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10-29-2010, 01:14 AM
Earlier this week I did the WWE guys, and now since Impact just aired and TNA has a lot of momentum, I'd just like to give my Top 10 Favorites in TNA today. This is going to be hard for me since I like a lot of TNA's talent and I think they have great potential.

10.) Beer Money - Great Tag Team wrestlers, sort of remind me of The New Age Outlaws, and I loved the Outlaws.

9.) AJ Styles - Boy what you doing at number 9? Oh.. cause Kazarian is even out shining you in this Fortune role. AJ I could hardly see you tonight standing in the 2nd row of the group. I think AJ Styles should turn face, the fans need him right now and he is doing terrible in Fortune. He needs to stand on his own and take the spotlight much like a RVD would and has done despite being labeled in with the Ev2 guys. BTW... did I mention this guy is a pretty damn good wrestler?

8.) Ric Flair - By god.. do you ever stop ticking at full throttle? I think coming to TNA is the greatest thing Ric Flair could have ever done for himself. In WWE he sorta went out as a softy... holy shit... It's the Nature Boy in TNA.. and he's doing whatever he wants.

7.) "The Pope" Deangelo Dinerio - Hope I spelled his name right. lol, but ladies and gentleman... Pope is Pimpin! And like I will say with Samoa Joe.. with great rivals... comes great heroes. (I started writing this backwards with #1 :D)

6.) Jeff Jarrett - Wow, what the hell happen to this guy? He barely got TV time for so long, he comes back as a major fucking heel and is just ripping everyone a new asshole. I love it!

5.) Samoa Joe - I think he is in a prime position to break out beyond belief right now. With great odds, come great heroes. lol.. but seriously.. with this whole Hogan's Immortals... Joe is needed as a break out star more than ever. And when I say break out star... I mean... he becomes the next Stone Cold Steve Austin.... the next Bill Goldberg... and he does it right now. He needs to go on that kind of tear and what a greater rival for him than The Immortals.

4.) Kurt Angle - The guy is a freaking warrior, nuff said.

3.) Rob Van Dam - I was happy as hell when TNA signed him, and I haven't been disappointed. He put on some nice hardcore matches with Abyss, his match with AJ Styles was one of my favs. He pulled off a good match with Sabu, he just constantly impresses me with his will to stay in the game. Plus I'm a pothead so RVD defiantly gets some bonus points.

2.) Jeff Hardy - Let's get real, that heel turn was genius and no one seen it coming. I mean I just can't believe that it was right in front of us the whole time, and we didn't acknowledge the possibilities. Jeff Hardy has sort of an out of this world personality and with the amount of fans he had before he turned, it's just a huge thing in wrestling today. I can't wait to see more of him and his heel persona.

1.) Motorcity Machine Gunns - Hard decision, but the action that is put on these days in the Tag Team Divison is unreal. I seriously hope the Motorcity Machine Gunns hold onto that gold for quite some time.

Honorable Mentions -
Matt Morgan - Well after Impact tonight I think I'm ready for a return of The DNA of TNA... Matt Morgan. Remember, this guy was on the border of becoming TNA World Champion before this whole Eric/Hogan thing came about.

Orlando Jordan - I love his balls.. and I'm not gay... but I love his balls to be different.

GenMe - I like their heel turn, their great wrestlers, their arrogance just oozes off of them.

Abyss - I think he's looking real good right now with his monster gimmick.

Eric Young - Guys a trooper, I still remember his elbow drop off the cage earlier this year. I'd consider that the peek of his career. He does his comedy role well though.

Desmond Wolfe - Where art thou gone?

Sarita - Love you. You've been looking a little rusty in the ring though, when you first came into TNA.. holy shit.. you were amazing.

Winter - Sexy.

All the knockouts - Love you.

Dishonorable Mentions

Mike Tenay - STFU... you often distract me from watching a good match when you throw words in Taz's mouth and sit there bitching with Taz for 5 minutes trying to prove a point while you neglect to call the action.

