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05-18-2012, 11:47 AM
Hey you people, this is irishman101 here, and today I would like to proudly announce my new WWE based e-fed. I have mostly WWE guys with a dozen or so TNA guys. On these couple of posts, I will give the lay of the land, what storylines are going on,roster etc. This Roster page will be updated after every Title change or debut/turn/return




Del Rio
Kurt Angle
Randy Orton
Dean Ambrose
Bobby Roode
Dolph Ziggler
Austin Aries
Drew McIntyre
Mark Henry
Daniel Bryan- Intercontinental Champion
William Regal
Heath Slater


CM Punk- WWE Champion
Chris Jericho
Jesse Sorenson
Samoa Joe
Jack Swagger
Seth Rollins
Zack Ryder
Big Show
John Morrison- Raw MITB Holder
Yoshi Tatsu

Tag Teams

The Hardy Boyz- The Dudleys
Titus O Neil and Darren Young


The New Breed- Manager- Eric Bischoff. Members- Kurt Angle, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, David Otunga- World Tag Team Champions- (Ziggler and Ambrose)


SmackDown GM- Mick Foley


AJ Styles- SD MITB holder
Wade Barrett
Cody Rhodes- US Champion
The Miz
Richie Steamboat
Claudio Castanogli
Mark Henry
Damien Sandow
Trent Barreta
Curt Hawkins


John Cena
Goldberg- World Heavyweight Champion
Ted DiBiase
Sin Cara
Rey Mysterio
Justin Gabriel
Derrick Batemen
Tyler Reks

Tag Teams

The Briscoes
The Hart Dynasty
Motor City Machine Guns
Primo and Epico


The Ministry- Manager- Paul Bearer. Members- Sting, Abyss- WWE Tag Team Champs


Beth Phoenix(H)
Trish Stratus (F)- Women's Champion
Lita (F)
Kharma (T)
AJ (F)
Natalya (F)
Kaitlyn (F)
Velvet Sky (H)
Gail Kym (H)


Brock Lesnar
Mason Ryan
Michael McGillicuty
Brodus Clay

PPV List

January 27- Royal Rumble
February 17- No Way Out
April 7- WrestleMania 29
May 12-Backlash!
June 9- Money In The Bank
July 7- King Of The Ring
August 4- SummerSlam
September 1- Badd Blood
September 29-Vengence
October 20-Cyber Sunday
November 24- Survivor Series
December 22- Last Resort


WWE Champion
Cm Punk- Prev. - 25/11/12
Alberto Del Rio- 25/11/12- 23/12/12
CM Punk- 23/12/12-

Sheamus prev.- 17/6/12
Randy Orton- 17/6/12- 19/8/12
Batista- 19/8/12- 23/12/12
Goldberg- 23/12/12-

IC Title
Cody Rhodes- prev.- 17/6/12
Ted DiBiase- 17/6/12- 16/9/12
Daniel Bryan- 16/9/12-

US Title
Santino- prev.- 15/7/12
The Miz- 15/7/12- 14/10/12
Cody Rhodes- 14/10/12-

Womens Champ
Vacated- prev.-13/7/12
Trish Stratus- 13/7/12-

World Tag Champs
Hardy Boyz- 17/6/12- 28/10/12
Dudley Boys- 28/10/12- 29/10/12
Hardy Boyz- 29/10/12- 7/1/13
The New Breed- 7/1/13-

WWE Tag Champs
The Bros of Destruction- 17/6/12- 23/12/12
Abyss and Sting- 23/12/12

05-18-2012, 04:40 PM

MITB Match- John Morrison (c) def. Austin Aries

US Championship- Cody Rhodes def. Ted DiBiase

Women's #1 contender match- Beth Phoenix def. Natalya

WWE Tag team Champs- Sting and Abyss def. The Bros Of Destruction (c)

Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins- Seth is kicked outta The New Breed.

World Tag Team Champs- Tables Match- The Hardy Boyz (c) def. The Dudleys

IC Title- Daniel Bryan (c) def. Bobby Roode

Unannounced Match- AJ Styles def. Santino

World Heavyweight Championship- Elimination Chamber- Goldberg def. Batista (c), J.Cena, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston

Womens Title: Trish Stratus (c) def. Lita and Velvet Sky

WWE Title- Elimination Chamber- CM Punk def. Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio (c), Randy Orton, RVD

Next up my Raw preview exclusively from WWE.com!

05-18-2012, 05:47 PM
WWE.com Exclusive! RAW preview

It has been six months now since WWE COO Triple H took over the running of day-to-day operations from his father-in-law Vince McMahon. Over the course of those six months, the landscape of the WWE has changed dramactically, with new signings, realeases, and new Champions crowned.

Speaking of Champions, WWE Champion CM Punk will make his first appearance on WWE television since winning the belt inside a brutal Elimination Chamber match against 5 other men, including Kurt Angle, RAW GM Eric Bischoff's 'coporate Champ' and leader of the New Breed, Kurt Angle. Angle has been a constant thorn in Punk's side since arriving on the WWE scene, costing CM Punk his WWE Championship at Survivor Series, ending a year long Title run for Punk. After that hellacious match two weeks ago, Angles New Breed viciously attacked Punk, leaving him to be strecthered out at the end of the show. Punk previously stated that he would take down each and every one of The New Breed, but how?

Speaking of the New Breed, they lost a member last night in the form of Seth Rollins. He and Dean Ambrose were made to fight for their lives in a make or break matchup. Rollins was also savagley beaten down after his match and we have seen no sign of him after Last Resort.

At Last Resort, Daniel 'The Yes! Man' Bryan continued his dominant run of form with the Intercontinental Title when he fended off the formidable challenge of Bobby Roode. Bobby said it was a fluke an that he was embarrased, and demanded a rematch. Tonight, he will have his chance for a rematch at The Royal Rumble, when he takes place in a triple threat #1 contender's match against RVD and Austin Aries.

Jo-Mo defeated Austin Aries at Last Resort and defeating him in tag-team action on last week's Raw, The MITB winner is on a major roll right now. He has previously stated that he will not cash in on a weak Punk, as he has too much respect for him as a competitor. Tonight Morrison faces off against Heath Slater.

After The Hardy Boyz brushed off the challenge of the Dudleys at Last Resort, they isssued an open challenge to any Tag Team in the back that i they could beat them last week, theyd get a Title shot tonight. The New Breed, Ziggler and Ambrose accepted the challenge and with a lil help from Angle and Otunga, they defeated the champs! Setting up an intruging tag match for tonight!

At Last Resort, Beth Phoenix defeated Natalya to become the #1 contender to Trish Stratus' Women's Title. Beth stated publicly that she 'despises Barbie dolls like Trish'. Trish responded last week by slapping the taste out of Beths mouth. Tonight, the Glamazon teams up with Gail Kim up against Trish and Lita.

Confirmed Card
Trish and Lita vs Gail and Beth

John Morrison vs Heath Slater

Daniel Bryan vs Samoa Joe- (non-title)

The New Breed vs The Hardy Boys (c)

Bobby Roode vs RVD vs Austin Aries (#1 contendership for IC Title)

05-19-2012, 07:34 AM
Monday Night Raw! January 7th 2013

Commentators: JR and Jerry Lawler

Raw's pyro goes off as Jim Ross welcomes us to Monday Night Raw alongside his co-commentator, Jerry Lawler. JR immediatley begins hyping the return of CM Punk and what will he have to say on The New Breed.

