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After speaking with my reviewer, Zero, I've wanted to do this for a while after the success NRB had with his countdown, I decided to do one!

Starting next Saturday (the 28th) I will count down 5 a day for 5 days!

We've had some great moments on this saga, but what has been the ultimate shocking moment?!

We will find out very soon!

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Since it fit so well once before here it is again:


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25. Chris Jericho's wins the Smackdown Money in the Bank
When Chris Jericho returned to the WWE in June 2010, he immediately set his sights on reclaiming the top spot in the WWE- a spot he had previously held when he became the first ever Undisputed Champion. Just one month later, Chris Jericho took part in the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match along with Christian, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett.

Being credited as the founder and creator of the Money in the Bank match, Jericho had never scaled the heights to reclaim a briefcase, but in his fourth time taking part in a Money in the Bank match, Jericho overcame the odds, including having to push a determined Armando Estrada (the then-manager of Tyson Kidd) from the top of the Ladder to the floor below to claim the briefcase.

Three months down the line, Chris Jericho cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to defeat Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship and reclaim the top spot he so desired.

24. Shelton Benjamin returns at the Royal Rumble
The Royal Rumble- an event where anything can happen and anybody can show up. In the past, surprise entrants have included guys such as Booker T, Diesel and RVD along with others. This year's Rumble was no different.

Along with The Rock's surprise entry, Shelton Benjamin took the number 20 spot and shocked the world by returning to the WWE. Benjamin eliminated Alberto Del Rio, the reigning Royal Rumble winner, almost immediately before lasting around 15 minutes.

Just days later, Shelton Benjamin walked out onto the Smackdown brand and proclaimed that he was back, and now, six months later, he is the Intercontinental Champion. A triumphant return if we ever saw one.

23. The Miz turns face
The Miz.....one of the WWE's premiere Superstars shocked the world when becoming a fan favorite but that change didnt come easily. It was during August 2011- just one night after Miz had been defeated by The Rock at Summerslam- that in a very heated rivalry with the then up and coming rising star and current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre that came incapacitate The Miz after a brutal beatdown by McIntyre and his then stable of Ryan, Harris and Hennig (then known as McGillicutty) who were collectively known as The Disciples and left his WWE career a mystery to the WWE Universe.

Months went by and apart from a statement where a very sincere Miz swore to get revenge on The Disciples, the WWE Universe had not heard a peep about The Miz that is until Rey Mysterio was to name a fifth member of his team at Survivor Series against Drew Mcintyre and The Disiciples, bringing out The Miz, driving the crowd into a frenzy over the return of ''The Awesome One'' The Miz. His return helped rid the WWE of The Disciples and from then on The Miz cemented his status a crowd favorite who love hearing The Miz scream out the top of his lungs: ''I'm The Miz and I'm.....AWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!!''.

22. Chris Jericho takes out CM Punk
When Chris Jericho was traded to Raw in the WWE draft, we all knew it was just a matter of time until Jericho's path was blocked by CM Punk. Both men have had similar gimmicks over the years, and are two of the greatest talkers in the business, with each captivating WWE audiences everywhere they go as they both claim to be the Best in the World.

So when WWE.com ran a poll on who the fans believe is the best in the world, Chris Jericho was less than happy when he came up second, and after week's of promos, it appeared we were finally set to see Chris Jericho and CM Punk go at it when Jericho attacked Punk in the aftermath of Punk's victory over Carlito at Annihilation.

Later on in the night, Jericho faced Tyler Reks, and after coming out victorious- proceeded to attack Reks, only for Punk to make the save. After a short brawl, Chris Jericho threw CM Punk through a glass panel in the Annihilation stage, leaving Punk injured for weeks.

Punk has now made his return and is set to go one-on-one with Chris Jericho at Summerslam, but who truly is the best in the world?

21. The Hart Dynasty attack Teddy Long
This dates back as far back as SummerSlam 2011 when Wade Barrett led The Corre and its members at the time Skip Sheffield and Heath Slater found many enemies in the likes of Ezekiel Jackson, Alex Riley and many, many others including Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long. The Corre had had many heated moments with Theodore Long that came a halt when in the final weeks leading up to Night of Champion 2011 Wade Barrett came out with the rest of The Corre.

