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Collision Course, up next!

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EWNCW vs JBW: Battle Lines presents Collision Course

The screen flickers, static fills the airwaves, suddenly the entire picture becomes black, empty. Accompanied by a large 'thudding' sound effect the picture returns, a date written in bold white font develops on the screen, 12-9-11. A still frame takes its place, Tommy Thunder is the subject, standing over the fallen Sandman with a lead pipe in his hand. The screen fades to black once more, a new date flashes up on the screen, 29-11-11, a new still frame appears, The Sandman delivering a double top rope bulldog to SilverCena and Solla. Once more the screen fades to black and is replaced by the next date, 4-12-11, followed by a series of final still frames, various EWNCW and JBW Wrestlers coming to blows at the JBW Expect The Unexpected PPV. Darkness once more, the words War Is Coming shoot into view.. EWNCW.. VS.. JBW.. Battle Lines!

The vignette ends and we head straight to the arena, massive pyro sprays all over, huge explosions and cascades of all imaginable colours arc through the air. The crowd erupts, the fireworks drowned out by the voices of literally thousands of JBW and EWNCW fans, anticipation and excitement fills the air. The camera pans all over the arena, signs are held aloft by both sets of fans reading:

Lenny Lightning>Tommy Thunder
JBW is Ma$$ive
Sandman Puts Me To Sleep
We STILL hate Lansdale
Who The Fuck is Gillz?
DUBS > TJ Hawksey Baby
Straights > Matt Elder
Ka$h > Tommy
R(ob) hates Tommy: Shoot.
Tommy Thunder: Number one EFedder...
Torphy: The New EFed daddy!
Who the fuck is Torphy?!?
B(ruce) and C(lark) own all.
Art The Mancunian Mug FTW
The Alpha Dog fathered my puppy
Fuck Kash
Roman is a sexy beast
Gilz: ))*!*((
JMan wins or it's an injustice
Arthur enlightened me with his words
K-Flare = GAP
I wanna see RedBum
Wish Rich Was Here
Krysys and Vegas are twins!!

Amongst many others. At the top of the stage are the band 30 Seconds to Mars, preparing to perform their song 'This is War'.


Bob Daniels: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to EWNCW vs JBW: Battle Lines presents Collision Course!!! Live all the way from Ford Field, Detroit! This place is absolutely rocking after that live performance from award winning band 30 Seconds to Mars, 80 000 voices screaming out together in anticipation of a fantastic night of action! I'm Bob Daniels, head Play by Play commentator for EWNCW, and with me tonight from JBW..

Dudley Ramirez: No introductions necessary Bob, the JBW fans know exactly who I am even if the EWNCW fans don't. But for the benefit of the ignorant, Dudley Ramirez here to help guide you through tonights action, and what a night we've got planned tonight Bob, JBW are going to earn a white wash tonight, i'm that damn confident.

Bob Daniels: Hold on there Dudley, EWNCW are bringing our best and brightest talent, a white wash? Can't see it i'm afraid, i'm predicting the EWNCW fans will be going home happier.

Dudley Ramirez: Then maybe you should open your eyes Bob, there's no chance in hell that EWNCW are going over any of my boys here in JBW, you're gonna have a riot on your hands if the JBW fans don't go home happy.

Bob Daniels: Well we'll find out soon enough how true a statement that is. Frivolities aside you're correct in one way Dudley, we've got one hell of a night planned for both sets of fans. Matches such as Billy McCoy facing Roman Flare, Arthur Lansdale taking on Ryusuke 'Shuriken' Serra and Two eight man elimination tag team matches displaying many talents from both sides.

Dudley Ramirez: Lets not forget about the Cross Brand Battle Royal that's going down, K-Jammin squashing that idiot Gillz, and the main event of the night, The Sandman squaring off with the man that started this, Tommy Thunder. Thunder is leaving in a body bag tonight.

Bob Daniels: Regardless of what happens tonight, the real winners are the fans in attendance and everyone watching from home!

Dudley Ramirez: Are you serious Bob? If you sit any higher on that fence of yours you're gonna have splinters in your colon.

Bob Daniels: Lets take you back now folks a few months, to the JBW Horrorcore Icons PPV where all of this started..

Dudley Ramirez: Yeah, that's right Bob, who started all this? It was EWNCW's own Tommy Thunder, sticking his nose where it didn't belond, attacking Sandman with a lead pipe. You started this EWNCW, and JBW is finishing it.

Bob Daniels: Retaliation of course came from the Sandman at the EWNCW PPV Fallout, as he interfered in the Rage Maint event of the night, SilverCena vs Solla.

Dudley Ramirez: It goes both ways Bob, an eye for an eye my friend, you disrespect JBW and you'll get what you paid for, with change.

Bob Daniels: Moving onto Expect the Unexpected where EWNCW led a full on invasion against JBW, resulting in a mass brawl between both sets of wrestlers.

Dudley: Once again showing that EWNCW are so desperate for some real ratings, that they head on over to a JBW show.

The camera switches from the arena to a live feed from the EWNCW locker room, usual enemies sitting side by side tonight in a show of unity, although some clearly aren't happy about it. Rich Cranium and TBOZ can be seen in discussion, both men of course part of perhaps the Greatest Tag Team in EWN history, their mutual hatred of one another put aside.. for now. Arthur Lansdale seems to be doing his best to avoid conversation with anyone, though has little success when the hulking force of Ano Doom plants himself in front of him. Ronaldo Romulus, down from his high horse for one night at least discusses tactics with Ryan Wells, both of course are in the Battle Royal.

Bob Daniels: And there is the EWNCW roster, looking focused and intent on causing some damage to the JBW locker room.

Dudley Ramirez: Bob, could you answer me one question, who in the hell is that fool stuffing what seems to be berries into his shorts?

Bob Daniels: That's Mint Berry Crunch, seen as somewhat of a joke by many, but trust me he's got a great fighting spirit.

Dudley Ramirez: Unbelievable, are all of the members of your roster as fucked up in the head as that?

The camera now switches again, this time to the JBW Locker room, same story as enemies and friends alike discuss proceedings with one another. The team of K-Flare are deep in discussion, no doubt concerning their respective matches, and Manabu and Snair are also getting ready for a busy night. Ryusuke 'Shuriken' Serra sits apart from his fellow JBW Wrestlers, deep in thought, envisioning the night ahead, as Broc and Sully force themselves to listen to Shining Light and 'The Archangel' Kayden James spout religious philosophy and messages to them, disagreeing on various points. Two of a Kind step out of the locker room to shouts of encouragement and motivation from the rest of the JBW team, looks like we're not far from getting started tonight.

Dudley Ramirez: Look at the locker room in envy Bob, can you honestly say that you have anyone at all who can withstand the full force of what you just saw?

Bob Daniels: I can think of a few people yes, Tommy Thunder, Gillz, TBOZ and many more, this isn't going to be an easy night for JBW, as much as you'd have us think Dudley.

Dudley Ramirez: If you say so Bob, if you say so.

The camera pans back to the arena, centering on the two announcers as we get ready to bring you the first match of the night, Two of a Kind vs the EWNCW Tag Team Champions Domination.

01-11-2012, 04:05 PM

Dudley Ramirez: Now that's what i'm talking about, what better way to start the first show than with Two of a Kind embarrassing your so called Tag Team Champions Bob?

Bod Daniels: Two of a Kind are a good team Dudley, but I don't see any gold wrapped around their waists, I think Domination have got this won, plaing and simple.

Dudley Ramirez: Are you kidding me, these guys were the first EWN Triple Crown Tag Champs, there's no chance in hell that your two overrated champions are going to get anywhere near a victory tonight.

Bob Daniels: BWA is a completely different league to this right here, I'm extremely glad we've got this on tape Dudley, as i'm going to make sure you eat every one of your words tonights.

Two of a Kind walk out onto the staging area to a mixed reaction, as will many of the wrestlers tonight. The JBW contingent up on their feet in support, whilst the EWNCW horde voice their contempt. The pair stride down to the ring and step through the ropes, microphone in hand.

KW: Wow, what a start to the new year, firstly Two Of A Kind became the first ever Triple crown world tag team champions after winning the BWA champions at their PPV and then finding out that we get to face the team that everyone thinks has our number in Domination in this the opening of a historic and unbelievable cross fed war between JAY-BEE-DOUBLE *crowd goes nuts* ... and some other brand,

Boos from the EWNCW faithful, laughter from the pro JBW fans.

PC: Not only that, everyone is saying that we are scared of Domination as they will tarnish our close to perfect record when we lose to them, well let me tell you something Domination. We are the BWA Champions in the ultimate tag division… where are you? We are the first ever and only AWF world tag team champions? And where are you? Not even good enough to get on the roster… We are also the EWA world tag team champions where are you? That’s right not even good enough to be on their B show.

See the fact of the situation is, we are not scared of you…. You guys are scared of us…. That is why you went to EWNCW and took the easy route to becoming Tag Team Champions.

KW: We have actually beaten teams, like Gods Grace, High Voltage, Straight Edge, Il Cattivo, Dogs Of War and the New Assault Program just to name a few, who have you beaten……? The Collective Bunch of Misfits, The Sexist Alphabet Males, and the sky bi retards.

Tonight.. you have your biggest test you will ever face, you may be undefeated but we have never been beaten in JBW colours and when our reputations, and the reputations of the greatest E-Fedding show JBW is on the line we will leave nothing in in hande we are

Two Of A Kind and…


Bob Daniels: The champs are here! These guys haven't been in EWNCW for a very long time, and yet they've already captured the tag titles, Domination are dominant!

Dudley Ramirez: Or perhaps, Bob, the fact that they won the titles so easily belies the shockingly poor ability of your tag division as a whole?

Bob Daniels: Well, i'm sure once this match is over we'll have an answer to that question Dudley...

Domination are shown at the top of the ramp with mics in hand.

MG: We mean business…. Yeah yeah yeah we have heard it all before, if we wanted to hear something keep repeating itself we would watch Letterman tell the same terrible joke time and time again til the crowd, probably JBW fans finally get it.

JBW fans hated that one.

BB: Its not only these fans that don’t get things though? Two Of A Kind, Who do you think you are

Domination now get into the ring

BB: EWNCW is the greatest and oldest E-Fed around and these titles are more prestigious then any title you two can buy off and when I say that I mean kid wonder forks out the money and MAAAAAD DAWG forks out something else

PC: You Better watch your mouth Bus Boy

BB: Paul Conrad you better watch where you’re stepping because you are facing up to the Genetically Superior Big Bang Barry Busmer and the Most Dominating species of man Matt Geiger, The Geiger Machine.

KW: If Matt Geiger is the most dominating species of mankind then I guess Darwins theory of evolution isn’t as true as we all thought because we must be devolving, not evolving

MG: Kid, all you are is money, and money is very easy to tear open and rip to shreds, tonight we are fighting for ourselves, but more Importantly fighting for all of EWNCW and as it stands you have lost, we have not and its funny how you didn’t mention Freak Inc in your speeh at all because we have done something you have failed to do…. Beat them.

BB: Also, We didn’t ‘BUY’ our first titles… we earned them fair and square so you wanna talk about fear well we can smell the shit coming out of your pants, its horrendous everyone, just like your wrestling abilities because tonight, we will defeat you and prove that we are the greatest tag team today and EWNCW Will prove that we are the most dominating E-Fed around

MG: Because we are domination and your finished business

The referee for the match steps in between the two teams and they back away to their respective corners, ready to get this show on the road.

Bob Daniels: Hold onto your hats folks, this ride is about to get bumpy!

(TOAK/Hart Foundation vs Domination/LOD)



Dudley Ramirez: You've got to be kidding me.. that.. that was the fastest count i've ever seen, there's no way Two of a Kind just got beat!

Bob Daniels: Oh come on Dudley, JBW just lost fair and square to a much better team, now how would you like to eat those words I was talking about?

01-11-2012, 04:13 PM
Bob Daniels: And now it's time to continue on with tonights fast paced action, so do you know what that means Dudley?

Dudley Ramirez: I'm sure you're about to tell me Bob...

Bob Daniels: It's time for G-SCORP TO GET BERRIED!

Dudley Ramirez: What kind of stupid shit is that? Oh, you're talking about that retarded chimpanzee we saw stuffing berries into his tights earlier


As Mint Berry Crunch makes his way to the ring, G-Scorp comes down and attacks him. Throwing him violently down on the ramp and stomping away. Looks like JBW have sent him out to send a message to EWNCW that this joke simply isn't funny, he starts to wail on MBC, before shoulder tackling him into the apron. He finally tosses him into the ring, and the match gets underway.