CM Punk's music hits to momentus cheers from the crowd in attendence. He calls for the mic. after parading around the ring with his WWE Championship. He begins to speak, welcoming the fans to the re-beginning of the 'Era Of Punk', only this time, there will be no Vince McMahon to hold him down, and that now he can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and no-one can do a damn thing about it! He begins to say that he will wrestle at every show, for he is a fighting champ. He said that this time, there will be no 'PG Punk' as he will not be shying away from the spotlight and that he will become the greatest WWE Champion of all time. He begins to talk about the New Breed and Eric Bischoff, but before he can get any further, Bischoff comes out, sarcastically clapping Punk.
He tells him how that was a fine speech, but he had to come out as he picked up on one of the things Punk said, that he said he would be a fighting champ. Bischoff announces to him and the world that tonight, CM Punk would defend his Title aganst none other than Kurt Angle! Angle's music hits and he appears on top of the ramp alongside Eric, who warmly embrace him. Kurt said that Punk's win at Last Resort was a fluke. He goes on to remind us that Punk hasnt beaten Angle in a 1 vs 1 contest since he returned. The have faced off twice and Angle won on both occasions! Angle goes on to say that there is no 'Era Of Punk' but instead it will now be known as the 'Era of The New Breed!'. Angle drops the mic and leaves. Eric follows him out, but before he disappears, he tells Punk that the match will be a No-DQ match!
The segment ends with JR cursing Eric and mulling over the possibility of an inference from the New Breed.

Match 1:#1 contendership for the IC Title
Bobby Roode vs RVD vs Austin Aries

Finish: Aries brings a chair into the ring to finish both men off. But as he gets in, RVD hits him with the Van-Terminator and knocks him out of the ring. Van Dam picks up the chair but as he turns, Roode hits him with a huge spear. He then locks in the crossface onto a near unconsious RVD, who has no choice to tap.
Match Time: 9:56

The ref tries to hve Roode break the hold but he refuses. Bryan comes sprinting down to the ring and picks up the chair, smashing Roode in the skull and appling The Yes! Lock in on him. Roode taps vigourusly and Bryan finally lets go. He kicks him out of the ring and calls for a mic. Bryan talks about how he is the best IC Champion in decades, better than Razor Ramon, better than HHH, better than The Rock, better than anyone that heas ever stepped foot in this ring. He mentions that the Royal Rumble is in under 3 weeks and that he will win the Rumble, go on to 'Mania, and become the WWE and IC Champion simultaneusley and dominate the WWE for years to come! He urges fans to stay tuned to see what he would do to the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe.

Match 2- Daniel Bryan vs Samoa Joe- (non-title)

Finish- Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe have had a slow paced match to this point, both softening each other up for their Submissions. Finally, Bryan locks in the Yes! lock in the centre of the ring. Joe has no options but to tap out.
Match Time- 2:31


We see a recap of Cm Punk and Kurt Angle's face off earlier in the night, and JR and Lawler again discuss the possibilities of a New Breed interference as The New Breed make their way to the ring to loud boos. The Hardy Boyz make their entrances to huge cheers. Eric Bishcoff come out as the music dies down. He announces that this matche will be the special guest referee match, the referee will be.... David Otunga! There are huge boos as Otunga comes out in a referee top.

Match 3- World Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boyz (c) vs The New Breed- Special Guest Ref- Otunga

Finish- The Hardy are on top and do the double team leg-drop onto the neck of Dolph Ziggler. Matt then hits a Twist Of Fate on Ambrose, and Jeff climbs to the top rope and goes for The Swantom, but Otunga pushes him off the top. Matt nails Otunga with a hard left, sending him to the floor. Ziggler comes from behind nailing Matt and Jeff with a chair. He throws the chair outta the ring and hits Jeff with the Zig-Zag. He roars at Otunga to make the cover. Otunga groggily crawls over and counts to three as Ambrose restrains Hardy with a chair.
Match Time- 12:21

After the match, confetti comes dwn and The New Breed celebrate, and they are joined in the ring by Angle and Bischoff, who promise that this is only the beginning of The Era Of The New Breed!


05-19-2012, 08:34 AM
Raw returns from a commercial and JR recaps the New Breeds tag team title win and Lawler reminds us that we still have our HUGE main event to look forward to.

Heath Slater is in the ring waiting for his opponent John Morrison. Morrisons music hits and he walks out holding the Raw MITB breifcase to loud cheers from the members of the wwe fan population.

Match 4: John Morrison vs Heath Slater

Finish: Morrison dominates this match with quick offensive manoeuvres. Slater looks like he has no response to his opponents onslaught. Morrison hits a giant super kick, knocking Heath out cold. He is not finished there as he climbs the ropes and, after a quick taunt from the Shaman Of Sexy, hits the Starship Pain and covers Slater for the three count
Match Time: 3:43

Morrison celebrates and makes his way up to the top of the ramp as the commentators talk about another dominant display from The Monday Night Delight.
The camera cuts to an smirking Alberto Del Rio making his way to the ring alongside Richardo Rodriguez.
Del Rios familiar music hits the arena to a chorus of boos.Richardo Rodriguez announces him into the ring, where Del Rio takes the mic of his announcer. He begins by telling us that his name is Albertooooo Del Rrrriooo but we already know that. He mentions how he is the greatest Mexican wrestler in the history of the WWE! He big the biggest impact, become a three time WWE champion within the space of 2 years. He said how everyone laughed at him when he joined the wwe including all of the fans. He said that he has proved them wrong and that this year is going to be his biggest year yet, and that he will start it off by winning the 2012 Royal Rumble and that once again all you pheasants will bow down at the feet of the maestro!
Del Rio and Rodriguez go to leave the ring when Chris Jericho's music hits and he comes out to address Alberto. He tells him how he's heard a lot of guys who claim that they will win the Royal Rumble, but no-one has given any reasons why excpept for the fact they're the 'maestro'. Chris said that he has a good reason. One thing he hasn't done in the wwe is win the Royal Rumble, which makes him even more determined to win it this year! Another thing he wants to do though, is kick a Mexican Aristocrat's ass! Jericho begins to walk down the ramp toward the two men. Alberto pushes Richardo into Jericho. Richardo tries to plead with Chris, but he doesn't listen and begins hitting him with left and rights. Del Rio blindsides Jericho and the two begin exchanging blows. The Raw GM, Eric Bischoff appears on the tron and tells Chris and Alberto to cut it out and that he has a compromise for the two men, as security comes out to break them up. Eric says he like their fire and says that they should have a match, next week on Raw. and seeing as they're so focused on the Royal Rumble, the winner gets the #30 entrant. The loser...... Gets #1 entrant! Both men nod as Raw goes for another commercial.

Raw returns to the air as we see a divas match taking place in the middle of the ring, Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim up against Trish Stratus and Lita.
Finish: Lita is taken off and Trish can't hold off both Gail and Beth. Gail hits adropkick and Trish stumbles into the glam-slam. Bethcovers her for the three count.

Match 6: WWE Title- CM Punk (c) vs Kurt Angle- No DQ

Finish: Punk sets Angle up for the GTS, but Angle grabs the ropes. As Punk tris to yank him off the rope, Dean Ambrose whacks him with a chair. Angle and The New Breed beat Punk down really bad. Angle goes for the cover but somehow Punk kicks out. As Angle sets Punk up for an Angle Slam onto the chair, John Morrisons music hits and he come out to aid Punk. However the four on two is too much them as the new breed beat them down. Then, we see none other than Set Rollins sprinting thru the crowd into the ring.that evens up the numbers enough for The New Breed to run away and for the first raw of 2013 end with a weak CM Punk holding the WWE Championship aloft as Angle looks furious.

05-20-2012, 10:45 PM
Raw review:

First of all, the roster looks jam packed with stars and egos, and that can sometimes be a great thing, but I fear there could be too many here. It's gonna be interesting to see how you work with these.

