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03-30-2012, 04:21 PM
This is where all the WWE Fantasy Fed shows and PPV's are going to be posted

Get ready, RAW is WAR is coming next!!!!

03-30-2012, 04:29 PM
My first ever filler! :D

Firstly thank you everyone for your patience, we hope you enjoy the show and we welcome your feedback. :D

03-30-2012, 04:30 PM
Raw Is War is Next!

03-30-2012, 04:41 PM


*The pyro hits and the crowd goes frickin crazy, as we start the 1st edition, of the brand new RAW is WAR*

JR: Hello everyone and welcome to the new and improved RAW is WAR. I'm "JR" Jim Ross and alongside me, my fellow Hall of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler. And what a show we have for you today,

JL: That's right JR, although we can tell you have been told to say that, because we have no idea what we have planned tonight

JR: Although that's true King, it's the WWE, what can go wrong.

JL: Montreal Screwjob, Benoit Murders, John Cena

JR: Ok, Ok, I get the point, although I don't appreciate the bad mention of John Cena, he's been the face of this company for years

JL: But that was the old WWE, not the new one. The new WWE, features superstars from the past, present and future!

JR: That's true, but who's in charge here? Teddy Long? John Laurinatis? Eric Bischoff? Vince McMahon?

I believe it is the 1st (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFORcw6gyfs)

JL: Teddy Long? Aren't we more upperclass than that?

JR: You're here, aren't you?

JL: You're all jokes today, aren't you

JR: No, I just don't think Teddy appreciates your offensive comments

JL: Bull...Crap

TL: What's up playas? You all know who I am, and I am here to inform you off the GM Postion. Well, for the meantime, I will be fulling that postion. Now, let me get on to tonight. We are having the 1st round, of a tournament to crown the 1st WWE Champion, of this new era playa. Then next week, will be the semi-finals, and the final taking place at the Royal Rumble. Not only that, you feel me, but tonight, we will have an eight man tag team match. Holla

*Teddy leaves the ring and goes to the back, as the camera is shown around the crowd as they wait for the first match of the title tournament, When out steps Vickie Guerrero to an eruption of boos! *

VG: Excuse me! Excuse me!

*The crowd continue to boo Vickie and drown out her words*

VG: I said EXCUSE ME!!

*She looks at the crowd in disgust as they as they continue to boo!*

VG: Please welcome my client and the next WWE champion… Dolph Ziggler!

Mr. Ziggles has Arrived (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqNvoLI2034)

*Ziggler’s music goes out around the arena as the cocky superstar steps out from behind the curtain on to the stage! Vickie begins to clap him as he brushes his hands through his hair and then throws them forward before they both make there way to the ring!*

DZ: It’s pretty clear to everyone that knows anything about wrestling that I am the most talented man in wrestling full stop, Yet I have had to wait time and time again for the chance to shine and finally take the spot I derserve and become the WWE champion! I mean Cena? CM Punk? Can they do this?

*Ziggler hands the mic to Vickie and does his trademark headstand in the ring as Vickie once again claps!*

DZ: No they can’t! Neither do they have the look or talent to be a champion, they have not deserved the title shots and title reigns they have had, but I have! And finally I am going to take my chance and win this tournament and become the new WWE champion!

If you close your eyes... you might miss the match (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu9qaMXjtGE)

*Christian music hits and the crowd gives him a great pop, Captain Charisma enters the ring and ask for the mic

C: Well well well, it is Mr. Show off in person, that were some nice words Dolph but honesly I wasn’t paying attention because of your unexistent charisma and mic skills

*The crowd pops to a similar level than the Rock's return last year*

C: Even counting the fact you need a woman to make you look interesting isn’t helping you much, actually is funny you claim to be next greatest superstar when every time you seem close to the belt you always end short, unfortunately for you this isn’t going to be the exception tonight Doplh, because tonight is the time for Captain Charisma to get back on top!!, All my career I have been criticize of not being good enough to be a world champion ,and then when I finally made it that I wasn’t able to live the exception!!.

C: I let down my peeps and turned my back on them but not anymore, I realize the reason why I spent all these years in the business is for the fans and I’m not going to let the avarice to take the best off me, I am fighting for all the peeps here in attendance and the ones in home, I’m going to win this tournament to become WWE champion and prove the world that I deserved the glory!!, no one will stop me not even you Ziggler.

JL: Some words from Christian but can he back it up, Dolph Ziggler is the future of the business, Christian best year are behind, he hold the title for just 5 days too!!

JR: Come on King, Christian is one of the most hard worker and passionate men in the WWE, he has the experience and the fans by his side, I’m sure he could get it done again and teach Ziggler and Vickie a lesson


Ignore ending

*Ziggler goes for the sleeper but Christian shoves him off, Dolph goes for a clothesline, but Christian ducks, and nails a spinebuster. Ziggler is on mat and Captain Charisma is setting the killswitch!!

JL: Come do something Dolph, wait what’s that??

*CM Punk comes to the ring and start to call Christian, Christian get distracted and Dolph seizes and hits the Zig Zag from behind

JR: Oh No, Look what Punk caused




JR: What the hell is Punk even doing out here?

JL: I don’t know, but I loved it, Ziggler deserved the win JR, and he advances to the next round, Dolph was right he really he is going to become the new WWE champion!!

JR: One thing is sure, Christian is not going to be happy about this, CM Punk better look out


03-30-2012, 04:52 PM
JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw everyone, and we have some big news for you all now

JL: That's true JR, Teddy Long, during the commercial break, came out to announce a huge match for next week

JR: The 1st Intercontinetial Champion will be crowned next week, in a ten man battle royal

JL: That should be interesting, not only for that, but that should be a great preview, for the 1st ppv, the Royal Rumble

JR: That's true King, should be very interesting

*Bryan Dannielson's (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1PAHlddHww) music plays out around the arena, Bryan makes his way down to the ring receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd*

BD: So tonight I am facing John Cena. I should be thrilled, after all he is the franchise player, a 12 time heavyweight champion, main eventer of multiple pay per views, but in reality I am disappointed. Why you ask? Because I deserve better than John Cena. I am without doubt the best wrestler in the world. I should be testing my skill against CM Punk or Christian or Shawn Michaels, not some muscle bound Boy Scout whose signature move involves him waving his hand in front of his face. Hell, why aren’t I going against one of the ushers, at least that way the fans would be entertained for more than five minutes. John isn’t a wrestler; he is a sports entertainer, which from where I come from is a dirty word. All the catch phrases, fancy merchandise, five moves of doom and grand entrances won’t save him from someone who has perfected the art of wrestling all around the world. So why doesn’t my esteemed opponent come on out and see what is like to WRESTLE someone who isn’t impressed that “the champ is here”.

JL: He's right JR! This guy could very well be the best wrestler in the world right now.. And tonight he is going to show Mr. Goody Two Shoes Cena how a real wrestler, wrestles!

JR: Well king! while i agree with you that Bryan is a hell of talent and gifted as a performer.. I would never write of cena, You can say what you like about his wrestling ability but he always rises to the occasion and this trash talking from Bryan maybe the ammunition that Cena needs to win this Title tournament!

JL: Maybe your right. I just hope your wrong!

It's the Doctor! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6-9IwVnixk)

*John Cena comes onto the stage dressed in his old school Doctor of Thuganomic's Attire. The brings the crowd to a mixed reaction, most unsure whether to cheer or boo. He has a mic in his hand and stands on the ramp*

JR: It's the Doctor of Thuganomic's folks! It appears Cena has dusted off his old Attire and is ready to bring the attitude back!

JL: Just look at the crowd JR! These idiots are stunned, They don't know whether to boo or cheer him.

JR: Well I'm in shock myself King! I don't think anybody expected this..

Sports Entertainer, you say, do you think I'm a div?
Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, and others, I had great matches with

I've been in this business for so many years
I look like a professional, when you look like you've just had 10 beers

When you've won a title without Money in the Bank, I'll believe you now don't wet the bed
After I'm done with you, you're mouth would be so sore, that for once, you can't go to give head

You think you're a wrestler, when you are nothing like one
Wrestler's are respected, but you can't even cum

I'm one of the great's - like Ric Flair and the Macho Man
While you're just a loser, like Brooklyn Brawler, or that Rocky Man

Sacremento, we are here, and I'll promise to kick Bryan's ass
While he has as much charisma, as the one they call Jacob Cass

I've been told you swallow Dannielson, by that man they call Rob
Bryan, you're friend may have a cumming machine, but you have no...

*The crowd erupts with cheers as the majority of the crowd are delighted with the return of the "old school" Cena*

JL: These fans are so thickle! so he puts his hat on backwards, says a poem and now they love him!

JR: This really should be a good match King!

(Ignore ending)

JR: Cena hits the FU!

JL: No! come on Bryan..


JR: Cena has it


JL: Bryan, kick out


JR: Cena has done it! He showed everyone that he could wrestle tonight King! him and Bryan put on a very good match but it's John Cena that advances through in the title tournament!

*Cena stands in the middle of the ring doing his trademark "word life pose" as the crowd cheer louder for him then they ever did before! Cena taking in the crowd applause does not see Bryan sneak up behind him with a chair..*

JR: What's Bryan doing?. NOOO! This match is over.. It's done,

JL: It's not done JR, Bryan is teaching a lesson to Cena!

*Bryan nails Cena over the head with the chair before putting him in the Lebell Lock! Cena refuses to tap out as Bryan applies more and more pressure! Help arrives from the back and eventually they are able pull Bryan away from Cena and usher him to the back!*


03-30-2012, 04:59 PM
JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and look who's already in the ring, it's the match particpants

JL: That's right, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Zack Ryder and TJ Perkins are in the loser corner, and Bobby Roode, Kane, Brian Kendrick and Austin Aries are in the winners corner.

JR: Well, I respectively disagree, although Roode's team has more experience, Ryder's team has more potential - in my opinion

JL: Did you just decide those 2 captains?

JR: Yes, I did

Hardy/Cara - Mysterio/Mysterio - Perkins/Finlay - Batista/Ryder
Kane/Kane - MVP/Aries - Kendrick/Kendrick - JBL/Roode

Ignore entrances, the midget cunt who I can't stand, and the crappy wrestler not involved wrestling in the match

JL: Great dropkick there by Kendrick

JR: You can say that again

JL: Great dropkick there by Kendrick

JR: Oldest trick in the book.

*Sin Cara trys to get a tag in, but Mysterio pushes him to the floor. Mysterio slams Cara into the steel steps, and makes his way to the back. Perkins get distracted by all of this, and Kendrick rolls him up*




JR: Oh god, Rey's an idiot, he cost his team the match

JL: Sent a message to Sin Cara though, didn't he?

JR: He did but that's beside the point, Mysterio is nothing but a no good, son of a...

The camera cuts off the announcer's, and shows a video of a little kid playing football with his friends, when a bolt of lightening comes down on the field. The kids run away, but the lightening burns letters into the ground. They spell "E-L-E-C-T-R-F-I-N-G"


03-30-2012, 05:08 PM
As we come back from a commercial break, we hear Cult of Personality blaring through the arena, with CM Punk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqUl6n92DJg) standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand. The music fades off into the background as Punk raises the mic to his mouth.

CM Punk: A lot of you are probably wondering what I am doing out in this ring. It is simple, I want two things. The first being the WWE Championship. There is no one else in the back that is more deserving to be the champion that yours truly. I come out here, bust my ass week in and week out for you fans who could care less who is in this ring. I give you fans 5 star matches each night, but your more likely to be all excited for someone like John Cena. News flash for you all. I am better than John Cena. I am better than Triple H. I am better than Christian. Did you all see what I did to Mr Two Pump Chump? Do you know the reason why Ziggler beat him? Because I left Dolph beat him. I showed Christian why I am the best in the world, and the next time he wants to know running his mouth about yours truly, I will show him why I am better than him. I am better than Hulk Hogan ever was. You know what Hogan had? A flashy catch phrase and the body of a greek god. Where is he now though? Barely able to stand on his own two legs, getting surgery after surgery just hoping to relieve the pain. I on the other hand, when I am 65 years old, will still be able to do the same things I do now. That is simply because when you are the best at your craft, you don't even become a failure like Hogan did. I am better than everyone else, and that is why I will be the next WWE Champion.

I said that there was 2 things I wanted. The second is The Undertaker. Why the Undertaker you ask? Because much like Hogan, Taker is past his prime. Heck, when I beat the Undertaker back at Breaking Point in 2009 in a Submission match, which by the way few have ever made Taker submit, he was pushing to his point of relevance. What is he hanging on to now? A streak at one show a year, and the shadows of yesterday. Taker needs to be put down like a dog. People fear the Streak, and people fear the Legacy that is The Undertaker. You are all privileged to be looking at one person who does not give in to that fear. Why do i not give in to that fear? It is simple. I'm better than the Undertaker! Don't believe me? I'll prove it when I go 1 on 1 with the Phenom. And remember when I have pinned Taker 1..2...3, in this ring, it will just be a reminder that I am better than each and every single one of you.

All we hear is ~clap~ ~clap~ The Phenon, The Deadman ~clap~ ~clap~ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_XOVh-cDtk)

*gong, the lights go out and smoke comes form the stage, Undertaker comes slowly to the ring*

Undertaker: CM Punk... you have no idea the door that you have opened. Not only will I be coming through that door, all evil will unleash on you as well. For 22 years I have put fear in the hearts of the most fearless men. Whether I was The Phenom, The Dead Man, The Legend, The American Bad Ass or The Last Outlaw. I came out here night after night and took care of what needed my attention. I have never, nor will I ever back down from a fight.

Pay attention Punk... do you hear the bell? (The Gong Sounds) The question I ask you is, for whom does that bell toll for? Be rest assured Punk, that when the gong hits and the lights go out... I guarantee that chills will run up your spine, the hairs on your body will stand up and you will get weak at the knees. Be afraid Punk, be very afraid.

Tonight as I go to rest, I give you my word... I will begin to dig your grave. I will start carving out your tombstone, I will have the priest at hand to administer your last rites. I will personally end you, throw your carcass in a box, put you under the ground and personally seal your fate.

You made a big mistake talking down to me. Men have done it in the past and they have tried to down the biggest tree in the yard...and ALL have failed. Look at my Wrestlemania Streak... Snuka, Roberts, The Giant, Bundy, Kane, Michaels and even Triple H have all tried to defeat me, but they all ended up on the losing side. Nothing will be different with your fate Punk. In 2010 you called me out, I answered, and you ended up nowhere... What makes you think that this time it will be different?

When all is said and done, I will carry your body, I will tombstone you and pin your for the 1-2-3!!! I will then carry your lifeless body to the cemetery and throw you in the ground... Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust... CM Punk, You Will Rest In Peace!

(Ignore ending and Paul Bearer LOL)

JR: Snakes eyes and big foot from Undertaker and he making the cut throat, Taker is calling for the chokeslam... wait where is Punk going??

JL: He had enough, Punk doesn't need anything to prove, he already beat The Undertaker!!

Punk is leaving the ring to backstage with a grin in his face... but out the nowhere Christian comes and sends Punk back to the ring

JR: The Undertaker catches him and MY GOD what devastating Tombstone Piledriver!!!... 1...2...3, Taker wins Taker wins!!!

JL: Why Chrsitain messes with Punk here!!, this is not of hie business!!!

JR: Punk messed Christian not long ago, he deserved it!!!, and I'm sure this is not the end between this two!!


03-30-2012, 05:19 PM
JR: And we are back for the main event, Cody Rhodes vs The Ultimate Warrior

JL: True JR, and we already know John Cena, Undertaker, and Dolph Ziggler are already in the semi finals of the WWE Championship Tournament, so who will join them

JR: It's time to find out

*The Camera pans to Coach, in the backstage interview area*

*The Ultimate Warrior is backstage with the Coach*

Coach: Well Warrior, its been a long time since we have seen you in action, but you still look great. I would first like to welcome you to RAW. Tonight you will take part in a tournament to name the new WWE Champion and you opponent will be Cody Rhodes in the main event. What are your thoughts on that? What do you have to say to the WWE Universe?

Ultimate Warrior: Well Coach, as you know, I, The Ultimate Warrior, am a former World Champ. I am here to reclaim what is mine, the WWE World Championship Belt. When I get it around my Warrior waist, I will not only be the champion of this world, but this galaxy and this universe. I will also be champion of all galaxies and all universes. I will travel in my spaceship everywhere to let all humanoids know I am champion. Now tonight, I will be taking on the young Cody Rhodes, brother of Dustin Rhodes and they are both sons of Dusty Rhodes, who is the son of a plumber. Cody is just like them all in every way, except that he is not a plumber, he does not cross dress, nor wear make up and he is not fat. He also has a better speaking voice and is much more muscular than them all. He also wrestles better than them- yet he is like them in every way. But one thing young Cody is not- he is not a Warrior. I am a Warrior, the gods of all Warriors chose me to be a Warrior, I have Warrior juices pumping through my veins, through my brain, through my heart, through my liver, through my kidneys- both of them, and throughout the rest of this human body of mine. All here in Sacremento shall witness the greatness of the Ultimate Warrior, for I am the Ultimate Warrior. I shall soon have the belt around my waist, it is in my destiny, in my dreams, in your dreams, in all Warriors dreams *growllll* Warrior Out!

*The Camera leaves The Ultimate Warrior, as we see Cody Rhodes is walking through the backstage corridors*

CR: So tonight is the first round of the tournament that will crown the new WWE Champion... and I'm up against Ultimate Warrior?

*Cody laughs to himself*

You may as well just crown me the Champion right now! I can barely understand a word that he says, and his hair in it's own right is a crime against nature! He shall an easy opponent and this shall be an easy victory.

I'm the son of Dusty Rhodes, one the greatest superstars ever to compete in a wrestling ring. Wrestling is in my blood... Success is in my blood... Being a Champion is in my blood. When I first started off in this business, many people wrote me off instantly because of my size and stature. But this tournament is a chance to prove them all wrong, to prove them that I'm better than them. Tonight I will give the Ultimate Warrior a lesson in perfection and tonight I will become one step closer to becoming the new WWE Champion.


*We come back to these two in the ring, preparing for their 1st contest*

[/FONT]Ignore Heenan & Entrances, and watch until 8:12

JR: Great clothesline by Warrior

JL: And here comes the big splash

*Warrior nails it*

JR: Pin him




JR: And Ultimate Warrior is through to the semi finals. Goodnight Everyone

WWE Logo appears to end the show

04-09-2012, 07:36 PM

04-09-2012, 07:38 PM
Yet comes another filler...

04-09-2012, 07:40 PM
Last filler.....

RAW is WAR coming next!!!!!!!!!!!

04-09-2012, 07:55 PM
RAW is WAR episode 2



RAW is WAR Episode 2

JR: Hello and welcome to RAW is WAR, I'm Jim Ross and alongside, my fellow hall of famer broadcast partner, Jerry "The King" Lawler, coming for you live, from Atlanta, Georgia

JL: What a show we have tonight JR, we'll finally know who will be the two men that will participe in the tournament final at the Royal Rumble to crown a new WWE champion and also a battle royal to determine the new Intercontinental champion

JR: And for the semifinals, we have two incredible matches, The Show off Ziggler against the returning Dr. of Thuganomics John Cena and a clash of titans between The Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker!!

Vickie: EXCUSE ME!!!!!

*crowd boos*

Vickie: I SAID EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you the man who will become the new WWE champion in two weeks at the Royal Rumble, Dolph Ziggler!!!!


JL: Yeah, the future of this company is here and he's going to share some words before he crushes Cena tonight!!

JR: I'm not impress with him King, last week he needed help form CM Punk to beat Chrsitian, he can't just be winning matches by cheating

Doplh: All right listen up every....


*Dolph is interrupt by the familiar Word Life theme*


Cena: Yo, yo, yo Dolphin man, why the hell are you here?
You can see it in your face, you are totally filled with fear

Even with Vickie by your side, how did you get this far?
You look more out of place, than CM Punk at a bar

We're in the semi-finals, to crown a new champ
How are you in Ziggler, not even Warrior's that camp

Vickie Guerrero, your husband, he was a real man!
But your new business client, wow he look's just like my nan!

Atlanta,Georgia , The Champ is here!
Warrior couldn't look more scared, if he was jumping of a 10 foot pier

Warrior, your match versus Hogan is legendary
However though, why do you look like a giant strawberry?

Self Destruction of Warrior, what a great movie
I think you dress crap, but the fans think you're groovie

The Big Splash is your finishing move, I guess you love jumping on boys
Taker play's with his dick, less than you play with your sex toys

The Deadman, the Phenom, the dickhead who tosses
If you feud with me, I'll give you some losses

Undertaker, at Wrestlemania, your streak will end
If it's against me, the next night, you won't be able to play with your boyfriend.

You're not straight 'Taker, even your brother likes necrophilia,
Hey, Triple H said it, I just think that you're a big fan, of coprophilia

Why don't you admit Deadman, flaws, they have filled you
If you mess with me, I'll give you a FU

I beat all you fucker's stupid, you all wrestle crap
Do I need to talk in a rhythm, for you to know it's a rap

What's up with that? I'll teach you how to act.
You mess with me, I'll give you a fact

That you'll get your ass kicked, that's what it is
Then come at me bro, this isn't show biz

I'm here for the fan's, to give a good showing
When all 3 of you are doing, is just blowing and blowing.

You think you're all strong, when you're all just real pricks
John Cena owned you all, now go suck a dudes...


*Crowd explodes in cheers for that destructive rap*

JR: Seems Cena wanted to share a piece of his mind too

JL: How he dare to interrupt Ziggler!!!

JR: We are not done yet look who's coming


*The Ultimate Warriors music hits. interrupting Cena and Ziggler in the ring. Warrior runs out to the ring, circling it 10 times before finally entering the ring. He goes to the ropes and shakes them for a good minute. Cena and Ziggler are looking at him like he is an idiot. Warrior ask for a receives a mic*

Warrior: Now now guys, I am the Warrior. It is my destiny to be the WWE Champion of this world you call Earth. Now you Cena, you are nothing. You think you are invisible when you wave your hand in front of you, well I can see you with my Warrior eyes. You think you are a superman winning all your matches, well I have kryptonite in my blood, it, along with my Warrior powers sent down from the Gods, will overcome you with intense and powerful force that has never been seen in this part of this universe ever before. I will bring you down if you are lucky enough to meet me in the ring. As to you Dolph, yes, you are powerful, you do remind me of a certain man named James in the distant past. You see James lived to work out, he got started in this sport with his friend Steve. But one day, a God from the planet Wiketstoplaiana spoke to him and entrusted him with powers never seen before. That day, the man known as James died, a Warrior took his place, took his human form for himself. I am that Warrior that I speak of- Ziggler, you are not. You are just a Warrior wanna be- until a Warrior God calls down for you, which I doubt they will, you will not be invincible, you will be beatable. And I shall be the one to beat you if we shall meet in the ring.

I would also like to address the other man in the semifinals- the Undertaker. Undertaker, you call yourself the deadman. I know for a fact that you are not dead because you are alive. How do I know that? I looked into his eyes with my Warrior eyes- I see that he has a soul. A deadman has no soul because he is dead, a deadman is also dead, not alive. Undertaker you are........



JL: The Phenom is here!!!

*Undertaker slowly enters the ring but don't say a word, he points at his three competitors and makes the cut throat sign and the crowd gives the biggest pop of the night so far*

JR: As always Undertaker doesn't need a full speech to turn out crowd, you can fell the electricity in the air between this four men, stay back at where you are because the first match starts when we return back live in RAW is WAR

04-09-2012, 07:58 PM
JR: We're back as the first match of the semifinals is about to start.

JL: Undertaker and Warrior had left the ring, here is match one come on Ziggler beat that Vainilla ice scout boy!!!

Ignore Kane here

JR: Cena has Ziggler ready for the FU....wait is Bryan Danielson coming to the ring!!!, he was already eliminated from this tourney!!!!

JL: He still loooking for revenge after Cena eliminate him last wekk and Cena is chasing him to the ramp!!!

*Cena catches Bryan and the two start to brawl, Cena gets the upperhand and connects an FU on the floor!!!

JR: MY GAWD!!! what a devastating FU in the concrete, come on Cena hurry uo and return to the ring!!

JL: He's too far he's not going to make it.... 9...10 YES YES YES Ziggler wins!!!

*Here is your winner by the way of countout, Doplh Ziggler!!!*

JR: It's just unfair, Cena deserved the win and for the second week in a row Ziggler wins by outside interference

JL: When you're competing for the WWE title, you have to do what it takes and that's the diference why Doplh Ziggler is going to the Rumble and Cena is not, The Champ is not here!!!

Doplh and Vickie leaves celebrate in their way out the ring meanwhile John Cena remains frustrate in the ring

*A vignette is played on the Titantron, It shows a thunder and lightning storm in what appears to be Miami, A young boy is running through the streets while lightning is striking around him, As the video plays and the boy is running it shows him getting older and changing, From wearing American football gear to a Hollywood suit, eventually the lightning strikes the now fully grown man who is now wearing wrestling gear and brings him to his knees, as he looks up he see’s a building with the words Royal Rumble in lights and the vignette stops*

*Comercial break*

*Back from the commercial and Teddy Long is doing his trademark dance at the top of the stage with his music playing in the background!*

TL: What’s up playa’s?.

*Crowd cheer*

TL: Tonight we are going to have ourselves a ten man Battle Royal match for the Intercontinental Championship!

*Big pop from the crowd*

TL: I had a feeling you would like that playa’s! The 10 men competing in the Battle Royal match will be the Big Show! * cheer * Bryan Danielson! * mixed reaction followed by Yes! chants * Cody Rhodes! * boo * Austin Aries! * boo * The Miz! * boo * TJ Perkins! * cheer * Amazing Red! * cheer * Brian Kendrick! * boo * Bobby Roode! *boo* and the game, Triple H! * Huge pop * The last man standing in that ring will be crowned the new Intercontinental Champion tonight! I hope the WWE universe enjoys the show and think of this as just a taste of what you are going to get at the Royal Rumble! Holla, Holla!

*The crowd cheer for Teddy and his music plays as he leaves while we go to the commercial!*

04-09-2012, 08:14 PM
*The Camera cuts back from the commercials and shows the ring where Bobby Roode, TJ Perkins, Brian Kendrick, Amazing Red, Austin Aries, The Miz , Cody Rhodes and Big Show are already waiting in the ring for the Battle Royal match*

JR: Folks this should be a hell of a battle, we are awaiting our last two entrants!


JL: Bryan is my pick JR! This guy has what it takes to beat everyone and become the next I.C. champion!

JR: I’m sure you said the same thing last week King when he lost to Cena in the WWE title tournament!

King: Bryan deserved to win last week JR... I know it, you know it and the whole WWE universe knows it and he proved that tonight when he cost Cena his match earlier on! * King laughs *

JR: All he proved king was that he is a snake in the grass and had to attack Cena from behind!, I'm glad he got FU'ed to the floor!!


JR: There are a lot of talented guys in this Battle Royal King, but with the experience and know how that the cerebral assassin has I think he might just win… But with the Big show’s size and presence he must surely be the favourite!

*The crowd are buzzing with excitement to see the outcome and as the bell rings all 9 men turn the attention to the Big show!

Amazing Red runs straight at the big show only to be swatted away!

King: Haha! He got swatted like a fly!

Aries and Kendrick chance there luck and go straight after the big show only to receive a double clothesline from the giant! The Miz, Bobby Roode, Cody and TJ try there luck next and begin to weaken the Big show with shots to the stomach and ribs, Show drops to one knee and all four men continue to hammer away on him! The Miz instructs the men to lift the big show to his feet and try and throw him over, Show starts to Hit back though fighting back and knocking down Cody and Perkins, Big show get’s to his feet and begins to turn his attention to the Miz, Hitting him with big rights and head butts and delivering a big boot to Roode when from behind Amazing Red jumps on the Shows back with a sleeper! Triple H watches on waiting for his opportunity while everyone else has teamed up to eliminate the Big show! Show begins to weaken from the sleeper and starts to edge closer to the ring ropes when Triple H seems to have done waiting, He knocks down Perkins and Cody.. Gives a running high knee to Aries and again one to the Miz!

JR: Triple H is on fire! He’s cleaning house!

Big show continues to weaken but Red is starting to lose his grip! Big show again starts to rise and throws Red over his shoulder on to the mat!

King: Ouch! That had to hurt!

Show raises his arm ready for the choke slam on Red as he gets up!

JR: The Big show has Amazing Red in a choke hold, Just look at the height!

The big show has Red in the air and delivers a huge choke slam to the outside of the ring, when again Miz and Cody team up on the Big show!

JR: Red is eliminated!

King: See you later aligator!

Triple H has TJ in the corner and is delivering rights and lefts when Roode nails him from behind with a shot to the back of the head, Miz and Cody get big show in the corner and continue to team up on the 7ft giant when Kendrick and Aries come over to help try and lift the big show over the ropes!

King: Yes! There going to eliminate him, Get him over.. Come on get him over!

Show is fighting for his life as the 4 men continue to team up, Show knocks back Aries and Kendrick, and then Cody and Miz!

JR: Show is fighting back.. The Big Show is fighting back!

Kendrick gets back to his feet and jump straight into show’s arms,

JR: Huge throw from the big show! He just through Kendrick over his head and out of the ring! Kendrick is eliminated!

Big show clothesline’s the Miz and delivers a big boot too Cody knocking him out of the ring,

JR: Remember folks this is over the top rope elimination, as Cody fell through the second ropes he is not eliminated!

Big show throws his arm up in the air and again and shouts out it as the crowd give a huge pop for the Giant! Aries gets up from the mat and turns around only to be grabbed by the throat by the big show!

King: Not again!

JR: Another huge choke slam from the big show! Austin Aries is now eliminated!

Triple H is slugging it out with both Roode and Perkins, Triple H delivers a huge spine buster to Perkins but again Roode attacks H from behind, Roode this time though see’s TJ trying to get up and delivers the Pay Off before picking up Perkins and throwing him over the top rope!

JR: Perkins is eliminated, It just goes to show when it comes to these matches any alliances made during the match will not be intact come the end of the match, we have 6 men left in this match King who’s going to win it ?.

04-09-2012, 08:17 PM
We're back for comercials and Roode turns again his attention to Triple H and starts stomping on him in the corner, while Miz and Cody once again Attack Big show while he was taking a breather, Miz and Cody both come of the ropes and shoulder barge Show, The big show stumbles and falls back on to the ropes.. Miz and Cody both look at each other and try it once more!

JR: This could be it King, They could eliminate the Big Show right now!

Both men come of the ropes and charge at the big show, The big show reverses there attempts and lifts them both over the ropes!

JR: What a move King!

King: No there elminate- There holding on! Yes there holding on!

Miz and Cody are both holding on to the top rope as there feet are dangling above the mat floor, Big show falls to his knees with tiredness, Miz and Cody both manage to get on the side of ring as show gets back to his feet!

King: They both made it! Yes… Nooo!

JR: Huge big boot from the big show, he just nailed Cody in the face and Cody is now eliminated!

Miz gets in the ring before Big show can turn his attention to him.. Miz boots show in the stomach and continues to hammer show on the back!

King: Skull crushing finally! Come on Miz!

Bobby Roode now signals to the Miz to work together and get the giant over the top rope! They get the big show up and lean him over the ropes, Both men try there hardest to lift the big show and manage somehow to get one leg over the ropes!

King: One more! Come on.. You can do it!

Show once again fights back, Headbutt to Roode and a huge right to the face of the Miz!

JR: The Big show is once again fighting back king can anyone eliminate the big show?.

Show is staggering over the ropes with one leg in the ring and one leg out of the ring, when out comes from underneath the ring Bryan Dannielson!

King: There he is! How smart is Bryan Dannielson!

Bryan gets in the ring and delivers a huge dropkick to the face of the big show knocking him to the floor!


JR: The big show has been eliminated! I don’t personally like the strategy of Bryan Dannielson but he is the fresher man and now he has eliminated the biggest threat!

*Bryan Dannielson is celebrating in the ring as the crowd boo him!*

Bobby Roode gets back to his feet and Bryan delivers another huge dropkick and locks in the labell lock! The Miz now also to his feet goes straight for Triple H before he can get on his feet!

JR: We are down to the last four people folks, one of these will become the I.C. Champion tonight!

Bryan Dannielson lifts up a dazed Roode and throws him over the top rope!

King: That’s one more down! Come on Bryan!

Miz now looks at Bryan and urges them to team up and eliminate Triple H, Both men lift H to his feet and go to whip him over the ropes! Triple H puts the brakes on and elbows Bryan to the face, Boot to the stomach of Miz and a huge pedigree!

JR: Pedigree! Huge pedigree from Triple H!

Triple H staggers back to his feet and trades punches with Bryan,

*The crowd cheer “Ohh” and “Ahhh” as both men deliver punches!*

Bryan now with a right, and another one! Bryan goes to clothesline Triple H over the rope, Hunter ducks it and Bryan goes over the rope on to the side of the ring!

King: Nooo!

JR: He’s not out yet King!

Miz now back to his feet see’s the chance to nail Triple H, Hunter again ducks it and Miz knocks Bryan off the side of ring and almost goes over himself, Triple H turns right back around and hits Miz with the clothesline with so much force that both men go over the ropes at the same time!

King: Who won? Who won?

JR: Both men’s feet have hit the floor and they both appeared to get eliminated at the same time! King we have the I.C. title riding on this and we don’t appear to have a winner folks!

King: Give it to Bryan, he deserved to win it after eliminating the Big Show!

*The referee’s are in confusion as replays are being shown to try and identify the winner! The Miz is claiming he has won while Triple H is suggesting he has won it!*

*Teddy Long’s music hit’s the stage as the confusion who has won the Battle Royal spills over as Triple H and Miz start fighting!*

TL: Hold up there playa’s! It seems that we can not decide who has won this match and who’s feet touched the floor first.. I guess the only way we could do this fair is that you are both the new I.C. Champion!

*A mixed response from the crowds erupts as Triple H and Miz just look at each other in confusion!*

TL: Actually playa’s I don’t think that is going to work… well there is only one thing we can do, next week live on Raw is War we are going to have a match.. It will be Triple H vs. The miz… and it will be for the Intercontinental Championship!

*The crowd cheer as Teddy walks away.. The Miz sneaks up behind Triple H and hit’s the skull crushing finally and celebrates as the camera goes backstage where Zack Ryder is speaking to the Bella’s*

04-09-2012, 08:30 PM
ZR: Hey ladies!

BB&NB: Hey Zack!

ZR: Did you just see that Battle Royal? It was crazy bro!

NB: Yeah! Cody is so hot!

BB: Yeah, but did you see Dolph earlier? Now he’s hot!

*Ryder looks at the Bella’s in confusion*

ZR: Hey! What about me?

*The Bella’s look at Ryder and then at each other and start to giggle*

ZR: What? Are you serious bro? Look it doesn’t matter, when I win my match tonight I will prove not only am I better looking then those guys.. I’m also a better wrestler, woo woo woo you know it!

BB: Aren’t you against Kane tonight?

*Ryder has a look of horror on his face*

ZR: ermm.. Am I ?

NB: Yeah.. Your not scared are you?

ZR: No course not.. I knew I had Kane tonight and im going to go out there and win!

*Ryder try’s to hide the scared look on his face with his cocky tone of voice*

NB: Well.. Maybe if you win tonight we can go out somewhere later!

ZR: Are you serious bro?

BB: Yeah! Maybe we could.. Hang out!

*Ryder has a huge smile on face as the Bella’s flirt with him*

ZR: Awesome! After my win I will come by your locker yeah?

BB: Wicked! Olny if you win though.. We don’t.. hang round with anyone you know!

ZR: See you both later then..

*Ryder walks off with a huge smile on his face as he leaves the Bella’s begin to laugh as we cut to a commercial *

*Back from the break and Ryder is waiting in the ring for his opponent with a very nervous look on his face*

King: This guy is a goof ball JR! He has no chance of beating Kane tonight and he actually thinks he has a chance with the Bella’s?.

JR: Well King, I don’t know about the Bella’s but I know this kid is a hell of talent, He has made a real name for himself and just look at the crowd they love him!

King: Well I hate him!


*Kane’s music plays and the crowd give a mixed response for the Big Red machine as he makes his way down to the ring, Kane reaches the ring and climbs over the top rope as the match bell rings*


King: I told you JR! This kid is a goof ball and Kane destroyed him tonight to prove it!

JR: Ryder tried his best folks but there is no doubting Kane’s dominance and experience and in the end Kane got the win!

*After the match is over and the bell is rung Kane picks up a groggy Ryder and again choke slam’s him onto the mat*

JR: The match is over Kane! The match is over!

King: Haha! He’s destroying him JR.. and woo woo woo all his fans know it! * King laughs *

*After hitting Ryder with a 3rd straight choke slam he picks him up and throws him over the top rope then asking for a mic*

Kane: This is the competition I get? This is who they send to challenge me ? I want.. I need a challenge, I have been destroying everyone ever since I returned and now the list is getting shorter and shorter, Im issuing a challenge to anyone who dares to get in the ring with me!

*Kanes hits the pyro and leaves the ring*

04-09-2012, 08:48 PM
As we come back from a commercial break, we see CM Punk standing backstage with Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Punk, last week you lost to the Undertaker and thus you are out of the tournament to crown the WWE Champion. What are your plans to become the WWE Champion now?

Punk: Well Josh, first thing you should take note of. I was screwed out of my chance by Christian and The Undertaker. You want to know what I am going to do to become the WWE Champion? It is simply 3 things. I am going to go out there, week in and week out, and show the people in the back that I deserve the first title shot of whoever the next champ is. I am going to leave Mr 2 Pump Chump laying in a pool of his own blood begging for mercy so he, along with anyone else in the back, knows not to get into my business ever again. The final thing I am going to do is make sure the first person the new champ sees, is me. That means in the final rounds, whoever it may be, I will be at ring side making my presence known.

Josh Matthews: Interesting, well, what do you think about The Undertaker?

CM Punk: Have you ever heard of the story of the tortoise and the hare Josh? In it, they talk about how the tortoise eventually wins. Here is what they don't tell kids though. That tortoise went on to win a lot of other races, but eventually it got to the point where even though the tortoise thought he still had it, he just couldn't accept the fact he was old and outdated. The farmer had to put that tortoise down. You see Josh, The Undertaker is the tortoise. Yeah he use to be able to do great things, but he has reached the point that while he may think he still has it, everyone else knows he doesn't. I am the farmer. I am going to put the Undertaker down once and for all. The Deadman will actually become a dead man if he steps foot into the ring with me again.

Josh Matthews: Understood, but Punk, if that is the case why did you run away from the Undertaker last week?

CM Punk: You...I....

Punk pushes Josh in the face, sending him into a nearby monitor. Punk turns and abruptly walks off camera muttering obscenities.

JR: Punk better focus in his match tonight because he is going to fight the man we cost his opportunity last week, Captain Charisma!!!

JL:Christian is not match for punk, besides he is teaming tonight with Rey Mysterio against that walking botch Sin Cara, it should be a piece of cake, this after the commercials


JR: We're back and the four men are the ring, this match is strating now!!!

Christian and Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk
No video

JR: Sin Cara hits a crossbody to the outside, Punk is down

JL: Ohhhh no

JR: Killswitch to Rey.....1....2....3 Christian and Cara wins

Christian: Punk, you straight egde asshole have been messing in my business costing me my title oportunity, you call yourself "The Best in the world" and you can't be in a tag team match fair and square???, that's shame I expected better from you, Well don't be sad Punk, I have great news for you, you will have a chance to redeem yourself at the Royal Rumble because I talked with Teddy Long and we will face again in a match I know very well and I'm sure my peeps will enjoy.....Tables....Ladders....and Chairs!!!.

*Crowd goes nuts for this*

Christian poses for the crowd as Punk have a worry look in his face

04-09-2012, 08:58 PM
JR: We're back here in RAW is WAR and it's time for our main event, two legends squaring off to decide who will face Dolph Ziggler in the tournament final for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble.

JL: You sound like The Warrior stand a chance against the Deadman, I mean this guy is like 200 years and nuts, he's facing a guy who is 20-0 at Wrestlemania

JR: The Ultimate Warrior is one of the true legends in this business, you can never count him out, even thought he has a tough challenge agianst the Phenom, this should be an outstanding match!!!

JL: Who cares!!, I just hope this two beat each other up to let things easy for Dolph Ziggler


JR: Warrior is here and seems pretty pumped for the match and the crowd is with him, he saluting the fans and running circles around the ring...again

JL: I wonder why he didn't brought his spaceship tonight, he will need it to return to his planet after the beating Undertaker is about to giving!!


JR: The arena falls in darkness as the Undertaker makes his way to the ring, the man who wants to reclaim the WWE championship once again

JL: I have goosebumps all over the body, this people is going nuts for him!!!
(Warrior:Angle/Taker as himself LOL)




JR: SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!!!, 1...2...3 The Ultimate Warrior did it, he did it!!!, he defeated Undertaker to go to Royal Rumble to fight for the WWE championship!!!!!!!

JL: What a match this two gave us, yet I can't believe he really beat The Undertaker!!!

*The Ultimate Warrior is celebrating in the middle of the ring ready for a Warrior Growl, when Dolph Ziggler comes form behind and hits a Zig Zag*

JR: What the hell he is doing here!!!, the match is over, Dolh Ziggler cowardly attacked him that little backstabber kid MY GAWD!!

JL: Yeah!!!, Ziggler showing off he's not afraid of anyone including a legend like The Ultimate Warrior, take a look people this will be you new WWE champion!!

Ziggler poses with an arrogant smile in his face to end the show....

04-29-2012, 06:19 PM
Raw Is War Is Next! :D

04-29-2012, 06:20 PM
After this Filler.. :p

04-29-2012, 07:14 PM
Raw Is War
Location: Memphis Tennessee

*The Pyro’s set off and the crowd erupt for the start of Raw Is War *

JR: Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Monday night Raw Is War! We are live from a sold out Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

King: What a crowd we have here JR, They almost blew the roof of this place!

JR: Folks we have a hell of a show for you tonight, as we know Dolph Ziggler and The Ultimate Warrior will meet at the Royal Rumble to determine who will be the next WWE champion, but tonight Dolph is action against the high flying Amazing Red and Ziggler has promised to send a message to the Warrior! also tonight we will have a 4 way Battle Royal to determine who will win the 30 spot in the Royal Rumble!

King: That's right JR! Cena, Bryan, Christian and The Undertake will all fight it out for the chance to enter number 30 in the Royal Rumble spot but I cant wait to see the show off with the WWE title JR! Not only that though we have Triple H and The Miz one on one and one of these men will be named the new Intercontinental champion tonight!

JR: That’s right King, We will also have a face off between Bryan Dannielson and John Cena.. These two are building quite the feud and with Bryan costing Cena his match last week we will see how Cena responds!

*Triple H’s music plays out the arena as once again the crowd explode into life cheering for the Game*

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H-2QnT5GbY (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H-2QnT5GbY)

JR: Well business is about to pick up King, The cerebral assassin is on his way down and it looks like he has something on his mind he wants to say before his match with the Miz!

King: Maybe he wants to say how lucky he got last week when clearly the Miz should have been declared the winner of the Battle Royal and the new Intercontinental Champion!

HHH: Miz, let me tell you one thing and I will make it perfectly clear... I'm not a nice guy, I'm not the type of guy that is gonna take pity on you. If you want to play the Game, then jack, I'm standing right here. Miz, you're nobody to me, I will wipe the floor clean with your sorry ass. This IC belt is just another stepping stone to reclaim my glory... and Miz, ur just another nobody that happens to be in my way. When we meet, I will make you bow down to the king of kings.

*The Miz makes his way down the ramp, laughing at Triple H*

The Miz: Oh Triple H... How you make me laugh! You're nothing but a pathetic washed - up hasbeen and your time is up. I am the future of the WWE and beating you tonight will only solidify that fact. The fact that you still continue to call yourself the "King of Kings" shows how much of a child you are. It's nothing more than a nickname which has been extinct for many years.

You can't beat me Triple H... it's impossible. And I don't plan on playing the Game, I plan on beating it! And you wanna know why I'm so sure of that? Because I'm The Miz.... and I'm AWWWWWWEEEEEEESSSSSOOOOMMMEEEEE!

JR: This should be a slobber knocker of a match folks, Both of these men know the History of the Intercontinental Championship! Both of these men are former champions and know what it takes to win title’s!

*Stop at 5:09*

King: No Miz.. don’t turn around!

JR: Huge pedigree from the game! It must be all over now.. Triple H with the pin!


King: Kick out! Kick out!


JR: It’s over!

King: Yes, he kicked out.. He kicked out JR!

JR: How did he.. I can’t believe he kicked out, you can say what you like about this young talent folks weather you like him or not the Miz is a fighter!

*Triple H is shocked that the Miz was able to kick out and anger is now across the face of the game, Triple H hit’s the DX trademark suck it and lifts up Miz from the mat..

King: Not another Pedigree!

JR: The game is looking to finish it King, only a few men have kicked out from the pedigree but two of them.. If the game hits this it must surly be over folks!

*Triple H has a groggy Miz set up for another Pedigree, But Miz with all the strength left in him is able to reverse it and locks in the Skull crushing finale *

JR: What a reversal from the Miz, He has his finishing move set up!

King: The Skull Crushing Finale! Now it’s over JR! * king laughs * Miz is the new Intercontinental champion!

JR: You could be right king, Triple H’s face just smashed right into the canvas and he looks out cold!

King: Pin him Miz!

*Miz celebrates in the ring taunting the crowd and signalling that the match is over and then goes for the pin!*



King: 3! Now it’s over!

*Triple H kicks out before the ref’s hand can touch the mat and the crowd go crazy as they expected the 3 count! *

JR: It’s not over.. It’s not over! Triple H has kicked out, Ohh what a match we have here!

King: No! no! no! Miz why did you have to celebrate you had this in the bag!

*Miz is in shock and he starts getting in the face of the referee accusing him of a slow count*

King: That looked like a slow count JR!

JR: King no excuses, The Miz could have just won this match but his cocky nature took over and he assumed he had won this match before he already had!

King: Come on Miz, hit him with it again!

*The Miz has Triple H set up for another Skull crushing Finale as a groggy Triple H stumbles to his feet.. Miz grabs Triple H and is ready to hit his finisher!

JR: Triple H with the boot to the stomach! Pedigree! Pedigree! Pedigree! He just reversed the attempt of the Miz’s finisher and hit him with his own!




JR: Triple H has done it! Triple H has beating the Miz and is crowned the new Intercontinental Champion! Man what a match, Folks you have to give it to both men what a match that was..

*JR looks at King to see if he is going to comment on the outcome of the match, when King Takes of his headset in shock and begins to shake his head*

JR: Well King you might be disappointed with the outcome but these guys just put on a hell of a match for our crowd here tonight and just listen to these fans!

*Another Referee comes down from the back with the Classic I.C. title in his hand and hands it to the exhausted Triple H, Hunter raises it above his head and holds it up for the crowd as they cheer his name and we go to the commercial*

04-29-2012, 07:38 PM
*The Titantron is shown and a vignette is played out towards the crowd *


*The crowd start to cheer as soon as they see who is behind the vignette and as the video stops the crowd start to chant his name! *

King: JBL! It’s JBL JR!

JR: Things really are starting to pick up around here King, We had a cryptic Vignette from someone else the last couple of weeks.. But this one is crystal clear folks, it looks like JBL is ready to return!

King: I hope so! He’s a former WWE champion, a former United States champion and most of all.. He is a Self made millionaire JR! you can’t help but admire this man.. I really hope he’s coming back!

JR: There’s no doubting the man’s achievements and talent as a wrestler.. But you can’t deny that as good as he is or was, he’s the kind of guy that will let you know just how good he is every time you see him!

King: And what’s wrong with that? How many times did Stone Cold give you the stunner and you still acted like he was you’re best friend and the greatest person to ever live.. * King laughs *

JR: Well I think it’s best we just get on with the show King.

Coachman: Ultimate Warrior, you are going to the Royal Rumble and.....

*Warrior takes the mic out of Coach's hand*

Warrior: WWE Universe and everyone in every universe out there, I ,The ULTIMATE WARRIOR! WARRIOR above all WARRIORS- have been sent to the WWE by the warrior Gods, the Gods of all Warriors- to become the WWE World Champion. My journey to that goal has been met with a success never seen before by anybody in this world or any others. My journey now brings this Warrior, I, The Ultimate Warrior, to the Royal Rumble, where I, The ULTIMATE WARRIOR! will defeat all that stand in my way because the Warrior Gods have deemed it so. No man here is safe in the ring with me. I will over power them all just as I have over powered men like Hulk Hogan and HHH in the past. The Warrior juices in my veins make me invincible, even without it running trough my veins I am still invincible for I am THE WARRIOR! And after I win at the Royal Rumble, I will do something never before seen in a WWE ring- I will have a live sex celebration the Warrior way- I will have it beamed down to the ring from my spaceship that is in orbit around Saturn and the sex will be with the great Warrior Godess, Mrs Warrior hologram *Growl* Warrior Out!

*The lights suddenly go out in the arena and for a moment there is a moment of panic. Then the titantron flashes to life as a message reading simply*


*Then, a highlight reel showing clips of several World Leaders is shown*

Nelson Mandela
Mahatma Ghandi
Martin Luther King
Joseph Stalin
John F. Kennedy

*Then the message*

"All leaders.....
Just like me."

Cody Rhodes/ Rhodes vs TJ Perkins/Mysterio

stop at 6:53

JR: Cody Rhodes is gonna try to get Perkins up

King: NO WAIT A MINUTE a leverage pin by Perkins 1..2.NO

JR: I think Cody is shocked by that leverage pin TJ put on him

King: Well now Perkins fight with punches to the face IRISH WHIP by TJ, TJ does a hurricarana, He goes up top waiting for Cody to get up. He jumps BUT CODY GRABS HIM


King: An impressive bout by these two as we are going to be taking a look at the replay

JR: We can’t deny Cody is one special talent to the WWE

King: What do you have to say about the rumble JR?

JR: Well it certainly will be exciting we have superstars returning and current superstars in shock

King: We have a very special video package for the WWE Universe made by our video producer Adrian Noriega


King: Wicked video, but we also have Dolph Zigller backstage with The Coach let's take you over there

*The camera cuts backstage where Coachman is waiting to Interview Dolph Ziggler*

Coach: Dolph, earlier on we heard from you’re opponent at the Royal Rumble Ultimate Warrior! He seems to claim… that he has been sent here by the Warrior gods to claim the WWE title and seems very confident that he will win! You’re thoughts please?.

*Dolph looks at Coach with a confused look on his face and then begins to laugh*

DZ: Are you serious?

Coach: Yeah.. that’s what he said.. He also claimed that when he wins.. He would ermm.. Have a.. live sex celebration in the ring.

*Dolph again laughs*

DZ: Who’s writing his stuff? Vince Russo? * Dolph laughs * has he been drug tested yet? If not.. I want him done before our match! So the Ultimate idiot claims he’s been sent by the Warrior gods to win the WWE title?

Coach: Yeah!

DZ: Look at me.. Look at me Coach, I am a wrestling God! I have the look.. I have the talent and at the Royal Rumble.. I will be crowned the WWE champion! So Warrior.. You can get you’re juices flowing as much as you want, It’s not going to make one bit of difference.. It’s time for the #Heel to do what he does best each and every week and prove to everybody that I am the future of this company and wrestling full stop! At the Royal Rumble.. I will be the next WWE champion! *Growl* the showoff out!

*commercial break*

04-29-2012, 08:02 PM
*Raw comes back from a commercial break, to see CM Punk standing beside Josh Matthews.*

JM: Punk, for a few weeks now you and Christian have been interfering in each others business, and at the Rumble, you two will face off. Your thoughts?

Punk: My thoughts Josh? Well my thoughts are simple. Christian is a second rate, has been, joke of a former world champ. He never should have held the title, and while others were up in arms that Orton beat Christian in less than a week to win the title, I was one of those that were glad. Mr 2 Pump Chump brought disgrace to the title. He wasn't a credible champion. Hell, he was barely credible when he held the Intercontinental Championship. I go out there night in and night out proving why I am the best wrestler, not just here in the WWE, not just here in the United States, i prove it in the whole world. I'm not worried about Christian.

JM: Maybe it's just how I'm hearing it, but you sound like you aren't taking Christian as a credible threat? Is that the case? And do you think you are at a disadvantage with it being a TLC match?

Punk: First off Josh, I never brush someone off. Christian is as much of a threat as hornswoggle is a threat, as is hhh. Weird to hear those three names in the same sentence right? See the thing is, it doesn't matter how big, or how little, or how unimportant of a threat a person is, they are always a threat. When you have them facing someone who is like me though, they could be the living legend that is Hogan, and it wouldn't matter. I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk week in and week out. As for TLC, let's look at Christian history. Christian has been involved in a total of 4 TLC matches, out of the grand total of 12 in the WWE history. In the first, both he and Edge retrieved the belts to win. In his second, he unhooked the belts with the help of his buddy Rhyno. In his third and fourth, he lost. TLC isn't his specialty, and after the Rumble, it will be forever known as his grave site.

JM: Tonight, as we draw closer to the Royal Rumble, you face Zack Ryder. What are your thoughts on your opponent?

Punk: Mr Woo Woo Woo? Dang, i forgot there was a reject from the Jersey Shore. I guess Snooki gave Ryder one too many STD's and decided to kick him to the curb eh? But seriously, this guy is a joke. He can't wrestle in the ring, and all he is good for is a cheap pop from those fans who are merely sheeps. Tonight, they won't be going Woo Woo Woo with Zack, they will be going No No No when I put his ass to sleep.

JM: One last question Punk, we are told that asides from the TLC match, you will also be involved in the Rumble match. Any comments on that?

Punk: Yeah. History is going to be made at the Rumble. A man is going to win the tables ladders and chairs match, and then win the rumble in the same night. It doesn't matter whether I draw #1, #15, or #30, I am going to win the Rumble. I have to win the Rumble. That WWE Championship, it is mine. Whoever wins it at the Rumble, is merely holding it until the rightful holder takes his spot. That's me. The best in the world, demands the best championship in the world. Just watch Josh, when I change the landscape of the WWE at the Rumble. It starts tonight with Ryder.

*Punk then turns and walks off before Josh can say anything else.*

*A camera is focused backstage where Bobby Roode is seen warming up*

Roode: Tonight I have a match against Sin Cara. A match against one of the midgets in the company, one of those people that aren’t even from this country. Pfttt well tonight I show my worth. I am worth more than what I am right now. I am the greatest wrestler who ever lived and the leader of the selfish generation, and tonight I will show the haters that I am the true favorite to win the Royal Rumble

JR: A very concentrated comment on what he thinks of the company, the fans and his opponent tonight which is Sin Cara

King: This match is not going to be any good for Cara, we have a new Bobby Roodeit’s almost as if somebody else took control of him


JR: Here comes the highflyer Sin Cara who was betrayed by his partner Rey Mysterio, arguably the greatest Mexican highflyer in history

King: I don’t know what is going through Rey’s mind tonight but it certainly was jealous what we experienced from him.


King: Here comes the cocky self proclaimed greatest wrestler who ever lived, ex partner of James Storm and the leader of the selfish generation

JR: What does that tell you about the man?

King: It tells me that he is confident and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that

Roode/Roode vs Sin Cara/AJ Styles

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SPjtqbwOiE *stop at 3:45*

JR: Roode pushes Sin cara, away, and he HE HIT THE REF, the ref is knocked out

King: Uh oh look at that cocky smile from Bobby Roode

*Roode smiles and gets out of the ring about to get a steel chair*


JR: OH NO, here comes the man who attacked Sin Cara, we don’t know if he is going to help Roode or attack him

*Mysterio runs to Roode*

KING: Hurricarana by Mysterio

*crowd cheers as Mysterio goes to Sin Cara*

JR: Rey is extending his hand to his former partner

King: WHAT

*Mysterio hurricaranas Sin Cara to the ropes*

King: YES 619, wait a minute, the ref is still knocked out, where is Roode to pin Sin Cara?


King: Roode goes for the pin on Sin Cara, the ref gets up 1…..2………3

JR: What a brutal dislay by Bobby Roode



King: Our next match is Amazing Red taking on the cocky and self centered Dolph Ziggler

JR: Noone can argue this man is way too damn cocky, I'm sory King but this is too much confidence

King: That isn't possible


JR: Amazing Red folks! This guy is as quick as a hiccup and is not afraid to take it high risk.. This should be a good match between him and Ziggler!

King: I will admit some of the moves this kid does is amazing! * King laughs* excuse the pun! But he’s no match for Ziggler JR! Dolph is the future WWE Champion.. He should win this match easy!


*Dolph Ziggler steps out from the behind the curtain with Vickie by his side! The showoff begins to walk down the ramp with his cocky swagger receiving boo’s from the crowd*

JR: I’m a fan of Ziggler’s ability King, There’s no doubting that.. I just wished his attitude matched his ability and why is Vickie out here?.

King: What are you talking about JR? There’s nothing wrong with his attitude and Vickie is his manager.. What kind of manager would she be if she did not come out here and support her client!

JR: Well fair point.. Lets just hope she does not get involved!


JR: What a match King, but it’s Dolph Ziggler that comes away with the victory!

King: I was rooting for Ziggler.. But I have to admit both of these men put another good match on for these fans! Ziggler was impressive tonight and proved to any of the doubters just how talented he is.. I hope the Warrior was watching!

JR: I’m sure he was watching.. But as good as Ziggler was tonight, He’s going to have to be twice as good at the Rumble to beat the Ultimate Warrior!

*commercial break*

04-29-2012, 08:12 PM
*Pyro hit’s the stage and the big red machine’s music plays out around the arena as the crowd give a mixed reaction with the older generation cheering while the younger generation boo! Kane is heading down to the ring*

King: What’s he doing hear JR? He’s not scheduled for a match is he?

JR: I don’t think so King, Just look at this monster though.. Is there a more scary or demented person in wrestling right now, Kane is just unstable.. Look at his actions last week when he choke slammed Ryder 3 times in the row after the match was finished!

King: He’s looking this way.. Don’t make eye contact!

Kane: Last week.. Last week I thought I made myself very clear when I said I needed a challenge.. And then this week im not even booked for a match? * Kane laughs* I can smell the fear around this arena, people are scared that the monster has returned.. I see the kids in the crowd look away in fear as I stare at them, People in the back walk out of the room when I enter, The WWE is in fear of the Big red machine and so you all should be!

*Kane looks around at the crowd as they Boo*

King: I think Kane has lost it JR!

Kane: If someone does not step out from the shadows and be brave enough to step in the ring with me, then I will find away of entertaining myself and keeping myself occupied! Pain and suffering is something which I have dealt with my whole life and now something I survive for.. Your fear is what keeps me ticking! If someone does not step out and give me the challenge I desire then I will make sure that each and every week someone is made to pay for the cowardly act that is going on.. Starting this week with YOU!

*Kane points to the camera man in the ring, The camera man immediately has a look of horror on his face and drops the camera!*

JR: I think we just lost the live feed folks bare with us please!

*Kane starts to laugh and the camera man out from the ring begins slowly walking backwards up the ramp looking at Kane with fear on his face, The crowd are tense and are waiting to see what kane does next when Kane once again points out the man and a Firebolt shoots down from the roof arena and hit’s the camera man trying to escape!*

JR: OHHH MY GOD! What the hell was that.. We need some help down here! We need some help!

King: He’s on fire JR! Look at Kane.. He’s still laughing,

JR: Can somebody get some damn help out here!

*Medics and security rush down from the back with fire extinguishers and begin to put out the camera man on fire!*

JR: I can not believe what I have just seen folks.. I feel physically sick King, this man has a family and he’s has just been set on fire because Kane wants a challenge!

King: Kane has gone to far this time.. I don’t know what to say!

JR: Folks im not sure if we were able to get a camera live feed to show that or not, but what we have just witnessed is something that I hope we never see again, our medical team have the man backstage and an ambulance is in the building so we hope to get an update soon but right now were going to go to a break and try and restore some order around here!

King: Our next match is CM Punk vs Zack Ryder

JR: Woo wooo woo King

King: That is disgusting get your silly stuff out of my face


King: The self proclaimed best in the world JR, and heis going to proveit right here right now at Ryder’s risk

JR: Isn’t that what Bobby Roode said?

King: No Roode is the greatest who ever lived

JR: You are an asshole


King: Oh god, prepare the job squad out comes Zack Ryder, the jersey shore wannabee ugh

JR: Ok, let’s see if CM Punk is actually the best in the world like you and him see

*stop at 7:25*

JR: Ryder is coming back to the ring, he does a combination of punches knocking CM Punk to the corner, Broski Boot

King: Oh god no, Punk gets up, ROUGH-NO. Punk grabs him on his shoulders, GO TO SLEEP 1…2…..3


JR: I will admit that was pretty good

King: A beautiful display by CM Punk proving himself JR the best in the world

*CM Punk goes for a chair*

JR: See this is what I don’t get, why would you do this?

King: To prove a point, this is wrestling not a show for kids


JR: Finally somebody to stop this madness

King: Well Punk still has the advantage he has a chair in hand

JR: Christian runs over to CM Punk on the outside of the ring, he dives at him…..

*Punk hits him in the head with a steel chair*


King: I don’t think Punk is done yet

JR: Punk is going for another chair under the ring with Christian on the ground, putting the chair underneath Christian and grabbing the other one

King: Ok Punk calm down you proved your point



04-29-2012, 08:27 PM
*Cena is in the ring after commercial break*

Bryan my bitch, you little fucking cunt
I'll kick you in the head, I'll give you a punt

You cost me a chance, the champ I would've been
If you think you'll get away with it, you must be in a dream

I'm mad at you bro, you really pissed me off
I haven't been this pissed, since before you can even jack off

That's all you can do son, be a lonely son of a
You watch Ready Steady Cook, as I'm fucking the ass of your mamma

I'm superman chief, nobody can beat me fairly
Last week, I almost got you, but you got away barely

So Danielson, you small, 6 foot queer
You better fight me SO GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT HERE

Bryan Danielson’s music hits, and he comes out on the stage clapping.

Wow, that was impressive. Did you fans enjoy that Grammy worthy rap by the son of The Incredible Hulk and Eminem? You hit all of the classics, me being gay and you being mad, but you added something new, sex with my mom. You really are this era’s greatest MC. But as for me stepping into the ring with you, that’s not going to happening tonight John. I’m not ready and you are clearly experiencing roid rage.

Shut your shit up, I hate hearing you
Come in the ring, and clean your pants of poo poo

I've got an idea coming up is a pay per view
Here's an idea, it's original, it's new

Royal Rumble, Bryan Danielson vs The Rapper
Because this pretty face would kick your face, making your lips 3 times fatter

So what do you say Bitch, come on I wanna know
I'll end our fightsoon, like you did to that AJ hoe

You are calling me out for a match at the Royal Rumble? Seriously? Do you understand the importance of this pay per view? Probably not, since you don’t care about the business and only care about yourself and how many tee-shirts that you sell. This is one of the big four, one of the foundations of the business. It is the second most important show of the year, next to WrestleMania. But I’m sure that you will plan out some grand entrance and put more time into your promo than you will actually planning the for the match. But that’s fine with me, because while you are writing your “raps”, I will be watching videos of your past matches and studying your many flaws and many injuries. How is that surgically repaired neck of yours holding up? How will it hold up after a Tiger Suplex, a German Suplex, a Crossface Chickenwing or the Labell Lock? I will be more than happy to WRESTLE you, make you tap out, and possibly end your career at the Royal Rumble. See you there Johnny boy.

*Daniel Bryan enters the ring*


*The crowd give the biggest pop of the night as the Dong goes out around the arena! Chants of “Taker” are heard and the deadman slowly makes his way down the ramp, heading to the ring!*

JR: The Undertaker has been in this business for many years King, His theme music and entrance has been heard and seen so many times, yet it still brings chills down my spine and makes the hair on my neck stand up!

King: Yeah I have to agree JR! The Undertaker is a legend.. And has accomplished many things that others will not even come close to achieving! But there is no sign of this man slowing down either and that’s scary for everyone on the roster!

*All three men start to warm up in the ring ready for Christian to come down and get this match started!*


*The crowd again give a big pop for Captain Charisma but after a minute of his song playing there is no sign of Christian!*

King: Where’s Christian?

JR: Folks, bare with us please.. I’m just getting word that.. Guys I’m sorry to say but after that brutal attack from CM Punk earlier, Christian has not been declared fit to compete tonight and therefore is out of this match!

King: We are hearing that after the conchairto he received, not only did he require stitches but we have now been told he is suffering from slight concussion!

JR: Well I hope CM Punk is proud of himself!

*The announcement is made over the speakers and the crowd start too boo, disappointed with the news they have just heard! The bell rings and the match is started!*

JR: Well here we go guys, Remember the winner will take the number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble!

King: Come on Bryan!

*The match begins and Taker stares at Bryan.. Bryan looking into the eyes of Taker starts to backtrack but does not realise Cena is ready and waiting behind him! *

JR: FU! FU! Bryan just walked right into an FU from Cena!

King: Nooooo!

*Cena celebrates and begins to laugh after giving Bryan the FU! Taker stares at Cena and Cena responds by putting his arms up and signalling that he’s ready to fight! Taker though turns his attention to Bryan picking him up off the floor and does the trademark cut throat sign before picking him up and delivering a last ride!*

JR: My god! A huge last ride from the Undertaker!

King: How is this fair? This is not a triple threat match.. This is a handicap match!

*The crowd cheer for both men as they both pick up Bryan and toss him over the ropes.. They then stare at each other face to face in the ring, trading words before trading punches!*

JR: Here we go! Both men are standing toe to toe trading punches!

King: Is Cena crazy? You don’t want to stand toe to toe with the deadman!

*Taker starts to hit the harder punches.. Knocking cena back into the turnbuckle before punching him to the mid section with both hands! Taker starts to hit Cena with everything he has including elbows and head butts before stepping away and nailing Cena with a huge boot to the face!

King: *king laughs* He almost kicked Cena’s head off!

*Taker picks back up cena and delivers snake eyes, cena’s head comes crashing off the turnbuckle and again hits Cena with a big boot and then goes for the pin!

JR: He may have him here folks.. This could be over!



*Cena kicks out before the 3 as Taker picks back up cena and again delivers huge right hand shots! Cena gets knocked back on to the ropes as Taker delivers a huge clothesline knocking Cena out of the ring! Medics rush down to attend to Bryan who has not moved since receiving the FU and the Last Ride and help him to the back!

JR: Well looks like Bryan is out of this match folks.. What was a 4 way Battle Royal is now a straight shoot out between Taker and Cena!

(Ignore ending )

JR: What a match King, these two have given everything.. Cena will just not give up!

King: This crowd is right behind both men but You can’t help feeling this match is almost over for Cena!

*Taker picks up Cena signalling his trademark cut throat and gets ready to hit the last ride when..*

JR: Cena with the reversal! He’s got taker up for the FU!

*Cena nails Taker with the FU while trying to muster the energy to pin the deadman!*

King: If Cena can get the pin.. This match is over JR!

*Cena crawls across the ring trying to reach Taker for the pin.. When the deadman sits up!*

JR: Ohh My! Look at Takers face!

King: Look at Cena’s! *King laughs* he looks like a scared little kid!

*Taker stands to his feet while Cena can only watch on after using every bit of energy he had to hit the FU! Taker stare’s again at Cena picking him up and shouting at him “ R.I.P.” before hitting the Tombstone!

JR: Huge Tombstone from the Undertaker! It’s over.. It must be over!

King Taker has the pin! Cena is finished!




JR: It’s over.. My god what a match! Just listen to these fans! The respect shown for both men is amazing!

King: What a night it’s been JR! Undertaker will now be the 30th man to enter the Rumble!

JR: Ladies and Gentleman thank you for joining us tonight, we hope you enjoyed the show and tune in for next week! Goodnight folks!

05-07-2012, 07:01 PM
Raw Is War is getting a new intro video by next week Fucking Destruction and his stupid song

05-07-2012, 07:01 PM
Remember the Royal Rumble is our next show


05-07-2012, 07:02 PM

05-07-2012, 07:03 PM
Be sure to check out Pauadrian's amazing channel

http://www.youtube.com/user/mradrianpau2?feature=watch (http://www.youtube.com/user/mradrianpau2?feature=watch)

05-07-2012, 07:03 PM
Raw is War is next
Are You Ready?

05-07-2012, 07:23 PM
Location: San Diego, California

*Pyros for the show explode and the crowd burst into live with excitement*

JR: WWE Universe we welcome you to Monday night, Raw Is War! We are live from a sold out San Diego sports arena!

King: That’s right JR! With the Royal Rumble just around the corner we are almost on the road to Wrestlemania! This is the time of the year where everything in the WWE just gets that little bit better and what a show we have for you tonight!

JR: That’s right King! Just listen to our main event tonight we have John Cena, the Ultimate Warrior and the newly crowned Intercontinental champion Triple H vs. Bryan Danielson, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz! What a main event that is going to be!

King: That’s going to be huge! It’s not all though JR! we are also hoping to hear from former Hometown hero Mysterio on his actions over the last couple of weeks!

JR: We also have CM Punk vs. Sin cara it what should be a great match and we hear that Christian even with the slight concussion he received last week has asked to compete tonight and that’s up next!

***A ringing bell is heard and the Longhorn Music hits***

***A white limousine pulls out, the crowd is cheering wildly – An unmistakable ‘JBL’ is written on the car number plate. It pulls to a halt and the driver steps out opening the door at the back, and out comes a hat followed by a brightly smiling John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield. He waves enthusiastically to the crowd. His smart attire as always has been adhered to. ***

***JBL begins to walk, continually waving and smiling at the crowd, he makes his way to the ring and enters. He stands mid-ring and waves to the crowd who are now euphoric. He leans over the ropes and is handed a microphone. The music cuts out, he places his hat back on his head , clears his throat and begins to speak.***

JBL: Well, thank you for your warm welcome.

***Small pop from the crowd.***

JBL: After quite some time away, it feels great to be back here in a WWE ring.
I am here to talk to you all about my position in this company. Many of you will remember me as the longest reigning champion in Smackdown! History…Of course, that was when Smackdown! Mattered.
You see, since I left the WWE I’ve become even richer, and even better, and It’s come to my attention that I had some unfinished business here in the WWE – And you know when I talk business, I mean business.
When I was sat at home, watching all of these sub-standard superstars fighting and whining over menial things, it became apparent that I needed to step in.
I’ve watched, for years, this company keep gradually spiralling out of control. The Superstars are bad, commentators are bad, the shows are bad, the officials are bad.

***He points to the crowd***

JBL: Even you suck. All of you.

***The crowd begins to turn sour at his remarks***

JBL: Don’t you boo me – I’m here to save your sanity. I don't need to prove anything to you, I don't need to pad out my CV. I am the greatest there ever was, and I am still the greatest today.

***You suck chants are echoing around the crowd***

JBL: I suck? Let me tell you something, you maggots are nothing to me. Your opinion means nothing, don’t boo me, boo these idiots in the back that don’t know how to show you how it’s done.
If I sucked, I wouldn’t have my own company. I am a self made millionaire. What is your legacy? You sit around all day and all night watching garbage on your TV’s, sponging off the welfare system because you are too lazy to do something with your lives. You hate me because you are jealous of who and what I am; Better than you.
It’s a bitter pill to swallow, I know. But somebody needs to tell you the truth. These idiots in the back want you to think you’re special. They want you to have hopes and dreams. Well maybe if you stayed awake and started doing some work you wouldn’t need dreams, you could become who you want to be.
But the problem runs deeper than that. Your parents raised you wrong. I became rich in the USA because I knew and learned how to reap what I sow, not like you who sit at home, absorbing through your television screens empty promises from empty shows and adverts. They want you to think you can be just like me, but the reality is you can’t.

***The crowd is furious at this point, heavy booing continues***

JBL: You see, I, John Layfield am better than you. You must accept it. You can never be as great as me. I am the best at everything I do. I have conquered everything I have ever done; but my wrestling career seems empty.
I am here to become the greatest WWE champion again; I am here to destroy any man who is stupid enough to get in my way.
In fact, I am so confident that I can defeat anybody backstage that I am issuing an open challenge. Tonight, I will come down to this ring and wait, any single superstar in the back can come out and I will make an example of them.
It doesn’t matter how much you boo me; the only reason you do is because you hate yourselves – Stop waiting around for the man to come and give you some of his money – It won’t happen. Do something with your lives or accept that you will continue to be dirt on my shoes until the day you die. When I die, I’ll have a shrine built for me – a statue of me will be erected in New York celebrating my greatness, whilst I look down on your $50 Tomb-stones in your trailer park.

There is a new era coming to the WWE, an era in which I will destroy every man, woman and child who dares to step in my way.

I am your worst nightmare, because If I can't buy it, I will take it. I have never been scared of failure, and I have never failed. What I say I do, and what I do, I do very...Very well.


***JBL throws the mic to the mat and begins to smile and wave again. His Longhorn music is drowned by a chorus of jeers. He steps out of the ring and walks back up to his limousine. He stands as his chauffer opens the door and waves one last time before climbing in***

King: AWESOME, it's a good thing JBL returned like he is supposed to and not play kissup to the fans

JR: I'm not surprised, if I'm honest

King: He's here to save us and this is how you repay him?

JR: Anyways, up next Bobby Roode leader of the selfish generation takes on Christian right here tonight after this commercial break


*commercial break*

05-07-2012, 07:39 PM


JR: Stop cheering for this man

Lilian: Introducing first, from Toronto Ontario Canada weighing in at 240 pounds Bobby Roooooooooooodeeeeee

King: This man is the greatest wrestler who ever lived, just look at him JR

JR: I see a lot of impefections like his egotistical personality

King: Of course, didn't you hear? He is the leader of the selfish generation

JR: I believe him too


JR: Now this is a real man, a real canadian not that phony Bobby Roode

King: Can we skip this?

Lilian: And introducing the challenger at 6ft 1 and weighing in at 212 pounds from Toronto Ontario Canada, Captain Charisma CHRISTIAN

*a loud pop is heard*

King: I hope this man learned that you don't get involved with other people's bussiness after what happened to him

JR: Of course you feel no pity

King: Christian was the one dumb enough to get inPunks face and it cost him a concussion, he is the stupid one


JR: Christian is going to the apron, going for a crossbody, Roode is laying down on the ground.

King: I don’t like what Christian is doing this is disrespectful to the greatest wrestler who ever lived

JR: What are you talking about they are just wrestling, anyways Christian set to go high risk but he don't look balanced King!

King: Your right JR! He's looks wobbly up there!

*Christian jumps from the top rope falling awkwardly and missing Roode smashing into the canvas!*

JR: Ohh My.. He's out cold King! he's not responding!

King: Roode puts his arm on top of Christian the ref is counting 1…2….3

JR: THIS IS BULLSHIT! Christian is out cold! We need some help down here!

*Medical staff rush down to give medical attention to Christian, The crowd are tense and filled with nerves after witnessing Christian feint during his match, the camera shows around the arena and shows kids crying as a chant of Christian breaks out!*

JR: Folks we are just hearing word that Christian was not passed fit for his match tonight.. He was indeed told to go back to the hotel and rest, but as we know Christian came out to wrestle and Im still in shock but for anyone that missed it.. Christian feinted and is now getting medical attention backstage.. I..I don’t know what to say King!

King: It’s just horrible JR! These men put there bodies on the line for us each and every time trying to put a show on for there fans and as we seen they are not super hero’s these are incredible men and athletes but they are not robots! After that attack last week from CM Punk, Christian should have taken the advice and gone back to his hotel room!

JR: We are hearing that Christian is not awake but he is breathing! We can now confirm that Christian has been taken to a nearby hospital and will receive the best help possible and from the bottom of our hearts we hope he gets better soon and makes a full recovery!

King: Yeah, also guys we also have to say those of you that were expecting to see Christian at the Royal Rumble we can’t confirm it.. But we can only imagine that match will now be cancelled and like JR said.. We just hope Christian is okay!

JR: WWE Universe, we know the show must go on.. We will keep you updated if we hear anything from Christian and his situation, if not you can check WWE.Com and we hope to have some information and an update on Christian right after this show!

*commercial break*

05-07-2012, 08:07 PM
*Cult of Personality blares over the PA system, as Punk comes out to a chorus of boos! Punk is just soaking it up, as he taunts the fans at the top of the stage. Punk makes his way down the ramp, and onto the apron. He climbs onto the turnbuckle from the outside, taunting the fans again, before hopping into the ring. Punk is handed a mic from the corner, as he stands at the center of the ring, with his music fading in the background.*

Punk: We are getting closer to the Rumble. That means two things. The first, is that there will be a winner of the Rumble match. The person will go on to main event at Wrestlemania. The winner has a chance to be a part of the showcase of the immortals. It is the chance to leave a mark in history, to change the game, to make people see you in a new light. Right now the WWE is filled with some talent, but when you compare them to one another, only 1 person stands out. It's not the new intercontinental champion, it's not the #30 entrant to the Rumble, it's not the doctor of thuganomics...no...it's the man who is the best WRESTLER in the world. History will be made at the Rumble, when I become the #1 contender to the WWE Championship, and when I destroy a man in the tables ladders and chairs match.

That's the second thing this rumble means. Christian is going to be gone. I don't mean he is going to be sidelined for a short bit, or written off of Raw..no, I am going to get rid of Christian. He was a pathetic excuse for a World Champion, and he is a disgrace as a talent on Raw. Christian made the mistake of asking for TLC, because that plays up my alley. Heck, if Christian had just let it be a wrestling match, he might have come back in no time...but no..he wanted to make it extreme. In that moment, he signed his own end. I'm not going to out wrestle Christian. I'm not going to out perform Christian. I am going to beat Christian. I am going to beat Christian within an inch of his life, and leave him hanging. Do you want to know why? Because I want him to see me win the Rumble, and then go on the win the WWE Championship. After our match, Christian will be lucky if he is allowed to drive. I will cripple him, using every means possible. This past week on Raw, he got a small sample of what is to come at the Royal Rumble when I con-chair-toed his ass! It's too bad he passed out, I was really hoping to see him get his ass beat. That is fine though...because at the Rumble..even if he passes out when we go at it, I won't stop. I won't let a referee interfere. I will take multiple chairs, I will wrap them around his neck, and his arms, and his legs, and do you want to know what I'll do then? I'll stomp on them, I'll elbow drop them, I will cause those chairs to snap, breaking his neck, his arms, his legs. It will be in that moment I will climb the ladder to retrieve the briefcase and declaring myself the winner. Guess what Christian...there won't be anything you can do to stop me, Mr 2 Pump Chump.

Now...Chrissy, I am sure you are somewhere recovering, but I want you to pay close attention. What happened to Zack Ryder, is going to happen to Sin Cara next. And at the Rumble, it is going to happen to you.

*Punk throws the mic down, as he pumps himself up for his opponent.*


Lilian: And his opponent, at a billed height of 5 ft 7, weighing in at 180 pounds from Mexico City, Mexico SIN CARA

King: This man shouldn't even be here, he is only here because Rey gave him a job, and he repays him with this betrayal?

JR: I don't even feel like talking to you anymore so let's just carry on with the match


King: Oh no Cara is done for, GTS 1.2..3

JR: Ladies and gentlemen this is just going to hurt Sin Cara’s momentum even more losing two matches in a row, he needs more concentration

King: Or he just needs to accept that he is a jobber unlike Mysterio, Mysterio is the greatest Mexican of all time

JR: Rey isn’t even Mexican he’s from San Diego

King: You’re calling Rey a liar? Come on JR

JR: Well anyways now we have Warrior backstage with the coachman, he wants to respond to Ziggler and then after that we
have Rey Mysterio vs Amazing Red!

*The Coach is backstage with the Ultimate Warrior- Warrior looks really rip tonight- his veins look like they are going to explode*

Coach: So Warrior, Dolph Ziggler poked fun at you last week- he thinks you are delusional, he knows...

*Warrior snatches the mic from out of Coach's hands and pushes him away*

Warrior: Coach, go check on my spaceship, I have it parked on top of the arena- feel free to enter it as I brought you something back from my trip to Uranus- it is in a vial near my copy of World & Peace.

Coach: Your anus? The Coach don't play that way.

Warrior: *Growl* I said go! Now, unless you want me to show you the power of of my Warrior Sword.

Coach: What sword?

Warrior: You want me to take it out? The power of it will blow you away.

Coach: I think I may just go check on the spaceship* Coach starts to walk away*

Warrior: I summon you back Coach- take the keys, you will need them* Warrior reaches in his tights and hands the keys to Coach, who reluctantly takes them- then gags* Now GO!

Warrior: Now Dolph, you are but a mere speck in this world- nothing you say about me is true. The only truth is me- and what comes out of my mouth- my Warrior mouth. My WARRIOR MOUTH! For I am the Ultimate WARRIOR! Warrior above all Warriors. When I visited Uranus, my Warrior Gods met me there- they showed me the truth- they revealed the future. They revealed me with the WWE World Title around my Warrior waist, MY WARRIOR WAIST! While I was also on Uranus, the Warrior Gods revealed you would try to grasp hold of my warrior juices. You see these veins popping out*Warrior points to his bulging veins* My body can barely contain the Warrior juices ruining through my veins. You best not try to steel any- your body would reject it, you would explode from the outside in, and..

*The Coach runs back in the room*

Coach: There is nothing on the roof Warrior

Warrior: Thats because I made it invisible now- it only reveals itself to a Warriors eyes

Coach: Alright, then why send me to look for it? *Coach just shakes his head* Back to what I asked you before you made me leave. What do you have to say about Dolph?

Warrior: Well Coach- I will address Dolph, Dolph you are but a mere speck in this world- nothing you say about me is true. The only truth is me- and what comes out of my mouth- my Warrior mouth. My WARRIOR MOUTH! For I am the Ultimate WARRIOR! Warrior above all Warriors. When I visited Uranus, my Warrior Gods met me there- they showed me the truth- they revealed the future. They revealed me with the WWE World Title around my Warrior waist, MY WARRIOR WAIST! While I was also on Uranus, the Warrior Gods revealed you would try to grasp hold of my warrior juices. You see these veins popping out*Warrior points to his bulging veins* My body can barely contain the Warrior juices ruining through my veins.

Cameraman: Wait, Coach, he already said the same thing while you were looking for Warriors, ha ha, spaceship

Coach: Are you on crack Warrior?

Warrior: No drugs in this Warrior body. None!

Coach: Yeah right, so do you have anything else to say about Dolph?

Warrior: Yes, Dolph, bring Vicky along to the Royal Rumble- when I beat you- and become WWE World Champion- you both shall see the my huge celebration that I talked about last week- I shall have that live sex celebration with the beamed down hologram of one Mrs Warrior

Coach: A hologram? Thats not live. You're just going to, you know, to a video?

Warrior: No, let me explain how it will work. First I will...

Coach: Waitttt!, I really do not want to know. I do have one more thing to mention. You will be taking part in six man tag team match in the main even. You're thoughts on that?

Warrior: I could win the match all by myself- with this one finger. But I shall work with my partners, they shall learn from a great Warrior such as myself. I shall also share some of my Warrior juices with them- only a taste as too much will kill them*Growl* Warrior Out!

*The Ultimate Warrior walks out the room*

*commercial break*

05-07-2012, 08:22 PM

Lilian: His opponent weighing in at 150 pounds from Brooklyn, New York Amaziiiing REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED

JR: I hope Red shuts up Mysterio's mouth right here right now

King: Uh huh

JR: HEY KING, stay concentrated

King: Sorry I was looking at Lilian


*Mysterio is standing in the middle of the ring after his match with Amazing Red looking around at the crowd.. Handful of the fans are cheering for the hometown man while most are booing there former hero for his actions recently! An emotional Rey composes himself and gets ready to speak!*


*crowd boos louder*

Rey: I am a 5x WCW cruiserweight champion, 4x WWE tag team champion, a 2x World heavyweight champion and a former WWE champion but it wasn’t enough was it?.

*Mysterio again looks around at the crowd very emotional, the crowd are confused by where Rey is going with this and are stunned into silence!*

Rey: Hey, Mistico is going to pay for betraying me, because at the Royal Rumble he is going to be getting the beating of his life. He wanted to jump the border for success, well now you get to go back to Mexico, where you belong in the indies.

JR: Folks a clearly very emotional Rey Mysterio here tonight!

King: Where is he going with this JR?!

Rey: From my time in ECW, WCW and the WWE! All the matches I have had.. All the injury’s I have sustained trying to give you people the best show possible and it wasn’t enough was it?.

*Rey again stops and looks around at the crowd, a section of the fans are now chanting for Rey!*

Rey: I used to think I was something in this company.. I thought that after everything I did.. All the risks and sacrifices I have been through I would be cemented in the history of wrestling and loved and respected by you fans! But Im not am I?.

King: Finally Rey see’s that these fans don’t care about anyone as long as they get there money’s worth out of the show!

Rey: You all look confused and shocked by what I’m saying.. Let me remind you and take you back a couple of months! WWE have signed a huge Mexican star, They have signed someone who will be the future of this company in a couple of years.. They give him a great build up and the man some of us know as Mistico is now Sin Cara the new WWE star! I was one of the first men to say well done kid.. You have made it! I keep doing my thing and trying to give you the best show possible when I start to realise… the same kids that were wearing my Mask’s are now wearing the masks of Sin Cara! The moves I made famous are now being replaced with moves from this new luchador! The people that cheered me and loved me.. Have found someone else to cheer and love!

JR: This sounds like jealously King!

King: I think Rey has a point.. These fans are never happy! Always looking for something new to talk about and hype up!

Rey: Then I hear the word going around the street.. When will Mysterio retire? He’s had too many injurys! He’s past it now! Hopefully he gives us one match with Sin Cara before he leaves! And all this from the fans that said they supported me?. All the years and the pain I have put myself through to be lost as soon as a Rey Mysterio wannabe walks through the door! Well Im done with all you people! From now on.. The master of the 619 is in for himself! So I hope you are all happy.. I hope your new hero was worth it! Because at the Royal Rumble.. I stop the Sin Cara hype once and for all!

*Mysterio drops the mic and makes his way up the ramp! Once again only a handful of fans are cheering for the former hometown hero!*

JR: That was intense! I don’t think I have ever seen Rey like that.. I ask though, what has Sin Cara done wrong?

King: He’s a Mysterio wannabe JR! he needs to realise that jumping off a trampoline into the ring will never make him better then Rey!

JR: I don’t think he’s trying to be better then Rey! I would even go as far to say he looks up to him! Im shocked by Mysterio’s actions King!

JR: I really don’t like this new Mysterio King.. All this hate and anger because a new kid has arrived on the block!

King: I don’t blame Rey, This Sin Cara was billed as something special and what’s he done JR? Nothing.. He will never be as good as Rey Mysterio!

JR: Well I ask you King.. In that case, what’s he done wrong? Rey attacked Sin Cara simply because he had the limelight stole from him, we are in the hometown of the legendary Mysterio and instead of getting cheered and treated like a hero he has been boo’ed and jeered because of his actions!

King: Well I like this Rey, He has spent too much of his time trying to please these fans and now he’s in it for himself!

JR: Folks I am sorry to interrupt the show.. But I am just receiving word that the big red machine Kane is causing mayhem backstage and were trying to get a camera there now!

King: I don’t like this new Kane JR! He’s scary!

JR: Demented is what he is King.. His actions last week was a disgrace and now he’s causing havoc backstage!

*A cameraman has caught up with Kane backstage! The big Red machine is shown walking down the hall throwing anything in his way.. Two members of security are able to catch up with Kane and try to calm him down!*

King: The security have arrived JR! Thank god for that!

*Kane has no attention of calming down and continues to carry on walking down the hall when one of the security grabs the arm of Kane, Kane stares right and the man as the man lets go off his arm.. Kane then strikes the man with a punch to the face knocking him down!

JR: What are you doing Kane! Somebody has got to stop this man!

*As Kane knocks down the first man the second security guard charges at Kane only for the big red monster to gram him by the throat! Kane drags the man by the throat to a nearby table!

JR: Oh My! Kane! Come on Kane, there is no need for this!

*Kane stares at the man for a few seconds feeding off the fear and then delivers a huge choke slam threw the table!

JR: My god! Kane is uncontrollable King!

King: This is getting way out of hand!

*Kane then walks back over to the first man and strikes him again knocking him to the floor once more! He then picks him back up and carry’s him on his shoulder!*

JR: Where is Kane taking him?

*Kane reaches the end of the hallway and there is a locked door in front of him.. Kane begins to laugh!*

King: I don’t like this JR!

JR: What is Kane planning!

*Kane steps back a few steps and then with the guy still on his shoulder runs straight at the locked doors, using the man as a human javelin!*

JR: He just smashed a security guard right through that locked door!

*Kane starts to laugh for a few seconds before turning round and noticing the cameraman that’s been following him.. The cameraman drops the camera and footsteps can be heard where the man has run away!

JR: The live feed has been lost folks and I’m pretty glad about that.. Kane is scary folks and who knows just how much damage this man will do! He want’s a challenge and that’s fine.. But why take it out on people who are trying to make a living and support there family’s!

King: I don’t know JR! Kane is back there’s no doubting that.. But will anyone stop this monster? Can anyone stop this monster?

JR: Well folks we have to move on with the show but we sure hope we can get hold of Kane and calm him down or maybe get him out of the building but right now it’s time for the return match of JBL after his commercial break!

*commercial break*

05-07-2012, 08:36 PM
*Once again the ringing bell can he heard and the longhorn music is played out around the arena as the crowd this time boo JBL!*


King: Just look at these fans JR! at the start of the show they were cheering for this man.. He tells a few home truths and suddenly they start to boo him!

JR: He told the fans that were cheering for him that they sucked King.. How do you expect them to respond!

King: Well I think it’s a disgrace that they would boo such a man! He’s a wrestling god JR! He deserves more respect then he’s getting right now!

*King gets up from his seat and starts to clap JBL as he makes his way down to the ring!*

JR: What are you doing King! Will you sit down..

*King sits down and stops clapping after JBL reaches the ring and starts to warm up!*

JR: Well here we go folks! This is an open challenge and the way things have been going around here literally anyone could turn up!

*After a minute of excitement and curiosity from the crowd music is played out around the arena and a man steps out from behind the curtain on to the stage!*





JR: Wait a sec King this is Gillberg

King: *King laughs* Is this a joke?!

JR: This is not going to end well folks but it seems Gillberg has returned!

*The crowd give a big pop followed by laughter!*

King: This is a disgrace! First these morons boo a wrestling god and then Gillberg is the challenger? I hope JBL teaches him a lesson!

JR: Well judging by the look on JBL’s face he does not look impressed and I would say he’s about ready to take his anger out on Gillberg!

*Gillberg reaches and enters the ring, still receiving a good ovation from the crowd he starts to taunt JBL only to receive a huge big boot to the face before the bell is even rung!*

JR: Oh my god what a big boot! He almost knocked Gillberg out of his boots!

King: *King laughs* take that you idiot!

*The bell rings and JBL starts to stomp on Gillberg, boots to the face and body before picking him up and throwing him into the turnbuckle!*

JR: Big Irish whip from JBL there King!

*JBL springs himself from the opposite corner and charges at Gillberg with a clothesline!*

King: That had to hurt! *King laughs*

*JBL picks back up Gillberg and delivers 3 big scoop slams in a row!*

King: Do it again!

JR: How can you be enjoying this King! Gillberg is getting beat like a government mule!

King: That’s why Im enjoying it JR!

*JBL once again picks up Gillberg this time delivering a huge spine buster to the mat!*

JR: His head just smashed onto the canvas folks and there will be some idiot watching this saying “ yeah.. But he knows how to fall” give me a break!

*JBL steps away from a motionless Gillberg and signals for him to stand up!*

JR: What’s he planning here?

*After a little while Gillberg reaches his feet only to be hit with a huge Clothesline from hell which almost turns him inside out!*

JR: Good god almighty! Pin him JBL! Just end this beaten now!

King: He’s going to do it again!

*JBL picks back up Gillberg helping him to his feet only to come of the ropes and nail him again with the Clothesline from hell once more!*

King: I told you Ross!