Jack Swagger(G) vs Santino(MBC)


Dudley Ramirez: And that's how JBW gets shit done. We don't have time for you foolish comedy characters out here. JBW is far superior than anything EWNCW has thrown at us.

Bob Daniels: Ridiculous Dudley, JBW hasn't won every match tonight, don't act like it didn't happen.

Dudley Ramirez: But none were as clean and beautiful as that. A pure showcasing of superior JBW Talent!


Billy McCoy is backstage, in a corridor walking on his way to gorilla position for his match with RomanFlare.

BMcC: JBW, This is what you wanted, you names are all over the marquee, we’ve stormed the box office and we’ve sold out this arena… for the Biggest Internet War of all time, JBW vs eWNCW. I hate JBW! Its full of the most ego obsessed, selfish and washed up Mofos on the planet, and although there may be the rare few I respect, many more I detest!. Shuriken, K-Jammin, MA$$Dinero and worst off all, worst of all…Roman Flare, how has this moron been a World Champion?

Roman Flare you are the Most Pathetic Chief in the world. You hide behind your shitty puns and your ego. Well what you have done?, what have you done to shake efedding to its core, what have you done to get people talking? Well I tell you what you can do! You can grow a set off balls and stab us in the heart, yes in the front, not the back like most of your champions have. So I dare you to stab eWNCW in the heart because that’s the chance you have, why? Because your facing the heart and sole of eWNCW!. Billy McCoy

Tonight I am bringing no slogans, no gimmick, no exclusively available T-Shirt. I am bringing the fucking Impact, the fucking aggression and the mother fuckin GO!

Roman Flare, I plan on laying you up for a real long time, because its not just about beating you one, two, three its about leaving you at home for days, with one thing on your mind!. Billy McCoy.

But I want you, to plan on leaving me laid up for a long time, I want you to send me home, for days on end. With one thing on my mind! RomanFlare

So lets go out there and destroy each other!, I am not letting you walk out but that doesn’t mean I can’t guarantee I’ll walk out either but WE WILL TEAR DOWN THE BUILDING! Come on Romes, lets kill each other!

01-11-2012, 04:21 PM

Dudley: Another victory for JBW coming right up. The "Great Pharaoh" is going to be dethroned tonight.

Bob: This show has been great so far. Can you make it better by shutting up?

Dudley: I'm not too good at shutting up. Just ask Pat about that on Mayhem.


Bob: I'm surprised you don't like this guy more. He's a self worshiping ass like the boys in JBW.

Dudley: Yeah, but he's EWNCWs self worshiping ass. If he isn't fighting for JBW, then I could care less.

Bob: Nice to see how easy it is to break your principles. Both men are in the ring so let's get to it.

(Caesar/Edge vs Seth Farrell/Jericho, ignore the ladder)



Dudley: The King is dead, long live the King! Caesar dethroning Farrell as I predicted earlier!

Bob: Farrell's a Pharoah, Dudley. He's not a king as you so wrongly stated.

Dudley: All that matters, Bob, is that he's a loser and Caesar is the victor!

01-11-2012, 04:26 PM

Dudley: Here comes RomanFlare, one of the best technical wrestlers in JBW. Former Mayhem Television Champion and tag team partner with the best wrestler in the world, K-Jammin.

Roman comes out to major heat from most of the arena except for a few fans in JBW

Bob: You must be joking. He's about to go up against one of EWNCWs most established and skilled talents and you think RomanFlare is going to have an easy match? This reminds me...Children don't smoke crack.

Dudley: Ok first of all EWNCWs most established and skilled talent is as good as Tom George and Steven Austin, and I'm not talking about Stone Cold, when compared to JBWs best and second Roman is coming into this match in serious form. He hasn't even said anything tonight. He is focused and when Roman is focused, bones will break.


Bob: He's the longest reigning EWNCW International Title and I imagine he would still have it if he didn't get defeated by Mark Dimensions at our latest Pay Per View. To say that Roman is going to have an easy time, let alone a guaranteed victory, against this man is a laughable at best.

Billy McCoy comes out to cheers from most of the arena but getting some heat from the JBW fans

Dudley: Billy is overrated at best. He's not even certain he's going to win this match. How can you win with little confidence in yourself? That's where Roman and Billy differ. Roman knows he's the best and will beat anybody you put in front of him.

Bob: Not everybody is like the egotistical performers you have in JBW. Billy knows how talented Roman is and he can't guarantee a victory against someone of that skill, but he's going to kill himself trying unlike your boy Roman, who has been known to be quite the coward.

Dudley: Smart...not cowardice. Now shut up so we can watch this epic match.

Roman and Billy stare at each other after the ref calls for the bell. The fans are split entirely in half. "Let's go Roman! Billy McCoy! Let's go Roman! Billy McCoy! Let's go Roman! Billy McCoy", Can be heard through out the entire arena


(Ignore past 23:28)

Dudley: Awesome suplex by Roman and they are both down on the mat.

Bob: This match has been back and forth since the beginning and the fans have blown the roof off the arena cheering for both men.

The ref starts the ten count and both Roman and Billy are struggling to get to a vertical base. The ref gets to eight and they are both on one knee and one foot. The ref gets to nine and they are both back on their feet. They both start trading chops before Billy starts getting the upper hand. Billy chops Roman to the ropes, bounces Roman off and turns it to a Irish Whip, Roman reverses with one of his own, Billy jumps off the middle rope and hits Roman with a Springboard Crossbody

Bob: Things are not looking good for Roman!

Dudley: You don't know what you're talking about! COME ON ROMAN!!

Billy gets up and starts rallying up the audience as Roman is standing up. Billy runs and hits Roman with an back elbow, picks Roman back up, bounces Roman off the ropes into a successful Irish Whip, Roman goes for a Springboard attack of his own only to be countered by a cutter drop



Billy then turns Roman on to his back and starts applying a cross arm breaker. Roman is struggling to get out but Billy's grip is to strong. Roman then tries to reach his foot out to a rope that is close to him. The rope is just an inch away. When Roman realizes he can't get the rope, he then gets up to a knee, working through the pain, and uses his weight to put Billy on Billys shoulders. The ref starts to count. He get's to two before Billy uses his strength to get one shoulder off the mat. While still in the hold but still on his knee, Roman starts punching Billy in the face. After a few punches though, Billy puts his left leg over his right leg and grabs Romans head as Roman is preparing a punch and starts pulling Romans head down


Dudley: NOO!!!

Roman is once again struggling through the pain. The ref starts asking him if he's ready to tap out. Roman pushes the ref and while the ref is down on the mat and not watching, Roman uses all his strength to lift the arm that Billy has and elbows Billy right in the testicles. The pain is seen in Billys face but he doesn't let go. Roman does it again and Billy finally lets go. When released, Roman takes control of his arm again, grabs Billys legs, crosses them, puts them under his arm, swings Billy on to his stomach, squats over Billys back and applies pressure


Bob: WHAT?! NO!!

Dudley: That's right Bob and every chance he got in this match, Roman has attacked the knees. HE'S GOING TO ACCOMPLISH HIS GOAL!!!


Dudley: Nobody can hear you Bob but everybody is going to hear one thing...the sound of Billy McCoys knee bones snapping unless he taps out.

Roman is putting all the emphasis of the hold on the knees. He's pulling down hard on the legs to where the point of strain is on the knee caps. Billy is screaming in agony

Bob: Now is not the time to be a hero Billy. TAP!!! THINK ABOUT YOUR CAREER!!!

Dudley: That's right. TAP BILLY!

Billy finally taps out and the ref calls for the bell

Bob: I can't believe this. Winning by breaking the rules.

Dudley: Like I told you...Roman is smart and he won the match.

01-11-2012, 04:34 PM
The camera switches to a scene backstage, a fan wearing a JBW T-shirt is standing outside the EWNCW locker room, probably looking for an autograph or two. The door opens and out steps Arthur Lansdale, accompanied by his assistant, Ms Rebecca Ravensdell, dismissing the man as an urchin, the pair stride passed him. Unhappy with being ignored the man issues a wolf whistle at Ravensdell, the two immediately stop in their tracks, Lansdale looks over his shoulder looking a little annoyed at the gall of the fan. Turning around Lansdale approaches the scruffy haired and slightly overweight man, shaking his head in pity and offering a 'tutting' noise. Ravendell rolls her eyes and also shakes her head.

Arthur Lansdale: Name..?

Fan: Randy.. Randy Connor.

Arthur Lansdale: May I ask Randy, what you had hoped to achieve when you offered up that whistle?

Fan: Well, to be honest I..

Arthur Lansdale: Shut your fool mouth, I'm not interested in your bumbling, clearly you wanted my attention, and now you have it. I'm going to reward your ignorance and poor behaviour with an inspirational life lesson, something to help you evolve from the slimy little worm you clearly are, into something of worth to society. Now then, let me have a look at you.. hmm, yes I see.. overweight.. poor complexion.. crooked teeth.. poor grooming.. unfortunately Randy I don't have the time to help you with every disgusting fault you have, choose one.

Fan: Who the hell do you thi...

Lansdale slaps the man incredibly hard for his insolence and kicks him to the ground, he gestures to Ravensdell who hands over Lansdales signature flag which he proceeds to use, smashing it into Randy's face. Lansdale finally stops and hands the flag back to the woman, standing over the fallen man and smiling sadistically.

Arthur Lansdale: There, your teeth are no longer crooked, in fact they're no longer in your mouth, shame about your face though. Now then, I suggest you head to a dentist to have some replacements fitted, otherwise i'm afraid you'll be stuck eating that rancid swamp slop you Americans seem to enjoy so much. Although, having no teeth may help you to lose those extra pounds like you so badly need, look at me Randy.. LOOK AT ME! There's a good boy, do you know what you're looking at? You're looking at perfection, use me as inspiration Randy, for one day you too may look a fraction as good as me, aslong as you heed my advice of course and learn from your mistake here tonight. Remember, you filthy little wretched freak, I am here to help you, and if I must hurt you in order to save you from your pathetic life, then I will do so, I will do so to all of you...

Ms Ravensdell: I admire you Arthur, you are an inspiration to us all, only through pain can we be purged of our impurities, only through punishment can these narrow minded insects see the light and embrace your way of life. You treat them too well. May I ask, what do you have in store for the dessicated husk known as Shuriken tonight?

Arthur Lansdale: Something special, my dear. You see tonight, I am going to prove to not only the filthy, disease riddled EWNCW fans that I am the greatest submission spectacle in the world, I am also for the first time, going to be able to show the decrepit wretches of JBW just what real perfection is, so many new students for my classes. Shuriken will find out tonight just what it means to step into the ring with a truly magnificent specimen, a true wrestler, he will find soon enough that I am not one of the tiresome and tedious side shows that have infested this once proud business. I will break him tonight, his spirit will be torn to pieces, and in doing so, I will break any resistance the foolish JBW wretches may have to accepting that I am right, and they are wrong. They WILL listen to me, and they WILL thank me when all is said and done..

Ms Ravensdell: You truly are their salvation Arthur, they will all bow to you in the end, you will be their guiding light, showing them the way to a truly fulfilling life. They will all see the futility in their resistance, and that they must bend their knee to your will, to your way of life.

Arthur Lansdale: Difference is defective, my dear, the world would be an entirely better place if it looked a lot more like me.

Lansdale and Ravensdell walk down the corridor, leaving Randy lying there spitting blood, Lansdale offers up a sadistic laugh as a pair of EMTs rush round a corner and attend to the fallen man.


Bob Daniels: Unbelievable, he was a JBW fan but that doesn't excuse Lansdale at all for that type of behaviour, he wants to talk about ignorance he should look in the mirror. Still, he is one of the mos naturally talented wrestlers we have.

Dudley Ramirez: Not that I would usually give two shits about an EWNCW employee, but the guy has style. Anyway guess who is coming out next, Bob. The best damn high flyer in E-Fed history, Avidico. Much better than his opponent tonight, Alex Kidd. Kidd, is right you know, he's just a baby in style, compared to the man himself, Avidico.

Bob Daniels: Have you lost your mind, Dudley? Alex Kidd flies circles around Avidico any day of the week. Tonight, he will prove it when he takes down Avidico and proves he rules the skies here, Dudley!

Dudley Ramirez: Whatever, Daniels, tonight, it'll be proven.

