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Hey guys, I decided to start one of these mainly due to boredom. i hope you guys enjoy it. if positive reviews become of this then i'll continue if not, then booking just isn't for me then:P

Backstory: Hulk Hogan's contract has come to an end, Dixie Carter is very keen to sign him back to another deal. she offer's him a Massive 8figure Salary in his new contract, which happens to be the majority of the money which TNA has left in its account. 6 Months after Hogan signing this new deal, the company has dropped severely in ratings, is loosing money and Hogan wants out of his contract, which dixie agrees to. Xplosion was soon cancelled and many cuts were needed to be taken to ensure that TNA could stay afloat.

Roster! (will be edited when people are released/signed face/heel will also be updated)


Aj Styles
Alex Shelley
Anthony Neese
Brooke Tessmacher - Knockouts Tag Champion
Chris Sabin
D'angelo Dinero
Devon - Television Champion
Eric Young
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jessie Sorenson
Matt Morgan
Mickie James
Mr Anderson
Rob Van Dam
Shannon Moore
Tara - Knockouts Tag Champion
Velvet Sky


Angelina Love
Austin Aries - X-Division Champion
Bobby Roode - TNA World Champion
Bully Ray
Gail Kim - Knockouts Champion
Kurt Angle
Madison Rayne
Magnus - World Tag Champion
Samoa Joe - World Tag Champion
Zema Ion

05-13-2012, 11:38 AM

Christy Hemme
Kid Kash
Mark Haskins
Robbie T
Robbie E
Douglas Williams
SoCal Val

Have all be released from their contracts.

05-13-2012, 12:50 PM
Impact Wrestling 17th May 2012

The show opens without any pyro of any sort as a camera pans straight to the announce table.

Taz: Welcome to Impact Wrestling!

Mike Tenay: We have a stacked show here for you guys tonight!

Taz: That's right! The Wolrd Heavyweight Champion WILL be in action!

Mike Tenay: Also there will be a surprise at the end of the show for you all, stay tuned!

Taz: Up first ladies and gentlemen, we have the Knockouts Tag Team Titles!

Tara's Music Blasts Around the Arena

Taz: There they are, Tara and Brooke Tessmacher

Mike Tenay: Tara and Tessmacher are looking to regain the Tag Titles from Rosita and Sarita who cheated them from the Titles two months ago!

Rosita and Sarita's Music Hits

Taz: And here come the reigning Champions!


TNA Knockouts Tag Title Match

Rosita and Sarita (c) vs TNT

Rosita and Tara start off the match with a lockup, Tara over powers Rosita sending her to the corner, Rosita makes a quick tag out to Sarita. Tara and Sarita start trading lefts and rights, Sarita taking the advantage with an eye rake. Sarita is working over the left leg of Tara. Rosita joins Sarita in the ring to work over Tara's leg, But Tessmacher hits the ring to even it out, Tessmacher sends Rosita to the floor creating a distraction for Tara, she rolls Sarita up, 1.2.3!

Winners at 3:09 and NEW Knockouts Tag Champions - TNT!


Mike Tenay: Congratulations are in order for Tara and Tessmacher!

Tara and Tessmacher celebrate in-ring as we cut to commercial


Gail Kim: C'mon Madison! i need to be in the ring to teach little Velvet a lesson!

Madison: Sorry!. i've gotta look my best! not that i need to look any better!

Gail Kim: Oh just hurry up!

Back at the Announce Table -

Taz: If Velvet wins this upcoming Non-title match, she has been told she will get the shot at the Knockouts Championship which she never received.

Velvet makes her entrace-


Mike Tenay: Here comes the Knockouts Champion, Gail kim! and her lackey.. Madion Rayne..

Gail Kim (w/Madison Rayne) vs Velvet Sky

Gail cheapshots Velvet before the bell, taking early control of the match, Lefts and rights from Gail to velvet, Gail hits a bodyslam on Velvet, keeping her control. Velvet counters an Irish Whip with a clothesline which decks Gail, Velvet hits a spear on the groggy Gail. Gail dodges a dropkick from Velvet, Giving on of her own. Gail is distracting the referee!.. Madison creeps into the ring with the Knockouts Title, its a swing and miss for Madison as she is clotheslined over the top rope!, Gail comes charging at Velvet with a clothesline of her own. Velvet evades it, Hits her with a vicious DDT! cover and 1.2.3

Winner via Pinfall at 6:38 Velvet Sky!

Mike Tenay: Velvet will be getting her promised Knockouts Title Match on next months PPV!

Taz: Congratulations Velvet!

Backstage Interview-

Jeremy Borash: Ladies and Gentlemen im currently here with the X-Divison Champion!, Austin Aries!

Austin Aries: Im not in the mood for talking right now. i have a title match coming up next. leave me be you bug eyed freak.