I liked the Raw preview as it gave some insight into the 7 months or so that you just skipped. I understand the idea that people like to start at the beginning of a year, but it would have been good to have seen the 7 months being booked themselves. Also, I like the front page, as it helps a lot with the title histories and the PPV card. Last Resort is a great name for a PPV.

Right, so onto the show, CM Punk opens the show since he is once again the WWE Champion. Gotta love Punk. A great promo here, before Eric Bischoff heads out and introduces Punk's opponent for the night, Kurt Angle! Kurt delivers a brilliant promo himself and sets up a huge main event right off the bat. I love the idea of the New Breed too.

Great triple threat to start the match which ends with Roode getting another shot at Bryan. It's interesting these two are World Championship contenders in real life and are in the midcard here, but it is a match I'd love to see. Bryan shows his true heel colours after the match with an attack and cutting a good promo.

Daniel Bryan squashes Samoa Joe in just two and a half minutes, proving himself as the true submission master. That's a shame as I felt a longer match between Bryan and Joe could sell out arenas all around the world, but this was all a good flow and Roode/Bryan should be great whenever it takes place.

It was good to see the recap before the next match, little things like this really go a long way in making a BtB thread better, before we have a World Tag Championships match, but before Ambrose and Ziggler can take on The Hardyz, the referee is announced as none other than the New Breed's David Otunga.

Ambrose & Ziggler use the odds to their advantage and become the World Tag Champs! A big title change, but I felt that Ziggler is underused if he's gonna stay in the Tag Division. I also noticed this with Smackdown (I know Destruction is reviewing that- but I just thought I'd say) and Tyson Kidd. Kidd could be a great midcarder since he's a brilliant technical guy, and possibly the most underrated in WWE by the majority of the fans. Ziggler could be a great main eventer given the chance, so I hope he can break out and possibly even turn face against The New Breed.

It's shocking to see both Money in the Bank's still not cashed in in January, but is great as well. John Morrison beating Heath Slater was good.

A great segment between Del Rio and Jericho here, and as usual, the Rumble is unpredictable so either of these men could win it, but whoever wins a match between them would be great. Here's what I think would be a great idea, since Jericho is the face. Next week, Del Rio wins, but not cleanly. Jericho stays in the Rumble from #1 and eliminates Del Rio when he comes out at #30. Del Rio re-enters the ring and attacks Jericho, eliminating him- and that leads to a Wrestlemania showdown. In-fact, that's a fuckin' brilliant idea. If you don't use that, I will! Haha, but no, it's clear from this first show that you know where you're heading with this saga.

This next little bit looked less important than the rest since you didn't even recap what match it was in a title. If anything, this brings the divas division even further down, and that's something that needs to be sorted. However, Trish & Lita being around will always help any divas division.

And finally, the main event. Since the match ended in a no contest, I expect to see Punk-Angle once again. It was nice to see Morrison & Rollins solidifying their face status' by running in to save Punk. I think that the one negative I had with this segment was that it was never made clear that the match ended in a no contest.

Overall though, the most promising start to a BtB thread I've seen in a while. My main piece of advice would be 'know where you're going'. Plan ahead with PPV cards, as well as storyline twists, and use every single segment for a reason. A great start, and I can't wait for Smackdown.

05-21-2012, 02:52 AM
Thanken u Eddie, I have a few ideas going forward but taking into account of what you said, SD won't be out till friday, as I'll be working towards storylinesfor the Rumble and more importantly, WrestleMania!!!!

05-22-2012, 01:28 PM
WWE.com's SmackDown preview

As the fall-out from Last Resort continues , WWE.com is here to give the preview for you for the inagural SmackDown! of 2013.
At Last Resort , Bill Goldberg dominated the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber, taking on and defeating five different opponents, including the former champion, Batista, thus continuing his dominant streak since he returned in the summer. He continued his in-ring dominanace last week in a non-title match against a growingly frustrated R-Truth. Tonight, Goldberg will he will have 3 matches, against 3 different men and in 3 different stipulations. That means tonight, 'The Beast' will take part in a gauntlet match! If Goldberg can defeat all three of his mystery opponents, he will get the night off! But, whoever can defeat Goldberg tonight will be the #1 contender for his WHC at the Royal Rumble!!

As for the US Champion, Cody Rhodes, he has talked a LOT, since winning the championship a few months back. With his talent and sharpness of the mind, Cody has found every possible way to retain his coveted title. Cody claims that he can become a World Champion and the face of the WWE by the end of 2013. He and Sheamus have been going back and forth in the last couple of weeks, Sheamus has called Cody unfit to hold the US Championship. These two men will go up against each other in tag team action. Cody will team up with Wade Barrett whereas The Celtic Warrior will team up with John Cena. Wade and Johns feudhas intensified since Last Resort. After Barrett cheated to defeat him on the SD after LR, he has avoided the grasp of Cena on Raw and SD, making up excuses so that he doesnt have to face John in the ring. Tonight will Cena get his hands on the self-proclaimed 'English Prophet' avoid the grasps of the Cenation's Leader yet again?

Recently, theres been friction between two of SmackDowns powerhouses, Batista and Bobby Lashley. Since Lashley took out his frustrations on Batista after being eliminated from the Elimination Chamber. Last week, after a dominant Lashley defeated Rey Mysterio, Batista came from behind and laid Lashley out with the help of a chair. Will we see yet another huge confrontation between the two huge beasts tonight??

The Ministry, led by Paul Bearer, have reaked havoc upon the WWE since appearing last summer, and particularly in the last two months, The Brtohers Of Destruction. One half of the tag Team Champs, Abyss, is set to go one on one against Kane with Taker, Bearer and Sting both at ringside. Will everything continue to go swimmingly for The Minstry, or will Kane and Taker unleash their fiery wrath?

The Money In The Bank holder for SmackDown, Aj Styles, is getting increasingly frustrated with management and more importantly, SmackDown GM, Mick Foley. He claims he will only cash in his MITB Briefcase at the most oppurtune moment, but until then, he should be utilized to his fullest potential, instead of putting him in unnannounced PPV matches. Last week, however, Mick said that AJ needed to learn the fact that he has to earn the respect of him and more importantly The WWE Universe/ In response to this, AJ clocked him in the head with a microphone. Tonight, we will hear from both AJ and SD GM, Mick Foley, regarding 'The Phenomenal One's' actions.

Card Confirmed

Abyss (w/ Sting and Bearer) vs Kane (w/Taker)

John Cena and Sheamus vs Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes

Kaitlyn vs Kharma

Claudio Castanogli vs Derrick Batemen

Goldberg gauntlet match

05-23-2012, 04:03 PM
Smackdown comes onto the air with a video package, showing us the dominant streak of WHC Goldberg. The promo ends with Michael Cole screaming 'Who can stop this monster!?!?'

The SD pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us along to Friday Night SmackDown Live! He introduces us to his broadcast collegues, Josh Matthews and Booker T, and they immediatley beginn to hype up the huge main event, whih features Goldberg participation in a huge gauntlet match. They question whether anyone can defeat The Champ.