The arena Goes Dark as strange music begins to play.

It continues to play until the pyros go off.

Avidico vip lines through the pyros all the way into the ring
The JBW crowd is giving Avidico the biggest pop of his career
He climbs onto the top rope and poses there with his JBW Superfly Championship

Avidico: So this is what it feels like
to be on the biggest stage in Efed History.
Tonight as most of you should know
i will be facing.. no Beating Alex kidd
In a Battle Proclaimed to be the Battle of the Flyers.
Now Im sure alex kidd will protest this But i Am The number 1 highflyer in Efed Bar none
The best HighFlyer Efedding Has Ever Seen
And i will Show that to Alex Kidd.
Hell He might want to take out his pen and notepad to take notes.
Some of you may not know this but Alex Kidd was in Jbw for a short while
and while we never faced off i had my eye on him
I saw him as a challenge.
Now watching his career i can see i was wrong
tonight is the night Avidico wil be crowd rightfully the best god damn highflyer the world has ever seen

Avidico drops the mic as his music plays

Bob Daniels: To steal a page from your book Dudley, that was weak. Got me cracking up over here.

Dudley Ramirez: Let's see what your boy has then.


Alex Kidd's music plays, as he rushes towards the ring; grabbing a mic on the way. Sliding through the bottom rope, he pops up and scales a turnbuckle, before sitting on it

Bob Daniels: There he goes, high energy, high spirited, the best damn wings in the business!

Alex: So what the hell are you on about, Avidico? You think you can beat me? Me? Alex Kidd? The greatest high flyer in the e-feds today? Who gassed your head up this morning? I've been watching you, and yeah, you've had a good career so far, but let's face it. You know, just as I do, and just as these fans out here know, you jacked some of your moves and style from me. You saw my debut and thought 'Hey, this kid is amazing, I wish I were like him!' So, what do you do? You jock my style and convince JBW to push you a little so you can get it over? Come on man, that's that weak shit that JBW is founded on. You wouldn't last two seconds in EWNCW, where the real pros go. But tonight, that's the point isn't it? Battle lines drawn, and tonight Alex Kidd will score a win for the EWNCW side of things, and there isn't a damn thing you could do about it, Glide Boy.

Alex tosses the mic off to the side.

Evan Bourne(Alex Kidd) vs Avidico(Sin Cara)


Dudley Ramirez: What did I tell ya, Bob!? Avidico proves he is the best in the damn business today and your boy, Kidd, can't hold a candle to him.

Bob Daniels: Come now Dudley, you know damn well Alex Kidd ran him close tonight. That's fine though, Kidd had a rough night, if they ever face off again, Kidd will show him the true art of high flying. Admit it, Dudley, Kidd was unlucky.

Dudley Ramirez: Stop reaching into the barrel, admit it, you lost far and square, don't matter about how unlucky he was. Avidico has proven his dominance, and once again proves JBW is the best at what it does.

01-11-2012, 04:43 PM
A camera is shown in a dark place. A fog suddenly comes up and then red eyes glow in the darkness. Ryusuke "Shuriken" Serra comes out of the darkness and fog.

Shuriken: Mr. Lansdale.....we have a match. Our first match together....for weeks we have been going back in forth but TONIGHT we decide who is the best wrestler between us. You think its cute to mess with fans? You feel like the bigger man? Let's see how tough you are in the ring with me. You may come close to being a copy of my respectful self but I am honest with myself now.

My darkness is held aside for tonight. I would like to settle this matter with my physical strength and skill. By the end of the night....I will be victorious over you! I will show the world my anger towards EWNCW and you will be the first victim of my anger! Prepare yourself....Mr. Lansdale....

Shuriken goes back in the dark fog and the eyes glow red until it disappears.



Dudley: I gotta give EWNCW credit on this acquisition. Arthur Lansdale is the perfect trinity when it comes to professional wrestling. Too bad Ryusuke is going to destroy him and I can't believe I just said that.

Arthur steps out to the stage with Ms. Ravensdell by his side. A sea of boos are coming at him from all directions. Arthur has a smug smile on his face as he walks to the ring with Mrs. Ravensdale

Bob: As must as I don't like Arthur, he is a truly gifted submission wrestler and him and Ryusuke are about to put on one hell of a exhibition of talent.

Dudley: Yeah, by Ryusuke. Lansdale doesn't stand a chance.

Lights go out in the arena for a few seconds and Shuriken's music hit.


Shuriken is wearing a coat with a hood, covering his face. He walks slowly to the ring, looking at his EWNCW opponent. His eyes filled with rage and hatred. He gets in the ring and puts his hood down and everyone sees a kanji mark on his face.


The kanji mark means hate, as he sees his opponent with hatred.

Ryusuke is getting a mixed reaction from the fans. All of the JBW fans and some of his EWNCW fans are cheering but quite a few of the EWNCW fans are booing him.

Bob: Wow...Shuriken has changed a bit since his time in EWNCW.

Dudley: Yeah, for the better. I like this new anger he has found! I can't wait to see him unleash that anger on EWNCWs best wrestlers.

Bob: That anger could befall him though. He used to be amazingly focused but his anger and rage could take that away.

Dudley: Well, lets see how it affects him as both of them are in the ring now.

Ryusuke and Lansdale stand in the ring and stare at each other for a few moments before the bell rings. They circle each a few times before the go in for a head elbow tie up and the match is underway

(Arthur Lansdale/Hero vs Shuriken/Kenta)


Ryusuke gains a flurry of offense and he seems to be getting the upper hand until Lansdale hits him with a t-bone suplex. Ravensdell is clapping and cheering loudly. Lansdale goes for the pin. 1...2... Ryusuke kicks out and the match continues

Dudley: What a match this has been. It's been back and forth the entire time...Oh no!

Bob: That's the Lansdale Lockdown! It's only a matter of time...

Lansdale has the hold in tight. Ryusuke appears to be fading. He falls to the mat while Lansdale keeps the hold on. The ref starts the count, lifting Ryusukes arm and letting it go. The arm hits the mat and the ref calls a one count. The ref does it again and the arm hits the mat again. The ref calls for two and the fans start cheering for Ryusuke. The ref goes to do it one last time. The cheers are at a fever pitch and Ravensdell is yelling at them to shut up. The ref lits up the arm and lets it go....

Dudley and Bob: HE'S STILL IN IT!!

Ryusuke holds up his fist with anger and rage in his face. He stands up while Lansdale is still applying the hold with a concerned look on his face. Serra is at a vertical base when he elbows Lansdale in the gut twice. Serra bounces off the ropes, jumps up, and hits Lansdale with a kick to the face. He repeats the attack as Lansdale gets up. Lansdale gets back up and attempts a clothesline, Serra ducks under, Lansdale turns around, and Serra grabs Lansdale by the head and slams him head first into the mat with a STO! He stands up and lets a hate and rage filled scream.

Dudley: What a comeback by Ryusuke and it looks like he's going to try and end it.

Ryusuke goes to the corner of the ring and looks like he's about to attack Lansdale whose on his knees while Ravensdell gets on the apron. Serra runs full blast at Arthur...

Bob: Oh the Bom-Ya Knee from Serra and he's got the pin.

Dudley: 1...2...3...4...5 WHERE'S THE REF?!!!

The ref is being distracted by Ravensdell. Serra notices and let's go of the pin. He walks over to Ravensdale with rage in his eyes. He grabs Ravensdell by the hair. The ref is trying to get Serra off of her before Serra pushes him. Ravensdell then slaps Serra in the face while the ref is on the mat. Lansdale then come from behind and rolls up Serra and pulls the tights. The ref notices the pin but doesn't notice Lansdale cheating and starts the pin count. 1...2...3

Dudley: I can't believe this.

Lansdale rolls out of the ring and retreats up the ramp. Serra is in the ring absolutely livid

01-11-2012, 04:49 PM
The Alpha Dog, Zeus Apollo, and The Prophecy are shown talking

Alpha: (in a horrible Irish accent) All right fellas. The Alpha Dog would like to win this match tonight and he doesn't want to carry it by himself. Now The Alpha Dog knows that you two have had your problems here recently, but if the both of you are not one hundred percent behind this match, YOU'LL HAVE THE ALPHA DOG TO WORRY ABOUT!!! (Back to normal voice) IS THIS UNDERSTOOD?!!

Proph: Ok ok Sheamus, calm yourself. Look you guys are talking about The Prophecy here, the greatest superstar in JBW history and the man that will get the pinfall in our massacre of the EWNCW supersnores ok. If anyone is holding us back, its our comic book hero here Zeus, I mean not only does he genuinely believe he is descended from Greek Gods, but he actually shares a name with one of our opponents, you know The Pubic Beard of Zeus. So Zeusy boy, no offence but I think Ragnarok or VKM should have your spot in the team.

Zeus pushes Proph and Proph pushes back. Alpha gets in the middle of them and pushes them both back

Alpha: This is what The Alpha Dog is talking about dammit! If The Alpha Dog and you two have any chance of winning this match, THEY HAVE TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE AND THE ALPHA DOG IS NOT GETTING THAT!!! SO MAN UP!!!!

The Beard of Zeus, Grind Bastard, and William Carlin walk up. The Alpha Dog notices.

Alpha: Oh look who it is guys. It's overrated, overrated, and overrated (while pointing at each one). What the hell do you bitches want?

TBOZ: It's nice that you know a 9-letter word Alpha, it'll help you when you appear on countdown! Just watch out for that Rachel, she's a minx.

But I digress, look at you three. First of all, you have "The Prophecy". How much of a brown-nosing name is that? You really think people wrote about you in the past on fancy scrolls and in stones they tell your future? No? Then why do you choose such a ridiculous name?!

Zeus Apollo, a man who may have a decent name, but really sounds like a mix between a greek god, the bad guy from Rocky and a pornstar. And I mean, you used to be unbeaten, the one that looked like the next world champion, and look where you have fell. You are in a team, and a lower ranking member, than a man you've beat.

Zeus: Seems like My Beard has too big of a mouth. Maybe it's time to shave it off and dispose of it, and all of it's little microscopic germs that seem to cling around it... You guys are too dumb for these metaphors, so I'll physically explain it to you later when I'm done bashing some heads in.

TBOZ: Which moves me on to you, Alpha. Now, Zeus thinks Alpha has to be all macho and all in third person like the Queen to make himself feel important and powerful. Zeus also thinks that he can't back himself up in the ring. Zeus knows that he, Carlin and Grind will make sure that this little team of Jabers know their place, and stay there.

William Carlin steps up

WC: What we want is pretty simple *slight pause* fella. *Alpha gives him a mad look*. We want to take that arrogance out of you. We wanna humble you. After you face us, Alpha Dog, they’ll know you as the Psi Dog. You know why? That’s the penultimate letter of the Greek alphabet, the last one is omega, and you won’t be the Omega Dog, because that will remind people of Kenny Omega and you don’t deserve to lick Kenny’s boots!


Alpha tries to attack Carlin but Zeus stops him. Grind doesn't do anything

WC: Then we have Zeus Apollo, who thinks he’s the union of two Greek Gods. Tell me, did they just made that stupid fusion dance Goten and Trunks made in Dragon Ball tobecome Gotenks? Well, if they did, the result is quite disappointing. And likeBuu, I’m here to whoop your ass!

Zeus looks pissed off

WC: And finally The Prophecy. A very obvious prophecy: tonight, the team of TBOZ and the Jesting Madness will prevail, and score a victory for EWNCW. Beware, guys, theWorld Demise is upon you!

TBOZ: Now all three of you , ask yourselves, what will you do if you never wake up?

Alpha: TBAG, The Alpha Dog asks himself that every night before he goes to bed. The Alpha Dog has put himself through enough shit that it should be consider attempted suicide. With that said, if The Alpha Dog is willing to do that himself, what do you think The Prophecy, Zeus Apollo, and himself are going to do to you and your little pissant buddies. BY THE END OF THE NIGHT, NOT ONLY IS EWNCW GOING TO KNOW, NOT ONLY IS JBW, EVEN THOUGH THEY ALREADY DO, GOING TO KNOW, BUT FOR DAAAMMMNNN SURE THE ENTIRE E-FED WORLD IS GOING TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS....when you fuck...with JBW.

TBOZ and Alpha are staring each other down as the scene changes to the next

Bob Daniels: We have had some great matches tonight and the night is nowhere near over. This next match is going to be epic for sure.


