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10-25-2010, 04:09 AM
John Cena (F) Vs Wade Barrett (H) - WWE Title
Nexus storyline pays off with barrett winning royal rumble
Deciding to take on John Cena who wins the WWE championship in the elimination chamber.
Thinking it will be an easy win since he owns Cena
How it goes down -
Cena finally gives him his payback in a really intense fast and hard slams kinda match. Barret comes out on top but is completely spent to sell the match instead of his own glory. While Cena puts him way over in his own typical over acting way =D

Money In The Bank TLC Battle Royal -
Set-up -
Nexus takes control of the money in the bank match by making sure Otunga, Gabriel, that wendy's guy & the fat one. Sorry bout that to their fans? make it in the match. And EVERY jobber and B-list star that the WWE feels deserves a Mania match to give it it's usual star power of every guy wwe refuses to push hard but know that they should.
How it goes down -
The members of Nexus come out first, setting up ladders in the ring to build a fort reminiscent of the Hardy Vs Edge and Christian days. They then set up tables around and in the ring im saying like 8 at the least. 20 foot ladders and 16 foot ladders around the ring already set up like the usual money in the bank matches
Spots -
Gabriel 450 off ladder onto someone through the table that the rest of nexus set up for him. John Morrison does some of his supposed high risk parkour stuff. Wendy neck breaker off a vertical ladder and through a table. and whatever else. Nexus defend their fort from all comers for as long as they can then it becomes every man for himself.
Do not care who wins

Sting Vs Taker
Only cause it should be WCW themed. It's mania and its meant to be a showcase not a story

Triple H (F) Vs CM Punk (H) - Street Fight
Basic Grudge Match - CM Punk Attacks Trips Family for great heat. They have an absolutely brutal brawl with triple H coming out on top bringing back the old skool brawls for the new fans

Rey Mysterio (F) Vs Big Show (H)
It's been done a million times. but never at mania and not since the wwe changed markets. Then they as with all the other matches on the card go all out.

Batista Vs Goldberg
So that WCW gets one win on the PPV plus this would be an intense big man match to define two of the biggest men ever's careers

And the technical match
Daniel Bryan (F) Vs Shawn Michaels (F)
How can this not be a classic match?
Hugs after wards and then super kick and DX Shrug =D

Kane Vs Sheamus - World Title
They needed something right? o_0

Natalya Vs Trish Stratus
I'm only dreaming with this one =D

That's 6 Great Matches and the usual bad ones
More then enough Mania Moments
Never gonna happen but it'd be great
Opinions? Spots for money in the bank? Spots or reversals in others? Storylines? Feel free to go out there since it's all for fun =]

10-25-2010, 05:48 AM
Since it's between two of my faves i pick the Goldberg Vs Batista Match for a play by play review
The story goes down that Batista was always shunned because of his coming so soon after goldberg's times
That now it's time to prove he was better.

Batista comes out first. Goldberg has the usual entrance
Batista hits his iceman like pose and runs towards Goldberg
Straight into a spear
Goldberg poses in response and the crowd goes off
But batista gets up fast and goldberg turns around into heavy punches
Batista pulls goldberg into a clothesline
Goldberg gets back up into another
Dave goes for a third but goldberg catches him by the neck
Military press attempt but batista beats his way out of it and hits a chop block
Goldberg goes to one knee
Batista picks him up and hits a gut-wrench powerbomb
Goes for a pin
batista pulls goldberg up and beats on him a little
Goldberg hits a flying knee and batista turns away from him to sell it
Goldberg hits a snap swinging neckbreaker
he plays to the crowd as batista gets up
Batista hits a spear
then shakes the ropes and says thumbs down
goes for the batista bomb but goldberg reverses with a back body drop
picks dave up again by the neck but batista hits his hand off
and hits kicks to the body
Goldberg bends down from pain into another powerbomb attempt
but goldberg drops out and sweeps the leg
pin attempt for a 2 count
they stand up punching eachother
Goldberg gets batista up for the military press and drops batista to the outside
Goldberg comes to the outside and gets caught by a spear
Batista hits a suplex on the outside and then clears the announce table
he breaks the count
but gets caught by a goldberg spear
Goldberg picks batista up and jackhammer through the cleared table
Batista is mad hurt and goldberg takes his time beating down on him and breaking the counts
Batista finally makes it back to the ring
Goldberg hits kicks and his hook kick signiture
goldberg signals for the spear
He gets caught by a spine buster
but batista cant get over for the cover
Both men slowly make it to their feet
Goldberg finally hits a spear and gets the 1 2 3 =D

Rich Cranium
10-25-2010, 03:37 PM
Isn't Goldbergs kick the one that ruined Bret Harts career?

10-25-2010, 08:16 PM
Yeah, he never looks before he does it, bret hart didnt see it coming and got it hard