He confronted Theodore Long in front of the whole world. Long was shown to be fearless and said that he would be out there in just a few seconds but Long didn't come out. The Corre waited for a minute for Long before Barrett said that Long ran because he was scared and even threatened to go backstage if he had too and waited another minute before they all headed backstage. The camera followed The Corre through the curtains until they were shown in a long corridor where nobody else is.

Barrett was angry and opened the door to Long's office but was socked and we're many of us at the time to see Long be laid out cold on the floor. An investigation took over the next several weeks where in those seeing a bind in common enemies The Corre welcomed its newest member at the time Tyson Kidd. However in October 2011 on the final Smackdown before Cyber Sunday, we receive an update on the Theodore Long investigation by Mr. McMahon in that there were two people who attacked so long ago: A large and small man for whom they had two primary suspects for the smaller man and had suspended Ezekiel Jackson from Smackdown for the time being since he was believed to be the larger of the two men who attacked Long.

Jackson however did not care for his suspension and made sure The Corre would not get their way at Cyber Sunday when he cost them the win that very night. Soon a masked man appears and attacks Jackson but he pulls the man's mask off to reveal it was....DH Smith who thanks to The Corre jumping into the ring managed to help Smith escape and feel they won in their own as they head back up the ramp until Theodore Long made his return via satellite! Saying he would be back on Smackdown and that he knew that he was attacked by Tyson Kidd and DH Smith when Vince McMahon himself told him the only smaller superstar that could have attacked him was Tyson Kidd while DH Smith just proved he was the other attacker!

Ezekiel Jackson was then reinstated on Smackdown, but the questions on everyone's mind was why?

Barrett grabbed a mic and said that they did it on his orders because he felt Long wasn't a strong enough General Manager for Smackdown and he wanted Long gone so somebody like Mr. McMahon would take over. Long said that Barrett failed and for the time being, The Corre were suspended from Smackdown!

It was this moment in time that showed how far Barrett would go to accomplish his goals and made The Corre at one point in 5 members strong thanks to Hart Dynasty attacking Theodore Long.

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20. Tyler Black turns face
Wrestlemania...the biggest spectacle in professional wrestling, the showcase of the immortals, and the scene of our next moment, as Tyler Black (at the time known as Seth Rollins) showed the respect that makes the WWE Universe cheer so loudly for him.

Over the course of the first months of 2012, CM Punk looked to make The Edge of Honor even stronger, attempting to make Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan at the time) the newest member, but Danielson kept refusing to join. Eventually, Black & The Edge of Honor got sick of what they called Danielson's disrespect, and attacked him- costing him the chance to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Danielson, not one to sit down at the challenge of a fight, challenged Black- along with Evan Bourne and The Kings of Wrestling to a 4 on 4 elimination match at Wrestlemania 28. At the end of the match, the final 2 were Danielson and Black. After a great battle from both of these men, Black was left standing on top but he still showed respect by shaking Danielson's hand after the match.

And just a few moments later, Black's new fan favourite status was solidified as he saved Danielson from an attack by Evan Bourne and The Kings of Wrestling.

19. CM Punk brings back the Undisputed Championship
CM Punk was the superstar of 2011- it's official, he won a Slammy for it- but he changed the outlook of the WWE just one night after Summerslam 2011.

At Summerslam 2011, CM Punk became the WWE Champion by defeating John Cena, Drew Mcintyre and Alberto Del Rio in a Fatal 4 Way match- but just the next night, Punk came out and declared a new era had begun on Raw- and to show that he wasn't lying, he decided to get rid of the WWE Championship spinner belt, and return the old Undisputed WWE Championship belt- the belt in use today.

It would be another month before Punk finally got rid of the spinner belt for good as he defeated John Cena in a Ladder Match at Night of Champions for both belts. Punk would then burn the WWE Championship spinner belt on the pyro at the top of the entrance ramp to signify the changing into the era of change.

18. Tyler Reks wins the Money in the Bank
Money in the Bank- a pay-per-view that gives us no end of surprising and memorable moments. This next moment though, was less surprising than expected. 2012 so far has belonged to just a handful of people- as those people have made the journey from being a midcarder to a maineventer. Tyler Reks is one of those people.

After beating Alberto Del Rio at both Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules, Reks moved on to challenge for the WWE Championship at Over The Limit, ultimately coming up short, but it proved once again that he is ready for the big time. And at Money in the Bank, Reks' future as another challenger for the WWE Championship was defined.

