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01-26-2012, 03:45 PM
Hello everyone here I am, booking WWE from RR 2012

Roster (Raw Smackdown)

Alex Reily
Alicia Fox
Big Show
Brodus Clay
CM Punk - WWE Champion
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Justin Gabriel
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Ted DiBiase
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Zack Ryder

Alberto Del Rio
Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Chris Jericho
Cody Rhodes - IC Champion
Curt Hawkins
Daniel Bryan - World Heavyweight Champion
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Epico - Tag Team Champion
Heath Slater
Jinder Mahal
John Cena
Mark Henry
Nikki Bella
Primo - Tag Team Champion
The Miz
Trent Barreta
Tyler Reks
Wade Barrett
William Regal

Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger - US Champion

Currently Inactive
Ezekiel Jackson - Due to Injury
Mason Ryan - Suspended
Michael McGullicutty - Suspended
Rey Mysterio - Due to Injury
Sin Cara - Due to Injury
Undertaker - Due to Injury


Remaining PPV's of 2012

Elimination Chamber


Extreme Rules

Over The Limit





Night Of Champions

No Mercy

Bragging Rights

Survivor Series


01-26-2012, 03:50 PM

Evan Bourne has left WWE by Mutual Consent, he is wished best of luck in his future endeavoures

Mason Ryan has been suspended for 30 days for his 1st violation of the WWE Welness Program

Michael McGullicutty has been suspended for the immediate future pending an investigation into a event that happened over the Vengance PPV Weekend

01-28-2012, 11:07 AM
Pyro goes off and Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Booker T introduce us to the Royal Rumble PPV. They Immediatly begin hyping the main event, and they announce that as Evan Bourne has been released, his partner Kofi Kingston will be given a US Title Match, which will happen next

Match 1. US Title Match - Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston
Finish: The referee gets knocked out, and Vickie Guerrero comes into the ring and low blows Kofi. Swagger get's him up for the Gutwrench Powerbomb, but Vickie Sticks out her knee, which Kofi lands on. Vickie is lying on the floor in pain, but as the referee comes back in he counts to 3

Post Match Vickie Guerrero is gathered away on a stretcher. Jack Swagger locks Kofi in the ankle lock shouting at Kofi, blaming him for what happened

Backstage Teddy Long is shown backstage with Aksana. They flirt around a bit, and Aksana grabs Teddy's hand and leads him out of his office. However as Aksana opens a door, she gets kicked in the head by a big boot. Drew McIntyre walks in and begs Teddy to keep his job. Teddy says he's got until the final smackdown before Elimination Chamber to win a match, but by god he will suffer before he get's there

Match 2. World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match - Daniel Bryan bt Mark Henry and the Big Show
Finish: Mark Henry and Big Show both try to climb to the top of the cage, but the cage wall gives out and they both fall, landing on the wall but not touching the ground. Daniel Bryan sees this as his oppotunity and climbs over them both

Daniel Bryan grabs his world championship and celebrates as like a madman. Michael Cole, on commentary, is insulting Bryan and supporting Big Show and Mark Henry. He get's into the ring, lowblows Bryan, then walks out of the arena

Backstage interview with Chris Jericho, Josh Matthews keep asking him questions about the Royal Rumble match and the future, but he only replies saying "The End of the World, as you Know It"

Match 3: No Holds Barred Match - Kane beat John Cena
Finish: Cena goes for an AA from the top of the ramp, but Kane counters with a chokeslam. Kane carrys Cena to the ring, over his shoulder, and enters the ring with Cena remaining Still. As he's in the ring, Kane hit's a powerslam for the 3

Post Match Cena slowly get's to his feet, showing Ruthless Aggression in his eyes. Zack Ryder comes down to the ring on crutches, warning Cena not to do anything stupid and get injured before his match with The Rock. Cena put's his arm on Ryder, and then nails a Rock Bottom on him. He and Kane stare off before Cena extends his arm. Kane shakes, and Cena has embraced the hate

Match 4. WWE Championship Match - John Laurinaitis as Special Guest Referee - CM Punk beat Dolph Ziggler
Finish: CM Punk hit the GTS on Dolph, but Swagger was up on the apron destracting John. He banned Swagger from ringside, and turned right around seeing Dolph in the anaconda vice. He sees Dolph's shoulders are down and counts to 3

