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10-25-2010, 05:07 PM
Raw opening

Michael Cole states that Barrett is forcing John Cena to apolgize for costing him a shot at the WWE Championship last night at Bragging Rights.

Awesome!!! The Miz comes out and says last night is a fluke, and that they want to prove it. He is challenging the two surviving members of Team Smackdown, Edge and Mysterio, and a partner, who should have been on team Raw last night, Alex Riley. Edge appears on the screen with Mysterio, and they accept, and they will kill the "Stupidly Awful" team of Riley and Miz.


The GM's noise goes off. Cole reads, "And I quote, the following contest will feature the new WWE tag team champions, John Cena and David Otunga, putting their belts on the line against The Hart Dynasty, and the entire Nexus except for Cena and Otunga, are banned from ringside.

Cena/Otunga vs The Hart Dynasty w/Natalya about 10 minute match

Cena and Otunga continue to argue and fight amongst each other. The match ends when Tyson Kidd turns his back on David Hart Smith hitting him with a punch, and walking away while Smith taps to the STF, Natalaya is running towards him, trying to get Kidd to explain why he did what he did, when Kidd was on the stage, Bret appears on the stage and questions him, Kidd frustrated pushes Bret away and walks back to the locker room.

Barrett shows up on the screen, and tells Cena to wait down there, he is going to apolgize to him and the entire Nexus right now.


Nexus walks down to the ring, and Barrett blames Cena for not winning the championship last night, and that if he hits any member of Nexus, that he will be gone from the WWE. He says he would have won if it wasn't for him, and. Orton music hits, Orton says that he had him right where he wanted him, and that Cena cost him as well, a victory over Barrett. The GM noise plays as says, since both of you have a grudge to push against Cena, next week, Randy Orton will team with Wade Barrett vs John Cena and a partner of Wade Barrett's choosing, and it can't be a member of Nexus. As far as tonight is considered, we do not have a number 1 contender for the title at Survivor Series, so we will have Wade Barrett vs CM Punk vs Sheamus.


Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibiase w/Maryse in about a 7 minute match

Back and forth match with a lot of reversals, Bryan sets up Cattle Mutilation, Maryse comes in the ring and kicks Bryan causing a disqualification. Aksana comes in the ring to pull Maryse off of Bryan and Dibiase looks like he is going to attack Aksana until Goldust comes from behind and hits Ted with the Million Dolar Belt from behind, he gives a look to Maryse, and his taunt with his chest right in Maryse's face, scaring her and running her off.


Edge and Mysterio vs Miz and Riley

The match never starts Mysterio gets attacked by Del Rio, with Mysterio having to be helped to the back.


LayCool comes out begins to talk annoyingly again, and Gail Kim comes out, saying her ears are bleeding from the sound of their voices, and she is about to shut them up, well her and 1 other diva, Melina comes out, and goes to commercial after she does her splits.


LayCool vs Gail Kim/Melina in about 5 minutes

The referee calls for the bell when the non-legal tag members refuse to get back to their respective corners. The GM noise goes off and I quote that at Survivor Series there will not be co-divas champions anymore, because at Survivor Series, they will be in a 2-on-2 Survivor Series eliminaton match for the Divas championship vs Gail Kim and Melina, and at the end if there is a sweep, the 2 members will have to fight for the Divas Championship, and if they don't, they will not be awarded the Divas Championship.

Barrett is shown talking to Cena saying you know what you have to tonight, and if you don't do it, I will make sure you will be fired.


Barrett w/Cena vs CM Punk vs Sheamus in about a 15 min match

Back and forth match between all competitors, and Barrett telling Cena he's has got to do it. Near the end, after CM Punk delivers the G2S to Sheamus, he hits CM Punk with the chair, allowing Barrett to get the pin and becoming once again the #1 contender for the WWE Championship.

Barrett then tells Cena, his partner for his match next week, when Barrett and Orton face Cena and an opponent of his choosing will be, CM Punk.

End of Show

Daniel Wilkinson
10-25-2010, 05:15 PM
WWE need to sort out what they are doing with Cena & the Nexus becuase it's a dogs dinner at the moment.