Tyler Reks overcame David Irvine, Jack Swagger, Carlito, Hunico, John Morrison, Christian and Shelton Benjamin after they all turned on him in the middle of the match, resulting in Irvine putting Reks through the announce table. Not to be outdone though, 'The Wrecking Ball' got himself back together and delivered a Burning Hammer to Irvine from the top of the ladder before grabbing the briefcase to become Mr. Money in the Bank.

To think that this man used to barely hold onto his job every time the future endeavours were being handed out and now look at him, a firm favourite of the fans with a great chance of becoming the WWE Champion whenever he decides to cash in on his opportunity.

17. Alberto Del Rio is drafted to Superstars
The WWE draft- a night of shocks every single year. Who will ever forget the night John Cena joined Raw in 2005? Well The Draft 2012 was no different, and this was without doubt the most shocking draft pick of recent years.

Over the course of the past few years, the draft has grown and grown and this year's draft included three separate stages: The main draft, the supplement draft and the Superstars draft. With Superstars being a third brand of sorts- more developmental than anything- nobody expected them to draft the winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble and 2011 Raw Money in the Bank winner.

Alberto Del Rio was himself astounded at what had happened- and was quick to remind everybody that the last time he was on Superstars, he swore to never step foot on the brand again. As per the earlier stipulations of the Superstars brand, Del Rio stayed on Superstars until...

16. Alberto Del Rio goes to Smackdown
With the addition of Superstars, a lot of different additions have occured to the WWE pay-per-view schedule, one of which was another Money in the Bank match.

This third Money in the Bank match would only allow Superstars wrestlers to take part, and the winner would have the choice of going to either Raw or Smackdown- with the winner also gaining a shot at the secondary championship- either ICT or US- of that brand.

The Money in the Bank match is always hellacious, and this was no different with the highlight being a Spear from Skip Sheffield that broke not only Alberto Del Rio but an entire ladder in half! In the end, Jon Moxley looked set to win the match, only for Alberto Del Rio to steal in at the end and gain a spot on either Raw or Smackdown.

Now, ever since Del Rio joined Superstars, he was always looking to rejoin Raw. Every single time Mr. McMahon showed up on the third brand, Del Rio would ask for his Raw contract back, so when Del Rio went to sign a contract after the match, we could all be forgiven for thinking Del Rio was going to Raw.

So everybody was surprised when Del Rio flipped the contract over to show a Smackdown logo on the back of the clipboard- a great Del Rio swerve as usual. Just 5 days later, Del Rio walked out onto Smackdown and became the US Champion. After being down in the dumps and being cast out, The Mexican Aristocrat is back on the top of his game.

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15. The Federation is formed
Just one night after Vince McMahon screwed The Rock for a third time on the grandest stage of them all- albeit with the help of John Cena and Mark Henry, Vince screwed another man he'd always had time for- Triple H.

Heading into Wrestlemania 28, Triple H was the WWE Champion. He took on Drew Mcintyre with the title on the line, and was successful in his defence. However, just one night later, Vince booked a rematch. This time, with help from Cena, Drew walked out of Miami as the WWE Champion.

One week later, Vince proclaimed that this is his newest group- known as The Federation. With the additions of David Otunga and David Irvine, two of Raw's young stars- this group is feared amongst superstars and fans alike. Vince looks set to be in complete control of his company again with the help of the most fearsome stable since Evolution!

14. Brock Lesnar returns and attacks Batista
Money in the Bank is usually a night for shocks, but because of who walks out with the briefcases and the occasional cash-in- but Money in the Bank 2012 brought up the next moment as one of the biggest shocks of the year so far.

Moments after losing his WWE Championship match, Batista looked set to head backstage as the PPV came to a close, only to find his way blocked by none other than former three time WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar delivered two devastating F-5s to the Animal, one on the ramp, the other off the stage, to solidify the fact that he is truly back.

One night later, Brock did a double turn on the man who hired him back, Vince McMahon, and attacked Drew Mcintyre, announcing that he's in line for a shot at the WWE Championship at Summerslam. Whether or not Brock walks out of Summerslam as the WWE Champion is irrelevant- the next big thing is back, and bigger than ever before.

13. The Edge of Honor ends 2011 as Raw's male champions
When The Edge of Honor formed, CM Punk was already WWE Champion and The Kings of Wrestling were the Tag Champions, but that didn't mean that it was a walk in the park to hold onto their titles heading towards the new year.