Match 5. Royal Rumble Match

1. The Miz enters
2. R-Truth enters
3. Jinder Mahal enters
4. Heath Slater enters
5. Mick Foley enters
Heath Slater is eliminated by Mick Foley
6. Alex Reily enters
7. Brodus Clay enters
8. William Regal enters
Jinder Mahal is eliminated by Brodus Clay
9. Kofi Kingston enters
R-Truth eliminates himself and The Miz with a lie detector over the top rope
10. Tyson Kidd enters
Brodus Clay is eliminated by William Regal and Mick Foley
11. Tamina enters
12. Road Dogg enters
13. Justin Gabriel enters
14. Wade Barrett enters
15. Christian enters
16. Billy Gunn enters
17. Primo enters
18. Eve enters
Alex Reily is eliminated by the New Age Outlaws
19. Chris Jericho enters
20. Kane enters
Tamina is eliminated by Eve
Eve is eliminated by Kane pushing her off the top rope when going for a moonsault
21. Cody Rhodes enters
22. Sheamus enters
William Regal is eliminated by the New Age Outlaws
23. Beth Phoenix enters
24. Randy Orton enters
Cody Rhodes is eliminated by Goldust coming down to the ring
25. Tyler Reks enters
26. Epico enters
27. Jack Swagger enters
Sheamus is eliminated by Chris Jericho and Christian
28. Natayla enters
Epico and Primo are eliminated by Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel
Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel are eliminated when The Colons returned to the ring
29. Ted DiBiase enters
Randy Orton is eliminated by Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston is eliminated by Christian
30. Drew McIntyre enters
Mick Foley is eliminated by Chris Jericho
Drew is eliminated by Natayla and Beth Phoenix
Jack Swagger is eliminated by Natayla and Beth Phoenix
Tyler Reks is eliminated by Natayla and Beth Phoenix
Natayla is eliminated by Beth
Ted DiBiase is eliminated by Christian
Kane is eliminated by Chris Jericho and Christian
Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are eliminated by Chris Jericho and Christian
Chris Jericho is eliminated by Christian
Beth Phoenix is eliminated by Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett is eliminated by Christian

Winner: Christian

Christian celebrates in the ring, pointing at the Wrestlemania 28 sign

01-29-2012, 01:28 AM
I will give my best attempt to be your reviewer for this new adventure you've decided to take. Welcome to the BTB section. I can't wait to see what your able to create.

WWE Royal Rumble

Jack Swagger(c) vs. Kofi Kingston
US Title Match
Good opening bout with Kofi and Jack Swagger, I'm going to ignore the fact that I have NO CLUE how Kofi got into the match but I do like that he's getting a mid carder title shot. I dig it. I think Kofi has been under pushed for too long.
So Vickie is out of action and Jack Swagger is getting revenge.

WOW! Talk about an impact kick by Drew. Kicking Akasana in the head?! Not the best way to get on the GM's good side, as shown as Teddy says that he's going to suffer. But that is quite heelish of Long isn't it?
Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry vs. Big Show
Triple Threat Cage Match
World Heavyweight Championship Match
So the thought of Mark Henry and Big Show climbing the cage at the same time would be killer, and the sight of the cage wall collapsing is epic. A very heel win for D Bryan. I can't wait to see what you got next with him as WHC

Woah wait so we have a repeat of Lawler/Miz in Cole/Bryan? Except both Cole and Bryan are heels? Right? Or did I miss something? I am actually very interested in this.

John Cena vs. Kane
Cool spot with Cena being chokeslammed off the stage. And I liked the fact that Kane won.
After the match I have a hard time believing that Cena could stand up on his own two feet after being chokeslammed off the stage
HOWEVER it's very WWE, so it makes sense. I don't like the Cena heel turn. I'm sorry I just don't. It seems like every "WWE BTB" starts off with Cena turning heel. But it is YOUR BTB so I'm okay to see where it goes. Cena nailing the Rock Bottom on Ryder was super cool and arrogant and I think it was a GREAT message to the Rock. Where does Kane fit in on this? I want to see.

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
WWE Title
I thought Vickie was stretchered away?? Weird. Kinda a lame ending to what was probably an AMAZING match. However, seeing CM Punk retain his title was cool. I'm a Punk mark so I can't wait to see what you do

The Royal Rumble
NOA return? HELL YES!
Multiple women in the Rumble? Okay I'm down. Except Eve....kinda a 0_o but
So is Christian a heel?
Or is he a face?
Nothing too remarkably groundbreaking, BUT Christian winning was a huge surprise to me. I was expecting Y2J to pick up the win.
Overall the match entertained me.

​ Overall Rating: This show was not the GREATEST show ever, it didn't make me go "OH SHIT!" or really make me WANT to tune in next week to see what happens. However, it WAS entertaining and NOT boring so a solid-B

(JUST SOME FRIENDLY TIPS: More detail would be nice. How am I supposed to know Punk/Ziggler was amazing if I can't read it and know it?
Kinda confusing with the Vickie G thing, so make that more clear. Did she return from hospital or something?
Overrall I enjoyed reading it and can't wait to see what you come up with.)

