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Ok here is where I would like everyone to put down information on their CAW. Now if you already have your CAW already made on wwe 12 and you have a xbox then you can skip this part and just send me a private message so I can download it. As far as everyone else goes try your best to give as much detail as possible on your CAW. I put down a few questions but feel free to put down more information if you feel its needed. Also if there's a famous wrestler that you want your CAW to look like , have same move sets or entrance then make sure to put that down also. In the appearance section I would like everyone if possible to either send in a picture or say a name of a wrestler or someone that your CAW looks like, then you can add on more detail of your own. (For Ex. My CAW has looks like Kane but has Edge hair and HHH body type.) This way we have something to work with. Other than that lets have fun:cool:


Entrance Name:
Ring Announcer Name:
Commentary Name:
Home town:
Weight Class:
Heel or Face:


Theme Song:
Screen Effect:
Motions 1..2..3..4


Basic Moves, Taunts, Top Rope...Etc:


Body Type:

More Details:

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Outside dives
Springboard dives
Ring escape

Standard actions

Taunts – CM Punk 3, DX, Fighting Spirit, World’s Greatest 1


· Strike attacks – edge punch 1, spin kick 2, gut kick 2, rolling elbow 1, gut kick 2, dropkick 1, keylock combo 4
· Strike combo – orton punch 1, edge punch 3, rolling elbow 1
· Strong strikes – clothesline 12, rolling elbow 2
· Kick reversal – elbow reversal, dragon screw, single leg Boston crab, armbar 3, mule kick

Chain Grapple

Front facelock – knee strike 2, lebell lock, backbreaker drop 6, backbreaker and leg sweep, suplex 4, neckbreaker 2
Side headlock – punch to head 1, crossface, edge-o-matic, cross arm neckbreaker, neckbreaker 3, backbreaker drop 4
Wrist lock – elbow smash 2, accordion rack, flat liner, scoop slam 1, fisherman suplex 3, belly to belly 3
Waist lock – elbow smash 4, cobra clutch, argentine sidewalk slam, dragon suplex, inverted backbreaker, crane kick

Groggy grapple

Groggy grapple - tiger bomb 2, ddt 7, house of pain, Alabama slam 1
Groggy grapple from behind – pumphandle drop 1, regal plex, full nelson bomb, back stabber 2
Breaking point submissions – lebell lock, cobra clutch


Strike attacks – wrestling hero stomp, double axe handle 2
Grapple moves up – arm trap elbow strikes, standing leg drop, low dropkick
Grapple moves down – elbow drop 6, kick to head 2, cloverleaf breaker
Submission grapple – cattle mutilation, camel clutch 2, edgecator


Strike attacks

Corner groggy – middle kick 3, forearm smash 2, player’s boot 1, jumping knee 3, stomping 3, running wash
Top rope – uppercut, leg lariat, springboard hurricanrana 3
Tree of woe – punch to gut, low dropkick 2

Grapple moves

shining wizard/bulldog 2
shattered dream

grapple from behind

rebound suplex
toss into ring post

top rope grapple

pump up buster
rope hung jawbreaker

top rope grapple behind

reverse death valley
reverse superplex

seated corner grapple

broski boot

tree of woe grapple

double knee backbreaker

corner springboard

body splash 2

running top rope grapple

rope grip high kick


Groggy against ropes

spike ddt

springboard attacks

beautiful disaster

outside springboard attacks

double knee attack

out of ring dive attack

suicide dive

running springboard

beautiful disaster


strike attacks - right jab, axe handle to ringside, apron clothesline 2
springboard attacks - springboard dropkick 3, lionsault
grapple - apron guillotine drop, hotshot 2, apron backbreaker, pull down 1, pull down 2
ground - apron leg drop 1, apron leg drop 2
running - apron clothesline 1, running knee strike 2


vs standing opp - missile dropkick 2, diving reverse elbow
vs downed opp - diving foot stomp 2, frog splash 1


strikes - big boot 3, big boot 3
grapple - neckbreaker 9, running sto
grapple from behind - one handed bulldog 2, backbreaker drop 7
ground strikes - running legdrop 1
irish whip rebound - bicycle kick, da shout out, powerslam 6, knee strike reversal, ducking
pull-back attacks - pull-back uppercut, pull-back samoan drop

Tag Team

standing tag team - double gut buster, double facecrusher, double kick combination, double flapjack 2
corner tag team - drop toe & elbow drop, clothesline & spear, doomsday device, spin cycle


comeback - d. bryan comeback
wake-up taunt - c.t 2
signatures - neckbreaker 6, saving grace
finishers - diving elbow drop 3, anaconda vise 1
royal rumble - finishers - oklahoma slam, gts, codebreaker 3, players boot
ladder - finishers - codebreaker, celtic cross
cell - ceiling - beast bomb, finisher - german suplex

I'm going to post the bio and his appearance in a lil while.

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Texture & Color - 9, current color
Age - 6
Marks & Scars - 0

Superstar 5 - current color

Type - 2, blue - x:170 y:163
Eyelashes - 1, current
Eyebrows - 1, current
Teeth 1, current
Shape - default

Facial Hair - Combinations 24

Height - 6'4", 240 lbs
Size - 1

Tattoo - right arm design 20, upper bicep large as it can go, back - design 49 covers entire back

Arm accessories - elbow pad 1 (second option) on both arms, one in white, the other in maroon (x:0 y:0 shade 45 all maroon will be this)
Hands - 20, with black X's on the back of both hands

Trunks & Underwear - 8, the shorter option in maroon, with white M S U on the back of them
Knee Pads - 4, one maroon and one white, alternating from the elbow pads
Footwear - Boots 8, main color maroon, secondary white

Entrance and Cinematic Attire Add:
Tops - 35, 1, white, logo WWE 6, maroon that covers entire front of the shirt

Menu screen pose - 4

Strike Power - 81
grapple power - 82
Submission - 78
strike defense - 81
grapple defense - 84
speed - 85
agility - 85
Adrenaline - 75
recovery - 79
durability - 75
charisma - 89
tag team - 89
(feel free to edit these however you like)

Entrance name: KJ Punk
Abbreviated name: KJ
Ring announcer name: KJ
Commentary name: The dog
Hometown: Mississippi
Weight class: Heavyweight
Crowd Reaction: Cheer

I'll post my entrance next

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Motion - legend 02
pyro - none
lighting 38
screen effect - none

motion - superstar 13
pyro - none
lighting - 38
screen effect - none

motion - superstar 13
pyro - none
lighting - 38 -stays the same whole time
screen effect - none

Ring in
motion - cm punk

motion - superstar 16

Champion entrance - cm punk
multi-title entrance -superstar 49
Movie - King of Kings
Music - "Before I Forget" by Slipknot if you wanna add a custom one, otherwise, MMA Fighter

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Mine are created, sent you a message
but for fun, the stats

The Brothers Black

Victor Black
240 lbs

Mr. Black
350 lbs

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Great work

05-14-2012, 02:17 PM
I sent you a VM Pau about what was different. The Xbox and PS3 versions must be different on a few numbers.

The back tat should be the Grim Reaper and the trunks should be like HHH's in this vid:


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Just a quick update I'm giving this Efed til Next week Monday to get the 12 Caw roster info done or I will just cancel this Efed altogether. So if you guys really want this please support it.