At TLC 2011, CM Punk faced Triple H in a Ladder match, and after outsmarting The Game using Tyler Black, Punk retained his championship. Earlier on in the night, The Kings of Wrestling managed to overcome both teams of Alex Riley and Brodus Clay and The Major Broskis in a huge TLC match to retain the Tag Championships.

All that was left for them to claim was the US Championship, and Evan Bourne managed to capture it in some style, pinning the champion in a Fatal 4 Way match. As TLC headed off the air, The Edge of Honor stood tall holding their championships up high- the first time a stable had managed to do so since Evolution- thus proving that The Edge of Honor are indeed a match for The Federation in terms of brutality and talent.

12. Dolph Ziggler's wins the Money in the Bank match and World Heavyweight Championship in the same night
The Money in the Bank briefcase. A huge success when won- and a great stepping stone if used correctly. One man who did it in record time, was Dolph Ziggler. About an hour after he won the Smackdown Money in the Bank, he cashed in on Wade Barrett to become the World Heavyweight Championship.

When Ziggler stepped up to the plate, many people were sceptical of his chances against former World Champions such as Sheamus, The Miz and Rey Mysterio. Others in the match included Sin Cara, R-Truth and Zack Ryder. Mason Ryan was also featured, but how Ziggler won the match is the sneakiest way in which a Money in the Bank match has ever been won.

Ziggler famously retained his ICT Championship at TLC 2010 in controversial and lucky circumstances against Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger, but he took it one step further at Money in the Bank 2012. Ziggler scaled one side of a ladder, as R-Truth and Zack Ryder traded blows on the other side, and managed to grab the briefcase in one swift movement.

Just one hour later, Wade Barrett lost to Cody Rhodes in a World Heavyweight Championship match by getting himself intentionally disqualified, meaning he held onto his title. Rhodes swiftly left Barrett lying on his back with a devastating Cross Rhodes, leading Ziggler to run down to the ring and cash his title shot in immediately.

One Zig Zag and three seconds later and Ziggler was on top of the mountain. How long will he stay there? Nobody truly knows, but Ziggler will want to hold on as long as he can- and teach the world why he's the Show Off.

11. John Cena bitches out of Alberto Del Rio's Money in the Bank cash-in
Again, a Money in the Bank moment. At Money in the Bank 2011, Alberto Del Rio overcame 7 other men and won the Raw Money in the Bank briefcase. Later that night, after John Cena won a crazy Championship Scramble to retain his WWE Championship, Del Rio cashed in his briefcase. Leading into the event, every single briefcase had been cashed in successfully. That was about to change.

As Del Rio ran down to the ring, Cena argued with the ref, claiming he was in no fit state to compete again. The referee was forced to ring the bell for the match to start but Cena left the ring and walked away up the ramp as his challenger, and the fans couldn't believe it.

This was something not seen from the face of the WWE at the time, an attitude where he walked away from a fight- giving up so to speak. Realising that Cena was going to be counted out if he didn't do something, Del Rio chased after him. As Del Rio grabbed Cena, Cena clocked him with the WWE Championship belt, causing a DQ- and the first Money in the Bank briefcase not to be cashed in for a title belt.

The incident, which was later referred to as the time John Cena bitched out of defending his WWE Championship, left WWE fans everywhere shocked and wondered if a new Cena was on the way. It only took eight and a half more months.

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I am enjoying reading all of these keep it up!:D

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10. CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson at Extreme Rules
Not so much a shocking moment here, but a moment definitely for the ages. After Punk beat Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 28- he moved onto his crumbling Edge of Honor stable. At Wrestlemania, Tyler Black defeated Bryan Danielson to win a 4 on 4 tag battle for The Edge of Honor, but post-match, he left the group by helping Danielson.

One night later, Vince McMahon announced that CM Punk and Bryan Danielson would face off in a Submissions Only match at Extreme Rules- something that every single wrestling fan in the world loved hearing. The internet went crazy, and with good reason.

Widely regarded as the two best wrestlers in the world, Punk and Danielson would go on to put on one of the greatest matches of all time.