Bob Daniels: Once again, these guys are not my idea of poster boys for wrestling but I have to give this team credit where credit is due. This team has all the bases covered. They have the muscle with Grind, they have the technical ability with Carlin, and the jack of all trades ability of TBOZ. I think your team has their work cut out for them Dudley.

The Beard of Zeus, Grind Bastard, and William Carlin come out on stage to a mixed reaction

Dudley Ramirez: Have you seen the guys that your little team is going against? They don't stand a chance and I can't believe I'm saying this but Team Alpha is going to dominate this match.

Bob Daniels: I don't think so. Team TBOZ also has the tag team advantage. Grind won a big tag team match at our last pay per view and The Beard of Zeus...do I have to explain?

Dudley Ramirez: Yeah yeah yeah God Money was such a great tag team. That's why they are still together.


Dudley Ramirez: And here comes the gents that are going to show your little team that they don't have what it takes to compete with the big dogs.

The Alpha Dog, Zeus Apollo, and The Prophecy walk out to a mixed reaction as well.

Bob Daniels: They may appear intimidating but that's not the only thing that factors into a match and I just don't see how an supposed "God", a nut job, and a flamboyant Shawn Micheals wanna be are going to stand against three of the best that have come out of EWNCW.

Dudley Ramirez: You have got to be kidding me. All three of these men are a success for reasons beyond their personalities. The Alpha Dog and Zeus Apollo alone can take on all three of your boys but with The Prophecy joining them...Team TBOZ doesn't stand a chance.

Bob Daniels: I'm going to hold you to that as they are all in the ring.


*Ignore past 13:50*

Bob Daniels: It looks like The Prophecy is in trouble as Grind is running right at...Oh boot by The Prophecy at the last minute!

The Prophecy falls to the mat right beside Grind. They are both inching towards their respective corners. The Alpha Dog is stomping on the apron while Zeus slaps on the top turnbuckle trying to get the fans to cheer on The Prophecy. The Beard of Zeus and William Carlin are stretching their arms out for a tag from Grind. The Prophecy tags in Alpha and the fans blow up in applause before Grind tags in Carlin. Alpha jumps over the top rope lands on his feet and meets Carlin with a clothesline. Carlin instantly gets up and is met with another clothesline. Carlin goes to get up and is met by Alpha who grabs him, bounces him off the ropes, irish whip that is then reversed by Carlin, Alpha bounces off the ropes, Carlin goes for a clothesline, Alpha ducks it, runs for the ropes, and spring boards off the middle rope. It looks like Alpha is going for a springboard DDT but instead keeps his arm wrapped around Carlins head and wraps his legs around Carlins waist and lets out a scream as he applies pressure

Dudley Ramirez: Holy crap!!! That's a springboard into a guillotine. I have to give Alpha credit on that one.

01-11-2012, 04:49 PM
Grind then runs in, bounces off the ropes, and big boots Alpha right in the face, forcing Alpha to let go of the hold. Both Zeus and Proph come in the ring, punch Grind a couple of times until he's leaning on the ropes, and then they both clothesline Grind over the top rope. They don't notice that Grind landed on his feet as Zeus and Proph stare at each other for a few moments. Zeus nods his head up and down a few times at Proph before Grind grabs Proph by his foot and pulls him out of the ring under the bottom rope. Zeus runs to the opposite ropes, bounces off, runs towards the side Grind is on, jumps high above the top rope, and hits Grind with a flying cross body

Bob Daniels: Oh my god!

Dudley Ramirez: THAT WAS...THAT WAS....GOD LIKE!!


After this happened, Carlin tags in TBOZ while Alpha is still laid out by Grinds boot. TBOZ and Alpha are the legal men in the ring. TBOZ goes over and starts to pick up Alpha before Alpha reverses him with a drop toe hold, grabs TBOZs leg, puts it under his arm, squats down over TBOZs back, and applies pressure

Dudley Ramirez: Single leg crab! Single leg crab! Make him tap Alpha!

Bob Daniels: No, don't tap TBOZ!!

There is pain in TBOZs face as Alpha pulls back harder. The fans are going crazy as Alpha lets out a scream as he puts all his energy into the hold. TBOZ is getting closer to the rope as Alpha is laying back to back with TBOZ still applying the hold and pulling up on the knee to apply as much pressure as possible. TBOZ looks like he's about to tap before he makes one final lunge at the rope and grabs it. The ref is yelling at Alpha to release the hold before he starts to count...1...2...3....4...5. The ref calls for the bell


Bob Daniels: Somebody get that lunatic off of TBOZ!!

The ref is trying to literally pull Alpha off of TBOZ but with no success. The ref calls for more refs. Three more come down to the ring and all four pull Alpha off of TBOZ. EMTs rush to the ring to check on TBOZ while Alpha is laughing in the ring

01-11-2012, 04:54 PM
Krysys and Daymian are walking nervously with Freak Inc. When they run into RedRum, Malcom Cage and Air Bu

Slither: Hmmmm its our lunch Twisted. Well maybe...

Twisted: I don't think so brother, they look quite repulsive and disgusting, I fear their red juice would make us sick.

Daymian: Damn! These Freaks will drink anyone's blood but they won't even consider trying yours!

Krysys: But that doesn't mean you won't bleed, you will and than you will lose, than cry why you get high wondering what went wrong.

Snair and Manabu just keep texting to each other, not the least bit impressed by what their soon to be opponents are saying

Slither: Ohh yes, they will be busted open and the arena will be covered in their red juice!

Twisted: Oh! That sounds absolutely fantastic! I cannot wait to torture you all!

MC: So these are the four losers from EWNCW that we will be facing? Do you guys even know who you are messing with? I don't think you do. You see we here in JBW, we don't tolerate people who come in and immediately think they can own the place. You can't just step up to us in our own house and think that you have any chance of making it out alive. That being said, Welcome to JBW, Home of the best wrestlers in the world, and the three guys here and Myself are going to KICK YOUR ASSES!

Snair laughs out loud

Snair: You're right Manabu. They are douchebags with vampire complexes.

Manabu: Yeah, I know right. Talk about an idea that's been...drained. *Sheldon Copper pops his head out, bazinga, then leaves* These guys were duches when I was in EWNCW and it seems my leaving didn't change things.

Snair: You guys don't stand a chance. I mean, you guys are not only going up against the Warfare Television Champion and not only the Warfare Tag Team Champions, but you are also dealing with a former world champion as well.

MC: We don't just wear gold around here for Shits and Giggles. We wear gold because we earned it. We wear gold because we went up against the best in the world and won. This gold is a treasure and a sign that we are pure greatness. So while you think that you got off easy with us as your opponents, then you might want to think again, because I wasn't just given this Warfare TV Title, I earned it through hard work and beating the best in the world for it.

RedRuM comes in holding a plate of ribs in one hand and a Colt 45 Malt Liquor beverage in the other. He sees everyone arguing and looks at the chair next to him. He sits down, pulls his red bandana down and starts eating the ribs. He takes a swig of his booze and laughs at the guys arguing. As the crap continues, RedRuM stands up and punches Krysis straight in his head knocking him unconscious. They all stop and look at him. Air Bu and Malcom Cage smile and 'RuM looks at them.

RedRuM: "Keep yo' stupid fuckin' mouths shut and save this shit for the fuckin' ring! Damn! Messin' up my fuckin' meal an' shit. SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

As RedRuM walks away the rest of the guys just stare at each other as Bloodstone goes to pick up Krysis.

MC: Take it from some true champions you chumps, don't play around with JBW. You will never have a chance with us in the ring and you will never be on our levels. Champions are born in JBW and you can't take that away from us. So with all that said, I think you guy should take some advice from your future ass kickers and GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR HOUSE!

Krysys: Ok, let's go, the stench of these guys is making me sick.

The camera pans back to the arena.


Bob: Here comes Team EWNCW for this Elimination Tag Team Match and I have to say your team has some worrying to do.

Dudley: Really? Why's that?

Bob: Because Freak Inc are psychos and they are teaming up with the two awesome EWNCW superstars.

Dudley: *Laughs really loud* Are you kidding me? Let me just say this. A few months we had a group of wrestlers known as The Rejects...and that is all I should have to say. These guys have killed people before and you think that our team, our tag team champions, our television champion, three guys who have put up with all sorts of psychos, and a man straight from the ghetto are going to have trouble against a couple of Twilight wannabes and a couple of queer eyes for the straight guys....*laughs even harder*

Bob: Sometimes I wonder how your company gets away with some of the crap it does.


Dudley: *still laughing*

Bob: WHAT??

Dudley: The Devil's Rejects nearly killed me and my broadcast partners and JBW should be worried about your team....*laughs again*

Bob: You'll see what Team EWNCW can do here in a bit. You do notice that Freak Inc drinks red juice. They are talking about blood.

Dudley: Yeah but do they indoctrinate young women into their cult and have them kill a defenseless bird as initiation?

Bob: Let's just watch the match.


Bob: Krysys gets the win! And is the sole survivor in this eight man elimination tag match! EWNCW wins!

Dudley: I wouldn't celebrate too soon Bob, RedRuM is back up and he's fuckin pissed!

RedRuM attacks Krysys from behind after the bell and knocks him to the floor, he kneels over him and begins pummelling his face savagely


Bob: Somebody stop this, that man is clearly unstable!

Dudley: Now who's the hypocrit Bob!? Get him RuM!

01-11-2012, 05:00 PM
Bob Daniels: I'm still reeling from that last match, really great quality from Team EWNCW.

Dudley Ramirez: Whatever Bob, lets move on shall we. Looks like we've got a seriously kick ass match coming up, Jman vs King Strem. Foregone conclusion Bob.


King Strems music hits and the King strides out onto the staging area with an arrogant sneer on his face, the guy can't even get a cheer from the EWNCW fans. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone from ringside.

King: "So this is the fan base of the JBW? Wow. And to think, I thought EWNCW fans were bad, you fat slobs take the cake. Look at you, you are pathetic, each and everyone of you. You all make me sick. I come out here and you boo me? I know you are use to garbage wrestling but do you have any idea who exactly you are talking to? I am the King. I am the best in the business right now and you all boo me? How fucking dare you. I deserve respect. I should be cheered. You all should be lucky I am gracing my presence upon you. But you all are not the reason why I am here. You see, I wanted to come over here and take on your so called "Prestige" Heavyweight champions. I want to show that not only I am the best in EWNCW, but that I am better than the best in JBW. So Jman, I know we haven't talked much I want you to listen to me and I will try and talk nice and slow for you. Your days and being on top are over. Let it be written that the King is going to dethrone you and every superstar in JBW one by one till there is no one but myself on top of everything. The only thing you can do is get out of the way or die trying. LONG LIVE THE KING!

Bob Daniels: That's right, Ramirez, bow down to the greatest King is E-Fed history, bow down to him.

Dudley Ramirez: Daniels, shut the fuck up. Jman, the WARfare World Heavyweight Champ is coming out here right now to shut down your king. Listen to that music!


Only a few chords of Back in Black have a chance to play before Jman, with a mic in hand, emerges from behind the curtain and signals for the music to be stopped. With the JBW and EWNCW halves of the crowd giving their opinion of him, Jman walks down the ramp and begins to speak.

Jman: This is usually a selfish business. It’s usually about trying to get yourself over, trying to make yourself relevant, or trying to win gold. A question we all have to ask ourselves once we accomplish that stuff is “what’s left to do?” As I look around this arena tonight and feel the energy in here, I think I’ve found that answer…

The camera pans so that we can see Jman get in the ring. He walks to the center of the ring before continuing to speak.

…You fight for pride. Pride in yourself but more importantly, at least for tonight, pride in your company. Tonight I come out here not as the WARfare World Heavyweight Champion or as a two time Tag Team Champion. No, Tonight I will defeat Kingstrem not for myself; I will win for J! B! W!

Once again, the two halves of the crowd respond accordingly as Jman goes to his corner for the start of the match.

King Strem(Randy Orton vs Jman(Dolph Ziggler)


Bob Daniels: What did I tell you?!?!?! Bow down to the king, Ramirez! King Strem is here and has made his impact. Jman couldn't stand up to the assault, and got his ass handed to him by the KING

Dudley Ramirez: Oh come off it! Jman was clearly the better man in that fight and you know it. Damn ref can't count right or something, Jman was clearly the winner. But it's whatever, Alex Kidd and MBC didn't fare that well did they? No. Next time, King is getting his comeuppances!