JR: He’s not just trying to hurt the man, He’s out to end his career! This match should have been stopped!

*JBL finally pins Gillberg 1..2..3, the crowd explode with boo’s after witnessing a demolition!*

JR: Thank god that’s over! We need some medical attention for this man!

King: Gillberg needed medical attention long before this match JR! Did he really think he could beat a wrestling god?!

*JBL celebrates in the ring as once again his music plays, the crowd continue to boo heavily as medical help arrives to check on a lifeless Gillberg!*

JR: Well JBL is back folks and there’s no doubting he’s going to be a serious player once again here on Raw!

King: He’s going to be my pick for the Rumble!

*The lights suddenly go out in the arena and for a moment there is a moment of panic. Then the titantron flashes to life with a message reading simply*


*Then, a highlight reel showing clips of several entertainment outlets plays*

A few clips of bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeath are shown.
A few clips of a tv game show flicks by.
Clips from past WWE events are shown.

*Then the message*

"All entertainment.....
All conquered."

*commercial break*

05-07-2012, 08:58 PM
King: Who do you think is behind these Vignettes JR?

JR: It could be anyone King, I have had messages sent from the WWE Universe saying it’s Sting, Stone Cold and Gangrel! One person said it was the shock master but I think he was joking!

King: *King laughs* It could be anyone! We have had Cryptic promo’s play each week ever since the first Re-brand show of Raw Is War! I think it’s Mordecai !

JR: I guess we will have to just wait and see…

*Before JR can finish what he was going to say a pyro explodes and Kane’s music plays!*


JR: Here we go again King!

King: What’s he doing out here! Didn’t he cause enough problems earlier!

*Kane makes his way down the ramp to a chorus of Boo’s from the audience! He has a mic in hand and steps over the ropes and in to the ring ready to speak!*


Kane: Last week! *Kane laughs* last week I showed the WWE Universe exactly what I was capable off when I set an innocent man on fire! I warned you all that if someone did not step out from the shadows and give me the challenge I desire then I would entertain myself by causing pain and hurt to others and feeding off there fear!

JR: He’s sick King.. This is a man that enjoys doing these things!

Kane: Yet this week I arrive to find out that once again no one has accepted the challenge and instead has gone into hiding, scared of what the devils favourite son is capable off! *Kane again laughs* Now someone has to pay the price for others act of cowardly behaviour!

*Kane looks around the arena at the fans and there is a real sense of fear in the air , scared of what Kane is capable of doing next*

JR: What is Kane planning now?

*Kane points at a young boy in the crowd as the boy clings to his mother in fear!*

JR: no, not again Kane.. That’s a young boy for christ sake!

*Before Kane can do anything else a voice is heard over the speakers*

??: Kane! Kane! I have found what you are seeking!

*Kane turns his attention from the young boy and at the stage where the voice can he heard*

JR: Who’s behind the voice!

King: What’s with all the mystery and secrets around here lately!

*The camera is focused onto the stage and out from behind the curtain steps out Paul Bearer!*

King: Paul Bearer? I thought he was dead!

*Kane looks in shock to see his father on top of the stage as Bearer starts to speak once more*

PB: Kane! My son! I have found the challenge you have been seeking.. The challenge you need!

*Kane looks in shock, he had expected no one to challenge him or for his father to show up!*

PB: At the Royal Rumble Kane he will be there and ready to accept the challenge! I hope I have done my son proud and found someone worthy of accepting your challenge!

*Paul Bearer returns back behind the curtain as the camera is focused back onto a shocked Kane, Kane drops the mic and heads out of the ring back to the stage and behind the curtain!*

JR: Well considering Kane wanted the challenge folks he didn’t seem to happy did he?

King: I wonder who’s the challenger JR! Maybe it’s Mordecai!

JR: Who knows King.. Up next.. Our main event!


Lilian: The following match up is a six man tag set for one fall, introducing first from Cleveland, Ohio weighing in at 220 pounds The MIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZ

JR: The Miz ladies and gentleman! The man who came up short last week and perhaps helped his own downfall when he wasted precious time after failing to cover Triple H after he hit the skull crushing finale!

King: Yeah I have to agree JR! The Miz had one hand on the title and instead of going for the pin he chose to celebrate and gloat.. I’m confident though if Miz got another chance he would not make the same mistake again!

JR: Well it looks like he has something to say King!

*The Miz makes his way down to the ring with a Mic in hand and begins to speak!*

Miz: Congratulations Hunter! Well done! You won, yet all the talk is still about me! All the talk is about How I didn’t pin you quick enough giving you a chance to recover! How does it feel knowing you only won because I let you… I had you beat Triple H!

*The crowd quickly begin to boo the Miz’s every word and chants for the new Intercontinental champion Triple H break out!*

Miz: I should be standing here the new Intercontinental champion! You know it.. I know it and all these idiot’s know it! Triple H, how does it feel knowing that you just about scraped a win against a man who is lacking in experience.. How does it feel knowing that the great Triple H! the cerebral assassin! The King of Kings no longer has the talent to beat a man and clearly be the deserved winner! You have lost it Triple H, last week was a clear sign that you are no longer the man you once was!

JR: He’s just trying to get in Triple H’s mind King, The Miz lost last week it’s as simple as that folks!

King: I don’t know JR! The Miz might have a point!

Miz: You want the chance to prove me wrong Hunter? Then give me a re-match at the Royal Rumble and prove you are the better man, Prove that you can still get the job done just like you always could before! Prove that you are not just another washed up star from the Attitude era! I am challenging you to a match at the Royal Rumble Triple H! If you truly are the better man then you will have nothing to lose will you!

*Miz drops the mic as the crowd once again boo, the rest of his team mates for tonight begin to make there way down to the ring!*


Lilian: His partner from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 213 pounds DOLPH ZIGGGLEEERRRR


Lilian: Introducing their partner DANIEELL BRYYAAN


Lilian: Thier opponent from Boston, Massachusetts weihing in at 251 punds JOOOHN CEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAA


Lilian: His partner, from Greenwich, Connecticut weighing in at 255 pounds, he is the game TRIPLLLLLEEEEEE H



*Stop 2:34*

JR: Cena tags in Triple H, he is feeling it beating down Ziggler, Miz gets in the way and hits Triple H


JR: Bryan Lebbel Lock on Cena……..HE’S TAPPING and Bryan lets go

King: Warrior, HE HIT IT



JR: What a scumbag that person is

King: There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of something JR, you need to learn that

JR: Whatever but I for one am not please with this, in fact let’s just end this here before it gets any worse

King: Wait, Triple H is about to talk

05-07-2012, 08:58 PM
Triple H: Miz, Miz, Miz... I gotta give you one thing kid, you are either brave or too stupid to be calling me out, The Game, The Cerebral Assassin. Miz, you don't have the balls to survive against me.

I proved it to you last week when I pinned you 1-2-3... I pedigreed your ass not once, but twice. I humiliated you in front of the whole world. I disgraced you in front of your own family Miz and yet you want some more?

Miz, maybe they should bring back the European Title just for you. Miz, you need to get one thing straight, you're sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. I am the Intercontinental Champion and I don't plan on letting this go, especially to a two bit punk like you Miz.... and I'm not stopping there because I have my sights set on the WWE Championship. I don't care if I have to go through Cena, Punk, The Dead Man, Warrior or Little Ziggie, I will destroy all who get in my way.

Miz be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. You said you not only wanted to play the game, but that you wanted to beat the game. Even that goal is too far fetched for you Miz and last week I proved it, The Game outplayed you Mr. Reality TV Star. If you want me to kick your ass at the Royal Rumble, I have no problem doing that Miz, that's what I do best. I will never back down from a fight, but I guarantee you Miz, I will give you the worst beating you will ever experience in your life. You think what I've done to Taker or Shawn Michaels is bad, wait until you experience what I can do to you. And when all the dust has settled Miz... when you have wiped the blood away from your face... you will come crawling to me and bow down before me, the king of kings.

JR: Strong words from the Intercontinental champion here tonight and I think a new match has just been added to what is going to be a fantastic PPV.. folks we hope you join us at the Royal Rumble! thank you and good night!

05-14-2012, 07:34 PM
The Royal Rumble is UP NEXT, after I eat actualy :p

05-14-2012, 09:23 PM
PPVs from now on will have arena effects in theme songs

05-14-2012, 09:40 PM
The Road To Wrestlemania starts HERE and NOW

05-14-2012, 09:52 PM
The Royal Rumble!
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

*The pyro’s explode into live and the crowd roar with excitement and anticipation for the Royal Rumble as the camera goes around the arena showing the fans in attendance!*

JR: WWE Universe we would like to thank you for joining us here tonight and allowing us into your homes all over the world and we welcome you to the Royal Rumble! I’m JR, Jim Ross and alongside me, my broadcast partner fellow Hall of famer.. Jerry “ the king “ lawlor!

King: Thanks Partner! Im so excited JR! the Royal Rumble is finally here and we are officially on the road to Wrestlemania!

JR: That’s right King! We are live from St. Louis, Missouri at the Scottrade Center and we are pleased to say it’s a complete sell out and what about these fans tonight King!

King: Ohh man, these fans are buzzing with excitement tonight and who can blame them Ross! The card is stacked and it’s the Royal Rumble!!

JR: * JR laughs* seems like these fans are not the only ones excited! We have some great matches for you tonight folks, A new WWE champion will be crowned when Dolph Ziggler takes on The Ultimate Warrior.. We also have Bryan Danielson vs. John Cena and also we hope to give you an update on the situation with the Punk vs. Christian match that was scheduled tonight!

King: Such A good line up we have tonight and we are going to start it all with out first match of the night.. Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio!



King: What is wrong with the crowd, why are they booing?

*Bell rings*

Lilian: Introducing first standing at 5 ft 6, weighing in 175 punds, he is the biggest little man REY MYSTERRIOOOOO

JR: The crowd certainly hate this man, ladies and gentlemen our first match of the evening is Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara in battle for glory.

King: Both men are very talented wrestlers but only one can be the winner


JR: Here comes Sin Cara

Lilian: His opponent weighing in 180 pounds, the international sensation SIN CARA



*stop at 7:11*

JR: OH MY GAWD, how did Mysterio kick out of that one?

King: I have told you for weeks and weeks JR, Rey Mysterio is the best highflyer in Mexican history so I’m not very surprised at this

JR: Well, we’re gonna have to see how Sin Cara can pull this off, he has been on a losing streak since Rey left him

King: Sin Cara, what is he thinking right now?

JR: I don’t know but he’s running to the corner….CORKSCREW SENTON followed by a cover 1..2…..NO

King: Look at the face of Sin Cara

JR: That’s impossible you idiot he has a mask on, anyways he is setting Mysterio up for something here…….Hurricarana out of nowhere

King: See if Cara would have gone for the cover he would have won by now.

JR: Sin Cara is going for his signature submission move La Mistica, but no Mysterio throws him out of the way and Sin Cara is on the ropes, Mysterio could go for a 619 here and it all.

King: Look at Mysterio he’s running……………… €¦619 CONNECTED

JR: Now for that springboard splash Mysterio goes for after his 619….

*Sin Cara gets up and nails a hurricarana into the ropes*





JR: An outstanding performance by Sin Cara and a great effort by Rey Mysterio unfortunately it didn’t pay off.

King: Well you know what is going to pay off?

JR: What are you talking about King?

King: The Royal Rumble, 30 competitors facing off for a spot at glory at Wrestlemania.

JR: That is certainly going to pay off, first off let’s watch a video package of Royal Rumble stats


05-14-2012, 10:09 PM
King: Well, after that we have to return to the action in the ring this is going to be a brutal matchup

JR: Imagine who would beman enoigh to fight against Kane?

King: I don't know but we're about to find out


*bell rings*

Lilian: The following is set for one fall, introducing first from parts unknown weighing 323 pounds KANE

JR: Well here we go King.. Kane has been causing nothing but Havoc and Chaos on Raw these last couple of weeks and has had no action taken against him! He claims he wanted a challenge.. I just hope he gets his wish tonight and someone can teach this out of control man a lesson!

King: What was that about being unbiased? I have to agree though Ross, Kane is scary.. His actions have been very disturbing and just think.. If he beats who ever he is facing tonight what will he do next on Raw?

JR: I shudder to think!


*Kane makes his way down to ring with the vast majority booing the big red machine! Kane is waiting in the ring with a mic in his hand*

Kane: Well! Come on father… You said you had a challenge for me? Bring him out! Let him stare into the eyes of a monster and sense the fear around this arena, then we will see if he is ready to step in the ring with me!

*Kane stops speaking and stares at the stage, the crowd do the same and there is a real buzz and excitement flowing around the arena waiting to see who the challenger is! *

King: is it Mordecai Ross?

*JR looks at King with a confused expression on his face*

JR: Why are you asking me? How would I know who the challenger is..

*After a minute or so there is still no sign of anyone appearing from the behind the curtain!*

Kane: You see! People are scared of me * Kane laughs* He must have sensed the fear around this whole arena and ran away for his life.. Just like all of you do! You all run away and hide from your fears!

*Kane is cut off by the lights going out!*

King: The Undertaker? Who is it?

JR: I have a feeling we are about to find out!

*The lights come back on and a monster of a man is standing on top of stage staring right at Kane as the crowd give a huge pop!*



JR: That’s Abyss! It’s the monster Abyss! Oh my god!

King: Who? Look at him.. He’s a monster! Kane may have just found someone more scarier then him!

JR: He’s a former TNA employee! This man is Scary King! I have heard plenty of stories of the damage that this man is capable of doing! Look at Kane’s face! He’s more shocked then anyone is this building!

King: *King laughs* Kane was not ready for this!

*Kane and Abyss continue to stare right though each other as Abyss makes his way down to the ring!*

JR: This could be the clash of the titans right here folks! Just listen to these fans.. They can’t wait for this match to explode into life!


stop at 4:17

JR: OH MY GOD! Kane just nailed Abyss in the face with the ladder! This match has been brutal so far folks!

King: Im not even sure this match was meant to be a no DQ! Then again.. Im not even sure this match was planned full stop!

*Kane throws the ladder out of the ring onto Abyss and takes a breather trying to catch his breath after the damage both me have done to each other!*

JR: I can assure you those ladders hurt guys.. Anyone thinking otherwise is crazy! This match has been a fight King.. An old fashioned fight to find out which man is the better!

King: Where does it stop though Ross! These man have beat the hell out of each other so far and just look at Kane, he has more planned!

*Kane looks around to see where Abyss has gone, He gets out of the ring looking for Abyss when out comes the monster from underneath the ring with a Kendo stick in hand and smashes it across the stomach of Kane and again across the big red machines back!*

JR: He just snapped that Kendo stick across the back of Kane!

King: What’s he getting now?

JR: He’s looking for something else underneath that ring!

*Abyss drags out a sack and then continues to beat down on Kane, before picking him and suplexing him onto the steel ramp way!*

JR: My god this has been brutal!

King: What’s in that bag?

*Abyss picks up the bag and throws it further up the ramp, near to the stage! He picks up Kane from the flood and begins to drag the deadweight up the ramp!*

JR: I have a bad feeling folks..

King: Abyss has something planned, this match about to get a whole lot worse!

*Both men are at the top of the stage, Abyss goes over to the far right and looks over the ledge where a few tables are set up were different electrical equipment is set up! He looks back at a staggering Kane and the crowd react with a big pop knowing what is to come next!*

JR: No! No! he can’t be thinking off…

King: He is! We have found someone more crazy and demented then Kane!

*Abyss clothesline’s Kane back down to the floor and once again picks up the bag, he carries it to the edge of the stage.. Unties the bag and drops pins and tacks all over the tables and electrical equipment below! *

JR: Tacks! This is crazy folks.. Both men are risking there life’s!

King: Well Kane wanted a challenge and he’s getting one right here!

*Abyss drags Kane over to the edge of the stage before helping him up and placing a hand across Kane’s throat getting ready for a choke slam! * crowd pop* Kane starts to fight back hitting Abyss with strong right hands!

JR: Kane with a right.. And another! Kane is fighting back!

*Abyss is able to duck underneath one of Kane’s strong right hand shots and gives a big right boot to the stomach.. Kane is right on the edge of the stage trying to keep his balance when Abyss takes a few yards back before charging at Kane with a huge spear!


*Huge pop from the crowd as an explosion goes off from the electrical equipment causing many of the fans to jump in fear!*

JR: There dead! They must be dead!

King: I cant believe what I have just witnessed! Both men are not moving… this is serious!

JR: We need some help down here! Please anyone.. I cant believe it! WE NEED SOME HELP DOWN HERE!

*Both men are lifeless as they both lay on the ground surrounded by broking electrical equipment and snapped tables.. A small fire has began to happen from one of the speakers! Medics , trainers and anyone close by rush out with fire extinguishers trying to help!*

JR: In all my years.. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like that happen and I hope I never have to again!

King: It was world war 3! I just hope both men are okay!

JR: Same here King, both men are yet to move folks! I’m afraid I fear the worst!

*An ambulance is able to get through the side of the stage and both men are carefully loaded and helped onto the vehicle!*

JR: I’m stunned folks! I really don’t know what to say..

King: Well were going to try and clean this mess up guys.. We will also try and get an update on both men as soon as we can, right now though.. Dolph Ziggler is with Josh Matthews!

05-14-2012, 10:22 PM
*The camera cuts back from the Kane vs. Abyss carnage and show’s Dolph Ziggler with Vickie at his side waiting to be interviewed by Josh Mathews*

JM: Dolph tonight is the Royal Rumble and you are potentially only a couple of hours away from winning the WWE title! Are you nervous? This will be the first time you have been in this position in your young career..

*Vickie grabs Josh’s hand and begins to speak*

VG: Excuse me!

*the crowd begin too boo!*

VG: I said excuse me! Nervous? Do you realise that you are talking to the most talented man in wrestling! My client has been waiting for this chance his whole life.. And tonight with me at his side he will become the new WWE champion!

*Ziggler begins to smile down the camera as the crowd continue too boo!*

DZ: Nervous? No I’m not nervous Josh.. Like my manager just said, this is my time.. My moment! Tonight is the beginning of a new era! The era of the showoff!

JM: Okay.. You must surly agree that the Warrior has the edge tonight though? He has a lot more experience and has been really impressive as of late!

*Ziggler looks annoyed by what Matthews has just said..*

DZ: Maybe it’s his Warrior sword.. Maybe it’s his spaceship or it could be all the juice he’s been taking from the Warrior gods in Uranus! *Ziggler laughs* the guy is a joke! He makes me ashamed to be in this company.. All that wont matter though, when that bell rings all the talking stops and I will do what I do week in.. week out and out perform my opponent! Look at me Josh.. Look at me!

*Mathews awkwardly looks at Ziggler*

DZ: I have the look of a champion! The charisma of a champion and the talent of a champion! Tonight I will become the champion.. It’s as simple as that.

*Ziggler and Vickie both leave the interview!*

JM: Well there you have it guys.. Back to you at ringside!



*bell rings*

Lilian: The following is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Intercontinental championship, introducing first from Cleveland, Ohio the awesome one THE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZ

JR: This man is way too cocky for my liking and I hope that Triple H smacks him right in the mouth

King: There is nothing wrong with confidence

JR: You say that about everybody!



JR: This is certainly outstanding, this is the biggest pop of the night


Lilian: Introducing his opponent from from Greenwich, Connecticut weighing in 255 pounds, he is the game and your Intercontinental champion TRIIPPLLLLLEEEEEEE H

JR: My god I can barely hear Lilian, you can clearly hear this is the road to wrestlemania, it has started and tonight we are going to find out if Triple H retains or if The Miz can defend his words


*Stop at 7:13*


JR: This match has been remarkable, the crowd has been remarkable, this is a classic for sure

King: I don’t normally agree with you but, THIS IS A SLOBBERKNOCKER

JR: Triple H is going for the pedigree onto the Miz, but Miz lifts up Triple H and sends him down to the ground

King: Now Miz is in control I believe

JR: What is Miz doing?


JR: Triple H got his hand up to that and we are still watching this incredible matchup that so far has stolen the show.

King: That’s debatable, what about Abyss vs Kane?

JR: The matches on the card have been AWEESOME as the Miz says





* The crowd are still chanting Triple H’s name after witnessing him retain his Intercontinental Championship!*

JR: What a night it’s been so far folks and we are only at the half way stage!

King: I still can’t get over that Kane and Abyss match! In all my years I have never witnessed something like I seen tonight!

JR: I agree King, That was an all out brawl.. Right now though folks we are glad to say we have had an update on Christians injury, but I’m afraid it’s not good news!

King: As you are all aware, Christian received multiple chair shots and was attacked by CM Punk a couple of weeks ago.. It resulted in Christian needing stiches and suffering from minor concussion, Christian on the following Raw was then told to take the night off and rest but instead decided to go against docters and managements orders and come out for his match to face Bobby Roode! Christian during the match would go to the top rope only to feint and fall to the floor allowing Roode to pick up the win!

JR: That’s right.. We can however tell you Christian is hear tonight but again.. As thing stands right now, Christian will not be competing tonight and we can only assume the match with CM Punk will now be called off or changed!

King: On behalf of the WWE, our apologies to anyone who tuned in tonight and bought the PPV expecting Christian to compete!

JR: I’m sure Christian is watching the show backstage now and I can only imagine his regret in not being able to fight tonight.. After the intense rivalry of the last couple of weeks I’m sure captain charisma would have loved to have got his hands on CM Punk! But I’m sure you will all agree that the safety of these athletes is something that the WWE strives to ensure and once again we can only say sorry for the disappointing news!

King: On a brighter note, We are moments away from watching Bryan Danielson make that Eminem wannabe tap out! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

05-14-2012, 11:28 PM

Lilian: The following matchup is scheduled for one fall, introdcuing first from Abeerden Washington Daniel Bryan

King: Here comes the man that’s going to make Cena tap out tonight!

JR: You seem very sure of that King, You would be a very brave man to right off John Cena! Like him or not.. Cena always performs to his best in a big match situation!

*Bryan reaches the ring and begins too speak!*

DB: Many of you are probably wondering why I am so happy, well I’ll tell you. Tonight I will start a new era for the WWE. First, I am going to put an end to John Cena’s career, and then I will go onto win the Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania. On Monday, I made John Cena tap out and that may not seem like anything extraordinary, but it is. That roided out wannabe likes to make himself out to be invincible, but I have exposed him to be the talentless little bitch that he really is. He now knows that at any given moment I can easily apply one of my numerous submission holds and make him tap out and give up. John’s little facade of “Your gay, I’m angry, Thug Life” was entertaining for about thirty seconds, but when faced with a real life wrestler, it is clear that he is way out of his league. After I am done ripping his shoulder out of the socket, he will have to face the harsh reality that he isn’t needed or wanted around here anymore. Hell, even management has figured this out. Why else would they be bringing in all this new talent? To give me better competition and give you fans a reason to watch. This is World Wrestling Entertainment, not some gimmicky cartoon show. This is where the best wrestlers in the world come to compete; there is no room for hacks like Cena. So if the albino Flavor Flav will drag his sorry ass out here, I can hurry up and beat him and get ready for my real match later tonight.

JR: Strong words from this talented young man folks, He seems just as sure as you are King that he will get the job done tonight!

King: So he should be Ross! Bryan Danielson is the most natural gifted performer in this business today! He knows more holds and locks then you have had BBQ’s! *King laughs*

JR: Very funny! Well I’m not going too predict a winner.. But I’m going to predict this will be a hell of a match and that Cena may just surprise you King with his technical ground work!


King: Here he comes! The docter of boreagnomics! * King laughs*


JR: You realise you are the only one that laughs at your jokes right?

King: Maybe so JR! But when Bryan shows Cena how to wrestle and makes him tap then I will have another reason to laugh!

*Both men have reached the ring and chants of lets go Cena can be heard around the arena as both men look around at the crowd before staring each other down!*

JR: Just listen too the fans King, the atmosphere in here is amazing and they can sense this match is going to be something special!

King: Come on Bryan!

Angle/Bryan vs. Cena

Start at 06:00 Stop at 21:30

JR: Cena’s got him up! He’s looking for the FU!

King: Fight out Bryan! Fight out!

*Cena has Bryan up ready for the FU, Bryan is fighting trying to get out as Cena try’s to get composed and keep his grip!*

King: Come on Bryan! You can do it!

*As Cena lifts up Bryan, Bryan struggles free and escapes!*

King: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

JR: Bryan got out.. Cena looking for a clothesline!

*Bryan Danielson ducks the Clothesline and reverses it bringing Cena down too the mat trying to lock in the Labell lock!*

JR: If he locks it in folks.. This could all be over!

King: Yes! Come on Bryan.. Lock it in!

*Cena try’s to escape from the grasps of Bryan, crawling and dragging himself across the ring, Bryan grips hold of Cena’s arm and manages to Lock in the Labell lock!

JR: It’s locked in! this could be all over for Cena!

King: He’s got him! Cena’s going to tap! I told you Ross!

*The crowd are on there feet expecting Cena too tap out! The pain on Cena’s face is clear for everyone to see as he tries to escape! *

JR: Cena is in real pain guys! It can only be a matter of time before he taps out!

King: Just tap out Cena!

*Bryan increases the tightness of the hold and the pain on Cena’s face increases once more!

JR: Cena’s fading folks! He could pass out right here!

*Cena’s eyes begin rolling, as he begins to fade, the Ref is asking Cena if he wants to give up with no response from Cena,*

JR: Cena’s out folks, John Cena is out!

King: Ring the bell ref! this match is over * King laughs*

*The ref rings for the bell and Bryan Danielson is declared the winner! The crowd begin too boo Bryan as he fails to release the hold! The ref is trying to pull Bryan off Cena but with no result!*

JR: Come on now Bryan! The match is over.. You won, let go for god’s sake!

King: Cena has deserved this!

JR: What are you talking about King! Release the hold Bryan!

*More referees come down from the back and force Bryan to release the hold! Bryan stands in the middle of the ring with a big smile on his face knowing the damage he has just caused, the crowd give the loudest boo of the night as Bryan makes his way up the ramp!*

King: I told you he was going to make Cena tap out!

JR: He didn’t make Cena tap out.. But he got the job done! What followed afterwards was totally un-called for though King!

*Cena is helped to the back by the referee’s as the crowd give a standing ovation! The camera then cuts to the back where JBL is waiting.. *

05-14-2012, 11:35 PM
The show cuts to backstage where Josh Matthews is standing by with JBL. JBL is wearing a suit and his Cowboy hat.

JM: "So JBL, we all saw your fantastic return to the WWE in your match against Gilberg - What are your plans going forward?"

JBL: "Yes, that's right, the WWE did see my 'fantastic' return to WWE last week, but you're only kidding yourself if you think that that was even close to me being at my best. What you saw last week was a mockery - what you saw last week was a man trying to fight a god. You see last week after the show, I realised something. I realised that there was one very simple route to the WWE Title. I realised that I didn't need to win against these awful competitors. I have nothing to prove to anyone here, because I am the greatest champion in WWE History. I don't need to prove anything to myself - I don't need to prove anything to the fans who sit their on their fat asses, eat Nachos and swig away at their Coke."

***Fans are heard booing in the background***

JM: "Well, JBL What are yo-"


***Jeers again from the crowd. Josh Matthews is looking intimidated, and JBL Smiles and stares him in the eyes, getting a little closer to his face***

JBL: "What am I going to do? It's simple what I'm going to do. I'm going to win the Royal Rumble.

When I came back, I made it clear what my objective was here - I was going to be the WWE Champion once again. That has not changed. It's my destiny to once again hold the title, and there isn't a damn person who's going to get in my way.

You see, it's easy to just destroy sub-par superstars all the time - I can do that with my eyes closed and I do that for fun. But winning the Royal Rumble...That's something I have not done.
This is one of the very few things I have not done in my career, and it's something I intend to do. Everybody was in with a chance of winning the Rumble...That is until I turned up.

To all of you maggots out there, you are looking at the past, the present and the future of the WWE; I will be taking what is rightfully mine and once I win that Royal Rumble, you peasants will line the streets singing hosanna as I drive on by, but you will be denied any acknowledgement from me, because I am better than you, I am better than everyone in this company, I am Richer than anyone in this company; I AM A WRESTLING GOD."

***Heavy booing from the fans continues as JBL Pushes Josh Matthews into the backdrop. JBL Walks off grinning as the screen fades out***

*The camera cuts back from the JBL interview to the commentary table*

King: There’s the winner of the Royal Rumble! That’s my pick, the wrestling god! John Bradshaw Layfield!

JR: You could be right King, Everyone on the roster will fancy there chances tonight as shown with the interviews we have had.. Who ever wins it will deserve it and there is no bigger or better feeling then winning the Rumble and headlining Wrestlemania and that’s the opportunity that one guy will win tonight!

King: Your right Ross! Who ever win’s it.. There career will never be the same ever again! It’s a chance to cement your name in the record books!

*Both men pause for a couple of seconds after receiving information from there headsets*

JR: Folks! I am pleased too announce.. We have just been giving word that Christian will be competing tonight! We can’t confirm weather he has been medically passed or if he’s begged for the chance too prove he’s fine, but we have just been told that Christian will be competing tonight!

King: Christian is risking his career though if he has not been passed fit JR! and against someone like CM Punk? He’s going too be like a shark in the water smelling blood!

JR: I agree, I really hope he’s been passed fit because as much as I was looking forward to seeing Captain Charisma, I don’t want this too be the last time we see him!

King: I feel the same way!

JR: Well guys.. The Royal Rumble is here, but around the corner is another PPV and the Elimination Chamber is the last chance saloon too headline Wrestlemania!


The Rumble comes back from a video preview for Elimination Chamber, and we see CM Punk standing backstage with Josh Matthews.

JM: Punk, we are just minutes away from your match with Captain Charisma, Christian. After what we saw on Raw, Christian has been cleared to wrestle tonight, but it doesn't seem like he is fit to. Do you feel the need to call off the match in hopes for his safety?

Punk: In hopes for his safety? What are you smoking Josh? Were you spending too much time with RVD or something? Come on! Mr 2 Pump Chump begged for it to be a TLC, he pleaded to face me. The moment the match was made official, he signed his own death warrant. I've wrestled through broken fingers, broken arms, injured legs, injured backs. Do you know why? Because I am the best damn wrestler not just here, but in the world. Christian only brought this upon himself. Had he not interfered when I was sending a message two weeks ago, he wouldn't be hurt. No Josh..I am not calling off this match. I am going to go out there, I am going to destroy Christian, I am going to steal the show with this match, and then I'm going to win and come to the back while I wait for the Rumble.

JM: Speaking of the Rumble, have you chosen your number yet?

Punk: No..I still have to do that..as a matter of fact, I was going to do that right before you stopped me.

Punk turns to leave, but Josh grabs his arm. Punk immmediately spins around, smacking Josh's hands away, as he grabs him by the throat, shoving him up against the wall.

Punk: You don't touch me. I am better than you in every way. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't do drugs. For all I know, you have done all three today, and knowing who you are Josh, you probably have herpes of the hand. Keep your filthy hands off of someone as pure as myself.

Punk releases his choke on Josh, as Josh seems unsettled.

JM: Any...cough cough...final thoughts on tonight?

Punk grabs the mic from Josh, pushing him off screen, as Punk turns his attention to the camera.

Punk: I'm about to go draw my number for the Rumble match. It doesn't matter though. I could have #1, #2, or #29. Tonight history is going to be made. For the first time in WWE history, 1 man is going to win a TLC match, and win the Royal Rumble all in one night. Tonight is the start of my journey. My journey to show the world that you don't have to do drugs, or smoke, or drink, to be cool. Hell, you don't even have to be liked to be cool. Tonight, I will win the Rumble, I will go on to Wrestlemania where I will main event, where I will reclaim my rightful championship that should have just been handed to me...and when it is all said and done, on the night of Wrestlemania, I will stand tall, holding that title over my head. You may not like me, you may not accept me...but when I am your champion...you will have to cheer me. Now how is that for some knowledge?

Punk throws the mic at Josh Matthews, before walking off. The camera's cut back to the ring.

05-15-2012, 12:42 AM

Lilian: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first from Chicago Illinois weighing 218 pounds CM PUNK

*crowd immediately boos as Lilian finishes*
*King stands up and looks at the fans*


*Somebody throws a beer can at his face*

JR: SIT DOWN, you’re making a fool of yourself

Lilian: and introducing his opponent


JR: Here is the man who wanted to compete and got his wish he will be taking on Cm Punk

*the song plays for 3 minutes and finally stops after no one comes out*

Lilian: Introducing his opponent


King: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Christian abandoned his fans, what an idiot

JR: Christian would never do that

*crowd starts booing*



*crowd chants HOLY SHIT*

JR: This is not going to be pretty for Cm Punk

*30 more seconds pass and the music stops*


http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYIT-kRAYf0AwqCnEsKs0tIBvXz6g7iuP3npc_MEUE4gYuHgDeunLnr vpQ



Lilian: His opponent weighing in 241 pounds from Toronto Ontario Canada THE RATED RRRRR SUPERTARRRRRRRR EDGGGGGGGEEEEEE

King: Even I have to say that was a tremendous entrance

*The fans go nuts as Edge’s music blasts through the speakers. They wait for a few seconds before popping loudly as he comes rushing out through the smoke in his wrestling tights. He rushes to the side of the stage and begins to get pumped up by the fans as they are going crazy. He grabs a microphone at the top of the stage.*

Edge: Damn it is good to be back!

*Fans pop loudly*

Edge: I know what you’re all thinking- what the hell is he doing here? Well it occurs to me some guy is running around acting like he owns this company- like he’s the best in the world. I’m talking, of course, about the man in the ring- CM Punk.

*Fans boo as Punk smirks and Edge shakes his head at the top of the ramp.*

Edge: Well, here’s the thing Punk. I got cleared and I worked my ass off to get back to the same Edge I used to be. Physically, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m ready to kick ass like only the Rated R superstar can!

*Fans pop loudly*

Edge: So, this is what I mean. Two weeks ago, you attacked Christian. My best friend of twenty-eight years. The guy I consider my brother. And you think that you can just get away with that? No. You aren’t getting away with anything!

*Fans pop loudly.*

Edge: So here’s the good news Punk. You’re not facing Christian tonight in a TLC Match.

*Fans boo loudly.*

Edge: But here’s the bad news. You’re facing me!

*Fans go nuts.*

Edge: You’re facing the Rated R Superstar, the Ultimate Opportunist, the most decorated superstar in WWE history! And the guy that’s gonna Spear you so hard, you’ll be coughing up your guts for the next week!

*Fans pop before chanting ‘Spear!’ ‘Spear!’ ‘Spear!’ over and over again.*

Edge: I’m gonna shut you up, not just for myself, not just for Christian- but for all of these fans and the entire WWE Universe! You’ve won one TLC match Punk. I’ve won FIVE! And tonight, it’s gonna be six!

*Edge drops the mic and runs down the ramp as the fans go insane.*

JR: This contest is about to get underway Cm Punk vs Edge it's up NEXT

*stop 9:45*


King: This match has been great Edge is back and better than ever, Edge is able to connect a few punches 1,2,3,4,5,6 AND A SPINNING HEEL KICK

JR: Edge irish whips Punk to the ropes but Punk stays on the ropes and hits a dving rolling elbow

King: Cm Punk is going up top

JR: Yeah but Edge is getting up

King: Punk for an axe handle



Crowd: 1.....2.......3 YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA

http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/slides/photos/001/815/075/EdgeWinstheRoyalRumble_display_image.jpg?132700968 0

JR: What an amzing match by these competitors

King: I think Edge and Christian cheated

JR: Tell me how they cheated King?

King: Well, Christian was supposed to compete not Edge and Punk was ready for Christian not Edge

JR: While you may have a point there Cm Punk gave an absolutely great match tonight

King: Of course he is the best wrestler in the world

JR: You could say one of the best, but let's not argue because we have a videoclip for you guys on the Royal Rumble stats

05-15-2012, 12:46 AM


Lilian: Ladies and gentlemen the following matchup is scheduled for one faill and it is for THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP

*crowd cheers*

*bell rings*

Lilian: Introducing first weighing in at 213 pounds from Los Angles, California DOLPH ZIGGLER

JR: This man is a cocky bastard and hopefully Ultimate Warrior hits him in the face and finishes him off

King: Calm down JR



Lilian: Introducinhg his opponent from parts unknown weighing 275 pounds ULTIMATE WARRIORRRRRRRR

JR: Soon Ultimate Warrior will shut up Dolph Zigller and smack the cockyness out of his face

King: That’s what you would hope

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpiuqZi-2Ds (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpiuqZi-2Ds)
*stop at 10:44*

King: Dolph Ziggler is going to win this, I have a feeling JR

JR: Unfortunately it just might happen, ladies and gentlemen the pre main event of the evening Dolph Ziggler vs Ultimate
Warrior for the WWE championship

King: Dolph Ziggler has the sleeper hold, he has it locked in Warrior is about to tap

*After 5 minutes the ref, goes to check on Warrior and raises the arm*


JR: This cannot happen





King: NO NO NO

JR: Repeated clothesline to Dolph by Warrior, Ziggler stays down, RUNNING SPLASH, FOLLOWED BY QA GORILLA PRESS DROP COVER



Lilian: Here is your winner and the NEW WWE CHAMPION ULTIMATE WARRIOR


JR: An emotional win for Ultimate Warrior

King: How is it possible that this lunatic won the greatest prize in WWE history?

JR: I don’t know but up next your main event of the evening, THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH, that matchup is up next but first we present to you a special video package


King: Wow that is all I can say

JR: Well, guess what that match is up next it's time for our main event of the evening here tonight in St Louis Missourri.

King: I can't wait to see entrances number 1 and 2, or number 27 the luckiest number and of course number 30

Lilian: The following matchup is the Royal RUMBLE MATCH

*crowd cheers*

05-18-2012, 11:18 PM
JR: Ladies and Gentleman we thank you again for joining us here tonight and allowing us in to your homes all over the world!

King: What a night it’s been Ross, and these fans have been amazing!

JR: Well folks the time has come… It’s the Royal Rumble up next!

King: I can’t wait.. Im still sticking with JBL!

*The crowd are hyped up and you can sense the excitement in the air as Michael Buffer stands in the ring ready too speak!*


JR: Well here we go folks, who’s going too be number 1

King: Please not JBL, Please not JBL!

*The lights go out around the arena and the crowd pop with excitement, Electric is shown flashing around the stage.. After a minute or so a vignette is played!*

*It shows a thunder and lightning storm in what appears to be Miami, A young boy is shown running through the streets while lightning is striking all around him.. As the video plays and the boy is running, it shows him getting older and changing.. From wearing American Football gear to a Hollywood suit, Eventually the lightning strijes the now fully grown man who is wearing wrestling gear and brings him to his knees, The man is shown looking up, You can see a building with the words Royal Rumble in lights and the Vignette stops!*

JR: Are we going to find out who was behind this promo tonight?

King: Who could it be.. I can’t wait!

*The lights around the arena are still all off, after another minute of the electric flashing around the stage and arena it stops.. And the music hits!*



JR: THE ROCK! IT’S THE ROCK! The Brahma Bull is here!

King: Just listen too these fans! Rocky is back!

*The Rock makes his way down the ramp and heading too the ring, The crowd are going crazy and chants of Rocky are ringing out around the arena!*

JR: Well the Rock is the number one entrant folks.. Who’s going to be number two!

King: I think I want to change my pick Ross, The Rock is back!

*Once again the lights go out around the arena!*

JR: Not again.. I don’t think my heart can take another surprise entrant!

King: It’s Mordecai! It must be him!

*The lights suddenly go out in the arena and for a moment there is a moment of panic. Then the titantron flashes to life as a message reading simply*


*Then, a highlight reel showing clips of several sporting champions is shown*

Muhammad Ali winning the World Heavyweight title in 1974 after beating George Foreman, Tiger Woods celebrating winning the Masters golf tournament for the first time in 1997,
John McEnroe celebrating winning the Wimbeldon Grand Slam event in 1981,
Carl Lewis winning a gold medal in the 100m at the LA Olympics in 1984,
Frank Mir winning the UFC Heavyweight title in 2004.

*Then the message*

"All champions.....
But none undisputed."

JR: We have been having these Cyrptic message’s ever since the relaunch of Raw Is War!

King: Well we found out who was behind the first Cyrptic vignettes! are we about to find out who is behind the second series of vignettes!

*The lights again go off for a few seconds before a pyro hit’s the stage and the music plays*



*Huge crowd pop*

JR: Is that.. It is, It’s Y2J! IT’S CHRIS JERICHO!


*Jericho starts making his way down too the ring as chants of Y2J can heard around the arena!

JR: I don’t think we ever had a Royal Rumble start like this folks! Too big returns from The Rock and Jericho to start this Rumble!

King: I agree! Number one and two.. Who would have thought it would have been Rock and YJ2!

*Both men are standing in the ring as the bell rings too start the Rumble! The crowd is split as chants of Y2J and Rocky can be heard! Both men are standing in the middle of the ring just starting at each other while looking out around the crowd!*

JR: Who is going too make the first move!

King: Just listen to the crowd! They are going crazy for these two superstars!

*Both men continue to stand in the ring just staring at each other.. The countdown starts and the 3rd entrant is about to enter!


JR: It can’t be! Razor Ramon? Scott Hall?

King: Scott Hall! *King laughs* what is going on

*From behind the curtain out steps Carlos Alberto Ramon & Alex Kidd as a small gathering of people chant HWA!*

JR: Wait that’s not Scott Hall! That’s just a look alike!

King: Who are these guys?

JR: I believe they work for HWA King! But what are they doing here!

*Ramon and Kidd enter the ring only to be received with chants of who are you? Rock and Jericho not standing side by side look at each other , nod there head.. And start to unleash on the HWA superstars! *

JR: Here we go!

King: Check those hard shots from The Rock and Jericho!

*Rock is giving huge right hand shots too Ramon in the corner as Jericho is hitting Kidd with everything he has.. YJ2 knocks down Kidd with a forearm smash and then nails him with the..*

JR: Codebreaker! Codebreaker! We haven’t seen that in a while

*And then throws him over the top rope! Rock swings Ramon off the ropes into a samoan drop and then lifts him up ready to deliver the..*

King: Rock Bottom! Man it’s good to say that again!

*Before throwing Ramon over the top rope!*

JR: Thanks for coming guys!

King: Did they count as one? So we are on our 4th now right?

*Huge pop from the crowd as Rocky and YJ2 throw out Kidd and Ramon.. Both men once again stare at each other as the crowd is again split chanting once again.. Rock is the first one to throw a right hand and Jericho reply’s with one of his own… both men are going back and forward!*

JR: A rather strange start to this Rumble folks but it has exploded into live now!

King: Both men are going back and forward, Giving everything they have!

*The countdown again starts as both men continue to slug it out in the middle of the ring*

JR: Well here’s number 4!

05-18-2012, 11:31 PM

JR: Amazing Red! It’s going to be a tough ask for a guy of this size to win it from number 4 but he does not lack the heart or desire!

King: He can have all the heart and desire he wants Ross, but what’s he.. 7 stone? He’s got no chance!

*Red enters the Rumble in excited fashion jumping over the ropes.. Rock and Jericho both stop slugging it out and turn there attention to Red, Red has a look of panic on his face.. Red runs and jump’s straight at Jericho only to be caught in the 2nd Codebreaker of the night! * crowd pop* Jericho then looks at the Rock and starts to smile! Rocky picks up Red and delivers the Rock Bottom * crowd pop* as both men stare off again!

JR: They are trying too out do each other folks!

King: Where’s Amazing Red’s heart and desire now huh? * King laughs*

*The Rock picks up Amazing Red and throws him over the top rope and then signals to Jericho that he has eliminated 2! *

King: Bye Bye Average Red! * King laughs* I think you are right though JR! They are trying too out do each other!

*Jericho annoyed with the Rock begins to strike with right hand shots knocking Rocky into the corner, Jericho continues to hammer Rock with shots.. He goes in the opposite corner and runs at the Rock looking for a monkey flip, the Rock catches Jericho with a huge.. *

JR: Spinebuster by The Rock! Did you see Y2J’s head crack on the canvas?

*The Rock then stands over Chris Jericho with his Trademark Eyebrow raised * pop from the crowd* he then lifts up Jericho from the mat and attempts to swing him over the ropes only for Jericho to come straight back through!*

King: He almost had him! That was close for Jericho!

*The countdown again starts as the crowd join in!*


http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQU-6QkioVZCvTbgmwHVUdb0mOMgPqrNaWxNWZNrBZvsGm25Su8cV5 oF8TC

JR: Ryder is the 5th man! Woo Woo Woo

King: Another one with no chance of winning!

*The Rock stands in wait for Ryder to enter the ring only to be blind sighted by Jericho who from behind kicks the rock with a low blow into a Codebreaker!*

King: So smart from Jericho!

*Ryder slides into the ring and ducks the incoming shot from Y2J.. Ryder then fires back with a few shots of his own causing Jericho too stumble back near the ropes! Ryder does his trademark woo fist pump * pop from the crowd * and then goes for clothesline!*

JR: Jericho ducks! Ryder has gone tumbling over the ropes on too the side of the ring!

King: What Y2J have planned now?

*Jericho springs off the turnbuckle and lands a big sidekick to the face of Ryder knocking him off the apron! Jericho with a smile on his face looks at the Rock and signals it’s now 2-2 on eliminations!*

JR: This is becoming a personal battle folks!

*Jericho starts too stomp on a groggy Rock and keep’s him grounded with shots across the back and head, He picks up Rocky and swings him hard into the corner.. Rock come back off from the force and straight into a snap mare suplex!

JR: Nice suplex there from Y2J! He may have the Rock right where he wants him here..

*Y2J then picks up the rock and signals to throw him over the ropes.. Jericho swings Rock only for him to reverse with a kick to the guy and a big.. *

JR: DDT! A big DDT from rocky!

King: I thought the Rock was going too be eliminated right there!

*Both men are down on the mat as the countdown again starts!*

JR: Here we go..

King: Who got the number 6!



King: It’s the showoff!

JR: It’s the one that got shown up!

King: Warrior got lucky! Ziggler after losing the chance too win the title could go ahead and win the right to be the number one contender tonight!

JR: He could King you’re right!

*Ziggler runs down too the ring with an intense and angry look on his face, He slides under the ring and delivers a big standing dropkick to the rock knocking him back down.. He then picks up Jericho and delivers another dropkick!*

King: Ziggler has started on fire!

*Dolph begins to beat down on both men trying to keep them grounded, As the Rock try’s to get too his feet he’s nailed from behind with the ZigZag! *crowd boo* Ziggler begins to strut around the ring before knocking down Y2J with an elbow to the face!*

JR: Ziggler has started really well! The anger of losing earlier is being channelled and at the moment he’s in control!

*Ziggler continues to stomp down on both men right up untill the countdown is once again started!*

King: Who’s next?

05-18-2012, 11:41 PM

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ82VQlLotUNU4ERCGpvoHQxympQOBJJ 8E4p_4yV2SWeXh_-1JvIKwNvolW

King: * King laughs* this guy again?.

JR: Anything can happen in the Rumble folks!

*Gillberg makes his way down in usual fashion while Ziggler continues to beat on Y2J and Rock, Ziggler notices Gillberg about to enter the Rumble.. As soon Gillberg enters the ring Ziggler clothesline’s him straight back out! * crowd laugh*

JR: I think that may be a new record folks! I think Gillberg just broke the record for the shortest time in the Rumble!

King: Thanks for coming Gillberg! Least you won’t get battered like you did against JBL again! * king laughs* Didn’t you pick Gillberg JR?

JR: No King.. No I didn’t.

*Ziggler begins to do press ups in the centre of the ring too the annoyance of the crowd! * crowd boo heavily* Ziggler again goes back too stomping on Rock and Jericho, He picks up the Rock and his a swinging neck breaker before taunting the crowd!*

JR: This is going to come back and bite Dolph in the you know what folks!

King: What? What is?

JR: His showing off..

King: He’s the showoff JR! were you expecting a magic trick instead?

JR: NO.. I was expecting him too be professional and try to win this Rumble!

*Ziggler picks up Jericho and places him in the corner.. He then runs at Y2J with a big splash before strutting away to a chorus of boo’s!*

King: This young stud has got these two legends where he wants them! You can’t say this guy didn’t deserve to win the title tonight!

JR: Ohh I can.. He’s a hell of a talent, we all know that.. He has the Rock and Jericho where he wants them but how many times as he tried to eliminate them?

King: Uhh..

JR: He has not tried once and that’s my point.. He can do his press ups and struts, hell he could even do a dance in there, but that will not win him the Rumble!

*The countdown starts once more and the crowd join in again!*


JR: Bobby Roode is at number 8 folks!

King: The leader of the selfish generation! He’s really come into his own this last couple of weeks JR!

JR: Selfish generation? He should have a great time with Ziggler then..

*Roode makes his way down too the ring and enters the Rumble to boo’s from the crowd, Roode looks at Ziggler and is pointing too the Rock and Y2J!

JR: Is he trying to make an alliance here?

King: What a smart move!

*Ziggler nods his head in agreement and both men start to stomp on Jericho who is lying in the corner of the turnbuckle! Roode starts too choke Jericho with his boot while Ziggler is booting the mid section, They both pick up Jericho and have him against the Turnbuckle trying to eliminate him!*

JR: This could be it for Jericho! It could be all over here!

*The crowd give a small pop as they notice The Rock getting too his feet, While Roode and Ziggler are trying to eliminate Jericho the Rock sneaks up and grabs Ziggler by his hair and swings him into the corner.. Ziggler springs back off only to receive a huge shoulder barge from the Rock! Ziggler gets back too his feet and gets another.. Roode notices The Rock and comes running at him only to be caught in the second Samoan drop of the night!*

JR: The Rock may have just saved Jericho from being eliminated!

* The Rock staggers too his feet and begins hitting Ziggler with strong right hands, knocking him towards the ropes each time.. Rocky spits on his hand goes for one final shot to knock Ziggler over the ropes when.. *

JR: Ziggler with the back body drop!

King: The Rock is ou-

JR: He’s hanging on.. He’s hanging on!

*Ziggler try’s too loosing up the grip Rock has on the ropes! Roode comes over and both men are trying to release Rocky’s grip!*

JR: Hang in there Rock!

King: How is he still hanging on!

*Jericho raises up from the corner * small crowd pop * and shouts out at Ziggler, Dolph Runs over with the clothesline only for Jericho too duck it and hit the Codebreaker! *

JR: Another Codebreaker!

*Roode then comes across after giving up trying to eliminate Rocky! Jericho gets back too his feet and trades blows with Roode!*

JR: Jericho may have now just saved the Rock.. Was he returning the favour?

*An exhausted Rock manages to slide back into the ring as Roode and Jericho fight it out and the countdown starts again!*

JR: We are at number 9 guys!



JR: It’s Sin Cara! He started the night off with a big win against Mysterio.. Could he win the Rumble also?

King: No cause he can’t!

*Sin Cara runs down the ramp to a pop from the crowd, Cara jumps on the ring apron and spring boards of the top rope catching Roode and Jericho with a double clothesline.. He then gets up and delivers a spinning heel kick too the Rock before picking up Ziggler and hitting a swinging DDT from springing off the second rope!*

King: Waite a minute.. He couldn’t could he?

JR: Well he’s started this match on fire king!

*Sin Cara picks back up Ziggler and drags him too the ring corner, Ziggler takes a few hard shots from Cara before he’s placed on the top rope.. *

JR: The Mexican sensation is looking to go top rope here folks!

King: Mysterio has even entered yet Ross!

*Sin Cara is looking for his finisher but does not notice Bobby Roode behind him.. Roode starts beating on the back of Cara before picking him up in an electric chair position!

JR: This is not going too be good for Sin Cara!

*Ziggler now stands at the top of the rope and Roode turns around with Cara’s back now facing Dolph when.. *

JR: OHHH MYY! Huge ZigZag from the top rope!

King: These guys are quite the team… the Selfish Showoff’s! Has a nice ring too it..

*All 5 men are down as the countdown once again starts!*

King: Number 10 already! It goes so quick but what a start it’s been JR!

JR: I agree… well here we go again guys, who’s number 10?.

05-18-2012, 11:54 PM

JR: It’s the Punjabi Nightmare, the Great Khali!!

King: We have not seen him in the WWE Universe for quite some time!

*Khali makes his way too the ring after a small pop from the crowd, Khali enters the ring to be attacked by Roode and Ziggler who are trying to take the big man down!*

JR: Like it or not folks, this is smart from Roode and Ziggler.. You don’t want too let a giant like the Great Khali take control of the match!

*Khali begins to fight back, hitting Ziggler and Roode with big head butts knocking them both down.. Jericho gets back too his feet only to be hit with a big boot! The Rock begins to stagger too his feet and starts to hit Khali with strong right hand shots before Khali hit’s the big chop!*

King: Khali is cleaning house!

JR: Wait… Sin Cara is on top rope!

*Sin Cara jumps off the top rope looking for a cross body!*

JR: Sin Cara with the cross body!

King: Khali caught him! Khali caught him!

*Khali catches Sin Cara and picks him up in a gorilla press before launching him over the top rope!*

JR: OHH My! Did you see the way Sin Cara hit the floor?

King: Yeah! It was amazing!

*Khali continues to clean house, knocking down everyone that try’s to stand up as the countdown starts again!*



JR: Brian Kendrick folks! Another high flyer is about to enter the Rumble!

*Kendrick runs down too the ring, jumps on the apron and spring boards of the ropes only to be hit with a mid air big chop from Khali!*

King: He got swatted like a fly! * king laughs*

*Khali picks back up Kendrick and throws him over the ropes too the floor*

JR: Khali is on a roll guys! Can anyone stop him?.

*Khali continues to beat down on everyone left in the Rumble before picking up Roode and trying too lift him over the ropes, Ziggler see’s the opportunity to slow down the giant and gets too his feet before running and jumping on too the back of Khali with the sleeper hold!*

JR: Sleeper hold! If Ziggler has this locked in there is no doubt this will slow down the Punjabi Nightmare!

*Ziggler has the sleeper hold locked in and Khali drops too one knee while Roode and now Jericho beat down the giant*

JR: Again folks, teamwork in the Rumble is something that can work too great effect but it will come to a point where any alliance made will be broken!

King: There are no friends when it comes too the Rumble JR! here comes another one!



King: Cody Rhodes! What a chance for this man too prove his potential right and make a statement tonight!

*Rhodes runs too the ring and slides underneath the apron before joining Jericho and Roode in beating down the Great Khali while Ziggler still has the sleeper in!*

JR: Khali is feinting! He’s almost out!

*Khali begins to fight back, using every bit of strength he has left.. He knocks back Rhodes before hitting a double clothesline on Jericho and Roode before throwing Ziggler over his shoulder who lands hard on his back and neck to a pop from the crowd! Rhodes begins too kick Khali from behind with boots too the back of the knee, Jericho and Roode get back too there feet and charge at the giant, shoulder barging him into the turnbuckle before Rhodes, Roode and Jericho try too lift and eliminate the Great Khali!

JR: Can they get him over? Can they eliminate the Punjabi nightmare?.

*The four men continue trying to lift the Great Khali over the ropes while The Rock is sitting in the corner catching his breath back as the countdown starts once more!*



King: Who’s that?

JR: I believe that’s former TNA star James Storm! This could be about to get very interesting guys.. For those of you that don’t know, Bobby Roode and Storm were once partners!

*Bobby Roode stops beating on Khali and looks right at Storm in shock as his theme plays.. Storm charges down the to the ring and immediately goes for Roode, knocking him down with a spear before both men exchange blows on the mat.. Ziggler, Jericho and Rhodes continue taking turns to beat down on Khali who is trapped in the corner.. They once again try too pick up the giant as Khali struggles to try and get free, Khali again knocks back Rhodes before head butting Jericho and Ziggler, Rhodes this time charges at Khali only for the giant to back body drop Cody Rhodes over the top rope on too the floor!*

JR: Rhodes is out.. Cody Rhodes is out!

King: Can anyone eliminate Khali?.

*Jericho and Ziggler both swamp Khali trying to make sure he does not get out of the corner while Roode and Storm continue too brawl as the countdown starts again!*

05-19-2012, 12:04 AM


JR: Here comes Cena!

King: It looks like he’s still feeling the effects of that Labell lock! * king laughs*

*Cena chants go out around the arena as the chain gang leader makes his way down too the ring while holding onto his injured shoulder that he received from the Labell lock, As Cena enters the ring he’s confronted by The Rock and both men face off while the crowd are cheering for both men!*

JR: Now this is a confrontation I thought we would never see!

*Cena and The Rock continue to face off before both men start trading punches in the middle of the ring, Storm in the meantime is stomping down Roode in the corner while Ziggler and Jericho continue trying too eliminate Khali on the other side.. Jericho gives up trying to eliminate Khali and takes the chance to have a breather, Ziggler in the mean time is on the second rope with Khali still in the corner and begins to punch the giant as the crowd count the number of shots.. Ziggler begins to taunt and showoff as the Great Khali rises up and picks up Dolph in a gorilla press before dropping him over the ropes

JR: There goes the showoff!

King: He’s eliminated another one! Maybe I should change my Rumble pick

*Roode and Storm continue to trade punches standing toe to toe, both men are nearing the ropes as Roode attempts too clothesline Storm over the top, Storm ducks it and Roode goes tumbling over on too the apron.. Storm then hits his former partner with a big right hand shot too the face knocking him off the apron and eliminating Roode only for Jericho to sneak up and throw Storm over the top rope!*

JR: Roode and Storm are eliminated!

King: There not done though Ross!

*Roode and Storm both continue fighting on the outside as the referee’s try to brake them up and usher them too the ring.. The Rock and Cena continue fighting in the corner as the Great Khali comes over, Cena and Rock both stop and begin too take turns taking a strike at Khali as the crowd chant for both men once again! Khali fights back, knocking both men against the ropes and charges at them.. The Rock and Cena both react quickly and grab hold of the top rope as Khali goes tumbling over!

JR: The Punjabi nightmare is out!

King: I’m so glad I didn’t pick Khali, JBL is going too win the Rumble tonight I can feel it!

*The countdown again starts as Jericho, Rock and Cena are staring at each other each in a corner waiting for who is going too come down next*



*The crowd instantly boo as they here the theme music go out around the arena, Mysterio steps out from behind the curtain and slowly makes his way down too the ring, Mysterio enters and all three men turn there attention too the former fan favourite, Cena steps forward and offers his hand out too his friend as the crowd boo, Mysterio goes to shake the hand of Cena when.. *


King: What was that for? That’s just Typical of Cena and all these fans are cheering him? What a joke!

*Cena steps back and the rock hovers over Mysterio when..*

JR: The most Electrofying move in all of sports entertainment! The peoples elbow!

King: This is not fair!

*The Rock hit’s the people’s elbow to a big pop from the crowd and then steps back when..*

JR: Jericho with the springboard off the ropes, He’s looking for the Lionsault!

King: No! And just look at these idiots cheering.. Why does Mysterio deserve this?

JR: The Lionsault connects!

*All three men hit there finishers too a big pop from the crowd, Cena picks back up Rey and throws him over the ropes!*

JR: Rey is out! He’s been eliminated!

King: You seem happy about that? Had that been your golden boy Cena you would be moaning right now!

JR: I think a lot of people took a dislike too the way Mystertio treated Sin Cara aswell as the WWE Universe last week King!

*The three men left in the ring begin to stare each other down again.. Rock and Cena both look at each other before turning there attention to Jericho! Jericho begins to smile at both men and wiggles his finger at them shouting “ you think I’m stupid * he then slide’s underneath the ring and watches them from the outside! Rock and Cena again face off with the crowd chanting for both men and then after a few seconds they again trade blows while the countdown is playing in the background!*


JR: It couldn’t be? Abyss? After the war he had earlier?

King: It can’t be Ross.. Both men were taking too the hospital!

*After a few seconds the music stops only to start again and this time Abyss steps out from behind the curtain still showing signs from his battle with Kane earlier on.. Pins and thumb tacks are still imbedded in his skin and his clothes are stained with blood!*
JR: How is this man still walking?

King: I really Don’t know JR! I thought Kane was scary but this monster is on another level!

*The Rock and Cena both stop brawling and turn there attention too the incoming monster Abyss! Abyss steps over the ropes and immediately starts fighting, hitting both men with elbows and head butts while delivering a black hole slam too Cena, The Rock starts pounding on the back of Abyss with not much effect as the monster rises too his feet and delivers a big boot as Jericho watches on! Abyss picks up Cena and carry’s him over too the ropes trying to get him over as the countdown starts again*

05-19-2012, 12:13 AM


King: Here comes Bryan Danielson! The man that made Cena tap out!

JR: He didn’t tap King!

King: Well he didn’t win either! *King Laughs*

*Bryan takes his time getting to the ring as Abyss continues trying too lift Cena over the ropes, just as Abyss looks like he’s going to get Cena over.. Cena boots Abyss in the mid-section when Bryan see’s the opportunity, slides in the ring and throws Cena over the top rope without giving him a chance to react!*

JR: Cena’s out folks, Dirty tactics from Bryan Danielson!

King: YES! YES! YES! YES! Take that Cena, it’s not been your night has it?.

*As Bryan Danielson is watching Cena walk back too the back and celebrating, Abyss is ready to strike and hammers Bryan with a big clothesline over the ropes and Bryan hit’s the floor!*

JR: What’s that saying about Karma?.

King: NO! NO! NO! NO! Abyss had to play dirty and attack Bryan from behind because he knew Bryan Danielson was the biggest threat in this Rumble so far! Abyss is a coward!

JR: I think you will find King.. That what Bryan did too Cena, Well.. It just came back and bit him in the ass!

*Abyss once again turns his attention too The Rock, stomping him at every chance not allowing him too get up of the floor as Jericho continues to watch on!*

JR: Who’s going to enter next? At number 18 we are now in the business stage where who ever is still in it.. Or left to come out, could win it and headline Wrestlemania!

King: We are going too find out who drew number 18 now!



King: It’s the awesome one! The Miz!

*Miz runs down the ramp too the ring only to be greeted with a cold stare from the monster Abyss, Miz stops, looks at Chris Jericho and then both men slide underneath the ropes and attack with a 2 on 1*

JR: This is no surprise, like it or not it’s common sense for the smaller guys to team up and try too eliminate the bigger guys!

*Y2J and Miz are like wild dogs trying too bring down the bigger man, Shots too the ribs and Kicks too the legs bring the big man down too one knee, Miz boots Abyss in the midsection before hitting his signature DDT! Jericho then springs off the ropes hitting his lionsault, both men stomp Abyss before dragging him into the corner , lifting him up and trying too eliminate him as the countdown again starts*



JR: It’s the Game! The Intercontinental champion Triple H!

*The game drops his title and storms down too the ring to a huge pop from the crowd, he enters the ring and immediately turns his attention too the Miz, Triple H is hitting Miz with big right hands before nailing the face buster and then swinging off the ropes with the high knee knocking Miz too the floor.. Jericho then notices The Game, running at him only to be caught with the spine buster, After Triple has dealt with Miz and Jericho he sees Abyss stumbling out from the corner, Triple H looks at Abyss does the DX-Chop and then.. *

JR: Triple H with the boot.. Pedigree! Pedigree!

*Triple H stands in the middle of the ring and taunts for the crowd, He doesn’t notice The Rock behind him when..*

King: The Rock Bottom!

JR: All four men are down in the ring!

*Everyone is down in the ring as the countdown starts once more!*



JR: Here he comes, the rated R superstar!

King: The man that just couldn’t stay away.. He just had to come back and take the spotlight! He lied about his injury’s before and now he’s come back for his friend.. *King laughs* yeah right!

*Edge runs down too the ring, entering and spearing anyone that stands up!*

JR: Spear to the Miz and Rock!

*Jericho now stumbles too his feet*

King: He’s lining up another Spear!

JR: Spear! Spear! Spear! Spear!

*Edge spears Jericho with a huge impact which leaves Jericho rolling out of the ring and falling too the floor, Edge begins lining up another Spear as Abyss try’s getting too his feet*

JR: Edge, he’s again looking for… Spea- NO! big reversal from Abyss!

*Abyss reverses the Spear attempt with a black hole slam as again every man in the Rumble is layed out!*

JR: Edge is trying too get up

King: Wait who is that?.

*A man jumps out from the crowd and into the ring, he nails Edge in the back of the head with a round house kick!*

JR: It’s CM Punk! What he’s doing out here? He has to wait for his number!

King: Get him Punk!

*CM Punk picks up Edge and then hit’s the G.T.S. before eliminating him by throwing him over the top rope.. He taunts the crowd receiving strong boo’s but does not notice Abyss behind him.. Abyss charges at Punk with the big boot only for punk too move.. Abyss is caught on the ropes and Punk delivers a kick too the temple knocking him over the ropes onto the floor*

King: He’s eliminated 2 people already!

JR: He’s not meant too be out here!

*The countdown starts*

05-19-2012, 12:30 AM

King: Now he is! * King laughs*

*Punk turns his attention too Triple H, he corners him and begins hitting him with elbows and high knees before dragging Triple H with the running bulldog! He then picks up Triple H and delivers his second G.T.S. of the night before throwing the Game over the ropes!*

King: He’s on a roll JR! Your pick is looking good.. Maybe I should have chosen him!

*Punk looks to confront the Rock only for the Rock too strike first with Right hands before hitting his DDT out of nowhere as the countdown again starts!*


*TJ runs too the ring sliding underneath the ropes and drops kicks a rising Miz, He picks him back up swinging him into the ropes and catching him with a flying elbow knocking him down once more.. He then picks up Miz again this time placing him against the ropes.. He swings from the other side of the ropes looking for clothesline only for Miz too drop down holding the top rope and Perkins goes flying over!*

King: Thanks for coming TJ! An awesome elimination for the Miz right there!

*The Miz is leaning over the ropes trying to catch his breath.. The Rock Is back up too his feet though he starts to lay right hand strikes on the jaw of the Miz and finally spits on his hand before throwing his last punch which send’s Miz crashing too the floor!*

JR: Vintage Rock! The Miz is eliminated!



JR: Is that? It is.. It’s the first ever Rumble winner, Hacksaw Jim Duggan!

*Hacksaw enters the Rumble too a good pop from the crowd, he knocks down the Rock with a big right.. And then Punk before taunting too the crowd while chants of USA! Go out around the arena, He picks up Punk and swings him into the ropes looking for a big boot.. Punk ducks it and hits him with a spinning kick too the stomach, He keeps kicking Hacksaw knocking him back against the ropes.. He then steps back before smashing Hacksaw again with a kick this time over the head knocking him too the floor to a chorus of boo’s from the crowd!*

King: Bye bye Hacksaw! Just let it go you dinosaur!

JR: Says the guy that jumps back in the ring at any opportunity he’s giving!

*Punk and Rock are left in the ring fighting it out.. Both men are exchanging blows but the exhaustion is setting in for the Rock as he’s again knocked down by the straight edged Punk as the countdown starts*


JR: Jeff Hardy! The charismatic enigma has returned!

King: And look at Punks face! He was the opponent the last time Hardy was in a WWE ring!

*Jeff Hardy runs down too the ring with a rock star like pop from the crowd, He slides underneath the ring and ducks the punch of Punk before hitting a spinning heel kick, He then picks up Punk and hit’s the twist of fate before going top rope!*

JR: Hardy going top rope!

King: Swanton bomb from Hardy!


http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSgGQ5smbLQTf_P54XX6JU2qc7BwsAIA 4aSGuj996aifk_rykqzxeSrHt4xWQ

King: Finally! Here comes the winner of the Royal Rumble.. The wrestling God!

*JBL slowly makes his way down too the ring, the crowd are booing the self made millionaire, JBL waits for Hardy too turn his back before getting in the ring and nailing him with the clothesline from hell!*

King: Woah! Hardy almost lost his head!

*JBL then tells the Rock too get back too his feet and catches him with a big boot knocking the exhausted Rock too the floor again.. He then picks up Hardy, hammering him on his back and swinging him into the corner before running at him with a big splash as the countdown again starts*


King: It's Jimmy Wang Yang *laughs* look at this idiot

JR: Anything can happen here at the Royal Rumble ladies and gentlemen

*The Wang enters the ring, everybody looks at the Wang in confusion and Jericho hits a codebreaker knocking Jimmy Wang Yang out of the ring*

King: Did you see that *King laughs* there goes your pick

*the countdown has started once more*



JR: Here comes the very talented Austin Aries!

*JBL and Punk let go off the Rock and both turn there attention to the incoming Aries*

King: I think they are going too work together Ross! This could be very smart!

*Aries enters the ring only to be attacked by both men.. They both hammer on the back of the highflyer before hitting there finishing moves and throwing him over the rope!*

JR: They didn’t even give him a chance!

King: What were you expecting? This is the Rumble!

*Both men stomp the Rock keeping him grounded, both seem pretty happy that the Brahma Bull is no longer a threat and stop for breathers waiting for the next incoming superstar*

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1G3YgYXX4k (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1G3YgYXX4k)

JR: OH GOD NO! Please no!

King: What the hell is she doing here!

*The crowd give a surprisingly good pop for Mae, she slowly makes her way too the ring, as the Rock try’s to stand only to be jumped by JBL and Punk.. Mae is walking up the stairs, Punk looks at JBL and says “ I can’t” JBL then grabs Mae from the other side of the ropes bringing her in the ring before lifting her back over the other side and pushing her off as JBL tells Punk.. “ Then I will” to a chorus off boo’s from the crowd*

JR: Does that man not have a heart? I understand it’s the Rumble.. But that’s Mae Young!

King: JBL would not care if it was his mum! that’s why he is going too win the Rumble tonight!

*Punk and JBL go back too the wrong again.. They pick him up and once more try to lift him over the ropes as he hangs on for life!*

JR: Hang on Rocky!

King: Get him over!


JR: You have got to be joking!

King: * King laughs*

*King takes of his headset and enters the ring, he points too The Rock as JBL and Punk look at him!*

JR: What are you doing King? Get out of there!

*The 3 men now turn there attention too the Rock, Rock stands up too his feet and does the just bring it sign before clashing with the 3 men.. Rock fight’s with everything he has left but it eventually overwhelmed and the three men force Rocky over the ropes on to the floor!*

JR: Damn! The Rock is out folks! No wonder King picked JBL.. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was all planned!

*All 3 men start too think of a strategy as they know number 30 is the Undertaker!*

JR: Number 30 is up next folks and if anyone can overcome the odd’s it’s the Undertaker!


05-19-2012, 12:36 AM
*The arena is a blackout and the crowd cheer for the deadman.. The lights go back on and the Undertaker is nowhere too be seen*

JR: What’s going on? Where’s the Undertaker?.

*After a little while the lights go back off again.. This time when they come back on the Undertaker is in the middle of the ring and has both JBL and Punk in a choke slam while staring at the King! He choke slam’s both JBL and Punk before turning his attention too Jerry Lawlor.. The King has a real look off fear on his face…*

JR: Get him Taker!

*The King is backed in the Corner as the Undertaker continues to close in on him.. The King eventually uses the turnbuckle and eliminates himself!*

JR: Good! You don’t belong in there King..

*Undertaker then turns back and picks up punk whipping him into the corner before peppering him with shots too the face and stomach! JBL sneaks from behind though and hits Taker on the back of the head.. Taker feels no effect though turning around and delivering an elbow too the face.. He then swings JBL into the corner with Punk before charging at both of them with a big splash! JBL comes staggering out of the corner and Taker hits him with a big boot knocking him over the ropes and onto the arena floor!*

JR: JBL is out! We are down to a 1 on 1 situation and one of these men will fight for the title at Wrestlemania!

*Taker and Punk trade punches, both giving everything they have.. Taker starts punching Punk a little harder knocking him back against the ropes.. Taker goes for a clothesline which Punk dunks! Taker goes tumbling over the ropes onto the side apron.. Punk then swings a kick aiming for the head of the deadman, Taker blocks it with his hand.. And grips the throat of Punk dragging him over the ropes onto the apron with him..*

JR: Both me are on the brink! Who’s going too win it..

*Both men trade punches as both try keeping there balance, the crowd are right behind the Undertaker with chants of the phenom going out around the arena*

JR: One slip and one of them good lose the opportunity of a lifetime! It’s too close too call!

*Both men continue too fight on the apron.. Both trying everything too get the other too fall when.. From underneath the ring comes out Jericho! He looks at both Punk and Taker with a smile on his face and pulls both men down from the ring apron as they both look at each other in shock!*

JR: What the?. Was Jericho eliminated? Who’s won!

*Jericho gets back in the ring as the crowd burst out in boo’s! Punk and Taker both look at each other in confusion as both men appear too be eliminated!*


LG: The winner of the Royal Rumble! Y2J! Chris Jericho!

JR: NO! I thought he was eliminated? That son of a.. he was under the ring the whole time!

*Jericho celebrates in the ring as the confetti falls.. Y2J has one the Royal Rumble!*

JR: I’m Shocked! YJ2 has returned too win the Royal Rumble!

*Punk and Taker look on in confusion, both cannot believe that Jericho has won the Rumble, Jericho is standing on the turnbuckle pointing at the Wrestlemania sign as the show closes!*


05-30-2012, 06:21 PM
Filler time! It's nearly time for Raw bitches!

05-30-2012, 06:22 PM
So the main question everybody has on their lips is...

Where the fuck is Pau?!

05-30-2012, 06:23 PM
Honestly, we have no idea, but his disappearance won't stop the show!

THBK has written Raw but has asked me to post it, and I'm glad too!

05-30-2012, 06:23 PM
That's right, Eddie is part of creative here in WWEWN!

All kinds of shit is about to go down!

05-30-2012, 06:24 PM
Right, who's ready for Raw?!

05-30-2012, 06:30 PM
Raw Is War: Episode 5
Location: London, United Kingdom

*The pyro explodes into live and the crowd go crazy for the start of Raw Is War!*

JR: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Monday night Raw Is War, we are live in the United Kingdom in the sold out O2 Arena in London.. We are just 24 hours removed from the Royal Rumble and what a ppv it was King!

King: Oh boy! Chris Jericho returned to win the Royal Rumble.. Edge came back to replace his friend Christian and the Ultimate Warrior is the WWE Champion! It really was an amazing event and we would like to take this opportunity once again too thank the WWE Universe for joining us and for all the support!

JR: Well said partner.. What about the crowd here tonight King, I don’t know about you.. But I always enjoy the European tour and I’m pleased we are starting it here in the United Kingdom!

King: Yeah I agree.. The United Kingdom is great Ross, You can’t beat tea and crumpets! *King laughs*

JR: That’s just stereotyped King.. They don’t all like tea and crumpets.. I can tell you the majority are big soccer fans though and that brings us too our special guests in attendance tonight: the stars of Chelsea Football Club!

*The camera shows a few Chelsea players in the crowd and the the fans give a pop for the newly crowned Champions League winners*

JR: As most of you are aware.. Chris Jericho returned last night and.. Well he..

King: He won the Royal Rumble! What’s so hard to say about that Ross?.

JR: Well… so many people were annoyed and felt cheated at the way he won it King, I’m one of them..

King: Boo hoo! He came back.. He won it.. And now he’s going too Wrestlemania!

JR: That’s right.. We are hoping to here from him tonight ladies and gentleman.. We can tell you he has made the trip and is here in the building and we are hoping to catch up with him and get his thoughts! But first…


*Before JR can finish what he was about too say the Rock’s theme hit’s the Arena and the crowd erupt with huge cheers for the returning superstar, The Rock comes out from behind the curtain and stands at the top of the stage taking in the chants and cheers from the crowd before making his way down too the ring with a mic in hand ready too speak!*

Rock: Fin-

*Before the Rock can speak chants of “ Rocky “ go around the arena as the Rock takes it all in before again (http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/community/#) trying too speak*

Rock: Thank you.. Thank-

*Again the crowd keep cheering, “ Rocky” chants continue around the arena as the crowd are buzzing with excitement that the Brahma Bull has returned*

Rock: From the bottom of my heart.. Thank you!

*The crowd again give a huge pop as the crowd now chant “ thank you Rocky”*

Rock: Firstly.. Anyone who thinks I’m back too promote a new film is wrong! The Rock is back and I’m not going anywhere!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

JR: He’s back for good!

King: Yeah.. Untill they start filming for the next Fast and Furious film!

Rock: Second.. I want to thank the Millions and.. * the crowd chant millions* of fans that never ever stopped supporting me! The fans that knew even though I was no longer a wrestler.. They still supported me and was happy that I was doing something else with my career so to all those fans I thank you.. I know it wasn’t easy, believe me.. I seen the things people said about the Rock, How can he just leave and never come back?. Why does he never mention us anymore?. Did he use wrestling as a stepping stone.. And John Cena! Listen here you pile of monkey crap the Rock seen what you said.. When I left, I was at the top.. I had done everything there was too do, There was nothing else left for the Rock too do apart from stay at the top and block anyone else trying too climb the ladder so I stepped away..
The WWE is in my blood.. The WWE is my home.. Deep down I knew I would be back, wrestling is my first love, the feeling I got when I walked onto that stage in S.T. Louis at the Rumble was a feeling that you can not get anywhere else!

*The crowd continue to cheer!*

Rock: Like I said before.. I’m back and I’m never going away again I give you my word! I came back at the Rumble with plans off winning.. As you know I didn’t get the job done but I got thinking.. What is bigger then fighting for the title at Wrestlamina.. What is something that I have never done.. Then that’s when I thought.. Undertaker! I’m asking you man to man and I’m challenging you two a match at the Wrestlemania! The Rock vs. The Undertaker, the streak vs. the return.. The Brahma Bull vs. The Deadman!

*The crowd give a huge pop for the thought of Undertaker vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania!*

Rock: We could make history! You have beating everyone that’s stepped before you but I’m different because you wouldn’t just be facing me! Oh no.. you would be facing the peoples champ and the team bring it army! Together we would electrify Wrestlemania.. Together we would finally make the Undertaker rest in peace.. Together we would stand strong take everything you have too give and say it wasn’t enough.. We would lay the smack down.. 1..2..3 and walk out of mania with the streak beating! So Undertaker I know you are in the back.. I know you are lurking in the shadows back there somewhere and I’m calling you out.. So what do you say Deadman? Do you accept?.

*The Rock then drops the mic and heads backstage with his theme music playing and the crowd cheering his name!*

JR: The Rock vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania! Does it get any better then that folks!

King: Who does this guy think he is.. He left after using this company and now he’s “ back” he thinks he can just challenge who he wants.. Well he can’t, Anyways enough about the Rock.. Up next is our first Qualifying match for the Elimination Chamber!

05-30-2012, 06:38 PM

*JBL theme plays out around the arena and the crowd react with boo’s and jeer’s for the self proclaimed wrestling god.. JBL steps out from his limo and slowly makes his way down too the ring,*

JR: We are kicking off Raw with a hell of a match folks.. Remember, the winner tonight will qualify for the Elimination Chamber match and potentially have the chance too win the WWE Title!

King: It’s a great chance too go first JR! It’s a chance too show anyone else looking too qualify for the match that they will have too beat you..

JR: That’s true King.


*The crowd erupt for the current Intercontinental champion! The game begins to make his way down to the ring with a very focused look on his face as the crowd chant his name.*

JR: The Game.. Triple H!! He look’s focused tonight King, He really does look ready for war!

King: He’s facing a wrestling god! He better be ready!

*Both men are standing in the ring.. Both are looking very focused and ready knowing what is on the line.. The bell rings and the ref starts the match!*

Stop at 6:11

JR: Triple H looking for the pedigree! It could be all over here!

*JBL begins too fight back with right hand shots too the ribs of the Game.. Triple H responds with strong right hands before springing off the ropes looking for a high knee, JBL moves out the way and hit’s a big boot as the game springs off the ropes again!*

JR: Ohh! Big boot from JBL!

King: He’s lining up the clothesline from hell!

*Triple H stumbles to his feet and JBL nails him with a big clothesline from hell!*

JR: That could be it! That should be it!

King: Yes! Come on!




JR: He’s done it! JBL wins!

King: Fully deserved! This is the reason JBL came back.. And at the Elimination chamber he will be crowned the new WWE Champion!

*JBL scrambles up to his feet to an array of boo's from the crowd. He demands the microphone from outside. The music goes silent and he begins to speak*

JBL: Quiet you morons!

*The booing from the crowd continues and "You Suck" chants start up*

JBL: You think I suck? You are all paying to watch me!

*JBL smiles a cheeky smile and reverts back to his frown as he addresses the crowd once more*

JBL: What you have just witnessed is the destruction of just one more hurdle in the way of my quest for the WWE title. What you have witnessed is another man fall in my date with destiny. What you have just witnessed was David being crushed by Goliath. What you have just witnessed is a mere mortal stepping into the ring with a Wrestling god!

*The "You suck" chants increase in volume - JBL begins to laugh*

JBL: You think I suck?

*The crowd roars a Yes*

JBL: OK, that's fine, you're entitled to your opinions...Of course, your opinions are wrong. You see, if you idiots had an ounce of sense, you'd be cheering a hero like me. You'd be cheering a wrestling legend. You'd be cheering one of the few men who make this country great. You'd be cheering someone that stops the United States from being generalised by all of you. All of you obese, disgusting cretins who sit there dripping your relish down your t-shirt you've been wearing for the last week...You who make America accessible by fools. You are all to blame. I'd singly handedly say that god hates each and every one of you for ruining this blessed land. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
*The crowd is going insane, jeering, some are even seen throwing trash into the ring. JBL continues to laugh*

JBL: Nice throw, but you still missed.

You see, you all want me out of here, so I'm going to give that a chance.

At Elimination chamber I will win. I will return to my pinnacle as the greatest wrestler of all time. I am so confident in fact of this, that come Elimination Chamber, if I am not crowned the WWE Champion, then I will take my millions of dollars and take myself away from your television sets and out of the ring, and then you fools can watch the weak remaining 'talent' if you will fight it out for your pathetic approval.

*JBL is about to stop, when he begins a sinister smile and brings the mic back up to his lips*

JBL: You know what...there isn't enough for me to gain from this, so let's make this a bit more exciting shall we? I WILL leave after Elimination chamber. And if and when I leave I am the WWE Champion, then with me leaves the WWE Championship to sit on my mantle, to forever remain the WWE Champion. I will sit it right in my office at the top of my skyscraper and every day when I walk into my office, I'll laugh and see all of your hopes and dreams staring back at me in the shape of the WWE Championship.

*JBL drops the mic and begins laughing as he makes his way to exit the ring. The array of boos is drowning out the sound of the Longhorn music that has just begun to play in the background. JBL Waves to the crowd on his way out, laughing as he goes. He reaches the top of the ramp and mimicks the title being around his waist with his hands and waves once more before leaving through the curtain.*

05-30-2012, 06:48 PM

*The fans all jump to their feet in unison as Edge’s music blasts through the arena. Smoke rises up through the stage as the lights flicker, before Edge runs out of the smoke wearing jeans and a t-shirt as the fans go nuts. He runs to one side of the stage and begins to get pumped up, before doing the same to the opposite side. He walks back to the ramp with a smile on his face, and points to the sky as his pyro shoots towards the ceiling. He runs down and slides into the ring, before jumping to his feet and grabbing a mic, but he has to stop to catch his breath before speaking.*

Edge: Wow, I forgot how tiring that is.

*The fans pop.*

Edge: Well it’s official, in case any of you missed it- last week at the Royal Rumble, I am back in the WWE! I’m back because I love this. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do- and when the doctors told me my career was over, it broke my heart. It broke Christian’s heart. When I was out here telling all of you amazing WWE fans my career was done, I could see it broke all of your hearts as well- well you don’t have to worry anymore, because the Rated R Superstar is BACK!

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: Last week, I returned to take my best friend’s place in not only the Rumble, which I will get onto shortly, I returned to take Christian’s place in a match against a man who calls himself the best in the world- CM Punk.

*The fans boo loudly at the mere mention of Punk’s name.*

Edge: Oh yeah, I hate the guy too- but tonight, he’s my guest. I get to stand toe-to-toe with the guy that walks around like everything is about him, the guy that walks around like he’s the man, like he’s number one. Well let me tell you something Punk. This is my ring.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: This is my ring, and I will not be stopped. Like I said, I didn’t come back to make up numbers. I came back to be the best. I came back to be number one. If you think you’re in that spot Punk, then that means you’re in my way. And that’s something that’s going to have to be rectified.

*The fans pop loudly as Edge points towards the stage.*

Edge: So ladies and gentlemen, let me welcome my guest tonight, the man that I BEAT last week at the Rumble, and the man we all would love to see get Speared again and again and again- CM Punk.


*Cult of Personality blares over the arena system, as CM Punk walks out from the back, wearing his newest shirt, as the fans are just going crazy booing him. He stands at the top of the ramp, and taps his wrist, then putting it to his hear. He points to Edge in the ring, and slices the air with his arms. He walks down the ramp, climbing on the steels step and entering into the ring. He grabs a mic, as the music cuts off.*

CM Punk: You know Edge...I could come out here, and bitch and moan about the Rumble, about our match, but you know what....I'm not going to do that. See, you surprised the world; myself included, by coming back at the Rumble, and admittedly beat me. You got the 1...2...3 in that ring, on the night. If memory serves correctly though, I've beaten you before. So where does that put us? Oh...that's right...no closer to the WWE Championship. I mean...you claim you are back and are for the fans...but come on....you’re the ultimate opportunist...you want 1 thing, and 1 thing only, and it's the reason you came back...that gold strap.

*The fans are chanting CM Sucks CM Sucks, as Edge just smiles at this.*

CM Punk: So at the Rumble, after you got your win...well...I needed to even up the score...and as everyone saw, I eliminated you from the Rumble. Heck...I made it to the end...and I should have won! Instead...a rip off of the true best in the world walked away the winner. A man who thinks he is god's gift to wrestling. Chris Jericho...but you know what Edge....I'm ok with that. I can live with the fact Jericho won the Rumble....and do you want to know why that is? That's because before Wrestlemania, is Elimination Chamber. That's right...and tonight...I have a qualification match. Though...I don't see why I should have to wrestle for a spot. After what I showed at the Rumble, a spot should have just been given to me!

*The fans are now chanting full of shit, as Punk looks all around the arena.*

CM Punk: You all shut your mouths when I am talking. You are to respect the best, and I am the best. I am the best wrestler, the best technician, the best submission artist, and after Elimination Chamber, I'll be the best WWE Champion ever! Now Edge....this is your "talk show" and you’re the "interviewer"....so got any questions for me?

*Edge twirls the microphone in his hands for a few seconds before bringing it back to his lips.*

Edge: You beat me once, in the same situation as the Rumble, except it involved a Money in the Bank briefcase. Neither of us was ready for the other when we beat each other. You see, we've both been opportunistic throughout the years, but you're damn right that I'm after that WWE Championship- but I can respect that everybody is after it, and I'm willing to fight and claw my way to the top. One thing I don't respect Punk, is you.

*The fans pop as Punk mouths the word 'me' as Edge nods.*

Edge: Oh yeah, You. You haven't given me a reason to respect you. You walk around claiming you're the best in the world, when we both know that's not true. If that were true, you'd be standing here as the WWE Champion, but you're not. You eliminated me from the Rumble by entering early- why you weren't disqualified is beyond me because the last time that happened, Fit Finlay got disqualified- but I'm not here to moan. And later tonight, while you moan about getting into the Elimination Chamber, I'll come out here and give these fans a show- but more importantly, I'll prove that I deserve that spot.

*The fans pop.*

Edge: You eliminated me from the Rumble Punk, because you knew I would walk out of there as the winner. You eliminated me from the Rumble Punk, because you were scared of the Spear. You eliminated me from the Rumble Punk, because you knew I was going to eliminate you. So you got in there first, you eliminated me, and congratulations, because I never saw it coming, but when I win tonight, and I actually hope you do too- because that means we'll be in that Chamber together.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: The Hell in a Cell has the nickname of the Devil's Playground, but the Elimination Chamber is my playground. And when we're both in that Chamber together, I'm gonna break you Punk. I'm gonna do what all of these fans want me to do. The only question I have for you Punk, is this. Who are you going to moan to when you get hit with another Spear, lose the Elimination Chamber match, and then watch me walk into Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion?

*The fans go nuts as Punk brings the mic back up to his lips. Punk looks at Edge with the mic at his mouth, as he just grins.*

CM Punk: You have a selective memory, don't you Adam. See, you’re right, I beat you to win the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time. In my second reign though, I beat you and Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match. So, when I look at it, I'm just better than you.

I'm a victim of circumstance. I should have made it to finals of the WWE Championship tournament, but didn't because Christian screwed me out of my match. You saw what present I gave him because of his gratitude. Some time off and a concussion. I should be the royal rumble winner, but because of a sneaky conniving bastard in the form of Chris "I Should Stick to making music because I suck in the ring" Jericho blindsided me. See...I'm the victim here Edge, but my days of getting the short end of the stick, are over.

You know, you act like a big man, talking about me being afraid of the spear, and how you hope I make it to the Chamber match so you can prove me wrong. You seem to be all kinds of talk Edge, but you know what, I am sick of talk. I'm sick of listening to your pathetic mouth. How about instead of talking, we do what we are paid for...and that's wrestle. Yeah...how about we do that, right here, right now!

*The fans go crazy, as Punk drops the mic, getting in the face of Edge. The two men say a few words to one another, as Punk low blows Edge out of nowhere with a kick! Edge drops down, as Punk turns, climbing out of the ring laughing. He walks up the ramp backwards, looking at Edge who is furious inside of the ring. Punk just points and laughs, motioning to what he did and laughing even more.*

05-30-2012, 08:34 PM
JR: Real big of you Punk! Yeah your the best in the world alright.. having too kick Edge where it hurts when he's not expecting it!

King: Edge should have been ready! You know these sort of things never end well.. *King laughs*


*The crowd explode as soon they here John Cena's music! They chant his name as the Dr. of Thuganomics makes his way down too the ring..*

JR: Cena can't be in the best shape here guys.. we all saw the match him and Bryan put on, there is no doubt that Cena is not hundred percent fit coming into this match..

King: Bryan Danielson made him tap out! Yes! Yes! Yes!

JR: NO! NO! NO! He did not make Cena tap out.. Cena passed out with the sheer pain of the LeBell Lock.

King: Same thing!


*The cocky Ziggler steps out from behind the curtain with Vickie at his side, Dolph glides his hands through his hair before throwing them forward again making his way too the ring!*

JR: Again folks this should be another good qualifying match.. Both these men lost at the Rumble and will wan't too make a point tonight!

King: Ziggler did not deserve to lose! Warrior was lucky.. everyone knows that.

Start at 0:29 stop at 5:25
(Bryan is Kane distracting Cena)

JR: Where's Cena going? John! You have a match.. John this is for the Elimination Chamber!

King: He's running scared! He knew Ziggler was going too beat him..

JR: I think it's more too do with the distraction by Bryan.. This feud really has got personal over the last couple of weeks King!

*Cena has gone backstage too track down Bryan while Ziggler slides into the ring and picks up the win after Cena is counted out! The crowd are still booing the cocky Ziggler when William Regal’s music hit’s the stage and the crowd give a big pop for the British Regal, He slowly makes his way down too the ring, passing Dolph Ziggler on the way down, with a mic in hand..*

JR: What’s Regal doing here?. He’s not scheduled too compete tonight!

King: I almost forgot he was here JR!

JR: Well it looks like he has something too say partner!

Regal: Hello United Kingdom. I am the former King of the Ring, and your hometown hero Mr. William Regal. Now, tonight I'm here, because so far, the creative in the back, hasn't been using the English Legend correctly. The Heartbreak Kid, and pauadrian, decided to leave a technical great, the British Mastermind, the man who embarrassed Goldberg on his push up in WCW.

You see bookers, us English folk, want to see myself in action. So go find an opponent sweetie, and give me a goddamn match. I don't care if its John Cena, or Eric Bischoff. Just put myself in a match darlings!

*The fans give another big pop after hearing Regal demand a match tonight!*

JR: Well here comes a referee King, It looks like a match is going too happen!

