View Full Version : CM Punk Calls Beth Phoenix a Douche-Bag!

01-27-2012, 07:30 AM
CM Punk has slammed Beth Phoenix for being a “douche-bag” and confirmed that the pair are now split up. The current WWE Champion had been dating the current Divas Champion until recently.On the ‘Holberg’s Morning Circus’ radio show, CM Punk said: “I just ended a relationship… No, it doesn’t hurt at all. It pisses me off to watch people you love and admire become complete douche-bags… People just flake… I realized that it doesn’t matter who it was, as long as someone was...

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The Brown One
01-27-2012, 08:40 AM
I saw this 10 hours ago on TvTrax on Youtube. The whole interviews there for those who are interested. Maybe they stopped pushing Beth because of this :/