01-29-2012, 05:20 AM
CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
WWE Title
I thought Vickie was stretchered away?? Weird. Kinda a lame ending to what was probably an AMAZING match. However, seeing CM Punk retain his title was cool. I'm a Punk mark so I can't wait to see what you do

Sorry, I was meant to write Swagger, I was watching the Vickie/Brodus dance off before, and it just got stuck in her head

Thanks for the review, I'll take your advice on board and I'll certainly improve

01-29-2012, 08:48 AM
Pyro goes off, and Jerry Lawler welcomes us to Monday Night Raw. He immediatly begins hyping John Laurinatis' job evaluation by Triple H, and the fact that today, there is no Michael Cole. As he mentions Michael Cole, he pops up onto the screen. He welcomes us all to Monday Night Raw. He want's to start by making a few apologies. He says sorry to Jerry Lawler for their whole feud, saying he just got caught in the moment. He also apologises to JR. He says 1 person, who he's not sorry for, is Daniel Bryan. As a result of this, he saw Triple H before the show, and sorted out a few things. 1st of, the Raw SuperShows are ending, they are going back into the usual format. Next, he is permantley moving to Smackdown, but not as a commentator, but as a manager. He says that he can't let Jerry Lawler commentate the whole show by himself, so here has suggested a new one. He is the former ECW announcer - Joey Styles

Joey comes down to the ring, but Jerry is moaning about having this person as his partner again. He also said that he doesn't accept Cole's apology. Joey offers a handshake, but Jerry refuses. Joey says it's nice to be back, and says that today couldn't be a better day to come back, as Johnny Ace will be getting fired today. Jerry says his name is John Laurinaitis, and show some respect. Their argument is paused when they see Brodus Clay and his dancers make their way to the ring


Tyler Reks w/Curt Hawkins beat Brodus Clay w/Naomi and Ariane
Finish: Good Opening Match. Brodus Clay hit's a T-Bone Suplex when William Regal comes to ringside and distracts the referee, and while all this is happening, Curt gives Reks a pair off Brass Knuckles, who knocks out the Funkasaurus for 3. After the match, Regal goes to the top rope and nails Clay with a Macho Elbow.

Backstage Interview with John Laurinaitis. He's asked if he's worried about losing his job tonight. He says that last night, he called the match right down the middle. If the Board of Directors didn't want him to be impartial, then he has reason to lose his job. But tonight, we will find out the 5 challengers, for CM Punk's world Title. Now, John says he doesn't want any alliances in the match, so for our 1st qualifier, it will be Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger. Also tonight , it will be CM Punk vs John Cena, and if Punk wins - John Cena vs The Rock at Wrestlemania, will not be for the WWE Championship. However, if John wins, then on the day after Elimination Chamber, John Cena will recieve a WWE Championship Match against the winner of the Elimination Chamber, and has the right to carry it into his Wrestlemania Match.

Dolph Ziggler beat Jack Swagger
Elimination Chamber Qualifier.
Finish: Dolph has been in control for the whole match, and he has Jack in the figure four, but Swagger turns over. The hold is released, but Dolph is 1st to his feet and put Jack in the Ankle Lock, which forces Swagger to tap out. Dolph celebrates in the ring, and spits on Jack. He grabs a mic, and just proved that Jack Swagger was just holding him back. Next week Dolph vs Jack - for the services of Vickie


CM Punk beat John Cena
Non-Title Match
Finish: Cena has a new attire, a black t-shirt with EMBRACE THE HATE written on the back. Back and Forth Match, with Cena just hitting a spin out powerbomb when Kane comes out and uppercuts Cena - who turn straight into a GTS for 3. Cena slowly gets to his feet, and slowly smiles and laughs, and hugs Kane

Christian's music hit's, and he comes down to the ring. He says last night, was the biggest night of his career so far. He won, the Royal Rumble match. At Wrestlemania, he has the chance to become a 6 time world champion. He knows that the Supershows has ended, but he, along with Epico and Primo, are eligible to appear on both shows, as they have a multi-brand title, and he, has a title oppotunity, for any title he wants, at the showcase of the immortals - Wrestlemania. Drew McIntyre comes out. He says that he is here visiting his Raw buddies for the 1st time since his trade, and want's to stop Christian from talking a load of Crap. Christian say's sorry, but who got elminated by two girls at the Royal Rumble. Who has lost to Santino already. And who has to hit a girl to make a statement. Drew says can he remember the battle of the Sexes. You physically beat Trish Stratus and Lita, so don't be such a hypocr... at this point Christian spears Drew and poses for the crowd


Kane and The Miz beat Zack Ryder and Goldust
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Finish: Squash match. The Miz works over Ryders Stomach and hit's a snap suplex, and then hip tosses Goldust into the ring. He tags Kane, who chokeslams Ryder at the same time as The Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Goldust for 3. After the match Kane hit's a running powerslam to The Miz and goes backstage

Triple H and John Laurinaitis are shown entering the arena earlier today, and they remind us about John Laurinaitis job review later today. They announce the next two entrants into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2012, and they are the New Age Outlaws. A video Package is shown and Billy Gunn and Road Dogg come out to the ring. Before they can get into their usual routine Edge comes out from behind and nails them both with a chair, before heading backstage


