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05-15-2012, 07:10 AM
RAW Roster:

-John Cena(F)
-Kurt Angle(H)
-Matt Morgan(H)
-Big Show(H)
-Bully Ray(H)
-Austin Aries(F)
-Wade Barrett(H)
-Chris Sabin(F)
-Alex Shelley(F)
-Drew McIntyre(H)
-James Storm(F)
- Daniel Bryan (F)
- Devon (F)
-Doug Williams (F)
-Zema Ion(H)
-Bobby Roode(H)
-Rey Mysterio(F)
-Robbie E(F)
-Zack Ryder(F)
-Curt Hawkins(H)

-Mickie James(F)
RAW Champions:
-WWE Champion: John Cena
-United States Champion: Drew Mcintyre
-WWE Tag Team Champions: Matt Morgan & Big Show
-WWE Divas Champion: Eve
RAW Tag Teams/Stables:
-Mexican America: (Hernanadez, Epico, Primo, Sarita & Rosita)
-The Motor City Machine Guns: (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)
-Fist Pump!: (Zack Ryder & Robbie E)
-Big Show & Matt Morgan
RAW Staff:
RAW General Manager: John Laurinaitis
RAW Broadcast Team: Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler & Jeff Jarrett
RAW Backstage Interviewer: Matt Striker
RAW Ring Announcers: Justin Roberts & Chrisy Hemme
RAW Referees: Charles Robinson, John Cone, Jackson James

Smackdown! Roster:

-Randy Orton(T)
-The Undertaker(F)
-CM Punk(F)
-Alberto Del Rio(H)
-Rob Van Dam(F)
-Jack Swagger(H)
-Kofi Kingston(F)
-Dolph Ziggler(H)
-Jeff Hardy(F)
-Cody Rhodes(H)
-Evan Bourne(F)
- Heath Slater (H)
- Justin Gabriel (F)
-Trent Barreta(H)
-Sin Cara(F)
-Brian Kendrick(F)
-Brodus Clay(F)
-Jimmy Uso(F)
-Santino Marella(F)
-Jey Uso(F)
-Ricardo Rodriguez(H)

-Gail Kim(F)
-Kelly Kelly(F)
-Beth Phoenix(F)
-Velvet Sky(F)
-Angelina Love(H)
-Ms. Tessmacher(H)
Smackdown! Champions:
World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio
Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam
Cruiserweight Champion: JTG
Smackdown! Tag Teams/Stables:
-Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler
-The Usos: (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso)
-Brian Kendrick & Evan Bourne
Smackdown! Staff:
Smackdown! General Manager: Mick Foley
Smackdown! Broadcast Team: Mike Tenay, Taz, Booker T
Smackdown! Backstage Interviewer: Scott Stanford
Smackdown! Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Smackdown Referees: Mike Chioda, Chad Patton, Earl Hebner

WWE PPV Line-Up:
-Royal Rumble
-Elimination Chamber
-Wrestlemania 29
-Extreme Rules
-Over the Limit
-No Way Out
-Money in the Bank
-Hell in a Cell
-Survivor Series
-TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs

I have decided to add some of the IMPACT wrestling stars in the WWE roster in order to make this fantasy game more exciting and improve the chances of some fantasy matches for some of EWN's users come true. As the title of this thread might imply, I've decided to start with the year 2013 and Monday Night RAW will begin the game on the first real Monday of 2013, January 7. New champions being crowned, tag team formations/terminations, firings, etc. will all be updated on this page as the game goes on so if you have any questions about the current state of the game, refer to this page. On another important note, there will be NO specific dates for when I add the shows so please do not ask me. I'll put them up when I feel like it but I'll try not to keep you waiting for too long. Lastly, if this game gets really popular, positions for writing matches, suggesting creative desicions, etc. will be open so don't hesitate to ask me if you'd like to help me out. Oh yeah, BTW, (H)=Heel, (F)=Face & (T)=Tweener.

Also, I'm aware that i already tried this last year and things didn't go so well. I'm gonna try to see if I can turn things around even with me efedding. Wish me luck! :)

05-15-2012, 07:18 AM

SHOW: Monday Night RAW
TIME: 9-11 PM(EST)
DATE: 1/7/13
LOCATION: Raleigh, NC(J.S. Dorton Arena)


RAW Preview

Ever since Vince McMahon bought IMPACT wrestling on October 21, 2012, the former IMPACT wrestlers and IMPACT Knockouts have already changed the landscape of the WWE. For the past several months, the WWE Universe saw firsthand how these changes impacted the WWE. New tag teams, new alliances and new chapters of the WWE have begun. With Monday Night RAW kicking off the new year and the Royal Rumble taking place on the 27th, live in the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., what kind of surprises can the WWE Universe expect to see? In addition, tonight, John Cena, the WWE Champion, teams up with Sting against the team of Wade Barrett and Kurt Angle. Plus, the RAW General Manager, John Laurinaitis will make an announcement later on during the show regarding the opponent he has in store for John Cena at the Royal Rumble.