Finish: A back and forth match, where both men show their wrestling ability. The finish comes as Danielson dropkicks Punk into the corner and follows up with an Enzigueri. He goes rolls into a small package and goes for the LeBell Lock, which he manages to lock in, but Punk manages to escape and tries to lock in the Anaconda Vise but Danielson gets out before Punk can lock it in properly. Danielson tries to lock in the Guillotine Choke but Punk lifts Danielson up and goes for the GTS, but Danielson manages to reverse into a Cattle Mutilation, but Punk manages to get out by rolling over, and throw Danielson into the corner. He follows up with his knee and bulldog. He goes for the Anaconda Vise, but Danielson manages to escape again! Punk & Danielson back up and stare at each other. They lock up again and Punk manages to drag Danielson down to the canvas, and goes to lock in the Anaconda Vise again but Danielson once again manages to escape, by using a bodyscissors to get Punk to let go. Punk gets out and kicks Danielson in the head as they both get up. Punk goes for the Anaconda Vise once again, and this time locks it in! Danielson can't escape at first, but he won't tap out. Punk keeps screaming at him to tap but Danielson won't. He manages to slightly move and loosen Punk's grip, before rolling over and getting on top of Punk. He locks in the Surfboard and puts Punk into the Dragon Sleeper! Punk fights to escape but Danielson locks it in tighter! Punk can't escape and is forced to tap out to put this match to an end and give Danielson a huge win.

After the match, Danielson lets Punk go and stands up to celebrate. Punk is in pain in the ring, and Danielson helps him up. He offers Punk a handshake, to which Punk looks around. Punk nods, the camera shows Punk saying 'that was wrestling' and shakes Danielson's hand. He leaves the ring and walks away, leaving Danielson to celebrate.

Danielson won the match but with the way things are going for both men, this year could be the year of wrestling if these men have anything to do with it.

9. Cody Rhodes wins the World Heavyweight Championship
After winning the Royal Rumble, many fans were cheering for Cody Rhodes louder than they've ever cheered for him. One man who wasn't cheering for Rhodes, was the leader of Legacy, Randy Orton. Just five days after the Rumble, Orton viciously assaulted Rhodes, and would have punted him in the head had it not been for Rhodes' brother Goldust.

Over the weeks leading into Elimination Chamber, Rhodes set Orton a challenge- telling Orton to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber so that they could face off on the grandest stage of them all for the grandest prize of them all.

Orton would go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship, but The Viper immediately began to show his vicious side in the weeks afterwards, punting Rhodes' brother Goldust in the head right infront of Rhodes, who was wrapped up in the ropes. Just one week later, Orton played a video of him kicking Rhodes' father Dusty Rhodes in the head in front of the Rhodes family home.

On the two Smackdowns heading into Mania, Rhodes appeared to lose the mental challenge, being provoked by Orton into getting angry and making mistakes twice. And at Mania, Rhodes went into the match knowing exactly what would needed to be done for him to walk out as the Champion.

The match itself didn't disappoint with both men putting themselves on the line for the World Heavyweight Championship. Orton kicked out of a Beautiful Disaster, while Rhodes kicked out of an RKO. Finally, Rhodes managed to connect with a Cross Rhodes and pin Orton to become the World Heavyweight Championship.

Considering just one year previous, the fans all booed Rhodes as he left Wrestlemania 27 having beaten Rey Mysterio, the noise the fans made as Rhodes lifted that World Heavyweight Championship is even more impressive. Talk about a turnaround.

8. Vince McMahon vs. Triple H at Over The Limit
Just one night after Wrestlemania, when The Federation were formed, Vince McMahon & John Cena screwed Triple H out of the WWE Championship. Triple H swore revenge, and took a measure of it by destroying The Federation just one week later with a sledgehammer.

One week later, The Federation returned the favour by destroying Triple H in a gauntlet match. By the time Extreme Rules rolled around, Triple H was the WWE Universe's only hope against two Federation members in John Cena and Drew Mcintyre in a triple threat Falls Count Anywhere main event. Triple H would be the man pinned as Vince screwed him again- and the numbers game just got too much for The Game.

One night later, Triple H was given the opportunity by the new Raw GM Stone Cold Steve Austin to choose a member of The Federation to face at Over The Limit- to which Triple H chose Vince McMahon! One week later, four huge stipulations were added to the match.

1. No Holds Barred
2. If Triple H wins, Vince hands over control of the WWE.
3. If Vince wins, Vince is handed control of Raw once again.
4. If Vince wins, Triple H's career is over.