01-11-2012, 05:05 PM
The Sexiest Alpha Males are backstage with Rich Cranium, deep in philosophical discussion, debating.. alright they're talking about chicks..

Miguel Tenorio: Yeah,Rich, listen, there are different ways to get a lady. But for me, nothing works best than Shakespeare’ssonnet 18. That drives them crazy. I like to sit next to the lady, take herhand, look straight to her eyes, but not too close to her face, and then start:

Uses aslow, melodious voice

MT: Shall Icompare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing courseuntrimm'd;

But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in hisshade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life tothee.

MT: Theyjust melt, my man. No matter if they are young little ladies of 18-20, so
innocent, or gorgeous looking MILFs that know what they want and lead you toheaven, they can’t resist the charm of the Spanish Love Machine and go straightinto the sack! You betcha!

T-Thunda: Well now see here. That's one way to get the little Jennies to come flooding towards ya. But feeding dem all dat poetry mush will only get you so far!
You see Rich, they say that money can't buy everything. But truth is, when you got money, you can have whatever you want! And it's no different, when it comes to the little Jennies! You flash the cash, and they'll flash their.... well... you know!!

Here, take a look at what I've taken the liberty of doing. Come on in ladies!!

He calls someone to come over, and the JBW Bombshells enter the shot!!

TT: You see!! *at camera* I bet you didn't see THAT coming!! *back at Rich* With money, I've convinced these fine little Jennies to come out with us after the show!! And if we're gooooooooood sexy males, and win the match, they might even give us the time of or lives!!

Now you see, with money, oyu really can have whatever you want! And DAT'S da TROOF!!

The Bombshells are all over the Males as 'The Pimp' looks pleased as he has some slag on one arm, and Tracey on the other, and they both kiss him on each cheek! Rich is blushing like a christmas tree as Selina puts her hand somewhere quite sensitive! Sasha instantly goes for Miguel Tenorio, and starts kissing him passionately! As Ayako and Al Quaeda Rashida go for The Big Chief, he stops them.

BCLS: Woah there ladies, there's something you need to see first. Rich, pay attention, because this is the ONLY way that you get the ladies!

He pulls his pants down, and all the Bombshells are instantly drawn to the Big Chief's Long Schlong!! Thankfully, Broc and Sully come in...

Sully: What the...fuck? Wha...is this what you guys do together? You guys having some type of orgy of something...Christ, oh..oh right...just...just put that damn thing away.

Just as he begins to put his "schlong" away, Broc interrupts him.

Broc: No! Wait...........Okay, you can put it away now.

Sully gives him an interesting look.

Sully: Anyways, we've had enough of all this religious talk. Trust me, we got enough of it last weekend with Timmy 'freakin Tebow, I'm done hearing about it.

Broc: That's right, God doesn't care about you, football, or wrestling. If yinz wanna pray, you better do it to keep your asses safe, because we're looking to bust some damn skulls.

Sully: So you can take your bibles, take your little dicks, and get the hell out of here..

Just as things look like they might start up, we're greeted by yet another opponent in the match for later.

Kayden James: Ephesians 5: 8-11 says "For ye were sometime darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord. Walk as children of light and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." Just like that hypocrite Shining Light, just like Broc and Sully, and now just like you; I reprove you. All of your actions have proven you unworthy of my God. Though I loathe the people I have teamed with tonight, we are united in this front to defeat you "Alpha Males". When I am finished with you....Broc, Sully, and especially Shining Light...expect to have the fear of God beaten into you.

Broc and Sully give Kayden an evil look as Shining Light interjects himself into the situation

SL: You can make your false promises Kayden, but you better be prepared to back them up. I do not tolerate liars. I do not tolerate hypocrites. And I certainly do not tolerate blaspheming cowards like you! But I am not here to argue. Broc, Sully, Devil... we have have been entrusted with a mission from the Lord. We have been instructed to destroy EWNCW. Whether or not I do that alone is of no concern to me, I have enough courage and wisdom to defeat every single member of their roster one by one. I am the Showdown Heavyweight Champion, and you are all members of the Showdown roster. That means I am effectively the Captain of this team, so I suggest that you all do as I command. If you do not listen, we will not win. The pride of JBW is at stake here, so take that into consideration before you even think about abandoning me!

Shining Light walks away, leaving Broc, Sully and Kayden all looking rather angry


Bob Daniels: We've got a great match on paper coming up folks, but the JBW team seems a little bit..

Dudley Ramirez: A little bit what Bob? A little bit epic, a little bit phenomenal?

Bob Daniels: No, Dudley, a little bit hostile towards each other. Kayden James especially seems incredibly agitated to teaming with Shining Light in particular.

Dudley Ramirez: There's a lot of history there between those two, a pair of religious nuts with their own agendas, it wouldn't be the first time differences in beliefs have caused friction.

Bob Daniels: At least they're not mus..

Dudley Ramirez: Hey who's the heel here Bob? You can't say that!

Bob Daniels: Say what? At least they're not mustering congregations?


Bob Daniels: And here come the EWNCW team consisting of Rich Cranium and The Sexiest Alpha males, one of our fastest rising teams along with one half of the greatest tag team in EWN history.

Dudley Ramirez: I despise EWNCW, I really do, but I know at least that TBOZ is the better half of that team.


Dudley Ramirez: Speaking of better halves, the better half of this match just arrived, they don't look happy walking out together, but they're putting JBW first tonight.

Bob Daniels: Coming into a match with this sort of attitude isn't good, I predict an EWNCW whitewash.

Dudley: Predict what you want Bob, there's far more star quality in this team than yours.

(SAM and Rich/Team Barrett vs Broc and Sully, Kayden James and Shining Light/Team Cena)


(Ignore 13:33 onwards)

Bob Daniels: Rich is back in the ring and he's all over Kayden James!

Dudley Ramirez: Come on Kayden! You can beat this TBOZ cast off!

Rich pummels Kayden with punch after punch in the corner, delivering a kick to the mid section and whipping him over to the opposite turnbuckle. Rich follows him and attempts a running clothesline but Kayden has it scouted and moves out of the way, grabbing Rich from behind he delivers a thunderous reverse DDT. Rich rolls to the outside in an attempt to buy himself some time but Kayden follows him and knocks him down with a clothesline of his own. Kayden pulls Rich to his feet but Rich surprises him with a knee to the gut and pushes Kayden, back first, into the ring apron.

Rich catches his breath and looks around, he walks over to the barricades and pulls away the padding, bad intentions on his mind. He walks back to Kayden and smacks him around a few times before lining him up for an Irish Whip into the exposed steel barricade, all the while with the referee still counting. Rich goes for it, trying to put Kayden down in order to win via count out but Kayden has recovered and gets away with a low blow to Rich with the referees vision obscured.

Bob Daniels: Come on ref, that was intentionally low!

Dudley Ramirez: I didn't see a thing Bob, looked legal to me!

Kayden this time lines Rich up and sends him crashing through the steel with a horrifying clatter. The referee is up to 9 and Kayden finally rolls himself back into the ring just in time for the referee to reach 10 on Rich and calling for the bell.

Dudley Ramirez: This one is over, and team JBW have won it fair and square!

Bob Daniels: Fair Dudley? I'm telling you, it was a low blow.

Dudley Ramirez: And what about Rich exposing the barricade? I suppose you missed that did you?

01-11-2012, 05:06 PM
Dudley Ramirez: What a phenomenal night JBW are having Bob, winning all competetive matches thus far.

Bob Daniels: Excuse me? What are you talking about Dudley? EWNCW have won plenty of matches tonight.

Dudley Ramirez: Yeah but those matches were filler, they don't count one bit.

Bob Daniels: So RomanFlare beating Billy McCoy was a real match, whereas Arthur Lansdale beating Shuriken was a warm up?

Dudley Ramirez: You're not as dumb as I thought Bob, that's exactly what i'm saying.

Bob Daniels: Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

The screen switches to a backstage scene.

In the far corridors of the arena the camera focuses on The Sandman sitting on a step in a dimly lit stair case. His head is down with the trademark hoodie covering his face. The lights begin to flicker and he raises his head to look into the camera. His gasmask covering his face, his eyes blacked out. He breathes heavily and stares at the camera

The Sandman: "Tonight is the night Thomas. Tonight you fall to my might. You fall by your actions. What you did many months ago has finally come full circle and karma has finally come to collect.

There's nothing you can do Thomas. The bell tolls for you tonight. The only thing I'm sad about is that fact you didn't technically play a game and I didn't get to torture you beforehand. I mean... unless you count the house of your youth being burned into a crisp.

I will end this tonight. For months you and EWNCW have been running your mouths at JBW. For months, we've been running our mouths at you. It's done. Tonight. Thomas, if there's anything of you left after this match... I'll mail you to your parents new address. See you in the ring."

The Sandman stands up and you can see his Mayhem World Television Championship shining around his waist as he turns from the camera and heads up the stairs.

Dudley Ramirez: I almost feel sorry for Tommy Thunder tonight, he's going the way of Primus Khan.

Bob Daniels: Remind me Dudley, why is it that no one was charged over his murder?

Dudley Ramirez: Lack of witnesses and someone misplaced the footage, Bob.

01-11-2012, 05:16 PM
Bob: OK, folks, it's now time for a little chaos! This is gonna be one for the ages, and is literally anyones to win. This may be all about JBW vs EWNCW, but there can only be one winner here, and this thing could boil down to an EWNCW guy versus an EWNCW guy.

Dudley: Or a JBW guy versus a JBW guy, which in all likeliness is going to happen... Now, enough talking, lets get these guys out here!


Ronaldo Romulus, "The Freak" Ryan Wells, Shaz, Chris King, Ano Doom, Solla, Sweet Jones, "The Japanese Dragon" Bam, and "Red Hoy" Istvan Gretzky

Bob: Now theres some real contenders in this thing, and with guys like Ronaldo Romulus, the legend that is Bam, Ryan Wells, and Ano Doom, flying the flag for my team, EWNCW have got this one in the bag.

Dudley: Obviously I beg to differ. All I see is a bunch of jobbers and Indy workers with about as much charisma as a group of hare krishna's.

Bob: Well, I'm sure you'll find that there are a lot of real to life world championship contenders on our side of things, and a guy like Ano Doom could win this thing by himself.

Dudley: Let's get the real talent out here for crying out loud.


Lenny Lightning, VKM, "Mr SHOWDOWN!" HBK, Morrison Martel (w/That One Creepy Guy), Danny Tatum, Wes Goldman, Daniel Truth, and thedag

Dudley: I really hope Lee Gun Kim uses that sword on somebody, and maybe even chop one of these schmucks' head off like he did to that confused Primus Khan. Now that was a great piece of business that happened when EWNCW tried to invade SHOWDOWN!

Bob: Now, that's just uncalled for! Primus was a good guy, deep down, and he deserved more than that. I hope Ano Doom rips this guys head off!

Dudley: And I'm hoping that you really don't think that a guy like Ryan Wells is any competition to anyone in JBW? Old man, you're in the big leagues now! And right about now, theres no one more big league than Morrison Martel, especially as he has brought SHOWDOWN! GM That One Creepy Guy out here with him.

Bob: OK, but, you have thedag representing JBW, and you're talking about real competition?!

Dudley: Hey, thedag, is probably one of the toughest men in that ring, and held the WARFare World Tag Team Championship -alongside our current WARFare World Heavyweight Champion JMan, as The Aristocrats- for a crazy period of time! But, looking at my team... yeah, I'll admit that this group here, representing JBW does look a bit motley... No way Ka$h booked this thing!

Bob: I heard he had a lot to do with the line up. I picked Lenny Lightning to be the first eliminated, by the way, how about you, Dudley?

Dudley: I picked Istvan Gretzky just to upset Ka$h, because everybody knows that Istvan is secretly his favourite EWNCW wrestler.

Bob: Wow. Guess we're just throwing things out there, eh? In that case, every single one of your guys are robots!

Dudley: Hey! Danny Tatum has a user!

Bob: Ha! Yeah, a drug user by the looks of him!

Both teams are now in the ring.

They begin squaring up to each other.

The fans are standing on their feet, chanting for their favourite company.





The tension reaches boiling point.

thedag pinches Ronaldo's bum and the fists begin flying.

The EWNCW team and the JBW clash head on in a scene reminiscent of the final moments of JBW's last PPV: Expect The Unexpected. The teams stand united, with enemies defending each other in the name of their respective company. The tide begins to turn in EWNCW's favour, when...