05-15-2012, 07:40 AM
Monday Night RAW starts the show by playing its opening video, featuring segments of some of RAW's top talent during their best moments including John Cena, Cody Rhodes, Sting, Wade Barrett, Kurt Angle and Zema Ion. After the video ends, the camera inside the J.S. Dorton Arena focuses on the top of the stage as a display of multicolored, seizure inducing fireworks shoots up, dazzling both the viewers at home and the live crowd in attendance. After the fireworks end, the camera pans around the arena, making sure to highlight the most excited faces amongst the live audience, the most clever homemade signs praising their favorite superstars and dissing their least favorite as well as the countless John Cena T-shirts, wristbands and headbands glorifying RAW's top dog and current WWE Champion, John Cena. While the WWE HD logo flashes on the bottom of the screen and fades away, Michael Cole, the color commentator of the RAW broadcast team, welcomes the viewers at home to another episode of Monday Night RAW. Jeff Jarrett brings up the announcement that John Laurinaitis promised to disclose to the WWE Universe. As Jerry Lawler adds his own two cents to the matter, out comes John Laurinaitis with a microphone in hand. He, like always, introduces himself as the Executive VP of Talent Relations and the GM of RAW. He decides to cut to the chase and tell everyone how things are gonna be done tonight. He first tells everyone that John Cena will be facing the winner of tonight's Beat the Clock Challenge at the Royal Rumble. Then, he lets everyone know that the MCMG will get their chance at the tag team championships when they face Matt Morgan and the Big Show at the Royal Rumble. He decides to add a little twist to the Beat the Clock Challenge and states that anyone who loses in their match will be placed in a fatal four way match and whoever gets pinned or submitted in that match will not be able to enter the Royal Rumble this year. He then states the first Beat the Clock Challenge starts...now. With that, Laurinaitis heads to the back.

The theme music of Bully Ray sounds on the PA system. The live audience show their hatred towards Bully Ray by booing him as he emerge from the backstage curtain wearing a black sleeveless vest with his name in silver glitter on the left side. He also wears cameo shorts and a skull cap. The bell rings and Christy Hemme, one of RAW's ring announcer’s stands in the ring in order to give the official introductions of the match.

::Christy Hemme::

"The following contest is a "Beat the Clock Challenge" and it is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Hell’s Kitchen, Bully Raaaaay!"

Bully Ray quickly rolls under the ring and starts barking and shouting at the fans to be quiet as the crowd continuous to rain down insults and boos at Bully Ray. The verbal assault comes to an end in favor of a more welcoming ovation, but not for Bully Ray. "Radio", Zack Ryder's theme song, plays on the PA system. Zack Ryder emerges from backstage accompanied by his tag team partner, Robbie E. They give each other a fist bump at the top of the ramp and Robbie E goes back to the backstage area as it appears that Ryder wants to do things on his own.

::Christy Hemme::

"And introducing his opponent, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 214 pounds, Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder!!"

Zack Ryder slides under the bottom rope, climbs on the top turnbuckle, take off his sunglasses, throws them amongst the crowd and does his signature pose. Before he has a chance to climb back down, as soon as the bell rings, Bully Ray charges at Ryder and knocks him off. Ryder face collides with the turnbuckle as Bully Ray runs to the opposite corner and charges at Ryder again, crushing him between the corner and his massive girth. Ryder falls to the mat and Bully Ray pins Ryder while referee Charles Robinson begins the three count. Ryder kicks out at two. Bully Ray looks at the titantron. 23 seconds have past. Bully tries to pin Ryder again for the three count but Ryder kicks out again. Bully Ray, obviously frustrated, stands on Ryder’s chest while using the ropes to drive him farther into Ryder's sternum. Robinson begins the five count and Bully stops at four. Bully picks up Ryder so that is standing on his feet. Bully runs to the opposite side of the ring, bounces off the ropes and tries to cholthesline him but Ryder ducks and kicks Bully in the gut just as he is about to rebound off the ropes behind him. Ryder takes a few steps back, runs at Bully Ray, trying to hit the Rough Ryder, but Bully Ray pushes Ryder out of the way. Bully runs to the ropes, bounces off them and tries to body splash Ryder, but Ryder rolls out the way and Ray lands face first on the mat. Ryder goes for the three count but Robinson only slaps the mat twice as Bully kicks out at two. 2 minutes and 43 seconds have passed. Ryder picks Bully up so he is standing to his feet. Then, Ryder kicks at Bully's knee making him kneel on one knee. Ryder then wraps his arm around Bully's neck and drives his head into the mat with a DDT. Ryder goes for another pin attempt, but Bully kicks Ryder in the head as Ryder leans over to pin him. Bully shakes off the effects of the DDT and slips both his arms under Ryder's arms and clasps both his hands around Ryder's neck. He then lifts him up slightly and drives the bottom of his spine in the mat whilst in a sitting position delivering a brutal Full Nelson Bomb. Bully then picks up Ryder, slings him over his shoulder like a rag doll and drives his back into the mat in a Scoop Slam. He does another one, then another, then another and yet another Scoop Slam. When Bully thinks he's done enough, he makes Ryder stand to his feet. Bully positions himself in front of Ryder and wraps his arm around Ryder's neck, signaling he's about to deliver the *Bully Cutter. Before he can, Ryder pushes Bully away and jumps up in the air with his leg extended in the air. As soon As Bully turns around, Ryder perfectly hits the Rough Ryder on Bully Ray. Ryder goes for the three count and picks up the win on Bully Ray.

Winner: Zack Ryder via pinfall @ 6:12

Zack Ryder gets to his feet as "Radio" plays on the PA system signaling his victory. Ryder starts fist pumping with glee as a Cheshire cat smile spreads on his face as Christy Hemme declares Zack Ryder the winner.

::Christy Hemme::

"Your winner of this match , Zack Ryder!"

Zack Ryder rolls out of the ring still ecstatic about his upset victory over Bully Ray.

