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01-24-2012, 03:47 PM
Hello everyone Destruction here starting my BTB Series Real Wrestling Alliance. Shows will be up soon but this is my plan for the year

Devastation ep.1
Devastation ep.2
Devastation ep.3
Fade into Obscurity
Devastation ep.4
Devastation ep.5
Devastation ep.6
Devastation ep.7
Parkour Style
Devastation ep.8
Devastation ep.9
Devastation ep.10
Devastation ep.11
Devastation ep.12
Devastation ep.13
Devastation ep.14
Devastation ep.15
Devastation ep.16
Time to Shine
Devastation ep.17
Devastation ep.18
Devastation ep.19
Devastation ep.20
End all
Devastation ep.21
Devastation ep.22
Devastation ep.23
Break the Bones
Devastation ep.24
Devastation ep.25
Devastation ep.26
Devastation ep.27
Devastation ep.28
Devastation ep.29
Devastation ep.30
Hardcore Aliance
Devastation ep.31
Devastation ep.32
Devastation ep.33
Devastation ep.34
Devastation ep.35
Monsters Moment
Devastation ep.36
Devastation ep.37
Devastation ep.38
Devastation ep.39
Rage in a Cage
Devastation ep 40
Devastation ep.41
Devastation ep.42
Devastation ep.43
Devastation ep.44
Devastation ep.45
Devastation ep.46
Devastation ep.47
Devastation ep,48
Fight All Night
Devastation ep.49
Devastation ep.50
Devastation ep.51
End of the Line
Devastation ep.52

Time to Shine is Equivalent to Wrestlemania
Showcase's main event will be a Royal Rumble where the winner get's a championship shot at
Monsters Moment - Which is equivalent to Summerslam
And Finally Fight all Night has a King of the Ring type tournament when the winner earns a title shot at any PPV in a year - however it requires 1 ppvs notice

There will be four championships;
The RWA World Championship
The RWA Hardcore Championship
The RWA X-Division Championship
The RWA Duo Championship

The roster will start of as the WWE Roster, with the current face/heel status'. Over time people from other wrestling companies will be injected into the roster

Thank you and keep an eye out

01-25-2012, 04:43 PM
1 week today

it begins

01-26-2012, 03:02 PM
Sorry Everyone But I'm closing RWA. After writing a few shows I just realized it stupidly over complicates things. Instead I will be doing just a WWE One, starting at some point yet too be chosen