​Dudley: Its Bricarus!!!! Oh boy! With Brick "The Bastard" Godslayer and Damian Icarus in this thing representing JBW, the odds have just been evened and then some!

Bob: This is a farce!

Brick and Damian rush into the ring, and begin swinging fists... At anyone they set their eyes on.


Down goes Lenny Lighting from a vicious left haymaker from Brick.


Down goes Bam after tasting a yakuza kick from Icarus, while Brick rams his head into VKM's face. Icarus turns his attentions to Lenny Lightning and Martel Morison and takes them both down with a double clothesline.

That one creepy guy jumps up on the apron and grabs Sweet Jones. He holds him there, and holds him for Brick who takes a run up and delivers a boot aimed at Jones' head. Jones ducks and That One Creepy Guy goes flying into the second row. A shocked looking Morrison Martel allows himself to be distracted and pays the price as Istvan grabs him by the back of his trunks and his mullet, and uses his superior strength to throw him over the top rope, and into That One Creepy Guys lap.

Dudley: Are you kidding me!!?!? I call foul! Brick and Icarus have no place being out here, and if it wasn't for them no way would a Jabster have been the first eliminated in this thing!

Bob: Get used to it, Dudley, because that's gonna happen a lot in this match.

VKM attempts to jump Istvan from behind, but Ano Doom makes the save.

Suddenly, Daniel Truth, Danny Tatum, Wes Goldman, thedag rush over to Ano Doom and push him up against the ropes.They try to lift him out, but he is too strong and he roars as he pushes them all off. Brick and Icarus meet him with a double shoulder block that sends him over the top rope, but Ano survives by holding on tight, and balancing himself on the apron. Tatum, Goldman, Truth, and thedag quickly scramble to their feet, and run over to the big EWNCW monster to give him a push, and help him on his way.

Ano Doom stands firm, and no matter how hard the four JBW representatives push, the big man refuses to fall.

"Mr SHOWDOWN!" and VKM join them in their attempts to eliminate the man-beast.

It is still not enough, but they continue to push.

The members of the EWNCW team see what is happening, and make their way over to make the save, but both Brick and Icarus block their path with their fists.

Lee Gun Kim -who had been on the outside of the ring- slides under the bottom rope--he is brandishing his kantana, and with a wild look in his eye he lets out a shrieking war cry as he runs over to the six men trying to get rid of Ano Doom, and they hurry to get out of his way as he raises his sword high above his head mid-stride.

His swing is lightning fast, but fuelled by the fear of losing his head, Ano manages to duck and jump to the floor, thus eliminating himself from the competition.

Dudley: Now that's what I'm talking about!

Bob: Please don't tell me you're proud of that!?!

Dudley: Hey, as long as the means meet the ends, I'm a happy customer... I am a bit disappointed that we didn't see a decapitation, but I'll settle for the elimination of the man that many thought was going to win this thing.

Bam and Danny Tatum begin trading punches, but Tatum's experience in boxing gives him a slight edge, and Bam is caught with a serious looking uppercut that sends him over the top-rope. If not for his tiger-like agility, he may have tumbled to the floor, but instead he finds himself back in the ring before Tatum even realises what's going on.

A second later Bam is behind Tatum.

Another second later and "The Japanese Dragon" has nailed Tatum with a sick looking forearm to the back of the head, causing the former boxer to tumble over the top-rope and on to the unforgiving arena floor.

Tatum's fellow SHOWDOWN! comrade, Wes Goldman, soon joins him after a Ryan Wells belly-to-belly suplex right over the top-rope.

On the other side of the ring, Istvan and Solla are engaged in a test of wills with Godslayer and Icarus, as they lay into each other with a fierceness that few would be able to muster. The rest of the men in the ring pause for a moment to take in the animalistic display being put on by the four brutes. Solla knocks Damian to the floor with a roaring elbow that makes a sickening crack as elbow meets face, before then turning his attention to Brick, who has his back to him. He grabs Brick's arms from behind, and motions for Istvan to strike the man who appears to be representing neither company. Istvan is a half a second too slow, and Brick ducks "Greetings From Warsaw" and Solla is sent over the top rope by the vicious looking lariat.

Bob: No! I can't believe that just happened! Come on boys, we need to tighten our team work if we're gonna win this thing!

Dudley: Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Chris King and Sweet Jones are stomping a mud-hole into Lee Gun Kim's chest, as VKM and Ronaldo Romulus jockey for position against the ropes.

01-11-2012, 05:18 PM
Ryan Wells is on the verge of eliminating thedag in the corner, but Lenny Lightning makes the save. Before thedag can get down off of the turnbuckle, Istvan takes Ryan's place, and thedag is once again in trouble. Feeling like he has no other option -and because he's a "bit" gay- thedag plants a huge kiss on Istvans lips, causing him to reel back in shock. thedag takes advantage of the disgusted Pole, and wriggles free. He begins taking wild looking shots at Istvan, but Istvan appears not to feel them. His face takes on a deep colour of red due to the embarrassment of being kissed by another man, and he holds back his head and holds out his arms as he screams..


Istvans grabs thedag by the face, and in an amazing show of strength lifts him high into the air with one vascular arm made from a fallen star, and launches everybody's favourite raging homosexual over the top-rope and on to the ring mat where he lands hard.

Bob: Ha! There goes your former Tag Champ!

Chris King and Sweet Jones finish putting the boots to Lee Gun Kim, and turn around to be greeted by both Brick and Damian, who send both men careering over the top-rope in a wild looking double elimination.

Dudley: Now that's what I'm talking about!! I don't care who Bricarus are representing, as long as they keep eliminating your guys, Bob, I'll be cheering for them!

Daniel Truth and Ryan Wells begin trading punches, and the Australian shows unseen fire defending the honour of JBW against the former football player, almost eliminating him before he was stopped by Istvan.

In an uncharacteristic act of bravery, HBK jumps onto Bricks back.

Brick smiles as he casually walks towards the ropes, and flips SHOWDOWN!'s number one jobber over his head, and HBK lands hard on his tail bone.

Dudley: Now, that's why Bricarus shouldn't be in this thing.

Bob: Hip. Oh. Crit.

Shaz is on the verge of eliminating Lenny Lighting, but Damian Icarus dumps them both over the top-rope, where they land on the apron. Shaz stands up first, but Lenny gives him a low-blow, and follows up with a rising knee to the face, sending Shaz to the protective mats that did little to protect Shaz's landing. Lenny quickly gets back in the ring, and is met by a running Ronaldo Romulus lariat that sends both men over the top-rope on the ring apron. They are about to swing at each other, but they realise where they are, and after thinking about it for a second, they take the fight back into the ring.

VKM is eliminated by Ryan wells after "The Freak" gorilla presses him and unceremoniously dumps him to the arena floor.

Bob: Now that's a powerhouse right there, Dudley. Ryan Wells just may be the best pure athlete in EWNCW.

Dudley: For what that's worth.

Lee Gun Kim is once again brandishing his katana, and he makes a beeline for Brick.

He swings.

Brick catches the blade.

He smiles, pulls it free from his grip, and snaps it in two. Ronaldo Romulus takes advantage of the situation, and eliminates "The Korean Slaughterhouse"

Bob: Take that you murdering bastard!

Eight men remain.

Four From EWNCW

Two from JBW.

And Brick and Damian.

Istvan and Brick rush towards each other.

Both swing clotheslines, and both absorb the impact and stay standing.

They both laugh out loud, then proceed to pound each others faces in.

Lenny Lightning throws Ronaldo over the top rope, but the agile Ronaldo manages to avoid elimination, and quickly slides under the bottom rope.

Bam and Icarus test each others pain threshold as they trade sharp looking elbows. Bam catches Icarus high on the orbital bone causing him to reel back. Suddenly, Daniel Truth steamrolls Bam over the top-rope and onto the cold hard arena floor.

Ryan Wells once again clashes with Truth, and this time it is him who gets the better of him Truth, and he is about to eliminate the former Mayhem World TV Champion, but Lenny manages to make the save. Istvan makes a dash towards Lenny and Truth, but both men drop to the mat, and Istvans momentum takes him over the top-rope and to the floor.

Dudley: And its four on two!

Bob: What? Dudley, Bricarus are hitting anything that moves, so I'd hardly call it four on two.

Dudley: Well, Bricarus are under contract to JBW whoever they hit, so as long as JBW has four guys, and you bitches have two, I'm good.

Dudley speaks too soon, as Ryan Wells and Daniel Truth clash again, but this time Truth is eliminated after a Wells lariat to the throat.

On the opposite side of the ring, Lenny Lightning and Ronaldo Romulus are once again going at it. Ronaldo is about to eliminate Lenny, but both Brick and Damian push them over the top rope... Lenny and Ronaldo hold on to the ropes by sheer will, and are spared from elimination. Ryan Wells creeps up behind Brick and Damian, and in a huge surprise, eliminates the pair of them in one fell swoop.

Dudley: Oh no!! There goes our best chance, Jabsters! We're relying on Lenny Freaking Lightning!!

Bob: I actually think Lenny has shown a lot of heart in this one.. It's a shame he's about to get crushed by "The Freak".

Ryan Wells grabs Lenny by the throat, and raises him high above his head. An eye-rake from Lenny stops him in his tracks, and Lenny drops to the mat. He kicks Ryan square in the balls. Catching sight of an oncoming Ronaldo, Lenny ducks, and Ronaldo misses his intended target and knocks Wells over the top-rope with a running dropkick.

Bob: No way! I don't believe it!

Dudley: Oh, you better believe it!! Come on Lenny! Show this EWNCW bastard that you're more than just a poor imitation of one of their top stars, this is your chance t-

Dudley stops himself short as Ronaldo nails Lenny with a vicious superkick, and picks Lenny off of the mat and hurls him over the top-rope.

Dudley: Oh n- WAIT!! Lennys still in this! He held on to the ropes!!

Lenny gets back in the ring and begins laying into Ronaldo.




Ronaldo ducks the fourth punch, and brings his knee into Lenny's midsection, knocking the wind out of him and making him keel over in pain.

Ronaldo then draws his thumb across his own throat, signifying that he's about to end this.

He brings Lenny closer to the ropes, puts his head between his legs, and hoists him up and powerbombs him over the top rope and down onto the cold, hard arena floor in a sadistic display of what a man will do when fighting for the honour of his company.

Dudley: Oh my freaking god! W-What a sick bastard Ronaldo is!

Bob: Yes! Chalk that one up as another win for the number one EFed on the planet, AKA EWNCW, and find some chalk to outline Lenny while you're at it. No way he's getting up from that for a while.

01-11-2012, 05:27 PM
Bob Daniels: I'm getting word from backstage that EWNCW's own Tommy Thunder is with Dick Thompson for an exclusive interview!

Dudley Ramirez: If this doesn't put half the arena to sleep then i'll eat JR's hat.

We cut backstage where EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson is standing by!

DT: Good evening folks! EWNCW reporter Dick Thompson here, bringing you the latest! Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time, 'The Storm' Tommy Thunder!

Half of the crowd cheer as the other half boo profoundly as the camera pans to show Tommy Thunder wearing one of his new t-shirts


and has a smile on his face.

DT: Now Tommy, tell me, how does it feel to be the one person that essentially started this whole event?!

TT: It's a great honor Dick. Because now, the fans are going to get to see the matches that they always wanted to see. They're going to get to see action like they've never seen before, and what we've seen here so far tonight proves that.

DT: Of course! Now what about tonight's opponent? The Sandman?

TT: Oh I'm not too concerned about him. I mean why should I? He's an idiot. He's got a screw loose. He wears a gas mask for crying out loud! That's worse than those people that wear sunglasses indoors! you think that's normal Dick?

DT: Well i guess not...

TT: Exactly. So quit worrying man. I got this one covered for EWNCW!

Thunder taps Dick on the shoulder and gives a wink, and walks off

DT: Ok, thanks Tommy! Well Tommy Thunder there folks in good spirits,and very confident ahead of tonight's main event! It should be a hard fought, titanic battle folks!! Stay tuned, as 'Collision Course' continues!!

Bob Daniels: Tommy Thunder looking as confident as always, I can't wait to see him take out the trash later on tonight!

Dudley Ramirez: The only trash right now is the crap coming out of your mouth Bob, Sandman's got this one in the bag!

01-11-2012, 05:30 PM

Bob Daniels: Looks like we're ready to get another match started here in Detroit, Michigan! And we've got none other than ex-JBW wrestler and current EWNCW employee Markus Beerstein taking on long time rival, Holyjose!