King: Who is going too accept the challenge though?. Hopefully it’s Gillberg! I would love to see him get beat up again (http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/community/#)!

JR: Who knows! It could be anyone!


*Big pop from the crowd*

JR: It’s Eugene! Bah gawd it’s Eugene!

King: What’s he doing here! He must be lost.. He can’t be out hear to fight Regal!

*Eugene walks out biting his thumb an pulling at his hair. He stops pulling his hair and starts to wave very excitedly in Regal's direction. He walks down to the ring and around to Lilian Garcia and is handed a microphone. He turns to Regal and holds it up to his mouth!*

Eugene: Mr Regal, Mr Regal. FINALLLY... Eugene has come home!

*Eugene turns back to Lilian and says*


*Lilian blushes, Regal shakes his head and Eugene has an oblivious smile on his face. He then rolls into the ring and hugs Regal to the ground, Regal reacts and pushes Eugene off of him. This confuses Eugene so he picks the microphone up off the mat because he droppe it while hugging Regal.*

Eugene: You're my friend!

Regal: Eugene you bloody dolt, get out of here. I'm trying to get a match for christs sake!


*Eugene does a DX cross chop*

Eugene: Eugene-a-mania is about to run wild on you.

*Eugene does the Hulk Hogan poses!*

Eugene: Rest In Peace!

*does the Undertakers throat slice.*

Eugene: You're my Friend!

King: This guy is a clown JR! He’s nothing more then a fool.. Please can someone explain too me how he ever got a contract with this company?

JR: The fans love him! He’s entertaining!

*The bell rings and the referee starts the match*

05-30-2012, 08:39 PM
Eugene vs. Regal/Colt

Start at 1:30 finish at 4:40

*The crowd cheer for Eugene as Regal sits in the ring shocked he has been beaten! Regal gets back too his feet and stares at Eugene!*

JR: The match is over Regal.. You lost! Let it go!

*Regal too the crowd’s shock extends his hand out in a show of respect.. Eugene begins too look around the crowd very nervous.. After a few second’s he attempt’s too shake the hand of Regal only for..*

JR: Great show of respect here fro-*Regal low blows Eugene* Oh no! I knew it.. I knew it!

King: *King laughs* Take that Eugene! A kick right where it hurts!

*The crowd are mixed with Regal’s actions as he begins too make his way back up the ramp, Eugene after a minute or so gingerly makes his way back too his feet with the crowd cheering for him! The crowd start to clap and cheer for Eugene as he starts too get up from the cheap shot by Regal!*

King: Why are they cheering this clown?

JR: He won the match.. And then got a cheap shot from nasty Regal! These fans are showing him some respect like Regal should have!

*Suddenly a section of the crowd start too cheer as a man wearing trainers, jeans and a hooded jacket starts making his way through the crowd and down the stairs heading too the ring!*

King: What are these idiots cheering for now?.

JR: Over there! Look!

*The man bypasses security and jumps over the barricade slides underneath the ring ropes and from behind.. Grabs hold of Eugene and throws him over the tope rope!*

JR: What the? Who is this guy?.

King: I don’t know who he is.. But I like him already!

*The crowd start too cheer with excitement as the man begins too pull down is hood and expose his face!*

King: Who is it JR?.

JR: Why are you always asking me?. How would I know?.

*The man’s face is now fully exposed and the crowd burst into live with excitement!*

Mr. Anderson: Hey Anderson assholes, I’m back and I‘m here to finally be the face of the WWE like I was meant to be. WWE, cough… cough Vince and his family, dropped the ball on me the first time cause of this little b*tch going to the boss, complaining to his father in law that I’m too dangerous, I injure people, boo hoo Mr. Anderson’s and asshole. You’re damn right I’m an asshole, and dangerous too. But apparently assholes are too dangerous for this business, but yet we have a lunatic as the face of it. Well guess what hypocrites get nowhere, I’m here and I’m back and I’m going to do whatever it takes to be recognized as the face of the WWE, which means getting my job back. Being an asshole, I’ll stick to my guns and injure every person associated with this business until they have no choice but to give me my job back, and Triple H you’re my first target. You’re the one who got me fired; well now I’m going to injure you just like you claim (http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/community/#) I do to others, you’re going to get me my job back and you will really find out how much of an asshole I am, since I wasn’t allowed to the first time around. So if that means I have to injure others to get to you I will. And to steal a line from my other boss, because I’m an asshole and am uncreative I can’t come up with my own lines, Triple H, “Whatcha gonna do when MIIISSSTTTEEEEEEEEERRR AAANNNDDDEEERRRSSSOOONNN… ANDERSON runs wild on you?” So who’s first to get their ass kicked by the asshole? Hey Anderson’s Assholes, who should I go after first? *Crowd chants Jerry* Jerry Lawler you’re up first, get over here.

King: No! stop chanting my name! why me.. What have I done?.

JR: Looks like the WWE Universe has spoken partner!

King: Very funny JR! Oh no.. here he comes!

*King takes of his headset pleading with Anderson not too hurt him! Mr. Anderson begins mocking Jerry before grabbing his crown and wearing it.. Mocking him some more! He throws the crown too the ground before grabbing the King by shirt!*

JR: Okay Mr. Anderson! You have made your point, let him go now!

*Anderson looks and laughs at JR while still holding King by the shirt.. The crowd are chanting for Mr. Anderson but before he can do something security begin running down the ramp and over too the announce table forcing Anderson away and escorting him out of the arena!*

King: Am I on? What’s his problem?. That was totally uncalled for.. Look what he’s done too my crown!

JR: Have you annoyed him somehow King?

King: Me annoying someone?. No chance! He’s clearly crazy and I hope he gets arrested for showing up here! Talking bad about the boss Vince and then laying his hands on me!

JR: What did he mean Triple H was his first target? He’s not signed too this company folks.. This is live tv though guys and as we just shown anything really can happen!

King: He’s creased my shirt aswell!

JR: Well folks where going too try and move on with the show.. And what about Raw tonight so far? The Rock is back and he’s challenged the Undertaker too a match at Wrestlemania also we can now confirm we will hear from the Royal Rumble winner.. Chris Jericho!

King: What about that Cutting Edge segment! That’s a rivalry that’s just waiting to boil over!

JR: Also we now know that both Dolph Ziggler and John Bradshaw Layfield have qualified for the upcoming Elimination Chamber!

05-30-2012, 08:57 PM
*The camera cuts to a pub, where the night seems to be in full steam. The landlord suddenly says that he has an idea, and pulls out a picture of The Ultimate Warrior, and nails him on a dartboard. A hand is seen picking up a dart, and throwing it. The dartboard shows that it lands directly on his neck. The landlord says he's impressed, and pulls out a picture of John Cena, and places it on a dartboard. The hand then again, grabs a dart and throws it, this time landing on his heart. The landlord says he has one last test, and positions a picture of Vince McMahon on the board. The man takes his time, before throwing the dart, and landing right between Vince's eye. The camera zooms in, before heading back to the action*

King: Oh god, not another one of those bloody cryptic promos!

JR: I can't wait to see who this one is, and what impact he can make on the WWE!

*Warrior, wearing his WWE World Heavyweight belt around his waist, rushes out from backstage to his music. He runs around the ring 10 times, then enters the ring. A small table is set up in the middle of the ring, along with a lifesize picture of what looks like Ultimate Warrior in a dress- its being propped up on an esel. There is also 4 partitions that are set to the side*

Warrior: Coach, get in here. NOW!

*Coach, seating at ringside eating a vanilla milkshake with a spoon, hops up, grabs a mic and enters the ring *

Coach: You're ready for your interview now?

Warrior: Yes, but first my celebration must take place.

Coach: What is this all for?

Warrior: My celebration. My live sex celebration

Coach: I'm outta here ya freak *Coach starts to leave but Warrior grabs him*

Warrior: You are needed to help move these partitions. They have to be placed around me as to not expose the WWE Universe to the central system of my Warrior body.

Coach: Your penis?

Warrior: Hush now * Warrior walks over in front of the Warrior poster * Ok, now put the partitions around me. Now!

*Coach puts his milkshake on the desk, and then does as Warrior says, placing them all around him. The partitions come up to the Warriors chest *

Warrior: Coach, you may want to back away, the power is too much for you to handle

* Coach walks over to the corner, staying there with his back towards the Warrior. Warrior suddenly ducks down out of sight, then re emerges again with his Warrior shorts in hand, he places them on one of the partitions. He stares at the huge Warrior poster *

Warrior: Sex Celebration commences NOW!

*Warrior lets out a big growl, looks over the partion, then picks up Coach's milkshake, bringing it behind the partition with him. Warrior lets out one more growl, then places the milkshake back on the desk- this all happened in less than 10 seconds *

Warrior: And it is done *Warrior grabs his shorts and puts them back on * Coach, remove these barriers now and let the interview commence

*Coach comes from out the corner and does as Warrior says. He picks his milkshake up and stirs it *

Coach: Warrior, can you take the mic, I want to eat this before it melts too much. I can still interview you though.

Warrior: Very well

Coach: *eats a few spoons of his milkshake * Now Warrior, you won the big one, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. What do you have to say about that?

Warrior: Well, it was written and told by the Warrior Gods that I would be the victor- that I would become the new World Champion. Dolph Ziggler and his little Ziggie stood no chance against the power of the Warrior. THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR! I over powered him the whole match, sending him away sulking. So like I said, I knew I would win this belt and I knew I would have that celebration- for it had been written in the stars.

Coach: About that celebration. I think you just jerked off to a picture of yourself in drag. *Coach eats more of his milkshake *

Warrior: You know not of what you speak. Ask me another question, else leave the ring now.

Coach: Relax man. I have this one last question for you *Coach eats a few more spoons of his milkshake * Chris Jericho was a suprise entrant in the Royal Rumble and in the end, he won. That gives him an automatic shot at your WWE World Belt. You have anything to say about that?

*Coach has pretty much finished the milkshake and hold it up to his mouth, letting the rest of it drop into his mouth, swallowing it down with one big gulp *

Warrior: Yes, Chris Jericho always says that he is the best in the world at what he does. While that may be, I am the best on all planets, all universes, every inch of every space. I am the champion of infinity. And Chris thinks he will win this off me at Wrestlemania? He has another thing coming. I will send him packing, right out of the WWE just as has happened to him many times throughout the years. Interview over! *Growl* WARRIOR OUT!

Coach: Um ok.

*Warrior leaves the ring, running around it ten times to the cheers of the fans- then finally heads to the back*

05-30-2012, 09:13 PM
*The crowd are still chanting for the WWE Champion as he makes his way up the ramp*

JR: The Ultimate Warrior ladies and gentleman! I really don’t know what else too say too what we have just witnessed..

King: Ross.. Did he really?.

JR: I think it’s best we move on!

King: * King laughs* I think that’s for the best!

JR: Well folks up next our main event and it will be a qualifying match for the Elimination Chamber! We know that JBL and Ziggler will be in the Chamber match but who’s going too join them?.

King: It should be a great match.. CM Punk vs. The Undertaker! Many believe one of these should have been the winner of the Rumble Ross..

JR: Well I would have too agree!

*CM Punk’s music hit’s the stage and the crowd explode into live with jeers for the self proclaimed best in the world.. Punk slowly makes his way down too the ring after his trademark “ clobbering time” war cry!*


JR: Here’s the man that claim’s he’s the best in the world.. Yet lost too the Rated R superstar at the Rumble and then responded tonight by kicking Edge low when he wasn’t expecting it..

King: Are you still moaning about that?. I almost got attacked by that lunatic Mr. Anderson and I’m getting on with the show!

JR: You are so brave King.. Well done! Maybe we can get you a lollypop for not crying!

King: Get on with the show Ross.. You’re not funny!

*Suddenly the light’s go out and the crowd this time jump out of the seats with excitement and jeers as they know who’s coming!*


*Both men are standing in the ring as the crowd are pumped for this one.. The ring bell rings and the ref gets the match underway!*

Start at 3:40 finish at 10:00

JR: Both men are down.. Both are trying too get back too their feet, what a match this has been!

King: They're up! They're up!

*Both men have stumbled too there feet and begin too exchange punches! The crowd are behind the deadman with a small section cheering for the straight edge messiah!*

JR: Big hit from Taker! He just set Punk stumbling!

King: He’s setting up for the choke slam Ross!

*Taker attempts too grab the throat of Punk only for Punk too respond with a kick too the temple! Punk then springs off the ropes looking for a flying forearm too the face!*

JR: Taker caught him with the choke!

King: This could be all over!

*Taker with his hand wrapped around the throat of CM Punk picks up Punk and lifts him into the tombstone position ready too hit his finisher when..*

King: Look at the stage Ross.. What he’s doing here!

JR: Rock! What’s Rocky doing out here!

*The crowd cheer for the Brahma Bull as Taker now notices him aswell.. He releases Punk and drops him too the floor before staring off with the Rock!*

JR: I think the Rocky is wanting too show Taker what he said earlier.. He meant it!

King: I think Taker should be focusing on this match..

*Punk sneaks up on the Undertaker rolling him up for the pin!*

King: I told you * King laughs*

JR: He’s got the tights! He’s got the damn tights!




King: He got him! Yes.. He got him!

JR: By Gawd! That sneaky son of a..

King: I told you Taker should have focused on Punk instead of that movie star!

*Punk rolls out the ring celebrating as the crowd strongly boo! Taker is sitting in the ring with a look off shock on his face.. He stands back too his feet and with shear anger on his face stares at the Rock before doing the cut throat signal!*

JR: I think Taker just accepted the challenge!

King: I would not want too be the Rock right about now.. He’s going too wish he was doing another movie instead!

*Rock stares right back at Taker and signals the come get some sign with his hand before walking back behind the curtain!*

05-30-2012, 09:17 PM
JR: Well there you go folks like it or not.. JBL, Ziggler and now Punk will all compete in the chamber match!

King: It’s going too be awesome!

JR: Folks we also urge you not too switch over as I have just been told Chris Jericho is on his way too the ring!

King: I hope these fans give him the welcome he deserves!


*Chris Jericho emerges at the top of the ramp wearing a 3 piece suit. After stopping at the top of the ramp for a few seconds, he cracks a smile before proceeding to strut down the ramp. He demands a mic from ringside and enters the ring via the steel steps. He then positions himself in the middle of the ring and take s a look around the arena, taking in the mixed reaction he's getting. After the music stops, the crowd is clearly split down the middle with some booing mixed in with some Y2J chants.
After a while of taking in the reaction, he lifts the mic to his mouth and prepares to speak.*


*The crowd reaction increases and the reception is more negative than positive now*


*the booing reaches a peak now as Jericho brandishes a great big smile*

Jericho: I'm going to Wrestlemania, and there isn't a damn thing that you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you, or you or anybody here can do about it!!

*the booing increases even more as Jericho's smile grows even bigger*

Jericho: I made my return at the Royal Rumble, entered the match as the number 2 entrant, and outlasted every single other person in the match!! I outlasted The Rock, a couple of nobodies from some independent company, Amazing Red, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, Gold... I mean GILLberg, Bobby Roode, Sin Cara, The 'Great' Khali, Brian Kendrick, excuse me, THE Brian Kendrick, Cody Rhodes, James Storm, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Abyss, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, HHH, Edge, CM Punk, who isn't the best in the world, might I add, TJ Perkins, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jeff Hardy, JBL, Jimmy Wang Yang, Austin Aries, Mae Young, I mean what?! Jerry Lawler, and "The Phenom" The Undertaker.
Did I miss anyone out there?

*crowd boo heavy*

Jericho: I outlasted every single one of these alleged superstars and won my first ever Royal Rumble. And do you know what that means? It means that I'm now going to Wrestlemania!!

*Jericho beams another broad smile as the booing continues*

Jericho: I'm going to WRESTLEMANIA!!

*crowd boos some more*

Jericho: I'm going to Wrestlemania, do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?!

*crowd boo*

Jericho: And at Wrestlemania, we all know what's going to happen, because at Wrestlemania I will be facing the Ultimate Warrior for the World Heavyweight Championship, and at Wrestlemania I will BEAT the Ultimate Warrior for the World Heavyweight Championship. And do you know why we all know this? Because I am the best in the world at what I do, and because of that simple fact, there isn't anyone on this planet or any other planet, or any other universe that can stop me from achieving whatever goal I set myself.

*crowd boo*

Jericho: So take a good look at the man you see before you here people, because I am your next World Heavyweight Champion. And there isn't a thing that anyone can do about it.

*The copyright sign appears in the corner and the show goes off air too a chorus of boo's from the crowd targeted at Y2J!*

06-06-2012, 07:46 PM
It's delayed but it's here

06-06-2012, 07:47 PM
I would like to issue an apology to everyone in this fed for the last 2 weeks, this was totally my fault and I hope if we have any differences let's put them aside

06-06-2012, 08:21 PM

Raw Is War: Episode 6
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

*The Pyro’s explode into life as the crowd jump too there feet letting out a raw of cheers…the camera swings around the arena showing the crowd and signs before showing the commentary team*

JR: Ladies and Gentleman we welcome you too the beautiful country that is Portugal! We are live from a sold out Lisbon at the Estadio Da Luz, home of Benfica FC!

King: That’s right Ross! This is only our second stop of our European tour but we can tell that every show is fully sold out and we would like too thank the WWE Universe for there continued support! Speaking of support.. What about these fans here tonight?

JR: It’s save too say they are in fine voice King and with good reason… Tonight we will see the qualification of the final two entries in the Elimination Chamber match!

King: We are also set too hear from General Manager Teddy Long! Not just that though.. Best of all! That lunatic Mr. Anderson has been banned from the building and will be arrested on the spot if he try’s too pull another stunt like he did last week!

JR: Well I can’t say I disagree with that.. Mr. Anderson is not contracted too this organization folks and as he showed last week, when he’s around.. Anything really can happen.

King: I would dare him this time too grab me! Last week I wasn’t ready.. If he tried something again, I would give him a royal beating!

JR: Yeah.. I’m sure you would. * JR begins too laugh*

King: You don’t believe me? I dare him too show up! Mr. Kennedy or what ever you are calling yourself.. If you can hear me, I dare you!

JR: You know he’s banned King.. He’s going too need an army too get through security tonight, Also folks after the Rock challenged Taker last week and cost him his match last week.. We can confirm the Undertaker is here and he’s on his way out here too respond!

King: As much I disagree with Rock just strolling back in here and challenging who he wants.. Rock vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania? Now that’s huge!

*Suddenly the lights go out and the fans go insane, knowing exactly what is coming. When a bell dongs, they go even crazier.*


JR: And here comes The Deadman! I wonder what he will say about The Rock!

King: Oh god. Is there any reason he has to come out here now?


*Undertaker walks down the ramp in his normal slow fashion as the fire blasts out of the stage, reaching the ring and doing his full entrance. He climbs between the ropes and asks for a microphone, which he is swiftly handed. He looks around at the crowd before lifting the microphone to his lips.*

Undertaker: Dwayne Johnson.

*The fans erupt with cheers for The Rock.*

Taker: Last week, you cost me the chance to enter the Elimination Chamber and unleash my pain and the full wrath of The Deadman on five other men. Last week, you came out here and challenged me to a match for the streak. My streak. I’m telling you right now. I respectfully decline.

*The fans boo loudly.*

Taker: Last week, you not only cost me the chance to compete in the Elimination Chamber, you cost me the chance to compete in the main event of Wrestlemania. The fact is, ever since the end of Shawn Michaels’ career, I’ve become Mr. Wrestlemania. I should be in the main event of Wrestlemania. But I can’t compete for my streak so I can go for the only thing that people see as an equal to The Streak, and that’s the WWE Championship. Last week, Dwayne, you cost me that chance, or so I thought.

*The fans suddenly go silent, anticipating what The Undertaker could be talking about.*

Taker: One other man has a guaranteed spot in the main event of Wrestlemania, and that man’s name is Chris Jericho.

*The fans boo loudly at the mention of Jericho’s name.*

Taker: Last week Jericho, you came out here to declare you are going to Wrestlemania. The only reason you’re going to Wrestlemania is because of the cowardly move you pulled at the Rumble. I deserved to win that match more than you.

*The fans pop.*

Taker: The thing is Jericho, I’m not one to turn away from a challenge, and at the Rumble, when you eliminated me, you became a challenger to my spot. The same spot I have held in this company for twenty-two years. Therefore, this is my proposition for you Jericho. You and I. One on one. At Elimination Chamber.

*The fans pop louder.*

Taker: And the winner faces the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania.

*The fans pop even louder.*

Taker: But let me just make one thing clear, if you accept this challenge, you’re slowly walking towards your ultimate doom. If you accept this challenge Jericho, I promise you. You will.

*The fans join in for this next bit.*


*Taker throws the microphone to the side as the fans pop loudly. Undertaker climbs back through the ropes as his music blasts through the speakers once more.

06-06-2012, 08:29 PM
*The crowd are still in shock, split 50/50 with the news that Undertaker has turned down The Rock and instead has decided too challenge Chris Jericho!*

JR: Well just like the fans King.. I’m shocked that Undertaker turned down The Rock’s challenge! As much as I would love too see Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho at the Chamber, I would have loved more too see Rock Vs Taker.. The return vs. the streak at Wrestlemania!

King: Well I’m glad Taker turned down the movie star! Yes.. I would have liked too have seen the match that them too performers would have put on, but Rock needs too understand.. While he’s been away playing tooth fairy these wrestlers have been giving everything in the ring and someone more deserving.. Someone who has spent all year working hard should get the chance too face Taker on the grandest stage of them all!

JR: That’s a fair point King.. But maybe Taker is just trying too protect his legacy! Maybe Taker realises that Rocky could be his biggest threat too date! Either way I’m a little disappointed.. I would have loved too have seen that match.

King: Well it’s not going too happen! *King laughs* Get over it Ross!

JR: What is going too happen folks we have our first match of the night up next, it will be the recently returned Rated R superstar vs. the leader of the selfish generation Bobby Roode!

King: It’s the battle of the Canadians!

JR: That’s right partner, not only that.. But the winner will win one of the last two remaining spots in the Elimination Chamber!


*The crowd instantly boo Roode as he makes his way down too the ring*

JR: Former TNA world champion folks! The crowd might be booing but there’s no doubting the talent and ability of this man.. Should be a great match up!


*The Rated R superstar’s music blares out around the arena and the crowd give a huge pop! Edge stands at the top of the stage doing his trademark warm up routine and taunting with the crowd before making his way down the ramp with a look of intensity across his face!*

JR: Edge look’s ready and focused King, he knows that if he wins tonight he will get the chance to compete in the chamber but also get his hands on CM Punk!

King: I’m sure CM Punk will be watching this match very closely thinking the same thing about Edge!

*Both men are standing in the ring being checked by the ref, the crowd are wholeheartedly behind Edge chanting his name! the ref rings for the bell and the match begins!*

Edge vs. Roode ( CM Punk )

Start at 2:00 Stop at 5:!3

JR: Roode just ran right into a big boot from Edge!

King: Roode could be out.. Get up Roode!

JR: Edge going for the pin here.. He could have him!



Kick out!

King: He kicked out, Roode is still in this match!

*Edge picks up Roode from the canvas and delivers A spike DDT, driving Roode’s head into the mat.. Edge then walks over too the turnbuckle ready too hit his trademark finisher as the crowd chant “Spear” over and over!*

JR: Edge looking for the speak here folks!

King: Stay down Roode! No! Don’t get up!

JR: SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! Bah god what A Spear!

King: Roode mite be broken in two!

JR: Edge is going for the pin.. This has too be it!




JR: Edge wins! Edge is going too the Elimination Chamber!

King: Edge has Qualified.. That now means only one more spot remains! At least I can look forward too seeing CM Punk beat the hell out of Edge in that Chamber!

*Edge has his hand raised in triumph but he demands a microphone quickly as the timekeeper hands it to him, and his music cuts out.*

Edge: So we finally got there in the end- I got my qualifying match, a week later than planned, and I won my qualifying match- meaning I will be in the Elimination Chamber match!

*The fans pop.*

Edge: Last week, after a distraction from The Rock- CM Punk also qualified. And like I said on The Cutting Edge last week, I’m glad. I’m glad he’s in that Chamber with me, because he’ll have nowhere to run when he tries to low blow me like he did last week. That was a cheap shot Punk, and at Elimination Chamber, I will make certain you pay for it.

*The fans pop louder.*

Edge: You see, when I came back at the Rumble, I made two vows to myself. Firstly, I would get revenge for Christian, and that doesn’t mean just beating CM Punk once. It means beating him numerous times on numerous different stages. It means proving to each and every single person in the world that I am better than he is.

*The fans cheer in agreement.*

Edge: Secondly, it was to reach the top once more. It was to become a twelve time world champion. It was to become the WWE Champion once again! And at Elimination Chamber, I’m going to get the opportunity to do both in one night. And I will.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: Here’s the key, look at the other four men in the Elimination Chamber match. Dolph Ziggler- one world title. CM Punk- five time world champion. JBL- one world title. Ultimate Warrior- two world titles. That all equals to a total of nine world championship reigns. I’ve won eleven by myself. I have the experience, and it will help me. This will be my fifth Elimination Chamber. And I’ve won two so far. It will soon be three.

*The fans pop.*

Edge: Come Elimination Chamber, I don’t care who I have to Spear. JBL, Ultimate Warrior, Dolph Ziggler, whoever else has yet to qualify and CM Punk, it doesn’t matter. Because I’m going to walk out with redemption, but not just that, I’m going to walk out as the WWE Champion.

*The fans go nuts as Edge drops the mic and jumps onto the turnbuckle. He mimics the title being around his waist as we head to commercial.*

06-06-2012, 08:41 PM
*The show comes back from the commercial and once again the camera swings around the arena showing the fans before heading too JR and King.*

JR: We welcome you back from the break folks and what a start it’s been so far.. We now know that Edge has qualified and will compete in the Elimination Chamber match!

King: Yes we do! But the biggest news of the night so far.. Undertaker has turned down the Rock’s challenge and instead made a challenge of his own too Chris Jericho!

JR: We now await the response of the Royal Rumble winner.. But again, I said it earlier and I will say it again.. I’m shocked and disappointed that the phenom rejected the challenge made by Rocky!

King: Just get over it Ross! Dwayne can do another movie instead.. Maybe, another Doom! * King laughs*

JR: Well, up next we have..

*The Titantron comes on before JR is finished speaking.. It shows the outside of the arena which looks too be the car park, A voice can be heard signing!*

JR: What is going on? Is that someone signing?

King: Yeah! *King laughs* Wait! You Don’t think that could be… No it couldn’t be!

*The Titantron continues too play in the background and it clearly now shows it’s the parking lot where the disturbance is coming from… It’s Mr. Anderson walking back and forth signing with a baseball bat in hand*

Mr. Anderson: This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by MIIISSSTTTEEEEEEEEERRR ANDERSOONNN… ANDERSON: All assholes who try to enter the Estadio da Luz tonight, will not be allowed to enter and will be arrested , no questions asked. Sorry Assholes, looks like Triple H, his wife, and her daddy didn’t like the little shtick from last week. But I got news for them, this isn’t going to stop till I get my job back, it would just be easier if they gave me that piece of paper and let me sign it. So if you have to ban me and the rest of the Anderson Assholes from RAW each week do it, I dare you, because last week was only the start.

*The crowd pops*

Mr. Anderson: Now onto this week, since I’m banned from inside Estadio da Luz and have no desire to drop soap in a shower in prison, I’m not going in. But they didn’t ban me from outside Estadio da Luz, and guess what, I just happen to be standing here in the WWE parking lot with a baseball bat, what a coincidence! And much like the WWE some of these vehicles need a facelift.

*Mr. Anderson walks over to a car*

Mr. Anderson: Who’s car do we have here? The Rated R Superstar Edge! When I won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match I thought Edge was in my rear view but apparently not.

*Mr. Anderson takes the bat and knocks off the rear view mirrors.*

Mr. Anderson: Won’t be seeing anyone behind you now. He took my briefcase, my chance to be Champion. Where does one keep a briefcase? The trunk of course.

*He destroys the trunk.*

Mr. Anderson: Guess he won’t be packing much anymore, not like he did anyways. Onto the next car, Randy Orton’s. Orton was part of the reason I got fired, cause I almost injured his shoulder, he slowed down my rise to superstardom. Well this might slow him down a bit.

*Anderson pulls out a pocket knife and slashes the tires on the car.*

Mr. Anderson: Hope you have about as many spare tires as you have injuries and Wellness Violations. Now onto, the McMahon Family limo. Nice ride Hunter, let me make it better. Your family fired me, they clearly couldn’t see what they had. You need a windshield to see don’t you?

*Anderson smashes the windshield, and all the windows around it.*

Mr. Anderson: Don’t worry the McMahon’s have enough money to pay that off, cause they are filthy rich and only care about themselves. They stopped me, but not anymore, you do need brakes to stop don’t you?

*Anderson ruins the brakes to the car.*

Mr. Anderson: Have fun driving home, I wish you the best of luck in your future driving endeavors. Oh wow look at this mess, what asshole could’ve done that? Oh that’s right, ME! Triple H, Vince, you have enough yet? All you have to do is hand that contract over and this ends, because if not don’t expect this to end.

*Police sirens sound*

Mr. Anderson: Guess I should get out of here, I’ll see you later assholes.

*The crowd give a huge pop for Anderson*

King: Where is security! He should be arrested! In fact.. Let him come out here, I will show him that he’s not welcome at this company!

JR: Is that why you were sitting so low in you’re seat.. Almost cowering under the table!

King: You liar! I was.. Well I was..

JR: Yes.. Go on!

King: I was… well, wouldn’t you be! He’s a lunatic! I hope the police catch up too him!

JR: Well we found out what Anderson is after.. He want’s his job back! It doesn’t look like he’s going too stop untill he gets it either!

King: He’s got no chance! He’s not welcome here! He can’t insult the Mcmahon’s and get away with it! I hope Vince takes him too court over the damages he’s done tonight!

JR: Well then Vince better expand his security because only god knows what Mr. Anderson is capable of doing next!

King: What if he comes after me next? He wouldn’t would he Ross?

JR: No course not partner.. * JR laughs* Actually, You did say you would give him a royal beating!

King: Oh no! I didn’t mean it.. This is really becoming an unsafe working place, where’s Otunga when you need him!

JR: Up next our second match of the night!


*AJ Style’s music goes out around the arena with a good reception from the crowd, the Phenomenal AJ makes his way down the ramp feeding off the buzz from the fans before sliding underneath the ring ropes and preparing for his match*

JR: This kid is an amazing talent folks! Another former TNA world heavyweight champion while also being a former three time NWA world champion!

King: That mean’s nothing here though Ross.. We both know that.

JR: Well wait too you see this kid’s ability!


*The Miz steps out from behind the curtain too an eruption of boo’s and jeer’s, Miz slowly makes his way down too the ring with his trademark cocky arrogant smile and swagger! He enters the ring and gets begins too warm up.*

King: Now that’s someone with real ability Ross! He’s also A former Tag team champion, US champion and WWE champion! Best of all.. All this company so it actually mean’s something!

JR: You can say what you want King, when you see the ability and how much of a natural AJ Styles is then you will realise just how good he is..

*Both men are ready in the ring.. The ref signals for the bell and the match starts!*

Start at 06:47 Stop at 13:32

King: This kid really is talented! It could be over for the Miz right here!

JR: Styles looking for the Styles Clash!

*Miz reverses and back body drops AJ too the canvas, He then picks up Styles looking for his own finisher!*

King: Yes! Come on Miz!

*Styles hits Miz in the temple with his elbow, reversing the Skull crushing finale attempt and catching him with the Pele Kick!*

JR: Pele! That could be it.. AJ going for the pin!



Thre-Kick out!

JR: How did he kick out!

King: That was close!

*AJ gets back too his feet and question’s the refs count disappointed he only got the two count instead of the three.. AJ then goes too the top rope looking too finish the match!*

JR: AJ Styles going high risk!

*AJ launches himself off the top rope looking for the shooting star press! Miz moves out the way and AJ crashes too the floor!*

King: That’s why it’s called high risk * King laughs*

JR: Style’s is hurt folks! Miz could take advantage here!

*Miz staggers back too his feet and realises AJ is hurt.. Miz picks up styles and boots him in the gut before delivering the Skull crushing finale!*

King: Yes.. That’s got too be it! Pin him Miz!

JR: Styles is out! Miz with the pin!




JR: It’s all over! Miz has won.. Miz has beat AJ styles!

King: I’m so happy! Well done Miz! You were right about AJ though Ross, that kid is hell of a talent!

JR: And that was a hell of a match!

06-06-2012, 08:59 PM
*Miz has his hand raised by the referee but the celebration is short lived as the self proclaimed awesome one demands a mic*

Miz: Hunter.... Hearst.... Helmsley. You beat me at the Royal Rumble this past Sunday, with the title on the line, and that just can't stand for me. You see hunter, I am the most must see superstar in the WWE today and you, well, you're a has been. You're not the same Triple H you used to be, and you should just hang it up before you embarrass yourself. That Intercontinental title you have on your title is mine, and always will be mine. Your match against me was a fluke!

Hunter, I will not rest until I get that Intercontinental title in my possession, and I will go through anyone I need to in order to get there. And right now, that person is you. You're the one I need to get through right now, and I will stop at nothing to take that title right out from under you.

Tonight I beat the TNA Reject AJ Styles, and he is nothing but a stepping stone on my path to supremacy. This path is going to start at the upcoming WWE PPV Elimination Chamber. I want a rematch, Hunter, and I won't rest until I get one. So what do you say; me vs. you, Elimination Chamber, for the Intercontinental championship.

This offer is pretty much a lose-lose for you though. If you decline, you look like a coward, and if you accept, I kick the ever-living shit out of you at Extreme Rules. Oh whoops, sorry kids. I forgot this was PG. Hunter, at Extreme Rules, shall you be man enough to accept, I will embarrass you. I will hurt you, and most importantly, I will gain the Intercontinental Title out of your grasp, and into mine.


The camera's focus on the back, and we see Punk just standing off on his own. The camera's zoom up, as Punk turns to the camera's.

Punk: So...I guess it is official, Edge will be stepping into the chamber with yours truly at Elimination Chamber. Do you know what that changes? Nothing. My goal the moment I lost the Rumble, was to the WWE Championship in the chamber, and no matter who is in it, my plans won't change. Though, I find it interesting that Edge had such an easy opponent in the form of Roode, where as someone like myself, had a real challenge in the form of The Undertaker. Management in the back going a little soft on the Rated R Douchestar? Would seem that way from my point of view. Whatever though, because once myself, Edge, Warrior, and the three others, step into that chamber, no one will be able to stop what is going to happen, no one will prevent me from becoming the new WWE Champion. Edge, I want you to pay attention between now and the Chamber. You will see what it means to captivate the audience, to tell a story in the ring, hell, you'll see what it means to be the best in the world.

Oh...and one other thing.....Chris...ole Chris....seems like we have a conundrum, see, you claim to be the best in the world at what you do. The way I see it though, is I am the best wrestler in the world. You can be the best singer, best rocker, best book writer, best at whatever the hell else you want to do, but out in that ring, there is only one person who is the best. There is only 1 person that excels above everyone else, only 1 person who leaves these fans chanting that was awesome....and that's Mr. Straight Edge himself, yours truly. Yes, yes, you are going to Wrestlemania, and guess what, I'll be joining you there after the chamber. The only difference is Chris, this convoluted idea you have in your head where you go on to Wrestlemania to become the WWE Champion, is simply a dream. See, there is 1 man that will walk in as the champ, and walk out still the WWE Champion, and no...it won't be Edge, or the Warrior...no...it'll be me...and me alone....now how is that for some truth for ya.

The camera's fade to black as Punk glares into them.


*The camera cuts back from the CM Punk interview and shows the stage, Teddy Long’s theme plays out around the arena and the general manager walks out on too the stage with a mic in hand ready to speak*

TL: Ola Playa’s, Que Pasa?

*Crowd pop*

TL: Now as I’m sure you are all aware, there is currently one more spot left in the Elimination Chamber so that got me thinking.. Here’s what we are going too have tonight! We are going too have ourselves a little battle royal too determine the last Chamber entrant.

*Crowd pop again*

TL: However! This time it’s going too be a little different, We have 6 people in the back who are yet too Re-debut in this company.. And they will get the chance too earn themselves a golden ticket because all 6 men will compete tonight in a over the top rope battle royal and the winner will fill the last spot in the Chamber match!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

TL: I knew you would like that playa’s! Enjoy the rest of the show! Holla, Holla.

*Teddy’s theme again plays as the General manager leaves the stage with the crowd still cheering after hearing his announcement*

JR: Huge announcement from our General manager! One lucky superstar who is yet too debut will get the chance too be the final entrant in the Elimination Chamber match!

King: That is huge! I wonder who is waiting too Re-debut? Who do you think will Ross?.

JR: No idea King, It could be anyone! Maybe even Mr. Anderson!

King: Now why would you say that! Here’s me excited at this announcement and now you got me worrying!


*Cena quickly makes his way down the ramp heading too the ring with the crowd giving the Dr. of Thuganomics a good ovation!*

JR: It looks like Cena has something too say folks, I’m guessing it will have something too do with Bryan.. There feud has started and carried on since the very first re-launch show of Raw Is War and it’s been boiling ever since!

King: This feud should be over.. Bryan won! Cena should be moving on!

JC: Yo yo yo This is totally Wack son
You making me pass out, at the Rumble weren't fun

On that night you were a better man Bryan
But if you try it again, I'll make sure you're cryin'

You see Mr. Danielson, it blew when you beat me
You got lucky my son, but you still swallow more than Rocky

And by God does Dwayne blow, you call me out last week?
But that was before you got me counted out Bryan, you're just an internet geek

You eliminate me from the Rumble, that sucks man you dork
Let me give you a spoon to eat my ass, or instead, use a fork

King: Oh great another rap from Cena! How entertaining!


*Bryan Danielson’s music hit’s the arena and is met with a chorus of boo’s right around the arena, Bryan has a mic in hand and is ready too respond!*

BD: Why would you call me out John? We have already played this game and you lost. I left you in an unconscious heap in the ring at the Royal Rumble. I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am superior to you. I am a WRESLTER, not an entertainer. As far as I am concerned, I have nothing to gain from facing you again. So please, give me one reason as to why I should bother step into the ring with a no talented wannabe like you.

King: Well said Bryan.. Did you hear that Cena? It’s time too move on! You lost! *King laughs*

JC: No talent wannabe? You sound like a record that's broke
You're the worst indie guy, you're just a stupid joke

I have an idea Danielson, lets have a match at the Chamber
You have less of a life than an internet gamer

BD: You know what Cena, if you what a chance to redeem yourself, then you got it. It would be a privilege to be the guy that beats you so bad that you have to retire. After I do beat you, I am through dealing with you. I have bigger and better things to accomplish in the WWE than repeating the endless beatings that I have given you. I am here to win the world title, not to feud with a walking cartoon. This time you won’t just be unconscious, you will be broken and crippled.

JC: You'll be the one broken and crippled, and don't you forget it
I'll beat you at the chamber, I'll step on you like dog...

JR: Cena vs. Bryan at the chamber! Awesome!

King: This has been done! Cena does not deserve another chance..

JR: Well it looks like the match is on King, Will Bryan beat him again? Or will Cena finally get the win he’s been looking for? I can’t wait for that match.

06-06-2012, 09:18 PM
*The camera comes back from the commercial where the Battle Royal is about too take place*

JR: Well here we go folks, we about too find out who the six men are that will compete in tonight’s Battle Royal match too determine the last Elimination Chamber entrant!

King: If one of them turns out too be you know who.. I’m going!


JR: Barry Horowitz! Now nobody was expecting that..

King: He’s back * King laughs* Now that deserves a pat on the back!


JR: It’s John Morrison! Jomo is back! He looks in better shape then he did when he left!
King: He looks in great shape and all healed up he could finally prove too everyone just how good he can be!


JR: The highflying Evan Bourne! Raw is about too get high risk now that Bourne is back King!

King: Another star with huge potential JR! just like Jomo he could tonight finally show just how good he can be!


King: Beware of the cobra!

JR: It’s the Milan Miracle Santino Marella!


JR: It’s R-Truth!

King: And Little Jimmy! There both back! * King laughs*

http://www (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRHx1mLy_wg).youtube.com/watch?v=qRHx1mLy_wg (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRHx1mLy_wg)

JR: The Charismatic Enigma!

King: Jeff Hardy is back and will be the final man too enter this Battle Royal!

06-06-2012, 10:03 PM
Battle Royal match:
Horowitz (Hogan) vs. Bourne (X-Pac) vs. Santino (Doink)
Vs R-Truth ( Flair ) vs. Hardy (Gunn) vs. Jomo (RVD)

Start at 6:45

JR: John Morrison has done it! Jomo has won the Battle Royal!

King You know what that means right? John Morrison will be the final entry and has now qualified for the Elimination Chamber match!

JR: Well done Morrison! You can see what this mean’s too him King and just listen too these fans! What a welcome back for this young man!

*Morrison is celebrating in the ring with tears of Joy knowing he has now won the right too enter the Elimination Chamber WWE title match when.. *


Just as Morrison is about to leave the ring after his victory, “The Next Big Thing” blares on the PA system, signaling the arrival of Brock Lesnar. Morrison goes back inside the ring when he sees Brock Lesnar arrive along with Paul Heyman. Both men walk towards the ring side by side as the crowd cannot believe their eyes. The people who aren’t too stunned to voice their reactions, cheer the duo on as they approach closer and closer to the ring. As both men enter the ring, Morrison, looks on with wary eyes as he’s not sure what either of them are doing. When Lesnar’s music dies down, Lesnar approaches Morrison and stops when he’s about a foot away from him. He glares down at him and continues to do so until a monstrous sneer decorates his face. In the blink of an eye, Lesnar catches Morrison, hoists him onto his shoulders and drives him into the mat with an F-5. Almost as quickly as Lesnar turned on his victim, the crowd turns their backs on Lesnar.

Paul Heyman gives a grinning Brock Lesnar a round of applause for his familiar exhibition of ruthlessness and brutality in the form of a mat trembling F-5. The patrons filling the stands, on the other hand, couldn’t be any more distraught and outraged by Lesnar’s unwarranted attack onMorrison and they let their opinion towards the matter be violently heard through “Lesnar sucks!” chants and booing. The jeering breaks Brock Lesnar out of his satisfied and euphoric trance and Heyman senses the malice began to bubble up from the crevices of his fragile mental psyche. He urges Lesnar not to do anything rash and insists to let him handle things. Heyman walks over to the side of the ring nearest to where the announce team is currently seated and points at Lillian Garcia. He gestures for her to hand him her microphone and stretches out his hand to receive the sound amplifying device. When Garcia hands him the microphone, he strides back to Brock Lesnar’s side who is still trying his best to keep a calm composure despite the antagonizing crowd. Paul Heyman raises the microphone until it is inches away from his lips, which are presently curled in his trademark evil smirk. He chortles to himself before he finally addresses the malicious audience.

::Paul Heyman::

“Greetings, WWE Universe!”

The “Lesnar sucks!” chants die down in favor of the new trend of the minute, “Heyman sucks!” chants. Unlike Lesnar, Paul continues to be levelheaded and allows the crowd to vent more of their hostility before he continues.

::Paul Heyman::

“As everyone here should know by now, my name is Paul Heyman, manager of the man who stands next to me right now, BROCK LESNAR!”

Lesnar nods in approval of his introduction as the lone fan of his presence in the building apart from Heyman himself.

::Paul Heyman::

“Now, I believe that instead of carrying on with superfluous and tired pleasantries, that Lesnar and I disclose the origin behind our presence here this evening. In the dawning hours of this afternoon, while I was attending very important business matters with my publisher for my brand new autobiography, which by the way, comes out to the public on the 17th of August, I was called by Brock Lesnar who had informed me that he had an interest in working here, in the WWE, once again but he needed me to fill in the position as both his manager and his legal advisor before he felt comfortable signing a contract with the WWE Board of Directors. As usual, I not only agreed to assist Brock Lesnar in his endeavors but I insisted that I do so. We both agreed to visit the WWE Headquarters before RAW Is War began. At around 8:50 pm, both Lesnar and I sat down with the WWE Board of Directors and...well, I did say that both Lesnar and I would explain the origin behind our presence so I believe it’d be best if I let Brock Lesnar continue where I now leave off. Brock?”

Brock Lesnar turns his attention to Heyman and takes the microphone from Heyman’s grasp. The booing has now died down but quickly picks back up when it’s apparent that Brock Lesnar is about to speak.

06-06-2012, 10:07 PM
::Brock Lesnar::

“Thank you, as always, Paul. Now, when I first stepped into this company, despite everything that I did for this place, back in 2002 through 2004, the WWE executives saw fit to play me like a fiddle. They took advantage of me and they underutilized me. I could have done so much more for this place if I were given the chances that an athlete of my caliber deserved. Obviously, I left on bad terms and decided to go to a place where I wouldn’t be played for a fool, the UFC. Once there, I dominated the entire heavyweight division and put that place on the map. But, you know, that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted the whole world to know that I was the greatest athlete and the best ass kicker on the planet. I already accomplished all that needed to be done but I knew that there was once place, one organization that I still needed to take over. The fact that I didn’t get a chance to utilize all of my talents, here, in the WWE, haunted me night and day. I knew that despite everything I was able to accomplish, I was the butt of everyone’s jokes even after the eight years since I left. They’d make fun of me for being so naïve and eager to accept the rewards that shouldn’t have substantial enough for me. And as I walked the backstage halls after my meeting with the WWE Board of Directors, I could hear them doing exactly that. That’s when I knew that I had to come back. That’s when I knew, my days here, in the WWE, weren’t going to end when I left in 2004. That’s when I kn.....”

As the intensity of Lesnar’s tone increased, so the volume of the booing emitted from the congregation of WWE fans, did the same. Lesnar was able to cope with it for a little bit until he decided to address it directly.

::Brock Lesnar::

“SHUT YOUR MOUTHES!!! ALL OF YOU!!! When I’m speaking, you…BE…QUIET!!!! I’m not gonna remind any of you idiots again if it happens to me again! Next time, there’s gonna be hell to pay and you all will have no one to blame but yourselves!! NOW…SHUT IT!!!”

It works…to an extent at least. Some of the more timid audience members acquiesce to Lesnar’s demands but more bold patrons continue to push Brock’s buttons, much to his chagrin. Before he snaps again, Lesnar musters up repose to tune out the hate and carries on.

::Brock Lesnar::
“As I was saying, that’s when I knew that I had to come back. So, along with Paul Heyman, I sat down with the Board of Directors to negotiate a contract. Just as I thought, I given the same BS that I got the last time I was signed, not a high enough salary, few vacation dates and meager benefits. But this time, my legal advisor, Paul Heyman, wouldn’t tolerate it. So, we both came up with a list of benefits that were to be added to my contract if I were to be signed. After about an hour, they finally agreed to our terms and as of 10:23 pm, I’m officially a WWE Superstar.”

Lesnar flashes a toothy grin to the heckling audience and goes on with his story.

::Brock Lesnar::
“Although, all of what I just said that doesn’t necessarily explain what I’m doing out here right now. There’s two reasons for why I’m here, in case you were wondering. Number One: I’m Brock *bleep*ing Lesnar. I do what I want to when I want and anybody that’s got a problem with it can either kiss my ass or kiss the dirt after I’m finished beating the *bleep* out of you. Number Two: I needed to make a statement. The statement being that this match was absolutely pointless because in addition to all the benefits that came with my new contract, I was granted a bonus; the final spot in the Elimination Chamber WWE Championship match!”

The boos escalate into an all time high as nearly everyone joins in on the fun despite Lesnar’s earlier warning.

::Brock Lesnar::

“You know, what? I’m a man of my word and when I said that there’s gonna be hell to pay, I meant it. So the entire WWE roster had better keep eyes in the back of their heads because thanks to these morons, one of you has earned the ass beating of a lifetime and you won’t know when it’s coming. Anyways, back to business. Since I was given the final spot in the Elimination Chamber, poor (insert winner’s name here), won’t be getting a shot at the WWE Championship. Awwwwwww, what a shame. But guess what? Despite the fact that you all are a bunch of low class, hayseed ingrates, who don’t deserve my kindness, you’re all gonna be in for a treat because in that chamber match, you’re gonna be in for one hell of a show. The Elimination Chamber is my kind of match. It’s my playground. I get to whoop ass like I’ve never whooped ass before. The steel chain that makes up the cage can be used as a weapon, the glass chambers can be used as a weapon….everything and anything in that chamber can be used to my advantage.

No matter who starts off the match or is the last one to enter, they’d better keep this in the back of their minds, I’ll be watching you. I’ll be scouting your every move, your every step and when I see an opening, I’ll take it and once you’re grounded from my assault, you’ll never get back up again until after I’ve pinned you and me eliminating you from the match will be your only saving grace. But before I pin you, I know exactly what’s gonna happen. I know exactly how each and every one of you will do as I have you in my clutches. As I’m pounding you in the face without mercy and tearing the flesh from your bones, you’ll be screaming in agony. You’ll be asking me to just end it. You’ll be pleading for me to have mercy on your sorry ass and just pin them and get it over with. And you know what I’m gonna do? I’m just gonna laugh and pound you some more and toss you around until I get tired of you. THEN, I’ll eliminate you and THEN, you can limp out of that chamber with thoughts of my ass whooping, on you, running through the back of your mind. But you know what? For one man who’s in that match, if he has the balls to face me in that chamber, that’s only gonna be the beginning. The Ultimate Warrior, the current WWE Champion, is someone that I have zero respect for. I don’t give a damn what he’s done here because he’ll just be a footnote in my legacy in the Elimination Chamber. In order for me to get the respect I’m entitled to, I need to take out the champion himself. So in that chamber, in that hellacious structure, I’m gonna bust the Warrior open. Then, I’ll scrape his open wound against the chain-lined cage until the blood pouring down his face covers him from head to toe….”

Brock Lesnar maniacally laughs, delighting in the gory mental pictures he creates in his mind for his plans for the Ultimate Warrior. Meanwhile, Paul Heyman is grinning from ear to ear.

::Brock Lesnar::

“And then, I’m gonna put him in the kimura lock and break his arm. Then, I’m gonna break his other arm. Then, I’m gonna F-5 him. Then, I’m gonna do it again…and then again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again. And then, for the grand finale, I think I’ll….climb to the top of the chamber and crush his already cracked ribs with a Shooting Star Press. And once all the carnage is done, you’ll all witness the coronation of Brock Lesnar as I hold the WWE Championship high above my head. So to all of my opponents who are going to be man to enough to show up to the Elimination Chamber match, especially the Ultimate Warrior, I’ve got four words for you. Four words that epitomize everything I stand for. Four words that are gonna serve as a warning for what you can expect in the Elimination Chamber: HERE…COMES…THE PAIN!!!”

“The Next Big Thing” plays on the PA system once again as Brock Lesnar drops the microphone and looks over to Paul Heyman, who applauds Lesnar and gives him a thumb up for everything he’s said. Heymans holds open the ropes for Lesnar who climbs out the ring with ease. Heyman follows close behind him as both men ignore the booing and jeering with somber dispositions.

*Matt Striker is seen jogging offscreen with a microphone in hand*

Matt Striker: EUGENE, EUGENE, EUGENE, can I get a word from you about your return to the wwe last Monday night right here live on Raw?

*THE camera pans around to striker holding a microphone in front of Eugene who is biting his hands and pulling out his hair.

Eugene: Uncle Eric told me not to talk to strangers.

Matt Striker: but uncle Eric isn't here

Eugene: uncle Eric is always watching!

Matt Striker: but I'm nOT a stranger Eugene, I'm your teacher Matt STRIKER!

Eugene: your not my teacher, Mr regal is my teacher!

Matt Striker: but he doesn't like you anymore. You saw him attack you last week after all! I'm your friend Eugene!

Eugene: fri... End? Mr Regal is my Frieeeeend, Uncle Eric told me so! Your NOT MY FRIEND.

*Eugene grabs the microphone from striker and hits striker over the head with it!

Eugene: last week Mr Regal was just giving me a lesson. He is a good teacher. He is my friend. Uncle Eric made him be my friend long time ago. Now where is my doink outfit? I want to be doink tonight!

*Eugene walks off with matt strikers microphone still in hand.*

06-06-2012, 10:07 PM
Jonathan Coachman: Chris, earlier tonight, you were challenged by The Undertaker to a on on one match at the Elimination Chamber with the main event spot that you earned by winning the Royal Rumble on the line. What do you make of this challenge?

Jericho: It's very simple Coach. When The Undertaker made that heartfelt plea earlier, I felt sorry for him. I felt sorry for him because that was the voice, and the plea of a sad and desperate man. a man that is realizing that his time is coming to an end. A man that at this point has no ticket to Wrestlemania, and will do anything to get one.
Me on the other hand, I have my ticket. I have my ticket and it guarantees me to a match in the main event of Wrestlemania to compete for the WWE Championship.
The Undertaker is a desperate man, and his plea to me earlier, almost begging me to give him this chance was a clear sign and an indication that he's a shell of his former self.

Coach: Well I guess the question on everyone's mind is, what is your answer to The Undertaker?

Jericho: My answer? My answer is, NO. My answer is NO. I'm guaranteed a spot in the main event of Wrestlemania! Why the hell should I give that up? Why would anyone even think about giving that up?! Why would I risk loosing that chance by giving The Undertaker the chance to take that away from me?

Coach: Ok, well...

Jericho: That, is what you expected me to say isn't it? But after thinking about it, I have an even better vision for you.
I could go into the main event match at Wrestlemania and challenge for the WWE Championship AFTER beating The Undertaker at the Elimination Chamber! Doesn't that sound good to you? Picture this: the WWE Champion come Wrestlemania would be facing across the ring from the Royal Rumble winner AND the man who just beat 'The Phenom' at the Elimination Chamber. Doesn't that sound imitating? I think it does.
So with that in mind, I accept The Undertaker's challenge. I will face him at the Elimination Chamber, and I will beat him, because I am the best in the world at what I do. and after I beat his washed up carcass, I will move on to Wrestlemania where I will win the WWE Championship.

06-06-2012, 10:27 PM
*The Ultimate Warrior rushes out to his music, runs around the ring 15 times then finally enters the ring only to jump up and down on the ropes like a spastic monkey. He then demands that The Coach brings him a mic *

King: Ziggler should be champion. And after Elimination Chamber he will be

JR: Warrior will defend against 3 other of these men – not Triple H and The Undertaker – but instead of him he has the ass kicker Brock Lesnar, and the Rated R Superstar Edge

King: But CM Punk, Edge, Brock Lesnar, and JBL together are all better than Hulk Hogan and Dolph Ziggler separately, so there's a much bigger chance he will lose.

Coach: Here you go man, I'm...

Warrior: It is Warrior- THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR- not man. I have not been man since the 80's.

Coach: Sorry, Warrior, now excuse me I have to

Warrior: You go nowhere, you shall hold the mic and ask me questions.

Coach: Um, no funny business? Last week was sick.

Warrior: I know not what you mean. All I need you to do is hold the mic and ask me questions.

Coach: Very well

Warrior: All I need you to do is hold the mic and ask me questions.

Coach: Ok, I think I got that already. Tonight you are taking place in a six man tag match.

Warrior: That is a statement, not a question. If you ask it in a question format I shall answer it

Coach: What the hell? I was not finished. To get back to it- Tonight you are taking place in a six man tag match, but what I want to know is what are your thoughts on the Elimination Chamber match and the men that are taking part in it-Ziggler, Edge, Punk, JBL and Lesnar?

Warrior: That seemed like a run on sentence, but let my Warrior mind decipher it *Warrior puts his index fingers to his temples and lets out a loud GROWL* Ok, understood, I shall now answer the question.

*A minute of awkward silence passes*

Coach: Warrior! Hello anybody in there? *Coach knocks on his forehead * Hello?

Warrior: Do not touch this Warrior body when I am in a trance, for its defense mechanisms may destroy you.

Coach: Um, ok. Can you answer the question now? or is you mind still trying to process it?

Warrior: Hush now, for I shall speak on the subject. First, if I was in the Elimination Chamber, it would fall at the sight of me. The steel is no match for this Warrior, nothing would or could cage what is inside me and what is outside of me for the Warrior Gods had spoken so and are very protective as to what goes on for me and all the Warriors of this universe and all others. I have their juices running through me and every orfice of my body lets none seep out of me.

Coach: Ok

Warrior: Now as to the men actually in that barbaric device known as the Elimination Chamber-Ziggler- I have beat him and his little Ziggie already. He knows my power, it was through him that I went on to become what was destined to me- the WWE World Champ. Him and his Ziggie only wish they were me. One day he may get close, and mat one day be picked to be a Warrior, but that would be very far in the future, when the Warrior power has left my body. Edge- the Rated R Superstar only wished he could could have had a celebration such as mine last week. He maty be a great wrestler but he is not a Warrior- he is Canadian and Canadians shall never become Warriors- therefore and henceforth he will not win the match. Punk- now I like him- he allows no drugs or alcohol into his system. He is just like me in that way, only he does not have Warrior powers. I assume one day, those powers will be granted to him. With his pure body and pure soul he may just become the winner of the chamber match. JBL- he is a God, for he says so himself and I believe it to be true because he says so himself. But he is not made of Warrior God material, but still, his Godliness may just help him overpower the rest of the men in the chamber and be the victor. Lesnar- it is obvious his body has been enhanced by drugs, just look at him. He has muscles on top of muscles. Even his muscles have muscles. He may have a Warrior body such as mine, but he has not been blessed by the Warrior Gods, the Warrior Gods have not pumped their power into his body as they have mine and all other Warriors out there. Lesnar just has a human soul, he shall fail in his conquest to win the chamber match unless the others lose, then he shall win

JR: And now it's time for our main event

King: Correct you are JR, its WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior, Intercontinental Champion Triple H and The Undertaker, versus the soon to be victorious team of CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and John Bradshaw Layfield.

JR: I wouldn't bet on it King, there are 2 champions on there opposition.

King: But JBL is the longest reigning champion in Smackdown history!

JR: But now we're on Raw, so that cancels that out. The Undertaker is the Phenom, undefeated at Wrestlemania

King: But as you said, we're on Monday Night Raw, so that cancels that out


JR: And here comes the show off

King: The man that can actually back it up in the ring

JR: Yet to be World Champion.

King: Incorrect, Edge vacated the title, and Ziggler won it

JR: Which he lost 20 minutes later


King: And my hero, CHANGE ME PUNK

JR: The Self Professed Straight Edge Saviour now on his way to the ring

King: And the master of the GTS, he innovator of the Anaconda Vice

JR: The man who – in my good opinion – an effing retard!

King: Well, this should be a slobberknocker

JR: That's my line you son of a bitch


King: And who can forget the infamous bell ringing of this man's theme

JR: The self made billionaire, the...

King: He's a wrestling GAWD

JR: Just shut up


King: *Yawn* Next person out please

JR: What are you talking about King?

King: The...

JR: Best pure striker in WWE history.

King: What are you interrupting me for asshole?

JR: You did it first


JR: And the Intercontinental Champion

King: Shouldn't he be in the main events by now? He's a multiple time World Champ

JR: How many matches are left after this

King: None

JR: So it makes this match

King: The main event

JR: Now aren't you a clever boy

06-06-2012, 10:35 PM
Punk/Punk JBL/Gallows Ziggler/Jericho – Triple H/Triple H Undertaker/Edge Ulimate Warrior/Rey Mysterio

Watch until 7:38

JR: What a spinebuster there by Hunter

King: He's on a roll, what can Punk do

*Hunter is stalking Punk, when Ziggler comes in from behind with a Zig Zag*

King: What a Zig Zag there by Dolph

JR: He isn't the legal man! What's he doing?

*Then Undertaker comes in, and Dolph goes for a clothesline, which Taker ducks and puts his hand around his throat*

King: I know what's coming now. And I don't like it

*Chokeslam hit, but JBL comes in, and hits 'Taker with a clothesline from now*


King: Shut up King

*JBL raises his arm, when Warrior comes in, and lifts Bradshaw above his head, and hits the Gorilla press drop*

King: What are you getting involved for?

JR: Ziggler started it

*Punk slowly gets to his feet, and kicks Warrior in the head. Triple H also gets to his feet, and kicks Punk in the gut. He puts Punk's head between his legs, but Punk lands a takedown, and a Jacknife pin*

King: He's got it


*Ziggler gets up, and puts extra pressure on Triple H's shoulders*



Winners: Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk and JBL.

King: YES!

JR: Ziggler got involved illegaly, Hunter could've kicked out, if Ziggler didn't put extra pressure on Hunter

*JBL slowly gets to his feet. Punk and Dolph gets their hands raised, when JBL nails Punk with a clothesline from hell*

King: What the hell is he doing

JR: Making a statement

*Dolph looks on in shock, and goes to leave the ring, but JBL gets up and pulls him into the ring, and kicks him low, before hitting a huge powerbomb*

***JBL Smiles and waves at the crowd who are frantic with him, the boo's are unanimous - Every last person in this building is booing JBL. He reaches out for a microphone, shouting angrily. He recieves the Microphone as his former partners lay flat out in the ring. He walks over and begins to slap CM Punk on the cheek, laughing again. He places his boot on CM Punks chest then begins to speak***

JBL: You remember, CM Punk, when I told you that you needed to watch your mouth? You remember when I told you when all was said and done that you'd still be dirt on the bottom of my shoe?

***You suck chants are beginning***

JBL: Well as always, CM Punk...I was right.

Do you peasants now understand?

Do you now realise that I cannot be proven wrong?

***JBL walks over to Ziggler who is beggining to roll onto his knees and Boots him in the stomach***

JBL: You stay down you son of a bitch!

***The crowd is getting more and more heated***

JBL: You can boo me all you want, but let me tell you something you fools. I am John 'Bradshaw' Layfield. I am better than you, I am smarter than you, but best of all...I am RICHER than you.

I am a self made millionaire. I am a big deal. You are all nothing. In earth's history we are all just specks of dust compared to how long this world has been alive, we come and go like ants. Well, people like you do. You see when the world spins and spins, you will all be forgotten. You will be wiped off this earth with not even the slightest care, not even the most remote piece of evidence you existed. Do you know why? Because...as painful as it may be for you to hear, you are all nothing. You are all just another animal who will live and die for nothing.

***Some trash is being thrown into the ring as JBL looks on at the crowd seriously***

JBL: This is what I'm talking about. You maggots are nothing. You are good for nothing. People like me make this country great. Forget about your soldiers, they don't do anything useful. They're too stupid to get a real education so they resort to killing eachother. Well I say good riddance, the less of you idiots there are in the blessed country the better. When all is said and done, I will be remembered, for hundreds of years, and YOU will all be NOTHING. You're too damn poor to have gravestones so you'll most likely be added to the waste sites and crushed up with all the soda cans and used diapers.

***The crowd is hissing, some are seen spitting, others throwing rude gestures. The crowd is close to exploding***

JBL: You see this kind of behaviour is exactly what I'm talking about.

For this reason, I will be gone at the end of Elimination chamber. I will be leaving with the title, I can promise you that. Just you remember one more thing...These two ants have been crushed under my boot. These two fallen men have backed up my claims that I am a Wrestling God. At Elimination chamber, I am leaving with the WWE title, and around me will lay more fallen men. Men who will be forgotten, like the rest of you. Men who will too like you be wiped from the face of the earth when their time comes, and I will leave Elimination Chamber surrounded by fallen men, like the God I am.

***JBL Throws the mic at CM Punk's head and boots Ziggler once more before his music hits and he waves at the crowd again, with a cheeky smile, to an array of booing. He leaves slowly taunting the fans on the way up the ramp and one last time, before he leaves he waves again and exits through the curtain.***

06-11-2012, 06:33 PM
*The camera’s are rolling and the show is live.. This time though the show is not greeted with the crowd bursting into life or the pyro’s.. Instead Stephanie Mcmahon is waiting in the ring ready too speak, She is wearing a suit and stood behind A podium*

Steph: Kenneth Anderson! As you know the WWE contacted you numerous times during the week too try and sort this out with out making it public, both parties failed too reach an agreement and there fore the WWE feels the need too respond and make this public with so many people asking if this indeed a stunt or worked.

*The majority of the crowd are silent and intrigued too see where this is going.. A small minority are trying too start a chant for Anderson.*

Steph: May 29, 2009 the date that Kenneth Anderson was released from this company and since that date, World Wrestling Entertainment has made no attempt or desired too bring back or re-hire Ken however.. As most of you aware despite the fact that Kenneth Anderson was not signed too this company or asked too appear, he chose too show up too a WWE live event in London, United Kingdom and clearly disrupted the show while laying his hands on WWE employee Jerry Lawler, for this instance.. Two lawsuit’s have been filed!.

*Crowd Boo*

Steph: Kenneth Anderson then followed up by causing more problems and damage too this company by showing up too A WWE live event in Portugal, Lisbon despite being told clearly he was not welcome.. He proceeded by damaging cars belonging too WWE employee’s.. For these reasons, World Wrestling Entertainment will now be filling more lawsuit’s while looking too take Kenneth Anderson too court.. For anyone not clear with the points made, Mr. Kenneth Anderson is not welcome in the WWE and his threats and violent behaviour will no longER be tolerated if aimed too our employees or any member of the Mcmahon family! Please enjoy the rest of the show! Thank you!.

*Steph’s music plays in the background with the crowd stunned into silence.. Stephanie makes her way out of the ring and back up the ramp behind the curtain with some fans booing and chants of Anderson being heard!*

Raw Is War: Episode 7
Location: Madrid, Spain

*With Steph now backstage, the ring is cleared and the Raw Is War music is played out around the arena while the pyros are blasted off.*

JR: Well I was not expecting that King!

King: I wasn’t either JR! I don’t blame the WWE for responding like this.. They can’t have a former disgruntled employee turning up and doing what ever he wants.

JR: Ladies and Gentleman we welcome you too what has been a fascinating start too Raw Is War, we are live from sunny Madrid Spain!

King: Viva Espana!

JR: It is the 3rd date of our European tour and this one could be the best one yet.. As you may have seen on WWE.com, A special announcement was made saying that every Elimination Chamber entrant will compete tonight in the beat the clock challenge!

King: Wow! that’s awesome.. I’m going too check that out now.

JR: That’s right.. The winner of the beat the clock challenge will earn the right too enter the Elimination Chamber last giving a huge advantage in that demonic structure!

King: That’s a massive advantage! You could watch every other man beat the living day lights out of each other before you come in and take advantage of the situation!

JR: Best of all.. That starts, Next!!


*Warrior rushes out to his music and runs around the ring twenty times before finally entering *

Warrior: *screaming* COACH! Get in here.

*Coach enters the ring with a mic in hand*

Coach: What do you want?

Warrior: I needed that device known as a microphone

Coach: Urm, ok. Here you go. *he tries to hand the mic to Warrior, but Warrior just stares at him * Let me guess, you want me to hold the mic, correct?

Warrior: Yes, and ask me questions.

Coach: Why always me though?

Warrior: Because you hold the microphone in the proper manner and you have a strong tone in your voice. I also see a little bit of me in you.

Coach: Thank you, I guess. And I don't think I see you in me, not at all.

Warrior: But I am in you. The Warrior seed grows strong in you, for it has been written by the Warrior Gods. I shall take you to Uranus next time I fly there for the meeting of the Warrior Gods.

Coach: Um, no thank you. I'm not going anywhere with you and your seed is not in me.

Warrior: Yes it is

Coach: No it is not

Warrior: Yes it is

Coach: Fine, to shut you up- your seed is in me. Now can I ask you a question?

Warrior: Is that your question?

Coach: What?

Warrior: Is your question- Now can I ask you a question?

Coach: What?

Warrior: Is your question- Now can I ask you a question?

Coach: I am not following you.

Warrior: Is your question- Now can I ask you a question?

Coach: Will you stop saying that?

Warrior: Ok, but is that your next question?

Coach: Stop that! Tonight you have a beat the clock match against Bobby Roode. What are your thoughts on that?

Warrior: In that match, I shall prevail over Bobby Roode for I transcend both space and time.

Coach: What the hell does that have to do with a beat the clock match?

Warrior: Is that your next question?

Coach: YES!

Warrior: As the Ultimate Warrior, I have powers not seen by the naked human eye. I can stop time. I can stop it with my mind. I will use that power to defeat Bobby Roode

Coach: Ok, you know that sounds, er stupid.

Warrior: Hush now*30 second pause* You hear that?

Coach: Er, no


Coach: No need to scream. But, yes, I was just about to ask you about that.

Warrior: That because the Warrior seed is growing in you.

Coach: Ok, whatever. But can you answer the question that I was going to ask you that you said the Warrior Gods told you that I was going to ask you?

Warrior: Yes I shall answer you. The Elimination Chamber Match will hurt people, it will probably end careers. As far as the winner of that match- it has been written, for the Warrior Gods have told me so.

Coach: And? Who will be the winner?

Warrior: You would have to go with me to Uranus to find out. Warrior Gods only speak to mortals on their home planet. My new home planet.

Coach: So Uranus- are you talking about the planet or your bunghole?

Warrior: The planet

Coach: Oh, um maybe some other time. I have to wash my hair

Warrior: Very well. Thank you for your time

06-11-2012, 06:43 PM
JR: Strong words from the Warrior folks, Personally though it’s going too be tough.. I believe Warrior is capable of walking out of the Chamber still with the title around his waist.

King: No chance JR! I really don’t know how he became champion in the first place, there is no way he will walk out the chamber with the title!


JR: Here comes the man Warrior will need too beat if he is too set the time too beat tonight, it won’t be easy though folks.. Roode is talented.

King: I agree, I personally don’t see him beating Roode tonight and I don’t see him winning at the Chamber either!

*Both men are standing in the ring, the crowd are behind the WWE champion, cheering his name as both men await the ring bell too start the match*

Warrior vs Roode (Rude)

Stop at 6:11

JR: Roode with the sleeper!

King: Look at the clock JR! It’s already gone 6 minutes!

JR: It’s not ideal King.. But Roode has this sleeper locked in tight, He could have him here!

*Warrior begins fading as the ref checks him out.. A couple more seconds pass by and Warrior try’s fighting back*

JR: Warrior is fighting back!

*Warrior steps on Roode’s foot before hitting Bobby with elbows too the temple, Warrior then springs off the ropes and knocks down Roode with a big shoulder barge!*

King: 6:30 gone!

*Warrior gets back too his feet and looks at the clock.. He then picks up Roode and delivers a big Gorilla press slam, with the clock ticking down to 6:48 he then springs off the ropes and hit’s the Warrior splash!*

JR: That’s got too be it.. Pin him Warrior!




Warrior wins, Time: 7:00

King: 7 minutes! He’s got no chance of winning this challenge with that time!

*Warrior gets back too his feet and looks at the clock before shaking his head clearly disappointed with the time, Warrior then makes his way too the back with the crowd cheering his name*


Storm: Well Bobby, looks like you lost your match, sorry about your damn luck Bobby *crowd cheers* Ladies and gentlemen the greatest wrestler that ever lived was given the opportunity to main event Elimination Chamber failed to prove himself

Roode: SHUT UP STORM, I was and still am the greatest wrestler who ever lived, *crowd boos* Management apparently don’t like me because they gave me the hardest match. A match against the world champion who is a freakin lunatic

Storm: Oh how hard could that be, tell me Bobby how hard is it, working your way o the top like I have done it for the past 10 years

Roode: You’re stupid and that’s why it’s taken you so long, I on the other hand achieved great success in TNA while you were down there, working your little turtle way up. I was on top of the world James, I was always stealing the damn show every night weither it be with you or against you the fans payed to see me and not you.

Storm: You were always the egomaniac Bobby, I was the one who carried the team and kept us afloat, TNA went bankrupt because of you being the champ there and you know it

Roode: No TNA went out of business because of the old people like Sting, Flair and Hogan. Pretty soon this company is going to be doing the same thing with Warrior, Taker, Triple H and not putting me in the main freaking event

Storm: Well Bobby here’s our time to shine. I have a great idea how about you and me fight it off in a 3 stages o hell stipulation during the next 3 PPVs. It’s then we will find out who is the better man *crowd cheers*

Roode: You got it Storm, and I have an even better idea to get my hands on you before Elimination Chamber, you and me next week whoever wins gets to choose the first match type.

Storm: You got it cowboy, Bobby Sorry about your damn luck

*Storm leaves and the camera turns to Roode smirking as Storm’s music plays*

The entire WWE Universe is in a state of ecstasy and utter euphoria over everything that has transpired, thus far, on Monday Night RAW. After The Ultimate Warrior’s explosive win of seven minutes in the Beat the Clock Challenge, the fans, in attendance, are visibly showing their anticipation for the events that unfold later on in the programming. But soon enough, a stout man, wearing a baseball cap that hides his amber, wavy hairs, sans his signature ponytail, along with a black leather jacket, intrude on their not so private festivities. The man, none other than Paul Heyman, suddenly makes his way out of the backstage area through the curtain. He is greeted by booing and jeering from the audience but he brushes them off by showing absolutely no facial expressions that would acknowledge their abhorrence.

::Paul Heyman::
“Ladies and gentleman, good evening. I hope you are all enjoying the show so far but…I know that such a feat would require patience of epic proportions. Such a feat, I’m quite aware, is unobtainable even by the most meek of saints. In other words, I’m quite aware that you’re all bored out of your minds! Not to worry, though, because in a few seconds from now, you will all hear the words of the man who will, indubitably, win the WWE Championship in the upmcing Elimination Chamber match, a man who needs no introduction but will receive one anyway for the pleasure of every single one of you, most hospitable patrons, it is my pleasure to introduce to all of you, Brock Lesnar!”
Heyman begins to start clapping as “The Next Big Thing” plays on the PA system. As promised, Lesnar shows up, from behind the curtain, in no time at all. He’s already dressed for competition as he’s scheduled to compete in a Beat the Clock Challenge. Both he and Heyman walk down the entrance ramp and get in the ring. Lesnar asks Heyman to hand his microphone over to him as his music dies down. Lesnar is all smiles as is Paul Heyman. Apparently, something unbeknownst to the audience, has occupied his twisted mind.
:Brock Lesnar::
“I’m pretty sure you all remembered last week when I said that there was gonna be hell to pay for the way you all treated me last week. Like I said, I’m a man of my word. So I’m gonna ask one of our cameraman backstage to give us a view of my latest bit of handiwork.”
Lesnar gestures to the titantron and the audience is horrified as they see a lifeless R-Truth beaten and bloodied by a turned over vending machine. His arm is draped over its side while his face lies in the small pool of his blood. Paramedics are already on the scene, preparing a gurney to carry R-Truth away. The feed, on the scene, ends and Lesnar starts laughing to the ire of the ticked off fans.
::Brock Lesnar::
“I told you. I told each and every one of you that I’m not the man to *bleep* with and you morons wouldn’t listen. Therefore, I had to take matters into my own hands. His blood is on each and every one of your heads just like my opponent I have in my match. Now listen, I don’t give a damn who they are or what they are, they’re gonna get their ass kicked just like I did to Morrison last week and just like I did to R-Truth a couple of minutes ago. And believe me, it’s gonna take WAY shorter than seven minutes like it took “The Ultimate Warrior”. Seven minutes? Really? I’ve run triathlons in less time than that. I’ll probably be able to win in two minutes. No, thirty seconds. But then again, where’s the fun in that? I’ll get a good time in this Beat the Clock Challenge but I’ll win in the perfect time that will give me the opportunity to display my dominance in the ring. So, whoever’s sorry ass I have to beat tonight, here comes the mother*bleep*ing pain!”

Lesnar throws the mic down to the ground and waits for his opponent, proverbially foaming out the mouth. A snickering Heyman leaves the ring and looks down at the ramp with Lesnar.

06-11-2012, 07:13 PM

King: Here comes the humongeous giant

JR: Well it can't be the humongeous midget now can it?

There is a huge pop as John Morrison appears on the top of the ramp. He is wearing his signature brown fur jacket, with shimmering studs shining off it. He is wearing brown leather bottoms and of course the signature dark shades with silver studs, marking the shape of a cross. He poses for his signature slo-mo stance as photographers and fans alike snap away with their cameras. He proceeds to the ring, whipping off his shades to stare up at Brock/ Paul and Brock in the ring. He gets in the ring and begins to talk.
Jo-Mo: Brock Lesnar! Wow, you are quite the specimen, arent you? And last week, you certinaly proved why you are so feared in this business, with one emphatic F-5! As I lay there on the ground, writhing in pain, all I could think about was one thing.... you ruined m chance at redemption! You see Brock, after I left the WWE last year, everyone called me a failure. I was looked as as a failure, and as a guy who never got the big one! I was looked at as a joke and rightly so, cause Id given up on wrestling and I let you people down, and for that, I truly am sorry!

Applause rains down on Morrison as he looks around, nodding his head sincerly.

Jo-Mo: So I returned last week, and for one fleeting moment, I thought I had my shot. A chance to go to Elimination Chamber, and walk out the WWE Champion! Then I'd fufil my lifelong dream, of walking in and out of Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion! But you, Brock Lesnar, you ruined that moment for me and for all my JoMoSapians!

The crowd boos and begins to chant BROCK SUCKS!

Jo-Mo: And if there's one thing we don't like in the Palace Of Wisdom, it party poopers, Brock! And even if I wont be fufilling my dreams, I'll be damned if you waltze in here and main event WrestleMania! Brock, tonight, imma kick your sorry ass!
Lesnar vs Jomo (Eddie)

*stop at 8:00*

JR: Brock Lesnar quickly goes for the cover but time is up,the match is over and Brock could not beat Warrrior's time

King: I wouldn't want to be John Morrison right now JR, I think he's going to take out his frustrations on him again

JR: Lesnar picks up morrison and hits AN F5 BY BY BROCK LESNAR

King: Watch out JR, he's coming over here, don't make eye contact stay away as far as possible from this beast

JR: Lesnar grabs a chair and this does not look good for Morrison, Lesnar takes vicious shots to the back of Morrison continiously, hen lays the chair on the ground and hits and F5 ON TOP OF THE STEEL CHAIR OH MY GAWD

King: I almost feel bad for John Morrison at this state

JR: You damn right should be feeling bad, this man is out here to give his best performance and Lesnar just wants to punish people

King: He's not done yet I think

JR: Thank god here comes security

*security comes out and surrounds the ring*

JR: Security is entering the ring to stop the situation

King: Look at this JR, Lesnar is too much for them he's manhandling them one by one

JR: Punches, elbows and kicks from Lesnar, nobody is able to stop this beast F5 TO ONE OF THEM ON TOP OF MORRISON

King: Wow look at all the chaos there must be at least 10 men inside that ring, all demolished by Brock Lesnar

***The cameras switch to backstage, where JBL is standing backstage with Josh Matthews. The fans are booing already at the site of JBL, who has a smug grin on his face.***

Josh: John, Everyone in the WWE Universe is talking about your claim that at Elimination Chamber, you will be leaving, and that if you hold the WWE title at that time, you will be leaving with the title. Is this a hoax? And do you think you can really win at Elimination Chamber?

***JBL smiles and then suddenly scowls and snatches the microphone from Josh's hand***

JBL: Josh...Do you think I am fooling around?

***He holds the mic up to Josh Matthews' mouth***

Josh: No, No S-

JBL: That's right. Anyone who thinks this is a joke will see at Elimination Chamber. IN just a few short weeks, I WILL be leaving with the WWE Title. I am undefeated since my return - I have decimated each and every man I have faced, and each and every man who has had the audacity to try and side with me.

Let me tell you something Josh...WHen I returned, I made a vow to once again to hold the WWE title. I once again made a vow that the WWE Universe would see a god crushing men, so that they can begin to appreciate the appalling ability of the inferior superstars in this company. I Once again have proved that when I say something I mean it. What I say I do, I will do. What I do, I do Very, Very well. But believe me or don't. In just a few weeks time, I will be leaving Elimination Chamber with the WWE title around my waste...And there ain't a damn thing you or anybody else can do about it.

***JBL slams the microphone into Josh Matthew's chest and the crowd is frantic. He walks off with a scowl on his face and the cameras fade out from backstage.***

*The camera cuts back from the JBL interview and Sin Cara’s music can be heard as the Mexican legend is already waiting in the ring warming up*

JR: Should be another great match folks, remember the time too beat is still the Ultimate Warriors time of 7 minutes exactly!

VG: Excuse me! Excuse me!

*Vickie Guerrero steps out from behind the curtain too a chorus of boo’s as she try’s to get the crowds attention!*


JR: oh my ears.. Her voice goes right through me!

VG: Please put you’re hands together and welcome the next WWE champion and the winner of the beat the clock challenge.. My client, Dolph Ziggler!


*Dolph swaggers out from behind the curtain with a very confident look on his face.. He has a mic in hand and is ready too speak*

DZ: Cut my music! So the time too beat is 7 minutes and my opponent is the Sin Botcher! I could do this with my eyes closed!

*Crowd boo*

DZ: You can boo.. But you all know it’s true! *Ziggler laughs* When I win this beat the clock challenge, I will then head too the Elimination Chamber as the last man too enter and I will enter doing what I do best… out performing who ever is left in the match before beating them and being the crowd the new WWE champion!!

*Ziggler poses with his cocky smile as Vickie claps his every word!*

DZ: Warrior! You’re time is running out.. The era of the showoff is upon us!

*Dolph then drops the mic and heads too the ring with Vickie at his side*

JR: Typical confidence from Ziggler there! No doubting the kids talent.. But again, I only wished his attitude matched his in-ring ability!

King: He’s confident! What’s wrong with that? I like Ziggler and he will beat the Warriors time easy!

Stop at 5:22

Ziggler wins, time 5:22

King: Dolph’s done it! He beat Sin Cara and he beat Warriors time!

JR: He had the damn tights! He had Sin Cara’s tights damn it!

*Ziggler gets back too his feet happy with the time he has set, He gets out of the ring and shares a hug with Vickie before both make there way back up the ramp with the crowd boo’ing! As the camera heads backstage once again.*

06-11-2012, 10:12 PM
*The camera cut's too backstage where Regal and Eugene can be seen*

Eugene: Mr. Regal, Mr. Regal. My frieeeeeend

*Eugene hugs Regal who tries to shove Regal away.*

Eugene: Why you push Eugene away?

Regal: Why did I push Eugene away? Let me tell you crumpet, that I don't do hugs. I'm the English Brawler, the former King of the Ring, the greatest technical wrestler who ever lived. Eugene, I don't do hugs darling, even if I liked you

Eugene: You like me? You like me. As more than I friend? Cause I wanna see her boobies!

*Eugene points to Trish Stratus standing in a corner backstage talking to Lita and Stacy Keibler*

Regal: No you filthy retard. I do not like you, in fact, I've touched her boobies, and I got 3 words for ya. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! Now Pumpkin, get out of my way, so I can talk to Teddy so I get a match

*Regal starts walking off, but stops, and turns back*

Regal: Wait a minute. Eugene, how would you like to be on your back Next week?

Eugene: Trish had me on my back earlier... It was super duper mega fun. I like being on my back.

Regal: Would you like your shoulders being pinned to the floor, after a knee goes near your face sweethart


Regal: Awesome little prick. Hopefully that Portuguese douche higher up can make this happen. Ta Ta Eugene

Eugene: bye bye FRIEEEEEND!

*The camera cuts back from the Regal/Eugene segment and back too the arena where the next match is about too take place*

King: That Eugene is such a dork! I hope Regal teaches him a lesson.. How could he possibly think Regal is his friend?

JR: He think’s most people are his friend King.. Eugene is a nice guy!

King: I hate him! He’s a clown!


*The longhorn music plays out around the arena and the limo pulls out too a chorus of boo’s from the crowd, JBL steps out and begins making his way too the ring*

King: I still can’t believe JBL is leaving Ross..

JR: Personally King If JBL want’s too take his ball home and go that’s up too him, The WWE will be a better place for it in my opinion!

King: Taking his ball? What are you on about.. He’s going too take the WWE title with him!

*JBL stands in the ring waiting for his opponent.. He begins warming up with a look of focus on his face when..*


JR: It’s Santino!

King: Eugene.. Now Santino! No wonder JBL is leaving!

We see the Milan Miracle at the top of the stage, raising his unibrow in the direction of JBL. He brings the microphone to his lipa and begins to speak, his thick Italian accent evident.

Santino: Ciao, ladies and gentlepeoples! My name isss..... SANTINO MARELLA! I am the Italian Stallion and last week, I made my return to Raw in Lisbon, Portugal. I took parrt in a over de topa rope challenge.. and I lost. But never fear, my BILLIONS! *the crowd retorts with silence*. Okays, when I says Billions, you shouta AND BILLIONS! OK, here we go... BUT, never fear my BILLIONS! *the crowd gives a much bigger esponse shouting AND BILLIONS! back at him* of Santinomaniacs, I will beat the man in the ring tonight, John Bradshaw Layfield

The crowd boos loudly at the mere mention of JBL's name. Layfield aint bothered, as he shouts at the ref to start the match.

Santino: Bradshaw, you may be in the E.Chamber this year, but you shoulda be woorying abouta tonightsah, when I kick your sorry ass. I mean look at you John. You are fat, you are ugly, you are the most pathetic WWE Champ of all time. But worst of all, you havent purchased your Cobra Sock for $9.99 on WWE.com. Buy, buy buy peoples! Butah seriously John, I honestly have to tell you, that i compare you to a chicken. When someone comes up to you, you flap about, giving it the big talks, but when someone actually stands upah to you and fight, you crap your little trunks!

JBL tries to talk over Santino, but Santino continues.

Santino: Ive always wondered why you use thatah estupido towel, but now I think I know!

JBL: Santino, I swear to gawd!

Santino: Buck, buck buck buck!!!! Hey look kids, its JBL the chicken!

JBL keeps trying to talk over Santino, but Marella keeps interuppting him with chicken noises. JBL gives up and simply beckons Marella into the ring.

Santino: One and one more thingah... Grab a npkin homie, you just got serveda!

The crowd cheers and laughs as Santino begins to speed walk towards the ring

JR: I love Santino! These fans do too!

King: Santino mocking JBL? What a disgrace! How can you find that funny Ross? You should have a little more respect for a wrestling god like John Layfield!

*Santino makes his way down too the ring.. JBL looks furious and orders the Ref too get the match started*

JBL vs. Santino (EL Gran)

Stop at 4:16

JR: JBL with the pin!




JR: Santino kicked out! JBL has been in total control King.. It looks like a matter of time before JBL wins this.

King: Well 6:30 is the time too beat! It’s 4:30 now so he has plenty of time! The quicker he gets this over with the better!

*JBL is stalking Marella waiting for him too get up.. Santino begins to stagger too his feet while JBL attempts his clothesline from hell!*

JR: Clothesline from hell!

King: he almost decapitated Santino!

*JBL connects with his trademark finisher.. He caught Santino so hard that he knocked him out of the ring! JBL is about too get out of ring and drag him in when..*

JR: Hey! What’s Ziggler doing out here!

*Ziggler begins too make his way down the ramp with a big smile on his face, JBL points at Ziggler and shouts “ what you doing out here!” Ziggler then attacks Santino with kicks too the back and stomach, JBL is furious with Dolph as the ring bell sounds!*

JR: Is JBL disqualified?. Yeah.. That mean’s he’s lost!

King: What was Ziggler thinking!

JR: He’s protecting his time that’s what he’s doing!

*JBL can’t believe he’s been disqualified and pushes the ref over with anger as Ziggler heads too the back with a big grin on his face!*

06-11-2012, 10:16 PM

*Rocky’s music goes out around the arena and the electricity from the ground can be felt as they stand up and cheer for the Brahma Bull while chanting his name! Rock steps out from behind the curtain and takes in the vibes from the crowd.. Before making his way down too the ring with a mic in hand*

Rock: Fin-

*The Rock goes too speak as the Madrid crowd cheer his name once again!*

Rock: Muchas gracias!

*The crowd react again with another huge cheer and continue too chant “ Rocky!” as Rock takes another deep breath and again begins too speak*

Rock: Finally.. The Rock has come back! *crowd join in* too Madrid, Spain!

*Once more the crowd cheer for the Brahma Bull with chants again of “Rocky” going out around the arena!*

Rock: Firstly.. The Rock want’s too start with John Cena! Yeah.. The Rock can see you Cena, Oh believe the Rock can see you’re monkey ass! You want too keep mentioning the great one in your “ raps” you carry on Jabroni, but the Rock promises you this Cena, When I’m done with the Undertaker, I will be looking at you… I will be shining my boot all nice! Then do you know what I’m going too do?. I’m going too turn that son bitch sideways and *crowd join in* stick it straight up you’re candy ass!

*The crowd give a huge pop for the Rock as he starts smiling in the ring*

Rock: The great one isn’t here for John Cena.. No, that guy is busy getting his ass whipped by that indy guy, I’m here to respond too the Undertaker!

*The crowd give a pop for the mention of the Deadman!*

Rock: So The Undertaker respectfully declines my challenge..

*The crowd boo as the Rock shakes his head*

Rock: I know.. I know, I’m disappointed as well.. But maybe Undertaker is scared. Maybe the Deadman realises that even though.. He’s beating the greats like Shawn Michaels! *crowd pop* Jimmy super fly Snuka! *crowd pop* and even the nature boy Ric Flair! *crowd pop* Maybe this time Undertaker knows that even though he has beat these men and many others.. Even though he’s the Deadman and Phenom, even though he can roll his eyes in the back of his head, that he cannot beat the Brahma Bull with the Millions! *crowd join in* and Millions of the Team Bring It army standing behind him!

*The crowd continue too cheer Rock’s every word with “ Team Bring It” chants going around the arena*

Rock: All joking aside, The Rock respects the Undertaker.. Always have and always will. But the Rock is going too ask you one more time, I am challenging you too match at Wrestlemania! The Return vs. The streak! Man to Man, I’m asking you Taker.. Give me the chance too fight you at Wrestlemania!

*Jericho comes out with a smile on his face and mic in hand. He wastes no time starting to talk as he's walking down the ramp.*

Jericho: Well isn't this a familiar sight! As if one desperate man wasn't enough, we have 2 running around the place, begging and groveling for a ticket to Wrestlemania. You make me sick!!

*Jericho enters the ring as the crowd boo*

Jericho: What part of "NO." don't you understand? The Deadman said "NO." to your challenge last week, and there's a good reason for that. After all, we all know that you're going to be leaving after Wrestlemania again. But the fact of the matter is, why would anyone want to face you at Wrestlemania? Why would anyone want to face you, get verbally humiliated by you in this ring for about 6 weeks, only for you to pack up and leave right after Wrestlemania?

*the crowd boo*

Jericho: What movie do you have lined up next? A sequel to 'The Toothfairy' perhaps?

*The Rock stares at Jericho as if he's biting his lip*

Jericho: What's the matter, you look lost for words there. Did you forget to write your notes on your wrists or something?

*Jericho laughs to himself as The Rock looks pissed*

Jericho: But you haven't considered another important factor here, the fact that I am facing The Undertaker at the Elimination Chamber, and that after I beat him, he won't be worth facing at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker is a washed up has been, and at the Elimination Chamber I will show that to the world. He is a fading force, a fallen warrior, and after I beat him, and show him for what he really is, nobody will want to face him at Wrestlemania, because everyone will realize that Undertaker's streak is a worthless gimmick.

*crowd are very displeased at this*

Jericho: So if you want to pursue this desperate avenue, this last chance saloon of getting one more pay-packet at Wrestlemania by facing The Undertaker at Wrestemania, then go ahead. But I know, you know and all these hypocrites here know that The Rock vs The Undertaker will be nothing more than a failure of a match.

*The Rock continues too stare at Jericho for a few more seconds as the crowd chant his name, The Rock lift the microphone too his lips and begins too speak*

Rock: Who in the blue hell invited you’re dancing with the stars rudy poo candy arse out here!?.

*The crowd being too laugh before popping for the great one, Jericho’s arrogant smirk has turned into a scowl*

Rock: You want too come out here.. Interrupt the people’s champ and call The Rock desperate?.