05-15-2012, 07:55 AM
Michael Cole expresses his dislike towards the outcome with the match, thinking Ryder cheated. Lawler claims that Cole is full of crap for thinking that Ryder didn't deserve his victory. Michael Cole continues to rant before the sound of Matt Striker's voice makes him stop. On the titantron, Matt Striker can be seen standing with a microphone in his hands in the backstage area. Random backstage personnel can be seen walking behind him. Various objects like a stack of barrels and chairs can also be seen. Matt informs the viewers that his next guest will be none other than "The Icon" Sting. Sting appears on the screen wearing his white and black face paint and in his wrestling gear. He has a calm demeanor as he awaits Matt Striker to ask him the questions Matt wants to ask. Matt asks Sting how he feels about not being included in the "Beat the Clock Challenge". Sting tells Matt he's not too concerned as, he admits, he would prefer almost being guaranteed to face Cena at the Royal Rumble, he says that there is still an opportunity for him and that is the Royal Rumble match itself. Sting says fans all over the world have waited for the day that Sting and Cena face each other one on one and when Sting wins the Rumble, they'll all get that chance. Sting is about to walk away, but Wade Barrett calls out to him telling him to stop. The pompous Englishman appears on screen with a scowl on his face. He says that he had better worry about the match that he actually has instead of matches that he doesn't. Wade says he knows that he's in the Royal Rumble and just like his match with Sting tonight, as long as he's in the Rumble, Sting will have no chance at victory. Wade chuckles and leaves while Sting glares at him while he walks away. Meanwhile, Mickie James can be seen stretching as Jerry announces she will be facing Kaitlyn next.


RAW returns and this time, Justin Roberts is in the ring as he gets ready to announce the participants of the next match.

::Justin Roberts::

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and the winner will face Eve for the Divas Championship at the Royal Rumble!"

Kaitlyn's theme music hits the PA system and the cocky blonde emerges from backstage with determination painted on her face. She confidently walks down the ramp ignoring all the boos she gets from the crowd.

::Justin Roberts::

"Introducing the first participant, from Houston, Texas, Kaitlyn!"

Kaitlyn goes under the bottom rope and turns around to await her opponent.

"Hardcore Country" plays on the PA system and everyone in the crowd goes into a cheering frenzy as the former WWE Divas Champion comes out from behind the curtain.

::Justin Roberts::

"Introducing next, from Richmond, Virginia, Mickiiiiiie James!!"

Mickie James enters the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle to do her signature pose before turning around to face Kaitlyn. After her music dies down, Mickie walks over to Kaitlyn and extends her hand out to her, thinking she'll shake it. Kaitlyn smacks it out of her way and a collective sets of "oooh's" echoes around the arena. Referee, John Cone, signals the timekeeper to ring the bell. When he does, the two women lock up in the center of the ring. Kaitlyn uses her strength advantage and pushes Mickie to the mat. Kaitlyn smirks as Mickie picks herself up and locks up with Kaitlyn again. Kaitlyn, again, pushes Mickie to the mat. Mickie gets up and appears to go for another collar tie up with Kaitlyn but kicks her in the gut and goes for the Mickie-DT and connects. She goes for the pin and gets the three count on Kaitlyn.

Winner: Mickie James @ :56

::Justin Roberts::

"Your winner of this match, Mickie James!!"

Mickie James starts cheering and jumping around in the ring as she gets the opportunity to become the WWE Divas Champion again. Michael Cole is disgusted at James' behavior and says she's acting like a kid who got a quarter under her pillow from the Tooth Fairy. Cole is about to say more, but Eve, the WWE Divas Champion, with a microphone in hand, interrupts the festivities. Mickie turns around to see Eve with the the Divas Championship around her left shoulder. Eve tells Mickie congratulations, but tells her that this is as far as she goes. She says she may have won the title before, but that was then and this is now. Since she's been gone, things have changed drastically and all Mickie is is another face that will get lost in the herd of talentless divas. Eve claims that her own legacy is just beginning and all Mickie is is another feather in her cap because in four weeks, it won't be "Hardcore Country", it will be "Eve's Country". The crowd starts booing at Eve, who only smirks confidently at Mickie while Mickie glares back at her and gestures her hands around her waist, verbally telling Eve of her intentions at the Royal Rumble. Eve just shakes her head and leaves.

05-15-2012, 08:00 AM
Backstage, John Cena can be seen getting ready for the main event in his locker room until he hears a knock at the door. He tells whoever it is to come in, but to wipe their feet on the mat before they do. In comes "The Icon" Sting, with his signature black baseball bat and trench coat, who tells Cena that although they might be partners tonight, he's not going to guarantee that they'll be on the same page because Sting says he intends to win the Rumble and face Cena for the title at Wrestlemania. Cena says it would be an honor if they did, but Cena reminds Sting that he's never been in the WWE until now. Right now, no disrespect, he doesn't mean a damn thing and he's gonna have to get in line like the rest of the guys in the back. Sting says, "Fair enough.". I guess we'll have to wait and see. As Sting leaves, he suddenly spins around and gestures with the bat as if he's gonna hit Cena. Cena flinches and Sting smirks at him before he leaves. Cena has a puzzled look on his face, but just chuckles and continues preparing himself. Meanwhile, both Sheamus and Rey Mysterio can be seen heading towards the ring in a split screen effect as they both have a match up next.


RAW returns on the air and Sheamus can already be seen in the ring as Christy Hemme introduces him, but can barely get her introduction over the booing crowd.

::Christy Hemme::
"The following contest is a "Beat the Clock Challenge" scheduled for one fall. Currently in the ring, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 272 pounds, "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus!!"

Sheamus beats his snow white chest and raises his arms in the air, showing how visibly pumped he is. "Booyaka 619" plays on the PA system and a short burst of fireworks pops up from the top of the stage. Out comes Rey Mysterio, who walks to the corner of the stage, points at the crowd and steps back as fireworks shoot up from the corner. He does the same in the opposite corner before making his way down the ramp. While he does, he embraces some of the Mysterio fans in the front row of the audience.