The commentators are interrupted by the music of AJ Styles. AJ appears at the top of the ramp to raucous boos. As he walks down the ramp, the commentators bicker over The Phenomanel Ones actions towards SD GM Mick Foley. While Booker and Josh argue that AJ was stupid and idiotic in what he was doing. On the other hand, Cole seems to admire AJ's actions, agreeing with his grievances , claiming that he is above guys like Santino. AJ gets on the mic and begins to talk, with a hint of arrogance in his voice. He says that he is your true MITB holder, and that he is your soon to be World Champion. He then goes on to speak about the SD General Manager, calling him washed up and stupid. He asks how anyone could leave him off the card at Last Resort and put him up against Santino at the last minute. AJ says although he wasnt prepared, he still defeated the idiot with the sock! Styles tells Foley to get out here and tell him what he wants to hear, and thats that he will have a ANNOUNCED match at the Royal Rumble. Foley's music comes on to a huge cheer from the live attendance. Foley tells AJ that he will giv him exactly what he wants. He was in the back listening to Styles run his mouth, he picked up on something. AJ called himself the true MITB holder. Foley wants to see him prove it, and therefore at the Royal Rumble, he will go one on one against the Raw MITB, John Morrisson! The crowd go wild as Foley walks up the ramp, leaving Styles looking furious inside the squared circle. Michael Cole expresses his digust at Foley, while Booker and Josh just laugh as we go off to the Raw Rewind!

After the Raw rewind ends, we see R-Truth coming out to mixed reactions. Cole reminds us of R-Truths increasing frustration and says he wouldnt want to be Truths opponent tonight, Ted DiBiase.

Match 1: Ted DiBiase vs R-Truth

Finish: Ted gets on top and gos for The Dream Street, Truth wriggles out and hits Ted with a low-blow. The ref. calls for the bell, but Truth attacks him too. He grabs a chair from ringside, and enters the ring. He places the chair on Ted's arm, and climbs the turnbuckle. He leaps off, leaving Ted writhing in pain. As he struggles to his feet Truth smashes himon the arm with the chair and hits the Little Jimmy, leaving Ted to be strechered out.

Winner: Ted by DQ- 6:56


We return to see a smirking US Champion Cody Rhodes alongside Matt Striker, the backstage reporter. Matt asks him about his feelings on Sheamus' comments last week on him not being deserving of holding a title as prestigious as the US Title. Cody claims that he couldnt care less what the Pale asshole thinks and that he will teach him a lesson inside that ring. Matt goes on to ask him about his tag match tonight. Cody says that he along with Wade Barrett is the fastest rising star in this company and tonight theyll prove it by beating the Pale Warrior and The Fruity Pebble. He goes t talk more trash but Sheamus interrupts him, telling him that he talks a lot, but while he has been talking here, Sheamus has been talking to the GM, and he has granted him amatch with Cody for the US Title at the Royal Rumble! Cody looks angry and says that Sheamus will regret that.

Match 2: Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett vs John Cena and Sheamus

Finish: Cena grabs Barrett and goes for the F-U, but he grabs the ropes and wriggles off. Barrett sprints away, smirking up at Cena. Cody realises he is on his own ad goes to leave, but Sheamus hits him wit a huge Brogue Kick. Cody stumbles into a F-U, and Cena does the YCCM to a horrified Wade and drops him for the three count. Sheamus and Cena raise each others arms aloft, and we go back to a highlight of Mick Foley s RR anouncement to AJ Styles earlier in the night.

Winners: Cena and Sheamus- 11:41

As wer return, we see young rookie, Derrick Batemen in the ring, ready for action. We hear C.Castanogli's music come on and he comes out with his brand new lover, Velvet Sky.

Match 3: Castanogli vs Batemen

Finish: Castonogli gets the three count with a Gotch Style Nuetrilizer

Winner:Castanogli- 3:54

After the match ends, Velvet Sky gets in the ring and the two embrace in a passionate kiss. Velvet hands her man the mic and Claudio begins to tell everyone that we are looking at the modern day Edge and Lita, the modern day Macho Man and Miss Eizabeth. CC tells us to watch out for him in the near future, as he and his woman will be poppig up more reguraly on SD this year! He slams the mic onto the mat and he and Velvet lock lips once more as we go to a commercial


05-23-2012, 04:50 PM
As SmackDown comes back on the air, we see the new tag champs, The Ministry on our screens. Paul Bearer begins with his typical OH YESSSSSS! He says now that his ministry has been reborn, they will run rampant on the WWE! But before they can do that, they have to destroy the soul of Undertaker and his little brother Kane! He claims that his Sting and his Abyss will destroy The Brothers Of Destruction and then destroy the whole WWE! Sting grabs the mic and begins to speak. He says that Taker and Kane dont know what theyve gotten into. He says Taker and Kane have dominated the landscape of wrestling for 20 years, but theyve never faced someone who is better than them. There have been some who were close, but he and Abyss are better and he promises that the two two brothers will RESSSTTTT INNNN PEEEEAAAA......

Sting is interuppted by two huge men, known as The brothers of Destruction. They havent com here to play games and talk, theyve come here to fight

Match 4: Abyss (w/ Sting and Bearer) vs Kane (w/Undertaker)

Cole builds this match up, saying that this is a potential main event match!

Finish: Kane grabs Abyss by th neck, setting him up for the chokeslam. Abyss grabs his hand and overpowers him, hitting him with a huge uppercut and then landing the chokeslm for the three count.

WInner: Abyss- 8:45

After the match, Sting and Bearer jump in the ring and Sting begins pounding on Kane. Taker leaps to his brothers defense, u Bearer cracks him in the skull with the urn. Sting hits the scorpion deathdrop on Kane as Abyss tombstones Kane. The Ministry are standing high as the two brothers lie , flat out and unconisous.

The camera cuts away to were our commentators for the night are sitting, and Cole begins hyping up the gauntlet match up next. Matthews ponders the question who our champs mystery opponents are. Booker says that he believes that it truly doesnt matter, as Goldberg will defeat all three. We are interrupted by Goldberg's music and he walks down the ramp, WHC i hand to huge cheers and GOOOOLLLLLDDDDDBERGGGGG chants. Booker comments on how he wuldnt want to be facing that man in the ring now. As Goldberg settles down in his corner, Santino Marellas music comes on. Goldberg straightens up, almost as if to say 'Is this a joke?' Cole rips into Santino, calling him a loser. This match is a one-fall match.

Match 5: Goldberg vs Santino

Finish: The bell rings and Goldberg hits a spear right off the bat. He picks up Santino and hits him with a Jacknife Powerbomb for the three

Winner: Goldberg- 0:14

Match 6- No- DQ match: Goldberg vs ????

The match is announced as no holds barred, and Goldbergs opponent..... BOBBY LASHLEY!

Finish: It is an even match, both men kicking out from huge spears at two. As lashley begins to gain the upper hand and the commentators question whether he might actually defeat Goldberg, Batista comes sprinting out lays both men out cold with a chair. He pulls Goldberg over and forces the ref to count the three.

Winner: Goldberg- 12:57

Match 7- Steel Cage Match: Goldberg vs ????

The cage is lowered and Goldbergs opponent is announced as BATISTA!

Finish: Batista takes his time, weakening his prey for the match at the Royal Rumble, hitting him with the chair on perhaps Goldbergs one weak spot his ankle. Batista finishes the deal with a Batista Bomb and covers him for the three. The last image we see on Smackdown is NO.1 contender Batista atop the cage, holding the WHC aloft

Winner:Batista- 4:34

05-24-2012, 01:52 AM
SmackDown! Review

So, before reading, I was looking at the first post. First of all, I love the way you've done it, it feels like a front cover to a book, an opening page of a diary. However, I was wondering though, Richie Steamboat as a heel? granted I'm not familiar with his FCW work, but I thought with his heritage, along with the style he wrestles, he would be a face. However, I trust your judgement, and I hope it's for the better

So tonight, Goldberg is running the gauntlet, but a stipulation gauntlet! Sounds very good, and I'm excited for it. Rhodes and Sheamus are feuding, as is John Cena and Wade Barrett. Sounds good to me, and they'll be part of a tag team match next.

