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Tommy Thunder
03-16-2012, 06:14 PM
EWNCW Friday Night Warzone


Bryan Thomas (play by play)
Josh King (color)

Ring Announcer:
Jason McManus

Warzone is a weekly show that gives the EWNCW audience the chance to see a little extra action each week. Tune in each Friday to see some exiting matches featuring all three EWNCW brands and TWE OverDrive!

03-16-2012, 06:21 PM

JK: Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever EWNCW Friday Warzone, the premeir place to see all of EWNCW

fastest rising talent and stars aswell as some of our great veterans aswell, im Josh King and im here tonight with

my broadcast partner Bryan Thomas

BT: Yes it will be definatly be a bumper night for the EWNCW fans with a great set of matches set for tonight

including the main event with former Evolution Champion Markus Beerstein taking on Ryan Wells

JK: Yes a great match, who knows who will win with , But now we will be starting off with the first match which

will be Mint Berry Crunch against Brock Flucker who ofcourse debuted in a loss to Billy McCoy at Glory to the Brave

BT: It may have been a loss Josh but he sure didnt look like the loser after he speared Billy right out of his

boots, then beating him on yesterdays Inferno with that very Spear


Introducing first, from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Broc Flucker!!


And his opponent, from South Park Colorado, Mint Berry Crunch!!
(Broc = Batista, MBC = Kofi)


JK: What a dominating performance from Broc there

BT: Crunch got in some offense but Brocs power and force was just too much.

03-16-2012, 06:24 PM
BT: Welcome back everyone, we still have some great matches left including the main event which included Ryan Wells

and Markus Beerstein.

JK: definatly cant wait for that Bryan but here comes the competitors for our next match


JMcM: This match is set for one fall, introducing first, from The Sandy Banks of the Nile, The Great Pharoah, Seth


JK: Seth looks ready to go as always

BT: he will have to be at his greatest if hes gonna get past the former Rage Ignition Champion Though


JMcM: and now introducing, from Boulder Nevada, The Pint Size Rocker, Daymian Bloodstone

JK: Daymian is surely looking to get back in the title picture and winning this may put him up to the top of list,

or atleast close

BT: With so many up and coming talents Daymian may need to wait a while before he gets another shot

(Low Ki=Bloodstone, Red=Seth)


JK: What an incredible match but Daymian just comes out on top, and i mean just

BT: Could have went either way but Daymian regains some momentum after his loss at Glory to the Brave.

03-16-2012, 06:27 PM
JK: And were back here on the first edition of Warzone and it been a great night so far, Right Bryan

BT: Damn straight, nothing can hold up to EWNCW right now and its gonna continue with another great match as we

have the new Tag Team Champions in action

JK: Warzone just keeps getting better and better, and it will keep doing so as Ryan Wells will face Markus

Beerstein in our main event

JK: Looks like Jesting Madness' oppenents are ready


JMcM: The following is a tag-team match set for one fall, introducing first from Durham Egland, Nyron and Candyman,

they are Conquest!!

BT: here comes the father-son duo and they look ready to fight but it ill be quite a task if they are to topple

Jesting Madness

JK: a hard task for any competitors with the combination of Grinds sheer size and Carlins technical ability they

could be champions for a long time to come.


JMcM: and now intrducing the oppenents, they are the EWNCW World Tag Team Champion, William Carlin and

Grind_Bastard, they are Jesting Madness!!

JK: and here come the champions looking dominate once more after there big win at Glory to the Brave

BT: Just look at Grind Josh, he could dominate most men by himself so with Will Carlin added they are unstoppable

JK: i wouldnt say unstoppable but they are damn near close.


JK: Incredible performance from the champs, they just steamrolled through Conquest

BT: and they will steamroll through the remainder of the tag division, great performance from both Grind and Carlin

03-16-2012, 06:31 PM
JK: Welcome back ladies and gentleman and its now time for Warzones first ever main event

BT: and what a main event as The Freak Ryan Wells looks set to take on the former Evolution Champion Markus

Beerstein in what is sure to be an awesome main event

JK: No doubt, Beerstein will surely be hurting after his loss at Glory to the Brave and with Wells looking to get

back into the title picture this could be an incredible match


JMcM: The following is the Warzone Main event of the evening and is set for 1 fall, introducing first from Munchen,

Germany, Markus Beerstein!!

JK: looking fired up as always, Beerstein must be looking to get back to winning ways

BT: not exactly an easy thing to do when your facing Ryan Wells


JMcM: And his oppenent from Boston, Massachussets, Ryan, The Freak, Wells!!!

JK: Ryans been very close to gaining titles before and im damn sure he will get one soon

BT: Im not sure myself, i mean he has talent but he can sometimes get easily distracted and taken advantage off

which leads to losses such as the ones hes had before

JK: Well here we go for our main event

(Batista=Wells, Jericho=Beerstein)


JK: Incredible match right there, Showcasing exactly why EWNCW is Number 1

BT: Exactly, Wells and Beerstein puhed each other to there limits but a devestating Freak Bomb ended it in favor of


JK: Wells maybe in line for another championship shot after this match

JK: unfortunatly thats all we have time for tonight but be sure to tune in next week for another exciting edition

of Friday Night Warzone, Goodnight

03-26-2012, 06:45 PM

JK: Hello everyone at welcome to the second edition of EWNCW Warzone! A quick showcase of top talent, and my, we have a show for you tonight. As always, I’m Josh King, and joining me is my broadcast partner, Bryan Thomas!

BT: You said it JK! Tonight, we will see some high-octane action, and it only here on Warzone, where the fancy-pants talking is set aside and we just see them beat the crap out of each other!

JK: Or, show off their technical prowess, Bryan?

BT: Most don’t have that JK, so I’ll be happy with some crap beating.

JK: He’s easily pleased. Looking ahead tonight, our main event of this evening will pit Arius against Chris King against The Blue Flash, what do you think of that Bryan?

BT: That’s on hell of a main event to look forward to, with a hell of a lot on talent on show!

JK: That’s what I want to hear, let’s get this show on the road!


This match is set for one fall! Introducting first, hailing from the coldest part of Iceland, the leader of the Cobra Army, THE GREAT COBRA!

JK: Now, Bryan, what do you think of when you think of The Great Cobra?

BT: I think crap, and it should be soundly beaten tonight. He always promises new dawns, great scrolls, Sam, yada-yada-yada, but he never backs it up in the ring.


And from Dallas, Texas, he is the joint holder of the Ignition Championship, JOHNNY ROSE!

JK: I’m assuming you feel Johnny Rose is the kid to hand this beating?

BT: 110% JK, this kid is already an Ignition Champion, and he’s already sailed to heights that TGC can’t even phathom.

JK: So here we go, Johnny Rose against The Great Cobra.

(John Morrison = Johnny Rose / Sheamus = The Great Cobra)


JK: And Johnny Rose picks up the victory! Just like you expected Bryan?

BT: We all knew he would come out with the W, but I’ll admit it, TGC pulled out some moves there. Carry on that road, and maybe we can talk about him being more of a contender. Johnny Rose looks in good form, as he looked so far in his EWNCW career. The guy excites, and that takes you far.

JK: That it does, Brian, and the joint Ignition Champion proved his worth tonight.

03-26-2012, 06:51 PM
JK: Next up tonight we will see Mint Berry Crunch go up against Seth “The Pharaoh” Ferrell, how do you see this one Bryan?

BT: Well, for me, this is a match between two fading lights in EWNCW. And I’ll tell you JK, you don’t want to be one of those in this business. A win for either of these competitors could be crucial tonight, as it might be that boost they need. You don’t want to end up like Splattered Dreams.

JK: Agreed, jobbing is not the way to go. I’m looking forward to this contest, both have had strong showings in the past, and it will be good to see one of them take the baton, so to speak.

BT: And they gotta run with it JK, momentum is a huge advantage in wrestling. You come with momentum, you are coming with fire.

JK: I’ll warn all the local women of that worrying medical defect.

BT: I am not, talking about relations JK, this is wrestling!

JK: Okay, I think we are set to see the competitors come out.


This match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from South Park, Colorado, MINT BERRY CRUNCH!

BT: Wow, he looks, ridiculous.

JK: I concur Bryan, he’s not always looked great, but he is a heck of a competitor.

BT: JK, you can be as good as you like, when you look like a fool, your “technique” can only take you so far.

JK: I think he has a shot, he’s been far before, and I think this could be the fresh test MBC needs.


And entering now, from the sandy banks of the River Nile, SETH “THE PHARAOH” FERRELL!

JK: I have never liked this man’s actions, but there is no denying his talent.

BT: This kid was the first Ignition Champion! Hell, he was fighting for the International Title! Who took the wheels from under his bandwagon?!

JK: He hasn’t had the best of runs of late, and it must be shattering when his former protégé, King Strem, has amassed so much more than him. He did pick up a good win this past Monday though with Ronaldo Romulus.

BT: If that doesn’t put a fire in your belly to succeed, I don’t know what will, this could be make or break.

JK: Alright, Mint Berry Crunch versus Seth Ferrell, HERE WE GO!

(Sin Cara = Seth Ferell / MBC = Justin Gabriel – Ignore the beat up of Sin Cara Azul at the start)


JK: And a big win for Seth Ferrell!

BT: The fire was there for all to see JK, it was a solid win, and now he can build for the future.

JK: That he can, he has the talent, if he sticks at it, we could see him in the title picture again!

BT: That we could JK, but I don’t think you’ll be seeing MBC’s face in any pictures, any time soon.

03-26-2012, 06:55 PM
JK: In a treat for you Warzone fans, we have a bit of BWA Tag Team action up next, as The Militia take on The Good Ole Boys!

BT: Now that sounds like a good ol’ fashioned slobberknocker to me, I love to see two teams tussle it out!

JK: Should be one heck of a contest!


This match is a tag team match set for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Oil Sick Bill and Shoeshine Dave, it’s THE GOOD OLE BOYS!

JK: Man, these two have been on one hell of a stinky streak!

BT: Not half, JK. Losing for a whole month straight will do no-one any good, they gotta pull out something here.

JK: Do you think they can?

BT: Hell no! Have you seen who they are facing!


And their opponents, the team of Jayden Knight and Aiden Cayne, THE MILITIA!

JK: Now, these guys are a little more intimidating.

BT: These are more like it! Brutal, big hitting, and will not take no for an answer!

JK: They lost last time out on BWA against The Dawn of Destruction, they don’t want to get into that losing habit.

BT: And they have the ideal team to break it on JK, I can only see this ball rolling one way.

(MizMorrison = Militia / Cryme Tyme = TGOB)


JK: And after that distraction, The Militia pick up the win!

BT: That was much closer than they would have liked JK, a close shave for them there, they really have to pick their game up!

JK: A win is a win Bryan, you gotta give them that.

BT: True, hopefully this is a springboard of momentum for The Militia.

JK: Even though they are dirty cheats.

BT: Even though they are…hey wait a minute!

03-26-2012, 07:00 PM


Introducing first, accompanied by Alice, from Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australlia, ‘The Prodigy’ ARIUS!

JK: Arius has had a spat with Hans Gruber over the past couple of weeks, having to team with the German several times.

BT: Yeah, and Gruber left Arius hanging this past Monday, it was awful to see, and it cost them the W

JK: How do you rate Arius Bryan?

BT: I think he’s a good competitor, he’s shown good athleticism since joining EWNCW, and he could prove to be a difference-maker in this match-up.


Entering the ring now, from the Justice League, THE BLUE FLASH!

JK: Thoughts on The Blue Flash then Bryan?

BT: I can’t get my head around this kid. He flies around being a superhero and whatever, but really wastes a lot of time in his own world. He’s got the skills, he’s shown it, he just goes off into his own world too much.

JK: I like him, he connects with the EWNCW universe well, and seems to really enjoy being out there.

BT: I only enjoyed winning, grinning like him is for losers, JK.


And finally, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, CHRIS KING!

JK: Now, Chris King has got himself involved with the Ignition Champion Shaz recently, and is the number one contender for the title.

BT: You know, JK, I like this kid. Recently, he has been working hard, and he has that fire I love to see in a real competitors belly.

JK: Who you going for here?

BT: I think The Blue Flash is the biggest factor here, I see Arius getting the pin, much to the dismay of Chris King.

JK: Alright, triple threat main event, should be a firecracker.

(Del Rio = Arius / Mysterio = Flash / Edge = King)


Here is your winner, CHRIS KING!

JK: Well, Chris King got a big win here tonight, a huge momentum builder for him!

BT : It’s big JK, very big. And that’s not just the infamous words of my wife. It was one hell of a main event, but hand it to Chris King, he beat two good competitors today, he earned his paycheck tonight.

JK: And that’s all from EWNCW’s Warzone for this week, tune in again next time to see some more uninterrupted, high-octane action!

04-02-2012, 05:41 PM
This is the only filler people
warzone is next

04-02-2012, 05:55 PM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=L2m8wnE3c8M (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=L2m8wnE3c8M)

BT: Welcome everybody to another action packed edition of EWNCW Friday Night Warzone, the place to catch EWNCWs greatest superstars all in one place, Im Josh King and im here ofcourse with my brodcast partner Bryan Thomas.

JK: As always great to be here tonight where we will see everything from high flying nutcases to those we just wanna beat the crap out of somebody

BT: just a normal day in EWNCW, but now to tonights show, Arius looks to dominate again as he faces The Great Cobra, Arthur Lansdales new 'prodigy' Bill Richards is out to please as he faces Mint Berry Crunch,The New Age Program take on The Cross Nation Killers and last but not least the main event is set to be great as Andy Amazing takes on a former title contender in The Japanese Dragon, Bam

JK: Bumper card tonight as always and the main event should be something to behold, but lets get this show on its way as here comes Arius.


This match is set for one fall, introducing first, from Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, The Prodigy, ARIUS!!!

BT: Arius obvoiusly still not happy having to team with Hanz Gruber

JK: Would you be happy having to team with your enemy?

BT: Well i suppose not, but Arius has all the tools to be a champion so he has got to just move on


And from the coldest part of Iceland, the leader of the Cobra Army. THE GREAT COBRA!!!

BT: Well Bryan will you ever be a fan of Cobra, he has great in ring skills but he cant seem to get any momentum.

JK: If he wins something every once in a while then maybe, but i doubt thats happening any time soon

BT: Harsh, but in someway fair

(Arius=Reks, Cobra=JTG)


BT: And Arius just pulls it out of the bag

JK: like you said Cobra has the skills but he just cant win, and until he does he wont get very far in this company.

04-02-2012, 06:10 PM
BT: Next tonight we will see Bill Richards taking on Mint Berry Crunch. Bill seems to be reinvigorated under Lansdales influence.

JK: Im not sure about it Josh, Lansdale seems like the kindof person that would take anything for himself even if it meant someone else had to fall to do it.

BT: Maybe Bryan but he is looking good and Lansdale would if anything teach him to become better.


This match is set for one fall, introducing first Bill 'The Eagle' Richards!!

BT: He sure looks confident Bryan

JK: Lansdale may have upped his confidence so he should be raring to get into the action


And now, from South Park, Colorado, MINT BERRY CRUNCH!

JK: Realy cant get behind someone as ridiculous as Mint Berry Crunch

BT: For once im with you but the fans realy take a shining to him

JK: The fans cant win you matches

BT: Very true

(Del Rio=Richards, Cara=MBC)

(Ignore the aftermatch attack)

BT: Well there you have it, Richards is getting a small run together

JK: and small runs can lead to big runs which can with time lead to titles

BT: Very true, all of our stars had to build there way to there titles and Richards would be no different

JK: But like i said if Lansdale wants titles im sure Richards wouldnt be in his plans to get one.

04-02-2012, 06:31 PM
BT: Now its time for the stars of BWA to shine as the Cross Nation Killers are set to take on the New Assault Program

JK: Ah yes the cream of the tag team crop right there, The Grand champions are sure to make a impact

BT: Yes but the program will definatly want to step up and be on there way to gold in BWA again

JK: Anything less and they wont even get a taste of it any time soon.

This Tag Team match is set for one fall, introducing first, Sean and Criz Dimension, The New Age Program!!!
BT: Well they certainly look ready to fight

JK: There gonna have a tough task facing off against CNK

BT: Former BWA World Champions and the current Grand Champs are definatly no easy task

And now introducing, Billy McCoy and Daymian Bloodstone, The Cross-Nation Killers!!!

BT: The Grand champions looking ready and fired up as always

JK: and with a record like these guys i cant see how they can lose

BT: The program are a dangerous team even without a prolific record hey can pull us wins when they need them

(Edge=Mccoy, Mysterio=Bloodstone, Del Rio=Criz, Kane=Sean)

BT: Great match from btoh teams but CNK just edge it out over The Program

JK: They may become World Champions once more with wins like that

BT: Maybe Bryan, Maybe.

04-02-2012, 06:58 PM
BT: Welcome back EWNCW Fans, its now time for the main event as Andy Amazing will take on 'The Japanese Dragon' Bam

JK: Andys being having his truobles with Itzvan Gretzky as of late but he gonna have to put that behind him and concentrate on a dangerous contender in Bam


This is the you Main event of the evening. Introducing first, from Chicago, Ilinois, Andy Amaziing!!!

BT: Here he is now looking like he means business

JK: His match last week with Gretzky became more than a match, after the double countout they just going at each other


And now introducing, from Osaka, Japan, The Japanese Dragon, BAM!!!

BT: Bam hasnt done so well recently so a win here will realy pick him up

JK: Yes it will, he could challenge for the title once more perhaps

(Bryan=Amazing, Ziggler=Bam)


BT: Wow, what an incredible match between two incredible superstars, Amazing edges it in the end and he gets a great win

JK: Im calling it now, Amazing will get a title very very soon in EWNCW, he definatly has the prowess to do it

BT:Ill hold you to that Bryan, unfortunalt thats all we have time for tonight
From me and Bryan this has been EWNCW Warzone, Goodnight folks.

04-06-2012, 01:27 PM
Dunno if I need a filler, so I'll put one in order to separate last week from this week. :)

Also, be sure to check out the Rumor Blitz and Rage Comics for your dose of EWNCW news and fun!

04-06-2012, 01:35 PM

BT: Hello every and welcome to another incredible edition of EWNCW Friday Night Warzone, Im Bryan Thompson and im here as always with my broadcast partner Josh King.

JK: Thanks Bryan and what an epic show we have for you tonight with some great matches. We have Chris King up against The Great Cobra, our friends from BWA are here aswell as Gods Grace take on The Militia and Arthur Lansdale will take on 'Red Hot' Itzvan Gretzky and in our bumper main event The Evolution Champion Ronaldo Romulus will take on the former Ignition champion Seth Farrell and the man he beat for his title Markus Beerstein

BT: Some great matcups there and were gonna steamroll into our first match as Chris King, the current number one contender for the Rage Ignition Title takes on the leader of the cobra army, The Great Cobra


This match is set for onefall, introducing first from the coldest part of Iceland, the leader of the cobra army, THE GREAT COBRA!!!

BT: Seriously, how he still has a job is beyond me.

JK: Well losing doesnt mean your fired, but winning does mean you get title shots, which is evading Cobra.


BT: Now heres someone i can get behind.

JK: Bryan!? Thats disgusting.

BT: Not Like that! damn now i cant get the image out of my head

JK: Uh lets just call the match.


BT: Chris King gets a great momentum boost ahead of Vendetta

JK: Lets hope he will keep it up.

04-06-2012, 01:38 PM
JK: Welcome back to Warzone, folks! Well, Bryan it looks like we have a showcase of the BWA teams tonight with our next match!

BT: Right you are Josh, tonight we have a very special match on our hands.