::Christy Hemme::
"And his opponent, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 175 pounds, Rey Mysterio!"

Rey Mysterio rolls under the bottom rope, climbs the top turnbuckle, does his signature pose, and turns around to face Sheamus. Jerry Lawler reminds us that either Mysterio or Sheamus needs to win in under 6 minutes and 12 seconds. His music dies down and referee, John Cone, signals the timekeeper to start the match. When the bell rings, Sheamus charges at Mysterio, but Mysterio sends Sheamus between the top and middle rope by tripping him with a droptoe hold. With Sheamus now in position, Mysterio runs to the ropes, bounces off and is about to hit the 619, but Sheamus pushes Mysterio back and tries to go for the Brogue Kick, but Mysterio jumps up, hits the hurricarana and sets Sheamus up again for the 619. Mysterio runs to the ropes , bounces off and goes for the 619 again, but like last time, Sheamus pushes Mysterio away. Instead of going for Mysterio again, Sheamus just stares at him for a couple seconds, but quickly realizes he needs to win soon. Sheamus charges at Mysterio but stops right in front of him to fake Mysterio out. Mysterio takes a quick step to the left and Sheamus easily catches Mysterio around the waist and sends him into the corner. Sheamus delivers four shoulder thrusts and irish whips him into the corner. Sheamus runs into the corner and does a running knee into Mysterio's head. Mysterio goes down and Sheamus tries to pin Mysterio, but Rey kicks out at one. Sheamus picks Rey up by the head and makes him stand to his feet before picking Rey up and driving him into the mat with a sidewalk slam. Sheamus drops a standing legdrop across Mysterio's chest and tries to pin him again. Mysterio kicks out at two. Sheamus flips Mysterio over on his stomach puts him in the Camel Clutch, John Cone asks Rey is he wants to give up, but Mysterio shakes his head "no". Sheamus applies this hold for about 20 seconds before letting go. He drives some vicious knees into the pit of Mysterio's back before pinning him again. Mysterio kicks out at two. 3:24 remains in the match. Sheamus picks Mysterio up and throws him over the top rope. Sheamus follows him to the outside, but Mysterio kicks Sheamus in the knee causing him to buckle. Mysterio runs back in the ring and climbs the top rope. He connects with a crossbody that takes Sheamus out. Mysterio crawls back in the ring and waits for Sheamus. The referee starts counting. When he gets to seven, Sheamus gets back in the ring. Sheamus tries to kick Mysterio, but Mysterio sidesteps him and kicks him in the head with an enziguri casuing Sheamus to step back. 1:22 remain. Mysterio walks over to Sheamus but Sheamus pushes him away and hits the Brogue Kick. He pins Mysterio and only gets a two count from Cone. Sheamus starts arguing with the referee. When he sees arguing will get him nowhere, he turns around only to have Mysterio trip him up witha droptoe hold. Sheamus is in position for the 619 again. Mysterio runs towards Sheamus and hits it. As Sheamus gets knocked back, Mysterio jumps off the ropes and tries for a crossbody, but Sheamus kicks Mysterio in midair with another Brogue Kick. Sheamus goes for the pin and gets the three count with 43 seconds to spare.

Winner: Sheamus via pinfall @ 5:28

::Christy Hemme::

"Here is your winner, Sheamus!!"

Sheamus leaves the ring whilst holding his head as he is still in pain from the 619.

Mexican American can be seen talking backstage. Apparently, Hernandez will face Christian later in the evening in the final "Beat the Clock Challenge". They all huddle up together to discuss some kind of game plan.


Rey Mysterio can be seen icing his head as he has a dejected look on his face. Devon walks up to him and says he's sorry about how things turned out. Rey tells him to cut the crap. He knows Devon doesn't mean it. Before Devon can answer, Rey walks off leaving a slightly irritated Devon pondering Mysterio's behavior. Meanwhile, Hemme is in the ring to announce the participants of the next match.

05-15-2012, 08:08 PM
::Christy Hemme::

"The following Beat the Clock Challenge is set for one fall!"

"Stand Up" by FILTHEE/Brickman blares on the PA system and out comes Hernandez accompanied to the ring by the rest of Mexican America. While Hernandez focuses on striding down the ring, Epico Primo, Sarita and Rosita all taunt the crowd in retaliation to the chorus of boos they receive.

::Christy Hemme::

"Introducing first, from Houston, Texas, weighing in at 285 pounds, "Hernandez!"

Hernandez enters the ring while Primo, Sarita, Rosita and Epico remain by the commentator's table. Jarrett makes a comment about keeping your eyes on your wallets when these hoodlums are around. Cole blasts back at him claiming that such "derogatory comments" reflect how much of a bigot Jarrett is. Before Jarrett can retaliate, Hernandez's opponent, Devon, makes his entrance with his theme song, "Devon" playing on the PA system.

::Christy Hemme::

"And his opponent, from New York City, New York, weighing in at 280 pounds, Devon!"

Before, Devon gets half way down the ramp, Epico and Primo charge at him. Devon's music cuts abruptly as Devon fights both men off. When his back is turned to Primo, who is pummeling Epico to submission, Primo gets him from behind with the backstabber. With Devon down, both Primo and a recovering Epico stomp away on his torso and face while Hernandez looks on with approval. Jarrett says he's not surprised that Mexican America would stoop so low. Lawler agrees with him. Meanwhile, security comes down the ramp and pulls Epico and Primo away from Devon and escort them away from the ring. With the security team distracted, Hernandez exits the ring and runs down the ramp and knees Devon as he tries to get up. He makes Devon stand to his feet and grabs him by the head and leads him down the ring. Hernandez throws Devon under the bottom rope and follows him inside the ring.