*Jeircho begins smiling once more as Rock looks pissed*

Rock: The Rock will you tell what is desperate! Desperate is using the WWE Universe too enhance you’re music career, people can say what they like about The Rock.. But when the Rock left.. He became Dwayne Johnson the actor! But when you left.. You were still Chris Jericho, Yeah I’m Jericho.. The one you loved when I was wrestling but come watch me dance with the stars.. Come watch me sing and one day I might come back! I will tell you what desperate is Jericho! Desperate is hiding underneath the Royal Rumble ring and waiting for the right opportunity like a vulture! I will tell you what desperate is Jericho.. Desperate is what you will be, desperate for medical attention if you ever.. EVERRRR interrupt me again!

*The Rock drops the mic before facing off against Jericho with the crowd chanting his name and his music playing in the background as the camera cuts too a commercial*

06-11-2012, 10:27 PM
*The camera comes back from the commercial where the crowd are still chanting for The Rock*

JR: Welcome back folks.. If you have just joined us, you have missed a hell of a show so far and what about that face off between Rock and Jericho King?.

King: Man that was tense! I think Jericho is right though!

JR: Why am I not surprised King.

King: The Rock is desperate, move on Dwayne! Undertaker said no!


*Cult of personality blares out over the speaker’s as the straight edge superstar makes his way from behind the curtain and heads too the ring with the crowd boo’ing!*

JR: Remember folks.. Dolph Zigglers time of 6:30 is the time too beat here!

King: I’m confident Punk will beat that time!

*Jeff hardy burst’s through the curtain too a rock star like reception from the fans.. Hardy then quickly makes his way down too the ring, sliding underneath the ropes ready too compete!*

JR: If Punk is too beat Ziggler’s time King, he’s going too need too be at his best.. Jeff Hardy will never give anyone an easy match!

King: Punk is the best in the world Ross, He is going too win this whole beat the clock challenge!

JR: Well both these men have history King.. The last match Hardy had here before he came back.. Was against CM Punk in a loser leave’s match.

King: I hope Jeff Hardy has go used too losing then.. Because it’s not about too change tonight!

*Both men are in the ring ready too get the match started.. The ref rings the bell and the match is away!*

Punk vs. Jeff (Matt)

Start at 1:30 stop at 5:00



JR: Kick out!

King: That was close! Come on Punk!

JR: Hardy has control of the match.. He’s about too go high risk!

*With 4 minutes on the clock Jeff Hardy goes top rope as CM Punk lies motion less on the canvas*

JR: Hardy looking for the Swanton Bomb!

*As Hardy jumps of the turnbuckle looking for the Swanton, Punk moves and Hardy come down crashing too the matt!*

King: It’s not called high risk for nothing! * King laughs* Here’s you’re chance Punk!

*CM Punk looks at the clock and quickly crawls over too Jeff and locks in the anaconda Vice!*

JR: Anaconda Vice locked in.. Punk could finish it here! With 4 minutes on the clock and Hardy stuck in the middle of the ring.. This could be perfect for Punk!

King: Tap out! Tap out Hardy!

*Hardy is trying his best too wriggle out of the hold.. Trying too fight out of the lock with everything he has left, Hardy holds on for as long as he can before tapping out!*

King: I told you! I told you! 4:36 that’s a very good time from Punk!

JR: Well Punk has beat Ziggler’s time and with 4:36 the time too beat with one more match.. Punk could indeed win this tournament, But I wouldn’t rule out Edge just yet folks!

*CM Punk makes his way up the ramp celebrating his victory while the crowd boo self pro-claimed best in the world*

JR: And now it’s time for our main event! The final Beat The Clock challenge! Edge against Cody Rhodes!

King: Yeah! Cody is gonna kick Edge’s ass next! I can’t wait for this one!

*Edge bursts through the smoke to a huge ovation from the crowd. He runs across to one end of the stage and begins to get pumped up, before doing the same to the opposite side. He walks back to the ramp and takes a few steps down it. He looks up and points to the sky as his pyro goes off behind him. He runs down the rest of the ramp and slides into the ring. He grabs the microphone from Lilian Garcia and looks around at the crowd.*

Edge: So, here we are, Beat The Clock- I have the final chance to beat CM Punk’s time and go on to Elimination Chamber with the final entry spot in the Chamber. The only problem I have is Cody Rhodes standing before me.

*The fans boo the name of Cody.*

Edge: Wait, did I say problem? I meant hurdle, and just like all professional runners, I’ll clear the hurdle with no issues whatsoever. This is my chance to prove I am the Ultimate Opportunist.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: And yet again, I find my way blocked by CM Punk.

*The fans boo loudly.*

Edge: Punk put in a great show earlier, I’ll admit that, when he beat Jeff Hardy in 4:36, but right now, I’m going to beat the clock, I’m going to earn that final spot in the Elimination Chamber. So CM Punk and Cody Rhodes stand in my way. I’m going to knock them both down.

*The fans pop.*

Edge: Cody Rhodes, the son of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. The brother of Goldust. Cody, your brother dressed up in gold paint and you’re still the weird one in the family. You’re still the one that has done nothing, and that’s not going to change tonight. One Spear and I’m going to pin you in the middle of this ring, 1, 2, 3.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: And then CM Punk, I’m going to take the spot you call yours right now. I’m going to be the final man to enter the Chamber at the PPV, and then I’m going to Spear you, and anybody else in my way. And no disrespect to the Ultimate Warrior- I was there the first time he won the title, sitting in the Eleventh Row with Christian at Wrestlemania VI. I cheered just as loudly as anybody when he won that night, but at Elimination Chamber, if you get in my way, you’re going to get Speared.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: And once I Spear each and every single one of you in that match, I’m going to pin you one-by-one and leave with the WWE Championship. Let me get something straight right now. Come Elimination Chamber, the WWE officially goes Rated R!

*Edge passes the mic back to Lilian as the fans go nuts.*

JR: Strong words from the Rated R Superstar here tonight! And if anybody can beat Punk’s time, it’s Edge!

King: Nobody will beat Punk’s time, and Edge is definitely not going to do it!

*Cody Rhodes bursts through the curtain as the fans boo loudly. He makes his way down to the ring with a grin on his face. He slides into the ring and stands opposite Edge, with the grin not leaving his face. He looks out to the crowd who boo him immensely.*

King: Cody looks in great shape! Edge doesn’t stand a chance.

JR: I wouldn’t write off Edge if I were you King, he’s an ELEVEN TIME World Champion!

King: Well as long as he remains on eleven and doesn’t walk out of Elimination Chamber as the WWE Champion, that’s fine with me.

Main Event: Beat The Clock Challenge: Edge vs. Cody Rhodes

(stop at 3:23)

JR: Edge is in complete control, with over a minute to go! He’s looking set to win!

King: Come on Cody! Do something good!

*Edge approaches the ropes where Cody is getting to his feet, and Cody drives his shoulder into Edge’s gut, sending Edge backwards. Cody jumps into the ring and hits a dropkick. He goes for a cover on Edge.



Kick out!

Cody immediately grabs Edge’s hair and drags him to his feet, where he slaps the Rated R Superstar. Cody looks up at the clock as it passes one minute left to Beat The Clock. He smiles as Edge reaches his feet once more. Cody goes to bounce off the ropes and goes for the Beautiful Disaster kick but Edge ducks under and bounces off the ropes looking for the Spear but Cody uses Edge’s own momentum to send him through the ropes and to the floor below. Cody bounces off the ropes and jumps through them himself with a suicide dive!*

King: Yes Cody! Keep him on the outside!

JR: Edge has forty seconds to go to Beat The Clock!

*Cody is first to his feet within ten seconds and he looks up at the clock as it passes the 30 seconds left mark. He laughs and grabs Edge’s hair. He drags Edge to his feet and throws him into the fan’s barricade. He begins to pound on Edge’s head for a few seconds but Edge pushes Cody back into the apron. He grabs Cody by the head and throws him into the ring, following him in as twenty seconds to go passes.

Cody gets back to his feet almost immediately and turns directly into...*

06-11-2012, 10:30 PM
(0:16 to 0:18)

JR: What a Spear from Edge! He has fifteen seconds left!

King: But he’s too tired to capitalize JR!

*Edge finally begins to crawl at the ten seconds to go mark. He drapes an arm across Cody with seven seconds to go.




JR: It’s CM PUNK! What the hell!?

King: What a move from the Straight Edge Superstar! The clock just ran out! Punk’s entering the Chamber last!

*On the outside, Punk pushes the referee out of the way as Edge reaches his feet. Punk’s laughing suddenly stops as Edge is pissed! He drops out of the ring as Punk tries to back up the ramp but as he runs, he slips and Edge is quickly on top of him pounding away as Punk desperately tries to cover up. He manages to escape Edge’s grasp by pulling himself to the side of the ramp. He drops down but Edge quickly follows. He grabs Punk’s head and slams him into the side of the ramp. Punk manages to climb back up and rolls onto the stage. He stands up as Edge climbs up, and as Edge picks himself up, Punk kicks Edge low! He follows up with a kick to Edge’s head, sending him sprawling across the stage.*

JR: Oh my god! What a brutal kick! Edge is out cold!

*But Punk isn’t done there as he drags Edge up onto his shoulders, and hits the GTS!*

King: What a move! CM Punk is the best in the world!

*Punk looks down at Edge, who is knocked out after the GTS, as Punk smiles. CM turns, heading into the back, as the fans are booing hardcore. Punk comes back out from behind, with a microphone in hand.*

CM Punk: Do you boo when Jay Z takes the stage? Do you boo when Robert De Niro comes on screen? I don't think so, so when the person who is the master of their craft has something to say, you all best shut your mouths and pay me some respect!

*This just makes the fans boo 10 times more, as CM just grins. Punk walks over to Edge, and sits down right now to him, indian leg style. He turns his face, looking into the camera.*

Punk: Back in the summer of 2011, I did something that everyone in the back has been wanting to do for a very long time. I did something that everyone had been wanting me to do. I spoke my mind. I told the truth. I became that voice that held those in the back who think they are above everyone else, accountable. I talked about Paul Heyman, Triple H, Vince McMahon, our Be A Star bully garbage, heck I talked about a lot. From that point going forward, the wrestling world was on fire from the words out of my mouth. That was then, and this is now. What has happened since then? It's like all of you took acid, and are tripping back to the 90's. Warrior is at the top, Paul holds the gold, Paulie is back with the Next Big Flop, and JBL thinks he is a deity again. Things are so screwed up, and truth be told, even I can't change it all. No...your Straight Edge Savior cannot fix all of the screw ups in the last few months...what I can do...what I plan on doing, is correcting atleast one thing...and that is the WWE Championship. It shouldn't be held by Jim Hellwig..oh wait...legally your now called Warrior. Wow, that juice you keep talking about must be some strong stuff if you are that far off your rocker. That's okay though...because at the Elimination Chamber, I am going to knock you backwards out of the rocker, and onto your ass when I become the new WWE Champion, when I become your WWE Champion...you...the people...the WWE Universe....by the way, what kind of garbage is that, Universe. That's something that those World of Warcraft geeks would think of. You fans aren't a universe, you are individual people. You’re the WWE fans, that's it.

*Punk turns, looking down at Edge who hasn't moved yet.*

Punk: Now...you Adam....you....you are a facade. Do you want to know why you become as popular as you did? Two words Copeland....Matt Hardy. That's right...the guy you screwed over...oh wait...I'm wrong...you screwed his girlfriend Amy and subsequently got Matt fired. Did you feel good about that Adam? When you would shower with Amy, would you consider the fact you took someone’s livelihood from them? Did it ever to cross your mind to think with the head on your shoulders? See Copeland...when you did that, you became the most hated man in the WWE...hell, probably in all of professional wrestling...and you weren't just hated by the fans, you were hated by us in the back. Do you remember the looks you'd get from Paul, or from Shawn, or from John? I do...but the thing is...these fickle fans, they forgive and forget...I on the other hand...I don't Adam. You rose to stardom, because of unfaithfulness. If that hadn't happened, everyone might remember Christian as the more talented of the two. Hell, Matt might have even gone on to become the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion...but that is the thing Edge...all you do is think for yourself.

So that is why I did, what I did tonight. I thought for myself. Not these mindless sheep watching tonight, not for any of the guys in the back, I came out here, and secured my final spot in the chamber to ensure these sheep get a new leader. Someone who is straight edge, someone who is the best in the world, someone is just freaking awesome. See Adam, by securing the fact I'll be the last guy released, my odds go way up, in some aspects. By the time I come out, there could only be 1 guy left, and then I have a 50/50 shot of leaving the champ. Now before you even bring it up, yes, all of the other 5 could be left still and then my chances are 17% chance of leaving the winner, but come on...you've got Ziggler, Bradshaw, and Lesnar in there. Is there any doubt in your mind that 1 or 2 of them won't be eliminated before I come out, because there is no doubt in my mind that the numbers will be in my favor.

*Punk stands now, looking down at Edge still.*

Punk: At the Rumble...you surprised me...and the thing is Adam...I never got to return the favor. So here it is.

*Punk drops the mic as he reaches down, lifting Edge to a standing basis. Punk grabs the back of Edge's head, and slams Edge face first into the monitors on the entrance stage, that show the Raw logo's and hype upcoming PPV's. Punk bashes Edge's head once, and pulls back saying into his ear.*

Punk: That is for the Rumble!

*Punk bashes Edge a second time, busting Edge open this time.*

Punk: That's for the Cutting Edge!

*Punk bashes Edge a third time, and then lets Edge drop to the entrance stage. Punk leans down, eyes wild, as he looks at Edge.*

Punk: And that...that is what's going to happen at the Elimination Chamber when I put you through one of those chambers Adam.

*Punk stands tall, as his music blares over the PA system. He turns, heading off into the back, as Edge slowly stirs.*

06-11-2012, 10:35 PM
*Stephanie McMahon walks to her limo, and the driver is working on replacing a flat tire.*

Stephanie McMahon: What seems to be the problem here?

Driver: Oh no problem Ms. McMahon, we seemed to have had a flat tire. I’m almost done replacing it just one moment, you may wait in the limo if you would like.

Stephanie McMahon: Alright.

*Stephanie McMahon sits in the back as the Driver works on the flat. Then Mr. Anderson comes out of nowhere, with a baseball bat and grabs the Driver and covers his mouth.*

Mr. Anderson: You’re going to be quiet alright? Finish fixing the flat tire

*Driver nods. Mr. Anderson lets him go and after the Driver finishes, all of a sudden Mr. Anderson hits the Driver with the Mic Check. Mr. Anderson then takes the jacket and hat of the Driver and puts it on.*

Mr. Anderson: They say the ladies love a man in uniform, hopefully they meant limo driver uniform.

*Mr. Anderson then lines up and smashes the window to the backseat that Stephanie was sitting in. McMahon screams, Anderson stays out of sight but says.*

Mr. Anderson: Spare tire is fixed.

Stephanie McMahon: So why did you smash the window?

Mr. Anderson: Door handle was broken.

*Mr. Anderson appears in the window with the baseball bat. Stephanie backs away from the window.*

Mr. Anderson: If it isn’t the freaken’ Billion Dollar Princess herself. Where’s Hunter? Where’s your daddy? You’re all alone? What happened the other two? Scared? Well you’re in luck, word on the street is this asshole has five lawsuits against him, well I’m going to simplify those five to one with a little math.

Stephanie McMahon: I will bring up another lawsuit against you if you touch me.

Mr. Anderson: Really?

*Mr. Anderson swings the bat and breaks another window*

Stephanie McMahon: Alright alright, I’ll drop the lawsuits, please just don’t hurt me.

Mr. Anderson: Oh it’s not that simple Steph. See since you’re rich and had everything handed to you, you don’t have to worry about money so you never had to worry about doing math, us assholes on the other hand do. And I don’t know if you know this but five is greater than one, which is also means you caused yourself four extra problems by bringing up these lawsuits, when if you, Hunter, and your daddy had just given me a contract like I asked these lawsuits wouldn’t have come up. Well maybe the one with Jerry would have cause nobody likes him but that’s beside the point.

Stephanie McMahon: I said I’d drop the lawsuits please just let me go.

Mr. Anderson: See I don’t know if you know this but… I’M AN ASSHOLE, which means I’m going to get what I want when I want how I want, and we all know I want a contract, then we will talk about dropping these lawsuits. So Steph me and you, we need to have a little chat. Buckle up.

*Mr. Anderson opens the front door, gets in and drives away, as he does he can be heard saying.*

Mr. Anderson: Wanna listen to some tunes? Oh wait this one is my favorite, I’ll sing it for you. I hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin… MIIISSSTTTEEERRR AAANNNDDDEEERRRSSSOOONNN… AANNDDEERRSSOONN.

*Mr. Anderson speeds off with Stephanie McMahon in the back scared as the show goes off air*



06-24-2012, 08:54 AM
Raw Is War filler

06-24-2012, 08:55 AM
And again!

06-24-2012, 08:55 AM
Raw Is War: Episode 8
Location: Rome, Italy

*The fireworks blast of around the arena as the crowd erupt into a frenzy ready for the start of Raw Is War*

JR: WWE Universe we are coming at you live from the beautiful city of Rome! We are at our last stop of the European tour and we have so much in store for you!

King: That’s right Ross! For any of you that missed the announcement on WWE.Com all of the entrants in the upcoming Elimination Chamber match will have one final chance tonight too speak there minds and talk about there opponents, It’s the last chance try and faze you’re opponents or perhaps get in side there heads!

JR: I can’t wait too hear what they say King.. And I just can’t wait too see that match unfold! that’s not all though.. Folks we have been forbidden too say anything about what happened at the end of Raw and talk about the situation that unfolded but we can say this.. Triple H is ready too respond and will do so tonight!

King: Good that Anderson has taking it too far! I hope Triple H Bea-

JR: We were told not too talk about it King.. This is not a wrestling matter and there fore WWE do not want us too talk about the situation!

King: Okay, fine! Well one thing we can say is that Triple H will also be in action tonight against the awesome one! The Miz!!

JR: Should be a great match.. Will Triple H be in the right mind set though? We will soon find out… We also have a main event of Dolph Ziggler vs. JBL in what could be JBL’s last time on Raw!

King: I tried speaking with him earlier Ross! He’s really leaving.. He’s going too leave with the title!

*Before JR can reply Chris Jericho’s music can be heard as the crowd boo the arrogant Jericho*


*Jericho swaggers down to the ring wearing one of his custom tailored 3 piece suits. He makes no gestures to the fans as he walks down the ramp despite them booing him profoundly. He enters the ring, swipes a mic from the ring announcer's hand, and settles himself in the middle of the ring.
After taking a few seconds to look around the arena, and after the music stops, he begins to speak*

Jericho: Ever since I made my return to the WWE at the Royal Rumble, all I've seen is people whining. People complaining. People groveling and begging as they try and crawl their way towards Wrestlemania. Well allow me to remind you that I managed to book my ticket to Wrestlemania on my first night back. And now..... I'M GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA!!

*Jericho brandishes his shit eating grin as the crowd continue to boo him*

Jericho: And speaking of people complaining, whining, begging, there's none doing this more-so than "The Phenom", The Undertaker.

*Jericho makes a faux scared face as the crowd pop for the name drop of one of their favorites*

Jericho: The Undertaker wants to challenge for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania since he says it's the only thing he can go for at Wrestlemania. He says that he can't challenge his own streak, and so he wants to go after the championship.
Well let me tell you Undertaker, perhaps you should challenge your own streak. Perhaps you should just go out there to the ring at Wrestlemania and just say to all these people, that the streak is over. There is no more Undertaker. You can end the streak by simply walking away.

*the crowd boo*

Jericho: But of course, we all know you won't do that. No. Because you can't bear the thought of not being in the main event on the grandest stage of them all. You can't bear the thought of giving up that spotlight for someone else. You just can't let go.

*the crowd start an "UNDERTAKER!" cant*

Jericho: And of course all of you hypocrites fail to see that. All of you parasites enjoy seeing "The Deadman" still hanging on to the spotlight don't you!! You don't want him to step aside, you all can't bear the thought of not seeing The Undertaker in the main event of Wrestlemania.
Well let me tell you, that's exactly what's going to happen. Because I will be doing The Undertaker a favor when I beat him at the Elimination Chamber. You honestly think that I would be stupid enough to put my Wrestlemania main event spot on the line if I didn't know for a fact that I was going to beat The Undertaker? Do you?!
When I beat him, maybe that'll be the reality check he has been in desperate need for. I will open his eyes, I will open your eyes to the fact that The Undertaker has had his time, and is not the force he used to be. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?!

*crowd boo*

Jericho: And once I do that, I will continue on my gold brick road to Wrestlemania where I will capture the gold. No matter who emerges victorious from the Elimination Chamber, I will beat them. I will beat The Ultimate Warrior, I will beat JBL, I will beat Edge, I will beat CM Punk, I will beat Brock Lesnar and I will beat Dolph Ziggler. None of them are on my level. I am the best in the world at what I do, and come Wrestlemania, I will have my hand raised after I become the new WWE Champion.

*The crowd continue too boo Chris Jericho as his makes his back too the back with a cocky smirk across his face*

King: I love Jericho! When he speaks.. Everyone listens and I really believe it’s not going too matter who wins the Chamber because Chris Jericho will win the WWE title at Wrestlemania!

JR: I don’t share your confidence King! Jericho has a match against Taker too think of first.. Maybe he should be focusing on that a little more then his Wrestlemania match!

King: He is focusing on that.. Didn’t you here him! Plus who are you too tell Jericho what too do? How many WWE titles have you won?

JR: The same amount as you have I believe!

*King stares at JR with an angry expression but before he can say something Eugene’s music can be heard and the crowd respond with a big pop*


*Eugene begins too happily make his way down too the ring while the crowd chant his name*

King: So we have Jericho come out.. And then follow it up with this clown?. Seriously.. What is he doing out here?!

JR: He’s facing Regal tonight! Regal challenged Eugene too a match last week and Eugene accepted.. The match was made and here we are!

King: I hope Regal teaches this joke a lesson!


*Regal makes his way from behind the curtain and slowly down the ramp with the crowd booing! Eugene however is cheering and clapping the man he calls friend*

King: Is that idiot actually clapping his opponent?

JR: He considers Regal a friend King.

King: didn’t he get the hint a couple of weeks ago?! When Regal gave him a cheap shot after there match!

*Both men are standing in the ring, Eugene is still clapping Regal while Regal shakes his head in embarrassment as the ref calls for the bell*

Regal vs. Eugene(Goldust)

Start at 2:11 stop at 4:24

JR: Regal has been brutal in this match! I think Eugene could be hurt here!

King: Finish him Regal! Finish him!

*Eugene is getting patched up by a member of the medical team as Regal taunts in the ring as the crowd boo.. Regal then proceeds too continue attacking Eugene stomping and Kicking him as the ref try’s too pull Regal off him.*

JR: Come on Regal! Eugene is hurt.. Give the guy a break!

*Regal heads back into the corner and again taunts the crowd, Eugene is given the all clear and try’s too get back too his feet when Regal charges at him delivering a huge knee too the temple knocking Eugene out of the ring and out cold*

King: *Regal laughs* Take that!

JR: Eugene is out! Eugene is out cold!

*The referee calls for the bell and the match is over as the medical team rush down too help Eugene, Regal leaves the ring with an arrogant smile on his face as the crowd begin too boo and the camera goes backstage where John Cena is shown in his locker room*

Cena: STFU Bryan, STFU
I'm certain you'll tap out, like cows they go moo

I'm Raw's best superstar, I can't be beaten by a horse
I love the WWE to much, so from my wife I need a divorce

At Elimination Chamber, you will be beat
You can't win Danielson, as I am a love cheat

I'll shoulder your midsection, I'll headbutt your chest
YES! YES! YES! Brother, I AM the best

I'll beat you at the chamber, and every match after
If you act like you can beat me, then you deserve a BAFTA

You cannot win broski, and at Elimination Chamber I'll prove it
Not only will your head be red, but your trunks will be full of...

06-24-2012, 10:06 AM
*The camera comes back too ringside where Barry Horowitz is already waiting in the ring for the next match…When*



*The crowd erupt with cheers and chants for the home town hero Santino Marella! Santino stands at the top of the stage wearing an Italian football shirt with Balotelli on the back with a mic in hand, ready too speak*

Santino: Ragazzi, mi dispiace, ma devo parlare in inglese a causa dei Micci nella parte posteriore!

*This gets a big laugh from his home town people, as he blows kisses.*

Santino: Grazii! Mwah Mwah! I have beenah looking foward towards this moments for quite some time. I am back in Italia, and this week, I watch my Italiano hero, Super Mario.....

*The crowd chants Balotelli!*

Santino: Knock out those little bunch of Hornswoggles, Irlanda! And we will see them beat the hooligannssss Engerland, on Saturday! ITALIA ITALIA!

*The crowd join in and chant along with him.*

Santino: Grazi mucho! Anyways, what I really cames to talk about was wrestling. Tonight Santino makes his grand return to Italy, his grand return to winning ways, against Barry Horowitz. Heh, thats funny, I wonder if he'll sign my Alex Rider bookah I was reading on the plane overss!

King: First a Eugene match.. Now a Santino match, what a joke!

JR: Santino has returned home King! How can you not be happy for him! Just listen too this crowd’s appreciation for him!

*Both men are standing in the ring with the crowd firmly behind Santino, The ref rings for the ball and the match is away.*

Santino vs. Horowitz(Miz)

Start at 1:10 Stop at 5:43

JR: Santino looking for the Cobra! Cobra! Cobra! He got him!

King: No! No! Kick out!




JR: Santino wins! Santino wins!

King: Just listen too these fans! They love him! Why though is the question.. He’s an idiot!

*The crowd again erupt with a huge pop for Santino as he begins too make his way up the ramp and head to the back when Barry Horowitz grabs a mic and begins too speak*

**Extremly out of Breath**

Horowitz: ...Hhhold on, *can't breath* ..hholdd Onn... *catching breath*..Wait! *hands on his knees*..okay, okay ..I Didn't Lose, Alright I Didn't Lose this Match..The Ref ..its the Ref...The Referee made a mistake.
This all Bufoonery, Pure Foolery.. SanTino Got LUCKY!.. How Can I Be Placed in a Match With Somebody that has Good Luck. This isn't Fair, Santino has Luck on his Side and With The Ref making Blunt Forced Mistakes of Course Things won't go my way.
And These People All Seen The Chain of Events unfold *booooo*

Don't Boo Me , You Don't Got Love For Wrestling, If you do then you would know to Looove Barry Horowitz. I'm a Great Man that happens to Wretle even Greater *Heavy Boo's* ..You Don't have to Boo Me.

Santino , Santino This is your Fault ...I Want a Rematch to Prove I Can Beat you Fair and Square. No Circles involved, No Coming Back to This...I Want a Rematch, Get me a Rematch, Give me a Rematch, Where is my Rematch, Can I have my Rematch..Let me have my Rematch..I'm Going to WIN MY REEEEMMAAATTTCCCHHHH!

I'm Barry Horowitz, And I'm Going All The waaayyy..*places mic on the floor*

*The camera then heads too the back where Matt Striker is waiting alongside Brock Lesnar*

::Matt Striker::

“Ladies and gentlemen, in just six days, the WWE will present the Elimination Chamber PPV, where, in the main event, we will see six of professional wrestling’s top athletes, compete inside the hellacious structure known as the Elimination Chamber. The winner will receive the richest prize in our industry, the WWE Championship, and will face the Royal Rumble winner, Chris Jericho, in the main event at Wrestlemania. Joining me now is one of the contestants in the Elimination Chamber, Brock Lesnar, alongside his legal advisor, friend, mentor, lawyer and spokesperson, Paul Heyman.”

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman show up with rather disgruntled and unappeased looks on their faces. Striker interprets the faces as a warning not to screw up lest there be dire consequences.

::Matt Striker::

“Now, Lesnar, going into the Elimination Chamber, do you harbor any feelings of trepidation? In other words, do…”

::Brock Lesnar::

“I know what the damn word means, Striker. Don’t treat me like I don’t know anything.”

:Matt Striker::

“I wasn’t implying that you didn’t know the word, Lesnar. It’s just that…”

::Brock Lesnar::

“And what’s with that informal crap you’re pulling? You think that you have the right to address me by my last name only. From now on, you better address me as, MR. Brock Lesnar. Got it? Unless you want that microphone of yours shoved up where the sun doesn’t shine.”

::Matt Striker::

“Understood. Anways, Les…Mr. Brock Lesnar, do you feel any sort of doubt heading into the Elimination Chamber since this will be your first time competing in this sort of match? If I may also ask, how do you feel you stack up against the competition? And on top of that, you say you want to garner the respect that you claim that you deserved in your previous tenure in the WWE but many people backstage, with the likes of John Morrison, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler have all had backstage altercations with you and they seem like they have absolutely no respect for you whatsoever. Even WWE’s most recent acquisition, who chooses to remain anonymous, has exchanged heated words with both you and Paul Heyman. Do you still believe you’ll gain respect after all of that? And just one more question, many say that despite your words of confidence, you’ll surely lose the match because you were no able to beat John Morrison last week.”

::Brock Lesnar::

“Well, first things first, I’m a man on a mission, Matt. I’m going to make right out of all the wrong doings I endured my first time here. Now, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people are just pissed because they don’t like the fact that the butt of all of their bull sessions and corporate quips is out to redeem himself. I may have achieved a lot in the WWE but I would have had more if the Board of Directors didn’t take advantage of me and if I wasn’t held back. Plus, with the way I was being underpaid, by those jackals in suits, how was I supposed to make a living? I had a wife to take care of and the way the used me was almost…no…was, indeed, a crime. But the idea of those bastards getting away with what they did haunted me. It was like a nightmare that wouldn’t leave me alone or a jealous ex who couldn’t get the hint that you didn’t want anything to do with them anymore blowing up your mailbox with threatening messages. That’s when I knew that I had to come back and prove everyone wrong. So yeah, people aren’t going to like me at first. So what? That doesn't concern me in the least. I just want the lasting image of me, Brock Lesnar, to be one as the greatest WWE competitor of all time and like it or not, I’ll get the respect that someone like me deserves. So, if Punk and Ziggler or Jericho and Morrison want to band together and talk down to me, then so be it. They won’t be laughing when I become the WWE Champion after I kick ass in the Elimination Chamber just like I said I would do when I came back. So, to answer your question, hell no. I don’t have any fear or doubt or trepidation, as you like to call it, heading into this match. I haven’t been more comfortable with anything in my entire life.”

And then we got John Bradshaw Layfield. I’ll give the man credit where credit is due. He went from rags to riches and he became a success. But a success in the ring? Eh…no. See, the only reason JBL was the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history was because I wasn’t around when he won it. And I would have taken it from him the second he won it. But that’s not the real reason I don’t fear him. That reason is what happened at the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania. JBL was defeated by that pipsqueak, Rey Msyterio, in 21 seconds while he was defending his Intercontinental title against him. I only have one word for that: pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. I never lost to Mysterio back in the day. That guys was a pushover at best and he loses to him in 21 seconds in perhaps the most embarrassing moment in wrestling history. Not even your shameful WWE career could top that failure, Striker, but I digress. The point is, that was when JBL was one top of his game. Now, he’s surely lost his edge. He’s nothing but a shell of a once great man, a once great champion. Now? He’s going to go down just like the rest of him and he better take this time now and invest in a motor powered wheelchair because that is exactly what that old man’s gonna be driving around in after I get through with him. Not his fancy limo but a wheelchair.

06-24-2012, 10:33 AM
And let’s not forget, Edge. The Rated R Superstar. But let’s face it. The only thing gruesome about him is how fragile he is and easy it is to break him. That guy had to retire because he broke his neck. And now you expect me to believe that he’s actually going to be a threat to me? Or to anyone for that matter? Give me a break. The minute I see that guy in the chamber, his neck is going to be the very first thing I target and I may break it again…just for fun and then he and JBL will have to take turns with that motorized wheelchair because believe me, after I get through with Edge, he’ll never walk again.

You’ll appreciate this one, Matt. This so called “Straight Edge Savior” CM Punk, is nothing but a blowhard; an irrelevant, whiny, self-absorbed sycophant who just can’t wait to stand behind his metaphorical pulpit to preach all of that “straight edge” garbage of his. No drugs? No drinking? No smoking? The hell is wrong with that guy? I mean, is he so frail that he can’t even enjoy the best things life has to offer? Seriously, if he can’t invest his time into doing something of worth and enlightenment, then he has no place as WWE Champion so long as I’m around. But, I do have to admit, that did leave me curious as to just what a straight edge person can’t indulge himself into. And you know what I found out, Matt? The guy can’t do drugs…OF ANY KIND. That means antibiotics and painkillers. Do you know what that means? That means that after I’m done slapping the taste out of his mouth and breaking his arms with the kimura lock, he’ll be backstage writhing in pain form the beating I give him, the medics will offer him painkillers to ease the pain and not only will he want the painkillers…he’ll be BEGGING for them! He won’t be able to go on without them and once he takes them, I’ll have broken this so called prophet and all of his morals and all of his preaching won’t mean a damn thing because I tested him by fire and failed to pull through and stand against the objects of his chastisement.

Which brings me to the last of my opponents. We have none other than The Ultimate Warrior, perhaps the most overhyped, overrated and over-the-hill wrestler in the WWE. How this guy even passed a physical to get himself back into this place, I’ll never know. Either his championship win was a course of affirmative action for the elderly or just about each and every single one here, who were there at the time of his win, absolutely suck. BIG TIME. The guy’s what? 60 years old? How the hell could someone so out of shape, so out of touch with the times, be WWE Champion? I don’t know and I don’t care. This guy thinks he can start talking trash about me like he actually means anything? As if he’s not a worthless coot on a 5 Hour Energy rush? He’s going to have to change his tune real quick, along with his tights, after he sees what I’m capable of. Unless we both start the match, I’m not going after him first. No, that’d be too easy. I want to show him what’s in store for him while I’m tearing a new one into the other four. I want him to hear the screams of terror, witness the bloodbath, relish the carnage that awaits those morons and come to the realization that that’s only going to be a taste, a sample of what’s going to be in store for him. And if by some miracle, he’s able to stand on both of his feet, I’ll send him packing to the AARP and he won’t be getting there via his “space ship”. He’ll be getting there with my foot up his ass! And one it’s all done, once it all comes to an end, you will all have no choice but to respect me, to respect the legend, the nightmare, the terror, the perfect specimen, the god that is Brock Lesnar! HERE COMES THE PAIN, BITCHES!! See you in the chamber!”

After his tirade, despite Lesnar’s chest heaving, the sick and twisted smile etched on the canvas of his face is the last image the WWE Universe is forced to look upon to before the scene fades into another…less disturbing one.

*The camera once again cuts back too ringside where Bobby Roode and James Storm are waiting in the ring too start there match*

JR: Wow! Brock mean's business King!

King: He sure does! He seems more focused then ever and with his strength and power can anybody stop him?!

JR: Well we will have too wait and find out, but up next.. Bobby Roode vs James Storm and for those of you who are not sure this is a rivalry that started in another company and has extended over here.. once partners are now bitter rivals!

Stop at 6:16

King: Roode has got this all covered, Storm is down and out

JR: We'll se King, James Storm isn't that stupid either

King: He does look like it though HAHAHAHAHHA

JR: Well Roode is now setting up Storm so he can hit his vicious spear on him

King: No Storm countered it NOOO





King: He did it JR how did he do it?

JR: James Storm gets to choose the match stipulation King, if Roode gets locked up in a steel cage or somewhere where he can't run then this will be great

Storm: Bobby,I've thought about this for a long while now, you know how you say it's not cheating if the ref doesn't see it? Or that you always escape with the win?, well now you play by my rules because this Sunday at Elimination Chamber we're going to be locked up in a steel cage. No escape and no climbing out. I want a clean match so you can't escape from the cage door or climb out because if you do your victory will not count, you hear me Bobby? there's no escape this time. See you at Elimination Chamber

*Both men make there way too the back with the crowd chanting for James Storm as the Titantron shows the Ultimate Warrior backstage*

*Warrior is seen in his locker room- he is silent and seems to be in a daze. Coach walks in, wearing John Cena merch, and sees what look like a vibrator *

Coach: Say, Warrior, what is this?

Warrior: *snaps out of his daze * Oh, that is my teeth cleaner, an electric one

Coach: Really? Mind if I use it? I lost all my luggage at the airport. I had to buy these Cena clothes and had no time to buy a tooth brush.

Warrior: Sure and here is Warrior Toothpaste *Warrior hands Coach a cup full of white substance *

Coach: Thanks Warrior

Warrior: I guess you are back here to ask me a question?

Coach: Yep, but let me brush my teeth first

*Coach dips the vibrator in the semen, I mean the electric teeth cleaner in Warrior toothpaste and brushes his teeth with it for a good minute *

Coach: Again, thank you Warrior.

Warrior: Was my pleasure

Coach: Ok, now I would like to ask you about your opponents in the Elimination chamber and really what your thoughts on the match are

Warrior: Brock- the one, the steroid abusing one, well he is delusional. The drugs have done something to his brain. He is not living in the real world. Ziggler had his chance and with that chance he should have lost another chance at having a chance. But somehow he got this chance and I will make sure it is his last chance at having a chance.

Coach: You kind of lost me there

Warrior: Shall I repeat myself?

Coach: No, wait I got it. What about the rest of the guys?

Warrior: What guys?

Coach: urm, the guys in the chamber

Warrior: How do you know about the humanoids I have in my chamber on my spaceship?

Coach: No, wait what?

Warrior: Nothing. Are you talking about the mortals in the match with me?

Coach: Yeah

Warrior: Brock- the one, the steroid abusing one, well he is delusional. The drugs have done something to his brain. He is not living in the real world. Ziggler had his chance and with that chance he should have lost another chance at having a chance. But somehow he got this chance and I will make sure it is his last chance at having a chance.

Coach: You already told me that

Warrior: I did not

Coach: Yes, well, ok you did not

06-24-2012, 06:33 PM
Warrior: Punk- the pure one, the one that is unlike Brock in that he has a pure body that I shall examine while during the match. I shall probe him I shall stick him, I shall take samples of his fluids.

Coach: And just how, wait, I do not want to know

Warrior: The God, JBL- he has more powers than the other mortals in the match and he shall probably use his Godlike powers- yet those powers are unlike Warriors powers. Warrior powers over power all. In fact- in the Chamber match- it shall protect me.

Coach: Anything else you want to say?

Warrior: No, I must get back into my trance as I was talking to the Warrior Gods when you came in

Coach: Yeah, sorry about that. Say can I borrow your tooth cleaner for tonight

Warrior: Yes, let me use it before my match tonight and you shall come to me after thje show and the device shall be yours.

Coach: Cool beans man, I mean Warrior.

*Coach leaves the locker room and Warrior closes the door. After a few seconds a buzzing sound comes from behind the door followed by a loud growl*

King: That's the same tooth brush that Chyna used too have!

JR: I don't think that was... Nevermind.

King: What?. Go on say.. What?.

JR: I think it's best we move on.. Another, Ermm.. Unique interview by the WWE Champion folks!



*The crowd erupt with a huge pop for the intercontinental champion! He makes his way down the ramp while the crowd cheer his name with a look of anger across his face!*

JR: Triple H looks pissed King! I think we about too here is response to the situation that’s been going on recently!

King: You mean the MR. Anderson thing?.

JR: Why are you not getting that we are not even meant too mentioning his name un-till we here Triple H’s and the Mcmahons official response!

*Triple H enters the ring and begins too speak*

HHH: I was told too come out here and respond too the “situation” that has been going on the last couple of weeks and more importantly what happened after last week’s Raw.. I was told too respond in the correct way, in the way the layers and the suits told me too respond! Do you know what I say? SCREW THAT!

*Crowd pop and chant Triple H*

HHH: Anderson! Kennedy! Ken or what ever you are calling yourself you wanted my attention? Well you got it!

*crowd pop again*

HHH: I promise you.. If you do anything too my wife, if you hurt her in any way.. I promise you Anderson, I promise you I will hurt you.. I will hurt you so bad you are going too wish you never came back here!

*Crowd again pop, Triple H’s anger has turned into one of sadness*

HHH: Anderson! I’m asking you man to man.. Give me my wife Stephanie back, We can sort this out.. We can work something out, please! Just give her back too me and we can sit down stop all these lawsuits and go from there! I’m asking you nicely.. Don’t make me-

*Before Triple H can finish speaking the Miz’s theme music plays out around the arena*

*The crowd instantly boo the Awesome one as he makes his way from behind the curtain and heads too the ring, with a cocky smirk the Miz enters the ring proud and happy that he’s stopped Triple H’s promo*

JR: I feel for Triple H! I can’t imagine what him and his family must be going through right now.. And worst of all, he has too wrestle the Miz right now!

King: That lunatic Ken Anderson is going too get what he deserves eventually! Unlucky for Triple H he is going too suffer defeat tonight first!

JR: I would never write of the Game, But I agree with everything that’s going on.. You wouldn’t blame Triple H if his focus was not entirely on his match tonight.

Start at 3:14 stop at 6:26

JR: Triple H looking for the Pedigree here!

King: Miz reverses with a boot too the stomach.. He’s looking for the Skull Crushing Finale!

JR: It’s locked in!

King: There it is.. The Skull Crushing Finale!

JR: Miz going for the pin! It could be all over for the Game!




King: Miz wins! Miz wins! The Awesome one wins and that’s why he should be the Intercontinental Champion!

*Triple H leave the ring right away with a look of horror on his face, disappointed with the lose.. Miz calls for a mic though and begins too speak!*

Miz: Our own Intercontinental champion can't even win a regular match on Monday Night Raw? Come on, this man does not deserve to be champion. I deserve to have that title! I deserve to be Intercontinental champion! Triple H, you can't even light a candle to me, as I just proved by defeating you moments ago.

Hunter, your times are up. You're a washed up has been who's just trying to keep up with today's superstars. You see Hunter, that's just not going to happen. You can't keep up with the current new breed of superstars in today's wrestling. This isn't the 90s anymore Hunter, you just don't fit in anymore.

I know, it must be hard to admit, but your days are numbered. You're not the same Triple H you used to be, you are just a washed up piece of garbage who can't compete for shit anymore! You need to hang up your boots while you still can. Because if you continue wrestling, I will end your career.


King: HE IS AWESOME!! He should be the Intercontinental Champion Ross!

JR: I think you are getting carried away King.. Triple H lost and Miz won.. well done Miz, But it's clear Triple H has other things on his mind.

King: Excuses! Excuses!

06-24-2012, 06:48 PM


*The fans go nuts as Edge comes flying through the smoke fully clothed this time. He walks across to the side of the
stage and begins to get himself pumped up. He does the same to the opposite side of the stage before walking back to the centre of the stage and surveying the scene. He takes in a deep breath and takes a few steps forwards. He stops and points to the sky as the pyro blasts out behind him. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.*

Lilian Garcia: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome at this time, one of the men to enter the Elimination Chamber this Sunday, the Rated-R Superstar! EDGEEEEEEEEEEEE!

*The fans pop loudly as Lilian passes the mic to Edge and exits the ring. He smiles as the fans chant ‘Edge’ ‘Edge’ ‘Edge’ over and over again. As they begin to settle down, he brings the mic to his lips.*

Edge: Just six days. That’s all that remains between me and a third victory inside the Elimination Chamber. Six days is all that remains between me and one of the most hellacious matches in WWE history. And I can’t wait!

*The fans pop.*

Edge: Let me tell you why I can’t wait. First of all, when I win and leave the Chamber victorious, I’m going to become a twelve time World Champion. Secondly, and this is more important, I get to get my hands on each and every single man in that match. Right now, I’m going to address each and every one of them.

First of all, the WWE Champion, Ultimate Warrior.

*The fans pop loudly for the Champ.*

Edge: It was honour sitting in the front row of the Toronto Skydome- watching you defeat Hulk Hogan and win the WWE Championship in front of sixty seven thousand people at Wrestlemania VI. That night made me one hundred percent certain that I was going to be a professional wrestler. And to see you at the top again has been nothing short of brilliant.

But, and there’s always a but, you’re the WWE Champion. And do you act like a champion? No. You had a live sex celebration- stolen from me I might add- alone, then proceeded to drink your own sperm. What the hell? Don’t get me wrong, you’re a great competitor, and your ability in-ring proves you deserve that spot, but you don’t act like a champion, and that belt deserves better.

When I defeat you this Sunday, I’m going to show you what a champion should act like.

*There is a mixed reaction as the Warrior’s fans boo but Edge’s fans cheer.*

Edge: Moving on to the man Warrior beat to win the WWE Championship, Dolph Ziggler. Now you see, I’ve actually been in the ring a few times with Dolph, and sure, he’s a good competitor, but let me just remind you Dolph, how long your last World Championship reign was- about five minutes. There were people in the back that fell asleep and missed the damn thing!

Who beat you that night to win the World Heavyweight Championship? Me. I won my eleventh World Champion by pinning you, and I have no queries winning my twelfth by the same method. You call yourself the Show-Off? Well allow me to show you what the phrase Rated R means, when I Spear the hell out of you this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: Who next? Brock Lesnar? Yeah. Let’s go for Brock Lesnar. You see Brock, there is no denying just how good you are. You’ve won World Championships at college and professional wrestling levels. You won the UFC Heavyweight Championship. You can kick people’s asses better than most guys in the back. The only problem with you Brock, is that you’re a complete jackass.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: You call yourself the Next Big Thing- you have Paul Heyman running around with you like your owner, and you’re the dog. Well the thing is, your bark is worse than your bite. And this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, you’re going to be stepping into the unknown. Experience will play a big key, but so will luck. You see, for the short period of time you were last in the WWE, the two nights the Elimination Chamber was used- Survivor Series 2002 and Summerslam 2003- you were involved in WWE Championship matches, not inside the Chamber granted, but WWE Championship matches all the same. And you lost both. This Elimination Chamber is bad luck for you Brock, and this Sunday, I’m going to prove it.

*The fans pop loudly again.*

Edge: Fourth, the man who claims he is leaving the WWE at Elimination Chamber- JBL. This man claims he’s going to leave this Sunday with the WWE Championship. This man is full of one thing- bullshit. You’re a man with a big mouth JBL, and nobody gives a damn what you have to say. You think you’re going to walk out of this Sunday with the WWE Championship and leave the WWE. First of all, the good news for everybody is that you will leave the WWE this Sunday. But will you leave with the WWE Championship? I’m going to be the first to say, hell no.

You see, you and I, as far as our careers go- are very similar. We began as tag team wrestlers, you with The Acolytes, me as half of the greatest tag team in history, Edge and Christian. But one night personifies our careers for what they truly became. That night, is Wrestlemania 21. In one night, you lost your spot on top of Smackdown, and I won the item that lead to my spot on top of Raw. In one night, you lost the WWE Championship- ultimately leading to the end of your career- for you would never hold the title again, and I won the Money in the Bank briefcase. That night, my career started.

This Sunday, JBL, that night’s fortunes will come forth once again.

*The fans pop loudly as Edge smiles.*

Edge: And finally...CM Punk.

*The fans boo loudly.*

Edge: Punk has been taking personal shots against me for weeks, but that’s fine. You see Punk, I’m so transfixed into your mind that you’ve lost focus. You’re no longer hungry enough- you’re not as hungry as I am. This Sunday, I will eliminate you on my way to winning the match and the WWE Championship. And the reason is because you’ve taken your eye off the ball.

Last week, you busted me wide open by slamming my face into the titantron, but I’m not out here to complain. You think hardcore scares me? You think extreme rules intimidates me? No way Punk, I thrive in that environment. I’m one of the six men who made the TLC match what it truly is- the most hardcore match of all time.

*The fans pop for the TLC match.*

Edge: I’m the man who Speared Mick Foley through a FLAMING TABLE at Wrestlemania 22! What were you doing that night Punk? You were part of John Cena’s mafia entrance. You’ve made yourself into a name now, congratulations, but when you’re in that Chamber- I’m going to be the one that introduces you to the true hardcore wrestling.

I will be the man that beats you Punk. I beat you at the Rumble. I’m going to beat you at Elimination Chamber. This isn’t speculation, this is clear truth. Punk, you can continue to take personal shots at me, but I’m gonna keep this strictly business, and Sunday, inside that Elimination Chamber, I’m going to handle my business by becoming the WWE Champion!

*The fans go insane as Edge throws the mic to the floor. He jumps onto one of the turnbuckles while the fans are still going crazy, and motions for the WWE Championship around his waist. He drops down off the turnbuckle and climbs out of the ring. He heads away up the ramp as his music continues to blast through the speakers.*

JR: Ladies and Gentleman! the Rated R superstar and you can feel confidence this man has oozing out too these fans, He really feels that now he has defied all the odds and returned too in-ring action that he will once again become.. WWE Champion!King: No chance! Edge has had his time Ross! He should have stayed retired!

JR: Well here we go folks! It’s time for our main event and what match it’s going too be, JBL vs. Dolph Ziggler!

King: That’s right Ross! This all come about when Ziggler cost JBL his match last week and now these two men have been put in a match with Elimination Chamber right around the corner… how is that fair?.

JR: While I agree it’s not fair these two have too fight tonight and the rest don’t.. I personally don’t believe JBL’s plans off leaving with the title are fair, also Dolph says he outperforms everyone week in.. week out so he must be happy too be in action tonight!

King: It’s not fair and you know it.. It’s a joke that these two great performers have too wrestle tonight while the rest can sit back and watch!



*Ziggler swaggers from behind the curtain with a mic in hand.. With no Vickie Guerrero beside him he ask’s for audio too cut his music and begins too speak*

06-24-2012, 07:12 PM
DZ: So everyone else has had there say… Brock’s going too win it, Punk is going too win it, Edge and JBL are going too win it and Warrior is going too retain it? *Ziggler laughs* None of them things are going too happen, I will admit that I should be the WWE Champion already.. I should have beating that juiced up, washed up Ultimate idiot! I know I failed the first time.. But this time, this time I will do what I do best and that is outperform everyone of my opponents and claim the title I deserve too win because the era of the showoff is upon us.. But hey, it aint showing off when you are as good as me!

*Ziggler drops the mic and once again his theme music plays as the showoff makes his way down the ramp and heads too the ring where JBL is waiting!*

JR: Well Ziggler seems confident King.. What do you think of his chances at the Chamber?.

King: He’s in with a great chance! Nobody can touch him when it comes too his ring work in my opinion, then again CM Punk is my pic- wait.. JBL is my- I don’t know it’s too close too call.

JR: Well I’m backing the champ King! You have been quick too right him off but I wouldn’t bet against the Warrior King.

King: No chance! He was lucky too beat Ziggler at the Rumble! There is no way he’s going too walk out of the Chamber with the title!

JBL vs. Ziggler (Kofi)


JR: JBL wins! JBL wins!

King: JBL is looking great Ross.. He looks fitter and more focused then he ever has before! He’s going too walk out with the WWE title unless the WWE try everything in there power too keep hold of him..

JR: I’ll admit, JBL is looking good and I think the realism is just setting in that he could very well like you just said walk out of the Chamber as the WWE Champion!

***JBL Stands, his arm is raised in the air. He throws the referrees hand of his wrist and poses on his own. He stands around waiting as Josh Matthews comes walking down to the ring and climbs in. A mic in hand, JBL Looks on with an annoyed look on his face. Josh walks in and begins to address JBL***

Josh: John, I'm sorry to interrupt your post match celebrations but I've been sent out to ask you if you ahve changed your mind about your future here in the WWE?

***The crowd boos JBL as he takes the microphone from Josh***

JBL: You boo me, go on. This is the reason you idiots find yourself in the position of knowing that the greatest wrestler in the history of this business is about to leave. You know, that in the back of your mind, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

Come Elimination chamber, I WILL be leaving the WWE. You seem to think this is a joke. You seem to think that I won't leave. But I will. And I will leave with the WWE title once I win the elimination chamber. Either way, you fools get what you want, but I'm making sure that when I go, I won't be forgotten. I will Win, I will leave. You may boo me now, but when all is said and done, you'll miss the greatest wrestler in the history of the WWE. A God will be leaving the WWE and you will have only yourselves to fault. Point the finger, but it's on your head.

***JBL is about to leave when he pulls the microphone back up to his mouth.***

JBL: Actually josh, just one more thing...I am SICK of you asking so many damn questions. But seeing as you are so driven by me, let me give you something to remember me by.

***JBL Throws the microphone at Josh who fumbles trying to catch it. In the same motion, JBL has launched himself off the ropes and delivers a thunderous clothesline from hell. Josh matthews folds up like an ocordian as he hits the mat, much to the delight of JBL. The fans are furious, 'You suck' chants are starting, and JBL smiles a sick and twisted grin.***

***The Longhorn music blasts out again, JBL poses to an array of boos. He leaves the ring, heading back to his Limousine, he smiles once more, waving to the heckling crowd, and disappears into the back seats of the car as the screen fades off***

JR: Well folks! That could very well be the last time we ever see JBL on Raw!

King: I'm gutted Ross, He's leaving.. and he's going too leave by winning the chamber match and walking out with the title!

JR: Well CM Punk might have something too say about that.. He is the last man too speak ahead of the Elimination Chamber match!

The camera's cut to the back, where we see Coach standing beside CM Punk. Coach has a mic in hand, as he raises it.

Coach: Standing beside me is one of the men that will be a participant in the Elimination Chamber match that will decide who main events Wrestlemania as the champion, CM Punk.

A massive amount of boos can be heard as Punk just grins.

Coach: Punk, you face 5 other men in the chamber. One of whom is..

Punk grabs the mic from Coach, before pushing Coach off screen.

Punk: One of whom is...no one gives a damn. There are 6 men in this match, but only one person matters. That's right. He is the man who is set to enter last in the chamber, he is the man who has the best champ of becoming the WWE Champion, he is the voice for the voiceless, he is the bearer of truth, the straight edge savior you all wish you were, and with my help, will just be like...that is right, yours truly, CM PUNK!

I want to take a minute, and address each of the competitors in the chamber match. The first being, the most important to me. Adam Copeland..aka Rated R Superstar...aka Edge. Since the Rumble, you've been a thorn in my foot. You've ran your mouth, and for those of you in the WWE Universe watching, let me paraphrase what you've missed from Edge. "I'll spear you..i miss christian...I'm back bitches...I'll spear you....I'm a badass....I'll spear you Punk....I'm the best there is.....Christian is my best friend forever". Edge, your story is always the same, and frankly, I'm bored of hearing it. Are all of you out there tired of hearing it?

Punk raises the mic smiling, as a you suck punk chant can be heard.

Punk: See, these fans don't want to listen to you either. That's fine though, because at the chamber, I will do what so many others have wanted to do. I will shut you up once and for all. Now we come to Dolph Ziggler. That's right. The Show Off. The Monday Night Delight. The man who had the chance to finally win the big one at the Royal Rumble, and failed miserably. Talk about a Cinderella story with an unhappy ending. The guy comes to the WWE, is a part of a male cheer squad, and then left, to only come back and be an annoying twat who introduced himself to everyone in the back, and over time..became the man we all know and love to hate today. Ziggles...I was an advocate for you. I pulled for you to go to Smackdown and become the World Heavyweight Champion because you deserved it. Things change with time though Ziggles...and now...well..I could careless if you end up at the bottom of the food chain and get bitten off. The chamber is the devils playground...and well frankly...who better to walk out of the devil's playground with the holy grail, than the savior for the sheeps.

Now Bradshaw...oh Bradshaw..your taking a page out of my book huh? Thinking that if you win the WWE Championship and high tail it out you'll be able to negotiate a bigger pay grade? Get those extra bonus's you oh so desperately want? Here is the difference between yourself and myself though John. This is my life. This is what I live and breath. When I stepped out into that ring with John Cena at Money In The Bank, it was do or die for me. You on the other hand John...you live and breath money. Hell, I'm pretty sure when you wrestle you have a blue tooth in your ear to make sure you get any late breaking news about stock. You are greedy Bradshaw..and greed...greed can blind your eyes. Do you know what you need John? You need someone to show you the way. You need a savior....I'll be the savior you need John. I will show you the way...the way to the door that is after I become the new WWE CHAMPION!

06-24-2012, 07:22 PM
The fans can be heard chanting bullshit, as Punk stares into the camera.

Punk: Now...Warrior...Jim....The Ultimate Warrior...Betty Sue..whenever the hell your calling yourself this week...I know your listening. Your probably in your locker room, in a meditative state thinking your on the planet Warrior or Jupiter or wherever the hell it is you think you are, pay close attention. You won the big one again at the Rumble...but it's written in the stars. You are destined to lose the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble...and no this isn't the part where Alberto Del Rio comes out with some cheesy line about his destiny bull shit...no...this is just one man speaking the truth. You are washed up...you are done for...and if you don't believe me...well, I will prove it to you at the Elimination Chamber.

Finally....finally Brock...oh Brock...you aren't even worth the breath coming out of my mouth..so I'll keep it short. Go back to UFC, or wherever the hell will take you...because this is my world now...and I'm not going to have a small ball, testosterone shooting, puppet using muscle freak get in my way.

Punk turns to leave, but then looks back at the camera.

Punk: Now how is that for some truth for you.

Punk drops the mic, walking off screen.

JR: Well folks you have heard what the men in the chamber match think, but please tune in and see what's going too happen.. it really is going too be a hell of match folks!

King: Ohh I can't wait Ross! anyone of these men.. well apart from Warrior could win!

JR: That's all from us.. WWE Universe! thank you and goodnight!

*The copyright logo shows up on the screen and the camera fades to black untill a live feed is shown!*

* The life feed shows Mr. Anderson in a dark room to not expose where he is.*

Mr. Anderson: Hunter you finally respond, took you long enough. Now I thought I was an asshole, which I am, but I mean you, you are a jackass. You’re a jackasshole! What did it take for you and Vince to respond to me? Me kidnapping your wife! And I made it clear you get her back if I get my contract and you still haven’t even offered me one. Now you want your wife back? Please Hunter, Linda has a better shot of winning the Connecticut Senate seat than you do getting Steph back. Steph is my key to a contract, and it was very simple I get a contract you get your wife. Now I know you probably worried, “Oh Mr. Anderson’s an asshole what’s he going to do to my wife?” but never fear she is fine.

*The camera shows Stephanie McMahon tied down to a chair in front of a TV, watching every match Mr. Anderson had in the WWE.*

Mr. Anderson: See? She’s been watching all of my matches since I began in the WWE, to show her just what you guys missed out on when you fired me. And she is going to continue to watch until you meet my new demands. I realize how valuable Steph is to you and the WWE, so I’ll make my demands very simple. Elimination Chamber, Triple H you and me, one on one for the Intercontinental Championship! You win you get your wife back and I go away and will never come back. But if I win, I get the championship and a contract, if not I walk out of the WWE with your Intercontinental Championship and you will never see me or the title again. You raised the stakes when failing to give me a contract and bringing up these lawsuits, which by the way all have been dropped thanks to Steph here. So now I have raised the stakes to help me on my mission to become the face of this company like I was meant to be. I have a rocket so far up my ass that is going to skyrocket me to the top, you have no idea. Come Elimination Chamber, at the end of our match the ring announcer will be saying, “The winner of this match and brand new WWE Superstar, and NEW Intercontinental Champion, MIIISSSTTTEEERRR AAANNNDDDEEERRRSSSOOONNN… ANDERSON!”

*The life feed stops and the camera goes dead as the show is finished*

07-05-2012, 08:25 PM
How's it goin' everyone? It's that time of the week again!

Fillers, fillers, FILLERS! :cool:

07-05-2012, 08:27 PM
Grab yourself a beer and some popcorn cause this next show is gonna be.....


07-05-2012, 08:29 PM
If you're too lazy to actually read the next show all the way through, read the following spoilers to find out what happens:

Nice try, stupid. :p Read the entire show, you lazy bastards. Trust me, you're gonna love it. :cool:


07-05-2012, 08:48 PM
WWE Elimination Chamber
Location: Inside a fuck load of steel chains

JR: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to Elimination Chamber, I’m Jim Ross alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and what a night we have in store for you!

King: That’s right JR! What a big night we have planned, with the Elimination Chamber hanging above the ring as tonight, six men put their bodies and careers on the line for the WWE Championship!

JR: And the winner will be the Champion heading into Wrestlemania where they will face one of two men, the Royal Rumble winner Chris Jericho or the man he faces tonight with that main event spot on the line, The Undertaker!

King: We also have some great matches awaiting us, with a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship tonight with Triple H defending his title against The Miz and Mr. Anderson.

JR: And don’t forget, John Cena and Bryan Danielson will face off later on tonight, but we’re going to kick off the night with a steel cage match!

King: That’s right JR, we’re gonna see Bobby Roode take on James Storm, right now!


*The fans boo loudly as Roode makes his way out to the stage. He smirks as he makes his way down the ramp.*

JR: This guy is about to face his ex-tag partner inside a steel cage, and I’m not sure he’s entirely sure he wants to do so!

King: What are you talking about JR? Roode has this match ready to be won!

JR: I think one man will have something to say about that.

King: But who gives a damn about him?


*Storm heads out to the ramp as the fans pop loudly. He points down at Roode in the ring as he makes his way down the ramp.*

JR: Here’s comes James Storm!

King: But this storm has no wind!

JR: He’s gonna kick Roode right in the face!

Match 1: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm in a Steel Cage match

(stop at 7:03)

JR: A big backdrop from the cage walls there from Storm! He has the upper hand right now!

King: Come on Roode! Pick yourself up!

*Storm grabs Roode and drives his head back down into the ground with a neckbreaker, he goes for a cover.



Th-NO! Roode kicks out!

Storm backs up and begins to climb up the cage, but as he reaches the top, Roode is back up. He grabs Storm’s foot, pulling him back down to his level. They begin to trade right hands in the middle of the ring.



JR: Oh my god! It’s Kane! It’s the big red machine! What the hell is going on?

King: What does he want? What business does he have out here?

*Kane comes walking down the ramp as Storm & Roode stop in the ring to watch Kane reach the cage door, which he rips off in one swift move!*

JR: Wow! What an amazing show of strength!

*As Kane enters the ring, Roode pushes Storm towards him and begins to climb, Kane grabs Storm and hits a huge Chokeslam on the floor. He rushes forwards and begins to climb to grab Roode who has reached the top. Kane grabs Roode’s hair and slams him head first into the top of the cage. He climbs up to the top himself so they are both sat at the top of the cage.*

King: What the hell does Kane think he’s doing? He’s ruining this match right now!

*Back in the ring, Storm is beginning to stir and is crawling towards the door. At the top of the cage, Kane hits an uppercut on Roode, before grabbing him by the throat, dragging him up to a standing position. He looks down as Storm crawls out of the door, and Chokeslams Roode from the top of the cage to the floor as Storm drops down!*

JR: It’s a draw!

Result: Draw

King: I think there’s only one winner here.

*Kane drops down from the top of the cage to the floor below. He walks past Roode and grabs Storm around the throat. He drags Storm up to his feet and laughs at him. He turns Storm upside down and walks across to the ramp, hitting a Tombstone Piledriver on the steel!*

JR: Oh my god! Kane has gone insane!

*Kane laughs maniacally as he backs up the ramp as EMTs begin to swarm around both Storm & Roode.*

King: What a big shock for the opening match!

JR: I have no idea what just happened!

07-05-2012, 08:55 PM
*The camera cuts to Mr. Anderson who is by his car in the Parking Lot preparing for his match.*

Mr. Anderson: Attention Anderson’s Assholes everywhere. As you can tell I have to prepare for my match in the Parking Lot next to my car, because technically I’m not a WWE Superstar, at least not in their eyes, so I don’t have a locker room, but they better get one ready, because they know and I know in less than an hour I will be their newest superstar. Heck they still hate me so much, after interrupting their show, damaging their cars, and kidnapping Steph, who by the way will be returned tonight after I win, she finished watching my matches and sees how great this asshole is that she has turned into one herself, that I’m not even allowed in the freakin’ building, and that’s not the worst. Tonight they refused to drop down a microphone for me to do my introduction. But after my match tonight I will no longer be silenced, I‘m no longer going to be forced out of RAW, I’m going to be allowed to be the Asshole I always have been, because tonight I become a WWE Superstar once again, tonight I become Intercontinental Champion, tonight I become the Head Asshole in Charge of the WWE. Because tonight the asshole who will kick Triple H’s ass and injure him and send him back behind his desk to truly show him and the WWE how dangerous this asshole can be, the winner of the match and new Intercontinental Champion, *pauses* heck might as well do it now, weighing in tonight at 235 pounds, he hails from Green Bay, Wisssconsiinnn… MIIISSSTTTEEERRR AAANNNDDDEEERRRSSSOOONNN… AANNDDEERRSSOONN.

*Mr. Anderson honks the horn to his car a few times before cameras cut away*

King: And up next, we’ve got William Regal against Eugene, and it’s time for Mr. Regal to shut that buffoon up!

JR: Eugene is a great talent, even if he thinks like a child!


*The fans cheer as Eugene walks out onto the ramp. He bites his thumb as he waves with his other hand and he makes his way down the ramp.*

King: This guy’s a bloody idiot.

JR: Well we’ll see what happens.


*Regal makes his way out to the stage as the fans boo loudly. He makes his way down the ramp before climbing in as Eugene waves at Regal. Regal scowls at him.*

JR: This could be a great match!

King: I can’t wait to see Regal win this.

Match 2: William Regal vs. Eugene

(stop at 4:47)

*Regal drags Eugene out of the corner and turns him around, but Eugene hits a kick to the gut, before he goes for a Rock Bottom, but Regal elbows Eugene in the head and pushes him backwards, sending him crashing into the referee.*

JR: The ref’s down! I’m not sure he’s out though!

King: No JR, he’s getting up.

*The referee begins to use the ropes to get himself up as Eugene turns back to Regal, who kicks him between the legs.*

JR: Low blow! What a cheater!

King: What a move! He hasn’t been disqualified so it’s clearly within the rules JR!

*Regal reaches into his trunks and pulls out his brass knuckles, which he smashes into the head of Eugene. He throws the brass knuckles out of the ring as the referee turns around, and Regal covers Eugene.




Winner: William Regal

JR: That son of a bitch! Regal stole it here tonight folks!

King: What a man! William Regal is such a great competitor!

JR: He cheated King! First with a low blow-

King: The referee never saw that JR! As long as the referee doesn’t see it, it’s all legal!

JR: Are you kidding me King?

King: No JR! You could if you would!

JR: Well up next anyway, we have a triple threat match!

King: Ahh yes! It’s time for The Miz to win the Intercontinental Championship.

JR: I don’t think Mr. Anderson or Triple H will want that.

King: Anderson & Triple H are so transfixed on each other that Miz is walking out as Champ tonight!

07-05-2012, 09:03 PM
*Warrior, back on his back- a mic in hand and being followed by a camera man, is seen walking down a hall to a door- it is marked “MENS ROOM”, he opens to door to find Coach sitting on a toilet – they both walk in and close the door- its really cramped with them all in one room*

Coach: What the hell? I trying to take a dump

Warrior: I need you do my interview.

Coach: Can’t you see I am busy?

Warrior: Nobody is too busy for the Warrior

*a big plop is heard, followed by a second one *

Warrior: It seems you are finished- ask me a question now

Coach: Dude, I still…

Warrior: It is Warrior- Ultimate Warrior

Coach: Sorry, Ultimate Warrior, I may be here awhile

Warrior: Very well, I will wait for you.

*Warrior and the camera man just stand there and stare at Coach for a few minutes- who is straining to get another turd out *

Coach: Can I have some privacy?

Warrior: You have all you need- so hurry up. Warrior needs to talk

Coach: As you can see, I am constipated.

Warrior: I shall help you

Coach: Wait, I…

*Warrior grabs Coach up by the chest and gives him a bear hug- he squeezes him as hard as he can and Coach’s bowels have a blow out. Shit flies out of his ass and sprays all over the wall behind him *

Warrior: There, now you have obtained the element of being unconstipated.

Coach: Yeah, but look at the wall. You made me shit all over it.

Warrior: Just leave it be. Interview me now

Coach: Can I at least wipe my ass?

Warrior: Very well

*Coach tries to, but there is just no room for him to move around *

Coach: Warrior, you are gonna have to get out, I can’t reach my ass to wipe

Warrior: I am not moving, but I will help *Warrior grabs some toilet paper and wipes Coach’s ass, then flushes *

Coach: *pulling up his pants * Dude, that was so not….

Warrior: Warrior, it is Warrior

Coach: Sorry, Warrior that was not cool, at all.

Warrior: Lets commence with the interview

Coach: Lets at least get out of here

Warrior: No, it shall take place in here

Coach: Fine, what do you have to say about the match tonight?

Warrior: I believe you can ask a better question than that.

Coach: It’s the best I can think of standing in the mens room with shit all over the wall.

Warrior: Ask me another question, a better one

Coach: What do you have to say about the match tonight?

Warrior: That is better. Tonight, in the Elimination Chamber match, I shall be the victor. I shall become to WWE Champion for I am the Warrior. I will destroy those in front of me, those who get in my way. Those who think they are undefeatable, those who think they are unloseable, those who think they are unoutwrestlable. The power of the Warrior Gods have been pumped into all my open orfices earlier today by the Warrior Gods to ensure that I shall become the new WWE World Champion. I shall…

Coach: Um, Warrior, you are already WWE World Champion

Warrior: Silence huminoid. The Elimination Chamber will, no shall not contain me, or my Warrior body. No my Warrior will, my Warrior power, my Warrior juices will protect my Warrior body. I shall walk out of the Chamber as the new WWE World Champ

Coach: But you already are…

Warrior: SILENCE!

*Coach takes a step back and slips on some crap- landing in even more of his own crap *

Coach: Dammit Warrior! Now what the hell am I going to wear?

Warrior: Fear not, I have clothes in my backpack

Coach: Cool, can I at least change outside?

Warrior: Very well, there is no room in this room to do anything.

*All 3 men exit the mens room, Coach undresses down to his John Cena underwear- takes the backpack from Warrior and pulls out the only thing in it- a white Weasel Suit *

Coach: You have to be fucking kidding me Warrior- this is all you have?

Warrior: Unless you want to follow me on my spaceship now for real clothes- yes

Coach: The spaceship sounds better

Warrior: Before you enter you must have an anal probe

Coach: Hmm, Anal probe and real clothes or Weasel Suit? Hmmmm, I think I will take the anal probe and the real clothes

Warrior: Very well. Mr Camera Man, you wait here and put the Weasel Suit on

*Warrior and Coach take off and are gone for a few minutes. Coach is walking funny and wearing a pink Weasel Suit- the camera man has the white one on *

Coach: Dammit Warrior, is that all you wear on your spaceship? Weasel Suits?

Warrior: No, only this week. *Warrior walks off elsewhere backstage *

Camera Man: So, how did your anal probe go? Ha Ha

Coach: I don’t want to talk about it. *Coach walks off walking funny and scratching his ass *

*We cut back to ringside where JR & King are just sat staring at the screen with shock on their face.*


*Anderson walks out onto the stage as he is given a mixed reaction from the crowd. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.*

JR: And here comes Mr. Anderson, he has an issue with Triple H and authority right now.

King: I like him but not as much as The Miz, but I still like him more than Triple H.

JR: Errr, okay?


*Miz walks out as the boos ring out. He strolls down the ring before jumping onto the apron, before climbing into the ring.*

King: What a man!

JR: Miz has a great chance here.

King: It’s clear Miz is going to win the title right now.


*The fans pop loudly as the Intercontinental Champion makes his way out to the stage. He drinks some water before throwing the bottle aside. The title is around his waist as he walks down the rest of the way, before walking around the ring and jumping onto the apron. He spits the water out before climbing into the ring.*

JR: Triple H looks set to compete right now!

King: He’s set to lose!

Match 3: Triple H(c) vs. Mr. Anderson vs. The Miz in a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship

(stop at 08:53)

JR: What a bulldog by Anderson!

*Miz grabs Anderson before throwing him out of the ring. He picks Triple H up and backs him up to the corner, hitting a right hand to Triple H’s gut. He hits a left hand before backing all the way up to the far corner, before running forwards and hitting a clothesline.*


*He drops off Triple H who drops to the floor, and picks Triple H up again, but Triple H comes out of nowhere with a spinebuster! He quickly goes for a cover on Miz.



Th-NO! Anderson pulls Triple H out of the ring.

Anderson throws Triple H into the fan’s barricade before dragging him up by the hair. He throws him into the ring before following him in but Triple H is up! He hits a knee to Anderson’s face and goes for a cover.



Th-NO! Miz breaks the pinfall up.

Triple H gets up and goes for a right hand but Miz blocks and twists around to grab Triple H from behind, laying him out with a Skull Crushing Finale!*

King: Skull Crushing Finale! Miz is about to win this!

JR: What a match this has been!

*Miz backs up before grabbing Anderson, and dragging him on top of Triple H, before leaving the ring and walking away up the ramp as the referee counts.



Three! *

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Mr. Anderson!

King: What the hell?

JR: What was Miz thinking?!

King: I don’t know JR! But Anderson is our new champion!

JR: That was crazy! What the hell is going on tonight?!

07-05-2012, 09:08 PM
*Punk is shown sitting in the back, taping up his hands. A serious look is across his face, as he looks up slowly, staring into the camera.*

Punk: I'm not going to bore you, by talking about each of my opponents and why I like them, or dislike them, or what i truly think of them, because let's be honest, none of you internet marks care, and the fans who are here are only paying in hopes that I might get my ass kicked. See, since the Rumble, we've been on a road. A journey if you will. This is a path a lot of people want to take, and many have. It leads to one magical place. A place where history is made, and dreams come true.

And no...for all of you out there thinking I'm talking about Disneyland, I'm not. I'm talking about Wrestlemania. See at Wrestlemania, everyone has their moment. Everyone has their chance to chance. Brock has had his with Kurt at WM 19. Warrior had his with Hogan. Edge had his with Taker. JBL had his with Cena. Do you know who hasn't had a Wrestlemania moment? Myself or Ziggler. Now here is the different between the Straight Edge Savior and the Show Off. Ziggler had his chance to win the gold, to be at the top of the mountain at the Rumble, and he failed, just like he will every other time.

Tonight, the stars are aligning, the gospel is out in chorus to sing, and the fat lady is tuning up for the final choir. Tonight is about 1 man. Tonight is about 1 road. Tonight.....tonight is my night.

*Punk glares into the camera, as the camera backs away and we cut back to ringside.*

JR: Well of course, CM Punk will be a part of the Elimination Chamber match later, and he has earned the right to enter last!

King: What a match that will be for sure.

JR: Well up next, one of the most intense rivalries in a long time here in the WWE, as John Cena faces Bryan Danielson!

King: Oh yeah! A real wrestler in Bryan Danielson!


*The fans boo loudly as Danielson walks out onto the stage. He walks down the ramp before climbing into the ring.*

JR: Bryan Danielson is a phenomenal talent, but his attitude is terrible.

King: Oh yeah, and I suppose you love SuperCena ay JR?

JR: Cena has been a terrific servant to this company King, and he has proven his ability time and time again!


*The fans pop loudly as Cena explodes out onto the stage. He looks into the camera and says that ‘tonight’s the night’ before saluting the entire crowd. Cena runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.*

King: What an idiot. You will tap Cena!

JR: Cena has earned the respect of the entire WWE universe, and nobody brings out the emotion of these fans like he does!

King: What are you doing now? Copying Michael Cole?

JR: You just said Vintage Miz. And you say I copy Cole.

Match 4: John Cena vs. Bryan Danielson

(Stop at 9:52)

JR: And Cena reaches the ropes!

King: Oh come on ref! He was nowhere near them!

*Both men rise to their feet and Bryan goes for a dropkick but Cena pushes him down to the canvas. He bounces off the ropes and goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but mid punch, Bryan moves and grabs Cena’s arm for the LeBell Lock but Cena rolls through and goes for the STF, managing to lock the move in!

Bryan screams in pain as Cena continues to pull back at his neck, but Bryan manages to grab hold of the ropes. Cena lets Bryan go and backs up. Bryan reaches his feet but turns around into a shoulder block. He gets back up but Cena hits a second one. Bryan gets back up again and Cena goes for the Prototype Bomb but Bryan drops over Cena’s back and hits a neckbreaker! He goes for a cover.



Kick out!

Cena throws the shoulder up before Bryan drags him to his feet, but Cena drops to one knee and picks Bryan up on his shoulders, hitting an Attitude Adjustment from nowhere! He covers Bryan.



Three! *

Winner: John Cena

JR: Cena does it! Cena does it!

King: Shut up JR.

JR: What a match! Both men gave their all but Cena comes out on top tonight!

King: Shut up JR.

JR: Well up next, it’s time for the Royal Rumble winner Chris Jericho to put his main event spot at Wrestlemania on the line against The Undertaker!

07-05-2012, 09:40 PM
King: Oh hell yeah! Jericho finally proves how good he is, and finally proves his tactic was the right one when he shuts Taker and everybody else up!

JR: One thing we have to ask, is will The Rock be involved in this next match?

King: I don’t care about The Rock JR, he’s an idiot that should go back to filming movies.

JR: The fact is King, Rock has exchanged words and issues with both of these men, nobody would be shocked to see him involved.


*Undertaker walks out as the fans go nuts. The Phenom makes his way down the ramp as the fans are still cheering.*

King: Why do these fans buy into this crap?

JR: Undertaker is going to win this!


*The fans boo loudly as Jericho walks out onto the stage, turning around with his arms outstretched before walking down the ramp as Taker watches on from the ring.*

JR: Jericho does look ready up next!

King: What a match this is going to be!

JR: And the winner will be in the main event of Wrestlemania!

Match 5: Chris Jericho vs. Undertaker for Chris Jericho’s spot in the main event of Wrestlemania


King: What a clever move from Jericho! Both men are down right now!

JR: I wonder who will get up and take advantage first!


King: Oh what’s he doing out here?

JR: We all expected him to come out here!

*In the ring, Jericho is first to his feet using the ropes as Taker begins to get up in the centre of the ring but Jericho hits a running clothesline. He quickly goes for a cover but before the ref can count, Taker has thrown Jericho off.

Both men reach their feet and Taker goes for a big boot, but Jericho ducks under and bounces off the ropes but Taker has done the same and hits a flying lariat. He stands up and notices The Rock. Out of nowhere, Jericho goes for the roll up!



Th-NO! Taker kicks out!

On the ramp, Rock is shown to be frustrated as he slowly keeps walking down towards the ring. Jericho is quickly up to his feet and goes for a Codebreaker but Taker catches him mid move and slams him to the ground. He picks Jericho up and goes for the Chokeslam but Jericho drops down and dropkicks Taker in the back over the ropes, but Taker stays on the apron.

Jericho bounces off the ropes and goes for the kick to Taker, landing it, causing Taker to drop to the floor as Rock reaches the bottom of the ramp. Jericho asks what he wants in the ring but Rock ignores him and stares at Taker who is getting up. He rolls into the ring and goes for a big boot but Jericho ducks under and turns round to hit a bulldog! He follows up with a Lionsault and goes for the cover!



Th-NO! Taker kicks out!*

JR: Taker just won’t stay down!

King: I still wanna know why Rock’s down here!

*Rock can’t believe it on the outside as Jericho can’t in the ring. Rock goes under the ring and picks out a steel chair, but the referee warns him. Rock places the chair down and sits down to watch the match.

In the ring, Jericho picks Taker up by the hair but Taker grabs Jericho around the throat and hits a Chokeslam out of desperation! He manages to cover Jericho almost immediately!



Thr-NO! Jericho gets the shoulder up!

Taker’s the one in disbelief now as Rock claps at ringside. He looks over at Rock before dragging Jericho up to his feet. He throws Jericho between his knees and looks set to go for the Last Ride, but just as he goes to throw Jericho down, Jericho reverses into a Codebreaker! After a few seconds, Jericho manages to cover Taker.



Thre-NO! With just inches to go, Taker kicks out!

Rock jumps up in anger outside the ring as Jericho does the same in ring. Taker begins to move again as Rock picks the chair up and climbs into the ring. The referee quickly warns Rock but Rock ignores him and cracks Jericho in the face with the chair! The ref calls for the bell.*

Winner by DQ: Chris Jericho

*Rock picks Taker up and lays him out with a Rock Bottom, before walking away up the ramp as the fans can’t believe what just happened.*

JR: WOW! Rock gave Jericho the win by DQ! A very clever move by Rock!

King: I don’t understand!

JR: Rock wants Taker at Wrestlemania King! That’s how he got Taker’s attention!

*The music suddenly changes in the background, from the theme song of Elimination Chamber to a drum roll type music to build tension. The Chamber itself suddenly begins to lower as the fans pop loudly. The Chamber settles itself around the ring ready for the final match of the evening.*

JR: What a PPV this has been so far King, but now, it’s time for the main event!

King: That’s right JR; six men will enter the Elimination Chamber, with not only the WWE Championship on the line. The winner will head into Wrestlemania with a one-way ticket to the main event against Chris Jericho, and I can’t wait to see JBL vs. Chris Jericho!

JR: Now hang on a minute King, we’ve got a lot of great competitors in this next match! And The Ultimate Warrior won’t give up his title without a fight.

King: No, but it’ll take a Clothesline from Hell to do so!

JR: And here comes the man that won the right to enter the chamber last!

*CM Punk walks out to an arenaful of boos. He drops to one knee and strokes the floor, before jumping up and scything the air with both arms. He walks down the ramp and looks at the Chamber in front of him. He smirks and climbs up the steel steps, onto the steel floor. The referee points him in the direction of his pod, and he walks in, as the door is shut and locked behind him.*

King: CM Punk is one guy that could dethrone The Ultimate Warrior as well! Imagine that! Best in the World vs. Best in the World at Wrestlemania!

JR: I’m not too sure you’re giving Warrior a fair chance right now King.

King: He doesn’t need a fair chance; he needs a miracle to walk out of tonight as still the WWE Champion.

07-05-2012, 09:45 PM

JR: Here comes the first man to qualify for the Chamber match, JBL!

King: And the guy who will walk out of tonight as the WWE Champion!

JR: I’m not too sure what the other five competitors will have to say about that.

*JBL opens his arms as the fans boo once again. He walks down the ramp, ignoring what the fans are shouting at him, as he reaches the steel steps. He walks up and looks across at Punk as he enters. He smirks as the referee points him to his pod, where JBL enters and waits as the door is shut and locked behind him.*


King: I forgot about this man! The Next Big Thing! He’s got all the credentials to walk out of tonight as the WWE Champion!

JR: At this rate King, you’ll back everybody but Warrior.

King: Well can’t you see JR, this is where Warrior finally loses the WWE Championship!

*Brock Lesnar heads out to a mixed reaction, mostly boos, but there are a few cheers. He is joined on the stage by Paul Heyman. Heyman points in the direction of the chamber and slaps Brock’s chest. Brock pumps himself up and jumps on his toes on the top of the ramp, before his pyro blasts off and he strolls down the the steps. He wastes no time, jumping up onto the steel of the chamber. He looks from Punk to JBL before walking across to his pod, which is shut and locked behind him.*


JR: And here comes the WWE Champion!

King: For the moment.

JR: He has as much a chance of walking out victorious as every other man in this match.

King: He just...won’t.

*The Ultimate Warrior walks out onto the stage as the fans pop loudly. He runs down the ramp and runs up the steps to get into the Elimination Chamber. He climbs through the ropes and jumps onto the turnbuckle in front of Brock Lesnar’s pod. He holds the WWE Championship up high, before looking down at Brock. He does the same to the turnbuckle in front of CM Punk’s pod, and finally the turnbuckle in front of JBL’s pod. He enters his own pod after giving the referee the WWE Championship, and it is shut and locked.*

JR: And that means, the next two men will begin this match!

King: Dolph Ziggler and Edge! That means by the time the next guy enters the ring, Edge won’t even be in the match, he’ll have been eliminated by The Show Off!


JR: Speaking of The Show Off, here he comes!

King: He’s another guy who could walk out of tonight with the WWE Championship, but JBL is still my guy!

JR: JBL will always be your guy.

*Dolph Ziggler walks out onto the stage as the fans boo loudly. He runs his fingers through his hair and throws them both outwards. He walks down the ramp as the fans continue to boo. He looks at the structure in front of him before cautiously climbing up the steps. He enters the chamber and ring before looking from Punk to JBL to Brock to Warrior. He turns and waits for the final participant.*

07-05-2012, 09:48 PM

JR: And here comes the other starting participant. Edge has won the Elimination Chamber from this point before, but it will still be a tough ask of him tonight!

King: He hasn’t got a chance. The only way he’d win is if somehow, it came down to Edge and Warrior.

JR: King, can you be any less biased?

King: Hey, JR, shut up.

*Edge comes flying out through the smoke as the fans go nuts. He runs to one side of the stage and begins to get pumped up, before doing it to the opposite side. He finally returns to the top of the stage and takes a few steps down the ramp. He looks at the chamber in front of him and takes a deep breath. He looks down before throwing his arms to the sky as his pyro goes off behind him. He walks down the rest of the ramp, not taking his eyes off the chamber as he reaches the steps. He walks up them slowly and grabs hold of the steel. Edge has a huge grin on his face as he enters the chamber. Instead of entering the ring, he walks across to CM Punk’s pod and goes face-to-face with Punk across the glass. The referees shut and lock the door to the chamber as Edge climbs into the ring and the referee holds the WWE Championship up high, before instructing the timekeeper to ring the bell.*

JR: I can’t wait for this King! This is going to be amazing!

King: Oh hell yeah, this Chamber is unforgiving, we’re about to see some brutal action!

Main Event: Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. JBL vs. CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Ultimate Warrior(c) in an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship

*Edge and Ziggler look across the ring from each other before they slowly approach each other in the middle and lock up. Edge immediately repositions himself into a headlock, but Ziggler pushes Edge back and bounces him off the ropes, sending him across the ring, bouncing him off the other ropes. Ziggler drops to the floor as Edge jumps over him and bounces off the ropes again, but Ziggler is up this time and hits a dropkick! He goes for a quick cover.


Kick out!

Ziggler picks Edge up and backs him into the corner. He breaks the hold and hits an elbow to Edge’s face. He does it a second time before backing up and going for a corner splash, but last second, Edge moves out of the way and Ziggler hits the ring post head first, sending him over to the steel floor on the outside back first. Edge climbs through the ropes and picks Ziggler up. He hits a spinning heel kick to Ziggler’s gut, before grabbing Ziggler’s hair and throwing him face first into the chamber wall. Ziggler falls to the steel floor again, where Edge goes for the cover.



Kick out!

Edge doesn’t stop, grabbing Ziggler in a headlock on the ground. Ziggler tries to escape but Edge lets him go willingly, kicking Ziggler in the chest as he gets to his knees. He grabs Ziggler’s head and hits a DDT onto the steel. He goes for another cover.



Kick out!

Edge can’t believe Ziggler kicked out of that one as he drags Ziggler to his feet and we get a close up of Ziggler’s face, which has been busted wide open. Edge grabs Ziggler and goes for a Northern Lights Suplex, but mid move, Ziggler reverses out and kicks Edge in the gut. He bounces off the ropes and hits a FameAsser on the steel floor! He goes for the cover on Edge.



Kick out!

Ziggler can’t believe Edge kicked out of that one and climbs back into the ring. He waits for Edge to move and stumble across to the ropes, where Ziggler is waiting. He grabs Edge by the head and balances him across the top rope. He smashes Edge in the chest before hitting a neckbreaker on the rope that sends Edge into the ring. He picks Edge up and bounces him off the ropes, grabbing him around the neck for the Sleeper Hold as he bounces off the opposite ropes!

Edge tries to fight out as the referee asks if he wants to give up. Edge says no but Ziggler hits a knee to Edge’s back, causing him to go down to one knee. Edge tries to fight out again but Ziggler grasps Edge’s neck stronger. Edge begins to clap and the fans clap along with him. Edge reaches his feet and drops to his knees quickly, throwing Ziggler over his head, causing Ziggler to roll through and turn around, where Edge goes for the Spear, but Ziggler kicks Edge in the shoulder! He hits a forearm to Edge’s face, sending Edge back to the ropes, and Ziggler hits a big superkick that sends Edge over the top rope to the steel floor.

Ziggler climbs through as quickly as he can and goes for a cover on Edge.



Edge gets the shoulder up!

Ziggler can’t believe it as he goes for another cover, this time driving the forearm into Edge’s face.



Kick out again!

Ziggler is pissed as he picks Edge up. He throws Edge back into the ring as the countdown begins for the next participant to enter the ring.






The lights suddenly flicker and each pod is quickly lit up before being shrouded in darkness once again. This goes on for another ten seconds, before The Ultimate Warrior’s pod is lit up completely- as he enters the match! His pod is opened and he immediately enters the ring, throwing right and left hands at Ziggler, backing him into the ropes, as Edge rolls back to the outside to take a breather.

Warrior bounces Ziggler off the ropes and hits a clothesline on the rebound. Ziggler reaches his feet but Warrior hits a second clothesline, followed by a third. He picks Ziggler up and hits a scoop slam. He goes for a cover.



Kick out!

Warrior picks Ziggler up again but Ziggler rakes the eyes and hits a dropkick. He stands next to Warrior and flicks his hair again, before hitting a big elbow drop. He goes for a cover.


Kick out!

Ziggler does some sit ups before standing up and hitting a knee to Warrior’s gut. He picks Warrior up and throws him over the ropes to the steel floor. He follows him out and goes for a Zig Zag but Warrior grabs the chamber and Ziggler hits the steel floor head first. Warrior goes for a cover on Ziggler.



Thr-Ziggler gets the shoulder up!

Warrior knows how close that one was and begins to pump himself up for the crowd. He throws Ziggler into the ring, where Edge is now rising in the corner. Warrior climbs in and turns around, only for Edge to hit a huge Spear from nowhere! Warrior, being the clever champion he is, rolls underneath the bottom rope to the steel floor on the outside, but it doesn’t matter anyway, Edge doesn’t have the energy right now to cover.

Ziggler is the first to his feet, with the help of the ropes, and he goes back to work on Edge. He begins to stomp on Edge’s back. He picks Edge up and goes for a facebuster but Edge quickly twists out and grabs Ziggler’s head, hitting the EdgeCution! He goes for a cover on Ziggler.



Ziggler kicks out!

07-05-2012, 09:48 PM
Edge collapses in exasperation as Warrior climbs back into the ring and Ziggler begins to stir on the floor. Warrior waits for Ziggler to get up, bounces off the ropes and hits a leaping shoulder block. He picks Ziggler up and goes for the Gorilla Press Slam, but instead of doing it into the ring; he drops Ziggler on the steel floor on the outside!

Edge is back to his feet and the fans suddenly pop as both Warrior and Edge have a standoff. Edge points to the Wrestlemania sign, which Warrior nods at, and they lock up, but Edge quickly twists around and hits Warrior with the Edge-O-Matic! He goes for the cover.



Thr-No! Warrior is still in it!

Edge gets up to his feet and is suddenly feeling it. He backs up to the corner and begins to shout ‘Spear’ over and over again, along with the fans. Warrior begins to get up, but the lights suddenly flicker and the countdown begins for the next guy to enter the match!





Warrior reaches his feet but Edge is too distracted by the countdown to do anything.


The light stops on Brock Lesnar’s pod! He screams for the referees to let him out and they do so. He climbs into the ring and rolls the shoulders, before he explodes with a huge clothesline that causes Warrior to do a full backflip. Edge begins to throw punches at Brock, but Brock catches one and throws Edge backwards into the corner. He hits a shoulder to Edge’s gut, before following up with a second, a third and a fourth. He backs up and runs forwards, before driving his shoulder into Edge’s gut for a fifth time! He picks Edge up and places him on top of the turnbuckle. He steps up onto the second rope and hits the Superplex!

Brock jumps up as Ziggler climbs back into the ring. Ziggler runs and goes for a crossbody, but Brock catches him! He hits a rib-breaker, and then does it for a second time, but out of nowhere, Warrior dropkicks Ziggler’s back, causing Brock to fall down with Ziggler on top of him.


Brock powers out by throwing Ziggler up in the air!

Brock jumps up as Warrior runs at him, but Brock picks Warrior up in a Military Press Slam, before throwing Warrior over the ropes to the steel floor. He follows Warrior out to the floor and goes for a cover.