JK: Tonight we have The Militia against God’s Grace!

BT: This promises to be a premiere match up right here and we haven’t even reached the main event yet!

This next match is a Tag-Team match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Washington, DC; it’s God’s GRACE!


BT: Now here is a good team that is going to go far in BWA.

JK: I can’t disagree there but there are in an uphill battle against their opponents tonight, of The Militia. These guys are trained to take out whatever is in front of them!

BT: I agree but I think God’s Grace is going to pick up the win here!

Next out from (Insert location), it’s The MILITIA!


BT: This is the team you have for this match?

JK: Probably one of the most underrated teams out in BWA today!

BT: I agree, but I think Grace is gonna come through.

God’s Grace(Daniel Bryan and Bateman) vs. The Militia(Truth and Curtis)


JK: What can I say, you know how to pick’em!

BT: Why yes I do, Josh, yes I do.

04-06-2012, 01:43 PM
BT: Well after that slobber knocker of a match, we have to move on to the next one.

JK: Don’t sound so down, I know you thoroughly enjoyed that match but this is war zone, where all the matches are better than the last!

BT: I suppose you’re right, and next up we have Gretzky vs. Lansdale.

JK: Ahhh yes, Itzvan versus the self-proclaimed “Smartest Man In Professional Wrestling”

BT: This is sure to be one helluva match, wouldn’t you see?

This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing First, From Warsaw, Poland, it’s RED HOT, ISTVAN GRETZKY!


BT: This man is going places!

JK: Sure is, and what better place to prove that than Warzone? And better still against the man that is coming out next.

Introducing his opponent, from Manchester, England, it’s ARTHUR LANSDALE!


JK: Here he is, the Smartest Man in Professional Wrestling. He is building quite the reputation over on the main shows, him and his protégé.

BT: Yes, but his protégé isn’t in this match this time, Lansdale must handle business himself!

Gretzky(Kidd) vs. Lansdale(Michael)


JK: And the Smartest Man In Professional Wrestling proves why he is quickly outsmarting everyone and climbing the ranks.

BT: I must admit, this was a stellar match, and Lansdale got it. But don’t think we have to count out Gretzky yet, that man put on one helluva match with Lansdale and is sure to do great things in the future.

JK: I agree with that and now, a word from our sponsors!

04-06-2012, 01:47 PM
BT: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen your just in time for our main event

JK: And a great main event at that, the current Evolution champion against the former champion and a former Ignition champion

BT: Each man will realy want a win to gain more momentum coming into Vendetta this sunday, and there gonna need for the ppv

JK: Definatly and heres comes our first competitor


This match is a 3-way bout set for one fall, introducing first, from Munchen, Germany, MARKUS BEERSTEIN!!!

BT: Clearly Markus will relish this chance to get his hands on the man who took his title.

JK: Problem is, Seths in this match too and he could easily sneak a win.


And now introducing, from the sandy banks of the Nile, The Great Pharoah, SETH FARRELL!!!

JK: If Seth has any title plans then this match could be a step towards them

BT: I'm definitely banking on Seth to win this one, Ronaldo and Markus will be to distracted with each other


And now introducing, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, he is the current EWNCW Evolution Champion, RONALDO ROMULUS!!!

BT: This match is sure to be one of the best in a long time,

JK: No doubt Bryan with such incredible competitors theres no way it cant be.

(Benjamin=Seth, Christian=Ronaldo, Jericho=Markus, Ignore the title)


BT: What a great display from all the men this evening but Seth wins it, Just like i predicted

JK: I gotta hand it to you Bryan you know your stuff

BT: Of course i do, but anyway unfortunately ere out of time folks, see you next week for another exciting edition of EWNCW Friday Night Warzone.

04-13-2012, 03:07 PM
"Everything happens for a reason."

-Lightning Flash-


-Another Lightning Flash-

When Sunday comes.

All things come to a stop

-Lightning Flash, a masked man appears in the blink of an eye, a smile.-


04-13-2012, 03:26 PM

JK: Hello folks, welcome to another exciting addition of Friday Night Warzone! Here with me as always, is my very special broadcast partner, Bryan Thomas - and I am the one and only - Josh King!

BT: Oh yes, tonight we have one helluva card for the folks out there tuning in! Tonight we have Blacklist Royalty facing off against the Good Ol’ Boys, and Mike Hawk aka Mr. Mayhem facing off against one of the TWO Inferno Ignition Champions, Johnny Rose!

JK: And if that wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, we also have The Berry Man himself, MBC going against the man engaged in a heated battle with the formerly the hottest free agent of our time, before EWNCW scooped him up, Broc Flucker - it’s BILLY MCCOY! And as if one tag-team match wasn’t enough, we also have Jesting Madness faacing off against the rising team of Hawkins and Charisma!

BT: If I may say so, this is one of the best programs we’ve had in ages - and that’s saying a lot since each card before this was phenomenal!

JK: I can’t disagree with you there, but let’s head off into our first match! Blacklist Royalty!

BT: Vs the Good Ol’ Boys!

This match is a tag-team match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from the Carolina’s, it’s BLACKLIST ROYALTY!


JK: This is a team to look out for in the future, I mean, Alex Foyt himself was in line for a singles run with the World Championships until someone apparently had a problem with his skill and forced him to get a tag-team partner!

BT: That is correct, but they did not count on him getting the behemoth of a man that just entered the ring with him. Together those two make one of the best teams in BWA, especially when they are focused!

Introducing next, From the Country, it’s the GOOD OL’ BOYS!


BT: This team right here is going to go places! They know how to fight and won’t give up until everyone is down and out. Even then, they’ll go drink some moonshine and be ready for another round!

JK: Oh yes they will, the Princes better watch out, if they aren’t on their a-game tonight, Good Ol’ Boys will mow them over!

Blacklist Royalty(Ziggler and Swagger) vs. Good Ol’ Boys(Santino and Clay)


JK: I told you, if Blacklist was not on their A-game Good Ol’ Boys were going to run straight over them and I was right.

BT: Yes you were, but the Princes were good tonight even if they came up short tonight!

JK: Yes they did, but now we have to take a quick commercial break and when we return we’ll see Mike Hawk vs. Johnny Rose!

04-13-2012, 03:28 PM
BT: Welcome back, it’s time for the second match of the evening, Mike Hawk vs. Johnny Rose.

JK: Yes it is. Now for those who don’t know, Mike Hawk has been working towards a Inferno Ignition title shot and he doesn’t care if it is Jo Ro or Sweet Jones.

BT: Well, we’ll have a clear indication of who it might be after Vendetta when Jo Ro goes head to head with Jones to find a true Inferno Ignition Champion!

This next match is scheduled for one fall. Coming to the ring first, from TOKYO, JAPAN, it’s Mr. Mayhem, Mike Hawk!


BT: I like this kid, he’s got a lot of guts and a steady W-L record. I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a shot at a sooner-than-later Pay Per View event.

JK: Me either, he certainly has the drive for it! So he better make a good impression here tonight, win or lose!

Introducing next, From Dallas, Texas, it’s one of the TWO Inferno Ignition Champions, Johnny Rose!


JK: Now this is my pick to walk out of Vendetta as the undisputed Inferno Ignition Champion! He has the skill and the grace to pull it off! There is nothing this man cannot do, if he sets his mind to it!

BT: I have to disagree, Josh, Jo Ro is good, but flat out, Jones is better. He has the skills, the finesse, and the girls to make the title far more prestigious than this guy ever could!

Jo Ro(Cena) vs. Hawk(Otunga)

(Ignore Brock Lesner part)

BT: Tonight Jo Ro got the win, but can he do the same thing against Sweet Jones at Vendetta on Sunday? Can he topple the ladies man?

JK: I believe he can, but look whose at the top of the ramp, his opponent Sweet Jones. This is the other Inferno Ignition Championship, and your pick to win it all!

*Jones stands at the top of the ramp, smiling and clapping his hands. After a moment, he raises the belt high and holds it there. Jo Ro, seeing this, calls for his belt and holds it up as well. A torn crowd goes back and forth.*

JK: Wow, they really made a statement there. Neither of these men are going to give up.

BT: No, no they are not. But right now, we have to take our second commercial break, when we get back, we’ll see Mint Berry Crunch face off against Billy McCoy.

04-13-2012, 03:31 PM
BT: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the second half of this evening’s war zone! Up next we have a very special match, we’ll see Mint Berry Crunch facing off against Billy McCoy.

JK: Oh yes we will, tonight should be a good tune-up for Billy McCoy who goes up against Broc Flucker at Vendetta. These two have had a heated rivalry since their match at Glory to the Brave.

BT: Right you are, Billy won that match, but Broc attacked him afterwards, igniting this feud!

This next match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from South Park, Colorado it’s Mint Berry CRUNCH!!!!


JK: This man right here has been on a downward spiral of late. It’s a shame to see someone of his talent and mass appeal be effected in such a way!

BT: I agree, but sometimes that’s the way it happens man. A win tonight could propel him back to stardom and maybe even beyond! MBC is one of the most beloved wrestlers on the roster, and if he had a chance, he’d exploit his intensive training and make a lot of headway.

JK: That is likely, but I feel tonight won’t be his night. He’s going up against this next man!

Introducing next, from Devon, England, it’s ‘The British Excellence’ BILLY MCCOY

BT: This is a man who should be one of the main event stars, up there beside TBOZ, Seraphim, Cena, Gillz! The perfect combination of everything needed to make that leap.

JK: I couldn’t agree more, hopefully after this thing with Broc Flucker, both will be up at the top of the food chain!

McCoy(ValKabious) vs. MBC(Doug Williams)

(Ignore low-blow: McCoy catches MBC with his finisher to get the pinfall)

BT: Well, McCoy gets this win decisively, but MBC put on a good show!

JK: Yes he did, nothing less was expected, MBC is a good talent, but tonight, Billy McCoy was better. The question is, can he be just as effective against Broc Flucker, like he was at Glory to the Brave, as well as here tonight?

BT: I personally believe he can, and will, triumph over Broc Flucker at Vendetta.

JK: I don’t know, I’m torn! I mean, Broc Flucker was the hottest free agent on the market until EWNCW picked him up, and you know there was a reason for it. He is the epitome of wrestling, perhaps one of the greatest of our time - up there with Tommy Thunder, and TBOZ, as well as Gillz!

BT: You may be right, but I see McCoy will surpass him. But right now, we have to take our final commercial break, before we come back with tonight’s main event.

JK: That’s right, tonight with have Jesting Madness facing off against Hawkins and Charisma!

04-13-2012, 03:33 PM
BT: Welcome back, just in time for our main event of Jesting Madness versus Hawkins and Charisma.

JK: Jesting Madness have a tag-team title match at Vendetta against Domination! That is sure to be one hard-hitting match!

BT: True, and has all the fixings to be the best tag-team bout in recent history. However, tonight, they have to make it past two hungry competitors in Hawkins and Charisma!

JK: Yes they do, but they have the extra motivation. Look above the ring, Bryan. Those are the EWNCW Tag-Team titles, the very belts they are set to defend at Vendetta!

Tonight’s main event is a tag-team match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, is the team of Hawkins and Charisma!


JK: These guys are young, and hungry, all they are waiting for is a shot, and they are getting one tonight, against the reigning EWNCW tag-team champions.

BT: Right you are, even in a loss, all they need to do is put on a good show - even in a loss. All they need to do is show heart and they will go far in this line of work.

JK: Right you are, but can they really do it against these guys?

Introducing next, the EWNCW Tag-Team Champions, Jesting Madness!


BT: These boys are gonna have their hands full at Vendetta, facing off against Domination. Domination wants those titles, Jesting Madness has them, and Domination is going to go through them to get it.

JK: Yes they are, but I think they are gonna come out on top at Vendetta - Jesting Madness is a team with it all, and that’s something they want to keep. Domination is going to have to fight with everything to take those belts away from Jesting Madness, and then some.

BT: Yes they will, and I think they’ll do it.

Jesting Madness(Giant Benard and Karl Anderson) vs. Hawkins and Charisma(Takashi Lizuka and Tomohiro Ishii)



JK: Well, that was one hell of a match! Jesting Madness pulls it out.

BT: Yes they did, but Hawkins and Charisma put on one helluva match against them! Who would have thought that match would have been as good as it was!

JK: Well this is Warzone where anything can happen. Wait, what’s Jesting Madness doing? Ladders? They just won and now they are going after ladders?

*Carlin climbs the ladder, as Grind poses below. Within moments, Carlin has the titles in hand and is holding them aloft. Standing three rungs from the top, he spreads his arms wide and grins - the EWNCW champions have made their statement - the belts, in their minds, will be theirs forever. They pose until the lights dim, and JK can be heard saying,” Good night folks.”*

Tommy Thunder
05-11-2012, 08:11 PM
Just realized that there hasn't been a Warzone for 3 weeks.
What. The. Funk.

Tommy Thunder
05-11-2012, 08:12 PM
Another filler.

Ah well, here's Friday night Warzone!!

Tommy Thunder
05-11-2012, 08:17 PM

Bryan Thomas: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Friday night Warzone!! I’m Bryan Thomas alongside my broadcast partner Kosh King as always, and wehave a great night of action for you tonight featuring all 3 EWNCW brands as always!!

Josh King: That’s right Bryan, in tonight’s main event we’ll see The Blue Flash teaming with TJ Rage to face Arius and Splattered Dreams! Flash of course saved Rage from a beatdown at the hands of Arius this past Monday on Rage, but tonight, Arius has the ‘One Man Muscle Mountain’ that is Splatered Dreams to back him up.

BT: He sure does, Flash and Rage will have a mountain to climb tonight so to speak!

JK: Already with the bad jokes Bryan?

BT: Ok, I’ll ease off. Let’s get tonight’s action under way!!


Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for ONE fall!! Introducing first, from London, England, Bill ‘The Eagle’ Richards!!

BT: In our first match here tonight we’ve got Bill ‘The Eagle’ Richards coming out. He’s recently been doing the bidding of one Sir Arthur Lansdale on Inferno.

JK: Saying that he’s been doing the bidding of Lansdale is a bit strong I feel Bryan. I’d describe it more as studying under the tutalege of Arthur Lansdale. Lansdale is a well educated man inside and outside of the ring. Did you know that he has a degree in psychology? Richards is wise to learn from a man such as him.


JMcM: and his opponent, Captain Amazing!!

BT: And out comes his opponent, Captain Amazing!

JK: What a goofball. This guy doesn’t know an inch of this squared circle!!

BT: Well he’s a pretty good technical guy who has some high flying moves in his arsenal too. I wouldn’t rule him out of this contest. Let’s see how they get on!!

(Doug Williams = Bill Richards vs Okada = Captain Amazing)


JMcM: Here is your winner, Bill ‘The Eagle’ Richards!!

BT: An impressive and efficient display from Bill Richards there Josh, technicaly sound and was able to dispose of Captain Amazing here tonight.

JK: Just as I thought. Lansdale’s tuition is obviously paying dividends for this guy. If he continues to roll like this we might see him challenging for the Ignition Championship soon.

BT: Indeed. That’s just a portion of what we have in store for you guys tonight. Come back after the break to see more action from your favourite EWNCW superstars!!

Tommy Thunder
05-11-2012, 08:19 PM
Bryan Thomas: We’re back here on Warzone, and up next for you we have some tag team action from Brutality!!


Jason McManus: This next match is a tag team match scheduled for ONE fall!! Introducing first the team of Holy Jose and Azreal, God’s Grace!!

BT: So tell me Josh what did you think of BWA’s final ppv ‘War is the Answer’? What a way to end an era eh?

Josh King: What a way indeed Bryan. That ppv may damn well be the best ppv I’ve ever seen. That 3 stages of Hell main event was brutal and epic on massive proportions! BWA might have ended, but tag team wrestling is now entering a new era with the formation of Brutality as an official EWNCW brand. Making us the only company with a brand designated and dedicated to tag team wrestling!!

BT: You got that right, and these guys here will be a big part of that new era. An exiting young team that should give us some entertainment tonight!!


JMcM: And their opponents, the team of Shawn Azenia and Ethan Night, they are The Dynasty of Perfection!!

BT: Another exciting team on show here Josh.

JK: Indeed. From what I’ve seen from these guys, I like them. Theyhave something special, and I see them doing well over on Brutality.

BT: And don’t forget that Brutality will begin as an official EWNCW brand starting on Wednesday May the 23rd. Mark it in your diaries folks! It’ll be a night you don’t want to miss!!
But for now, let’s take it to the ring for this match!!

(Th Hardys = God’s Grace vs Miz and Morrison = Dynasty of Perfection)



BT: And God’s Grace does it!! What an excellent match we saw there, and if that’s anything to go by, Brutality is going to be one hell of an exciting show!!

JK: You got that right! An excellent match played by both teams, but God’s Grace had just enough to get the job done here tonight!! I can’t wait for Brutality to start!!

BT: Neither can I!! Remember folks, May 23rd!! Don’t forget that date; the debut of Wednesday night Brutality!!

Tommy Thunder
05-11-2012, 08:21 PM

Jason McManus: This next match is scheduled for ONE fall! Already in the ring, The Flying Dutchman!!
And making his way to the ring, his opponent, from Washington, ‘The Worldwide Best’, Kryptonite!!

Bryan Thomas: Welcome back folks we’re getting ready for some singles action from Inferno here as we see Kryptonite making his way to he ring, where The Flying Dutchman is waiting for him!

Josh King: Kryptonite is still feeling his way on Inferno I find, but he’s got a lot of skill, and I think he has the tools to find success here in EWNCW.

BT: We’ll see how he fares here tonight then as this match is ready to get under way!!

(Curt Hawkins = Kryptonite / Trent Barretta = The Flying Dutchman)


BT: What a match!! 2 of EWNCW’s great young stars putting it all out there, but tonight Kryptonite is the man tasting victory!!

JK: An excellent match between both men. A close one too, but like I said, I think that Kryptonite has ‘it’ to be someone here. With a bit more work, he’ll get there for sure.

BT: So a win here for Kryptonite! Don’t go anywhere folks, our main event is next!!

Tommy Thunder
05-11-2012, 08:24 PM
Bryan Thomas: We’re back here and ready for our main event! The Blue Flash and TJ Rage against Arius and Splattered Dreams!! A great matchup in the making right there!


Jason McManus: This next match is a tag team match scheduled for ONE fall!! Introducing first, being accompanied by Alice, ‘The One Man Muscle Mountain’ Splattered Dreams, and ‘The Prodigy’, Arius!!

Josh King: This Arius is a sound competitor in the ring. He’s got the right attitude to succeed in life and more importantly, here in EWNCW.

BT: Well he sure does think he’s better than everyone. I mean he calls himself ‘The Prodigy’!!

JK: And why not? Born into greatness. You can’t deny that Bryan.

BT: Well he’s chosen a solid partner to say the least in the form of the former Godmoney member Splattered Dreams, the man’s huge!

JK: Close to 7ft tall, and it’s all muscle baby! This man is a brick!


JMcM: And their opponents, TJ Rage and The Blue Flash!!

JK: Jeez look at this guy!! He’s wearing a costume like it’s Halloween or something!!

BT: Come on Josh, don’t be a killjoy like Bodom!! It’s just a bit of fun, and the crowd love him!!

JK: Fun is good, but there’s a fine line between having fun and being ridiculous!! Everybody knows who the damn guy is!!

BT: Shush not Josh!! There’s kids watching this show!! Now The Blue Flash came to the aid of TJ Rage on Monday’s edition of Rage when Arius was in the process of dishing out a beating to Rage. Flash requested this match happen tonight in order for Rage to seek some retribution!