The bell finally rings and Hernandez goes for the quick cover. Devon kicks out at two. Frustrated, Hernandez lays a couple of rights to the face of Devon while Rosita and Sarita cheer him on. He goes for the cover but Devon kicks out at two again. Looking back up at the titantron, Hernandez realizes the he has only 4:59 to beat Sheamus' time. Getting desperate, he lifts Devon off of his feet and goes for the Border Toss but Devon struggles out of the crucifix hold and runs to the ropes. He goes for a shoulder block but Rosita pulls down on the ropes and sends Devon flying to the outside while, Jackson James, the referee, isn't looking. As Devon struggles to get to his feet, Hernandez leaps over the top rope and hits the Big Man Dive on Devon. Michael Cole praises the genius tactics that Hernandez has put on display and knows he has what it take to be the WWE Champion. Hernandez sends Devon back to the ring and goes for the pin again but like the last two attempts, Devon kicks out at the count of two. Hernandez looks back at clock: 4:01 remain. When Hernandez turns his attention back to Devon, Devon kicks at the gut of Hernandez while he's still on his back. Hernandez reels back but goes for him again only for another boot from Devon to land square in his jaw. Devon gets back to his feet and throws a couple of punches at Hernandez while the crowd cheers him on. Devon runs to the ropes and tries to hit a shoulder block but Hernandez rolls out of the ring just in time. Lawler comments that keeping your distance between your opponent in a Beat the Clock Challenge isn't a smart thing to do at all.

While Hernandez catches his breath, Devon taunts him to get back in the ring. Hernandez acquiesces and slides under the bottom rope. Hernandez goes for a punch but Devon ducks and hits one of his one. Then, Devon lifts up Hernandez and throws him to the ropes. He hits a snap scoop powerslam and pins him. Hernandez kicks out at 1 and a half. Devon looks to the top turnbuckle and walks towards it. After he scales it, Sarita distracts Devon and Hernandez takes advantage by leaping up to Devon's level, punching him in the ribs and superplexing him from the turnbuckle. Both men are now laid out on their backs and only 1:08 remain on the clock. Devon is the first to his feet. He goes over to Hernandez and picks him up over his shoulder but Hernandez grabs the ropes and slides off of him. Devon ducks an attempted clothesline from behind and nails a spinebuster. Another pin attempt from Devon gets a 2 count. When Devon looks to finish things, he makes his way up the top turnbuckle and goes for a diving headbutt but Hernandez lifts his foot up and Devon's face lands right on his foot. Hernandez gets to his feet while Devon stumbles on his feet. Hernandez grabs Devon, lifts him up and nails the Border Toss. He goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall @ 5:36

::Christy Hemme::

"You winner of this match, Hernandez!"

Hernandez is all smiles until he realizes he didn't beat Devon in time. Sarita and Rosita try to comfort him but he's not in the mood. Jeff Jarrett reminds everyone the the losers of the Beat the Clock Challenge will be in a fatal four way match next week on RAW and so far, Bully Ray, Devon and Rey Mysterio are in it. Meanwhile, backstage, John Laurinaitis gets a visit from Kurt Angle. He tells Laurinaitis that it isn't fair that he doesn't get to be in the Beat the Clock Challenge and demands that John put him in the last match. Laurinaits reminds Angle that he's already scheduled for the main even but he'll do this for him instead: he'll put Angle as the Number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble if he pins or submits John Cena in tonight's match. Kurt Angles says he likes the sound of that and leaves his office.


05-16-2012, 10:36 AM
Hey did you want someone to review your shows ?

If so just say so and I will just to warn you it would be my first time reviewing and not booking but its up to you

05-16-2012, 10:44 AM
Hey did you want someone to review your shows ?

If so just say so and I will just to warn you it would be my first time reviewing and not booking but its up to you

Thanks but I was planning on asking S.E. Zero. Thanks for the offer.

05-16-2012, 11:04 AM
Fair Enough

05-16-2012, 06:36 PM
Back from commercial break, we see Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler from Smackdown in the ring. Since they’re both in wrestling gear, it’s obvious they’re competing in a match tonight.

::Justin Roberts::

“This is a tag team contest set for one fall! Currently in the ring, at a combined weight of 473 pounds, Dolph Ziggler and the “All American American, Jack Swagger!”

Dolph signals for Justin to hand him the microphone but grabs it when Justin takes too long. Ziggler says that it’s a travesty that the most dominant tag team in the WWE, Ziggler and Swagger, aren’t getting a tag team title shot but the Motor City Water Guns are. Dolph reminds the booing crowd that he and Swagger are former world champions and adds that he actually beat WWE Hall of Famer, the Rated “R” Superstar, Edge, to get it. Jack takes the mic from him and adds the he retained his world title against one of the current tag team champions, the Big Show. He says it’s obvious that they deserve a shot at the tag team gold but it doesn’t make a difference whether they’re given the shot now or not because once he gets his hands on the Guns and breaks breaks Sabin and Shelley’s ankles, they won’t be able to compete at the Royal Rumble anyway and that he and Ziggler will receive a championship match as worthy replacements. After their rant ends, “Motor City” by Adam Skaggs plays on the PA system, signaling the arrival of The Motor City Machine Guns.

::Justin Roberts::

“And their opponents, from Detroit Michigan, at a combined weight of 420 pounds, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley, the Motor City Machine Guuuuuuns!!!”