As Over The Limit drew closer, both men tried to get the mental upper hand- but the feud was never Triple H against Vince McMahon- especially with The Federation on Vince's side, and Stone Cold on Triple H's. When the match finally did come around, with the interference that followed, it felt more like The Federation against The Power Trip, Tyler Reks and Christian than Vince McMahon against Triple H.

Ultimately, it took a man not involved in a feud with either Vince or Triple H- but a man with a problem against Stone Cold- Chris Jericho to settle the match.

Knowing Stone Cold would be fired if Vince won, Jericho sent his apprentice at the time, David Irvine, to the ring to distract Stone Cold, before sneaking into the ring himself and hitting two Codebreakers, allowing Vince to cover Triple H and get the win.

7. The Hall of Fame 2012
With a class boasting a Rated R Superstar, a Phenom, a Macho Man, a First Lady of Wrestling, a Rabid Wolverine, Bob Backlund and the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time, it can be forgiven that the Hall of Fame class of 2012 was the greatest ever.

Inductors such as Kurt Angle, Lex Luger, Vince McMahon and Bret 'The Hitman' Hart all added to the occasion brilliantly- and the fact that it was the only show not written by me (it was written by S.E. Zero) makes this show a very important part of the saga.

So when Edge, Undertaker, Randy Savage, Miss Elizabeth, Chris Benoit, Bob Backlund and Bruno Sammartino were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame- that's a day to be proud of a wrestling company.

6. Chris Jericho vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania- Undertaker's retirement as 20-0
Just one night after Undertaker was inducted into the Hall of Fame, he bid farewell to the WWE with a flourish- and a match for the ages against 'Y2J' Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 28.

The Undertaker disappeared off WWE screens at TLC when he was punted in the head by Randy Orton, but he returned one night after Elimination Chamber on Wrestlemania Rewind night, to get revenge on Orton by defeating him. After the match, Taker announced that he was going to retire immediately, but Chris Jericho interrupted him, persuading him to have one more match at Wrestlemania- to go for 20-0.

Weeks of promos and attacks followed, including one match where Undertaker and Jericho were forced to team up to defeat John Cena and The Rock. But as Wrestlemania came around, many people were wondering whether Undertaker had it in him to walk out 20-0.

As the match finally happened, Undertaker turned back the clock to match Chris Jericho every step of the way. Jericho showed amazing technique and skill to reverse some of Undertaker's greatest moves, but Taker still wouldn't give up. Finally, two Tombstones in a row was enough to see Undertaker victorious.

Undertaker disappeared post-match as only The Phenom can- and has only been seen once since. It truly was the end of a career of a legend.

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5. Cody Rhodes wins the Royal Rumble
The Royal Rumble. A forty man over the top rope fight with the ultimate prize of main eventing Wrestlemania for a World Title. Any of the forty men entering could have won the match- but the man who did win the match was the man who deserved it.

Cody Rhodes had a hell of a final few months of 2011. In September, he got to the final of the 'Championship Chase' tournament, before beating Kane one-on-one at TLC. All this time, Rhodes showed less of a vicious side, meaning the fans began to warm to him. At the same time, Rhodes was still part of Legacy, but the question leading into the Rumble was: would Rhodes help Randy Orton win the Royal Rumble?

The answer wasn't shown until late in the match. Entering at number 24, Rhodes immediately helped his Legacy leader dispose of Kane, before eliminating Jack Swagger alone, and Ezekiel Jackson with his Legacy cohorts. Rhodes would eliminate Chris Jericho to come down to a final six of Rhodes, Drew Mcintyre, Tyler Reks, The Miz, Sheamus and Orton.

With the eliminations of Reks & Drew, the final four separated into two groups, Legacy and Non-Legacy, before a brawl began, but the tide quickly turned as Rhodes eliminated Orton from nowhere, proving that it is indeed every man for themselves. Rhodes would go on to eliminate both Sheamus (along with Miz) and Miz to become the 2012 Royal Rumble winner.

Five days later, Orton turned on Rhodes, who completed his transition into a fan favourite. And then on April 1st, Rhodes defeated Orton to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Rhodes is now one of the top faces of the company, and many see him as a poster boy for the years to come.

