fans will have a great time tonight! As it is a new beginning!
Taz: That's right! Dixie Carter has resigned as Impact Wrestling's president, but the reason is unknown.
Tenay: And Hulk Hogan has resigned as the General Manager of Impact Wrestling!
Taz: And tonight, we'll see who is the new President and the GM! As the person is gonna take both roles!

Angels and Stars by Eric Turner hits! And we're ready to go!

Shaz: Well, I can see it in all of your eyes, as I know that you're wondering who the hell I am! Well I am Shaz! You're new General Manager and President of Impact Wrestling! or TNA you can call it, whatever. And I will promise all of you people that I will make this company better than a company which can't give makes their own shows PG! I would like to take this time to call out the whole TNA roster!

*The whole roster comes out*

Shaz: Well, I see ODB and Eric Young with the Knockout Tag Team belts. I don't like that, as Eric Young is NOT a Knockout. He is a wrestler and he is a MALE! So I will be stripping ODB and Eric Young out of the Knockout Tag belts. And I will scrap the belt!

*Eric Young and ODB shout 'what'!*

Shaz: Look, I apologize to you two but I want to Eric Young to expose his true talent. But I'll make it up for you two. How about tonight, Eric Young faces Devon for the T.V title. And ODB will get a Knockouts Champion match tonight?!

*Eric Young and ODB nod yes

Shaz: Well that's done isn't it?! Ok, Devon. I won't have you defending your belt every single week because I don't want you getting injured! But you will still defend your belt on the Impact shows; And tonight we'll have a King of the Mountain qualifying matches! And the losers will also have a match at Slammiversary to determine the number 1 contender for the World Champion at the next PPV

Shaz: Oh, and Bobby Roode. You'll also be in action tonight!

Shaz: Well that's it from me! I hope you enjoy Impact tonight!

AJ Styles vs Crimson - KOTM qualifier
As AJ's about to go for the Bayle Kick, Kaz and Daniels distract him. Crimson goes for the spear but AJ jumps high in the air to avoid getting hit, and AJ hits the Bayle, but Kaz quickly lays him out! Giving AJ the win by DQ
Winner: AJ Styles via DQ (15:12)

AJ just stands in the ring and laughs at Kaz and Daniels. And AJ is the 2nd man in the KOTM contest, as Crimson looks pissed and he attacks AJ before leaving, Daniels and Kaz come running and they also attack AJ.

Daniels: Well, well, well. Me and Kaz had to do, what we had to do! Once again we attacked your boyfriend AJ Styles. Oh wait, I forgot, AJ can't have a boyfriend can he? Why? Because he's got a GIRLFRIEND. And guess what I recorded with Kaz's Ipad.

*Daniels presses play on Kaz's Ipad to show a video of AJ and Dixie Carter snogging*

Is this really appropirate for all you people? I mean, look at the kids faces. AJ has done something bad, and your still cheering him. This is bullshit! Now we can all see why AJ's had a successful career in TNA! Because of Dixie Carter! She is the biggest slut in the whole entire world. How dare she do favouritism with a TNA wrestler! This video, these photos say it all! But now she is gone! Gone from this company! And..

*Samoa Joe and Magnus's music hits and they come out with a mic*

Joe: Well this really isn't related to me or Magnus. But you two need to cut it out! You two are just jealous about the fact that AJ's had a more successful career than both of you! What's the problem in AJ and Dixie Carter having a relationship! There isn't a law saying that two employees can't have a relationship together. But luckilly for you, she's gone. So there shouldn't be a problem about Dixie and AJ going out!

Kaz: Who told you two to get involved?

Magnus: We aren't getting involved!

Kaz: Then why the hell are you here?!

Magnus: Because we want to invoke our rematch clause for the TNA Tag Team belts! We deserve a shot at those belts! We shouldn't have lost those belts at Sacrifice! But luckily for you two we did lose them! So we deserve a title shot!