JK: Yeah, but he didn’t bank on Arius getting Dreams to tag with him!!

BT: Could be an obstacle, we’ll see. Let’s get the action under way!!

(Mysterio = Flash / Edge = TJ Rage vs Matt Hardy = Arius / John Cena = Splattered Dreams / B2 = Alice)


JMcM: Here are your winners, Splattered Dreams and Arius!!

BT: What?!?! Did you see that Josh? Arius was holding onto the ropes to stop Flash from kicking out!!

JK: I have no idea what you’re talking about!! All I saw was a great counter powerbomb and the 1, 2, 3!! A great win for Arius, putting Flash and Rage in their place!!

BT: I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this conflict here. Arius cheated to win there!! However that brings an end to this week’s Warzone folks!! Thanks very much for joining us, but from Josh King and me, Bryan Thomas, it’s goodnight!

07-07-2012, 05:35 PM

JK: Welcome to another episode of Friday Night Warzone, and after a prolonged absence we are finally back on the air. My name is Josh King and alongside me; Mr Bryan Thomas.

BT: As a famous man once said, “they call me, the Bry-man” and I am as excited as ever to be back on the air, and JK let the people know what we have on deck.

JK: Well tonight we see the debut of a brand new segment; EWNCW Volt, where we will take a look back at some of the most crucial and exciting matches from the EWNCW archives.

BT: What a great concept, it sure will be interesting to see those matches again.

JK: Plus, Ali Kazam will take on Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr, The Blue Flash will clash with TJ Rage, Nightmare will take on Captain Amazing, and in the main event, Tag Team Action from Brutality as The New Assault Program will face off with Trollin’

BT: What a line up, some exciting prospects there.

JK: Indeed, with out further a do, lets get down to the ACTION!

#Ali Kazam#


Your opening bout of the evening is set for one fall, making his way to the ring, from The House of Fun, this man is a former Inferno Ignition Champion, Ali Kaaaazzaaaammmmm!!!

BT: Kazam has made a huge impact on Thursday Night Inferno, injecting himself into the feud between Rose/Jones, and coming away with a breif run as Inferno Ignition Champion.

JK: Indeed Kazam has had a meteoric rise to the top of the Ignition Division, but he doesn’t have the title now, and that’s got to be playing on his mind.

#Mikkel Gunnar Freyr#


And his opponent, making his way to the ring, from Stockholm, Sweden. Mikkel Gunnar-Freeeeeeyyyrrrrr!

JK: We know very little about Gunnar-Freyr, coming off a loss to Nightmare at the PPV, a baptism of fire to say the least, but Freyr held his own.

BT: Yea, some great fighting spirit emerging from Freyr, but he is up against, a good competitor in Kazam.

Ali Kazam/Sabu vs Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr/Disco Inferno

stop at 4:36

BT: Beautifully executed high risk move by Kazam.

*Kazam turns around and charges at Freyr, but Freyr moves sending Kazam into the steel steps*

BT: and the match switches just like that, Kazam took one too many risks.

*Freyr rolls Kazam back in the ring, he hits an inverted atomic drop, so that all the impact is on the knees of Kazam. Kazam falls to the mat and Freyr locks in a sharpshooter*

JK: Will he tap here?

*Kazam lifts his hand as if he is going to tap, but instead rolls out onto his back, and counters the submission into a hells gate*

JK: What a reversal, Freyr is in a world of trouble.

BT: The problem being this move has to be hurting Kazam’s knee’s as much as Freyr.

*Freyr grabs the rope, the referee starts the count, Kazam releases on 4. Freyr struggles back to his feet, still grabbing at his throat, meanwhile Kazam climbs to the top turnbuckle, Freyr turns round see’s Kazam, But Kazam vanishes!, Freyr turns around to see Kazam on the opposite corner, catching him with a missile dropkick.*

BT: Now how the HELL does he do that?

JK: Well Bry...It’s Magic!

BT: Why don’t you shut up JK!?

*Kazam riles the crowd, as Freyr gets back to his feet, Shining Wizzard from Kazam!*




Winner: Ali Kazam

JK: Big win in a tough fought match for Ali Kazam.

BT: got to give props also, to Mikkel, infact both of these guys summed up what Warzone is about, by going at it at 110 mph, great match.

JK: couldn’t agree more Bry, and there will be more action after these messages from our sponsor.

07-07-2012, 05:42 PM

The following contest is set for one fall, making his way to the ring from Copenhagen, Denmark, This is “The Vikking” TJ RAGE!!!!!

BT: Here comes TJ RAGE, from Copenhagen, Denmark, man this must be the first EWNCW show to have a Scandinavian theme.

JK: Granted, Denmark not renowned for producing wrestlers, but what they are renowned for is vikkings and warriors, and Rage, can put up a serious fight.


And his opponent, from “The Justice League” this is The Blue Flash!!!

JK: This man became the No.1 Contender to Shaz’s Rage Ignition Championship, this past Monday Night, winning a grueling gauntlet match, and even though TJ Rage was also in that match, Flash was in it a lot longer, you’ve gotta wonder about his condition.

BT: You know, despite all the momentum that The Blue Flash has, I can’t see him being in the right shape, to beat TJ, a man who on any night is a tough opponent to break down.

JK: Yeah I agree but if anyone would give us a super-human effort, It would be The Blue Flash.

The Blue Flash/ Sin Cara vs TJ Rage/Primo

Stop at 4:53

JK: Flash falls hard to the outside, this is Rage’s chance.

*Rage climbs off the turnbuckle, down to the apron, Flash is almost back to his feet, but Rage comes off the ropes with a double axhandle across the neck of Flash, Rage picks him up and rolls him back into the ring*

BT: Flash is hurt, can Rage take advantage and pick up a win over the No.1 Contender here.

*Rage picks up Flash into bodyslam position but Flash slips out and delivers a kick to the knee of Rage, Flash runs off the ropes and heads for Rage, who sidesteps Flash sending him over the ropes, Rage pauses to pose, assuming Flash had fallen painfully to the floor again, but Flash remained on the apron*

BT: Turn around TJ!

*Flash springboards in with a tornado DDT, spiking Rage right on his head. Flash motions to the crowd, who cheer him on, Flash sizes up Rage and connects with a huge side effect*

BT: This one is over



Winner: The Blue Flash

JK: What a comeback from Flash, we thought he was out when he crashed to the floor but he fought back into it, I am sure Shaz is watching this, because The Blue Flash is on a role.

BT: Indeed I thought Rage had him, but some super-human resiliency, from Flash sees him pick up the win.

07-07-2012, 05:47 PM
JK: And coming up next is the debut of a brand new segment called, “EWNCW Volt”, where we take you back to EWNCW’s early days, when it was unconceivable for us to run four shows a week.

BT: You said it JK we will be paying homage to the men who paved the way for us.

JK: and tonight we start with the very first match ever on EWNCW Inferno, when Silver Asstool took on Cooper Hawkins.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeE1Y8S6jVc (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeE1Y8S6jVc)

BD: One of Bodoms GodMoney boys, Silver Asstool coming to ring now in his common mean look and demeanour...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO_84...eature=related (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO_84...eature=related)

BD: His opponent Copper Hawkins comes to the stage showing some love to the crowd but still undecided about him...

[Silver Asstool/Batista vs Cooper Hawkins/Taijri]


BD: Silver Asstool picks up an easy victory this guy is just a monster!!!

07-07-2012, 05:51 PM
*We fade back in from the break to see a close up of Nightmare walking to the ring*

JK: Look at the size of that man, Nightmare!

The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, from the misty Mongolian mountains, Nightmare!

BT: One scary dude, and he has certainly made his presence felt on Inferno, running through Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr at Pain for Treasure, and I expect we'll see more of the same here tonight.

And his opponent already in the ring, Captain Amazing.

Nightmare/Lord Tensai vs Captain Amazing/Alex Riley

stop at 4:04

JK: Boy, Nightmare looking unstoppable here.

*Nightmare stands over Amazing, the Captain slowly tries to pull himself up with Nightmare’s knee pads, Amazing tentatively gets up only for Nightmare to smash a big chop across the head off Amazing, but unbelievably seems uneffected, Amazing gives a scream of adrenaline and fires a right hand at Nightmare, and then a left, then another right and so on until Nightmare is against the ropes,*

JK: This is amazing from CAPTAIN amazing!

BT: Nightmare, what are you doing!?

Amazing goes springboard kick, but Nightmare throttles him mid air, holding Amazing in the air like a trophy walks to the centre of the ring and drives him down with a chokeslam *

BT: Down hard! Goes Amazing, Nightmare sure made him pay there.

JK: I think the end maybe near.

*Nightmare signals for Amazing to get up, and once the captain is back to his feet, Nightmare lifts him onto his shoulder, and with a terrifying look into the camera, Nightmare delivers the GTS*

JK: Oh my lord, Captain Amazing is out!

BT: Pinfall!

*Nightmare places a foot on the chest of Amazing*



JK: Damn it end this.

Winner: Nightmare

BT: What an impressive win for Nightmare, but I’ll admit we saw something we didn’t expect from Captain Amazing tonight.

07-07-2012, 05:56 PM
JK: It’s almost time for our main event here tonight, but Bry lets take a minuet to talk about this week in EWNCW?

BT: Well, the week kicked off with a shock title change on RAGE, K-Jammin of all people dethroning TBOZ, and becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion

JK: I can’t say I like the idea of having such a dangerous man representing our company.

BT: What’s your problem JK?, K-Jammin is a great wrestler, and a truly kind human being, he knew that SilverCena didn’t have the guts to retire, so K-Jammin happily ended the mans career in order to save him the embarrassment of quitting, what a kind and compassionate man our World Heavyweight Champion is, I won’t go so far as to say there SHOULD be a “K-Jammin day”, but it should defiantly be considered.

JK: just listen to him, I’ll tell you one problem K-Jam now has.

BT: What?

JK: he has made an enemy of TBOZ!



JK: looks like its time for the main event, Tag Team action from Brutality!

The Following contest is a non title bout, set for one fall and is your MAIN EVENT of the evening, making there way to the ring, the team of Derp Derpington and Herp Aderp, this is Trollin’!!!

JK: Well Trollin’ might just be the most unorthodox Tag Team we’ve ever seen, but there is no denying that teams find it hard to deal with them.

BT: It’s a well known wrestling formula the weirder you are, the easier it is to get inside the head of your opponent

#New Assault Program#


And there opponents, the currant BWA Internet Champions, the team of Sean and Criz Dimensions they are the NEW ASSAULT PROGRAM!

JK: The currant BWA Internet Champions, these two men demonstrate the same kind of power and domination that we see from Mark on Inferno.

BT: from day one, when Brutality was BWA, this team has terrorized their opponents and left a great trail of destruction behind them, I do not fancy the chance of those, goofs, Herp and Derp.

Non-Title Match:

Derp Derpinton/Sting & Herp Aderp/Lex Lugar vs Criz Dimensions/Scott Steiner & Sean Dimensions/Rick Steiner



stop at 5:26 of the 2nd video.

JK: The referee is out, the referee is out cold!

*Derp picks up Criz and nails him with a sit-out powerslam, covers him*

JK: But there is no referee

*Derp calls Herp back in they whip Criz onto the ropes but before he comes back for a double team, Sean pulls his partner to the outside. Quickly, Derp goes flying with a suicide dive, only for both of the Dimensions to move, meaning Derp crashes and hits the deck, Sean picks him up and throws him into the guardrail, meanwhile, Herp mounted the corner and crossbody down onto the New Assault Program!*

BT: Now everyone’s out JK; Trollin’, NAP and the referee.

*Derp and Criz roll back into the ring, they get back to their feet and start exchanging shots, Derp gets the upperhand he kicks Criz hard in the mid-section and then runs against the ropes, only for Criz to throatle him, he goes for the chokeslam but Derp slips out behind, Criz swings round with a sick elbow to the face of Derp, Derp struggles but Criz grabs him and locks in a sleeper hold!,*

BT: I can tell you JK, Criz has all of that sleeper hold!

*Derp struggles but falls to one knee, then a second then down to the mat, allowing Criz to gain total leverage. Derp tries to fight it but he is fading fast, soon his eyes fall shut. But here is Herp, on the apron, he goes for the springboard in, but Sean pulls him off and Herp hits the apron hard*

JK: Ouch! That was an ugly landing for Herp

*Sean wakes the referee, who slowly rolls over to check on Derp lifting his arm, for it to fall*


*Sean impationatly counts along with referee while Criz wrenches the sleeper even tighter, the ref lifts the arm and it drops for a second time*


*the referee lifts it, the fans expecting a dramatic come back from Derp, but the arm falls for the 3rd time*


Ring the bell!

Winners: The New Assault Program

JK: The New Assault Program gain the victory by TKO, in that thrilling Tag Team main event.

BT: You got to say the referee being knocked out didn’t favour anybody, I mean NAP didn’t cheat behind the refs back they won this one fair.

JK: Indeed, but you’ve got to hand it to Trollin’ nobody expected the underdogs to do so well but low and behold they almost beat the Internet Champions in a non title match. If Brutality management is watching, they might be thinking about giving Trollin’ a shot soon.

BT: Maybe, but the Champs did win here tonight, its there night.

JK: whoever’s night it is, it has come to an end thanks for joining us here on EWNCW Warzone; The Fastest Moving Show in EWNCW!, we hope you enjoyed it, my broadcast partner Bryan Thomas and I will be back next week, but for now, thanks for braving the Warzone.

07-22-2012, 03:48 PM
EWNCW Warzone: Friday 20th July 2012


JK: Welcome to another addition of EWNCW Warzone, The fastest moving show in ENWCW, my name is Josh King and joining me at ringside, as always, Mr. Bryan Thomas.

BT: “They call me the Bry-man” and we had a fantastic night of action one week ago, Ali Kazam downed Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr, The Blue Flash beat TJ Rage, Nightmare destroyed Captain Amazing and in the Main Event it was “The New Assault Program” that saw off Trollin’, now JK, what do we have to look forward to tonight?

JK: Well, TJ Rage will be back in action this week, only this time taking on EWNCW RAGE Ignition Champion Shaz, Plus God’s Grace will be here to face off against the Crimson Samurais, Andy Cannon will face Captain Amazing, and in the Main Event World Title contender Seraphim will take on Andy Amazing, two of efeddings most promising young stars, right here tonight.

BT: A stacked card for sure.

JK: Also we have EWNCW Volt, where we take you back to an important match or moment from EWNCW history.

BT: It was great to see the first ever match from EWNCW Inferno last week, SilverAssTool defeating Cooper Hawkins.

JK: Well I look forward to see what’s coming up tonight, I hear it’s a real blockbuster, EWNCW Volt, but coming up right now is the ACTION!.

#TJ Rage#


This is your opening contest and it is set for one fall making his way to the ring, from Copenhagen, Denmark, TJ RAGE!!

JK: It was one week ago, on this program, where we saw TJ Rage lose to The Blue Flash.

BT: Last week, TJ Rage didn’t have the killer instinct to finish off his buddy The Blue Flash, tonight though he goes one on one, not with the No.1 Contender to the RAGE Ignition Championship, but to the RAGE Ignition Champion, and if he doesn’t kill Shaz when he has the chance, then Shaz will kill Rage.



And his opponent, making his way to the ring, from Brixton, London, this man is the currant EWNCW Rage Ignition Champion, The Rapid King and self proclaimed “Best in the World” Shaz!!!

JK: The vicious and pugnacious Rage Ignition Champion makes his way to the ring, Shaz claims he is the “Best in the World” well he has The Blue Flash waiting for him at “Rise from the Ashes 2012”, I am going to get your prediction for that match Bry, who do you think will win?.

BT: Well, both men have been on winning streaks of late but Shaz is a violent competitor you’ve got to believe that Shaz is going to get inside the head of Flash and that’s why the Championship stays with Shaz in my openion.

JK: Well as ever, I disagree I think The Blue Flash has been on a tremendous roll of late, and that momentum will help him defeat Shaz and leave with the title, non the less this one tonight, a Non-Title match, lets see if Shaz can send a message at the expense of TJ Rage or Rage can put himself into the hunt for a Title shot by upsetting the champion.

Non Title Match- Shaz/Konnan vs TJ Rage/Chris Jericho

Stop at 5:50

JK: I can’t believe what we are seeing, TJ Rage is in control and the self proclaimed “Best in the World” is in huge trouble here.

*Rage stalks Shaz as he stumbles back to his feet, Rage runs and hits Shaz with a huge spear, cover,*




BT: Shaz stays alive in this one.

*Rage gets back to his feet and points to the top corner turnbuckle, this evokes a cheer from the crowd, Rage heads over, mounts the turnbuckle, and goes for a huge shooting star press, but Shaz rolls out the way and Rage crashes and burns, the impact means Rage bounces back to his feet and Shaz takes advantage hitting a huge Death Valley Driver!*

BT: Shaz plants him with the high impact move.

*Shaz motions that this one is over, he puts Rage between his legs takes one final look at the camera, then hits the Canadian Destroyer*

JK: He calls that the B.I.T.W.

BT: Which is short for Best in the World, cover him Shaz!





Winner: “The Rapid King” Shaz

BT: Shaz was clinical there, and that’s why he is the champion and Rage isn’t, because when Shaz got the opening he could take advantage.

JK: I have to disagree, Shaz won here because TJ Rage took a risk, and its taking risks that will see TJ move up the EWNCW ladder I am sure.

*Shaz is handed his title and his hand is raised. Shaz kicks Rage a couple more times before he leaves the ring and heads to the back*

JK: More un-called for post match attacks from Shaz there, if this man was the best in the world then why does he have to take cheap shots.

BT: he was sending a message JK.

JK: Ladies and gentleman we’ll be back after these messages.

07-22-2012, 03:54 PM
JK: Welcome back to EWNCW Warzone, and we are getting ready for some action from EWNCW Brutality.

#Crimson Samurais#


JK: Well the team of Yuji Otani and Takashi Ito, relatively new team to EWNCW Brutality, Bry what do you think?

BT: Well they’ve not got off to the hottest of starts but they’ve shown glimpses of what they can do, They are ones to watch!.

JK: Well tonight they have very tough opposition going up against a team poised to become one of the very best on Brutality, this will be a proving ground for the young, Samurais.

#God’s Grace#


JK: What an ending it was to this weeks Brutality, EWNCW Blacklist Champions Jesting Madness getting the win over Cirque de freak in a heated contest, but then it was Holy Jose and Azrael who came onto the stage and appeared to be saying “Soon”, well Bry that can only refer to their “Ultimate Opportunity” briefcases that they won from the Dawn of Destruction, guaranteeing them a Blacklist title match.

BT: Indeed, the advantage of these briefcases are the element of surprise and being able to use it to lever you way into the champions head, and God’s Grace have certainly managed to do that, taunting William Carlin and Grind Bastard, I think God’s Grace may be on the cusp of becoming the Blacklist Champions.

Crimson Samurais (No Limit): Yuji Otani/Tetsuya Naitō & Takashi Ito/Yujiro Takahashi vs God’s Grace (McMg): Azrael/Alex Shelley & Holy Jose/Chris Sabin

stop at 10:00

JK: in comes, Holy Jose!

*HJ nocks down Otoni with a huge clothesline, Ito is back in the ring, but he meets the same fate; a clothesline from HJ.*

JK: and Jose is on fire.

*Azrael comes back in and swings for Ito, Otoni goes for HJ, both men duck and then hit simultaneous german suplexes, HJ on Otoni, and Ito on Azrael, both men get back to their feet and have a stare down, Ito charges but HJ hits a huge kick to the side of the face, covers*




BT: a kick out from Ito, but that was nearly three, right there.