Taz - For letting Mike Tenay get to you like that, just fucking choke him out when he does that.


Well there it is, feel free to comment on my thoughts and post your own Top 10 as well.

10-29-2010, 03:30 AM
Ric Flair, because he's still entertaining. Angelina Love because.... well, just because.


10-29-2010, 05:15 AM
Tna has about as much momentum as a three legged field mouse on a hamster wheel!

That said, I like tna and as a WRESTLING FAN I would watch it if the booking (my biggest gripe with tna) were 10 times worse than it is!

Thank you for your list it appears very well thought out.

Here's my top 10. It will be based mostly on who my favourites are in general rather than how they are currently being booked.

10. Jay leathal: this guy has come a long way since I first saw him back in JAPW and ROH. Back then ROH had him wrestle under the name hydro as part of special K. He had to earn the right to be called by his name, and earn it he did. Pure class.

9. Gen Me: these guys are more talented than the hardys were at this stage of their careers. They were/are great as the young bucks and they'll be great wherever they go, whatever name they're using.

8. The pope: as Elijah Burke in the wwe/ecw thought he had potential but WOW, how did wwe miss this guy's talent? When he came to TNA he blew my mind. The pope is one of the best characters of the new era.

7. The amazing red: I've been a long time fan of red. Wasted in TNA. Shame.

6. RVD: I loved him in ecw. Loved him in wwe. Love him in tna, how can I not! He hasn't changed a thing since I first saw him back in 97!

5. Mr Anderson: if this were to go on mic skills/talking he'd be first by a mile. THE best mic man today in ANY promotion (yeah, I said it). A great asset to tna.

4. The Gunns: VERY few combos since the turn of the century equal Sabin & Shelly when it comes to being the total package. Argubaly the best team in north America today.

3. A.J styles: often imitated NEVER duplicated. WTF are tna doing with this guy.

2. Samoa Joe: this guy should be THE top face of the company. But they're killing him slowly. He's the type of guy who should never be made to look weak.... I guess he ain't to popular "backstage".

1. Kurt angle: Because he's kurt angle. WRESTLINGS MVP of 2010.. A title he's earned almost every year since his first!

10-29-2010, 06:46 AM
Please allow me give my infinite wisdom on this matter. I dont have a top ten but I do have a favorite and he is http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQfSw14ZW9qytq1-K2XrhJz95r4_eE1BFxv0dPgRpuvb4fvR6U&t=1&usg=__9cL3FjkMuK82vvJw8VAtWPYM6TA= U MAD???

infinite wisdom
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10-29-2010, 07:14 AM
Christian Cage (I know, and I don't care.)
Beer Money.
The Knockouts. (honourable mentions - Velvet, Mickie, Winter, SoCal)

I agree with the poster who mentioned Tenay. What a clown of an announcer. He's the least convincing, least entertaining announcer I've ever heard. And I include Adamle in that, he was entertaining!!!

TNA 'The very best'
10-29-2010, 08:08 AM
7. The amazing red: I've been a long time fan of red. Wasted in TNA. Shame.

I'm glad someone said him, i love watching him against someone that can match him like Lethal, NOt against people like Morgan etc,

Best TNA star for me:

Joe when he is being used right, and not made to look like a clown.

10-29-2010, 09:39 AM
On top of my head right now in no particular order:
AJ Styles
Amazing Red
Jay Lethal
Doug Williams
Young Bucks
Beer Money

10-29-2010, 09:40 AM
Good call on Kazarian, I intended to include him in my list, but, alas, my penis decided the last entry for me.

10-29-2010, 11:26 AM
i dont watch much TNA ( really cant stand the company) but i like that guy named Robert Roode. he has that look, the mic skills, wrestling skills, all of that. he reminds me of a Canadian HHH. he should be world champion in any company.