Triple H comes down to the ring with a clipboard. He asks John Laurinatis to join him in the ring. John Laurinaitis comes out to the ring, and Triple H begins by saying Mr Laurinaitis, at which John interrupts, and says that, as Mr Excitment, he needs a more exciting name, so call him Johnny Ace. Triple H begins again and says, Mr Ace, here I have 3 boxes, initative, unpredictability, and staff satusfaction. He needs all 3 of these boxes ticked, to be named the permantant General Manager of Raw. Earlier on, he asked all WWE roster members, asking if they supported the interim general manager, and the results were 51:49 in favour of yes. Next about unpredictability, he says that he still hasn't given up despite being universally hated, so that's good enough for him. At this point, Dolph Ziggler comes out and Zig-Zags Triple H. He then ticks all the boxes, and him and Ace stand high


R-Truth beat William Regal
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Finish: Decent 10 minute match. Regal was dominating until Truth hit the Suplex-Stunner and the Little Jimmy for the 3 count.

Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler recap the results of Royal Rumble and tonight. They announce that Daniel Bryan, Big Show, and Mark Henry are automatically in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match, and there in a beat the clock challenge, for the number 6 spot in the Chamber. He ends by seeing Chris Jericho and Kofi Kingston make their way into the ring


Chris Jericho beat Kofi Kingston
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Finish: 20 minute match. Back and Forth Match. Kofi Kingston goes for a missile dropkick, but Jericho catches his legs and locks in the walls of Jericho. Kofi, after a half minute of struggling, Kofi taps out. After the match, Jericho celebrates and grabs a "End of the World as you Know It" sign, and smashes it over a stirring Kofi's head to end the show

01-29-2012, 04:34 PM
Do you know your enemy plays and Josh Matthews and Booker T welcome us to Friday Night Smackdown. They recap the Royal Rumble PPV, and that tonight, the Beat the Clock Challenge between Big Show, Mark Henry, and Daniel Bryan, and they will find out the other 3 entrants in the Elimination Chamber. Also tonight, we will have a 10 diva battle royal to find out the number 1 contender to the Divas Championship at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Drew McIntyre comes out, followed by The Big Show, for the opening Contest

The Big Show beat Drew McIntyre in 8:05
Beat the Clock Challenge
Finish: Big Show dominates, up until the 5 minute mark, when Drew McIntyre knocks the Big Show out of the ring with a Big Boot. Drew then nails the future shock DDT on the outside, but Big Show narrowly gets in before the count of 10. Drew then hits a complete shot, and is pinning Big Show, but Aksana comes out to distract the referee. Drew then goes to argue with Aksana but Big Show recovers and knocks out Drew with a WMD


Backstage Interview with Randy Orton. He's asked if he's worried about the prospect of not being in the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber - his answer - no. He's asked if he's worried about not having a match at Wrestlemania - no. He's asked will he align with another superstar in the chamber - no. He's asked does anything fase him - no. What will happen at Elimination Chamber. He says that it is the end of the world as you know it. But not that poor excuse of a man Chris Jericho will cause it. It will once again, be the age of Orton

Randy Orton beat Jinder Mahal
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Finish: Mahal goes for a Camel Clutch,but Orton rolls over and knocks him on the apron. Orton then stands him up and hits the rope-assisted DDT for 3


Christian comes down to the ring on commentary for the next match

Mark Henry vs Heath Slater ends when the time limit is reached
Beat The Clock Challenge
Finish: Heath Slater is outside the ring for most of the match, and when he is in the ring, Henry dominates. Henry hit's the world strongest slam 4 seconds before the time limit. Christian then gets out of his seat and distracts Henry for long enough for the time limit to run out. Post Match, Christian heads backstage, and Mark Henry follows him

<< Commercial>>

Wade Barrett beat Ezekiel Jackson
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Finish: Jackson has started his series of bodyslams, but Wade counters the last one, pushes Jackson into the ropes and nails the Winds Of Change for 3. Post match Wade Barrett takes Jackson to the outside, and gets a table from under the ring, and hit's the wastland on the steel floor before placing him on the table. He then get's a ladder out from under the ring, climbs to the top and nails an elbow drop from the ladder through the table. Wade then raises his hand before walking to the back.