*HJ, picks him up and lifts him up for a vertical suplex but then holds him there for several moments*

BT: Imagine the blood rushing to your head if you’re Ito.

JK: Oh my god how long is he going to hold him up there!?

*finally HJ slams Ito down to the mat, a ironic relief, then Otoni runs in and hits a kick to the mid-section of HJ and goes for a powerbomb, but Azrael comes back and catches him with a superkick sending him down. Azrael motions for HolyJose to go up top, Azrael hits a bridging German suplex on Otoni and HJ comes off the top with a huge elbow drop, HJ covers,*




Winners: God’s Grace.

JK: Impressive win here from God’s Grace, Holy Jose and Azrael look ready to move up to the very top of Brutality.

BT: I don’t know if there ready to beat Jesting Madness just yet, but the beauty of those “Ultimate Opportunity” Contracts is that they can pick there spot and that’s what makes them so dangerous.

JK: I think they’d disagree with you, I think they are ready and its coming “soon!”

07-22-2012, 04:00 PM
#Andy Cannon#


The following contest is scheduled for one fall making his way to the ring, from Greensboro, North Carolina, Andy Cannon!!!

JK: Andy Cannon, perhaps the most inspiring story in EWNCW, after finally breaking free from the Surgeon General and his “medication” Cannon is back on track, that was at least until he was side tracked by Arthur Lansdale, Mike Hawk and Bill Richards.

BT: Cannon cared to much about Mike Hawk, trying to stop him from getting involved with Lansdale but back at Pain for Treasure, Hawk turned on Cannon, that has got to be playing on Cannon’s mind.

#Captain Amazing#

And his opponent, already in the ring, from US of A, Captain Amazing!

JK: The man who resembles Captain America, makes his way out. It was one week ago that Amazing took quite a beating from Nightmare here on this very program, but word is that Captain Amazing is 100% and ready to go here tonight.

Andy Cannon/Triple H vs Captain Amazing/Jeff Hardy

stop at 2:38

JK: Cannon has dominated thus far.

*Cannon hooks the double underhooks and lifts Amazing high into the air and brings him down across his own knee*

BT: That looked painful.

*Cannon picks Amazing up and lifts him onto his shoulders and hits the cradle shock!*

JK: What a cradle shock that was, Amazing is out.





Winner: Andy Cannon

JK: I think although Cannon is no longer associated with “the sickness” there is still a mean streak in him, and he showed it tonight.

BT: What a goof this Captain Amazing is!

JK: Ladies and gentleman we need to take a commercial break, but we will be right back.

07-22-2012, 04:04 PM
JK: Its that part of the show where we will go back into the EWNCW Volt and bring you a match or a moment that is worth seeing again, last week it was the very first match in EWNCW Inferno history, when the muscle of then all powerful faction “Godmoney” SilverAssTool took down Cooper Hawkins, who of course still competes here with James Charisma on Brutality.

BT: I wonder what happen tp “SAT” he certainly was one of the original big men, before the likes of Mark Dimensions and “The Freak” Ryan Wells descended upon EWNCW.

JK: Well tonight Bry I know you’ll like this, from all of the great superstars that have graced EWNCW, one perhaps stands out as the very best, the man that has defined this fed, as much though his mistakes as his triumphs but he has had a lot of supporters and a lot of haters but this man has always been the hive of the fed, Mr Tommy Thunder!, and tonight we are going to go back and take a look at his debut.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MfUHAtEkGU (cm) here he is our GM Irken Invader... what a nice surprise... could you feel the sarcasm there! What do we owe this pleasure too.. lets see...

Irk with a mic at the top of the ramp "This Sunday we see the inaugural PPV for the EWNCW... Pain for Treasure where our belts will be decided for the first time.. this day will go down in history...

After these past few weeks we see the end to the WHC Tournament which will crown our very first World Champ... Manabu Nanahara takes on The Heartbreaker... these guys have beaten off the best this company has to give to make it here and I have no doubt the match will be talked about for years to come...

Ive also just finished a conversation with TJ Hawkes and i can confirm that there will be the Steel Cage Gauntlet Match involving TJ Hawkes as he takes on Matt Elder and Tai Night...

We will also have a special exhibition match between 2 mystery opponents who everyone will have to wait and see...

And if all that isnt good enough we see a Triple Threat Match for the Forum Championship between Splattered-Dreams, Captain Charisma and this man... Tommy Thunder...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a82cNcjw3iw Tommy Thunder arrives to the biggest pop of the night a brand new star on the roster everyone waiting in bated breath to see what this guy brings to the table...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXtWL0G3dmk Here is Rich Cranium... the crowd erupt into the "you suck" chant in unison! accompanied by TheBeardofZues his GodMoney compatriot..

TT= Anderson RC=Pearce Zeus=Mercury

Tommy Thunder loses his match tonight.... not for the want of trying he was screwed out of his first win on his debut... he is the only one in the triple threat to lose his match tonight!!

JK: Well a tremendous debut from Tommy Thunder but also a glimpse back at Godmoney, at one time the most powerful faction in the world, which TBOZ used to catapult himself into the World title Contendership. Isn’t it Ironic that we saw IrkenInvader talking about everyone remembering Manabu and Heartbreaker, moments before we saw 3 sure fire EWNCW Hall of Famers in Thunder, TheBeardOfZeus and Rich Cranium.

BT: Indeed it was the guys you mention that this company was built upon, JK!

JK: Well its time for another commercial break but we will be right back with the Main Event of the evening.

07-22-2012, 04:10 PM
JK: Well, Bry, before we see our Main Event match, lets talk about this week in EWNCW.

BT: Boy if you think about Inferno; Billy McCoy finally getting a one on one shot at King Strem, that one is sure to tear down the house at RftA, also after coming up short against Tommy Thunder, Arthur Lansdale, looked up and saw the initials “RR”, now what could that mean!?

JK: Boy I have no idea, it could mean almost anything, some crazy times in EWNCW, with the debut of “The Archangel” Kayden James on Rage…attacking Seraphim and Ronaldo, add that to the fact that one week before K-Jammin became the World Champion, it just proves that Rage continues to be the most evocative and controversial shows in the world.



JK: And the crowd goes nuts for Seraphim!, he has become one of the best and most loved babyfaces on Monday Night Rage, and Bry, I got the chance to have a chat with Sera earlier, I asked about how he felt about not being able to take the title from TBOZ, he said its not a setback he’s just going to regroup get his head together and go straight back after the title, but as we said that is now being held by K-Jammin.

BT: That’s very admirable, but Sera might find that with K-Jam as the champ, and TBOZ haunting for revenge, now might be the perfect time to step back and regroup.

JK: Well we say this but he has seemed to got involved with Ronaldo Romeulous and “The Archangel” Kayden James who made his shock debut last week on Rage.

#Andy Amazing#


JK: “The Amazing One” a man who made his name in smaller promotions brings his reputation to EWNCW, and its hard to asses the success of failure of Amazing, in the ring there is no faulting him that’s for sure.

BT: This kid has been stupid the last couple of weeks on Rage offering to help out his friend Daymian Bloodstone, friends are nice, but business is business and Amazing needs to focus on his own career.

JK: Well I think he had his own career in mind when he agreed to face Daymian Bloodstone, this man is former World Champion and had a long reign as Ignition Champion and that was back in the day when there was only one Ignition Champion and everyone was after you.

BT: Well by that reckoning he’s got a huge opportunity here against Seraphim.

Seraphim/Sting vs Andy Amazing/DDP

Stop at 8:24

JK: Seraphim crashes and burns!

BT: It was stupid to go for a high risk maneuver when he had Amazing down.

*Andy gets back to his feet and pulls Seraphim up by his hair and goes for the killswitch*

BT: Amazing act, he’s going for the Amazing act, plants it!

*Andy drives Seraphim down with the “Amazing Act”, then looks around at the audience who egg him on. Amazing heads for the corner, gets up on top, he motions for “Amazing Air” a Shooting Star leg drop, but midflight Sera moves only for Amazing to land right on his feet, Amazing runs off against the ropes and on the way Seraphim catches him with a half power superkick, then whips him against the ropes once more and connects with a full power superkick!*

JK: And out of nowhere Seraphim hits the “City of Angels”, can he get the cover.

*Seraphim has just about enough left to drape an arm over Amazing*





BT: And he kicked out!, he kicked out!, I cannot believe it.

*Seraphim stumbles back to his feet, using the ropes to pull himself up, Seraphim sizes Amazing up and has “The Amazing One” gets back to his feet Seraphim goes for a roundhouse kick but Amazing ducks, springs of the second rope and catches Sera wit ha Disaster kick*

JK: Amazing Disaster.

*Seraphim stays on his feet long enough for Andy to grab his arms spin him round, lift him up and connect with a vertebreaker!*

BT: A vertebreaker, Andy has won this if he can get the cover.

*Andy does cover.*




JK: I can’t remember anyone kicking out of the vertebreaker before.

*The crowd are on their feet, clapping, cheering and willing both men back to their feet, they both do so just at the same time and Amazing connects with a huge right hand that rocks Seraphim, but Seraphim has a reply and second and a third, Seraphim whips Amazing across the ring and connects with a clothesline, then a second clothesline and a third, this time he plants Amazing with a bodyslam, then signals he is going up top again*

JK: Seraphim heads up top again, will it pay off this time!?

*Seraphim gets up on top and hits a gut busting Imploding 450!*

JK: He nailed him this time!





Winner: Seraphim!

JK: A tremendous, hard fought win for Seraphim here, that was the toughest battle I think we’ve seen here on Warzone not just tonight but ever.

BT: Indeed JK, a tough back and forth battle, both men determined to get the victory but its Seraphim who gets it, a great effort from “The Amazing One”.

*Seraphim and Amazing are back to their feet, they stand in the ring taking in the applause from the crowd, Seraphim extends the hand to Andy, who takes it, the men shake hands as the fans show their appreciation for the sportsmanship on display.*

JK: A class act there, what a way to end the show, that’ll do it for this week from me, Josh King and my colleague Bryan Thomas, You’ve been watching EWNCW Warzone; The fastest moving show in EWNCW and once again thank you for braving the Warzone.

08-04-2012, 05:52 PM

Josh King: Ladies and Gentleman, We welcome to EWNCW Warzone, and this is a very special feature length edition of EWNCW Warzone, and what a show we have in store for you, shocks, surprises and announcements, that would be worthy of any episode of Rage, Brutality or Inferno. My Name is Josh King and next to me as always, Bryan Thomas.

BT: “They call me the Bry-man”, and boy am I pumped for tonight, this is bound to be the best episode ever of EWNCW Warzone, but as always Josh your the man with the inside scoop tell them what’s on deck.

JK: A Great question if ever there was one, Mikkel Gunnar Freyr, the man who very nearly became the EWNCW Inferno Ignition Champion on this weeks edition of Inferno, coming up short against Sweet Jones, takes on the former EWNCW World Tag Team Champion The Surgeon General, plus from EWNCW Brutality, The Bloodstone Empire will take on The Dog’s of War and from Rage “The Great Pharaoh” Seth Farrell takes on Harley McCartney, add that to the EWNCW Volt Match where we take a look back at EWNCW History, and relive an important match. Yet there is more, A special announcement regarding the Warzone format is coming, plus we have received no information about our Main Event, its a complete mystery nobody seems to know what’s going to happen.

BT: by the power of grey skull, what a night it promises to be...

#Kayden James#


JK: Well this is a surprise, its “The Archangel” Kayden James!

BT: A tremendous competitor, who has made his mark in other companies but is here in EWNCW to proves his metal, being the wrestling nerd I am I’ve seen most of James’ career and let me tell you this guy can get it done.

JK: What does he want though? He is not scheduled to compete here tonight, unless...?

BT: Unless this has something to do with our Main Event.

JK: Well that would be the logical conclusion.

*The lights go out in the arena, and when they come on the 'Archangel' Kayden James is shown at the top of the ramp with his back to the crowd and his arms outstretched like a cross. As he drops his arms, pyro explodes all around the ramp. He turns around, smiles, and makes his way to the ring*

Kayden: Well well, so this is the infamous Warzone ehh? *Spits on the mat in the middle of the ring* Another place of filth for the swine of the wrestling world to participate in the vile sinful actions of the damned.

Normally this is where I would quote you a verse from my God's holy word. Normally this is where I attempt to regain the lost through the will and messages of my God. But you see the 'Archangel' has grown tired. I'm tired of all the talking, all the crap spewing from that hypocrite Ronaldo Romulus' mouth. He's too coward to even fight me, and a fight is what I'm looking for.

Which brings me to why I'm here; I'm ready to fight. There has been a man here who, like Ronaldo Romulus, has done nothing but talk about fighting me since day one. I'm here tonight to put an end to his obnoxious ramblings...to shut him up once and for all. William Carlin...get out here and face your impending beating like a man.

#William Carlin#


JK: And here comes the distinguished EWNCW Blacklist Champion William Carlin, he and his partner Grind Bastard have been tearing up the Tag Team Brand, since winning those titles from The Shadow of Madness.

BT: Of late we have seen a flamewar irrupt on the social networking available on WWW.EWNCW.COM/Social (http://WWW.EWNCW.COM/Social) between Kayden James and William Carlin, what better place to settle the differences than in the Warzone.

*Carlin goes down the ramp to a mix of boos and cheers with the former being louder that the latter. He wears his EWNCW Blacklist championship on his waist. He enters the ring and has a staredown with the Archangel, before climbing a turnbuckle and salute the crowd, igniting both types of chants. He then demands a mic and goes back to face James*

WC: You want to know why I started those verbal attacks on you, James? There are two reasons. First, you come here to a new company, that receives you with your arms open, and what you do is despise everyone, in and out of the ring, calling this Warzone infamous and underestimating every single person involved in this company. And that pisses me off. All these guys here and sitting at home, no matter if the cheer or boo me know one thing: I'm a EWNCW guy since day one, and if you have an issue with the company, you have it with me. So, from now on, you should show the owners of the company, the people watching the shows here or at home and those who bust their asses in the ring a bit of something called RESPECT!

*Crowd cheers for Carlin. James tries to speak but Carlin goes on*

WC: Second, and I know many people will dislike this; I'm sick and tired of religious freaks.

*You do not mess with religion, and if you do, prepare for tons of booing like Carlin receives now*

WC: Allow me to explain myself. Religion in itself is not a problem, is guys like you, James, the ones with a problem. You see, you call sinners to everybody around, including those who are law-abiding, caring and loving people. Those who follow the path of the righteous man, but simply do not believe in your god

*Carlin almost spits the word God and people punish him in return with louder boos*

WC: I'm tired of this "I'm right, you're wrong" attitude of yours. You don't value what people do, you do not differentiate saints from sinners, you just value them in terms of believing the same as yourself or not, therefore, chastising people who are good, and condemning them to hell and punishment. In my book, that is freaking unfair.

*There are timid cheers for this*

WC: And as it seems you like quotes, let me throw you this one, by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius: Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life, that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.

*Some more timid cheers*

WC: So, until you stop judging virtuous people unfairly, I will keep on fighting you!
*Kayden listens intently with an almost expressionless look on his face and once Carlin finishes, a small smirk forms on his face before turning instantly to rage*

KJ: Respect? Respect?!? RESPECT!!? How can I possibly respect such a vile, disgusting place such as EWNCW? You say this place welcomed me with open arms? Who welcomed me? You? I came into this place as an outsider, and I fully intend on staying that way. This place disgusts me beyond belief but as the servant of my one true God sometimes one must go to places they don't want to in order to spread the holy message.

*The crowd is booing heavily to the point it is almost drowning James out*

KJ: You see Carlin I haven't "unfairly" judged anyone. You have people here in EWNCW like Mark Dimension and TBOZ who believes themselves to be some sort of a "God", you have people here like your beloved champion K-Jammin who is a bonafide man whore, and you have people here like Seraphim and Romulus who blaspheme God's word to suit their own agenda. Do I unfairly judge them? NO, I call them what they are; liars and hypocrites. My job is to remove vermon like that from this place to make it fit to be called holy.

*The crowds boos are slowing down, and are beginning to mix with timid cheers.*

The people at home and that are watching me live tonight are the ones I'm trying to save, not the ones I'm trying to destroy. People tend to misunderstand that greatly. My message I preach and deliver isn't one for my own personal gain but a message of being just, of being holy, of being a light to those in darkness. God may be a wrathful God, but he's also one of pure caring and love. Those that will take up my God's cross and follow me will be shown the divinity that is the salvation that I offer.

*The crowd's reaction is stunned, and mostly quiet with some faint cheering as if they didn't know what to make of those last few statements*

KJ: As far as you're concerned Carlin, when I first came here to EWNCW I didn't have a problem with you. You however have forced yourself in front of me to the point where I now have to remove you from my presence. Who knows, once I'm done with you I may just take your Blacklist Championship as a trophy of your utter dismantling.

08-04-2012, 05:54 PM
*Carlin hears the rambling and when James seems to be done, he counters*

WC: Yeah, respect. It is said that you needed a change, that you wish to compete regularly again, therefore, the owners of the company, instead of sitting back in their armchairs waiting for you to come at them, they said. “OMG! One of the top dogs in business can come to our company!”, then rushed to your place with a lucrative contract, eager to sign you up and say, “Hey fellas, guess who has just inked a deal with us? None other than “The Archangel” Kayden James!!! And then you come here and say this place disgusts you beyond belief? Are you out of your mind? They threw a red carped in front of you and the place disgusts you? What did you expect? A straight forward title match?

*Crowd cheers*

WC: Maybe it’s that, you wanted a title match that was not granted, which leads me to the next point. You see, K-Jammin is far from being beloved here. If you think that, you are seriously misguided. He sneaked his way into the title by befriending the Rage GM, who has proved himself an even more dangerous snake, because he’s a snake with power. But even he had to wait a little bit to get his grasp on the belt.

Regarding TBOZ, seriously, TBOZ? A God? Wasn’t he a machiavellian? Would a man that considers himself a God be simply called “The Machiavellian”? He just has a name, and a finisher. That’s all. I can’t recall any promo calling himself a God, or a superior being, other than being the World Heavyweight champion, and being a world Heavyweight champion doesn’t turn you into a divine being. I‘ll agree that he has been a bully since he turned on Rich, but then again, no God or whatsoever.

Then we come to the problematic ones. Mark, well… Mark is a damned beast which thrives with violence, but I never took his claims of being a god seriously, more like a bit of a lunatic’s deliriums. But I can understand that this pisses you off. Then you say that Ronaldo and Seraphim blaspheme the name of God to suit their own agenda. And I’ve got to admit that is quite tricky. You know, I call myself, and I know I am, one of the best in the business right now, and I can back it up with this:

*Raises the belt and people boo him*

WC: But I still consider myself a human, therefore, my discerning is fallible. You claim that they are blasphemous; they can perfectly say the same about you. How can a mortal like me be one hundred per cent sure of the ultimate truth? It’s not possible. I have to make a choice that I’m unsure is the right one, until the moment that I die. Until then, like Descartes, the doubt will haunt my mind, making me wonder if I made the right decision. Therefore, I see your battles a bit inane in a sense.
*Crowd heavily boos Carlin and James seems mad*

WC: Why don’t you listen to what I have to say before booing or cheer? Let me back up my arguments to judge if they are reasonable enough to approve or disapprove them, huh?