Warrior rolls the shoulder up!

Brock laughs and picks Warrior up, before throwing him face first into the chamber wall. He climbs back into the ring where Ziggler is back up, and Ziggler hits a dropkick that sends Brock back to the ropes. Ziggler bounces off the ropes and runs at Brock, who ducks down and throws Ziggler up and over the ropes onto a now rising Warrior! Ziggler rolls off in pain as Brock rolls his shoulders menacingly in the ring. He looks across at Edge who is using the ropes to get up and laughs. He begins to line Edge up for something as Edge reaches his feet. He turns around and Brock goes to lift Edge up but Edge drops down immediately. He pushes Brock in the back and Brock turns around where Edge hits a big boot! Brock backs up and bounces off the ropes, as Edge does the same, hitting Brock with a half nelson bulldog on the return. He goes for a cover.


Brock powers out again!

Edge gets up and backs up to the corner. He runs his hands through his hair again as Brock begins to get up. Edge runs at Brock for a Spear but Brock sidesteps him and uses his momentum to send Edge into the ring post shoulder first. As Edge backs up, Brock grabs him and hits a German Suplex! He gets back up and laughs as Edge rolls to near the corner. Brock turns to see Ziggler climbing back into the ring. He lines Ziggler up and goes for the F-5, but as he turns around, Edge uses the last of his energy to hit Brock with a huge Spear! All three men collapse in the ring as Warrior begins to get up on the outside. He climbs into the ring and covers Ziggler.



Kick out!

Warrior covers Edge.



Kick out!

He clambers over and covers Brock.



Th-Kick out at the last mill-second!

Warrior can’t believe as he begins to pick himself up in the corner, when the countdown begins and we all know who’s next! JBL begins to scream at the referees to let him out but they have to wait for protocol as the countdown nears its end.




The lights flicker and stop on JBL’s pod, which is unlocked and opened as JBL rushes out. He climbs into the ring and hits Warrior with a big boot immediately. He picks Warrior up and throws him between his legs, getting ready for a Powerbomb, but Warrior escapes and goes for a roll up!



JBL powers out!

Warrior doesn’t stop with the offensive, hitting JBL with a clothesline as he rises up. JBL goes to get up again but Warrior hits a second clothesline, before hitting a third as JBL goes to rise once again. Warrior goes for a dropkick but JBL pushes him away and down to the canvas. He picks Warrior up and smashes a big right hand into Warrior’s back, sending him down again. Warrior gets to his knees but JBL kicks him in the face. He covers the WWE Champion.



Kick out!

JBL drags Warrior to his feet and grabs him from behind, going for the Pumphandle Slam, but mid-move, Warrior rolls over JBL’s shoulders, bounces off the ropes and as JBL turns around, hits a leaping shoulder block! Warrior gets up but turns around into a huge clothesline from Brock Lesnar!

Brock laughs again as he looks down at Warrior, but from behind, Edge begins to hit right hands. He grabs Brock by the head and runs across the ring with him, throwing him over the top rope to the steel floor below. Edge climbs through the ropes and turns to face CM Punk’s pod. Edge taps on his wrist as Punk shouts at it. Edge turns around and gets taken down by a big clothesline from Brock, but before Brock can do anything else, Dolph Ziggler throws himself over the top rope, taking Brock down with a crossbody!

Ziggler jumps to his feet and grabs Brock, going for the FameAsser but mid-move, Brock catches him and picks him up for the F-5, but out of nowhere, Edge hits a Spear on Brock & Ziggler into CM Punk’s pod, that shatters the glass! Punk has entered the match early!

07-05-2012, 09:57 PM
Punk immediately begins to throw right hands onto Edge’s head. He backs Edge up into the opposite pod with right hands as the referee notices Dolph Ziggler is pinning Brock Lesnar.





Neither Dolph nor Brock is moving though as every fan’s attention is on the battle between Edge and Punk. They’ve been waiting for this for weeks, as Edge begins to fight back with his own right hands but Punk ducks one and hits an Arm Trap Swinging Neckbreaker to the steel floor! He goes for the cover on Edge.



Kick out!

Punk signals for the end and lifts Edge up. He goes for the GTS but Edge drops down and pushes Punk in the back, sending him into the ring. Edge follows him in and as Punk turns around, hits the Spear! He covers Punk.




Edge can’t believe it as he goes to pick Punk up, but Punk pushes Edge back and kicks him in the head! Edge may be out! Instead of going for the pinfall though, Punk walks across to the corner, climbing to the top rope. He looks set to go for the Diving Elbow, but instead, climbs up further, onto one of the pods! He looks down at Edge and goes for the Diving Elbow Drop, but Edge moves at the last second and Punk slams into the canvas! Edge crawls across and places an arm on top of Punk.





In the wreckage that was once Punk’s pod, Brock Lesnar has now risen, and leaves the chamber with the help of referees, Ziggler is still down. Edge is down. Punk hasn’t moved. JBL is beginning to move and Warrior is on the steel floor trying to use the chamber wall to get up. Finally, the referee helps Punk roll to the steel floor, but as Punk reaches his feet, he’s not about to leave without kicking off. Edge begins to get up as JBL is getting up in the corner.

Punk pushes the referee and goes after Edge, taking him down to the floor and pounding his head with right hands. He’s pissed and he picks Edge up. He lays Edge out with a GTS and leaves the ring, and chamber. In the ring, JBL collapses onto Edge.





The referee helps roll Edge out of the ring as Ziggler begins to get up in the debris that once resembled CM Punk’s pod. Edge leaves the chamber as Warrior climbs into the ring and goes after JBL. Ziggler rolls out of the pod and uses the ropes to get up on the steel floor. He climbs into the ring and helps Warrior go after JBL, but JBL begins to power out, being the most active of the three. He hits Warrior with a big boot that sends him down to the corner, before going to whip Ziggler but at the last second, pulling him back for a Sleeper Hold.

Ziggler begins to struggle but hits a low blow by kicking backwards and jumps around to lock JBL in his own Sleeper Hold! JBL begins to struggle, and manages to use his power and size to his advantage, catching Ziggler in his arms and hitting a side walk slam. He goes for the cover.



Thr- Ziggler kicks out!

JBL can’t believe Ziggler is still in it as he gets up to his feet. He grabs Ziggler and hits a Powerbomb on the big man! He covers Ziggler again.



Thr-Somehow, Ziggler kicks out!

JBL is getting pissed now. He picks Ziggler up and throws him into the corner. JBL bounces off the ropes and hits a Clothesline from Hell! He covers Ziggler.





We’re now down to the final two as Ziggler is rolled away by the referee, and helped out of the chamber. JBL climbs to his feet and turns to see Warrior has managed to do the same. JBL smiles and goes for the Clothesline from Hell immediately but Warrior ducks under and bounces off the rope, hitting a dropkick as JBL turns around, sending JBL back into the ropes. Warrior grabs JBL and goes for the vertical suplex but JBL reverses and hits his own vertical suplex onto the steel floor. He climbs out of the ring and goes for the cover.



Kick out!

JBL can’t believe it and picks Warrior up, but Warrior quickly musters up the strength to throw JBL head first into the chamber wall. He does it a second time before kicking JBL in the gut, and hitting a DDT on the steel floor, but JBL rolls into the ring. Warrior quickly follows him but JBL is back to a sitting position, so Warrior goes to kick him in the face, but JBL catches Warrior’s foot and pushes him backwards. He jumps up and goes for a big boot, but Warrior ducks under and grabs JBL, hitting an Atomic Drop! He goes for the cover.



JBL rolls the shoulder up!

Warrior gets to his feet first and immediately goes on the attack, stomping away at JBL. He hits an elbow drop to JBL’s heart but instead of going for a cover, goes for a second elbow drop- which turns out to be a mistake as JBL moves out of the way and Warrior crashes to the floor. JBL grabs Warrior and drags him up as he gets up himself. He kicks Warrior in the gut and picks him up for a Powerbomb, but Warrior drops down behind JBL and as JBL turns, Warrior hits him with a Superkick! He goes for the cover.



Thr-NO! JBL gets the shoulder up!

Warrior can’t believe it as he drags JBL up to his feet, but JBL pushes him backwards and hits a Clothesline from Hell from nowhere! He covers Warrior!



Thre-NO! Warrior somehow finds the strength to kick out!

JBL can’t believe it as he sits next to Warrior. He punches Warrior in the head and drags him up. He pushes Warrior back and goes for the big boot but again, Warrior ducks under and as JBL turns, Warrior grabs him and hits a Scoop Slam! He looks around as the fans all realise what’s coming next! He bounces off the ropes, jumps over JBL, bounces off the other ropes and completes the Running Splash! He goes for the cover.



Thre-NO! JBL kicks out!

Warrior can’t believe it as JBL begins to move. Warrior drags JBL up but JBL pushes him back. He goes for another Clothesline from Hell but Warrior ducks under and as JBL turns around, Warrior hits a superkick! He bounces off the ropes, jumps over JBL, bounces off the other ropes and completes the Running Splash for a second time, going for the cover immediately.




Winner and still WWE Champion: Ultimate Warrior

JR: The Ultimate Warrior did it King! The Ultimate Warrior did it!

King: He cheated! I mean, how else could he have won?!

JR: The way you just saw King! Warrior showed a lot of heart tonight!

*The fans are going nuts as the chamber door is opened and the referee is handed the WWE Championship. He hands it to The Ultimate Warrior who jumps onto one of the turnbuckles and holds his title high.*

King: Well come Wrestlemania, Chris Jericho will take that title from The Ultimate Warrior!

JR: What a match that is set to be, but right now, it’s all about The Ultimate Warrior!

*The Ultimate Warrior drops down to the canvas again as JBL reaches his feet. Warrior turns around and JBL lays him out with a huge Clothesline from Hell!*

King: YES! He deserves that for cheating!

JR: What the hell! That was uncalled for!

*Back in the ring, JBL picks the WWE Championship up and climbs out of the chamber. He walks away up the ramp with the title and walks across to his limo.*

JR: What the hell?! Where is JBL going with the WWE Championship?!

King: He’s leaving with the title, just like he said!

JR: Well, after this night, you are not gonna wanna miss Raw folks! Catch you soon!

*JBL climbs into his limo as the fans are stunned into silence. He shuts the door as his music hits and the limo drives out of the arena, before the screen fades to black and the WWE logo flashes across.*

07-16-2012, 01:19 PM
Filling out these early tonight. Confident the show will be up tonight!

07-16-2012, 04:44 PM
Raw Is War: Episode 9
Location: Pepsi centre, Denver

*The fireworks blast around the arena as the crowd jump too there feet signalling the start of Raw Is War!*

JR: WWE Universe! We welcome you too Monday night Raw Is War! We are just 24 hours removed from the Elimination Chamber pay per view, and what a show it was King!

King: It had everything partner! If you missed it.. We recommend you too check out the highlights on WWE.com or order the replays from you’re box office provider, it really was a hell of a show!

JR: For those of you that did watch it.. We thank you for allowing us into your homes and you will know, the unthinkable happened and JBL has walked out of the WWE with the WWE title!

King: I said it was going too happen.. But I didn’t expect it too happen like the way it did, What now though? With no WWE title.. There is no WWE champion!

JR: Ultimate Warrior is indeed the WWE champion! You are right in what you are saying though King.. With out a title, Warrior can’t be a champion.

King: We did crown another champion though Ross.. That no good for nothing Mr. Anderson! What was Miz thinking?! Anderson is crazy, he does not deserve too be back in the WWE never mind holding the Intercontinental championship!

JR: I’m personally glad he’s back.. And beating Miz and Triple H too become the new I.C. Champion is no easy feat, he shore is going too make things interesting around here! You might just have too watch what you say King!

King: Interesting? Ever since the Re-brand of Raw Is War things have just been crazy around here and now that Kane is back on the loose.. I think it could be time too find another job!


JR: It’s the boss! Vince McMahon is here ladies & gentlemen!

King: Maybe he’ll have an announcement regarding JBL’s future!

*Vince struts down to the ring with his usual swagger before climbing into the ring and being handed a microphone.*

Vince McMahon: Welcome ladies & gentlemen...to Raw!

*The fans pop.*

Vince McMahon: Now unless you’ve been asleep for the past few weeks, you will not know a few things...first of all, you will not know that we are just 27 days away from Wrestlemania...and you will not know that Chris Jericho will face my good friend The Ultimate Warrior in the main event for the WWE Championship.

Something else you may not know is that we currently have no WWE Championship after the events of last night’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. John Bradshaw Layfield decided that he was going to walk out of the company with the WWE Championship after he lost the Elimination Chamber match to The Ultimate Warrior.

*The fans boo the actions of JBL.*

Vince McMahon: I actually had a phone call late last night from none other than John Bradshaw Layfield. We had a very interesting conversation where he offered his services once again to the WWE, only this time, on his terms.

His terms were as follows: he is allowed back on Raw is War with a WWE Championship shot after Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. The title at the beginning of the show will simply be a picture of him while his own theme song blasts around in the background, and finally, he is handed control of this show as general manager.

I said that I’d respond tonight on Raw is War, and that is why I am out here right now. I’m out here to tell John Bradshaw Layfield that this company will NOT be held to ransom by anybody. I made John Bradshaw Layfield and I can make another ten if I so desire.

*The fans pop.*

Vince McMahon: So John, I regret to inform you that...

*The fans join in on the next two lines.*


*The fans pop loudly as Vince finishes up his two iconic words.*

Vince McMahon: Of course, this leaves us without a WWE Championship belt, but we do have a WWE Champion, and right now, I’d like to invite The Ultimate Warrior down to the ring so we can address this situation immediately!

07-16-2012, 05:11 PM

*Warrior does his run out to the ring, circling it 45 times before finally entering it. He jumps on the ropes and starts shaking them like a spastic little muscle-bound monkey on crack.*

Vince McMahon: Warrior, WARRIOR! CALM DOWN!

*Warrior stops and stares at Vince who stands still for a few moments.*

Vince McMahon: As much as I’m unsure your mental state allows me to do this, Ultimate Warrior...here is your NEW WWE Championship!

*Suddenly a bag drops on a rope from the ceiling and Vince reaches up to take it down. He takes the old Winged Eagle WWE Championship belt out from the bag and hands it carefully to Ultimate Warrior who grabs a microphone as he puts the belt across his shoulder.*


*Coach was sitting at ringside so he jumps in the ring with a mic in hand*

Coach: You know Vince has a .....

Warrior: Silence, hold my mic.

*And thats just what Coach does.*

Ultimate Warrior: Mr McMahon. I truly do thank you for this new improved upon belt. JBL had no right to take my other one as I was again named the new WWE World Champion. The only reason he was able to lay his hands on it and get past it protective seal was because he was a God. But he is now a God no more since he is forever gone from the company. I shall safeguard this new belt and coat it with my Warrior juices as soon as the show is over. Coach shall help me. Now onto more important issues of me- the ULTIMATE WARRIOR! At Wrestlemania I shall be defending my newly won WWW World title against one Chris Jericho, not two Chris Jericho's- only one. Even if it were two of him I would still win for the Warrior Gods have deemed it so. The Warrior Gods talk to me every day and guide my life. In fact, after a ritual last night, they laid out the plan for our Wrestlemania match. They have told me, as I already told you, that I shall be walking out as the new WWE World Champion. Again. And there is......


*Chris Jericho struts out to the stage quickly. He's donning one of his trademark suits, and he has a microphone in hand as he wastes no time in instantly beginning to speak as he's walking towards the ring.*


*The crowd boo loudly*

Chris Jericho: I have just intercepted a transmission from high command that one of their Warriors has gone MIA after a severe case of lunacy!! Yes Warrior, I'm talking about you there!!

*The crowd boo some more as Jericho climbs the steel steps and steps between the ropes.*

Chris Jericho: Would it be a shock to you if I told you that nobody here knows what the hell you're talking about. Nobody here cares what you're talking about. And nobody here wants to hear you babbling incoherently about how you ejaculate over the Championship belt in your spare time when you're lonely in that shuttle of yours while you're orbiting your anus!!

*Crowd boo*

Chris Jericho: And let me tell you some more things that shouldn't be a shock to you; you're not funny, you're not entertaining, you're second rate in the ring, you're a freak, you're an embarrassment to the company, and it's a disgrace that you're even considered to hold that championship belt. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

*The crowd boo as Warrior is in shock. He grabs Coach's hand which holds the mic and shoves it towards his mouth*

Ultimate Warrior: NOOOOOOOOOO.......

Chris Jericho: WILL YOU PLEASE, SHUT. THE HELL. UP!!!!!!!

*Crowd boos heavier as Jericho frowns and looks dead at Warrior who immediately shuts up*

Chris Jericho: Now as I was saying. Mr McMahon, you cannot give this new title to this thing here. Bradshaw did the right thing in taking that title away from him because he proved in doing so that this animal isn't responsible enough to look after the title, let alone carry it with the prestige it deserves.

I urge you sir to re-assess the situation and hand that title to the right man. An honest man. The man who is the best in the world at what he does. The man who just beat the Undertaker. The man who is going to Wrestlemania. The man who will main event Wrestlemania. And the man who will win in the main event at Wrestlemania. ME.

Ultimate Warrior: HOW DARE YOU JERICHO! Nobody talks to me like that. And I know for sure you did not intercept a transmission, for on my spaceship I have a jammer that blocks all space transmission- I get to hear them all though. And Jericho, you forget I beat many men at the Elimination Chamber for this belt- I did it for two reasons- the Warrior Gods deemed it so is the first reason, the second reason is my Warrior Gods deemed that I would walk out as the new Champion

Coach: That’s the same reason.

Ultimate Warrior: Silence, just hold my mic.

Coach: Sorry man!

Ultimate Warrior: That’s Warrior! The ULITIMATE WARRIOR!

Coach: Yes, sorry Warrior.

Ultimate Warrior: I shall punish you on the spaceship again, after the show.

Coach: Not that again!

Ultimate Warrior: Yes, again. Now Silence! Jericho, you beat the Undertaker. Big deal, for he is a mere mortal of a man who thinks he is a dead man but really is not. He is delusional. He is a fake. He is a delusional fake. He is a delusional fake man who thinks he is dead but he is not, he is mortal, unlike I, the Ultimate Warrior who is immortal. I shall be a Warrior forever and after that, I shall continue being a Warrior. Coach here, shall be trained to be a Warrior too and shall soon travel with me to Uranus for the Warrior ritual.

Coach: Wait what?

Ultimate Warrior: I SAID SILENCE! Now Mr McMahon- the Warrior Gods have deemed you an honourary Warrior and ye shall not have to go through the ritual. I thank you for this new title and shall defend it with extreme honour. It shall be protected as it is one of my own children. This mortal Jericho is but a weak man. At Wrestlemania I will walk out as the new WWE World Champion yet again. Maybe one day, I shall truly be tested for this title.

*The fans are just silent as Vince looks from Jericho to Coach to Warrior. He brings the microphone up to his lips.*

Vince McMahon: What?

*The fans laugh and Warrior goes to speak again but Vince cuts him off.*

Vince McMahon: No, no, please don’t talk again. Okay here’s what I’m going to do, tonight both Chris Jericho and Ultimate Warrior will be in action- as they are on opposite sides of a Tag Team Match!

07-16-2012, 05:37 PM
*The fans pop loudly.*

Vince McMahon: Chris Jericho’s partner will be a man who last night was a member of the Elimination Chamber match, the self-proclaimed Straight Edge Saviour, CM Punk!

*The fans boo at the mention of Punk.*

Vince McMahon: As for Ultimate Warrior, your partner tonight is a man who has had some issues with Punk recently, and the man who eliminated him from the Elimination Chamber last night, the Rated R Superstar, Edge!

*The fans pop loudly for the mention of Edge.*

Vince McMahon: Ladies & gentlemen, enjoy the show!

*Vince drops the microphone and leaves the ring as Jericho & Warrior stare at each other in the ring.*

JR: Wow! What a main event!

King: I can’t wait for that one JR!

JR: Well up next, we have our first Money in the Bank qualifying match as John Cena takes on Cody Rhodes! Don’t go anywhere!


*The crowd instantly boo as Cody’s music hit’s the stage, Cody shrugs of the boo’s with a cocky grin and begins too make his way down too the ring*

JR: Well here we go folks, we are about too kick off Raw with our first match of the night and it’s A Money In The Bank qualifying match.. The winner of this match will participate in the match that will take place at Wrestlemania!

King: This could be Cody’s chance.. If he wins this match, he will then head into Wrestlemania with the chance too firmly stake his claim and show everyone just how good he is..

JR: I agree King.. So many people have had there breakout moment after winning the MITB match.. It’s also worth nothing folks, every winner of that match has gone on too be World Champion!


*The crowd instantly jump too there feet with excitement as they know who is about too step out from behind the curtain.. Cena comes out onto the stage too a huge ovation and the Doctor of thuganomics begins too make his way down too the ring.. Clapping hands with the younger fans in the audience*

JR: John Cena ladies and Gentleman! This man ended his bitter feud with Bryan Danielson at Elimination Chamber and now he’s ready and focused for this match and his plan on regaining the WWE title!

King: Please tell me how he ended his feud with Bryan?. It’s 1-1 in terms of win’s Ross.. Bryan beat Cena at the Rumble and then Cena was crying for a re-match remember?.

JR: Well Cena won the last match King.. And now his Attention will be on this match and getting into that MITB match at Wrestlemania!

*With both men facing off in the ring and the crowd clearly behind John Cena, the ref calls for the bell and match is started*

Start at 1:50 stop at 4:30

JR: Cody looking too swing Cena into the turnbuckle! Cena with the Reversal!

King: Cody’s back just whipped right into that turnbuckle Ross.. You can see the pain in his face!

JR: Cena charging at Cody now! This time Cody reverses with a big boot too the face!

King: Come on Cody! This is your chance!

JR: Cody comes off the turnbuckle!

King: No! he ran right into Cena! No! No!


King: No!

JR: Cena nails the FU! He must go for the pin? He does..




JR: Cena wins! Cena wins! John Cena is heading too Wrestlemania!

King: Cody this was your chance! Did Cody look right too you JR?.

JR: He looked fine too me King.. Cena was just the better man on the night, I hope you are not looking for excuses here King?.

King: He didn’t look right too me.. It looked like he has something on his mind and wasn’t entirely focused on this match!

JR: None of the less folks.. John Cena is our first qualifier for The Money In The Bank Match and is heading too Wrestlemania it also looks like he has something too say!

John Cena: Mr Money in the Bank, John Cena! Has a nice ring to it
Can cash it in at anytime, I think I deserve it

I've won the rumble, I've won the chamber, I've won all the championships in the 'E
I'm more Mr. Wrestlemania than Shawn Michaels, the best ever will be me

I hit the FU on Bryan, that kept him down for 3.
I'd rather be in the chamber, but I'll live with being Mr. Money

The Bank will be with me, I'll beat all the opposition
The face of the WWE gives me a big backstage position

I won't be a dick like Randy Orton, nor a egotistical Paul Levesque
But Vince, if you want backstage merchandise sold, than that briefcase I will get

Cody Rhodes felt my wrath tonight, and at Wrestlemania more will feel it
And if you don't like that fellas, while I don't give a...

07-16-2012, 05:59 PM
*The camera heads backstage where Miz can be seen entering Mr. Anderson's locker,Miz approaches Mr. Anderson who is polishing his title in his locker room.*

Miz: Well done on winning the title champ! I have done my side of the deal, now time for you too do yours.. I wan't the promised first title shot.. and I wan't it tonight!

Mr. Anderson: I’m supposed to give you the first shot? We had a deal? Let me see if I recall? *Pauses* Nope. Miz you know the saying, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,’ well it applies perfectly to this situation I mean look we are in very close proximity to each other.

Miz: Stop messing around Ken! I have more important things too do like Movies.. Yeah, I'm a bonafide movie star now.. I would say you know what I'm talking about but I'm not sure the film you was in can even count as a movie.. there meant too be entertaining! *Miz laughs* And that saying.. It does not even mean that.

Mr. Anderson: I don’t care if that’s what the saying actually means, I’m an asshole so it’s going to mean what I want it to. Same reason why you shouldn’t have made this supposed ‘deal’ with me, for the simple fact that I’m the Head Asshole in Charge here in the WWE. I do what I want, when I want, where I want, and what I see is that you lost a match to me and I am the Intercontinental Champion, and now you’re jealous and want another chance for the Intercontinental Championship.

Miz: Really? Really? Really Anderson? You are going too go back on you're word? We had a deal..

Mr. Anderson: Deal, schmeal. You want to know why there are no making deals with me? *Pretends to whisper in Miz’s ear, but instead screams* Because, I’M AN ASSHOOOLE!

*Miz is mad about Mr. Anderson screaming in his ear, while Anderson laughs*

Miz: You're right! You really are an asshole! Fine Anderson.. Have it you're way, but I'm telling you.. You don't wan't me as an enemy.. why you say?. Because I'm the Miz and I'm AWWEEEESSSSSSSOMMMMEEEEEE!! You ain't head the last of this Ken!


*Mr. Anderson laughs then walks away, while patting Miz on the back, Miz has a scowl on his face as the camera returns too ringside*

JR: Well there we go folks, we now know the reason as too why Miz seemed too help Mr. Anderson at the Elimination Chamber, it appears both men had struck a deal but from that confrontation.. It seems that deal is no longer in place!

King: That no good for nothing Anderson! That lunatic should not even be allowed back in this company and he’s the Intercontinental Champion and too make things worse he used Miz too get what he wanted and now he’s not even going too stick too his part of the deal? What a joke!

JR: You can say what you like King.. But are you really trying too suggest that if the boots was on the other foot that Miz would stick too the deal? Not too mention folks.. Let this be a lesson too any young superstar out there that when it comes too single titles there is no such thing as partners or alliances!

King: Well Anderson better be prepared! There is no way that Miz will let this happen without a fight..

JR: Moving on folks, we await our second MITB Qualifying match and that’s up next!


*The crowd boo instantly as Bryan comes through the curtain, chats of “you suck” can be heard all around the arena as he makes his way too the ring*

JR: Well his feud with Cena may be over for now folks.. But Bryan Danielson has the chance too win his second Money In The Bank.. A feat so far only done once and that man.. CM Punk!

King: Just Imagine if Danielson was too once again grab that briefcase! Can you imagine Cena’s face * king laughs*


*The crowd instantly cheer for the daredevil Jeff Hardy! He stands at the top of the stage doing his trademark taunt as the crowd cheer his name and his pyros blast off around the arena*

JR: Well if Bryan is going win the MITB folks he’s going too have too get past this man first.. A Rock star like reception for the fan favourite, the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy!

King: While Hardy will certainly be no easy match.. I just have a feeling that Danielson will have too much for him tonight.

JR: Where about too find out King!

Start at 2:30 stop at 6:50

JR: Twist of Fate! This could be all over!

King: Come on Bryan!

JR: Wait a minute! Hardy is looking too go high risk!

King: What’s he doing? He could have just pinned him right there and then..

JR: What goes up.. Must come down! Ohhh Nooo! Bryan moved.. And Hardy just came crashing too the mat!

King: That’s why they call it high risk Ross! *King laughs* Come on Bryan.. This is your chance!

JR: Bryan looking for the Labell lock here.. If he locks this in folks it could be all over!

King: He’s got it.. It’s locked in!

JR: Just look at the pain shooting across Hardy’s face! He can’t put up with much more!

King: He’s Tapping! He’s tapped out! Yes! Yes! Yes! Bryan Danielson is heading too Wrestlemania!

JR: That’s high risk.. Sometimes it can pay off and sometimes it wont, Who will be willing too risk it all at MITB? We will find out at Wrestlemania but right now.. Cena and now Bryan are the first two Qualifiers in the Money In The Bank match!

07-16-2012, 06:03 PM
Bryan Danielson:
Now that I have disposed of that junkie side show attraction, I am back on track to realizing my goal of winning the WWE Title. After being screwed over in my match at the Elimination Chamber by super Cena and his famous no sell power, I will not let anything stop me from winning the Money in the Bank Match.

This company needs me to win and cash in the briefcase to become champion. Look at the sorry state that the WWE is in. The champion is crazed, roided out senior citizen, who believes he is blessed by outer space gods, and actually changed his real name to Warrior. The new talents that are being brought in are mostly jokes.

Seriously, it is like management is throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. I am the greatest technical wrestler on the planet. If I can break or dislocate any part of the human body with just my skill, imagine what I can do when weapons are legal? I will not be denied by a bunch of spot monkey stuntmen, who are just trying to make a highlight reel. I am Bryan Danielson, I am a WRESTLER, and I will make this company be known as World WRESTLING Entertainment once again.


The fans go nuts as Edge comes flying out of the smoke. He walks across to the one side of the stage but is obviously still feeling the effects of the Elimination Chamber match as he gets pumped up. He walks back to the centre of the stage and points to the opposite side before he walks down the ramp a few steps, stops and points to the sky as his pyro explodes behind him. He strolls down the rest of the ramp before gingerly sliding into the ring, and asking for a microphone. He waits a few more seconds before lifting the mic up to his lips with one hand, and bringing the other hand up, he has his thumb and forefinger millimetres apart, before speaking.

Edge: About that close. That’s how close I was to winning the WWE Championship last Sunday. Sure, I ended fourth, but I endured hell inside that Elimination Chamber- and I was that close to becoming the WWE Champion because I’d already gotten rid of CM Punk when it happened.

The fans boo loudly, knowing exactly what Edge is talking about.

Edge: You see, last Sunday at Elimination Chamber, I pinned CM Punk after the idiot threw himself off a pod, and eliminated him from the match. Instead of being humble and taking his loss like a man, he took the elimination like a little bitch and attacked me, hitting me with a GTS to allow JBL to pin me and eliminate me from the match.

The fans boo at what Edge is talking about.

Edge: Oh trust me, I booed too. The fact is, CM Punk has been a thorn in my side ever since I returned at Royal Rumble. I beat him at the Rumble, and maybe that could have been the end of it. But then, what happened? We both entered the Elimination Chamber match and our paths crossed once more.

He’s attacked me viciously, he’s taken personal shots at me about people like Lita- who Punk I’m sure you dated after me- tell me, what was it like to have my sloppy seconds?

The fans laugh and pop loudly at this.

Edge: The thing is Punk, when I eliminated you from the Elimination Chamber, that should have been the end of it, I should have gone on, beaten Dolph Ziggler, JBL and The Ultimate Warrior and instead of standing here talking about you, I’d be standing here talking about Wrestlemania, where I’d be set to defend MY WWE Championship against Chris Jericho.

Because of you Punk, I have to watch as The Ultimate Warrior and Chris Jericho have the main event spot. Because of you Punk, I’m standing out here empty handed when the WWE Championship should be on my shoulder. Because of you Punk, I have no Wrestlemania match.

The fans boo but Edge holds a hand up.

Edge: That’s why I’ve come up with the replacement to my Wrestlemania moment this year. Instead of being in the main event, instead of being in the WWE Championship match- I was thinking of maybe entering the Money in the Bank match and winning it once again- inserting myself into the main event of Wrestlemania- but then I had a better idea.

Forget The Rock, Undertaker vs. Edge with The Streak on the line! That is what I’m talking about! But then I thought, I’ve been there and done that. This is the first Wrestlemania since my return, it has to be amazing. It has to be original. And that’s when it hit me. You and I, Punk.

The fans pop.

Edge: Let’s face it, it makes sense. You haven’t got a match, I don’t have a match. We’ve had matches before, but not like this. We’ve fought on Smackdown, we’ve fought on Raw, we’ve fought at the Royal Rumble but we’ve never gone one-on-one on the grandest stage of them all.

And that Punk, is why I’m out here. It’s time for us to end this. I’m challenging you to a match at Wrestlemania!

The fans pop loudly as Edge smiles.

Edge: The fact is Punk, we need this to happen. We need this to happen because for weeks and months and years, if this doesn’t happen, people will always wonder who is better. Who is better out of the Straight Edge Saviour and the Rated R Superstar? Who is better out of the Voice of the Voiceless and the Ultimate Opportunist?

I know the answer to that, and deep down in your heart Punk, you know it too. My records speak for themselves, but I’m going to give you the opportunity to prove me wrong. At Wrestlemania Punk, I’m going to prove once and for all, I am better than you!

The fans pop loudly as Edge drops the mic and jumps onto the turnbuckle as the Titantron comes on and air's a vignette*

*The camera cuts to show a woman, a woman who it seems just finished her shift as a stripper walks down a road. She sees a man beeps his horn, and she exposes her wonderful breasts away from the camera. She enters through a dark alleyway, and goes off camera, when we hear a scream. The camera shows a dark figure running away, while it then cuts to show the woman covered in blood, with the word "TORTURE" spray painted above her head*

The booing is almost instantaneous as Cody Rhodes walks out onto the stage in a suit.*

JR: Here comes Cody Rhodes! He lost to John Cena earlier tonight to not qualify for the Money in the Bank match!

King: He was cheated out of it though!

JR: I don’t think he was King.

King: Well I don’t care, Cody Rhodes is about to make my night much better!

*Cody strolls down the ramp before sliding into the ring and asking for a mic. He looks around at the fans while they continue to boo him, but waits for the booing to go down before he speaks.*

Cody Rhodes: A lot of you are probably wondering what I’m doing out here, questioning in your minds whether I even deserve to be standing in the same ring as such legends as The Rock, The Ultimate Warrior and Edge. How do I know that you’re all thinking this? I feel the same way.

You see, over the last week or so, I’ve done a lot of thinking- I’ve looked back over my recent matches and realised a couple of things. First of all, I was letting down my family. I was letting down my father, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. I was letting down my brother, Dustin Rhodes- better known as Goldust.

*The fans pop loudly for both name drops.*

Cody Rhodes: Secondly, I was letting all of you down. And by letting all of you, along with my family, down- I was letting myself down. Well I won’t be doing that anymore! Looking back, I’ve realised that I needed a change. A change in attitude mostly, and that’s exactly why I’m out here.

The change in attitude has arrived; the old Cody Rhodes has been kicked to the side, the new Cody Rhodes is here! I’m going to do all I can from now on to make all of you, to make myself and to make my family proud!

*The fans pop as Cody smiles.*

Cody Rhodes: So what do I do to make my family proud? Surely somebody with my blood line should be aiming for the top? Well I am, but I’m going to do everything on the way there. Since my loss to John Cena earlier, Money in the Bank was off the table. But then I realised that the perfect opportunity has arisen on this very night.

Earlier on in the night, Teddy Long made the announcement that the United States Championship will be coming back, and the final will be taking place at Wrestlemania. I’m the son of the American Dream- it is my destiny to hold that championship. So I am hereby announcing myself as one of the eight men entering the tournament from next week!

*The fans pop louder.*

07-16-2012, 07:03 PM
Cody Rhodes: And when the smoke settles at Wrestlemania, that title will be firmly around this waist, and it’s going to stay there for a very long time- and who else but all of you will help me. I don’t care who I have to beat on my way to the final, my Wrestlemania moment is going to happen this year when I am crowned the United States Champion!

*The fans pop loudly as Rhodes drops the mic and jumps onto the turnbuckle. He mimics the title around his waist before climbing down and exiting the ring. He walks away up the ramp as the crowd claps and cheers him.*

King: What the hell was that?

JR: I believe this young man just made his way into all of these fans’ hearts.

King: What a loser! He keeps losing so he ‘changes his ways’? What a fuckin’ sell out!

JR: I don’t agree with you King. He’s been a very honest young talent and nobody ever denied he has any talent, he’s extremely talented!

King: He’s terrible. What do you expect? Have you seen his father?

JR: What? The American Dream Dusty Rhodes? One of the most charismatic men in the history of professional wrestling?

King: Yeah. That guy. He’s an idiot! I used to think Cody was adopted but now I can see Cody is exactly like Dusty! What a waste of my time that entire segment was.

JR: God you’re an idiot.

King: Shut up JR, what’s up next?

*With the crowd still shocked but happy with Cody’s announcement Teddy Long’s music plays and the Raw general manager steps onto the stage with a mic in hand ready too speak*


TL: Hey! What’s up playa’s!

*Crowd pop*

TL: Now I hope you are all enjoying Raw tonight? Good.. It really has been a great Raw so far and that’s no doubt because of Wrestlemania which is right around the corner! Here In the WWE Universe for those of you that don’t know there is a saying that everything just get’s that much better when it comes too Wrestlemania season and this year will be no different!

*Crowd again pop*

TL: That’s why starting from next week we are going too have ourselves a tournament! That’s right.. But not just any tournament playa’s, this will be a tournament for the new United states title!

*Big crowd pop*

TL: That’s right.. From next week onwards there will be a tournament with the final taken place at this years Wrestlemania! Now enjoy the rest of the show.. And tune in for next week’s episode! Holla, Holla!

JR: The return of United States title? That’s huge!

King: It sure is Ross.. And the tournament will start next week! I can’t wait!

JR: Well that’s next week partner but right now.. I’m being told we have another MITB qualifying match coming up!

*Back from commercial. A man walks to the ring and security tries to stop him. He punches the security guards and takes them all out after fighting with them. He looks at the security on the ground and he heads to the ring. As he walks he looks at everyone in a discussed way. He gets into the ring and more security come. This team of security surrounds the ring looking away from the ring. He grabs a microphone as he stands in the middle of the ring and just stares at the crowd who is quiet and confused. *


Ricochet: My name is Ricochet and this is my security to prevent everyone from…..

*The microphone is cut off but Ricochet gets a loud speaker from one of the guards.*

Ricochet: I have been on the Indy circuit when I should be signed to a contract with a company like this because………

*All the arena lights go out except for emergency lights. After about a minute, the lights come back on and the security guards and Ricochet are all laid out as police are putting hand cuffs on them.*

JR: What the hell?

King: I’m not sure JR!

*In the ring, Ricochet is picked up from the ground as he is in cuffs.*

Teddy Long through the speakers in the arena: Let him go playas! Let him finish what he wanted to say. I’m in charge and I demand that you let him go.

*The police take the cuffs off and leave the ring and go backstage. Ricochet grabs a mic and tests the microphone while he stands in the ring.*

Ricochet: Like I was saying, I have been on the Indy circuit when I should be signed to a contract with a company like this because I deserve to be here but I was never given the chance to prove myself. I have worked my ass off for 9 years and I still work for small companies. It’s time I take it upon myself and prove that myself. What I want is a match on the grandest stage of them all…….WRESTLEMANIA! I have a video I want everyone to watch to show you all and to show everyone that is watching me right now just who I am and what I am capable of doing in this very ring.


*As the video plays, the crowd goes ohh and ahh as they stand in amazement of what this guy can do in the ring.*

Ricochet: I am better then every single so called “high flyer” in the back. So, What I want is to go straight to the top of the business and that is why I want to be in The Money In The Bank Match at this year’s Wrestlemania. It’s time I prove that I can stand in the ring with the best and that I can make it in this business, not as a side show but as the Main Event. So if anyone wants to come out and accept my challenge, come on down. If not, ill understand because it doesn’t mean that no one wants to fight me, it’s that no one wants to lose a chance to compete at Wrestlemania. So…..Come on out.

*Ricochet just leans against the turnbuckle waiting for someone to come out.*

Ricochet: I knew no one would come out and accept my challenge.

*As the video plays, the crowd goes ohh and ahh as they stand in amazement of what this guy can do in the ring.*

Ricochet: I am better then every single so called “high flyer” in the back. So, What I want is to go straight to the top of the business and that is why I want to be in The Money In The Bank Match at this year’s Wrestlemania. It’s time I prove that I can stand in the ring with the best and that I can make it in this business, not as a side show but as the Main Event. So if anyone wants to come out and accept my challenge, come on down. If not, ill understand because it doesn’t mean that no one wants to fight me, it’s that no one wants to lose a chance to compete at Wrestlemania. So…..Come on out.

*Ricochet just leans against the turnbuckle waiting for someone to come out.*

Ricochet: I knew no one would come out and accept my challenge.

07-16-2012, 07:14 PM
*Ricochet goes to the outside of the ring and goes under the ring and gets a table. He brings the table in the ring and then gets a chair and throws it in the ring. He sets the table up and sets the chair up. He sits in the chair with his elbows on the table.*

Ricochet: I will stop this show in its tracks and I will not leave until I have some competition.

*After waiting a few minutes, Ricochet sets the microphone down on the table and gets up from the chair. He goes outside the ring and starts talking trash to the fans while staying around ringside. He sees a little fan and tears up the sign that reads “U SUCK” that causes the crowd to boo loudly as the crowd begins to chant ‘you suck’ over and over again.*

Ricochet: Fine…..I will take care of this myself and I will go to the back right now. I WILL GET A MATCH!!!

*Ricochet throws the table out of the ring along with the chair, before beginning to walk up the ramp.*


JR: Sin Cara! It seems the Mexican Hero has answered Ricochet’s challenge!

King: Wow! What a match this could be!

*Ricochet smirks on the ramp and backs up, sliding into the ring. Sin Cara runs down the ramp as a referee follows ahead of the next match!*

Match 3: Ricochet vs. Sin Cara in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
(PAC=Sin Cara)

(stop at 8:20)

JR: BIG back body drop from the top rope there by Sin Cara! Can he take advantage?

King: What a match this has been JR! Exactly as I expected!

*Sin Cara waits for Ricochet to reach his feet again and runs forwards, but Ricochet jumps over him and as Cara bounces off the ropes, Ricochet drops to the canvas, sticking his legs up in the air for Cara to bounce off them and flip across the ring.

Ricochet jumps up and jumps over the rising Sin Cara, rolling to the corner as Sin Cara jumps up. Ricochet jumps straight up to the top rope and springboards off, connecting with a dropkick to Cara! He goes for a cover.



Thr-NO! Sin Cara kicks out!

Ricochet gets up angrily and goes to kick Cara in the head but Cara pulls back at the last second, grabbing Ricochet and going for the quick school boy roll up.



Ricochet rolls through and dropkicks Sin Cara, going for another cover.



Sin Cara twists it into his own cover.



Ricochet turns the tables once again!



Cara powers out!

Ricochet stands up and goes to grab Cara but Cara kicks out into Ricochet’s gut and jumps up. He springboards off the ropes and goes for the senton bomb but Ricochet rolls underneath and Cara hits the canvas. He stands up but Ricochet runs around and hits an Enzigueri to Sin Cara’s head! He drags Cara over to the corner before ascending it and hitting a dangerous Double Rotation Moonsault! He hooks the leg of Sin Cara.




Winner: Ricochet

JR: What an impressive debut by Ricochet! I guess he’s going to the Money in the Bank qualifying match!

King: He could be a dark horse in that match! What a match that was JR!

07-16-2012, 07:53 PM
*With the crowd still cheering for the debut of Raw’s newest star Ricochet, they are then sent into a frenzy with the theme music of… *


*The Brahma bull stands at the top of the stage taking in the cheers and chants from the crowd, Rock begins too make his way down too the ring with a look of focus on his face as the crowd continue too chant and cheer for him.. He asks for a mic and enters the ring*

Rock: Finally! The Rock has come back too.. *crowd join in* Denver!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

Rock: 24 hours ago the Rock had a front row seat too watch Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker at the Elimination Chamber! It was a match between two future hall of famers no doubt about it.. Great match, so people are wondering why the Rock got involved.. Undertaker! The great one asked you man too man..
Me and you at Wrestlemania, The Rock vs. The Undertaker, The great one vs. the Deadman, The Brahma Bull vs. The phenom.. The Return vs. The streak, So many slogans but none that do it justice.. It would have been the biggest match in Wrestlemania history and what ever the out come the Rock would have look you in the eye, man too man.. And shook you’re hand.

*The crowd continue too chant and cheer for the Rock wondering where this is going*

Rock: Sitting down on the chair watching the match.. The Rock had a thought, I thought if you won’t accept my challenge.. Then I’m going too demand it and put you in a position where you have too accept it.. You see Taker, as things stand.. Sure Wrestlemania is looking good.. We have the MITB match, We have the United States title match and we will have Chris Jericho vs. the Ultimate Warrior for the WWE title! Yay great!
But what is Wrestlemania without the streak? What is Wrestlemania with the most electrifying man in sports entertainment! Taker.. I’m not asking you for this match, I’m demanding it. Next week I’m calling you out.. Face too face, let’s get this match sorted and give these fans and the whole of the WWE Universe the match they want!

*Crowd pop*

Rock: If you smell! What the Rock.. Is … Cooking!

*Again the crowd pop for the Rock as he drops the mic and leaves the ring too the chant of “Rocky” going around the arena as the show goes too a break*
JR: Welcome back to Raw is War ladies & gentlemen! What a show it’s been so far, King!

King: You’re not wrong JR, and just mere moments ago, The Rock reiterated his challenge to The Undertaker for the Streak at Wrestlemania!

JR: And we are pleased to announce that next week, live on Raw, the Undertaker will be in the building to address the challenge!

King: Wow! The Phenom will be back! I can’t wait for that!

JR: And up next, we’ve got a great match scheduled!

King: Two great young talents going one-on-one! It will be great to see these two fly around the ring up next!


JR: And here comes Amazing Red! These fans quite like the guy who can really give them a show!

King: He’s good, not great, but good. I’m not sure he has a chance against the next guy though!


JR: Here comes Zema Ion! He’s got some great talent, but the fans really don’t like him!

King: I don’t see why they don’t like him though! He’s brilliant!

Match 4: Amazing Red vs. Zema Ion

(stop at 4:00)

JR: What a jumping DDT by Ion! Can he capitalize?

King: This one is definitely over!

*Zema crawls across and covers Red.




Red kicks out as the fans cheer their approval of the kick out. Zema gets up and backs up to the ropes angrily. Red begins to get up but Zema kicks him in the gut. He drags Red up by the hair and backs him into the corner but Red breaks and ducks under Zema’s arm, twisting around and hitting a dropkick to Zema’s back.

Zema hits the corner with force and Red goes for a neckbreaker but Zema reverses and hits a diving shoulder block. Both men are laid out in the ring and begin to crawl to the ropes when...*


JR: Oh my god! Not this again!

King: It’s Kane!

*Kane walks out onto the stage as the fans boo loudly. He walks down to the ring as both Zema & Red begin to get to their feet. Kane slides into the ring and looks from Zema to Red, before Zema grabs Red and throws him towards Kane, who grabs Red by the throat and delivers a huge Chokeslam to the canvas!*

JR: Chokeslam! What a devastating move from Kane!

King: Well the referee has scarpered, so I guess this match is over.

*Kane looks up at Zema who is staring back with clear fear in his optic stems. Kane begins to laugh maniacally and Zema returns the laugh, albeit awkwardly.*

JR: What the hell?! Are they on the same page?

King: It looks that way JR!

*Zema goes to leave the ring but Kane grabs him by the hair and drags him back into the ring.*

JR: I guess not King!

King: Oh no! Oh no!

*Kane grabs Zema by the throat, screams ‘what’s so funny?’ at him and hits a devastating Chokeslam right next to Red!*

JR: Oh my god! What a move!

King: I don’t think Kane’s done!
*Kane grabs both men by the throat and drags them simultaneously to their feet, before delivering a huge double Chokeslam! Kane laughs maniacally again before doing his signature throw down of his arms to set his pyro from all four corners off. He leaves the ring and backs up the ramp laughing all the way as Zema & Red are not moving in the ring.*

*With helping rushing down too the aid of both men the Titantron air's another vignette*

07-16-2012, 07:59 PM
*Tyson Kidd is shown on the Titantron as the fans go balistic*

Tyson Kidd: Hey guys! What's going on?! As some of you already know! My name is Tyson Kidd! And I'm here to carry on the Hart tradition! I was trained in the Hart Dungeon! Possibly one of the best wrestling gyms of all! I wanna be like all my trainers! Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart! And lots more! People say that I'm just a Bret Hart wannabe! But that's all wrong! I'm allowed a bit of inspiration from The Best There Was, The Best There Is and The Best There Ever Will be! But, the only success that I've ever had! Is the Tag Team Champion belt! But starting from next week! That will all change! As I will dominate to get my well deserved shot at the World title!

*The crowd cheer*

Kidd: At Wrestlemania! There will be, one of the most dangerous, but highly anticipated matches of all time! Money in the Bank! I wanna be the next one to win it! It has created so many superstars careers! Such as, CM Punk, Edge and Daniel Bryan! I wanna be the next one to carry that tradition as well! The best thing about the Money in the Bank Ladder Match! Is that you don't expect what is gonna happen! Anything could happen! A high risk move off the ladder, a sprint up a ladder which is stacked on the right to another! So many things! I wanna bring something new and special to the match! Once I qualify! Just watch! I will entertain you as much as possible! Cause not only am I doing it for myself! Not only am I doing it for the Harts! But I'm also doing it for you fans! So you can enjoy every second of the entertainment!

*The camera cuts back from the Tyson Kidd vignette with the crowd still cheering his name as we get ready for the final MITB qualifying match of the night!*

JR: Tyson Kidd folks! We have seen before a snip of the talent that this man possesses an with him returning next week.. I can’t wait too see him in action and show what it means too carry the hart name!

King: He’s no Hart Ross! So he trained in the dungeon.. Big deal! It means nothing here in the WWE.

JR: Well King.. I look forward too seeing Tyson Kidd proving you wrong and showing everyone else he is the real deal.

*Before King can again speak Dolph Ziggler’s theme music blares out of the speakers and round the arena as the cocky superstar makes his way from behind the curtain*


King: This man is the real deal Ross! And I’m backing him too win the Money In the Bank!

JR: How can you back someone that’s not even qualified? We don’t even know his opponent yet.. No doubt about the kids talent though folks, it’s his attitude that I question!

King: You’re just jealous! This man is indeed perfection!

*Ziggler strut’s down too the ring with his usual cocky swagger with Vickie at his side, he enters the ring and takes in the boo’s from the crowd*


*Morrison stands at the top of the stage with the crowd cheering for him as he does his trademark stance with the slow motion kicking in.. He then begins too make his way down too the ring slapping hands with the crowd*

JR: Should be a great match right here folks! Remember the winner of this match will join Cena, Bryan Danielson and Ricochet in qualifying for the Money In The Bank match!

King: I already told you.. Dolph Ziggler will win this match and he will thin win the Money In The Bank! Mark my words!

*Both men are standing in the ring ready too get the match started, the ref calls for the bell and the match begins!*

Start at 2:06 Stop at 8:08

JR: Ziggler had the tights! Ziggler had the tights!

King: I told you! I told you he would win this match.. I’m telling you he will win the Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania!

JR: He had the damn tights! That’s called cheating King, he should be disqualified!

King: It’s only cheating if you get caught Ross, did you not learn anything at School?!.

JR: Well folks, weather we like it or not…

As “The Monday Night Delight” John Morrison tries to use the ring ropes as leverage, to hoist himself up. While he does, “The Next Big Thing” by Jim Johnston plays on the PA system. Morrison looks shocked and the crowd starts to go into a booing frenzy. Finally, Brock Lesnar makes his way from behind the backstage curtain and makes a beeline to the ring. John Morrison tries to quickly get up to confront Lesnar on his own two feet, Lesnar is able to get the advantage and slides into the ring to kick Morrison in the side of the head, laying him out cold. After doing so, Brock asks for a microphone from one of the workers at ringside. As soon as he gets it, he starts to talk trash about John Morrison.

::Brock Lesnar::
“I’m pretty sure that you’re wondering what I’m doing out here and you’re wondering why I just attacked you, John. It’s simple really. I don’t like you and I also bet you want to know why I attacked you. Again…that’s simple and it’s pretty obvious. Not only do I hate your guts but I got robbed…again. So now, I’m gonna take it out on you and that’s just the way it is.”
Brock notices the John is getting to his feet so he lifts him onto his shoulders and plants him into the mat with an F-5. Brock’s music hits again and he walks away.

JR: And now ladies & gentlemen, after one hell of a blockbuster of a Raw is War, it’s time for our main event!

King: Oh JR! I can’t wait for this one! It’s gonna be one hell of a match!

JR: I believe the term you’re looking for King...is SLOBBERKNOCKER!

King: Well no, but I agree, let’s get it on!


*Pyro explodes before the camera zooms in on Chris Jericho, who has his back to the ring with his arms outstretched in his eternal pose, as the fans boo instantly. He turns around and smirks as he makes his way down to the ring. He slides in and points at the Wrestlemania sign.*

JR: And the number one contender to the WWE Championship is looking serious right now!

King: Well anybody looks serious next to Ultimate Warrior, the guys a joke!

JR: Well that ‘joke’ has been our WWE Champion for two months so far!

King: It’s all luck JR!


*CM Punk walks out onto the stage as the fans boo, but there are some sections of the crowd cheering, albeit quietly. He drops to one knee and runs a hand across the floor, before checking his wrist. He shouts ‘It’s Clobbering Time!’ before jumping up and scything the air. He makes his way down to the ring as Jericho awaits the arrival of his partner.*

JR: CM Punk looks ready, but you gotta ask King, will the two egos that are CM Punk and Chris Jericho be able to coincide together?

King: I don’t see why not JR, they’re partners tonight.

JR: I don’t know King. Also, we have to wonder, will CM Punk accept Edge’s challenge?

King: He should just to shut Edge up. It’s a brilliant ploy to have Punk not answer Edge yet.


*The fans explode with cheers as Edge blasts through the smoke. He runs over to the side of the stage, using the crowd’s adrenaline to get pumped up, before doing the same to the opposite side of the stage. He walks down the ramp a few steps before stopping and pointing to the sky as pyro explodes out behind him.*

JR: Here comes Edge! And he is fired up!

King: What an idiot this guy is. He believes he can stand in the ring with the likes of Chris Jericho and CM Punk? Give me a break!

JR: King, I don’t need to remind you that Edge is an ELEVEN time World Champion.

King: I don’t need to remind you he’s a complete tool!

*Edge waits on the ramp as the crowd also waits for one man.*

07-16-2012, 11:00 PM

*The fans go nuts as The Ultimate Warrior runs out to the stage. He holds the WWE Championship up high as he runs down the ramp, completely ignoring Edge, and does five laps of the ring in quick succession. He finally stops and looks at Edge as they slide into the ring together, ready for the main event.*

JR: What a match this is going to be!

King: Can you believe this guy is our WWE Champion? He’s a disgrace to the title!

JR: He beat five other guys, just last night!

King: He’s still a disgrace!

Main Event: Chris Jericho & CM Punk vs. Edge & Ultimate Warrior
(Punk=Benoit & Warrior=Christian)

(stop at 8:28)

JR: Just as Warrior gets the tag to Edge, Punk tags in Jericho!

King: Come on Jericho!

*Jericho runs out of the corner, catching Edge with a flying elbow. Edge jumps up and kicks Jericho in the gut, he goes for the EdgeCution but Jericho twists out and grabs Edge’s legs, going for the Walls of Jericho. Before he can twist Edge over though, Edge pulls Jericho close and kicks him off into the corner. He jumps up and immediately goes for a Spear but Jericho sidesteps Edge, using his own momentum against him to throw him into the corner. He immediately goes for a school-boy cover.



Kick out!

Edge powers out as Jericho is immediately back on the attack, going for the headlock. Edge is caught up in the move as the crowd begins to try and keep Edge alive, but their efforts are futile as the Rated R Superstar begins to fade. Back on the apron, Warrior begins to clap, as the fans clap along with him.

Edge manages to use the adrenaline from the crowd to lift Jericho up and hit a Side Slam! He goes for a cover on the number one contender.



Kick out!

Jericho is the one to power out this time, as Edge rolls over onto his front and begins to crawl towards his corner. Jericho grabs Edge’s leg and pulls him back as he gets to his feet. Edge does the same and goes to kick Jericho with his free foot but Jericho ducks under and throws Edge’s leg into the canvas.

Edge writhes in agony as Jericho goes to grab Edge’s legs and go for the Walls of Jericho, which he manages to lock in! Edge begins to scream as he is not close enough to grab the ropes. Jericho is screaming along with him as the fans are expectant of a tap out any second. Edge’s hand is just inches from the canvas but he manages to pull himself closer to the ropes. Edge is in clear agony as he manages to get even closer to the ropes but Jericho is clever, breaking the hold to pull Edge back to the centre of the ring, hitting an elbow drop to Edge’s knee before twisting it as Edge screams in pain.

Jericho keeps twisting the knee as Edge claws at Jericho, pulling his hair back with one hand and smashing him in the face with the other, causing Jericho to break the hold. Both men reach their feet at the same time and Jericho goes for a right hand but Edge ducks under and hits an Edge-O-Matic on the turn! He goes for a cover.



Thr-NO! Jericho kicks out.

The crowd has come alive once again as Edge & Jericho lie motionless on the canvas. Both Warrior & Punk have their arms stretched out towards their partners as Edge & Jericho begin to crawl towards their respective corners. Jericho reaches his corner first but Punk withdraws the hand as Jericho goes to slap it, and drops to the floor. He backs up with a smirk on his face as Jericho asks what the hell he’s doing?*

JR: Punk has turned on Jericho!

King: What the hell?! They’re partners!

*Punk walks away up the ramp as Edge makes the tag to Warrior and Jericho manages to get up. He turns around and Warrior hits a big clothesline. Jericho reaches his feet again as Warrior bounces off the ropes and hits a second clothesline. Jericho gets up once again but Warrior hits a third clothesline.

Warrior drags Jericho up and goes for a snap suplex but Jericho quickly reverses it into a small package!




Warrior kicks out as Jericho can’t believe it has happened. He gets back up and runs at Warrior, going for the Codebreaker but Warrior steps aside as from behind Warrior comes Edge with a huge Spear! Edge runs his hands through his hair as he climbs back out onto the apron, and Warrior pulls Jericho into the centre of the ring.

He points to the crowd as he bounces off the ropes, jumps over Jericho, bounces off the other ropes and connects with the running splash! He hooks the leg.



Three! *

Winners: Edge & Ultimate Warrior

JR: Edge & Warrior did it King! They did it!

King: Only because of CM Punk!

JR: What a main event folks, and what a Raw is War!

King: Wait, it’s CM Punk!

*Edge and Warrior are celebrating in the ring their big win, as Jericho rolls out of the ring, resting with his back on the apron, recovering from the match. Warrior's music is playing, as the fans are eating up Edge and Warrior in the ring.*

CM Punk: Hold on, hold on, hold on!

*Warrior's music is cut off, as Punk comes out from the back, now with a t shirt on. He has a mic in hand, as the fans are booing like crazy. Punk walks to the end of the entrance stage and start of the ramp, and sits crossed legged. *

CM Punk: I'm sick of this. I'm sick of you goody two shoes in the ring thinking you’re the champions of the world. The truth is, you’re not. You only beat Jericho because I walked out. No offense Chris, but you had to figure one of the two of us would try and pull something on the other. I just happened to be the smarter of the two of us and do it first. Hopefully, no hard feelings.

*Punk snickers.*

CM Punk: Now, Edge. At the Elimination Chamber, you screwed me, so I screwed you! You know what though, I'm tired of this, "edge gets 1 over me, I get 1 over Edge, yada yada yada". You go on about facing me like a man, getting to spear me, SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR! Man...you sound like a retarded kid with turrets. Earlier tonight Edge, you issued a challenge. Something bigger than Jericho vs Warrior, something bigger than Rock vs Taker...you want Edge vs Punk. Something that has never happened at Wrestlemania. A culmination of this war between us.

*The fans cheer at the thought of Punk vs Edge.*

CM Punk: We each have won battles in this war, but at Wrestlemania, you want to finish it. You want to write the ending of this story with me, and you know what, there is no better place to do it than Wrestlemania. At the Chamber I spoke about Wrestlemania moments. I have yet to have mine, but...that doesn't mean I will let this chance slip by. Oh no...this chance to steal the show won't slip through my fingers. So Edge, to your challenge....I accept!

*The fans go crazy, as Edge just nods and grins.*

CM Punk: Hold on you internet smarks. I'm not done talking yet. I accept, on 1 condition. See Edge, you had your moment with Foley, when you speared him through a flaming table. You showed you were rated R, you showed you were hardcore. I want my chance to make you bleed. I want my chance to break your bones. I want my chance to leave you lifeless, and praying to whatever God you believe in for mercy. I accept your challenge, on 1 condition. When we meet at Wrestlemania, it's not just a normal match. No...there will be no disqualifications, there will be no counts out, the only way to win will be by pinfall or submission. That's right Edge...if you want me at Wrestlemania, it'll be...

*Punk pauses, as the fans are on the edge of their seat, waiting to see what Punk says. Edge is now at the ropes, holding onto the top ropes glaring at Punk.*


*The fans go crazy at this, as Punk stands up, and points to Edge, and then to the Wrestlemania logo hanging in the arena.*

JR: No Holds Barred! Will Edge accept the challenge? What a night ladies & gentlemen! We’ll see you next week!

*We get one final shot of Edge looking at Punk, before we get a shot of Punk smirking on the ramp before the screen goes black and the WWE logo flashes across.*

07-23-2012, 06:23 PM
Raw is War: Episode 10
Location: Allstate Arena, Chicago

*Fireworks blast throughout the arena as the fans cheer loudly! We cut to ringside where Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler are awaiting us.*

JR: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to Raw is War, and we are just 20 days away from WrestleMania! Tonight, we hope to add more names to the card, as not only does our United States Championship Tournament begin, we also have two more Money in the Bank qualifiers! I’m Jim Ross, alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and King, what a night it’s set to be tonight.

King: You’re not wrong JR! This arena went through hell last night with HWA having their Blood Rush in this very city, but tonight, Raw is War rolls into town, and what a night it’s going to be! We also expect an answer tonight from Edge after CM Punk’s challenge last week to a No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania!

JR: Also, we’re expecting both Chris Jericho and Ultimate Warrior to continue on their journey to their big main event showdown at WrestleMania with Ultimate Warrior’s WWE Championship on the line!

King: And don’t forget JR! The Deadman is here tonight! The Rock laid down the challenge one more time last week, and tonight, The Undertaker will answer that challenge! Will he put The Streak on the line in 20 days against The Great One?

JR: I don’t know King, but we’re going to find out tonight!


*Cult of Personality blares over the PA system, as CM Punk comes walking out from the back to a decent sized pop from his home crowd in Chicago. He makes his way down the ramp, even slapping a few hands along the way. He climbs into the ring, and grabs a mic. He turns back to the center, as the music is cut.*

CM Punk: Last week, I did something epic. Last week, I left one man to fend for himself, and I issued a challenge to another. So to start this night off, I want to say a quick word to Chris. Chris...you and I both have the same saying, best in the world. Last week, I proved it when I left your ass high and dry. The reason I say that is because if you were truly the best in the world, you would have been smart enough to bail first, but you didn't. So, the next time you think about calling yourself the best in the world, just remember, you were out smarted by someone better than you.

Now...the other thing I did last week was issue a challenge. A big challenge as a matter of fact. I challenge the man I've been fighting with in recent months, to a No Holds Barred match. See Adam, people like Lesnar, and Warrior, and Jericho...they've already earned their Wrestlemania moment. Hell, even you have. The reason I chose No Holds Barred, is because I want that night, I want that match, to be a night to remember!

*The fans pop big time for this*

I want to leave you broken and battered. You stepped away from the ring for a reason, and Ill be the reason to make you step away again. The WWE constantly replays images of Wrestlemania moments, well, come Wrestlemania, I will leave you bloody and beaten. You will be left in a pool of your own blood. In that moment...that exact moment, will be when I lift you into the air, and pause for the cameras. They'll take a picture, as your blood seeps down my arm, and you lay lifeless on my shoulders. That moment, that exact moment, I will throw you up and over, and connect with my knee. I'll deliver the sweet sweet GTS, and knock your lights out for good. Now...they say a picture is worth a 1,000th words, well, when they snap that picture of your skull bouncing off of my knee, that's when that picture will be priceless.

*The fans give a mixed reaction to this side of Punk.*

Now...I'm tired of waiting. I've waited long enough. I want my answer, and I want it now damn it!


*Jericho swaggers out from the back mic in hand, and he instantly begins to speak*

Chris Jericho: No, no, no ,no, no. Punk you're not getting your answer from Edge right now, because there's something more important that needs to be addressed. There's something more important the I need to address.

*Jericho climbs the steel steps and steps into the ring*

Chris Jericho: First of all, let's get one thing VERY clear. You are NOT the best in the world. I am the best in the world at what I do. You didn't abandon me last week because you're the best in the world. And you certainly didn't abandon the match because you're smarter than me. You bailed the match last week because you're a coward.

*crowd boo*

Chris Jericho: You left me last week because you knew that if you were tagged in you would have been beaten up so bad that you wouldn't be standing here this week. That's the truth, isn't it? You were scared to get beaten, you knew that you weren't good enough to win that match.

*crowd boo*

Chris Jericho: Because if there's one thing I know about Chicago, it's the fact that it home to some of the most average people in the world. In fact, I think I heard somewhere that it's the world capital of everything average.

*the boos reach a new high as Jericho lays into the crowd*

Chris Jericho: But of course, all these people know that, because you yourself Punk are a walking proof of what this city produces. Average joes that never amount to nothing but cowardly nobodies.

*crowd boo further*

Chris Jericho: Oh come on!! For the past weeks this man hasn't been cheered once, but now that he's back in this dump of a city, he's being cheered? You're all nothing but a bunch or hypocrites and parasites. You'll cheer a man one week and hang him out to dry the next!! And even then, you're never cheering for the real champion in the ring!

*the crowd boo*

Chris Jericho: These people don't respect you Punk. They don't like you. Next week they'll be among the masses booing you again, just you wait!!

*the crowd start a "NO!" chant*

Chris Jericho: But the fact of the matter is, you left me hanging last week Punk, because you're jealous. You're jealous that you're not in the main event at Wrestlemania. In fact, you're not even going to Wrestlemania yet! Me on the other hand, I'M GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA!!
And not only that, but I'm going to the main event at Wrestlemania, and in the main event at Wrestlemania, I am going to win the WWE Championship. And you Punk are jealous because you'll never..... EEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEER, achieve the amount of success that I have gained in my career. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now, Punk.

*Jericho leans into the face of Punk with a smile on his face*

07-23-2012, 06:27 PM

*The fans begin to boo almost immediately as the smoke rises up through the stage. Edge explodes out of it and he gets a nice pop, but the booing immediately returns as he smirks and stops, with a microphone in his hands.*

Edge: Ahh always nice to be in Chicago.

*The fans pop as Edge begins to walk down the ramp.*

Edge: Now, you’ll have to forgive me- I know this is CM Punk’s hometown and everything, but Chicago is a very important town for my career. You see, it was right about here.

*Edge has stopped at the bottom of the ramp and is waving his hand over the mats at the bottom of the ramp as Jericho & Punk look confused.*

Edge: It was right about here that I Speared Mick Foley through a BURNING TABLE at Wrestlemania 22. I’ve still got the burns to prove it, and Punk- if that didn’t finish me off, I sure as hell am not going to let you do it.

You see Punk, last week, I asked you to put on a show with me at WrestleMania, to truly find out who the better man is- but you had to go one further, you had to try and outdo me. You see, what I asked for Punk was a match, you- well you asked for a death wish.

*The fans give a mixed reaction to this as Edge climbs into the ring and walks straight past Jericho, getting into Punk’s face.*

Edge: And that death wish Punk, is exactly what you’re going to get- I accept!

*The fans pop massive for this news.*

Edge: But what you’ve done Punk is sign your own life away- you’re going to be facing me in the most brutal of matches, where I can do absolutely anything and everything to you- and you have to take it, you have to take it and give it back twice as hard if you’re going to beat me in 20 days.

What I’m saying to you right in this very second Punk, is that a broken neck, doctor’s orders, a flaming table, numerous TLC matches, Hell in a Cell matches, Ladder matches, Hardcore matches, Extreme Rules matches, chair shots, being thrown through tables, thrown off ladders, falling twenty feet having Speared Jeff Hardy in mid-air, none of it ended me.

At WrestleMania Punk, if you’re truly going to do as you say, you’re gonna have to do much, much worse to me- and I don’t think you can do it.

*The fans boo Edge talking down to their hometown hero.*

Edge: Why don’t I think you can do it? Exactly as you say Punk, you’ve never had a WrestleMania moment- not like mine. I had one at WrestleMania 2000 when I was stood on top of a table suspended by two ladders, holding the Tag Team Championships up high with Christian. I had one at WrestleMania 18, when in front of my home town; I beat Booker T 12 years after watching WrestleMania 6 in the same building as just a little kid.

I had one at WrestleMania 21 after coming back less than a year before from a broken neck, when I beat six of Raw’s greatest ever superstars, including the very man next to us in this ring- the man that invented the match- Chris Jericho- to become the first ever Mr. Money in the Bank. I had one at WrestleMania 22 in this very building by beating Mick Foley at his own game, the same game you and I are going to play in 20 days. No Holds Barred.

I had one at WrestleMania 24 when despite the fact I lost; I pushed The Undertaker to the very limit in the main event. For the first time EVER, The Undertaker looked beatable on the grandest stage of them all, and finally I had one at WrestleMania 27 when I beat Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

*The fans give a mixed reaction to their trip down memory lane.*

Edge: You see Punk, I’ve done it all- I’ve beaten the best, and I’ve been in this ring with every single one of them. You Punk, you’re not one of the best, and at WrestleMania, I’ll prove it.

*The fans boo as Edge turns to Chris Jericho.*

Edge: As for you Chris, you may have noticed I skipped over WrestleMania 26. Don’t get me wrong, that was one of my favourite WrestleMania moments, when after you and I fought in a match only bettered on the night by Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker, I Speared you through the fan’s barricade.

*The fans pop loudly for what happened that night.*

Edge: I don’t care what you do this WrestleMania, I don’t care if you leave as WWE Champion, I don’t care if you don’t. I don’t care if you prove you’re the best in the world or you don’t. All I give a damn about for that night is beating CM Punk, but after that, why don’t we give everybody one more show Chris. You and I, with or without the WWE Championship, one-on-one. In fact,

*Edge gets into Jericho’s face.*

Edge: Why don’t we do that tonight?

*The fans pop loudly for the idea but Punk turns Edge around and pushes Jericho. He shouts ‘what about me?’ to both of them, and the three men eye each other up in the ring.*


JR: Here comes Teddy Long!

King: I wonder what he’s gonna do!

*Long walks out onto the stage with a microphone.*

Teddy Long: Now now playas, I know you all wanna go, I can feel it! And that’s exactly what I’m going to let you do!

*The fans cheer.*

Teddy Long: Normally, I’d make it a tag match, but after last week, CM Punk & Chris Jericho won’t work together- and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s a tag team that won’t work together.

*The fans laugh at Long.*

Teddy Long: Plus, if I did that, who would Edge team with? It’s all very confusing! Instead ballerz, I’ve come up with a better idea! A triple threat match.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Teddy Long: That’s right! Tonight’s main event will be Chris Jericho.

*The fans boo loudly.*

Teddy Long: Against Edge.

*The fans give a mixed reaction.*

Teddy Long: Against CM Punk in a triple threat match!

*The fans pop loudly for their hometown hero as Edge, Jericho & Punk all smirk in the ring- as they look forward to their huge main event.*

07-23-2012, 06:43 PM
JR: What a start we have had to Raw Is War folks and what a main event we have tonight.. Edge and Chris Jericho will both walk into the lion’s den when they face the hometown hero! CM Punk!

King: That match is going to be huge, I can’t wait!

JR: Up next though folks we have our first match of the night and who will be the first superstar of the night to join.. Cena, Danielson, Ziggler and Ricochet in qualifying for the Money In The Bank match!


* A section of the crowd continue to cheer for the former fan favourite Evan Bourne with the majority booing the high flyer after his change of heart towards the fans, Bourne stands at the top of the stage taking in the crowds reaction before making his to the ring!*

King: Why are these sheep now booing this man Ross? They loved him when he was doing his high flying moves week in and week out.. Suddenly he decides he no longer needs to entertain them and he get’s booed for it.. These fans are so fickle!

JR: All the talent in the world has young Evan Bourne.. Yet with his recent attitude change and even at one point blaming the fans for holding him back.. You have to wonder weather this man has the mind too match his ability!

King: Well I think this new Evan Bourne will do just great with out these fans! He don’t need these fickle idiots supporting him.. I hope he proves them all wrong tonight!


*The crowd go crazy for Santino as he makes his way from behind the curtain before doing his trademark walk to the ring with the crowd firmly behind him*

King: Speaking of idiots! It’s Santino Marella!

JR: Come on King! Show this man a little respect.. He’s a former United states and Intercontinental champion, He’ also a huge fan favourite.. Just listen to these fans, they love him, he’s entertaining!

King: Entertaining? This is wrestling Ross.. If they want to be entertained then they should be listening to me while watching the action of real wresters like Punk and Jericho!

JR: Santino might be about entertaining these fans and making sure they enjoy themselves but don’t think this guy can’t go in the ring King.. Santino can wrestle partner don’t worry about that.

*Both men are standing in the ring waiting for the Ref to signal for the start of the match!*

Match 1: Evan Bourne vs. Santino Marella in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Stop at 4:07

JR: Evan Bourne has Santino in the corner!

King: What’s he doing here?

JR: Rolling Thunder! Santino’s back of the head just whipped against the corner!

King: Bourne is setting up his trademark finish JR!

JR: I think he is King.. Just listen to these fans though they are booing Bourne’s every move!

King: What does Bourne care Ross? He’s heading to Wrestlemania!

JR: Evan Bourne top rope! This could be it…. 450 Splash!!

King: Cover him!




JR: Bourne wins.. Bourne wins!

King: I love this new Bourne Ross.. He just does not care about these fans and he’s now on his way to Wrestlemania because of that!

JR: I’m not sure that’s entirely true King.. Bourne won a one off match tonight and performed really well and got the win.. That’s why he’s going to Wrestlemania, not because he turned his back on these fans!

King: SHHH! He’s about to speak!

*Crowd boos as Evan Bourne celebrates winning the match. He then asks for a mic and takes a few moments to catch his breath.*

Evan Bourne: It’s about time the WWE put me on TV! I’ve been held back by the WWE for far too long, and you people have been holding me back my whole career! Well now that has stopped! *Fans boo* For the past few years the WWE put me on TV and told me to go out there and make sure I do the Shooting Star Press, to amaze the fans and to attract fans. Where did that get me? Nowhere absolutely nowhere.*Bourne takes a break to catch his breath.* I was pegged for an ECW Championship run, then guess what? The WWE needed a guy on RAW who could flip so that fans would tune in, well guess what? I’m no longer doing that, I don’t care if the fans tune in because I’m now in business for myself. I’m no longer here to please the WWE or the WWE Universe, I’m here to please myself and get to the top where I belong, and tonight was the start of that. Tonight I qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder match, and guess what? If there is one person who belongs in that match it’s me! It was made for me! A Ladder match? A match made for the highly athletic and agile superstars, which is me. I can easily maneuver up and down the ladder quicker than anyone else, I have the stamina to outlast everyone else being so small and well-conditioned, and that briefcase hanging high above the ring does not scare me I have no limitations in heights I will dangle from that briefcase if need be. I will grab that briefcase, I will win the match, and then continue the streak of former Money in the Bank winners by successfully cashing in the briefcase to become the WWE Champion! And I will prove that by worrying about pleasing you people, it held me back, and that going into business for myself will get me where I want to be, at the top of this business as the WWE Champion!

*Bourne drops the mic as the fans boo, he walks backwards up the ramp screaming “I’m all about me!”*

King: Did you hear that Ross? He's all about himself now!

*Just as the crowd clap for a groggy Santino trying to make it back too his feet the theme music of the Miz plays out and the crowd quickly react with Boo's and jeer's for the self proclaimed Awesome one!*


*Miz begin's to make his way down too the ring with a scowl across his face and a mic in his hand*

MIZ: Get out of my ring! Get out!

*After a few second's Santino gets out of the ring and begins too make his way up the ramp*

MIZ: So you guys clap for a loser like Santino.. yet boo someone as awesome as me? *The crowd chant YES! YES! YES!* Really?


MIZ: Really?


MIZ: Really?


MIZ: You see this face? *Miz point's to his face* It really couldn't care less.. If you wan't too chant for someone who just lost too Evan Bourne, then good luck with that.. I have bigger things too worry about then all you idiots!

*Crowd boo*

MIZ: And another thing! I have never liked Chicago! Chicago... SUCKS!

*The crowd react with chants of you suck while Miz passes it off with a cocky smile*

MIZ: I have spent the last week at Titan Towers trying too get heard.. Me and Mr. Anderson had a deal, a deal that if I helped him beat Triple H.. That I would get first shot at the title.. Well... Where is my title shot? So I am not leaving this ring until someone with some actually power in this company is able too come and make this match happen right now because I'm not going anywhere until I get what I deserve!

*With the crowd boo'ing, Miz calls for a chair and begins too sit down in the middle of ring*

MIZ: Well come on! You idiots better hope someone answers my call otherwise you won't be able too see you're hero CM Punk in action otherwise.. I am not moving!

*Crowd continue too boo even louder*

MIZ: Maybe you are booing because you hope no one comes down so you can watch even more of ME!!!

07-23-2012, 06:48 PM
http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/slides/photos/000/625/100/andersonchamp_original_display_image.jpg?129467400 5
* Mr. Anderson’s music plays over and the fans cheer the Intercontinental Champion. Mr. Anderson signals for the mic and it drops down to him.*

Mr. Anderson: Boo freakin who Miz. You’re still whining and complaining about this deal that no one else knows about? You’re worse than a two year old Miz, why don’t I grab you a diaper and a binky so you can shut the hell up, then I’ll grab a stroller and wheel your ass out of that ring, up the stage and out of this arena.

*The crowd gives a big pop for Anderson as Miz scowls at him.*

Mr. Anderson: Now since that can’t happen because of two reasons. First, one binky won’t be enough to shut you up, and second, being an asshole I can’t stand babies and I would probably injure you and I don’t want to be fired again, and have to go through that whole scenario to get my job back, as much fun as that was, so I won’t dress you up as a baby. Now Miz no one wants to sit here and watch your face scowl at the screen until you get what you want, because frankly RAW will begin to lose viewers to Lifetime. So you want a match for the Intercontinental Championship that you claim was guaranteed to you in some fake deal we made? And Miz did you actually think that going to the WWE Board of Directors would actually get you a match? There was never a deal in place you made yourself look like a fool, although you do that pretty naturally. Now being an asshole I should come down to the ring grab that chair your sitting on and beat the living hell out of you, but why do it here, when I could do it on the grandest stage of them all? *Anderson pauses* Did I really just say that? I must be sick. Anyways Miz I’ll give you what you want. You want an Intercontinental Championship match? You got it. But I want it at Wrestlemania! That way when this asshole kicks your ass and shuts that hole in your face, the whole world will finally witness why I will be the new face of the WWE. And on every TV screen in the world, the name that will ring out as the winner of the match and still Intercontinental Champion… MIIISSSTTTEEERRR AAANNDDEERRSSOONN… ANNDERSOON.

*The crowd are still cheering for the Intercontinental Champions name as both Miz and Anderson head too the back.*

JR: Well there we go King.. I guess we just got another blockbuster match for what is looking like a great Wrestlemania!

King: That’s the best thing Anderson has done since he’s been back here! Miz deserved a title shot.. After all, a deal is a deal Ross!

JR: The problem is King.. Miz the only one that actually knows about this deal because Anderson claims there was no agreement in place!

King: Well here would.. He’s an as whole after all, He’s not going too stick too his words.. But finally one bit of sense came into his mind and he did the right thing giving Miz a title shot on the grandest stage of them all…. Wrestlemania!

JR: Well it should be another great match folks.. But speaking of Wrestlemania, it’s time too find out who is going too be the 6th man too qualify for the Money In The Bank match!


*The crowd quickly swamp the 2008 King of the Ring winner with boos and jeers, the main hailing from Blackpool England slowly makes his way down too the ring with a look of focus and determination across his face*

JR: The hard hitting William Regal folks.. With his bruiser style and experience he’s going too be a real match for anybody!

King: Regal is a ring general Ross.. There really are not many people on the roster today that can beat this man when it comes too grappling and experience!

JR: I agree King.


*The fan’s boos quickly turns too cheers for the last graduate of the Hart dungeon, Kidd is clearly excited too be back in the WWE and the crowd respond with chants and claps for Tyson Kidd as he makes his way too the ring*

JR: I’m a huge fan of this young gun King.. He has all the potential in the world does Tyson Kidd and I along with these fans are very happy too see him back in the WWE!

King: I agree he’s talented.. But this where my admiration for this guy stops Ross, He’s always going on about Bret Hart and the legendary Hart family! He’s not even a member of the Hart family!

JR: This should really be a great match.. You got the high flying and quick tempo style of Tyson Kidd, mixing with the slow methodical style of William Regal!

*Both men are stretching in the ring as the ref call’s for the bell and the match begins*

Match 2: Tyson Kidd vs. William Regal (Swagger) in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Stop at 3:41

JR: Regal is staggering! He could be out of it here!

King: Tyson is going top rope!

JR: Ohh my god! What a move from Tyson Kidd! That has too be it!

King: Kidd with the pin!




JR: Tyson Kidd wins! He’s going too Wrestlemania! Just look what it mean’s too him.. He’s delighted and so he should be!

King: He’s asking for a mic Ross.. Let me guess, he’s going too talk more about being part of the Hart family which he’s not really part off..

JR: Come on King! He’s just won a big match which qualifies him for the MITB! Let him have his moment!

Tyson Kidd: You know guys, that was one heck of a match! William Regal nearly had me, but I put him in his place. But lemme ask you one question! Did you enjoy that?

*Crowd cheer*

Well listening to that, you did. But trust me guys. That wasn't half of what you will see in the future! Now that I'm in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. I promise you bigger and better things. I may be small, but size doesn't appeal to me. I'll prove that to every single one of you people that my ring ability says it all. I tried to entertain you tonight, and it looks like I succeed! But like I said, that isn't half of what you will see in the future. I promise you guys that I will do everything to win this match! Ricochet, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, Bryan Danielson, Evan Bourne have some great talent! But I promise you fans, that I will impress. I will outclass all these guys!

*Crowd cheer*

Last week, I came back into the WWE. Cause I knew that I had another shot. Everyone is underestimating me cause of my size. But like I said! Size doesn't matter. Size didn't appeal to Bret Hart, my greatest inspiration. But I was having a few words with people backstage, and they tell me to be my own guy. They tell me to stop acting like a Hart. BUT, I am my own man. I'm not acting like a Hart. I wanna prove to every single fan out there, that I could do more than what my inspiration Bret Hart did! I wanna win gold, I wanna win world championships! I wanna be a multiple time world champion! And the only way that can commence, is if I win matches. I assure everyone that I will win matches. I didn't come here to mess about, have fun, be a wuss. I came here to show everyone the best of my ability. Everyone is insulting me because of the things I can't do. But I will prove to everyone and show everyone the things that I CAN do!

*Crowds cheering gets more louder*

It shocks me at the amount cheers I get you from you stars. Thank you, I appreciate it. The more you cheer me, the more you make me wanna win this thing! At Money in the Bank, I'll do what I can to win that match. I can win the Money in the Bank briefcase, I am confident enough. My ring ability is fantastic, but I don't judge it just because I'm Tyson Kidd. I judge it by the reaction of you guys! I will bust my ass in the ring, week in and week out. I will do everything I can to be world champion. Last week I was watching the last bits of Raw is War in my locker room. And I saw CM Punk challenge Edge to a No Holds Barred Match at Wrestlemania. I must say, that was an absolute fantastic moment. That was the reason why I ended up coming back into the WWE! I want to see things like that! That is what makes this show perfect. And in the future, I wanna do the same. I wanna be in matches like No Holds Barred, Submission, Ladder. And I'll have that chance to be in one at Wrestlemania! The 3 matches I stated, are my strongest points! Strongest matches! Enough of my talking! I think you stars have heard enough! But anyway, I'll be off. Do some more training, cause that's how much effort I wanna put in so I'm fit enough to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match!

*Tyson Kidd leaves as the crowd roar the arena off*

07-23-2012, 07:06 PM
*The crowd is buzzing with excitement as they enjoy a fantasic Raw in chicago. Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out and a gong sounds, sending the capacity crowd ballistic. Clearly they have been waiting for this moment for the whole week. The Undertaker appears in the midst of a dense underlying fog, wearing a black sleeveless coat, the length of his body. His eyes are souless, his stare gripping. He reaches the ring and takes a mic. He waits for the crowd to settle. As usual the phenom has the crowd in the palm of his hands.*

Undertaker: Dwayne Johnson....

*The crowd cheer for their hero*

Undertaker: You have been somewhat of a.... thorn in my side of late. For weeks you have been sabotaging my matches which would have led me to WrestleMania, to fight for the WWE Championship. All for you to fufil your fantasy of The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment vs. The Most Feared Man in Sports Entertainment. You have faced and beaten me before, yes, but you have never faced me at The Grandest Stage. I, combined with the streak, cannot be beaten. Ask Giant Gonzales, Big Bossman, Triple H. Ask the last man who resorted to sabotaging my matches because he wanted a chance at defeating my streak; Shawn Michaels!

*The crowd roar wildly for The Showstoppa'*

Undertaker: Look where he is Dwayne. Sitting at home watching Mania this year. This was because of his fixation with my streak. I urged you to stay away from me and the streak. I mean look at the facts Dwayne. 19 times a man has stepped up to attempt to defeat me, The Phenom, on the Night of all Nights, and 19 times, that man has been struck down. You cant defeat the streak, I know it, you know it, everyone knows it! But you paid no heedence, and you still interfered in two matches which would have led me to Wrestlemania. This made me...... angry.....Taking it all into consideration my answer is........


*Before the Undertaker is able too finish was he was about too say.. The Rock’s music hit’s the stage and sends the Chicago crowd into a frenzy! The great one steps out from behind the curtain and on too the stage.. His eyes glaring right at Taker while the crowd chant “ Rocky” Rock after a few seconds begins too walk down too the ring with a mic in hand and begins too speak*

Rock: Thorn in you’re side? Is that right..

*Rock and Taker before stare right through each other neither man blinking*

Rock: The Rock asked you Taker.. The Rock said how about me and you.. Lets create the biggest match of all time.. The Great One vs. The Phenom, The Deadman vs. The Brahma Bull , The Streak vs. The Return! And what did you do?

*Before Taker can reply the Rock answer for him*

Rock: The Rock will tell you what did.. You insulted the Rock, that’s right jabroni you insulted the great one.. The Rock asked you with respect, man to man.. And you couldn’t decline the Rock man to man.. You questioned my desire.. You questioned my heart even calling me an actor now.. Rather then declining me face to face.. Like a man, You rolled you’re eyes too the back of you’re head and carried you’re sorry monkey ass back too the back hoping the Rock would just forget about it.. No, oh no.. The Rock don’t work like that.. You don’t insult me.. Or my fans or my family by suggesting the Rock don’t have the heart or desire..

*Rock’s pissed at this point as the crowd continue chants for both men*

Rock: Let me ask you something Taker.. Do you still have the heart? Do you have the desire.. Because from what I here, many think you are pretty much retired now anyways.. So maybe it’s you that needs this match.. Maybe it’s you that needs this match too prove the all mighty Undertaker still has it.. Because The Rock still has it.. Oh you better believe you’re rudy poo candy ass that the Rock still has it and the Rock promises you Taker.. The next time you disrespect me, Match or no match.. The Rock will slap the taste right out of You’re mouth!

*Taker's eyes light up in fury at The Rock's words and he grabs him by the throat and hits a thunderous chokeslam*

Undertaker: In regards to your challenge... I ACCEPT. Dwayne, after Wrestlemania, you will be nothing but a number... 20... Because at Wrestlemania you will RESSSSSST..... INNNN...... PEEAAACEEEEEE!!!!

*The lights go out and Undertaker has disappeared when they return. The Rock finally makes it back to his feet, before heading backstage holding the back of his neck.*

Commercial Break

*The camera comes back from the commercial and the fans continue too chant for both Taker and Rock, buzzing with the news that the match will happen at Wrestlemania!*

JR: King did I hear that right? Undertaker vs. The Rock.. At Wrestlemania! Wow! Does it get better then that.. What a blockbuster announcement folks and just coming across our screen now #TheReturnvsTheStreak is the number one trend world wide!

King: I will admit Ross.. I was against this at first, Rock showed he still has the hunger too compete and it really should be an awesome one time event that millions will enjoy around the world.. I cant wait!

JR: Well sadly folks Wrestlemania is just 20 days away but right now.. It’s the start of the United states title tournament, remember WWE Universe, the final for this match will take place at Wrestlemania!


*The next big thing blares out from the speakers as the crowd instantly boo the animal Brock Lesnar, Brock does his trademark warm up on the ramp before power walking too the ring with a look of real anger across his face!*

King: Brock looks pissed! Even more so then usual!

JR: Well King.. For those of you that follow the dirt sheets there were rumours that Brock Lesnar was unhappy with his status since his return.. He believes that he should be fighting for the major titles and in the major matches rather then some of the people ahead in the pecking order.. Off course we can not confirm or deny weather these story’s are indeed true or false!

King: I also heard he’s fed up with some of the guys in the back.. It’s believed people have been questioning Lesnar’s return and I just have a feeling he’s going too send a message tonight!


*Morrison runs out from behind the curtain too a huge ovation from the crowd.. This time no trademark entrance routine and the Monday night delight runs down the ramp and jumps right at Lesnar is the ring!*

JR: Oh My! Here we go!

Match 3: Brock Lesnar vs. John Morrison (Hardy) in a United States Championship Tournament Quarter Final

Start at 4:32 stop at 9:58

JR: Bah Gawd! A brutal power bomb from the next big thing! Oh come on! Morrison could be out.. Ref I think you better check him!

King: Look at Brock’s eyes Ross! He look’s scary tonight and I don’t think he’s done!

*The ref goes too check on a motionless Morrison but Brock quickly grabs Jomo and hit’s the..*


King: Morrison is out… He has not moved Ross.

JR: You proved You’re point Lesnar.. Just pin him please!

*Brock stands over Morrison with a big smile on his face.. He places one foot on his check and the ref begins too count!*




JR: Well done Brock you win and you might have just destroyed a career doing so.. I hope you are happy!

*After Lillian Garcia announces Brock Lesnar as the winner of the match, Lesnar yanks the microphone from her and shouts at her to leave the ring. Lesnar can still be seen breathing heavily and sweating but beyond signs of tire is a glare towards Morrison filled with absolute rage and disdain. Without a session of any sort of sane contemplation, he raises the microphone to his lips and shouts for Paul Heyman, who was observing the match at ringside.*

07-23-2012, 07:18 PM
::Brock Lesnar::


*Brock’s forced to inhale some air after shouting at the top of his lungs. Before he continues, an eerie grin expands across his face and his pupils dilate.*

::Brock Lesnar::

Get me a chair! I’m breaking this bastard’s neck!

*Paul doesn’t bat an eye to Lesnar’s heinous request. He simply shrugs, grabs a black steel chair and slides the cold metal between the bottom rope. Its forward, sliding motion is only stopped by the eager fingers of Brock’s outstretched hands that grasp the chair with a firm grip. John Morrison, still not up from the brutal beating he suffered at the hands of Lesnar, is left defenseless as Brock opens the chair up and places his head in between the opening. Despite the crowd egging him on with Morrison chants, Morrison is unresponsive to their pleas. The WWE Universe is forced to watch in horror as Brock lifts his leg up in the air and brings it down onto the steel chair. Morrison’s body convulses and twitches from the sudden impact. Lesnar repeats the motion again and again while the exuberance from the audience dies down in favor of devoting their attention to mentally absorbing every last gory detail of Lesnar’s onslaught. By the ninth stomp on the chair, Lesnar’s appetite for carnage seems to be satisfied as he looks on the unconscious body of the Monday Night Delight. That is, until the booing from the crowd seems to reignite his ire and contempt. Baring his teeth like a rabid wolf, Brock drops the microphone, lifts John Morrison up and has his legs drape over his shoulders. There is a brief moment of silence with Brock suspending Morrison high up into the air until he drops him into the mat with a powerbomb. Even Heyman is forced to cringe as Morrison’s neck drops onto the chair. Brock hastily grabs the microphone and shouts at the stunned audience.*

::Brock Lesnar::

“You see what just happened?! DO YOU?!!? If anyone of you interrupts me when I’m talking, I’ll do it again! Don’t tempt me! You got that?! If I hear one peep, one giggle, one boo…this guy’s as good as a doormat ‘cause he won’t be able to move for the rest of his life and it’ll be your fault for trying to be a smartass! I don’t even want to hear a damn sneeze! Not…one…sound! I’ve got something to say to all of you and the guys in the back and you’re all gonna listen whether you like it or not! No interruptions, no bull*bleep*! I want *bleep*ing SILENCE until I’m done and I hope for his sake, you’re not going to interrupt me.”

