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02-20-2012, 05:20 PM
So im bored so im gonna make this handy guide to Fifa 12 Ultimate team and its ins and outs


Your Team
Ok to play Ultimate Team you need a team ofcourse
When you start you are given a team of generally crap players
Now to gain a better team your gonna need coins
to gain coins you need to play matches and sell players

so it may take a while to gain coins

The most efficient way of making more coins is buying players then selling them for profit
unfortunatly most players dont sell for much, aka playes that no disenerable traits whatsoever
The players that do sell are those with pace
as a rule of thumb any player with 80+ pace should sell for a little bit atleast
Defenders with this tend to sell for a fair bit
Mid fielders less
and strikers less so
So with strikers you wont get as much profit

Another thing that sells is skills
any player 5 star skills should sell for quite a bit
to check a players skill rating
go into a kick off level and go to team management then click the right stick and scroll along

certain leagues also sell well
the BPL especially
although Brasillian silver players sell well because of there skills

ok now there are some methods to getting bargains and gaining money
The 59th minute
the is when you search the auction and go right to the 59th minute
this is where most noobs who dont know there prices put up good players for cheap

The Buy and Discard
This is where you find players for less than there discard price and then discard them for profit
so when buying players heres there discard prices
Rare Gold player=600
Gold Player=300
IF Gold Player=10,000
so if you buy any of these players for less than that then just discard them and gain a profit

now theres the ones i know but there are other methods
Somethings to notice
Ea produce a 5% tax on any player you sell through auction so watch out fo the coins you lose
discarding and directly trading completely negate the tax
Watch for scammer, EA will never ask for your password through email, you will never need to sign in to use the showoff feuture
there is no dupliacte or coin generator glitch, dont beleive otherwise

So now you shoud have some coins
when building your team you will need to consider somethings
1: Chemistry
when your chemistry is low your players dont play well together thus you play worse
chemistry is affected by, a players preffered formation, preffered position, and the players around them
they will link with players around them by either being in the same league or the same country, the strongest link a player could get is if they are from the same country and team, the highest chemistry a single player can get is 9, a full team can get 99 without a manager and 100 with
example: Torres links with David Silva on two levels, David Villa with 1 level and not at all with Pato
2:Morale and Fitness
your players morale also affects how you play and you fitness does to
Fitness and moral cards can be bought to remedy this, most can be bought for 200 coins
every player you face 99% of the time will abuse there pace
so if your defenders cant keep up then youll lose out
So when buying defender try to get ones with atleast 70 pace if you can

Some helpful terms

IF: In form Player
SIF:Super or Second IF Player
TOTW: Team of the Week:where players gain IF status
TOTY: Team of the Year
BIN: Buy Now Price
UP: Upgraded player

Notable Players + Prices

Maikon Leite, 74, RW, Brazilian, Palmeiras, 180-200k
Danilinho, 74, RW, Brazillian, Atletico Mineiro, 35-40k
Marcio Azevedo, 69, LB, Brazillian, Botafago, 25-30k
Stephan El Sharaawy, 73, CAM, Italian, Milan, 120-125k
Christian Pasquato, 74, CF, Italian, Lecce, 40-46k
Moestafa El Kabir, 73, ST, Dutch, Cagliari, 29-31k
Scott Sinclair, 74, LW, English, Swansea, 75-80k
Cameron Jerome, 73, ST, English, Stoke City, 60-62k
Royston Drenthe, 73, LM, Dutch, Everton, 46-50k
Paul Pogba, 55, CDM, French, Man Utd, 80-100k

Prices are based on the average from ultimatedatabase.nl

will add more later

well thats all i can think
suggestions on what to add welcomed

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cleanned it up a little and added a section

02-25-2012, 07:56 PM
anyone wanna add suggestions?

02-26-2012, 11:13 AM
Lulz, you're a couple of months too late with this man! I appreciate the thought though! ;)

04-26-2012, 09:06 AM
Update on prices
Due to the Teams of the season being realeased soon
the market is crashing
aka more people buying packs meaning more players pulled meaning they sell for less
so sell your teams now if u wanna make money