X-Divison Championship Match
Austin Aries(c) vs Alex Shelley

Alex Shelley and Aries lockup as the bell sounds, Shelley comes off better with a stiff left kick, Left elbow shot, now a right. Aries counters with a right hand of his own. Running dropkick from Aries, Aries is on top of shelley delivering punches to the head, Aries picks Shelley up, Irish whip.. Knee to the stomach! Shelley falls to the floor in pain, Aries goes to the top, Attempted splash, Shelley moves away with just milliseconds until impact, Shelley with a handspring moonsault on aries, Both get back to their feet, both attempt clotheslines at the same time, both deck to the floor. the Referee gets to 7 before Shelley gets to his feet, Cover by shelley 1.2, Aries gets a shoulder up. Shelley puts Aries in a corner, Alex is running to the opposite corner, Shelley charges into Aries' boots, Aries rolls Shelly over holding onto his tights 1.2.3!, Aries grabs his title and leaves straight to the back.

Winner and Still X-Divison Champion via Pinfall at 8.52 - Austin Aries


Jeff Hardy is in the ring as we return from commercial

Jeff Hardy: CREATURES!

The Crowd Cheer Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy: Im out here tonight to let you fans know, that at next months Slammiversary PPV, I will be in the Main Event Matchup, Taking on Bobby Roode!

Taz: it looks as if its Roode vs Hardy!

Mike Tenay: Slammiversary is really shaping up!

Jeff Hardy: That's all i had to say enj...

Hardy is cut off by Kurt Angles Music

Kurt Angle: Listen Hardy. I don't know what rehab you just crawled from. BUT i will be the person in that mainevent. not you.

Jeff: Listen Angle, im not in the mood to listen to you tonight, so i suggest you put up!, or shut up.

HARDY! chants are all around the arena.

Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle

Hardy goes straight after Angle as soon as the bell sounds. Hardy sends Angle over the top rope, Hardy follows him to the outside. The referee counts past 10 and throws the match out. Hardy and Angle keep going at it on the arena floor. lefts and rights, Security are now trying to hold both Hardy and Angle apart. Hardy is taken to the back by security

Match Thrown out at 0:47 via Double Countout.

Taz: That was just pure violence.

Tenay: We know that this is not over between them!

Samoa Joe's Music Plays

TNA World Tag Championship Match
Samoa Joe and Magnus(c) vs Devon and Dinero

Magnus and Devon start things off. Magnus throws Devon over with a Suples, quick cover 1.2, Devon kick out and gets to his feet, Kick to the ribs by Devon to Magnus, Magnus hurries to his feet to tag in Joe. Joe comes right after Devon with Kicks, Throwing Devon into the corner, He puts Devon on the top rope for a muscle buster, Devon fights down, Shoulder Barge by Devon!. Devon gets to his corner to make the tag in to Dinero. Dinero comes in fired up, Decking Samoa Joe With Tight Clotheslines, Joe Counters with a low spinkick to the legs of Dinero. Dinero quickly takes back offence, Irish whipping Joe to the corner, DINERO EXPRE.. Joe Moves out of the way! he puts Dinero in the sleeper. The Referee rings the bell. Joe and Magnus Retain!

Winners and Still Tag Champions via Submission at 9:03 - Magnus and Samoa Joe


Taz: Its Main Event Time Ladies And Gents!

Tenay: Thats Right! Storm and Van Dam will take on Bully Ray and Bobby Roode!

James Storm and Rob Van Dam vs Bully Ray and Bobby Roode

All four men start off in the ring, James and Roode brawl to the outside leaving the Legal men in ring. Van Dam has early offence of Bully Ray, Roundhouse Kick from Van Dam leaves Ray Reeling. Van Dam sends Ray off the ropes, Ray counters with a stiff shoulder take down. Ray starts showing off his calves in the ring, Van Dam Clocks him with a kick in the back, Van Dam stays on Ray with the kicks, Van Dam runs at Ray, SPINEBUSTER from Ray leaves Van Dam in a pile of dead weight on the floor. Pinfall 1..2, Van Dam kicks out as the camera pans to Storm and Roode still brawling on the outside, The camera goes back as Ray suplexes Van Dam for another 2 count, Ray sets Van Dam up in the corner and hits a stiff corner clothes line. Ray looks as if he knows he has it won now.. Storm slides in LAST CALL SUPERKICK!, here comes Roode, Pay Off to Storm, Van Dam is back on his feet, DDT from Van Dam, Wait! Bully Ray BIG BOOT to Van dam, 1.2.3. Bully Ray and Bobby Roode have beaten Rob Van Dam and James Storm!

Winners Via Pinfall at 15:31 - Bully Ray and Bobby Roode!

Taz: What a match that was!

Mike Tenay: I agree it was fan..

The Lights Go Out -

When the Lights come back on all four competitors are knocked out in the middle of the ring, There is a Black Baseball bat sat neatly in the ring also as the show ends.