*Shaz's music hits*

Shaz: What do I see? I see the tag team of Magnus and Joe in the ring! And I see the tag team of Daniels and Kaz in the ring! Well how about this! Magnus and Joe will face Kaz and Daniels for the Tag Team belts.....at Slammiversary! Luckilly for ME, you 4 are already in the ring so Kaz wil take on Magnus right here and right now!

Kaz vs Magnus
As Magnus goes for the Tormentum, Kazarian reverses and kicks Magnus in the gut. As Magnus is in pain, Kaz goes for the advantage to hit Magnus with the Fade To Black and he gets the pinfall!
Winner: Kaz (5:19)

Commercial Break

Backstage: We see Eric Young warming up for his match, he leaves his Locker Room and is on his way to the ring!

Eric Young vs Devon - TV Champion Match
As E-Y's about to hit the Youngblood Neckbreaker, Devon reverses it into a Thrust Spinebuster to get the pinfall!
Winner: Devon (still champion, 10:48)

After the match Eric Young accidently bangs his head on a turnbuckle. Devon helps him up from the floor and they have a handshake. E-Y taps Devon's back and then hits a Youngblood Neckbreaker. E-Y smirks afterwards.

05-20-2012, 01:10 PM
Match 4: RVD vs Mr. Anderson w Jeff Hardy - KOTM Qualifier
As Anderson's about to kick RVD, RVD reverses it to a Stepover Spinning Wheel Kick, he hits a Five Star Frog Splash pin on Anderson to get the pinfall.
Winner: RVD (7:34)

After the match, RVD gives Anderson a handshake, and them two along with Jeff Hardy walk out together.

Commercial Break
*We see Bully Ray in the ring with a mic*

Bully Ray: Do you know who I am?! I am Bully Ray! You see, Abyss is just a guy with no abilty to wrestle. Just because he is big, he thinks that he is a good wrestler. Well no he isn't! He can't wrestle to save his life! And he can't even reveal his face to the world! He is Impact Wrestling's biggest pussy! His brother, is just a food eating monster who can't hurt anyone. Even my calves would squash him. I am better than both of them put together! Abyss is just a nobody!

*Abyss's music hits*

Abyss: Wait a sec. Did I hear right? Did you just say that I can't wrestle? Says the man who thinks his calves are a threat to other wrestlers on the roster. Ray you may be a bully, but you are a fool! All you have won in TNA is a load of Tag Team belts. I have won the X-Division Champion...

Ray: You won the X-Division Champion, huh? Well that proves that you can't wrestle people that are your own size!

Abyss: Let me finish you twat with a big mouth! I have won the X-Divison Champion, the Television Champion, the Tag Team Champion and The World Heavyweight Champion! I am a grand slam champion! And you say that you're better than me? You need to get your brain tested! Because your IQ looks smaller than the height of a guy called Hornswoggle!

Ray: Well, you look fatter than a.......than a...

Abyss: You have nothing to say! Whoops, have I popped your cherry?

Ray: Listen you son of a bitch! When I come face to face with you! I will beat the living crap out of you! So keep that in mind you punk!

Abyss: Well...

*Shaz's music hits*

Shaz: Sorry to interupt you there Abyss. I must admit, Abyss, you really did diss the hell of Bully Ray and you made a complete fool out of him. Well all you two said was words! So how about at Slammiversary instead of words, it'll be moves! You two will face each other!

*Shaz leaves as Bully Ray looks pissed*

Match 5:
Abyss and Austin Aries vs Bully Ray and Zema Ion
The match goes into a no contest, as Bully Ray and Abyss brawl, and they take it backstage. Aries and Zema Ion also brawl in the ring. Kid Kash comes out and helps Zema Ion attack Ray. But RVD makes the save and is in the ring with a chair, as Kash and Ion leave the ring smirking.
Winners: No Contest (2:01)

Match 6:
Gail Kim (c) vs ODB - Knockouts Champion Match
Kim hits a Eat Defeat on ODB, and goes for the pin with her feet on the ropes.
Winner: Gail Kim (Stil Champion, 14:59)

Commercial Break

*ODB is in Shaz's locker room. She looks pissed*

ODB: What the hell! Gail Kim clearly cheated! She put her feet on the ropes!