*Brock Lesnar pauses to catch his breath and alleviate the strain of expending his breath into shouting for so long.*

::Brock Lesnar::

“Alright. With that being said, I guess you can I’ve felt pretty pissed off for the past week. Not only do I get prematurely eliminated from the Elimination Chamber and NOT get the chance to win that match along with the WWE Championship, I’m stuck in this stupid tournament for a mid card championship. Do any single one of you know who the hell I am? Are you even remotely aware of my capabilities? Since you, and creative management, seem to have a case of selective amnesia or you’re purposefully overlooking me, just to spite me, let me tell you exactly who I am. I am a King of the Ring winner. I am the very same man to defeat the Rock to win my first WWE Championship. I am the one who beat The Undertaker at hi s own game when I crushed him inside the Hell in a Cell. You’re looking at the individual who won the Royal Rumble by eliminating The Undertaker. You’re baring witness to the man who suffered a concussion, along with bruised ribs, and managed to defeat Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship at the main event of Wrestlemania 19. Did I mention that I’m a former UFC Heavyweight Champion? Oh and in my UFC tenure, I suffered from severe diverticulitis. That’s a life threatening disease that inhibited my performance and chipped away at my health day after day. Despite that, I was able to pull through and I’m back and batter than I ever was before in the WWE, the very same company that used me and took advantage of me.

And despite all of that, despite everything I’ve done, I’m not only not included in the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania, I’m not even booked on the damn card! Instead, I’ve got to compete for the United States Championship? I’m out to earn respect from those who wronged me and to regain my dignity. You think a second tier title is going to do it? For someone who’s been able to do the things I’ve done, set the milestones I’ve had and to acquire the accolades I’ve been able to do, this is HUGE setback for me. This is the kind of mistreatment that caused me to quit in the first place. And in the time I’m gone, you got guys like John Cena and Edge “miraculously” become main eventers. You think that’s a coincidence? You think that happened because any of those punks were actually good or worth a damn? Listen, were it not for the fact that I left, the only place where you’d be able to find those guys would be in the Alumni section. Don’t believe me? Well guess what? It’s true. I mean, think about it. From 2002 to 2004, I was the WWE Champion three times. THREE…TIMES!

How many times did Cena win it? Zero. Nada. Goose egg. NONE. Get the point? If not, I’ll elaborate. When I was the WWE Champion, Cena couldn’t touch me. FACT. He tried to get in my face and demoralize me with his stupid raps. He got a couple shots at the title and he blew every…single…one of them. He was nowhere near the man I was back in the day and he still isn’t today. I mean, he’s gone back to being a child; the very same child that I would beat on a regular basis. The very same child that acted like a punk to get attention and I would acquiesce to his request with a boot to the face and an F-5 to the mat. No wonder his wife left him. He’s gone back to being a chump.”

*.Brock starts chuckling to himself for a couple of seconds before he continues. *

“And then there’s Edge. The Rated R Superstar. Edge may have been in the WWE before I did but when I got here, I was dominant and successful from the very beginning . Just like John Cena, when I was the WWE Champion, Edge couldn’t touch me. He even tried to become the WWE Champion when he faced me at Rebellion and I crushed him. And you know what the sad thing was? From the time Edge came in 1998 to 2002, the time I came along, he needed the help of tag teams and stables, fighting his battles for him and he still wasn’t at my level. I didn’t need any of that crap. All I had was Heyman but he never fought my battles for me. He never got in the way of me dominating in this business. And the only time Edge got the window of opportunity he needed, to become a multi time world champion, is to win the Money In The Bank match and cash it in on a man that’s wounded and injured in order to become champion. “Ultimate Opportunist “ my ass.

That’s just being a coward. That’s how Edge got to be who he was today. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that he had that tramp, Lita, who had to keep interfering in his matches so he could get the edge, no pun intended, to win when he had no chance in hell to begin with. And then, he had to make the moves on the Smackdown General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, just so he could stay the World Heavyweight Champion. When I got married to Sable, I didn’t ask her to fight Overeem and Valesquez, did I? No, because I fight my own battles. You saw what just happened to John Morrison? Heyman didn’t have anything to do with that. That was all me.

But if you think those guys are bad, you haven’t even had the displeasure to talk to the rookies backstage. You have all these ankle biting amateurs who blast their eardrums with their crappy Foo Fighters and Nickelback albums on their iPods and think that they’re hot *bleep*. None of them have the decency to realize that they’re nothing without proving themselves and their egos are undeserved because all they’ve done is use their resume, that they’ve accumulated in the indies, as back up for their misplaced sense of grandiosity. I’ll admit, I was a rookie myself and did I have a huge ego? Hell yeah. Did I know I was going places? You’re damn right. But the difference with me is that Paul Heyman, the most brilliant and sophisticated mind, in professional wrestling, scouted ME out. He wanted to manage ME. He had an interest in ME. When you someone as smart as Heyman having an interest in you, you have the right to be as cocky as you want.

These guys? Not even close. And despite that, most of them have a chance to be in Wrestlemania by competing in the Money In The Bank ladder match. They have a chance to become the WWE Champion while I have to be let back because of crappy management? I’m not taking this sitting down. You better believe it. I’m going to win this entire U.S. title tournament and then I’m going to get my shot at the WWE Championship. I don’t give a damn if it’s that Y2Jackass, Chris Jericho or the Geriatric Warrior. I’m going to make an impact because you’re no longer looking at “The Next Big Thing”. You’re looking at “The Big Thing”. Now that I’m back, I’m the biggest man on campus! I’m the measuring stick of this industry! I’m going to become the United States Champion and there’s nothing that you sheep can do about it because whenever I talk, whenever I compete, I have all of you wrapped around my little finger because you can’t help but realize the talent that’s unfolding before your very eyes. If what I just did to John Morrison hasn’t helped you realize what I’m capable of, then I dare you to disrespect me again because I don’t mind doing the exact same thing to someone else. You better believe that I don’t.”

07-23-2012, 07:20 PM
*Brock Lesnar drops the microphone and takes another look at John Morrison, who remains motionless. The only thing preventing everyone from panicking is the fact that his chest is moving up and down, indicating Morrison is alive. Instead of leaving the ring, Brock Lesnar picks up John Morrison again and powerbombs him to the mat once more with the steel chair still ensnaring his neck. With that, brock Lesnar leaves the ring. The second he does, EMT’s rush down to the ring with a gurney. Brock just walks past all of them while Heyman catches up with him. It’s not until the insidious pair is out of sight that the crowd start to chant “Lesnar sucks” over and over again. Before the chant can be repeated a third time, Lesnar comes charging out and attacks some of the EMT’s that have Morrison on the gurney. Lesnar hoists him up on his shoulders and F-5’s him onto it. Most of the booing dies down but it all comes to a halt when Brock picks up the dropped microphone.*

::Brock Lesnar::

“I meant it.”

*He spikes it down this time both out of a fit of rage and to convey his devotion into keeping his word. This time, the arena is silent as Brock disappears behind the curtain and Morrison is carted away.*


*Ricochet comes out and walks straight to the ring ignoring the fans.

Fans boo Ricochet out of the building.

Ricochet grabs a microphone and tries to talk but the fans keep booing him.

Ricochet tries to talk*

Ricochet – Now I……

*The fans boo louder when he starts to talk.

Ricochet just stands in the middle of the ring and the crowd is booing this guy and giving him the finger.

Ricochet goes to the announcer’s table and puts on a headset.*

Ricochet – guys in the back, please turn the lights out in the entire arena.

*The lights go out and the crowd quiets down.*

Ricochet – Now that I…….

*The fans boo Ricochet out of the building.

Ricochet gets his headset back on*

Ricochet – Turn the lights back on.

*The lights go on and the crowd continues to boo Ricochet.

Ricochet gets in the ring and with a microphone in hand.*

Ricochet – Screw all of you.

*Ricochet drops the microphone and gives the fans the finger before leaving the ring.

Ricochet walks around ringside and then goes back in the ring.

Ricochet gets out his phone and puts it near the microphone and a loud screeching noise shuts up the fans.*

Ricochet – Good.

*The fans boo him and he puts his phone right near the microphone again.

The fans quiet down.*

Ricochet – Every time I stop, that is what will happen. NOW SHUT UP.

*The fans are so quiet that you can hear a pin drop.*

Ricochet – Thank you.

*Ricochet walks around the ring looking at the fans.*

Ricochet – Now I know I’m not the biggest person or the most experienced in this company but I will not take the treatment that I’m getting in the back laying down. I am not a rookie, I been on the Indy circuit for nine years and now it’s time for me to take the spotlight that I deserve to have. I have a list here of the things I have done in my career for people in the back and for the people in the crowd that think I don’t belong here.

*The crowd boos and Ricochet puts his phone near the microphone and a loud screeching noise shuts up the fans.*

Ricochet – Like I was saying, I am the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Best Flying Wrestler in 2011, I hold the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Best Wrestling Maneuver (Double Rotation Moonsault) for two straight years, I am a 1 time IPW Junior Heavyweight Champion, I won the IPW Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament back in 2010, I am a 2 time United Gate Champion in Dragon Gate and I am a one time Brave Gate Champion, Triangle Gate Champion, Twin Gate Champion. I also have won the Young Lions Cup in Chikara.

*Ricochet stands in the ring and the fans have angry looks on their faces because they don’t want to boo him when he is talking because of the screeching.*

Ricochet – I debut back in 2003 and in 9 years I have done all that. That is not enough, I want more. I want to be the one to prove to everyone that nothing is impossible and that everyone that has the skill and talent, can make it here. I am Ricochet and I have come to this company to show the entire world who I am, what I have to offer, what I can do, and how good I really am.

*Ricochet stands in the ring and the crowd starts to boo him. He gets his phone on the microphone and screeching sounds are heard thru the entire arena. The crowd quiets down.*

Ricochet – I get it, you’re booing me because of the fact that I’m more talented then each and every one of you. I understand that and all I can say is that I’m just gifted and it’s not that I’m better then you, it’s just…..I’M THAT DAM GOOD!

*Ricochet pauses.*

Ricochet – Where does Ricochet go from here? I’ll tell you. I walk into WrestleMania, win the Money In The Bank. I then go on to become The best thing to ever happen to this company.

*Ricochet stands in the ring and starts to laugh.*

Ricochet – Edge says that I have never been in a ladder match. Besides last week’s match – I don’t think Edge has ever seen me wrestle at all. No I take that back……I don’t think Edge has ever heard of me before because his head is so far up his ass that he doesn’t pay attention to young guys, something he once was. Edge is a person who is clueless to what I can do and who I am.

*Ricochet drops the microphone, the crowd boo’s him, he goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a ladder from under the ring, and he brings the ladder in the ring and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Ricochet takes the microphone and puts his phone near it making a screeching noise to make the fans quiet.*

Ricochet – I will win the Money In The Bank, I will become champion, I will gain respect.

*Ricochet climbs the ladder and sits on the top of it.*

Ricochet – My name is Ricochet and I am MR. Money In The Bank.

*Ricochet throws the microphone down and poses on the ladder as the crowd boo’s him louder than they did when he entered the ring.

Ricochet climbs down the ladder and grabs the microphone and his phone and creates the screeching noise again to make the crowd quiet.*

Ricochet – I love doing that.

*Ricochet laughs as he walks out of the ring and walks up the ramp and into the back.*

07-23-2012, 07:41 PM
JR: What a nice guy that Ricochet is.. What’s wrong with these superstars these days King!

King: What? Do you want everyone running around here with a smile on there face and saying how much they love these fans.. It would be boring Ross!

JR: I’m still in shock with Brock Lesnar! What kind of man does it take too do that too another being? Just evil.. Plain evil!


*The crowd rise too there feet for the Mexican legend Sin Cara! Cara run’s down too the ringside leaping into the ring with great poise and balance while the crowd clap and respond with cheers!*

JR: It’s time for our second US Title qualifier folks and we are kicking it off with the sensational Sin Cara!

King: Sensational? And you really believe that Ross?

JR: Yeah.. Yes I do King.


*The cocky but talented Aries steps out from behind the curtain too a chorus of boo’s and head’s down too ringside*

JR: This should be a great match ladies and gentleman! Both of these men can go when it comes too ring work and are not afraid of taking it high risk either!

Match 4: Sin Cara vs. Austin Aries (Primo)

Start at 0:50

JR: Sin Cara wins! Sin Cara will head too the next round of the US Title tournament which will take place next week!

King: It’s not going too matter Ross.. Did you see Brock earlier, he’s going too win the US Title tournament easy!

JR: Well folks we are going too break away from the action for just a moment.. We can now confirm that after the recent actions once again by Kane.. The monster himself will speak live next week and hopefully we will get some clarification on why he continues too destroy anyone in his path!

King: I hope he don’t Ross! He’s just scary and with him out here.. You are never sure what he will do!

JR: I’m intrigued too here what the demented Kane has too say.. For too long he’s been pretty much doing what ever he likes round here! And for those of you that are not familiar with Kane.. Here is a video!


07-23-2012, 07:49 PM
JR: And now King, it’s time for our main event! What a match!

King: That’s right JR! Three ex-World Champions all in the ring at the same time in one hell of a triple threat!


JR: Here comes the Rated R Superstar!

*Edge explodes through the smoke as the Chicago crowd give him a mixed reaction. He heads across to the side of the stage and begins to get pumped up, before doing it to the opposite side of the stage. He runs back to the top of the ramp and takes a few steps down. He points at the sky as pyro explodes from behind him. He runs down the rest of the ramp and slides into the ring, before bouncing off the ropes.*

JR: Edge is looking ready for this triple threat next!

King: He’s my least favourite for tonight’s match. I mean, sure he’s good in-ring but he’s nothing compared to Jericho & Punk.


*Pyro blasts out of the stage as Chris Jericho is shown in his iconic pose, with his arms outstretched, back to the ring. He turns around and looks down at Edge in the ring with a smirk on his face. He looks around at the crowd who are booing him like crazy. He walks down to the ring slowly, before climbing into the ring.*

JR: Chris Jericho looks ready too!

King: When is Jericho not ready? Again though, I can’t see him winning tonight. Sure he can hold his own in-ring with Punk but this hometown crowd could be the big player tonight.

JR: I don’t know King. Anything could happen up next.


*The fans pop loudly for CM Punk’s arrival as he walks out onto the stage. He drops to a knee and strokes a hand across the floor, before looking at his wrist and shouting that it’s clobbering time. He jumps up and scythes the air, before turning around to emphasize the back of his shirt that says he is the Best in the World, before he continues the walk down the ramp. He slides into the ring as we’re set for our main event.*

JR: I can’t wait for this King!

King: It’ll be something special! Punk is going to be great in front of his hometown right now!

Main Event: Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk in a triple threat match
(Jeff Hardy=Chris Jericho)


JR: Oh I thought Punk had one of the other two then!

King: What a match this has been, and Punk is in complete control!

*Punk lifts Jericho to his feet and goes to place him on his shoulders for the GTS but Jericho elbows Punk in the temple and manages to get back down to the canvas. Jericho hits an elbow to the back of Punk’s head, before grabbing Punk around the stomach and pushing him forwards into the ropes, before rolling backwards with Punk into a roll-up! Jericho grabs the tights!




Edge breaks the pinfall and immediately goes after Jericho. He sends Jericho back into the corner and kicks him in the gut, going for the EdgeCution but Jericho reverses out and hits a kick to the side of Edge’s head, sending him backwards. Punk is up behind the both of them and pushes Edge into Jericho, sending Jericho into the corner, Punk grabs Edge and throws him away through the ropes, before backing up and hitting a knee to the corner, he goes for the bulldog but Jericho throws him off! Punk turns around and Jericho hits a Codebreaker! He covers Punk.



Three *

JR: Chris Jericho did it! Jericho won the main event!

King: I backed Punk but Jericho did brilliantly winning it!

JR: You’re right King, well tonight is Jericho’s night!

07-23-2012, 07:53 PM

King: Oh god.

JR: It’s our WWE Champion!


*Warrior comes out to stage to a huge pop- Coach follows closely behind. Warrior then races down the ramp and circles the ring 55 times before finally jumping in the ring, then jumping on the ropes like some little kid hyped up on sugar and caffeine. Jericho is just looking at him like he’s some kind of idiot. CM Punk and Edge have left the ring but both, like Jericho, are looking at him like’s he’s an idiot. Coach finally gets in the ring and he is wearing Warrior makeup- and Warrior wrestling tights, he has two mics shoved down his tights*

Warrior: COACHHHHH!!!!!!

Coach: *he pulls a mic out his tights * I’m here Warrior and I have your mic.


Coach: Wait, but I went through the ritual

Warrior: You must go through it ten more times, with each Warrior God and one more time with me. You must have more Warrior juices in your body and soul- only then shall Johnathen Coachman becomes the Ultimate Coach Warrior

Coach: Dammit, you’re a sick fuck, I don’t want any…

Warrior: SILENCE! I am out here to make a huge announcement that will forever change how huge announcements shall become.

Coach: Um What?

Warrior: SILENCE! Jericho, I applaud you on your victory over Mr CM and Mr Edge, two men, different but the same. But that was just two people- at the Elimination Chamber I beat many more men, at least one times more

Coach: More like twice the amount, or three times the ….

Warrior: SILENCE! Now Jericho, our two paths in our careers here in WWE shall cross at Wrestlemania- the show of all shows in shows that have to do with wrestling. In that match, I shall become the new WWE World Champion yet again, and this belt *points to the WWE World belt around his waist * will again be around my waist, right where it belongs. The Warriors Gods have deemed it so. Another thing that the Warrior Gods have deemed so is someone to manage my career and tonight, TONIGHT! I will reveal him. Manager of Warrior- come out!

*Smoke fills up the stage and out walks a familiar figure in the sport of wrestling*


*Once the fans hear the music and realize who it is they give him a standing ovation. He makes his way down to the ring in tears. Coach pulls the other mic out of his tights and gives it to Ric *

Ric Flair: Thank you for the welcome WWE Universe. For those who do not know me- I’m the Nature Boy- Ric Flair. My whoIe career, I spent my time styling and profiling. Wheeling and dealing, getting high, getting drunk, and screwing any women I want, even some I didn’t want. I wrecked many a marriages in my life, you’re welcome John Cena, you’re welcome Dave Batista. And Jericho, once your wife takes a ride on my space mountain, she will never be the same. Everything you guys have sex, she will be screaming out my name. And Jericho, when I was making sweet love to your wife, I had a vision- I needed to give back to this sport so I did two things. I planted my seed in your wife because the world needs another little Nature Boy since my son Reid can’t stay away from drugs and my son David is a fat slob. The other thing I decided to do was manage the best wrestler in the world- since I have retired. That man is the Ultimate Warrior. Now you may say he doesn’t need a manager, but the man is busy. While he is off in his spaceship to Uranus, I can take care of things here on Earth. I can manage his Earthly money. I can take care of his Earthly family, more importantly I can take care of his Earthly wife in more ways than one. For that I thank you Warrior, your wife is a tiger in bed

Warrior: She is a Warrior in bed, you both are. I would also like to thank you for offering your daughter Ashley for my mating on my spaceship. She has a flare for the Warrior way of doing things

Ric: What can I say- she’s a Flair. Back to you Jericho, Wrestlemania is the biggest show of the year and my man the Warrior has your number baby. And once we walk out with the title, oh and your wife in tow, its party time! WOOOOO!

Warrior: Growl


Warrior: Growl


Warrior: Growl


Warrior: Growl


Warrior: Growl


Warrior: Growl


Coach: OK! Look you guys have anything else to say?

Warrior: Growl


Warrior: Growl


Warrior: Growl


Warrior: Growl


Warrior: Growl


*Somebody cuts the audio to Warriors, Flairs and Coaches mics *

JR: Oh my god! The Nature Boy is back! Ric Flair is on Ultimate Warrior's side! You're not going to wanna miss the rest of the road to WrestleMania! See you next week folks!

*We get another shot of Jericho looking confused and pissed, before the screen fades to black and the WWE logo flashes across.*

08-01-2012, 01:19 PM
Raw Is War: Episode 11
Location: Nassau Coliseum, Long Island NY

*The pyros blast around the arena as the crowd cheer for the start of Raw Is War, the camera swings around the coliseum before showing the commentary team*

JR: Hello WWE Universe! We welcome you too Monday night Raw, I am hall of famer Jim Ross and my broadcast partner is fellow hall of famer, Jerry “ the king “ Lawler!

King: Thanks Ross! Man I’m excited for tonight, we have the last 2 qualifying matches for the Money In the Bank match, we will also continue the United States tournament with two more matches tonight! I can’t wait!

JR: We are also expecting too here from our Raw GM Teddy Long and from what I hear King.. He has a pretty big announcement for both Raw tonight and for a match at Wrestlemania!

King: I can’t wait! There’s one thing I’m not looking forward too though Ross..

JR: Yeah.. What’s that?

King: We are also expecting to hear from the demented Kane!

JR: Indeed we are King.. And with Kane around, you never can tell what will happen!

*Before JR and King can speak some more... The theme song of the most electrifying man in sports entertainment plays out too an eruption of cheers!*


*The Rock stands at the top of the stage taking in the cheers from the crowd as they chant his name… After a little while Rocky begins too make his way down too the ring with a mic in hand!*

JR: We are kicking off Raw with the Brahma Bull! Just listen too these fans!

King: He’s not scheduled too compete tonight.. I can only assume he’s going too respond too the Undertaker after that choke slam last week.

JR: I think you could be right King, We are about too find out either way!

*The Rock stands in the ring while the crowd keep chanting his name.. he waits for the crowds chants too die down a little before speaking*

Rock: FINALLY! The Rock has come back… to Long Island New York!

*Huge pop from the crowd as they again chant “Rocky” *

Rock: Taker! Last week things got a little tense.. When the Rock asked you for this match, when the great one asked you.. Man too man for this match, I did so with respect and believe the Rock when he says this.. I do, always have and always will respect you Undertaker!

*crowd pop*

Rock: But respect is shown both ways.. And the feeling I got from you, was that you didn’t respect me.. You questioned my heart and desire, offending me.. My family and the millions and*crowd join in* Millions of the Rock’s fans! I know what you are thinking deadman.. You are thinking what makes this now movie star think he can do what so many others couldn’t and that’s end the streak at Wrestlemania!

Well Taker.. So many great superstars and legends have tried, but all of them are missing one thing.. None of them were Dwayne “ The Rock “ Johnson! All joking aside.. The great one is not just a nice nickname.. You know more anybody left in this company that I am indeed the Great one Taker and come Wrestlemania.. The Rock will be taking you down know you’re role boulevard.. Which is on the corner of Jabroni drive, and I will be checking you into the Smackdown Hotel because at Wrestlemania the Rock proves you and any doubters wrong.. With the team bring it army standing by my side I will arrive at Wrestlemania.. Layeth the Smackdown and end the streak!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

Rock: But right now.. The Rock is calling you out Taker, Too shake my hand.. Agree too this match face to face and with mutual respect we will head into the biggest Wrestlemania of all time for the biggest match of all time!

*The Rock is left waiting for seemingly an age, until the chilling gong hits and the arena lights go out and The Undertaker appears at the top of the stage to huge cheers. He makes his way to the ring, microphone in hand.*

Undertaker: Dwayne, I respect very few people in this business. You don't just get my respect straight away. But despite your haenous act of leaving Wrestling for movies, I do still respect you!

*The crowd pops big for this as The Rock nods*

Undertaker: I respect you for the intensity and electricity you bring to the ring every night and I respect everything you have done in this company during the Attitude Era. But there is a side I don't like in all of this. Perhaps you dont realise the significance of the streak when you break out your ludicrous catchphrases, acting as if this whole thing is a big joke to you! One thing, I ask of you Dwayne, is that you take this match seriously, drop the catchphrases and truly give these people a night to remember.

*The crowd stands to applaud Taker.*

Undertaker: I do have my doubts whether you are really good enough to face me.... You, have not had a match for so long now, that I worry whether you still have it. You see, while you were away shooting movies, I had the most sucess in my career, winning multiple titles. Everyone knows I'm almost impossible to beat on any given night. But what you and all these people seem to fail to realise is that I am invincible on the night of Wrestlemania! Only 18 men can attest to the fact that I am truly unbeatable on that night. So, I have one question for you Dwayne.... do you really think you can do it? Do you really think you can keep me down for 3 seconds when Flair, Kane, HHH, two men at the same time haven't. You really think you can because you're the Great One. Deep down you know the answer and you also know that while 'The Phenom' is not a nickname, that's all 'The Great One' is. A nickname. Think about it....

*With the Rock holding out his hand.. Taker looks at his hand, snorts and shakes his head before turning away.. Rock however pulls on Taker’s jacket before both men are face to face, with the crowd on there feet and the whole arena tense for what is about too happen next… Rock says shake my hand only for Taker too turn away once more as the Rock this time spin’s Taker round before hitting the Rock Bottom! He picks up the mic and says..*

Rock: I don’t think I can beat you Taker… I know I can beat you, at Wrestlemania The return vs. the Streak I will defy the odds and end you’re reign Undertaker, Maybe then I will have earned You’re respect and you will shake my hand..

*Rock is standing over an emotionless Taker with real anger across his face*

Rock: If you smell what the Rock.. IS…COOKING!

*Rocky drops the mic and begins too walk up the ramp too cheers from the crowd, after walking up too the top of the stage Rock looks back only too see Taker sit up and make a cutthroat signal too a huge pop from the crowd!*

08-01-2012, 01:29 PM
JR: What a way to kick off the show folks! Rocky & Undertaker just showed us all how it's done!

King: Well up next, we've got our seventh, and penultimate Money in the Bank Qualifying match!


JR: Here comes AJ Styles! This kid has got talent!

King: Who is he?

JR: He’s phenomenal!

King: That doesn’t answer my question!


JR: This guy lost in the US Championship tournament last week at the quarter final stage- but he has a great chance right now!

King: I hope he can do something about this CJ Kyles.

JR: What the hell? It’s AJ Styles!

King: Same thing!

Match 1: AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries in a Money in the Bank qualifying match


*AJ has the headlock locked in and Aries struggles his way to the ropes, forcing AJ to loosen his grip and get off him. He just releases him before the 5 count*

King: What a match this is!

JR: Both these men showing tremendous fight and heart to secure their place in the elusive Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania!

*AJ is distracted and Aries takes advantage with a huge DDT! *

King: Yes, its overrrr!!!

*Cover. 1.....2..........NOOO! AJ Kicks out at 2.99999! Aries can’t believe it, and he takes his frustration out on Styles, hitting him with punches and knees to the back. He turns to the crowd, taunting them, and before he can react, Styles gets him with a rollup, but he kicks out at 2! Aries is now incensed and he beats AJ down, and the ref has to pull him away from Styles. He drags him to his feet and begins laying into him. But AJ fights back with rights and lefts as the crowd fully get behind him. Seemingly encouraged by the support, he knocks Aries to the floor and when he gets up, he hits him with a Missile Dropkick, flooring him. As soon as Aries gets up, he walks straight into a Pele Kick. Cover!
1.........2............2.99...........kickout!!! Styles can’t believe it but soon regains his composure and slides to the outside. He springs onto the ropes and hits the Superman Splash!!! He crawls over for the cover

JR: What a slobberknocker that was, AJ is going to Wrestlemania as part of the MITB ladder match, but what does the future hold for 'A Double'???

*Styles rolls Aries out of the ring and calls for a mic as the crowd go wild for AJ!*

Aj Styles: When I signed for the WWE I didn’t know what to expect, but now I have a good idea of it. I was in TNA and I remember lots of horrible stories from over here. I made a promise to myself never to come to wwe ever since. But now I see they were all wrong. WWE has what TNA always had and it was better.

*crowd cheers*

I mean you guys are just great and everybody is treating me well and everything and now I have an opportunity at the grandest stage of them all. The place where legends are born and the place where it’s my time to shine. I promise you all in my money in the bank match not only am I going to steal the show. I am going to win money in the bank.

*crowd cheers*

WWE is giving me the opportunity for a reason and I will not fail, the fans, people backstage and my fellow ex tna friends are with me on this they want me to win money in the bank. At Wrestlemania, I promise you…….I will not fail and Warrior I’m coming for you.

*Aj drops the mic and celebrates with the crowd some more*

*Miz walks in to his locker room and sits down in front of his locker. Out from the bathroom comes Mr. Anderson, who wipes his hands on Miz.*

Mr. Anderson: Well Miz are you happy now? I must have been sick last week because I was generous and gave you, of all people, and Intercontinental Championship match at Wrestlemania! You done whining and complaining now?

Miz: Firstly.. what the hell are doing in my locker room Ken? Second, You cant back out now Anderson.. the match is made and at Wrestlemania I will beat you and prove once again why I am.. the most must see superstar in the WWE today!

*Mr. Anderson grabs Miz’s shirt from his locker and sneezes in it, then throws it at Miz.*

Mr. Anderson: Sorry I’m allergic to bullshit. You have your championship match you can stop acting like we had a deal Miz, you should know that being the Head Asshole in Charge of the WWE that I don’t make deals with people, especially people like you.

Miz: Very funny.. look at everyone laughing, well I will be the one laughing at Wrestlemania, when I'm wearing that Intercontinental title around my waist! wait.. what do you mean people like me?

Mr. Anderson: Yes people like you Miz, people with fauxhawks.

*Mr. Anderson uses his hand to mess up Miz’s fauxhawk. At this point Miz is fuming with Anderson’s antics.*

Miz: What do you think you are doing? You come into my locker room.. use my stuff, try and mess up my movie star good looks and hair.. well let me tell you something Anderson, If it was not for our match later on tonight I would just give you the skull crushing finale right here.. right now and you would not even make it too Mania!

Mr. Anderson: Looks like someone is getting a little angry. Look Miz I didn’t come here to antagonize you and try to play mind games with you, or maybe I did, to get you off your game for Wrestlemania. Let’s face it your game isn’t going to be good enough to beat me. At Wrestlemania I begin my quest to bring back prestige to the Intercontinental Championship when I defend it for the first time against you. And after I beat you, I will move on to the next challenger and you will go to the bottom of the list of contenders. And soon enough everyone will realize that the most valuable title in the WWE is held by an asshole, and will try to take it off me, but I will win and main event every Pay-Per-View with this title.

Miz: You really believe that don't you*Miz laughs* You are nothing but a reject that used underhanded and sneaky ways too get back here and put yourself in a position too win that title.. and don't forget, you can deny it.. But you have that title because I helped you.. I came here and did myself, everyone doubted me.. and look at me! I'm a movie star with the best looking women in the world on my arm, I'm a former WWE Champion! I'm the most must see superstar of this generation! Yeah and one more thing.. I'm awesome!

Mr. Anderson: Miz in my mind you really aren’t awesome… more of a tool if you ask me, you might as well embrace it, like I embraced being an asshole, look where it got me. *Mr. Anderson holds up the Intercontinental Championship.* Speaking of which I never got to thank you for two weeks ago when you called me an asshole, that was really nice of you. Now if this title is going to regain its prestige it is going to need to be cleaned, so I’m going to take a shower. You wouldn’t mind if I used your shower would you? *Mr. Anderson doesn’t give Miz a chance to speak.* I didn’t think so.

*Mr. Anderson grabs a towel from Miz’s locker and goes into the shower.*


*Miz contemplates on taking action, but Miz just ignores him and storms out of his locker room fuming.*

08-01-2012, 01:46 PM
*The camera comes back from the Miz/Anderson backstage segment and back too the action at ringside*

JR: Well folks it’s almost time for our second match of the night and it will be a United States quarter final contest! Remember guys.. Brock Lesnar and Sin Cara have already qualified and will fight next week in the semi finals, but who’s going too join them? We are about too find out!


*The crowd give a nice ovation for Cody Rhodes, with a smile on his face the 3rd generation superstar makes his way down too the ring slapping hands with the kids at ringside before entering the ring*

King: What’s happened too this guy Ross? He had so much potential and he has thrown it all the way just too be liked by these fans? Why?

JR: I don’t think that’s the case at all King.. I think Cody has realised that some of his actions in past have been very questionable and rather then making his family proud it had the opposite effect, He just wants too make things right now King, there’s nothing wrong with that partner!

King: Well it makes me sick.. Cody’s edge made him a real stand out from the pack, Now he’s just another wrestler trying too be as good as I was!

JR: Cody is perhaps one of, maybe the… Wait… What?.


*The crowd cheers quickly turns into boo’s as Brian Kendrick quickly makes his way too the ring with a look of focus and determination across his face*

JR: Should be a good match this guys.. Both men like too keep the match fast paced and neither will be afraid of taking risk’s if they feel they have too!

King: Just look at Rhodes! He’s lapping up this attention from the fans.. Don’t he realise these fans will be his downfall? As soon as begins too loose momentum they will turn on him and go back too cheering for John Cena and The Rock!

*Both men are ready in the ring, the ring bell sounds and the match begins*

Match 2: Cody Rhodes vs. The Brian Kendrick in a United States Championship Quarter Final

(Start at 3:20 stop at 6:32)

JR: Cody wins! This young man is through too the semi finals and will face the winner of tonight’s other quarter final match on next week’s Raw!

King: Well done Cody.. So you beat Kendrick! That don’t impress me much.. Brock Lesnar is the man too beat in this tournament, if you do that.. Then maybe I will forgive you for becoming another sheep trying too please the WWE Universe!

JR: Well with or without you’re approval King, Cody is perhaps the most talented youngster is this company today.. I don’t think anybody can hold him down and with this new attitude.. We may be about too witness Cody Rhodes at his peak! He could be on his way too becoming the new.. United States champion!

King: Well we will see about that.. But when Lesnar is holding that belt and Rhodes is all disappointed because these fans feel he let them down.. I’m going too be the first one too say Cody.. I told you so!

*Rhodes celebrates his big win on the turnbuckle as the fans all cheer loudly. He drops down to the canvas and asks the timekeeper for a microphone which he swiftly receives.*

Cody Rhodes: Well that was easy.

*The fans cheer and laugh.*

Cody Rhodes: Not taking anything away from Brian Kendrick- sorry THE Brian Kendrick, and trust me, you can’t take much away from nothing- but he just didn’t have it in him tonight. As I promised a couple of weeks away, the future of this company lies within me- and this United States Championship tournament is my way of becoming the best young star in this company.

I don’t care who I have to beat next week- Barry Horowitz or Jeff Hardy- as far as I’m concerned both of them aren’t good enough to beat me, I’m the future of the WWE! I’m the son of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes!

*The fans pop loudly.*

Cody Rhodes: Next week, whether I face the Ultimate Underdog or I face the Charismatic Enigma- both of them are going to fall at the semi final hurdle- and I will go on to WrestleMania- the very same place I beat Rey Mysterio last year, and I will walk out as YOUR new United States Champion.

As for who I could potentially face at WrestleMania, I don’t care if it’s Sin Cara- that would be another notch on my record against a masked superstar on the Grandest Stage of Them All. What I want it to be, is Brock Lesnar against Cody Rhodes- because Brock Lesnar is nothing more than an jacked up steroid using piece of crap that thinks he deserves better but then never backs up his own claims.

What happened to facing Morrison at Mania Brock? Oh yeah, you cried to the guys behind the scenes and got into this tournament instead. What I’m saying to you Lesnar, is that if I face you at WrestleMania- which I’m confident I will- I’ll hit you so hard with the Cross Rhodes that you’re gonna wish you never left UFC.

*Rhodes drops the mic and leaves the ring as the fans all cheer loudly.*

*With the crowd still cheering the name of Cody Rhodes, Teddy Long’s music hit’s the stage too a pop from the audience*


JR: Here we go King, this should be that announcement I was talking about at the start of the show.. I wonder what it could be about.

King: No idea Ross, You said it would influence Raw tonight and a match at Wrestlemania right?

JR: I sure did King, That’s what I was told by Teddy.

King: Well.. Maybe they are finally getting rid of that lunatic Mr.Anderson and stripping him off his title there fore cancelling his match tonight and at Wrestlemania!

JR: Ermm.. Yeah, I don’t that’s it King

King: Well that’s what I would do.. Then I would give the belt straight too Miz because he deserves too be champion.. Maybe I would then give myself a shot at the WWE Champion!

JR: King! Can we just get on the show please!

*With Teddy Long now standing at the top of the stage with a mic in hand, the crowd stop cheering and await what he is about too say*

Teddy Long: What’s up, WWE Universe!

*crowd cheer*

Teddy Long: Now I hope ya’ll enjoying your self’s tonight because I got an announcement that’s going too make tonight and Wrestlemania that just more better, ya feel me?

*crowd again cheer*

Teddy Long: Starting with Wrestlemania, You all know that Edge will face Punk at Mania in a no holds barred match and that’s great.. But this rivalry deserves a little more spice and that is why as of now.. The winner of that match will be the new number 1 contender for the WWE title!

*big pop from the crowd*

Teddy Long: I had a feeling you were going too like that playa’s but I’m not finished there.. The WWE Champion, Ultimate Warrior will face Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania but tonight both men were giving the night off and had the chance too just relax and enjoy the show.. But this is Raw Is War and we are on the road too Wrestlemania so as of now.. That’s all changed also!

Chris Jericho and the Ultimate Warrior will both now compete tonight and they will taking part in what I like too call.. A pick you’re poison match! Jericho will be picking an challenger for Warrior tonight and likewise Warrior will be picking a challenger for Jericho tonight! So sit back and enjoy the show playa’s!

*Teddy long’s music again hits and the Raw GM begins too make his way too the back while the crowd are still cheering for both announcements!*

JR: A blockbuster announcement from our GM folks! If the rivalry between the ultimate oppertunist and the self proclaimed best in the worlds was not already enough for you.. Both men will now be aware that whoever wins there match.. Will be the number 1 contender for the WWE Title! that’s huge!

King: What about tonight though Ross? A pick you’re poison contest, who do you think both men will pick for each other JR?

JR: No idea King! It could be anyone on the roster, if both men are smart though King, they will pick the best possible too give there rival a hard match before there showdown on the grandest stage of them all… Wrestlemania!

08-01-2012, 01:55 PM

JR: Here comes R-Truth with Little Jimmy!

King: Who the hell is Little Jimmy?

JR: I’m not sure many people know King.



JR: Here comes Eugene!

King: I don’t get why these fans cheer for this guy.

JR: He’s lovable! Great match up next- Truth vs. Eugene!

King: Wait? That’s it?! Oh this is gonna suck!

Match 3: R-Truth vs. Eugene in a Money in the Back Qualifying Match

(stop at 5:56)

*Eugene hits the floor and Truth begins to feel it. He backs up to the ropes as Eugene begins to get up and runs forwards to connect with the Lie Detector! He covers.



Kick Out!

Eugene manages to get the shoulder up and Truth picks him up. He goes for a right hand but Eugene blocks it and begins to hit his own right hands, he goes to copy The Rock by spitting on his hand but Truth ducks under and hits the Little Jimmy! He covers Eugene.



Three! *

JR: Truth did it! Truth is the final man in the Money in the Bank match!

King: Thank god that’s over.

JR: Oh wait, Truth is asking for a microphone.

*After qualifying for the Money in the Bank Match and being announced the winner of the m
match, R-Truth tries to get to his feet. Since he’s unable to do it under his own power, he uses the ring ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Before Lillian Garcia can leave the ring, R-Truth walks over to her and asks her for her microphone. She willingly hands it over to him and makes her exit while everyone’s attention rests on “The Suntan Superman”. He has a huge grin plastered on his face as he waits for his music to die down and as the crowd cheers him on for winning. Before R-Truth can even speak, the crowd starts to chant, “Little Jimmy!” over and over again.*


“Ya hear that, Lil’ Jimmy? They love ya!”

*The chanting gets a little louder and R-Truth soaks in the praise and starts to bob his head to the rhythm of the chanting. He suddenly looks down and starts pointing at the ground while laughing.*


“Ha ha! Look at Lil’ Jimmy! He’s getting all embarrassed now!”

*R-Truth continues to laugh while the chanting gets even louder. R-Truth abruptly breaks his laughing fit and looks on at the chanting crowd with a bit of contempt.*


“Alright, alright. Settle down, ya’ll. Lil’ Jimmy’s getting’ a bit uncomfortable.”

*Though the crowd stops the “Lil’ Jimmy” chant, they decide to yell “Whaaaat?!” at R-Truth. In complete contrast to his cheery attitude, that he had just put on display a few moments ago, R-Truth starts to get mad.*



*Once again, despite his ire, the crowd shouts “Whaaaat?!” back at him. Again, R-Truth’s
demeanor does a complete 180 and he’s back to being happy.*


“Okay, what me!”




“Ya know, somethin’? I had a reeeaaalllly good feeling I’d wind up here. And the reason
that wuz da case wuz cuz Lil’ Jimmy and I were sittin’ at home…”




“And we figured that we needed to do some special training…”




“…to prepare for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.”




“’Cause I’ve been in one of dem matches before and I came real close to winnin’”




“But the thing is…”




“I’m afraid of spiders! I mean, dem creepy, crawly things just give me the willies! And they give Lil’ Jimmy the jimmies!”




“But I’m also afraid of heights cuz there was this one time…”




“I was on the roof tryna fix my grandpappy’s TV attentae…”




“Cause Lil’ Jimmy and I was over and he wanted to watch Blue’s Clues! Even though that bar of soap creeps me out…”




“And when I went to get my screwdriver from my toolbox…”




“This big ol’ hairy spider jumped up on my arm and was all like ‘Boo!’ ”




“So I jumped away from it and started screaming…”




“And I couldn’t stop screamin’ neither…”




“And then, all of a sudden, I saw these flashing red and blue lights and these men came out and started yelliin’ at me.”




“Then the next thing I know, I got shocked by somethin’ and blacked out…”




“Then, I’m sittin’ next to this guy in an orange jumpsuit and…you know what? I’m sidetrackin’! That ain’t important. What is important is how I got in shape for climbing that ladder. So I want ya’ll to turn off ya cellphones, keep quiet and dispose of all snacks in the appropriate trash containers cause we’re about to watch a movie!”

*Nearly everyone in the audience starts to cheer at the sounds of an upcoming movie being played and R-Truth starts to shush everyone so he can start it. He cues for the lights to dim down and a video package starts playing on the titantron. Before the actual video plays, an image of R-Truth, folding his arms and grinning is shown with the words…

Lil’ Jimmy Productions
Proudly Presents

...in bold and red letters beneath him and being read by a voiceover of R-Truth before the next scene is transitioned to. Next, a picture of R-Truth, wearing a puffy, gray sweater is shown while he’s in a boxing stance. Behind him is a bird’s eye view camera angled shot of Kings Dominion. Afterwards, fake clapping is heard as the scene fades into the next one. As R-Truth waits in line to ride the Intimidator 305, he looks to his right side where a camera is pointed directly at him.*


“Welcome, ya’ll. We at the Kings Dominion and joining me, of course…”

*R-Truth looks behind him and apparently, there are other people behind him staring at him with puzzled looks as he stars talks to himself. He doesn’t notice them, however, but rather at the open space between him and a man standing a few feet away from him.*


“…is my partna in crime, Lil’ Jimmy! You know, just as well as I do that in the Money In The Bank ladder match, we gonna have to climb a ladder to get that briefcase. I’m a little afraid of heights so I’mma have to get over that fear. And Lil’ Jimmy has agreed to help me out. So we gonna ride this ride ‘til I don’t be afraid no more! You ready?!”

08-01-2012, 02:01 PM
*R-Truth high fives and hip bumps thin air while everyone else looks on with even more disturbed looks. Before he can get on the ride, however, an employee stops him from getting in one of the riding cars.*


“Excuse me, sir. No inebriated civilians are allowed on this ride.”

*R-Truth appears offended at his statement and jabs a finger into his chest.*


“Now you see here, ruffian! I ain’t been unumbriated…”














“That’s just disgusting. And again, it’s inebriated. Look, sir, I don’t mean to be a bother but you’re obviously not in a stable state of mind and quite frankly, you’re scaring the more…sane patrons behind you.”

*A woman chimes in to the employee’s diatribe.*


“You’re preaching to the choir on that one! When my son and I were waiting in line, he showed up and asked my son if he wanted to play with his Little…Timmy or whatever! Absolutely repulsive!”

*Murmurs of agreement can be heard behind her. Despite being rallied against, R-Truth doesn’t seem worried or startled at all.*


“Lady…what is you talkin’ ‘bout? His name is Lil’ Jimmy and all he wanted to do was play pretend lightsaber duel with your son so he wouldn’t get bored while he was waiting in line. That’s all!”


“I don’t care what you were trying to do! You keep your “lightsaber” away from my boy! Pervert!”

*R-Truth just shakes his head and laughs.*


“I ain’t got time for all this. C’mon, Lil’ Jimmy. Let’s go on the ride. We got trainin’ to do.”

*The employee still won’t get out of R-Truth’s way and remains a stubborn blockade to maneuver around.*


“I’m afraid I can’t let you on. In fact, I’ve already called security to have you removed from this park.”


“Oh yeah? Try me.”

*The video abruptly cuts to the next scene where R-Truth is thrown out through the entrance by two large men in sleeveless blue shirts and tan pants. R-Truth stumbles as he tries to get back on his feet. Despite being thrown out, he looks quite pleased with himself.*


“Did you see that, Lil’ Jimmy! I was up in the air just now! When those dudes tossed me out! It almost felt I was flyin’…like Tinkerbell. Anyways, I did it! I really did it! I wasn’t afraid or nothing! Now I know that I’m gonna win at Money In The Bank!”!

*The scene fades to black and the words “Fin” appear on the titantron. After the lights go back on, R-Truth starts to talk on the microphone again.*


“Did ya’ll see that? But more importantly, did my Money In The Bank opponents see that? Ya see, there are a lot of guys that I respect in that match and there some guys that me and Lil’ Jimmy don’t really…dig. Ya dig? But there’s one thing that will always remain true. Okay, two things. One, you should never ask little boys to play lightsaber with you when Momma Jimmy is around ‘em cause they get freaked out for some strange reason. And the second thing is, whether you’s a high flyer, whether you’s a former world champion or whether you’s a spider in disguise, all of ya’ll are gonna get got and when I go on to win that match, I’mma use that briefcase on the Warrior or Jericho and I’mma become the new WWE Champion …mostly because I hear the WWE Champion gets a nicer locker room and I’ve seen waaaaaay too many spiders in my locker room. And that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but…”

*R-Truth raises the microphone up in the air and the crowd shouts, “THE TRUTH!” as loud as they can. R-Truth’s music hits again and as he exits the ring, he starts talking to himself again while skipping up the ramp.*

JR: Well it’s time for our next United States Tournament Match with what should be a good battle

King: It doesn’t matter much because like I said earlier Ross, Broc Lesnar is the man too beat in this title tournament and I really can't see anyone able too stomp him!

JR: Don’t get ahead of yourself King; anything can happen in the WWE


King: You have to be kidding me how does he even get in the Tournament; he is nothing but a glorified jobber!

JR: Don’t overlook him King; Horowitz has a flare for the dramatic, he might very well pull off this upset.


King: He might actually do it; Horowitz could actually do this depending on how many drugs Hardy is on, how can he even be allowed to compete when he can barely walk

JR: Stop talking like that King you very well know Hardy has fought in every match imaginable his body has gone through more wear and tear than most superstars. Jeff Hardy is a great superstar that has the ability and knows what it will take to win this tournament.

Match 4: Jeff Hardy vs. Barry Horowitz in a United States Championship Tournament Quarter Final

(1:39- 5:48)

JR: This could be the opening Hardy has been looking for.

*Hardy quickly goes over for the cover on Horowitz



T- kickout by Horowitz.

Hardy picks Horowitz up and sets him against the turnbuckle. Hardy steps back and runs at Horowitz in the corner and hits a vicious clothesline that sets Horowitz to sit down against the turnbuckle. Hardy grabs the ropes and hits the Hardyac Arrest! Horowitz rolls out and Hardy makes his way slowly to his feet. Hardy goes to the top rope for the Swanton Bomb… but Horowitz moves and Hardy crashes down to the mat. Horowitz goes over for the cover. Horowitz immediately locks in Cloverleaf. Hardy is struggling but won’t give up. Hardy continually inches forward until he reaches the ropes to break the hold. Horowitz stands up and goes for a Northern Lights Suplex but Hardy pushes him away. Horowitz misses a clothesline, and Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind! Horowitz stands up groggily and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate! Hardy goes to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb!




JR: And Hardy advances onto the next round where he will face Cody Rhodes.

King: I told you, Horowitz is just a jobber.

JR: King, Horowitz put up a hell of a fight, but it’s time to move on.

08-01-2012, 02:10 PM
*Meanwhile back in Teddy Long's office, The Ultimate Warrior, with Flair in a nice suit on one side and Coach dressed in Warrior trunks and wearing Warrior makeup, on the other side. The are all facing Chris Jericho. Teddy Long is just leaning up against his desk*

Warrior: COACH!

Coach: Relax, I got you mic right here

Warrior: You are doing well my young Warrior in training. I am proud to call you one of my own

Coach: er, Thank you I guess


Warrior: Now Mr Jericho. You are nothing. You are but a mere stain on the road to my greatness in becoming the greatest WWE World Champion of all the time in this time condrent. You shall never become as great as me and you shall never become as great as a Warrior such as myself because you are of Canadian descent. Never in the times of Warriors has a Canadian been chosen to become a Warrior. And it will never happen. Not even if you somehow sneak onto my space ship and hitch a ride with Coach, Flair and I to Uranus.


Warrior: GROWL


Warrior: GRO........


*Everyone promptly shuts up*

Jericho: The only thing related to any anus here right now, is you two. Because you're both talking out of your anuses!
I honestly can't comprehend how low you've stooped Flair. From one of the greatest ever, from being the NATURE BOY Ric Flair..... to this. A pathetic old man, hitching a ride with some delusional freak of an animal for one last ride at the top.

And you.

*turns to Warrior*

Jericho: Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror? You're crazy. You're a freak. You're a disgrace to yourself. And every day that goes by where you have that title, you're dragging it through the mud.
There's only one person on this planet, on ANY planet that can hold that title with the grace, and carry it with the prestige it deserves, and that's me.

You want a ride on space mountain? Well you're not getting it. Because at Wrestlemania, you're taking a ride on the Jeri-train, and this isn't any ordinary train, because it's a runaway train, and it's heading right for you. And when it hits, you're going to feel a force like no other force you've ever felt. And when you're lying on your back in the middle of that ring, with me standing over you with my foot on your chest in triumph, you'll understand the power, and why I am the best in the world at what I do.


Teddy Long: I got one here playa *Teddy take a mirror off his desk and tries to hand it to Warrior- but Warrior motions to give it to Coach*

Warrior: *looking into the mirror* hmmmm. I see no crazy person in this mirror. I see the future of WWE. I see someone who shall go on to Wrestlemania and wait, Coach, pull down my trunks and look at my anus as to be sure these words are not coming out my anus

Coach: I don't think so Warrior


*both Flair and Warrior bare their asses to Coach, Coach hands the mirror to Flair so Warrior can continue looking at himself*

Warrior: As I was saying, I shall go to Wrestlemania as the WWE World Champuion, and walk out as the new WWE World Champion once more. As far as your Jeri-train, bring it on. Between my Warrior Gods guiding me, and fortelling my future and your future and Flair's future and Coach's future, my spaceships future, my new home planet of Urnanus' fiture, your train shall derail into the pits of nothingness and the true savior of WWE, myself THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR! shall show you the way- the Warrior way, of the true meaning of life. COACH! Are words coming out of my ass?

Coach: No Warrior, but both of you guys have hairy asses


Coach: I really did not sign up for th...

Warrior: SILENCE! *Warrior is still talking to the mirror* And Warrior, listen to what I am saying, let the Warrior Gods guide you. Jericho is nothing. Jericho is Canadian

Flair: WOOOOOO! Thats right, and Jericho, I'm the NATURE BOY! WOOOOOO!

*There's a long pause as Jericho looks on in disgust*

Jericho: Long, are you seriously going to let this sideshow continue? Is this really the kind of show you want to be running? A pair of clowns bearing their bear asses to to another man? Talk of waxing asses? Coach, I am disgusted by you.

Coach: but I...

Jericho: Shut up!
Talk of space ships, other planets, Long do you want to keep your job? Do you want me to complain to the board of directors?

Long: Well no, but I....

Jericho: Shut up Teddy.

Now in hope of saving this show from completely falling into disarray I've decided who I want to face Warrior tonight. Someone who's just as much a freak as he is believe it or not. But unlike yourself Warrior, this freak takes things a little more seriously. I want Warrior to go one on one with 'The Big Red Machine' Kane.

*Jericho smiles menacingly*

Jericho: Oh, and Flair, it wouldn't be my wife that was taking a ride on your space mountain, I think it would be the other way around. Because my wife would make you her little bitch.

*Jericho smiles at Flair before walking out of the office, leaving Flair visibly going red in the face with anger*

08-01-2012, 03:47 PM
*The camera's cut backstage, where we see CM Punk standing at a vending machine. He pushes a button, and a bottle hits the bottom. He reaches down, pulling out a pepsi. He twists the top off, taking a sip, and then looks at the camera.*

Punk: Just because I'm straight edge...doesn't mean I can't enjoy soda. Now what the hell are you here for?

Cameraman: We were told to get your thoughts on the news we found out earlier in the night? About your match at Wrestlemania?

Punk: Oh ya. I gotcha. Ok. Give me a second.
*Punk looks away from the camera for a second, and then turns back, staring into it.*

Punk: So...Long decided to do the right thing. He made our No Holds Barred match at Wrestlemania a #1 contender match. Frankly, I am glad he did the smart thing. it doesn't matter if Jericho or Warrior walk away the winner, hell, Howard Finkel could somehow win and i wouldn't care. The only thing I am going to care about, is going into Mania, becoming the #1 contender, and then reclaiming what should have been mine since the Rumble. See Edge, as we draw closer to Mania, you need to do a few things. Let me run you through them.

First, you need to tell your children and wife you love them. You need to hold them, and hug them, and kiss them. You need to make sure they know they are loved. Why you ask? With what I plan on putting your through at Mania...you will be a changed man. Similar to how Shawn Michaels lost his smile...you will lose your...no pun intended...edge on life. I plan on putting you through such hell, that when your family finally looks at you, after the bandages come off, they see a different man. They don't see the father that once loved them...all they see is a broken and shattered cripple.

The next thing you need to do, is go to church. You need to repent for your sins. See Edge...this is no holds barred. Anything and everything can happen. One from move, and you could die...

*Punk snaps his fingers*

Just like that. Better to be sure your soul is cleansed, then take a chance to end up where your mother did. Actually, I hear St Peter calling your name. Wait...your name is CM Punk's bitch right?

*Punk chuckles, as boos can be heard in the arena.*

Punk: The final thing you need to do Edge, incase you happen to live through this match, is make your house handicap accessible. I plan on breaking your legs and back. I plan on leaving you a broken man. Your wife will have to push you in a wheel chair. Your sons will have to give you sponge bathes. When you want to go up and down the stairs...you will have to use a lift. When it all ends Edge...you won't be the same. Simple as that. Now...camera man..if you will excuse me...I have a soda to finish before my match later.

*Punk pushes past the camera man, walking off, as fans can be heard chanting CM Sucks.*

*The camera comes back from the Punk promo too ringside where our next match of night is about too take place!*

JR: King I don’t want too admit it.. But Jericho making Warrior face Kane, Now that was smart very smart.

King: That’s Jericho Ross, he always one step ahead.. With the mood Kane has been in, and after what happened earlier.. He could take out all his anger on the WWE Champion and nothing would please Jericho more then that!

JR: For Warrior tonight it could be about surviving rather then winning folks, sure Warrior will want too get the win.. But it may come a point where has too think what is more important.. This match, or the match at Wrestlemania!


*The pyro flames hit the stage and the big red monster Kane slowly begins too make his way down the ramp, at one point a fan holds out his hand only for Kane too stop and stare a hole through him before again making his way too the ring*

King: I would not want too be the Ultimate Warrior right about now! Well.. I would not like too be the Warrior ever but you get what I’m saying.. Kane looks pure evil Ross!

JR: I hear you partner!

*With the monster waiting in the ring, the crowd anticipate the arrival of the WWE Champion!*


JR: Here we go folks! The champ Is here!

King: Yeah.. I bet he wishes he wasn’t though .

*Warrior makes his way too the ring in traditional fashion, hyping up the crowd before getting into the ring and going face too face with Kane as the crowd chant his name*

JR: Warrior looks up for this folks! Maybe it’s Kane that should be worried!

King: That’s just a front Ross, There is not one man that wouldn’t feel nervous face too face with that monster!

*The ring bell sounds and the match begins*

Match 5: The Ultimate Warrior vs. Kane

(Start at 1:20 stop 5:20)

JR: Warrior just kicked out of the Tombstone! He kicked out of the Tombstone King!

King: I know.. I seen it, I’m not sure it was a smart thing though Ross.

*Warrior instantly stands too his feet before grabbing the ropes and doing his trademark taunt again hyping up the fans!*

JR: Here comes Kane!

*Kane attempts too strike Warrior on the back of the head only for Warrior too block and begin striking Kane with big rights each time knocking Kane back a little further*

King: He’s actually fighting back! I can’t believe it!

*Warrior hits Kane with one last haymaker giving it everything he got.. He knocks Kane back once again before springing off the rope and jumping at him with a driving shoulder barge this time knocking the big man of his feet, Warrior then again taunts with the crowd as they cheer his name, he picks up Kane and delivers two big time scoop slams right after the other!*

JR: This could be it.. Warrior going for the pin!




JR: Two count! Bah Gawd I thought Warrior had him then! Come on Champ, You can do it!

King: HEY! What happened too being un-biased?

JR: Too hell with that King, Kane has caused nothing but suffering too people who don’t deserve it since the Re-brand of Raw, I hope Warrior beats him tonight and puts him in his place!

*Warrior is shocked that Kane kicked out and again looks at the fans for inspiration, they once again cheer his name as Warrior once more picks up Kane and delivers another big Scoop Slam, as he does though Kane sits straight back up as the crowd gasp in awe at the Red Machines persistence.. Warrior again in shock goes too the top rope as Kane is getting back too his feet and flys off the turnbuckle hitting another big shoulder barge this time from the top and again takes Kane of his feet.. Warrior again hypes him self up on the ropes before hitting is famous splash and going for the pin*



JR: This must be it!


JR: Warrior wins! The champ has done it!

King: What a battle Ross, that took a hell of a lot out of both men! I have too hand it too Warrior though, he did well tonight!

*While Warriors music is playing in the background and the champ is celebrating, Kane again sits up and get’s back too his feet.. Warrior does not notice him and Kane spins Warrior round and holds him in a choke hold.. Squeezing the life out of him before raising him up in the air and delivering a hellacious choke slam!*

JR: Here we go again! The match is over Kane.. You lost, it’s over!

King: He’s not done Ross! Wait who are they..

*As Kane picks up Warrior by the throat once more, two men can be seen running down too the ramp, Kane does not realise untill both enter the ring.. Kane drops the champion.. Before trying too fight the two men!*

JR: It’s James Storm! And..

King: Bobby Roode! It looks like both these men are back on the same page and are out too get payback against Kane!

*Kane try’s fighting off both men but eventually is overwhelmed, Roode and Storm hit Kane with everything they got.. Storm eventually hit’s a super kick knocking Kane right against the ropes.. They then both charge at the monster knocking him over the ropes and onto the ring floor as the crowd chant “Beer money” and cheer for both men!*

JR: Are they.. Are they back on the same page King.. Are Roode and Strom once again a team?

King: These fans certainly think so..

*With Kane stumbling up the ramp and heading too the pack.. Roode and Storm both stare at each other as the crowd chant both names, they both eventually embrace in a hug and the crowd give a huge pop before chanting “Beer Money” around the arena*

08-01-2012, 04:00 PM
*We cut backstage where Scott Stanford is shown.*

Scott Stanford: Please ladies & gentlemen, join me in welcoming my guest at this time....the Rated R Superstar...Edge!

*The camera pans around to show Edge and the fans pop loudly for his reveal as he smiles.*

Scott Stanford: Now Edge, earlier on tonight, Teddy Long announced that your No Holds Barred match with CM Punk at WrestleMania will now also be for the number one contendership to the WWE Championship. What are your thoughts on that?

Edge: My thoughts? What do you expect me to think Scott? You see, it’s already Edge against CM Punk. It’s already WrestleMania, it’s already No Holds Barred- quite frankly the match doesn’t need anything else added to it- it’s already a guaranteed show stealer.

You see, CM Punk and I were already going to go out there and beat the holy hell out of each other. We were gonna do that for a few reasons...number one, that’s the whole point of No Holds Barred and number two, we just don’t like each other.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: So when you ask me what my thoughts are on the fact that the winner of my match with CM Punk advances to Backlash and faces the WWE Champion? I’m delighted. It gives me another reason to go out there and teach CM Punk something I like to call respect, something that he needs to learn if he’s ever gonna get far in this business.

It also means one other thing- Edge and CM Punk ends at WrestleMania. And after the Royal Rumble, when Punk entered early and eliminated me. After Elimination Chamber, when after I had already eliminated him, Punk took me out and laid me out in the centre of the ring, allowing JBL to eliminate me. Basically, twice CM Punk has ripped my shot at the WWE Championship out of my grasp with his tactics- and come WrestleMania, I’m going to finally return the fire Punk has been attacking me with, but the difference is going to be that I walk out as the number one contender to face Ultimate Warrior or Chris Jericho at Backlash.

Scott Stanford: Okay, this will be your first WrestleMania since you were told you had to retire down to the MRI scans- how are you feeling?

Edge: I’m feeling better than ever Scott. WrestleMania is just 13 days away and I wish it were tomorrow. I can’t wait to walk down that ramp- hearing the fans chanting my name- and take Punk out once and for all. It’s like I said last week, Punk can try everything and anything- and he very well might beat me- but if he thinks he’s going to end my career once and for all- he’s got another thing coming.

I’m the Rated R Superstar. I’m The Ultimate Opportunist, and when I beat Punk at Wrestlemania, I’ll be the Number One Contender to the WWE Championship.

*In the arena, the fans pop loudly.*

Scott Stanford: Okay next, you’ll get the chance to get your hands on Punk tonight, in a tag match where Punk teams with The Miz to face yourself and the Intercontinental Champion Mr. Anderson...what are your thoughts on that?

Edge: Well see Miz was still in Tough Enough while I was fighting for my first world title- in fact at Armageddon 2004, just a month before I entered the Elimination Chamber for the first time- Miz lost to Daniel Puder- where’s that guy now? That’s all I have to say about The Miz. He’s a loser, He’s always been a loser and he’ll always be a loser- and what I don’t get is why he didn’t just pin Triple H himself at Elimination Chamber? What he did took all prestige value to the Intercontinental Championship and threw it away.

As for Anderson, I don’t know if I like the kid- but he’s got something. He’s gotten under the skin of the McMahon’s already- which isn’t a good thing but shows he can make an impact. Plus, he had the brains to get Miz to be his little bitch- and apart from John Morrison, Chris Jericho, Big Show, Alex Riley, MTV, Daniel Puder, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, R-Truth and Maryse- nobody else has done, so that’s quite impressive.

Whatever he does, tonight he’s my partner and I know a little about tag team wrestling- so I’m all for having his back. But if he even so much as looks at me wrong, I’ll Spear him so hard, he’ll be coughing up his lunch for the next week. Tonight, this tag team match involves four different Money in the Bank winners- and I’m just gonna quickly send a message to a couple other guys in the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania right now.

*Edge pulls the camera away so Stanford isn’t in the shot anymore.*

Edge: Tyson Kidd- you can go out there, do all of us Canadians proud, do every single member of the Hart Family proud and win the Money in the Bank match. I believe in you kid. And Ricochet- well I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but you’ve got a long way to go. I’ve heard you talking about me- and I understand why, you go for the big dog. Well if you carry on, you’re gonna learn the big dog’s got a big bite.

As for tonight, Anderson & I plan to beat Punk & Miz into the canvas- and as for WrestleMania- it’s gonna be my night.

*Edge walks away as the camera focuses back on Scott Stanford.*

JR: Well WWE Universe we are heading too the tail end of the show but I can tell you.. We still have two fantastic matches coming up and will know doubt add too what has already been a jam packed show!

King: Well said partner! The Rock vs. Chris Jericho! That’s a PPV main event right there and the good news for you guys.. That’s our main event for tonight!

JR: It sure is King! Remember these guys have history.. Both men made there comebacks at the Royal Rumble entering number 1 and 2, they have exchanged words since and not too mention all the match they had in the past! But first.. We have a tag team match too look forward too!


*Miz quickly makes his way down too the ring with a look of anger across his face after what happened with Anderson earlier on in the show, the crowd respond too him with chants of “Anderson” while Miz try’s too blank it out before reaching the ring*

King: How childish was Anderson earlier Ross.. Can you really believe he is our Intercontinental Champion!

JR: Yes King I can.. He beat Triple H and Miz at the Elimination Chamber, that’s no easy feat.. Sure some may doubt his attitude at times but I happen too love it.. He brings energy and enthusiam too this sport.. And it’s always funny watching Miz get annoyed.


King: The Best In The World! C..M..PUNK!

JR: An amazing talent no doubt about that King, A man who proved so many doubters wrong by making it too the top of this company.. I have too admit with the way his and Edge’s feud has been building.. That may be the match I’m looking forward too most!

*CM Punk stands at the top of the stage receiving mixed responses from the crowd, with one section cheering and the others booing Punk does his trademark taunt before walking down too the ring and getting into the ring!*


*The Intercontinental champion steps out from behind the curtain and stands at the top of the stage, He holds up his title with Miz looking on as he waits for his partner*


*The crowd go crazy for the Rated R-superstar giving him one of the biggest pop’s of the night.. Edge with his trademark ring entrance pumps up the crowd before looking at Anderson as both men begin too make there way toot the ring*

JR: This should be a hell of a contest folks!

08-01-2012, 04:08 PM
Match 6: CM Punk (Stone Cold)& The Miz (Triple H) vs. Edge ( Jericho) & Mr. Anderson (Benoit)

(Start at 3:11 stop at 14:11)

JR: Edge is taking too CM Punk right here folks! You can feel the hatred from both men oozing out of each other with each passing blow!

King: Edge is on fire Ross! He’s cleaning house!

*With Edge knocking Miz over the ropes with a big clothes line.. Punk spring’s off the ropes looking for a Lou Thesz press.. Only for Edge too block it and drive Punk’s head into the match with a big time spine buster!

JR: Big move from Edge! I think CM Punks head just whipped right off the canvas!

*With Punk planted on the canvas Edge looks for a sharpshooter with huge cheers going out around the arena as dedication too Bret Hart, Edge keeps cranking up the pressure and with nowhere too go for Punk it looks like he’s going too tape when.. *

JR: Watch out Edge! Here comes the..

King: Miz with a clothesline too the back of the head knocking Edge too the Mat!

JR: This is too close too call King.

*Miz picks up Edge and delivers a huge skull crushing finale and then drags Punk’s body over Edge’s with the ref ready too count*


JR: Not like this.. Surly not like this!



JR: Edge kicks out! Edge kicks out!

*Punk and Edge are both laying on the canvas blowing hard with exhaustion, after a little while both men are able too tag in there partners, Anderson runs into the ring like a house on fire knocking down Miz repeatedly, He picks him up before looking for the Mic check.. As he does CM Punk delivers a kick too his temple allowing Miz too reverse and hitting the….*

King: Skull crushing finale! That’s it… that must be it!

JR: Miz with the pin.. Can Anderson kick out?




JR: He can't! Miz and Punk have won.. Miz and Punk have beating there Wrestlemania opponents! Will it change the momentum?

King: Off course it does JR! Both of these men will now head into Mania full of confidence.. These win’s change everything!

JR: What a show we’ve had tonight King! We finally learnt the final two members of the Money in the Bank match in just 13 days at Wrestlemania, we found out the second semi final for next week’s show too!

King: And The Miz just pinned Mr. Anderson- proving to the entire world that in just 13 days, on the grandest stage of them all- he will FINALLY lift the Intercontinental Championship sky high!

JR: And don’t forget The Ultimate Warrior proved just how good he is when he took down the Big Red Machine Kane!

King: But up next, The Rock takes on Chris Jericho in our main event! I don’t think Jericho will have an easier test of his ability- apart from Wrestlemania that is!

JR: I don’t think anybody can call a match against The Rock easy.


*The Rock walks out onto the stage as the fans go nuts for his arrival. He makes his way down the ramp before climbing onto the top turnbuckle and raising his fist high.*

JR: Here comes The Great One King! And he looks in great shape!

King: Doesn’t matter, Jericho has this match!

JR: I don’t know about that King.

King: Just wait and see!


*Pyro explodes out of the stage as Chris Jericho is shown in his iconic pose. He turns around as the fans boo, and begins to slowly walk down to the ring. He slides into the ring as The Rock awaits his opponent.*

Main Event: Chris Jericho vs. The Rock


JR: What an elbow from Jericho! Rock may be out!

King: Cover him Chris!

*Jericho collapses onto Rocky and goes for a cover.




Rock throws the shoulder up as Jericho can’t believe it. He drags Rock up and hits a right hand. He hits a second right hand, before running across to the nearest ropes and going for the springboard dropkick but Rocky ducks and rolls under Jericho, who slams into the canvas. Rock begins to line Jericho up and goes for the Rock Bottom but Jericho elbows him in the head and goes for the Codebreaker but Rock catches Jericho and slams him down.

He picks Jericho up and throws him into the ropes, going for a spinebuster but Jericho stops and kicks Rock in the shoulder, sending him back to a standing position, he runs at Rock and once again goes for the Codebreaker but Rock reverses into a Spinebuster!

Rock stands up and goes across to Jericho’s head. He kicks Jericho’s arm in and begins to take off his elbow pad, but Jericho quickly twists around and goes for a small package.




Rock kicks out but he’s shocked and as they both reach their feet, Rock begins to unload with right hands, before he lays the smackdown, sending Jericho down to the floor. Rock grabs Jericho’s leg and twists him around, locking in the Sharpshooter!*

JR: Oh what a move this is!

King: No no no no no no no no no no no no! Chris, don’t tap!

JR: He looks set to tap King!

King: NOOOO! Come on Chris! FIGHT IT!

JR: Rock has it locked in tight!

*Just as Jericho’s hand looks set to tap out, the lights in the arena go dark and as soon as they come back on, The Undertaker is stood in the ring in front of Rock & Jericho. He hits Rock with a huge big boot. The referee calls for the bell.*

JR: The Rock wins by disqualification!

King: Oh thank god for that! Jericho didn’t tap!

*The Undertaker isn’t finished though, as he grabs Rock by the throat and lifts him to a standing position. He slides his thumb across his throat and twists Rock upside down, delivering a huge Tombstone Piledriver!*

JR: Undertaker is setting a message here! This is going to be a brawl at Wrestlemania! That’s for sure!

King: I wouldn’t want to be Rocky!

JR: Well, that’s all we have time for folks! Tune in next week for the final Raw before Wrestlemania!

*The Undertaker’s theme plays in the background as the lights turn purple and Taker drops to a knee, before the screen fades to black and the WWE logo flashes across.*

08-07-2012, 11:09 AM
Raw Is War next!

08-07-2012, 11:11 AM
Raw Is War: episode 12
Location: TD Garden, Boston MA.

*The camera’s are rolling, the theme music is blaring and the pyro’s blast into life too signal the start of Raw Is War*

JR: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome too Monday Night Raw Is War! We are just 1 week away from the grandest stage of them all.. Wrestlemania and tonight we are tying up the lose ends as people involved in matches at Mania will get the chance too say there thoughts and speak there mind in a final face off and that takes place tonight!

King: That’s right partner! In case you couldn’t tell.. That was Hall of Famer JR, Jim Ross and I’m fellow Hall of Famer Jerry “ the king” Lawlor and just like good ol JR said we are expecting another great show tonight building towards Wrestlemania!

JR: That’s right King, don’t forget we are also holding the two US title semi finals tonight with the winners of both matches.. Heading too the final taking place at Wrestlemania

King: Ohh boy! Tonight’s show is going too be intense! I can’t wait.

JR: I agree, and we are starting if off with a bang because I’m hearing Undertaker is on his way out here now!



*The lights go out and the dong sounds signalling the chilling sound of the Deadman's music, with the crowd cheering for The Phenom, Taker steps from behind the curtain and walks through the thick smoke and makes his way down too the ring*

The Undertaker pauses before he speaks.

Undertaker: Last week, The Rock caught me off guard. You see, before last week, I knew that I was going to win at WrestleMania and win easily at that. I knew that I was not facing The Rock, but the poor impressionist of him, Dwayne Johnson. Throughout his whole return, i knew it. Im sure that he knew it also. But you people still swallowed it all, because after all, he is the rock, and he is the Great One. The reason I declined his offer of a matchat first was simple. I didnt want to disappoint the fans, which i knew this match would. I knew that i would dominate, and end The Rocks career. I didnt want to embarrass him. Despite his incessant interferences, i never felt the need to beat Dwayne to a pulp. Finally, i accepted, because yes, he annoyed me. So i decided, despite knowing you all would be disppointed, I accepted to shut up Dwayne Johnson! But then last week, I saw something I hadn't seen in 10 years. I saw the fire back in his eyes. I succeeded in what I was trying to do, although I had believed it was wasn't working. I had finally riled him up enough so that he could Rock Bottom me, slamming me onto the ring mat. I am not angry however, far from it.... I am pleased, because now I know that instead of getting a short disappointing match between myself and The Rock, I now know that you people... Will see one of the greatest matches of all time! But tonight, I want THE ROCK not Dwayne Johnson to come down to the ring right now, so that we can shake hands, and get ready to give these fans a historic match!!!



*The Undertaker does not have too wait long as almost immediately Rocky’s theme music blares out around the arena too a huge pop from the crowd, The brahma bull stands at the top of the stage taking in the reaction of the crowd before making his way down too the ring with a mic in hand*

Rock: So the Deadman is ready too shake my hand? The legendary Undertaker is ready too shake the hand of the great one.. It tool a little longer then the Rock expected but I’m happy we are at this point, but first the Rock got something too say!

*The crowd continue Rock chants as the Taker nods his head allowing Rock too carry on speaking*

Rock: Wrestlemania! The Brahma Bull vs. The Deadman! The Great one vs. The Phenom! Future Hall of Famer vs. Future Hall of Famer!

*pop from the crowd*

Rock: But most importantly! It’s The Rock vs. The Undertaker and it’s the Return vs. the Streak! This will be the biggest match in Wrestlemania history! You can talk about the US title final.. Yeah should be a good match, You can look at Edge vs. CM Punk! No doubt another great match.. And then you take the WWE title match, Warrior vs. Jericho and again another big match but the Rock vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, It don’t come any bigger or better then that!

*crowd cheer*

Rock: At Wrestlemania, the joking around.. The catchphrases, that all stops.. The great one has trained harder then has ever done before and I’m ready taker, I promise that I will give you everything I have.. I am going too Wrestlemania too end the streak and show anyone that doubts I still have the passion and fire that I still have it..

*The crowd again give another cheer for the Rock as Taker continues too listen and nod too Rock’s every word*

Rock: Taker! As the I said before.. I always have, always will respect you Deadman.. But at Wrestlemania.. I’m coming for that Streak, I’m coming too take back any respect I lost during my hiatus and when I’m done with that.. I will shake You’re hand once again and move on too becoming the next WWE Champion! If You smell…. What the ROCK, IS COOOKKINGGG!

*Big pop from the crowd*

*The Rock then drops the mic and both Taker and Rock come face to face with the arena cheering for both men.. After a few seconds they shake hands leave the ring heading too the back as the show moves on*

08-07-2012, 11:53 AM
*With the crowd still cheering for both Undertaker and The Rock, the ring is checked and our first match of the night is about too begin*

JR: Well here we go folks we are about too start our first Semi Final of the night and it’s a match between the high flying Sin Cara and the next big thing Brock Lesnar! How do you see this one going King?

King: Well I said right from the start of this tournament.. That for me, Brock Lesnar is the man too beat and anyone that beats him.. Will be crowned the new United States champion! As for the match tonight? I see Brock winning and moving on too the final too either face Cody Rhodes or Jeff Hardy.

JR: I agree that Brock might well be the man too beat.. But Sin Cara has perhaps been the surprise package and he could once again surprise people tonight with what would be his biggest win in the WWE so far.


*The crowd react with a positive reaction for the Mexican sensation! Sin Cara runs down too the ring in his usual fashion as the crowd chant and cheer his name*

JR: Sin Cara looks ready folks!

King: He’s wearing a Mask Ross.

JR: I can see that King.. But physically he looks very ready and with no sign of nerves anyone suggesting that Cara might have stage fright could be about too be proved wrong!

King: He might not be Nervous now King.. But wait till Brock Lesnar’s music hits that stage and the big bad Lesnar is making his way too the ring!


*The crowd instantly boo the music and sight of Lesnar as he stands at the top of the stage, he begins too jump up and down on the spot while limbering up with a look of sheer focus across his face!*

King: Now that’s what you call ready Ross!

JR: Well this is not Lesnar’s first time at the dance that’s for sure, you wouldn’t expect any nerves from a former WWE Champion!

*Lesnar begins too make his way down too the ring, as he reaches ringside he gets distracted by a young fan who is holding a Sin Cara sign, Brock grabs the sign and rips it too shreds with a smile across his face… he doesn’t notice Sin Cara though who has launched himself over the ropes and smashes into Lesnar with a cross body knocking him down too the floor as the crowd give a huge pop!*

JR: The death defying Sin Cara folks! He’s started this match with a bang proving how much he wants this!

King: This match has not even started Ross.. What’s this idiot Sin Cara thinking?

*Sin Cara continues too hit Lesnar with everything he has.. Rights and lefts too the face while on top of Brock, Lesnar eventually throws him off and slide’s underneath the ring, the ref comes in between both men and starts the match officially*

Brock vs. Cara (Rey)

Start at 2:15 stop at 5:32

King: The end is near for Sin Cara Ross! He’s spent most of the match running from Lesnar and now he’s trapped! *king laughs*

JR: That’s unfair King, Cara has fought his heart out tonight but I agree.. This could be it!

*Brock has Sin Cara trapped in the corner, with a smile on his face Lesnar grabs Cara by the throat an drags him too the centre of the ring, Lesnar is trash talking while the crowd continue too boo!*

King: Finish him Brock.. Finish him!

*Brock with a sadistic smile across his face lifts Sin Cara on too his shoulder signalling for the F5, He try’s too lift Cara up only for him too reverse it into a Crucifix pin attempt*




JR: Boy that was close! Sin Cara almost made Lesnar pay!

King: Brock don’t do that too me! You almost gave me a heart attack!

*Brock gets up with huge look of relief across his face.. As Sin Cara gets back too his feet, Brock’s expression turns into on of anger and he hit’s a huge clothesline almost turning Sin Cara inside out! He then picks him up and with no hesitation this time delivers a monster F5 too Sin Cara before going for the pin!*




King: YES! YES! YES! YES! Brock wins! I told you Ross.. He’s the man too watch and he’s going too become the US Champion!

JR: Brock’s done it folks but take nothing away from Sin Cara! Hell of an effort from that young man!

*The camera head too the back where Bryan Danielson sits in the locker room, talking to himself.*

Bryan Danielson: Right now the WWE is at a tipping point, it is teetering on the edge of falling back into the ridiculousness of the 80’s Saturday morning cartoon gimmick crap that actual wrestlers like me have fought so hard to overcome. For so long this company was considered a joke, the wrestlers weren’t respected enough to be thought of as athletes. Now, I am not saying the guys back then weren’t great, quite a few of them were, and they paved the way for me. I don’t want all of their hard work to be for nothing, and that is what I am afraid is going to happen. The WWE Universe is in need of a savior, and I can be the man that brings it back from the brink of obscurity. Not only will I bring stability and legitimacy back to the WWE title, but I will take it to brand new heights never before thought of. I can make the reigns of Hulk-a-Mania and the attitude era look like peanuts. But if the powers that be have their way that is not going to happen. If that wasn’t true, the how am I being overlooked in this match? I have actually won the Money in the Bank match before, and successfully cashed in the briefcase to win the title. But no one seems to remember or care. I will be competing not only against the seven other wrestlers in the ring, but the entire management and booking team. They thought that I would be satisfied with the bone that they so generously threw me last year. All it did was open my eyes to what this company is in need of. That is why I will not be stopped at WrestleMania. I am going to prove once and for all that I deserve to be the face of this company. This is an official warning to the other participants of the Money in the Bank match, not only will you not win the match, but your careers will either be shortened or completely over. Parents, you do not want your kids to watch this match, because I will do whatever is necessary to win, and that includes and isn’t limited to breaking bones. I am going to win my second Money in the Bank briefcase, and use it to save the WWE from itself. My name is Bryan Danielson, I am the greatest wrestler on the planet, and nothing or no one is going to stop me from winning at WrestleMania.

08-07-2012, 12:17 PM
*Josh Matthews can be seen walking aimlessly backstage while checking out his surroundings for whatever reason. Suddenly, a faint squeaking noise can be heard coming from his left so he walks towards that direction in the hopes that it will end his search. The squeaking gets louder with each step he takes until he’s in the presence of R-Truth. Despite being WWE’s resident nutcase, even Matthews finds it hard to believe what scenario he’s stumbled upon. The squeaking he heard was coming from a dry erase marker that R-Truth was using to scribble furiously on a white board. Behind him is a wooden table that houses Bunsen burners and beakers filled to the brim with bubbling concoctions of an unknown nature. To top off the “mad scientist” look, R-Truth sports a white lab coat complete with eyeglasses and an Emmett Brown wig. Apparently, R-Truth is still unaware of Josh Matthews presence as he continues scribbling on the white board while muttering to himself. Now out of his shock, Josh lightly taps on R-Truth’s shoulder and R-Truth abruptly turns around, eyes bulging out of his head and chest heaving from anxiety.*


“GREAT JIMMY!!! 1.21 GIGAWATTS!!! 1.2…”

::Josh Matthews::

“Truth! It’s me.”

*R-Truth takes a sigh of relief but suddenly turns stern out of nowhere.*


“What’s the matter with you, man?! Ya’ll can’t be sneaking up around here! Look what you made Lil’ Jimmy do! He’s peein’ all over the floor! Everybody knows he’s got a nervous bladder!”

*Josh shakes off the urge to bolt away like a madman and decides to press on with his objective.*

::Josh Matthews::

“Er…anways, as we all know, you are one of the eight men who will compete in the Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania. Now, you’ve been in this match before but I’ve got to be honest, you don’t have a particular edge in this match. Experience and the speed advantage go to Evan Bourne. Meanwhile, Cena, Ziggler and Bryan are former MITB winners and Ricochet may be the dark horse. Do you have some sort of strategy that will help you win the Money In The Bank briefcase?”


“Well, I’m glad you asked ‘cause I’ve been working on something that’s gonna give me the strength, speed and durability that I need to win that match. Believe me, what I’ve got ain’t what they got and what I’ve got is gonna get them got. Got it?”

*Before Josh can either deny or accept his question, R-Truth cuts him off.*



*Josh Matthews just stands there in stunned silence while R-Truth barrels on.*


“Look on this white board and tell me what you see.”

*Josh Matthews tries his best but he can’t make anything out of the elaborate and incoherent jumble of equations R-Truth has drawn out.*

::Josh Matthews::

“I don’t see anything really.”


“How can you not see it?! It’s right there! You know what? Here.”

*R-Truth takes off his glasses on puts them on Josh Matthews face.*


“You need these more than I do. No offense. Now, if you look here, I’ve formulated an equation that’s gonna bring me one step closer to winning The Money In The Bank ladder match. You see, if you take the square root of Lil’ Jimmy, subtract it from the quotient of Dolph Ziggler’s fake tan, multiply it by Ricochet’s loudmouth, divide it by Evan Bourne’s chip, which by the way, I found on his shoulder, and finally, the piece de resistance, a lock of Daniel Bryan’s goat beard. Now, that’s all dandy but I was still missing a key ingredient. Spiders! The very thing I’ve been running from. See, I figured that just like Peter Parker, I could gain amazing powers if I got got by a radioactive spider. But instead of getting bitten by one, I decided to capture a whole group of ‘em, squish ‘em up, put ‘em in a blender and mix all the other ingredients into the concoction and WHAM! You’ve got the potion that’ll make me able to climb up stuff really fast. As in ladders. Here.”

*R-Truth motions Josh Matthews over to the table where at its center, a purple liquid is bubbling to the brim of a beaker underneath a Bunsen burner. R-Truth uses tongs to pick it up and uses one free hand to reach into the pocket of his lab coat and pulls out a glove. He signals to Josh to help him slip it on. When it’s on, he uses his gloved hand to grab the beaker and places the tongs back on the table.*


Well, you know what they say, Josh. Past the lips, all in one shot. Look out, guys, you gonna get GOT!”

*Without a second’s delay, R-Truth pours the searing liquid down his throat. He smacks his lips in content and stills, waiting for the potion to take effect. Seconds of patience turns into awkward silence as R-Truth throws the empty beaker down to the ground in frustration, not even bothering to shield himself from the broken glass.*


“Dang it! Ah well. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board, eh Lil’ Ji…”

*As if Manny Pacquiao knocked him out, R-Truth blanks out and drops to the floor. A concerned Josh Matthews kneels down and tries to wake R-Truth up.*

::Josh Matthews::

“Truth?! TRUTH!!! Oh my God! Doctor! We need a doctor down here! Hurry, I need some medical attention for R-Truth!”

*Josh starts to frantically shake R-Truth even more but he’s not coming to. A pair of frantic footsteps catches his attention and Josh Matthews turns around to find the some EMT’s have approached the scene. He gets to his feet and tries to explain what happened but one of the EMT’s cuts him off.*

::EMT #1::

“I’m sorry but who are you talking about?”

::Josh Matthews::

“R-Truth! He’s lying right…

*Josh turns around to show them where R-Truth passed out but to his surprise, R-Truth is nowhere to be found. Both EMT’s look at each other and cross their arms.*

::EMT #2::

“Look, is this some kind of a joke?”

::Josh Matthews::

“No! No! I swear to God, he was right…”


“Looking for me?”

*All three men hear the voice and look around to see where it’s coming from.*


“No, silly. Up here!”

*They all look up at the ceiling and find R-Truth sticking to it. He waves back at them.*


“Looks like it works! Now climbing up that ladder is gonna be a piece of cake! Gotta go, Josh! Me and Lil’ Jimmy got some work to do! See ya!”

*R-Truth crawls away while Josh Matthews is left a stuttering mess. This continues until he finally passes out. Both of the EMT’s look at each other, shrug and pick up Josh Matthews and carry him away.*

JR: You have too give it too some of these Money In The Bank guys King, they are fired up and each one of them is hungry too win and impress!

King: So they should be also Ross.. The MITB match is huge! It’s one of the biggest opportunity that someone is this business can receive.. Yes you put you’re body through hell too get there but the reward is everything someone in this business strives for!

JR: I agree partner! I also really can’t call a winner, what about you?.

King: I agree JR! It’s really too close too call.. Anyone of those guys could win it and it’s going too be amazing too witness!

JR: I agree once again King, we also have some breaking news for you guys… I am just being told that Beer Money will reunite just like they did last week and will go against Kane at Wrestlemania!

King: That’s big! Another match added too what is already looking like an amazing Wrestlemania line up!

JR: Sure is King, with so many big matches.. This looks like the biggest and best Wrestlemania yet!

08-07-2012, 12:28 PM
*Evan Bourne comes out with a microphone in hand and no music walking down to the ring he begins to speak.*

Evan Bourne: I am coming out here to this ring, and I am going to say what I want to say. I’m tired of the WWE trying to tell me what to do and what to say, but no longer. Since the beginning of my career, when the WWE first signed me, and they saw my athletic ability, the WWE promised me great things, said they would push me to the top, but just like every other promise the WWE makes, they didn’t follow through. *Bourne gets in the ring.* They just used me to put fans in the seat to deepen their pockets; it was all about me hitting the supposed ‘spot’ in the match that would amaze the crowd. Then in my time away I realized what the WWE was doing, they used me and they tried to easily replace me. I’m talking about you R-Truth. I was part of Air Boom, and finally we were bringing legitimacy back to the Tag Team Division when we were Tag Team Champions, then I got hurt, and had a bit of an extended vacation, and in that time they totally ignored my absence and just put you in my spot and made you crazy, like that would replace me and keep the fans in their seat. Well no longer am I going to be the puppet of the WWE, no longer am I going to be a tool to get these fans, the WWE Universe, in their seats cause frankly you have held me back my whole career, that’s right all of you.

*The crowd is now booing Bourne now.*

Evan Bourne: Oh don’t boo me for something that is your fault. By you guys cheering my every move you made the WWE believe what they were doing with me was good. You guys cost me an ECW Championship run because the WWE saw the way you reacted to me, and they needed me to go to RAW, to improve the viewership, and they thought that by sticking the WWE Tag Team Championships on me everything would be all right. And then they go and try to replace me with R-Truth? Are you kidding me? No one can replace me and I’m now going to prove that, because now I am not going to do anything that won’t benefit me, that won’t put me on TV where I belong. I am in business for myself because the WWE and you people won’t help me get what I want, that was apparent when the WWE tried to replace me, and when they did, they never put me on TV again. They tried to make me an afterthought, to forget me, and you people did. If you truly cared about me, you wouldn’t have let me be a figment of your imagination, but you did. Well now I don’t care what pleases you people, because if you won’t care about me, I won’t care about you. Now that I’m in business for myself, I’m going to get to the top of the WWE, and that’s why I am going to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania, and when I do I am going to become the next WWE Champion, and I will be at the top of the WWE where I belong, no thanks to you people.

*The crowd is heavily booing Bourne at this point, but Bourne ignores them and continues on.*

Evan Bourne: I’ve been held down for way too long and I’m tired of it. Apparently the only way for me to get anywhere in this business, is to benefit myself in every way, and why should I share my accomplishments with you people? What have you ever done for me? Oh that’s right… NOTHING! And the next accomplishment on my list is this Money in the Bank briefcase, which will be followed by me being the WWE Champion! And why shouldn’t I be the favorite to win the match? I’ve been in three… let me repeat, three, Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, my only threat is Dolph Ziggler, who also has been in three Money in the Bank matches, but let’s face it, Ziggler isn’t any competition. He lost to a delusional psycho, who is twenty years past his prime. As far as I’m concerned if you lose to the Ultimate Warrior you don’t deserve to be in this match, but he is, and to me he is no competition. Which leads me to the rest of my opponents in this match, not one of them have been in more than one Money in the Bank match. Bryan Danielson has been in one Money in the Bank match, which he won, and people are like shouldn’t he be the favorite? No, look at his recent history, he lost to John Cena, and we all know what happens to rivals of John Cena, the WWE will bury them no longer to be seen again, I’m not worried about Danielson, because just like every other John Cena opponent, he will fade away. Which leads me to the big man himself… Cena just like me you are the WWE’s puppet, but the difference between me and you is that they force feed you down our throats every week and push you to no limit, now you think you can get these fans back on your side because you rap again? You don’t fool anyone Cena, at least not me, we all know your still the WWE’s golden boy, but I am going to change that when I win the match at Wrestlemania, because after I become the WWE Champion, the WWE will have no choice but to put me on TV, and prove that doing things for yourself and not being the WWE’s puppet actually benefits you!