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Notes From Last Nights Impact!

Tara and Miss Tessmacher Defeated Sarita and Rosita to become New Knockouts Tag Team Champions!

Velvet Sky Will Face Gail Kim at Slammiversary for The Knockouts Title

It has been said that both Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle are going to feud until Slammiversary, no word on who if either with face Bobby Roode at Slammiversary.

Many Behind the Scene's Think That the Bat In The Ring Last Night Was A Signal Of A Sting Return To TNA, Others Seem To Think That It Was To Throw Others Off The Actual Debut Coming Soon

Dixie Carter is reportedly high on Anthony Neese, Anthony may be next in line to face Austin Aries.

05-13-2012, 03:30 PM
Impact Wrestling 24th May 2012

The show opens with a recap of what occurred after last weeks main event match

Taz: Ladies and Gentlement Welcome to Impact Wrestling!

Tenay: We Have an Interesting Show on the Way!

Taz: And We Hope to Get to The Bottom of Last Weeks Attack on Roode, Ray, Van Dam and Storm.

Jeff Hardy's Music Hits and Hardy Makes His Way to the Ring Unhappily.



Jeff: I Suggest You Come Out Here And Let Me Beat You Like A Man, Or..

Kurt Angle Slides Into The Ring Behind Jeff -

Jeff: Or, Im Going t..

Angle Clutches Hardy From Behind And Delivers A Sick Angle Slam.

Angle: Or Your Going To What Jeff, hahahah.


Taz: What a Way to Open the Show!

Tenay: It's About to Get Better Taz, Knockouts Are Up Next!

Velvet Sky, Mickie James,Tara and Tessmacher vs Rosita, Sarita, Madison Rayne and Gail Kim!

Velvet starts off with Madison. Velvet charges straight ahead at Madison, decking her with a spear. Madison rolls to the outside, Velvet tags in Mickie as Madison gets back into the ring. Madison gets in Mickie's face and slaps her, Mickie thez presses Madison and puts in punches, Madison escapes Mickie and tags in Sarita. Sarita and Mickie go back and forward with punches and kicks before Sarita gets the upper hand. Sarita hits a SICK neckbreaker. and covers Mickie. 1..2.. Mickie JUST gets the kick out. Mickie manages to get the tag to Tara. Tara comes in swinging, Decking Sarita with a clothesline. She lifts Sarita up to a fireman's carry, but Rosita comes in and clips her leg. Brooke enters the ring to remove Rosita with a clothesline over the top rope, Rayne sends Brooke over the rope also. Here come Velvet and Mickie. ALL of the Knockouts are brawling here! Tara eventually tags out to Velvet, Velvet throws Sarita towards Gail who tags herself is, which Velvet didn't see. Sarita gets DDT'd by Velvet. Velvet tries to cover Sarita unknowing. Gail grabs Velvet with the hair. Boots in the face. done 1..2..3

Winners at 7:43 via Pinfall Gail, Madison, Rosita and Sarita.

Taz: That was a very physical match!

Tenay: I can't wait until Slammiversary to see these girls go at it for the title!

Commercial -

Taz: Up next we have an X-Divison Tag match

Tenay: Thats right! we have Austin Aries and Anthony Neese vs The Motor City Machine Guns!

Austin Aries and Anthony Neese vs The MCMG!

Aries and Shelley go right after eachother after what occurred on last weeks impact!. Aries delivers a stiff kick in the knee which sends Shelley down. Snap DDT from Aries on Shelley. 1..2, Shelley Kicks out! Aries makes the tag to Neese. Neese hits a jumping knee to the temple of Shelley, He then follows up with a legdrop. Neese sends Shelley to the corner, but takes a boot in the face. Shelley manages to get over to tag in Sabin. Sabin hits the ring with fury, Decking Neese and Aries with Clotheslines and Dropkickes. Neese dodges a dropkick and rolls sabin up. 1..2. Shelley breaks the pin. Neese runs to get the tag to Aries. Aries runs into a hiptoss by Sabin straight away. Sabin climbs to the top tope. Crossbody! 1..2. Aries kicks out. Aries hits the spin neckbreaker on Sabin. Aries is on the top rope now!, Sabin springs onto the top rope and suplexes Aries off! Sabins on top! and FROG SPLASH! 1..2..3!

Winners via Pinfall at 9:01 - The MCMG!

Aries and Neese are arguing in the ring -

Aries: Its all your fault! you're talentless!

Neese: You better get out of my face. right now.


Aries delivers a slap to Neese. Neese hits back with a right hand. Aries flee's the ring, looking afraid.

The Crowd starts popping for Neese as he smiles in the ring.

Backstage -

Aj Styles: Hey Devon! I came to ask you if i could maybe have a shot at the Television Title tonight? i mean you did say you were a fighting champion. i want to test you!