The high flying duo is greeted with cheers and applause from the audience. Unfortunately, both men are jumped from behind by the Big Show and Matt Morgan. Matt Morgan picks up Shelley and lays him out with the Hellevator on the ramp. Meanwhile, Big Show delivers the WMD to Chris Sabin. With both the Guns knocked out, Swagger and Ziggler go outside the ring to join in the carnage but they get laid out as well by the tag team champions. Big Show and Matt Morgan stand tall the crowd boos them. Lawler expresses his disgust towards Big Show and Matt Morgan and calls them cowards. Cole says they’re simply playing mind games and that Lawler should stop being biased.
Meanwhile, Bobby Roode and Daniel Bryan bump in to each other backstage. Roode asks him if he’s nervous about facing the next WWE Champion in the final Beat the Clock Challenge, him. Bryan retorts and says that he isn’t scared of Roode at all but says the he’s looking forward to making him tap out to the YES! Lock. Bobby just storms off as he gets ready for his match with Bryan. In the divas locker room, Mickie can be seen opening her person locker in the Divas locker room and Kelly Kelly approaches her. She asks her if she needs back up against Eve at the Royal Rumble just in case Eve tries to cheat. James thanks her for the offer but would rather face her alone. She says that Kelly should be more concerned about her match against the undefeated Kharma on Smackdown but again, thanks her for the offer. Kelly leaves but is the thrown back into Mickie by an unknown force. A camera shift to the left reveals Eve and Kharma standing at the doorway glaring at Mickie and Eve. Back in the ring, Christy Hemme is ready to introduce the participants for the final Beat the Clock Challenge.

::Christy Hemme::

“The following contest is the final Beat the Clock Challenge and it is set for one fall!”

“Off the Chain” hits the PA system and out comes a confident Bobby Roode heading down the ramp.

::Christy Hemme::

“Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 240 pounds, Bobby Roode!”

Bobby Roode doesn’t give the fans any sort of attention as he heads down the ramp. Before he gets to the ring, “Flight of the Valkryies” is playing on the PA system and “Yes!” chants start. They get louder once Daniel Bryan comes out shouting “Yes!” over and over again as he hops down the ramp, pointing his fingers in the air.

::Christy Hemme::

“And his opponent, from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing 210 pounds, Daniel Bryan!”

As Daniel Bryan takes off his coat, Roode attacks him from behind and the bell rings. Roode hits a german suplex and brings Brayn back up to his feet to do another one but a few elbows from Bryan stops him. Roode reels back and leans against the ropes. Bryan tries to go for the clothesline but Roode lifts Bryan over his shoulder. Bryan grabs onto the ropes and sticks the landing on the apron. Roode goes for a forearm smash but Bryan ducks and give him a shoulder thrust. Then, Bryan leaps over the ropes, using the tope rope as a slingshot, and hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Roode into a pin attempt. Bobby kicks out at one. Daniel lays Roode out on his front and drops a few knees into the small of his back. Roode cries out in pain and Bryan goes for the Cattle Mutilation but Roode reverses into a small package. He gets the 2 count after Bryan kicks out. Both Bryan and Roode get to their feet at the same time and go into a collar-and-elbow tie up. Roode forces Bryan into the corner and applies pressure to Bryan against the corner while the referee counts to five. At four, Roode releases the hold and irish whips Daniel into the opposite corner. Roode charges at him but Bryan gets out of the way and he collides into the corner. Bryan quickly scales the turnbuckle and hits the missile dropkick on Roode. Bryan goes for the pin but Roode kicks out at two. Bryan locks in the Yes! Lock on Roode but Roode crawls over to the ropes and the referee starts counting to five. Bryan releases the lock at two and the referee forces Bryan back to give Roode some breathing room.

When Bryan goes back for Roode, Rode nails him with a spear out of nowhere. Roode favors his left shoulder a bit before locking in the arm trap crossface on Bryan. Bryan takes a little longer to get to the ropes than Roode but Bryan gets there in twenty seconds. Roode releases his grip and goes after the left shoulder of Bryan by stomping away at it. He sends him over the top rope and Bryan hits his head on the ground below. Roode quickly follows him and puts Bryan back up on his feet. He goes for an irish whip but Daniel Bryan reverses it but Roode reverse that reversal and send Bryan crashing into the barricade. Roode quickly gets into the ring while the referee starts the ten count. By 6, Bryan is back up on his feet. He makes his way to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope but Roode just stomps at Bryan’s back until he shows no signs of life. Roode puts Bryan in a Fujiwara armbar. He keeps the lock in tight and asks the referee to ask Bryan if he’ll quit. Bryan shouts out “No!” To get in his head, Roode shouts “Yes!” back at him. Bryan responds with another “No!” and Roode fires back with a “Yes!” The verbal exchange continues until Daniel Bryan struggles out of the hold. Roode goes for a running clothesline but Bryan ducks, runs to the ropes and hits a flying elbow smash. Bobby gets to his feet quickly only to be hit by another one and a third one after that. Daniel Bryan once again scales the top turnbuckle and waits for Bobby to get to his feet. He looks up at the clock on the titantron and see that there are only 16 seconds left until time elapses. When Roode gets to his feet, Bryan leaps off and goes for another missile dropkick but Roode catches him in midair and nails a mid-air spinebuster . He goes for the cover and pins Bryan for the three count with five seconds to spare.

Winner: Bobby Roode via pinfall @ 5:23

::Christy Hemme::

“Here is your winner of this match and the Beat the Clock Challenge, Bobby Roode!”

Bobby Roode keeps screaming “Yes!” into the face of an unconscious Daniel Bryan and Michael Cole loves every minute of it. Jarrett says that Roode winning was quite a shocker but that he deserved the win. Jerry says that he’s gonna have a tough road ahead of him because beating John Cena in a normal match is hard enough but trying to get the WWE Championship from him is damn near impossible. John Cena is looking on backstage by a television monitor and just chuckles to himself as he gets ready for his match that comes up next. When he turns around to head to the ring, a steel chair smacks him over the head and Cena goes down. As the cameras shifts to the left, the person with the steel chair, Kurt Angle, looks at the defenseless Cena and wails a few more shots to the back of Cena, making sure he stays down. Then, he jams the edge of the chair into Cena’s ankle over and over again. The merciless assault finally ends when security comes and tries to pull Angle apart while EMT’s check on Cena.


