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01-23-2012, 05:20 AM
So later on im gonna do the WWE from the Royal Rumble
might take it further might not


WWE: CM Punk
WHC: Daniel Bryan
US: Jack Swagger
IC: Cody Rhodes
Tag Team: Epico and Primo
Divas: Beth Pheonix

Confirmed Entrants:
Santino Marella
Alberto Del Rio
The Miz
Alex Riley
The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay


Kane vs John Cena

Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry vs Big Show
Steel cage match for the WHC

CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler
For the WWE Championship
Special Guest Referee: John Laurinitus

30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Anybody from previous matches can enter

01-23-2012, 05:52 PM
WWE Royal Rumble

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to tonights PPV
They run down tonights card

Now were backstage
John Cena is preparing when Zack Ryder and Eve appears
Zack says he and Eve will be in his corner tonight
They walk out

Match 1
Steel Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan(c) vs Mark Henry vs Big Show
Finish: Bryan is down and Show and Henry are slugging it out, Show starts to get the better of it and pushes Henry off the ropes and clotheslines him. Show picks up Bryan who hits a flurry of kicks before a big dropkick gets him down to one knee, Show gets up and side slams Bryan, Now Henry and Show are slugging again before both hits monstruos clotheslines on each other. All men are down for a while,
Bryan is first up and starts to climb the cage, Mark is up at the ropes whilst Bryan is at the top but Show hits a massive spear! taking Mark, Bryan and he whole cage side down. All three men are virtually out cold after hitting the floor hard.
After all men are up the referee looks at the tron showing who hit the floor first and it is shown that Bryan did so
Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

Match 2
John Cena vs Kane
Finish: Kane has dominated the match, He picks up Cena and hits a side slam, he goes up top and tries the flying clothesline but Cena ducks and hits his flying shoulder block before his spin out powerbomb, he bounces off the rope and sets up for you cant see me but Kane sits up, he grabs Cena by the throat, he hits a big chokeslam, he pins but Cena kicks out at two, Kane gets angrier he puts his hand over Cenas face, the referee counts to five and Kane is DQ'd
Winner by DQ: John Cena
Ryder comes in but eats a big boot, he picks up Ryder and hits a tombstone.
He raises his arms and the fire bursts from the corners as Cena and Ryder are laid out

Match 3
Special referee Match for the WWE Championship
CM Punk(c) VS Dolph Ziggler
Finish: Punk hits his knee in the corner, he follows with the bulldog, he motions for the GTS but Vickie jumps up on the rope, as Laurinitus attends to her Dolph hits a low blow, he is behind Punk but, Music hits, Its Mick Foley! He is in the ring arguing with Laurinitus, Dolph walks up but Punk turns him round and hits a GTS, Foley lays out Laurinitus, he counts 1... 2... 3
Winner and still WWE Champion: CM Punk
Foley and Punk celebrate as they head to the back

Now its time for the 30-man over the top rope Royal Rumble match

Entrant No 1: The Miz
Entrant No 2: Mason Ryan

Both men lock up, Ryan overpowers Miz time and time again, Miz has Ryan on the ropes as the next man enters

Entrant No 3: Justin Gabriel

Gabriel steam in and attacks Miz and starts a double team against him with Mason, They hit a double suplex before attempting to push Miz over the ropes but he hangs on as the next entrant arrives.

Entrant No 4: Tyler Reks

Reks arrives and starts battling with Mason, Gabriel is hitting several kicks on Miz, he bounces off the ropes and charges the miz but miz takes him with his momentum and throws him over the ropes

Eliminated: Justin Gabriel to be continued

01-24-2012, 04:18 PM

Mason overpowers Miz and Reks, They start talking before double teaming Mason, they beat him down in the corner before Miz runs full speed with a boot to the face.

Entrant No 5: Kofi Kingston

Kofi jumps up the top rope and hits Miz with a flying crossbody. He jumps and hits Reks with a clothesline, he hits another before whipping Miz into the corner, He turns to face Reks, he runs at him but Reks kicks him in the gut and lifts him up before hitting a Burning Hammer.