Devon: Okay Aj you're on! i am a fighting champion and im going to prove it!

Taz: This next match is for the Television Championship!

TNA Television Championship!
Devon(c) vs Aj Styles

Devon and Aj shake hands to show respect as this one starts off. Devon overpowers Aj when they lockup, sending him off the ropes. hiptoss from Devon flooring Aj. Aj soon gets in control with a left elbow shot to the head of Devon. Aj hits a huricanrana on Devon. 1..2 Devon gets his shoulder up! Aj Hits the Pele Kick to the tip of Devon's head! 1..2 Devon kicks out once again! Aj is on the ring apron. Springboard elbow to the stomach of Devon! 1..2. Devon has kicked out once again! Aj picks Devon up for the Styles Clash. Devon powers out of it. Devon bounces off the ropes and delivers a shoulder barge. and another. and on his third hits a big boot!. 1..2.. Aj Gets his Shoulder up just in time! Devon goes to the top rope, just to be cut off by Aj springing up and pushing Devon back to the mat! Aj hits a moonsault to Devon and goes for the cover! 1..2. Devon has kicked out again! Devon gets to his feet. Aj charges at him from the corner, Devon moves out of the way. Devon grabs Aj's head and drops him with a reverse DDT and covers AJ 1..2..3 Devon has retained his title!

After the match AJ celebrates with Devon and raises his hand.

Commercial -

We come back from commercial with the Tag Champions in the ring

Magnus: Me and Joe are getting tired! we have run out of competition!

Joe: We want any two people to come out here and face us now. or we're going to come back there and choose two people and put them on the injury list.

Jesse Sorensen's music interrupts them as he and Garett Bischoff make their way to the ring.

Samoa Joe and Magnus vs Jesse and Garett

Magnus starts off with Jesse. Magnus drops Jesse with a Suplex. Magnus picks Jesse up and drops him with ease with another suplex. Magnus goes to pick Jesse up for another when Jesse clocks him with a left hand. Magnus runs and tags Joe in. Joe runs and hits Jesse with a knee. Jesse falls to the floor. Joe puts Jesse in the corner and sits him on top.. MUSCLE BUSTER! 1..2..3 Joe and Magnus get the easy win. Joe chases Garett, and applies a sleeper on him as Magnus watches on and laughs.

Winners at 2:06 via pinfall - Joe and Magnus

Backstage -

James Storm: If i win my next match against Gunner i've been told i can take the now vacant spot against Bobby Roode at Slammiversary!, which means Gunner.. SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAAAAAAAMN LUCK!

Gunner vs James Storm

Gunner attacks Storm before the bell even rings. his momentum is short as Storm hits back himself. Storm hits a bodyslam on Gunner. 1..2, Gunner kicks out. Gunner hits a boot to Storms knee cap, then drops him with a samoan drop. 1..2 Storm rolls Gunner over into a pin of his own! 1..2, Gunner also kicks out. Storm throws Gunner over the top rope, Gunner stays on the outside until the ref counts 8, he rolls back in to be met with a clothesline from Storm, Strom hits three more clotheslines before following up with a thez press! Gunner soon takes the offence back himself, with a big boot to the head of Storm, Gunner covers Storm for a 2 count. Gunner goes to the top rope signalling for a high knee drop. Gunner botches the Knee drop and lies on the mat in pain. Storm recovers, walks over and pins Gunner 1..2..3 Storm is going to Slammiversary!

EMT's are coming to check on Gunner, it looks as if he has blown his knee out of place!

Taz: We wish Gunner well

Tenay: No wrestler, no matter how evil deserves to have bones broken.

Recap of what happened last week as we go to commercial-

Roode comes to the ring, title over his shoulder. he looks angry.

Roode: I DEMAND whoever it was that jumped me last week, comes out here and faces me like a man.

Rob Van Dam's Music Plays as he also comes to the ring -

Van Dam: Roode you may think that since you are world champion you own this show.. the person who jumped us last week isn't going to just appear because YOU said so..

Roode: Know what Van Dam, since the man won't show himself. i think im going to have to take it all out on you.

Rob Van Dam vs Bobby Roode

Roode Drops Van Dam with a right, Van Dam bounces back to his feet then delivers a left kick. Van Dam follows up with a roundhouse kick

The light's go out!

As the lights come back on both Van Dam and Roode are laid out again. and this time in the middle of the ring is a microphone that's come from the ceiling.



05-13-2012, 03:36 PM

Notes from last nights impact.

James Storm will take on Bobby Roode at Slammiversary

Gunner has Blown his knee and will be out of action for atleast 2/3 months!

Anthony Neese turned face and looks to be in a feud with Aries

All signs point towards a Mr Anderson return to TNA, it was reported that he had signed a new contract last week. it now looks to be official!