*There are a few cheers to that, but mainly silence*

WC: You see, James, you tell me that you want to spread the good of your God. I have no problem with that. But I think that, in the end, those who you call blasphemous are trying to do the same that you do: enlighten people in darkness. Yeah, even Ronaldo, although the only positive thing he’s doing is improving our vocabulary. But all of you can’t contemplate that. You are absolutely certain that the only right way is your way and none the others way. Therefore you have to eliminate them, and they try to eliminate you. That bothers me, because we are supposed to be in a land of freedom, but you try to impose a unique view on everybody, and that seems contrary to the spirit of the country.

*There are mixed boos and cheers, depending on what people values most. Religion or freedom*

WC: that’s the problem I had with you, but it is not the reason I started the verbal feud with you. In case you don’t know, I’ve stated in the name of Jesting Madness that we are fighting champs, that we both like a great challenge, and we won’t retreat from anyone throwing the gauntlet to us. But at the same time, I wanted to prove my worth as a singles competitor every now and then. So, when you arrived to EWNCW, I said to myself: “This is my chance. One of the top dogs in the industry, and I know the way I can challenge him to a fight.” That’s why I questioned your religious beliefs, to ensure that I had your whole attention and you accepted my challenged to a match, which, by the way, it’s a good moment to start. So, if you want to take my belt, come and get it.

*Carlin drops the mic and gets ready, while Kayden raises the mic slowly to his lips.*

KJ: Mr. Carlin, you have made one of the biggest mistakes of your life. I don't want your belt to be a "Champion"; I want your blood for repayment of the sins you've commited against me.

1 John 1:6 says "If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth" I'm about to take great pleasure in dropping you on your head then breaking your knees.

*Kayden drops his mic, takes off his trenchcoat, and backs up to his corner.*

*JK stands up at the announce table*

JK: Woah, there, I have just handed a message that I am to read to aloud, and I quote...

*audience laughs, JK pauses impressed with himself for making the audience laugh*

EWNCW officials do NOT want this match to take place now, they want it to be the Main Event of this feature length edition of Warzone, therefore you are both order to leave the ring and head to the back right now!, and if either of you see’s fit to attack your opponent before the Main Event then the match won’t happen at all.

*James and Carlin both look pissed off, James is first to pick up his trenchcoat and head to the back, Carlin stays in the ring as we fade to commercial*

08-04-2012, 06:00 PM
JK: Welcome back to Warzone, what about what we heard just before the break, “The Archangel” Kayden James will make his EWNCW in ring debut, right here tonight on Warzone, settling his score with William Carlin.

BT: Oh by the way your did a terrific job with that announcement.

JK: Thank you.

BT: I was being sarcastic.

#Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr#

The following contest is set for one fall, making his way to the ring from Stockholm Sweden, Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr!!!

JK: Well on to what the Warzone was intended for, pure action!, its time to see Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr in action.

BT: You’ll recall, Gunnar-Freyr came up short a few weeks back to Ali Kazam, but due to injury and suspension the Inferno Ingition scene was thrown wide open, and Gunnar-Freyr has certainly taken his chances.

JK: Well it was well documented since Freyr has been here, he is a tough competitor and brute and a beast in that ring, Sweet Jones found out just how much of a threat he can be.

#The Surgeon General#

And his opponent this is, The Surgeon General!!!

JK: Time to witness the sickness, The Surgeon General a former EWNCW World Tag Team Champion with Captain Howdy, now revered back into being Andy Cannon. But The Surgeon’s idols were Solla, and Herbie Birdsfoot, some of the sickest individuals ever, and when your in the ring with this man there is not telling what he may do.

BT: Indeed Surgeon General, won’t be an easy task tonight but I am going with Freyr, who has some huge momentum right now.

Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr/Finlay vs The Surgeon General/Chris Jericho

Stop at 6:37

*Freyr heads back into the corner and is met with a low blow from General who then pulls on Freyr’s singlet sending him shoulder first into the ring post.*

JK: Dirty tactics being deployed by The Surgeon General as expected.

*The Surgeon General raises his hands, and seems to relish the heat is brings from the fans he turns around and is met with a head butt to the sternum from Freyr, then a hard punch to the side of the face, with General rocked, Freyr runs off the ropes and comes back with a huge clothesline*

JK: This one could be nearing the conclusion here.

*Freyr picks up The Surgeon General and puts his head between his legs and executes a picture perfect sitout powerbomb*

BT: Valhalla Slammer!!!

JK: That move it perhaps the most devastating powerbomb in all of EWNCW.

BT: The leg is hooked.



Winner: Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr!!!

JK: An impressive win from the Swedish grappler who continues to make head way in EWNCW, probably the best thing about this job is getting to see “the ones for the future” Freyr is one for the future.

BT: Indeed, a great performance, that he’ll be happy with here tonight.

*A Limo is shown arriving in the parking lot, out steps a man in a suit, whome TWE viewers will know as owner Marik Sheehan*

JK: Marik Sheehan is here, now just what the hell is going on?

BT: I guess all we can do is wait to find out

08-04-2012, 06:06 PM
**EWNCW Rise from the Ashes 2012**
-Official Match Card-

EWNCW Championship Match
Krystian Krysys (C) vs Tommy Thunder

EWNCW Blacklist Championship
Gates of Hell Match
Jesting Madness (C) vs Shadow of Madness

EWNCW International Championship
King Strem (C) vs Billy McCoy

EWNCW Evolution Championship
Ryan Wells (C) vs Istvan Gretzky

EWNCW Intercontinental Championship Match
The Sexiest Alpha Males (C) vs Slither & Twisted

One on One Match
Rain vs Seth Farrell

EWNCW Grand Championship
Blacklist Royalty (C) vs Payne and Torcher

EWNCW Rage Ignition Championship
Hanz Grubar, special guest referee
Shaz (C) vs The Blue Flash

One on One Match
Andy Cannon vs Mike Hawk

Ironman Match
The Bloodstone Empire vs Mixed Emotions

Plus so much more yet to be announced, it stands to be one of EWNCW’s most impressive Pay Per View events of the year, be sure not to miss out.
#The Bloodstone Empire#

The following contest is scheduled for one fall making their way to the ring the team off Benjamin and Samuel Bloodstone, The Bloodstone Empire!!!!

JK: Talking off Rise from the Ashes, The Bloodstone Empire have a huge match up, taking on Mixed Emotions in an Ironman match.

BT: People would be forgiven for thinking that a Tag Team Ironman match would be easier but no, because no matter how tired or fresh you are there is somebody in the opposite corner just as fresh and ready to go, the winner of this match will be the team that can do Tag Team Wrestling 101 and cut of the ring and keep each other fresh, no doubt about it.

JK: Well a great insight there do you think it could be The Bloodstone Empire?

BT: I don’t know they seem a bit green to be able to sustain such control, I don’t know but I am leaning toward Mixed Emotions.

JK: Well I for one think that The Bloodstone Empire will use their heart and their will to come through but right now they better be focused on the task in hand...

#The Dog’s of War#

And their opponents the team of “The Street Soldier” Rocco and Keith Andrews.

JK: it was the combination of Axel Sonn and Markus Hailstrum who picked up the win this past week on Brutality, but the thing is that when one of the Dogs raise their game, they all raise their game.

BT: Indeed a strong faction that has remained unified when many others on Brutality have been driven to dismember, they have been fairly successful but yet to catch any sort of big win, but this one will be close.

The Bloodstone Empire (Benjamin Bloodstone/Shelton Benjamin & Samuel Bloodstone/Charlie Haas) vs The Dogs of War (Rocco/Billy Kidman & Keith Andrews/Rey Mysterio)

Stop at 9:15.

*Rocco continues to whip Andrews across the ring, but Benjamin manages to get the boot up, Andrews hits the floor and rolls to the outside, Rocco then runs and goes for the Stinger Splash in the corner, but Benjamin moves Rocco hits the turnbuckle and backs out into a German suplex from Benjamin, Samuel is back up and both of the Bloodstone brothers head up top*

JK: Time for the high flying mayhem the Bloodstones are famous for...

*Samuel and Benjamin come off the top, Benjamin connecting with a leg drop across the throat and Samuel hits a 450 splash, then Samuel makes the cover*



Winners: The Bloodstone Empire

JK: What a match, between two tough teams, The Bloodstone Empire keep the momentum going heading to Rise from the Ashes.

*As The Bloodstone Empire celebrate, The Dog’s of War pull on their shoulders to sharply turn them round, tensions builds as the two teams face off until Rocco and Andrews extend the hands, The Empire exepct their handshakes*

JK: And a great sign of respect there.

BT: I was impressed by The Bloodstone Empire here tonight but that doesn’t change my mind, I think Mixed Emotions come out on top.

JK: Well Bry as usual I disagree.

BT: And as usual I don’t care.

JK: Oh kay. Time for a commercial break, we’ll be back right after this.

08-04-2012, 06:09 PM

*The crowd is a bit anxious to see who comes out, they are a bit shocked when TWE Chairman, Marik Sheehan walks out. The crowd applauses, but are a bit confused as to why he is here*

Marik: Hello to you all, and thank you for allowing me to appear here on EWNCW WarZone! For those who do not know me, I am the founder and C.E.O of U-Corp, my company owns and runs the EWNCW Developmental Territory known as Titan Wrestling Enterprise. Our Company prides it self on creating the best talent the world has to offer! Many of the talent here in EWNCW have spent time in TWE, and soon the audience of EWNCW will see exactly what kind of talent we have in TWE!

*The audience is a bit confused, but cheers can be heard*

Marik: Soon, here on WarZone, the members of TWE will begin to showcase their talent in what I like to call the TWE Spotlight! Every week members of my show will compete here to showcase the up and coming talent! We hope that you look forward to it!

*Marik leaves as the crowd cheers as the TWE OverDrive theme plays*


08-04-2012, 06:11 PM
JK: Welcome back to EWNCW Warzone and before the break we learn’t that the future stars of EWNCW from TWE would be getting the spotlight each and every week here on Warzone and now it’s time to look to the past stars of EWNCW because it is time for EWNCW Volt Match.

BT: We’ve seen, the first ever Inferno Match and the debut of one Tommy Thunder, I can only wonder what is in store tonight.

JK: Well its another first, its EWNCW’s first PPV main event, when The HeartBreaker took on Manabu Nanahara for the EWNCW World Heavyweight Championship.
Bob Daniels: This is the match to decide the first ever EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion... will it be The Heartbreaker or Manabu Nanahara.... only time will tell...! Lets pass it over to ringside...


BD: The Heartbreaker enters the arena milking the crowd for everything he can get from them obviously in high spirits about the match ahead!!!


BD: And here comes Manabu Nanahara with Japanese flag in hand... the crowd love both of these guys its gonna be tough to find a favourite...


BD: We have a winner!!!! Manabu Nanahara has done it!!!! He is the first ever EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion!!!

*Pyro hits all above the ring to the sight of Manabu Holding aloft the belt high above his head the crowd ecstatic!!!*

BD: Pain for Treasure.... What an event!!!!!
JK: Well there you go the very first EWNCW World Champion Manabu Nanahara.

BT: And some great champions over the last few years leading up to K-Jammin today.

JK: I won’t argue with you there Bry, its time to take a break but there is still plenty to come on Warzone.

08-04-2012, 06:17 PM
JK: Welcome back to EWNCW Warzone, and tonight not only have we relived the first ever EWNCW PPV Main Event, but we found out that going forward Warzone will contain a TWE showcase match, and ladies and gentleman still to come Kayden James vs William Carlin.

#Seth Farrell#

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from the sandy banks of the River Nile, “The Great Pharaoh” Seth Farrell!!!!!

JK: Seth of late has been involved with the newcomer Rain, Rain had an impressive debut at the expense of Farrell and the two have been at each other since.

BT: Quite frankly Rain should just be greatful that he had the chance to face someone as accomplished as Farrell on his debut.

#Harley McCartney#

And his opponent from San Antonio Texas, Harley McCartney!!!

JK: And this is Harley McCartney, once a very prosperous young talent, from talking to him earlier today, I discovered that Harley took time to travel the world and hone his skills back here in EWNCW to try and climb the ladder of success.

BT: Well during my career I spent my time wrestling in Japan and across Europe, over there promos and personality don’t matter so much its all about the wrestling, I can expect to see Harley improving here, but I am highly doubtful that he can go all the way against Farrell.

Seth Farrell/David Otunga vs Harley McCartney/Justin Gabriel
Stop at 4:11

JK: A pretty dominant performance from Farrell thus far.

BT: The Great Pharaoh showing why he is so great.

*Farrell goes to springboard in with the shoulderblock but Harley counters into a cutter, and a quick pin*



*Farrell kicks out, Harley is all fired up, and is setting up for a superkick, but Farrell catches the foot, spins it round, then hits Harley with an atomic drop. Then snaps into the capture suplex!*

JK a devastating move, this should be the end.

*Farrell over confidently, slouches into the pinfall*



*The Pinfall is reversed by Harley who uses Farrells own arms to double him over and get the pinning predicament*



*Farrell counters out and takes Harley’s back using it to transition into a baseball slide, in addition Farrell has his feet on the ropes*



Winner: Seth Farrell

JK: And the Pharaoh outsmarts McCartney there, a little bit of cheating used through.

BT: In my opinion it was pure genius, maybe the feet were on the ropes, but who really cares nowadays, Farrell is the king of pinfalls and uses them to perfection.

JK: Well its Farrell who celebrates tonight but Harley McCartney was impressive in his return.

08-04-2012, 06:29 PM
JK: It is now time for perhaps the biggest match in Warzone history.

BT: Oh I am so pumped, to dudes with badass attitudes going to collide here tonight, this is what Wrestling’s all about baby!.

#Kayden James#

The following contest is set for one fall and is your Main Event of the evening, introducing first from Ider, Alabama, “The Archangel” Kayden James!!!!!

JK: What can we say about James that hasn’t already been said, all the hype, all the talk, but now “The Talking will stop”.

BT: I tell you what Kayden James is ready, look into the mans eyes and you just know.

#William Carlin#

And his opponent one half of the EWNCW Blacklist Champions, William Carlin!!!!!!

JK: Probably an unsual feeling for William Carlin to get a positive reaction from the crowd but he’s getting one tonight.

BT: Both men fired up, both men ready all we can do is sit back and watch.

JK: This one may be a collision course, between two great wrestlers.

William Carlin/CM Punk vs Kayden James/Daniel Bryan

Stop at 24:11

JK: A stunning head kick from Carlin there, can he take advantage?

*Carlin stalks James urging him to get back to his feet, he swings for another kick but James catches him with a boot to the mid-section James picks Carlin up into powerbomb position and drops him on his head with the powerbomb, but he maintains the grip, James amazingly lifts up Carlin and plants him with a second powerbomb and then with a huge effort to lift up Carlin a third, yes that 3 powerbombs!! Into the sit out pin*

JK: Three powerbombs!!! He calls that the “Alpha and Omega drop”




BT: No! No! How did he kick out!? How DID he kick out!?.

JK: Pure will, Pure heart and Pure hatred!.

*Carlin is determined to get up, and somehow he manages to get back to his feet, James goes for a right hand shot but it is blocked, and Carlin fires back, with one, then a second, then a flury of punches before whipping James across the ring and catching him with a SUPERKICK*

JK: Lights out!





BT: Oh my god, Courage, the likes of which we have never seen, on display right here, right now!

*Neither James nor Carlin can move, but Carlin is the first to show some life, he crawls over to the ropes, now James is stirring two both men are finally back up but wobbly, Carlin goes for a second superkick but James counters and with a simple DDT sends both men down to where they started.*

JK : The Referee is going to start the ten count here.


Neither man is stirring




Still no movement


The competitors still lie motionless


The first twitch is made by James


James has rolled onto his front and starting to get up


Carlin starting to stare as well


James is on all fours when he puts one leg up into a kneeling position, Carlin is barley off his back


James is up but with great effort so is Carlin*

JK: Neither man willing to die!

*Carlin hits a forearm smash to the face of James, and James retaliates the two exchange shots once more but the only difference is, with every shot, Carlin gains a little energy, stands a little stronger, connects a little sweeter. Carlin then hits the boot to the midsection and singles that this one is over so he hits Piledriver!*

BT: Spikes him right on his head.

JK: can he get the win?




*That one was so close that the referee’s hand continued on to hit the match for a third time a gasp of excitement fills the arena before the referee indicates that it was actually 2*

JK: We all thought it was over there.

*Carlin has a look of disbelief in his eyes, as he pulls James back to his feet, Carlin goes for another piledriver, but James powers him over for the backbody drop only for Carlin to land on his feet, James is quick enough to turn around and go for another DDT but Carlin reverse into an arm bar submission and he’s got it locked tight.*

JK: Will he tap? Will he tap?.

*James has a face of pure agony, but luckily for him Carlin’s submission was applied near enough to the ropes to get the break, Carlin tries to pull James back into the middle of the ring but just doesn’t have it in him, the crowd will on Carlin, the camera gets a close up of his exhausted face, but deep in his eyes he wants to finish James and he’s going to right now with the a second superkick, but no James ducks and hits the sitout powerbomb similar to Vampiro’s “Nail in the coffin”*

JK: “Angels are amongst us” no not this way.



BT: count it ref


Winner: Kayden James

*The commentators stay silent for a moment, the applause from the crowd in attendance is worth any words they could put to this, eventually with a croky voice that is almost gone, Josh King interjects*

JK: A win for “The Archangel” Kayden James in his EWNCW debut match, but my god what a fight.

BT: Well welcome on board Kayden James, that is the level of our very best.

JK: A night I don’t think anyone will ever forget and a night that I think will change Warzone forever…That ladies and Gentleman was all we had time for, I am Josh King and with my partner, Bryan Thomas…Thank you for braving the Warzone…

*James walks to the back, the fans are on their feet applauding a William Carlin who remains standing in the middle of the ring as we fade to black*

08-13-2012, 05:39 PM
After an awesome Warzone, here comes a new edition!!!

08-13-2012, 05:41 PM
Final filler, here comes eboy with Warzone!!!

08-13-2012, 06:08 PM
EWNCW Warzone


JK: Ladies and Gentleman, we welcome you to EWNCW Warzone, I am Josh King and as always my partner Bryan Thomas is beside me, and we are fresh off a great episode last week.

BT: “Well they call me the Bry-Man” and damn your right Josh it was one week ago, that Kayden James made his debut, for those who missed it you really did miss something special.

JK: But it wasn’t just that TWE Owner Marik Sheehan showed up and announced that going forward we will have a TWE showcase match each and every week here on Warzone, plus great action, Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr beating The Surgeon General, The Bloodstone Empire walking out victorius over The Dog’s of War, Seth Farrell got the win over Harley McCartney and like we said Kayden James getting the win over William Carlin, it was truly outstanding action.

BT: But JK, tough act to follow but we are going to try and top again this week, so what’s on deck?

JK: You know Bry I am glad you asked…The stars of TWE will make their debut, Six TWE stars here tonight, for a big Six Man Tag Team Match. From Brutality we will see Free from Poisen take on The New Assault Program, Plus Daymain Bloodstone will take on Splatered Dreams and in the Main Event, Gillz will take on Arthur Lansdale in the Main Event.



*The overdrive theme plays, Josh King has left the announce table and is standing in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand*

JK: Ladies and Gentleman, May I have your attention please. Its time for the very first TWE showcase on EWNCW Warzone! We are about to see 6 competitors from Titan Wrestling Entertainment come out, each with have no more than 30 words to introduce themselves to you the EWNCW audience they will then participate in a six man tag team match.

The Overdrive Theme plays again# (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyQXGWONOS8&feature=player_embedded)

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, Luke Turne!!!

Luke Turne: Warzone... I'm the energetic Englishman, the Cornish Wizard, Luke Turne! I may be on your side, but I'm not going to kiss anyone's ass though, I'm going to kick it.

And his Tag Team Partner, Adrian Levitt!!!!