*side note* i also LOVE his hair http://i53.tinypic.com/35bi4w4.gif

Tommy Thunder
10-29-2010, 11:46 AM
Here is my top 10 from any company:

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle

REAL, infinite wisdom.

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10-29-2010, 12:42 PM
Unfortunately, TNA has a bad habit of doing what WWE has been doing for the past 10 years. Wasting talent. Most of my favorites are either not used anymore or just not on the roster. I am a big TNA fan but I must confess, it all began because of The ICON. Sting. I hope they give him the proper retirement that he deserves. Anyway, to the list. I have a lot of inactive wrestlers on my list.
10. Desmond Wolfe - Could be the next big heel in TNA if they would actually use him to his potential. Sidenote: Anyone ever notice that wrestlers from the UK very rarely make good heels. Not to be nationalistic or anything, but they do such a great job at being heels that when I see one that is trying to pass off as a face, it seems unrealistic to me and I immediately hope for a heel turn. Although, I feel that he is going to be a major component in bringing Immortal down.
9. Matt Morgan - Morgan is the Blueprint for what is expected out of big men in wrestling these days (pun intended). He needs to piece a little more of it together and his mic skills definitely need improvement, but if he receives the proper motivation and character push, he can be absolutely dominant.
8. Brian Kendrick - I have been a fan of his since his days in WWE. Good high flyer and is improving on the mic. They need to break him away from EV 2.0 and let him make a name for himself with the big boys in the company.
7. Hernandez - They really need to bring him back and give him a push. A powerhouse that isnt afraid of throwing his body around is always entertaining.
6. Jay Lethal - Very glad that he dropped his Macho Man gimmick. He will never be a main event player but his matches are interesting and he is great on the mic.
5. AJ Styles - Really needs to become a face again. His mic skills just dont his heel persona. One of the top 5 wrestling talents in the industry today.
4. Samoa Joe - Could be an absolute monster. Just needs the writers to put him in the right position to do it.
3. RVD - Always been a fan, always will be.
2. Robert Roode - He is the cog that makes this group work. Great mic skills, great look, great in ring skills. No matter who you give him as an opponent, he will make it a good match. Just a matter of time b4 TNA realizes how good he can be as a solo wrestler.

Honorable Mentions
Kaz - Needs work on the mic and a real push if they plan on making him a force in wrestling
James Storm - Tired of the beer swilling redneck gimmick. I've watched Stone Cold and you sir are no Stone Cold. Good wrestling skills just really needs a new gimmick.
Abyss - They need to make up their mind about what they are gonna do with him.
Sharkboy - I love Sharkboy. No way that they will ever push him to that big of a spot. But I still think that Sharkboy is awesome.

10-29-2010, 12:50 PM
Sharkboy FTW

10-29-2010, 01:01 PM
1. Kurt Angle
2. Samoa Joe
3. Robert Roode
Did you say you like Orlando Jordan's balls?
4. AJ
5. and 6.MCMG
7. and 8. Generation me
9. James Storm
10.Kazarian, he is growing on me and I am not Gay!

10-29-2010, 01:04 PM
Joe, Styles, Wolfe, Kendrick, Sabin, Van Dam, Williams, Red, Lethal, Angle

no order

10-30-2010, 06:45 PM
Ok at 10: MAGNUS - Not the greatest in the ring, but improving steadily. Great on the mic, and really funny in TNA today skits,
9: Gen ME - Looking so much better since the heel turn
8: Sting - My first ever wrestling hero
7: RVD - Would be higher, but feel a little let down by some of his performances. Not at his usual standard
6: Joe - When booked right, face or heel, "Joe's gonna kill ya"
5: Desmond Wolfe - On fire when he debuted, regained momentum with London Brawling
4: AJ Styles - Liking the cocky heel
3: Beer Money - Better as heels. One of my top 5 tag teams of all time
2: Kurt Angle - Do I really need to explain this?
1: MCMG - My top team of all time. Fluid in the ring, both solid on mic, great as faces or heels.