Entrant No 6: Jack Swagger

Swagger slowly enters the ring whilst Mason pounds on Miz in the corner, Hes in and he sets his sight on Kofi who is down, he grabs his ankle and applys the Ankle Lock, Kofi is writhing in pain but Swagger wont stop, whilst this is happening Reks and Miz start to team on Mason, Mason does enough to get Miz over onto the edge of the ring, He charges but Miz pulls the ropes down and Mason falls out

Eliminated: Mason Ryan

Everyone is brawling seperatly as the clock ticks down

Entrant No 7: Hunico

Hunico comes in and join Reks in beating down Kofi, Miz and Swagger slug it out near the ropes, Kofi fights of both men and climbs the top rope, Hunico trips him and as he is seated he runs and dropkicks him sending him crashing to the canvas, he turns round and eats another Burning Hammer by Reks, Reks turns is attention to Swagger and Miz he hits a big double clothesline and attempts to push Miz over the ropes

Entrant No 8: Heath Slater

Heath slater runs in fired up and as he does he runs into a big boot by Reks, Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Reks from behind, he picks up slater and promtly sends him out of the ring

Elimination: Heath Slater

Miz is admiring his work and he turn into a clothesline from Kofi, Kofi tries to eliminate him but he hangs on and fights back on the apron, Kofi runs, bounces of the ropes and is flying towards the ropes, Miz pulls them down, but Kofi stops just in time only to realise that Reks is behind him and as he does he is booted in the face and out of the ring

Elimination: Kofi Kingston

Entrant No 9: Santino Marella

Santino is in and Hunico is down, he sets up for the cobra and he swings but Hunico ducks, goes behind and hits a backstabber, Swagger hits hunico with a German suplex, but Miz is behind swagger, he tries the SCF but Swagger reverses and hits his Gut Wrech Powerbomb the clock is ticking and the next entrant is

Entrant No 10: To Be Continued...

01-26-2012, 05:47 PM

Entrant No 10: Rey Mysterio !

Rey runs down to the ring to massive appluase from the fans, He flys into to the ring off the ropes and takes out Reks, He runs into Miz and takes him out with a Headscissors DDT, He dropkicks Swagger and starts celebrating, Hunico grabs him from behind, he reverses and kicks him onto the second rope, He runs and hits the 619. He goes up top and hits a Frog Splash on Hunico.

Entrant No 11: Primo

Primo comes in fired up and immedietly attacks Rey, Hunico gets up and joins in both run at him but he ducks bounces off he ropes and hits a double dropkick. Swagger sneaks up behind him and hits a German suplex. Primo and Hunico sneak uo on Swagger and throw him over the ropes but he hangs on, Primo goes over to try and eliminate Swagger but Hunico is behind and he eliminates Primo.

Eliminated: Primo

Hunico is shouting at Primo but straight from behind him Miz throws him over the ropes and out

Eliminated: Hunico

Entrant No 12: Sin Cara

Sin Cara is back and rushes to the ring. Rey is pounding on Reks and Cara runs in and takes out Miz. He turns as does Rey. They stop and have a staredown with each other. the crowd is going wild at the sight of the two luchadors. Around the corner Swagger has eliminated Santino.

Eliminated: Santino Marella

Swagger turn and clotheslines Rey and Cara. Miz stands behind Swagger motioning for SCF. He grabs Swagger but swagger fight out of it and turns, Miz runs under the ropes onto the apron, Swagger runs catches Miz and throws him straight back in.

​Entrant No 13: R-Truth

01-31-2012, 04:51 AM
Okay im just gonna shorten this down because its taking me way to long