William Regal comes out to the ring, closely followed by Daniel Bryan, for the final Beat The Clock Challenge

Daniel Bryan beat William Regal in 7:59
Beat the Clock Challenge
Finish: The superstars are trading Europen Uppercuts, when Regal get the advantage. He goes for the knee trembler but Bryan moves The Referee in the way. Brodus Clay comes out, and hits the "Ah, Funk It" on Regal, and Bryan gets the pin on Regal. Post Match Teddy Long comes out, and announces that Brodus shouldn't have interfered. And Regal shouldn't have interfered in Brodus' match on Raw. As punishment, you 2 will team with Drew McIntyre, against 8 members of the smackdown roster. And, next week on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Wade Barrett will face The Big Show, Randy Orton, and the winner of the final Elimination Chamber Qualifier. And yes internet fans, it will be a tag team match. Holla. Teddy goes backstage and Bryan, Regal and Brodus are all standing in shock


Beth Phoenix comes out to Ringside for this no.1 contenders match for the Divas Championship. Natayla comes down, followed by Brie, Nikki, Aksana, Eve, Kelly Kelly, Tamina, Layla, Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn. The commentators remind us that Diva battle Royals are different to other battle royals, as you can go through or under the ropes

Diva Battle Royal
Key Points in the match
Nikki is eliminated by Layla by a powerbomb
She trys Twin Magic but Alicia Fox Stops it and beats on them both outside the ring
Drew McIntyre comes out and eliminates Aksana
Kaitlyn eliminates Eve and Kelly Kelly with a double dropkick
Tamina eliminated Kaitlyn with a samoan drop over the top rope
Tamina and Natayla are eliminated at the same time with a clothesline from Tamina - Teddy makes a Triple Threat Match at Elimination Chamber


Sheamus beat Ted DiBiase
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Finish: Ted is going for Dream Street, when Sheamus pushes him off into the referee. Cody Rhodes comes out and nails Ted with the title, when Sheamus makes the saves and a fight ensures between the 2. Cody hits a cross rhodes on Sheamus, but Ted clotheslines Cody to the outside. Sheamus gets up and brogue kicks Ted for 3. After the match they both shake hands and stare at Cody

01-30-2012, 09:18 PM
Opening Segment
Good opening with Micheal Cole now a face? That's a very good and unexpected turn of events and not the normal "WWE my way" I'm not sure if that's going to be the easiest thing to do, considering the fact that Cole is one of the best heels now a days. You're going to have to win me over with this one. Joey Styles EASILY my favorite PBP man! But now it looks like King is turning back to his heelish ways? Hmmm a double switch?

Brodus Clay vs. Tyler Reks
I might enjoy this Regal Clay feud, and letting Reks get the W pushes him a little further. I like that your using the current WWE undercard instead of just bringing in all of Ring of Honor. And using it well.

Backstage Segment
I love the qualifying match idea to get into the chamber, and the Cena/Punk match should make an interesting scenario. I like that Cena is STILL trying to walk into Wrestlemania as WWE Champion.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
This match was interesting and clearly Johnny Ace trying to save his job. Ziggler needed that win though, and I think he was the right choice as a winner.

John Cena vs. CM Punk
So Kane screws Cena...and Cena shakes his hand? 0_o you got me on that one. I want to see where you go on this one. But CM Punk picks up a win and doesn't have to defend his title next week. So he walks into the Elimination Chamber STILL champion.

Christian Segment
Christian comes out doesn't announce his championship match yet. And then gets into it with Drew McIntyre? I'm still confused as to if Drew is a face. Which makes me confused as to what alignment Christian is. I'm confused. 0_o clear it up for me soon?

Kane and Miz vs. Zack Ryder and Goldust
Elimination Qualifier
This to me was kinda typical WWE. Because there was no way Ryder and GOLDUST were making it into the Chamber. And everybody in the world would know it. I was honestly shaking my head. Plus the teaming of Miz and Kane? Another one had me scratching my head.

Johnny Ace/Triple H segment
Was NOT expecting Ziggler to come out and attack Triple H, but it's a nice change to things. Johnny Ace keeps his job and now has an alliance with Ziggler and I'm assuming Swagger as well. Next week should be interesting

R-Truth vs. William Regal
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
R-Truth makes it to the Chamber. Good choice, however again with the....WWE style booking. Truth vs. Regal? Like Regal was EVER gonna win. I feel like somebody else like A-Ry would have been a better more "whose going to win" opponent.

Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Now THIS was a match that I thought was a very believable qualifier. Would've been a great match. Good win and GREAT heel heat from Jericho. So now the Elimination Chamber is set. Jericho,Punk,Ziggler,Miz,Kane,and R-Truth. Should be a great match

OVERALL: I thought it was a wrestling filled RAW which is ALWAYS good. Lots of feuds progressed and a new one has started. Plus Cena continues to shock me and confuse me which WILL make me tune into RAW next week-B

01-30-2012, 09:51 PM
Big Show vs. Drew McIntyre
Beat The Clock Challenge
I'm lost, I thought Big Show, D Bryan, and Mark Henry were already in. However, a good strong showing for Drew and Big Show with Big Show picking up the win and continuing Drew's losing streak.

Randy Orton vs. Jinder Majhal
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Easy win for Randy.

