View Full Version : Important URALEAGUE Update: Rock added to roster.

03-30-2012, 11:53 PM
I'm not sure when he was added to the WWE.COM site, but we are using their roster page as the official list so I need to add him. Please remember that scoring doesn't start until the Monday after Mania (Monday 2nd April), so bear that in mind if you choose him. You will not get any points for his WM28 appearance.

He's very hard to price so I have considered:

1) He will probably be in WM29 (the last night of the league) and possibly main eventing.
2) He will probably appear at another PPV or two during the year and by possibly main eventing.


3) He is unlikely to wrestle much if at all on the standard TV shows.
4) He could disappear after WM and not step inside a ring for the whole league.

So I've priced him at $2,500,000.

If you want him in your team let me know who you are swapping out for him.