Dudley Ramirez: Indeed Bob, Markus is of course an old JBW cast off, someone who simply couldn't hack the pace of the competition here. Holyjose has countless victories over him and is the firm favourite for the match, I mean Jose is going to disembowl this fool.

Bob Daniels: I've got to disagree with you there Dudley, fact is Markus Beerstein last week won a hard fought fatal fourway against top opposition, and if he can maintain that sort of momentum, Holyjose is going to have his hands full.

Dudley Ramirez: Yeah, his hands are gonna be full of Beersteins blood, this one's gonna get messy.

Beerstein comes out to a great exception from the EWNCW faithful, only to be drowned out by the roar of jeers and boo's from the JBW fans. He doesn't seem affected however and he strides purposefully to the ring.

Markus: People the time has come!!! Now in this very ring I'm going to face my old rival Holyjose in another of our classics matches, Holyjose and I had fought in many grueling matches, giving the best of each other, pushing each other to the limits and you should know I'm fucking anxious to kick his ass one more time!!! But this time is different, this time we're not fighting for a title or revenge, we are fighting for pride, to defend our respective company to show which his the supreme wrestling company, the show who is the best out of the two, no interferences or facions or every shit you can tell, no excuses,and we have this three PPV to show it!!!!

As you know, I was part of JBW months ago, I became the fastest rising TV champion in the company's history, then Jose dared to challenge me for my TV title and I show him why they call me the Teutonic Chrusher when I beat him to retain,then Jose finally beat me 2 months later to become the new champ, and when I was about to regain my title,a mistake from my manager back then cost my rematch, so bottom line after some time in JBW I realize it wasn't my place, it doesn't had the level of competition I was looking for, I needed a challenge and I found the right place, EWNCW!!!, this company has everything, top level competitors, the best fans and the most pretigious titles in the planet, this is place I feel proud to be part of, not JBW, And this is the moment for the German Sensation Markus Beerstein to show the world why he his the gratest and baddest ass-kicker beer drinker German motherfucker in the history of sports entertainment!!!

So Jose come on, I'm ready and waiting, By the way, how is Azrael is doing???, I hope he has speed recovery, even i doubt it after that beat I gave him, don't worry at the end you will be joining him soon


Big cheer from the EWNCW fans who hold their beers up in salute to Beerstein

HolyJose walks out wearing The JBW WARFare World Television Championship. The JBW fans are booing him because he isn't the champion and shouldn't be wearing the belt.

HolyJose: Shut up! Now before you and Malcolm Cage get your panties in a bunch let me expain. No I am not the JBW WARFare World Television Champion this is just a replica I had made for this moment. You see this Championship belt? Before me and After me it hasn't meant a damn thing but when I held it I made THE championship to hold. That man in the ring Markus Beerstien and I fought through hell for this title and in the end I came out victorious.

JBW Fans Cheer and EWNCW Fans Boo.

HolyJose: Stop cheering marks I don't need it! Now Markus you want to talk about our feud back in JBW? Alright let's go back in time. Our very first match together you apart of The Five Star Attraction called me out because I couldn't keep my mouth shut and I was apart of SuperNova (note I named the group) and I said that you might as well put your TV title on the line. In that match the FSA got involved and I lost! Boo hoo I know that puts it at 0-1 for Markus.

JBW Fans give a mix reaction at the match while EWNCW fans cheer for Markus.

HolyJose: Let's go to our second match I had won the right to face you for the TV title and I chose to take it from you at the 20th Episode of WARFare. In that match we put on one hell of a match and I pinned you 1.2.3! That makes it 1-1 a tie.

Fans give a mixed reaction.

HolyJose: Now our third match the so called "rubber match" at Monarchy of Aggression (Note I named that PPV too) Jurgen got involved and cost me the match but the ref noticed and reversed the decision and I won that one by DQ thus making it 2-1 in favor of me. At this point I've already beaten you so I should more on but no DUBS decided for one more match at Turmoil show a week before Rampage of the Titans where I beat you clean making it 3-1 in favor of me. Let's not forget Rampage of the Titans where Azrael and I known as God's Grace *Huge Pop from the crowd* beat you and your brother Hans *Yet another pop* thus making it 4-1 against you. The point I'm making here is this Markus I've already beaten you. The redneck hillbilly backwoods motherfuckers known as EWNCW fans don't deserve to see a great wrestler in the ring and the JBW fans in attandence have already seen this they already know the outcome and quite frankly don't need to bored by your wrestling again. So go ahead take the the Forfeit victory because God knows that's the only way you can beat me so fuck you and fuck off EWNCW.

HolyJose puts the replica of the JBW WARFare World Television Championship over his shoulder and walks back to the arena. Markus Beerstien is fuming over what HolyJose said. The referee begins to count HolyJose out and that count of 9 Markus stops the referee and then heads out and attacks HolyJose from behind. Markus keeps hitting HolyJose down the entrance ramp and irish whips him into the steel steps. Afterwards he throws HolyJose into the ring to begin the match

Bob Daniels: No deal Jose, this match is going ahead!

Dudley Ramirez: Typical EWNCW tactic, attacking from behind.

Bob Daniels: I.. well.. oh just ring the bell...

(Beerstein/Angle vs HolyJose/Jericho, stop at 0.54 on part 2)



Beerstein tries for an unorthodox Olympic Slam on HolyJose but Jose manages to escape and the two exchange punches on each other. Jose gets the upper hand and runs to the ropes, he attempts a clothesline but it's ducked by Beerstein who catches Jose off balance and delivers a kick to the gut. Beerstein measures his opponent up, grabbing him and lifting him up onto his shoulders before delivering a thunderous Hercules Cutter and following up with a pin for the 1...2...3!

Bob Daniels: Beerstein does it! He gets the pin after the Hercules Cutter, his signature move! Not only will he be taking his pride home tonight, he can put to rest that one side nature of his rivalry with HolyJose.

Dudley Ramirez: Fact is Bob, he got the win fair enough, but he's still a loser, Jose still holds the most victories, and well, Beerstein works for EWNCW, says it all really.

01-11-2012, 05:34 PM
Bob Daniels: It's been a fantastic night so far for all involved.

Dudley Ramirez: Except the losers Bob.

Bob Daniels: As you say Dudley, but now it's time to head backstage as we have Dick Thompson waiting to speak to EWNCW Champion, Gillz.

Dick Thompson: Thank you Bob, Im here at this time with EWNCW Champion Gillz

Gillz how do you feel going into tonights match against K-Jammin?

Gillz: How Do i feel, i feel amazing Dick thanks for asking but tonight i go up against some guy from JBW and tonight im out to prove a point to this crapsack of a company, Im the best wrestler in EWNCW to date, theres been no one like and there wont ever be anyone like me, im the former World Heavyweight champion and current EWNCW. So tonight i wont just beat K-Jammin, oh no i will end his career, ill make sure he leaves in an ambulance, and after i win, standing over his bloody body ill make sure that EWNCW remains number 1.

Dick Thompson: With that said after tonight do you have any further plans for the crossbrand PPVs?

Gillz: Ive said before, i have everything planned out, everything i do, i do with careful thought so each of these ppvs will be no different, ive taken my time to study on K-Jammin, his moves, his persoanlity, hell i know him more than he knows himself at this point but thats just who i am, when i face someone i need to know them better than they already know thereselves.

Dick Thompson: Now at the last JBW supershow some of the independent shows came into the fray including AWF which you are apart of so how will AWF and HWA affect tonights PPV if at all?

Gillz: Well, personally i doubt they will have any affect at all because all of those guys in HWA are lackluster jobbers and half of AWF consists of JBW, which i realise means pretty much the same thing, but being in AWF has helped get a greater understanding of some guys in JBW. But being myself i needed to know more about these 'Indy Feds' so heres something you dont know, i have a cousin who has the same line of business as i so, AKA he Wrestles and i decided to find the company he works for, turns out its called EWA so i paid him a visit and if you will follow me ill show you what happened.

Gillz leads Dick to a room.

Gillz: Go on Dick open the door.

Dick hastedly does as instructed.

As soon as he opens it he sees a disgusting sight, its a man laid out across the floor bloodied and beaten down and looking unconscious

Dick looks a little terrified but none the less he carrys on.

Dick Thompson: So... Gillz who may i ask is that

Gillz: Oh him, Hes my cousin or to the EWA hes known as Jack Phenix

Dick Thompson: If he is your cousin then why did you lay him out like that?

Gillz: Besides the fact he comes from the money smuggling side of my family, to show you exactly what will happen to K-Jammin tonight and Dick

Dick Thompson: Uh.. Yes

Gillz: I suggest that if you dont wanna end up the same way you leave right now

Dick Thompson: Oh, Right.. Uh this has been Dick Thomson and thankyou Gillz for your time.

Dick starts running as fast as he can away from Gillz

The cameras stay with Gillz

Gillz kneels down and picks up Jacks face

Gillz: See you tonight K-Jammin.

Bob Daniels: Thoroughly disturbing stuff there from Gillz.

Dudley Ramirez: Yeah I always took him as a bit of a freak, anyway Bob, Roland Butters is standing by backstage with Gillz' opponent, Mayhem World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin.

Roland: Long time no see K-Jam, how's it going?

KJ: Roland where the fuck have you been man?! I've missed your little funny face!

Roland: Management have been making me interview nobodies, now as you know im here to interview about your upcoming match with Gillz. What was your reaction when you found out about this?

KJ: I was fucked off Roland, felt I've been mugged off! I am the greatest wrestler in the world, I am the greatest entertainer in the world and I deserve to be put in the ring with more noticeable guys, now fair enough I only know of Tommy Thunder from that fed so I can't give you any other names. I had no fucking idea Gillz was a World Champion over there, I mean how embarrassing is that? The guy clearly looks and acts like a retard, and constantly has a look on his face like he's sucking on a lemon whilst getting his arse fingered by a monkey. I'm gonna rip his head off and shit down his neck, then after that I want a proper match at the next show

Roland: Now if you could have picked an opponent, who would you have picked?

KJ: Like I said, I only really know of Tommy, and trust me that's not due to good reasons. The guy is a snake, an over-rated snake in the fucking grass. There's that King guy, who seem's to be unaware that he fires insults like a window licker. That Dimension fella, who no one understands because he's a fucking idiot. That geezer with a posh name, Arthur summin'? I'd shove his butlers head right up his arse. Ideally, I'd choose for this fed war to be over with because I don't want to be in the ring with any of them, it's just embarrassing. Shuriken may be an obnoxious twat who gets an erection every time somebody mentions respect and sits in a room full of fucking smoke all day, but at least he has talent, kind of.

Roland: Would you ever consider a title for title match? JBW World championship Vs EWNCW World Championship?

KJ: On one hand, I'd love to win their World title purely for the fact all the EWNCW guy's will period all over the floor and go back sucking their dads dick because they can't handle the sight of their strap around my waist. But on the other hand, wearing that belt around my waist would be like walking around with a gas mask on your face on your way to a wrestling match, sorry Sandman, it's just stupid and humiliating.

Roland: Will you be paying attention to your fellow Jabster's matches?

KJ: I'll be watching them, I suppose I want them to win but I won't be heartbroken if they lose. Roman will rape McCoy, not literally of course. That's the only match I'll be really paying attention to, K-Flare eats EWNCW, 'Nuff said bruv.

Roland: Well K-Jammin, it's been a pleasure. Best of luck in your match champ!

KJ: Thank you Butterz, If Ya Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll... Oh shit wait, that ain't right... and That's The Bottom Lineeeeeeeee!... Nope that's not it either, erm ... I'm the best there is, the best there was ... Oh fuck it.

Dudley Ramirez: If only the EWNCW Title was on the line Bob, K-Jammin would take that piece of garbage from Gillz with ease and throw it in the trash.

Bob Daniels: Gotta disagree with you there Dudley, Gillz has been unstoppable the past few months in EWNCW, K-Jammin is getting beat here tonight


Gillz enters the arena with an arrogant smile on his face, he gets a little love from the EWNCW faithful and predictably a lot of heat from JBW.

Bob Daniels: Gillz has attitude issues, of that there's no doubt, but I know all the viewers at home tonight will be routing for him for a change.

Dudley Ramirez: Don't speak to soon Bob, Gillz is about to stink the place up.


Dudley Ramirez: And here's the air freshener, Gillz prepare to meet your maker buddy, K-Jammin is about to whoop yo' ass!