Adrian: Hello folks, for those of you unaware, I am Adrian Leavitt. A Former Division 1 Champion, and future World Champion! Anyone who gets in my way will get beat!

And finally their Partner, Van Darius!!!

Darius: My name is Van Darius and I've come to do three things ... Kick ass, take names ... And win the gold. That's a promise I am willing to keep.

And their opponents, introducing first Scarfo Jones!!!!

ScarFo Jonez: **top of the stage Enters on a motorcycle with TWE on the plates**

*Enter the Ring and spits on the outside*
Off mic:hand me a mic!!!

*taps it* ScaRFO!.. Dats What You know Now.where I come From..The BiG House..

WaRZone sound bout Right, Jonez is makin everything his.they ask..Who did it?


And his Tag Team Partner The Reaper!!!!

The Reaper: I’m the Reaper of the damned; I claim souls from my adversaries. I’m the pale rider, angel of death, I swing my scythe at TWE/EWNCW, may god mercy you!

And finally their Tag Team Partner, “The Prospect” Jay Cracko!!!
Jay Cracko: The only REAL athlete in professional wrestling. Once I get my professional baseball contact, I am leaving these over oiled, tanned, and speedo-wearing freaks. Get at me.

*JK has returned to the desk*

JK: Well Bry what do you make of that lot.

BT: Its exciting having this many brand new superstars at once, appear on a show, by the end of this match we are going to see who stands out and who is just average.

JK: So its, Turne, Levitt & Darius against, Jones, Reaper and Cracko, I say lets get this thing underway.

Scarfo Jones/Triple H, Jay Cracko/Randy Orton & The Reaper/Batista vs
Van Darius/EDGE, Adrian Levitt/Shelton Benjamin & Luke Turne/Taijri

stop at 13:03

JK: Van Darius cleaning house here,

*Van is squatted in the corner waiting for Cracko to turn around, he does, and Van charges across the ring only for Cracko to perform a highly athletic leap frog, Van spins around and Cracko hits a huge superkick to Van sending him through the second rope and down the the floor*

*Luke Turne is back in and exchanges shots with Cracko, Turne gets the upperhand and then hits a huge kick to the side of the head of Cracko, Jones is back, but Turne hits him with a head kick as well, Turne delivers a double bulldog to both men, Turne covers Cracko*




JK: Cracko showing some resiliency there.

BT: some tremendous fighting spirit on display no doubt.

*The match continues, Turne goes up top and signals he is going high risk, he goes waits for Jones to get back up and goes for a head scissors but Jones catches and while holding him in Styles clash position, Cracko hits a baseball slide to the face*

JK: A Baseball slide from the baseball enthusiast, he might just have hit a home run.

BT: I see what you did there JK and quite frankly it sucks.

*Levitt is back and is taking it to both Cracko and Jones, he clotheslines Cracko over the top rope and turns around and runs straight through Jones with a clothesline then a back body drop, then a spinebuster, cover,*




JK: And Levitt comes within a touching distance of claiming the win right there, Jones somehow managing to kick out.

*The Reaper breaks it up, he hits some clobbing blows to the back of Adrian, then lifts him and hits a devastating sit out powerbomb*

JK: The leg is hooked.




*Van Darius back in to save the match just in time, Van Darius hits a trouble in paradise type move to The Reaper knocking him down, only to be attacked from behind by Scarfo Jones, who picks him up into a crucifix position and takes him over the top rope and sends him crashing through, A collection of bodies on the floor, Luke Turne and Jay Cracko*

*Adrian Levitt is back and goes for a cutter on Jones but is pushed against the ropes and on the way back Levitt does hit the cutter on Jones*




*Its broken up by Jay Cracko, Cracko pulls Levitt back to his feet, but Levitt retaliates, knocking Cracko down with a strong right hand, Levitt proceeds to clothesline The Reaper out to the floor, then delivers a clothesline to Jones knocking him down to the mat, Jones is straight back up and Levitt hits a cracking superkick to the almost certainly dislocated jaw or Jones*

JK: That’s got to be it,





JK: Some how Jay Cracko breaks it up.

*The Reaper tries to slide back in but Van Darius & Luke Turne won’t let him they pull him back out by the ankles, Scarfo rolls to the outside and joins the four man mele, Van Darius breaks out of the mele goes to the apron and hits a springboard moonsault taking out Turne, Jones, Reaper and himself*

*Levitt watches on but then all of a sudden Jay Cracko hits a low blow and follow up with the Walk off! finisher,cover*




WINNERS: “The Prospect” Jay Cracko, The Reaper & Scarfo Jones

JK: And its Jay Cracko who picks up the win for his team, such turbulent and exciting action right there.

BT: Indeed, the TWE guys showing us just how much they want it.

JK: Well I could see all 6 men advancing to the EWNCW Roster one day, they get things heated up here in the Warzone but coming up after the break, more Tag Team Action as the stars of Brutality take to the ring.

*Cracko, Jones and Reaper celebrate atop of the ramp, Turne, Van and Punk console each other before standing to a round of applause from the audience.*

08-13-2012, 06:20 PM
JK: Welcome back to EWNCW Warzone still to come tonight, Gillz will meet with Arthur Lansdale in the Main Event, Daymian Bloodstone will try to regain his focus in a clash with former Godmoney Muscle, Splattered Dreams. Not to mention EWNCW Volt but up next action from Brutality as Free from Poisen will take on The New Assault Program, in a non title match.

#New Assault Program#

The Following Contest is a Non Title match, scheduled for one fall, making their way to the ring, the team of Sean and Criz Dimensions, The New Assault Program!!!

BT: Yes, New Assault Program are the Internet Champions, and I heard they are not in a great mood, over being omitted from the PPV card for Rise from the Ashes.

JK: I doubt they’ll be too distraught not having to defend their titles…This ladies and gentleman not the first time we’ve seen NAP here on Warzone you’ll remember they defeated “Trollin’” a fare few weeks ago, albeit in a controversial manner.

BT: Great champions do what needs to be done to get the win, JK!


And their opponents, the team of Saiosyn and Aiden Cayne, Free from Poison!!!!!

JK: The team of Saiosyn and Aiden Cayne make their way to the ring, a farely impressive team Bry?

BT: Yeah, they are yet to have that breakout moment, but certainly an impressive unit, and again if, they could upset the champions it would certainly give them some momentum, over on Brutality.

JK: Champions with a target on their back once more here on Warzone but its time, let’s get it on!

New Assault Program (Criz Dimensions/Justin Credible & Sean Dimensions/Lance Storm) vs Free From Poisen (Saiosyn/Gedo & Aiden Cayne/Jado)

Stop a 6:00

JK: and the crowd is in awe that Sean Dimensions managed to kick out off that top rope powerbomb!.

*Criz comes in and knocks Saiosyn with a double sledge, he turns around and Cayne hits a kick to the midsection and goes for a tornado DDT but Criz pushes him off, Cayne lands on his feet but then Criz runs right through him with a clothesline!*

BT: Criz nearly took his head of there.

*Saiosyn is back in and exchanges shots with Criz Dimesnsions, he whips the big man across the ring and hits a back heel kick, followed by a standing dropkick then a body slam all in quick succession.*

JK: Impressive flurry of offense here, can he get, what could be a huge non title win, for his team.

*Saiosyn signals that this one is over, he takes Criz into the corner and lifts him onto the second rope, there is a gasp of air as the crowd realize that Saiosyn is going for a piledriver off the second rope, but just as he is about to hit it, Sean Dimensions comes running along the apron and clubs Saiosyn on the back with the forearm, the referee pulls Sean away telling him to get back into his corner, meanwhile Criz hits a low blow to Saiosyn and follows up with an Alabama slam*

JK: Oh now come on, not like this again, Criz tags in Sean who goes up top and hits a huge splash on Saisyn and goes for the cover.




Winners: The New Assault Program.

JK: Well once again it seems that all shortcuts can and will be taken by the new assault program, but a great fight by Free from Poison.

BT: I’ll hand it to them, Free from Poison have some talent, but maybe they too should try to be a bit more ruthless to get ahead, it’s a dog eat dog world and those two men, Criz and Sean Dimensions just dusted off a plate of poodle.

JK: and with that lovely image, lets take a break shall we, and dog lovers, I hope you’ll stay with us.

08-13-2012, 06:23 PM
JK: Welcome back to EWNCW Warzone and it’s that time again, “EWNCW Volt!”.

BT: For those of you not familiar with this segment we will take you back into the archives at EWNCW and show you a match from the past.

JK: Bry and its only fitting that with the Godmoney reunion this past week on Rage that we take you back to see the team of TheBeardOfZeus and Rich Cranium, taking on their big time rivals, Matt Elder and Tai Night “The Force of Greatness”, and when EWNCW officials were looking for a big match for the debut episode of EWNCW Rage what better than two great teams, and the EWNCW World Tag Team Championships on the line.

BT: So lets see it, Godmoney vs The Force of Greatness!!!
CP: We are in full swing here tonight, this Arena is packed full of Wrestling fans and up next is something quite Special the 2 biggest teams in EWNCW face off for the titles


CP: Here comes the Team of GodMoney Rich Cranium and his Partner The Beard of Zeus!!!!

-Force of Greatness Music Plays as they walk down the Ramp-

CP: And now the Former Champs Matt The Force Elder, Tai Night are THE FORCE of GREATNESS!!!!

GodMoney vs The Force of Greatness



winners and still EWNCW Tag Team Champions- Godmoney

CP: What an Epic Match up between the two best team in the World but GodMoney Retain the Championships.

-The Teams shake hands as we head to the Break-


08-13-2012, 06:27 PM

#Daymian Bloodstone#

The following contest is scheduled for one fall making his way to the ring, from Boulder, Nevada, “The Pint Size Rocker” Daymian Bloodstone!!!

JK: Here comes Daymian Bloodstone the man who comes from Boulder, Nevada and these fans just seem elated to see him here.

BT: A true fan favorite that’s for sure, and that’s got to have something to do with his high flying offense.

JK: Oh I have to agree there Bry,

#Splattered Dreams#
And his opponent already in the ring, this is Splattered Dreams!!!

JK: And the man that launched a thousand careers, Splattered Dreams a former member of the Godmoney faction alongside such names as TheBeardOfZeus, Rich Cranium and Bodom.

BT: And the list of his allies is almost as impressive as his list of enemies, who would ever forget Gillz’ victory of Splattered Dreams on the first ever episode of Monday Night Rage, kick started Gillz’s rise to greatness here in EWNCW, Splattered is a tough challenge but if you can beat him it proves you heading somewhere.

JK: I don’t think Bloodstone needs to prove anything the mans a former World Champion in his own right, but that being said, and he’ll admit it, he has been in a slump of late, all the more perpetuated by The Prophecy spending weeks antagonizing Bloodstone and his good friend Amazing.

Daymian Bloodstone/Rey Mysterio vs Splattered Dreams/A-Train

stop at 5:15

JK: And Blodstone hits huge counter, c’mon Daymo, finish him!

*Splattered Dreams get back to his feet and charges across the ring, Bloodstone counters into a hurricanrana, then a dropkick*

BT: Dreams is in la la land, and this is Bloodstone’s chance to get back on track.

*Daymian goes up top the crowd builds in anticipation, Bloodstone motions this one is over and it’s a pulse shocking, reverse 450 splash*

*crowd starts chanting 450! 450! 450!*

JK: The leg is hooked.




Winner: Daymian Bloodstone.

JK: And a big win for Daymian Bloodstone, and that has been overdue.

BT: And it’s with that awe inspiring finish, that does it for him.

JK: No doubt this former, Blacklist Champion, Grand Champion and Ignition Champion will be one to watch now that he is back on track, and you can’t help but feel its because he finally knows the identity of his stalker.

BT: Indeed, but I wonder what Daymian will have to say this week on Rage, I’ve heard their both going to be in attendance, Andy Amazing also.

JK: It will be a combustable situation on this week’s rage, but there will be more combustable action, the Main Event is after the break, Lansdale vs Gillz right here on Warzone.

08-13-2012, 06:40 PM
JK: We are back and it’s almost time for this week’s Main Event, but Bry, who could forget the effort we saw last week from one half of the EWNCW Blacklist Champions William Carlin facing off against “The Archangel” Kayden James.

BT: an epic encounter, fraught with nearfalls and high spots, back and forth, but in its simplest form forgetting all the talking that went before it, it was a exhibition of wrestling at it’s finest.

You can view all the action from last week's show by clicking here ^^^


The following contest is the Main Event of the evening and is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Glasgow, Scotland, This is former EWNCW Champion and EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion, GILLZ!!!

JK: The mighty Gillz is back, Bry.

BT: Yeah and although he wasn’t the most adored guy, certainly in the eyes of the fans, everyone seems to be happy to see this guy back.

JK: A tremendously talented individual, and I think the fans were excited to be there, the night that, that man returned to EWNCW, I am sure they didn’t mind seeing that bully, Nightmare, getting his ass kicked.

#Arthur Lansdale#

And his opponent from Manchester England, this is Arthur Lansdale!!!

JK: And the cocky, arrogant, confidence has disappeared over the last few weeks, with Lansdale being haunted by “RR”, but on a night where we have seen Daymian Bloodstone get back on track, surely Lansdale could do the same here.

BT: Indeed and who better to do it against, a win here would catapault into the area’s he has talked about but not yet delivered.

Gillz/RVD vs Arthur Lansdale/William Regal

Stop at 7:50

BT: And Gillz might be folded in two after that brutal move from Arthur Lansdale.

JK: A clever competitor but also a vicious competitor is this Lansdale.

*Lansdale stalks Gillz and goes for the Lansdale Lockdown but Gillz slips out and hits a picture perfect pele kick to the head of Lansdale.*

JK: Lansdale is in big trouble now, Gillz is on fire.

*Gillz hits Lansdale with a sitout Jaw breaker, followed by a springboard forearm smash and then an Enziguri, the crowd applauds Gillz as he signals it’s time to put this one to bed.*

JK: The end may be near.

*Gillz hits Lansdale with a boot to the midsection then lifts him into a powerbomb position and hits a spinning powerbomb!*

JK: The move known as the G-Crusher!

BT: And that is all she wrote.




Winner: Gillz

JK: A superheated main event here, if you want my honest openion I don’t think Lansdale’s head was in this one, perhaps unlike Bloodstone earlier on tonight, his mystery is still haunting him, what is ”RR” and why is Lansdale so bothered by it.

BT: Gillz has an impressive outing tonight, the only man to hold both the World Heavyweight and EWNCW Championships, Gillz has got to have his eyes set on regaining some gold, especially if he’s in that kind of form.

JK: Well that is all we have time for on this addition of EWNCW Warzone, we look forward to Rise from the Ashes, but for now, I am Josh King, and from Bryan Thomas thank you for braving the Warzone!!!

*Camera’s fade to black as Gillz celebrates atop of the ramp, Lansdale sits dejectedly in the ring.*

09-01-2012, 04:23 PM

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LltLbfQdss #
Josh King: Ladies and Gentleman welcome to this sold out arena in Pasadena, California. Welcome to EWNCW Warzone, my name is Josh King and alongside me as always, Mr Bryan Thomas.

Bryan Thomas: They call me “the Bry-man” and tonight Josh, these wrestling fans are in for some incredible action, tell them what is on deck.

JK: Well we are fresh off an exciting Rise from the Ashes PPV, We have a new EWNCW Champion in Tommy Thunder, also, Jesting Madness defeated Shadow of Madness in, sickening, Gates of Hell Match.

BT: Well that really was twisted insanity.

JK: and Tonight we keep the action going, although I’d hope there will be less burned flesh.

BT: JK this is EWNCW so you never know.

JK: You’re right Bry, but coming up tonight, in a TWE showcase match Adrian Leavitt will take on Jay Cracko, this stemming from the six man tag team match on the last addition of Warzone. Hanz Gruber will take on TJ Rage. The Crimson Samurais will face off with Mixed Emotions, who picked up a big win over The Bloodstone Empire at Rise from the Ashes. And in there will be a second dose of Tag Team action as the Main Event will feature Rob Rage teaming with Andy Cannon to take on the combination of Arthur Lansdale and “Mr Mayhem” Mike Hawk.


JK: And we kick off tonight’s action with TWE showcase, you’ll recall it was last time out on Warzone that, Jay Cracko, The Reaper and Scarfo Jones defeated Adrian Levitt, Van Darius and Luke Turne.

BT: That’s right and if you’re looking for exciting action, the TWE showcase is the place to see, everyone is just dying to impress in this match.

#Adrian Leavitt#
Jason McManus: Ladies and Gentleman this is your opening contest of the evening and is scheduled for one fall introducing first, from Honululu, Hawaii, Adrian Leavitt!!!

JK: Adrian Leavitt is going to facer of with “The Prospect” Jay Cracko, and he is interested in getting some revenge, after that tag team match.

BT: This Island nobody, is simply jealous that a baseball athelete could get the better of himl.

JK: I don’t believe that for a moment, he expects alot of himself, he’d be disappointed he didn’t pick up the win there.

#”The Prospect” Jay Cracko#
JMcM: and his opponent from Upstate New York, “The Prospect” Jay Cracko!!!!!!

JK: Bry, please don’t tell me you like this guy he goes against everything we stand for.

BT: Listen I maybe a wrestling fan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t accept that Cracko is an incredible athelete who is using wrestling as a springboard into professional baseball.

JK: Poppycock!

Adrian Levitt/Matt Hardy vs “The Prospect” Jay Cracko/Mr Kennedy
stop at 8:30

JK: Cracko thought he’d won the match, he started celebrating, but the referee pointing out the foot was on the bottom rope.

BT: C’mon Cracko focus you can pick up a second consecutive win on EWNCW Television if you just put Leavitt away here.

*Cracko picks Leavitt back up, and goes for a spinning neckbreaker, but Leavitt pushes Cracko away, Cracko charges back at Leavitt but Adrian hits a drop toe hold, quickly he applies the stepover toe facehold*

JK: STF applied a good counter and a quick thinking transition into this submission move.

*Cracko tries desperately to army crawl his way to the ropes.*

BT: Getting to the ropes will not be easy with his neck and legs contorted and the entire body weight of Adrian Leavitt on his back.

*Cracko does manage to get to the ropes forcing the break, Leavitt goes back to try and get his hands on Cracko, but as Cracko is still on the ropes, the referee is obliged to step in and allow Cracko to come off the ropes, Cracko eventually hits a dropkick to the knee off Leavitt, Cracko charges off against the ropes and goes for a DDT, but Leavitt explodes off one knee and hits a powerful spinebuster.*

JK: And the leg is hooked.



2.85938934 NO!

JK: Man what a spinebuster, it damn near shook the entire arena, but Cracko with the resolve to kick out.

*Leavitt pulls Cracko back to his feet and goes for an RKO, but Cracko pushes him off, Cracko goes for a clothesline but Leavitt ducks and hits a codebreaker instead*

JK: Out of nowhere, Leavitt hits an The Pacific Crash.

BT: OK I was impressed with how, Leavitt went for the Island Cutter, but when Cracko countered he was versatile enough to hit his second finisher as well.

*Leavitt rolls into the cover*




WINNER: Adrian Leavitt.

JK: Leavitt wins!

BT: OK, Leavitt gets a measure of revenge and in the process must have impressed EWNCW management.

JK: got to have done. With the new Talent initiative in place, TWE talents have more chance than ever to make the big time, and shining here on Warzone is the PERFECT way to do so.

09-01-2012, 04:33 PM

Jason McManus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and introducing first from EWNCW Brutality, the team of Pride and Sorrow, Mixed Emotions!!!!!!!!!!