*The crowd is now up in arms at Bourne’s comments, but he is not done, and despite the booing he continues on.*

Evan Bourne: Then we get Tyson Kidd, the last graduate of the Hart Dungeon you must feel so special don’t you Kidd, having learned from the great Hart Family. Can I ask you a question? What has that done for your career so far? Nothing, it means absolutely nothing, I mean look at your pal David Hart Smith, where did that get him? He isn’t even in the WWE anymore, and it will only be a matter of time before you follow in his footsteps. It means nothing that you have graduated from the Hart Dungeon, in my eyes it hurts you, because the Hart’s have a history of being screwed by the WWE, and at Wrestlemania I will screw you out of the Money in the Bank briefcase and send you packing to free agency. Which leads me to the man who tried to replace me, the dumbass R-Truth. Truth you are nothing to me, you are below me and could never replace me, you are no threat to me, because as far as I’m concerned little Jimmy has a better shot of winning than you, and you will see what I think about you replacing me at Wrestlemania!

*Crowd starts to cheer Little Jimmy, but Bourne again ignores it and the chant dies out.*

Evan Bourne: Which brings me to the last two nobodies in the match. First Ricochet, who I’ve already told, he is a nobody, he doesn’t just waltz in here thinking he stands a chance, this isn’t the minor leagues kid, you are at the big time, you stand absolutely no chance of winning so don’t even try, you might as well pack your stuff and get out of here before you embarrass yourself. And finally, AJ Styles who has been a top star in a second rate company for his entire life, you come here and think you can win, you know where you are headed, where every other main event star from your second rate company went, straight to the midcard, take Mr. Anderson for example. Now everyone might say that I am a midcarder, but I’m not it’s you people and the WWE who put me there, and I’m going to prove at Wrestlemania that you all have been holding me back my whole career, because Sunday I launch myself to the main event.

*Evan Bourne drops the mic and heads out of the ring. He then goes under the ring and grabs a ladder. He sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring, grabs the mic and begins to talk again.*

Evan Bourne: This match was made for me; nobody has the ability to do what I can do. I can climb this ladder faster than anybody in this match. *He begins to climb the ladder* And now that I won’t hit the big ‘spot’ in the match the WWE wants me to, this is the scene you will see Sunday. Evan Bourne at the top of the ladder grabbing the Money in the Bank briefcase, proving once and for all, everyone has held me back, and reaching the main event spot I have deserved my whole career.

*Bourne drops the mic, and sits atop the ladder holding the briefcase hanging high above the ring. The crowd is booing Bourne as the camera cuts to a break.*

08-07-2012, 12:35 PM
*The camera heads backstage where Vickie Guerrero can be heard shouting 98, 99, 100 with a stop clock watch in her hand.. The camera then goes down a little bit showing Dolph Ziggler getting back up from a Press up position*

DZ: I’m ready! I got this! It’s my time!

VG: It’s you’re time Dolph! You are going too Wrestlemania where you will win the Money In the Bank match! It’s You’re time Dolph! You got this!

*Ziggler continues too listen too Vickie’s motivational speech while limbering up and down pumping himself up before turning towards the camera*

DZ: You here that Kidd? You here that Bourne? Are you listening Truth, what about you Ricochet? Take note Styles, Cena and Bryan.. You guys too! I am at my peak, It’s clear too anyone with a brain cell that I am the most talented superstar on this damn roster! Win, lose or draw I steal the show every damn week.. What I do, I do better then anyone else but I don’t claim too be the best in the world simply because I show it every week!

*With Vickie Guerrero clapping Dolph’s every word Dolph continues too speak*

DZ: I should be the WWE Champion, I should have beating the Ultimate idiot at the Royal Rumble and one fluke victory cost me everything.. I’m not going too make that mistake again.. I promise that I am heading into the MITB match.. I will do what I do best and that’s outperform everyone of the opposition and I will climb that ladder, retrieve the briefcase! And become the new.. Mr. Money In the Bank!

*Vickie again claps Dolph’s words while he flashes a bright cocky grin too the camera*

DZ: I’m not done there though.. Once I have claimed that Money In the Bank, I promise too cash it in on the same night.. Weather it’s the Ultimate Warrior or Chris Jericho it’s not going too matter.. I will become the MITB winner and the WWE Champion on the same night.. But hey, it’s not showing off when I can back it up!

*Both Ziggler and Vickie again smile at the camera*

DZ: Now if you excuse me.. I have a big match too be ready for, so why don’t you give the best damn heel in the business some time too do his thing!

VG: Well You heard him! Get out!

*As the camera man begins back tracking out the door, Vickie shuts the door in the camera’s face and you can once again hear Dolph working out while Vickie continues her motivational speaking!*

*The camera cuts to the backstage interview area where Josh Mathews, Matt Striker, and Scott Stanford are all standing there waiting for their guest to arrive. Seeing which one of the many backstage interviewers he will use.*

Mr. Anderson: Well looky here, I got quite the choice on my hands. Who to use… who to use *Pauses* Forget it; all of you get out of here. I’ve got my backstage interviewer lined up, he is an asshole just like me, except people like me more, the original RAW is WAR backstage interviewer… Michael Cole!

*Mr. Anderson laughs, as the rest of them shake their heads and leave. Michael Cole comes out of nowhere with a mic and starts the interview with Mr. Anderson.*

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the Voice of the WWE, Michael Cole! Oh it’s great to be back!

*Mr. Anderson whispers into Cole’s ear.*

Michael Cole: Oh yes right. Ladies and Gentlemen my guest at this time, the Intercontinental Champion, Mr. Anderson. Now Ken, everybody wants to get the truth about what really happened at Elimination Chamber. Did you make a deal with The Miz that he would get the first title shot if he let you win and get a job here in the WWE?

Mr. Anderson: First off never call me Ken again, only Anderson’s Assholes are allowed to call me Ken. Secondly, why are you asking such a stupid question?

Michael Cole: I’m just doing…

Mr. Anderson: Nobody was asking what you were doing, now to address the question… No I didn’t make a deal with The Miz; do I look stupid to you? Don’t answer that. Anyways why would I make a deal with a person like The Miz? I can’t trust that tool as far as I can throw him. I don’t know what deal Miz is taking about, but we never had one. He must be delusional or something, because he probably should have won that match… maybe he has spent too much time with Warrior, Coach, and Flair. Anyways, I would never risk my job and this Intercontinental Championship like that, so no I did not make a deal with Miz, never did.

Michael Cole: Speaking of the Intercontinental Championship, you have made it known that you want to restore the prestige of this title. May I ask why? And, how do you plan on doing it?

Mr. Anderson: Why? Plain and simple for far too long this title has been treated like a piece of crap, kind of like the way everyone treats you Cole. *Cole isn’t amused. Crowd laughs.* Anyways, this title was once the most coveted prize in the WWE, now nobody even seems to know it exists. Well now I’m going to make sure everyone knows about this title, and when I restore its prestige, I will have a line of superstars asking for a shot at this title, a line even longer than the one for the WWE Championship. As to how I will do it, I will continually beat all challengers for this title, and when people realize how long I have held the title, they will all want a shot at dethroning the asshole. Nobody will care about the WWE Championship, they will care about beating me, and I will be main eventing Pay-Per-View’s beating everybody that tries to beat me. And this all starts Sunday at Wrestlemania!

Michael Cole: Well your opponent for Wrestlemania is The Miz; we already know what you said about the nonexistent deal, so what are your thoughts about The Miz as an opponent for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania?

Mr. Anderson: The Miz… don’t get me started…

*Miz walks into the screen to cut off the interview and gets in the face of Mr. Anderson.*

Miz: Really?... Really?.... Really?.

*Miz then get's in the face of Cole*

Miz: Voice of the WWE? *Miz laughs* You're looking at him!

*Miz then turns back too Anderson*

Miz: Firstly, keep denying it Ken.. it makes no difference too me because at Wrestlemania I will beat you! Yeah you can look like that, but I will..You have that title because of me, you can hide behind the I'm an asshole gimmick and make all these idiots laugh but at Wrestlemania that will not stand for nothing because I will become the new Intercontinental champion!

Michael Cole: Miz, can I get your thoughts on everything from the deal at Elimination Chamber to your match with Mr. Anderson this Sunday for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania?

Mr. Anderson: No one asked you to ask a question Cole! *Mr. Anderson shoves Cole out of the way.* Miz this Sunday you will be part of history, the part that starts my attempt to regain the prestige back to the Intercontinental Championship. Miz I’m going to prove that there was no reason for me to make a deal with you when I kick your ass in front of the entire world at Wrestlemania. I’m done playing games and fooling around cause I’m all business now until after our match Sunday. And I guarantee I will win, because if I don’t there would have been no point in me coming back to the WWE if I can’t beat you. This Sunday at Wrestlemania, I remain the Intercontinental Championship and slowly regain the prestige to the title that it rightfully deserves.

Miz: Yeah.. keep telling yourself that Anderson, You keep talking about bringing prestige back too the IC. Title yet the moment it went around you're waist it's history meant nothing! I am a former United states champion, I am a former WWE Champion.. I am a movie star with the best looks this business has ever seen and I'm the most must see superstar of any generation! When I take that belt from you.. and I will, when I'm wearing it around my waist.. that's then the IC Title will mean something again and do you know why? because I'm the MIZ! And I'm... Awweeesssommmeeeee!

*Miz walks past Anderson and off the screen. Anderson then turns his attention back to Cole.*

Mr. Anderson: Cole, I know how big of a fan you are of The Miz, but don’t ever interrupt me again when I’m all business. You should feel honored that I called you an asshole. But now, you’re not because you interrupted me, and to prove how much of an asshole I am… when I win my match this Sunday at Wrestlemania, you are going to come down to the ring, raise my hand, and announce to the world… the winner of the match and STILL Intercontinental Champion… MIISSTTTEEEERRRRR AANNDDEERRSSOONN… AANNDERSONN!

*Mr. Anderson walks off the screen, as Michael Cole fixes his suit. The cameras cut away.*

08-07-2012, 12:47 PM
JR: Welcome back to Raw folks and up next is our second, and final match of the night! I guess that makes this our main event!

King: I suppose so JR! But we all know it’s just an exhibition for Brock Lesnar. Whoever wins this will face Brock this Sunday at WrestleMania with the United States Championship hanging in the balance and I have to say- Brock will walk out as the US Champ!

JR: I don’t know King! We’ve got two great talents up next! The young hungry Cody Rhodes, and the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy!

King: Both are just lambs waiting to be slaughtered at WrestleMania!



JR: Here comes Rhodes!

King: I don’t like this guy anymore JR. His change in attitude has made him boring.

JR: King, Cody Rhodes has proven time and time again he’s one of the best up and coming talents in the WWE King!



JR: And here comes Jeff! I can’t pick a winner here King.

King: It doesn’t matter who wins- they will lose....

JR: They will lose to Brock- I get it.

Main Event: Cody Rhodes vs. Jeff Hardy in a United States Championship semi final match
(Matt Hardy = Jeff Hardy)

(stop at 8:31)

JR: Oh! Cody is perched on the top! This is high risk from Jeff that may not pay off!

King: Who the hell cares?!

*Jeff stands up onto the top rope and hits a massive top-rope hurricarana! Both men slam to the canvas, before Jeff manages to crawl across and drape an arm across Cody.




Cody kicks out with authority as Jeff can’t believe it. He rolls to the apron and begins to get to his feet on the apron. He walks across to the corner as Cody has barely moved, and begins to climb. As he reaches the top though, Cody shows that he was playing possum and jumps to his feet. He runs across as Jeff is on the top turnbuckle, and bounces off the top rope to hit a huge Beautiful Disaster! The impact though, sends both Jeff and Cody to the outside with a sickening thud.*

JR: Oh my god! What a kick! But both men might be out!

King: Oh this is great! If they’re both counted out, Brock is handed the title tonight!

JR: I hope not! Come on Cody! Come on Jeff!

*As the commentators stop talking, the referee has reached a count of four. Neither men has moved on the outside.


Cody finally begins to move, reaching the fan’s barricade. Jeff hasn’t moved and it doesn’t look good for Hardy.


Cody claws at the top of the barricade as Jeff’s legs finally begin to move.


Cody has both hands firmly placed on the top of the barricade and is now attempting to pull himself to a standing position. Jeff is crawling towards the apron, albeit slowly.


Cody finally manages to reach a standing position but is on wobbly legs and is forced to lean on the barricade. Jeff manages to grab a hand to the apron.


Cody throws himself forwards as Jeff tries to pull himself up. Cody goes to roll into the ring but...


JR: A double countout! What an upset!

King: YES! Brock Lesnar is the only man left in the tournament! Therefore, he is the United States Champion!

Both of the exhausted and battle-worn contestants, Jeff Hardy and Cody Rhodes, are in a state of impasse as neither one of them was able to pick up the victory that would have ensured that they would have faced Brock Lesnar in the finals of the United States Championship at Wrestlemania. Jeff Hardy sulks in the corner, his sore back resting against the turnbuckle pads while Cody Rhodes angrily kicks the bottom turnbuckle pad, in the opposite corner, a couple of times. After his display of anger, he does his best to mask his crippling disappointment. Both of them are snapped out of their dispositions as “The Next Big Thing” plays on the PA system. Both men turn their attention to the top of the ramp and what awaits them is the dastardly duo of the heinous Brock Lesnar and the calculating Paul Heyman. Lesnar and Heyman both have microphones in their clutches but instead of progressing further down the ramp, they both just stand at the ramp’s top. Both of them are bombarded with audible resentment in the form of boos. Despite the onslaught, Lesnar doesn’t seem to be bothered. In fact, one could almost discern his mood as elated based on the smile he had on his face.

::Brock Lesnar::

“What’s the matter, boys? Why the long faces? You lose your car keys? Did the vending machine eat your dollar when you were planning on stuffing your faces with a pack of stale powdered donuts? Did someone outbid you on that My Little Pony throw pillow you were planning on scoring on eBay?”

Brock is cut off when a small “Bronies rule” chants starts. It eventually dies down and he goes back to taunting Cody and Jeff.

08-07-2012, 01:01 PM
::Brock Lesnar::

“No? Gosh, fellas. I don’t know why you’d be so ticked off. I mean, Jeff, it’s not like you got busted for doing drugs again, right?”

Jeff Hardy doesn’t seem too bothered by Brock’s comment and starts clapping sarcastically with over exaggerated mannerisms.

::Brock Lesnar::

“And Cody, last time I checked, you’re a second generation superstar. What’s got you feeling under the weather?”

Brock feigns a pondering state of mind by scratching his head. Suddenly, his eyes widen and a smile spreads across his face as if he’s “got the answer.”

::Brock Lesnar::

“Well, I guess when your father is an old, out of shape, grisly, obese blob of a poor excuse of both a father and a wrestler, it’s not hard to be depressed but see, you have to cope with that every day. Therefore, it’s likely that something else is bothering you and it’s the exact same thing that’s getting yours and Jeff’s skid marked panties in a twist. Now let me see…it wouldn’t happen to be because neither of you succeeded in winning your match that would have guaranteed you a match with me at Wrestlemania for the United States Championship, would it?”

Rhodes and Hardy are able to keep their composure and show little signs of rebutting any of his claims, especially the one that held the most preponderance in relation to their bad moods.

::Brock Lesnar::

“I knew it! Silence speaks volumes after all. So now, it appears we have situation on our hands. I, unlike you two amateurs, actually won my United States Tournament match against Sin Cara, whom by the way, should be referred to as, Sin Hablidad. Since neither one of you actually won your match, there’s no way to determine who’s actually going to face me at Wrestlemania for the U.S. title. Though, I supposed you could probably face each other next week but then again, what’s the point? None of you punks could last two minutes in the ring with someone like me.

I mean, Jeff, I don’t have to remind you about my first match in the WWE, right? I mean, it was the match where I mercilessly beat the living hell out of you, right? Thanks to the ass whooping that I gave you, my legacy was cemented and when everyone wants to look back at my career, and follow my path to superstardom, they can see you, choking on your own blood and shame as I wipe the floor with you while the whole world looks on? So really, a repeat of that would be an injustice to the Hardy family name? I mean, it’s already tarnished enough with that swamp dwelling brother of yours earning peanuts in the indies. Why make it worse for them? Why seek out more shame to add onto your family, Jeff? It’s not worth it. You’re…not worth it. So why don’t you do me a favor, Jeff? Learn to practice how to walk in a straight line, when the cops pull you over, and maybe…just maybe, I could consider facing you if you get the chance.

And let’s not forget you, Cody Rhodes. I heard you talking all of that smack about me after you beat William Regal. You were not only hell bent on winning the United States Championship but you had enough foresight to know that I would be in the finals and you also wanted to beat me and make me regret coming back here. That’s a pretty funny thing to say considering the fact that it came from a spoiled twerp with a superiority complex. You waste so much time on beauty and appearance, it’s almost..no, it is quite frightening. You may have downplayed on your habits but I wouldn’t be surprised if you were plucking your eyebrows and getting manicures behind closed walls. You probably even got your toes polished but that’s beside the point. The point is, you’re not ready to face me. I would destroy you both physically and mentally. It’s a fact that when Rey Mysterio broke your nose, you went insane for months before sanity came back to you. What do you think would happen if I broke your arm? Or your leg? Or your neck? You saw what I did to Morrison after our match a couple of weeks back and what I did to him afterwards? You’d be devastated for the rest of your life. You can’t handle what I’m able to dish out. It’s just a matter of fact, a matter of the inevitable.

So, seeing as how both of you are unfit to face me at Wrestlemania, Paul Heyman has a great idea on how we can make things right. Since it was his idea, I’ll let him explain things. Paul, take it away.”

Paul Heyman wastes no time in introducing his plan regarding the U.S. title situation.

::Paul Heyman::

“As you all know, Brock Lesnar is a very gifted man. He carries, charisma, looks, brains, talent and knowledge in spades. He has everything a man would seek out; fame, a lovely wife, money, influence and power. However, as of late, the one thing that Brock Lesnar currently lacks, is proper respect for his peers and from you people that are components of the WWE Universes’ census. Ever since his return, Brock Lesnar has been the victim of egomaniacal figureheads of the WWE Board of Directors, he has been assaulted with hate mail, composed of illiterate, juvenile and ill-mannered insults from some of you uncivilized patrons and he has been put in throwaway matches with the likes of third rate wrestlers such as Sin Cara and John Morrison which is why I had Lesnar put in this tournament to begin with. You see, Cody, it was I who suggested that Lesnar be put in the U.S. title tournament. It was obvious that had I not intervened on his behalf, Brock would have had to face John Morrison at Wrestlemania which would not do at all. After all, Lesnar has defeated him on numerous occasions anyway. What would anyone gain in seeing that match again? And, like it or not, Brock Lesnar has been the star attraction from the beginning. Ever since Brock Lesnar put John Morrison to rest, even the likes of Jerry Lawler, the man who has won more championships than anyone in the WWE, claims that Lesnar is the only viable candidate that will walk out of this tournament with the gold around his waist, as he should. Even you, Cody, knew that Lesnar would make it this far and be the biggest threat to you because you expressed the most concern about him. You found the need to call him out last week because you knew, in the back of your mind, that he was going to win so you put up a front, trying to show off bravado and self assurance in your chances while knowing you’d be his prey at the end of it all.

Therefore, I say we do things like this. Since known of you were able to win your match, I say that instead of having another match between you two, our General Manager, Theodore Long, present the United States Championship to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania! To close off Wrestlemania, we should hire a celebrity to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” while Brock Lesnar stand on top of a pedestal while red, white and blue confetti drops from the heavens and Theodore Long comes down and straps the title around him! That is what should happen. Not only will Lesnar be given the respect he deserves but the United States Championship will be handed to the biggest legend in the WWE today, Brock Lesnar, in a grand ceremony instead of another boring squash match where Lesnar cleans either one of their clocks. So Theodore, the two of us will wait for you, right here, while you come out here and make the right decision for this business and more importantly, for Brock Lesnar.

*With Jeff Hardy & Cody Rhodes still in shock that there match has ended in a draw and both fuming with the words of Brock Lesnar, Teddy Long's theme music plays out as the crowd instantly cheer the Raw general manager*

TL: Hold on there Playa's! Lets just calm it down for a second, firstly Brock I would like too thank you for coming down here and giving us you're views on what should happen.. but the last time I checked I was the still the General Manager and you was just another wrestler on the Roster!

*crowd cheer*

TL: The match between Hardy and Rhodes have officially ended in a draw so I could hand and crown Brock Lesnar as the new United States champion!

*Crowd boo while Brock nods*

TL: I don't like that idea either, Or I could order this match too re-start until we get a clean finish with either Hardy or Rhodes winning and heading into the final as planned.

*crowd cheer*

TL: But I have an even better idea! Both Jeff Hardy and Cody Rhodes will both qualify for the US Title final where they will meet Brock Lesnar and all three men will battle it out in a triple threat match.. now how does that sound?.

*big pop from the crowd*

TL: I had a feeling you would like that playa's! Holla, Holla!

*Both Cody and Jeff shake hands in the ring happy that they will both be in the final, Brock on the outside is not happy and begins too make a signal that he will win the belt at Wrestlemania while making his way too the back*

08-07-2012, 01:15 PM
*John Cena is shown backstage sitting on his chair, putting on his armbands, talking to someone who's off camera.*

John Cena: So Wrestlemania is approaching. Wrestlemania 26 – I won the WWE Championship when Batista tapped out to the STFU, one year earlier, Edge and Big Show were both on my shoulders at the same time, and both allowed me to win the World Heavyweight Champion. One year earlier – well, I don't want to talk about that. I kinda... lost. Still, Wrestlemania 23, I beat the great Mr. Wrestlemania Shawn Michaels! And at the same time I defended my WWE Championship. Wrestlemania 22, the Cerebral Assassin tapped out to me, like a boss. Wrestlemania 21, I won my first WWE Championship when I defeated Bradshaw. But my first Wrestlemania, I beat The Big Show, and won my first Championship – the United States Championship – which coincidently, was held at Madison. Square. Garden. Do you get what I'm saying?

*The camera zooms out, to show John Cena talking to nobody*

Cena: What Lil' Timmy? No I am not stealing R-Truths gimmick! Well yeah, but he stole my rapping gimmick first. Anyway you know I can win this, right?


*John Cena stands up*

So what if I'm not a ladder expert! I never lost a match with ladders involved! Oh, so now you don't want to talk about it?


You know what, FU!

*John Cena lifts the imaginary Lil' Timmy on his shoulders, and delivers a pretend FU. John Cena smiles, and goes to walk away, but is stopped, by something, that is only seen off camera*

Cena: So, how you doing today Mr. Duggin?

*The crowd pops as “Hacksaw” Jim Duggin walks into the camera view*


Cena: Haha hey Jim. And hey, you just described half the Divas ever in WWE, especially Natayla! But Jim, who do you think will win Money in the Bank

Hacksaw: Why, John Cena of course. HHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

*Hacksaw raises his thumb in the air, and Cena smiles sheepishly into the camera with both thumbs up*

Hacksaw: U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

*Hacksaw walks off continuing the chant, and John Cena goes to leave again, but again – is stopped by someone – someone small*

Cena: So, is the little bastard a Cena fan?

*The camera points down, as Hornswoggle is shown dressed up in John Cena gear, and starts waving his hand in front of his face, just like Cena*

Hornswoggle: Boo boo schhesf dsie dk boom na na na Champ is Here boo zing arus og

Cena: So Horny, who will become Mr. Money in the Bank

Hornswoggle: The Champ! Ne Da Do Scchre John Cena

Cena: Thank you Swoggle, but your support is not needed
More blood will be shed, than than Ric Flair has bleeded

Wooooooooo, Mr. Money in the Bank will be here!
Madison Square Garden, the time is near

I'm a multi time champion, and I'm ready to be again
You can be as sure as that, as Mr. Styles loves men

Tyson Kidd is too small to be a champ, and his hair is crap
Don't forget R-Truth – and he can't even rap

I defeated Bryan, and he couldn't grab those imaginary rings of brass
You're not in my league Danielson, let me give you a spoon, so you can eat my ass

Ricochet is an unknown, not a 10 time WWE Champ
Dolph Ziggler is a poof, why is he so camp?

Evan Bourne as a heel is worse than Orton as a face
He may be able to fly, but he can't hold the briefcase

I'm better than the other 7, I will be the gamblers pick
Not only am I more experienced, I also have the biggest...

As sure as Spongebob lives under the sea, or as sure as The Great Khali can't wrestle, Money in the Bank is going to be Legend-... wait for it, and I hope you're not Lactose Intolerant because the second half of that word is DARY.

And I'm going to win it

*We cut to backstage where Tyson Kidd is shown. The fans pop as Kidd looks up at the camera and smiles. He begins to talk.*

Tyson Kidd: Well this is it. This Sunday at Wrestlemania, it will be the Money in the Bank Ladder match. The match that I never thought I would be in. It takes a lot of guts to compete in this match. But whatever happens, it will be worth it. This match has created so many superstar's careers, it's unbelievable. I have worked so hard for this moment and I'm glad that this is happening.

I started as a singles wrestler, I was in a match, and my former tag team partner DH Smith came to my aid and then we formed a tag team called the Hart Dynasty, and we were actually quite a successful tag team. We got drafted to Smackdown and we started looking up to you guys in Wrestlemania where we helped our trainer and biggest inspiration in Bret Hart.

The following night we defeated the tag team champions and the next ppv Extreme Rules, was when we earned our one time shot for the Unified Tag Team titles. And on the Raw 2010 draft, we defeated the champions to win our Unified Tag Team titles for the first ever time in our careers. We successfully defended it for a majority of times, but then we were introduced to some new Tag Team title belts.

We then lost the belts and then that was when our tag team was going pear shaped. We lost communication, we lost the way our tag team moves were going. We then broke up after I did something that I will regret for the rest of my life, I attacked my own partner. Just cause I wanted everything to go my way. But the consequences of that was absolutely disgusting.

I started having some poor managers just so they can help me win my matches. And it was stupid. Why would I even have thought of something like that? It just went out of control. I got drafted to the Smackdown brand, but that did nothing for me. I was announced as the pro of a wrestler called Lucky Cannon on a show called NXT Redemption. And then he he was the first wrestler to get eliminated. I then started appearing on NXT, and I was in a rivalry with Yoshi Tatsu.

We had some repeated matches where we went back and forth. But it was him that came in the finishing line. I however, was left in shock. I watched the tape of our last match and I realized that Yoshi Tatsu had the fans on his side, and I was left thinking. This could have been me.

All I needed was support from the crowd. I realized that my career was going absolute nowhere, so then I proposed to Trent Baretta. So we can become a tag team, and what a great tag team that was. But then we split after he got injured. But then, I came across a superstar called Michael McGuillicutty.

Who disrespected me and he insulted me. Just because of the lack of my wrestling heritage. And then he said that I would never be a Hart. I'll be honest, I went to my locker room. And I burst into tears, I thought to myself. Is it true? Was I wasting my time? Should I ever enter the ring again? I then did what was best. I stood up for myself and I stood up to Michael McGuillicutty.

And then we had some back and forth matches. And it was yours truly, Tyson Kidd who came up as the winner. The rivalry was over which had me get the last win. And then the new era began of WWE. I was immediately called up to be part of the main roster. And I was delighted. I started the journey by qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder match which is this Sunday. And I will do everything I can to succeed!

But the only thing I have to stop me, is 7 other hungry superstars also competing in the briefcase match. And I'm gonna be honest, all 7 of them are absolute massive threats. I'll start of with John Cena. Who is after all the Doctor of Thuganomics. When he first entered the WWE, he was the cocky Doctor of Thuganomics. And everytime he had a rap battle he would verbally diss the hell out of his rap battling opponents.

08-07-2012, 01:23 PM
However, he when he won the world title, his first world title in fact. He turned into a marine type of guy, which was okay. But what pissed me off was that he became a guy who would never give up. And for that reason, the bosses would always give him title shots no matter what. And that is why he is currently a 12 time world champion.

But when the new era of the WWE began, Cena returned. And he returned in style. He came back as the Doctor of Thuganomics. He's a 12 time world champion, and if I'm gonna be honest. I don't even know why he is even in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, he is too good for it. Besides, it'll be great to face a guy of that quality. And he will be a threat.

The second man to qualify for the ladder match, was Bryan Danielson, also known as Daniel Bryan. When he first entered the WWE, as a rookie for NXT. I was delighted. Cause he honestly was and..no wait. He honestly still is the best wrestler on the roster. He went on to become the United States Champion, and then he qualified for the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match. And then he won it. He went on to become the new world champion.

But he proved to the world that gold will lead you to the path of evil. His cockiness grew and grew and grew. Until he became the most irritating superstar in the entire roster. His whole "YES, YES, YES" routine pisses me off, and god knows if he is gonna do it when he wins the briefcase. However, I will be the one to shut him up for good. And him and Cena need to watch out, cause I will be keeping my eyes wide open.

The next guy to qualify was the newcomer Ricochet. He is possibly the most cockiest guy backstage. I like his ring ability, but his personality and attitude stink like a pile of shit. One thing that me and him have in common is that we are high flyers. However, I mix my technical moves with it but we are still high flyers. And he is absolutely great in that ring. But I don't like him. I'll need to watch out for Ricochet, because he will be showing me his high flying moves. But he will eat my high flying moves.

The next guy to qualify was the so called "Show off" Dolph Ziggler. I absolutely despise him. However, just because he can wrestle he shows off. But what makes me seriously laugh is that he is in a so called "love" relationship with a pig. That's right Vickie Guerrero, you're a pig. Haha, it's funny. Ziggler may have the ring ability but his looks are absolutely pathetic. He is ugly in the inside, and the outside. But I'll have to be honest cause I know I don't talk rubbish. Dolph Ziggler is a great athlete and he will be a big threat in the match. I need to watch out but most of all, he needs to watch out for ME. He's won the world title but only for a couple of minutes, and he can carry on by saying that he hasn't won a world title yet!

The next guy to qualify was Evan Bourne. He came to WWE as a rising star, but then he had to get high and fuck his career up! He returned to the new era, but this time as a cocky athlete. He is a great wrestler, and it will be a big challenge to go up against a fellow high flyer and technician. But he really does need to watch out, cause I will kick his plastic ass. He turned his back on the fans and I will make him pay!

The next guy is my man R-Truth. I don't know where his mind is with that "Lil Jimmy" nonsense, but he's still cool. He jokes around too much, like backstage when he mentioned that when if he wins the Money in the Bank briefcase, he was gonna make sure "Lil Jimmy" takes the briefcase to Kindergarten for Show "n" Tell. He cracks me up. Despite his childish personality, he is a huge threat heading into the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

But last, but definitely not least, is AJ Styles. A guy who used to be in TNA, and he used to be the main man in TNA. I wish him luck in the briefcase match, cause he'll need it. He's been in matches like this before, so I would say that he's a veteran at ladder matches. He'll be the guy to look out for.

But the last thing I wanna say is, everyone should get prepared. Cause they are gonna see Tyson Kidd climb that ladder, and unhook that briefcase. And you are all gonna see me become the next Mr. Money in the Bank!

*The fans pop as we return to ringside.*

*The fans are anxiously awaiting what is to come next, as the ring is set up. There is a TV monitor hanging in the middle, chairs with the backs of them in the shape of an X. We see two microphones sitting on the chairs, but instead of the usual W on the microphones, we have straight edge symbols. *

JR: I wonder what is happening next in the ring.

King: I can't say for sure, but I have a feeling who we are going to see next.

*The camera's cut back to the entrance stage.*



*Cult of Personality blares over the PA system, as Punk walks out from the back, to a HUGE chorus of boos. He does his usual entrance and walk, as he heads down the ramp and onto the turnbuckle. He taps his wrists, before hopping over the top and into the ring. He grabs one of the mics, as his music fades.*

CM Punk: Now...I'm sure all of you sheep are wondering what is going on here exactly. Well I started thinking. See, people in the past, they've all had talk shows here on Raw. Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho, Edge, and Carlito to name a few. Now, I'm a former Intercontinental Champion, a former World Champion, a former WWE Champion. I've done alot! So I decided it was time to do something new. Something fresh. So tonight, I would to introduce you all to the Straight Truth, with your host, the Straight Edge Savior, CM Punk!

*The fans are booing big, as Punk just grins.*

CM Punk: Oh you sheep. You all are so lost! How much do you bet, if it was Carlito out here with his show, or Edge with his, you all would be loving it up. Well guess what!? I'm a loveable guy! I sign your damn autographs in the airports at 2 in the morning when all I want to do is kick you in the head. I don't get pissed when you interrupt me during my meals so I'll sign your face. Do I get any love or admiration for that? NO! Do you know what I get? Shit on! It just spews and spews out of all of you! That is ok though. I know why it comes out. See, all of you...each and every single one of you, has something toxic inside you. You have something that eats away at you. Whether it be drugs, or alcohol, or something else that keeps you from being straight edge like myself. Its because of that, that none of you show me any respect. That's ok though. When I beat Adam at Wrestlemania, and leave him in the bloody pile, you all will have to respect me.

*The fans are chanting asshole now, as Punk looks at them.*

CM Punk: Baaahhh! Baaahhhh! That is what I hear from all of you damn sheep! Now shut up! Tonight, my guest is someone who also spewed toxicness at me. A man who couldn't own up to the fact that I was the better man. A man who bailed at the lost possible second, and didn't face me at the Rumble. That's right! My guest tonight is Christian!

*Punk looks to the entrance.*

08-07-2012, 01:38 PM


*Christian comes out to a decent sized pop from the fans, as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He grabs the other mic, as the music fades.*

Christian: I..

CM Punk: Hold on there Christian. You are my guest, this is my show, so I'll ask the questions. Now, isn't it true that at the Royal Rumble you were too afraid to face me, so you had your buddy Edge do your dirty work instead.

Christian: No I...

CM Punk: Actually, I think actions are louder than words. Lets take a look at this.

*Punk points to the video screen in the ring.*

*The screen shows Edge coming out as the surprise opponent for Punk, after Christian didn't make it. No mention of Christian being injured is said though, as the video appears to be manipulated. The video ends, at the end of Edge's promo as he gets into the ring. The screen cuts to black.*

CM Punk: That right there. That is evidence of the fact you were too afraid to face me. I never believed you were injured. You've taken more brutal chair shots than the one I gave you, and still came back for more. What it came down to, was in that moment when I bashed your head in with that chair, you knew. You knew that I was the better man. You knew that I would kick your ass so bad that not even your mother could love your face after our TLC match. So you copped out. Or should I put it,, you Copeland out. You got your buddy Edge to come back, and since then...he has been in my way of gold. So when you think about it, it comes back to you. You are the root of the problem. Had you faced me at the Rumble like you were suppose to, I would have destroyed you, gone on to win the Rumble, and then main event Mania. But you know what,, that is the past, I want to talk about the present. At Wrestlemania, I face Edge in a no holds barred match. Who do you honestly think will win?

Christian: Well I...

CM Punk: You know what, I know you so well Christian, that I'll answer that one for you. See, you and Edge, you guys were one of the greatest tag teams ever. You know him like the back of your hand, and yet, you've always been in his shadow. You know that if there is anyone who can not just out wrestle him, but who can destroy him, it'll be someone like myself. See, I can see it in your eyes, you are worried for Adam. You are worried that I won't stop. You are worried I will take a chair, and break his neck with it, or that I'll cave his skull in. I see that fear in your eyes, because when it comes down to it, he is a brother to you. Well William, I will make you a promise here and now, I won't kill Mr Copeland. Hell, I won't even cripple him. I will make sure he is carried out of WM though. I will make sure he is laid up in the hospital long enough so that you can go see your friend. I will make sure that Adam can see, so when the replay of me hitting the Go To Sleep is played over and over again for the whole world to see, he will get a reminder of how I finished him. Now, my final question for you Will Reso, are you going to stop your friend from being slaughter by this Savior?

Christian: I...

CM Punk: Shut up...no one cares what you...

Christian: How about you shut the hell up? You come out here spouting off, and you know what, no one cares what you think or want. Do you know what these fans want to see. They want to see Edge kick your...

*Punk wales Christian in the head with a kick out of nowhere, as the fans are just booing hardcore. Punk lifts Christian up and hits the GTS! Punk lifts Christian up once more, as he points to the TV screen. *

*Edge comes running out from the back, sliding into the ring. He charges at Punk. SPEAR! Punk pulls Christian in the way! Edge spears Christian hard, as Punk rolls out of the ring, hightailing up the ramp, smirking. Edge backs up in surprise and looks down at his friend, who begins to get to his feet. Edge offers him a hand to get back up, which Christian takes. Edge gets a microphone and begins to talk.*

Edge: Well well well Punk, it appears you want to be me more and more every week. I mean, firstly you win Money in the Bank, something that I did before you- you cash in to win your first world championship- and then you cash in a second briefcase to win your second world championship- and of course now you have this.

You have your very own chat show! Well let me be the first to tell you- the Cutting Edge is ten times better than the Straight Truth.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: And as for what you just did, you were careful, you were calculating and you made me Spear my own tag partner- and what did it succeed in doing? Absolutely nothing. Christian knows exactly what you just did. I know exactly what you just did, and it won’t drive a wedge between my best friend and I.

The thing is Punk, I’d challenge you to a tag match right now but who would actually WANT to team up with you? What? Are you gonna call Luke Gallows back? There is nobody that wants to be your partner Punk- nobody gives a damn about you.

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: And what you’ve just done is nothing but piss me off to an even higher extent. Come this Sunday at WrestleMania, all the problems I’ve had with you over the last couple of months- ever since I redebuted and beat you at the Royal Rumble- everything will come to one head in a No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania.

And that’s where we realise it has come full circle. You see, on the first show after Royal Rumble- you were a guest on the Cutting Edge- tonight I’m a guest on this thing you call a show. And at WrestleMania, just like at the Rumble, I’m going to beat you. I’m going to drive your head into the canvas, I’m going to lay you out and put you on the canvas for the three count that everybody wants to hear.

I’m going to put you down CM Punk. I’m going to walk to the back after our match at WrestleMania knowing I’ve got a one-way ticket to the main event of Backlash to face the WWE Champion. And while you stumble to the back, you’re going to be doing one thing. You’re going to be tasting your own blood.

So enjoy this unblurred memory while you can Punk- because come Sunday, not only will you be asking ‘what the hell happened at WrestleMania?’ You’ll be wondering what the hell happened to this entire year. Because when I’m finished with you, you’ll be in a coma for so long- by the time you wake up, you’ll regret ever becoming a professional wrestler.

And that, as your show suggests, is the STRAIGHT....RATED R....TRUTH!

*Edge holds the microphone up like CM Punk does for his pipebomb and drops it to the canvas with a static buzz. Punk is looking pissed on the ramp as Edge begins to kick the chairs and monitors over, ruining the set of CM Punk’s show.*

08-07-2012, 01:43 PM
-Brian Cage is pacing back and forth backstage and begins to look at the camera and speak.-

Brian Cage: Hello, Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, all around the WWE Universe. I am, yours truly…Brian Cage!! Now, Ya see. I may not look like “your kind “ of wrestler. And to a lot of people, I am nothing more than a jobber. And I fund that quite funny!! Because, I’m the F***ing Machine, Brian Cage, I have dominated people all around the country for years, and now. Its FINALLY, my time to shine, My time to go out here and prove…Why I am truly the best in the world. And, what better way to prove that. Than to have my first Pay-Per-View Match, AND Victory. Be at Wrestlemania… I don’t care who I face, or why I’m facing them, I will go out there. And BEAT THEM TO A BLOODY PULP. I’m tired of you FAT, LAZY, Internet SMARKS living in your mom’s basement crying because Your wrestler isn’t main eventing Wrestlmania, and I’m tired. Of ALL the little brats and ugly women who will go crazy for all “the good guys.” To tell you the truth, I don’t care what you people think. And I don’t care what you people like, I’m here to prove myself, and myself only!!

-Brian Cage smirks and laughs quietly.-

Brian Cage: Enjoy the rest of the show..

-He pushes the camera man out of the way and walks off.-


*Warrior, with Flair and Coach, run down to the ring- Flair gets in and waits while Warrior and Coach run around the ring 75 times before finally both entering the ring. Warrior jumps up and down on the ropes like an idiot, to massive cheers from the fans then jumps down. He instructs Coach, also dressed on Warrior garb, to do the same. Once Coach jumps up and down once, Coach slips through the ropes to the arena floor*


Coach gets to his feet as quickly as he can, rushes over and gets a mic and jumps back in the ring

Warrior: Coach! We have practiced that over and over on my spaceship. Do you need a refresher now?


Coach: Look Warrior, please not out here, my ass is sore


Coach: Flair, thats not what you say, its....

Warrior: SILENCE! Coach, we will practice with you later.


Warrior: So be it. As to why I am out here *Warrior takes the WWWE title from Flair * This is why I am out here. The Warrior Gods have filled my destiny. They said I would become WWE World Champion, and I did. They said I would have a live sex celebration here on live WWE Raw, and I did. They said with my seed, Coach will become a Warrior in training and he is. They said that the great Ric Flair would become my manager and he did. They said over and over again that each time I defend this title, I shall always come of the victor and the new WWE World Champ, and I have. They said I shall breed with a wrestling great suck as Flair to bring in a new breed of Warrior into the world. Well breeding with Flair, did not make him pregnant no matter how many times we tried.


Warrior: It was them when the Warrior Gods said they ment one of Ric's many ex wives, his current wife or his daughter Ashley, and in time, the seed will take in Ashleys body


Warrior: Yes, it is written by the Warrior Gods, that shall be his name. He shall become the greatest Warrior ever, with my training. But that is what shall happen in the near future- like a year from now. Tonight though, I hold this title, freshly cover in all three of our juices- *Warrior holds it out showing it to the camera * Now Coach, get on my back *Warrior hands the belt back to Flair and Coach gets on Warriors back, then onto his shoulders *

Warrior: Flair, hand Coach the belt, and Coach hoist it high over you head

*And as Warrior demanded, Flair and Coach do*

Coach: *juices dripping all over his face* I did not sign up for this. Its disgusting

Warrior: SILENCE! Take in the essence of the belt, taste the juices, absorb it all into your body


*Jericho comes out, mic in hand looking in a foul mood. He instantly begins to speak as he marches down the ramp towards the ramp.*


*Jericho get into the ring as the tower of Warrior, Flair and Coach slowly turn to look at him*

Jericho: Are you people actually enjoying this?! I mean is this

*Jericho motions at the dripping tower of men*

Jericho: your idea of a WWE Champion?!?! This is not how the most prestigious championship in our business should be portrayed!! And after Wrestlemania, it certainly won't be portrayed this way, because at Wrestlemania, I am going to beat you, ALL of you, even you if I have to Coach. I am very disappointed by you most of all. What do you think you're doing involving yourself in this blasphemy?!

And you Flair. You're a shell of the man you used to be. Now, you're nothing more than a spineless, gutless, brainless, parasite in this business!! You say you're going to show my wife agood time on your Space Mountain? I'm surprised you can get your Space Mountain up, since it seems to me that the only turn on you get these days is when you have Warrior there between your legs. Is that a little tent I see pitched in your trousers?
You think that these people care about you any more? Of course they don't! They might still cheer you, but that's what happens when you're entire audience are nothing but hypocrites. They don't choose to cheer for the real talent in this company. People like Brock Lesnar, who is being held down because he doesn't suck up to the brass here. People like me, who's had to crawl to the top. Well what are you going to do when I win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania? Will you continue to boo me? Of course you will!! But you won't have any choice, because you're going to be seeing my face all over this company. My face will be on all the magazines, all the ppv posters, I will be doing all the interviews, all the media promotional work. And you hypocrites won't have any choice but to like it.

Meanwhile Warrior, your face will be on the posters, on the posters of the local circus, because after you loose your WWE Championship, your career will be over, and the only place for this..... sideshow you have going on here is at a circus. And you Flair, and you Coach will be joining him at the circus where you can continue to perform your extraterrestrial sexual activities amongst yourselves, as you get cheered on by a bunch of stupid brainless fans who have paid to come and see you.

*crowd boo*

Jericho: And as for me, I will be selling out arenas as the WWE Champion while these people will have no choice but to accept me and adore me and respect me as their new WWE Champion.

*Jericho drops the mic and steps as close as he dares to the dripping tower of men without being covered in the juices himself, as he stares up at the WWE Champnionship being held aloft.*

*The WWE logo appears in the corner and the show ends.. however before the screen fades a vignette is played!*

*The Camera cuts to show a postman, delivering a parcel to the house of the woman previously attacked last week. She accepts the parcel, and places it on the doorstep, infront of the camera. The side facing the camera, simply has the word "TOTAL" stamped on it. A newspaper flies in and lands ontop of the parcel, with the headline


*The Vignette stops and the show goes off air*

08-08-2012, 08:53 AM
WWE.Com Exclusive

*Ricochet enters the arena and stands up on the stage as a ladder is in the ring with the briefcase hanging above the ring.

The crowd boo’s him as he walks to the ring telling fans off.

Ricochet walks up the steps and into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Ricochet’s music stops as he stands in the ring looking up at the briefcase.*

Ricochet – This Sunday is WrestleMania and This Sunday men will go into the Money In The Bank Match and only one will leave with the briefcase.

*Ricochet looks out toward the fans who are booing him.*
Ricochet – you can boo all you want, your thoughts toward me does not change how good I am when it comes to competing in this ring. It’s my time to shine as the one of the best little guys this business has ever seen.

*Ricochet thinks then looks at the back.*

Ricochet – Everyone in the back, Look, I’m sorry

*Ricochet pauses.*

Ricochet – I’m sorry that I will be walking away with the Money In The Bank briefcase and that all of you will have to wait another year to try at next year’s WrestleMania.

*The fans boo*

Ricochet – When I win Money In The Bank, Right here next week, I’m going to be the first person to come out here because I have already chosen when I will cash that briefcase in.

*Ricochet laughs while thinking*

Ricochet – People in the back tell me that I don’t belong here because I have been on the Indy circuit. What they don’t know is that I was only in the Indy circuit because I was never given a chance like I have been given now and I will not let this opportunity slide by me. I will do everything I can to win and more. No one has seen me at my finest and this Sunday at WrestleMania, You will see me at my absolute best.

*The fans boo Ricochet and chant U suck.*

Ricochet – How can you say that I suck when all you have seen from me is one match, the one match that I won. I’m undefeated and I suck? That’s what is wrong with you fans. You want something to boo; I’ll give you something to boo.

*Ricochet drops the microphone and goes to the back.

Ricochet goes to the production truck in the parking lot and enters the truck.

Ricochet comes out after about 30 seconds of being in the truck with a device in hand.

Ricochet goes back to the ring and grabs his microphone.*

Ricochet – This button shuts down the whole show. You want something to boo and have reason behind it. Then boo this.

*Ricochet raises his hand with the device in hand and just looks at the fans.*

Ricochet – If you think for one second that I would do something like this and have total disrespect for this company, your totally wrong. I don’t have disrespect for the company or the wrestlers in the back. If anything, I have no respect for the fans who judge me by one match.

*Ricochet gives the device to a ringside worker.*

Ricochet – After WrestleMania, I will get more respect from everyone in the back and all of you fans because I will prove and show why I am as good as I say I am.

*Ricochet climbs the ladder to the top*

Ricochet – I will grab this briefcase

*Ricochet reaches up and unhooks the briefcase.*

Ricochet – I will be called Mr.Money In The Bank

*Ricochet poses with briefcase over his head.

Ricochet climbs down the ladder with the briefcase.*

Ricochet – This is what you will see next Monday, Me holding this briefcase in my hand with a contract in it for a title shot anytime in the next 365 days.

*Ricochet drops the microphone and goes to the outside of the ring and jumps up with joy prancing around the ring getting booed by the fans.

One fan smacks the briefcase from Ricochet making his trip and fall.

Ricochet gets up and grabs his briefcase and goes face to face with the person who smacked it out of his hand.

Ricochet pats the fan on the shoulder.

Ricochet gets into the ring.*

Ricochet – You fans don’t bother me one bit. Only one thing is on my mind and that is going to WrestleMania and walking out with this briefcase in hand.

*Ricochet drops the microphone and poses on the turnbuckle with the briefcase.*

Ricochet grabs the microphone again – because this Sunday, Ricochet will be forever known as the underdog who won the big one at WrestleMania. Hit my music.

*Ricochet’s music plays as the titantron shows a graphic.*


*Ricochet poses for the fans and exits the ring with the briefcase in hand and walks up the ramp.

Ricochet stands on the ramp looking at the arena of fans and hold his briefcase up high above his head.

Ricochet walks to the back of the arena and gets interrupted by Josh.*

Josh – Can I have an interview with you real quick?

Ricochet – What you got for me kid?

Josh – How do you feel about wrestling at WrestleMania?

Ricochet – This is the best place to show the world what I have. This is the perfect place to make your career and become a future legend, It’s WrestleMania.

Josh – Well, When do you plan on cashing the briefcase in?

Ricochet – that is none of your business or anyone else’s to know. Next question.

Josh – What do you think about the people disrespecting you?

Ricochet – I think they have a right to but they also don’t have a right to. You see, I have only been in one match and they boo me already. I have not shown what I can fully do in that ring and qualifying match was just a taste and this Sunday, The world will see what Ricochet is really about.

Josh – What would that be?

Ricochet – That is what I have done in the ring and what I will do in that ring to become Mr.Money In The Bank.

Josh – Any words for the people involved in the match.

Ricochet –Better luck next time because this time is my time and I’m walking out of WrestleMania as Mr.Money In The Bank. For everyone in this match, your biggest downfall will be underestimating me.

Josh – Why do you not care about the fans and what they think of you?

Ricochet – I did not come here for the fans, I came here to prove to everyone that I am the best and that the Indy circuit is full of people with loads of potential.

Josh – Why do you not say any of the people in the match by name?

Ricochet – Who cares? I’m walking in WrestleMania and I’ll be walking out as Mr.Money In The Bank.

Josh – Where does Ricochet go if he loses at WrestleMania?

Ricochet – If I lose at Mania, I will be dead. I’m not going to stop fighting until I win or until I die. To beat me at WrestleMania in Money In The Bank, I would have to be dead. I will not lose.

Josh – Final question, What makes you think your better than all the wrestlers that have been in a match of this level before but, you have never been in WrestleMania or in a Money In The Bank match.

Ricochet – I have been wrestling for 9 years and it does not matter where you wrestle so in my view, im not a rookie like people say I am because I have been doing this for 9 years. This is just my first major match in a big company like this and that’s why I’m being called a rookie and that people say I can never win this match but, the truth is that I have a chance of winning this match, more of a chance the other people think because of the fact that I have the experience and I will prove that I am the best dam high flyer little guy to ever be in the main event. This is a main event match at Mania because this match will launch a career. Look what this match has done to people who have won this match. People like Edge, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and others. People underestimate me and those people will be turning heads this Sunday at WrestleMania.

Josh – Thank you for your time.

Ricochet – whatever, get out of my way.

*Ricochet walks down the hallway.*

08-12-2012, 10:19 AM

There is still time to fill out the prediction contest.

08-12-2012, 10:20 AM
I'll keep doing fillers until the final post- where I will post the pre-show match! The pre-show match will be a triple threat match as William Regal, Zema Ion and TJ Perkins do battle!

08-12-2012, 10:21 AM
Credit to THBK, Destruction and Shaz for doing some stuff for WrestleMania.

Look out for some shocks along the way- as well as an interesting backstage segment between Vince and Shane McMahon.

Also, our two divas will both have something to say for the first time- will they come across each other? Only time will tell!

08-12-2012, 10:25 AM
Tonight's final card:

Chris Jericho vs. Ultimate Warrior(c)- WWE Championship

CM Punk vs. Edge- No Holds Barred match- The winner gets a WWE Championship match at Backlash

The Rock vs. The Undertaker- The Return vs. The Streak

Ricochet vs. John Cena vs. Tyson Kidd vs. AJ Styles vs. R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Evan Bourne- Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The Miz vs. Mr. Anderson(c)- Intercontinental Championship

Cody Rhodes vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Brock Lesnar- Final of the United States Championship tournament

Beer Money vs. Kane- Two on One Handicap Match

Pre-Show Match
TJ Perkins vs. Zema Ion vs. William Regal

08-12-2012, 10:26 AM
I hope everybody appreciates how much work has been put into place for this show!

08-12-2012, 10:26 AM
Also, I know I shouldn't be looking past tonight, but the first Raw afterwards will see a HUGE announcement. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

08-12-2012, 10:27 AM
Final Filler! WrestleMania pre-show coming next!

08-12-2012, 10:32 AM
Pre Show!

Michael Cole: Yes, it's the pre show of Wrestlemania. The voice of the WWE Michael Cole here, joined by Tazz, and we are here just for this pre show!

Tazz: That's right Cole! In a match here, officially for the WWE youtube channel, we here we bring you a triple threat match

Cole: But Tazz, we don't know who the participants are! So lets get started


Cole: Mr. Regal, the former King of the Ring, will get a victory on the Wrestlemania pre-show tonight

Tazz: Regal's yet to make a big impression here Cole. Now is his chance to gain a victory

Cole: Regal's my pick to win this match

Tazz: You don't know any of the other wrestlers!


Tazz: Ha, this man I've been impressed by, but only outside of the 'E

Cole: The high flying Zema Ion. Now, can he kick start his WWE career with a win?

Tazz: Of course. When he hits you with the Filipino Driver, you will stay down for 3

Cole: I won't! I'm undefeated at Wrestlemania god dammit


Tazz: Now, a relative unknown, to the WWE Universe. An indy lad, TJ Perkins

Cole: TJ has made a few appearances here, and recently went on hiatus. Now is his chance to make an impact

Tazz: Now we know all the participants, lets get started

Cole: Regal's still going to win

Pre Show: William Regal vs Zema Ion (Hardy) vs TJ Perkins (Kofi)

(Ignore Entrances and Watch until 6:55)

*As you saw, Perkins just hit Regal with a missile dropkick. Perkins is back to his feet, and hits a leg drop on Regal. A cover




Ion gets back in the ring, and hits Perkins with a dropkick, which sends him out of the ring. Regal slowly gets to his knees, but Ion pulls him up by the hair. Regal screams in pain, but responds to pull Zema's hair. Both men scream in agony, before they both release their grip at the same time. Regal proceeds to bitchslap Ion, who responds by pushing him in the ropes, but Regal comes back with a Knee Trembler! But before Regal can cover, TJP enters the ring, as Regal turns around, he gets taken down by a roundhouse kick to the jaw! Regal goes down as Perkins covers Ion




Tazz: And TJ Perkins gets the win, getting Wrestlemania off to a good start

Cole: The crowd is warmed up now, yet they know they will see better later today

Tazz: Just like usual, Vince McMahon is screaming in my ear, about one thing or another, so I think we have to round off.

Cole: So, when we're back on air, JR and Jerry Lawler will be here, and Wrestlemania will officially have kickstarted. So tune in then, and I'm sure you'll have a great night.

08-12-2012, 01:01 PM
WWE Fantasy Fed Presents: WrestleMania!
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York

JR: Welcome one and all to the grandest spectacle in the history of the WWE Fantasy Fed! This is Wrestlemania!

King: This is going to be so good JR! Seven huge matches involving twenty of the greatest WWE superstars of all time!

JR: That’s right King! And our opening match tonight will be a singles match for the Intercontinental Championship!

King: The Miz is about to become Champion JR!

JR: Well earlier tonight, we caught up with Mr. Anderson, the Intercontinental Champion- and this is what he had to say.

*A camera is following a group of security that is dragging someone into Mr. Anderson’s locker room. From behind the camera comes Mr. Anderson and the camera enters to the locker room, revealing that the person the security team was dragging was none other than the Voice of the WWE, Michael Cole.*

Mr. Anderson: Sit him there.

*Mr. Anderson has the security team sit Michael Cole down on a chair.*

Mr. Anderson: Good now listen to me, he is going to sit here, watch my match, and after the match is over you are going to grab him and make him come down to the ring, and announce me as the winner of the match. He is not to leave the room for any reason, watch him at all times.*Turn to Cole.* You hear that? After I beat your precious Miz, this security team is going to drag you down to this ring, whether you like it or not, and you are going to get in the ring, grab a microphone and announce me as the winner or the match!

*Mr. Anderson turns like he is going to leave, but then he turns back towards Cole.*

Mr. Anderson: And to answer your question from last week that I never got to answer because The Miz interrupted. *Mr. Anderson looks towards the camera.* And this is meant for you to Miz. You are nothing but a cocky, arrogant, loudmouth, and the only thing you can excel at is pissing people off, by running your big fat mouth. I may run my mouth, but at least I back it up in that ring, because look I’m the one with the title, and you are the one challenging me. People can say what they want about Elimination Chamber, but I never made a deal, I fought to not only win this title, but to win a job in the WWE. And now I need to validate that win, and I need to regain the prestige to this title, by giving you the ass kicking of a lifetime out there in that ring in front of the whole world, on the grandest stage of them all. And after our match, your number one fan here, Michael Cole, he is going to come out to the ring, and pronounce me as the winner and raise my hand, while you will be lying on the mat flat on your back, and I will be standing tall raising this Intercontinental Championship high for the whole world to see.

Michael Cole: *Under his breath.* You’re an asshole.

*Mr. Anderson hears Cole, and he goes over and grabs him by his tie.*

Mr. Anderson: You’re damn right I am, and when you have to raise my hand it will be that much sweeter. Now I’m not going to scream at you, I need to save my chops for my introduction, but I will see you out there Cole. *Turns toward camera.* And I’ll see you out there too Miz!

*Mr. Anderson walks out of his locker room to prepare for his match as security guards block the door and watch Michael Cole. We return to ringside.*

JR: Tough words from Mr. Anderson, we’re about to see if he can back them up.

King: He’s an asshole, and a jackass. Miz will win up next!


*Mr. Anderson comes out from behind the curtain, and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. He stops on the ramp, and summons his signature microphone down from the roof.*

Mr. Anderson: Ladies and Gentleman, this following Wrestlemania contest is scheduled for OONNNEE FALLLLLLLLLLL! And it is for, my Intercontinental Championship. Coming down to the ring, weighing 236lbs, he hails from GREEN! BAY! WISCONSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNN! Your Intercontinental Champion MMIIIISSSSSSSTTTTTEEEEEEERRRRR ANDERSON!...




King: What an asshole.

JR: Ken finds that a compliment though King

King: And? Ken can find that however he likes, but I don't like him. He's too mouthy. Can you believe he's our Intercontinental Champion?


King: Aha, this man, should be our Intercontinental Champion, and tonight he will

JR: -Get the chance. Anderson is one competitor Jerry, you do not want to underestimate.

King: I'm not underestimating him JR, I'm just not confident in his abilities

Match 1: Mr Anderson (c) vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

Ignore Entrances, and watch until 7:58

*If you watched the video, you would've just seen The Miz take down Mr. Anderson via a knee to the head. The Miz looks over at the ramp, and sees Michael Cole make his way down to the ring, but he doesn't allow that to distract him, and decides to stomp on the outstretched leg of Anderson. The Miz covers




Anderson gets to his knees, as The Miz rebounds off the ropes opposite him, and lands a boot to the face of Anderson. Michael Cole takes a seat over by the commentary desk, as The Miz, again goes for the pin



Thr- Kickout!

The Miz now decides it's time to finish it, and raises his arms in the air, before throwing them down and behind his back, signalling for the skull crushing finale. Anderson takes his time to get to his feet, but when he does, The Miz puts him in the full nelson position. Anderson resists for more time than normally expected, whilst The Miz tries to hit the move. Anderson manages to twist out of it, and ends up behind The Miz, and he ends up hitting The Miz with a back suplex. The Miz immediately holds his head, and is bleeding slightly from the back, indicating a possible botch.

Both men are on the mat nursing their wounds, as the referee begins the count


Anderson begins crawling to the ropes, whilst The Miz just holds his head



Anderson manages to make it to his knees, but The Miz still doesn't make any significiant move



Anderson manages to get to his feet, albeit with the help of the ropes, whilst all Miz has done is roll slightly to the right


The Miz now lets go of his head, and lifts it up slightly so he faces the fans


He manages to sit up, but still is groggy.


The Miz is now on both knees, while Anderson is looking a little shocked


The Miz manages to get to his feet, but Anderson's straight in with a right hand. Miz stays up, but a flurry of rights and lefts causes him to stumble. Anderson rebounds against the ropes, and tries for a clothesline, which he pulls of successfully. The Miz is straight back to his feet though, so Anderson goes for another clothesline, but The Miz ducks. He runs against the ropes and goes for a clothesline of his own, but Anderson traps the arm, and swings into a neckbraker. He covers The Miz



Thre- NO!

The Miz rolls out of the ring, trying to regain his breath, as Mr. Anderson just relaxs in the ring. Regrouping himself. Michael Cole shouts encouragement at The Miz, who eventually decides to enter the ring, as Anderson rests against the opposite ropes. The Miz walks over to Anderson, and begins to talk trash to him, but is met by a spit to the face. The crowd “ooh”'s, as The Miz wipes the spit from his eye, but Anderson is on the offence immediately, and slides into the Mic Check! Pop from the crowd, as Mr. Anderson covers




As soon as the referee's hand touches the mat for the third time, Mr. Anderson is already on his way out of the ring, and goes to where Michael Cole is sitting. He grabs a mic so conveniently left by Cole, and orders him to announce him as the winner*

Michael Cole: Your... your... your winner of this match, and still Intercontinental Champion-

*Mr. Anderson pulls the mic in towards him*

Mr. Anderson: -And still an asshole

Michael Cole:.. and still an asshole. Mr. Anderson!

*The crowd pops as Mr. Anderson stares a hole through Michael Cole. Cole goes to leave, but Anderson takes the mic out of his hand*

Mr. Anderson: ANDERSON!

JR: And Mr. Anderson retains the Intercontinental Championship!

King: Yes Ross, but I don't appreciate the way he treated the voice of the WWE, and my esteemed former colleague, Michael Cole.

JR: Voice of the WWE my platuna! He couldn't hold my jockstrap!

King: Yes he could, and you couldn't find a better man for the job.

08-12-2012, 01:18 PM
*The camera's cut from the ring back to the back part of the arena. We see a figure standing in the back, with a hood covering his face. His voice can be heard though.*

Mystery Man: I've striven to be the best. Hell, I was born from the best. I've been a champion, I've been a challenger. I've been on the sidelines, and I've been in the limelight. I'm what people strive to be, and what woman want. I end careers, and I make stars. Tonight is about Wrestlemania, tonight is about the WWE Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the US Championship. Tonight is about the best of the best, shining...but do you know the sad part? The best man...the only man who could steal the show at Wrestlemania...isn't even on the card. They want the Warrior as the face of the company? Ill smash that face in. They want Anderson as a champ? Ill send him packing. Hell, they even brought back a steroid induce UFC reject to fight for the United States gold...funny. You'd think they would want someone who is legendary holding a title like that. You would think they'd want someone remarkable to stand tall as a champ. It's ok though...because tonight...tonight will be my night. I will my mark. When Raw hits, they won't be chanting Warrior or Punk or Lesnar or Jericho..no...they will be cheering and booing me. Tonight...I will strike...when none of you expect it.

*The man turns, heading around a corner, as the camera's cut back to ringside.*

JR: Up next, it's time for a handicap match! Beer Money, back together after a long absense, will face Kane!

King: I think Beer Money are crazy for wanting this.


*The fans cheer loudly as Beer Money make there way to the stage. They run down the ramp as James Storm takes a sip of his beer and slide into the ring.*


*Kane's music hits as the crowd boo. Kane makes his way to the stage and walks slowly down the ramp as Storm and Roode stare at him. Kane heads into the ring and the match goes underway.*

Match 2: Beer Money vs. Kane in a Handicap Match

(Ignore the titles, watch untill 6:14)

*Kane goes for the clothesline but James Storm ducks. Kane turns around and Storm nails him with a Last Call. Storm goes for the cover*




King: That was so close! I thought Storm had it in the bag!

*Kane kicks out as Storm gets back up looking really pissed. Bobby Roode gets back up and he waits for Kane to get up as he sets him up for the Spear! Kane is up! And SP-NO! Kane moves out of the way as Roode crashes into the corner, Roode turns around but Kane has him in the Chokeslam! Kane hits the Chokeslam and goes for the cover*




JR: I can't believe this! The tension is really getting higher inside all three wrestlers!

*Kane gets back up looking frustrated but he turns around and Storm hits him with the-No! He grabs hold of Storm's leg and crashes it onto the ground! Kane then strikes with the Big Boot!*

JR: That was a huge Big Boot from Kane! What does this mean?!

*Kane goes for the cover but Roode breaks it up. Roode grabs hold of Kane's hand and he locks him in the Armbar! Kane struggles to break out of the hold! The ref asks him if he wants to give in but Kane refuses! Kane slowly gets up as Roode still has the Armbar locked in. Kane kicks Roode in the gut and sets him up for the Chokeslam! As he's about to hit it, James Storm emerges from behind and taps him on the back. Kane turns around and Storm hits a Spear! He goes for the cover*




King: What do Beer Money have to do to beat Kane?!

JR: I don't know King but this match is so unpredictable right now!

*Kane gets back up and he ducks a clothesline from Roode, Roode goes for the clothesline again but Kane ducks again. Kane turns around and Roode nails him with the Spinebuster, Roode goes for the cover*




JR: No one can believe this!

*Kane gets back up as do Roode and Storm. Roode and Storm exchange blows to Kane*


*Roode goes for another blow but Kane grabs his hand and sets him up for the Chokeslam! But Storm elbows Kane in the gut which sends him to the floor! Storm goes for the cover!*




King: I've got a gut feeling that we won't see a winner at all with the way everything is going!

*Roode and Storm get up as Kane is slowly getting up. Roode and Storm hype up the crowd. Kane turns around and James Storm nails him with the Last Call! As Kane's about to fall to the ground, he turns around and SPEAR! Roode strikes with a vicious Spear! Roode goes for the cover!*




JR: Beer Money did it King! They beat Kane!

King: Oh my god! And they're now going to celebrate with the fans!

*Beer Money climb over the reiling into the crowd and begin to walk through, high fiving fans along the way.*


JR: Wait, WHAT?!

King: It's Randy Orton! Randy Orton is here!

*Randy Orton comes sprinting down the ramp, and slides into the ring. He begins to pound the canvas immediately as Kane is using the ropes to get up. Kane turns around and Orton lays him out with an RKO!*

JR: What an RKO! Kane is out in the ring!

King: No he's not JR! Kane is moving!

*Kane is beginning to get back to his feet, he's beginning to move, he's up to a crouching position. But here come's Orton again, and this time, he punts Kane in the head! Kane slumps to the canvas as Orton has an evil smirk on his face. He leaves the ring and walks away up the ramp as the crowd are unaware how to react to this. EMTs rush down the ramp as Orton watches them work on a lifeless Kane.*

JR: Orton just took out the Big Red Machine!

King: What a return for the Apex Predator!

08-12-2012, 01:27 PM
*The camera's are backstage, as we see CM Punk sitting in his locker room, with a garbage can next to him. He has his hands taped, his tights on, and his boots laced. The can is filled with a few items. Punk looks to the camera.*

Punk: Tonight, I have my wrestlemania moment. Tonight, I MAKE my Wrestlemania moment. Tonight is the end of the story. It's the final chapter between Edge and myself. Tonight, it is No Holds Barred. No...not that dumbass movie staring Hogan from the 80's...no..tonight is a fight. This isn't a wrestling match. This isn't who is the best wrestler in the world...which by the way is me...tonight is about demolishing each other. So...with that being said, I wanted to give everyone a preview of what is to come later tonight.

*Punk grabs a stop sign from the garbage can, holding it.*

Punk: It's funny...this being a stop sign in all. See, not only will I use it to bash Edges skull in tonight..but I'm going to use it to stop him from being the #1 contender. This though...this is just 1 instrument in the destruction of Edge.

*Punk reaches into the can again, pulling out a kendo stick this time.*

Punk: Does anyone truly know? More importantly, do they truly care? All of these sheep out there...they just watch and cheer when one of us is struck by this. They all just eat it up when we are barraged by this stick. I remember as a child when my father would make me go get my own switch from the woods, so he could beat my ass. That prepared me for the brutality of wrestling. This stick...it's strike...means nothing to me. These fans want a reason to cheer...Ill give them one when I leave a welt on Adam's back.

*Punk reaches into the can, this time pulling out a sledgehammer. He stands up, holding the hammer with both hands.*

Punk: This right here...this has been synonymous with one man. The Game, The Cerebral Assassin, Triple H. When people saw Hunter grab this, they knew he meant business. Well, I mean business tonight. Tonight I have the chance to earn a title shot at Backlash. Tonight, I have the chance to come out on top here. Since Edge returned at the Rumble, he has been one step ahead of me. Beating me at the Rumble, eliminating me in the Chamber...he has been the hare and I've been the turtle. For those that remember though, at the end of that story...the turtle comes out on top...and tonight...our story will have the same ending.

*Punk drops the weapon down, as he gets into the screen of the camera. *

Punk: Edge...I don't like you...in fact...I hate you...but I can admit one thing. There is some respect. You proved how hardcore you are facing Foley at Wrestlemania. You proved it in hell in a cell. You proved it in TLC. Tonight...I will be your biggest challenge ever. Tonight...you can strike me down but I will just get back up. Tonight...you will learn to respect me, and these fans will learn to love...because I am the best in the world...and I'm tired of being #4 in this company.

*Punk turns, heading off, as the camera's cut back to the ring.*

*With the crowd still cheering and buzzing for the matches that have gone and are still too come, an announcement is made signalling that the next match will be the final for the United States title*

JR: Well here we go King! We are about too crown our first United States champion since the re-brand of Raw.

King: Brock Lesnar will be the United States champion, those were the words I said when he first Qualified and I’m still standing by them!

JR: Well clearly Brock will be the favourite in many people’s eyes but for me, I would never write off Jeff Hardy or Cody Rhodes!

King: Well I would and I have! Tonight Lesnar will walk out of Wrestlemania haven been crowned US champion!

*A vignette is then played on the Titantron showing the build up for the match and how each man qualified and got too this point*

JR: Remember folks, it was our GM that made this match a triple threat.. With Lesnar already qualified, Hardy and Rhodes were left too fight.. Hardy and Rhodes would end in a draw with both men getting counted out… which led too Teddy Long making this a triple threat match tonight!

King: Yeah.. It was Teddy Long, so make sure too send him hate tweets for not making the deserving Brock Lesnar the champion right there and then!


*The crowd jump too there feet and give the charismatic enigma a rock star like ovation! Hardy does his trademark taunt on the stage as the Pyros blast around the arena.. Hardy then quickly makes his way too the ring with the crowd chanting his name*

JR: Well Jeff Hardy, many would consider him the surprise package and perhaps the under dog for tonight’s match King would you agree?

King: I think that’s fair Ross! You never can tell what you are going too get from Hardy though.. With one move he could have this match won.. Or lost.

JR: Well he is the surprise package.. But one that won’t be a surprise is that Hardy will do what ever it takes too win, he will put his body on the line time and time again if he has too!

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQsnlarbBnDVvgJdoTU7m1KhAoQL7uVH GWo-KHNrsJ4tqYhdRC5BZz9oJ7k
*The crowd again react with a positive ovation for the newly change of heart Cody Rhodes! The 3rd generation superstar makes his way too the ring slapping hands with the younger kids in the audience while they chant his name*

JR: This is my pick for tonight King!

King: Cody Rhodes? No chance.. He’s lost his edge Ross, he’s nothing more then an average wrestler now.. He’s lucky too even get this far!

JR: I don’t agree King.. I think you are still better that this young man has had a change of heart and proved you wrong by getting too this final… You just better hope he does not win tonight or you are going too look like a royal idiot!

King: He won’t win Ross.. This is Brock Lesnar’s time!


*With heavy boo’s and Jeer’s Brock Lesnar steps out from behind the curtain with Paul Heyman at his side.. Paul Heyman taps Brock on the shoulder and points too both Rhodes and Hardy, he then whispers in Brock’s ear before tapping him on the shoulder again and heading back behind the curtain.. Brock does his trademark warm up and the top of the ramp with the crowd jeering, after a few seconds he slowly makes his way down the ramp with a look of focus and anger across his face*

King: Come on Brock! You got this!

JR: I will admit King, If Brock was too get the early advantage in this match it could very well be impossible too stop him, I just wonder if Hardy and Rhodes will play it smart and try too the bring the big man down together!

King: Well that wouldn’t be fair! I wouldn’t put it past those two though.. There not good enough too be in the same ring as Brock Lesnar!

*With all three men circling the ring ready for the start of the match.. The Ref holds up the US title for the fans too see.. All three men look at the prize on offer and the match bell rings and the action gets underway!*

08-12-2012, 01:30 PM
Match 3: Brock Lesnar vs. Jeff Hardy (Punk) vs. Cody Rhodes (Cena)

Star at 2:40 stop at 6:44

*With Hardy on the outside, Brock has Cody in the ring.. Brock try’s too take advantage of the situation and locks in the Kimura lock on Rhodes!*

JR: Brocks got the Kimura! This could be it.. Rhodes may tap right here!

King: Come on Brock! Snap it! Snap it Brock!

*With Cody screaming in agony and Brock trying too tighten the lock the crowd are stunned into silence with expectation that Rhodes is about too tap out!*

JR: My god how much longer can Rhodes stay in that Lock?!

King: Well unless he taps Ross.. Lesnar could very well snap it right here!

*With the crowd booing and jeering trying too do what they can do distract Brock Lesnar there is a big pop from the crowd as Hardy is back too his feet.. Jeff stands on the ring apron and begins climbing too the top rope, with the crowd cheering.. He signals the suicide hand sign and launches him self off the tope rope!*

JR: Swanton bomb! Swanton bomb from Hardy!

King: He landed on both men! He may have just done more damage too himself and Rhodes, Brock almost had this match in the bag.. It was only a matter of time before Cody kicked out!

JR: for the life of me King I cant work out how he didn’t tap! that’s bravery and desire from that young man.. You must admit that’s impressive King!

King: Yeah I will admit that’s impressive!

*With Jeff Hardy holding his back while trying too get back too his feet, Brock Lesnar does the same and is pissed off that Hardy may have just stopped him from winning, as Hardy turns around he walks straight into a huge clothesline which almost turns Hardy inside out!*

King: Hardy just angered the monster Ross!

*Brock Lesnar then picks up Hardy from the floor and with a sadistic smile on his face lifts him up for the F5!*

King: It’s F5 time!

JR: This is not good for Hardy!

*As Brock lifts up Hardy for the F5, Cody Rhodes come from out of nowhere springing for the ropes and hit’s the… *

JR: Disaster Kick! He caught Brock flush in the jaw!

*As Cody hit’s the Disaster Kick to the jaw of Brock, Hardy Is able too turn the F5 attempt into a crucifix pin attempt!*

JR: Hardy with the pin!




JR: Boy that was close! I thought it was over!

*With the crowd gasping at the surprise of Brock kicking out Rhodes quickly tries too take advantage and boots Hardy too the midsection and hit’s the…*

King: Cross-Rhodes!

JR: This must be it now! Now Cody with the pin!




JR: Again with another close call, Rhodes must have though that was it.

*Rhodes is clearly in shock not expecting Hardy too kick out, He looks over at the turnbuckle and points too the top rope as the crowd pop*

JR: Is Rhodes about too go high risk? He has it in his arsenal folks don’t worry about that but again a sign of just how much Rhodes want’s this match tonight!

King: I hope he crashes and burns!

*Rhodes begins too drag Hardy by the arm, struggling with the deadweight as Hardy is out.. He places him in the right spot before climbing the turnbuckle, the crowd are cheering his name but nerves are kicking in and Rhodes take a deep breath.. In the meantime Brock is starting too get back too his feet.. *

King: Stop him Brock!

JR: Is Rhodes looking for a moonsault?

*Rhodes springs off the top rope looking for a big moonsault, with the crowd in awe and shock that Cody went highrisk it looks like Rhodes is going too connect with Hardy below when out of nowhere Brock catches Rhodes in mid air and hit’s a huge F5!*

JR: OH MY GOD! I have never seen anything like that before!

King: I told you! *King laughs* Nothing will stop Brock tonight!

*With the crowd cheering after seeing a Wrestlemania moment that will live on for the ages.. Brock stands too his feet and looks at the damage pretty proud of himself, He then grabs Hardy one again and picks him up for another F5 attempt when…*


*Huge crowd pop*


King: What the hell is he doing here Ross?! Did you ask you’re little buddy along!

JR: No I had no idea! The Texas Rattlesnake is here!

*With Brock stunned and at one point rubbing his eyes, he drops Hardy and comes as close too the ropes as he can.. Stone Cold begins too make his way down too ringside with a big grin across his face as the crowd are in a frenzy cheering for him.. Stone Cold and Brock exchange words, Brock then re-focus’s his attention and picks up Hardy delivering a big F5! Only for Stone Cold too walk closer again.. *

JR: Brock is distracted King! He should pin Hardy right now and gets this match over with!

King: Speak up Ross! I can’t here you.. These fans are going crazy!

*With all the noise of the fans, and Stone Cold and Brock still exchanging words No one notices Cody pulling himself across the ring getting closer too the out cold Jeffy Hardy, Rhodes eventually makes it.. Stretching his arm across the body of Jeff and the ref starts too count!*


JR: Wait we have a pin attempt!


King: Wait a minute! Turn around Brock! Turn around!


JR: Rhodes wins! Rhodes is the New United States Champion!

King: Brock! What are you doing?! You had this won!

*Brock and the majority of the fans only notice that Rhodes has picked up the win when the ring bell is heard and Rhodes music is playing.. Brock spins round too find Rhodes slider underneath the ropes too the outside and be passed his new title!*

King: Brock is furious! You had this won!

JR: it could be about too get worse! Don’t turn around Brock!

*Brock turns around too find the Texas Rattlesnake is in the ring.. Stone Cold delivers the Stunner too send the crowd into a frenzy once again! With Rhodes holding up his new title and heading too the back.. Stone Cold calls for beer from the time keeper, He opens the cans, takes a few sips and then pours them over Brock with the fans cheering his name, He then finger salutes Brock before calling for more beer and heading too the back! *

08-12-2012, 03:21 PM
JR: And up next King, it’s time for the Money in the Bank match!

King: Ohhhh! Good, good, good, good, good, good, good.

JR: Excited?

King: Aren’t you?

JR: You’re damn right King! It’s gonna be a slobberknocker!



JR: Here comes Evan Bourne! The guy has been overlooked recently- but he could put all the naysayers down if he wins next!

King: Bourne has a brilliant chance JR! He’s the underdog!



JR: Now this guy is no underdog. Twelve time World Champion! JOHN CENA!

King: I’m sick of seeing Cena at the top- and he better not be there at the end of this match.



JR: Here comes the best submission artist in the WWE!

King: And another big chance of a winner!



JR: Well R-Truth has the added advantage of Little Jimmy!

King: You’re telling me Jimmy is an advantage?

08-12-2012, 03:24 PM


JR: Another young bright talent with a great shot!

King: Ricochet has been impressive ever since he made his way into this company.



JR: Tyson Kidd has got it all! Can he pull this off?

King: No. Kidd isn’t good enough.



JR: And here comes the show-off!

King: This man is about to win Money in the Bank JR!


*Pretend there's no title around Styles' waist*

JR: And finally! AJ Styles!

King: What the hell is he doing?

*Styles jumps onto a ladder on the ramp and begins to get pumped up for the crowd, but he slips and falls, hitting the floor with a huge thud. EMTs rush out as the fans and guys in the ring don’t know what to do.*

JR: Well I guess that Styles won’t be involved!

King: I know JR! Styles is out of this! It’s official! WWE just announced it via Twitter.

JR: Well, he was the one that didn’t speak on Raw.

King: I know, wasn’t he supposed to get a promo to Eddie?

JR: I guess he didn’t. This match will have seven guys!

08-12-2012, 03:29 PM
Match 4: Evan Bourne vs. John Cena vs. Bryan Danielson vs. R-Truth vs. Ricochet vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Money in the Bank match
(Morrison = Bourne, Carlito = Cena, Punk = Danielson, Truth = MVP, Ricochet = Shelton, Kidd = Jericho & Ziggler = Kennedy)


(stop at 5:09 in second vid)

JR: Oh my god! Ziggler & Cena just sent Ricochet through a ladder!

King: This is chaos! There are bodies everywhere!

*Ziggler & Cena begin to trade blows at the bottom of the ladder!


Cena slumps slightly and Ziggler drives his head into the ladder, before beginning to climb. He reaches half way up the ladder before Cena comes back and slams a fist into Ziggler’s back. Ziggler tries to kick him off but Cena manages to get himself under Ziggler, pulling him backwards into the position for the Attitude Adjustment.

Ziggler won’t let go of the ladder, but Cena manages to get Ziggler away from the ladder, and carries him across the ring, looking down at the broken ladder at ringside. The fans pop as Cena lifts Ziggler ready for the AA onto the ladder, but Tyson Kidd comes out of nowhere with a big dropkick that sends both Ziggler & Cena over the top rope, smashing them into the broken ladder. They both begin to get up almost immediately, but Kidd bounces off the ropes and jumps into them both with a Suicide Dive, sending all three men into the fan’s barricade.

Back in the ring, Danielson is the first to react as he climbs into the ring and stumbles across to the ladder, beginning to place it in position, but Truth is back in the ring and he dropkicks the ladder, sending it into Danielson and sending him back into the ropes. Truth bounces off the ropes and connects with a Lie Detector!

Truth gets back to his feet and begins to climb but Evan Bourne is quickly in and pulls on Truth’s leg, sending him back to the ground. He begins to pound on Truth’s head before driving him into the turnbuckle. Bourne backs up and hits a dropkick that causes Truth to fall to the ground. He turns around and heads back to the ladder!

On the outside, Kidd is the first to move as Cena & Ziggler are both barely moving. Kidd slides into the ring but Danielson is up and dropkicks him back to the floor. He turns to Bourne, who is beginning to climb. Danielson climbs up the opposite side of the ladder and reaches the top first. He begins to grab at the briefcase but Bourne punches him in the gut. They begin to trade blows on the top of the ladder.


After the last shot, Truth is back to his feet and Kidd slides a ladder into the ring, sliding in after. Truth hits Bourne in the back and pulls him to the ground, hitting a big Little Jimmy, at the same time, Kidd lifts the ladder and slams it into the side of Danielson. Kidd throws the ladder down, positions himself and hits a huge Powerbomb on Danielson, onto the ladder!

Truth begins to climb as Kidd turns around and does the same. They each reach the top of the ladder at the same time, and Truth goes to hit Kidd but Kidd ducks and kicks Truth in the side. Kidd hits a right hand that causes Truth to fall down a few pegs, Kidd reaches up and touches the briefcase but Cena is up, and holding the ladder that Kidd brought into the ring. Cena hits the ladder into the back of Kidd, before doing it a second time, causing Kidd to fall.

Truth is back up and as soon as he sees Cena, he jumps over the top and goes for a crossbody but Cena brings the ladder up to smash Truth in the gut, sending him to the canvas, and rolling to the floor. Cena sets up the second ladder and begins to climb.*

JR: And Cena is the only one left standing!

King: NO! This can’t happen!

*Cena finally reaches the top of the ladder and reaches up, but out of nowhere comes a man down the ramp. He slides into the ring and Cena drops down to meet him, but he gets kicked in the face by this man! The camera focuses on him and JR recognises him.*

JR: That’s WWE Developmental Talent Seth Rollins!

King: What a man! He just knocked John Cena out!

JR: What is his problem with Cena?

*Rollins follows Cena out after the devastating Avada Kedavra, before grabbing a groggy Cena and slamming his face into the announce table. Rollins begins to strip the table as Cena is barely moving. Rollins lifts up the dead weight of Cena and connects with his own Attitude Adjustment through the table!

The fans are booing loudly as Rollins walks around to the front of the ring, before beginning to walk away up the ramp as the carnage surrounds the ring. There is only one man moving, and it’s Evan Bourne. He manages to climb into the ring and crawl across to the bottom of the first ladder, where he begins to climb very slowly.

At the same time, Tyson Kidd begins to move and he gets across to the first ladder. Kidd begins to climb as Bourne has reached the halfway point of the ladder. Bourne reaches the top first, but Kidd is not far behind. Kidd punches Bourne in the chest and reaches the top, following up with another right hand. He reaches up but this time, it’s Bourne’s turn to smash Kidd in the face with a right hand.

Somebody else jumps onto the apron, it’s Ricochet! He’s up and he springboards up to the top rope before jumping onto the second ladder, to get right into the thick of the action. He kicks Bourne in the back, before doing the same to Kidd. He grabs both of their heads and goes to slam them into the ladder, but they both stop him and hit him in the chest. Ricochet falls backwards onto a rising R-Truth, leaving just Kidd and Bourne on top of the ladder! They begin to trade shots.


Kidd slumps and Bourne reaches up to unhook the briefcase but before he can do so, Kidd reaches up and smashes Bourne in the face with the briefcase! Bourne falls! Kidd reaches up and unhooks the briefcase to become Mr. Money in the Bank!*

JR: What a match! Tyson Kidd has done it King!

King: That was a hell of a match JR! And you’re right, Tyson Kidd has done it. I would’ve been happier with somebody else but hey- I haven’t lost faith in Kidd!

08-12-2012, 03:50 PM
JR: Give it time. Well folks we hope you are enjoying the spectacle that is Wrestlemania so far! I know we certainly have at ringside!

King: It's been amazing Ross, Do you know how many people are watching live now from all around the world?

JR: I can only guess millions partner, but I can say.. we have one special guest backstage watching and enjoying the show and thats Hall Of Famer.. Jimmy "SuperFly" Snuka with his daughter and soon too be WWE star, Tamina Snuka!

JR: The Super Fly is in the house? All the stars come out for Wrestlemania!

*The camera then cuts backstage where Josh Mathews is seen ready too interview Jimmy Snuka while his daughter stands by his side!*

JM: Firstly what an honor it is too interview you Jimmy, I was a big fan of yours back in the day! Now I know you wan't the chance too speak too the WWE universe, but you're here tonight too introduce us too you're daughter Tamina on recently signing with the WWE correct?.

Super Fly: That's correct Josh, Thank you WWE Universe it feels great too be back, but let me introduce you two the future of the divas division.. my daughter, Tamina!

*Before Tamina is able too speak, another young female steps in front of the camera, the Diva can now be made out too be Paige from FCW, She snatches the Mic from the hands of Jimmy Snuka before speaking*

Paige: Tamina, stop clinging to your father and get your own personality. I have plenty of personality to go around! I am the brightest of all of the Divas and excel beyond any of them. That’s why they call me an Anti-Diva. Unlike your legendary father, Super Fly, you are dull and uninteresting. Nobody wants to stick around while you’re in a match replicating your father’s moves. You’re trying to make a name for yourself yet you don’t have an ounce of originality in your body and you’re only trying to wiggle your way to success by taking advantage of your family members’ names.

*While Paige has a smile across her face, pleased that she has ruined Tamina's moment.. Tamina steps up as close as she can too paige getting in her face, Tamina then snatches the microphone back and begins too speak.*

Tamina: Paige is it? You may be the anti-diva but, I am the ultimate diva, I have unmistakable talent, ability and more personality than you will ever have, so I would be a good little girl and get outta may face before I end your pitiful career before, it has started.

I may be a Snuka but, I do not use that to my advantage, I use my talent, which will makes me the best in the business. Where as you are a brat, who thinks they got it.
So go top up your hair dye, fix your street walker like eyeliner and get outta my face, I don’t like repeating myself.

Run along, before I end this right here, right now.

*With the two divas squaring up and both at boiling point, Josh Mathews and Jimmy Snuka step in and pull them apart as the camera heads back too ringside*

JR: Well, that's was an interesting confrontation

King: Paige... Paige... I think I love her

JR: You have to focus on the upcoming in ring action King, as it's time for our No Holds Barred match of the evening. CM Punk versus Edge. The end of the rivalry is nigh, and there can only be one winner

King: And it's going to be Punk.

JR: And whys that King?

King: Punk's the best wrestler in the world Jim. This is his crowning moment.

JR: But Edge is a multiple time World Champion as well Jerry. Plus I think he's more than qualified to stake his claim as best in the world

King: Best jobber maybe Jim. But Punk and Jericho are up the top in this company, and I'm sure it will be proven today



King: And now, as if on cue. The straight edge saviour makes his way down here.

JR: This is Wrestlemania King y'know. The showcase of the immortals! This is his chance to prove he deserves to be in the main events.

King: Jim. CM Punk has proven he deserves to be in the main events, by managing to hold his own in the Elimination Chamber.

JR: But King, he's yet to win a PPV here!

King: That's not the point. He has managed to go toe to toe with the best this company has to offer. And today when Edge's shoulders are pinned to the floor One... Two... Three, you will see why!



JR: The Rated R Superstar holds victories over Mick Foley, Booker T, The Hardyz, The Dudleyz and Alberto Del Rio, and being victorious in the first Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania, will CM Punk be the next victim?

King: No he will not JR. Edge has proven to be very inconsistent at Wrestlemania

JR: What? And CM Punk hasn't?

King: Hey, he managed to beat Chris Jericho, and won 2 money in the bank ladder matches

JR: And lost to Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton, and the 3rd Money in the Bank ladder match.

King: He still has a 3-3 record though JR!

08-12-2012, 03:56 PM
Match 5: CM Punk vs Edge. No Holds Barred

*The bell rings as the crowd roars in approval. The 2 men circle each other for a few seconds, before Edge begins clapping his hands together, trying to get the crowd involved. Eventually, they lock up, with Edge managing to get the advantage, and pulls off a side headlock. Punk doesn't let that faze him, and quickly manages to reverse into a rear waist lock. Edge begins to tap his shoulder, signalling a reversal coming, but Punk remains one step ahead, and moves into a side headlock. Edge struggles for a couple of seconds, before managing to stumble towards the ropes, and shoots CM Punk off into the opposite ropes. On the return, Edge hits the deck, allowing Punk to run over him, whilst on the return, Edge is quickly too his feet, and manages to leapfrog over Punk, allowing him to rebound against the ropes for a 3rd time. On the return, Punk manages to get the advantage with a shoulder block. A quick cover.



Edge is back to his feet, and squares up to Punk, who is astounded when he is met by a slap to the face. Edge smirks, but that smile disappears when Punk slaps Edge on the cheek. Edge decides to respond with a punch to the temple, and Punk returns the favour. They go eye to eye, but Punk pushes Edge back towards the corner, garnering some heel heat

Edge doesn't waste time, as storms over to Punk, kicking him in the gut, before following up with a left hand. Punk stumbles back to the corner, as Edge nails a right, and another left, before kneeing Punk in the midsection. Punk holds his stomach in pain, as Edge rebounds against the ropes, and lands a bulldog, taking Punk down to the mat. A cover



Punk rolls out to the floor, as Edge hops to his feet. CM Punk gathers his breath, but gets taken aback by a baseball slide. The crowd pops for Edge, as he grabs hold off the top rope, and jumps over it, nailing a slingshot plancha to a big pop from the New York crowd! Edge manages to get to his feet rather quickly, while Punk struggles to. Edge soaks in the crowd reaction, and notices Punk getting to his feet. He grabs the arm of Punk, and tries to Irish Whip him in the steel steps, but Punk counters, sending Edge shoulder first into them!

Edge is reeling on the ground, as Punk follows up with a kick to Edge's stomach. Edge craws over to the opposite side of the steps, and manages to get on one foot, as Punk goes for a roundhouse kick. Edge catches the foot of Punk, but Punk gets the advantage again with an elbow to the head. Edge manages to get to his feet, but gets thrown into the ring by Punk.

Punk gets on the apron, just as Edge gets to his feet. Punk turns Edge towards him, and through the ropes, shoulders Edge in the midsection. Edge stumbles back a few steps, as Punk springboards of the top rope, and lands a clothesline. The crowd ooh's, as Punk covers




Punk keeps up the offence by dropping a knee on Edge. Another cover



Thr- Kickout!