so here goes

starting from were i left off

Entrant No 13: R-Truth
Entrant No 14: Epico
Entrant No 15: Drew Mcintyre
The Miz is eliminated by R-Truth
R-truth is eliminated by Rey Mysterio
Entrant No 16: Christian
Entrant No 17: Cody Rhodes
Entrant No 18: Goldust
Entrant No 19: David Otunga
Epico is eliminated by Goldust
Entrant No 20: Triple H
Entrant No 21: Dolph Ziggler
Entrant No 22: Sheamus
Sin Cara is eliminated by Tyler Reks
Entrant No 23: Chris Jericho
Entrant No 24: Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio is eliminated by Chris Jericho
Entrant No 25: MVP
Entrant No 26: Vance Archer
Dolph Ziggler is eliminated by Drew Mcintyre
David Otunga is eliminated by Randy Orton
Jack Swagger is eliminated by Randy Orton
Entrant No 27: Jeff Hardy
Cody Rhodes is eliminated by Jeff Hardy
Tyler Reks is eliminated by Jeff Hardy
Goldust is eliminated by Drew Mcintyre
Entrant No 28: Wade Barret
MVP is eliminated by Wade Barret
Drew Mcintyre is eliminated by Triple H
Vance Archer is eliminated by Randy Orton
Entrant No 29: Ezekiel Jackson
Entrant No 30: Brock Lesnar
Sheamus is eliminated by Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho is eliminated by Brock Lesnar
Triple H is eliminated by Brock Lesnar
Ezekiel Jackson is eliminated by Brock Lesnar
Final 4: Wade Barret, Randy Orton, Jeff hardy, Brock Lesnar
Randy Orton is eliminated by Wade Barret
Brock Lesnar is eliminated by Wade and Jeff
Jeff Hardy is eliminated by Wade Barret
Winner and going to WrestleMania: Wade Barret

02-01-2012, 05:29 AM
highest amount of elimination
Joint 1st: The Miz and Brock Lesnar: 4
Joint 2nd: Jeff Hardy, Wade Barret and Randy Orton: 3

Jack Swagger lasted from 6 to 26: the longest time
Miz lasted from 1 to 15: 2nd longest

S.E. Zero
02-05-2012, 05:07 PM
The start of the Rumble being a very controversial finish to the World Heavyweight Championship match was a very nice way to put Bryan over. I know we will never hear the end of how he defeated Show and Henry, which is why I hope the Elimination Chamber proves to be his biggest challenge yet because with a boatload of talent such as Orton, Sheamus, Rhodes and Barrett for him to be enter WrestleMania as the World Heavyweight will be a true test of how far he has come in 10+ year career. Good start.

The will to quit remains strong in Cena as he kicks out of Kane's Chokeslam which clearly forces Kane to suffocate Cena with his bare hand and give Cena a DQ win, Ryder sees Cena is down and soon tries to make the save only to receive a Big Boot followed by a Tombstone Piledriver to leave Ryder and Cena laying in the ring. Great monster heel display from Kane and with pending rivalries with both men it will be interesting who wants to face Kane more heading into the Elimination Chamber.

The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley is the key to Punk's win here tonight, something I'm sure Laurinitus will not be happy about and lead to a series of misfortunes for Punk and career advancement opportunities for Ziggler and many of other Supertars that will look to face Punk at the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship.

The Rumble was good with a few surprise returns such as MVP, Vance Archer and Brock Lesnar though its unclear if some were a one night only appearance or if they are indeed back to try to be a part of the biggest PPV the WWE has to offer and thats WrestleMania, an event in which the winner Wade Barrett is now guaranteed a World Championship match of his choosing so it will be treat to see whether he will remain loyal to the blue brand in which he's found a great deal of success or be ever the opportunist and be a part of the brand that created the biggest of amount of attention towards him when he debuted and subsequently created the now fallen group called The Nexus. This was a great choice to be the winner so Barrett needs to show his win at Royal Rumble will lead to ultimate success at WrestleMania. I look forward to seeing what he will do to show exactly what he's capable of doing to do to cement his place in history as a winner at WrestleMania.

Overall A short Rumble that stuck to the principle of the WWE's actual card as far as the matches go, its fantasy booking you can be as creative as you need and add more matches that you or perhaps us the fans/readers would've liked to see like maybe the WWE Divas and/or WWE Tag Team Championships be defended here but since they weren't perhaps this can be done at the Elimination Chamber.

Good job

02-06-2012, 04:09 AM
WWE Press Release

After Vance Archer, MVP, Jeff Hardy and Brock Lesnar have all returned at the Royal Rumble
all are now officialy under contract to WWE
Brock Lesnar and Vance Archer have been assigned to the Raw brand
Jeff Hardy and MVP are assigned to the SmackDown brand