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10-25-2010, 04:06 PM
I know that this is very unrealistic, but if I had the money to buy TNA Wrestling. What could I do to make the product great once again? What could I do to gain interest in the company? Here are a few things I would do.

First, I would have only 8 PPVs a yr. It would be 4 major PPVs and 4 minor PPVs. The major PPVs would be $25, and the minor PPVs would be $10. This would lead to a whole lot more buys, and for the major ones, you can give something special to the people that mail their cable bill in or something like that, like a special PPV keychain, something small just to show you appeciate them buying the PPV. I would keep a couple of the big PPVs, but would change most of them. Major PPVs would last 3 hours, and minor PPVs for 2 hours.

M=Major PPV, I=Minor

M1) January-Resolution(1st Sunday of the year)-The 1st major PPV & the 1st event of the year, taking the Resolution name subtracting the Final.

I2) February-Hatred(2nd Sunday of the month)-1st minor PPV of the year.

M3) March-Madness(Same as Selection Sunday)-A new PPV called Madness, a tournament like PPV, with a 12 man tourney on the card, ending with a
triple threat match for the #1 contender at Slammiversary. Also, a title match would also be featured.

I4)May- Team Turmoil(1st Sunday of the Month)-A minor PPV where you have tag team elimination matches, ala Survivor Series.

M5) June-Slammiversary(Last Sunday of Month)

I6) September-Battle for the Ages(1st Sunday of the Month)-A minor PPV which will feature a battle royal with entrants coming in every couple of minutes, ala Royal Rumble, to see who will meet the champion at Bound for Glory.

M7) October-Bound for Glory(3rd Sunday of the Month)

I8) November-Feastival(Thanksgiving Sunday)-A series of speciality matches including King of the Mountain, Feast or Fired, and Ultimate X.

Now, I would want to hire a lot of former wrestlers, that were very good in the ring, to not only help out the wrestlers to find their own styles and unique abilities, but also go around the world and find the best talent available. I would also book the show, taking advice from people that have been able in the business for a long time(Cornette, Heyman, J.R.) just to name a few examples, and also take advice from the wrestlers, but I have the full authority to approve or deny anything.

Then, the schedule of TNA, now they would have a live show every Thursday for Impact, then a house show on Friday or Saturday(Only on Fridays during PPV wks), and then the 8 PPVs. Now, we would travel all around North America, starting in smaller arenas and colleges, where tix would be very cheap and we could build a great atmosphere, where u are right on top of the action. We would only do 1 show in Orlando a year, one of the major PPVs.

Now, the stage would be pretty much be changed with a very small entrance stage about 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide would be in the corner of the stage, with a HD screen above the entrance way just a little bigger. No ramp, just a short walkway about 15 feet wide.

And finally, I would change the name, yes, it would be shocking to do so, but I would want people to know that things are different, and change is here. I would change it to WPW, World of Professionial Wrestling.

These are just a few of the things that I would do if I owned TNA, I will write later on what I would do for the current roster and like a unique salary structure, but let me hear some of your comments on some of my ideas. .

10-25-2010, 06:38 PM

I'll take this month by month.

January and Febuary. Ok...not understanding the name changes....but that's ok.

March Maddness in March, your twelve man tournament for the #1 contendership at TNA's big summer event.....anybody else remembering King of the Ring? Not to mention again another uneeded name change

Team Tourmil, ok so you already called that this PPV would be a clear rip off of survivor series.

June's Slammiversary. I like the idea of making this a three hour PPV and making it feel special

September's Battle for the Ages. Ok again we've already established that this is a Royal Rumble rip off CLEARLY.

October Bound For Glory. Read Slammiversary.

November's Feastival. Ok so basically, your gonna throw this big gimmicked PPV on the screen. Probably NO STORYLINE REASONING WHATSO EVER. Some gimmick ppv's can work without storylines. (Royal Rumble, King of the Ring, and sometimes Survivor Series) but your talking about putting your most dangerous matches out there for no reason. AND (here's the kicker) FOR 10 BUCKS! :/ Come on dude?

Now your talking about cutting production value WAAAAAAAAAY DOWN. Which is good cost wise, but now Impact is gonna look like shit. But then your ADDING production cost by having Impact live every thursday, so I guess you would be right where they are now..

And then your name change....WPW...*cough* WCW *cough* ok TNA is already like WCW enough why do you wanna make it one letter difference? Besides why would you change the name of TNA? TNA is just starting to actually become a known name, and then you wanna change it to WPW? That's about 18,000,000 steps back.

I think your heart is in a good spot, but this idea is not very good. Your basically ripping off everything WWE and then having a super gimmick PPV at the end of the year for no reason. And that would diminish each and every gimmick match you have. So maybe you should let Eric Hogan and Russo run things......