Brothers of Destruction vs The Minstry feud. AWESOME. Hopefully this leads to Sting vs Taker at WM. Now on with the show

AJ Styles is upset because he hasn't had any announced matches at PPV's recently facing, and beating Santino at Last Resort. He wants respect, and to be treated right, starting with an announced match at the Royal Rumble. Good promo here by Styles, getting the point across. Mick Foley comes out and announces Mr. Money In The Bank vs Mr. Money In The Bank. This has the potential to be my wet dream :). These 2 could put one HELL of a PPV match off, and I'm interested to see where it goes.At the moment, it seems like Mick Foley could have a match with AJ soon, possibly at Wrestlemania. If this happens, I'm interest to see how you book it.

Ted DiBiase def R-Truth via DQ when Truth attacking DiBiases shoulder with a chair, before hitting a Little Jimmy! I'm interested to see if you make DiBiase take a week or 2 off, or will he and Truth have a match at the Rumble

Good promo here by Rhodes - get's his point across well and talks in his own arrogant way. Sheamus interrupts and gets straight to the point of it will be Sheamus vs Rhodes at Royal Rumble! Great to see, and I'm also interested if these 2 will move onto the main event slot soon.

Sheamus and Cena over Rhodes and Barrett, via Wade leaving Rhodes! These 2 seem to work well together, and it allows this feud to continue nicely

Next Claudio Castognoil revealed Velvet Sky as his new lover (Sky AND Aksana? Lucky Cunt :p), before squashing Derrick Bateman. Good job here, as there's no need for Bateman to get any kind of offence. Post match, they compare themselves to a Modern Day Elizabeth and Randy? They will have to prove it first to me

Good Ministry promo here, showing that Bearer has turned against his son and his ex-lover's son. This feud seems like it will continue for a while, so awesome job

Abyss over clean? I'm not to sure I agree with that. I think he should go over, but to cement the feud, he needed a dirty victory. I also disagree with Abyss vs Kane on a Smackdown! I wouldn't have minded 'Taker vs Abyss, or Kane vs Sting, but I think Abyss/Kane and Taker/Sting should be saved for a PPV match. Although there was a post match attack, which was very good, and guarantees this feud will carry on.

Next up there was good back and forth between commentators, and Goldberg squashes Santino in the first match of his gauntlet. Good idea, as it appears that it will be a harder challenge for his later opponents

Bobby Lashley comes out next, and has a good, long no DQ match with Goldberg, but when he gets the upper hand Batista lays them both out, and puts Goldberg on top of Lashley. Good job here, as it ensures the next match, will have good storyline telling.

Next Batista faces Goldberg in a steel cage, taking his time, and finishing with a Batista Bomb for 3. This makes Batista seems dominant, and doesn't really hurt Goldberg, as he previously faced Lashley in a no DQ match. It's interesting to see if the match at RR will have Lashley involved

Well Booked Show My Friend

05-24-2012, 02:08 AM
thnx for the review man :)

05-25-2012, 10:37 AM

Updated Royal Rumble Card

World Heavyweight Championship: Goldberg (c) vs Batista

Intercontinental Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs Bobby Roode

Raw vs SmackDown MITB: John Morrison vs AJ Styles

Womens Championship: Trish Stratus (c) vs Beth Phoenix


Royal Rumble Match

05-27-2012, 02:11 PM
WWE.com announcement

WWE COO Triple H has announced that 24 men have qualified for the Royal Rumble match. Over the next 2 weeks, four of the remaining slots will be taken up by winners of qualifying matches which will take place on SmackDown and Raw. There are also four unnannounced entrants, revealed on the night of the Rumble. Here is the list so far, in no particular order (unless stated)

1. Chris Jericho
2. Alberto Del Rio-
3. Rob Van Dam
4. Sting
5. Christian
6. Mr. Kennedy
7. Kofi Kingston
8. Tyson Kidd
9. Abyss
10. Austin Aries
11. Bubba Ray Dudley
12. Samoa Joe
13. Dean Ambrose
14. Claudio Castanogli
15. Santino Marella
16. Zack Ryder
17. R-Truth
18. Dolph Ziggler
19. Kane
20. Justin Gabriel
21. Matt Hardy
22. Jeff Hardy
23: Richie Steamboat
24: Seth Rollins
25-30: ?????

05-27-2012, 03:03 PM
WWE Monday Night RAW!!!

The RAW pyro goes off and we have JR welcome us to MNR live! JR introduces us to his broadcast colleuge Jerry 'The King' Lawler, who immediatley begins hyping up our 6-man main event where the team of CM Punk, Seth Rollins and John Morrison team up against Kurt Angle, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles! They continue to build up tonight's Raw,telling us about the huge Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio matchup, reminding us that the winner gets the coveted no.30 spot in The Rumble, but the loser gets the dreaded no.1 spot! They continue talking until they're interrupted by The New Breed's music, as the boos rain down on them. As they enter the ring Kurt, Eric, Dolph, Dean and Otunga raise each others arms as golden fireworks erupt out into the arena behind then. Eric calls for a mic and waits for the crowd to hush down. However, as he brings the mic to his lips, the crowd erupts in 'you suck!'. Eric smirks and Kurt leans over and tells him not to worry. Bischoff shouts over the boos, welcoming us to MNR live! He tells us that he's the GM of Raw and this (pts. his finger to his group, and Dolph and Ambrose proudly show off their gold) is the future, whether you ignorant ppl at home like it or not! He says that tonight's main event will not be a six- man tag match, but a 4 vs. 3 tag team match as he used his Raw GM powers to place Dolph Ziggler in the match. Unless Punk and his cronies can find an extra man, tonights main event will be a four on three handicap match! But enough on that, he says, tonight is a celebration for TNB, as they now hold The World Tag Team Championships! He hands the mic over to Dolph, who begins by telling us that we live in a debt-based society, but TNB are all walking surpluses! He says they proved it last week , when they destroyed tose weed smokin' Hardys! And tonight, yet again, these men will again prove to the world that its with the old and in with The New Breed! He hands the mic to his tag team partner, who echoes his sentiments. Ambrose says that last week, h got the scent of fear off their opponents. He says that soon, he will be able to smell that fear of the whole WWE roster. He throws the mic to Kurt, who begins by saying that his pal Eric, has indeed given him a re-match for the WWE Title! He says that he will defeat Punk, and that come midnight January 28th, he will be your WWE Champ! OTunga takes the mic and tells us that right now he will show an example of his opponent, Zack Ryder, and that he will be the judge, the jury and the verdict!

Match 1: David Otunga vs. Zack Ryder

Finish: Otunga hits Ryder with 'The Verdict' for the three count.

Winner: Otunga- 4:58


05-27-2012, 03:28 PM
We return to MNR, and Bobby Roode is in the ring, with a mic in his hand. Roode begins by telling us that Daniel Bryan has been an annoying little insect, nipping away at him for a while now. He says that at The Royal Rumble, he is gonna slap and kill tht little insect, and win his first title in WWE. Christian's music comes on and he walks down the ring, microphone in hand. He gets in the ring and tells Roode that he shouldn't be worried about a little insct like Bryan, but about The Leader Of the Peepulation. He also tells Roode that after his match at The Royal Rumble, Capt. Charisma will go after the IC C'ship! They drop the mics and get ready for the bell to ring, but there is no ref, Suddenly D.Bryan comes out with a refs shirt on and informs us all that he is the special guest ref! He gets in the ring and calls for the bell.

Match 2: Christian vs. Bobby Roode (DB special guest referee)

Finish: Christian sets Roode up for The Killswitch, when AA comes out of nowhere and hits Christian with a chair and gets him in his signature triangle choke. Bryan tries to pull Aries off but Roode smashes himm in the head with the chair. Aries realeses the hold and holds Roode's arm aloft in victory, as both men leave the ring smirking, as DB and Christian writhe in pain inside the ring.