Mark Henry vs. Heath Slater
Beat The Clock
Okay NOW it makes sense. Three men need to qualify, while D Bryan Mark Henry and Big Show are trying to get the last entry spot. I got you bro. Interesting that Christian almost screws Henry out of the best time. I guess that answers my question about Christian being a heel or face. But still we do not know who he's going to fight at WM. Interesting.

Wade Barrett vs. Ezekial Jackson
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Good match here, with Barrett picking up the win, but here's my question: why such a brutal beat down by Barrett? I mean he beat the hell out of Jackson. I'm going to assume he did it...cause he can. I dig it. It makes him look SUPER ruthless and extremely aggressive.

Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal
Beat the Clock
So Daniel Bryan wins the Beat the Clock and is the last entrant into the Chamber. Very good heel booking. However, I thought that supershows were over? So why was Regal and Clay on Smackdown?? Two good matches set up for next week. A handicapped match and a tag team match. Should be fun.

Divas Battle Royal
Eh sorry, but not even a fantasy BTB will make me give a shit about the Divas. lol. Tamina Nattie and Beth at Elimination Chamber. At least it's a watchable Divas match hahaha

Sheamus vs. Ted DiBiase
Elimination Chamber Qualifier
I was wondering all of Smackdown where Cody Rhodes was. Good face vs. face match with my favorite Irishman taking the win, but not before another feud between the 2nd generation superstars is ignited again. Which is okay cause I've already forgotten that they once feuded.
OVERALL: I thought this was a well done show. Lots of action, and very DIFFERENT from RAW, which makes me happy to see. Too much are RAW and SD the exact same. So to have two separate shows is okay with me. Good show-B

02-02-2012, 12:47 PM
Raw and smackdown up soon

02-02-2012, 03:37 PM
Burn it to the Ground plays and Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler welcome us to Monday Night Raw. They preview tonight, as we will see the Divas Champion, and the number 1 contenders in action in a tag team match. Johnny Ace comes out to open the show. He say's that last week, he kept his job. It may have not been fair, but he showed initative. Initiative, was the final box he needed to tick, and he did. The Board of Directors agree with him, and has appointed him the permanent general manager of Raw. Triple H has no control of deciding the matches on Raw. He has no control of which superstars he can release or sign. All of this must now be done, with the permission of the General Manager of that brand. Hunter is away on buissness today, so he unfortunetly can't be here. However, you already know our matches. We already know Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger, and Beth Phoenix and Natayla against Tamina and a partner of her choice. Now, for our other matches, everyone in the Chamber has matches. And they're opponents - will be decided by other people in the chamber. The Miz picks R-Truths - who picks Kane's opponent, who picks Punk's - who pick's Jericho's - who picks The Miz's opponent. Ace walks backstage as Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger make their way back into the ring.

Jack Swagger beat Dolph Ziggler
Winner get's Vickie Guerrero's services'
Finish: Dolph has been in control for most of the match when he nails Swagger with a fame-asser, when Christian comes out. He distracts Dolph, leading Swagger to get a roll-up for 3. After the match Christian get's in the ring and spears Dolph down, while Kofi Kingston enters the ring and hits Trouble In Paradise on Swagger


Backstage Josh Matthews is with The Miz. Josh asks who will R-Truth's opponent will be tonight. He say's that R-Truth is a very athletic, agile man. Really, really, believe it or not he actually is. Simple enough, Truth - you can face the man who beat the Funkasaurus last week on Raw. R-Truth vs Tyler Reks. Reks makes his way down to the ring, with Truth following afterwards

R-Truth beat Tyler Reks via DQ
Finish: Tyler Reks goes for the Burning Hammer, but Truth reverses out of it and hits the Truth or Consquences. Truth signalls for the Little Jimmy, but The Miz comes out and attacks Truth for the DQ. Miz and Truth trade punches before Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks get involved. The Miz gets the upper hand and hits a big boot. Chris Jericho pops up on the screen, and says that The Miz has just earnt a one way ticket, for the man who eliminated Y2J from the Royal Rumble - Christian. Truth get's up and says that The Miz and Curt Hawkins will be Kane's opponent's in a handicap match


Kane beat Curt Hawkins and The Miz
Finish: The Miz stays out of the ring for most of the match, leaving Hawkins to battle Kane himself. Kane goes for a chokeslam but The Miz stops it, but gets a powerslam for his troubles. Kane then tombstones Hawkins for the 3. Kane get's The Miz up, but Miz trys to convince him he's on his side, by locking in a rear-naked chokehold, making Hawkins pass out. Kane is satisfied and he and The Miz walks backstage.


Beth Phoenix and Natayla make their way out to the ring for their diva tag team match. Tamina comes out to the ring and grabs a mic. She wants Mr Ace to come out. Instead however, Vickie Guerrero pops up on the titantron in her hospital bed. She says that she hasn't been able to attend work, thanks to Kofi Coen-son. She wanted to sue, but Mr Ace has a better solution. He has appointed Vickie Guerrero as the head of the Divas Division. She's pulled a few strings, and has arranged a special partner for Tamina. Vickie goes and Tamina's wondering who her partner is. Suddleny, a evil laugh is played and Kharma makes her return. The other 3 divas has a look of shock on her face, as we prepare to start the match.