05-16-2012, 08:49 PM
Jeff Jarrett welcomes the viewers back and replays the footage of what just happened between Angle and Cena. Lawler calls his actions sick and reprehensible. Cole cuts him off and says that it was a smart move by Angle. He says that as great as Angle is, he’s never won a Royal Rumble and Laurinaitis gave him the opportunity to get a major advantage in the Rumble match if he can pin or make Cena submit. Justin Roberts is in the ring ready to make the announcement for the main event.

::Justin Roberts::

“The following tag team contest is set for one fall!”

“Just Don’t Care Anymore” plays on the PA system and in no time at all, Wade Barrett comes out from behind the curtain wearing a large coat. It flings off when he points in the air with both arms and heads down the ring.

::Justin Roberts::

“Introducing first, from Manchester, England, weighing 260 pounds, Wade Barrett!”

Barrett looks around at the crowd as they jeer and boo him but he doesn’t pay them much mind as he scales the apron and enters the ring. He turns around and waits for his tag team partner. Soon enough, “Gold Metal” starts to play and the crowd immediately begins to boo. The Olympic Gold Meadalist finally appears as an elevator raises him to the top of the ramp. With a raise of both arms, red and blue fireworks shoot up in the air behind him. He then make his way down the ramp.

::Justin Roberts::

“And his tag team partner, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 240 pounds, he is the only Olympic gold medalist in WWE history, Kurt Angle!”

Angle briskly enters the ring and meets up with Barrett. Both shake hands and prepare for their opponents to arrive. “Slay Me” plays on the PA system and the crowd goes into a cheering frenzy. Eventually, Sting comes out and howls to the audience with cupped hands to project his voice farther into the stands.

::Justin Roberts::

“And their opponents, first, from Venice Beach, California, weighing 25o pounds, “The Icon” Stiiiiiiiing!”

Sting walks about half way down the ramp but stops and looks back as he waits for John Cena to come out. “My Time is Now” starts to play. About thirty seconds into the song, Cena finally comes out. He’s limping on his bad ankle but still manages to do his salute.

::Justin Roberts::

“And his tag team partner, from West Newbury Massachusetts, weighing 251 pounds…he is the WWE Champion, John Ceeeeeeeeennnnaaaaaaa!”

Instead of charging to the ring, he limps over to Sting. The two stare each other down for a few seconds. Cole’s wondering if Cena thinks that Sting attacked him since Cena never got a good look at the person who attacked him. The team then looks on to their opponents. Angle, in particular, wants Cena as he points and taunts at the wounded champion. Sting gets to the apron first and enters the ring. Cena struggles to get on the apron but he eventually does. Sting stops him and tells him that he’ll start the match. Cena, reluctantly agrees. Disappointed he doesn’t get to wrestle Cena first, Angle goes to the apron and Barrett starts things off for his team.
When the bell rings, both men dance around the ring for a bit and shyly extend their arms forward. In a quick burst of speed displayed from both men, they lock into a collar-and-elbow clinch. After a few seconds of struggling, Barrett overpowers Sting into the corner and quickly releases the hold only to slap Sting across the face. Sting rubs his stinging face but goes on the offense again and gets into another collar-and-elbow tie up with Barrett. Barrett forces him into the corner again. He goes for another slap but Sting ducks and pushes Barrett into the corner and hits him with a few knife edge chops while the crowd yells “Woo!” with each chop. As Barrett clutches his chest in pain, Sting irish whips him into the opposite corner. He goes for a body splash but a big boot from Barrett stops him dead in his tracks. Barrett goes over to Angle and tags him in. Angle waits for Sting to get to his feet and grabs him around the waist and hits a belly to belly suplex. He lifts Sting up again and delivers another belly to belly. With Sting now stunned, Kurt walks over to Cena and taunts him to get in the ring. Cena smirks and points behind Angle. Angle turns around and Sting catches him with a right hand punch. Sting looks over to Cena and decides to tag him in. Cena slowly enters the ring and goes after Angle. Cena lifts Angle up and plants him into the ground with a fisherman suplex. He goes for the pin but Angle kicks out before a count of 1.