Winner: No contest- 8:59

We go backstage to see CM Punk alongside Josh Matthews. Josh begins by asking Punk whether he has found a partner. Punk says he has and that his partner will be the best moment of the whole damn show! Josh also asks whether CM thinks that Bischoff will stack the odds against him at the Royal Rumble. Punk says that he is almost sure that Kurt and Eric are Friends With Benefits, and that Angle will get his benefits in the stipulation choice at the rumble!


05-27-2012, 04:06 PM
JR and Lawler recapthe night so far as we see WOmens Champion Trish Stratus joins the announce team at ringside to watch Beth in action.

Match 3: Beth Phoenix vs Lita

Finish: Lita puts up a good fight, reversing a Glamslam into a DDT for a two count. However, Beth's strength is too much and finally hits Lita with the GS for the three count. She stares down Trish after the match, climbs the turnbuckle and motions tht she's coming for the gold.

Winner: Beth Phoenix- 5:12

we see a quick sponsor plug from JR and Lawler, and we return to the ring where The Dudleys are ready for their tag match against the Hardy Boyz. JR and Lawler recap their massive tag match at Last Resort, where Matt and Jeff walked out with the titles. After the match, B​ walked out on Devon

Match 4: The Dudleys vs The Hardy Boyz

Finish: The Dudleys Have a mix-up, and Matt hits the TOF for the 3.

Winners: The Hardys- 9:14

Again, Bubba Ray yet again walks out on his partner.


We return to see Drew McIntyre standing in the ring, mic in hand. JR and Lawler are surprised as they havent seen 'The Chosen One' in weeks. Drew says that he's fed up,WWE hasnt given him a chance since his only supporter Vince McMahon was replaced at the head of the company by his stupid son in law, Triple H! McIntyre said that he had to do something for himself. He says that its his honour to announce his new manager, a fellow Braveheart, Rowdy Roddy Piper! Piper comes out to initial loud cheers, but these soon change to raucous boos as he spits on the US flag he brought with him. He then pulls out a scottish flag and brings it into the ring, draping it around Drew. He starts by telling us that Drew is the future, and that he will begin his rise to the top at the Royal Rumble, win it and go on to main event WM 29. He says that Drew will do all this despite HHH having a grudge against him!

After a quick recap of FNSD, Jr and Lawler egin to hype up this huge match with huge reprucautions for The Royal Rumble.

Match 5: Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio- Winner gets no.30 in the Rumble, loser gets no.1

Finish: Alberto is on the top with Y2J in the outside. He goes for a crossbody, but Y2J connects with ahuge Codebreaker! However, he falls har on the concrete, smashing the back of his head against the ground. Neither man can make it back into the ring in time for the ten0count, meaning it is a draw.

Winner: Draw- 11:32

The Raw GM appears on the tron and addresses the problem, stating that seeing as neither man could get the job done, they will start the Rumble at no.1 and no.2 respectivley. The screen fades to a commercial break


We come back to Raw, where TNB and AJ Styles are in the ring, squaring off against Punk, Seth and Morrison. Punk points to the tron where we hear RVD's music come on, to huge cheers from those in attendance.

Match 6: TNB and AJ Styles vs Punk, RVD, Jo-Mo and Seth Rollins

Finish: Morrison and Styles brawl to the back, as Seth and RVD take out Ziggler and Ambrose. That leaves Punk 1 vs. 1 against The Olympic Hero. Punk gains the upper hand and locks in the A.Vice, forcing Angle to tap!

Winners: Team Punk- 13:42

After the atch, Bischoff tries to attack Punk from behind but Punk sees him and, letting go of Angle (who runs away to the top of the ramp), turns to face him, daring him to slap him. E.B swings for the champ,but he blocks and sets him up for the GTS. Angle can only look on as Punk takes out his manager with a brutal GTS. The show ends with Rollins, RVD and Punk standing tall, as The Tag Champs and Kurt loo on angrily.

05-28-2012, 01:56 PM
I'll review Raw once I finish my Summerslam day one and get it up, which shouldn't be long :)

05-28-2012, 03:43 PM
I'll review Raw once I finish my Summerslam day one and get it up, which shouldn't be long :)

OK sweet man, really looking foward to that!

05-28-2012, 05:50 PM
Raw Review

Opening the show with The New Breed was great, changing the main event was good too, as it shows Bischoff's heel persona off well, but the idea of Punk finding another man is great as it opens up the possibility for anything to happen, and anybody to show up. I liked Dolph's and Ambrose's promos as it shows their togetherness and chemistry as a team, which is important for tag champs to have. Kurt Angle confirms he'll face Punk at the Rumble, which I can't wait for personally. Otunga finishes the segment with a great line that really gets his persona across, promising to destroy Zack Ryder, which he does do.

Overall a brilliant start to the show, the only negative I had was the simple way in which you summed up the finish for Otunga-Ryder. I'd understand if the match was 0:06 seconds long, but it was nearly five minutes, so a bit of a longer finish would be better mate. That was the only negative of this section though.

The next promo bit wasn't that good as I felt that Roode didn't get his heel side across enough. Christian got his face side across well though and it set up a good match, with Bryan as the SGR. The match itself ends in a no contest after an Austin Aries run-in, which I liked as I felt it was a good way to continue on both feuds. Good job here.

Punk builds us all up for the main event, but I was most intrigued by the final line. I can only wonder what match Angle will pick if this turns out to be true.

Beth Phoenix picks up the victory and the Trish-Phoenix feud looks good.

The next match was a bit poorly written as I felt that the finish should have definitely gone on longer. What kind of mix-up did they have? Who did Matt pin? Little details like that can push a show from good to great. But I loved that Bubba walked out on Devon. This can only head one way, and I can't wait for it to happen.

Drew Mcintyre's promo with Roddy Piper was really the Highlight of the Night. A great promo that really solidified his heel status and teases a possible feud with Triple H. Excellent segment.

The next match is the one I was waiting for, but I was majorly shocked to see a draw, but I love the fact that Del Rio & Jericho will now open the Rumble. That's a brilliant announcement from Bischoff and really helps their feud along.

RVD! Like I said, anybody can show up. Great return and a brilliant win for Punk's team over The New Breed and Styles. Punk dropping Bischoff post-match was brilliant and really builds to the Punk-Angle feud.

Overall, a good show, with some great segments. I think that with more defined promos, and longer finishes to some matches, this show would have been great :)

Good work mate :)

05-30-2012, 04:36 PM
The SmackDown Pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to Friday Night SmackDown Live! He introduces his esteemed collegues, the five time WCW Champ, Booker T and of course, Josh Matthews. The three men go on to hype up what could be a potentially huge night, with Kane demanding a rematch toredeem himself against Abyss in our main event! He says that he doesn’t want the potential distraction that his brother and The Ministry will bring.Therefore, WWE.com announced earlier today that everyone is to be banned from ringside! Booker says that he cant wait for another face-off of epic proportions between the two beasts! He says his money is on Kane to regain some credibility with a win!
Cole says that we have a huge Royal Rumble qualifying match next, with John Cena going 1 on 1 with Rey Mysterio! Josh says that this has the potential to be the match of the night! The commentators discuss how Rey has fallen off the radar since returning from injury in mid-October, and they question whether he has still got it. During Cena’s entrance, Cole updates uson his intense rivalry with Wade Barrett and if the two will clash once more.