Shaz: Well luckilly your here already, I know she cheated but she's made a big mistake because at Slammiversary you will go one on one with Kim in a Knockouts Champion rematch!

ODB: Well that's great, thank you Shaz!

Shaz: That's my pleasure!

*ODB does her wierd dance thing and leaves*
*The camera goes back to the Impact Zone*

Bobby Roode comes out in a suit and he's in the ring with a mic.

Roode: Well as the new GM and President of TNA has put me in action tonight! He obviously does not understand what I want in Impact Wrestling! I am the greatest TNA World Heavyweight Champion of the history of all histories! I am the most dominating World Champion in the TNA roster! I am better than the two wrestlers who claim that they're the best in the world at what they do! When they're not! Shaz doesn't understand that I am the most important man in the Impact Wrestling. I totally despise Shaz! But after Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan left, I've realized that I won the battle and the war against them two! They tried to beat me, but they failed. Because they're old and worthless! What kind of president, has a relationship with a successful employee, and then gives him all the title shots and all the belts he can have! What kind of General Manager takes over the company, and betrays every single one of you. And after him and Sting buried their differences you stil cheered the freak! And I forgot to mention, what kind of GM makes a sextape? Are they really the people that you wanted to rule TNA! They ruined TNA! But now I am in charge, everything will be going my way and...

*Shaz's music hits*

Shaz: What do you mean when you say 'But now I am in charge' and 'everything will be going my way'. You may be the World Heavyweight Champion, but you're not the boss of the company! I am the boss of the company! I rule the company! Like it...or love it! And you'll still be going one on one with.....Kurt Angle, so get your wannabe badass suit off and start wrestling!

MATCH 7: Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode
Winner: Kurt Angle (via DQ, 17:44)
A back and forth match, as Angle is on the floor, Roode locks in the Crossface. Angle refuses to tap out and the ref counts to make sure Roode breaks the hold. Roode argues with the ref, but Angle from behind hits the Angle Slam, and then locks in the Ankle Lock. Roode winces in pain, but he refuses to tap out. From out of nowhere, Kaz and Daniels come out to the ring and they break the hold. They attack Angle, and Roode joins in. But AJ comes out to make the save, him and Angle fight off Roode, Kaz and Daniels but....

*Lights go out*

A masked man helps AJ and Angle attack Kaz, Daniels and Roode. The heels leave the ring, and AJ, the masked man and Angle stand tall. But the masked man is about to take off his mask!...
STING IS BACK! As the commentators and the fans go mental! He grabs a mic but..

*Shaz's music hits*
Shaz: Sorry Sting, to interupt you as you were about to talk. But I've got an idea. You still want to get revenge on Bobby Roode? Well unfortunately you won't face him 1 on 1, because you already have and errrm...he beat you. So how about this, you will be the Special Enforcer for the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary!

*Camera fades to black*

Hope you liked the show, I'll have plenty more surprises for you so stay tuned!

05-20-2012, 03:50 PM
Current Slammiversary 2012 Card:

Gail Kim (c) vs ODB - TNA Knockouts Champion Match

Samoa Joe and Magnus vs Kaz and Daniels - TNA Tag Team Champion Match

Bully Ray vs Abyss

Bobby Roode (c) vs RVD vs AJ Styles vs TBA vs TBA - King Of The Mountain Match for the World Heavyweight Champion, Sting is the
Special Enforcer

Crimson vs Mr. Anderson vs TBA vs TBA - 4-Way Elimination Match to determine the #1 contender for the TNA Heavyweight Champion