Kharma and Tamina beat Beth Phoenix and Natayla.
Finish: Natayla is being beaten on in the ring, and goes for a tag, but Beth jumps down from the apron and walks backstage. Kharma grabs her and hits an Kharma Bomb, followed by a Body Press for 3. Post match Tamina comes into the ring, but Kharma hits a implant buster before heading backstage.


Kane appears on the ramp. He says that at Elimination Chamber - he will beat Punk for the WWE Title. However, what a better way for Punk to go, then to lose a match to the man who beat him for the title. So Punk, you will face ALBERTO DEL RIO. Del Rio comes out in a fancy car and makes his way back into WWE. Cult of Personallity hits and the WWE Champion comes out for a non-title match

Alberto Del Rio beat CM Punk
Non Title Match.
Finish: Punk goes for his shining wizard, but Del Rio pulls the referee in front of him. Kane comes out and chokeslams Punk, letting Del Rio pick up the ring.


Chris Jericho comes out, while Punk is still in the ring. Punk says he only has 1 thing to say to Jericho - Funkasaurus. Brodus and his claymates dances out to the ring, with Jericho laughing all the time

Chris Jericho beat Brodus Clay
Finish: Brodus goes for the "What the Funk" but Chris Jericho hits a drop-toed hold. He locks in the Walls of Jericho. Brodus taps out and Jericho flees to the back. Clay gets back to his feet as William Regal comes in from behind and hits a knee trembler on Clay.

Backstage interview with Johnny Ace. He's asked what he feels will he feel the wrath of Triple H next week on Raw. He says Triple H has no power on Raw anymore. He's only here to compete as a wrestler. And here to pay my wages. Johnny Ace walks off, as Josh Matthews thanks him for his time


Christian beat The Miz via DQ
Finish: Christian is preparing for a spear, but The Miz jumps over him and flees the ring. Christian goes after him, but Dolph Ziggler comes out and locks in a sleeper on Christian. CM Punk comes out for the save, and takes out both Dolph and The Miz. Cena runs out and hits an AA on Punk, before posing to the disgust of the crowd

02-02-2012, 04:23 PM
Pyro goes off and Josh Matthews and Booker T welcome us to Friday Night Smackdown. They remind the fans that Drew McIntyre, William Regal and Brodus Clay are against 8 Smackdown Superstars, and in our main event, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Wade Barrett will be against Randy Orton, The Big Show, and Sheamus. Teddy Long comes out to open the show. He says, that you are all wondering who the 8 smackdown superstars are. Well here they are. Heath Slater comes out 1st to a small reaction. Jinder Mahal comes out to a chorus of boos. They are then closely followed by Alex Reily, Tyson Kidd, Hunico, Trent Barreta, Goldust (who Teddy announces has been traded from Raw) and Justin Gabriel. Drew and Regal comes out to a mixed reaction while Brodus comes out to all cheers. Teddy states that before he goes, this will be an elimination tag match. And when you are eliminated, you will become a lumberjack

Order of elimination.

After about 4 minutes, Trent Barreta is eliminated by a future shock DDT
Straight After This, Drew tags in Brodus who eliminates Hunico with a "What the Funk"
William Regal is eliminated, when after 3 minutes of solid wrestling with Tyson Kidd, he lies down, but Kidd locks in the sharpshooter to make him tap
Goldust is eliminated by a G-Grip
Heath Slater is eliminated by a roll-up from Drew
Tyson Kidd is working over Drew, when Regal comes in and hit's a Regal-Plex to eliminate Kidd
Brodus is eliminated by Jinder Mahal by a roll-up with the tights and 2 feet on the rope
Reily is eliminated by a future shock DDT
When this happen, Hunico, Heath Slater, Trent Barreta and William Regal come in to beat down on Gabriel, with Drew and Mahal helping. At this point Alex Reily, Brodus Clay, Tyson Kidd and Goldust comes in to clear the ring of the heels, except from Drew. They all hit there finishers on Drew, ending with the 450 splash for the 3 count

Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Jinder Mahal, Ezekiel Jackson, Tyson Kidd, Trent Barreta, Alex Reily and Hunico beat William Regal, Brodus Clay and Drew McIntyre.


Scott Stanford is backstage for an interview with Daniel Bryan. He asks Bryan, that in 9 days time - is he confident he can retain the World Heavyweight Championship inside the Elimination Chamber. Bryan asks why such the stupid question. Ever since AJ said she loved him, he has been on a roll. Now, it won't be long until AJ is back, but until then, he will show her what her love to him has done to his career. DB walks off and Scott thanks him for his time.