Punk begins to get slightly frustrated, and begins stomping on Edge. This carries on for a good 20 seconds, before Punk lets go. Punk turns to the crowd, with a mixed reaction the crowd's giving out, as Edge slowly gets to his feet. Punk grabs the arm of Edge, and goes for a side Russian leg sweep. It connects, and Punk drops an elbow on Edge. Instead of going for a cover, Punk decides to land a leg drop. This time Punk covers




Punk decides to move onto submission, and grabs the left knee of Edge. Edge is helpless, as Punk stomps of the knee on Edge. Another stomp, and another, plus one more. Punk picks up the leg of Edge, and falls to mat, whilst delivering an elbow to the knee. Punk picks up the leg once more, and lets out a loud WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO, to the crowds delight, and locks in a figure four leg lock!

Edge screams in agony, as Punk is using the bottom rope for leverage. The crowd is cheering Edge, trying to egg him on, but Punk silences them with a chop to Edge's chest. Edge is screaming in pain, as the referee asks if he wants to quit, but Edge is certain he doesn't, His hand is shaking, but he doesn't get any closer to breaking the hold. Edge leans to one way, teasing turning over, but Punk tries to ruin that idea by leaning the other direction, which Edge gladly obliges to, and he turns it over! Punk screams in pain for a few seconds but manages to escape the manoeuvre.

Both men stay down, nursing their legs, as Punk is first to his feet. Edge rolls over to the turnbuckle, and uses that to help him up. Bad idea though, as Punk sprints at him. Shining Wizard! Followed up with his signature bulldog! A pin attempt.




Edge manages to roll his shoulder up, to the shock of Punk. He doesn't let this get the better of him though, and Punk immediately gets to his feet. He slaps his hands together, tilts his head to the side, and puts his hands underneath, the signature GTS taunt. Punk patiently awaits Edge getting to his feet, whilst he slowly hops from side to side. Edge is on his feet, and Punk lifts him up on his shoulders. The crowd is silent, as EDGE SLIPS OUT AND LANDS THE EDGE-O-MATIC! He hooks the leg



Tres? No, kickout!

Edge gets to his feet, but doesn't do anything. He just has a distant look on his face. He gets snapped back to reality by CM Punk getting to his knees. Edge grabs the head of Punk, and places it under his shoulder. He also holds the arm of Punk, and puts it over his head, before lifting Punk high. Edge doesn't drop Punk straight away, and after a good 10 seconds, the crowd seems to roar their approval, before Edge drops Punk forward into a gourdbuster! Edge rolls Punk over and covers




Edge picks up Punk by the neck, and with his free hand punches him in the face. He follows that up with another punch, then a slap, then a punch, then a punch, then a punch, and a final slap. Edge covers again



Thr- Kickout.

Edge gets to his feet, and decides to go to the turnbuckle. He has that look on his face, and the crowd starts screaming, shouting “Spear! Spear! Spear!”. Edge runs his hands through his hair, and prepares to strike. Punk manages to get to his feet, as Edge charges. Edge goes to spear Punk, who manages to leapfrog over Edge, who goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Punk waits for Edge to turn around. When he does, Edge gets taken down by a roundhouse kick to the jaw.

Normally, this would be the point where Punk covers, but instead, Punk leaves the ring. Punk slowly retreats up the ramp, to the crowds displeasure.*

JR: What? If this match over?

King: Punk was in control! Why would you leave now?

JR: Well, if this is the end, we have to apologise for the abrupt ending of this mat- WAIT A MINUTE

*The crowd pops huge when CM Punk appears from behind the curtain, and brings with him that garbage can he had earlier! Edge is starting to stir in the ring, as Punk reaches ringside. He searches the can for about 10 seconds, before lifting out the kendo stick!

Punk slides into the ring, as Edge reaches his feet. Punk slams the mat with the stick a couple of times, before Edge turns around, as Punk swings, but Edge ducks under the shot, and runs against the ropes. Punk turns around, and is met by a...*

JR: SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! Edge is covering!

King: Come on Punk, kick out!

*Punk manages to grip the kendo stick


Punk lifts it high in the air


And swings it down against the back of Edge, breaking the pin.*

JR: Ouch! Punk still in with a shot!

King: A genius way to kick out of the pin

*Both men lay on the mat, hurting after the events that transpired the last few moments. Edge manages to get to his feet, but only by rolling out of the ring, whilst Punk stirs in it. Edge hobbles towards the Spanish commentary desk, and rests against it. Punk slowly but surely gets to his feet, just as Edge faces the commentary desk, deciding on a plan. Punk spots his opportunity, and rebounds against the ropes opposite to the side that Edge is on, sprints, and launches in a suicide dive, but Edge hears him coming, and nails him in the head with a television monitor!

Punk is down, and possibly unconscious, as the crowd are going almost insane. The camera cuts to Punk, who is bleeding from a cut on his forehead. Edge clears the Spanish announce desk, of the protective cover, and the other television monitor, but Punk still doesn't move anything, not even an arm or leg. Edge has to pick up the dead weight, and orders the Spanish commentators to move. Punk gets thrown on the desk, and Edge takes his time to climb on as well. The crowd is silent in anticipation, as Punk manages to get to his knees, but Edge grabs the neck, and places it under his shoulder, before pulling Punk heavily to his feet. Edge takes one moment to allow the crowd to sense what is happening, and they respond by making a loud cheer. Edge lifts Punk up, and LANDS AN EDGECUTION ON PUNK THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE DESK!!*


King: Son of a *bleep*. This match better not be over

JR: Come on King! An Edgecution through a table! Aren't you amazed?

King: No, because Punk is going to do something better later on

JR: I don't think Punk will do anything King

08-12-2012, 04:03 PM
*Neither men move immediately after the manoeuvre, but the crowd are popping like... things that pop loudly. It's a good 2 minutes, before either men move anything, but first it's Edge starting to stir on the rubble. Punk doesn't respond at all, even after another minute when Edge slowly gets to his feet. Edge spots Punk not moving, and realizes he needs to take advantage. He lifts Punk up, but can only get Punk to his knees, as both men's struggles are getting the better of them. Edge eventually manages to get Punk to his feet, and throws him into the ring. Edge is struggling to find the strength to slide into the ring, so he takes the steps up to the apron, before going through the ropes, and ends up flopping on Punk as a cover




JR: It's over! Edge has the victory!

King: No! No! That can't be true. His foot! His foot!

JR: What about his foot?

King: I dunno, it's.. it was under the bottom rope

*Edge starts celebrating, and the crowd pops huge, but the referee quickly stops the celebrations! Punk's foot was under the bottom rope! Edge pleads his case to the official, but he's having none of it, and orders the bell to be re-rang. Replays are shown on the titantron, showing the referee was correct, but Edge is pissed, and goes immediately for Punk, half hanging out of the ring. Edge picks Punk up, but gets smacked on the top of the head by the stop sign, Punk apparently picked up during the confusion!

Edge didn't fall to the mat, but instead falls on the rope. Punk goes back to the center of the ring, and slams the stop sign on the mat, but spots the kendo stick used earlier. Punk puts the kendo stick around the neck of Edge, and falls back, landing a side russian leg sweep, but Edges head also bounces off the stop sign! Punk slowly, inch by inch, manages to droop an arm over Edge



Three! Is it? It looks like it? But the referee says no!

Punk looks up at the referee in shock, holding up 3 fingers, but the referee insists it was a 2 count. Punk gets to his feet, and goes eye to eye with the referee, who holds his ground with the “best in the world.” Punk looks on at the referee, still arguing with him, and doesn't spot Edge stirring on the mat. Edge rolls to the ground, and grabs the trash can, and empties the contents onto the ground. Punk eventually decides to stop the arguments, and turns towards Edge, but is met by a trash can shot to the head!

Punk falls to the mat after that bump, but Edge decides against the cover, seeing Punk is already stirring on the mat. Instead, in a surprise route, Edge heads the top rope. Punk doesn't seem as affected by that shot, perhaps because the tiredness of Edge softened the blow. Anyways, Punk is on both knees, as Edge is on the top, but is facing the wrong way. A few more seconds pass, before Punk stands up fully, and turns around. Edge leaps off, aiming for a cross body, BUT PUNK CATCHES EDGE ON HIS SHOULDERS!*


King: Yes Punk! Yes!

JR: This war seems to be over now.

*Punk hits it, and covers



Two point Nine Recurring!*

JR: WHAT! Edge rolled the shoulder up! Edge rolled the shoulder up!

King: Don't kid us JR! Punk wins

JR: No he hasn't! The referee calls it a near fall

King: Near fall my royal ass! Punk should win! Edge won't survive now

*Punk is in shock. The classic Edge face when someone kicks out of the spear, Punk is wearing right now. Punk knows though, that this match is his for the taking, and his eyes slowly turn towards the trash can! Edge isn't moving, so Punk goes over to the trash can, and picks it up. He holds it high above head, but Edge doesn't react, so Punk slams it on the stomach of Edge. A kind of “uhh” is heard from the crowd, but Edge doesn't move, but the trash can stays positioned on him.

CM Punk spots this opportunity, and climbs to the top rope. It takes a while, the pain having an effect on him, but he manages to get to the top. Punk points to the sky, and the crowd pops huge, and LEAPS OFF AND LANDS A MACHO ELBOW DROP ON EDGE AND THE TRASH CAN!

Multiple “Holy Shit”', “That was awesome” and “Randy Savage” chants echo around the arena as Punk lays down on the mat, and Edge doesn't move! The crowd are on their feet cheering either man to get to his feet. A minute passes, before Punk manages to look up at the crowd. The crowd are willing him on to get to his feet, and Punk is using it to will him on. Punk is using every muscle in his body, and he manages to stand up, to the crowds delight. CM Punk signals to the crowd that he's going to finish it, and goes to the feet of Edge. Punk picks up both legs, and to literally add insult to injury, LOCKS IN THE EDGEUCATOR! Edge doesn't move any of his body, except moving his arm to the front of the body. Wearily, Edge taps the mat, giving Punk the victory*

JR: I think now, we can say King, the war is over

King: Gosh JR, Punk and Edge went all out for Wrestlemania, and they didn't disappoint.

JR: CM Punk is victorious on the grandest stage of them all, and he only has himself to thank

King: You can say that again

JR: Edge doesn't have anything to be ashamed of though King. That fight was insane!

King: Yeah... he did well

*The crowd is giving both men a standing ovation, as Punk goes to the turnbuckle to celebrate, whilst a few referees come down to help Edge to the back. Punk looks on, as six or seven referees manage to help Edge to his knees, then eventually one more. The crowd wills Edge on, as he shoos the referee away, and manages to stand on his own accord! Edge outstretches his arm to Punk, who looks towards the crowd to see what he should do*

King: Don't do anything you'll regret Punk

JR: Edge is showing respect for the battle Punk put up with there.

*Punk looks like he's going to walk away, but instead decides to shake Edge's hand to the crowds love. Edge raises Punks hand, before both men make their way to the back, Edge first, allowing Punk to celebrate in the ring, and at ringside, before he heads to the Gorrila position*

King: Punk you idiot! Why did you shake that asshole's hand

JR: Shut up Jerry. He doesn't care about your worthless opinion!

King: He should... I'm royalty!

JR: But you also speak a load of crap!

08-12-2012, 04:46 PM
*The cameras cut backstage to see Vince McMahon talking to a few of the divas. The fans pop loudly as he walks away from them but stops and smiles at something off screen. He runs forwards and is soon embraced by his son, Shane McMahon- his presence making the entire arena pop loudly.*

Vince McMahon: You made it! How you doin’ son?

Shane McMahon: I’m good Dad. How’s things going backstage here at WrestleMania?

Vince: Well, while the entire world watches our very best guys go out there and do whatever it is they do, everybody back here remains dedicated to the cause.

*Shane looks at his father for a few seconds before they begin laughing out loud together.*

Shane: Yeah right! And then maybe we’ll listen to the internet smarks.

Vince: Hahahaha, come on son, I’ve got a whisky with your name on it and a proposition to talk about.

Shane: Oh is that the thing you meant?

Vince: Yes. Yes it is.

*Vince puts his arm around Shane’s shoulders.*

Vince: Come on son, we got some details to iron out.

JR: A proposition! What the fuck is going on?

King: I don't know Jim, but I'm just pumped for the next match. The streak is on the line

*The crowd are hyped up and excited for the next match, a video package is airing recapping how this match and feud came about.. With the crowd split 50/50 and cheers and chants echoing around the arena, the ring has been checked and the match is about too begin*

JR: Just listen too this crowd King.. Boy are they hyped for this one and so they should be, Undertaker vs. The Rock.. It’s the Streak vs. the Return! How do you see this one going partner?

King: I have no idea Ross.. I know I can’t wait for it though, This match has been the one everyone has been talking about, Wrestlemania is not the same without the Undertaker and tonight.. Taker perhaps faces his biggest test in The Rock.. The streak has never been in so much danger!

JR: I agree, I have been asked all week on how I see this one going.. Honestly, I have no idea fans.. I really don’t, when both men speak about this match.. You believe them both, but only one man can win tonight folks.. Either Taker will walk out of this match with the streak going strong and just adding his 21st victim too the list.. Or the Rock will prove he is indeed the great one, ending the streak and showing everybody that yes he’s been away, but he has not missed a beat.. It’s too hard too call.

*Suddenly the lights go out and the crowd react with a huge pop and begin too chant for the Undertaker however electric flows around the arena and they soon realise this entrance is for the Brahma Bull.. With the lights still out and the Electric still flowing around the arena a video airs on the Titantron*


*After the video finishes the words.. “The Rock is ready.. Are you ready Undertaker?” appear across the screen as the crowd erupt with cheers for the great one.. *


*The crowd go crazy at the sight of the great one.. The Rock stands at the tope of the stage taking in the crowds cheers and chants.. He then takes one deep breath and begins too make his way down too ringside*

JR: He’s clearly in great shape folks, I have been told all week from people in the know that the Rock has never worked harder then he has for this match and as he makes his way down too ringside you really can tell!

King: I agree partner! I have had the honour of calling so many of the Rock’s matches but I’m not sure I have ever seen him as focused as he is for this one!

*The Rock reaches the ring and again takes in the crowd’s reaction when the lights go out for a second time, the crowd are breathless as they await the Phenom! After a few seconds Johnny Cash’s “ Ain’t no grave “ can be heard around the arena, while the music is playing the Titantron comes on and shows clips of Undertaker beating all 20 of his opponents at Wrestlemania!

After a little while the Titantron video stops as does the music, with the crowd chanting for the Deadman the dong chimes out signalling Taker is about too make his way too ringside, the crowd jump too there feet ready too see the legendary Undertaker!*



JR: I have called hundreds of the Undertakers matches King.. But that moment when the chime sounds and the lights go out, that still sends chills down my neck too this day!

King: I agree Ross.. This really has all the makings of a classic!

*Taker makes his way down too ringside, slowly walking through the thick fog of smoke, emotionless with every step he stares at the ring where Rock lies in wait.. With the crowd now split totally 50/50 both men stand in the ring.. They come face to face for the last time before they go into battle!*

JR: This is it folks! All the talking stops here.. It’s the Return vs. the Streak, will the Rock become another victim and increase Taker’s streak to 21? Or can the Rock indeed end the streak?

King: We are about too find out! Here we go!

08-12-2012, 04:48 PM
Match 6: The Undertaker vs The Rock

Start at 1:40

JR: This has been a hell of a battle so far folks! Both men want this so much!

King: Just how far are they willing too push there bodies though Ross?

stop at 6:50

JR: This could be it! Choke slam! Choke slam! Bah Gawd what a Choke Slam!

King: The Rock is out! He’s out cold Ross!

JR: Taker with the pin!




JR: I thought he had him!

King: I can’t believe the Rock kicked out!

JR: That’s the heart and will too succeed folks!

*Taker is in shock after the Rock was able too kick out from the Choke Slam, he begins too get in the refs face and questions his count.. While Taker is arguing with the ref, Rocky kips up straight into a Rock Bottom stance!*

JR: How did he? Where did he get that energy from King!?

King I think the Rock may be running on adrenaline Ross! don’t look behind you Taker!

*With the Rock ready too strike, Taker turns straight into a Rock Bottom sending the crowd into a frenzy!*

JR: Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom! That took everything out of the Rock.. He may have just used everything that was left in the tank!

King: That could be all he needs though JR! This could be it!



Three - NO!*

JR: My god that was close!

King: He had him? That was three right?

JR: Taker kicked out King! Somehow.. Someway, Taker kicked out!

*Rock is laying on the mat canvas exhausted and in shock that the Rock was able too kick out.. He struggles crawling too ropes, desperately trying too pick himself up, after a few attempts the Rock gets up and now he questions the Refs count.. As the Rock questions the Ref and both men argue, Taker sits up too a huge pop from the crowd*

King: Ross are you seeing what I’m seeing? Taker will not stay down!

JR: Taker is one tough son of a bitch King.. But on this night, at Wrestlemania.. He may be damn near impossible too beat!

*Taker is back on his feet and signals the cut throat too another pop from the crowd, Rock spins round but before he can react Taker again his by the throat and lifts him up into in too a Tombstone position!*

King: Takers going too lay him too rest!

JR: Rock is fighting though King! Rock is fighting with everything he has left!

*After a couple seconds struggle Rock is able too break free, he begins hitting the Rock with big right hands knocking Taker back a few steps each time.. He then swings off the ropes looking for a clothesline only for Taker too duck and Rock too catch the referee knocking him too the outside and out cold*

JR: The ref is down! The damn referee is out cold!

*As the Rock again try’s too spin around Taker grabs him once more by the throat and delivers another huge choke slam!*

JR: That’s the third Choke slam of the night! Rock might be damn broke in half!

King: Taker’s got the pin.. This should be over!

JR: There’s no referee!

*Crowd count






Taker finally takes him arm of the Rock’s chest realising no referee is coming too count*

King: This should have been over! Taker had him counted down for at least five!

*Taker again gets back too his feet struggling too keep his balance exhausted with the way the match has gone! He signals for a referee too come down from the back, he then lifts back up the Rock and once more signals the cut throat directly too his face before lifting him up and…*

JR: Tombstone! Tombstone Piledriver!

King: This must be it now!

*Taker again covers him, this time with his trademark cover.. The crowd pop after they see a referee run down and slide into the ring!




JR: NO! He will not die.. The Rock will not give in!

King: How can anyone kick out after that Ross? It had too be it.. Taker can not believe it!

*Taker in sheer anger can not believe he did not get the three count and grabs the ref by the collar, the referee is shouting at him not too hurt him but in Takers state of rage he picks up the Ref and delivers a big choke slam!*

JR: OHHH COME ON! Taker there was no need in that!

King: It was a slow count Ross.. It must have been! No man kicks out from the Tombstone!

*Taker begins looking around puzzled with what he has too do too keep this man down, he then falls too floor and sides underneath the ropes and grabs a chair from the outside!*

*crowd pop*

JR: Not like this Undertaker! You Can’t !

King: He can and he will Ross! Taker is at desperation! He has tried everything else!

*Undertaker gets back in the ring with the chair in hand.. He stands up and holds it above his head ready too swing it as the Rock gets back too his feet!*

JR: I think you could be right King! Taker don’t look like he wants too do it but as you say.. He’s tried everything else!

*The Rock holding on too the rope slowly gets back too his feet.. He turns around and quickly notices the chair In hand, before Taker is able too swing it.. Rock gives a boot too the midsection making Taker drop the chair and drop too one knee.. Rock picks up the chair and.. *

JR: NO ROCKY! Don’t do….. My god what a shot! Look at the bend in that chair!

*Crowd pop*

*The Rock with the chair in hand stares into the eyes of the Undertaker and says..*

King: What he did he say Ross!?

JR: I think.. I think he said sorry King!

King: Sorry? Why?

*The Rock then lifts the chair over his head before smashing it down with such venom on too the skull of Taker that the chair brakes and Taker splits open with blood pouring out! He then chucks the chair out of the ring.. And goes for the cover!*

JR: Taker has been busted wide open folks! My god what a match!

08-12-2012, 04:51 PM
*Crowd count Rock’s pin







The Rock then gets back too his feet and calls down for another ref, with the 3rd ref running the ramp again the rock goes for the pin!



Thre-NO! *

JR: I don’t think I can take much more of this! Both men will just not lie down!

King: I can’t recall another match like it Ross!

*The crowd are in utter shock that Taker was able too kick out and respond with an “this is awesome“ chant!

King: You here these fans? This has been awesome!

JR: Awesome is just one word too describe this match King! My god what a match!

*With the Rock’s eyes wide open in shock and his mouth open gasping for air he again makes too his feet.. He stares at the 3rd referee before hitting him with a Rock Bottom!*

JR: That’s the 3rd referee folks! We must be running out back there! This match is still going on and there might not be no one left too call it!

*The rock sits in the corner for a few seconds staring at Taker, wondering what it’s going too take too keep him down! Out of the corner of his eye.. Rock notices the same broken chair he used too bust Taker open with.. He slides underneath the ring ropes and grabs a new one before heading back into the ring*

JR: Not again Rock! Come on, not again!

*As the Rock again picks up the chair about too swing it at a motionless Taker, the deadman sits up too a huge crowd pop!*

JR: He will not stay down!

*The Rock once more in utter shock however this time Taker does not move once sat up.. Instead he calls for the Rock too him again!*

*With the Rock debating weather too strike Taker again the crowd give a huge cheer, The Rock here’s the cheer and turns around only too be confronted by the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!

JR: IT’S SHAWN MICHAELS! The Heartbreak Kid, what’s he doing here!

*Before the Rock can react HBK hit’s a sweet chin music right on the jaw of the great one knocking him down and sending the chair flying out of the ring.. As the Rock falls he lands on the Undertaker who is quickly able too lock in.. *

JR: Hells Gate! Hells gate is locked in!

King: What is going on! What’s Michaels doing here!

*With Hells Gate locked in Taker continues too put the pressure on and the Rock is motionless trapped in Takers trademark submission, Michaels leaves the Ring and rolls the 1st groggy referee into ring before making his way up the ramp with the crowd cheering his name!*

JR: Has Shawn Michaels just helped Undertaker King?

King: It looks that way Ross!

*With Hells gate firmly locked in and The Rock motionless in the submission the groggy ref comes around and begins too lift Rocks arm too see if he’s awake*

JR: The Rock is out! He’s out folks!

King: Taker is moments away from keeping his streak alive!

*The ref try’s 3 times but the Rock does not flinch or moves his arm.. After a few more seconds the ref calls for the bell and declares Undertaker the winner!*

JR: Undertaker wins! The streak is alive! My god what a match though King.. But Shawn Michaels? Why?

King: I have never seen a match like that Ross.. The heart and desire shown by both men was outstanding!

*With the Undertakers music playing in the back round the crowd give a huge ovation and chant the names of both men.. EMT’S rush down too help both superstars too the back*

JR: Just amazing! Two warriors going into battle given everything they have.. And the winner.. These fans King, just listen too there appreciation!

King: Like you say Ross.. Amazing! Both men gave everything they had and it shows.. Taker might have got the win tonight but the damage done too both men could last a lifetime and have a big influence on there life’s from this point forward!

JR: Well folks, I’m not sure anything can follow that.. But we go ahead with the rest of Wrestlemania and what a night it’s been!

08-12-2012, 05:06 PM
King: That's right JR! CM Punk was victorious over Edge, Beer Money triumphed over Kane, Cody Rhodes won the US Championship, whilst Mr. Anderson defended his Intercontinental Championship. Tyson Kidd is now Mr. Money in the Bank, and we've seen debuts from Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Orton, plus my personal favourite Seth Rollins

JR: And now King, it’s time! Ever since the Royal Rumble- these two have been on a collision course that have lead us to this exact moment in time. This road began all the way back at Royal Rumble and now it ends here...in the main event of WrestleMania!

King: Two months of utter disgrace to the WWE Championship are about to come to a finish right now!

JR: I don’t know about that King- Jericho will have to do better than five men last month at Elimination Chamber.

King: Chris Jericho defeated twenty nine other guys in the Royal Rumble match! He’ll win the title now!

JR: We’re about to find out!



*Pyro explodes out of the stage as the camera focuses on Chris Jericho in his immortal pose. The fans boo loudly as Jericho turns around and smirks. He makes his way down the long ramp before climbing into the ring as the fans boos increase.*

King: Here comes the NEXT WWE CHAMPION!

JR: King, Warrior won’t give this up without a fight.

King: I don’t agree JR. I think it would be in the best interests of Warrior to lie down in the centre of the ring and take the count.


http://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/slides/photos/000/151/209/UltimateWarriorArmTassels_display_image.jpg?126533 9772

*Ultimate Warrior runs out onto the stage and down the ramp as the fans loudly cheer. He begins to lap the ring as Ric Flair walks out onto the stage. He walks down the ramp as Warrior stops lapping the ring as Flair arrives. Both men slide into the ring.*

JR: Here it is King! Are you ready?

King: Neither man was ever in DX, JR.

JR: It’s the WrestleMania main event!

Main Event: Chris Jericho vs. Ultimate Warrior(c) (Michaels) for the WWE Championship

(stop at 25:39)

JR: Huge crossbody from Warrior! This could be it!




Jericho kicks out as Warrior rolls off. He picks himself up at the corner as Jericho begins to get up in the centre of the ring. He turns around and Warrior goes for a clothesline but Jericho hits a dropkick. He quickly grabs Warrior and goes to lock in the Walls of Jericho but Warrior kicks out and jumps up.

Warrior pushes Jericho back into the ropes and as Jericho comes back at him- hits a clothesline that drops Jericho. He hits a quick elbow drop to Jericho’s chest and goes for a cover but Jericho grabs the arm and twists around into an armbar.

Warrior screams in anger as Jericho locks in the armbar even further. Warrior tries to escape but Jericho shifts his weight to lock the move in further. Warrior’s hand is just inches from the canvas! He teases the tapping out as Ric Flair jumps onto the apron! The referee jumps up and tells him to get down as Jericho breaks the hold and smashes Flair in the face. Warrior goes for a roll-up!




Jericho just kicks out! Warrior reaches his feet first and begins to shake the ropes in anticipation. The fans pop loudly but their quickly silenced as Warrior turns around right into a Codebreaker! Jericho collapses along with Warrior as the next move could be priceless in both of these guys pursuit of victory.

Jericho begins to crawl and finally drapes an arm across Warrior.




Warrior gets the shoulder up as the fans cheer for it. Warrior begins to get up, as does Jericho. As they climb up, they begin to trade shots.


The last shot drops Jericho to his knee and Warrior backs up before hitting a big dropkick. He looks around as Jericho is in perfect position. Warrior bounces off the ropes, jumps over Jericho and bounces off the other ropes. He jumps up, but Jericho moves at the last second, and Warrior slams into the canvas.

Jericho quickly moves over to Warrior and grabs his legs. He turns Warrior over and locks in the Walls of Jericho!*


JR: Calm down King! This could very well be it! What a war this has been!

King: Come on Jericho!

*Jericho pulls back further as Warrior is so close to tapping. He begins to crawl towards the ropes. With every claw he scrapes across the canvas, the fans are willing him on, and just as he looks set to grab the bottom rope, Jericho walks forwards, back into the centre of the ring, pulling Warrior with him.

Warrior teases it for a few more seconds before finally succumbing to the pain, and letting his hand slap against the canvas three times.*

JR: Warrior taps! We have a new Champion!


JR: What a match that was!

*In the ring, Chris Jericho reaches his feet with a grimace on his face as the fans are booing. He is handed the WWE Championship and collapses backwards into the corner, but he doesn’t care as he hugs the WWE Championship in the corner.*

King: Chris Jericho deserves this.

JR: I can’t disagree King- but what a way to close the show here tonight!

King: WrestleMania has been magic!

JR: That’s right King- wait, who the hell is that?!

*The ‘that’ JR is referring to a masked man that has climbed over the barricade. He grabs Ric Flair and slams his head into the ringpost, before sliding into the ring. He looks at a rising Warrior and picks him up, locking in the TORTURE RACK!*


JR: It has to be!

*The man drops Warrior and looks down at him, before reaching up and pulling his mask off his face. The fans are in complete silence as he is revealed to be...*


JR: It was Luger! All the cryptic videos were Luger!

*Luger looks at Jericho who has a shocked look on his face, before climbing out of the ring and walking away up the ramp.

In the ring, Jericho reaches his feet and looks down at Warrior on the floor. He turns around and watches Luger walk backstage, before throwing his arms in the air, lifting the WWE Championship up in the air.*


JR: Oh my god! Is Kidd going to cash it in!?

King: NO!

*Tyson Kidd walks out onto the stage and holds the briefcase up in the air. He teases beginning to walk down the ramp as Jericho stares from the ring. Kidd smirks before backing up and walking backstage.*


JR: Kidd reminding Jericho that he is Mr. Money in the Bank!

King: Jericho doesn’t need to worry about him!

JR: Well that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed WrestleMania! We sure did! Make certain you watch Monday Night Raw!

*We get one final shot of Chris Jericho with the WWE Championship held up in the air before the screen fades to black and the WWE logo flashes across.*

08-12-2012, 06:02 PM

08-20-2012, 03:22 PM
New Champion!

At Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble winner: Chris Jericho became the new WWE Champion, pinning The Ultimate Warrior! Rumors say Jericho will open the show with a victory celebration! What will the new champion say when Raw goes live?

Mr. Money in the Bank!

Wrestlemania, Money in the Bank ladder match, 7 superstars, only one victor, and that was Tyson Kidd, narrowly triumphing over Evan Bourne! How will this affect the events of Monday Night Raw, knowing we can have a new champion at any one minute!

A New Edge for Punk?

The match that left a lot of jaws hanging, was a no holds barred match, between CM Punk and Edge! CM Punk managed to gain the victory, and with it, a handshake from Edge. Has Punk adopted a new attitude? Find out, at 8/7c!


At Wrestlemania, Randy Orton, Steve Austin, Seth Rollins, Shawn Michaels and Lex Luger debuted, setting their sights on Kane, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, The Rock, and The Ultimate Warrior respectively! What will be the backlash of their actions, on Monday Night Raw

08-21-2012, 10:06 AM
Let's post a filler

08-21-2012, 10:07 AM
Hell, and one more

08-21-2012, 10:08 AM
Watching old DVD's, proves Michael Cole and JBL, are a billion times better than Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

08-21-2012, 10:09 AM
The Beatles and Elvis > Music Today

Anyway, let's start Raw

08-21-2012, 10:58 AM
WWE Raw!

JR: Hello everyone, welcome to Monday Night Raw, emanating live from Madison Square Garden! Good ole' JR here joined by Jerry "The King" Lawler, and just one night ago, in this very building, we had one of the greatest Wrestlemania's in history!

King: That's right Jim, we crowned a new WWE Champion, in Chris Jericho! Yippee

JR: Not only that, but the Streak remained in tact, thanks to "The Heartbreak Kid", Shawn Michaels!

King: That asshole Mr. Anderson retained his title, and CM Punk defeated Edge, but after the match, they shook hands! Why? Why?

JR: Because King, it's the sportsmanlike thing to do!



JR: And here comes the new WWE Champion

King: What a match it was Jim. Where Jericho had Warrior locked in the walls, and he tapped out, ha ha, it was awesome! One of my Wrestlemania moments for sure

*Chris Jericho swaggers out to the top of the ramp, wearing one of his trademark 3 piece suits, with a trademark shit-eating grin on his face. He stops on the ramp to absorb the crowd reaction, which isn't positive. After looking around the arena a bit, he looks at the WWE Championship on his shoulder before continuing down the ramp. He gets to the ring, walks up the steel steps, and enters the ring. He then demands a mic to be brought to him from ringside, and after snatching that from the hand of the stagehand, he moves to the middle of the ring as his music stops. He positions himself in the middle of the ring and takes another moment to look around before he goes to speak.*

Jericho: Let's turn the clock back a couple of months. Back when there was no Chris Jericho gracing this WWE ring. The Royal Rumble was announced, and everyone was scrambling around the place, scratching and clawing to ensure that they were going to be the winner of the match. You hypocrites were all predicting and calling who was going to win the match; CM Punk, Edge, The Rock, The Undertaker amongst other names you people thought were going to waltz into that match and come out the winner. Not one single person gave Chris Jericho a thought, not one. But, come the end of the night, I beat the odds. I entered the Royal Rumble match at number 2 and went out, as number 1; the winner! And I punched my ticket to WRESTLEMANIA!!

*Crowd boo, but Jericho just smiles*

Jericho: But of course, there was one more stop between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania, and that was of course the Elimination Chamber. And being the fighting champion I am, it was only natural for me to have a match. And so, I obliged the pleas and groveling of The Undertaker, and granted him a match against me with the main event spot at Wrestlemania at stake.

But again, not one single person here gave me a shot at winning. Do you people really think that I'm that stupid? Do you people really think that I would willingly put up a main event spot at Wrestlemania in jeopardy like that, without knowing that I was going to win the match? Of course I wasn't! I've beaten The Undertaker before, I beat him at the Elimination Chamber, and I'll beat him again whenever, wherever I want!

*Crowd boo*

Jericho: And with that great win under my belt, it was all plain sailing to Wrestlemania, where I would take my rightful place in the main event, where I would win the match and take my rightful place as the WWE Champion. Yeah, I told all of you hypocrites and parasites that I would do this and yet none of you believed me, well look at me know, because I stand here before you as the 2012 Royal Rumble winner, the man who's beaten The Undertaker, and now, your WWE Champion!!

*The crowd give their loudest jeer of the night thus far*

Jericho: And now, I hear you all asking the question; "What's next? What's next for Chris Jericho, the WWE Champion?". Well it's very simple, because now that I am the Champion here, the right people are going to be getting the respect they deserve. The right talent in this company are going to get the recognition they deserve. People like myself, Brock Lesnar, Mr Anderson, Lex Luger and many others. The people that deserve to be at the top of this company are going to be at the top of this company.

*Crowd boo*

Jericho: And of course, there's the small matter of an individual that has a guaranteed title shot in his grasp, Mr Money in the Bank; Tyson Kidd.

*Crowd pop*

Jericho: Well, Kidd, you may think that you made a statement at the end of Wrestlemania by coming out to show off your little briefcase, but all you really did was try and upstage me, try and take away my spotlight. That was MY moment, not yours, and you acted like a selfish, spoiled little brat by coming out there to gloat.

If you were a real man, you'd confront me face to face and tell me when you were going to cash in that briefcase. You'd come out here and face me one on one for the WWE Championship when I was ready for you, and not cash it in when I'm at my weakest. After all, what would that prove? That you can beat someone who's already beat up? Or perhaps that would prove that you can only beat people up when they're at their weakest, and the simple fact that you just can't beat anyone when they're at 100%.

*Crowd boo*

Jericho: But I digress, right here, right now, there are a few simple facts that all of you people need to take note of. Some of these facts you'll already be aware of, but I'm inclined to think you're just not getting.

First and foremost, I am the best in the world at what I do. I have proved that since the day I returned here, by winning the Royal Rumble, by beating The Undertaker, by beating The Ultimate Warrior, and by winning the WWE Championship in the main event at Wrestlemania.

*Crowd boo as Jericho just smiles*

Jericho: Secondly, and this one's a really simple one to comprehend, I am the WWE Champion.

*Crowd boo*

Jericho: I AM the WWE Champion!!

*Crowd boo louder*


*The level of boos climax as Jericho holds the Championship up high with a broad smile on his face*

Jericho: And thirdly, and this is just one that you're going to have to get used to, I am going to be the WWE Champion for a very, very long time. Because now that I am the WWE Champion, I am never...... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV VVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRR loosing it AGAIN!!!!!

*The crowd rain down with boos and jeers as Jericho hoists the Championship up high with the same broad smile on his face*

08-21-2012, 10:58 AM


JR: And here comes the former WWE Champion

King: Former, yes. Yesterday he was proven to be nothing but a loser

JR: He was still champion for 2 months King. He is far from a loser-

King: But he's not a champion

*Warrior rushes out down the ramp and circles the ring 125 times while Jericho is still hoisting his title up. Also while Warrior is running around the ring, Coach and Ric Flair are walking down the ramp- Coach in Warrior garb, Ric in an expensive suit. Ric is carrying something that is all bundled up- but no one can see what it is. Finally, Warrior stops his running and waits for Coach and Ric to enter the ring before entering it himself. Warrior shakes the ropes before getting right in Jericho's face.*


*Coach reaches down his trunks and pulls out a mic, sticking it in Warriors face.*

Warrior: Before I say something to you Jericho about my title that you now have in your possesion of my title my manager Ric Flair has something to reveal to the world that was a creation of the most wonderful creation of all- the Ultimate Warrior. Who is that you ask? It is me. So Ric, with and without further ado- please remove the covering of what shall be uncovered for the world to see.


Warrior: And he shall be the future of this sport along with me- the Ultimate Warrior. Ric, place him down

*Ric places Nature Boy Warrior on the mat, and the 'child' immediately does a Ric Flair strut and lets out a loud growl. The Nature Boy Warrior then runs up to Jericho's leg and looks like he will hump it. Jericho just looks down in disgust.*

Warrior: Little one, know your manners. Use Coach's leg.

*The Nature Boy Warrior runs up to Coach and starts humping his leg. Coach just stands there and lets him, but doesn't look happy about it. The Nature Boy Warrior is grpwling the whole time he humps Coach's leg*

Warrior: Now Jericho, as you know, I, the Ultimate Warrior held that belt before you and henceforth the title is still really mine. It is covered still in my protective juices, for I can smell it But since you seem to thing it is yours, I will evoking what you think is unvokably- I will evoke my rematch clause for a match to get that belt back to its rightful owner- me- the Ultimate Warrior. And to make sure there will be no cheating by you, or no steroid freak like Lex Luger to try to get involved in our match, I talked to Teddy Long. What he told me is what he told me- its is a match that has never happened before in the WWE- it will be a match between the two of us that shall take part in steel cage. This is something that has never happened before on WWE Raw so it will be a first- you and I will make history.


*The Nature Boy Warrior has finished humping Coach's leg and rushes to Warrior for a hug, then rushes to Ric and growls and grunts until Ric picks him up, Nature Boy Warrior quickly falls to sleep in his arms*


Coach: That was me, you made me wear a blonde wig you sick fuck. As far as that kid there, you guys do know it takes nine months for a baby to come out after conception to birth. You guys didn't ...

Warrior: Whoa! The Warrior seed grows fast, much faster than a regular humanoids seed. You should know that, my seed grew fast inside you, making you the Warrior that you are.

Coach: Well yeah, but nine months?

Warrior: The Warrior Gods deemed it so


Warrior: Growl

Flair: WOOOOO!

Warrior: Growl

Nature Boy Warrior: *wakes up* growl

*The commentators are silent before a fit of laughter breaks out. Jericho and Warrior goes noes to noes, as the camera cuts to the parking lot where it shows a black limo with blacked out windows pulling up, the limo stops and the cameraman pushes up towards the car and points the camera at the door, after a few seconds the door opens and the crowd quickly cheer with excitement as Shane McMahon steps out with a big smile on his face..

The Limo pulls away and Shane begins too make his way entering the building and walking through the halls.. after Shane is shown saying hello and being greeted by some superstars and staff members it shows him stopping outside a door, the camera spins towards the door and it's now shown to be Vince McMahon's office, after Shane knocks on the door he's quickly told too enter, Shane enters the office and Vince quickly greets his son before closing the door on the cameraman

The cameraman however does not leave and try's to listen what is being said.. the only thing that can be made out is Vince saying "have you thought about that idea?.. well do we have a deal?" but before the fans can hear anymore the door opens up again and Shane tells the cameraman too go away with a smile across his face and once more closes the door*

JR: Shane McMahon? Again here.. tonight? Something tells me that something big is about to go down King!

King: I agree but what Ross? Why is Shane here? What deal? I don't know anything about any deal.

JR: I have no idea! I have a feeling we will find out in due course though King..

King: I hope so! I'm excited too find out what they could be on about.. Maybe it's another NFL attempt or maybe another blockbuster movie?

JR: But why Shane? I can't see it King..


08-21-2012, 12:00 PM
*We return from commercial, all of a sudden music begins to play, and nobody knows who it is. The fans are anxiously awaiting to see who comes out next.*


JR: Whose music is this? We haven't heard it before.

King: I have no clue...maybe a new superstar?

*Suddenly, CM Punk walks out from the back, and gets a mixed reaction from the fans. He stands at the top of the ramp, looking out at all of the fans. He walks down the ramp, and slides into the ring. He walks to the corner, and climbs up high. He raises his arms in the form of an X, and then hops down. He grabs a mic, as he looks at the fans.*

Punk: At Wrestlemania...it happened. I have my Wrestlemania moment. It wasn't the back and forth near pinfalls between myself and Edge. It wasn't me making Edge tap out. It was after the match. It was when Edge acknowledged me as the better man that night when he shook my hand. That will be my Wrestlemania moment. Adam...I know you are in the back listening right now. Thank you. Thank you for putting on a 5 star match with me at Wrestlemania. In my opinion, we stole the show. It's time to move on though. It's time to have a new focus. With that win at Wrestlemania, the Straight Edge Savior became the #1 contender for the WWE Championship!

*The fans pop at this statement, with everyone knowing what this means.*

Punk: Jericho, we have a meeting set for Backlash. That's right. The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla vs the Straight Edge Savior. Jericho, we've torn it down before, and we will do it again, and trust me when I say this, you will be a transitional champ, so don't get comfortable with my title.

*The fans pop at this*

Punk: Tonight though, I have some garbage to take care of. Rey Mysterio! I had mad respect for you. You were one of the best high flyers to step in any wrestling ring, but this new side of you, man, it's like you went to the dark side...no pun intended. Mysterio, I've heard you talk about these fans like they were your family. Hell, you got a prayer a fan gave you as a tattoo. Yet you turn your back on these fans? Trust me when I say this Mysterio, I've turned my back on these fans. Yeah, you can make it on your own, hell, you can even become champion when these fans hate you. I did it before. Let me let you in on a secret. When these fans have your back, when these fans root for you, they give you that second wind,, they give you that extra energy to push a little more. Mysterio, after our match tonight, I want you to pay close attention when you rewatch it. I'll beat you tonight because I am the best wrestler in the world, and because I have the support of these WWE Fans.

*Punk drops the mic, as he looks at the ramp, waiting for Mysterio*


JR: Here comes Rey Mysterio! And how will he respond to those words?

King: The best highflyer in WWE History, gets talked down to by that douche? What a-

JR: Wait a minute King! Last night you were singing Punk's praises, but since he shook hands with Edge, you've been less than nice to him, like calling him a douche

King: Because he did a douche like thing shaking hands. It's disgraceful!

Match 1: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

Ignore Entrances and Watch Until 15:45

*CM Punk runs at Mysterio, and lands the shining wizard. He goes for the bulldog, but Rey kicks him in the back of the leg. Rey kicks the right leg of Punk again, plus once more. Rey runs against the ropes, and lands a springboard crossbody! He covers




Rey gets to his feet, and goes to the top rope. Punk slowly gets to his feet. Rey leaps off the top rope, but Punk catches him on his shoulders. The crowd pop, as Punk lands a Go To Sleep! Punk hooks the leg




JR: And CM Punk gains the victory

King: Darn Mysterio didn't get the job done. I guess, Vince may make him do the "job" from now on haha

JR: King, you need to stop making jokes


08-21-2012, 12:24 PM
*Vince McMahon can be seen on the phone with someone talking about a topic of unknown origins. A knock on the door interrupts him but he continues to ignore it in favor of his conversation. Another flurry of much more hasty and obnoxiously disturbing knocks radiate from the wood of the door and Vince grits his teeth in agitation and tells the person on the other line to hold on for a second.*

“Dammit, cut that out! I’ll be there in a minute!”

*Vince returns to his conversation on the phone and apologizes for the inconvenience but is cut off by the sight and sound of his door literally being broken down off of its hinges. Taken aback, Vince stumbles backwards over his desk and drops the phone in his hand.*

“What the hell?!”

*With a half startled and half enraged expression on his face, Vince looks up and notices Brock Lesnar at his door way. Before Vince can get a word out, Brock Lesnar dashes over to him, hoists him up in the air by his collar and slams him into the wall with a tight grip still on his shirt.*

“What’s the meaning of this, Brock?! You have five seconds to put me down before you regret the day you were born!”

::Brock Lesnar::
“Want something other than your door broken? Then I suggest you keep your mouth shut and for once in your pathetic existence, listen. Listen to what I have to say.”

“What’s the matter, Brock? Paul couldn’t make it? Or are you trying to be a big boy now and handle your own problems like a man?”

::Brock Lesnar::
“The only reason I didn’t bring Paul in here with me is because I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea. I didn’t want you assuming that my issues could be solved with some B.S. contract signing where a couple of signatures could take away my grievances. No, I’m taking action right now on MY terms! And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll do exactly what I say and when I say it. You think me breaking your son-in-law’s arm was bad. You won’t want to see what happens when I get my hands on your precious little daughter.”

*At the sound of such a viable threat, Vince tries to squirm his way out of Brock’s grip but is unsuccessful.*

::Brock Lesnar::
“Now, I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention or not but as of late, I’ve been getting screwed over ever since I came back and I’m not happy about it. One…bit. Time after time, my opportunities have been taken away from me by cheap in ring tactics and shoddy refereeing. Are you aware that at one point, I was to face John Morrison at Wrestlemania despite the fact that over and over again, I beat him down and made him look like my bitch? Then, I thought that I was going to fairly compensated for that crap when I was given a shot at the United Sates Championship in that tournament. I made it to the finals and I dominated my other two opponents at Wrestlemania Then, out of the friggin’ blue, Stone Cold illegally interferes in my match and that punk Cody Rhodes was able to cheat me out of what was supposed to be MY win. Now, I don’t want any more games. I don’t want any more shenanigans. What I want is Cody Rhodes in the ring tonight against me for the United Sates Championship and if you have any brains at all, you’ll do exactly what I say…now. And as far as Stone Cold Steve Austin goes, I want to know what business he had poking his nose in my affairs.”

Let go off me! Damit you better let go off me now!

*After a few seconds, Brock eventually lets go off Vince, after adjusting his tie and collar Vince begins too speak*

Vince: You wan't answers Brock? You wan't answers? Fine! do you understand how many of my superstars despise you Lesnar? Well do you? do you understand how many people ask me why I'm paying you the money I do too complain week in and week out? an unhappy roster is not good for business.. You charging into my office demanding this and demanding that is not good for business and Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon is all about the business!

You want too know why Austin was at Wrestlemania? Well ask him.. he's here tonight Brock!

*Brock's face lights up with anger as Vince says Austin is here tonight, the crowd however begin too cheer with excitement*

Vince: I'll tell you what though Lesnar.. I'm going too you a chance, your last chance.. You will go one on one with Cody tonight for the US title.. if you win, Great.. If you don't, well I may start listening too these people who question why you are here! Oh and Your match.. it's next!

*After Vince is done speaking Brock charges out of his office with a look of fury across his face and heads too ringside*

JR: Brock needs to be careful he doesn't want to be fired.

King: But he got what he want JR, it worked. More people need to stand up to Vince!

JR: I'd be careful what you say, he is your boss after all.

King: I'm just excited we are going to get a new United States Champion tonight!



JR: And here comes the new United States Champion Cody Rhodes! Who beat Brock Lesnar and Jeff Hardy at Wrestlemania!

King: You know JR, as do I, that Brock Lesnar was screwed by Stone Cold. It should be Lesnar holding that title!

JR: I’ll admit that Lesnar was dominating, but he got distracted and Rhodes capitalized.

King: Stone Cold shouldn’t have been there. Not to mention Rhodes and his new attitude don’t deserve this.

JR: Well it seems so far that his new attitude is paying off.

King: Shut up JR.

*The fans immediately jump out of their seats with a big pop as Cody Rhodes walks out of the curtain with his hooded sleeveless long jacket on. He looks around before throwing the hood back and laughing. He undoes the jacket and shows off his newly won United States Championship, before walking down the ramp and climbing into the ring. He asks for a microphone and is handed one. Before he speaks, he looks around at the crowd, before laughing once again, taking the United States Championship from his waist and walking forwards to the ropes, before holding it up in the air as the fans pop again. He backs up and begins to talk.*

Cody Rhodes: And there is the first of my WrestleMania moments. One night ago, 24 hours ago, I walked out of that curtain, made my way down to the ring and nearly stole the show with two other great competitors. We put on a hell of a show, and I managed to make it all the way through- coming out of it as the NEW United States Champion!

*The fans pop loudly.*

Cody Rhodes: The American Dream’s son is the United States Champion- it just had to happen didn’t it? Last night, I put on the match of my career in honour of my father and to come out holding this belt- holding the title that proves to the entire world, that I am the next star in this business.

Sure, I know that there’s a lot of hard work to come but I’m going to do that. I’m going to come out here each and every night, and put on a show for all of you. I’m going to hold this United States Championship for as long as I can and try and make it all the way to the main events, so I can step into this ring with superstars such as Edge, Ultimate Warrior, The Rock and CM Punk!

But there is one sour note to come out of this entire saga, and that’s the behaviour of one Brock Lesnar.

*The fans boo for Lesnar’s name.*

Cody Rhodes: You see, Lesnar allowed himself to be distracted and he feels I ‘stole’ the victory last night. As a result of such claims, he’s got himself a match with me tonight, with the United States Championship on the line. As far as I’m aware, he’s just the first obstacle- and as I proved last night. I can beat Brock Lesnar.

So Brock, why don’t you head on out here? Let’s not waste time. You wanna win this title, and I wanna kick you so hard in the head that I knock you out. One of those things will happen, and allow me to be the first to tell you that I’m not letting this United States Championship go anywhere.

*The fans pop loudly and Rhodes throws the mic down, turning to the ramp to wait for Brock.*

08-21-2012, 12:41 PM
JR: And it’s time for Cody Rhodes to defend his United States Championship for the first time against Brock Lesnar.

King: And this time it’s a one on one match, and no Stone Cold. It’s time for Lesnar to win what should have been his at Wrestlemania.

JR: But tonight is a different night. Who knows maybe Cody now knows what it takes to beat Brock.

King: Are you kidding me? Nobody can stop Brock Lesnar if he isn’t distracted, just look at this man.



JR: Lesnar is strong no doubting that, but anything can happen on any given night in the WWE.

King: Not tonight, tonight Brock wins the United States Championship

Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar United States Championship

(Stop at 5:54)

King: Lesnar has him up, it’s all over, this could be the shortest reign in US Championship history.

*Cody is able to jump off the shoulders of Lesnar, pushes him in the back, and hits Lesnar with…*

JR: Disaster Kick from Rhodes! This could be it!



Th- Kick out!

King: That was close, come on Brock, you’re unstoppable, get up!

JR: I don’t know King it’s not looking too good for Brock.

*Rhodes goes to pick up Lesnar, who pushes Rhodes away, and when Rhodes comes back, Lesnar hits him with a huge clothesline. Lesnar picks Rhodes up and hits a knee to the midsection of Rhodes. Lesnar goes to send Rhodes against the turnbuckle, but Rhodes reverses and sends Lesnar against the turnbuckle. Rhodes runs at him, ducks under Lesnar’s clothesline, and Lesnar ducks Rhodes’ attempt at a Disaster Kick.*

King: Now’s your chance Brock, make him pay!

*Lesnar goes to lift Cody up, but Cody slides and hits an uppercut to the face of Lesnar. Lesnar stumbles, comes back, Rhodes kicks him in the midsection, grabs Lesnar by the head and…*

JR: There it is Cross Rhodes, the cover



King: Come on kick out Brock


JR: Not this time and Rhodes retains his championship in a good showing against Lesnar.

King: I still don’t like him and his new attitude

JR: Stop being so bitter King

*The sound of glass shatters and out comes Austin.*



King: What the hell is he doing here? What does he want now?

JR: I think we’re about to find out.

*The trademark glass shatters and the capacity crowd are on their feet, cheering wildly for Stone Cold Steve Austin, the returning rattlesnake! He saunters down to the ring, as usual talking to himself. He climbs on the turnbuckle and raises his middle finger, doing his signature salute. He climbs down and grabs a ringside microphone.*

JR: Stone Cold is back on Raw after a shocking attack on Brock Lesnar last night!

King: Yeah, I hope our true US Champion Brock Lesnar gives this asshole Austin what he has got coming to him!

SCSA: Stone Cold is back!

Fans: What!?

SCSA: I said Stone Cold is back!

Fans: What!?

SCSA: I said Stone Cold is back in a WWE ring for the first time in 10 years!

*The fans pop big for The Texas Rattlesnake, as he grins widely *

SCSA: Your damn right I’m back, and at Wrestlemania, the grandest stage of them all, I made a HUGE impact, when I gave Brock Lesnar the Middle Finger and Stunner’ed his ass to hell! And all week, on Twitter, Facebook, and WWE.com and all over the place, people have been wondering...Why, Stone Cold, Why!? Well, sit down and let good old Stone Cold tell you a story.... Back in 2002, when Brock Lesnar was on the rise in the WWE, and I wasa t the peak of my career, drinking beer and whupping ass! Then I got word of some Rookie, Brock Lesnar, and Vince told me that I had to job to Brock Lesnar with no build up to our. I said... HELL NO! I am willing to help Brock out, but not with no build up. My problem was never with Brock Lesnar, but it was with the way the creative team seemed intent on killing me off.

*The crowd boo and chant ‘Creative sucks!’*

SCSA: Yeah well, basically, I had no problem with Brock Lesnar then. Until, that is, he took some pot shots at good old Stone Cold! He said recently... now lemme get this right...

*Stone Cold pulls out a piece of paper*

SCSA: Yeah here we are. When asked who Brock would wanna face in a match he answered... Ahem... and I quote... ‘ Ironically it’s the guy that walked out on me.’ ‘ I think he was plain downright scared to face me’ 'And thats Stone Cold'

*Stone Cold throws the paper away*

SCSA: Publicly, I said nothing, I blamed myself for a stupid decision on my behalf. But on the inside, I could feel it bubbling up inside me, something I hadn’t felt since 2003. Passion, anger and a need to whup someone’s ass!And by someone, I mean BROCK LESNAR! So I got Vince on the phone, I said Vince!

Fans: What!?

SCSA: I said, Vince...

Fans: What!?

SCSA: I want back...

Fans: What!?

SCSA: On one condition...

Fans: What!?

SCSA: That Stone Cold

Fans: What!?

SCSA: Can whup Brock Lesnar’s ass!

*The fans cheer loudly for Steve*

SCSA: If you want Stone Cold to give Brock Lesnar a beating of a lifetime, gimme a HELL YEAH!

Fans: Hell Yeah!

SCSA: No, I can’t hear you, I said GIVE ME A.....

08-21-2012, 12:59 PM
::Brock Lesnar::

"I'm not going to give you ANYTHING, Stone Cold!"

*While Stone Cold was busy talking, Brock Lesnar grabbed a nearby microphone and cut him off, much to the chagrin of both him and the fans willing to hear him talk trash at Lesnar's expense.*

::Brock Lesnar::

"In fact, I'm not giving any of you idiots anything! You know why? I've been getting screwed over by creative, referees, blindsides and crappy booking since I've gotten here. I've been putting my body on the line every time I wrestle and putting on a spectacular match every time I compete and what do I get in return? NOTHING! No respect from anyone! Not from Vince, not from those cookie cutter greenhorns, not from the veterans and not from the public who've spat on me for years! And you think that I'm just going to lay on my back and let this redneck do it to me again?! Listen, Austin, I could whoop your ass with my eyes closed. Hell, I could do it in handcuffs but the bottom line is that people keep stacking the odds against me until they become insurmountable and I'm the one who ends up on my ass. Not anymore! I'm not playing clown for this clown shoes company any longer! Why? Because...I....QUIT!!!!!!"

*Brock Lesnar spikes the microphone down and bumps Stone Cold's shoulders as he walks by him. Lesnar is sent off with boos along with a massive "Na Na Na Na" chant with Austin leading the crowd into it.*

King: NOOOOO! Brock don’t do this, we need you

JR: What a turn of event folks, Brock Lesnar has quit!

King: This is your fault JR! People like you keep rubbing it in that he lost, and not only that you don’t give him the proper respect that he should be shown!

JR: I don’t ever recall saying anything like that King, but I digress.

*The ring is set up for Pipers Pit, as the fans are anxiously waiting.*

King: Really? We are going to have to sit through Piper's Pit again? I thought Piper became a skeleton and blew away into dust.

JR: King, show some respect. Roddy Piper is a legend like you.

King: No one is a legend like me JR.



Roddy Piper walks out from the back, to a big ovation from the fans. He walks down the ramp, slapping a few hands along the way. He climbs the steels steps and gets into the ring. He grabs a mic, as he looks around at all of the fans.

Piper: I was sitting at home watching Wrestlemania, when I got word from Vinnie Mac that he wanted a special edition of Pipers Pit. It was a huge Wrestlemania, and this is a huge Raw. At Wrestlemania, some unbelievable, increased. He is the man that nearly won the Royal Rumble, the man that beat the rock at Wrestlemania. So get out here Undertaker! I've got a bone to pick with you.

Piper stands waiting for the Undertaker, but nobody comes.

Piper: Ah...do you got a stick up your ass Undertaker? I said get out here now!

Piper walks to the ropes, but still nothing..when suddenly...



The fans erupt, but in boos, as Randy Orton comes out from the back. He stands at the top of the ramp, and poses, as pyro's fall behind him. Piper is back in the middle of the ring, glaring at Orton. Orton walks down the ramp, and climbs onto the apron. He stands, looking at Piper. Orton climbs into the ring, and immediately gets in the face of Piper.

Piper: Hey junior...I didn't ask for...

RKO! Orton nails an RKO out of nowhere, as Piper is put down hard. Orton flips over, look at Piper, as he gets to his feet. He grabs the mic Piper dropped, as he looks down at Peiper, and then at the fans.

Orton: At Wrestlemania, I did what I set out to do. I made a statement, I left my mark. I attacked Kane. The Big Red Machine. The Monster. Every since Mania, people have been tweeting me and writing on my FB wall going "Why Orton, why?" I'll tell you why! I became the one thing I always hated growing up. I became a yes man. I became the person that all of you fans loved, and all of those internet nerds hated. I became the man that cared about being a star, and making sure I was never a bully. I became weak. I became just like John Cena. Frankly, I sucked.

The fans are booing, saying Orton blows in chant.

Orton: You are right. I blew. I blew as bad as most of your mothers blew and thats why you don't have brothers or sisters. Now, like I said. I had become something I hated. I grew up, watching people like Hogan, Austin, and The Rock. All legends in their own rights. IN a way, I was cementing myself as a legend...but you know what...I have never been a legend, nor will I ever be. I've only been a legend killer. So I took Kane out to make a statement.

The fans are chanting you suck now.

Orton: Oh shut up. I don't care what you think, and let me let you all in on a secret in this trade. Anyone in the back, at any given time, could careless what you think. Now...Roddy....I know you were expecting The Undertaker, but I thought I would make a better guess. See Piper, I'm sick of people like you, people like Rock, people like Taker, taking up time on Raw when it would be better served for someone with true talent. I'm tired Roddy. I'm tired of being cheered. I'm tired of being mr nice guy. They called me the apex predator...bah, I was weak. Who you see now...is who I am meant to be. So Roddy, thanks for coming, I hope none of us see you for a long time.

Orton turns, walking out of the ring onto the ring apron. He stops.

Orton: Actually, how about I make sure we don't see you for a long time.

Orton climbs back into the ring, standing in the corner waiting, as Piper slowly stirs. Orton charges, and nails a huge punt kick on Roddy, kicking him hard in the head. Orton grins his sadistic grin, as he turns, walking out of the ring.

JR: No Orton! You can't do this, not to a legend like Roddy Piper!

King: Well he just did, and Orton is sending a message. While Orton may take it a little far, he makes sure everyone knows he means business!

JR: But to legends who are retired like Roddy Piper

King: He did it to Kane at Wrestlemania!

JR: speaking of Wrestlemania, when we get back we will here from Mr. Money in the Bank, Tyson Kidd!


08-21-2012, 01:12 PM


*Tyson Kidd's music hits as the crowd go nuts. He makes his way to the ring with his MITB briefcase as the crowd is pumped up*

Tyson Kidd: Well guys. I done it! At Wrestlemania, I proved that I could win the Money in the Bank ladder match! If it wasn't for all your support and help, I probably wouldn't have got this far! I wanna thank each and every one of you people for believing in me! I think you are more ecstatic as I am! Thank you guys!

*Crowd cheer for Kidd*

Tyson Kidd: I have been dreaming for a moment like this for a long time, and it has finally happened. I plan to win the big one. But the thing is, I wanna cash this briefcase in fairly. I wanna prove to all of you people that I can win the big one without having to cash the briefcase in while the champion is weak. Because that will really solidify the prestige and wonders that this briefcase has.

*Crowd cheer for Kidd*

Tyson Kidd: Bret Hart, I know you're watching. Thank you for helping me in this. Thank you for allowing me to train in the Hart Dungeon. It's a real honor to be working on the best. I wanna show you that I can win the big one, I'll prove it to you Bret, you believed in me when I wanted to quit, and showed me that big things do come in small packages.

*Crowd cheer*

Tyson Kidd: David Hart Smith, look. I know you probably don't wanna talk to me right now, but I still do regret what happened. But look. You are out there winning titles in many promotions. And I have won this Money in the Bank briefcase. As much as I despise the fact that we split up, I think going out separate ways have paid off. But I hope you come back and we can be real mates again. Like we always were.

*Crowd cheer*

Tyson Kidd: Natalya, I done it baby! I love you so much! Thank you for all the support you gave me as well! Before the new era began, you were in the main roster. And hell, you were even more successful than me after all the Divas title reigns you had! I hope you’re watching this! I love you more than anything in this world baby!

*Crowd cheer*

Tyson Kidd: Wow, the atmosphere in this building is unbelievable. But there is one more person I wanna thank. In fact, it is not a person, it is a country. And that is the whole of Canada! I hope some of the residents living in Canada are watching this, thank you all for believing in me as I won this briefcase. You were all bursting my twitter account with tweets. And that proved how much support you gave!

*Crowd cheer*

Tyson Kidd: I never thought I would win anything like this. This briefcase has changed my life. Jheeze, I swear I'm about to cry now. I can feel my eyes getting watery, this is so emotional. This briefcase proves how much I wanna win the big one. I honestly can't believe I done this thing. I climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase. That will be a moment that will go down in history guys!

*Crowd cheer*

Tyson Kidd: As for now. Chris Jericho, you are also a fellow Canadian. A match with you would be absolutely great, and it would be an honor to face you. But let me assure you Jericho. I can cash this briefcase in any where I feel like, wherever it is in your house, backstage, I can cash this briefcase in anytime and anywhere I desire. I'm just warning you Jericho, I think you need to keep your eyes wide open.

*Crowd cheer*

Tyson Kidd: Once again! Thank you guys! I swear to god that I will never let any of you down! And..



*Evan Bourne’s music hits and cuts off Kidd. Bourne stands at the top of the ramp, crowd booing.*

Evan Bourne: You boo me but yet, do you even listen to this guy, he lies to you. Tyson, do you even listen to what you are saying? First you come out on your high horse saying that you couldn’t do it without these people, but then you say you’re not going to cash in the briefcase when the champ is weak. Then what is the point of even holding the briefcase? It is supposed to guarantee you a championship match anywhere at any time, you want to take advantage of a weakened champ that is the point of the briefcase.

*The crowd boo’s Bourne.*

Evan Bourne: Continue to boo me, but I’m not the one who lies to you, because after Tyson went on his celebration speech thanking everyone who isn’t even in this business, he comes back and tells Chris Jericho to keep his eyes open because he can cash in the briefcase anywhere at any time. What happened to cashing in the briefcase fairly Tyson?

*Pauses, and the crowd is really giving it too Bourne now. Bourne doesn’t give Kidd a chance to respond.*

Evan Bourne: That’s what I thought. Your true colors came out, but yet these people fail to see that, as they continue to cheer you and boo me, yet I’m the one telling the truth. I told everyone that the WWE and these people have been holding me back my whole career, and I was right, I was inches away from grabbing that briefcase, before your crowd favorite here cheated to win. That’s right he cheated, and guess what? You are still going to cheer him!

*The fans chant ‘Tyson Kidd!’ multiple times.*

Evan Bourne: You don’t deserve to hold that briefcase, it should be me holding it. I had you inches from falling off that ladder, then you cheat, grab the briefcase, and hit me in the face with it, too ensure yourself a win. You knew you were going to lose and you needed to cheat to win. And now these people cheer you because you stopped me from proving that I was right all along, that they have held me back my whole career. Well guess what? Don’t get too used to holding that briefcase, because in a matter of minutes it’s going to be mine. Remember earlier in the week when you said you would give me a match for the Money in the Bank briefcase? Well I went to Teddy Long, told him, and guess what? You have a match, with me, for that Money in the Bank briefcase… right now! And now I’m going to do whatever it takes to win this briefcase, so if I have to cheat to do it, so be it. These fans will still boo me regardless, so now I get my revenge, now I get to claim what is rightfully mine, and now I prove that you all have held me back my whole career. And it will only be a matter of time before I become WWE Champion!

*The crowd boos as Bourne drops the mic at the top of the ramp, and makes his way down to the ring for the match.*

Match 3: Tyson Kidd vs. Evan Bourne

(stop at 7:55)

JR: A huge Hurricarana from Bourne but Kidd is straight up!

*Kidd turns around and Bourne kicks him in the gut. He goes for a small package but Kidd rolls through and hits a standing moonsault. He covers Bourne.



Kick out!

Bourne kicks out and twists Kidd around into a headlock. Kidd gets up and runs at the ropes with Bourne still clinging on, but Bourne lets Kidd go and hits a dropkick into the ropes. Kidd turns around and Bourne hits a kick to the side of the head! He climbs through the ropes and goes up top.*

King: Oh here it comes!

*Bourne jumps and goes for the Airbourne but Kidd moves and Bourne smashes into the canvas. Kidd rolls across and covers Bourne.



Three! *

JR: Kidd does it! Kidd does it!

King: This is ridiculous!

*Kidd grabs his Money in the Bank briefcase and jumps onto a turnbuckle, holding it up high as the fans are cheering loudly. He drops down and turns around but Bourne kicks him in the head! Evan Bourne jumps on top of Kidd and begins to lay into him with right and left hands.*

King: Yes Evan Bourne! Put him on the shelf!

JR: What is the meaning of this? There is no need for this.



JR: It’s Edge!

*The fans pop loudly as the Rated R Superstar comes flying through the curtain, running down to the ring and slides in. Bourne jumps up but Edge immediately hits a Spear! Bourne rolls out of the ring as Kidd rolls across to the ropes and sits there.*

King: What the hell is he doing?

*Edge walks across to Kidd and holds out his hand. Kidd takes it and Edge helps him back to his feet. He picks up the Money in the Bank briefcase and hands it to Kidd, before asking for a microphone which he swiftly receives. He turns back around to the ramp where Evan Bourne is backing up, and walks across to the ropes.*

08-21-2012, 01:22 PM
Edge: You picked the wrong date to be an ass Evan, I am not in the best of moods after last night. I went out there, WrestleMania, and put everything on the line to finally be able to walk out here and state that I am the official number one contender- and just like you Evan, I came up short.

The only difference is that I have respect for the guy that beat me. Sure, CM Punk isn’t the most likable guy, and one day, I’d love to get back into that ring with him- maybe when he’s the WWE Champion, but you- you’re just a sore loser, you come out here and lose yet again, before attacking Tyson Kidd, the man who beat you at WrestleMania too!

*The fans pop loudly.*

Edge: How do you think I feel? I’m devastated after last night, you? You’re probably as devastated as I am, you were so close- the difference is that I have class, I know how to act when I lose a match. I pick myself up, get myself back in the gym and make my way back to the top.

You know who else knows what that’s like Evan? Because it sure as hell isn’t you. No, this guy right here, Tyson Kidd. He knows how to pick himself up and make his way to the top. Kidd was a nobody until last night- but one match, and one night, made every difference.

And now look at him, he’s Mr. Money in the Bank. You? You’re now the guy that nobody gives a damn about. And if you try anything with me Evan, I swear you won’t live to see tomorrow.

*The fans pop loudly as Edge turns back to Kidd in the ring who is breathing heavily and holding his briefcase.*

Edge: Tyson Kidd, Mr. Money in the Bank. You know I was the first guy to hold that- and look at where it got me. I’m an Eleven Time World Champion. One day Kidd, I expect you to not only emulate that success, but to better it.

Look at how similar we are, both from the Great White North- both grew up loving other Canadian legends, wanting to be like Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. And I’ll tell you now, one day Tyson Kidd, you’re going to be what I was- you’re going to be ‘the man’.

*The fans pop as Edge nods his head.*

Edge: But you’re going to be the face of this company, something I wasn’t. I’ll be honest with you, after putting everything into this business, not being the face of this company felt bad. But at least for a time, I was the face of Smackdown.

I look at you and I see myself Tyson. I see a younger version of me. You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the good looks. *The fans pop as Edge laughs and poses, as does Kidd.* And most importantly, you’ve got the desire.

As long as you don’t get put down by idiots like Evan Bourne. You’re going to go far in this company Kidd. And next week, I’m gonna lay down the challenge to Bourne. Find a partner- you’re going to be facing ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ Tyson Kidd and ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge in a tag match!

*The fans pop loudly as Edge drops the mic and holds out his hand to Kidd, who takes the handshake.*

JR: Well folks we hope you have enjoyed the show and continue too do so, up next we have out first diva's match since the re-brand of the new Raw!

King: Bring on the puppies! *King laughs*

JR: Well I'm glad you are excited partner, remember folks this all started just 24 hours ago at Wrestlemania, for those of you that missed it, Josh Mathews was waiting too interview the legendary Jimmy "SuperFly" Snuka and his daughter Tamina when young and talented FCW diva Paige would interrupt and steal the spotlight.. lets take a look.

*The Titantron plays and shows the footage of what happened at Wrestlemania, when the clip finishes Paige's music plays out around the arena and the Anti-Diva is instantly heavily boo'ed*



King: Puppies! I hope she wrestles as good as she looks Ross!

JR: Don't worry about that King, Paige formerly known as Britani Knight has the talent too match her looks that's for sure, the British born Diva is from a very strong wrestling family and has constantly impressed down at Florida Championship Wrestling!

King: How do you know this?

JR: Well I do my fair share of scouting it's safe too say King!

King: Can you scout me out her number?



*Before JR can answer, Tamina's music hits the arena and the 3rd generation superstar comes out on to the stage too a strong ovation before making her way down too the ring*

JR: Tamina folks! Another addition too that great Samoan heritage which we are proud too have here in the WWE! at a size of 5.9 she is certainly someone you don't want too annoy or tangle with that's for sure!

King: I have heard a lot of great things about this young women Ross, if she is anything like her father then we are certainly in for a treat here on Raw!

*With the two Divas staring off in the ring, the ref calls for the bell and the match is started*

Tamina vs Paige (Natty)

Start at 1:39 stop at 7:53

JR: Tamina going top rope!

King: Is she going too? she is!

JR:Super Fly Splash! Shades of her father right there folks!

King: Tamina with the pin! this must be it!




JR: Tamina wins! Tamina wins! very impressive performance from these young Divas tonight! both of these young women have showed why the Diva division is in safe hands!

King: I agree Ross! very impressive showing from these women... I don't think either is done yet though.

*While Tamina is celebrating and Paige makes her way up the ramp, Tamina calls for a mic and begins too speak!*

Tamina: Well Paige, I did tell you to get outta my face but, you just didn’t get the message and, well we can see what happened too you there, didn’t we..?

So as I celebrate my first win on Monday Night Raw, you can wipe away your tears and pick your teeth off the mat. You got taught a valuable lesson; do not mess with Tamina Snuka if you want to have a career..

So 1, 2, 3 and the reign of the ultimate diva, is here for the WWE Universe too witness..

*As Tamina drops the mic and goes too carry on celebrating, Paige reacts calling for a mic and responds*

Paige: You may have beaten me once, but I know that if it were any other Monday night on any other week of any year I would have been able to easily beat you.

You see, the reason you won tonight was because not only was the referee a sack of crap, but he didn’t see that your feet were on the ropes when you were pinning me! If you want to play dirty, have it your way. I’ll see you next Monday in a re-match, and this time I’ll know to bring it all to the mat.

*The crowd boo as Paige was clearly making excuses, Tamina shrugs it off and continues too celebrate while Paige heads too the back and the show moves on*

08-21-2012, 01:35 PM
JR: We are back and now we expect to hear from Shawn Michaels on his actions last night at Wrestlemania

King: Isn't it obvious JR? Michaels is the only man fit to beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania

JR: Sure looked to me like Rock had Taker beat

King: Well it didn't happen so it doesn't matter



*Sexy Boy plays, and the crowd at Raw Is War goes crazy, at the return of HBK, but some, not a lot, but some are booing or hesitant to do anything until they get answers*

Michaels: Wow, so this is what Raw is like...it's been so long that I forgot! But that all changes, starting at Wrestlemania...and I know a lot of you want answers, and you'll get them, I promise. But first things first, The Showstopper, the Heartbreak Kid, is back baby!

*Crowd cheers at this, seeing that this is vintage Shawn Michaels and is clearly not a villain*

Michaels: Now see, at Wrestlemania 25, I went up against the Deadman, the Phenom, the Undertaker. And I put up one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania, but ended up losing and falling victim to the Streak, but came closer then anyone before. But I was determined, being so close to being the one to end it, that I had to get another shot. And at Wrestlemania 26, I did. And I came even closer then before, and even put my career on the line, and lived up to the name, Mr. Wrestlemania. But again, I lost, and was forced to retire. But then I saw my good buddy, HHH, go up against the Deadman next, and at Wrestlemania 27, he was so damn close, but submitted to the Hells' Gate, but was the one who walked out under his own power. Undertaker, had to be taken out by stretcher and wasn't seen for almost 10 months after, demanding HHH for a rematch. And I got involved this time, I was the referee in that match, "End of an Era" match. And I could've stopped him, I could have helped HHH end his streak, I even gave the Undertaker a little Sweet Chin Music when he put his hands on me, but still, he would not go down. He won again, and I called it down the middle, he won fair and square.

Michaels: Now I could've given HHH the win, easily, given him a fast count, hurt the Undertaker, something, but I didn't. I was fair, and called it down the middle. But in the back of my head, I knew, that unless HHH beat him fairly, I wanted to be the only one to break the streak. Me, the Legend, the Great Performer of All Time, The ShowStopper, the Heartbreak Kid, Mr. Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels, was the only one deserving to break it, and in the back of my mind, the only one who could break it.

Michaels: So now, let's rewind to this past Sunday, on Wrestlemania. The Rock vs. The Undertaker. Big bucks, big match up, right? Wrong. The Rock, while he is a great wrestler, thinks he can just waltz back into the WWE and be like how everything was before he abandoned all of you for his movie career, to make more money and be more famous. That's all he wanted, was the fame and fortune. He didn't care about all of you unfortunately, and left you all in the dust. But he thinks he can come back and everything can be all good, back to normal, and all is forgiven. WRONG. I never left all of you. I retired because of injury, but came back to all of you again. And even though I retired again, I still came back last night to all of you, and I'm back for good now. The Rock let his ego and greed get the better of him, and he thinks he can make it up to you by doing a couple of "People's Elbow" and flashing his smile.

Michaels: That doesn't fly with me, and hopefully it doesn't with all of you either. He expects everything to be given to him, but I won't let that happen. I'm back full time, to wrestle every week, to show up every week and do what I used to do, for all of you. So Rock, you're on notice, I'm here to bring you down from your fame-filled ego and your Cloud 9. Bring you back down to Earth and on your back, on the ring, unconscious, from Sweet Chin Music!

JR: Well Michaels was not shy expressing his opinions on The Rock

King: I don't understand, Michaels hasn't been active wrestler in how long? How can he criticize The Rock?


http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTRmOFtheTmV2RFfjPWX7iYrt7I3CxdN 3OqZ-JoZ139UKpEkXY71A

JR: Here comes John Cena! He doesn't look happy must still be about last night.

King: Rollins did what needed to be done, stop this poster boy from taking over the WWE!

JR: He had no right in that match!

King: He was filling in for AJ Styles.

John Cena: So,Wrestlemania! Money in the Bank ladder match! 7 Participants! 6 knocked down! One man left standing! He climbed the ladder, and just when he is within reaching distance of the title, when, when he gets attacked by someone called Seth Rollins?

*mixed reaction from the crowd.*

So, Seth, why did you do it? Out of all the people you could've attacked, why me? Why Seth, you must have a death note or something.

I retired Batista. I've knocked out The Big Show. I made Mr. Sleep his way to the top Triple H tap out at Wrestlemania! Rollins you ain't got shit on me. I've proven myself to be one of the best in the business, and I'm only halfway through my career! All you've done is win 2 developmental titles, one of which is only defended in matches with a 15 minute time limit. You ain't nothing yet Rollins.

Seth, listen to the sound of my voice, this here, this WWE ring, it's my territory.Metaphorically speaking, I've been pissing on the outside of this ring for the past 10 years, marking it as mine! Seth, you can try to Avada Kevadra me all you want, you can try, to even hit my own move on me, but I swear Seth, it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow,but you got an ass whooping coming your way. But Seth, if you want it to be today, get your ass out here!


http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ6KJEsdFxpR3gH4XngNfXXS9HuFxDlV U23p1zVhUnfHeBhx5IgqA

*Rollins heads out to the stage with a mic in hand and a smirk on his face*

Seth Rollins: So you wanna know why? I bet your ridiculous Cenation does as well. Let me tell you a story. 2010, I get the call of a lifetime fo a WWE tryout and guess what? They love me., hell, why wouldn't they.

But I'm told I have to head to developmental for no more than a year while the spotlight still remain on you. John frickin' Cena. I have waited and waited and waited and time and time I get told someone upstairs wants me to stay in developmental just a bit more.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that person was you.

*Crowd murmurs*

Yes. That's right, people. The "leader" of the Cenation was worried that a new young, up and coming, superior star such as myself would steal the spotlight away from him. See while people may be subject to buying into that he who is the WWE deserves the most attention should, the reality you're still the WWE's golden child. The genetic masterpiece of what a WWE star is supposed to be, a man who never gives up and never turn down a challenge.

But where was the honor behind your actions in preventing the future of the WWE Seth Ro- No you what, screw that name. I was, am and always will be Tyler Black from taking his place in the WWE and showing the world that there is no need for John Cena, that people can be like me, Punk and many more of my ROH brethren and make sure wrestling mattered.

You say you're only halfway through your career and you mention your accolade like they're supposed to intimidate me? I want you to learn something real quick from me. I fear no one, especially not you. That's why I took upon myself to make sure you lost at Wrestlemania. So you felt just a small inkling of what I have suffered because of you.

There is no denying it anymore, your time is over, mine has only just begun. I will make sure you feel my wrath and through your demise people will know The Era of Black has arrived.

I'll see you very soon and when I do, prepare to get knocked out.http://illiweb.com/fa/empty.gif (http://wwecreative.forumotion.co.uk/t6p270-raw-is-war-scripts#top)

*Rollins drops the mic and stares at Cena.*


08-21-2012, 01:47 PM
JR: And now it's time for the WWE Championship match!

King: A steel cage WWE Championship match JR! Get it right!

JR: King, don't be an asshole.

King: JR, will you please SHUT! THE HELL! UP! Hahaha

JR: Chris Jericho defends against the Ultimate Warrior, and we received word during the commercial break, that Teddy Long has decided to chain the steel cage door shut!


http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTw5b4WzKimgu6U3YopZiGyQ0Fdht100 EKqlfiXahFuHqIqKs18

JR: And here comes the champion

King: The best damn champion since the rebranding of Raw!

JR: It's only his first night as champ King, and-

King: Still better than any night we had when Warrior was champion.

JR: Why, because Brock Lesnar quit?

King: That's the only downside to tonight.



JR: Here comes Warrior, and he's going straight after Jericho.

King: What? He's giving Jericho plenty of rights! The match hasn't even started yet!

JR: Warrior doesn't care, he can kill two birds with one stone here. He can regain his WWE Championship, and take out his Luger frustrations

King: But not at Chris' expense! GO JERICHO GO! GO JERICHO GO!

JR: King, will you please shut up.

Main Event: Chris Jericho (Macho King) (c) vs Ultimate Warrior in a steel cage, for the WWE Championship!


JR: And Jericho gets his knees up!

King: Warrior there going for the big splash, but Jericho there with an excellent counter, come on Chris!

*Warrior nurses his wounds, as Jericho gets to his feet. He stands by the cage wall, and starts to climb. Warrior groggily gets to his feet, as Jericho's standing on the top rope. Warrior sees Jericho and runs against the ropes he's standing on, and Jericho falls with one leg either side of the top rope. Jericho screams in pain, but Warrior clotheslines him into the cage wall. A cover




Warrior looks up to the referee, holding 3 fingers aloft, as Jericho rolls over towards the cage. Warrior is shocked, and kicks the bottom rope in frustration, before grabbing the top rope and shakes it, signature Warrior style! The crowd pops, as Warrior turns to face Jericho, who comes at him for a clothesline, but Warrior goes for a clothesline of his own, and both men get taken down.

Neither man moves, as the crowd are chanting for Warrior. Warrior feeds off the fans, and manages to get to his knees, but...*

JR: What?

King? What what?

JR: It's, it's...

*The man in question jumps over the security barrier, armed with a baseball bat! He goes over to the cage door, and begins to swing at the steel chain*

King: Luger! It's Lex Luger! Why didn't you tell us Jim?

JR: Will you please fuck off you mule, and focus on calling this action! What is Luger doing out here?

King: Well, it looks like part 2 of his plan takes place tonight.

JR: Warrior's in danger

*Luger continues to try to break the chain, but it relents. Eventually, Warrior goes over to the door, but Luger swings at the cage, causing Warrior to step back. Luger decides to drop the bat, and try to rip the chain with his bare hands, which surprisingly, manages to do quite easily!*

King: Luger just ripped of the chain with his bare hands! What a show of strength

JR: He loosened it with the baseball bat, but still a tremendous feat!

*Luger kicks open the cage door, and Warrior decides to not waste time, Luger doesn't even get inbetween the ropes, and Warrior begins hammering away at his back. Warrior doesn't stop delivering forearms to Lugers back, before he rebounds against the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Luger has managed to recover, and locks in the Torture Rack!*

JR: It's locked in! Warriors in trouble! Come on Warrior!

King: Don't be so biased JR! Make him scream for mercy Luger

*Warrior squims, and tries to resist, but Luger overpowers him. A good 20 seconds pass, as Warrior begins to fade, and eventually Luger drops him to the mat. He leaves through the crowd behind the commentators to huge heat, with several fans throwing rubbish at him, but one drink missed, and nailed King in the back of the head*

King: What the fuck? The little shit! I'm going to fucking murder that cu-

JR: Calm down Jerry, your favourite's winning!

King: *Under his breath* Fuck! *Normally* Oh, course, Let's go Jericho!

*Jericho gets to his feet, and sees Warrior on the ground, laid out. He looks out towards the crowd, and sees Luger leaving, before putting two and two together. He doesn't care though, and runs towards the ropes, and lands a lionsault! He gets to his feet, and runs against the opposite ropes, and lands a big splash! The crowd boos louder than at Luger, as Jericho covers




JR: And Jericho retains!

King: Cleanly!

JR: Yes, I think the feed to all of our viewers cut off when Luger interfered

King: Ssshh, don't tell them retard

JR: *sighs*. Well, Jericho is still champ, and he goes onto Backlash to face CM Punk

King: An internet fan's dream!

*Jericho climbs to the top of the cage, and raises his title high above his head, as the camera fades to black, despite what you may think it's not the end of the show!*

*After the main event is done and finished the camera begins too fade and the show looks set too go off Air when a camera backstage goes live, the Camera once again shows Vince's door and the damage it took earlier is obvious.. Shane just as he entered earlier on in the show, leaves the office the same way and stops in front of camera and begins too smile before speaking*

Shane: I guess you are all wondering what I'm doing here?

*Shane again begins too smile while holding what looks like a contract in his hand*

Shane: People have been complaining that the WWE isn't edgy anymore.. it's gone too PG, well I agree.. it's lacking something.. it's lacking an edge..

*Shane continues walking too the parking lot while the cameraman is following*

Shane: WWE needs that spark.. something that's going too get people too notice this company once again! Maybe with that spark we are going too get an explosion!

*Shane continues smiling*

Shane: Anyone guessed it yet?

*Before Shane can say anymore he's reached his Limo and the driver is already opening his door before getting back into his seat but before Shane enters he shouts over the words are you ready and out of nowhere Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come from behind the cameraman and get into the Limo, while Shane again smiles.. Shane attempts too get into the Limo before the Cameraman says..*

Cameraman: Shane! what does all this mean? Whats going on?

*Shane again smiles before laughing *

Shane: You don't get what I'm saying? This company needs a spark.. that spark could lead too an explosion, but that explosion needs what?

*The cameraman starts mumbling but clearly has no idea what Shane is talking about*

Shane: It needs Nitro!! Spark.. lights the Nitro and an explosion will happen! Next week... everything changes!

*Before anything else can be said.. Shane gets into the Limo and it pulls away with the WWE logo appearing and the show coming too a close*


08-27-2012, 07:02 PM
WWE RAW is WAR! Draft Special


Raw is War: Draft Special: Episode 14
Location: La Crosse, Winsconsin

JR: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to a very special episode of Raw is War! We are live from the La Crosse Center in La Crosse, Winsconsin on the Mississippi River, and tonight, we have a draft to learn the roster for the brand new brand of WWE Nitro!

King: That’s right JR! There will be five picks for Teddy Long and Raw, as well as five picks for Shane McMahon and Nitro! Add in the fact that there will be a random draft pick to close the night, and we’ve got a great night of action!

JR: Don’t forget that Cody Rhodes and Mr. Anderson will meet in a Champion vs. Champion match with the loser heading to Nitro with their mid-card championship!

King: That should be good JR! But I’m most looking forward to hearing what Brock Lesnar did when he entered Shane McMahon’s limo last week. Is Brock heading to Nitro?

JR: Well we’re expecting a huge night, and we’re expecting to hear from guys such as Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Edge & Tyson Kidd, the latter two will also be in a tag match against Evan Bourne and a partner of his choice!

King: I can’t wait to see who Evan Bourne has picked, and for Bourne & his partner to show Edge & Kidd up!http://illiweb.com/fa/empty.gif (http://wwecreative.forumotion.co.uk/t6p345-raw-is-war-scripts#top)

https://encrypted-tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQK5BALh3JhTYwWNN8grwEMvrZxkuuw1 BMhCTYqJL_RD_lGkXtHWQ

*Teddy Long comes out as the crowd pops. He heads to the right hand side of the stage, where a table with the Raw logo on it is set up, and Teddy takes a seat behind it*

JR: And we are starting this show immediately with 2 draft picks! One from Nitro, one from Raw is War!

King: Come on Raw, let's get the best the WWE has to offer

JR: Well, today the WWE officially splits into 2 brands again, there's no doubt King, that we will lose some top talent, but we have to be confident Teddy can get the right picks


JR: King, this is the man in charge of Nitro, which, until now, details have been held back

King: Exactly! Which day is the show? Who's in charge? It's just disorganised!

JR: King, you are spot on! This proves that Raw is the top brand, and you should tune in to us every week. If you miss Nitro, who cares?

*The bosses son emerges from behind the curtain, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He dances his way to the opposite side of the stage to Teddy, where a table is set up with the Nitro logo on it. Shane sits on the table, looking at the crowd*

Shane McMahon: Hello WWE Universe, and welcome to Monday Night Raw *usual crowd pop*! This however though, will be the final Raw, of this era. For the first time in 15 odd years, Raw is War is the 2nd biggest wrestling company. Tonight, will mark the return... of Nitro *mixed crowd reaction.* This Nitro however, is different to any Nitro previously experience. This... is Thursday Night Nitro! We will travel coast to coast, to put on the best damn show for you all! Our show will kickass! We are the alternative! We offer better commentators, better ring announcers, better wrestlers, better champions, better managers, better time slot! And if that's not enough to make you tune in, well the Billion Dollar Boy, Shane McMahon himself, is the Nitro general manager!

Now, onto the business at hand tonight, we need to seperate the WWE rosters, into 2 groups. We tossed a coin backstage, and Shane Frickin' McMahon gained the first draft pick for the Thursday Team! Earlier on, I stated that Nitro would kick-ass! Well, speaking with my Nitro staff backstage, we decided our first pick, would need to be an ass kicker. He would need, to be able to make a impact, at my beckoning. The first pick, of the first draft, since the re-branding of the WWE, is BROCK...LESNAR!

*Shane McMahon smiles as the crowd jeers, at the mention of Lesnar's name, whilst he moves to sit behind the table, taking some notes. Teddy has a pretty good poker face, and isn't letting his feeling shown*

King: For god's sake Shane! You stole one of our star players!

JR: I'm still disappointed Shane thinks he can find better commentators. Anywho, whilst I much rather have Lesnar on Raw than him on Nitro, there are more people on the payroll here, who I would rather have!

King: What, the good guys?

JR: Well, Stone Cold, CM Punk, John Cena – yeah, the good guys

08-27-2012, 07:20 PM

Despite Shane McMahon’s blockbuster announcement, no one seems to be surprised that Brock Lesnar was Nitro’s first pick, especially the RAW audience who start to boo Brock Lesnar before he even has a chance to make his appearance. Finally, “The Next Big Thing” appears alongside his companion, manager and legal advisor, Paul Heyman. Despite all the boos and jeers they receive, their morale doesn’t deprecate in the slightest as the huge grins on both of their faces convey the fact that they couldn’t give a fuck about what the audience thinks. Paul Heyman walks a little bit faster than Lesnar so that he can get to the ring first. When Lesnar climbs up the steel steps, Paul Heyman opens up the ropes for Brock Lesnar to climb through. Shane McMahon just stands by in the corner of the ring while Paul Heyman asks for his microphone. Heyman doesn’t even waste any time trying to get under the collective skin of the WWE Universe as he attempts to talk over their deafening boos.

::Paul Heyman::

“Ladies and gentleman, etch this date in your memories. Strain every cognitive fiber of your brain tissue to record this magnificent event for the sake of future recollection for this event is one which your children, both living and unborn, will instantly be gratified just by listening to it retold. Waste none of your time, not even in the quantity of seconds, fiddling with your smartphones except if it is used for recording this grand occasion. Bask in the ever omnipotent, illimitable, formidable, ambrosial presence of the future of the WWE as he graces the ears of his captive audience in his inaugural speech as WWE Nitro’s first ever superstar. Patrons, command your attention, your respect and your reverence for this man, this timeless inspiration of class, sagacity, willpower and dominance…Brock…LESNAR!!!”

Heyman passes the mic off to Brock Lesnar who just stares at the crowd while he does so. He allows himself to bask in the hatred from the audience for a couple of second before he raises the microphone to his lips.

::Brock Lesnar::

“Go ahead and boo me. Go right ahead. You see, right now, you realize it. You realize that right now, in this very moment, I’m finally going to be able to take back what’s mine. Under a new brand, new management and above all else, a new regime, I’m finally going to get the goddamn respect and glory that I’ve been deprived of ever since I came back into the WWE. Even with someone like Paul Heyman by my side, no one was giving me the chances to make a name for myself. Torchbearers for this company like Bruno Sammartino, Lou Thez, Gorilla Monsoon, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin and even John Cena are considered to be the greatest superstars of all time because theyw ere given the opportunities to sell out the most popular global venues in the world and captivate audiences around the world. If someone were to look back at these people’s careers, most of them would think that if they were held back or given the short end of the stick that it’d be a crime because they deserved all the recognition and fame that they received in their careers and anything less than what they got would be a disgrace. Well, I don’t know if you people know this or not but I’m the best damn wrestler of all time. No one in any era before my time or even after I’ve retired will be as great as I am. So ask yourself this; if it’d be a crime to hold back all of those great legends, how much more do you think it’s a crime that I’ve been humiliated and deprived since I’ve started my career here in the WWE?

People like me are hard to come by simply because of how great I am in the ring. Even before I came here, I was an NCAA D