Match 1: Royal Rumble Qualifier- John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio

Finish: Cena uses his strength and power to get the better of Rey, after the early goings where Rey’s quickness is too much for Cena. The comentators note how Rey has significantly slowed down since his return and whether his time is nearly up. As Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle and waits for Mysterio to get up, we see Wade Barrett run down to the apron and slideinto the ring. John is ready for a fight, when Wade suddenly grabs Mysterio and takes him out with a huge clothesline, meaning Rey gets the win via DQ! Wade scuttles out of the ring and to the top of the ramp before Cena can get him.The scene ends with Cena looking on furious as Wade smirks on top of the ramp

Winner- Rey via DQ- 10:11

The camera cuts to our three commentators, who recap what just happened there, and Booker says that he can’t wait for Barrett to get his comeuppance when the two men next meet. The men begin talking about last week’sevents regarding the World Heavyweight Championship. They tell us Batista will be here for the end of the night to address the Goldberg situation. Up next however, Claudio Castanogli will make a ‘statement’ as he put it on WWE.com,right here on SmackDown!


We return to see Castanogli in the ring, alongside his new lover Velvet Sky. Castanogli begins by saying that he is Claudio Castanogli, and heis the future of this company. He says that he and his lover will dominate the land for years to come, whether it is on SD or Raw. However, they can’t do it on their own. Claudio says that they’ve hired a manager. He goes on to say thathe probably needs to explain to us imbeciles what this manager will actually do. Their manager will take care of his and Velvets wants and desires, leaving them to focus on action inside the ring. That manager will be revealed in duetime, he promises us. But enough talk for now, he states, bring out his opponent. His opponent turns out to be Santino Marella. Josh tells us thatSantino, a two time IC Champion and the former US Champion, is a worthy opponent for Claudio. Cole says that he likes the attitude of this Claudio guy and hopeshe teaches the goofball a lesson!

Match 2: Claudio Castanogli (w/ Velvet Sky) vs. Santino Marella

Finish: Santino gets a little bit of momentum going and sets Claudio up for the Cobra, but Antonio twists his arm back and floors Santino with a huge clothesline!! He picks him up by his hair and nails him with The Gotch Style Neutralizer for the three

Winner:Claudio Castanogli via pinfall- 3:54

After the match, Velvet comes into the ring and, as Claudio holds Santino up, stuffs the Cobra sock into Santino’s mouth as Claudio looks down at him, and spits in his face. Booker says that Claudio is a disgrace, butCole says that he’s just looking for attention and he can see why C.C did this.The commentators then begin to talk about this week’s Raw, and how CM Punk could feel the repercussions of his actions towards Raw GM, Eric Bischoff. We then see a video recapping Raw, highlighting Punk and Angle’s feud.

As we come back to SD, Cole mentions how he can’t wait for Punk to be beat up by Angle at the Royal Rumble! Back in the ring however, we see Tyler Reks inside the ring, ready for action. Suddenly, we see the debuting Richie Steamboat, coming out tohis music to make his debut. Some people recognize him from FCW and some small cheers are heard. Richie gets into the ring, mic in hand, ready to talk. Hetells us that he is the son of the legendary Ricky Steamboat (this garners abigger round of applause). However, he says, he is ashamed of his father and all that he stands for! He will not use the Steamboat name, but instead, his true name, Richard Blood! He says that he couldn’t care less what his dad did in the 70s and 80s, that’s way in the past now. He tells us that what we are looking at here is the future, Richard Blood! The crowd gives Blood some major heat for ripping on the legendary Steamboat. He says that this crowd is just as pathetic as his opponent. As Blood continues talking Reks gets fed up attacks him from behind and the match begins

Match 3- Richard Blood vs. Tyler Reks
Finish: Tyler has the upper hand in the early goings and Blood looks to be struggling with Reks’ power. Reks continues to dominate Blood until Blood takes brass knuckles from his trunks and nails Reks with them,knocking him almost cold. However, Reks somehow kicks out at 2.99999! Blood can’tbelieve it, and he angrily drags Reks to his feet and hits a massive gory neckbreaker for the three

Winner: Richard Blood- 7:56

The announcers comment on how this was a great match between two up and coming stars. Cole says he loves how Richard is acting on his own merit,not his fathers. Josh claims Blood’s father shouldn’t shame him, as he is a true great!


05-30-2012, 04:49 PM
We return to see R-Truth in the ring, smirking as the crowd boo him. R-Truth begins by shouting ‘Charlotte, North Carolina... SHUT UP!’ This generates massive heat for Truth. He begins to tell us that last week, he destroyed Ted DiBiase after their match. He says that he knows that we all want to see it again. He points to the titantron, where we see again, how Truth took out Ted with a chair after their match last week. We return to see Truth in the ring, grinning wildly. He tells us that Lil’ Teddy got got! However, he is a fair man, and he will give DiBiase a chance for a rematch, right here right now. He calls a ref to the ring, and the match begins. The ref begins to count out Ted as there is no sign of him. The ref gets up to 7, when we hear SD GM, Mick Foley’s music come on and he appears out onto the stage, accompanied with huge cheers. Mick says that Truth knows well enoughTed isn’t fit to compete, HOWEVER he has found a suitable opponent for Truth, Justin Gabriel! The crowds cheers loudly for The Cape town Werewolf as he appears on the ramp and sprints into the ring. Truth attacks him and the match begins

Match 4- R-Truth vs. Justin Gabriel

Finish: Gabriel’s speed is too much for Truth, who continually slips to the outside to get his head in the game. As the match goeson, Truth gets increasingly frustrated. He finally floors Gabriel, but as he bounces off the ropes, Gabriel leaps up and dropkicks him over the top rope. Gabriel goes for a Suicide Dive to the outside, but doesn’t realize that Truth has a chair, and he connects with Gabriel, knocking him clean out. The ref calls for the bell. Truth continues to hit Gabriel with the chair, until he is lifeless. He climbs into the ring and the ref lectures him. He hits the ref with a Little Jimmy and walks up the ramp, muttering manically to himself.

Winner: Gabriel by DQ- 9:35

The commentators update us on Gabriel in front of them, as paramedics escort him to the back. They tell us that Gabriel told paramedics that Truth may have broken his arm. Booker says even though Truth was his homie, he thinks he’s crazy now!

AJ Styles music blasts over the P.A system to loud and heavy boos. AJ is smirking and he gets into the ring, arrogantly looking around him. He begins by saying the conspiracy against him continued. Mick Foley forced him to compete on Raw, despite only competing 3 days earlier, while his opponent John Morrison had a full week to recover. AJ says that come The Royal Rumble, he will prove that he is the true MITB holder of the WWE, and that John Morrison will be exposed for what he truly is, a phoney! Before Styles can get any further, Morrison’s music comes on, and the crowd gives him a big cheer. He gets in the ring and begins to talk. He says that AJ Styles has been knocking on his door at the Palace Of Wisdom for a while now, and seeing AJ standing there with his little blue briefcase and his stupid smirk. Morrison promises that come the Royal Rumble, The Shaman of Sexay will kick the Ric Flair wannabe’s ass! He cant go any further as Cody Rhodes comes out with his US title to large boos. He gets in the ring and tells Morrison that he has no business here, in a Smackdown ring. He suggests Morrison gets out before he and his pal AJ take him out right here right now! Morrison says hell no and slaps Cody in the face! The three begin brawling, but AJ and Cody soon get the upper hand in the two vs. one situation. It doesn’t stay like that for long however, as Sheamus sprints out to the ring and spears Cody to the ground. The four continue brawling in a two vs. Two situation, until Foley appears on the titantron. He announces that these four will be action in tag teams Sheamus and Morrison against Cody and AJ!And that match will be next! The crowd pops big for this as we go to acommercial.


