View Full Version : My Royal Rumble Finish + Wrestlemania finish.

01-29-2012, 01:16 PM
Jericho will enter the Rumble mid-way and the lights will go out and he'll have a huge enterance, stopping all 5-7 wrestlers in the ring. If the crowd is behind him he will ask for tons of noise toward both ends of the stage. Jericho will eventually nod his head, turn around, and go back to the back. The rumble will play out, the final three will be Cena, Kane, and Orton. Cena will eliminate Kane and it will be down to the hometown favorite, Orton and Cena. Cena and Orton will have a 5-10 minute back and forth battle when eventually Orton and Cena get near the ropes. Cena sucks chants and let's go Orton will below throughout the arena. King will say it's the two greatest stars today in the ring, and for the first time, neither men are the champion on the road to wrestlemania, only one will headline wrestlemania. So Orton and Cena will eliminate each other, the crowd will complain that Orton won. Footage will show that Orton's feet clearly hit first but they won't care. Johnny Ace will come out and start to say how he has a solution to this problem, since the referees are blowing calls on matches lately. Lights go out and Jericho comes back out. He enters the ring and celebrates. Chris Jericho has won the Royal Rumble!