Christian comes down to the ring, and grabs a mic. He says, that last week, he stopped Mark Henry from possibly becoming the number 6 entrant, in the elimination chamber. The fans want to know why, so this is why. Christian shows a clip of the 2011 draft, in which Henry beat up Christian. Christian says that he never forgives - and he never forgets. He says that he will do everything he can, to stop Mark Henry, from becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian poses for the crowd - before heading backstage


Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger beat Ted DiBiase and Kofi Kingston
Interpromotional Match
Finish: Cody and Kofi are in the ring. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes, but Kofi gets out of it and goes for a crufiex pin, but Cody counters with a samoan drop. He tags in Jack who hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb for the win. Post Match Ted goes to check on Kofi, but Cody hits Cross Rhodes. He and Jack leaves the ring and hold their titles high on the ramp

Tamina is shown warming up for her match, as is Kharma. They make their way down to the ring as we go to a commercial


Tamina and Kharma goes to a no contest.
Finish: Beth Phoenix and Natayla interfere and slaps both girls. Eventually, Kharma and DOD attacks Tamina, ending with an Implant Buster. After The Match, Natayla delivers a spinebuster to Beth, and Kharma hit's a Kharma bomb. Natayla and Kharma stare off with Nattie at the end of the ramp


Teddy Long is shown backstage in her office with Aksana, when Drew McIntyre comes in Teddy. Drew simply says "Who's Next". Teddy says that we will have to find out next week.

A Video is shown of last week how all the superstars in the Elimination Chamber fared in there matches last week. The commentators run down both Chamber Matches, and the announced Divas Match. The members of our main event make there way down to the ring, as we head into our final commercial


Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Wade Barrett beat The Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus
Finish: Everyone is down apart from Henry, Bryan and Sheamus. Sheamus managed to Brogue Kick Henry down, but Bryan gets a rollup, with a handfull of tights for 3.

Post Match, the heels pick up the faces, and start beating on them, leaving Orton, Show and Sheamus Beaten men inside the ring. Henry is distracted by someone in the crowd and follows them, as Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel make their way out to the ring and attack Bryan/Barrett. After throwing them out of the ring, The Colons come in from behind and both Backstab Tyson and Justin. The heels stand tall to end the show

02-05-2012, 09:27 AM
WWE.com Exclusive

2 Giant matches has been announce for Elimination Chamber. Kofi Kingston and Ted DiBiase, get a piece of Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes, in an United States and an Intercontinental match respectively

Not only this, but Ted DiBiase will face Jack Swagger, in which the winner, get's to pick the stipulation for their title match, while the other will be a no-count out match

Also, on Monday Night Raw, we will find out the number 1 contenders' to Epico and Primo tag team title's.

02-08-2012, 11:57 PM
Monday Night RAW Review

So Ace comes out and plays the great heel by rubbing in the fact that HHH is NO longer in control and then announces a very cool new concept of everybody in the Chamber picking their opponents tonight

Woah wait so Christian screws Ziggler out of Vickie's services? Okay, you got me confused on that one. But I agree that Ziggler doesn't need her and Swagger might a little more

Miz picks Tyler Reks for R-Truth's opponent and then attacks him mid match to give him the DQ win. The Miz-Truth feud continues and I dig it. Plus Tyler Reks' push continues which I'm all for. Y2J announces that Miz will face Christian, and Truth announces that Kane will face Miz and Hawkings in a Handicapped match. Miz pulling double duty tonight for sure.

So Miz turns on Hawkins and screws himself and Curt out of the match with Kane and walks backstage with Kane. Possible new alliance? Miz gets out of this one without much work which makes the double duty make more sense since Miz isn't good enough to pull double duty. I honestly think CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler are the only two guys in the E that could pull two great matches in one night

Vickie Guerrero announces she's in charge of the Diva Division. And then Kharma returns to RAW and teams with Tamina However after picking up the win Kharma destroys her showing that she can't be trusted. Good job here

Alberto returns to RAW and picks up the cheap win over CM Punk thanks to Kane. A lot going on tonight for the 6 guys in the Chamber.

Jericho hands it to Brodus Clay followed up by William Regal continuing the feud and nailing the knee trembler.

Triple H returns to RAW next week? And Ace still plays the great heel by reminding us again that he can't wrestle. Good job building up Ace as this huge nasty boring boss heel.

Christian beats Miz by DQ thanks again to Ziggler confirming that a feud IS coming between the two, however that kinda confuses me unless Ziggler is set to win the WWE title at EC. Cena pops his heel head up and takes out the WWE Champion CM Punk. Why? Good hook to make me tune in next week.

All in all a very action packed RAW. C+

02-13-2012, 04:02 AM
Sorry nrb6304, but with EWA and how time-consuming it is, plus with my personal life getting busier - I no longer have to time to write this - Sorry