Match 5- Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles vs. Sheamus and John Morrison

Finish: Sheamus and Morrison are on top, until Jo-Mo accidentally clotheslines the ref knocking him out. AJ low blows Jo-Mo and hitsa Styles Clash to take him out. When he turns around however, he turns right into a massive Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Sheamus roars and taunts Styles goes to check on his partners condition. Cody hits him with The Disaster Kick.He drags AJ on top of Morrison and the groggy ref counts a slow three. Cody helps AJ up and they scamper to the top of the ramp and, as Sheamus and Jo-Molook on furiously from the mat, raise each other’s arms, grinning.

Winners: AJ and Cody- 9:53

05-30-2012, 04:53 PM
The cameras pan to backstage, where we see Batista walking down the corridor, a stern look upon his face. Cole tells us Batista will address the WHC situation, next! We hear Batista’s music come on to the p.a system, to raucous boos from the capacity crowd in the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte. Batista gets in the ring, and glares about the place, looking out disgustingly at the audience. He whips of his shades and asks for his spotlight and begins to talk. He tells us that no man has ever put Bill Goldberg out of action, except him. It was back in 2003, when he attacked Goldberg and put him out on the sidelines. However,Goldberg came back to Raw in a matter of weeks! People said it was because Goldberg was a beast, but Batista tells us that this isn’t the case. He claims he didn’t want to end Bill Goldberg’s career that night, and showed him some mercy. He says that this was because he wanted himin the ring 1 vs. 1 for the title. But Bill scampered off before he ever gotthe chance! He says that at the Royal Rumble, he finally gets his oppurtunity, and he will once and for all prove that hes the only animal in the WWE! Last week, he took out the two biggest men in the WWE, putting them on the sidelines. He confirms Goldberg will be back next week, but not tonight,so you people can stop chanting his stupid name! Suddenly, Goldberg’s music plays, and he comes out, limping but looking pissed! Batista cant believe it, but soon regains his confidence and invites Goldberg down to the ring. Goldberg gets in, but The Animal attacks him with a huge spear. He stamps on Goldberg’s injured knee over and over, until the champ can barely move. He grabs a chair,and puts Goldberg’s knee in between it. He climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off it, landing hard, leaving The Beast writhing in pain. The show cuts to acommercial as the #1 contender holds the championship high over Goldberg.


Main Event: Kane vs. Abyss

Finish: These two big men go back and forth, each matching each other stride for stride, in a match as tight as their last on SD. Abyss gets the upper hand, until Kane out of nowhere grabs him by the neck and chokeslams him to hell! He gets the win via pinfall

Winner: Kane via pinfall- 8:32

After the match, Sting (with Paul Bearer) sprints down tothe ring and swings at Kane with a chair and connects on the side of The BigRed Monster’s head. Now Abyss comes round, and grabs Kane by the neck and sets him up for the chokeslam until.... The eerie sound of the bell goes off and the arena goes pitch black, the crowd go absoulutley nuts, giving The Phenom the biggest pop of the night. It stays this way for a good 15 seconds, until the light reappears, with Kane having Abyss by the neck and taker having Sting by the neck. They both hit chokeslams as Paul Bearer can only look on in horror. Kane grabs Bearer by the hair and drags him into the ring, where Taker kicks him in the gut and lifts him, slamming him down with the Last Ride. The show ends with the Bros Of Destruction standing tall.

05-31-2012, 07:17 AM
Bro just read the show here is the review

Kicking the night off with two wrestlers who made WWE what is today John Cena and The Master of the 619 Rey Mysterio was awesome .

Barrett's involvement costing Cena's his spot in the rumble was good possible feud between him and Cena in the works? have to wait and see

Although I dont think Rey Rey will be to happy yes he is in the rumble but on a DQ victory and he should seek out Barrett

Next Double C Cluadio Castagnoli makes short work of Santino well I am happy because Double C is an amazing talent but I would like him to face someone more on his level but is just my opinion

All in all Double C is amazing but he has someone 10x amazing managering him The beautiful Velvet Sky wow

Steamboat I mean Blood is steping out of his father's shadow to make his own name and what a debut defeating the Wrecking Ball no easy feet
I like that you have kept Truth in his crazy character absolutely destroys the Capetown Werewolf Gabriel but he gives Gabriel the win via DQ I like Truth destroying his competition but he will need to dial it back a bit if he wants to get anywhere

Fantastic promo from AJ Styles calling out Morrison which leads to

Styles & Rhodes taking on Morrison & Sheamus

With The Phenomenal One and The Dashing One? coming out on top of Jo- Mo and The Great White excellent work here bro

Awesome Backstage Segement with The Animal and following promo and attack on the champ Goldberg which in turn sends a message to not only Bill but the entire locker room he means business

When these two meet at RR it will be amazing

What a way to end a amazing show with The Devil's Favorite Demon facing off with the Monster a meeting between these two would be awesome to bad it wont happen in real life

After the match a nice way to continue the feud between The Minstery and the Brothers of Destruction with the Bros standing tall

Overall awesome show you won me as fan from this I just hope my review is good enough

05-31-2012, 11:33 AM
WWE.com Announcement

Here is your updated Royal Rumble Card

Main Event- Rumble Match (entrants in no particualar order, unless stated)

1. Chris Jericho- entrant no. 1
2. Alberto Del Rio- entrant no. 2
3. Rob Van Dam
4. Sting
5. Christian
6. Mr. Kennedy
7. Kofi Kingston
8. Tyson Kidd
9. Abyss
10. Austin Aries
11. Bubba Ray Dudley
12. Samoa Joe
13. Dean Ambrose
14. Claudio Castanogli
15. Santino Marella
16. Zack Ryder
17. R-Truth
18. Dolph Ziggler
19. Kane
20. Justin Gabriel
21. Matt Hardy
22. Jeff Hardy
23: Richie Steamboat
24: Seth Rollins
25: Rey Mysterio
26-30: ????

World Heavyweight Championship

Goldberg (c) vs Batista

WWE Championship

CM Punk (c) vs Kurt Angle

Intercontinental Championship

Daniel Bryan (c) vs Bobby Roode

US CHampionship

Cody Rhodes (c) vs Sheamus

Women's Championship

Trish Stratus (c) vs Beth Phoenix

Card subject to change

WWE COO Triple H has proudly announced that WM 29 will be a 6 hour extravegansa, starting at 6pm EST and ending at Midnight EST

06-05-2012, 04:55 PM
Hey guys!
sorry for the delay, History exam on Thursday, Ive suddenly become a hardcore revisionist! Hopefully Raw will be up by Thursday. Then, I will be forced to take a LOA for my last exam on the 14th, Geography ( I dont know why I do both either :/) THEN, im off to Euro 2012 (:D) until the 19th, so my RR will not be up here until at least the 20th. I may get a short SD show done before I go away, like just basic spoiler type deal! But yeah thats my WWE:Revival update, Raw up for Thursday! See ya guys!

06-12-2012, 06:26 PM
Hey guys!
sorry for the delay, History exam on Thursday, Ive suddenly become a hardcore revisionist! Hopefully Raw will be up by Thursday. Then, I will be forced to take a LOA for my last exam on the 14th, Geography ( I dont know why I do both either :/) THEN, im off to Euro 2012 (:D) until the 19th, so my RR will not be up here until at least the 20th. I may get a short SD show done before I go away, like just basic spoiler type deal! But yeah thats my WWE:Revival update, Raw up for Thursday! See ya guys!

Dont worry my very few readers, WWER will return on Thursday, with Raw and perhaps SD. hopefully nief and destruction can review them. Guys if ya can't shoot a pm my way :)