As RAW returns live, Cena can be seen beating the hell out of Wade Barrett in the corner with a few punches. Cena stops and backs up. Barrett takes the opportunity to charge at Cena but Cena trips him with a droptoe hold and goes for the STF. Barrett battles out before Cena can fully lock it in. Barrett crawls over to Angle and tags him in. Angle and Cena stare each other down for a bit. Angle intentionally locks at Cena’s ankle. When Cena looks down, Angles charges at him but Cena grabs Angle head first using the momentum to hurl Angle over the top rope. Cena gingerly climbs between the ropes to follow Angle but Barrett kicks Cena in the head with a running boot from the apron. Sting tries to alert the referee’s, Charles Robinson’s, attention to Barrett but Robinson tries to calm Sting down. Then, Angle takes a steel chair near the announce table and whacks Cena over the bad ankle with it. The smacking sound alerts the referee’s attention but Kurt throws the chair away when he looks at him. Kurt throws Cena back in the ring and goes after him. Angle knees Cena in his bad ankle a few times before pinning him. Cena kicks out at one and a half. A frustrated angle gives a DDT to Cena’s ankle and another one for good measure. He goes for another pin but Cena kicks out at two. Barrett demands Angle tag him in but Angle ignores him and goes for the Ankle Lock. John Cena uses his strength to push himself off the ground with his arms and roll forward sending Angle flying over him. Barrett tags himself in while Cena doesn’t notice and runs at the ropes behind Cena. He does a chop block and Cena goes down. Barrett goes for the cover but Cena kicks out at two. As John struggles to get to his feet, Kurt tags himself back in and hits a running clothesline on John. Cena tries to get back on his feet but his ankle gives out on him. Kurt stomps away at Cena’s ankle again until the referee pushes him away. Kurt goes back on the offense and stomps at Cena’s ankle more. Lawler thinks he might have broken it. Cole tells him to quit exaggerating. Kurt drags Cena by the ankle over to the middle of the ring. Angle climbs the top turnbuckle and positions himself for a moonsault. Digging down deep, Cena wills himself to stand to his feet and he quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle as well. John grabs Angle from behind and plants him in the mat with a super back suplex. Both men hit the mat hard and lie on their back motionless. The ref begins counting to ten. At five, Angle is already starting to get up but Cena crawls over to Sting’s corner. As Cena stretches out his hand to tag in Sting, Sting backs away and climbs down the steel steps and leaves the ring and walks up the ramp to the backstage area. Cena looks on shocked and Angles ceases the opportunity to lock the Ankle Lock in. Cena tries to crawl over to the ropes but Angle pulls him back in the middle of the ring. Cena looks like he’s going to tap but he passes out from the pain. Angle goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Wade Barrett via pinfall @ 10:21

Kurt Angle and Wade Barrett celebrate their victory and notice that Bobby Roode is running out to the ring. Roode goes over to ringside and grabs Cena’s title. He slides under the ring and asks for Barrett and Angle to get Cena on his feet. When they do, Roode clocks Cena over the head with the belt and lays Cena out. A small trickle of blood pours out from Cena’s head as Roode leaves the ring with Cena’s championship belt. Roode pauses when he gets up the ramp, facing away from the camera. The last image of RAW is Roode holding the belt high above his head.


05-17-2012, 05:45 PM

SHOW: Friday Night Smackdown
TIME: 8-10 PM(EST)
DATE: 1/11/13
LOCATION: Charlotte, NC(Time Warner Cable Arena)


Smackdown Preview

By order of the Smackdown GM, Mick Foley, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger will compete against the Motor City Machine Guns like they were supposed to. In addition, if either Big Show and/or Matt Morgan interfere in any way during the match, they will both be fined. Meanwhile, Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam will compete against CM Punk and JTG will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Brian Kendrick. Then, in the main event, "The Apex Predator" Randy Orton will face off against Jeff Hardy.

05-18-2012, 07:35 AM
Friday Night Smackdown starts things off with its opening video that has "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day playing in the background. After the video concludes hyping up the program, multicolored fireworks shoot up from the top of the ramp signaling that the show has officially began. Mike tenay welcomes the WWE viewers to another episode of Friday Night Smackdown. Booker T runs down the expected matches that the GM, Mick Foley, has in store for the WWE Universe tonight including an update to the main event of Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy. Apparently, the winner will face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. Booker T says that he can't wait for that but he brings special attention to the Divas and recaps what happened on RAW between Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Kharma and Eve Torres. He then says that there is a rumor going on concerning those four women being that the Divas Championship match between James and Eve will now feature Kharma and Kelly Kelly as well.

Just then, "Realeza" plays on the PA system. The all too familiar music of Alberto Del Rio cuases mot of the auidence to moan and groan. A black Rolls-Royce 200EX rolls out from the backstage area near the stand of crowd members. Alberto honks on the horn a couple times to announce his arrival. When the car comes to a complete stop, he emerges from the car with his white scarf around his neck and the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He walks on the top of the ramp and poses with his championship while golden fireworks pour down from the ceiling behind him. Taz wonders if Alberto Del Rio is worried about facing either Jeff or Randy. Tenay tells him that he doesn't necessarily have to be worried but facing either "The Charismatic Enigma" or "The Apex Predator" has to be in the back of his mind. When Del Rio gets in the ring, he asks for a microphone from one of the men by ringside. When he gets it, he brags about being the World Heavyweight Champion for 3 months now. He says the people think that he's afraid of losing the belt at the Royal Rumble but he says he isn't. In fact, he says he's not afraid to face anybody on the entire Smackdown roster. Before he can boast any more, "Wreck" plays on the PA system and the Smackdown GM, Mick Foley, appears and stops on the ramp with a microphone in hand. Foley says that if Alberto is truly not afraid of anyone on the Smackdown roster then he'll take him up on his word. He knows that Del Rio doesn't have a match tonight but if Del Rio means what he says then next week, in the main event, Alberto will go one on one with the Undertaker. Del Rio looks furious as he shouts at Foley, telling him that it isn't fair he has to face the Undertaker next week. Foley scratches his beard for a few seconds before responding. He says Alberto is absolutely right. This comes off as surprise to Mike Tenay who questions what Foley's up to. Foley says that why make the fans wait until next week when they can have the match...RIGHT NOW?! Alberto's eyes nearly pop out along witha vein in his forehead as Foley waves good bye to him and wishes him the best of luck. Alberto is still fuming in the ring until he's stopped dead in his tracks by an eerie gong. Alberto quickly turns his head to face the top of the entrance ramp as the lights go off. The gong plays again and fire starts to shoot up. "Rest in Peace" begins to play on the PA system as white fog rises up from the ground. Eventually, the Undertaker slowly appears from behind the curtain and stops at the top of the ramp and stares at Del Rio from afar. Booker T announces that the show will be going to a commercial break.


06-25-2012, 03:59 PM
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