4. The Edge of Honor is formed
Just eight nights after Survivor Series, an event occured that nobody saw coming at all. At Survivor Series, CM Punk retained the WWE Championship over Alberto Del Rio in a Submissions Count Anywhere match. After the match, Triple H made his return and signalled that he wanted the WWE Championship. One night later, he became the number one contender.

A few days after that, Superstars made it's return as a developmental brand, with indie legends The Kings of Wrestling debuting and becoming Tag Champions in their first match. On the next Raw, they were announced to have been signed to the Raw brand- and their first match would be a main event match against CM Punk and his challenger at TLC, Triple H!

The main event came around, and something incredible happened. Evan Bourne got involved, despite having no real contact in WWE with any of the competitors, distracting Triple H long enough for Punk to turn on him and kick him in the head, allowing The Kings of Wrestling to captilize, hit the Helicopter Crash and gain the victory.

Post-match, these four superstars continued to beat down on Triple H until Punk screamed for everybody to 'get some honor' as Raw went off the air.

Just one week later, CM Punk cut a promo that many will always remember, talking about the use of the word wrestling and how it was important to this group known as the Edge of Honor- consisting solely of ex-Ring of Honor superstars. By TLC, the Edge of Honor would hold all major Raw championships and have five members with the addition of Tyler Black. The newest stable that could change the landscape of the WWE was born.

3. Triple H's farewell and HOF announcement
When Triple H lost to Vince McMahon at Over The Limit, his career was over. Normally when a superstar's career comes to an end, there is always an out-of-character goodbye (see Ric Flair and Edge), but after Over The Limit, Vince refused to allow Triple H one. Batista returned and fought for Triple H but Vince refused again.

Eventually, Vince gave Batista the chance to win Triple H a final farewell at Annihilation 2012, and Batista did so by pinning John Cena. So the next night, Trips entered the building for his final farewell.

What nobody expected was an outpouring of some of the most known faces in the WWE ever. Guys like Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Mick Foley, Stone Cold, The Rock, Ric Flair, Batista, John Cena, Randy Orton, Chyna, The New Age Outlaws, X-Pac. Even The Undertaker made a cameo appearance.

Finally, the McMahon family, followed by the entire WWE roster made their way down to the ring to show their respects to Triple H. Vince would go on to announce that Triple H is the first name for the 2013 Hall of Fame class. A brilliant send off for one of the WWE's greatest ever.

2. 'Americas Most Wanted Wrestler' is revealed
In the weeks leading up to the 1000th episode of Raw, cryptic videos began to air, spelling out the letters O-M-G-A-M-W-W on golden coins, eventually the letter became the words Oh My God America's Most Wanted Wrestler. But the question everybody was asking was, who was America's Most Wanted Wrestler?

The possibilities were endless but nobody saw the true man coming. In the early weeks, the videos aired before and after commercials, not targeting anybody but in the final few weeks, the videos clearly targeted the master of cryptic videos himself, Chris Jericho.

Jericho was embroiled in a feud with CM Punk, who after five weeks out with an arm injury, made his return on the 1000th episode of Raw, before America's Most Wanted Wrestler made his long awaited reveal as the one and only Olympic Gold Medallist in WWE history, Kurt Angle!

Angle made his return and promised a new era for the WWE. What does Angle have in store for the WWE? We may not know yet, but we're looking forward to finding out.

1. John Cena turns heel
John Cena. The poster boy for the WWE since 2005. The man every single kid loves and idolizes within the WWE. Or they did. Right up until Wrestlemania 28.

This change in character had been teased ever since Money in the Bank 2011- and after Royal Rumble, Alberto Del Rio began to talk about the monster inside John Cena that he saw whenever he looked at him. Every single person in the WWE universe picked up on this but not one of them believed it would ever happen- that this monster would be set loose.

That would all change at Wrestlemania 28. In the main event, the biggest match in professional wrestling history, John Cena took on The Rock- but the addition of Mark Henry and Vince McMahon to the mix caused one of the biggest and most shocking moments in WWE history to occur as Vince struck Rock with a steel chair, allowing John Cena to hit a third Attitude Adjustment and get the victory.

One night later, John Cena announced exactly why this had happened- why he had given himself an 'attitude adjustment'. The fact that a majority of the WWE fans had turned on him was down to this new John Cena.

The most shocking moment of this saga is the turn of John Cena- something many people wanted but never saw coming in such a huge environment. In one night, Cena went from being the poster boy of the WWE to being the most hated man in WWE.

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