JK: Some of the hottest property on Brutality, they are coming off a tremendously hard fought Iron Man Tag Team match with The Bloodstone Empire at Rise from the Ashes.

BT: Indeed an impressive team, that got that big PPV win, I for one wouldn’t be surprised to see them in a title picture very

JMcM: And their opponents, The team of Yuji Otani & Takashi Ito, The Crimson Samurais!!!!!!

JK: The young Japanese team that have been involved a few times here on EWNCW Warzone, a young team, but every time we see them they improve.

BT: Yeah but, every time we see them they lose!
JK: You know its a time honoured tradition that the youngsters in Japan have to clean the dojo and carry the veterans bags until their trainer thinks they’re ready then he sends them away to America, Canada, Mexico or Europe and they gain some experience then upon their return they are accepted as professional wrestlers, Otani and Ito are doing more than trying to earn a living, they are trying to prove themselves in the hope of becoming huge Japanese stars.

BT: Cool story bro, changed my life.

Mixed Emotions (Sorrow/Jamie Noble & Pride/Chavo Guerrero) vs Crimson Samurais (Yuji Otani/Bret Major and Takashi Ito/Brian Major)

stop at 8:25

*Yuji Otani climbs to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick to Pride!*

JK: He goes for the cover.




*Sorrow comes back in from the outside to break up the pin cover. Takashi Ito comes back in and exchanges the shots with Sorrow, Sorrow gets the upper hand and sets Ito up for a vertical suplex, but Ito kicks his way back down to his feet, where Otani comes in and the Samurais hit a double suplex on Sorrow.*

BT: As much as I hate to admit it Crimson Samurais could be closing in on a victory here.

*Sorrow is back to his feet and Ito and Otani sandwich him with a kick to the chest and a kick to the back, as Sorrow falls to his knees they attempt a double kick to the head, but Sorrow ducks causing the young Japanese Tag Team to kick each other in the shins.*

JK: Ouch, perhaps a rookie error there.

BT: Time for Mixed Emotions to capitalize

*Pride comes in and throws Ito threw the ropes and down to the floor, Pride knocks down Otani with a clothesline*

JK: Nasty clothesline, now Otani has got to be on dream street.

*Pride and Sorrow plant Otani with a powerbomb-neckbreaker combination, Pride stacks Otani into a pinfall while Sorrow stands over them as the referee counts*




WINNERS: Mixed Emotions

JK: And the win goes to Mixed Emotions.

BT: What did I say JK?, Mixed Emotions are awesome, they squashed those Japanese punks, you know, Crimson Samurais should head to the back and carry Mixed Emotions bags to the parking lot.

JK: I don’t think that’s at all fair another great showing for the Crimson Samurais I can see a break through coming soon for the talented two from the orient.

09-01-2012, 04:39 PM
JMcM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from Germany, Hanz Gruber!!!! And his opponent already in the ring from Copenhagen, Denmark, TJ RAGE!

JK: Hanz Gruber, played a big part in the Rage Igntion Championship match at Rise from the Ashes, before the match, when I thought he would be added to the match instead Cleverly throws the swerve and makes Gruber the referee.

BT: I thought this Gruber was on the right path, I mean a few weeks ago he and Shaz were getting along fine, but this idiot, decides to damn near cost Shaz his championship, Stupid!

JK: He never did anything of the sort, he simply decided not to let, a high profile championship match, end on a count-out.

BT: He’s up against the Great Dane, TJ Rage, let’s hope TJ can pull out a big wi...Oh I just can’t do it, I know Hanz is going to destroy this Danish Pastry!

JK: Well you do have some very bad insults, but calling someone a Danish Pastry has to be an all-time low.

Hanz Gruber/Chris Jericho vs TJ Rage/Lance Storm

Stop at 8:35

JK: My what a near fall for Hanz Gruber.

BT: Terrific suplex, driving TJ Rage full force on his head.

*Hanz stalks Rage as he gets back to his feet, Hanz hits a kick to the gut and a DDT, hit with such snap and precision that Rage remained vertically on his head for a few moments before falling to the mat in a heap*

BT: My god look at that, a thing of painful beauty.

*Gruber shoots TJ Rage into the corner and connects with the stinger splash as TJ falls out of the corner Hanz connects with a superkick*

JK: That must be all she wrote.




WINNER: Hanz Gruber!

BT: YES! I never doubted you Gruber, good job man, oh I love Gruber, Isn’t he great JK!?

JK: While my colleague performs a better u-turn than an EWNCW superstar trying to secure a parking space...I feel I should confirm, a good win for Gruber here tonight, but I am sure his eyes will be set on the War Games and getting an EWNCW Ignition Championship shot, whether it be Rage or Inferno.

09-01-2012, 04:41 PM
JK: It is now time for EWNCW Volt, where we take a look back into EWNCW history and bring you some of important and exciting action that has led EWNCW to being the biggest fed in the world today.

BT: No Joke, I love the Volt segment we’ve seen the the very first Inferno Match, we’ve seen Godmoney in action, Tommy Thunder’s debut, and it has been brilliant to see it all again.

JK: Tonight, we’ve got a double, not only are we going to witness, now EWNCW Commentator Bodom, recruit the young combination of TBOZ and Rich Cranium into his Godmoney faction we are also going to see the in ring debut of one Billy McCoy.

BT: Sounds great when did this take place.

JK: It was at the first ever EWNCW PPV, Pain for Treasure I, and the opening match was TheBeardOfZeus teaming with Rich Cranium to take on a man named Justin Laurenzi and a young, green, Billy McCoy.
Pyro hits all around the ramp as the intro to the first ever EWNCW PPV comes alive!!!

BD: We welcome you to PAIN FOR TREASURE!!! Our first ever PPV event and tonight we will see 2 first time champs crowned!

BD: Who's this.... this isnt what we expected tonight???

Bodom slowly and calmly makes his way from behind the curtain no music, sharply dressed in a suit with at least a 1 thousand dollar price tag! The crowd dont know how to take this...?!?

"I am Bodom... Ive been around for a while, in the background... taking my time to build up to this moment... taking my notes... giving the locker room a good look over... and I think ive made up my mind...!" (cm) made his mind up on what..?

"Ill continue... see what need round here is a team... a group of guys to get things done... we need what every half arsed company needs... a good old fashioned....STABLE!!! Im looking for people who can fight, love... create... carnage!!! The first guys ive got my eye on WILL have match up tonight and this match is gonna happen right now!!! Ive hand picked the opponents for what I see as a challenge.... Hit the damn music!!!"

Justin Laurenzi comes out in his 6ft6 240 pound frame followed by a mountain of a man Billy McCoy! This will be the first time these guys have ever tagged together... and also this will be our first glimpse of Big Billy McCoy!!!

BD: But who are there opponents who has Bodom picked to try out for his stable...


GodMoney!!! Rich Cranium and TheBeardofZeus make there way down the ramp with looks of satisfaction and confidence that you would expect to see from these guys...

RC has mic in hand as he keeps his distance from the big guys inside the ring....

"Im gonna keep this short and sweet.... Bodom... youve seen fit to give us this opportunity and damn were gonna take it!!!"


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R5IGLqk1y4 Thats it what a hard fought brawl RC and Zues take the win...

Bodom removes himself from his seat rings side and enters the ring....."Well done boys... your in!!!" He shakes a visibly excited RC/Zeus's hands to welcome them into his new "team"....!

(cm) so we see Bodom's first 2 entrants into the new stable and ive got a feeling that wont be all!

JK: There you go Bry, how little they must of known, that three of those men would be so prominent in the company, I know for a fact that after that match Billy McCoy disappeared for awhile and turned up months later and attacked The Heartbreaker.

BT: Indeed, it’s a great example of how EWNCW has grown and the people who have built it along the way. Also its interesting to note, that later on that night, Tommy Thunder would capture the Forum Championship (later to become the Ignition Championship) and become the companies first ever champion and well look where he is today.

JK: Indeed, the means Billy McCoy, TheBeardOfZeus and Tommy Thunder were the only people to appear at Rise from the Ashes who were on the very first card.

09-01-2012, 04:52 PM
Jason McManus: Ladies and Gentleman, this is your Main Event of the evening, and is scheduled for one fall, introducing first the team of Rob Rage and Andy Cannon!!!

JK: And as we see Rob Rage and Andy Cannon make their way down the ramp, as far as my knowledge goes, this is the first paring of these two.

BT: Yep, I think it is there first paring, Rob hasn’t long been in EWNCW, so I am not sure how much these two have interacted at all.

JMcM: And their opponents introducing first Arthur Lansdale.

JK: Where as up until recently Mike Hawk and Arthur Lansdale where in a faction together, they practically lived together.

BT: But think about it was down to Rob Rage, that Arthur Lansdale no longer has that strong group around him, the word is that there has been some tension between Hawk and Lansdale, but as you can see, No Ravensdale and No Richards here tonight, the faction appears to have disbanded.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xV3AqncOJFMJMcM: And his partner from Tokyo Japan, “Mr Mayhem” Mike Hawk!!!

JK: Mike Hawk with a lot to prove coming off a loss to Andy Cannon at the PPV.

BT: Well, Mike Hawk claimed he was over losing to Andy Cannon, but you’ve got to believe its in the back of his mind, somewhere.

JK: I think it’s interesting, the team of Cannon and Rage come out together despite having never teamed before where as, Mike Hawk and Lansdale they enter separately.

BT: Well time will tell, let’s get down to the Main Event match

Rob Rage/Chris Jericho & Andy Cannon/Chris Beniot vs Arthur Lansdale/Christian & Mike Hawk/Tyson Tomko
stop at 11:05

JK: Rob Rage on fire here.

*Hawk stumbles back to his feet and Rage hits an exploder suplex!*

JK: Shoulders are down

BT: C’mon Hawk kick out!





*Arthur Lansdale breaks up the cover, he hits Rage with some clubbing blows the back, before picking him up and whipping him into the corner, Lansdale prepares to Irish Whip Rage out of the corner, but Rage turns it round whips Lansdale right into a big boot from Andy Cannon*

*Cannon and Rage rile the crowd*

JK: The team of Rage and Cannon might be closing in on victory here tonight.

*Cannon sets Lansdale up for a cradle shock, but Mike Hawk comes back in and hits Rob Rage from behind and then kicks Cannon in the gut, Cannon puts Lansdale down, Lansdale quickly hits a fishermen’s suplex!*




*This time its broken up by Rob Rage, Hawk tries to hit Rage, but Rage blocks the strike and returns a left of his own, then a right, Rage proceeds to clothesline Hawk over the top rope and down to the floor, Rage follows him to the outside and throws Hawk into a guardrail*

JK: Rob Rage might be about to exhibit some VIOLENCE!

BT: He can do that, this isn’t some hardcore bingo hall promotion!

*Rob pulls up the ring mat and suplexes Hawk onto the concrete*

JK: He can and will!

*Hawk gets back on the apron and signals that his is going to hit a leg drop on Hawk, until Lansdale comes up from behind and grabs Rage in a headlock and begins to choke him out, that is until Rob hits a cutter, to break the hold and guillotine Lansdales throat into the top rope, Lansdale stumbles backwards toward the centre of the ring where Cannon spins him around and delivers a Cradle Shock!!!*

JK: Big time cradle shock, Lansdale in trouble, oh my, watch Rob!

BT: What incomprehensible move!

*Rob Rage hits a leg drop onto Mike Hawk.*

JK: Cannon has the cover!



BT: Kick out, PLEASE, Lansdale!


WINNERS: Rob Rage & Andy Cannon

JK: And it’s Rage and Cannon that celebrate, a huge win, and a big win for Cannon as he pins Arthur Lansdale!

BT: Damn it, Damn it, DAMN IT!!!

JK: While my partner fumes, I will thank you for braving the Warzone this week and on behalf of myself, Josh King and my broadcast partner, Bryan Thomas, Thank you for braving the Warzone.

BT: DAMN IT!!!!!!!!

02-16-2013, 11:44 AM


Josh King: Welcome everybody to EWNCW Warzone! I'm Josh King with my partner Bryan Thomas and I know you're pretty excited for tonight's show, aren't you?

Bryan Thomas: Well, they call me the “Bry-Man” and indeed I am, because tonight we have two main events instead of one, Josh, and one of them is a novelty that will accompany us from now on!

King: That's it! In our first main event, the TWE showcase will feature a championship match,as Mr. Smyth defends the IronFist Championship against Sagittarius Blue, and it will be a No DQ match!

Thomas: And after that, itis the debut of Open Fight Night! Yes, one of the superstars of the EWNCW roster will have the chance to challenge whoever he wants to face in the company.

King: I'm told that the challenged has to compete in EWNCW, so the TWE guys can't be challenged, as they already have a showcase of their own.

Thomas: Fair enough. Still, I'm pumped up for who's going to be the first one to issue that open challenge.

King: Indeed, but there are matches coming first, and we open the show with the Inferno one.

Thomas: Yeah, and we debut a ring announcer, Walter Ellis!


*Mainly a negative reaction for Rose*

Walter Ellis: The following match is set for one fall!! Introducing first, from Dallas, Texas, Joooooooohnnnyyyyyyyyyyy Rooooooooooooooooseeeeeeee !!!!

Thomas: You've gotta love JoRo, man!

King: But he hasn't been lucky in his attempt of capturing the Inferno Ignition belt, losing both the title match at Bred for Combat and was eliminated from the tournament by KJ Punk.

Thomas: He'll bounce back!


*Mixed reaction for Rain*

Ellis: And his opponent, from Springfield, Massachusetts, he is the man they call Raaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnn!!!!!

Thomas: A strange superstar this Rain.

King: He's had a bit of luck last edition of Inferno, when he picked up the victory against Raden Blaine thanks to the presence of Grind Bastard.

Thomas: He did his job. Blaine took the eyes off of the prize and Rain capitalized.


JoRo = Morrison / Rain = Drew Mac. Start at 2:12, stop at 11:46

King: Rose thought he had it there, but Rain's foot was under the ropes.

Thomas: Still, JoRo is going to make it.

*Rose grabs Rain's arm to help him go back to vertical base, and Irish whip him to the opposite corner. Rain bounces back and Rose charges with a clothesline, but Rain ducks and starts throwing rights to Rose. Rose retaliates and both contenders are back in the middle of the ring, exchanging blows*


*Neither of them is able to get the advantage. All of a sudden, there is a commotion as Ano Doom goes down the arena steps.*

Thomas: Yes! The Destruction Machine from the Netherworld is ready for some action!

King: Why are you happy? This guy doesn't belong here!

Thomas: He's sending a message, Josh, no matter if it's Inferno, Warzone or whatever show, he is going to dominate EWNCW!

*Both contenders have stopped attacking each other and they are focusing their attention on Doom, who has entered the ring. There is a pause as the three stare at each other. Rain and Rose slightly nod and they charge, but they are taken down by a huge double clothesline. The referee calls for the bell.*

*Ding, ding, ding*

Ellis: Due to outside interference, this match is ruled a no contest.

*Meanwhile in the ring, Doom has been stomping on both Rose and Rain. When he seems satisfied, he picks Rose up and places him in position for the Cold Blooded Murder. Not happy with that, he also picks up Rain, and sets him for a dual finisher.*

King: Please, don't do that!

Thomas: Like he gives a fuck about your opinion, Josh. He'll just take you and make a triple Cold Blooded Murder!

*Doom puts both wrestlerson his shoulders and yells like mad before hitting Cold Blooded Murder. Both Rain and Rose are down and out. Doom roars again and leaves the ring, then proceeds upstairs the way he came from. Paramedics run down the ramp to check on Rose and Rain.*

Thomas: What an exhibition by Doom. I love this fella!

King: That was uncalled for and you know it.

Thomas: Don't be a sissy, Josh, it's called domination wherever you freaking go!

02-16-2013, 11:59 AM

*People dislike Montoya and RodrÃ*guez and they let them know*

Ellis:This match is set for one fall and it is a tag team match. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Alexis de la Rosa, they are the team of Julio Montoya and Esteban RodrÃ*guez, The Mexicaaaan Nightmareeeees!

King: Welcome back to Warzone, this is time for some Brutality, as the Mexican Nightmares face Cirque du Freak next.

Thomas: You've gotta love both teams, but the Nightmares are on fire lately, kicking the asses of Fuegos Artificales and The Bloodstone Empire and now challenging Mixed Emotions for the Grand Championship.

King: That will be a hell of a match, no doubt, as not only those two are participating, but The Sexiest Alpha Males are also involved.


*Chorus of boos for these two*

Ellis: And their opponents, the team of Twisted and Slither, Cirqueeeeeeee du Freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!!

King: These two scare me.

Thomas: Man up, Josh! They are as dangerous as the Jimmy of Twilight, who is not a vampire, is a fairy.

King: These two are real.

Thomas: So what? You want some garlic? A cross? Holy water?

*King blushes.*


Mexican Nightmares = Los Guerreros / Cirque du Freak = Kurt and Chris. Start at 1:17, stop at 9:45.

*RodrÃ*guez follows that elbow with a bulldog, and goes for a quick cover.*




*Slither kicks out. RodrÃ*guez grabs him and takes him near the corner to tag Montoya in. Esteban holds Slither so Julio can kick him in the mid section. Slither bends over and Montoya takes him to the center of the ring, setting his opponent for the jumping DDT he calls the Montoya DDT and nails it to perfection.*

Thomas: Brilliant execution! This one is over



2,99999999 NO!

Thomas: That was a slow count!

*Montoya can't believe he didn't get three, so he starts arguing with the ref, turning his back on Slither. The ref threatens Montoya with a disqualification, but Julio keeps arguing, long enough for Slither to recover and clubbing his opponent on the head. The motion makes Montoya's head crash with the referee's, and both are down. Twisted immediately enters the ring for a two on one beatdown, but RodrÃ*guez quickly follows, raining punches on Slither. Then both twins turn his attention to RodrÃ*guez, double teaming him with kicks and punches. Then Cirque du Freak Irish whip Esteban into the ropes, but the Mexican superstar grabs them, avoiding bouncing back towards his opponents, to no avail, as they charge and double clothesline him over the top rope. Twisted goes out of the ring to take care of the fallen RodrÃ*guez.*

King: Cirque du Freak turned the tables with some luck and underhanded tactics, things aren't looking good for the Mexican Nightmares.

*Slither has turned his attention to Montoya, who was trying to recover with the help of the ropes. Slither comes to him with big rights to the head, before kicking him in the gut. He then places Montoya into position for a powerbomb, the finisher he calls the Overkill (three consecutive powerbombs). As he has Montoya ready for the first one, Alexis de la Rosa enters the ring and prevents Slither to hit the finisher by positioning herself in the place Montoya should hit the ring, pleading Slither not to do it. Slither quickly turns around and hits the move, despite Alexis's efforts not to. But instead of going for the second powerbomb, he turns his attention to her, threatening to do the same to de la Rosa. She drops to her knees, begging him for mercy. When Slither is close enough, Alexis hits him with a low blow.*

King: That was nasty!

Thomas: My own balls hurt.

King: Too much information.

*Slither is bending in great pain, he turns around only to eat a Julio DDT! Montoya goes for the cover, and Alexis tries to wake the referee up. When the official sees the pinning predicament, he starts the slow count.*


*Twisted tries to enter the ring, but RodrÃ*guez is grabbing him by the foot.*


*De la Rosa has come down the ring, grabs Twisted free foot and she and Esteban manage to take Twisted down.*


Ding, ding, ding!

Ellis: Here are your winners, The Mexican Nightmares!

King: They were lucky with the help of Alexis de la Rosa in this one.