Bob Daniels: Here we go folks, champion vs champion, no belts on the line however, just pride!

K-Jammin runs to the ring, no messing about, he just wants to get this match over and done with, unhappy with being placed in a match with a man he rates so low.

(K-Jammin/HBK vs Gillz/SCSA)



Bob Daniels: This has been a great match so far, two fantastic wrestlers in the ring going back and forth, neither giving an inch!

K-Jammin fights his way out of the headlock and pushes Gillz into the referee, knocking him down. Gillz sees the opportunity and hits K-Jammin with a low blow, laughing sadistically down at his opponent. He leaves the ring and heads over to the time keepers table and grabs the EWNCW World Title and throws it into the ring, clearly having bad intentions. He stalks K-Jam and gets ready to plant him with the belt when RomanFlare charges out from the back and blind sides him, knocking the belt from his hands. He checks on K-Jam who gets to his feet, Flare picks Gillz up and holds him in place as K-Jammin picks up the nearby belt and proceeds to slam it into the face of Gillz, knocking him clean out. K-Jam goes for the pin as Flare wakes up the ref and drags him over to the pin, he comes to his senses slowly 1........ 2........ 3! The bell rings and K-Jammin has beaten Gillz!

Bob Daniels: Unbelievable! K-Jammin has stolen one from Gillz!

Dudley Ramirez: Could you be anymore biased Bob? Gillz was about to hit K-Jam with his belt right there before Romes got involved. Gillz got a taste of his own medicine, literally.

Bob Daniels: RomanFlare had no business being out here, regardless of what Gillz was about to do!

01-11-2012, 05:39 PM
Bob Daniels: What a great night we've had. Coming up next is a 6-man tag team match including one of the greatest tag teams ever to grace this industry.

Dudley Ramirez: You're talking about V3, right? I mean you can't be talking about the pile of crap you've thrown together to face them.

Bob Daniels: Pile of crap? SilverCena is out World Heavyweight Champion and Mark Dimension holds the International Championship.

Dudley Ramirez: You guys give street bums title belts? Unbelievable.


Bob Daniels: And here's Mark Dimension now, i'm telling ya Dudley, don't underestimate these guys, they're great singles competitors.

Mark Dimension strides out from the back and to the ring whilst sections of the EWNCW crowd enter a frenzy.

Mark Dimension: ..............J...B...W..... and V3..... All I See is R.I.P.'s...Before That I Seek There Pain and Will Give Punishment ..Us Standing in this ring have sumthin in common and that's Losing our temper losing our mind, all you will do is lose your match and a ass kicking by us won't be hard to find as from the start to the end of the Bell, Brutality Will Be Brought Representing The Ewncw ,Blood on my Hands V3 Death on The Concience in those making the Decision over at JBW....Trust in G.O.D.


Dudley Ramirez: Oh wait, I know this guy, he's the Shining Light rip off isn't he?

Bob Daniels: I wouldn't say that Dudley, he does seem to hear voices in his head though.

Seraphim stands at the top of the ramp with a microphone, before heading down and getting in the ring with Dimension

Seraphim: You JBW people see, G.O.D is correct. We have something in common. We are better, we are badder, we are above, JBW. Why? Because that's just how damn good we are in the ring, on the mic, in an interview, in JBW's wrestlers girlfriend's beds. You see, I hear voices in my head, and yeah I get picked on for it, but neither of you JBW clowns can outlast me in the ring. Put me in with Cena and Dimension, and you have an unbeatable team of three, ready to tear through JBW. So tell me, JBW, do you think your fans, these clowns in attendance, will back you after we send you all back to the unemployment line where this fed hired you from?


Bob Daniels: Just like his more famous namesake, Silver Cena causes controversy wherever he goes.

Dudley Ramirez: Luckily I brought my Cena sucks shirt tonight, this is the last thing the world needs, another fuckin' Cena.

Living up to his name Cena is booed by half the arena and cheered by the other, life's not easy when you're cheesey.

Climbing into a ring, he accepts the mic from Seraphim

Cena: Looky here boys, we got to fight V3, some JBW goons. What can they do to us? Can they beat the man who hears voices and climbed the ranks in startling short order? Can they pin the undefeated, the baddest man in EWNCW today? But more importantly, and I do mean more importantly, in crunch time, defeat. CENA. The answer, ladies and gentlemen is a resounding no, there is no way, they can defeat any of us, one on one, two on two, and definitely not three on three. So bring them boys out here, so we can teach them how EWNCW ROLLS!

Basically, I'm the beast, i'm the king
JBW, eat defeat in my ring
Tell the timekeeper ring the bell
So JBW can go straight to hell
Seraphim hear voices, boy I think I do too
No, wait, that's just dimension getting ready to do what he do
Undefeated in the ring, next champ in the ring
Then you got me, Cena, yeah I rule this thing!

The light's dim until they go out, and a spotlight is shone on the stage where Venni Viddi Vicci associate Dave is revealed to a booming ovation from the JBW loyalists, plus a heavy amount of boo's from the hardcore EWNCW fans. The casual EWNCW fans sit there wondering...

"Who's this asshole?"

Dave: Well hello people, for those that are unaware of who I am, allow me to introduce myself. My name's Dave, and..

Dave pauses as the rival fans have struck up a dual chant in his honour.

"Lets go Daaaave"

"V3's BITCH!"

"Lets go Daaaaave"

"V3's BITCH!"

Heh.. I'm out here, because, while this may not be the car park, V3 are indeed ready to show up riiigghht aaaaboouut now!

The lights come back on, and a huge cross is now on the stage.

The crowd pop huge.

Not for the cross, but for the man kneeling in front of it.

Dave: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, St George.

The camera pans around until it is facing Georges back. As it zooms in he can be heard saying a prayer.

"God bless me father for I am about to sin in the name of Jabe."

George stands up, and then spins around, revealing a t-shirt that reads



He laughs, pulls a can of Stella Artois from out of his back pocket, and drinks it in one. He lets out a huge belch, before he makes his way down the ramp, stopping short of entering the ring. St George instead chooses to go over to a pretty girl and start chatting her up.

SilverCena, Seraphim, and Mark Dimensions stay in the ring, beckoning George to join them. He pays them no mind as the lights go out once again.

Dave: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.. GOLDMa$$!!


GoldMa$$ walks out onto the stage, with an over exaggerated swagger. He is wearing a gold suit, topped off with a gold pimp hat, and is swinging a gold cane. He balls his right hand into a fist and raises it towards the camera, flashing chunky gold and diamond rings--each one bearing a letter, spelling the word..

C-U-C-KThe camera then closes in on the gold medallion resting on his chest with the word ..


The camera closes in on his face, and he smiles, revealing a grill that says..


01-11-2012, 05:41 PM
Suddenly a thug runs onto the stage and makes a dash for Ma$$, but Ma$$ pulls out a golden gun and shoots him with a golden bullet.

He makes his way down the ramp to a huge ovation from the Jabsters, but the EWNCW loyalists can be heard booing ferociously alongside the cheers. He notices the boo's and raises his right hand and flips them a gold and diamond $.

Dave: Ha! Owned. But, ahem, Mark, Sliver, and Sera, may I kindly ask if you could be so kind as to, um, look... Up.

The EWNCW trio look up as do the fans on the ground floor. The fans in the cheap seats just look forward as a cloud begins to form around the lighting rig in the rafters. The lights begin to dim in the arena, while strange lights begin to shine from the cloud. A 1950's style Flying Saucer begins lowering down until its about fifteen feet from the ring, where it stops and hovers.

A hatch on the roof opens, and Psycho Siaki ascends in a clear pod.

The camera zooms in on his face, and he smiles.

And smiles.

And smiles.

Then suddenly twists his face into a snarl, and smashes out of the pod in an enraged state. He runs towards the edge of the Flying Saucer and dives the full fifteen feet onto Mark Dimension, as Ma$$ and George rush the ring and meet an awaiting SilverCena and Seraphim.

Dudley: Holy Jose, this one is on!

Seraphim/Dimension/Cena(Big Show/Swagger/Carlito) vs V3(Kofi/Primo/MVP)


(Ignore beatdown at end)


Bob Daniels: Shut up, Dudley, you know your boys got lucky. Seraphim had a bad night tonight, probably too focused on taking the title from Gillz in the future.

Dudley Ramirez: No, your boy sucks, give V3 credit where credit is due. They took out your main eventer and one of your champions. V3 is living large!

01-11-2012, 05:44 PM
Bob Daniels: Well, it's time for the match that no doubt you've all been waiting for, our main event of the evening, EWNCW's Tommy Thunder takes on JBW's Sandman, the two men responsible for this entire event.

Dudley Ramirez: Lets be fair now Bob, the sole reason for this is Tommy Thunder, sticking his nose where it didn't belong. He came to JBW's Horrorcore Icons PPV a few months back, uninvited I will add, and attacked The Sandman with a lead pipe, completely unprovoked.

Bob Daniels: Where that may be the case Dudley, lets face it, The Sandman retaliated and well here we are.

Dudley Ramirez: Wouldn't you retaliate if a piss ant little wannabe threw a lead pipe down your throat?

Bob Daniels: You make a good point. Anyway it's time we get this show on the road, if you've been keeping count thus far you'll know that tonight stands at 7 wins each, aslong as you count the Battle Royal.

Dudley Ramirez: I'll hand it to your boys, they've held there own, but we're not playing around anymore, Tommy Thunder is about to get buried.


Bob Daniels: And here he is, 'The Storm' Tommy Thunder! EWNCWs hopes of gaining tonights bragging rights resting squarely on that mans shoulders.

Dudley Ramirez: High expectations on the Lenny Lightning rip off there Bob, you really think your boy has what it takes to face a real man?

Bob Daniels: No questions about it, Tommy Thunder is simply one of the best and brightest we have on our roster, there isn't a safer pair of hands.

Dudley Ramirez: For a safe pair of hands he seems to have dropped the ball lately in EWNCW, i mean really he's hardly done anything of note for a while.

Thunder strides out from the back purposefully to a completely contrasting reaction, half the arena crying for his blood, the other half chanting his name. Tommy salutes the EWNCW fans and gestures crassly towards the JBW supporters, the noise in the place grows to an insane level. He reaches the ring and steps through the ropes, staring up at the top of the ramp and beckoning for his opponent.

Dudley Ramirez: Now this is what i'm talking about, you're looking at the winner of tonights main event right now!

Bob Daniels: Wouldn't be the first time your predictions haven't come to fruition there Dudley.

Dudley Ramirez: Ya know what Bob, i'm glad this is the final match of the night, i'm just so sick and tired of you putting a negative spin on everything.

Bob Daniels: Just trying to be objective Dudley..

Dudley Ramirez: Nah, see what you're doing is sitting on the fence, frightened to put your neck on the line, it's pathetic really.

The Sandman steps through the curtain and gets a greeting as contrasting as Tommy's, this time of course the other way around. He looks all around him, a huge chant of 'JBW! JBW!' breaks out from one half of the arena and Sandman nods approvingly, he locks eyes with Thunder and points at him before marching down the ramp to the ring. He steps through the ropes and the two men stare each other down.

Bob Daniels: This is the tie-breaker folks, don't you dare look away even for a second, this one is going to be an epic!

(Sandman/Bret hart vs Tommy Thunder/Mr Perfect)


Dudley Ramirez: He's done it! Sandman has beaten Tommy Thunder! Proving JBW are the superior brand! What say you now Daniels!?

Bob Daniels: It was an amazing match, two fantastic wrestlers going at it, but Sandman had that little bit extra when it came down to it.

Dudley Ramirez: You damn right Bob, Sandman just gave JBW their eightth victory of the match, eclipsing the seven of EWNCW, dominance proven!

Bob Daniels: I'm hearing that something's happening in the back, there's a camera standing by!

The camera switches to a scene backstage, both locker rooms have emptied and are facing off in a corridor with officials and referees trying desperately to keep them apart. The JBW roster goading the EWNCW wrestlers, taunting them over the result of tonights action and chanting 'JBW! JBW! JBW!'. The camera switches back to the arena with Tommy Thunder walking to the back looking dejected, the JBW fans chant Sandmans name as he climbs the turnbuckle in victory.

Bob Daniels: That's all we have time for folks, be sure to tune in to the next in our three show series of EWNCW vs JBW: Battle Lines!

Dudley Ramirez: That's right folks, tune in next time to see JBW send EWNCW to the Hall of Shame one again!