Thomas: It was Slither's fault to begin with, he knocked the ref out, and both teams took advantage, don't forget that.

02-16-2013, 12:06 PM
Thomas: It is time for the EWNCW Bolt!

King: You mean Volt, don't you?

Thomas: I mean Usain Bolt! As fast as he is you go back to the past and relive an epic moment of EWNCW history!

King: As bad as the Bolt comparison is, the moment chosen for tonight isn't. We have the most controversial night of EWNCW history, when Kevin Matthews fought Tommy Thunder for the World Heavyweight Championship, with Matthews career on the line.

CP: Welcome back folks!! It’s now time for our blockbuster main event!! There has been tension between these two over the last few weeks, but tonight, they’re on opposite sides, and it’s every man for himself and no teams!! The title is on the line, there is also a contract on the line for Thunder, and Matthews is fired is he loses!! Here we go!!


CP: Tommy Thunder comes out first to a very big reception from the crowd,and the smile on his face says it all!! This is his first ever WorldHeavyweight title shot!! Can he do it?!


CP: And here comes the champion, ‘The Instant Classic’ Kevin Matthews!! The crowd are less than happy to see him, but he doesn’t seem to care at all as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. We’re all ready for this title match so here we go!!

*Nightwolf appears on the tron*

N: Oh, hey guys!! Just to spice things up. I’m now making this a no DQ match!! Anything goes!! Have fun!! HA HAAAA!!

CP: DAMN!! If the occasion itself wasn’t enough, this one’s now a no DQ match!!




CP: My God what a match!! And Tommy Thunder has won the EWNCW title!! This place has exploded!! Kevin Matthews will have to leave EWNCW!! He’s fired!!! Thunder is celebrating in the ring as we have to end yet another excellent Rage folks… oh no, wait…

02-16-2013, 12:20 PM

CP: Well it’s our GM, let’s see what more he has to say!!

*Nightwolf comes out with a piece of paper in hand. He passes Kevin Matthews on the ramp and he can be heard saying ‘See ya Kevin!’ with a broad smile on his face. He climbs into the ring to join Thunder*

N: Well done Thunder, well done!! Kevin, don’t forget to close the door behind ya my friend, because you’re fired!! HA HAAAA!!

*crowd cheer*

N: Now seeing as I gave you a shot at the title tonight Thunder, how about you repay the faith!! I know that you’re another of the EWNCW talents that these recent rumours have been about, and I also know that now that you’re the champ, that you want to stay and celebrate with your VIP’s!! So I have here with me a brand new long term contract for ya!! So how about you be my little lap dog, as I know you are, and sign this for me!!

*Thunder looks around, at the crowd. He turns back to Nightwolf, and the mic picks him up saying ‘I’m not your lapdog!’. He exits the ring, grabs his International title and a mic.*

TT: If you think for one second that I’m going to be your “lapdog” as you say, then you have another thing coming punk!!

*The crowd cheer. GM Nightwolf isn’t happy with Thunder’s as he scowls at the new champ.*

N: You want to play hardball do ya?! Well you’re signing this tonight no matter what buddy!! And this guy is going to help me do it!!

*DJ Black jumps the rail and tries to blindside Thunder, but he’s able to drill him with the world title! He then starts taking apart the announce table, before setting Black up. He then hits his finisher. Black lies motionless*

TT: Not today buster!!

*Thunder jumps the rail with his 2 titles and heads up into the crowd as the GM looks on in disbelief*

TT: Now there is one important thing we need to do first before we move on. Matthews, I notice you’re still down there, and it’s just aswell!! That was one hell of a match brother, but I think that all these people here, my VIP’s have a song they want to sing to you, and it goes a little something like this…”


*crowd chant this song endlessly as Matthews slinks up the ramp with a scowl on his face*

TT: “That’s right!! Bye bye!! See ya soon!! Now, onwards. You know what people, winning this title right here is the proudest moment of my career, and I have all of you to thank for it. Without my VIP’s, I would NEVER have achieved this. And now, I’m a dual champion here in EWNCW!!

*Crowd cheer and chant ‘Tommy Thunder’*

“Now before we close the show here, and I know we’re running over, but I’m the champion and I can do whatever the hell I want!!

*crowd cheer*

I want to address a very important subject. There are a lot of rumours flying around recently regarding my future with this company, and here I am here tonight being offered a brand new contract with the company. But here’s the thing. It’s being offered to me by that man right there. I have zero. ZERO respect for you Nightwolf. You’re just a bitter low life, who couldn’t handle being fired by Irken a couple of months ago. And the last few weeks you’ve been tormenting the Inferno roster. How can I work for a guy like that?! And what’s more, as much as it pains me to say, you’ve made a BIG mistake in firing Kevin Matthews. He’s one hell of a worker, and the fact that you’re letting him go just goes to show the lack of ambition that you have for this brand and this company!!

*crowd pop for this as Nightwolf looks livid in the ring.*

TT: Now, I’ve always seen myself as an EWNCW original, and I’ll always be that no matter what. EWNCW made me what I am right now before you, and I will never forget that.

*crowd clap in appreciation*

The rumours state that I’m leaving this company. I’ve had a good run here, and I’m now the holder of two titles!! And when one has achieved every goal there is to achieve in a company, one has to ask himself, what’s next? What more is there to achieve here for me? Why not go and play my trade elsewhere?

*a shot of Nightwolf is shown, and he can be heard shouting ‘Don’t you dare!! You hear me?! Don’t you dare!!’*

TT: And what better way to leave a company, than as not only a champion, but a DUAL champion!! Hell, I could waltz right on out of here right now with these titles, and take them elsewhere just like a certain Japanese man did not so long ago!! And you know what? Right now, that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to me!!”

*crowd boo slightly, as Nightwolf is shown looking less than pleased. He can be heard shouting ‘Don’t you dare you son of a bitch!!’*

“Now the million dollar question I hear you all asking is… Am I staying, or am I leaving? I’ve had an unbelievable run here, and I will be forever thankful for you and everybody backstage for that. When I started out here, I thought I was EWNCW for life. But to that I say, don’t count your chickens, because the only thing that’s for sure about Thunder…is…..”

*He pauses and takes another look across the arena as the fans chant ‘please don’t go’. Thunder looks emotional and seems to be close to tears as he mouths ‘thank you’*

……. The only thing that’s for sure about Thunder, is that nothing’s for sure…..”

*Thunder continues through the crowd. He stops at the top of the stairs, takes a look at his 2 titles, then a look around at the stunned crowd, before giving a short salute, and leaves the arena with an emotional look on his face*

CP: Oh my God. Did he just leave with the International title AND the World Heavyweight title?!?! Did we just witness Tommy Thunder leave EWNCW?! 2 of our top superstars have just left the company!! I don’t know what to say folks. We have to end the show there, so tune in to EWNCW through the week for more updates on this situation. And of course, tune in for Inferno on Thursday. Goodnight.

Thomas: A year and a half has passed since this, and it is still as emotional and controversial as it was back then.

King: No doubt about it, Thunder stirred a hornet's nest, and if anyone didn't know Rage by that time, I'm damned sure they did after this.

Thomas: And speaking of Rage, we'll have Rage match after the break.

02-16-2013, 12:32 PM
King: Welcome back folks, and as my partner said before the break, it is Rage time now, and what a match we have, the battle of the Pennsylvanians, as Chris Divine takes on Jman.

Thomas: Two colossal competitors like these two one on one? I'm in!


*Massive heat for Divine, who doesn't care*

Ellis: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he is Chris, “Soooooooo Fiiiiiine”, Diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!

Thomas: Being so fine as Divine is, no doubt he will win this one.

King: I won't be so sure, Jman is a hell of an athlete, and he'll put an A match.

Thomas: Divine is always A+, Josh.


*People erupt in cheers for Jman, who salutes the crowd.*

Ellis: And his opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he is JJJJJJJMaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!

King: This is a great moment for Jman to prove he is a worthy number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship by facing such a challenge as Chris Divine here.

Thomas: And Divine will prove Jman a fluke.


Chris “So Fine” Divine= Rock / Jman = Angle. Start at 1:38, stop at 7:00

*Divine has locked the Sharpshooter tight, but Jman won't surrender that easily. He manages to relief the pain by standing on his hands, and desperately trying to reach the ropes. But Divine won't let his prey escape, and increases the pressure, therefore, Jman's advances are short and slow. However, in a burst of rage (no pun intended) and pain, Jman lets out a roar and advances two big hand-steps, getting really close to the ropes, but still unable to find salvation. Seconds pass and the first attempt to grab the ropes is fruitless. For some more time, Jman seems to be about to tap, but gathering the last of his strenght he manages to grab the ropes! Divine doesn't let go until the ref gets to the four count. Divine starts arguing with the referee while Jman uses the ropes to get up to his feet. However, as soon as he's back to a vertical base, Divine clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside.*

Thomas: Things looking good for Divine right now, will he capitalize?

*Divine wastes no time and goes to the outside, grabbing Jman and putting him into position for a reverse DDT on the floor. Jman is out cold and Divine smiles, as the referee counts two. Suddenly, a masked fan produces a sign that reads:


Divine grabs the sign and tears it to pieces. The fan starts yelling and arguing with Divine, up to the point where he jumps the barrier to face Divine, but just says “Turn around” Divine complies an he eats “Good match, let's go eat”, Jman's superkick finish. The fan goes back to his place as the ref has counted to five.*

King: Jman has turn the tide here and it looks that this one may be over.

Thomas: Blatant interference by that fan!

King: Like you care when someone interferes on behalf of one of your favs.

*The ref has counted to seven as Jman manages to roll Divine in the ring. The number one contender catches his breath as the ref counts to eight, and the nine comes simultaneously with Jman's return to the squared circle. He crawls towards Divine and hooks the leg.*




Ding, ding, ding!

Ellis: Here's your winner, Jmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn!!!!

King: One simple mistake can make you lose the match. Divine had it here but in the end Jman wins.

Thomas: It is that fan's fault. Who the hell thinks he is to interrupt this match?

*The camera shows the fan,who is celebrating. Then, he takes off his mask to reveal TDA under it.*

Thomas: TDA, you weasel!

*TDA smiles and says: Divine's a chumperino” before winking to the camera*


02-16-2013, 12:47 PM
King: Welcome back, folks, we've had an exciting night, and we still have our double main event to come!

Thomas: Absolutely, Josh,and now we're ready to see Mr. Smyth defend his TWE IronFist championship against Sagittarious Blue!


*A warm welcome to Blue from the Warzone*

King: Here comes one ofthe most promising superstars in TWE, Sagittarious Blue.

Thomas: He thinks that being a rock star will help you go to places. Wrong! This Jimmy can't do shit against a fine man like Mr. Smyth.

King: I'm betting for him tonight.

Thomas: Waste of money.


*Deafening boos for the TWE IronFist champion*

Thomas: The safe bet here is the champ. He is ruthless, something that suits him in this kind of matches. Together with his intelligence and ambition, this man will go far in EWNCW.

King: Tonight has a good stepping stone in Blue to prove himself. Let's go to Walter Ellis with the official introductions:

Ellis: The following match is a no DQ match set for one fall, and it is for the TWE IronFist championship! Introducing first the challenger, from Athens, Geogia, Sagittariuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueee!!!

*Loud cheers for Sag-Blue*

Ellis: And his opponent, from Birmingham, England, he is the current, reigning TWE IronFist Champion, Miiiiiisteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Smyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyth!!

*Fans hate the guts out of the champ.*


Mr Smyth = Orton / Blue =Sheamus. Start at 1:56 / Stop at 9:48

Thomas: Smyth has it here!



2,99999999 NO!

Thomas: What?

King: Not yet!

*Mr. Smyth can't believe his eyes, but still he recovers quick from the shock and helps his opponent to his feet, lifting him up for a fireman's carry, but Blue manages to escape and as he falls to the mat, he low blows Smyth.*

Thomas: Why did he do that? Smyth ain't a lawyer!

King: But he is a ruthless businessman and deserves it as much as a lawyer.

*Smyth falls to his knees and that's the moment Blue uses to hit a Shining Wizard, then goes for the cover*



2,999999999999 NO!

King: That was close!!!

Thomas: Still, not good enough!

*Blue rolls out othe ring and goes to grab something from underneath the ring. He takes a table and slides it into the ring under the bottom rope, and the fans go crazy with “Tables” chants. However, he eats a Lou Thesz press from Mr. Smyth, who rains punches to the head of Blue, who retaliates with strikes of his own. Smyth gets up and tries to go for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Blue throws him away. Smyth bounces off the ropes and Blue grabs him into an inverted half nelson lift followed into a knee strike, what he calls the Sign of the Archer, and goes for the cover.*



2,999999! NO!

Thomas: Not enough again!

King: What else does Blue need to do to win this match?

Thomas: Kill Mr. Smyth. Blue is destined to lose.

*Blue helps Smyth to his feet, just to Irish whip him into a corner. Blue goes for a big splash, but Smyth moves out of the way and Blue crashes into the turnbuckles. Smyth uses the momentum to hit three forearm shots to the head of Blue, before grabbing Sagittarius under the arms and hitting a double underhook backbreaker. Smyth goes for the cover:*



2,874527858254 NO!

*Smyth wastes no time and goes to grab the steel steps that were already in the ring. He waits until Blue is up to his feet to nail him with the steps on Blue's head. Smyth is still in the attack, giving shot after shot to his opponent. When Blue seems to be down and out, the champ leaves the steps, catching his breath after the effort, before a twisted smile comes to his face. He goes and sets up the table his opponent brought into play, but not content with that, he slides the steel steps under the table. He then goes to grab Blue and take him to the longest side of the table.*

King: Oh, no, he can't do this!

Thomas: He will, you know it. If you don't like it, go try to stop Mr. Smyth, pal.

*Smyth lifts Blue into a fireman's carry, before delivering and X-Factor (what the champ calls “The Rule”) into the table, that breaks right into the steel steps, exactly where Blue's ribs land*


Thomas: This is it!




Ding, ding, ding!

Ellis: The winner of this match, and still the TWE IronFist Champion, MiiiiiiiiiisteeeeeeeeeeerSmyyyyyyyyyyyyyth!!!

Thomas: Didn't I told you, Josh? Smyth was ready to retain, and he did!

King: Yeah, you did, but that was a hell of a match!

Thomas: Indeed it was, but Blue's efforts were not enough to get the gold. Still, I have to admit the kid gave us all he had, and we appreciate that, a great match.

King: No doubt, Bry, no doubt.

02-16-2013, 12:59 PM
King: Ladies and gentleman, it is time for the second main event, and our first participant in Open Fight Night!

Thomas: I am eager to know who's the first one.

King: Let's find out!

*Several seconds pass and no one is coming. People are chanting and cheering before this music hits:*


King: None other than VanHooligan X, a superstar on the rise in the Ignition Division.

Thomas: Don't forget he's been world champion multiple times in different promotions, I love this guy, he can go far in this company, no doubt about it.

*The beginning of CellDwellers music begins and out come Van HX. A lot of people in the crowd are shocked he is on Warzone but it doesn't take them long to realise this guy is dripping with arrogance. Needless to say they let him know how they feel. He takes his sweet ass time getting to the ring and grabs the mic that was left on the steel steps on his way in.*

Van: Surprised to see me? *Boos slightly increase* Good, glad to hear you are.So you're probably wondering why I am on Warzone tonight. Well, I was requested to be the first person to choose my opponent for fight night tonight. That's right. Not Thunder, not Romulus, not any of your champions. Me! Let's be honest though. Can you honestly blame them for picking someone with such raw talent?

So I gave it a long, hard thought. Who should I embarrass tonight? Kingstrem? Gillz? Or revenge on Kyojin?

No. They will all get a reality check later. Tonight, I am going to challenge a champion that I know I can beat and put me in a nice spot to prove I should be the next contender for the title. I challange the Rage Ignition champion. The Blue Flash!


*The Blue Flash comes out with a big pop from the crowd, and the Rage Ignition champion salutes the fans here and there, high fiving the adults, and placing his forehead on kid's foreheads*

King: I'm being told that this will be a non title match.

Thomas: Pity, I would have enjoyed a second title bout, especially if VHX beats the hell out of The Blue Flash.

King: Still, these two can tear down the house in a non title match.

Thomas: That true. Let's seat back and enjoy!

VHX = Punk / Blue Flash =Rey, Ignore SES.



Stop at 3:08 of the secondvid.

King: Splendid move by Flash, but still not good enough to defeat VHX.

Thomas: Indeed, he'll better bring his A game into play to defeat the man from Leeds!

*Flash comes up kick, and doesn't give VHX a chance, as he quickly connects with a roundhouse kick to the head of his English opponent. Flash then drags VHX near the corner and signals for the top. The Rage Ignition champion climbs to the turnbuckle, ready to hit a moonsault. The rotation is perfect, and he lands on top of Van Hooligan X. However, VHX had lifted his knees to protect his torso and hurt Flash's, achieving the target as he expected. VHX goes back to his feet and makes a gutwrench hold on Flash, elevating him and connecting with a neckbreaker, the move he calls the VanHammer! He immediately goes for the pin.*

King: Right leg is hooked.



2,99999999 NO!

*VHX can't believe his luck, and argues with the ref. However, he doesn't waste his time with useless words, and goes again towards Flash. He grabs the champ's legs as if to hit a sharpshooter, and turns Flash around. However,VHX is standing, and Flash is upside down, only his arms and his head touching the ring. VHX takes two steps back and drops to the mat, applying bodyscissors with his legs to Flash's body, completing a Gorilla Clutch Hold he names The Vantastic Clutch!*
Thomas: Flash's chances of winning this one are slim to none, as he is trapped in the Vantastic Clutch. All that is left is knowing how long it takes him to tap.

King: I won't be so sure, Bryan, Flash is EWNCW resident superhero and has shown a lot of resiliency as of late.

Thomas: It could be, but... Wait a minute!


*Darren Bull has entered the ring and just kicked VHX in the head, forcing him to release the hold and the ref to call for the disqualification.*

Ding, ding, ding!

Ellis: The winner of this match, as a result of a disqualification, Van Hooooooooooligaaaaaaaaan X!

Thomas: What a shame, Van had the match won here, and that Jimmy Darren Bull had to ruin it!

*Bull lifts Van up, and Irish whips him to the ropes, before connecting with a flying clothesline. Then he grabs Van, ready to hit a Fisherman Suplex, when Flash charges with punches, forcing Bull to get rid of VHX and retaliate. Both Bull and Flash exchange blow after blow, with none of them geeting the advantage until Van comes to help Bull, forgetting the previous attack, only to beat the hell out of the champion. They both take Flash down, sitting against a corner, and they both kick the hell out of him.*

King: Here comes Kyojin!

*The Master of True Wrestling hits the ring, and takes Van down with an enzuigiri, and Bull with a Truth Hurts kick! (Beautiful Disaster). Bull rolls out ofthe ring, and Kyojin takes his attention to Van. That's the moment when Malcom Cage storms into the ring, crosses it to the other side, jumps to the top rope and hits an enourmous crossbody on Bull. Flash is up, and he joins Cage in the assault of Bull, both throwing punches to The Destruction, who retaliates with rights to Cage and lefts to Flash. In the ring, Van and Kyo are exhanging forearm shots to each other's head, before officials and security run down the ramp, some entering the ring, and some surrounding it, trying to separate the wrestlers and end the brawl.*

King: What an ending for an amazing show!

Thomas: No doubt, this show is called Warzone and these five here turned it into a real War Zone!

King: Indeed. That's all we have for you tonight, folks, I'm Josh King with “The Bry Man” Bryan Thomas, and we both thank you for watching and bid you good night!